Junoon (1992) Movie Script

Come,lets go and
eat something.
I'm grateful to God that you
finally felt hungry or else
I would die of
hunger today.
You bookworms have this problem.
The moment you are out of
..the class or library you
want everything in time.
Come lets go.
Is somebody here?
Excuse me, can we get
something to eat?
You won't get anything here.
It's full moon tonight.
hence you won't get
anything tonight.
Go back home, sir.
Go back home.
Does everyone over here fast
on a full moon night?
Yes. None will enter their
kitchen on this day.
Nobody steps out of their house.
You too should go back home.
In such a bright night
everything is so clear.
On every full moon night, I go
out hunting.
No sir, tonight only he
will be out.
Who is that?
The Tiger's ghost, only he
will be out tonight and
whoever goes for hunting
will have to face his wrath.
I can assure you that
person's death.
Only he will hunt today,
nobody else.
Listen, till date I've
never seen a man's ghost
and you are talking about
a tiger's ghost?
Once the tiger dies it's skin
is used in making a jacket
or shoes or some
other article.
Why are we mingling
with such crazy people?
Come Arun.
- Please don't go, sir.
Listen Vikram, a storm
is expected.
Come on, lets leave.
Sir, there is a severe storm
and lightening.
Please see.
Stop them. It's the blow
of death. Please don't go.
Elephants? These must be
wild elephants.
No. They are my pets!
You should realise that
you would get to see only
wild elephants in the jungle.
Lets go. Why have you stopped
here? What's wrong with the car?
Actually before taking off
this car usually stops!
Shut up! I don't want talk
to you.
Vikram, the lights have gone and
there is no wind blowing
come on, lets go
back please.
Come on. Make it fast.
It's raining. Come on.
Get inside.
Don't be mischievous. Its not
at all funny.
Got scared? You coward.
Give me a cigarette too.
What are you doing
give it soon?
What are you seeing?
- Something is written here.
It should be something
about olden days.
It is about olden days
but its not boring.
It's written in Sanskrit.
Look at it.
Several years ago there
was a king
who didn't have a child.
One day a priest told him that
if you go to the jungle
and catch a pair of tigers
during their mating period to
kill the tiger and drink
its blood on a
full moon night then he
would become a father.
I think some insane person cooked
up this story.
With great difficulty the
king hunted
such a pair who were in
their mating period.
He killed the tiger but
the tigress who had seen
the tiger suffering,
cursed the king who
turned into a tiger and on
every full moon night
the ghost of that tiger
comes over here.
If somebody tries to hunt on that
night he gets affected
with the curse and on the
next full moon night
he will himself become
a tiger.
Lets go from here. I don't feel
its a safe place.
Leave my hand Arun.
-Please listen to me.
Please Vicky I'm getting
scared, lets go from here.
We will see what happens.
-Lets come later Vicky.
Who must be hunting in the
forest at this time?
I think something is wrong
I will just come.
Should I come with you?
-No. I will manage.
Take care of yourself.
The voice was from the old
Finally our fear has
come true.
I had stopped him from
going there.
He didn't listen to us. Now
we can't save his life.
Kill him since he is now cursed.
He will now start killing people.
Kill him, don't leave
him alive.
Are you crazy? You are hitting
a man like an animal.
He is now a ghost and not a
man anymore.
we tribals know about this.
The ghost has
taken his blood. Now he
has been cursed.
He'll become a ghost and
kill others. Kill him, sir.
No, go away.
If you keep him alive, numerous
people would get killed.
Please kill him, sir.
Oh God! What did you break?
What is the hurry?
Its just 6.30 am and you've to
reach the office at 8.00 am.
Do you know that it is so
difficult to get a bus?
I know everything.
What do you mean?
I know that everyday that
worthless Ravi meets you.
Listen to me I don't like you
to meet that stupid person.
All he does is loaf around
throughout the day.
He is going to be a music
I'm listening to this for the
past two years.
Ravi is a very nice boy.
- Even your father
is a very nice person but
what difference does it make?
You are seeing my condition.
Listen to me or you will repent.
These nice people are of no use
some day he will
betray you then all you can
do is repent.
Who left this towel over
I have to take care of the
entire house.
I am waiting over here since
half an hour.
I am sorry.
You do this everyday
and say sorry.
I've to bear all the comments
made by the ruffians
of this street. Its so difficult
for a girl to stand here
even for a while and you
make me wait for half an hour.
Do you know that when you're
furious, you look beautiful?
