Junglee (2019) Movie Script

They look so calm!
Don't you think?
For now.
Let the mating season begin.
All this camaraderie will vanish.
Wish we could predict
human behaviour the same way.
Are you talking about Raj?
Soon it will be time for the 10 year
Celebration of Nandini's passing.
Not sure he'll be
back even this year.
Why don't you call him?
I have a feeling he'll come this time.
Is that the forest department's?
It's someone else's.
Didi! Pass the stone!
Hang on!
A bit of trouble with the locals.
Hold on, hold on.
Stop, stop!
Oh, my God!
Look at those tusks!
Can you see that, Keshav?
Dear God!
These are the biggest
tusks I've ever seen!
They've grown so long they've crossed.
At least 6 feet.
That'll fetch a tidy sum.
Common ivory is worth 2000
dollars per kilo on the black market.
These can fetch 10 times that.
Enough to make even a greedy
bastard like you happy, Keshav!
Never let the result be
the motive behind the duty...
I don't do this
only for the money.
Although, I doubt a man like you
is capable of understanding that.
Let me guess, is this some
of your spirit animal shit?
Call it what you like.
This bull is one of the
last great tuskers you'll ever see.
And it deserves to
be hunted by its equal.
I'm happy to leave that to you.
The game is on, Keshav!
I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Extracted by NARACHI
So what can I do for you?
Dr Nair? We need your help.
Our marriage is in trouble.
You sure you've come
to the right doctor?
Yes! It's because of this
little vulture.
This way please.
Talk to me.
I've tried everything. Fed him, sung
him lullabies, even cleaned his shit!
And in return he barks at me!
He's not a dog.
It's not his fault! It's yours.
How long has he been with you?
7 years.
Oh! And how about you two?
We've been married a year.
One year.
Actually, nobody's at fault here.
It's nature...
Macaws live up to 50 years.
They usually mate for life.
And he considers you his mate.
So when he sees you together,
he'll come after you.
Told you not to undress in front of
It's up to you to
love them both equally.
Heard that? I was right.
Rubbish! The doctor
said we are both right.
Bye, doctor!
Ok, bye!
Good night, Michelle.
Wait! Wait, wait.
Your dad has been trying
your phone for so long.
He was asking if you got
your tickets done for Chandrika.
I'm not going anywhere.
As always, I'll pray for mom here.
At least, call him back.
Oh, my God! I'm late. Bye!
Okay, if you say so.
'You have new message.'
'Raj! I guess you're busy.'
It's your mother's tenth
death anniversary this year.
'I know you're angry with me.'
'But have you forgotten
your mother as well?'
Dr. Nair?
Dr. Nair?
Meera Rai.
From the Animal Protection League.
Oh! Looking for a donation?
No thanks. Our website is running
We have more than 2 million followers.
So what can I do for you?
Actually, I'm doing a story
on your dad and his elephants.
You should talk to him then.
Yes I'm going there tomorrow, but...
Dr. Nair?
You're still around?
One last question. I promise.
Great pose dude! Shoot a video.
Where did he go?
A little lower.
Dude, stop... He's going to fall!
Hey asshole...
Put him down!
Why? You want to hang?
No. I'll hang you.
Handle him!
Gosh! He broke his nose!
Hey, where are you running off to?
Like making videos? Let's shoot yours!
He broke his nose.
Help him!
Dr. Nair?
Let the fun begin.
Warned you! He breaks noses.
Who is having fun, now?
I screwed up. I'm sorry!
Let him go or he'll die.
He's not even insured.
If you love animals so much,
why don't you go to Chandrika and
help your Dad rescue elephants?
- Good boy!
- So cute!
What should we do with him?
Use your 2 million followers.
Find him a home.
Yes, Dr. Nair?
Michelle.. I need to go to Chandrika!
I already took care of it.
Business class?
No, but it's a window seat.
Just the way you like.
Ok, thanks.
- Move it, move it.
- What are you doing?
Can't you see? Driving them away.
What's he doing?
Not like this.
Hey! Don't be a hero!
These wild elephants will crush you.
Hey! Tarzan!
Easy there.
I'm a friend.
Are you in mourning?
Is he talking to them?
Someone close?
Did an elephant die here?
Yes, an elephant met with an
accident and died here, a week back.
Sorry friends.
I know the pain of
losing one's own.
Leave now.
