Jupiter's Moon (2017) Movie Script

Hurry up. We're almost there.
- What about the map?
- In my pocket.
- Papers?
- In my bag.
Get off, here's the boat!
Our papers are in there.
Watch the map if we get separated.
I got it, Dad.
Put down the bag.
- Let me have it.
- I'll put it over there.
Dad! Dad!
Dad! Dad!
Dad! Dad!
Don't be frightened.
We' | | meet ashore.
Dad! Dad!
Hurry up!
Stop, idiots, stop!
- Hello.
- Good morning.
- Do you have a minute?
- No.
- Will you take a Bible from us, sir?
- No, thank you.
It's a gift.
I don't read that stuff.
They massacre little babies in there.
There's a lot of torture,
and sex outside marriage.
And that's just the half of it.
Reading it could hurt your brain.
Do you believe in anything, sir?
Yes, I do.
ln Hungary's resurrection.
A record number of migrants
was captured on the Serb border
Yesterday more than 300
were rounded up, mostly Syrians.
They were put in transit camps,
by home security forces.
You've reached Gabor Stern's number.
Please leave a message.
They checked down to 600 metres,
but it's muddy.
There could be more.
- Anyone with gunshot wounds?
- No, not yet.
Carry on!
Why don't you come inside?
No one asked.
Here! Put this with the rest.
Turned religious now?
The Lord spoke to me.
He's pissed I'm not a believer.
Another 1.6 million, and we're there.
What happened to the guy
from last time, Ali or whatever...
He was discharged.
Don't send any more.
- Why?
- Word got round of what we do.
But I've got the debt to pay.
Why don't you ask that family
to drop the case? It would be easier.
I won't put myself
in that poposition.
- Poposition?
- I meant position.
Right, give me their contact details.
Give me a puff.
- I'll get the money and come back.
- Of course.
It's not that much.
- Yes, it is.
- What is?
- All this waiting.
- Right.
- I'll stay at yours tonight.
- Tonight isn't good.
You see? It never suits you.
That's not true.
I've found an apartment.
Want to see it?
Button up.
Has nobody ever told you
you're provocative?
Who's on the ward?
He wants to take my spot.
He just has to change
the name on the door.
But he's leaving
for America next month.
He offered me his patients.
All VIPs, injections only.
Here it is.
Will you do it?
What am | turning into?
- Your comment on the situation?
- Leave me alone.
- What's happening inside the camp?
- Get lost!
What will happen to them?
- Pass, please.
- It's not working.
They've replaced it.
Here's the new one, Doctor.
- What happened?
- Can't you see?
Utter chaos!
He's using me to clean up his shit.
That's why he needs you, too.
What do you mean?
- You don't want to know.
- What?
He shot a kid.
He made me report it as self-defence.
- Where is he?
- In the back.
It's up to you now.
Leave me out of it.
- Hello, I'll be right with you.
- Hello.
They brought in a boy,
in the back.
Will you look at him?
Then talk to the director.
Where are the admission forms?
In the second drawer.
Why do you always rearrange things?
I don't get it.
- Help him.
- Thank God!
Show me.
- Where is he?
- Who?
- Aryan Dashni.
- Yes.
No idea.
- Get me some rum.
- Right away.
I'm seeing ghosts.
- Problem?
- Isn't it too early for that?
I called you about last night.
I wasn't expecting fireworks.
Nor was I.
They're really
not scared of anything.
They can jump
into a bottomless river.
What makes them do that?
Survival maybe.
Is it worth dying for?
But that's not why I called you.
Be discrete in your report.
- What do you mean?
- I need to account for everyone.
I won't point fingers
at my guys busting their arses.
- Hunting down refugees?
- We just don't like getting shot at.
I saw the kid.
He didn't shoot at you.
You shot at him.
You're right.
He didn't, but someone else did.
- What's the kid's name?
- Something Dashni.
Anyone would have done the same.
It was pitch dark.
