Junkyard Dogs (2022) Movie Script

Evenin', Mrs. Hope.
Uh, got some mail for you.
Thank you, young man.
Much appreciated.
A little late, don't you think?
Usually the mail's here
around 1:00 in the afternoon,
Not 5:00.
No, I'm sorry about that.
Really busy day.
Understood. Tomorrow, though?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm gonna see through it,
Mrs. Hope.
Thank you.
Oh, no, no! Calm down.
He's just the mailman.
I'm sorry about that.
He's not usually like that.
It's okay, Mrs. Hope.
Uh, you know, pups will be pups,
You have a good evenin'.
Yeah, you, too.
Come on, boy.
Somebody should put a muzzle
on that mutt.
Ah, you're here!
Of course, I'm here.
I'm a punctual pup.
Plus, this is an important day.
Oh, of course, you're here.
You're always so punctual
and you know how important
this day is.
Duh. I just said that.
How do I look?
Okay, two barks
for classic beauty
or one bark for,
mm, not so much.
Oh, thank you so much, my boy!
Now it's your turn.
What is that?
You are gonna look so handsome.
Uh-uh, no way.
No amount of treat is going to
talk me into wearing that.
I look ridiculous.
I think we look pretty good
if I do say so myself.
You definitely do.
Oh, how could I forget? Oh!
Ah, the pice de rsistance!
Oh, you look so handsome.
Hey, what am I?
A Christmas tree?
Remember, wait till I whistle,
like we rehearsed, okay?
Yeah, yeah.
We've been over this
1,000 times, Mom.
I'm so sorry.
I know we've gone over this
1,000 times.
It's just, I'm so nervous.
The last time I did this,
I wasn't the one proposing.
It will be fine, Mom. Trust me.
A little progressive action
is a good thing.
Oh, my boy.
You're such a good boy,
you're such a good boy.
Mom, you're messing up my fur.
We have to go see if
those kids are ready.
And they're staying
out of trouble, okay?
Shall we go? Let's go. Let's go.
Those two?
Don't hold your dog breath.
Ow! Let me do it.
Sorry, Dom,
but I'm older and in charge.
Well, I may be younger,
but I'm gentler.
Kids, he's gonna be here
in less than 10 minutes.
It's time for...
Hey guys, what's happening?
It's her fault, she's in charge!
It's not my fault.
I mean, I'm ready.
Yeah, Mom?
Your skirt's on backwards.
Oh yeah.
He's here already?
He's never on time.
Oh no! Oh no.
He's early.
Oh, he's never early.
Why is he early?
Okay, all right, Kids, you...
You guys need to finish
getting ready, okay?
But, Mom!
My tie.
See, it's not that hard.
Yeah. See, Dominick?
It's not hard.
And you, flip that skirt around.
Oh yeah.
Houdini, can you help me?
Sure thing. No problem, Kiddo.
Thanks, Houdini.
Aw! Thanks, boy.
Looking good, Ava.
Okay, you look great.
Uh, if you can get the door?
You know what to do.
And I'll be down in a sec.
I think I might actually
pull this off.
He's gonna say "yes".
I just know it.
What's up, Kiddo?
Welcome to Chez Sullivan.
Ah, Chez Sullivan! Cool!
What's up
with the French accent, Ava?
No, there is no Ava here
at Chez Sullivan.
It is only Yvette.
Ah, oui. Mademoiselle Yvette.
Well, I'm sorry, because you,
you know, kind of remind me
of somebody else I know.
Well, please do lead the way.
Mademoiselle Sullivan,
your date has arrived!
- Your date has...
- What'd you say?
I said, "He's here, Ma."
Right this way.
Hey, Mom, shouldn't you be
going downstairs?
Oh, what am I doing?
I have a date to greet.
Okay, you know what, you guys?
I'll um, I'll just meet you
All right.
We'll be ready and waiting.
Mademoiselle Sullivan,
Monsieur, enjoy your meal.
Mademoiselle Sullivan.
What is going on?
Well, I know how much
you wanna go to France
and I know how difficult it is
with the kids.
So we thought we would
bring France to you.
So you're not just making fun
of my silly moustache?
No, I'm not actually.
Have a seat, please.
Allow me to check on our dinner.
It seem that our cordon bleu
is needing five more minutes
until it's fini.
Allow my waiters to bring you
our finest French grape juice.
S'il vous plat.
Hi Shane.
What's up, handsome Monsieur?
Thank you, Mr. Waiter,
Ms. Waitress.
You are dismiss.
What does that mean?
It means leave the room.
What do I owe this to?
For you being you.
And making this past year
one of the happiest years
I have had
in a really long time.
I never thought I would
feel like this again.
Oh, you know, I feel the same.
And I don't need to tell you
that you are the best thing
that's ever happened to me.
You okay?
Yeah, actually, I'm great.
Hey, Houdini! Hey!
Hey Shane. How are you?
Nice tux.
Mom made me wear it.
Okay, Mom. I'm coming.
Just like we rehearsed.
Sorry about that.
Sometimes I just get so excited.
I know. Me, too.
My love, my sweet.
Wait a minute. Are you uh...
Just let me do this, okay?
After Matthew passed away,
I never thought
I'd meet someone like you.
You've embraced me and my kids.
You make me feel so loved
and whole again.
And I know you know
what's coming next.
And it might be unusual that
I'm the one doing the asking.
But will you marry me?
Did he say "yes"?
I don't know,
but I really hope he did.
Well, of course. You're my girl.
Is that a yes?
Oh, that's a yes.
- Yay!
- Yay!
- We're getting married.
- We're getting married.
He said "yes"! Thank dog!
I told you he would.
Oh, what we got here?
Sorry, Kid.
Grandma's card
ain't gonna make it, Bill.
Einstein, he said "yes"!
It's a yes!
He said "yes"?
He said "yes". Splendid.
What's that?
Did I hear Shane said "yes"?
Hey, Jackpot. Yeah, he did!
Ew. Can you do me a favor?
Hey, don't forget about me.
can you sound the alarm?
Anything for you, Houdini.
I'm ready to fire.
Thanks, Jackpot.
Use that mighty bark.
You got it.
Hey everybody,
we've got some good news.