He really is a hero. Amazing.
What did you whisper into their ears?
Dr. Nair?
You again!
Dude! That was amazing!
Who knew you had a way with elephants.
Like father like son!
Animals listen to you if
you treat them with love and respect.
That works for humans too.
Are you stalking me?
Of course, not. I told you I
was going to meet your dad.
Looks like you're stalking me.
Someone's traveling light!
I hope you've brought
along movers and packers.
I like to travel fully prepared.
Mr. Vane.
I have a buyer in Singapore.
He's offering two million dollars.
There's only one catch.
There always is.
He wants it now.
He's arriving in 3 days.
How are you getting there? Join me.
No thanks. I booked a cab.
A cab?
Are you sure?
That's my driver.
That's your driver?
This is not Mumbai. It's the jungle.
You're traveling alone.
Anything can happen.
You mean a woman can't protect
She needs a man for that?
I'm just trying to help.
Forget it.
Oh, my God, Shanku!
What happened to you?
You used to be so skinny!
Are you complimenting
me or teasing me?
I really missed you.
You're the one who left home..
And you're the one missing us?
I don't think you
missed me at all..
Don't be so sentimental.
I was away a long time.
But I'm here now.
Shall we?
Let's go.
Shall I row?
I don't want to drown.
Mumbai's pollution makes
you forget how to breathe.
You have forgotten
a lot after moving there.
What do you mean?
I mean..
This river.
These trees..
Some close friends.
Shanku, have you never
thought of leaving?
Leave the jungle? Me?
Yes, you didn't leave. Why?
Somebody had to stay behind to
help your dad in the sanctuary.
- How's Dev?
- Good.
How come you two
aren't married yet?
My mother was always
asking me the same thing.
I told her if you like Dev
so much, you marry him.
Welcome home, Raj.
Check him out! He's new here.
Just rescued him from a circus.
Dr. Nair?
I'm Jayesh.
Welcome to the Chandrika
Elephant Sanctuary.
I'm the head gardener, head housekeeping
and special VIP in-charge here.
All in one.
Wow! So much responsibility
on such slender shoulders?
Raj, you didn't recognise him.
He's our little Jayesh.
When did you get so big?
I was nicknamed Shorty. Doesn't mean
I'd be short for the rest of my life!
Let me take your bag.
Raj? Hope you remember Pasha aunty.
Of course!
- Raj!
- Ms. Pasha.
You still look the same.
Welcome home.
You've become handsome. But
you still can't lie to save your life.
Let's go.
Is it a holiday? Where are the
other mahouts?
It's not the same anymore.
Apart from Jayesh and me,
there are only two mahouts left.
Heard that?
Isn't that...?
Go! She's calling you.
Missed you a lot.
What's the matter?
Upset with me?
Look, I'm sorry.
Ok, I'll beg. Forgive me!
I thought of emailing you everyday.
But you don't have an email, do you?
I got you something.
Hold on.
Check this out!
What happened?
She hasn't forgotten
that you forgot her.
Leave it there.
How've you been?
Still alive.
Nice to see you back for the ceremony.
You're staying for a few days right?
Not really. Only till the ceremony.
I have lots of work to attend
in Mumbai.
Of course.
You left when your mother died.
Now you're back because of her.
Whoa! Didi!
Missed you lots.
Who's this?
This is Jamun.
Really naughty.
Another name added to your list of
Poachers killed her mother,
she's been with us ever since.
Things have gotten that bad?
You never told me.
How could I?
We hardly talk.
Why is Didi separate from her herd?
For a check-up.
What happened to her?
You're a doctor. You tell me.
I haven't brought my
instruments along.
Didi! What's wrong?
No problem.
Here, take this.
Son, here we diagnose an elephant
just by looking at the dung.
So, I wasted my time
studying so much.
We'll soon know.
The tongue looks fine.
She's pregnant!
Looks like the studies paid off.
Congratulations, Didi!
Who's the lucky father?
The king of our jungle
and your childhood pal..
Let me congratulate Bhola then.
Let's go home first.
Come on.
Are these your best guys?
Yes, boss!
Don't load their guns.
I don't want to get shot in the back.
Let's move it.
Head East.
Towards the river.
Oh great. Thank you.
- Hey! Raj!
- Dad.
Fresh toddy.
For you.
Brewed it at home.
Forget about the Toddy.
