Jupiter Ascending (2015) Movie Script

Technically speaking, I'm an alien.
And from the perspective
of immigration, an illegal one.
My parents met at the university in Saint
Petersburg where he taught astrophysics
and she taught applied mathematics.
My mother fell in love with him
when she found him almost frozen to death
on the bank of the Neva,
staring at the stars.
Tonight, the sky is completely
full of miracles.
My mother won't talk much
about that time.
But my aunt Nino told me
about my father.
His name was Maximilian Jones
and he was the son of an English diplomat
who always saw the best in people.
I often wonder if what happened
to my mother and father
changed me from someone
who might have seen the best in people
to someone who always expects
the worst.
How's my Jupiter?
Not a planet. The planet.
The biggest and most beautiful planet
in our solar system.
She is our Jupiter.
Over my dead body
we will name her "Jupiter."
Soon you will discover that your mother can
be extraordinarily unreasonable at times.
But fortunately for us, she remains
susceptible to your father's particular...
No, oh, no, oh, no!
No, not the telescope, please!
Don't take the telescope, please!
Max! Ma...
In her grief, my mother pushed everyone
except her sister out of her life.
Somewhere in the middle
of the Atlantic,
she pushed me out too.
Pusha. Pusha!
I was born without a country.
Without a home.
Without a father.
But I was born in the house of Leo...
with Jupiter rising at twenty-three
degrees ascendant.
According to my aunt,
this is supposed to mean
that I am destined for great things
and that I will find
the one true love of my life.
- Jupiter.
- Coming!
- You finish the bathroom yet?
- Not yet.
- We still have another house tonight.
- I'll be fast.
Problem with astrology?
Total bullshit.
What was the name of this planet?
Zalintyre, I think.
Have you ever seen a harvest?
Oh, no. Never!
But I've heard they feel no pain.
It's all quite humane,
from what I've been told.
Well, there are marshals
and administrators
to make sure everything's done
according to code, but still...
It can be rather... affecting.
Now you sound like Mother.
Most of them were miserable in their lives
and what we do for them is a mercy.
Balem, thank you for responding.
We were just admiring this ledger
from your latest success.
Well done, brother.
The house of Abrasax
continues to thrive,
despite the squandering
of your inheritance, brother.
I must say, you're looking
a little worse for wear.
Could it be success
does not agree with you?
And you look so well.
Could it be that failure
agrees with you?
You may have inherited Mother's head
for business, but I inherited her heart.
And what does that leave me?
- Her beauty.
- Liar.
- Her humor.
- Her unluckiness in love?
Her fetish for wrinkles.
Well, if this is to be another
of your eulogies, Titus,
I have more important matters to attend.
It was her birthday recently.
You know I get sentimental, and I was going
through some of Mother's old sheave-work
and I came across a description of a planet
she claimed was the most rare
and beautiful estate she ever owned.
- I believe she named it...
- Earth.
...earth. It was part of your inheritance,
wasn't it, brother?
I was quite moved by her description
and I was wondering
if there was any chance
you might be willing to part with it.
Titus, didn't you bother
to look at the sheaves?
That planet is worth more
than all of your estates combined.
I had no idea.
- Kalique.
- Balem.
Jupiter, get up!
Get up!
Jupiter, make the coffee. Come on.
I hate my life.
Jupiter, hurry up!
That one goes next to that one.
Jupiter! Get the garbage after this.
- You finish the bathroom?
- No.
I hate my life.
Damn it.
Told you.
Another Hunter.
And ex-legion. He was a skyjacker.
- How do you know that?
- The boots.
There was a Hunter in the legion.
A legend.
Could track a single gene in the gyre.
No matter who or what he is...
he's after our bounty.
That's him. It's got to be.
We should warn Lord Balem.
That is what we should do, but...
Do you trust me?
This matter must be handled
with delicacy, malidictes.
I understand, lady Kalique.
Neither Balem nor Titus
must suspect my involvement.
Of course, Your Majesty.
You believe The Hunters can be trusted?
Trust is an illusion, my lady.
I believe only in mutual self-interest.
They want another life. We can offer it.
Make the deal.
Welcome back, Lord Balem.
It has been too long.
I have not crossed the vastness
of space for your pleasantries, Mr. Night.
Of course, My Lord.
We have verified the geneprint.
Most unfortunate news.
I believe Titus is aware
of the recurrence.
My spies whisper
but cannot substantiate.
So you have her print,
but you don't have her?
Mr. Tskalikan.
The keepers traced the print
to a medical clinic.
They're eliminating every lead.
We have a name. Dunlevy.
Katherine Dunlevy.
Well, I want miss Dunlevy found...
and I want her dead.
Black. Classic? A la mode, a la m... No.
Katherine, I'm done.
Jupiter! Help, please?
- Wow, what's the occasion?
- Austin Davis is taking me to dinner.
- I think he's gonna ask me to marry him!
- Do you wanna marry him?
Jupiter, he's the number eight richest
bachelor under thirty in America.
He speaks fluent Chinese and German,
and he was an alternate
on the olympic curling team.
- Solid rsum.
- Yeah, I mean, it sounds totally...
- ...Cinderella, doesn't it?
- Sure.
Then why do I feel like
I'm about to throw up? Oh, God.
I just don't remember Cinderella puking.
Kind of remember her dancing
with a bunch of mice.
Have you ever...
fallen in love, Jupiter?
You know, my mom says that love
is just a fairytale for little girls.
That really, it's all just urges
and obligations.