He said "yes"!
Einstein, let's meet
at the junkyard to celebrate
after the owners go to sleep.
I'll be over at midnight
to spring you guys.
Copy that. I'll be here.
Just be ready to unlatch me.
You know me.
I can unlock anything.
See you in a bit.
Sounds stupendous.
Oh, I'm so excited!
Well, hello there.
What can I get for you today?
Get me the biggest bowl
of chocolate pudding you got,
with extra whip.
It's been a good day!
That's fantastic.
If you need to celebrate a day,
chocolate pudding
is always the way.
I'll get that right back to you
in a jiff.
Yeah, thanks, huh.
You're still fillin' your gut
with that whip cream, huh?
What's up, old partner?
What are you doin' here?
You... you're supposed to
still be in jail.
No, no, no. Not supposed to.
I was.
You're out?
I'm sittin' here, ain't I?
Oh, hey, that...
That's great news, man.
Yeah, it is.
But it's news you should have
already been aware of.
You were supposed to
pick me up, remember?
Is today the 19th?
It's the 26th.
The 19th was last week.
Ugh. My bad, man.
Yes, your bad.
As was my incarceration.
Your what?
My time in jail, you ninny.
You know, the point
of a getaway driver
is for that driver to wait
for the crook to get back
before he leaves!
The good news is I got away,
Yeah, and I didn't.
You owe me, Crusher.
I kind of... I went legit.
Uh, you know, got a good job
at the post office,
Slingin' mail.
Yeah, that's not
what I saw outside.
How you paying for this?
That hard-earned cash you
stole from the cards outside?
Crusher, you're the farthest
thing from legit.
Fine. But I mean...
I don't know, robberies,
they... they kinda scare me,
you know?
I'm more like a petty criminal,
you know?
I like stealing candy
from babies.
And, you know, I... I'm good
at stealing birthday cards
from kids, you know?
Robbin' stores, it's uh,
it's a little too risky for me.
I'm not doing stores anymore.
I just got out.
I'm a reformed man.
You are?
Thank God!
Oh, does that mean
we can finally start
the dance studio
that we always dreamed of?
No, you fool. Think bigger.
We're movin' on
to greener pastures.
You wanna rob a farm?
And here I thought
delivering mail
would make you smarter.
No. We're gonna rob homes.
Like people's houses?
We wait for them to leave
and then we rob 'em.
But how're you gonna know
if they're there or not?
when you deliver mail and
nobody's home, what happens?
No, they don't read the mail.
Uh, the mailbox gets...
Gets really filled
and it's just hard
to keep stuffing it in.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So when somebody's mailbox
is full
and it's hard
to cram the mail in there...
They're not there!
You... you and I, my friend,
I think we just found
our new bread and butter.
You just have to point us
in the right direction.
You wanna rob houses
on my route?
No, we...
are gonna rob houses
on your route.
You say where to go
and we get rich.
We'll talk more
about that dance studio.
I hope so, yeah.
To new beginnings.
Yeah, new beginnings.
Get your own.
Come on.
We're getting married.
I know.
Do you really think
we're gonna be able
to plan a wedding that fast?
Yes, of course, we will.
Between your family,
and my family,
and all of our friends,
we are gonna have
the most beautiful,
magical wedding ever.
I don't think I've ever
been this happy.
Come on, guys,
it's getting late.
I got a party to host.
What's wrong? What's wrong?
Uh, n... nothing's wrong.
Nothing is wrong.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
I just thought
I heard something.
You did!
Come on, Mom,
my friends are waiting.
So breakfast tomorrow
at the cafe?
I am gonna be there
at 9:00 a.m. sharp.
'Cause then we can, you know,
give that new ring a spin.
Just for the record...
I was gonna ask you.
You just kinda beat me to it.
- You were?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Mm.
Ew, gross.
Can we just hurry this along,
We're being watched.
- Are we?
- Yeah, right.
Are we?
Yes, by a peeping Houdini. I...
Hmm. Yeah.
Well, Houdini, yeah.
He's a curious one.
Yes, he is.
Well, watch this, Houdini.
Have it your way, guys.
This pup can't wait any longer.
Houdini, are we ready?
Born ready.
Wait a minute.
Just makin' sure
I have everything.
Okay, let's go.
Freedom. Sweet freedom.
Nothing like the open road!
Let's go meet Jackpot.
Hey, Party Pups.
Let's celebrate.
I'm so excited
for the Sullivans.
And you, Houdini?
You're a lucky dog.
Shane seems great.
He is.
He's perfect for them.
Are you guys ready to party?
Oh yeah.
Oh man, this place is a jackpot!
When you said the houses
on this block were nice,
I didn't think they'd be nice.
Oh yeah.
The kids on this block,
they get 20, 50,
sometimes $100
in their birthday cards.
And then, during the holidays...
Oh man, forget about it.
It's a free for all.
We're talking play stations,
Xboxes, iPads,
Barbie Dreamhouses.
Barbie Dreamhouses?
What? I got a niece.
She needs gifts, too.
Oh, the Holy Grail.
Crusher, stop!
Is it the fuzz?
Hey, hey, I swear,
I didn't do anything.
Uh, uh, I'm just a patsy for
this guy.
Will you relax?
We haven't even
done anything illegal.
Who lives there?
Uh, uh,
that's the Sullivan house.
Oh, nice joint.
Bet they got
a lot of nice stuff there.
Oh yeah, they got
a lot of good swag.
I know 'cause I delivered most
of it myself.
Oh yeah? Like what?
Oh, we're talkin' uh,
flat screen TVs,
pool table,
huge surround sound system.
Oh yeah.
M... Mrs. Sullivan just
got a nice Peloton bike, too.
Really nice.
Oh wee!
I got a good feeling
about this place.
But wow!
Consider them on the hit list.
Target numero uno.
Uh, what does that mean?
I don't know.
It's Latin or Italian
or something.
It's like a card game thing.
Yeah, yeah.
You wanna play for money?
No, I don't got anything.
Well, we will soon.
A full house.
Looks like the pot is all mine.
Winner winner, kibble dinner.
No fair. Why do you always win?
You'd think we'd learn
our lesson by now.