Try this.
Finest Scotch.
Just by slapping on a label,
does it become better?
I prefer the toddy.
Nothing outside the jungle
is good enough for you.
I didn't say that.
Not at all.
Then, when mom got sick
why didn't you take her
to Mumbai for treatment?
You were too young
back then to understand.
How about explaining now?
Hello again. You'll be relieved
to know I had a very pleasant trip.
Welcome to the Jungle!
Excuse me?
Mr. Nair!
Mr. Nair!
It's a pleasure meeting you.
You are...?
I'm Meera Rai.
We'd spoken about your interview.
Oh, yes!
I thought you were coming next week.
No, Sir!
We'd spoken about today.
I've read all your research.
The whole world should know
about your work with elephants!
It's ok.
You must be tired.
Jayesh will prepare a cabin for you.
No need for that.
I've got my tent along.
Just let me know where can I put it
- Tent?
- Yes.
Jayesh will help you.
And yes, tomorrow there's a
big ceremony here, please stay back.
Sure, sir! Thank you.
Help her please.
Let's go.
Hi, I'm Jayesh!
Head of security at Chandrika.
Let's go.
I'm also head gardener, head
housekeeping and special VIP manager.
I'm also an expert on tents.
Does this still work?
Yes, your dad kept it in shape,
always hoping you'd come back.
Can't you two get
along for even two days?
I should never have come.
Raj, You do know
your mom had cancer.
Your dad did everything
he could to save her.
Shanku, I understand.
You want things to
be fine between dad and me.
I want that, too.
But it's not that easy.
Where are you going?
To meet Bhola.
He's not the same little Bhola, Raj.
He's a full-grown elephant now.
The Alpha of the herd.
- He's dangerous!
- Fine!
I'll be back before dinner.
O Friend, our friendship
is older than one can fathom.
And yet everything looks new.
O Friend, our friendship..
a bond that we
share for years and years.
with memories that
are beautiful.
With a bag slung over my back
and down the path
of frolic we go.
The Princes of mischief
are coming your way.
A habit that's hard to let go.
You're such a big liar.
and yet I swear by you.
If you say, everything is right.
If you say, everything is wrong.
Without a care, we roam.
I'll miss
this friendship.
I'll miss
this friendship.
I'll miss
this friendship.
This friendship..
This friendship..
No matter what the distance.
But you're close to my heart.
I've grown used to you
and it's hard to let go.
I will miss
this friendship.
I will miss
this friendship.
I will miss
this friendship.
This friendship..
This friendship..
Whoa! So much anger?
I'm a friend.
Oh, I see, little mother!
I'm no threat to your babies.
Carry on.
How big you've grown, my friend.
Heard you're going to be a dad.
Found him.
About 20 klicks West.
Looks like he's eating someone!
You're an ass, yet know
nothing about animals.
No one touches the
leader of the pack.
He's mine.
Nobody gets drunk tonight.
Yes, boss!
I need armour piercing
rounds for this elephant.
Can't believe you'll soon be a father.
I'll be back once you've become one.
We're almost ready.
Sorry. I'm not used to
speaking in front of the camera.
No worries. Just look at me and
Tell me. How did it all start?
I've always loved elephants.
They are everything to me.
Like my own kids.
How sweet!
Mr. Nair?
I'm sorry, where were we?
I made you some lotus tea.
Your mother used to make it for you
when the jungle sounds frightened you.
No thanks, Dad.
I'll just leave it here then.
Have it if you feel like.
By the way
you wanted to know.
About your mother.
It was her wish to stay home, Raj.
She loved the sanctuary.
This place was a dream we both shared.
Not just mine.
The tea is good.
Just like Mom's.
Do you remember
the place we all forget.
under the covers of the morning.
Turn that courtyard
into your heaven and earth.
Why do you roam alone?
You're the one
what walks amongst us.
I seek refuge in you.
Reduce the distances.
Knock on his threshold
where prayers are answered.
Reduce the distances.
You unite everyone.
O wanderer, come home.
O wanderer, come home.
O wanderer, come home.
I've heard a lot about you.
About me?
Of course.
There's only been one
female mahout before you.
I'd like to do a story on you as well.
My story can wait.
The story that should
reach people is Baba's.
The sanctuary desperately needs funds.
I understand.
How are you?
Not bad.
Looking good.
Thank you!
