Jurassic City (2015) Movie Script

M1 Command Center-Los Angeles
Patrol four.
Heading into the holding pen.
This is patrol four. I have uh
- visual breach on unit 103.
- Sir?
What do the monitors show?
The camera feed is offline.
We need visual confirmation.
There's no margin for error here.
Yes, sir.
Can you verify that the cell is empty?
Stand by.
Cell is empty.
- Stand by.
- Copy that.
Do we have a problem here?
Get Talbot down here ASAP. Now!
Stand your ground.
Back up is en route.
It's all for show.
Don't worry we've all gone through this.
Soon, we'll be sisters.
As you know this is pledge week
and these pathetic losers
are what's left of the even more
pathetic losers who rushed
our hallowed sorority,
Tau Omega Sigma.
We are the beginning and the end.
The beginning and the end.
These girls are the last three,
but to be one of us they
have to go through a final trial.
Are you stupid bitches
or are you TOS wolves?
It's time for the wrestling match.
Grease those pigs up!
Can't hear you!
The rules of the game are simple.
The first girl to get dunked loses.
May the best girl win!
Take her down!
Hey! There's cops outside!
Where are you guys going?
Wait. We're not done here.
How dare the cops
intrude on our little soiree.
You just destroyed
and five million dollar investment.
And I would do it again if I had to.
Right answer.
There's a convoy.
Three more investments
are on their way here.
I need you to divert it.
While we assess our situation.
This whole facility
has been compromised.
Contact me when you get there.
I'll have more information for you.
Yes, sir.
- Can I help you, officers?
- We've had noise complaints.
Well, it's a party.
There's bound to be a little noise.
A little noise is okay. A lot is not.
Looks like there is alcohol
on the premises.
- Is everyone here over the age of 21?
- Gimmie a light.
Of course. We don't condone
underage drinking, officers.
Sure you don't. How old are you?
I'm 21.
How about you showing me
your drivers license.
Let's go.
You stay right there.
Time to go.
There they are.
Pull along side.
- Who's in charge here?
- I am, sir. Corporal Barnes.
- Corporal, do you know who I am?
- Sir, yes sir. Captain Talbot, sir.
There's been a change of plans.
Yes, sir.
Sir, I'm with the shipment.
Good. The closest safe location
has been determined to be here
the Elkwood detention facility.
It has a large underground garage
and it's run by a man
we can count on to be discrete.
I'll put a call into him.
You take the vehicles
over there and park.
I'll be in touch. LaFranco out.
Everything okay, boss?
Yeah, let's hope so.
Corporal Barnes
I need you to follow us.
Move it!
Where the hell is my car?
Right there.
Oh crap, quick!
Hurry! Come on!
Are you sure?
Frenemies don't let frenemies
get behind the wheel.
I said - are you okay to drive?
Jeeze. Yell much? Yeah,
I'm okay. Get your ass in the car.
Please, Pippi. Come on.
Come on!
Are you bitches ready to have fun?
Stay here.
Let's go now.
- Did I do that?
- Yeah, you did that.
Elkwood Detention Facility-Los Angeles
Warden Lewis.
Yes, sir.
I see.
I understand.
Every courtesy will be extended.
Yes, sir.
- Armstrong?
- Yes, sir.
We'll be having some guests.
Can you notify the front gate?
Right away, sir.
I'm here in front of the home where
Mr. MacMoran is currently being held -
after a major manhunt
that lasted several weeks. -
It is almost ten years to the day
when Mr. MacMoran had
committed the rape and murder
of almost half a dozen nurses
at a prominent assisted living facility.
At this hour it is not known
where Mr. MacMoran will be taken -
other than his reign of terror
is officially over. -
Well, well, well.
If it isn't the infamous Doyle MacMoran.
I guess if I was a young girl I'd be
quaking in my little bunny
slippers right about now.
But I'm not.
I'm a man.
I'm a grown man.
I guess you don't mess
with grown men too much, do you?
