Jupiter (2022) Movie Script

What are you doing, clown?
Stop right there, man!
Wait. Wait.
Jpiter, I'm taking a trip.
- Where to?
- Switzerland.
- For how long?
- That grant I wanted came through.
Two years.
Am I going as well?
Do you think
I'm a good godmother?
Do I take good care of you?
That's why you have godmothers.
What did your mother tell you
about your dad?
That he died.
Yes, your mother was very hurt.
Isadora was so dramatic.
Your mom gave me
this letter before dying.
I don't need a dad.
I have you.
Everyone needs a dad.
I think it would be good
if you spent time with him.
- Does he want to live with me?
- He doesn't know it yet.
- Doesn't know what?
- Nothing.
Doesn't know
I'll be living with him?
Doesn't know he has a son.
Let me go with you to Switzerland?
My love?
I think he's starting to wake up.
We should call the doctor.
Talk to me.
Mr. Mario?
Mr. Mario.
You had a heart attack.
Things are fine now.
It was close.
We had to do surgery.
It went very well.
- The outlook is excellent for you.
- It is.
You're very lucky, my love.
Dr. Gasto saved you
in the middle of the road.
I was telling to your wife
that you will have to be kept
under observation.
He's okay, very stable.
Things are looking good.
- Are you feeling any pain?
- No.
You're feeling good, right?
Well, I'll discharge you tomorrow.
That's good.
This hospital's awful.
You'll have to rest for another week,
no leaving the house.
Slowly, you can venture out.
But since you can
be dizzy or weak,
it's always good to use a cane.
I've provided your diet
to Mrs. Teresa.
Make sure you stick to it.
Mrs. Teresa, may I have a moment
in private with your husband?
Of course.
- Excuse me.
- Thank you.
You bastard.
I should've let you die
on that road.
You do your job,
and I was doing mine.
Who told you
to cheat on your wife?
You're calling my wife now
to say that you didn't find anything.
Hello, Mrs. Clara?
It's Mario, Mario Sant'anna,
the detective.
I'm okay.
I'm just calling
to say that it's all good.
Your husband's day was exemplary.
He's a real saint.
Yes. He is.
No worries.
I was just doing my job.
And you.
Take care.
- Are you sure this is it?
- I'm sure, Jpiter.
I'm sure.
Your dad's leaving the hospital.
He's on his way.
And what if he died?
He hasn't died.
He's on his way.
- What if he doesn't like me?
- Dammit.
Jpiter, he's your dad.
There's no like or dislike.
It's time for him
to look after you.
Keep calm.
It will be good. You'll see.
"Dear Lucia,
it won't be that long now."
I love this life so much,
but I don't think
it loves me back.
It decided to abandon me early,
like all the lovers I had.
Life can betray you, my friend.
It betrays you like a bad boyfriend
and leaves you forever.
Knowing you'll take care
of Jpiter after my death
leaves me at peace.
"Thank you. Thank you so much,
my dear friend."
Alright, lady. But what...?
Please, continue.
You'll soon understand.
"I have a confession to make.
I wasn't the most honest friend."
I mean about Jpiter's dad.
It wasn't a one-night stand,
like I always said.
It was much more than that.
We were together
for two months, in Florianpolis.
"His name is Mario Sant'anna."
"Jpiter knows nothing,"
and Mario doesn't know
he has a son with me.
Despite me asking, I don't want you
to give up on your dreams
or that my son
become a burden to you.
If, for whatever reason,
you can't take care of Jpiter,
please try to find his father.
He used to live here in Rio.
Mario, despite being very immature,
is a kind-hearted man.
If need be, I'm sure
he'll know to do the right thing.
Forgive me for the load
I'm putting on you,
but there's no one else
I can trust this much.
"Thank you, thank you so much.
With love, Isadora."
I have some photos here.
LOVE, LOVE, 1999
Get out!
Get out!
Do you know what this is?
Do you know?
You bought it for me
18 years ago in Florianpolis.
Calm down, dear. Wait.
Did she pick it out?
You went there and had a son
with a slut, some ordinary slut!
It was just something
that happened.
Do you think there's any way
you could have hurt me more than this?
It was 18 years ago, Teresa.