But my calculations,
you're due for a losin' hand
at any moment.
Oh yeah? What's the percentage?
Now why would you have to go
and do that?
Hmm. Hmm.
Oh, 72.3% to be exact.
Oh, boggles my mind.
Ew, gross.
What'd you eat for dinner?
It's just my genetic make-up.
A release valve, if you will.
Helps me think.
Well, you better use
your noggin'
to figure out a way to stop it.
Don't blame me. Blame science.
And how is it with your
incredible sense of smell
that your release valve
doesn't bother you?
Hmm. Stupendous question.
What does "stupendous" mean?
Oh Jackpot.
If only you had a bigger brain.
Hey, remember
who's bigger than you.
What's that?
I don't know. Let's go see.
A delivery? At this hour?
That's strange.
Something's certainly rotten
in Denmark.
Uh, um, sorry.
I was calculating the mail
I don't think that's
what he meant, Einstein.
Let's check it out.
I'll go first!
Einstein, wait!
Well, she's a proactive pug.
Okay, so it's settled.
We hit the Sullivan place
when the kids are at school,
the mother's workin'.
Then we nail the Simpsons
a few weeks after that.
I don't know.
This is gonna make me look bad.
How are they gonna know
it's you?
'Cause these are all homes
on my route.
Homes on the same block
get hit all the time.
What are these guys
talking about?
Yeah, but after we
hit the first house,
ain't they gonna be
waiting for us?
Yeah, it'd be nice to hit all of
'em at the same time,
but how would a situation
like that fall into our laps?
It's not like the entire block
is gonna go on vacation
at the same time.
So we start there?
The Thompsons.
No, don't! The Larrabys!
Clean out your ears...
And pay attention.
We hit up the Larraby place
and then...
You and I are square.
No, then we hit the Thompsons,
and the Simpsons,
and the Ogilvys.
The Thompsons, the Simpsons,
the Ogilvys?
You wanna hit four places?
Five, six, seven.
Who's gonna stop us?
Elliot Ness.
No, no, no. Superman!
That was a rhetorical thing.
Uh, yeah.
They wanna
rob the whole neighborhood.
My place.
The point is
the cops in this town
are bumbling at best.
They're no match for my cunning.
Yeah, Crush, you... you just
talk, you know?
It's just the two of us. It's...
What's "cunning" mean?
It means that
we're gonna pull this off
and no one's gonna stop us!
Guys, Joyful Lane's in trouble.
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
Someone has to do something.
Oh, no, no, no.
No, you're not doin' it right.
I think that's up to us.
I don't know.
Are you sure that's a good idea?
I can try and calculate.
Please don't.
If what I heard in there
is true,
we have to protect
our neighborhood
and show these crooks
who really runs this block.
We have to show them who's boss.
Oh, oh, oh. You hear something?
It's like...
It's like heavy breathin'.
Grandpa Crusher, is that you?
It's not Grandpa Crusher,
you dunderhead.
Why are you screamin'?
It's just a mangy mutt.
I'm definitely afraid of dogs!
You didn't have one growin' up?
Dude, uh,
times were different then!
Now they're
an occupational hazard!
Oh geez. Okay, fine.
I'll deal with this one.
Get out of here.
We're not going anywhere.
Oh h... hi, Doggies.
It's... it's just
your good buddy Dean.
I don't care who you are.
I mean you no harm.
I just wanna talk
to your friend over here
and get him out of the way,
so we can leave
and never come back.
I promise.
Yeah, right.
We've heard about your plans.
You're gonna attack the block!
Now, you, Big Boy.
If you wouldn't mind
getting out of the way,
so we can get this...
Hey! No!
Hey, how did it go?
We had tea and crumpets,
and discussed
the latest episode
of Daniel Tiger.
Oh my God!
You watch that show, too?
Uh, no, you moron!
Look what those mangy mutts
did to my sleeve!
Oh, I thought you were just
goin' for like the...
The punk rock look.
Would you drive, please?
We have to get out of here
before someone comes.
They're creatin' a commotion.
Who? The dogs, you nimwit!
What... Oh, your stupidity
knows no depth.
Just drive!
What is it?
A mail truck
getting chased by dogs.
Why would the mailman
be delivering mail right now?
Because he's the worst.
I thought I heard you guys.
What are you two doing up?
Watching a mail truck
get chased by dogs.
That sounds a little nuts.
Are you sure
you weren't dreaming?
We definitely were not.
Okay, well, let's get you both
back in bed
and go to sleep, okay?
Hey, have you guys seen Houdini?
Uh, no.
I don't really know
what dog you're referring to.
Dominick Sullivan.
Is there something you know?
He's down at the junkyard again.
He's back down at the junkyard?
Oh boy, he's in trouble.
And someone's gonna get
a stern talking to.
All right, you two, get back in
bed and go to sleep.
Good night.
Everyone did great.
Junkyard dogs! We're...
Houdini. Come here, boy.
Hey Mom.
Happy to report
the neighborhood dog watch
is in full effect.
Oh, Houdini.
What did I tell you about
getting into the junkyard?
Hey, you're the one
who tells us kids
we need to play outside more.
You smell like a saloon.
We need to give you a bath.
Come on, Houdini.
Let's go give you a bath.
- A bath?
- Come on, baby.
Come on, Houdini.
You need to be cleaned up,
you stink.
No, Mom, please!
Oh, these things are heavy.
How do you put up
with this every day?
Your back okay?
It's fine.
Now my stomach,
that's another story.
Stomach? How's that?
Allow me to demonstrate.
Apple pie.
Good. You want some?
No, thank you.
No sweets for me
before 3:00 p.m.
And you, Big Boy,
you need to control yourself.
It's not even lunchtime yet.
Any time is a good time
for pies.
Sorry, Mr. Parker.
No goodies for you today.
Mm. That's a good breakfast.
Crusher, you truly are
one in a million.
Oh, thanks, Boss.
Yeah, it's not a compliment.
So what side of the street
am I on
once we get out of here?
So I'm thinking,
you take the odds,
I'll take the evens.
Got it.
Remember, we're lookin'
for the houses
with the stuffed mailboxes
and then that's how we know
they ain't at home.
They're not here.
How do you know
they ain't there?