Meera, meet our best Forest Ranger.
Hi, I'm Dev.
Hi, I'm Meera.
Nice to meet you!
Nice to meet you too!
My brother.
Hey dude! How are you doing?
When did you get here?
Just yesterday. Good to see
you man and thanks for coming.
Are you crazy? How can I
miss the prayer ceremony?
You still training? Looking fit.
Little bit.
Let's spar once before you leave,
No way! If you get hurt
who'll take care of this jungle?
O wanderer, come home.
O wanderer, come home.
Why do you
bask in the arms of strangers
gazing at the stars?
You liked to loll
on the shores
which was always so close.
And the beautiful sights.
Why do you all alone
try to forge new bonds.
You're a free heart that soars.
You're the one
what walks amongst us.
I seek refuge in you.
Reduce the distances.
Knock on his threshold
where prayers are answered.
Reduce the distances.
You unite everyone.
O wanderer, come home.
O wanderer, come home.
O wanderer, come home.
O wanderer, come home.
O wanderer, come home.
How does the food taste?
It was excellent.
Thank you, sir.
Is everything alright?
Thank you.
That was a beautiful ceremony. Your
mom must have been quite special.
She was.
Thank you.
Your girl from Mumbai is quite a hit.
What do you mean 'my girl'?
I told you, I just met her.
She's pretty.
Yes. But she's also very pushy.
So what? She's educated,
confident and smart.
Perfect for you.
I think she likes you a lot.
How should I know what she feels?
What about how you feel, Raj?
Death is coming!
No elephant here shall survive!
Gajja Guru?
The elephant killers are here.
This is the land of elephants,
they are worshipped here.
And today they're being
killed on this very land.
It's a sin to kill them. And
to allow this is an even greater sin.
Gajja Guru.
What's happened to you?
Where did you go, my boy?
My child!
I taught you to stay rooted
not to take off with the wind.
Have you forgotten?
Dad! Where have you been?
Looked all over for you. Let's go home.
I was in the jungle
at the temple. I was praying
for the safety of the elephants.
this jungle is no longer pure.
Man's greed has defiled it.
Now only Ganesha can save us all.
Take this,
the blessings of Lord Ganesha.
It will protect you, give you
Be careful!
Brother! Gajja.
Come here.
Sit down.
I'm fine!
When did Gajja Guru start drinking?
Why don't you stop him?
You think I haven't tried?
Gajja Guru,
would you like some water?
He doesn't listen. And if
drinking helps him in his pain..
Who am I to stop him?
What do you mean?
You are his son.
Aren't you a son too? What
have you done for your father?
Let's go.
Be careful.
No offence, buddy.
Didn't mean to upset you.
No worries, brother.
We're glad that you're back.
Don't keep us waiting
for another 10 years next time.
Raj is back.
Dinner was lovely.
Thanks so much.
Thank you.
Sir, have some sweets.
I saved them especially for you.
Thanks, Mrs. Pasha.
They are delicious, did Raj try them?
Luckily the ceremony finished in time.
Good boy.
Let's go.
What happened, Didi?
Stop, Didi!
Where's Didi?
Don't know,
she's never behaved this way before.
I saw your dad go after Didi.
Maybe the thunder scared her.
That doesn't sound like thunder.
Back off, back off! He's mine.
Everyone fall back! He's mine!
It's just you and me now!
Charge, come on!
Come on, come on, fight!
Fight, you great monster!
Who's out there?
Who are you?
What have you done?
The soul outgrows
the body just as the
body outgrows old
clothes for new ones.
Go, your soul is free.
Need to send this one to his maker
Let's take him with us. Pick him up.
Where did he go?
Dear God!
No, Dad!
You'll be fine.
You'll be fine.
It's me, Dad!
- Raj!
- Yes.
You came home, my son.
Yes. I'm here.
You came home.
I'm home, Dad.
No, Dad!
I'm so sorry, Dad.
Block all routes leading
out of the jungle.
No one should be able to get out.
You ok?
Raj, they will not
get away with this.
I won't let them.
Let them go.
What are you guys doing here?
We were fishing.
What happened to him?
The idiot was chasing a rabbit and ran
right into a tree.
Rabbit? Fishing? Search them
Yes, sir.
Station 9, come in.
We found the tusks. Open the
Are you sure?
- Ok.
- Over.
You can go.
Are you sure?
