Jungleland (2019) Movie Script

[distorted sounds]
[man whispers] Hey, Lion.
Hey, Lion.
Brother, you up?
Yeah, what's wrong?
We're gonna be good, Lion.
Yeah, I know, man.
I mean, I can see it.
I can see our future
when I close my eyes.
We got it all laid out
in front of us.
- [snores]
- I can see our house.
We each got a walk-in closet
for all our silk shirts
and handmade Italian suits.
- You know where it is?
- In California.
Stan, if I don't go to sleep,
I'm not gonna win tomorrow.
We're not gonna lose.
It's fate.
[man on radio] With a new day
comes new opportunities.
A chance to change everything.
What we can or cannot do
comes down to what
we believe is possible.
What will you choose,
fear or hope?
I challenge you to make
your life extraordinary.
What does it take
to live an extraordinary life?
Having focus.
[siren wailing, faint]
[Stan] Up and at 'em.
Time to eat.
Yo, Lion.
[clicks tongue]
[dog food pouring]
[Stan whistles] Come on, Ash.
Eat this shit.
[breathes deeply]
Your wrist bothering you?
Just aches.
It's fight day, baby.
I'll get you some ice
and a hot towel.
None of that mixie goes to Ash.
All right?
[whistles, clicks tongue]
Come here.
Good boy.
All right.
Oh, fuck!
[slow-tempo song playing]
All right, come on.
Put your hand on the
frame, all right?
Let's do it.
Slide into the cool mud
Underneath the pines
Somewhere to your right
Or left
Is my body you can find
We are swimming
With no clothes on
In a river in the dark
And I am holding
On to you, boy
[neck cracks]
Let's loosen up.
But sometimes I feel it
In a dream
I know I've been there
We were sleeping
By the ocean
We were laughing
On the warm sand
We stay up all night
And we wake up
In the sunlight
We got dreams
We keep together
We got time to spend
Oh, hell yeah
- One, two.
- [grunts]
- One, two.
- [grunts]
- One, two.
- [grunts]
[blows landing]
[song ends]
[seagulls squawking]
[train horn blows in distance]
[machines whirring]
What's going on, Barbara?
Looking good.
Something wonderful's
happening tonight, ladies.
I can feel it!
Beast from the northeast
right there.
Lion Kaminsky in the
fight of the century.
That right, bro?
Would you shut up
and go back to work?
You know, Lion's fighting Lefty
Denunzio tonight down at Raoul's.
And who the fuck is that?
Just some dude
who's old as shit.
You should come.
It's gonna be fun.
The odds are stacked
up against us.
I mean, it's stupid, bro.
We can't lose.
You can come in right
now on the ground floor.
You're a bookie for your own team, huh?
Kaminsky, you're
a fucking weasel, man.
- Why you gotta be like that, Clem?
- [grunts]
See, this is your problem. That's why you're
going to be here for the rest of your life.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- Making tea towels and shit.
While me and Lion,
we're gonna be over in California.
Right, bro?
Building the Lion brand.
- [Clem] Ooh.
- Making tracksuits, sweatshirts,
getting sucked off
by movie stars.
Who's gonna suck you off
with them fucked-up shoes?
- [cell phone rings]
- Oh, sorry. Excuse me, man.
- I gotta take this. Yo, Lion.
- [Clem] Fucked-up shoes, talking about getting sucked.
Cover me, all right?
Fucking nice car, man.
I always wanted one of these.
You got the money?
Yeah, I got it.
Pepper couldn't bother
showing up himself, huh?
Yeah, I guess he's big-time now.
That's cool.
It's cool.
What is this?
Pepper said you owe him two grand.
It's all I got.
Un-fucking-believable, man.
ask Pepper if he'll let it
ride on the fight tonight.
Come on, the kid's
looking unbelievable.
You never learn,
do you, Kaminsky?
I'm just excited.
Pow, pow.
- You're gonna get your legs broken, man.
- [typing]
I'm telling you,
it's a sure thing.
[cell phone chimes]
- Ah, all right.
- We good?
He says he'll float you
the rest.
- All right!
- Get out of the car, man.
- Close the door.
- Buy this car off you tomorrow.
[dishes clanking]
How you feeling?
- Great.
- Yeah?
Yeah, I feel great.
You know,
we cannot afford to lose tonight.
Yeah, I know.
How much is the cut?
Look, you don't need to worry about
that, all right?
You handle your business
in there,
and we will get a cut
you will not believe.
I mean, a win tonight will
open up a lot of doors for us.
We could change
our lives tonight.
All right.
Come on, give me a little roar.
- Let me hear you roar.
- No, man.
- I'm trying to focus.
- Give me a little roar, Lion.
What, are you
fucking embarrassed
- in front of the dishwashers?
- No.
[both growling]
[both roaring]
[crowd shouting]
[Stan] Use the jab.
Use the jab.
[crowd cheering]
He can't touch you.
This guy's older than dirt!
Make him fight another day.
Yes! Yes! Come on!
[crowd cheers]
That's it!
Stay down! It's over.
You're too old for this, man.
You look awful.
[referee] Let him up.
Let him up.
Work the kidneys!
Work the kidneys!
Make this motherfucker piss blood!
Don't get stuck!
That's it! Work the kidneys!
- What is he doing here, Stan?
- What are you talking about?
What the fuck is he doing here?
[crowd shouting]
- That's nothing to do with us!
- You made a deal with...
No, man!
That's nothing to do...
Lion! Protect yourself!
Protect yourself!
Lion! Block!
Done. Done.
All right, I'm done.
[shouting fades]
You were supposed to win, Lion.
- [exhales]
- You shouldn't have lied to me, Stan.