Too much of a challenge.
Ah, Doyle.
You know there's a lot
of families out there
that would rest easier
if you would just cooperate.
Might even take the death
penalty right off the table.
Think about it. Death. Life.
Life in prison ain't that bad.
Gives you lots of time
to reflect on what you've done.
Hell, write a book I don't care.
All you have to do
is tell us where the bodies are buried.
You ask me for a favor
yet you can't even use the magic word.
The magic...?
You think I'm going to say please
and thank you to you, dirtbag?
You got another thing coming. You...
A good mother teaches every young
gentleman proper manners.
Your momma was no lady I see.
What about you, Doyle? Hmm?
Your momma teach you that?
Or was she too busy with one of your many
I don't remember much about my momma.
Aside from bludgeoning her
in her bed when I was nine.
So why don't you just put me in the chair
and fry me up real good
because I ain't going
to tell you a damn thing.
Unless, of course,
you use the magic word.
I guess we'll just have
to figure out another
way to loosen your tongue.
Tell Lewis I'll be back tomorrow.
Put that scumbag in
the smallest cell you've got.
You've got it, sir.
Can I help you?
Please inform
Warden Lewis that we are here.
And we are?
This is Stevens at the gate.
We have visitors.
Let them through.
Warden gave the go ahead.
I understand.
Just head towards your left.
Check it out.
Hey, ladies.
A pretty girl is like a melody
that haunts you night and day.
Turn around and shut up.
I don't care what he says.
I think you've got a beautiful voice.
Oh, you sweet man.
- Just like the strain of a happy refrain -
- Move it.
She'll come upon like a marathon
- and dance through your brain.
- Let's go.
Alright, ladies. Follow me.
Oh my god, it smells like pee.
You like that?
Hey, cutie.
- I'm talking to you.
- Yeah, and your breath really stinks.
You sure it's not your upper lip?
At least I don't need to wax the 'stash.
Inside please. Inside.
Let go. Let go of me.
Step inside.
No. No, no. Thank you. Let go.
Thank you.
Look, are you causing trouble?
Because I really hate trouble.
I'm not causing any trouble.
No, no trouble here.
In fact, we're all just getting
to be really, really good pals.
Where's the trouble?
It's my favorite place to be.
Boom, Boom, Boom.
Oh, whatever.
Get off.
Leave her alone.
Oh yeah? Make me, pipsqueak.
Oh my god.
You feel so good.
Like a million little bunny rabbits.
- Yeah? You're a little bunny rabbit.
- You think so?
- Yes.
- I love bunny rabbits.
- Do you?
- Yes!
- Lets talk about bunny rabbits.
- OK!
- Do you have a fuzzy little tail?
- Sometimes, yeah.
Speaking of fuzzy little tails
have you met my friend?
I could have taken her.
Sure you could have.
I shouldn't even be here.
None of us should.
We didn't even do anything aside
from being in the car.
You're either a passenger or a driver.
Me? I prefer being behind the wheel.
Watch it!
There's hardly any room.
Well, be more careful.
I know you're all wondering
what's going on.
Truth is... I'm not sure.
So, we stay put for now.
I want you to temporarily disable
the security cameras and gear up.
We may be guests,
but we can't let anyone
interfere with our mission.
- Understood?
Let's get to work then. File out.
Ignacio, come with me.
Looking good.
I presume you know what this is for.
If something happens.
Like the loss of cargo
then we are to... Boom.
Destroy all evidence including the trucks.
I need to make a call to the man.
Hold tight until I get back.
Damn it.
You're kidding.
Do nothing. For now.
What else could possibly go wrong?
Sergeant, tonight we find ourselves
between a rock and a hard place.
I don't understand.
And that's a beautiful thing, trust me.
Besides this idiot we have some
other new friends under our roof tonight.
No less dangerous however.
I need you to send your best man
down below.
And he's to report only.
Do not engage.
Keep this in our circle of trust.