Wow. That's kind of harsh.
- You want my advice?
- Yes.
If he's really in love with you,
then he'll understand
that you're just overwhelmed and...
and you need a little time.
- That makes sense.
- Yeah.
Okay, what do I wear now?
Something that reminds him
of what he is waiting for.
Like that Red McQueen,
or this Little Ricci.
Katherine? Everything all right?
Yeah, no, no. We're good.
I'll be down in a sec.
Picked up a referral. A townhouse.
But it has to be Wednesday.
- Wednesday's full. Three houses.
- So do four.
English, please.
We use English in this house.
Use whatever you like.
You sound like Stalin to me.
Stalin?! I'm Stalin?
You don't want the money.
I will give it to... Gleb's crew.
Good. Thank you.
- We'll take it.
- Big surprise.
Hey, cousin, speaking of money,
I was wondering if...
Oh, let me guess. Another advance.
For what this time? Shoes? A new phone?
I'll earn it back.
No, you mean you'll waste it
trying to make yourself feel better
by buying something you don't need.
So, what, instead of feeling better,
I should save my money and feel worse?
Now, you're a smart girl, Jupiter.
I admit it's none of my business,
but that's probably the reason
you are not married.
Men do not like smart women.
You keep talking about
my daughter like that,
I will ram that latke so far up your ass,
you won't crap for a week.
Hey! Hey!
You swore, no fighting at dinner.
Jupiter, what is the money for?
No, you're right.
It's nothing I need.
Hey, what was that about? You're not
having second thoughts, are you?
What if I am?
These people, they're counting on you.
Have you even looked at this thing?
Why do they have to use words
like "harvesting"? It's just creepy.
Why would you read this?
You heard what the doctor said.
It's not a big deal.
You go in, cash comes out.
This money, I'm telling you,
I have real plans, serious plans.
I believe this money's
gonna mean something...
possibly life-changing for both of us.
- You will not regret this.
- All right.
- I promise. I promise!
- All right, all right.
All right. Oh, wait, I have a question.
Why is it that you get ten grand and
I get five? I mean, they're not your eggs.
That's capitalism, babe.
Shit rolls downhill. Profits flow up.
Ms. Dunlevy? Excuse me.
You are Katherine Dunlevy, aren't you?
The doctor's ready.
- It's the hormones, dear.
- Don't worry. You'll be fine.
Trust me, honey. I could do
this procedure with my eyes closed.
No, no, no, no, no!
Please! Please, I can't!
Just relax.
I can't move my arms! What's happening?
Get a sample.
Make sure this is the right one.
Wait, wait. Please, please, stop.
- It's her.
- Good. Kill her.
Please, somebody...
Oh, my God!
You all right?
- Who are you?
- Caine Wise. I'm here to help you.
Pardon me, Lord Titus.
Only good news is allowed
in here, Famulus.
We received an FTL from Mr. Wise.
He says he has the girl.
Then send the transport immediately.
At once, My Lord.
I thought it would make you
feel better when you woke up.
- What?
- The gun.
But it works better if you flip
the switch by your thumb.
Careful. You've been asleep
for almost twelve hours.
- Where am I?
- You're still in Chicago.
Okay, good.
My clothes?
You were still in the paper clinic gown.
Can't really think about that right now.
Look, Jupiter... Is that your name?
- How do you know?
- I'm sorry.
I was just trying to figure out
what happened.
You must have used
a false name at the clinic
and their tests probably tripped
the monitor to your geneprint.
What are you saying?
I mean, yes, I used a false name, but...
lots of people do that in there. What does
that have to do with what happened to me?
Okay. When I was in the legion,
they gave me protocols for this.
It can be difficult for Terrsies,
or people from underdeveloped worlds,
to hear that their planet is not the only
inhabited planet in the verse.
It has to be the anesthesia.
I mean, it's gotta be a dream.
Protocol actually says that most Terrsies
will say that this has to be a dream.
Yeah, because a dream is the only way
any of this makes sense.
Compared to what? The idea
that you're the only intelligent species,
on the only inhabitable planet
in a universe so full of planets
that you don't even have a number
to describe how many there are?
- Are you saying you're an alien?
- Genomgineered human.
They cut my DNA with the DNA
of something like a wolf.
I'm a Lycantant,
bred for the military, but...
that didn't work out for me.
- And those things at the clinic?
- Keepers.
They're from the Diorite system,
but they're genetically repurposed
to act as monitors and watchdogs.
And they're trying to kill me?
- Yes.
- Why me?
Please. This has to be a mistake.
These people don't make
those kind of mistakes.
What if I say no? What if...
I don't go with you? What if I go home?
What? Are they gonna come
after me again?
An FTL, My Lord.
There was a problem at the clinic.
A former legionnaire was involved.
A legionnaire?
- What about the girl?
- Still alive.
Double our security deployment.
Destroy any ship that comes near the planet.
- Are those flying boots?
- They use the force of gravity,
redirecting it into deferential
equation slopes that you can surf.
Yeah. I heard "gravity" and "surf."
Up is hard. Down is easy.
Thank you. Wow.
Our ride's here. You ready?
Ready to walk out of a hundred-story window
with you and your gravity boots...
- ...onto an invisible spaceship to meet...
- This might make it easier.
Hold tight!
Hold on!
Whatever you do, don't let go!
Look, I just need to know
what in the hell is going on here.
Think we might have stumbled into a war
within the Abrasax family.
The Abrasax family?
