Jurassic Domination (2022) Movie Script

Operation Typhoon is
approaching drop-off facility.
Reminder that only PBR-2942
is authorized to
enter the grounds.
-All other escort vehicles
must sign off and
make their way back
to their designated
locations immediately.
Copy. PBR-2941 signing off.
PBR-2940, signing off.
PBR-2942, please confirm.
Continue to drop-off facility.
Copy, confirming.
Approaching drop-off
facility now.
Roger that, 2942,
please confirm once
drop-off is complete.
Copy, will do.
Over and out until
operation complete.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You haven't talked
in the last few miles.
It's unlike you.
Hey, watch it.
Just because I've known you
since we were five
doesn't mean I won't
kick your ass.
Been way too quiet
in there all of a sudden.
Okay, really,
what's the deal, though, man?
I just don't like not knowing
what we're transporting.
Hey, it's part of the job,
though, right?
I suppose.
Just want to know
a little more then, uh...
"Here's a weird gun.
"Keep it hush, and oh,
don't mind the growls."
Are your alive in there?
What was that?
You hear that?
-[gun beeping]
-Come on, come on, come on!
Pull over, pull over!
Private Conners?
Do you hear me,
Private Conners?
Storm, this is PBR 2942.
Operation Typhoon has
been potentially compromised
PBR 2942, state the nature
of your compromise.
Team is unresponsive.
PBR 2942, stay clear
of the vehicle.
We are sending a transport
and back up right now.
We have your location.
What are you doing?
Anything that's not part of
the plan has to be called in.
You know that.
Everything all right?
Cargo's missing.
They got out.
-Where's Conners?
PBR 2429? Do you read me!
PBR 2942, please respond!
Do you read me?
Are you there?
Please come in, are you there?
Major Tanner.
Corporal Higgins,
We've encountered a problem
with a typhoon transport.
The convoy has stopped two
miles from here
and is not responding.
I want you out there.
I need some eyes on the ground.
Yes, sir.
But wasn't another
squadron just deployed, sir?
Colonel Ramirez dispatched
a team, but I want you there.
Evaluate exactly what
we're dealing with
and keep a low profile.
-Yes, sir.
How long until
these eggs hatch?
Any day now, ma'am.
Good. I need these new
assets up and running.
Is there a problem, doctor?
The internal temperature
of the eggs is a bit low,
but it's within the tolerances.
Is there something
wrong with the embryos?
No. The heartbeats
are all strong.
Keep an eye on these eggs.
Inform me immediately
if there are any changes.
Yes, Colonel Ramirez.
Yeah. I think Cade can
go all the way.
I had courtside seats
to his first college game.
Feel that?
Man, I'm trying to tell you
about the first time I saw Cade.
You got a dog?
Are there bears here?
What is that?
Let me get my gun.
Get on out of here!
Get. Shoo!
Hey, Bill.
You see anything yet?
Not yet.
What are those?
Bill? Bill?
Oh, no.
Bill. Oh...
[gunshot, roaring]
Corporal Higgins
for Major Tanner.
Go ahead, Corporal.
The convoy's been hit, sir.
Multiple fatalities,
no survivors.
Can you determine
the cause of death?
It seems like some sort of
animal got to them, sir.
I see these cages
in the trailer.
You know what
they were hauling?
Classified as need
to know Corporal.
That includes me as well.
Look, I want you to stay there,
see if you can figure
anything else out.
Yes, Major.
What would do this?
[phone rings]
Hello, General Greer.
Colonel, the Operation
in South America
was a massive success.
Let's not allow a minor
setback to distract us
from achieving
our goal, okay?
A minor setback?
If we don't get
this under control.
there's no coming back
from this, sir.
Well, that's precisely
why I'm relying upon you
to handle this situation
with utmost priority.
Yes, General.
I'm sure I don't need
to remind you of
the substantial financial gain
in this project, Colonel.
I'm aware, General.
We're investing in
the future, Colonel.
Conventional warfare is costly,
especially costly when
it comes to human life.
Costs of that type in a world
where it doesn't need to be.
Are we on the
same page, Colonel?
Yes, General, of course.
Now I'm instructing you to use
whatever means necessary
to accomplish this
without loss of life.
Loss of life?
Regarding the assets, sir?
