Jurassic Attack (2013) Movie Script

Still no?
We are approaching, I can feel it.
is 16 mil from the nearest village.
way we approach is less
fuel and to go back.
I do not understand.
According Warekena-scriptures,
it should be here.
to be here.
How much fuel is
left before we have to turn / i
We can dedicate the rest of our lives to look
in this jungle...
- and did not find anything except
spider monkeys and malaria.
Some things might be
best if they are lost.
Just turbulence.
Nothing to worry about.
propeller spins bad. Hold on.
Bob. Bob!
Okay, I will...
I'll just take a look.
I do not think we are alone.
Bob, we need here.
Give me a moment.
Bob, do not move!
Bob, do not do it!
Sir, HALO jump team is about to rise.
Put me.
- Hello.
- What is it?
satellite has located
rebel base... / i
- and they are controlled by no less than
Gustavo Marquez. / i
You know what sick bastard he is, so
I will not go into details... / i
- and he has a lot
some men on the ground... / i
- and heavy weapons. So do not be
undetected. / I
addition, we have no permission from
Val Verde government to be in the country... / i
If the mission fails... / i
- you will have to go through
Amazon without a boat and oars... / i
It just gets better and better.
Do you have anxiety to
your shorts to get wet, Tank?
- Not if you pull my trigger.
- Enough.
your primary goal... / i
is biochemist Dr. Ibanez Angeles. / I
She was kidnapped a few months ago on a
biovapenkonferens. / I
info says that Marquez
forces her to develop... / i
- a hybrid biochemical
weapons for rockets. / i
What type of chemicals?
We do not know before we reach camp.
Fortunately, we have one on the inside
recent years... / i
He has worked himself up and
Marquez got confidence... / i
- by giving him information and
sell weapons. He will help you. / I
If all goes according to plan
, destroying the missile... / i
- take down Marquez, rescues
girl and get you home safely. / i
If you fail, I have orders
to smooth the entire area with the ground. / i
I'm talking about bombing down
whole place. Is that clear? / I
hear all that?
Woman's mission.
- Yes, boss.
- Good.
You know what to do. Get the job done
, or die in the attempt. / I
Colonel Carter, over and out. / I
jumps on five minutes.
girl mission?
We've chased Marquez for years.
I know how much you
want to catch the bastard.
Should I be worried?
manager, your mission is to rescue
Yes, sir.
You must be joking.
There he is. That's our man.
Four green rebels.
Three green rebels.
Two green rebels.
And then it was just...
-one left.
I'll get you out of here.
He was right about one thing:
It's time to work, honey.
Take cover!
Thank you
Yes. You owe me a favor.
I owe you all night long.
Really? I thought you were
Status Steakleys troops?
They are under heavy attack.
much to go undetected.
Have they found the girl?
unclear, but we may have
a bigger problem, Colonel.
Have they fired the missile?
Negative, but it seems to be detonated.
Chemical weapon may have leaked.
Good God. If it is true,
we must burn the whole region.
- Not before my men are out.
- They are probably already infected.
You can not know that.
Is that a risk you're willing to take?
Yeah, it's fucking a risk I take.
Nothing happens until
my men are from the area.
They make the proper
good job, right?
Put the gun down, or you will die.
It was a while ago.
I knew we'd meet again.
- Can you walk?
- Yes, thank you.
thank me when we come here.
turn on the radio, Sergeant, we go.
- Are you okay?
- Hello Zero, This is 6-1.
Mission accomplished. Mission accomplished.
Need immediate evacuation from here. / I
I have contact.
- Hold position, Sergeant.
- We have some ammo, boss.
Aim for good then.
- Send helicopters, bring them home.
- Coordinates for the landing zone?
Colonel! You can not send more troops
into an infected area.
Landa him there.
Headquarters here.
Evacuation Location 11-3-1.
How far is it?
- 4 km.
- 4 km, so fuck them. Give me the radio.
Zero, this is Six Actual.
- I ask for evacuation at this position.
- For dangerous.
headquarters here.
Negatively your position is critical.
Take down the bird immediately
to that position. Over and out.
He broke the connection.
Okay. Send the helicopter and take them.
When this chemical is released...
-it will be your funeral, Colonel.
Let's go.
Make them ready!
Into helicopter. Hurry!
That's what I call a real grisigt area.
Our secret agent then?
He did not.
What's so funny?
I've waited two years for
to cut his throat...
to see how he's bleeding like a pig.
- Your sick bastard...
- Sergeant, let it be.
I know what we should do...
We would take him at 1 mile altitude
and let him go without a parachute.
Three minutes minus 45 degrees, and
without oxygen following decompression.