Let them go.
Go, go ahead..
The police and forest
rangers conducted
a joint operation last
night and retrieved
the stolen tusks in record time.
Through the media we
want to send the message
that the only animals hunted in
this jungle will be poachers.
Jai Hind!
Brother, the police are here.
Are you here to pay your last
If not, then return later.
We have some questions.
We have information that your father
was involved with the poachers.
How dare you speak
that way about my father!
We have phone records which prove he
was in touch with poachers last night.
He was on the take.
That's a lie!
What are you waiting for? Arrest him!
You really want to
burn alongside your father?
What are you arresting him for?
He attacked a police officer.
You can't just take him like this.
Ranger, do your job and let me do
We have to do something.
Not yet. At the right time.
You've got moves!
Now let me show you mine.
Hold on.
Sign it.
What's this?
It states that you and your father
were conspiring with poachers.
What a lie!
It'll be the truth as soon as
you sign this.
Isn't this the hand that choked me?
Break this hand first.
Oh! Five missed calls from my wife.
She's made a special dinner for me.
If don't get home on time,
I'll have to sleep on the couch.
Do the needful.
Lock up after me.
Let me go or I'll kick your ass!
Think you're too fast for us? Hold
Didi! Go Didi!
Break it!
Raj! Quick!
Thank you, Didi!
I'll distract them.
Meet me on the old road.
Meera! Come on up.
I've never been on an elephant before.
Have you been shot at before?
Hurry up!
Let's go!
You promised no phone calls tonight.
Sorry, I have to take this.
Don't wait.
Hello! What? How?
Can't trust you guys with anything!
Inform all check posts that
Raj Nair is a dangerous criminal.
Catch him or I'll suspend all of you!
Not now, Charlie! Please.
Let's eat now.
Good girl, Didi!
You're doing a good job!
Are you ok?
Yes. I'm fine.
Inspector Khan is working
with the poachers.
He is falsely accusing Dad
and trying to frame me as well.
But Khan was the one
who recovered the ivory
he burnt it all. I have a video.
Show me.
There. Look carefully, those
aren't Bhola's tusks.
It's a ploy. To stop the
search for Bhola's tusks.
Where are the tusks, then?
All routes out of
the jungle are blocked.
So they have to be here somewhere.
But where?
There's one place.
Close to where the
elephants were killed.
You're right.
We can only trust the rangers.
Go to Dev and ask him to meet me
Take care, Raj.
You too!
You should've asked me!
I had already spoken to the DFO.
Raj would have been released
in the morning.
He could have been dead by morning!
Now hurry. He is waiting for us.
Dev. I'll come with you.
Shanku, no!
It'll be dangerous. Let me do my job.
And don't worry.
I know Raj means the world to you.
What do you mean?
You are just like Didi.
Still yearning for
Raj to return to you.
Dev, Raj is in..
I love you, Shanku.
The heart wants what it wants.
And neither one of us has any
control over it.
Take care, Dev.
Go home, Shanku.
Raj will be fine.
Didi! Let's go.
Kalaripayattu is ingrained
in every element of nature..
In our state of Kerala
it is said that to
become a good Kalari fighter, you
have to become one with nature.
How, Guruji?
Match your rhythm with
the rhythm of nature.
That is the core principle of
This jungle will never forget you,
nor will I.
Dev, look! Bhola's tusks.
They'll be back for these.
We should wait here.
No. Let's leave.
Those people are very dangerous.
You'll let the killers
of Baba and Bhola get away?
Raj, have you forgotten
how it was to live here?
And it's only getting worse.
Do you think it's easy
to manage this place?
No, it's very hard.
We had no choice.
Sometimes you need people
like this to survive.
You understand, right?
Baba too?
No. He had nothing to do with this.
But you did?
Don't judge me.
It's easy to run away Raj,
it's staying that's difficult.
When the monsoon destroys our crops,
kids don't have medicine
or clothes to wear.
Who do you think provides for them?
Gives them money to survive?
I do.
I give them money.
Blood Money!
Raj, you must ask yourself.
What's more important,
the lives of a few animals
or the lives of your people?
For me, every life is important.
Don't patronise me, Raj.
I only allow them two
to three tusks a year.
Who are you to allow them?
Were you the one who allowed
them to kill my dad, too?
Raj, believe me.
I never thought something
like that would happen.
But it did.