You told me you wasn't gonna
deal with that scumbag no more.
[Stan] Yeah, well,
we needed the money.
Stanley, where the hell
are we gonna go, man?
You know, for a guy who hates
moving as much as you do,
you really don't do much
to help the cause.
You were supposed
to fucking win.
Okay, Ash, come on.
- [gunshot]
- Jesus!
- Fuck!
- [car alarm blaring]
Where you going?
[Stan] Hey, I was looking
for you at the fight, man.
I didn't see you.
Did you not make it?
[Stan grunts]
[Pepper] You owe me money
you don't have.
I could kill you tonight,
but I'd never get a return
on my investment,
so I'm offering you
an opportunity.
Battle royal for 100K.
Wild-ass, no-holds-barred,
bare-knuckle event.
A week from today.
I can get you on the card.
- I could do that.
- Why?
Let's not look a gift horse
in the mouth here. This is...
No, I'm asking him why.
Nothing for nothing with you. Right, Pep?
I saw you.
I saw the way you moved
before you took that dive.
That look in your eye.
That rage.
Heard you could've been
Golden Gloves
out in Hartford before Stan
got your ass kicked out
the way he always do, right?
Now, wait, that was
a complicated situation.
Now look at you.
Fighting like a fucking savage.
For what?
Plus, you got no choice.
San Francisco.
There is one thing I need.
Are you decent in there?
meet Stan Kaminsky.
Him and his brother, Lion,
they'll take you out west.
Come on, Pepper.
[quietly] I can't be
moving girls right now.
No, it ain't like that.
I don't know...
[Pepper] I'd handle it or
have one of my guys handle it,
but, look,
she's a friend of the family.
[Stan] Here's my
problem, all right?
It's always been the two of us.
- This could be a complication.
- She's cool. She's cool.
She's a bit of a
handful, but she's cool.
Just keep an eye on her.
[sighs] All right.
Just 'cause I gotta ask.
This doesn't have anything
to do with Yates, does it?
- 'Cause I'm just not trying to be...
- Stanley.
Take her to this address
by this time next week,
and Lion stays on the card.
- "Party Animals"?
- Don't fuck it up.
Opportunities like this
don't knock twice.
[Ash panting]
[Stan] You serious?
I left some petty cash
and a special gift for you
in the glove.
Told you this was my car.
[Pepper] We're in an economic
boom, Kaminsky.
Go forth, prosper.
What the fuck?
[man on radio] If you
understand the building blocks
of key relations,
you can have ultimate success.
It's the pyramid of achievement.
It is only in our darkest
moments, our moment...
[bell chimes]
Are you still working on that?
Go right ahead.
[dish clanks]
That's quite an
appetite you got on you.
You ever take a break to talk?
What's with the rattail?
I had it since, like, forever.
I'm thinking of cutting it.
No, you're not.
You should.
You see?
You don't know what
you're talking about.
That's his lion's tail.
This gives him power.
Look at him.
He's like a wild animal.
- Get off me, man. Fuck off, Stan. Jesus.
- [kisses]
I love you.
All right.
- Tell me you love me.
- I love you.
Tell us about yourself.
I like to know who
we're traveling with.
What do you want to know?
Like, who you are.
What do you do?
Where are you from?
Look, you seem like
really nice guys.
I'm just not really
in the mood to talk.
I do have one other
question though.
Last question.
Are you like a...
Am I what?
I mean, you know.
A pro.
- Stan. Come on.
- I just meant because of the circumstances.
I'm not a hooker.
It's nice to know I make a
good first impression though.
[Stan] That's all
I wanted to know.
We don't think that, okay?
My brother's an idiot.
I'm not an idiot,
I just... [sighs]
We've been working
towards something.
Something very big, all right?
I mean, these are spectacular
goals we're talking about.
And since we gotta spend the
next week together, I just...
I just need there to be a level
of trust between us, that's all.
I gotta use the bathroom.
I'm sorry. Is that in violation
of your spectacular goals?
I think she's doing
drugs in there.
She seems kind of cool.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
Hey, look at me.
No distractions.
- All right?
- Come on. Just be nice, Stan.
- Come on. It's nice to be nice.
- I'm nice. I'm always nice.
[whispers] Got a hundred
grand on the line.
We good to go, princess?
[man singing opera on speakers]
Looks like you're
in luck, folks.
So, that's one night
in the Caesar suite?
That's the nicest suite you got?
The Caesar is the
only suite we offer.
- We'll take it.
- [women chattering]
[concierge] Do you have a
card to hold the reservation?
I'll pay cash, amigo.
Don't trust the banks.
[whistles] Pass the fucking
grappa, baby.
There's a hot tub.
And only one bed.
[Stan imitates radio static]
Requesting backup.
We got a hot tub situation
over at the Venus de Milo.
Gonna need 12 Coors Lights
and three Mountain Dews, stat.
[Sky] Do you guys mind
if I jump in here first?
Sure, go ahead.
- I'd actually...
- [door closes]
[water running]
All right.
You want to do this?
[breathing deeply]
[bones cracking]
- You want some of this?
- Don't knock the fucking ribs, man, don't.
Want to fight? Want the toe pop?
Want the toe pop?
[both muttering, laughing]
Not the toe!
Not the toe.
You get the toe.
You get the toe.
Oh, yeah?
Oh, yeah?
Got you back.
I got you back.
- You ain't got nothing.
- Oh, shit.
Rear naked choke.
- [Stan] You ain't got it. You ain't got shit.
- After I put you out.
[both grunting]
[Stan] You ain't got it.
You ain't got this.
- Not that hard to put you out.
- All right, all right.
All right.
You want to watch something?
Want to watch that?