I've seen too many lives
lost on the battlefield.
Spoken to too many parents
about their sons
or their daughters
being lost forever.
Yes, General.
'Course, I'd be a liar
if I didn't acknowledge
the substantial
financial gain
from the private sector
in all of this.
Of course, General.
Of course, I don't want these
things eating our kindergartners
on the way to school
tomorrow either.
So you have your work
cut out for you.
Retrieve my assets alive
with as little departmental
collateral damage as possible
and zero further
issues with the public.
Are we clear?
Crystal clear, sir.
But what about the
civilian disturbances?
I'll handle that.
You've got enough
to contend with.
Keep me apprized.
Major Tanner,
meet me in research in ten.
Is everything ready?
Play the recording,
then get out.
[animal noises]
What I'm about to show
you is highly classified,
and I've been authorized
to include you.
Yes, ma'am.
Convoy Typhoon was carrying a
new weapon that we confiscated
from a civilian company
a few years ago.
What kind of weapon?
Ma'am, a civilian company
made a biological weapon?
It's like nothing
we've ever seen before.
Has the potential to
save a lot of American lives.
Okay. But it sounds like
something went wrong.
The cargo was a living weapon
being transported to a
military facility nearby
for combat training.
And it's escaped.
I see.
It's a potential threat
to the general population now.
The assets are now roaming free
and that makes every
civilian a potential target.
What you need me
to do, ma'am?
Well, I put out a call
to lure them back to base,
but I'm not sure
if it's going to work.
Can I ask...
what is "them?"
Like, dinosaurs?
That's correct.
What in the world?
They were developed
by a civilian company
down in South America.
They intended on selling
them to the highest bidder.
But after a few incidents,
we decided to confiscate it
and all of their research.
Presently, there are two of
them that have escaped.
And I put out a call
from their mothers
to lure them back to base.
There are more
of these, ma'am?
Why wasn't I informed on this?
We're on a need
to know basis, Major.
The less people who know
about this, the better.
I understand that, ma'am,
but, uh,
as head of
Special Forces on base...
I'm aware of your position.
-Yes, ma'am.
-You're Special Forces.
Two Silver Stars.
You have an incredible ability
to handle tactical analysis.
That was a long
time ago, ma'am.
I'm very confident
in your ability.
Thank you for the vote
of confidence, ma'am.
What do I need to do?
Prepare for an assault
on our base.
An assault?
Aren't they just animals?
No. They're so much more.
Take a look at this here.
This is an extremist group
in South America.
We received intel that
they were planning an attack.
So I decided to give our
secret weapons
the task of
clearing the compound.
I sent in just
two Allosauruses
and they cleared
the entire compound out.
How did you control them?
There's no need.
They're so territorial
that wherever you drop them,
they're going to wipe
the place out.
How do we get them back?
We prerecorded
sounds from their mother
and we put the tape in the crate
and open it up
and they walk right in.
Where are the crates now?
they were destroyed
when they escaped
the convoy.
So what I would like
you to do, Major,
is I would like you
to corral them up,
bring them back to
where they're supposed to be.
That means bring
them in... alive.
Yes, ma'am.
One more thing.
Bullets don't work.
These people who developed them,
they thought it would
be smart to, uh...
make them thick skinned.
They are compact versions of
a traditional Allosaurus.
This allows them to be
faster, more agile.
How do we fight them
if they're bulletproof?
The best we have
is an energy weapon.
What it does is it produces
an electric shock.
They're limited to a
single shot before the fuse
needs to be replaced.
I'll try my best to control
these creatures, ma'am.
We'll have to lock down
the barracks on base
to keep all personnel safe.
But I have to let my team know
what they're up against.
They don't have to know
all the details.
-Do you trust them?
With my life.
We'll lock down
the facility,
and I'll send all the
employees who don't need
to be here home.
We'll keep two infantry
squads on stand by
in the barracks in case
things get out of hand.
So you and your team
can proceed unencumbered.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you, Major.
[animal noises continue]
Colonel Ramirez is in charge
of the assets recapture.
Yes. I'm aware of the civilian
attack on the RV park.
A cleanup crew
is on site handling it.
I assure you,
nothing will be left.
The site will be contained
and sterilized.
No evidence will be left.
Copy that?
You know...