Are guests are connected at levels way
beyond our pay grade so tread lightly.
Yes, sir. I'll send Cooper down.
The cargo is secure, sir.
Good. Very good.
Unfortunately, we've had another breach. -
I don't know the extent of it yet, -
but as you're aware the smallest
of the small can be catastrophic. -
Talbot, I need you again.
Get some of your men together.
You're going hunting. -
You're in charge while I'm gone.
Something is out there that shouldn't be.
You know what to do
if worse comes to worse.
See you soon.
Hey, mom.
We're gonna get in the Jacuzzi.
Okay, baby. Don't stay too long.
You'll shrivel up like prunes.
- Feels so good.
- Yeah, it's great.
Does your mom know that-
Boys are coming over later!
She would have to be sober for
at least minute to even notice.
She's going be passed
out in twenty. You'll see.
You're so lucky.
I wish my mom was like that.
She's all up in my grill 24/7.
Really? I'm lucky?
Yeah, you are.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Oh, so lucky.
- Did you hear that?
- Yeah, what was that?
I don't know.
This ain't nothing, pretty boy.
This is just a slight detour
before you get dropped in a big,
black hole for the rest of your life.
You ever wonder
what hell on Earth is like?
Not interested?
Only in getting out of here.
You don't seem like the rah-rah type.
You finally noticed that, did you?
Sarcasm is my natural default.
You think?
I thought if I pushed myself
into doing something
from what I know then
maybe I'd grow as a person.
Yeah, I hear jail is good for that.
Evening, ladies.
Isn't that the guy that killed all
those chicks about ten years ago?
Put them up.
I don't know.
Sort of looks like my cousin Bob.
Now there was a guy who could drink.
He was good people though.
Keep heading on the five
until you get to the two.
Copy that, sir.
You and you. Position yourself
by the prison entrance.
You sure those things can't escape?
It's reinforced steel.
No way they can get out.
They're tough,
but they ain't that tough. Let's go.
the Hummer has left the grounds,
but there are four men left.
Fully armed with automatic weapons.
Sir, our guests seem to be heavily armed.
The count is four individuals.
Sergeant I want you to talk to them,
but go slow.
Assess the situation and report back to me.
I'll call you back after I've made contact.
Cooper, come with me.
Woah, woah, woah.
Lower your weapons.
Gentlemen, this is our house
and you are our guests.
Sorry, sir. We cannot allow you to pass.
Okay, can I speak to
whoever is in charge then.
Can I help you?
I'm Sergeant Armstrong.
Warden Lewis sent me here to make sure
that you were being taken care of.
Well, you can tell the Warden that
we really appreciate his hospitality,
but we don't need anything at the moment.
Oh. Well, I'm glad.
And may I ask whom I'm speaking to.
Corporal Ignacio. Department of Internal
- Homeland Security.
Internal-Homeland Security?
What is this? Some kind of joke?
I don't want to appear rude,
but we are really going to need you
to leave this immediate area.
Okay, what exactly is in that truck?
That's a need to know situation, sir.
You need to get back inside.
Come with me. Come on! Let's go!
Cooper, I want you to go to Warden Lewis
and tell him exactly what's going on.
I'm going to check this out myself, okay?
Yes, sir.
You see one of those things
you don't hesitate to shoot it.
What are you carrying
in these vehicles, Corporal?
Is that an explosive device in our jail?
Do you know what that
would do down here?
Step away. Step away!
We need to call Talbot!
What is going on? I heard gunfire.
The cargo trucks...
there's something inside of them.
What do you mean? Inside.
I can't even say.
It's some kind of animal.
Code red. Code red.
I want a full assembly.
Lock down C Block!
Stun batons aren't
going to be enough, sir.
We're going to need
something more powerful.
Do I have to remind you we're in a
correction facility full of criminals?
We're not allowed anything more powerful.
Warden Lewis, come in.
We have a situation down here
I can't even begin to explain.