You have a son, Mario!
What son?
Sweetheart, relax.
- I'll send him packing right now.
- No, you won't!
He's your son!
That's what she says!
And is it not possible?
It is.
You're so disgusting!
What do you want me to do?
You're going to take care of him.
He's your son.
What do you think?
You'll throw him out?
- What if he's not my son?
- And what if he is?
You won't abandon the kid.
You won't!
If you throw him out,
I'll throw you out first!
And case closed!
I'm traveling tomorrow night
to Switzerland.
Jpiter has my number for emergencies,
e-mail, everything he needs.
Wait. Wait.
But just like that?
His suitcase is in the car.
I tried to give you
a little more notice,
but you were in the hospital.
I honestly hope that you get along.
He asked a lot about you.
Take care, Jpiter.
Now your dad
will take good care of you.
And call me any time.
Don't forget.
Is this the oatmeal, my love?
Do you always sleep there?
No. Only when my wife
learns I have a son.
How old are you again?
How should I call you?
Mario or Dad?
- Call me what you want.
- Right.
What'll you call me?
- Have you finished school?
- Yes.
I completed high school,
but I didn't pass college finals.
So I decided to take a gap year.
- And what were you trying for?
- Medicine.
Wouldn't you like to
go for a walk,
look around,
get to know the neighborhood?
I'd rather stay here with you
so we can know each other better.
But you'll be stuck with me
here in the house
because I'm not allowed out
for a week.
You're gonna stay here, like that,
a whole week looking at me?
- Didn't you die?
- No.
If I die, who'll have sex
with your mom?
And who's this?
Your boyfriend?
This is Jpiter, my assistant.
He'll help you.
I'm on forced rest.
You're always resting.
You don't do anything.
- Hang on. My job's intellectual, jerk.
- Intellectual my ass.
Jpiter, go help Baiacu.
Baiacu is that gay there.
Come on, kid.
You're securing this.
Hold that here for me.
Hold that.
Got it tight?
Does that thing work?
It's auto-reverse.
I've got a box full of cassettes.
Grab the one with handwriting.
Pink Floyd.
You don't need no education
What, Jpiter?
What's with that face?
You don't like Pink Floyd?
Not that much.
I find them a little depressing.
In fact, a little weird.
Weird? Pink Floyd?
The best band in the world.
"We don't need no education".
Okay, what's the problem?
Do you think that's the right song
for a dad to play for a son?
I don't follow.
What are you getting at, Jpiter?
Nothing, it's just weird, right?
Because parents want
their kids to study.
And the lyrics say,
"We don't need no education".
- Which means that we...
- What a bunch of crap, Jpiter.
Screw the lyrics.
What matters is the beat.
But there's a message
in those lyrics.
The message is about breaking it all.
It's about total revolution.
But, to understand that,
you need the lyrics.
Look, sometimes,
when in a revolution like this,
you have to forget the lyrics
to understand the music
and the lyrics themselves.
You see?
It's a total revolution.
It's in the beat.
Now pay attention.
You'll go in and take pictures
of the two of them.
They won't have sex there,
but they'll be enjoying
their romance.
Keep a look out.
There's always kissing. It's a fetish.
Be discreet, low-profile.
Don't let them notice you.
You're a disgrace.
No ounce of professionalism.
You tainted my name.
I built a name for myself
in this profession.
You took photos of fish,
I had such faith in you.
Now what?
Come on. Don't be like that.
It happens.
It was dark in there.
It's hard, right?
Anyway, it's my fault, right?
You're too green,
need more training.
Let's do this.
Get the camera case back there.
There's a little camera inside.
You can have it.
As a present.
Thank you.
But it's for practicing, right?
Pick someone on the street
and trail them, take photos.
"Who, who?" Who cares?
Pick someone.
Take pictures. Stay behind them.
Take pictures and practice.
- But not me, right?
- No, of course.
I don't count, right?
Along with practicing,
it'll get you out of the house
and to stop annoying me.
Thanks, dad.
Hi, Jpiter.
Damn, you took a long time.
- So, did it work out with the camera?
- Yes.
Fagundes, this is Jpiter,
my assistant
Pleasure, Jpiter.