[phone rings]
I haven't heard from you,
Apologies, General.
I was assembling a special ops
team to recapture our assets.
The men understand
the critical need
of bringing these assets
back alive, yes?
Yes, General.
They are well aware.
All right. Is the
auditory recall working?
It appears so.
And any other reports
on civilian encounters?
Not that I'm aware of, sir.
Very well. Don't make me
initiate contact again.
I want updates every hour.
-Yes, sir.
-Get it done.
This is Corporal Higgins.
Lieutenant Richardson.
Lieutenant Peters.
I'm assuming Major Tanner
informed you of the situation?
-Yes, ma'am.
-Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
This is our plan to handle them
if they get out of control.
Packs one hell of a shock,
but it's flawed and we haven't
quite figured it out yet.
The current capacitor
cannot handle the charge
running through it
and it needs 5 seconds to
warm up before you fire it.
Hits hard, but it is slow.
The tech team likes to call
it the slug gun.
It's still in its very early
stages of development,
but you're going
to have to work with it.
They'll breach that gate soon.
It should already be here.
We've been tracking their
movement with a police scanner.
Police scanner?
Monitoring activity.
Animal activity.
Dogs, cats, disturbances.
We're also repositioning
the satellites in this area.
However, focusing satellites
on military bases requires--
I'm aware, court order.
Continue with
the police scanning.
What have you found?
Last contact was less
than a mile away.
15 minutes ago.
There was a few dead horses
on a private farm, but...
-No other human contact?
-No, ma'am.
Not that we're aware of.
Very well.
Are you ready?
Yes, ma'am.
They'll come in
from the north,
so we'll have to use
the utility tunnels.
It's a natural chokepoint.
So we set up an ambush
for them there...
if we can get there in time.
Major, confirming both assets
have entered the tunnels.
They need to come through here
to get to the mother.
It's quiet.
Get into positions.
Higgins with me.
Keep your eyes open.
Should we be concerned about
the people that work here?
I haven't seen anybody.
Colonel shut
the entire base town.
Everybody's probably left.
Peters, check in.
I got blood over here.
Do you see anything else?
They're already here.
Come with me.
Colonel, got one down.
The plasma blast seems
to have killed it.
Major, your orders were to
try to capture assets alive.
That was our intent,
but the plasma blast had
a stronger effect on the asset
than expected.
Lieutenant Richardson.
There might be more.
I don't know who was left.
But there's a lot of blood.
Be careful with the other one.
Richardson was a good soldier.
Don't focus on her now.
Focus on what's in front
of you, Corporal.
It's the only way you're going
to get through this.
Hey, we only have one more,
so we got the advantage.
It's outside.
Grab her gun.
We have to find
that dinosaur now.
Let's go.
They hit the barracks first.
What if there's someone still
still alive in there?
There isn't.
They're all dead.
The dinosaurs must have ambushed
them after the lock-down orders.
Keep moving.
Keep moving!
What's your status?
We've lost one asset, General.
Asset three somehow managed
to get electrocuted.
Our newly developed
plasma tech malfunctioned
and terminated the asset
instead of stunning it.
Those weapons were our
only line of defense.
Do you have any other means
of containing the assets?
I'm still gathering intel, sir.
I don't personally
have eyes on it.
I trusted you to
handle this, Colonel.
I'm doing the best I can, sir.
What is the status of asset one?
All clear, General.
Still contained, no issues.
All right.
I have to go.
One last word, if I may.
Given our constraints,
time and tactical wise,
as long as asset one
remains stable and healthy,
how important is it
to keep asset two alive?
I want you to do everything
in your power
to ensure
the recovery of asset two.
But to answer
your question, yes,
the mother and her hatchlings
are top priority.
Get this situation
under control
by any means
necessary, Colonel.
[phone beeps]
What happened?
Why aren't you in the field?
They must have seen us coming.
They took out
an entire barracks.
It's looking for
the female, the mother.
It's headed straight here.
We need to fortify the area.
What about the other one?
The one you killed?
Yes, ma'am. I shot it.
I shot it.
Are you sure it's dead?
Yeah. I don't know
what dead looks like
with these guys, but if
it's like anything else, yeah.
These are just animals,
Colonel, right?
Not anymore, Lieutenant.