Never mind.
Odd, even.
Even. Even.
Hey, you're pretty good at
that, huh?
When this is all done, you can
get a job with me, huh?
Yeah, I won't count on it.
We cordially invite you,
yeah, yeah, yeah,
on this special day
of our union.
Monica Sullivan
and Shane DeSoto.
Monica! She...
- Boss.
- No.
Boss, what... what is it?
I mean, what... what's that...
What's that coming out
of your eyes?
I don't know.
It's the moisture or something.
Are you okay?
I just said "I'm not okay".
I'm not okay!
What... what's wrong?
She's getting marryied.
Oh yeah.
Mrs. Sullivan, yeah,
she's marryin' uh, the Shane.
Hey, good guy.
He's a really good guy.
You're not helping!
Give me this.
She looks so beautiful.
I was wondering
if I could get the mail.
You ain't never seen
a grown man cry before?
Yeah, just not while
he's delivering the mail.
Hey, look.
Being a mailman is a very hard,
stressful job.
You're on your feet
12 hours a day.
You got the blistering sun
comin' at you,
the impenetrable hatred
of dogs around the world.
Mr. Crusher, Mr. Crusher,
can I just please get my mail?
Oh, yeah, yeah,
sure thing, Mrs. Hope.
There you go.
Oh, he's fine.
We don't finish the route,
I'm gonna get in trouble.
- I get in trouble, we...
- Yeah, no score. I get it!
It's okay.
It's all right.
There's plenty of birds
in the sea.
But they don't have wings
like hers.
I don't care how cute he is.
Mom said not to feed him
from the table.
Oh, come on. Give me that sugar.
If she said not to feed him
at the table,
I'll feed him on the floor.
May the ghosts
of relationships past
cease to haunt me.
Oh, mailman! The mailman!
Mailman, the mailman's here!
Mailman, the mailman is here!
Hey, what you got today?
Sorry, Pooch, but you can't g...
Wait a minute. I know you.
You ruined my jacket!
- Get off my porch.
- Yeah.
You can't get me, you mutt.
I'm out here
and you're stuck in there.
I've had enough of this.
Hey, dink, help!
Help! This dog's crazy!
Your dog's crazy.
Houdini, no.
What has gotten into you?
We're so sorry, sir.
Well, you should be.
Your dog's vicious!
He's not normally.
Yeah, we've had him
since forever
and I've never seen him act
like this.
Well, he's acting like it now,
isn't he?
I have half a mind
to call the police!
The police?
No, don't do that!
Well, then keep him locked up.
Hey, your mom home?
No, she's uh...
Yeah, she's on a work call
in her office.
No reason.
You should just tell her
to tell your neighbors
to keep their mutts
on a leash, too!
Mm, the neighbors? Why?
Because I see the dogs
runnin' around the block
like a pack of crazy Tasmanian...
It's like ani...
Wild animals, yes!
And there's a leash law
in this community,
if you didn't know.
Study up, Kids.
You'll learn somethin'.
And I want that leash law
because if it's not,
I will have animal control
down here so fast,
it will make your tiny little
head spin!
Don't listen to him, guys.
He's a bad egg.
How come you're
not wearing a uniform?
What's that now?
Yeah, why aren't you
wearing mailman uniform?
The other guy...
The dumb one.
He wears a uniform.
Yeah, uh, well, I um...
My... it's in the cleaner's.
I'll have it in a few days.
Will that satisfy you?
Highly suspect.
Definitely suspect.
You kids just keep that dog
on a leash
and have yourselves
a great rest of the day.
Oh, by the way, uh,
tell your mom
congrats on the wedding.
Oh yeah!
It's going to be so fun!
Everyone on the block is coming.
How do you know about that?
Yeah, how do you know?
Well, it's uh, I j... I hear
the neighbors talkin', you know?
News travels fast in small towns
like this, okay?
You kids,
have a good rest of the day.
Be good. Behave.
Santa's watching.
And that dog
is on the nasty list.
T I heard that.
There's something weird
about that guy.
You don't have to
say that again, Kiddo.
Uh, yous...
Yous wanted to see me, Boss?
Yes, Crusher.
Come in. Take a seat.
Oh, wait. Oh, I get it!
You're going for like the...
The whole uh,
The Bond Villain thing, huh?
You bet I am.
Where'd you get that?
I stole it off of Jimmy
Harrison from the route.
You did?
And it made me feel
like a million bucks.
I'm telling you, this score
is gonna be so cathartic.
Wait, why?
You know that cute couple
gettin' married?
Miss Sullivan in 103?
I dated her in high school.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Huh.
Uh, you must have been
a real lady killer.
Uh. Well, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I was.
Yeah, it's just not workin' out.
But how do you know?
Trust me, I know.
Call it "women's intuition".
You're gonna be okay?
Good. See you around.
She broke my heart.
But now I get the last laugh,
What's the plan?
It's going down in two weeks.
Kirkland Town Church.
The... the... the...
The one with the duck pond?
That place is so...
Are they having the wedding
I don't care.
The only thing that matters
is the whole block is invited.
Monica's little trolls
told me all about it.
You saw the invites.
Here's hopin' most of them
Wait, why?
Because if even half of them
say they're going,
that's more stuff to gank
and fewer prying eyeballs
to catch us in the act!
That's good.
Wait, what about the dogs?
For once, Crusher,
you ask a good question.
We're gonna take 'em down
with this.
That's a whistle.
Nothing gets by you, Crusher.
Ugh, Boss, Boss!
Can you... can you shut that off?
That... that's really annoying.
Yeah, you think
it's bad for you?
It's 10 times worse
for the dogs.
It's gonna
drive those mutts nuts!
Oh, I hate them!
We're gonna use this, and voil,
no more harassment
from those junkyard dogs.
But Mom, Houdini was just
protecting the house.
Yeah, Babe.
Honestly, there's nothing wrong
with a dog guarding
his own home.
Yeah, but you guys, if... if he
really did do this,
he went way too far.
But Mom, he's a bad guy.
He ripped off a man's sleeve.
He deserved it.
That's a little bit more
than guarding.
I just... I just don't know why.
I never thought Houdini
would do something like this
and it's just so...
So disappointing.
