Jurassic Exorcist (2024) Movie Script

- [Narrator] Since the dawn of time,
the world has fought a
battle against good and evil,
for you cannot have one without the other.
Evil in its essence has taken
on many forms and shapes,
moved in circles, dark and light,
but never has it moved
with such a primal force as it has today.
(ominous music)
(helicopter whaling)
(orchestral music)
(indistinct chatter)
- It is the night of the
blister tongue beast,
the skull with the ring of red eyes.
Tonight, our master, Brother
Arkady, returns to us.
The FBI and their minions
of the dead, God Jesus,
came and took the sister wives
and the slave children from our compound
with their false decrees and their guns.
And our leader, Arkady,
lay sling in our feet
from government bullocks,
but it will soon rise again
to seek retribution on
those who wronged us,
and the blood slate shadows
will howl in victory.
The escape of the few was
glorious, both to a lowly shelter.
Yet with us came a single version
to bring this unholy
ritual to its triumph.
Bow your head before your
master, Brother Arkady,
and all the demons of the eighth circle.
Is this not a virgin?
(upbeat music)
You idiot.
The chimes of the devil, so it is upon us.
(dinosaur roars)
What was that?
(dinosaur roars)
It is happening, the
return of Brother Arkady.
It was written on the skin
of the demon, Malakada.
Hail to our true master,
hail the red face terror.
(dinosaur roars)
(ominous music)
(birds tweeting)
- We have a runner.
- Copy that.
- It's the girl.
I haven't seen those satanic
douches that got away yet.
- [Man] Stay frosty.
- You ain't gotta worry about me.
I went to Scare Your Metal
concerts back in the 80s.
- [Man] Yeah, who's the best you saw?
- Ozzy man.
Second best, probably BOC.
They closed the show with God, oh pie.
(dinosaur roars)
Oh, shit.
- What's going on?
Do you copy?
Do you copy?
What's going on?
- Not on my watch.
- Do you copy?
- Not on my watch.
(gunshots ring)
(dinosaur roars)
- [Man] What's going on?
Do you copy?
Do you copy?
What's going on?
Do you copy?
What's going on?
Do you copy?
(dinosaur roars)
(ominous orchestral music)
(dinosaur roars)
- Rejoice in our sufferings
knowing that suffering produces endurance.
Endurance produces character.
Character produces hope.
And that hope does not put us to shame
because God's love has
been poured into our hearts
through the Holy Spirit
who has been given to us.
And the Lord went before them
by day in a pillar of a cloud
to lead them the way,
and by night, in a pillar
of fire to give them light
to go by day and night.
In this community, we have walked by day
and feared the night,
but God was with us in both places,
in the pillar of cloud
and a pillar of fire.
And as always, night gave way to day.
And as for me,
I am fighting the good fight
and I'm running the race.
I'm keeping the faith.
I am keeping the faith.
(bell rings)
- It's time to plant and a time to uproot.
- I'm only going to a
conference over the next week.
I'll be back next Sunday, all renewed.
- Father, can I ask you a
question, a serious question?
- Sure, what is it, is
everything all right?
- Is evil real?
I mean, real?
- Evil is as constant as good,
you can't have one without the other.
- But won't good eventually defeat evil?
- God always conquers evil.
I think I preached a sermon
on that a few weeks ago,
maybe you were dozing.
- I remember, but does
evil, does it have a face?
Does evil have a face?
- Evil has many faces.
We may even see it in the mirror.
- I'm sorry to bother you Father.
It's just been weighing on my mind lately.
- And why is that?
- I don't know.
Just a feeling that's crept into me.
Thanks, and enjoy the conference.
- Oh, thanks, I will.
God bless.
Today, there is no evil in the air.
(car engine starts)
(gunshots ring)
(dinosaur roars)
(ominous music)
(water splashing)
(birds chirping)
- Do you mind if I sit down?
- No, please do.
Oh, would you like some?
Homemade by one of my church elders.
- No thanks, I'm not
very hungry right now.
- Oh, forgive me, Father Brennan.
Do I know you from somewhere?
- No, Father, I'm just passing through.
It is beautiful here, but
I've never been here before.
- You look vaguely familiar.
- I get that a lot.
Sure is a beautiful day,
despite all that ruckus with the cult.
- How did you hear about that, my friend?
- News travels fast in this day and age.
But it is over, isn't it?
- Yes, all the members were
either killed or arrested.
Dreadful, shameful business.
They practiced horrible things.
It'll be a blemish on
this town, I'm afraid.
- A priest afraid?
- It was a figure of speech.
- Evil is like a cancer, it
eats away at you silently
till there's nothing left.
- You speak with such conviction.
Are you a man of the cloth, my friend?
- (scoffs) I've had some experience in
things, shall we say, heavenly.