[man on TV] A strong showing
tonight by Kreski.
he's in the middle of three
of his most exciting
First with Nunes,
then last month against
Pirelli, and now tonight,
a career-making caliber fight
against the champion, Emmet.
[chattering, laughing]
[man 2] A strong, experienced,
and very motivated opponent.
[man 1]
Well, at 5'7" and 159,
this middleweight is just one
pound from light heavyweight...
[Stan] I'm going to
take Ash for a walk.
I'll be back.
[man 2]
Thirteen KO victories
in 19 professional fights.
Get dressed, Rocky.
We're going out.
Saw a bar around the
corner we could go to.
Cheers to new friends.
[woman on speakers]
This feeling inside
I just cannot hide
What's happening, boss?
- Did you see those...
- [woman] Whoo!
Darlene, get your
fuckin' ass out here!
Never mind.
[song continues playing]
I'm just a girl
I'm a reflection
I came to say congratulations.
He's a lucky man.
Oh, um...
It's my sister Gina.
I don't know why I'm
wearing that stupid thing.
Which one's Gina?
Uh... go big
or go home.
[women whooping, laughing]
- Savage.
- Yeah.
I like your pants.
- Yeah? Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
They're from Italy.
I like the way
they make my dick look.
[both laugh]
You're funny.
So, did, uh...
Gina get you your own room?
Mm-mmm. I'm sharing with
six other girls and my aunt.
- I got the Caesar suite, but...
- Oh.
I'm sharing with my brother.
He's resting right now.
He's a professional athlete, so...
- Wow.
- You know how that goes.
Hmm. Well...
There's a pool.
You think it's heated?
Do you actually care?
You told me once
[rock music playing on speakers]
If I went to college,
I wouldn't waste my time
playing stupid games
like these rich pricks.
Yeah, me neither.
I bet you'd be too busy getting
it on with all the girls, huh?
No, I mean I'd be taking
my classes real seriously
'cause of how expensive it is.
I would read a bunch of books
where you gotta, like,
know shit to understand them,
and I would study
theater and fashion.
Yeah, you like to sew, right?
I saw what you did at
the hotel with the robe.
And your name?
It looked good,
like, professional.
Thank you.
Me and Stan wanna get our initials
stitched onto some dress shirts.
So, if we make a bit of money,
hopefully we can
afford your talents.
My mom taught me how to do that.
Yeah? Where?
Some boring-ass town.
Not that far from here,
I'm not really that interesting.
What about you?
Where are you from?
All over.
New Bedford, Portsmouth,
Hartford, Nashua,
You got parents,
or does Stanley cover that too?
Our mom died
when I was real young.
What about your dad?
Well, he didn't want us. So...
That must've been lonely, you
know, not having any parents.
Well, I always had my brother.
You got any scars?
I got some.
All on my hands, though.
Not on my face.
- Can I touch it?
- If you want.
Go ahead.
Just do it.
[both laughing]
[winces, gasps]
And I said woo
Take me too
It came over her
At a bad time...
You don't seem
like a boxer to me.
What do you mean?
I don't know.
You haven't got that thing.
What thing? This thing?
I don't walk around going
like this to people?
"What the fuck are you looking
at, huh?
I'm a fucking ogre."
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Get the fuck out of here.
It's a compliment.
I'll take the compliment.
Maybe that's my advantage.
People underestimate you.
I guess.
Me too.
[song continues playing]
- [laughing]
- [panting]
[Stan] Whoo!
[card reader clicks]
[whispers] Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
[rock music playing on speakers]
Fucking assholes.
He said the only way that we can
play is if I give him a blow job.
He said that?
Can we just get
the fuck out of here?
Lion, don't.
[Lion] How's it going?
All right?
How's it going?
Doing pretty good.
What's up, bro?
I just want to know
why you think it's okay
to speak to my friend like that.
Uh, I don't know what
you're talking about, man.
Yes, you do.
She said you said something real
impolite to her. I want to know why.
No, she came over and
asked me about my belt.
You are a liar.
- What did I say?
- I came over here.
I asked if we could play.
You said the only way
I could play
- is if I gave you a blow job.
- Okay, all right.
See, here's the problem.
This bitch is fucking insane.
You should beat the
fucking shit out of him.
Isn't there a townie bar
you guys can go over to?
We're not fucking townies.
And fuck you! I'll scratch
your fucking eyes out!
Look down on me,
you piece of shit?
- [man] Orphan Annie, you know what?
- [Stan] Sorry. Hey!
- [Sky] My boyfriend is a boxer.
- [Lion] Something will get you.
Something will get you.
That's all I want you to know.
- Something or somebody will get you.
- Are you drinking?
What are you doing?
You fucking drinking? You drunk?
- I'm having a couple drinks. Why?
- [Stan] Just everyone,
go back to what you were doing.
Who are you,
the fucking social worker?
Why you being an asshole?
Why don't you go to the bar.
I got a tab open. Name's Clay.
Get yourself whatever you want.
Oh, I see. We can't afford
our own drinks?
- Is that what you're implying?
- [Clay] I didn't say that.
- [Stan] That's what you thought though, right?
- [Clay] Maybe a little.
- [Stan] You're not listening to me.
- [groans] I gotta go sit.
[Stan] Guys like us don't have the luxury
of settling things with credit cards.
- We gotta go outside, you know?
- Mm-hmm.
Toe to toe.
On the street.
But that's not what you
do, is it?
'Cause you don't know
what it's like to suffer.
I mean, do you know what
it's like to be in pain?
I've been to
fucking prison, man.
You know?
- Check that out. Check that out.
- Okay, all right.
No, I'm not causing a problem.
I'm just saying,
you can be nice.
Yep, I'm being nice.
[man] Your buddy
just passed out!