But Mom, we've had Houdini
for a long time.
He wouldn't have done
what he just did
out of the blue.
V Yeah.
Okay, so then why did he do it?
Because that mailman
is up to something.
The guy today just seemed weird.
Totally suspicious.
And we saw the mail truck
last night,
blazing up and down the
street, being chased by dogs.
What Dominick said,
he wasn't joking.
It's all true.
- Is that true?
- Cross my heart.
Isn't that
just a little bit weird?
A little bit.
But a... a mailman
running late on his route
doesn't make him a criminal.
Midnight isn't running late.
Midnight equals devious deeds.
Definitely devious.
I gotta be honest.
It does sound a little devious.
The mailman isn't the problem,
trust me.
Mommy, do you not love Houdini
Yeah, Mom. Do you not love me?
Of course, I love Houdini.
Honey, don't misunderstand me,
Houdini is part of our family.
But I... I don't... I don't
want him to get into trouble.
If he hurts someone,
they could take him
away from us.
So that's why from now on
he is on double secret
What's that?
What does that mean?
That means
no more doors opening,
no more tunneling,
no more jumping fences,
no more gates being unlatched,
no more escaping at all.
No escaping?
Because Houdini,
I know you sneak out
late at night and let out
your furry little friends.
So from now on,
Houdini is gonna be sleeping
in my bed.
And after dinner
every single night,
we are going to
shut and lock that window.
But Mom, he's not the problem!
Sweetie, yes, he is.
Now let's go inside.
We are gonna make this house
like Fort Knox.
You guys really should trust me.
Oh no. They're back.
What is it, Houdini?
What is it?
Is there a fire at the old mill?
Not a fire, but something is
definitely brewing.
They're bad, aren't they?
Really bad.
Two barks for yes, Houdini.
I have to do something
about this.
Mom has to know
that we're being serious.
But how? We're just kids!
I don't know yet.
But when the time is right,
we're gonna find out
what they're up to,
and we're gonna help Houdini
bring those guys down.
Don't worry, guys.
I'm on the case.
That's it. Close those eyes.
And we're off!
What the...
Oh no, she didn't!
Come on, Houdini, you got this.
Come on, Houdini, think.
Think, think.
How do we get out of here?
Wait a second.
That's it!
Just need to get this open.
Let's see here.
What will work best?
Salad? Eggs? Heck no.
Pizza? Oh yeah.
That's the ticket.
Bless us, oh Father,
for the bounty I'm about
to devour.
I promise I do this
not for my appetite
but for the greater good
of the Sullivan family.
Give it to me
I want pizza
with some hot dogs
Give it to me
Mac and cheese
with some apple sauce
Give it to me
Tasty spaghetti
wand some meat balls
Give it to me
Give it to me
and I'll eat it all
Don't have to go yet.
Looks like I'm diving back in.
Give it to me
And I'll eat it all
Give it to me
I want pizza
with some hot dogs
Give it to me
Mac and cheese,
and some apple sauce
Give it to me
Tasty spaghetti
and some meat balls
Give it to me
Give it to me
and I'll eat it all
I think that should do it.
Oh boy.
Yup, it's about that time.
I may have overdone it.
Oh, oof, oof.
I knew I shouldn't have
eaten all that kibble.
Oh, dog! What have I done?
Mom, I already finished
my homework.
Mom, wake up!
Can I go out and play now?
Lady, you have about 60 seconds.
I don't know.
Wake up.
Come on! Come on!
I don't know what that smell is.
It's not a bouquet of roses.
But if you don't get up now,
you're gonna find out.
- Come on, Mom. Come on.
- Oh gosh. What is that smell?
Is it a fire?
There's a fire coming
from somewhere else, though.
Oh no.
Let's get you out of here.
Hurry up. Let's go.
Excuse me.
Gotta take care
of some business.
Oh, it's chilly.
Okay, let's find a good spot.
Oh, here we go.
Hey, can a dog
get some privacy, please?
Okay, I'm gonna
let you do your business.
I'm gonna leave the door open
for you.
Thanks, Mom.
I may be here for a while,
so don't wait up.
My business is gonna take
all night.
Hmm, mission accomplished.
The night is mine.
Einstein, you there?
You okay?
What are you doing?
Trying not to breathe.
You should be ashamed
of yourself.
Hey, don't judge me.
It was the only way
I could escape.
Well, then let's escape
this block lickety-split.
Fine by me.
Do that thing
with your mighty nose.
Found 'em.
at Marvin Street Apartments.
They have anchovy pizza
with a side of wings.
Buffalo wings. Oh yeah.
And a side of blue cheese.
Man, those two are ripe!
You truly are
the Rudolph of sniffin'.
Now let's go see
what our friends are up to.
That is the smallest TV
I've ever seen.
This, fool, is not a TV.
It's a computer. Hmm?
Oh yeah?
Then how come I saw you
watching your soaps on it
You did.
Then how is it not a TV?
Because, doof, you can't hack
into somebody's Evite
on a television.
That's the invitation there?
We were handin' those out
the other day.
How 'd they get on there?
This is the RSVP list.
Monica and Shane asked them
to reply electronically.
Got it.
So uh,
how can we tell who's goin'?
I'm pullin' it up right now.
It's our lucky day.
Why is that?
Everyone said "yes"!
Oh, really? For serious?
Every house on the street!
My man, we're gonna be rich.
We're gonna be rich.
I smell a lot of trouble
for Joyful Lane.
How are we gonna stop them
without our humans?
Think, Houdini. Think.
I would love to see the look
on that
adorable little couple's face
when they come home
to an empty house.
And then you can make her pay
for dumpin' you!
Hey, oh, oh, she didn't dump me.
She didn't break up with me.
It was mutual.
It was a mutual break-up.
You're breaking up with me?
It's just not workin' out
between us.
It was mutual.
It was.
It's one I've been regretting
ever since.
But only at nights.
And maybe holidays.
Some weekends,
and Mondays can be hard.
Whatever, right? Whatever.
We... when we pull this off,
she's gonna get her comeuppance,
But I thought you said
it was a mutual break-up?
Yeah, I did! Yeah, wait, it is!
Whatever. It was. Whatever.
I gotta work now.