You should overlook some things,
like I do with you.
- Are you threatening me?
- I'm not. Just a warning.
Margit, get out! Get out!
You could get into trouble.
Last month, you let 30 out of 400
slip out of the hospital for money.
See? I can be a nuisance,
if I choose to.
So I expect you to countersign
my report.
I won't do that.
Fine, but don't bother coming back.
- Are you firing me?
- | just did.
- Fuck you!
- Go to hell!
Hey, Doctor!
Medical control! There's someone
with an infectious disease.
Open the door!
Open up.
What in God's name is this?
Take him away.
I'm sorry about what happened.
So am | .
A former staff member
helped a refugee escape.
- And the shooting?
- It was an accident.
- Who got away?
- A boy.
- Was he registered?
- Sure, sure.
- Send in the boy's report.
- Yes.
- How many police were on the bus?
- We're understaffed.
- We can take the burden off you.
- What's going to happen?
Even those who know,
don't really know.
Give me three days to bring him back.
Fine, but this ends here.
What's happening?
Calm her down.
Take her away.
Take him!
- Congratulations on your promotion.
- Thanks!
How is it that certain corpses float
to the surface
while others sink?
- I don't know.
- It depends on what the person ate.
Mourad Dashni. He is the father.
I'll look into it.
Is something in the works?
- Maybe.
- What?
I can't believe it.
What are you doing here?
l have to examine him.
Something's not right.
- Why not at the camp?
- I left.
- I can't believe it.
- They shot him.
They shot him
and something went wrong.
I don't care, Stern.
| asked you not to send any more.
The last one escaped
without a report.
- Who?
- The Syrian guy.
Here's the money he gave me.
Send him away.
- Leave him!
- Let him go!
Do you believe in angels?
- What?
- Can you imagine someone
defying gravity
and rising up into the air?
- I don't know.
- No, right?
Why is the Bible full of angels?
- Yet we never see a single one?
- I don't know.
Just one would be enough
to prove they exist.
Have you been drinking a lot?
Not enough.
So it is true.
Is he the rabbi you told me about?
Take the money under the pillow.
Give them everything...
Thanks for your charity.
It's for a good cause. I promise.
- I'll do the injections.
- You left me there.
Clean up, please.
Look who's here.
Who's this?
If only I knew.
Some superhuman.
Two whiskys on the rocks, please.
Pay up first.
That's so much.
Let me pay next time.
Don't make it too many "next times".
Where are you going?
Behold I will reveal unto them abu...
- Abundance.
- Abundance.
Please take off your shoes.
This country is so grey.
Everything's so grey.
We don't want to stay here.
I'm not taking Mum.
She would see how upset I am
about Adam's state.
Good morning.
I'm sorry for being late.
- You're not the usual guy.
- Hold on.
Doctor Lantos is abroad.
In your condition
you should avoid certain activities.
So I should lay off her, too?
Fetch us a drink.
So Lantos
got the job in the West, right?
It looks like it.
He's right.
I totally understand.
My son is in the States as well.
There's nothing here.
l'm patriotic, but what can you do?
When was the operation?
Six months ago.
An organ transplant.
I guess from a pig.
I've developed a taste for corn
since then.
Our organs define who we are.
Is that right?
Let's get this over with.
I need the shot in the arse,
like a kid.
- | always had this phobia.
- No, no.
Before we start, let me explain.
My methods are different.
There's no need for any needles here.
Are you willing to pay extra?
For this disease
to no longer have a hold on you?
- Hello.
- Where are you off to?
- You fired me.
- Where is he?
- Not with me.
- I'll see for myself.
- Do you have a warrant?
- I don't need one.
Shit! Police! Stop!
Quick! Get in!
- What's going on here?
- Lantos' farewell party.
Sic transit g/oria mundi.
Let's drink.
l'm homeless tonight.
Give me a kiss.
Hey, not here!
Is this a brothel now?
Doctor Stern.