- Nice guy.
- Hey.
- You okay?
- [Lion] Yeah, I'm good.
- What are you doing?
- [car crashes outside]
- [woman screams]
- [car horn blaring]
- Where the fuck is Sky? Get up.
- What?
You just hit my fucking car!
[horn continues blaring]
- [woman] Hey, are you okay?
- [Stan] Sky!
Should I call somebody?
[Stan] What the hell
are you doing?
- [man] Hey! Where you going?
- [Stan] Wait there.
[Stan] Sky!
Slow down!
- [siren blaring]
- [Stan] Sky!
What are you doing?
Get away!
Get away from me!
- What the fuck is going on?
- Get away! Get off me!
What the fuck did you
do to my brother?
Get off! Get off!
- Calm down.
- Get the fuck away from me.
- Get away!
- You're gonna get us fucking arrested.
- [grunting]
- Calm down! Calm down!
All right, look,
I'll take my hand away,
but you gotta tell me
what the fuck is going on.
Help me!
I won't fucking go back to him!
Go back to who?
She's with fucking Yates?
I specifically fucking
asked you, man.
- [Pepper] You're overreacting.
- You didn't want to take any of the heat,
so you put it on me,
like I'm some kind of chump.
You had a debt to pay, Stan!
And somebody...
You fucking set me up, Pepper!
Listen, motherfucker,
I don't owe you shit.
All right?
Of course I set you up.
You know,
Yates thinks you found Sky.
He thinks you're responsible.
You know, uh, you owe me a debt.
Why the fuck am I
gonna look out for you?
You look out for your brother.
This is how it works.
You said you wanted
to go to Jungleland.
Know what? You're right.
You're right.
Then do as you're told, Stanley.
No, I understand.
And take this girl
straight to Reno.
Stan, listen to me.
This ain't one of Yates's side pieces.
This is family business.
Don't get cute.
[line beeps]
[cell phone beeps]
[exhales deeply]
[Sky] You have to let me
get away from Yates.
I made a deal,
and I can't get out of it.
I fucked up...
really bad.
And he is bad.
He is a bad man in his heart.
[door opens]
Pack your shit.
We're out of here
in five minutes.
- Stan, why?
- Lion, pack for her.
Where we going now?
I'm sorry I crashed your
car, Stanley.
Pack your shit.
We're not stopping till we get there.
Please! He said he was gonna
kill me if I tried to run away!
If we don't get you to Reno,
he's gonna kill us, so...
Lion, you're not moving.
We gotta move, now.
I have cash! I have loads of it!
You can have all of it.
- Stan, look at her, man. She's pleading with you.
- Please, Stanley, please.
Please take it, please.
Please take it.
Please, just let me go, please!
Stan, look at her.
She's pleading with you, man.
There's nothing
we can fucking do!
Stan, look at her.
- Come on. Are we that low?
- Listen to me, Lion.
- Stan.
- I feel for this girl.
I really do.
But she fucking
drugged you, man.
It was just a Xanax.
Saturday night,
we take what's ours.
The fucking alternative
is that he kills us.
Do you hear what I'm saying?
Do you trust me?
All right.
Let's get the fuck out of
here, all right?
[air ratchet whirring]
- How are you?
- Like you give a shit.
- I'm trying to be civil.
- [mechanics chattering]
I wish I could help you.
But Stanley makes
every decision for you.
Well, you lied to me,
you drugged me,
and you smashed our car, so...
Doesn't mean I don't like you.
Sorry, Clay,
your card was declined.
Oh, fuck.
I don't have 1,400 on me.
Well, you're the one who
needs it by tomorrow.
[clears throat]
Look, if we don't
get to San Francisco,
we're gonna miss a big business
opportunity for my family.
There's a lot of money
waiting for us there.
So, once we get our hands on
it, we can cut you off a check.
Call it 1,700 for your trouble?
Yeah, that don't work for us.
Hey, Sky,
how much cash you say you have?
You can't take my money.
Actually, I can.
Lion, check her purse.
All right.
Hey, excuse me.
You know, I didn't see title
or registration in the glove.
Why you looking in the glove?
Kid, come on.
- He's using you.
- Hold the dog.
All right.
What we got here?
[Sky] Maybe you shouldn't have
sprung for the Caesar suite, moron.
[under breath] Maybe you
should shut the fuck up.
Who's "Pam McGinty"?
That card is expired.
Gary, Indiana.
How far is Gary from here?
[man on radio] Now there is
Morris putting up a spot three.
They're not gonna help us.
This entire thing is pointless.
With no one guarding him.
Now it's Stockton
bringing it down.
how do you know Mary?
We met at church.
At a, uh, church group.
[Pam scoffs]
That must have been
a recent development.
[father] And what
church is that?
[Stan] It's called
the Church of All Seasons.
Wonderful church.
Led by, uh, Father, um...
- Father Denunzio.
- Yep.
The Lord is our shepherd.
What is it you've
come here for, Mary?
It's Sky.
My name is Sky.
I don't understand that.
Why change such a pretty name
like Mary
to something so stupid like Sky?
perhaps you could answer, Mary.
Your father asked you
a question.
I need some more money.
[Pam] What about
all that money you made
from that place
where you danced?
I didn't come here
to cause any trouble.
I'm trying really hard
to be good.
If we gave you money again,
what lesson would you
have learned?
So, is that a "no"?
Everybody needs a little
help from time to time.
- [Sky] You can just say no.
- Exactly.
[Stan] It's brave
to ask for help.
- [Lion] She's being reasonable.
- Reasonable.
I didn't come here
to be a burden.
- I'll get out of your hair.
- [Stan] Mary!
[father] We talked about this.
We can't have this.