How's things?
The Chess Federation's President
lost for me.
Bye, Teresa!
- See you, Mario.
- See you.
Pleasure, Jpiter.
Gonna play against Mario?
Set up the pieces.
I'll be back.
Well, Jpiter,
how's it going?
- Are things alright here at home?
- Sure.
And Mario? Where is he?
I think he went upstairs.
I'm waiting to play with him.
It's not possible
he's that bad, Mario.
You're exaggerating.
I'm telling you,
the kid's so dumb.
A good kid, polite,
but he's brainless.
You're the buzzkill.
When do the DNA results
come out?
Who knows?
It should be coming soon.
All I need is that nerd
to be my son.
I think you're getting
attached to him.
Now go talk to him.
You should, no?
You're better at these things.
I have to answer this garbage.
Jpiter, play in my place.
And don't screw up.
There's money on the line.
I know.
It was just a screw-up.
No, well.
You're completely right.
Well, I've been convalescing,
haven't been well.
It was a setback.
I know.
I had to send Jpiter, see?
The kid's still inexperienced.
No, not stupid.
Stupid, no.
He's a little slow.
I'll do that.
What about that new job?
No. This time I'll go. I'm fine, man.
I'm fine. I'm in action.
No, I won't bring the kid.
Don't worry.
Don't worry. You know
that I can do my job just fine.
I know So Pedro.
I have a friend who lives there.
It's nice.
Right, give me the address
and all that, and I'll go.
Per diems?
Fine. Okay.
Right. Just send it all to me.
The address and all details.
Okay, Olivier. Don't worry.
Rest easy.
All good. See you.
What's that look?
What happened?
You won't believe it.
I've never seen
anyone play like that.
In other words,
he plays better than his dad?
- Hi, Teresa.
- Hi, Fagundes.
So, Jpiter's really good.
He's been lucky.
- Jpiter's in first place.
- He's tied with Fagundinho.
There are still two more rounds.
My money's on Jpiter.
You're representing
the Chess Federation of Rio.
It's serious.
Bye, kids. It was great.
'Till next time.
Fagundinho, don't be sad, okay?
- Bye, Fagundes.
- Wait, Mario. Hang on.
Come, Jpiter.
We have to arrange our trip.
- What trip?
- What? To Friburgo.
- The match against Urishchenko.
- Urishchenko?
Yes, our top four players
will play against Urishchenko.
A simultaneous match in Friburgo.
- Against Boris Urishchenko?
- But you didn't say anything.
I didn't think Jpiter
was going to make it.
And the champion's father
will take the kids.
Wait, Fagundes.
What rule is this?
An adult has to take the kids.
As the champion's dad,
you'll take them.
No, no. You take them.
You're the president, dude.
Well, I used to take them
when Fagundinho won.
Look, Mario has a Jeep.
- Me? Do I have a Jeep?
- Sure, everyone can fit in.
Then we're on!
The Federation will cover it all.
It's next Sunday, July 15th.
No, that won't work.
Sunday I've got a meeting
in So Pedro.
So Pedro?
Well, that's perfect!
So Pedro's next to Friburgo.
Listen up. You can leave
the night before to So Pedro.
You spend the night,
go to your meeting,
and, after the meeting,
you go to Friburgo.
- The match is in the afternoon.
- No, Fagundes.
Where will they stay
while I'm stuck in the meeting?
It'll complicate things.
Come on.
I don't know. Leave them at the hotel.
They're old enough.
Not a chance! No way!
Look, the GPS is telling us
to go back and take that exit.
- Are we lost?
- I knew it!
I found out what I did wrong.
I just had to take the pawn.
We are not lost.
The match I lost to this guy.
Mate in four moves.
You're lost
and don't want to say so.
People, we are not lost.
I lost, okay?
But over a dumb thing.
Actually, if you had
taken my pawn,
I'd've attacked your knight
with my bishop,
and you'd have lost
your rook as well.
What if we stopped
to ask someone?
No, we're stopping.
It's here on the map.
- Not if I attacked your bishop.
- Right, but you didn't.
And, if you had,
you would have lost the queen.
See, loser? I bet Jpiter can
beat you now with his eyes closed.