What's your schedule
for tomorrow?
Why? What's so special
about tomorrow?
Ravi, don't you remember?
-What did I forget?
Two years back we had met
on the same day.
I remember everything and last
year I had promised you
that I will get stable
in my life
and we will get married.
Thank God! You remembered
something atleast.
The whole world can doubt on
me, but not you atleast.
I'm sure that this year I'll
surely become a music director.
I will get married
to you then.
Just give me some more
time, my love.
Hurry up or anybody else
will take me away.
Dare anybody touches you, I
will bash him up.
My name is inspector
Sudhir Pai.
Are you the one who have got
both the patients over here?
One person is dead and the
other one is serious.
This is a police case so I
would like to ask you that
where and how did you
get them?
I got them from the jungle and
this is done by a man eater.
It's a tiger.
What were you doing there?
I am the member of wild life
association and I had gone
there to meet Mr. Harry.
Are you sure that this is
done by a tiger?
Yes. I am very sure.
This case is closed since we
can't go and arrest a tiger.
Send the body to the morgue.
-Yes madam.
We couldn't save him.
What happened?
In my twenty five years of
medical career for the
first time I'm seeing a dead
man getting revived.
What happened about
that hunter
whom the tiger had made
the victim?
Strangely, he got saved. Do you
know what the doctors say?
They say it was a miracle that
he survived.
Our jungles book stories also
say the same thing.
The other day Bhima was telling
that on every full moon night
he will become a tiger
and kill other people.
Should we trust them?
Do you want the proof?
Read this book. An American
had written this in 1782.
The same topic is mentioned
in it. Read it.
these incidents are bound
to happen.
It can happen. Thats what
is written in the book.
Anyway there are very few days
left for full moon night.
I want to know that if I
deposit one cheque
tomorrow then when will
it get cleared?
It should get cleared in
3-4 days.
What do you say? As soon as
my cheque gets cleared
I will pay you your
balance amount and then
your dues will be
all cleared.
Did you get tomatoes?
- I'm talking something
serious and you are talking
about tomatoes.
I was making this food and
cutting this salad for you.
Because with the salad my boss
can't digest his food!
Forget about food and talk
about the cheque.
How much money do you need?
The truth is that tomorrow I'm
out with Neeta.
How much money do you need?
Two hundred rupees.
Only fifty.
Fifty rupees is a
meagre amount.
Girls like to dine outside.
They want to roam in a cab.
Just wait a minute.
I have got just seventy
rupees with me.
If I give away fifty rupees
to you then I'm left with
just twenty rupees.
and I have the right on it.
Yes, you have the right.
Do I have the right to eat
proper food?
Okay I will try to manage
within this amount.
I have seen your friendship.
Go and get my food. I've
to go to work.
I've to go for my job.
On all the walls around
on all the pillars
In all the lanes and by-lanes
of this town
your name is written
everywhere my love.
Each day of mine is spent
engrossed in your love.
I wish to spend every evening
in your arms.
This is the desire that comes
out of my heart.
Your name is always on
the tip of my tongue.
All around in the air
all around in
the clouds
on my every heart-beat
and my eyes
God, it is said that nobody
returns empty handed from here.
Please bless our love to
true and eternal.
We won't part away from
each other.
We take a vow
regarding this.
Whatever the circumstances
may be
whoever may try to
against us
On your ornaments
On your veil
It's written on your beautiful
eyes written that
Where am I?
- In the hospital.
Where is Arun?
What happened to me?
Where is Arun?
Where is Arun?
- Arun has passed away.
Oh! No.
- You were lucky to survive.
But that animal killed Arun.
How come you are on time?
I'm not on time. You are
late. What's the matter?
There was a strange case
in the hospital today.
It took me long in his
operation and test.
What happened to your hand?
What are these marks?
When we were giving injections
he held my hand very tightly
hence I got these marks.
I'm very tired Ravi.
Even I had a hectic
schedule today.
I got a telegram this morning
stating that
dad isn't well.
Some days are bad days.
Bhima, what are you doing
here in the city?
Come here.
Sir, last night I dreamt
that the Goddess asked me to
kill that tigers ghost.
That's the reason I have
come here.
There is hardly any time.
Look at the moon.
Do something, sir.
Save our lives.
What are you doing here?
You were dead?
Come along with me. Jump from
here and kill yourself.
Why should I kill myself?
-Because now you are not
yourself. You are no more
Vikram Chauhan.
You were dead with me that
night in that cave
now there is a ghost in you
and you'll get negative
powers within yourself
which you will misuse.