It's one of the most powerful
dynasties in the universe.
I don't care who they are.
You cannot just...
blow up a bunch of buildings
and get away with it.
Those buildings
will be rebuilt by tonight.
That's impossible.
Take a look.
Holy crap.
Wait, a bunch of people saw what happened.
I mean, they can't cover that up.
You have a picture of a keeper on your phone
that you can't remember taking, can you?
They blanked you.
Short-term stuff is easy.
They won't get everybody,
but no one ever believes the ones
that slip through the cracks.
Oh, my God.
Why is this happening to me?
I asked Titus that question
before I took this job.
All he'd tell me
is that it was personal.
Look, this is ridiculous. I have never
even met this Titus, what's his name?
Abrasax. The house of Abrasax
has three primary heirs.
The oldest is Balem.
He's the one that controls this planet
and is obviously the one
who wants you dead.
That's insane.
I am telling you, I am nobody.
Balem Abrasax wouldn't demolish
an entire city for a nobody.
Kill her.
Wait. Oh, my God! Stop!
There you are.
You know there are moments
when I actually miss you.
But no one understands
this universe like you did.
No one understands me...
like you did.
Mr. Tskalikan?
How is it possible for a single splice
to destroy an entire fleet of shadows?
- It was a mistake.
- A mistake?
They underestimated him.
The next mistake...
I hold you accountable.
What are you doing?
I just want the owner of this car
to know who borrowed it.
We needed a low profile
to get out of the city.
Oh, my God. You're bleeding.
- Don't worry about it. It's fine.
- Lucky for you...
a woman owns this car.
What is that? Is that a...
Just... I wanna thank you...
for saving my life. I mean, I've...
I've never been so scared
when I started falling...
Then you were there, and...
Do you do this sort of thing a lot?
Then why did Titus hire you?
Titus hired me because I'm good
at finding people.
Are you taking me to him now?
How do you know this guy?
A long time ago, he was a friend.
- What is he doing living way out here?
- He's a marshal for the Aegis.
- The Aegis?
- They're like cops.
Space cops. Sure.
Back from the goddamn dead.
It's kind of funny, both of us
ending up on this planet.
Funny ain't the word I'd use.
- How'd you get out?
- Titus Abrasax. He hired me to lift her.
Since Deadland ain't taught you
a damn thing...
Just as I was getting used to this life,
you come back reminding me
what I flushed down the shitter for you.
Where's Kiza? She used to at least listen
to my side of the story.
You stay the hell away from my daughter.
Don't drag me
into your male mating rituals.
- Hi. I'm Kiza.
- Hi.
Jupiter. Nice to meet you.
You used to have a little mettle
in you, kid.
- I guess I'm getting a little old.
- Old? Look at me.
Not a recode
or a drop of juice in years.
You are a lot uglier than I remember.
Hey! Hey!
What is going on here?
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty.
Thank you.
I'll go to town to pick up
some groceries for dinner.
- I'll go.
- I'm fine, Dad.
Okay. All right.
Let's have a look at you.
It's not pretty, is it?
Clipped and stripped. The mark
of a court martialed skyjacker.
You still haven't answered my question.
Do you want your wings back or not?
Wait, you had wings?
The best bio-neural-synaptic prosthetic
the military could buy.
Oh, my God. That's amazing.
Your Majesty has no idea of the scientific
miracles that human beings are capable of.
Why won't those human beings
share things like this?
Sharing has never been the strong suit
of your species, Your Majesty.
Okay, what is with this
"Your Majesty" thing?
You've never been stung
by a bee, have you?
You know, bees are genetically
designed to recognize royalty.
Well... You are in for a surprise
when you find out what I do for a living.
Oh, it's not what you do.
It's what you are. They sense it.
Bees aren't like humans.
They don't question or doubt.
Bees don't lie.
Oh, I... Sorry, I gotta take this.
I'm guessing Titus
didn't say anything about it.
No. Must have slipped his mind.
Not easy to picture you
making a deal with a royal.
Titus told me you were posted
to this planet
and said if I helped him, he'd get you
your wings back, full reinstatement.
- I figured I owed you.
- Yeah, you do.
But if she is a recurrence...
then this is a hell of a lot more
important than wings.
It's life changing, Jupiter!
Wait till you see this thing.
Two million pixels of resolution.
Everything I ever wanted.
Yeah, no. That's great. Is mom there?
No. She went out with Nino. Listen,
they were a little freaked out last night
when you didn't come home,
but I covered. I think it's fine.
How 'bout a little gratitude
for your cousin Vladie?
I mean, this thing was a cakewalk,
right? Just like I said.
- Easiest money we ever made. Cha-ching!
- It didn't happen.
Didn't happen.
- What?
- No, I know. I'm so sorry.
- Oh, no.
- I'm really, really sorry.
- Why?
- There was an accident at the clinic.
Someone got hurt.
Shit! I knew it!
Oh, my God, I knew it.
I can't catch a break.
- I cannot catch a single break!
- Look, Vladie, I'm with some people.
- I don't wanna be rude.
- Wait, Jupiter, we have to reschedule.
Totally. So, just tell mom I'm okay
and I will call her when I can.
Wait, wait, wait! Jupe, Jupe...
I already spent the money.
You're in trouble.
You're in trouble.
Don't touch my stuff!
Balem ordered a blockade.
Nothing is getting on or off this planet.
But Aegis command said
once her geneprint is verified,
they'll get an injunction
to take us to Orous.
- So we wait.