You know, some people work.
We going 50-50 on this?
This is stupid.
Can we watch my show on the TV?
TV's over there.
They're talking
about the wedding.
The wedding. That's it.
We got the upper hand
on those schemers.
We do?
We know exactly when
they're going to strike.
If we get the junkyard dogs
to assemble,
we can thwart these amateurs.
With your nose and brain,
Jackpot's brawn and mighty bark,
my ears and astonishing powers
of escape,
and our collectively
dashing good looks...
We've got this.
Tomorrow night,
we'll draw up our plans
at the junkyard.
Let's do it.
Looks like
I'm in the doghouse again.
Uh, hello, Mr. Crusher.
Nice to see you
delivering the mail
before dinnertime.
What can I say, Mrs. Hope?
I got up on the right side
of the bed this morning.
You have a good one.
Hi there.
Einstein, isn't it?
You have a fine day, Pooch.
I don't like that guy.
The crme de la crme.
The crown jewel of the block.
Crme de la crime.
Excuse me!
Oh, hey there.
Hi there, sir. Hi.
- Yeah, can I help you?
- Hi there. Hi.
Yeah, how are you today, sir?
I'm good. You?
Yeah, I'm just uh, you know,
doin' the daily routine.
You know, slingin' that mail.
I don't wanna
pull a... a gastrocnemius.
It's medical.
You don't worry about it.
You wanna tell me what you doin'
lookin' in the windows?
- Say what now?
- The windows.
The what?
The things you looked through.
Oh, the w... yeah, the...
Oh, ah, yeah, I uh, I just uh,
wanted to make sure uh,
Miss Sullivan
had the dog tied up.
Oh, wait a minute!
- You're the guy that had the...
- Yeah, both sleeves ripped off.
Oh hey, my gosh.
We are so sorry about that.
Monica is so sorry
that that happened.
Yeah, well, it's okay.
Things happen.
Yeah, well, we wanna make sure
that it never happens again.
It's just Houdini is...
He's a good puppy.
He's just very protective
of the kids and the house,
you know?
Yeah, a little.
I totally get that. Yeah.
Uh... oh hey, here's your mail.
Maybe I'll see you around
there, Mister...
Uh, DeSoto. Shane DeSoto.
Shane, Shane.
Nice to meet you, Shane.
Yeah. Good-looking guy.
He's so good-looking.
I'm... I'm Jimmy.
Jimmy uh, Dean.
Jimmy Dean.
Like the breakfast sausage guy?
Yes, we have a bingo in row one.
Hold your cards
for confirmation.
Yeah. Uh, like that guy.
Uh, Mom loved that stuff.
Yeah, she couldn't get enough.
Well, thanks.
Yeah, have a great
rest of the day.
Oh hey.
Congratulations, huh,
on the upcoming nuptials.
Oh, thank you.
Uh, yeah, Monica. Oh yeah.
Miss Sullivan is uh,
she's... she's so...
She uh, I mean, I... she looks...
She seems like a lovely lady.
You're... you're...
You're a lucky man.
- Well, thanks.
- Yeah.
I think.
Yup, yup.
So handsome. I hate him.
He's crazy good-lookin'!
I wish I had kids
that looked like him.
Supermodels, payin' for college,
I wouldn't owe a dime.
Hey Mom.
Okay, you behave tonight. Okay?
Come here.
I'll be a good boy.
Will you behave tonight? Okay.
I will. I promise.
Let's behave tonight. Thank you.
All right. Good night.
Good night.
Good thing I had
my paws crossed.
Einstein, I'm here!
Much obliged, Friend,
but I can't believe you got out.
No matter how hard they try,
they can't stop
a pup on a mission.
You really are
a master of your craft.
Now let's get Jackpot
in on this.
Hi ya, Soldiers.
Thanks for comin'.
You're welcome, Buddy.
Let's blow this
doggie treat stand.
Why the rush?
Something going on?
We shouldn't dilly-dally.
We've got a lot to talk about.
That's right.
We've got work to do. Come on!
Junkyard Dogs, listen up.
Last night,
I did some investigating.
I mean, we,
we did some investigating
and we uncovered a sinister
plot by those two no-goodniks
moonlighting as mailmen.
They're not only wanting to rob
the Larrabys' place,
but they're planning to rob
the whole entire block.
Are you serious?
Like a pulmonary embolism.
I'm not gonna lie.
At first, this was
disconcerting to me, too.
But I realized
that we could do something.
What do you mean?
Individually, it's hard
for us pups to do anything.
But as a group,
if we work together,
using our independent skills,
we could stop those crooks
dead in their tracks.
You saw what we did
the other night
against those two.
It's true.
Our probability of success
rises... oops, 90%
if we work together.
How are we gonna do that?
We work as a team.
This is our neighborhood
and we have to defend it.
Indeed it is.
Where do these thieves get off
trying to tread on
my hard-earned property?
I saved the best for last.
We know when they're going to
pull off this caper.
The day of Monica and Shane's
That's great news!
Then we have
the element of surprise.
So what do we do?
We use our best assets.
Jackpot, I don't think I need
to tell you
What your superpower is.
Just be ready to unleash
that roar.
Roger that.
And I use my superior
sense of smell
and love of science.
That's correct.
We use our skills.
But we've got to be prepared.
This whole thing is going down
on the 21st
during Monica and Shane's
That's only two days away.
After your owners leave,
start setting up
your home defenses.
Then I'll just come
let you guys out.
We'll sniff out
which way they're coming
using Einstein's radar
and spring on those crooks
as soon as they arrive.
What kinda defenses
or booby traps
are we talkin' here?
That's where you come in.
Let's get that brain of yours
to work.
All right, Junkyard Dogs,
there's no time to waste.
Let's get started.
All right.
You go there, and...
And you go to that pile,
and I'll put this here.
Oh, this looks good.
First, we go to zis house.
Next, zis house.
Okay, what else do we need?
Over there.
Grab that crowbar.
Roger that. I got it.
Every house in
the Frenchie cul-de-sac...
is gonna get sacked.
I'll put this in my mouth.
You might need this.
You guys are doing great.
Got it. Looking good, gang.
Oh, I am speaking
with a German accent.