Next full moon night at
you will become
a wild animal.
What nonsense?
Go away from here.
Why don't you understand?
You are cursed.
This curse will force you
to kill innocent people.
You can get away from this sin
only by killing yourself.
Kill yourself or you'll
be an evil all your life.
I don't mind living like an
evil soul.
I'll never commit suicide.
Go away from here.
Just get out.
Sir, what are you doing here
at this time?
Go in your ward.
Please go.
Does he get this type of bouts
again and again?
That is what he says.
Is it a psychological problem?
Dr. Puri, what do your
reports say?
We have done all the test and
according to
the test reports, he is
mentally fit.
I feel that we should keep him
under observation for 48 hours.
And this is your duty.
I've told you repeatedly that
I'm not hungry.
I will eat later.
You will have to eat now
not later.
You have to take your
medicines after food.
I'll neither have the food
nor the medicines.
Will you eat or should I feed
you forcibly.
Dare you do that.
How dare you threaten me?
You'll have to eat the food.
Sister, you may go.
I won't eat.
Did you get that?
Do you know?
For the first time somebody has
fed me in this manner.
-I am finding it strange.
Your talks are kiddish.
Do you want to die?
Sorry, sir.
Why did you stop in the middle
of the road? What happened?
Is Neeta all right?
You're a strange person. You
met her just two hours ago.
You are lost in her thoughts
all the time.
We are out to work. By now
the producer
must have signed somebody
else. Come, lets go.
Till today I have not seen
such an innocent.
This will be my actual victim.
Are you not feeling sleepy?
-I am thinking about you.
About me?
Go off to sleep or else I will
have to give you an injection.
What happened Neeta?
-What happened?
I felt as if somebody has
forcibly entered our house.
Neeta, my beautiful Neeta.
You have not noticed that
for the first time
I have come on time.
Do you know why?
Okay I will tell you.
When good days start we don't
have to run after
the time, time keeps on
moving around us.
What happened? I made a
philosophical statement
and you didn't react to it.
What's the matter?
Last night I had a nightmare.
You know what did I see?
-Look Neeta our days of
nightmares are all over.
Now onwards we'll dream about
all the pleasant things in life.
Ask me, why?
Because I've got a job and a
cheque of five thousand rupees.
-Yes Neeta. See this.
This is our first step towards
our marriage.
We will go to the bank. Collect
some cash and then celebrate.
The sorrow on your face will
go away counting the notes.
We kept meeting amidst the
beauty of nature.
What would you do if you fall
in love in this situation?
What would you do if something
happens unknowingly?
The whole world is crazy
for love.
Very few people are lucky
enough to get it.
There will be stories which the
heart would like to tell.
We'll sing songs
about our love.
Don't mesmerise me
with your nuances.
Come let me kiss you.
You don't understand
my helplessness.
Let there be some distance
for a while.
What will you do if something
happens unknowingly?
What happened?
Got scared?
- All these days I was
observing your injuries but
today all of a sudden
I feel that you are
totally fine.
So can I go?
Sure. You can go today itself.
Do you know doctor, who has
done this miracle?
She is Dr.Neeta.
Its only due to her that
I've recovered so soon.
Whatever the case, atleast
you are fine now.
Doctor,but where
is Dr.Neeta?
Stop the car over here.
What is it?
How could I go without
meeting you?
The doctors say that it
is a miracle
that I've recovered
so soon.
I know what is
that miracle?
What is it?
Please accept this gift.
How can I accept such an
expensive gift?
I have only done my job.
Keep it with you. Vikram told us
everything before you arrived.
Who is he? Which family does
he belong too?
Vikram wants to marry you.
Marry me?
After meeting you for the first
time I felt that I am
all alone and I should
get married.
Whenever I thought about
marriage it was only your
face which came in front of
my eyes and nobody else.
That's why I have come here
directly from the hospital.
-There is no hurry Neeta.
Think it over.
Think about me and
about you.
I will come back tomorrow.
I will take your leave now.
Go and leave him till the door.
I won't get married.
Why won't you get married to
him? What's wrong in him?
There is nothing wrong with him
but I love somebody else.
You are talking about Ravi,
isn't it?
He is the one you are in
love with?
Look, I'm your mother
and I will always want
the best for you that is
why I am telling you that
he is not worth you.
That useless, worthless,
unemployed music director
how will he be able to
keep you happy.
Please give her a piece of
advice. She'll ruin her life.
Listen, my child.