- They're sending a cruiser.
- When?
- Should be here tomorrow.
- We won't last the night.
- We need a plan.
We need firepower.
If she's what you say she is,
we're not getting off this planet
without a fight.
Stash is in the back.
- Is he mad at me?
- When he's mad, you'll know it.
He just...
seems different since we got here.
Caine is... complicated.
He's a Lycantant without a pack.
Had the bad luck to be born
half-albino. Runt of the litter.
The splicer that bred him had to sell him
to the legion for a loss.
But a Lycantant needs a pack.
It's their center of gravity.
Alone, usually they waste away and die,
unless they become like him.
Fearless. Relentless.
Perfect hunting machines.
Caine was the best soldier
I ever went into battle with.
Why did he get court martialed?
I'm sorry. If it's none of my business.
You don't have to tell me.
Oh, he attacked someone.
He attacked an entitled.
- He bit him.
- He bit him?
Tore his throat out.
There's something about the royals
for Caine. It's instinctual.
They tried to put him down, but he was
under my command so I took the blame.
Two scars across my back as a reward.
You know, you both have marks on your neck,
but they're slightly different.
The brand of the splicer.
Marcellian Cahun was her name.
She loved bees.
My father would be freaking out
right now.
Do you know what this will do to people
when they find out the truth?
I don't think that most people
would want to know the truth.
I do.
So, you've been taught that the birthplace
of the human race is earth, but it's not.
It's actually a planet in the Cunabulum
system called Orous,
a little over
a billion of your years ago.
Your planet was discovered during what is
commonly called the great expansion.
At the time, earth was inhabited
by a branch-species of Saurisapian,
a dangerous human predator
called the Sargorn.
Obviously before any colonization
or resource development
could be done safely to your planet,
a large-scale extinction event
was manufactured...
Damn budget cuts.
Are you talking about dinosaurs?
Wait, are you saying your people
killed the dinosaurs?
they're your people, Majesty.
Come on.
According to commonwealth records,
this planet was seeded by Abrasax industries
roughly one hundred thousand years ago.
Human DNA spliced with indigenous
species to evolve a fertile population.
And that's where the "why"
gets ugly. Basically,
the goal is to grow a population
as large as possible.
Once the population exceeds
the planet's ability to sustain it,
it's considered ripe for harvest.
What's going on? What's wrong with them?
They're here.
- Go.
- Come on.
What? Caine? Wait, Caine!
Mr. Night,
I want this facility
running at capacity.
I want full diagnostics and cost
projections for an early harvest.
Of course, My Lord.
What kind of grade
are we getting from the skim?
Excellent product, sire.
Premium grade.
It's a... particularly robust stock.
Assuming market stability,
if we harvest later this century,
profit margins should eclipse
your nearest competitor.
Understand this, Mr. Night.
I will harvest that planet tomorrow
before I let her take it from me.
- Here we go.
- I trust you.
Premium Abrasax, as requested.
Where is Her Majesty?
Good evening, Your Majesty.
Allow me to assist.
I am Sendi, your chamber presence.
- New clothes?
- We wish only to attend your needs.
Where am I?
This is the Alcazar of Kalique Abrasax,
second primary of the house of Abrasax.
- What's an Alcazar?
- A fancy way of saying my home.
I'm Kalique.
Jupiter Jones.
I'm sorry for staring,
but it's really quite astonishing.
What is?
It will be easier to show you.
Could this get any weirder?
Imagine it for me. Meeting your mother
long after she's passed away.
But I'm not your mother.
Your planet is just now entering
its genetic age.
You understand very little about something
which is a vital part of our reality.
In our world, genes have
an almost spiritual significance.
They are the seeds of our immortality.
When the exact same genes
reappear in the exact same order,
it is for us what
you would call reincarnation.
But how could I be a reincarnation
of your mother
unless your mother was from earth?
My mother was born
before your first cities were built.
Are you some kind of vampire race?
We are the cause
of a lot of those myths,
but I promise my mother
was just as human as you or I.
The difference between us
is our knowledge and technology.
How old do you think I am?
Late forties?
I recently celebrated
my fourteenth millennium.
You're fourteen thousand years old?
Fourteen thousand and four,
to be precise.
My mother was approaching her ninety-first
millennium when she passed.
You'd be just as amazed
how quickly it goes.
If your lives are so long, could I ask you
how your mother actually died?
She was murdered.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
- Did they ever find out who did it?
- No.
My mother and I
did not always get along.
But I have a hope that this recurrence
might mean a second chance for both of us.
Come. Let me introduce you
to the possibilities of your new life.
Holy crap.
Each of us has a code
for our optimal physical condition.
The problem is our genes have an expiration
date which is transferred to our cells.
A long time ago, someone figured out
how to replace deteriorating
cells with new ones.
Today, it's as easy
as changing a light bulb.
- Where do you get these light bulbs?
- You grow them.
- Like clones?
- No. Clones lack genetic plasticity.
Several million years ago,
a gene plague caused by cloning
nearly annihilated
the entire human race.
I was told that the house
of Abrasax seeded the earth.
Is that where you get it?
Your earth is a very small part
of a very large industry.
Feel my skin.
Oh, wow.
In your world, people are used
to fighting for resources,
like oil, or minerals, or land.
But when you have access
to the vastness of space,
you realize there's only
one resource worth fighting over...
even killing for...
more time.
Time is the single most precious
commodity in the universe.
Unidentified Lycantant.