I think that's everything.
This is gonna be great.
These guys have no idea
what's about to hit 'em.
Houdini, how do I look?
Two barks for uh,
drop-dead gorgeous
or one bark for not so much.
Aw, you crack me up!
I know, Mom. I know.
And you look beautiful.
You crack me up.
Oh, this is just
such an exciting day.
I never thought this day
would ever come.
All right,
let's get you dressed.
No way, Mom.
I'm not wearing that again.
- No, no, no way.
- What is the matter?
What, you don't like this still?
I love you, Mom,
but this thing is ugly.
All right, fine.
I do admit,
it is a little tacky.
Although, I thought
you looked really cute.
Okay, fine.
We'll just go with this one.
Nope. Not gonna do it.
Houdini, come on.
You have to wear something,
Sorry, Mom.
It's not that I don't care.
It's just that I have important
matters to attend to.
You're gonna still look
so handsome.
You do, my baby.
But if you want me to go,
you're gonna have to catch me.
No, no, no!
Come back here, Mister.
Ava, you gotta tell Mom
I can't go to the wedding.
I gotta stay home!
This is not good.
Einstein and Jackpot need me.
What's the matter, boy?
Mum, Houdini seems spooked.
There you go, Dominick.
We gotta get her attention.
He probably thinks
we're goin' to the vet.
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be
wearing a bowtie
if we were going to the vet.
Mom, the mail truck!
The mail truck!
Yeah, it just passed us.
Well, what about it?
It was goin' to our house.
Those guys are up to no good.
Guys, come on.
You know I love you, right?
You both are the most important
people in my life.
Hey, what about me?
Houdini, you're the most
important dog in my life.
But today's a big day for us.
Let's focus on that.
And not on some
conspiracy theories
about the mailman, okay?
Mom, but we know
that they're up to no good.
Yeah, they have it written
all over them.
I said "enough".
I don't wanna hear any more
about it, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Now who's ready to get married?
Don't worry, Kids.
Looks like this one's up to me.
The traps are set
and we're ready to meet.
Do you copy, Houdini?
Einstein, can you get me a read
on Houdini's position?
Copy that.
That's strange.
Oh no! He's not here!
Monica's bringin' him
to the wedding.
Oh no!
We must move to Plan B.
I repeat, Angel is subdued.
We must defend our own places.
We're on our own now?
Jackpot, incomin'!
They're on their way.
Let's get to work.
What's gotten into you?
You need to calm down.
R You need to calm down.
And we will come back for you
when the ceremony starts.
Until then, behave.
Sorry, Bud.
Got to make sure
you don't get into trouble.
And what do you think
you're gonna do with those?
These people don't know
who they're messing with.
This is ridiculous.
Those guys have no idea
what's comin'.
Door is locked, Boss.
No kiddin'.
So what do we do now?
You break into it.
I hear like humans
are supposed to be
the smartest of all animals.
You sneak in there,
you steal the stuff,
while I go to the next place.
Divide and conquer.
You have the whistles, yeah?
The whistles.
No, I don't have the whistles.
You don't... don't tell me
you don't have the...
You don't have the...
Don't t... don't tell me
you have the...
You don't have the w...
I just... I can't trust you
with anything.
Just get the loot.
Get the loot.
Sorry, Boss. You got it.
Yeah, yeah.
Meet me out here.
I gotta draw you a map?
Count on me, Boss.
Yeah, yeah.
Ready to hit a trip?
These people.
Out of their gords.
What is this? Glue?
Hey, what you doin' there?
Crusher, it's a trap!
The dogs are onto us!
Help! Help!
It's a trap!
The dogs are onto us!
What? Hey...
Boss, I can't hear you!
This thing won't budge!
Have a good fall.
Oof, that's gotta hurt.
Oh! Oh, come...
Oh, you mutts!
Crusher, where are you?
What's the problem?
Looks like you got yourself
into a little pickle.
Come on!
Come here, you mutt.
Oh, you...
Come on, Crush!
Crusher! Help!
I'm coming, Boss!
Oh, look at me.
I'm a dumb human
and I can't use my hands.
Oh, I am gonna get you, Mutt!
What's wrong?
Oh, stop! Get me off of here.
I'll try.
One, two.
Maybe ease up on the apple pies.
Now to deal with those creeps.
You okay, Boss?
Yeah, don't worry about me.
Grab the mutt.
Hey, come get me, you nitwits.
Oh boy.
Get him!
Jackpot, now!
Did somebody order a hammer?
And stay down.
Oh no. Where did he go?
Houdini, where are you?
We have to find him.
Must save the neighborhood.
Must save the neighborhood.
I'm gonna get you,
devil of the land!
Those mutts.
I can't believe
you forgot the whistles.
Hey, you gave me a long list
of stuff to bring.
Oh, great, yeah, now... now
you're blamin' me for this.
You're lucky I think ahead.
I brought backups.
That's why you're the brain
to this operation, Boss.
Yeah, don't hurt yourself.
Jackpot, they have whistles!
Oh! Oh, my ears!
I'll get you next time,
Now it's time for these guys
to go down.
Hey, get your hands off of me,
you brute!
One down, two to go.
Have you guys seen my kids?
Yeah, I know. It's the kids.
Have you seen them?
Uh, no. Not in a while.
Because they're not here.
You gotta be kidding me.
I'm not kidding you.
They were supposed to be
with the wedding party,
and none of the women
have seen them.
Okay, okay. Oh, all right.
I got this.
Um, ladies and gentlemen um,
first of all,
thanks for coming and uh,
we're gonna get to this
in a minute.
But has anyone seen
Dominick or Ava?
I saw them outside
about 10 minutes ago.
Are you sure that it was them?
Definitely your two.
Couldn't miss 'em.
Oh, I need to find a way
out of here.
Hey, hey, what...
What are you doin'?
- Get this thing off of me.
- Jackpot!
Oh, don't put me in there.
You're gonna regret this!
Einstein, you okay?
I'm fine.
But we need to find a way
to stop these guys.
It's no use.
Only Houdini
could get us out of this.
Wasn't our probability
supposed to rise 90%
as a group?
I may have miscalculated
the number?
Oh, Einstein. This isn't good.