If he is not dead when he hits
hill, he would wish he was ..
- It would make him stop grinning.
- Go ahead!
He gets what he deserves.
- Incoming!
- Prepare reunion!
Mayday! Mayday. We are met. / I
We're hit and crashes. / I
Mayday! / I
Was it... What happened?
Where the hell did they go?
has crashed and burned, Colonel.
Like the rest of the operation.
They are away from the radar, sir.
Lost contact.
- Not even tracking device works.
- Helicopters disappear just not.
- Find them.
- I'm on it, sir.
Are you okay?
Where is Marquez? Where is he?
Calm down, I'm with you.
Oh, yes...
Okay, okay. Let
try to put you up.
Okay, let's try again. Now.
Get all the wreckage and take the girl.
- You pass the command.
- That's right.
All out. The helicopter is
unstable, everyone goes out.
- Come on, let's go.
- You heard the boss.
Corporal, using Felix.
Felix is ??dead, boss.
Hudson and Dillinger must have fallen out.
Listen, I think it's
smoke from the helicopter.
I try to get help.
- Hurry up.
- I'll be back. Stop here.
- Edwards and Nuemeir?
- They are dead.
So we do not fly away?
What was the first clue?
You must be kidding me.
Rico, Flores, Check the local area.
Sarge, look for two-way radios.
Sergeant! I need you here.
So we are looking for
survivors. Go for it. Sure.
- Kill me. Kill me.
- Do you want to die? Do you want to die?
- I'll take you with me.
- You get me nowhere.
You get me nowhere!
I said, go!
- I think we should get out of here
- The sooner the better. Go.
I have to call my superiors in
Washington and clarify the situation.
situation is under control.
control, Colonel?
Your team is gone.
You do not even know if they were successful.
We only know the chemicals are released.
We do not know. The chemical
could have been destroyed in the explosion.
No. I will be forced
produce hammer.
What the hell does that mean?
That means I have to organize...
a massive tactical attack on the area.
It's time to let it rain
and get away from Marquez map.
It's not your decision, but my
. This is my mission.
Colonel, all you have...
- is a huge miss and one
summons to court-martial.
But do not worry, I will
only say good things about you.
I will give Steakley more time.
Every second you delay,
puts millions of lives at stake.
is several mil from
nearest town and village.
You may not 48 hours.
You get 24 hours.
And not a minute more.
weapon discharged, is
there blood on your hands.
And your little martial...
becomes the least of your worries.
Hey, Zero. Hey, Zero.
This is 1-6-3. Over.
Hey, Zero...
Felix Edwards and Nuemeir are dead.
Hudson and Dillinger missing.
Rico and Flores came back
without anything other than marks.
They got what they deserve.
- Potter then?
- He survives.
Sit down.
someone to kill him, it's me.
Keep an eye on your knife.
How's the radio link, Sergeant?
satellite phone is
gone, the radio just roars.
nothing in this dense jungle.
Continue attempts.
- You guard him.
- With pleasure.
What is the situation, boss?
We landed about 4, 5 km from the village...
giving us this radius.
Should we just hide
and wait for download?
We should not even be here.
They send no rescue unit.
With luck, maybe it will
helicopter or drone...
who can look down through the trees here...
We have no
air support, no radio ..
- And the nearest vehicle is
nearly 16 mil away in the village...
Yes, Angeles?
Captain Steakley, you
an explanation for this?
Most species here are unknown...
and the air is thicker.
not know about you, but I
have never experienced anything like that.
And what makes you an environmental expert?
I'm a biochemist.
You're not buying this, boss?
It does not matter, Tank. We will not stay
long enough to find out. The manager?
- We go in five minutes.
- Yes, sir.
Is a rocket launcher the most important
you could carry with you?
Do you think we come
on a tank in the jungle?
It is better to carry around
it and not need it...
than to need it and not have it.
- I told my ex-boyfriend.
- It gives him something to think about.
God. What do you think?
Maybe a gorilla?
Whoever did this,
has two feet, three claws...
and is fast.
- Maybe he killed them.
- With handcuffed and unarmed, right?
Maybe it was his men.
He knows more than he says.
What do you think Marquez?
- Got something to say?
- Yes.
Only you and your men will die.
And I will
enjoy every moment.
Let's go.
Do you think my men
let you take me, just like that?
course not.
That's why I will kill them all.
We'll see.
Marquez will pay
for what he did to you.
When I first met this
man, he fascinated me...
passion he
fought for their beliefs.
missile is why
why they kidnapped you, right?
wanted me to
create an airborne virus.
missile was the only means of transport.
I told them that I'd rather die...
The problem was that they
not let me do it.