Here's to love!
Party time! Party time!
- Is he still here?
- l'll deal with it.
Check my pocket...
The other one.
- What's this?
- Our future.
- Where did you get it?
- There's more. How much?
- We're two-thirds short.
- I'll have it all in a month.
- Are you trafficking humans?
- Don't talk crazy.
- Give me a kiss.
- Who's that boy?
It's a secret. I'll tell you later.
- Was it good?
- Very.
Then we should live together.
When things get sorted.
They would be if you cooperated.
A boy died the last time I helped.
Don't start.
They would drop the suit
if you apologised.
- You don't say.
- Yes.
There would be no case
if he had not been a star athlete.
But he was.
- What's your problem?
- Nothing.
Do you want to leave me?
Why do you want to leave me?
Because you're hopeless.
Everything will work out.
I'll be back.
I'll go and find him.
Pour me some.
Have you seen Gabor?
Back there.
- He doesn't feel well.
- Me neither.
Please, not now.
Can we go to your room?
The room is open.
Alpha 2.
- Who rented the car?
- Mourad Dashni.
- So that's why I'm here.
- That's one reason.
You had three days.
- Police!
- No one move!
No one move!
- Have you seen Mourad Dashni?
- No.
- Mourad Dashni?
- No, sir.
So why all this fuss?
I'm interested in the person
who rented the car.
So am | .
- Yes?
- From the hospital. Patient visit.
You're expecting a doctor?
Come in.
Why are you late?
- Where's Doctor Lantos?
- He's taken off.
You people hire gyppos?
What did you say?
| asked if you hired gyppos.
You shouldn't say that.
You should apologise.
Go away.
I won't knee! to the likes of you.
Dirty pig.
Listen, you jerk.
We bring you good news.
The Lord has sent his angel.
And the Lord will punish you now.
Religious freak!
Take your shit with you!
Stop it! What are you doing?
Don't do that!
Don't do that!
Don't do that!
Not that one.
The Burberry!
Thank you.
Sorry, can we take a selfie with you?
Of course.
Hey girls, bigamy is illegal.
The congressman knows better!
Sorry but this table is reserved.
- From when?
- From 10pm.
We'll be finished by then.
I'd like to have schnitzel.
Cucumber salad and two vodkas please.
OK. The gentleman
would like French fries.
We don't serve just
French fries by themselves, sir.
Is it oil you don't have,
or potatoes?
- This is a five-star restaurant.
- I don't give a shit.
This guy earns half a million a day,
because he can fly.
And I walk through walls.
Of course, you can.
Fine, we don't perform for swine.
We don't give a shit
about your restaurant.
- Shit on this!
- We are sorry.
- ldiots!
- Sir...
- Don't touch me, jerk.
- Sorry, madam.
Get the fuck out of here!
Fuck you! All of you!
Fuck all of you!
Play, now!
- Who do you want?
- Veronika Fenyvesi.
- That's me.
- Immigration.
Mourad Dashni.
- I found his name in your records.
- That's possible.
Doctor Stern sent him.
I suppose. What's the matter?
Harbouring illegal migrants
is a criminal offence.
I'm aware of that.
Where is Mourad Dashni?
I don't know.
Have you seen him?
Aryan Dashni, Mourad Dashni's son.
So it's just a coincidence?
Go to Room 2, please.
You really haven't seen the doctor?
- You two are very close.
- That was a long time ago.
If you hear from him,
tell him I can't help them
if they don't turn up.
Leave me alone. I have rights, too.
Sure you do.
One more thing.
Do you think
it's possible for someone
to defy gravity...
and rise into the air?
I don't think so.
Me neither.
- Are you looking for Dr Stern?
- Yes.
He's making the rounds
of the high LDL-level heart patients.
- Shall I print the address list?
- Yes.
Tell the head nurse to contact me.
Who are you looking for?
Mr Zentai.
He hasn't been around.
- What happened?