So, sorry, I just don't understand what
you mean when you say, "claim your title."
Well, it's common for people
in the first estate
to leave a trust
for any potential recurrence.
My mother wrote her future self
into her will.
Right now, Balem owns the title
to earth, but...
Once you claim it,
the earth will belong to you.
How can one person own the earth?
It's just a planet, Jupiter.
In this world, people own things
far more valuable.
You cannot know right now
what it will be like when you're offered
wealth beyond your imagining.
When you can choose
to remain young and beautiful,
or when you can have the power to change
the lives of your family for the better.
And all you have to do
is close your eyes.
This must be The Hunter Titus hired.
Well-made, by the look of him.
Whoa, no, no, no, no! Hey, hey!
It's okay. She's on our side.
Abrasax don't know any side
but their own.
And since Jupiter is an Abrasax,
you can understand why
I helped her get off that planet.
He has contacted the Aegis.
They are entering orbit now.
I had planned to take you myself, but...
the Aegis will undoubtedly
insist they handle things from here.
I wish for you the life
you've always dreamed of.
Welcome aboard, Your Majesty.
My name is Diomika Tsing.
- I'm the captain of this Aegis cruiser.
- Please, call me Jupe.
Your Majesty.
Stinger! You're all right!
For the time being, Your Majesty.
The time being.
We'll be escorting you to the commonwealth
ministry on Orous.
If there's anything we can do to make
the journey easier, you let us know.
Actually, you know what?
I'm feeling a little overdressed,
so if you maybe have something
that I could change into?
By myself. While I'm awake.
No, no! Lord Balem!
It was The Hunters!
They betrayed you in the name
of your sister! Please!
Mercy, My Lord! Mercy!
Mr. Greeghan.
Bring her to me.
Yes, My Lord.
Come in! I don't really...
Oh, I don't really know how
to work this thing.
Oh, hi. Come in.
Your Majesty might want
to take a few of these.
Portaling can be a little rough
on the royal bowels.
Oh. Well, my bowels
are anything but royal.
Thank you.
You heard the lady down there.
You're an Abrasax now.
No, no, I am a Jones.
Well, except when I'm mad,
then I'm a Bolotnikov.
If that's all you were,
you would not be on an Aegis cruiser
headed to the hall of titles.
Stinger said that you attacked
an entitled once.
- Stinger talks too much.
- Is it true?
Does it matter?
Sorry, I get it's none of my business.
I was just trying to understand.
Look, the truth is...
I don't know why I did it. I...
I don't even remember doing it.
It just happened.
We all do things we can't explain.
They said it was... in my genes. A...
defect of my genomgineering.
Could explain a lot of things about me.
Like the fact that I have
an uncanny ability
to fall for men that don't fall for me.
It's like my internal compass needle
points straight at Mr. Wrong.
Maybe it's my genes.
Maybe I have defective engineering too.
And if that's the case...
is there any way to fix it?
You are royalty now.
I'm a splice. You don't understand
what that means, but...
I have more in common with a dog
than I have with you.
I love dogs, I've always loved dogs.
- I should go, Your Majesty.
- Right.
- You need to strap in before we portal.
- Right, okay.
"I love dogs?"
Welcome, Your Majesty,
to the overpopulated, oozing cesspool
we humbly call "home."
I did three tours in Abukesh, a battle
that cost the lives of two million soldiers,
and I'd rather be back there than have
to deal with these bureaucrats.
Greetings, Your Majesty.
I am intergalactic advocate Bob,
here to assist you
through the ascension process.
This is the authentic recurrence
of her ladyship the Abrasax sovereign,
and we have come to claim her title.
You need to file
an inheritance petition,
and if the title is held,
you'll need a transfer of title.
Thank you.
File a quit claim through central services,
section nine-eighteen. Next.
You need a title survey and geneprint
identification from wills and trusts.
Yeah, I can't touch this without
a tax number from the revenue review.
This is revenue request,
not revenue review.
We can't get the title
without the tax I.D.
It goes without saying that graft
is incompatible with my programming.
I think you dropped something.
Press your thumb in the depression.
Seals and signets
are on sub-thirty-three.
Your Majesty.
Well, well, well, well.
This is what I have to deal with.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, very nice.
Would Your Majesty kindly
place your wrist here?
- Palm up, please.
- Sorry.
Thank you. Thank you.
Very good.
- It's cool.
- Very nice. Very, very nice indeed.
Now, here is your code and conduct guide
and your royal ways
and means commission.
And file this with a legion administrator
for your royal guard appointment.
- Yes?
- Okay.
Well, congratulations, Your Majesty...
And my deepest condolences.
Thank you?
I will never complain
about the DMV... ever again.
Well, you did it. It's official.
You are now entitled.
Entitled to what?
Like, free parking? Key to the city?
I mean, what does it even really mean?
It means Your Majesty's life
is gonna change... if she wants it to.
Can you say that again?
Just the "Your Majesty" part.
Your Majesty.
That's interesting.
When other people say it,
it makes me really uncomfortable.
But when you say it...
I don't know.
I will admit there are things
about my life that I would like to change,
but that doesn't make me
a different person. It doesn't...
it doesn't change the things
that matter to me, or who I care about.
I'm still the same me.
If Your Majesty says so.
Well, you're the one
with the entitled instinct.
Is there something
happening to you right now?
Does any part of you wanna bite me?
Well, maybe.
Go ahead.
How can Your Majesty be so sure...
if, as you've said,
your "compass is broken"?
Tell me that I'm wrong.