We have to leave right now.
Or we'll both be dead.
Go ahead, but I'm not leaving.
Go ahead.
Let's settle this the old way.
A female mahout.
Get down. Quick.
Get down.
Speak up! Who killed my father?
Who's responsible for his death?
Tell me!
We can't touch them.
They'll kill us all.
Together, we can take on anything
brother. We won't let them get away.
Run, Raj!
Put it down.
Put it down.
Right away.
Don't listen to him, Raj!
He'll kill us both!
Down, I say!
Get the tusks!
Like father, like son.
Always wrong place, wrong time.
Never had the stomach for this anyway.
Good riddance.
Shoot the lights!
Get the tusks!
'How beautiful! How peaceful.'
'The horizon is awash with
the red of the setting sun.'
'Just like your fading breath.'
Am I alive?
For now, but if you lose faith,
you will die.
Go away.
I'll leave, but what about you?
You think you're done with this world?
Your body is weak now,
but your mind is still strong.
Gather your strength and fight back.
You are a warrior.
How do you know?
I am your teacher.
I taught you how to fight
right here in this temple.
Let's go.
What are you going to do with me?
Well, depends.
Careful! That elephant
lost his life for those.
Not at all. A hunter.
I don't kill animals just like that.
I fight them one on one.
Why? Because I respect them.
Respect? In killing voiceless animals?
You're a woman of true strength,
You know. We are more
alike than different.
We can never be alike!
I gave him a fair chance.
Even a second's misjudgement
and he would have crushed me.
His name was Bhola!
And you are just a coward.
Crazy chick!
Don't touch her! Never again!
Are you ok?
You must be careful.
These are merciless men.
Easy, Raj!
Gajja Guru was tending to you
through the night.
Lie down.
Gajja Guru!
It's going to be fine.
I couldn't save Dev.
Don't feel sorry, son.
The path Dev chose led him here.
You always knew?
It wasn't easy
to choose between my
son or my elephants.
So I chose alcohol.
No, Gajja Guru!
Dev died while saving me.
He went astray, but came back
to the path you showed us.
If so, then his soul
will surely find peace.
God be with him.
Where's Shankara?
They took her as well.
Easy, Raj!
Be careful! You need rest.
I'll rest once I've found them.
They've taken her to Paradip.
I have to get there.
Gajja Guru.
Raj! Stop!
Raj, I'm coming with you.
No, Gajja Guru.
This is my fight.
The moment you trained me for.
I promise I'll get Shankara back.
Raj, wait.
The roads are being
watched by the police.
No one can stop me.
Didi! Stop!
Where did he go?
To save Shankara.
We should go too.
But how do we get to Paradip?
I know a way.
Be careful!
My boys are asking for their
Once the work is done.
You got a problem?
No. What about that girl?
Leave that to me.
Yes Mr. Vane?
Our buyer has arrived
and he is not alone.
Don't worry. We're ready.
Go. Get the dock side covered.
Dockside come in!
Be alert, be alert!
Cars are coming. Let them in.
Open the gate.
These tusks better
be what you say they are.
Judge for yourself.
Come on!
Smells like fish!
Of course it smells like fish,
that's the ocean there.
This way, Mr. Sinaki.
Keshav! Our buyer Mr Sinaki!
Hi, Sinaki!
No guns allowed.
My men don't need guns.
Come on, Jayesh!
Is it worth the risk?
Risks are what make life worth living.
Wow! This is beautiful!
What's the point of recording
this if it gets us killed!
I'm live streaming this through
a phone. It's over for them now.
Are these really the biggest..
The largest tusks on record.
No man has a bigger pair.
That will certainly be
an improvement for you, darling.
Come on!
It's all there.
Better be!
It's all there!
It's Raj.
It's him.
Come on, come on, fast!
What if it's his ghost?
Then shoot the bloody ghost!
Over there!
Hey you!
Hello brother, is this where you
catch the ferry to Babughat?
Hold it right there!
Go, go, go! Come on.
Are you ready?
Keshav! What's going on?
We're going for a hunt, Mr. Vane.
We set out to hunt elephants,
now let's..
Hunt a lion.
Let's go.
To all authorities out there.
We are in Paradip at dock 40 B.
Please help us!
Someone's smuggling
tusks in our jurisdiction.
Let's put an end to this.
Let the mahout go, Raj.