Your mother is right.
You have one day. Decide what
do you want to do.
Tomorrow Vikram is going to
come again.
There is nothing to think
tomorrow when he comes
I am going to finalise your
marriage with him.
They are going to think over it.
Before you get married
to that useless person I
will kill you.
If you love me then get married
to me within 24 hours.
What has happened Neeta?
What are you saying?
Do you love me? Can you get
married to me right now?
Yes I love you and even want to
get marry you.
But why are you crying?
I neither have money nor have
a house.
After marrying you,
where will I keep you?
How can all this be done within
twenty four hours?
We can find out a solution.
Lets sit and talk.
I will arrange for the money
and you both
get married and go
to Pune for your honeymoon.
By the time you come back, her
parents will cool down.
-Then you touch their feet
and take their blessings to
start a new life.
You fatso! Are you narrating
a story of a film?
This is what happens in
all the love stories.
Listen to my next plan.
As usual you go to the
hospital and at 5 o'clock
you call up at home and
tell that there is an
emergency and you will be
coming late. And at 6.00 p.m
you will come at
Bandra flyover where Ravi
will be waiting for you.
At 7.00 p.m you will come to
me in the temple where I will
be the priest waiting
for the climax scene.
Camera on the crane, from the
top we will show that you
both are getting married and
then we will cut and directly
a close up where on the
background there will be
an old romantic song
being played.
That's all. The marriage is done
and you both will be in Pune.
Then I will see the glow
on Vikram's face.
Sir, does anybody by the name
of Ravi stay over here?
Yes, I am Ravi.
Please sign over here. This is
a telegram for you.
Getting married that too
against the wishes of
everybody is very
Oh! God, girls want all sorts
of things for their marriage.
Have you ever done such
a shopping?
Mr. Writer, I'm talking to you.
Where is your mind?
You are crying? I'm getting
married. Why are you crying?
What happened?
Why are you crying?
There is a telegram for
you. Your father
Don't worry I will handle
everything over here.
I'll leave now. You meet Neeta
and explain everything to her.
Please ask her to wait
till I come back.
Don't forget.
Go and meet Neeta.
-I met him when he was in a cab.
he said he is going
to Bombay.
He had his suitcase with him.
Are you sure about it?
-Yes madam.
Be very clear about the fact
that I don't like
you meeting that
worthless person.
One day he will go away
after deserting you.
Don't come to me repenting
about it then.
I neither have money
nor a house.
After getting married to you
where will I keep you?
I'm your mother and I know
what is good for you
that is why I am telling
you that he is not worth you.
What happened, my child?
I'm ready to get married
to Vikram.
Neeta, take care of yourself.
Have you seen Himanshu?
I haven't seen him since many
days but when you were not
here one lady had come
and she gave this for you.
Congratulations for
your wedding.
What is this?
You had drinks?
Yes, uncle. I had drinks before
coming here. I have done wrong.
- What do you mean by but?
I've got all the negativities
of this world in me.
Yet I'm not a traitor in love.
I don't have any virtuous
qualities in me.
I'm crazy in love.
I agree.
I'm not an intelligent person.
But yet I'm able to understand
the change in attitude.
Turning away after getting
involved in a relation.
Estranging somebody at
a crucial juncture.
I've never imbibed these
qualities in me.
Your honeymoon suite is ready.
Today it will happen.
It's full moon night.
Whatever has to happen will
happen today.
There will be a havoc. It's full
moon night today.
The tiger will out on his
Come sir.
-What was this?
Hey, there the moon is
Come on.
-Leave me. He will go away.
He is going away. Is there
nobody to stop him?
Somebody save that innocent
girl. Ward off that evil from here.
Save that innocent girl.
Are you alright?
What is happening to you?
-I don't know.
I'm feeling suffocated.
Go inside. I'll just take
a round outside and come.
Even I will come with you.
Is my husband Vikram Chauhan
in the lobby?
Not there? Then where
did he go?
My husband has disappeared
since yesterday.
Why don't you take this
I know this is serious but
one more incident has
taken place. Somebody has
murdered a girl near the
swimming pool. Isn't that
matter serious as well.
Your husband must have just gone
out. He will come back.
Vikram Chauhan, this was your
real honeymoon.
Cursed person, now this will
happen every time.
Every night you will become
a tiger.
Now this is your life and
this is your fate.
Come on.
Go back.
Since three hours, I'm running
after you now if you
remain indifferent then
I'll lodge a police complaint.