- That I'd like to see.
- Cool.
- Go ahead, Jpiter.
- I can't play with eyes closed.
- No?
- No. What's the problem?
Every good player knows how.
That's basics.
Your dad never taught you?
He taught me other things
like not being a moron like you.
Go to hell!
Stop it, people.
What's this nonsense?
He called me a moron!
Because you are.
You're an adult!
So what? Am I not allowed
to call you a moron?
At least I don't have
a bastard son.
Let's stop this right now!
Stop it now! What's with you?
Jpiter, let go!
Let go now!
Let go! We'll go home, dammit!
Damn it all to hell!
Stop! Stop!
Fagundinho! Damn it. Hell.
Help me here!
Off, off!
Holy crap, you two!
Damn it all to hell!
Stop it!
Forget it!
You can kill each other!
Stop it, Jpiter.
Let go of the kid.
Stop, stop, stop.
Over. Over, you two!
But what the hell?
Two boys.
Let's go now.
But no fighting!
No stupidity!
Young man.
The problem is the fan belt.
And now what?
Now you'll need a tow.
- Do you have insurance?
- I don't.
Well, if it's just one person,
I could drive you to Miranpolis.
There's a station
about 40 minutes from here.
You can get a tow truck there.
Thank you.
Jpiter, you go.
I'll go with him.
I'm a girl. I'm not staying
in the middle of nowhere.
No, I think that's dangerous.
You're a girl.
And so?
Jpiter'll protect me.
Right, Jpiter?
I will.
I will.
Alright, alright.
Okay, okay, okay.
That was Carlo.
He'll be here with the tow truck
in half an hour.
I'm thirsty.
Did you bring any money?
No. I left it in the car.
And I left mine in my bag.
There's a water spigot
next to the pump.
You can drink all you want.
What now?
Do you want to smoke a joint?
A joint?
You've got a joint?
I do.
Do you smoke?
I've never tried.
Want to give it a try?
So, you forgot your money
but remembered a joint.
I hide it in my underwear.
Look at Fagundinho's stupid move.
- Fagundinho?
- What?
You're not upset with me
calling you a moron, right?
I said you had a bastard son.
We're even.
No, I think "bastard"
is worth at least five "morons".
Fine, but remember he was the one
who called me a moron first.
Sure, but "bastard child"
is much more serious,
because it's true.
Moron' is just name-calling.
Even if you really are a moron.
No, no.
But Mario said it in a way
that was clearly his opinion.
It wasn't just name-calling.
If it's a matter of opinion,
it's even less aggressive.
He thinks you're a moron,
it's his opinion, not a fact.
In his case,
he has a real bastard son.
That's a fact, not an opinion.
You're much more aggressive,
because it must be awful
to have a bastard child.
Yes. Yes, that's true.
But then, if what I said is true,
there shouldn't have been a problem.
Truth is truth. Period.
Do you think so?
Some things are true
but we don't mention it
as to not offend others.
That's the basis of civilization.
It's the white lie.
If we didn't have white lies,
we wouldn't have civilization.
- We'd have no cities, no families.
- And no bastard children.
Because without families,
there are no bastards.
Because everyone's a bastard.
Could you imagine?
Feeling better?
I'm hungry.
Me, too.
Now what?
Now we wait until it passes.
It didn't pass.
I'm still hungry. Seriously.
Me too. It's the munchies.
Stay here. I'll go to the store.
What'll you do in the shop
without money?
I've worked a few times
with my dad.
He's a detective.
So what?
I can go in and out
without them noticing me.
It's not that hard. It's
just knowing how to be discreet.
This is a shotgun.
It's a directional
high sensitivity microphone.
This foam is to protect it
from the wind.
These are my binoculars.
This one is my flashlight.
This is the Tele-200.
It's my darling.
And this one is my blackjack,
my head cracker.
At last.
I still can't believe
you were arrested.
And worse!
You even got Luana arrested.
We weren't arrested.
We didn't go to jail.
We just...
- Got caught stealing Mary Jane.
- Luana must be disgusted.
And she was into you.
- You think?
- She was all over you!
You ruin it, man. Now it's over.
Why not go over, apologize,
tell her you're in love?