These aren't the original
dinosaurs we confiscated.
They're second generation.
The first generation was killed
when they were testing
for combat effectiveness
to the highest bidder.
Okay, so who made these?
Look, ma'am, we can contain
the last one of them.
But my suggestion is
you leave the base.
It's not safe anymore.
Which one did you kill?
I don't understand.
They all look the same.
Think, Corporal, did it have
any distinct markings on it?
Oh, the one that attacked us
had a scar on his nose.
That's why only one shot worked.
That's the weaker one.
He always followed
his big sister's lead.
-That was the weak one?
She put that marking
on him on purpose
to keep him in this place.
What's the status
of the slug guns?
One of them were discharged,
but the others
still have one shot.
They work, but
they're not good for a fight.
We can't rely on weapons
that only shoot once.
I was going to mention Colonel.
I was a demolition specialist
in my unit.
All right, everyone,
this is what we're going to do.
Have a look here.
It's headed towards a lab
where the female Allosaurus
is being held captive.
There's still one on base?
Yes, the one with the eggs.
We need to destroy them.
This mother here,
we need to keep her alive.
Ma'am, I don't think
that's a great idea.
Major Tanner,
the mother can control the
temperament of the hatchlings.
And if she can control them,
then we can control
the situation.
Now, the other dino, who's
escaped, we cannot control.
So, yes, we can destroy her.
But this one
we need to keep alive.
Can we be sure she's heading
towards the mom?
They're smart.
They have a rudimentary
knowledge of strategy.
It's quite impressive, actually.
I'll lure it.
We don't have a choice.
I'll stay here
and be your eyes on the base.
You need to get it
to a choke point
and then release
the explosives.
Yes, ma'am.
It ain't nothing to set
off some claymores.
We'll be able to to focus
our energy into one location.
Very good.
Now head over to
the munitions depot
and get all the supplies
that you need.
And if anyone questions you,
you tell them that
I authorized it.
Yes, ma'am.
What do you need me
to do, ma'am?
Help the lieutenant
set up the trap.
I'll be here on walkie.
What's your ETA, Lieutenant?
Just finishing up now, Ma'am.
Make sure you're pointing
those in the right direction.
Watch the collateral.
-We good?
Charges set.
Let's get it.
[bird chirping]
I'm hearing something out here.
What is it?
Almost sounds like a bird.
Be careful.
They picked up mimicking birds
on the mission in South America.
Eyes on target.
Good, lead it
to the research lab.
I'm right here!
Come on.
I'm right here,
you son of a bitch! Come on.
Come on. Come on.
We got you, come on!
What the hell?
What's it doing?
I don't know.
It's playing with the trash can.
A trash can?
What is going on?
Come on.
Come on.
What are you doing?
Clever girl.
No... no. Hey.
Take cover! Take cover!
Tanner, report.
I can't see anything!
-[alarm blaring]
-Tanner, report!
What is going on?
I can't see anything.
Lieutenant, report!
What is happening?
Answer me.
She tripped our wires!
Calm down.
Damn it, what the hell
just happened?
How'd a damn dinosaur
know to do that?
Focus, okay? Focus.
It's still out there,
it's still hungry.
I got a body.
-It was waiting.
-Stay there.
Waiting on what?
Stay with me.
She's gone.
Oh, God.
Hey. She's alive.
You okay?
You gonna be okay?
What was it waiting for?
It was waiting for
her to open the door.
It had been biting at
its chains for weeks
when we fed it.
We thought
it was just aggression, but...
it was weakening them.
Wait. The dinosaur that was
chained up is gone?
What about the eggs?
What about the eggs?
I don't know.
I don't see any eggs.
Then she took the eggs.
So now there's
eggs out there.
Okay. How many of
them are out there?
That are left?
The daughter,
the mother and the three eggs.
Okay, so we got two adults
and the eggs.
Major Tanner.
Colonel Ramirez.
Report back to command now.
Yes, ma'am.
You're safe here.
This room is one of the most
secure locations on base.
Okay. How safe is it?
Nuclear bomb safe.
Well, okay, good.
We need to regroup.
Think of a better strategy.
Carrie, how are you doing?
Not good.
Bottle of whiskey's
right there.
Colonel, is the plan still
to contain these creatures?
The mother and her eggs,
we need to preserve.