Oh Jesus! Come on!
Come on! Jesus please!
I don't feel so good.
Oh, gross.
She's coming down
off of whatever she was on.
Oh, great.
You don't have any idea what's going on?
None. All the cameras have been
disabled in that sector.
I'm coming down.
Get back to your post.
I need eyes on the situation.
Sir? We're assembled.
Shall we continue?
Proceed with caution.
We don't have any idea
what we're dealing with.
I'll be down in five.
Okay, men. We're going to move out.
RUN! Run, run, run, run!
Close the doors.
- Close them!
- Sir? What the hell is going on?
Is that? Is that a dinosaur?
Run! Go, go, go!
Come on, you bastard. Come on!
Go, go, go! Run, run, run! Go, go, go!
What's going on?
What the-?
No, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!
Let's go. Got to get out of here.
Shhh. Go, go, go. Come on, come on!
What the-?
Now, normally
I would say that's a pretty good thing.
Not a good thing. Not at all.
Something is wrong.
- Hi.
- Look, stay back.
Look, I'm serious!
It's for your own good.
- What about him?
- Hey, there.
Come on!
What temperature do you think
bacon gets extra crispy?
Hey! Leave him alone.
- What?
- She said leave him alone.
What's the magic word?
That's the one.
The magic word
is let's get the hell out of here.
That's more like a magic sentence,
but she probably
wouldn't know the difference.
I wouldn't go out there if I were you.
Yeah? And why not?
Let's consider our situation for a moment.
A) We just heard a bunch of people
screaming and suddenly they are silent.
B) The doors happen to open all by
themselves and the only guard was this guy.
Who looked like
he was about to piss his pants.
Does that really make+
you want to go wandering the halls?
No, not really.
What do you think is going on?
Whatever it is I say we get out of here
before anyone figures out what's going on.
No, no, no. Those are mine.
So, you're going play warden now?
You want to go? There's the door.
- Don't you think we should -
- Shut up, Sarah. Let her go if she wants.
I want to go too.
- You want to go?
- We should go.
I vote yes. We go.
Let's go. Come on.
Hey, Manny? You coming?
Nah. I'm going to stay.
What are you talking about?
We're a team. Let's go!
Bear, I appreciate that,
but I'll be all right.
I just don't move so good anymore,
you know?
Enough with the chit-chat.
Let's leave the warden with his keys
and his play things.
I'm sorry.
Enjoy your stay.
Too da loo, gals.
Bye, bye.
It's a beautiful day for a walk.
And a talk...
This is it.
We've tracked it down.
Its location is smack dab
in the middle of suburbia.
Do what you need to do.
Contain the situation. -
No matter what. Look at it this way...
it's just a test run. -
A what?
What does he mean by 'test run'?
Never mind that. You heard the man.
Come on. Let's move out.
Keep your eyes open.
Cease fire! Cease fire!
Sir, what are
we going to do about Brown?
Tag him. The clean up crew will
take care of him.
I thought we were the clean up crew.
Jones is going to stay here
and tell them what happened.
Keep your mouth shut
and your eyes open. Move!
Yes, sir.
We have to get it out of here.
It's too populated.
Wait. Lead it away? How do you know
it's going to follow us?
It's got the scent of us now.
You drive.
I'm going to blast that son
of a bitch straight back to the stone age.
Oh, god.
I can only imagine what he is
going to do to those little cherries.
What was that?
I'm really freaking out right about now.
Just keep moving.
The important thing is that we get out
of here before they realize we're loose.
Then it's just you and me.
Oh, come on. You got to have heard that.
Maybe we should go back.
No. The hell with that. We just keep -
Maybe you're right.
Come on, come on. Move. MOVE!
Oh my god. What do we do?
I vote for being a quiet as possible.
We need some kind of weapon.
I got this.
Yeah, and you already used
it on our friend here.
One cartridge. One shot.
Good job.
Yeah, well I've got this.
Has anyone tried the pay phone?