We have to set a hard line. She can't
just come here when she needs money.
It's not there.
I moved it
after your last visit.
Hey, wait for me.
Mary, you'll never outrun
your circumstances
if you continue
down this path of sin.
Well, you made it look
really easy, Mom,
with your new life
and your new husband.
You poison everything you
come into contact with.
But I'm not gonna
let you poison me.
Get out of my house.
[Pam] Okay, that's it.
Everyone, get out of my house.
Take your shit and get out.
[father] I want you
out of our home, now.
[Pam] These men are hustlers, and they
need to leave our house immediately.
- [father] Get out of our home.
- [Pam] Call the police.
- [Stan] Don't call the cops.
- [Pam] Get out.
[hits table]
Get out of here!
- [Lion] We'll be going now. Right, Stan?
- [Pam] Get out of my house!
You all right?
Yeah. Why?
- You sure?
- I'm fine.
I know a place
we can sleep tonight.
All right, do it.
- No...
- Fuck!
- Fuck!
- Did it go through?
Do it again, man.
Do it again.
- [Sky] It has to go all the way...
- [glass shatters]
[Sky] I gotta pee.
Yeah, well, you're not
doing jack shit
without one of us watching you.
All right.
Lion, you gotta eat something.
I'm gonna check out
the cafeteria.
I'll take Ash.
- Hey, don't let her out of your sight.
- All right.
- Can you just go outside?
- [Lion] No.
- Why not?
- Because I can't.
Make a noise.
Cover your ears.
[whistling continues]
[Sky] How much do you get for
winning one of these things?
[Lion] A big fight?
Couple hundred.
[Sky] You get your ass beaten
for a couple hundred bucks?
[Lion] Well, this fight
in San Francisco,
we'd make a lot more.
[Sky] Why don't you box
with gloves?
[Lion] Well, we got
our license revoked.
Stan tried to bribe a ref.
- You're not his possession.
- Yeah, I know.
So, why do you do it then?
Can't you do anything else?
Got a business plan to
open up a dry cleaners.
- A dry cleaners?
- Yeah.
Hey, tell me
if this makes sense.
So, Stan likes
his clothes, right?
Yeah, right.
No, he does.
He likes to dress smart.
On fight night,
he really goes to town.
it'd be good for him.
Something that he can
put his mind to,
be hyperactive and productive.
What would happen is, say people
got, like, important events,
like, uh, weddings or baptisms.
So, they need clothes for it.
Instead of getting new clothes,
they come to us, and we have
them looking real fucking smart,
like brand-fucking-new.
You see here?
Look, the best part.
"Kaminsky Kleaners."
Two Ks.
That'll be the hook.
That's how you get them.
Kaminsky Kleaners.
That's not asking for that much.
Well, hopefully,
after this next fight.
- I just gotta tell Stanley.
- [zips]
You should stand up
to your brother.
Do what you want to do.
[Sky] I was in so many
stupid plays here.
Thought I was really hot shit.
So I moved to New York
to become a dancer.
And then what?
Well, I guess I wasn't.
How did you come up with "Sky"?
I read it in a book...
and it sounded pretty.
I wanted to be free.
I met Yates in a club.
Promised me he was
gonna fix everything,
but he turned out to be a
liar, just like everyone else.
I'm the stupid one though.
Well, I don't think
you're stupid.
I wanna dance for you.
In the living room?
- Yeah.
- All right.
[up-tempo R & B song playing]
[woman] It's nobody's
fault But mine
- If you should leave Today
- [Lion] Ooh!
It's nobody's fault
But mine
Ah, you're killing it, Sky.
[music continues, faint]
Nobody's fault but yours
- I'm crying
- Nobody's fault but yours
That's right.
Ooh! Let's clap.
Clap. [laughs]
I'm saying, baby
That I need you
And I'll do my best
To please
If you would give me
Another chance
- [record stops playing]
- Hey, don't stop on account of us.
Better than my mom's chicken.
That's a fact.
- [tray clatters]
- All right, I gotta go to bed.
5:30 in the morning,
all right?
Thanks for the dance.
- Anytime.
- [Ash whines]
Sleep tight.
[door closes]
You know, I was worried you
might try to bail tonight.
I'm not gonna run away again.
I'm sorry about your family.
It's a fucking rough one.
What, do you want
to be friends now?
I know what you're
trying to do, Sky.
It's not gonna work.
Me and him,
we're this close to our dream.
I'm not gonna let you
or anyone else...
- You don't know who I am.
- I know Yates.
You don't know
why I do what I do.
Look, Sky...
I just can't let that kid
wake up at 40
and wonder why he didn't do
what he was supposed to do
when he had the chance.
That kid is better at
fighting than I ever been
at anything in my life.
I'm not trying to be a dick,
but probably you too.
I mean, he's special.
And I'll never know
what that's like.
[jump rope clacking]
[Stan] The problem with
California is the taxes.
Fuck it.
After this fight,
once we get this money,
we're gonna keep it.
We'll be rolling in silk.
Monogrammed, perfect.
We're gonna get us
a good two-bedroom.
With a lease.
It's ours.
And no one comes in that
place but you and me.
There'll be steak and wine.
Steak every morning.
That's it. Let's go.
Come on, faster!
So, turns out Gary
didn't quite work out for us.
Well, there's nothing I
can do about that, sir.
Come on, man.
I'm sure there's
something we can do.
Tell you what...
1,400, you get your truck back.
I got a crazy idea.
How about we fight for it?
What's up?
We lose, you keep the car.
We win, you do the work for free.
My guy against world's
strongest man over here.
- What you think?
- I'm good with that.
Dude, no.
No. Look,
this is a business.
You need to get out
of here with that.
I'm talking business. All right?