Hold on.
I think I've got somethin'!
Is that who I think it is?
The big one's close.
Who's rich
Crush is rich.
Who's tough
Crush is tough
No. No. nope.
There you are.
Now it's your turn.
Have a nice nap, Big Guy.
Now it's time for your friend.
Going somewhere?
Well, well, well.
If it isn't Houdini.
The hero pup.
Well, well, well.
If it isn't the world's
worst criminal.
You made a real mess
of my heist, boy.
And you're makin' a real mess
of my neighborhood.
Now you're gonna pay.
There they are.
I can't believe they're up here.
I mean, out on the street
by themselves.
They... they're like
walking down the street.
- Houdini!
- Houdini!
Hey, you two.
You better have
a very good reason
for leaving the wedding.
It's Houdini. He's gone.
- We went...
- He's not with you?
We went to go check on him.
He wasn't there.
So we decided to look for him.
Kids, you can't just leave
without telling us.
It's dangerous.
A... and do you have any idea
where he's at?
Duh, Mom. He went home.
To stop those mailmen.
- Dominick!
- Dominick!
Guys, we're not makin' this up.
You need to believe us.
All right, you know
what we're gonna do?
We're gonna get in the car,
we're gonna go home,
we're gonna make sure
everything is fine,
we're gonna grab Houdini,
and we're gonna come back.
And get married,
and then the three of you
will owe Shane and I an apology.
Now get in the car. Now.
Let's go.
Oh no, you don't!
Oh! No! No!
Looking for this?
Oh, you'll pay for this, Mutt.
Not as much as you'll pay
after the cops get you.
Oh yeah. Oh no, hello.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey.
It's not too late for us
to be friends.
Hey, hey, if I put
all this stuff back,
maybe we can work somethin' out?
Yeah, right.
Okay, maybe not.
Look who's the stickler. Okay.
Is that a ham bone?
Ham bone! Cheeseburger!
Drunk squirrel!
You afraid of a little dog
like me?
Come out and face me like a man.
Okay, Pup.
I'm comin' out, you stupid mutt!
Just give up, Pup,
so you can join your friends!
Junkyard Dogs!
Where are you?
Houdini needs our help!
We need to get this muzzle
off you.
Who's the top dog now?
Come on, come on.
This guy's going down.
Hey guys, I'm comin' in.
Houdini, you're okay!
Now let's get you guys
out of here.
Now let's put these
criminals away.
Doggy doo-doo.
No, no, please. Come on.
Where do you think you're goin'?
Come on.
The gig is up!
You're not going anywhere, Bub.
All right, Pups.
Okay, I give up. You win.
You're goin' away
for a long time.
Don't mess
with the junkyard dogs.
I'm not getting my ever
and I hate prison.
Go ahead
and disregard the chase.
We got him.
Hi Detective,
uh, what's going on?
Ma'am, do you live here?
Uh, yes, we live here.
Is everything okay?
It seems like you
and your neighbors
have had some known criminals
casing your streets.
You know that guy?
Jimmy Dean, like the breakfast
sausage guy.
That... that guy's our mailman.
Definitely not our mailman.
You and I both know each other.
We went to high school together.
I know. Many moons ago.
We actually dated, briefly.
Yeah, you dumped him.
Hey, hey. No.
Wait, what?
He was a horrible boyfriend.
Don't worry about it.
I'm standing right here.
Well, it doesn't seem
like much has changed.
The two of them
are posin' as postmen
and they attempted to rob
the entire block
while everyone was away.
Told you so, Mom.
Seems like you owe us
an apology.
You're right. I'm so sorry.
I found that one with a number
Of people's belongings
in his possession.
That's hearsay, Your Honor.
Monica, Monica,
I've waited so long.
I would've really gotten away
with it, too,
If it wasn't for you pesky kids.
- You guys look wonderful.
- She smells good.
- Beautiful.
- Thank you.
But somehow, thanks to this dog
and his canine friends,
it looks like they were able
to stop them.
Uh, the dogs?
That's the only thing
we can figure.
Everyone on the block
was at your wedding.
They were the only ones here
to defend it.
They truly are the real heroes.
I told you I had
something important to do.
how could I ever repay you?
A treat would be nice.
Come here, boy. Good boy.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
You're welcome, Mom.
I just wanted
to save the family.
- Uh, Mom.
- Yeah?
Aren't we forgetting something?
- Oh! Oh yeah!
- Oh! Oh yeah!
Uh, maybe we should...
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
- Shall we?
- Yeah, we have a wedding to do.
- Come on, Kids.
Yes, let's go!
Good job, Officer.
I'll take care of it.
Go ahead, please.
You may now kiss the bride.
I can't believe
you used to date that guy.
Yeah, me neither.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Hurray for Monica and Shane!
All in all, it was a good time.
Monica, don't deny your love!
I saw the glint in her eye.
I think I still got
a pretty good chance.
So boss, tell me.
Does this make us square?
No, we're not square, you dummy!
We're goin' away
for a long time!
Well, at least there ain't
no dogs there, huh?
- I hate those junkyard dogs!
- I hate those junkyard dogs!
You said it a long time ago.
No, Darby. Come, leave it.
8. Alpha 8, beta 8, scene 3.
- Oh, buck up.
- Twist, twist, twist!
Where is she?
Did she clock out? Come on.
Excuse me, Miss.
More pudding.
It's a union job?
And you say, "You were."
Yes, but I didn't know...
When you were stopping talk.
Tell me that you that you can't
wait to spend the rest...
- Okay, I don't want to st...
- Go ahead, good.
Uh, nothing, I just thought...
How about that light
comin' down?
Oh, Sweet Babe,
thank you for having my back.
Oh my God, we're gonna
have to give you a bath.
I know you wanna play,
but you know what, Houdini?
We gotta go have a bath.
- Cut!
- Cut it!
Oh shoot, I messed up.
Yeah, me. too.
What are you guys,
from corporate?
Can you play Super Mario
on there?
Yeah, but I'm not going to.
Okay, guys, thank you.
- Okay.
- Tails.
Yes. Coming up. Come here.
Get him!
Run the other way, you little...
- I hate those junkyard dogs!
- I hate those junkyard dogs!