I remembered one thing.
You're really screwed, man.
- Why?
- Her dad.
Her dad's a psychopath policeman.
He'll eat you alive when he finds out.
Luana's last boyfriend
I think spent two days in prison.
Just because her dad
caught them kissing.
In a cell, alone
with a murderous criminal.
It seems that
they raped the guy, too.
I don't know.
If you go to prison,
you get raped.
Prison's not the punishment.
- Rape's the punishment.
- True.
- Now what?
- You'd better go there, man.
Right. I'll go. Yes.
'Cause you're scared,
or 'cause you like her?
Don't know. Can't say.
I think you could take her
some Mary Jane.
Hey, my love.
I just arrived in So Pedro.
Where are you?
It's hell with these kids.
Kids are such a handful.
It sucks.
I'm glad I'm going
to see Urishchenko.
Sorry for making you go
through all this. Okay?
I love you lots.
Call me back.
You're divine and gracious
Majestic statue
From love, God chiseled you
Carved out with the passion
Of the soul of the prettiest flower
With the finest fragrance
The favorite of all
By the hummingbird
If God was so merciful
In this region
Bright and framed
Astonishing being
Your heart, Speared with mine
Nailed and crucified
Upon the cross
On your gasping chest
You're the ultimate form
Majestic statue
Perennial soul
My first and only love
You're God's most Perfect flower
You're God's creation
That buries love
Into every heart
The smile, the faith, and the pain
In olent sandals
Tasteful And sorrowful
Like dreaming with flowers
Milky star Royal mother
You have all the beauty
At its finest
Holy nature I'm sorry to confess
I shall adore you forever
Flower, I can't resist
My God, how sad it is
The uncertainty of love
I suffer more waiting
Than I'd by proposing
I swear to Almighty's feet
With touching prayers
On taking and giving
I worship your gratitude
After redeeming my desires
In clouds of kisses
I'll find you to the end
To the end of it all
Okay, boys.
I'm going to my investigation
with Jpiter
and then we continue the trip.
- Where is he?
- He argued with Luana last night,
said he'd take a walk,
and hasn't come back.
That kid loves disappearing.
And Luana?
In her room and says
she won't come down.
- Can't you do it on your own?
- No, it won't work.
It's a complicated job.
It requires at least two of us.
Here's the deal.
The client suspects that his wife
has an affair with her dentist.
She's been getting a root canal
treatment for three months.
Every Saturday at 11h30
she has an appointment.
And then he plays with her canal.
Do you get me?
Here's the plan.
This is a tool
that triggers the toilet flush.
You have to lift the tank's lid
and press the valve down.
Then you stick in this piece
so that it holds the valve still
and the water won't stop running.
Got it?
Once it's done, close the lid
as not to raise suspicion.
Before that, stuff the bowl
with toilet paper.
Use two rolls of toilet paper.
Water will start to overflow
all over the bathroom.
Call for the receptionist
who'll be going crazy
trying to sort out the whole mess.
One of you helps her
and distracts her at the same time.
The other
go into the office
to take photos of the act.
Here's a copy of the key.
Then you both leave quickly.
I'll leave the engine running
to speed things up.
Vincent's father's case.
Luana's father's case.
- Dammit, man. You took a dump?
- I had to. I couldn't hold it.
I was going to flush it as normal
and then clog it,
but it did it on its own.
It's defective for real.
- Are you the team from Rio?
- Yes.
- Pleasure. Mario. This is Vicente.
- Pleasure.
- This is Luana.
- Hi there.
- That's Fagundinho.
- I've heard you're something.
Jpiter is the real deal.
Okay. Where's he?
Urishchenko's here.
The match starts in half an hour.
- Do you need anything?
- Actually, we could use a shower
because he didn't have time
to clean himself,
and coffee.
Buckets of coffee.
Damn, Fagundinho!
What a stupid move!
You gave you rook away!
Hey, kid.
What's up with you?
My dad's gonna kill me.
He'll kill you because you lost
to the fourth best in the world?
I lost in eight moves.
Hey, Mario.
How can I play like Jpiter?
I lost. Twelve moves.
Don't tell me you, too.
Fagundinho is already so upset.