Madam, it will be fruitless
to go to the police
as they don't take any
action before 48 hours from
the time the person is lost.
See, there he is.
I had told you that he will
come back.
I know that you want to know
where was I last night.
I don't know all of a sudden
what happened last night.
I only remember that I started
feeling suffocated.
Then I went out of the room.
After that I don't
remember anything.
When I got up in the morning I
found myself in the lobby.
I don't know what happened
to me.
I wasn't with you on our
first wedding night.
Doesn't matter. I feel that
something is bothering you.
Quite possible. Get ready I'll
drop you at your
parents place for a few days.
What's wrong with you? Today
your first song has been
recorded and you have been
praised as one of the best
singers of India and you
have no happiness on your face.
By the way, what are
you thinking?
I'm thinking that my father's
death, you fracturing your
Ieg, Neeta not waiting for me
till I could come back.
All this can't be
a coincidence.
How did all this happen all of
a sudden?
Neeta and I loved each other
very much.
Why didn't she wait for me to
come back?
How many times should I tell
you that while crossing the
road I met with an accident
and fractured my leg
so I couldn't give her
your message.
You go and meet her.
She has come to her
parent's place for
some days.
How are you?
-Fine, uncle.
How come you remembered
us today?
Today was my first song
recording so I thought that
my beloved ones should
listen to it.
I'm unable to spend my
time in your absence.
Hope you come before the
monsoon passes away.
I'm longing for you.
Please come, my love.
Or else I'll die waiting for
a glimpse of you.
The rain water creates
excitement in my body.
How shall one avoid the
magic of the monsoon?
What happened? You were
supposed to come back today?
Why didn't you wait for me
to come back?
For how many days I should
have waited for you?
My father had passed away.
There is no use crying over
spilt milk.
I have lost everything.
There is nothing left with me.
Forget everything. I'm
Mrs. Vikram Chauhan now.
Vikram is my future.
You are my past.
Don't ever try to meet me
nor think about me
if you want to
see me happy.
Are you happy?
It doesn't show on
your face.
Don't go on my face. I'm happy
within my heart.
Try and forget me and
stay happy.
You are asking me to forget you
and stay happy?
How can I live happily
without you?
I love you Neeta and I
can never forget you.
Are you there, Bhima?
You were right, Bhima.
See this.
Come with me, Bhima.
You weren't there in the hotel
nor you were in the hospital
so I had to come here.
Can I come in?
You sit over there, Bhima.
Its okay.
He is Bhima. The jungle in which
he resides, people over there
tell a story since years.
You can call it a story
or you can call
it a fable.
They have a belief that if
somebody goes to the jungle
for hunting on a full moon
night then a tiger's ghost
kills that person.
But if the he gets saved and
shoots the tiger then
next full moon night
he becomes a tiger.
Why are you telling me
all this?
Because this topic is linked
to you.
With me?
- Yes.
What's happening?
Everything is okay.
How can this topic be linked
to me?
Your husband and his friend
were attacked in the same
jungle were Bhima stays.
Do you believe in all this?
I never believed it like
you but some days back
I got a book which is two
hundred years old.
Some American has written about
the same thing in this book.
If you don't believe you may
read it.
Why should I read all this?
Because last night the hotel
in which you were put up
one wild tiger killed an
innocent girl.
You must be knowing about it?
Where was your husband at
that moment?
Where is your husband
right now?
At home.
It will happen. Understand
that he is cursed.
He is an animal.
What's happening?
I don't know.
I'm telling Bhima. Lets
go from here.
Love, love, love.
Oh, my love, you reside
in my heart!
Your love is my destiny.
The heart may get inclined
towards anybody.
After all love cannot be planned.
It just happens.
Nobody has ever been able to
understand that
how one falls in love.
I've never revealed my love. You
don't know how much I value you.
You mean the world to me.
I longed for you since
ages ago.
Love gives a unique pain.
Wherever I go
I'm unable to forget
you for a moment.
How shall I express
my condition?
How shall I reveal what's
there in my heart?
I don't wish to live
without you.
Life is lifeless without you.
Tell me whether I should live
or die for you.
How long shall I live in
solitude without you?
You're my love.
You're my worship.
Have you seen this
boy before?
Yes. He was dancing
with this girl yesterday.
Then where did they go?
That girl used to get friendly
with various boys.
I don't know where did
they go later.
But where did they go?
I saw the boy going towards
the bathroom and the girl
went behind him. I don't
know what happened later.
Vikram was in the hotel that
night and even
yesterday night he
was here.