Haldeman... Sarah.
Captain Steakley and Marquez
have known each other a long time, right?
Yes, you could say.
why we could not get
reception. We're too low down.
- Yes, but it will be uphill.
- Where?
Where is Potter?
It can not be true.
Who saw him last?
fan. Potter, sign up!
You know, he can not speak.
oh well.
Steakley which squad you have here.
Something chasing us. We must continue
go and we can not turn back.
He knows the job. Let's go.
- Give me the radio
- Where are you?
I will try to receive a signal.
Sir, be careful.
It is our only radio.
Zero, this is Halo 6 Actual.
Come. Over.
headquarters. This
is Captain John Steakley...
the surgery lens command.
Here Team6-0-7.
Come. Over.
No reception there, boss?
Gather the team quickly and quietly.
We are not alone.
Rico, Flores,
go back and find out what follows us.
- Make it quiet.
- Yes, sir.
You were right about this place.
What did you see up there
that scared you, boss?
I do not know.
Can you be more vague, please?
Someone followed me
trees and had an eye on me.
panther? They are located in this area.
It did not look like
a cat, more like a...
a small lizard scared you, boss?
That's not all. The water... did not
normal, and tasted weird...
It smelled different,
and burned the skin.
I have a theory, but
you will not like it.
I do not like it before...
But I want to hear it.
A few years ago, paleontologists found
a large crater in the rainforest...
with a diameter of almost 10 mil.
Come on, how can something so big
go unnoticed?
It was overgrown and
can not be seen from the air.
There are over 160,930 square miles
unexplored rainforest in South America.
incredible is not it.
crater was not the discovery...
- but there were creatures that lived
there in almost 50 million years...
Cut off from the rest of the world.
completely isolated ecosystems.
plants were different,
just like water.
So you think we're in a
old, unexplored crater?
"The Lost World".
- As the movie?
- By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
It's a book about people on
an expedition to South America.
find a plateau where
still dinosaurs.
Then it's like the movie, then?
I do not think we need
worry about dinosaurs.
But there are dangers.
I think we have only scratched the surface
of what we found here.
All is well and good
so far, but how do we get out?
can continue for 16
mil in all directions.
- We follow the stream.
- What power?
flowing westward. We go
back and look for it.
- It must lead somewhere, right?
- Yes, makes sense.
Okay. We rest a little now.
We go on line.
If something moves, shoot it.
I hate jungle.
- Did you hear something?
- Straight ahead, 6-7 meters.
- Is that what took Potter?
- I think he wants to fool us.
Whatever we hunt, it's more than one.
I doubt that we are hunters.
Tank, stay with the woman.
You two come with me.
- Not again.
- Hold yourself together, Sergeant.
Half the squad is dead, it is
an appropriate time for panic.
What do you think?
What do we do next?
I think we are going to hunt.
- Do something?
- It's like the jungle swallowed them.
- It is teeming with predators. Find them.
- Yes, sir.
- The time is almost over, Colonel.
- Steakley and his team makes contact.
Keep your word, do not rush. My
men will return home alive.
I hope so, for
both your and their sake.
Something is not correct here.
Have not felt right since we got here.
What the hell was that?
It was like hell.
It's impossible.
Hey, Doc. Did not you say
there were dinosaurs?
- It was just a theory.
- It was a lousy theory.
Are these even the crater in Brazil?
- Hey, boss.
- What?
I see in syne, or is it
someone who feeds dinosaurs?
Give me that.
- Is it Potter?
- It does not look like him.
- Wait here.
- Where are you?
I'll talk a little bit.
Good morning.
Do you have time?
Stop. Stop.
Take your things and come with me.
- You are a terrorist.
- I told you to come with me.
No. Go away.
manager, what happens down there? / I
Are you crazy?
You could have killed it.
- That was the plan.
- It is thanks to them that you are alive.
- Come on.
- Release.
Okay. Quick, look at this.
Triceratops. It
only protect their offspring.
No, that's incredible.
manager has problems. Take this,
you will need it. Sarge!
- Come with me.
- Yes, boss.
- Sergeant, remove this nut case.
- Go.
- Do not shoot.
- Go!
Look at him.
- We do not have time for this, we need to go.
- Follow me!
- Where is Marquez?
- No idea.
Come on!
The bigger they are...
- Where did you learn to shoot like that?
- My father.
Let's go.
Come, now we are.
Come, come.
Look where you are going.
welcome. Down here.
I had not had time to clean.
Beware of piranhas.
No, do not worry.
We are safe here.
What is this place?
Do you live here?
Yes, in about five years.
But I'm busy, so I
might have lost one year or so.