You used to work for Titus,
but that's not true anymore.
So, why stick around?
Why help me?
Because of Stinger.
He thinks if we help you, then you might
help us get back in the legion.
- I see.
- Good to know we're both liars.
What is this?
Hello, Mr. Wise.
Don't make this harder
than it has to be.
I'm sorry, man.
Welcome, Your Majesty.
I am Titus Abrasax,
third primary of the house of Abrasax,
and it is my profound honor...
to meet you.
You are aware that by detaining me
without consent,
you are in direct violation
of statute twenty-seven-b-stroke-six.
Your Highness is a quick study
of the entitled code, I see.
I also know that I can file
a tax grievance against you
unless you take me directly
where I want to go.
I'd be delighted to take you
wherever you'd like.
I'd like to go home.
Very well.
- Set a course for earth.
- At once, My Lord.
In the meantime,
since you've invoked code and conduct,
I trust you'll do me the honor
of dining with me this evening.
Very well.
The Aegis is involved now,
more than likely
tracking you as we speak.
- We've committed no crime.
- How 'bout detaining a royal?
Her Majesty is... hardly detained.
Where is she?
Dining with Lord Titus, of course.
Unless they've moved on to dessert.
Your Highness looks ravishing.
What have you done with Caine?
I know you do not trust me right now,
but I promise I am not your enemy.
Mr. Wise and I had an arrangement.
He broke our contract.
For that, I promised
to return him to the Deadland.
Is that open to negotiation?
Everything is open to negotiation.
I confess I feel I have you
at somewhat of a disadvantage.
Is it because you kidnapped me?
From the moment I saw your geneprint,
I knew so many things about you
because I was very close to my mother.
So close, in fact, that I could tell
by the way she raised her eyebrows
exactly what she was thinking.
At this point, I probably know more
about you than you know yourself.
Well, shoot.
Just like her, always expecting
the worst from people.
Funny how often people exceed
those expectations.
That distrust in others,
in the world and even in yourself,
has made it difficult for you
to fall in love. Until now.
You're in love
with Mr. Wise, aren't you?
I'm sorry to disappoint you,
but this isn't love.
All Mr. Wise wants from me
is to make him a legionnaire again.
Mother was also a terrible liar.
Your sister did tell me that you
would do anything in your power
to prevent me from claiming my title.
What makes you think Kalique
told you the truth?
- Why would she lie?
- Kalique is in competition with Balem.
She knows that the loss of the earth
will reduce his yield
and impact his position in the market.
His loss is her gain.
Same can be said for you.
Not long ago, yes.
- I would have been just like them.
- And now?
I knew this moment would come
when your geneprint was first confirmed.
I knew that when it did,
I was going to ask you one question,
and if you gave me the right answer,
I was going to change my life, irrevocably.
Come with me.
What is that?
It has many names.
Regenx, recell, nectar.
There are various levels
of usefulness and quality,
but this is the most pure
and most valuable solution
made by the house of Abrasax.
Kalique came out of a bath.
Naturally, my sister didn't explain
what it is or where it comes from.
It comes from people.
Each unit is refined from approximately
a hundred human beings.
Your planet is a farm, Jupiter.
There are thousands of planets like yours
set up by families like mine
to supply an ever increasing
demand for more time.
Are you saying you killed
a hundred people to make this?
Not me, but...
yes, someone did.
Not unlike butchering a herd of cattle.
- Oh, my God.
- It's all right. It's all right.
My mother went through a profound
change at the end of her life.
She felt exactly as you do now.
But when she tried to do something
to stop this business, she was murdered.
I believe the same thing
is about to happen to me
because I began to carry out
the work she started.
That is why I hired Mr. Wise
to find you.
I needed someone I could trust.
I cannot allow my brother or sister
to end up with control
over my part of the Abrasax inheritance.
I want to know that when I die...
you will be my heir.
Which brings us at last to my question.
Jupiter Jones...
will you marry me?
A pleasure doing business
with you, Mr. Apini.
I told your men not to take Caine.
You should have left him on Orous.
Unfortunately, My Lord promised
Mr. Wise that if he betrayed us
he'd be fed to the void.
Titus Abrasax is a man of his word.
- So was I.
- We got the trace.
- Outside the Cleopeides.
- Better get a move on.
Don't sound like Caine's
got a lot of time.
Put him back in the brig.
Lord Titus will see you now.
You should have told me the truth
about why you wanted her.
What good would that have done?
If I did, then Jupiter would be dead
and Balem would still own the earth.
Lies are a necessity.
They are the source of meaning,
of belief and hope.
Honestly, lies are sometimes
the only reason I get out of bed.
I'm particularly fond
of the lies we tell ourselves.
Like the lie you are now concocting
that somehow you'll survive
being tossed into the void
and find some way to rescue Ms. Jones.
You can't kill her. The title
will just remain with her family.
Well, not once Her Majesty
and I are married.
Emergency pressurization complete.
You have thirty-seven minutes
of air remaining.
Please get to an airlock
or life pod immediately.
- You did what?! Shame on you!
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You're telling me you convinced
your cousin to sell her eggs? Yeah?
What the hell do you think she is,
a goddamn chicken?
- Vassily, that's enough!
- Dad, Dad! She wanted to do it!
She wanted to do it.
It wasn't all my plan!
- You little shit, Vladie!
- She begged me.
She wanted to buy some stupid telescope.
The deal wasn't even very good for me.
- Telescope?
- It's a curse. Our family is cursed.