It's going to be tough now
that she's protecting her young.
When are these things
supposed to hatch?
Very soon.
What's soon?
Days? Weeks?
Could be days.
This is new science.
Okay. So what's
the next course of action?
This whole project
is going to hell.
Those animals
get out into the wild,
and they breed.
It'll be catastrophic.
Who's even funding this?
The DOD?
Goes way deeper than that.
Okay, do we have
any more Tasers?
Not enough.
The problem with the guns,
it's that we haven't found
the right medium
for the capacitor yet.
See, the fuse goes
right in there.
It's heavy.
It's tungsten.
It's one of the few things
we could find
that wouldn't melt
after one shot.
Can we just blow them up?
We tried that already.
Need to find them first.
Now they're smart.
They couldn't have gone far.
She'll be looking for a secure
place to build her nest.
Somewhere away from the lab
and the confinement
she endured there.
The grounds around
the base are too cold.
She'll be looking
for someplace warmer.
Have you tried quartz?
It's been used
for thousands of years
for its specific
electric resonance.
Where are we going
to find quartz?
There's some in the lab
at my desk.
It could work.
Well, I'll go get it.
No, I can go.
No, I need you to stay here.
I need you to figure out
where they're nesting.
Do a topical heat
scan of the geography.
Find the hotspots.
The quartz is at my desk.
It's in the little pen
holder thingy.
The pen holder thingy.
Major! You got incoming!
All clear, Major.
She's gone.
This quartz modification
will enable the weapon
to shoot multiple times
without needing to be replaced.
This should work.
They've been working
on that for weeks.
Well done.
Now, to go on the hunt.
Did you check for hotspots?
Yes, there are 12.
Twelve, okay.
Yeah, but we can knock off
half of them.
Near mechanical ducts, heat
vents, that kind of thing.
This spot needs
to be safe as well as warm.
Okay. Half, six.
Maybe less.
We can try the first three
with the highest probability.
That sounds better.
With a confidence of 73%.
I like those odds.
Let's move.
Okay. Now I got to pee.
I'm not going with you.
Fine, some fearless
leader you are.
If I get attacked, I'm bringing
them back here to you.
[phone rings]
I hope you have good news.
I do, sir.
The assets are still on base
and about to be contained.
That's good to hear.
We sunk a lot of resources
into this project.
I know, sir, but something good
did come out of this.
We've developed a new,
ammoless weapon system.
I'll send over the specs.
-Is that the main element?
-Appears so.
Excellent work.
Dr. Carrie Azzi came up with it.
But you'll be careful. Correct?
I don't want you
taking down all our assets.
Of course, sir.
I'll preserve
one egg and one female.
We can save so many lives
if these creatures did the
fighting for us, couldn't we?
I know, sir.
It's just up ahead.
Down this hallway.
Should be near
two source generators.
Seems like a pretty nice
place to start a family.
Focus, Higgins.
Eyes on!
-Where do it go?
-I can't see it.
Are those eggs?
-What's left of them.
-There's two of them!
That's great,
frigging great.
Okay, we've got a couple
more to deal with.
Yeah, a few more.
There's only three of us!
Calm down.
We take the big ones first,
then we get the babies.
Any one of them could kill us.
We've got this.
We kill this dinosaur
before the other egg hatches.
Or they escape the base.
We have to.
Colonel, any sign of them?
Keep moving.
Dr. Azzi, which way
did the small one run?
Dr. Azzi.
Oh, to the West Corridor.
That's mostly commissioned
officer offices, right?
I believe so.
That leads out
to the back of the base.
You're going to kill these
beasts, right, Colonel Ramirez?
They can't survive.
Let me worry about that.
These are animals.
They can't be let out
unencumbered on the world.
Thank you for your concern.
I feel the same.
Anything for good
and justice.
What is it that you're implying?
Don't let them out.
Or we're all dead.
Where you at,
you friggin' bastards?
We've lost sight
of the dinosaur.
I know. We have monitors
all over the base.
The eggs have hatched.
Do you have any sight
of the assets?
No, but we'll keep on it.
If we see anything,
I'll let you know.
It's Dr. Azzi with you?
I'm here.
What's the next location?
The next one warm
area on the map.
Not too far.
Room full of power walls.
It's a building over.