I guess I have to do everything myself.
Open the door.
Go ahead.
- No!
- Come on. Shhh.
Wait, wait!
Close the door!
Lock it!
Oh my god.
Woah! WOAH! Jesus!
Did I do it?
Oh my god. Thank you.
I swear I'd give up drinking for life.
Oh, god. Don't say that!
Hello? Is anyone there?
Can you hear me?
- Hello?
- Yes, we can hear you.
I'm Warden Lewis. I run this facility.
What's your name?
Pippi. Well,
it's very nice to meet you, Pippi.
I'm sorry it's under such
bizarre circumstances.
No kidding.
This is some kind of experiment, right?
You people drugged us
and now you're trying
to see how we react
to extreme hallucinations.
I wish I could say that was true.
There are no such thing
as dinosaurs anymore.
Gimmie that.
That was my general impression as well.
But if we're all hallucinating then
I guess we're having
the same shared experience.
I just wanted to tell you that
I'm here in the main control room
and some damage has
been done during the attack
and I'm unable to get in contact
with the outside world,
but not to worry someone will be coming
along looking for us sooner or later.
In the meantime you just hang tight.
Are you safe there where you are?
Yes. The doors are locked
and those things weren't able to get in.
Good. How many people
are there with you?
Five. Plus one of your men.
He's been... hurt.
Hurt? How? How bad?
Who is it?
Can you see the name plate?
Armstrong. He's okay.
One of the prisoners attacked
him with a taser.
That's why he's unconscious.
Okay. Okay. Well,
he should have a set of keys on him.
Yeah, we got those.
That's why they weren't able to get in.
Alright, good. You just hang tight.
Alright? I'll see what
I can do to get us out of here.
Call if anything comes up.
Oh my god. I'm going to kill
that slut for selling me bad X.
I swear I just saw dinosaurs back there.
Oh, come on. You did see a dinosaur.
What are you talking about?
Stop messing with me.
I'm not messing with you.
Would you stop pushing.
I don't feel good. I need to rest.
We have to keep moving.
If we don't we could end up as little
pieces of meat inside a dinosaur's stomach.
Do you want that?
- Okay. Just give me a second.
- We don't have a second.
Shh. Shh.
Hear that?
That's not a bad trip, okay?
That is death and it's about to knock
on our back door so please can we go now?
For god sakes will you just please
go with me now.
Okay? Walk. Walk. This way.
Come on. Please, please let's go.
Fine. You're on your own.
Pretty bunny.
So, the plan is just to sit here and
hope someone comes to our rescue?
Sounds reasonable to me.
What else can we do?
What are you doing?
What does it look like I'm doing?
I'm taking charge.
Damn it.
Damn it.
This place was built old school.
Stone foundation
is messing with the signal.
He said -
I heard what he said Sarah.
Now shut it.
What are you going to do?
Take our picture and post it online?
No, idiot.
There's still a payphone out there.
If it works we can let the warden know.
Yeah? How's that going to help?
Those are dinosaurs.
This is a prison.
I'd say we're all a little out
of our element right now.
You can go back to doing nothing
if you want to.
Sarah, come here.
I said come here.
Are you a wolf or are you a little bitch?
A wolf?
I want you to use this
to peek down the hall.
When the coast is clear
I'm going to use the phone.
Yes. You. Unlock it.
You sure you want to do this?
I think we all remember very
well what happened last time.
That's why when Sarah says the coast
is clear you're going to lock that door.
Oh, I'm going to do that am I?
Sarah, you don't have
to do everything she tells you.
Yes, she does.
There you go.
If I even see a hint of a dinosaur
I'm going to personally feed you to it.
Good job. I knew you could both do it.
Good job, idiot.
Oh, I'm sorry. I thought it was
your job to use the phone.
Come on. I just did my job.
She did hers. Now it's your turn.
Don't look at me. Go on.
How hard can it be?
I just locked the door.
Does anyone have more quarters?