Have you stayed alone in the cave for 5 years?
not alone. I am never alone.
I met some friends
and even some enemies.
Including that one.
Who is this?
Let it be.
This is my friend and...
colleague Mr. Driscoll.
We discovered the crater together.
Unfortunately he died the day we got here.
Have you ever tried to get out?
I tried. I have long been looking
for a suitable way out of here.
And then I found this cave.
gives me protection from everything out there.
And this is the only source
to fresh water in the area.
I have accepted my fate.
This is exactly where I belong.
Where I belong.
So, who are you?
Professor Malcolm Roxton.
Rather, ex-professor.
Comparative Anatomy of
and evolutionary biology.
I'm honored.
I have read all about your
phylogenetic systematics.
- Your discoveries are fascinating.
- Thanks.
You understand that there is a
blessing to be here.
I know more about prehistoric
biology than any other.
You have certainly been through a lot.
But we have urgent questions about the location.
Well, dear students...
Those are dinosaurs.
After about 65 million years
of evolutionary adaptation...
and natural selection.
Just as I thought.
We are in a crater
with an isolated ecosystem.
- But if nothing comes out, so...
- A +.
Does that mean we can not get out?
I said I stopped watching. I told
not think there is no way out.
I have spent nearly a decade
by creating a map of the crater.
Where are we?
We follow the stream to an output.
Not a bad plan, but
there is a problem.
- What kind of problems?
- Jo...
river runs down and stops here.
Death Valley.
- "Death Valley"?
- Literally.
You do not want to go there.
Why? What's so big and dangerous that?
- A T-Rex to?
- Much worse.
Much worse. Much worse.
- But there is a way out?
- Yes, I'm pretty sure.
Okay. Then we take that route.
If we come across any problems...
we shoot ourselves out.
This is the last untouched
ecosystems on earth.
I can not see when you destroy it.
We shoot idiot and leave.
It's not our style.
Professor, I should have
your pets in mind...
- but they will be in my people
road, shoot them down.
With this logic, I can not say.
Captain, I know we have
our differences.
And I've already thanked you.
But honestly, I do not
that I can thank you enough...
to give me back my life.
It remains to be seen.
What exactly
between you and Marquez?
It's simple, Marquez
is a sadistic dictator.
He is ruthless. He would kill half of
his country's population to get the other half.
But you've probably
already on it.
My job was simple, fast
him out and get him.
But in the end it was
it is anything but easy.
I was 2 years after the
time and everything started to degenerate.
He killed his own people.
First, only men, then women.
And then the kids.
In every village I visited
I found a dead child.
then two, then three.
My failure
cost too many lives.
This is my last chance
to bring him to justice.
fail me this time, I am
away from the mission and Marquez is free.
You can not let him get away.
manager, you have to leave the mission.
I can not but Marquez.
Although he is here,
you will never find him.
And what happens if you find him?
I get the professor to lead me
the valley of death, just as you...
I do not plan to
stay here for 15 years.
let us help you. There are
no need to split.
Successfully complete the mission and win the girl.
Stops you mission,
you risk a court martial.
Let them try. That's an order.
He does not have all the horses at home.
Funny that it comes from a
guy living with dinosaurs.
Is it just me or seems
this be a bad way to go?
He's right. If something happens
out here, we have no edge protection.
Gentlemen... and ladies, these
riverbeds is the only way out.
Here we encounter not so great. Not
until we come to the valley of death.
- How far is it?
- The notice you.
Trust me.
Should you use knife?
Let's see if you still
have a spark of honor.
Want more?
- Want more?
- What do you think?
- The manager has probably found Marquez.
- Or has someone found them.
I need more ammo!
Hit with the new magazine!
You saved my life, Marquez.
But it does not change anything.
Not for a second...
- A gift for you, Marquez.
- They need me.
I do this for my men.
They take care of you later.
- Professor, how far is it?
- We are on the right track.
Safe? Because I think
we walk in circles.
Trust me. Captain, I want
get you out of here as soon as possible.
You do not belong here.
you understand.
Before you came, everything was harmonious.
you is chaos.
Your presence means death and destruction
for these wonderful animals.
Wonderful animals, who want
make us a buffet?
Maybe... He deserved perhaps death.
You really have humor.
Where are you?
toilet. If
is your captain allowed.
Go ahead, Professor.
There is something impressive place.
With the right resources and tools
can learn.
- You're kidding.
- This place has evolutionary advantages.
It is as if we have made a journey.
- What?
- It was a metaphor.
- It's not a metaphor.
- We will never feel like this again.
- Yes, we are dead.
- Yes.
Think rationally.
Sure, it can be fatal.