Yes, Doctor?
Please be careful.
Got it.
They're not out here.
Sir, this is so messed up.
Where's Higgins?
No, no.
He's gone.
No! No!
We're flying blind here, man!
Damn it.
Why didn't we hear him?
Why didn't he scream?
It went straight
for the throat.
He didn't have a chance.
What, is it...
It's that tactical?
How do they know
how to do that?
It's probably instinctual.
No, no.
Look, the military
built these things, okay?
So they probably got
some... some kind of.
-hyper-weird intelligence or--
-We're alive.
-Tell that to fuckin' Higgins!
-Calm down!
Calm down.
Sir, they are literally
waiting for us.
So we change the plan.
Yeah. And do what?
We don't go to them.
They come to us.
And do what?
-Set a trap.
-We tried explosives.
Okay, so we try again,
but we try it different.
Okay, so how are
we going to lure them in?
The babies.
The same baby
that killed Higgins?
That was a big one
that did this.
How do you know that?
We don't know that.
If that's true, that
just means that the mom
or the big sister is
literally around the corner.
I've got an idea.
Colonel, Carrie.
Corporal Higgins,
I'm so sorry.
Is it possible
for you to isolate
sounds of the baby dinosaurs
from the security cameras
around the base?
Why, Major?
We're going to lure them in.
Can you create a 15 second loop?
Okay, we can do that.
Great. When it's done,
send it to my phone.
What? What's our plan
while we wait.
We find one.
We keep shooting
until it stops moving.
Grab Higgins' gun.
We'll come back for him.
I promise.
I was just about
to call you, General.
Yeah, there's been
another incident discovered.
I'm on the way there now.
The assets had more
contacts than anticipated.
-Human casualties?
-It appears so.
I'm growing concerned
we're not going
to be able to contain this.
I'd have to agree, sir.
Look, we need to figure out
a story to spin this,
if it gets out, and
it most likely will.
Yes, sir.
Perhaps you can portray
this operation
as a recovery and
containment operation.
The assets were developed
in house,
and somehow they just got out.
We're holding them, we'll say,
to do more research on
their origin, their purpose.
-How does that sound?
-Sounds good, sir.
All right.
The big thing is we're going
to need to pin this
on a private sector company.
You got that?
In the meantime,
get this under control now.
-Yes, General.
How long is it going to take
you to get these chirps?
I don't know.
20 minutes?
They'll be dead in 20 minutes.
-You have five.
Give me access to the computers.
You're going to need to give
me security passes.
It's not a problem, Doctor.
I don't like this, sir.
There's way too many
openings for them to attack.
It's the best
location we've got.
We could set up
some fortifications
to hide behind over there.
Good idea.
I got it.
Audio file.
Look, you really think
this is going to work?
It'll work.
Did you get the file?
Yes, ma'am.
It's playing now,
we're waiting.
When I was researching my thesis
how volcanic eruptions
affected creatures
of the Triassic period,
I came across an article
on volcanic lightning.
What are you saying?
There's a lot of carbon
released in the eruptions
that blanket a lot
of fossils I studied.
And that pure carbon
is highly conductive.
And it causes these ash clouds
to light up
with electrical discharges.
If we can combine this carbon...
with the quartz,
we might just be able to
amplify the power discharged.
This will make the plasma gun
more powerful
against the creatures.
I say give it a try.
What do we have to lose
at this point?
Here they come.
[glass breaking]
Come on!
It's not going down!
Keep shooting!
Hold fire, hold fire!
They're gone.
Come on. Why isn't it working?
The skin's too thick.
We need to find a weak spot.
Don't have any weak spots!
Stand firm. We may have found a
way to supercharge the weapons.
Colonel, the guns are too weak.
Backup is on the way.
Hold firm, Major.
Copy that.
You sure about this?
Definitely not.
Damn it.
Nothing's working!
We just need to keep him
Colonel's sending back-up.
They remind me of
some gator crawling.
You a Southern boy, Lieutenant?
Cousins, though.
Usually the best way
to kill the gators
is through the underbelly.
You've been gator hunting?
No, sir.
They're usually hunting for us
every time we go to visit.
Even lost a cat once.
That sucked.
Son of a bitch!
Keep shooting!
-Did you see the big one?
Damn it!