- The man jumped.
Hold on.
Why are you here now?
You said three days.
I'm close. I have a patient list.
I need backup.
You're making yourself look bad.
Let's talk!
I hear the boy's father
is a suspected terrorist.
Why didn't you tell me?
Two people have died.
Something's not right about the boy.
I think he can fly.
What are you talking about, Laszlo?
You'll see.
Look at this.
You're overworked.
Get some rest.
- I must find him.
- OK, OK.
We usually send guys like you
for psychological evaluation.
Get me?
If you want my loyalty, stick to
your own work and let us do ours.
The doctor is here.
Bring a glass of water, please.
Hello, I am Dr Stern.
Just a moment, please.
That's amazing.
It's not perfect yet.
My wife's not well.
She can't get up.
I'm sorry to hear that.
- Your son?
- Yes.
We have no children.
This way.
The doctor is here.
Here's the water.
A glass of water?
- Can we talk?
- Sure, let's talk.
She asked me to do something
that I can't possibly do.
I know.
It's a really difficult situation.
Look. We trust you.
I'm in a real dilemma.
It's completely illegal.
We'd pay well.
Please, help! Please, help!
Time of death is 10:25.
My condolences.
What was that?
We're almost there.
Thank you, we'll think about it.
Do you know my father, Mourad?
- Do you know my father, Mourad?
- No, I don't.
Do you know my father, Mourad?
Over there.
It's on a timer.
The remote is here.
God is great.
- Thief!
- Where are my documents?
Let go.
Where's my father? Where is he?
Get out of here!
Or I'll kill you!
Coming through!
Where can I go? I'm lost.
Come up here where it's safe.
Up here!
Get away from there!
What caused the explosion?
- Was it the refugees?
- No comment.
- Finally!
- So I'm no longer on leave?
- Sorry about that.
- It's OK. How many dead?
23 dead, 60 wounded being treated.
- What did they use?
Fucking pigs.
Suicide bombers.
We found several passports.
Among them Mourad Dashni and...
What's his name?
Aryan Dashni.
- Aryan Dashni.
- You don't say!
Tell me everything.
What were you saying?
Two cops came by for you.
- What did you say?
- I told them to fuck off.
- Did I do OK?
- Yes.
What's going on?
That boy with me,
the angel...
What about him?
He flew away.
He's not coming back.
I'm an idiot.
What was I thinking?
I know what your real problem is.
You're lonely.
You know what's really awful?
Being a faggot.
- I'm not a fag.
- I know.
You're full of frustrations.
I've been with Laci for 33 years.
I never brought him home
for Christmas.
We used to meet in secret,
sneaking around.
I finally came out at 62.
But everybody already knew.
People say fags fuck around,
but it's straight marriages
that fall apart.
It sucks being gay.
Let's drink to that.
The latest report is that 23 died
in the explosion.
That number is hire/y to rise,
With 73 in critical condition,
according to emergency services.
The perpetrators haven '2 been
identied yet,
but police are convinced
it Was a terrorist attack.
Two Arab men have been identied,
running towards the metro.
| just need a second.
I'm looking for that kid
from the camp.
He disappeared during the explosion.
Did you see him among the injured?
There were so many.
- He had a tattoo. Half a violin.
- What?
A tattoo. Half a violin.
I'll pay you well.
- I gotta go.
- Listen!
- I never spoke to you. Thanks.
- OK.
Good evening.
- I know I shouldn't be here.
- That's right.
Laszlo was right.
- This boy...
- I don't want to know.
Please, let me in.
l have no place to stay.
Yes .7
Gabor Stern.
If you don't want to see me,
I'll leave.
What brings you here?
I remember our last meeting took place
under upsetting circumstances.
So I dropped by to tell you
what's on my mind.
- Come in.
- Your daughter won't appreciate it.
Maybe not. Come in anyway.
l have nearly all of it.
Please withdraw your civil suit.
I hope you're not asking us
to plead on your behalf.