I don't care what she wanted!
You don't treat your cousin like chicken!
You're the mother.
Be gentle with this one.
You have zero minutes of air remaining.
Carbon dioxide levels at maximum.
Please get to an airlock
or life pod immediately.
- Is he alive?
- A few ticks later and he wouldn't be.
He's gonna kill her.
He's gonna kill her!
Is there a problem?
No, I'm so sorry,
I don't think I can do this.
I told you not to think about it
like a wedding on your world.
It's just a contract
in order to protect people.
- Innocent people.
- I know, I get that, I do.
I wish I could show you
the four small planets I inherited.
Nothing as large as your earth, but each
unique and beautiful in its own way.
I'd love to see them one day, but...
Right now, I need to speak to Caine.
I see.
You still don't trust me.
Even though you trust the man I hired.
I'm sorry, but talking to Mr. Wise
is no longer possible.
He attacked a servitant
and destroyed a host of guards.
Given his history, I was advised
to return him to the authorities.
You do know what he did, don't you?
And you still trust him.
Beauty and her beast.
Why wouldn't you tell me sooner?
So you can plead for this.
The original rite of pardon
and reinstatement
my lawyers procured for him
and Mr. Apini.
I kept it, knowing how you felt,
even if you wouldn't admit it.
To be fair, there was a time when I would
have used something like this against you.
But now if you can believe
anything, Jupiter,
you can believe that the life
of one splice matters very little to me
compared to the lives of my subjects.
Goodbye, Miss Jones.
I'll do it.
Thank you.
I need your help.
Sure you want to go into a fight
with someone you can't trust?
Has anyone in your crew ever
broke through a field of warhammers?
What happened?
Kiza's got the bug.
Couldn't afford the recode.
I love my daughter, Caine.
She's the only good thing
I've done with this life.
You would have done the same.
Are there any other family issues
that I should know about?
- No.
- Loans?
Money problems?
- No.
- He's good. Let's go.
Holy crap.
Portal at mass. Nine ticks to intercept.
Abrasax clipper D-gamma-nine,
this is the Aegis.
Cut your engines
and prepare to be boarded.
The Aegis are demanding to board, sire.
Do what you must,
but keep them off this ship.
Warhammers are launching.
Here we go.
Your Highness.
- Who are all these people?
- Just Sims.
A necessary feature
for all royal weddings.
As I told you, these are matters of state,
not of the heart. Shall we begin?
Let's hit it!
I, Titus Abrasax,
take Jupiter Jones to be my wife.
I enter into this union being
of sound mind and of my own volition.
Would my liege place his hand here
to receive the signifying bond?
Break left, I'm going right!
I'm hit!
Your turn.
Where are you at, Stinger?
- I've lost a wing plate!
- I got you!
Roll, roll, roll, roll!
I, Jupiter Jones,
take Titus Abrasax to be my husband.
"I enter into this union being..."
I enter into this union...
being of sound mind...
and of my own volition.
We're clear!
Would Your Majesty place her hand here
to receive the signifying bond?
I'm tracking heavy SIM activity.
That's gotta be where she is.
Cover me!
What's going on? What was that?
Mr. Wise, you are as resourceful
as promised.
This whole thing was nothing but a lie.
- Was the ring executed?
- No.
Once you were married
he was going to murder you.
He told me right before
he threw me out the airlock.
Honestly, I don't believe my mother
was ever as beautiful,
or as gullible as you, my dear.
May I kill him?
Just get me out of here.
- Your Majesty?
- Please, don't call me that.
Titus will pay.
- Captain Tsing has already filed...
- I don't care.
The more you care,
the more the world finds ways
to hurt you for it.
That's your pardon. Congratulations.
You and Stinger
are officially skyjackers again.
Thank you.
- When we were in the commonwealth...
- I don't wanna talk.
I really just wanna go home.
Mom? Oh, God, no. Nino?
Good evening, Your Majesty.
Easy, Dingo.
Where's my family?
Well, we can all only hope
that they remain unharmed.
I see you have the standard issue
Abrasax temper.
A transfer of title
has already been processed.
You and your Lord are trespassing
in this precinct.
We are aware of all current legalities.
I have been instructed
to offer your grace a proposal.
- What proposal?
- You are to come with me to meet My Lord.
They will abdicate your title
and in return My Lord guarantees
that he will do everything in his power
to see that no harm comes to you
or your family.
You can't do it, Your Majesty.
You cannot trust these people.
If you abdicate, you'll have nothing
to protect yourself.
You're going to kill them
if I don't come with you.
Your Majesty, I could not even consider
such an abhorrent crime.
- He's lying.
- You wound me, Mr. Wise.
If I were trying to wound you, Mr. Night,
you wouldn't be breathing.
If it makes everyone feel warm and cozy,
the Aegis is welcome to follow us.
No. She won't be going
anywhere with you.
Very well. I will inform My Lord
you have rejected his offer.
This is my family.
It's too dangerous.
I know...
but it's not your decision.
This is Greeghan, on approach.
We have an escort.
Mr. Nesh, keep us close.
Mr. Wise, that pacing's not helping.
The gate is prepped
and standing by, sir.
- Captain Tsing!
- They're closing the vortex! Shields up!
Accelerate to full.
- We've lost all Nav-com, Captain!
- Grav-drive not responding!
Shields failing!
Get us out of here, Nesh!
Damn it.
Where's my family?
You should have stayed dead.
I am not your mother.