As a businessman,
you should appreciate these odds.
I mean, look at the size of this guy.
He's yoked.
Just talk it over.
All right?
[mechanic] Here's what's going on.
I don't want that...
What the fuck, Stan?
I need you to step
up for the family.
I'm recovering, man.
Come on, man.
You can knock this guy out.
You knock him out.
Hey, I'm cleaning up
your mess here.
It's not his mess.
It's yours.
Actually, it's yours.
So you wanna butt out?
Look, no deal.
You get your truck back
when we get the money.
Guess we're gonna have to deal
with this a different way.
Jesus. Stan, don't fucking do that, man.
What's wrong with you? You stupid?
- What's the matter with you?
- Wise up.
- What's the matter?
- Keep your shit tucked in. I got this.
- I'm tucked.
- Keep your shit tucked in. I need to know.
Oh, well, you were in retirement a second
ago. Now you're gonna do something?
- Come into the fucking shop.
- I get it.
- How about two against one?
- [mechanic] What?
- Two against one, for the car.
- [mechanic] Two what?
Him and any one of these
guys, apart from him.
- In a fight?
- Yeah.
- Come on, man.
- You seem like honest guys.
- Clean for the car. Clean fight. No stupid shit.
- [Sky] No way!
- No!
- Fellas, I got this.
- I got this for sure.
- [Sky] Stanley, you can't let him do that!
We fight and whoever
wins, we settle it, yeah?
[Sky] This is
an unfair situation.
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
Come on.
All right.
This kid's made up his mind.
There's nothing you can do.
- Come on. Let's go!
- Go ahead, let's go.
If I win,
I'm hanging on to the money.
- No problem.
- And whatever happens,
- keep that thing out of it.
- You got this.
All right,
no scratching the eyes.
No balls, no biting.
Just clean, all right?
Get up!
Get up!
Get up!
- [man] Get up! Get up! Get up!
- [grunting]
- [Lion] You done?
- [man] Yeah.
- [Lion] We done?
- [man] Oh, yeah.
You're done, man.
- [body thuds]
- Yes!
Yes, that's right! Come on.
Pay up.
Give me the keys.
Come on. Give me
the fucking keys.
[man on radio, faint]
[country music
playing on speakers]
- Could I get a cup of coffee?
- [waitress] Sure.
Last supper.
Anyone gonna say anything?
[boy] Dad, look, a whippet!
- [Ash barks]
- [father] Sorry for that.
We've always wanted
one of these guys.
His favorite book to read before
bedtime is Wiley the Whippet.
You guys read that one?
It's great.
- [whines]
- Is he friendly?
Not really, dude.
[Stan] Jesus.
I feel like we're in the
fucking Wookiee bar. Am I right?
Stan, we can't do this, man.
Can't do what?
Take her to Yates.
Been through this, kid.
It's out of the question.
Let's take her to San Francisco.
He knows where we're going.
All right?
He will find us.
Why don't we just bail and go
somewhere else? Fuck the fight.
[scoffs] Why do you keep
making it like we got options?
Like we got
all these sweet deals
and people looking
to hook us up? We don't.
We... We got options.
We got one option.
All right?
We fight, that's it.
I fight.
That's right.
You fight, and I'm the
business end of this company.
[Lion] Company?
What company?
We're not a company, man.
We don't have a front door.
To have a company,
you need a front door.
All you do is...
[clicks tongue]
All I do is what?
Cling on.
And ruin shit.
Sky tell you that?
Don't make this about her.
I can think for myself.
- Then say that again.
- [barking]
I dare you. Look me in the
eyes and say that again.
'Cause I know
it takes you a minute.
You use me and my talents
and what I'm good at.
Everybody knows it.
Oh, really?
Everyone knows it, huh?
That's something.
You're really something.
You can't do anything
without me.
I do everything.
You got one talent. One.
And that's your fists.
I got things happening, all right?
I got shit going on.
Oh, what you got?
You got some things?
I got ideas.
What, your dry-cleaning
You can't do shit
like that, man.
'Cause you're not smart.
And what's your plan, man?
You think we're gonna get, like, a small
business loan? Is that what you think?
That we're gonna use
our good credit
to get a fine deal
on some retail space?
Get one of those fucking machines that
swirl around so you can find your pants?
- [Ash barking]
- [softly] Shh. Shh.
I mean, what are we talking
about here? I use you?
- What the fuck, man?
- [Sky] Keep it down.
- People are staring at us.
- [Stan] I use you?
- Are you crazy?
- [Ash barking]
Hey, partner, it's
a family restaurant, man.
Oh, then why don't you eat your
pizza with your fucking family?
Stanley, shut up.
I make sure your hair's cut.
I teach you about fashion.
I sleep on the hard floor
so you always got a bed.
I skip meals so that
you're never hungry.
And what do you do?
What do you do?
Nothing. What do you say?
Nothing. Ever.
Do you know why?
Because it never occurred to you
to have any gratitude
for the person
who's given you everything!
[barks, growls]
I give you everything!
I ask for nothing in return!
And it's a good job
because I don't get it!
You're scaring the dog.
You think I like
living like this?
You think I like
having no possessions?
I mean, I know I look like I got
it all covered, but I'm tired, man.
Hang on, hang on. How many 25 year
olds you know got arthritis, huh?
[Ash whines]
- I got fingers that don't bend.
- [woman] There's a dog there.
I forget shit
that happened yesterday
because my brain
don't fucking work.
You think your
life's hard, Stan?
Shit, I'd be a professional
boxer now if it wasn't for you.
You are a professional boxer.
No, I'm not. I fight guys
two-on-one in parking lots
so you don't get another felony.
- [Ash barking]
- I'm supposed to protect my fucking hands, Stan.