Why sacrifice two lives?
I'm not going anywhere.
If we die, you go down with us.
The whole world will know
what you did to the elephants.
No one cares if the
elephants live or die.
Everyone wants ivory.
And as long as there's demand,
we'll keep supplying it.
And as long as people like you
exist, we will be here to stop you.
Who do you think you are?
Invincible? Immortal?
In my story, even
the immortals die.
Those who destroyed the peace
of our jungle, now face my wrath!
This is for my father!
This is for the elephants.
And this is for Bhola.
Don't spare him, Raj!
It's true, elephants never forget.
Please, give it back.
Give it back!
No one moves. Stay where you are.
Pick him up. Check him.
Pick him up. Check him.
What happened to Didi?
Was she shot?
She's going to deliver her baby!
Right now?
Let's take her somewhere safe.
Let's go.
Come, Didi!
Be careful.
What do we do?
I think we can leave
this part to nature.
We are live from Chandrika elephant.
Sanctuary, which has a new lease
on life thanks to your donations.
And now, a special announcement.
Our millions of followers
want to see Didi's baby.
So, Shankara?
Meet Asha. The smallest member of
the sanctuary and its biggest hope.
Let's make this moment more special.
I have for you Mr Dipankar
Nair's last interview.
'Whatever I did for
the sanctuary would
'not have been possible without
my wife, my biggest inspiration.'
'And our son Raj,
our pride and joy.'
'This sanctuary is the result of'
'the hard work of my family
and the local people.'
'But just our efforts are not
enough anymore.'
'Every 15 minutes,
an elephant is killed for ivory.'
'But we could end that.'
'The moment we stop buying
products made from ivory.'
'These terrible crimes will end.'
'We can.'
'I had a dream. To do something
for nature, for this jungle.'
'But to truly do that
would be nothing short of heroic.'
'We can only hope that such a hero
exists somewhere in this world.'
It'll be a while before I'm back.
Take care of the clinic till then,
would you?
Probably more than a few days.
Things have gotten a bit
wild out here!
Inspector Khan!
As the Head of Security
of Chandrika sanctuary..
You've got to be kidding me!
Inspector Khan?
Wait, I can explain!
You are under arrest!
I'll be back.
Careful please.
Extracted by NARACHI
Jungle is on high alert
Lifting his trunk,
Mr. Elephant is
ready to trumpet.
Jungle is on high alert
Lifting his trunk,
Mr. Elephant is
ready to trumpet.
Don't be a tool.
Don't make him lose his cool.
Don't be a tool.
Don't make him lose his cool.
He is usually cool, but he has a
He never forgets anything,
so don't be a fool.
He's larger than
a lion even when he sits.
He likes to dance, unworried.
Everything goes helter-skelter,
When Mr. Elephant
starts trumpeting.
Jungle is on high alert
Lifting his trunk,
Mr. Elephant is
ready to trumpet.
Jungle is on high alert
Lifting his trunk,
Mr. Elephant is
ready to trumpet.
Ground quivers as he moves.
Be in his good books or get
out of his way, I'd advice you.
Be polite and he'd
be affectionate.
Be rude and you've had it.
He's wild and carefree
in the jungle.
Before him even the
king of the jungle struggles.
The world worships
you together.
Jungle is on high alert
Lifting his trunk,
Mr. Elephant is
ready to trumpet.
Jungle is on high alert
Lifting his trunk,
Mr. Elephant is
ready to trumpet.
Jungle is on high alert
Lifting his trunk,
Mr. Elephant is
ready to trumpet.
Do you remember?
The long forgotten place.
Where in the
mornings you basked.
Make that long lost lawn
your sky and your ground.
Why do you keep wandering alone?
The distance that lies between
you and this place
Diminish that distance.
Knock at the door.
It awaits your arrival.
Diminish that distance.
Leave your insistence.
O wanderer, come back home.
O wanderer, come back home.
O wanderer, come back home.
In the unknown cities..
Why are you laying
and counting stars?
Currents tend to
carry you away.
the shore is always close.
Why do you do this?
Shy away from affection.
O lonely soul..
The distance that lies between
you and this place..
Diminish that distance.
Knock at the door.
It awaits your arrival.
Diminish that distance.
Leave your insistence.
O wanderer, come back home.
O wanderer, come back home.
O wanderer, come back home.
O wanderer, come back home.