They're running
back to the nest.
What are you
doing here, doctor?
I need to tell you something.
I overheard the colonel
and general talking.
They want to keep
one of the hatchlings alive.
And the mother, too.
God damn it.
They can't get out
into the wild.
Look, it's not my
mission, doc.
I'll keep them here.
I won't let these monsters
leave the base.
I need to go with you.
I have to make sure.
They're my responsibility, too.
Follow me.
This has gotten sloppy.
That's putting it mildly, sir.
I'm beginning to think
this isn't salvageable.
The eggs have also
started to hatch.
The eggs are hatching, now?
Unfortunately, yes, General.
We can't control it, sir.
-You killed two of them?
I thought you said you
didn't have the firepower.
Dr. Azzi corrected that,
she made modifications.
Okay, well, that's good
to hear, I promise you.
Yes, sir.
-Okay, proceed. I spoke to soon.
-I understand.
Soldier, continue to update me.
-Yes, sir.
How long you been working
with dinosaurs?
They brought me on
a few years ago.
How come I haven't
seen you around the base?
We keep the dinosaur team
separate from base operations.
Limit the possible
spread of information.
How smart are these things?
They showed high intelligence
early on,
they can
understand basic words
but after a year,
they became aggressive.
What happens after a year?
They pass us in size.
[Carrie gasps]
This looks fresh.
Oh, God, how are you so calm?
I didn't always
work in an office.
[low growling]
You hear that?
Let's go.
Oh, thank God!
Did you get it?
Yeah, we got it.
It just kept coming back
and dragging people out.
It's all right.
It's close.
It's coming back!
Stay calm.
I can't let it take me too!
Stay calm!
-Move, move, move.
Hey, are you okay?
She was just scared.
Hey, hey, hey.
Can you supercharge
my gun like you did for yours?
Back at the lab,
I just need my materials.
We'll go back to the lab.
Figure out the next step.
While they're young, they won't
roam far from their mother.
Once they hatch,
she'll want to get them
to a more protected location.
Get me eyes on that nest.
Not one of them is
to be let off this base.
Colonel, um...
this base...
I'm not even sure anyone's left.
Is there any movement
on the monitors?
Not in a long time.
The barracks was a war zone.
There was only one person
left in the infirmary.
How dangerous
are the little ones?
I don't know.
They haven't been on this
earth for millions of years.
Is there anything else
you can tell us about them?
Anything at all.
In the animal kingdom,
great white shark
pups are fully ready
to defend themselves
from predators.
Get me eyes on that nest.
[power shuts down]
I'll check the breakers.
We've lost power
to this section of the base.
It's all over the base.
They've cut it.
The dinosaurs?
They're smart enough
to figure it out.
But not smart enough to realize
it gives away their position.
This is the building that houses
our main power
supply and distribution.
Okay, so if they
cut the power to
the entire base,
they did it from there.
Probably trying
to disable our fences
and keep us from tracking them
so that they can run.
Yeah, that makes sense.
That building
puts out a lot of heat.
Ideal for nesting.
Okay, so we go there right now.
We end this.
The mom will stay close
to the nest.
But don't underestimate her.
She's not just about
protecting her hatchlings.
She's a fierce predator
designed to kill you.
There's a brief window
when she'll be immobile.
What's the territory
that they usually cover?
Yeah, what sort of territory
they have in the wild?
We don't know from experience.
The world looked very different
when they were alive.
From what we observed,
they follow the social structure
of wolves more than birds.
Okay, so what's the
territory of wolves?
Up to a thousand square miles.
Jesus, that's the
size of Rhode Island.
If prey is scarce, even bigger.
It'll decimate the state.
No, they'll decimate
the country.
Look, is there anything else
you can tell us?
Anything that would help at all?
They do follow a clear
social structure.
The pack serves
the alpha female.
They won't leave until she does.
They also learn
very quickly, though.
I mean, they developed
communication faster
than any animal we observed,
faster than even primates.
All right, well,
it's good to know.
I need you to get me
eyes on that nest.
We need to see how many
of these little things
we have running around.
Yes, ma'am.
Anything yet?
I just saw a little
one run past.
Headed towards the mess hall.
I'm going to follow it.
Eyes on the nest
is the main priority.
I'll head to the mess hall.