- Plead on my behalf?
- Yes.
To get your job back.
Is that what you had in mind?
| just want my life back.
May I say the word "God"?
I hope hearing His name
won't upset you.
The question is:
What does God have in store for you,
apart from pity?
To be honest,
once you reach a certain age,
you're too old
to think about morals.
The way I see it:
l was punished because of
what happened on the operating table.
Do you think God wishes for me
to spend my life in disgrace?
Don't ask me. Ask God.
Please take your money.
And leave my home.
One more thing and I'll go.
Everything could have been different.
What do you mean?
Sometimes just one small detail
makes us see things differently.
I wanted to help, but I made
the biggest mistake of my life.
I sincerely apologise
for what you went through.
- Please forgive me if you can.
- Well...
I never thought
the moment would come.
You have a nice family.
l have nobody.
The rise and fall of Doctor Stern.
We all learn from our failings.
I'll show you out.
- lstvan!
- Hello. We found a match.
A man with a violin tattoo.
- Let's meet at the morgue.
- I'll be there.
Is that what you're looking for?
- That's him.
- Right.
His belongings.
We're done.
My condolences.
I saw the angel.
I saw the angel. I saw the angel...
We nowhave photos
of the two Arab suspects,
one of whom died on site.
The younger terrorist
is st/7/ at large.
Surve/7/ance videos showhim unhun.
Police presume they came
into the country as refugees.
Their names are Mouhrad
and Aryan Dashni.
Police st/l/ don 't know
how they escaped from the camp,
nor ifthere were
any Hungarian accomplices.
One moment.
- What are you up to?
- Can we stay here?
- Are you mad? You're wanted.
- Do you believe them or me?
- I don't know what you're up to.
- Look.
I'm a doctor living up to my oath.
Did you give them the money?
- Did you give them the money?
- They wouldn't accept it.
Laszlo Sapi. Hello?
I am Vera Fenyvesi.
- You heard from the doctor?
- They're here.
Hold them there, I'm on my way.
| ' | | hold them.
- I'm in a car, not faraway
- OK.
Don 't panic.
- Restricted access.
- I'm with the police.
Close everything off.
No one enters or leaves!
Fucking hell!
Stop, Stern!
Stern, where the hell are you going?
Fuck! Fuck!
There's Room 769,
but it hasn't been cleaned yet.
Give it to them.
I'll ask him.
OK, lstvan.
I will be there. Thanks.
No! Give it to me!
This is a private party.
This young prince
is the sponsor of the party.
No problem! Bless you!
- I live here.
- Step aside!
Hey, lstvan.
Thanks for your help.
Take this, for you.
Give it to my friend.
- What?
- Sorry.
Get in.
- Thanks for that.
- Don't mention it.
It's for your own good.
How did you find me?
Your colleagues.
They never liked you much.
I wonder why.
You look down on people.
When they deserve it, like now.
Tell me where he is.
All this just for a refugee.
What are you thinking, Laszlo?
Can he really fly, or can't he?
Does he fly? Or doesn't he?
- Doctor, don't fuck with me.
- You shot him and now he flies?
Did you shoot an angel?
Shut up,
or I'll blow your fucking head off!
Shut up!
Shut up!
You're afraid of God, aren't you?
It's nice to feel
that He watches over you,
but does he really care?
Shut up.
I've been thinking lately that God's
the greatest idea that Man has ever had.
You could be right.
It's really fascinating
how your great idea is a God
who punishes you.
Tell me where.
Where do we go?
Hotel Budapest.
Come along.
Go on.
- I'll take him.
- I'm going with you.
Let's go.
- I'm on my way down.
- Copy.
All clear on Floor 7.
Get up! Up!
Stern, put down the gun!
You've gone too far!
Drop the gun, or I'll kill him!
Get over here!
Hold your fire!
Come, come!
Mama, mama!
Don't shoot! I'm with a kid!
Drop it!