We're not all as skilled as you.
Hiding quarters where the sun don't shine.
Got it.
Great. It's not even a pay phone.
Who has a credit card in a prison?
No dial tone.
It's in there. It's coming!
- Oh my god, it's coming in here. Run!
- Go, go, go!
Come on.
Oh my god.
I need more.
It's okay. It's okay.
Come on, I need more.
It's okay, it's okay.
Be careful. We need to apply pressure.
Quick! In here, in here. Come on.
Come on in.
You must be one of LaFranco's men.
- How did you know?
- This is my house.
It's my business to know.
I was ordered to let you people in here
and now a lot of good men are dead.
It would be nice to know why.
I can't tell you.
I lost men as well.
Things have gotten
really complicated. Get it?
Okay. You can't or won't tell me.
At least you can help me
rescue a few young girls.
Hello? Are you still there?
Uh. Yeah, yeah we're here,
but not for much longer.
Is this Pippi?
No, it's Sarah.
We're helping out a friend.
Please, please get here as soon as you can.
If you don't hurry I think
she's going to die.
All right just stay calm.
I think I figured out a way
to get you guys out of there.
Now, we're going to lure the creatures
out of the area and trap
them in the cell blocks.
- Trap them? How?
- Now,
I've restored the electrical system
here in the control room,
but who knows how long it will hold up.
How will we know the dinosaurs are gone?
I'll be able to see it in the monitors.
All right? Ready?
All right.
How many of those things are there?
Let's do it before I change my mind.
All right. Down the hall and to the left.
Got it.
You don't see anything
in those monitors of yours?
- Nope. Let's do it.
- Got it.
I don't want to leave you unprotected.
Just in case.
All right.
Three! Go, go, go!
Okay, I'm here.
- Light it up!
- Got it.
Come on, come on!
One dinosaur.
Two dinosaurs.
Where the hell is the third one?
Go away, go away. Bad dinosaur.
Go away, go away, go away.
It's night time and the dinosaurs
are sleeping and they
don't want to eat me
because I don't taste nice.
Go away. Go away!
Two coming your way, buddy.
They're here.
Come get some! Yeah,
over here! Come get some.
Come get some right here!
Oh, you can't see me?
Right here!
Come get some!
Go, go, go!
Come on!
Come on, come on, come on.
You need to go straight down the hall
and then turn to the right.
Now what?
Go up the ramp.
This way.
Shut up! The damn things will hear you.
Leave her alone.
How's it going in there?
Can you hurry up with those doors?
Hey! Damn it. Pippi! Stop!
Don't proceed any further! Stay put.
Do you hear me? Stay put!
There's one roaming right
above our position.
I can see it.
What do we do now?
All right.
I'm going to try and bring it back
into the main hall away from you.
You go back up the ramp and then you turn
the corner and you keep going down.
Eventually you'll get to
the underground garage.
There will be weapons there.
Yes, we had some visitors earlier
in the evening and they came armed.
What about our wounded?
Just leave them there.
They'll be safe. We have to move fast.
Now you have the keys.
All right? Now when you get out
go and get some help.
No, you can't leave me here.
Not with those things running around.
This will be the safest place for
you, Stephanie. You heard the Warden.
We need to move fast and you're injured.
You need to stay still.
It'll help with the blood loss.
I'll be okay. I want to go with you.
I'll stay with you, Steph.
Sarah, you're coming with us.
I can't leave my wolf sister.
Beginning and the end.
I'll stay with her.
Look, before I crawled into the bottle
I was a real person.
This is my last chance
to be a real person again.
But I'm getting old and
can't move so fast.
You young people have to get moving
so come on... get out of here!
Thank you.
What about the gimpy guard?
This gimp is just fine. I can walk.
Okay, Warden. We're ready.
Here it comes.
Hold it steady.
Captain, you need to see this.
What the hell is going on here?
Okay. Come on, little buddy.
Come on.
Just stay right there. Right there.