Bhima is telling the truth.
This curse is turning out
to be true.
Vikram is that evil who becomes
a man eater.
You listen to me and
arrest him.
Please go back from wherever
you have come.
Go back to that jungle. People
over there
will believe in your
Go back to the place
where you belong to.
But why don't you understand
my point?
Mr. Bhaskar, please go from
Your husband is fast asleep
right now. Please call the
police and ask them to
arrest him.
Or else he'll turn into a
man-eater again at midnight
to kill some other
innocent person.
It's possible that you might
be the next victim.
You are talking rubbish
about my husband.
I know that you believe in
whatever I've told you.
But you're hesitant to
accept the truth.
You are hoping that all
this may be wrong.
You're hoping this is nothing
but a concocted story.
I know what's going
in your mind.
I think you might not believe
this till you
don't see him becoming a
tiger yourself.
One doesn't need to touch
fire to feel it's heat.
Please don't try to play
with fire.
Go away from here. This is my
personal matter.
Whatever may be the case.
I won't let you commit suicide.
How do I know about Ravi's
He must be in some recording
studio. What's the matter?
It is the question of
one's life and death.
Question of life and death?
Come on. Lets go, sir.
-Yes lets go.
But who is it?
-It's Neeta.
All have now come to know
that you are my love.
I've surrendered myself
to you.
I long for you all day and
night. Don't go away from me.
What's stopping you?
Please come to me instantly.
Please tell me the reason for
staying away from me.
Everybody now understands what
my heart has to say.
Take me in your arms in
this moonlit night.
This is the ideal season for
us to come together.
Living in this solitude
is a torture.
All have understood
that I'm in love.
Neeta, what happened?
Control yourself Neeta.
Don't be scared.
Calm down.
Ignite fire all around us.
How long will we stand
over here?
Okay I will go and start the
car till then
you reach over there.
Take care.
Leave me. Let me go and
help him.
Okay we will send his body
to the morgue and then
inform his family too.
Till we don't finish our
inquiry none of you can
go out of this city.
All three of us have told you
about this incident.
We've given all the details
about this crime.
What do you want to say?
You mean to say that
I'm turning a blind eye
towards your story?
But why don't you
believe us?
Keep quiet. What do you
think? Don't I know what
is the relation between
the two of you?
Why did you go to a married
woman's house when her
husband was away.
Answer me.
If you wouldn't be sitting on
this seat I would have
bashed you up.
Get up and go away before
I imprison the three of you
for killing Bhaskar
and Inamdar.
Okay. Remember if something
happens to Vikram Chauhan then..
I should not be held
responsible for it.
Please don't tell that I didn't
ask for help from the police.
How long will you be out of my
reach? Now you are all dead.
Don't cry Bhima. I am here.
Nothing will happen to you.
If he tries to come
close to us, I'll shoot him.
You will shoot him?
-Yes I will.
Try and understand if you
kill him
the cops won't spare you and
if in the night you kill him
after he turns into a ghost
then you'll become like him.
Then what can be done?
- Sit down.
Sit down both of you and listen
to me carefully.
According to this book
In one of the of the hidden caves
of our mountains
we will get the solution of
this problem.
Its written that in one of
the caves
there is one dagger
of a Goddess.
If you can prick the tigers
navel with that dagger
only then there will be an
end to that evil and the curse.
Keep this page of this
book. It will help you.
Hurry up. The sun is about
to set.
There is very less time and you
have to go too far.
Come on Bhima get inside
the car.
Go carefully.
Do you think that you'll survive
after revealing the secret
to them to kill me?
Tell me, where have you sent
them to kill me?
Where have you sent
them to kill me?
I won't tell you.
-Tell me.
I won't.
Come inside, Bhima.
No I won't come inside.
-I said come inside.
I won't come. You may go.
I hope God protects you.
I am going back home.
God save them.
There are so many daggers.
Which is the real one?
It must be written in
this paper.
The dagger on which the moon's
first rays fall is the real one.
Wait. Even I will come
with you.
No. Neeta, you wait here.
I'll go and see.
Don't leave my hand.
Where have they gone?
Where did you send them?
I will tell you.
They are in that cave.
Ravi, see your beloved
is in my trap.
And my death in your hands.
Give that dagger to me or else
I will kill her
in front of your eyes.
Give me that dagger.
Give it to me.
Ravi, lets go back.
Ravi, lets go back.
I will always be with you
under all circumstances.
I swear by God that
I'll stand by my