I'm supposed
to protect my hands.
You got me a job at a
fucking sewing factory.
- [woman] Can you please quiet your dog?
- [Lion] We're a joke.
- [Ash barks]
- We're a fucking joke.
[woman 2] If you don't
get that dog out of here,
- I'm gonna call the police.
- [Sky] I'm sorry. Quiet, Ash.
- I love you.
- [Sky] Good boy. Come on.
She doesn't love you.
Good boy.
Can't you see that?
She's turning you
against me, man.
- [woman 2] Dolores, call the cops.
- He's a service animal
with fucking documentation!
[patrons murmuring]
- [woman 3] Get him out of here.
- [woman 4] Totally inappropriate.
All right, I'm sorry.
Dolores, please,
don't call the cops.
I'll get his papers from the car.
All right?
In fact, better, we'll leave.
- [woman 1] Thank you!
- We'll take that to go.
- [Dolores] Good.
- [Stan] All right.
Outside, you two, now.
Oh, no. No.
Fuck me.
All right,
they're towing the car!
- We gotta go!
- [woman 5] Walter, sit down.
- Come on!
- [Ash barks]
Get the fuck out of my way.
- I said it's a family restaurant!
- They're towing my car!
- [patrons gasp]
- [Ash barking]
Take this, meet me out back.
Hey, here.
It's registered
in Massachusetts.
Call it in?
Yeah, I just called.
[sirens approaching]
[Ash whimpers]
Where's the money?
Tell me you didn't leave
the money in the car.
I'm gonna take Ash for a walk.
- I'm proud of you.
- For what?
For standing up to him.
There's a 7:20 to Reno.
All right.
- They know we're coming.
- Where's Ash?
What did you do with Ash?
Come on, let's go.
[Lion] What did you fucking do?
- [Stan] Lion.
- [Lion] Huh?
What did you do?
- We needed the money.
- Huh? Huh?
- Lion...
- What? What fucking money?
- You sold him?
- I loved him.
- You sold my fucking dog?
- I loved him too.
You sold my fucking dog?
He was my dog too!
- He was my dog too! Lion, stop!
- Give me the money.
[air brakes hiss]
[man on PA] Approaching
Carson City Station.
- Please remember to grab your belongings.
- [Lion whispers] Sky.
- Sky. Sky. Come on, shh.
- Second to last stop.
- Next and final stop, Reno, Nevada.
- Come on. We're getting off.
[air brakes hiss]
Excuse me.
Excuse me, sir.
Reno. Last stop.
Where's my brother?
I don't know.
[woman on PA] Passenger
assistance to door 127, please.
- Passenger assistance.
- [man] Kaminsky.
Hey, what's happening, fellas?
Where's Sky?
All passengers
on Penn State Line,
Bus 506, Chicago,
Lake Street Station,
should board at door 306.
Please remember to bring
all your bags with you.
If you see a package unattended,
please report it
to the nearest attendant.
The 12:18 bus to Philadelphia
has been delayed.
Miss Antinoff,
please report to Gate 305.
Please remember to keep
your belongings with...
Twenty-three dollars.
Where do you want to go?
We don't have enough money.
[male announcer on TV, faint]
[man on PA] Next bus,
Tucson, Arizona.
Next bus, Tucson, Arizona.
I care about you, Sky.
I don't think you
deserve half this shit
you're going through right now.
I think you deserve
a lot better.
The way I feel right now is
I want to go to the booth,
pick a place,
buy a ticket, and go.
So, let's go pick a
place and go somewhere.
We could go anywhere.
Where do you want to go?
Pick a place.
Do you like dry-cleaning?
You want to come dry-clean with me?
Let's go do that.
- What do you wanna do? We could...
- Lion.
Shut up.
[both panting, moaning]
Oh, shit.
- Don't worry.
- Huh?
Don't worry.
It's fine.
It's fine.
- It's fine.
- [sobbing]
Shh. Shh.
Fifteen dollars in cash,
an expired driver's license,
uh... [chuckles]
another man's credit card.
Now what do we have here?
Is this the big stud
who stole my mama?
Count to a hundred
before you leave
so the bartender
doesn't get suspicious.
He was giving me weird looks.
Is it Yates's?
It's mine.
[door opens, closes]
We didn't touch her.
Milos, uh, unmuzzle our friend, please.
[exhales shakily]
I swear to God...
we didn't touch her.
She took my brother,
and she fucking ran.
That feels like an untruth.
I don't know anything.
Pepper, he didn't tell
us the whole story.
A girl told me to
give this to you.
[engines idling]
[woman on PA] The 4:25 express
to Oakland now in the station.
4:25 express to Oakland.
[man on PA] Mr. Feldstein,
please return to the information desk.
[car horn honks]
[Yates] The thing is, Stanley,
there's only so much
money can do for a man.
I mean, look around.
I own a successful
chain of pet stores.
I move women through 19 states.
I'm a successful businessman.
But I've come to the conclusion
that possessions don't matter.
A house isn't a home
unless you have someone
to share it with.
And in my heart...
I think I might be...
a family man.
[Yates, faint]
Nobody lives forever.
Lord knows I'm trying.
I take 37 vitamins a day.
I haven't pissed yellow
in ten years.
You have any idea how...
how difficult it is
for a man my age to produce
a viable sperm specimen?
Oh, Lord, my cock
barely even works anymore.
I had to use
one of those machines
like they use to milk cows.
But it did the trick.
And I finally found my vessel.
You mean Sky?
Yes, Sky.
Fuck! Fuck.
Fucking hell!
We had an arrangement.
We made a deal.
[Stan] No!
[Yates] I'm not sure
what Pepper told you.
- And guess what. It's a boy.