All right, go, go!
- Come on!
- Shut it, shorty.
Come on!
I'm trying. I don't know which one.
Go, go!
Come on. You're not going
to let me die like this, are you?
Eaten by a friggin dinosaur.
I've known men like you.
Small on the inside and no matter how many
people they hurt they always stay that small.
I'll tell you what.
You let me in there or I'm going
to beat that guard to death.
You understand what I'm telling you?
You want his blood on your hands?
This what you want? Huh?
No! Don't!
Get out of here! I'll be fine.
No, he won't.
Open that door right now.
Go, go!
Get out of there, Armstrong!
Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Good luck, buddy.
Oh, honey. I'm so sorry.
Which way?
The Warden says
there's weapons in the garage.
Let me ask to make sure.
Warden Lewis are you there?
Warden Lewis?
Something must have happened.
All the gunfire.
The explosion.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
We keep on this trajectory we're going
to head straight into the city, sir.
I know that. Keep going!
There's so many of them, sir.
Keep going!
I see a path there.
I think they're clearing out.
Oh my god!
Is it coming?
Shh. Let me listen.
Is it there? We need to go.
What is that?
I don't know.
Hey! What exactly do you think
you're doing, pal?
Them girls, are mine.
Hey, where you going, buddy?
We ain't finished here.
Not by a long shot.
Here kitty, kitty. Come on, kitty.
Dang! You are one tough son of a bitch.
Ha! 2 and 0.
Get out of the truck.
Monster's dead.
- OUT!
- You sure?
From my count there's still one left.
Get out.
Get out!
I'm here.
You are here.
Get out.
There's no one else.
I'm the only one.
Oh, you're good pipsqueak,
but I know you're lying.
I'm not. I swear.
Oh. Then you won't mind if I light up
the back of this truck with a grenade.
No! Don't!
It wasn't a real grenade, Sarah.
He was lying.
Maybe so.
But if I had thrown it in there
it would have still been very unpleasant.
Where you two little wolflings going?
Come here. Give daddy wolf some love.
Oh, gross.
Why can't you just leave us alone?
Oh, come on. All I want is a kiss.
From each of you.
I think that's the least you can do
after I rescued you from that big,
bad monster.
A kiss? Yeah, right.
I swear. Just one kiss.
A regular honest Abe you are.
I also say please and thank you
when it's appropriate.
Honey attracts flies
a lot more than vinegar.
You might be small, but
you're full of vinegar.
Yeah? That's because I hate flies.
When they cross my path
I enjoy picking off their wings.
Buzz. Buzz.
Oh, I like your spunk, girl. I really do.
But my wings got pulled
off a long time ago.
Is there one behind me?
Because if you take off when I turn
it's not that hard to catch you and
when I do I'm going to be very
unhappy with my little wolflings.
Okay, then.
We're wolves, little man.
And don't you forget it.
What was that?
I don't know, but we should probably
get the hell out of here.
Come on!
I just sent two of
your buddies straight to hell.
I don't see why you can't join them.
You're here.
You alone?
The T-rex quarter is loose.
You know about that?
My men are all dead.
We encountered a massive pack
of Velociraptors heading towards the city.
I'm aware.
What the hell is going on, LaFranco?
Well, you might say this is the culmination
to all of my hopes and dreams.
The beasties just didn't get loose.
I set them free.
I told you before,
'this was just a test run.'
In this day and age if you want to be heard
you have to make a really big statement.
All my pets are on the loose and I'm going
to ride into town and save the day.
It's a first step on a White House run.
Everyone is desperate for a hero
and I am going to be that hero.
And you too. If you join me.
Talbot what's it going to be, huh?
Are you with me?
Or against me?
With or against.
Heroes, huh?
Oh yeah. Heroes.
Against. Ooh-rah.
Oh my god.
Who would have thought that a jail
would be the safest place to be.
What do you think is going to happen?
Do you think someone
is going to come for us?
Eventually can be a long time.