I'll take care of it.
Good luck, Colonel.
She's gone.
He must have dragged her
back to the nest.
This way.
I hear you.
That's food storage.
Auxiliary generators would be
right behind it.
What type of food storage?
Meat. Mostly.
These animals eat a lot.
Come on out.
Don't play games with me.
Do you see
the mother yet?
I don't see any heat signatures.
They would be there.
Unless they're out hunting.
[phone chimes]
Colonel, I want you to pull up
your team immediately.
Wait, what?
What do you mean, General?
There has been too much
collateral damage.
It's going to bury us.
It's done.
I've already contained
the assets.
No! Get out.
I'm destroying the base.
I'm burying everything.
All of it.
We're still encountering
people on base.
There could be more here.
Please, sir, just
give me more time.
I know that I can do this.
Look, we can
destroy the dinosaurs.
Let's save all of our work
and all of our research.
You even said yourself, sir,
that this has the potential
to save a lot of American lives.
You have to think of
the future, General.
I'm giving you 30 minutes.
Thank you, sir.
Get me tactical air command.
Ah! Ah!
[grunting over radio]
Where are you going?
-Mess hall.
-What, are you serious?
That was Colonel Ramirez.
The nest should
be right here.
Well, you can stay
here, then.
I'm going
to help the colonel.
I don't know what that means.
Those little shits!
-Where are they now?
-I got one.
There were two others,
but they ran away.
Where is the one you killed?
They ate it.
I've never seen behavior
like that.
So we have the mother
and the two kids.
You didn't get the mother?
We haven't engaged
the nest yet.
We came to you first.
Yeah, well, I'm fine.
I thought I was dead,
but I'm not. I'm fine.
These creatures are so
hard to track.
You know what the good news is?
If they do get
out into the wild,
they can't reproduce
on their own.
They need science
to inseminate them.
I don't know if that's the best
contingency plan, Colonel.
We don't know the lifespan
of these creatures yet.
It could be months,
years, decades.
Typical Allosauruses
live to be 30 years
-Plus what?
They don't
need science to inseminate.
This just
gets better and better.
They can reproduce
through parthenogenesis.
They don't need
traditional sperm to egg.
That's what makes
the females so valuable.
We have to terminate
three dinosaurs.
We can do this.
We have to do this.
Where to?
The nest.
TAC. Air assets are clear
for missile strike
on predetermined coordinates.
I say again, air assets
are clear for strike.
They should be over there.
If we don't end this...
what happened here will happen
to the entire state
and then the world.
Hey, if something goes wrong...
You run.
What, and leave you two behind?
We need someone to tell
the people on the outside
how to fight these things.
If she's eating...
she's distracted.
-We can do a surprise attack.
Stay behind me.
Move! Move, move, move.
We have to shoot it
at the same time.
-You ready?
-Down, down!
-It's not working.
Over here!
Colonel, what are you doing?
I'm completing the mission.
Come and get it.
Take cover!
Get down!
This is Badger.
Copy. En route to target.
Is everyone all right?
All right.
-I'm good.
Major, no one will ever know it,
but you just saved the country.
Thanks, ma'am.
I couldn't have done it
without my team.
Target within visual range.
Preparing to arm weapon
systems and engage.
Missiles armed and
ready to fire.
Greer called in an
airstrike on the base.
Please tell me you're clear
of the base!
Cancel the air strike.
We are not clear.
[static, garbled transmission]
I repeat, we are not clear.
We have completed
the mission.
Firing missiles in 20 seconds.
We are not clear, General.
Cancel the air strike.
Firing missiles in 10 seconds.
Scrub missile strike.
-What are you doing?
Maybe he has heat
signatures on or something.
-It's not gonna work.
I'm sorry.
Scrub missile strike!
I say again,
scrub strike.
Repeat command,
you're breaking up.
It's been a pleasure serving
with both of you.
And with you.
I say again,
scrub missile strike.
TAC. Badger. Confirming
missile scrub.
I say again, missile
scrub confirmed. RTB.
Is it turning?
Greer must have called it in.
Hey, Carrie?
You didn't happen
to save any of that
whiskey from
Colonel's office, did ya?
It's okay, I have another
bottle hidden.
Come on.
I'll buy you both a drink.
Sounds really good.