But this crater is
an incredible discovery.
We are in a place
that no one has seen before.
- Except for the mad professor.
- Yes, except him.
And where is he? The Professor!
Chief, can you hear it?
Be ready.
What ......
What happened?
- What happened?
- Shut up.
- But...
- I said, shut up!
I lost a man due
one of your harmless dinosaurs.
Well, to be fair: This
is their country and we are intruders.
If you say another word, I
put a bullet in your head.
I'm sorry for your loss
. Really.
But these craters...
this lost world...
- is perhaps the last
place where these animals live.
- I just want to protect it.
- You will not be with us, right?
No, ma'am.
- You're not serious.
- This is ridiculous.
The world is your home.
I do not belong there anymore. I...
- My home is here.
- But, Malcolm...
You can return with
equipment, assistants.
What are you laughing at?
- What are you laughing at?
- To you.
Your capitalist think you own the world.
you think you own everything you see...
It's disgusting.
This man wants to protect his home.
you and your government, your company...
He knows that this place
will never be the same...
if the world finds out about it.
Where is the crime of protecting his home?
I condemn him.
I respect him.
Boss, I'm not taking a sermon
of this madman and child killer.
Give me the map.
Give me the map.
You knew Triceratops that were here.
He would lead us to death.
May I take him at once?
You said death valley
is the only way out.
That's right, it's the road.
We do not need him. We map.
- He will.
- Are you serious?
Maybe we could use you yet.
Take stuff. We move on.
- Thanks.
- For what?
give them someone to hate more than me.
valley is probably behind the rocks.
It will be dark soon
. Should not we camp?
Can I get water?
Can I get water?
Do you think the fat ugly
rhino follow us?
It has a brain
the size of a tennis ball.
So it has probably forgotten
us as soon as we left the valley.
They have to look for.
They have followed you,
probably since you came.
Either way, they attack only
as long as they have the upper hand.
So you are safe. Do not worry.
your team handled things
lately, I think we should worry us.
Enough Q & A, No, we move on.
Let's go.
We go over.
Welcome to Death Valley.
- Damn.
- The professor was not joking.
- What about ammunition?
- Well...
We have half a dozen grenades...
Some flash bangs and
than ten cartridge belts.
It's not enough.
You forgot something.
have included rocket launcher
seems like a good idea.
How valley lead us from here?
Even if we get past the dinosaurs.
If we take up the
hill, we can probably get signal.
"About" and "probably" are two words I
love to hear during a debriefing.
Should we fight these dinosaurs
we will need all the ammunition.
Captain... Chief, you said
you would not hurt them.
no longer applies, because
you got my Seargent killed.
Okay, so you mean that you want
blast a path from here to there...
- And hope for the best.
- That's the plan.
Okay, okay. That's it.
I can not be a
part of this massacre.
It contradicts everything I work for.
So why do I say goodbye
ladies and gentlemen.
I guarantee you, Professor,
They are with me to the end.
This is crazy.
When we crossed the valley,
you can go back to your cave.
Until: Welcome to the war.
These animals are the most dangerous
predators on earth...
during the last 65 million years.
How did you expect
you survive that?
With the help of modern military technology.
And go!
I know we never really
- See where you shoot
- There was so little.
- Tank, you've run out of ammo?
- Everything is finished.
Fort, we are approaching.
Colonel, time runs out.
Steakley still alive. I know that.
For his sake, I hope not.
This is Grimaldi.
Gives orders to strike.
Destroy the jungle. Now.
manager, use the radio
to summon help.
Give me all your weapons.
Gun too.
Tank, the you may need. Hurry now!
- What is he doing?
- He saves us.
Captain... / i
I have them.
You are back on the radar.
Hey, Grimaldi? They live.
Avbls attack.
I'm sorry. It's too late.
No, it is not.
Air handset. At once.
Avbls it.
You really want to
war right, right, sir?
talk and avbls attack.
Do it! Make the call.
Well, do you want to play this game...
so we play your game.
Cancel the order.
I repeat:
Cancel attack.
When this is over,
Colonel, you're out.
- Have you found them yet?
- Positive.
Okay. We will send a helicopter
and home ina men safe.
Yes, sir.
You do not know if they have the girl.
It does not matter. My
mission now is to bring home my team.
They are all replaceable, Colonel.
are we all.
out of my bass.
What a crappy boot.
Helicopter on its way.
Haldeman here. Understood. Over.
Do you think you are here?
Come on ladies, for me.
Come. Come on.
Take the gun, boss.
I'd used it.
Let's go. Come.
Come Marquez. Go!
Come, we must go!
Okay, lift!
Go! Go!
How do we explain it?
we do not.