No, my mother
never cleaned a toilet in her life.
Maybe that was her problem.
My mother...
My mother taught me what was necessary
to rule in this universe.
Like killing people?
I create life!
And I destroy it.
is an act of consumption... Jupiter.
To live...
is to consume.
Now the human beings on your planet
are merely a resource...
waiting to be converted into capital.
And this entire enterprise
is just a small part in a vast...
and beautiful machine
defined by evolution,
designed to a single purpose...
to create profit.
If that's what your mother taught you,
then I can see why you hated her.
I loved my mother.
And yet, you're trying to kill me.
My mother...
made me understand
that every human society is a pyramid
and that some lives will always
matter more than others.
It is better to accept this...
than to pretend it isn't... true.
Is that why you killed her?
How dare you?!
I know because of who and what you are,
you're unable to say this...
so I'll say it for you.
You lied in the commonwealth
because you're a Hunter...
who's been searching
for one thing his whole life.
You survived so long without it,
the fact that you may have
found it terrifies you,
but not as much as the fact
that she's down there...
buried in several tons of hurricane.
And if you wanna see her again,
then you take my advice...
you get down there
and you start digging.
This is a notice of abdication.
You will confess
your genetic incapacity to rule
and you will return the title
to its natural heir.
Where's my family?
Mom! Oh, God.
I... I will do whatever
it is that you want,
so long as the Aegis can get
my family out of here safely.
You are in no position to negotiate.
Stop. Stop, stop, stop!
I will do anything. Please, you win.
I beg of you, stop. Please.
Mr. Wise, as a matter of public record,
I must inform you that I strongly advise
against this reckless course of action
that will almost certainly
cost you your life.
Off the record, I will tell you
that you're a man of rare courage...
and I pray your aim is true.
Thank you.
And hereby return the title
to its original heir,
Balem Abrasax.
Once I seal this...
How long until you harvest the earth?
I can promise that you will not see it.
But how long?
You knew nothing of harvesting before.
Why should it matter now?
Remember why you're here.
I came here to try to protect my family.
Seal that sheave,
and you and your family
will return home safely.
If I don't seal this...
you can't touch the earth,
even if you kill me.
Is that right?
That planet belongs to me.
It is my right.
Not anymore.
You have no idea what you're doing.
I am making sure that whatever
you do to me and my family,
you're not able to do to anyone else's.
This is not a game.
I am not my brother or my sister.
- If you do not seal...
- Beg pardon, My Lord.
- Mr. Night!
- It is an emergency!
The grav-hull is ruptured.
The gas is reacting to the stock works.
You seal it now.
Seal it now!
My Lord, is that advisable
without the abdication?
Kill her!
Here, take this. Get your family out.
In case we don't get the chance again.
I'm getting readings from the refinery.
It's destabilized. Sinking fast.
- Captain, the gate's open.
- It's an evacuation.
Get us down there, Nesh.
You're just like her.
You won't pull that trigger.
You hurt me.
And I'm gonna make you regret it.
- Captain, I'm tracking a ping.
- Is it Her Majesty?
Signature unknown.
Attempting to lock in.
This is Captain Tsing of the Aegis.
We are tracking. Can you click back?
- This is Caine.
- Yes!
I have the family. Can you extract?
- Caine, we can't wait long!
- Give me every second you can.
Is this familiar, Mother?
Does some part of you
remember this like I do?
Well, this is how it began!
We were fighting.
Do you remember what you said?
I remember what you said.
You told me you hated your life.
It's the truth.
And you begged me to do it.
You begged me to do it!
I am not your damn mother.
Jupiter. Just breathe.
Just breathe.
- My family?
- They're safe.
- Medic!
- We can't hold much longer!
Set a portal. Now!
Captain, I don't need to tell you
how dangerous it is to...
Then don't!
I promised every second I could.
Oh, no.
- Twelve ticks to portal.
- Eruption imminent!
- Portal's open!
- Come on, Caine.
Core-gen's about to blow!
- Everyone all right?
- Aye, Captain.
Captain, I don't understand,
but I'm pinging Mr. Wise again.
- Hello in there.
- Wise, where are you?
Why don't you take a look
out your window?
You might want to open the door
for us or something.
Jupiter, get up. Make the coffee.
Morning, Nino.
Morning, mama.
- Jupiter.
- Yeah?
- Need help?
- All done.
- Big moment.
- English, please.
Look, Jupiter...
I know we don't always see eye to eye.
- well...
- For you, my dear.
Why, you guys?
It's not even my birthday.
Vladie told us what you wanted
the money for.
You didn't. No.
Are you serious?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- We all pitched in.
- Thank you.
Your father was good man...
and I loved him very much.
And you should have this.
Could we take it up to the roof?
I'm so sorry. I...
- I actually have a date.
- What?!
- Is he Russian?
- Is he rich?
- Does he have a younger brother?
- Does he need a big television?
- How is he with a mop?
- What's his name?
- More importantly, what's his sign?
- I don't know.
I guess you can say my family's complicated
the way that most families are complicated.
- You think you'll ever tell them?
- What, that I own the earth?
Are you kidding me?
They'd have me locked up.
And I wouldn't blame them either.
Besides... I'm still trying to understand
exactly what it means myself.
Well, maybe it just means
that Your Majesty's planet
has a different future than the one
that was planned for it.
Say that again.
You mean... "Your Majesty"?
That really works for me.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
All right.
Come on.
That ain't bad either.
Well, I can get used to this.
You ready?
Watch this.