- He lost in eight.
- In eight? The putz!
- Mario.
- What happened?
Jpiter took Urishchenko's knight.
Come again?
Jpiter took Urishchenko's knight?
My Lord.
Fifteen-minute intermission!
Great. Great!
I wanted him to give an interview
during the break.
It's for TV. Is that okay?
Who? Jpiter?
A TV interview?
Going well?
More or less.
How about you?
Feeling better?
I've got a little headache.
Why'd you drink so much last night?
Can't say.
Remember you asked me
to marry you?
I do.
Sorry for what?
I liked it.
You want to get married?
No. Of course not, dummy.
I'm 16 years old.
I liked it last night
in the bathtub.
It was clear you did.
But you would've liked it more
if you hadn't been drunk.
Did you like it?
I think I would've liked it more
if you hadn't been drunk.
I should probably
stop getting drunk then.
Where have you been, man?
There's a TV crew
wanting to interview you.
I'll go in a minute, dad.
I'm talking to Luana.
"In a minute", Jpiter?
Luana, give us a sec, okay?
Just a minute with this kid.
Dammit. Get a grip!
Women just get in the way.
You have to seize the moment,
work on your career, man.
If you get stuck on Luana,
you'll get distracted
and play badly.
This is our moment, Jpiter.
Get a grip, man.
If you're one
of the last ones to lose,
it will open a lot of doors.
- What doors?
- For you to go pro, man!
To have a career.
To play in the big leagues.
Tournaments. Make some money.
Live in Monaco, who knows?
It's not worth
wasting time with that girl.
Listen to me.
Tell us about how exciting it is
to play against Boris Urishchenko.
It's cool.
Boris Urishchenko.
Do you think you have
a chance to beat him?
I do.
do you think that chess
is important for young people?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I haven't thought about it.
Ever, I guess.
And what does chess mean to you?
Chess is a debate of ideas
where the best argument wins.
Thank you very much
for the interview.
See you.
Good job, man. Very good.
I'll even write down
that last sentence.
Excuse me, Luana.
Excuse me.
I can't waste time right now.
What're you doing, kid?
Go back there and play.
Where's Luana?
Luana went to the bus station.
She's on her way to Rio.
She said you were a jerk.
- How could you let her go?
- It's better this way.
Get back there, and play!
Let that girl go, dammit!
Jpiter, wait, man!
Jpiter! Let me talk to you!
Hang on, man. Hang on.
Hang on, Jpiter.
Go back in there.
Have you gone nuts?
Why did you let her leave?
Because she wanted to.
What could I have done?
You could've told me.
I was trying to help you.
You got hammered last night
because of her.
Now you're running after her.
Do you want to get hurt?
- Now you're worried about that?
- I like you, Jpiter.
You don't like me.
You don't like anyone.
That's not true.
You're being unfair to me now.
Do you know what you like?
You like that chess clown show.
You like seeing me win.
- Because it's important in your life.
- Luana's also important to me.
You met that girl yesterday.
So what? I like her.
Dammit, can't you understand?
She likes me too.
She's the first person
who's ever genuinely liked me.
Alright then. If you like her
and she likes you,
then you'll make up later
and that's it.
But now, go back and play.
Don't embarrass me like this.
You again. You, you, man.
I'm not going back!
Can't you understand that
this is important for your future?
Can't you see it?
- It's just a match!
- No, it's not just a match.
It's the only thing
you know how to do in life.
Do you really think
you'll get into medical school?
That you'll be a neurosurgeon?
Wake up, kid! Don't be dumb!
Don't waste this opportunity.
I never missed on anything in life
because of women.
Your professional fulfillment
is what makes
your relationship a happy one.
Listen to me!
Take a look
at your happy relationship.
Mario, it's Luana.
Jpiter's at my front gate.
He's making a scene.
He's drunk again.
My dad's almost home,
and I'm so scared
of what he might do to him!
You have to come get him now!
Who are you texting, Jpiter?
My godmother.
Your father called here
again last night.
Let him sweat a little longer
I'll call him later.
will you meet me
in the square later?
Teresa, thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Bye, Mario.
I'll walk Luana to the door.
What about this?
Translation by: Fernando Arraiza