- [Stan] I don't know anything.
- I would never lie to you.
- All right, go. Go.
[Yates] You're not important
anymore, Stanley.
So, tell me where Sky is,
or I'm gonna eat your fucking heart.
You understand?
We're talking
about my legacy here.
[Stan] I don't understand
what's happening.
Sky belongs to me.
- [gunshots]
- [man] Shit!
- [Yates] Easy now!
- [man 2 groans]
[Yates stammering]
Easy... Easy, tiger.
Now, just take it easy.
I think we can negotiate here.
[gasping, groaning]
All right, give me the knife.
Let me put it to you like this.
Sky's gone.
She ain't ever coming back.
[Yates] She got her
hooks into you too, eh?
When you see her,
don't forget to tell her
that boy she's carrying
belongs to me.
And I don't give a damn if I have to
cut that baby out of her belly myself.
Sky will never live to
hold my boy in her arms.
[sirens wailing, faint]
[woman on PA] All aboard,
407 to Emeryville. Last call.
[bell clanging]
You all right?
Look, we don't have to do this.
We can just fucking bail right
now, start fresh.
We done it
a thousand times before.
Let's just get
the fuck out of here.
Go somewhere where
no one knows us.
No, we're fighting.
We're fighting.
[crowd shouting, booing]
[Stan unspooling tape]
[shouting, booing
continue, faint]
Why you not talking?
[chuckles, sniffles]
I'm sorry.
Just stop, man.
Stop it.
A-Anything I ever did
that hurt you, all right...
Stop, stop, stop. Stop, man.
Stop. Let me focus.
- [breathes deeply]
- You're special.
And you're the greatest
fucking thing I ever saw.
Nothing bad's ever gonna
happen to you again.
I'll protect you,
no matter what.
[fight bell clangs]
[breathing deeply]
- All right.
- [kisses]
- How you feeling?
- Like shit.
Out of shape,
unprepared... shit.
[woman on PA]
Kaminsky, one minute.
All right.
This is it. Showtime.
- Here, check this out.
- What?
Where the fuck did you get that?
- [emcee] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Jungleland.
- Sky made it.
- In our second undercard of the night...
- It's beautiful.
- with a purse of $100,000, we have in the red corner...
- I mean, that's a work of art.
She's got some real talent.
- With a record of 23, 2 and 1, Giomo!
- You look like a fucking prince.
- Like a king.
- [rock music playing]
In the blue corner,
from Fall River, Massachusetts,
in his first professional
fight on the circuit,
Walter "Lion" Kaminsky!
[crowd shouting]
[rock music continues]
We've been waiting
For so long
To roll on down
The road again
Coach. How you doing?
There's only one message
To send
welcome to Jungleland.
Are we ready for this today?
Good clean fight.
This is good here.
This is good here.
Anything below that
is low. Got it?
Touch gloves. I want you
out on the bell.
[music fades]
[crowd cheering]
Red corner ready?
Blue corner ready?
- Fight.
- [bell clangs]
[crowd cheering]
Try to get on the inside.
Then outwork him, right.
You're faster than him.
- [crowd jeers]
- Hey, ref, what the fuck?
What the fuck was that?
- [referee] You all right?
- Yeah, back of the head, ref.
[Stan] Ref, you gonna call that?
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
Let's fight.
Come on.
What, you got fucking
money on this guy?
[bell clangs]
Guy's a fucking machine.
Stay out of the corner!
- [groans]
- [Stan] Get out of the...
You're all right.
[siren wailing]
- Stick to the move. All right?
- [referee] Two.
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm good. Yeah, yeah.
No, get out of the...
Hey, out of the corner!
Don't fucking trade with him!
[referee] Break. Break.
["Dream Baby Dream" by
Bruce Springsteen playing]
Dream, baby, dream
[crowd shouting]
[both grunting]
Dream, baby, dream
[crowd shouting]
Dream, baby, dream
Lion, can you hear me?
Lion, open your eyes!
- Lion! Stay down.
- [referee] Two.
Just stay down, all right?
[referee] Three.
You don't have to do this.
You already won!
- [referee] Four.
- You can throw this.
- We'll do something else like we always do.
- Five.
Come on, we gotta
Keep the light burning
Come on, we gotta
Keep the light burning
- Just stay down, all right?
- Seven.
Just let me call it.
- Eight.
- I love you.
Come on and dream
Baby, dream
- Nine.
- [grunts]
[crowd cheering]
Gotta keep
The fire burning
Come on, we gotta
Keep the fire burning
- Come on, we gotta Keep the fire burning
- [siren wailing]
Come on and dream
Baby, dream
You all right?
If I see something, I'm stopping it.
- Yeah! Come on! Yes!
- [crowd cheering]
Beautiful, Lion!
Come on
And open up your heart
Come on, dream on
Dream, baby, dream
Yeah, I just wanna
See you smile
And I just wanna
See you smile
Yeah, I just wanna
See you smile
Come on, dream on
Dream, baby, dream
Come on
And open up your heart
I'm Stan Kaminsky.
I believe you're looking for me.
Come on
And open up your heart
You're under arrest.
Come on, dream on
Dream, baby, dream
- [crowd cheering]
- [shouts]
And I just wanna
See you smile
Yeah, I just wanna
See you smile
Dream on
Dream, baby, dream
Where's Stan?
Yeah, I just wanna
See you smile
Where's my brother?
Yeah, I just wanna
See you smile
[crowd cheering]
Yeah, I just wanna
See you smile
Come on, dream on
Dream, baby, dream
- [crowd chanting] Lion! Lion!
- [bell clangs]
[song continues playing]
Come on
And open up your heart
Come on, dream on
Dream, baby, dream