(dinosaur roars)
- Oh, I'm sorry, I was momentarily--
(birds chirping)
(computer chimes)
- Dude, this is really weird.
- Quit playing Space Invaders
and get back to work.
You don't wanna get
caught screwing around,
the boss would not be pleased.
- But there was this strange...
- All right, the suspense is killing me.
What is it?
- Nothing.
- How much faith does
it take to smite evil?
(computer chimes)
- Here we go again.
- The sensors are picking something up.
- Is it?
(computer chimes)
- It is, it's a temporal wave.
- Can't be.
- It is, something just disrupted time.
(computer chimes)
(dinosaur roars)
- [Man] All units, pull back,
we're bringing in air support.
(jet engine roars)
- Copy that.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
(gunshots ring)
- [Man] Fall back, we need
to assess what you got.
- We got nothing.
(ominous music)
- The stars staring at us behind the sun.
Brother Arkady lives outside of time.
He has joined with a fighter beast.
- Julado, What's going on?
- I shut him up.
(door bangs)
(dinosaur roars)
Now this shit's getting good.
(gunshots ring)
(dinosaur roars)
All right, big guy, come to daddy.
(dinosaur roars)
(grenade explodes)
- Oh, shit.
- Forward two has gone silent.
Trying to get an eye in the sky
to see what's going on down there.
- Let's keep rocking.
(downbeat music)
(dinosaur roars)
(gunshots ring)
(dinosaur roars)
- What do you have?
- It's scaley and fugly.
(gunshots ring)
- We got extraction.
(ominous music)
- Drop the bombs.
- We got extraction.
- Drop the bombs now.
- Copy that.
(missiles flying)
(gunshots ring)
(missile explodes)
(downbeat music)
(dinosaur roars)
- I put on a fresh pot of coffee.
- I went through the drive through,
got us some sandwiches for
later, I put 'em in the fridge.
I got these hot dogs for now.
It's called the big dog.
- That's for a dog.
- What do you mean, for a dog?
- There's a dog biscuit on top.
- What, you mean like
a real lag dog biscuit?
- Yes, like a real dog biscuit.
Why do you think they call it the big dog?
- I thought, you know, it's
like when you call a person,
"Hey, big dog."
- It's like when they
call a big dog a big dog.
- Oh shit, man, eat around it.
- I'm not gonna eat around it.
- Come on, don't act like
you never ate a dog biscuit
when you were a kid, don't be an asshole.
- Forget it, we have to focus.
- You gonna eat it?
- Focus.
I need to ask you a serious question.
- Go for it.
- Did you activate the device?
- No, no, I didn't, did you?
- We promised we'd only try it once.
- That was a pinky swear,
don't act like that's nothing.
Do you think it's us?
- Us?
- Yeah, us.
You know from the future,
we broke the pinky sear.
- How could that be us from the future?
- Well, how would we know?
- That time wave is from the past.
(dinosaur roars)
- [News Reader] In a bold
move, the Army and FBI
have joined forces to
capture the remaining members
of the notorious cult, Brothers of Arkady,
initially thought disbanded.
Recent activity has
pointed to facts pointing
to a resurgence in the cult activity.
Countermeasures are being
taken as the law officials
want to stop the clan once and for all.
- When will they realize it's over?
Oh my God.
What were you doing?
What happened?
- Heaven, angel.
- I'll call for help.
Oh man, all the time not to have service.
- Evil, evil's coming.
- What?
- Evil is coming, coming.
- Heavenly Father, (indistinct)
(dinosaur roars)
(ominous music)
(dinosaur roars)
I saw evil.
I don't know if (indistinct).
Not enough.
(dinosaur roars)
(dinosaur roars)
- You think we're lost?
- Do I look like I know how
to navigate gravel roads?
What are you doing?
- Just getting some B roll.
- Of what, trees?
Where's the FBI guys?
SWAT, sister wives with the big 80s hair.
Men and cloaks.
Bullet casings.
- Yeah, well, I'll get that
footage when we find it.
- Get it when we find it.
That's not how you're gonna get picked
to host your own primetime
news magazine, Rally.
Heck, who am I kidding?
They'd never pick you to host that.
You wouldn't even be picked
to host a child's birthday party.
You're probably not even allowed
within 500 feet of a school.
You look like a bag of sweaty tanks.
(dinosaur roars)
What was that?
Nobody wants footage of your
dick, Rally, believe me.
(ominous music)
(dinosaur roars)
Don't stop shooting, don't stop shooting.
Go, go.
(dinosaur roars)
Get the shot.
Shoot out the window, idiot.
Shoot out the window.
(dinosaur roars)
- We're losing this, we're losing.
- Get the shot.
- Go faster, go faster.
- If you get this shot, I
will let you take me out
when we get back to the city one time.
- I'm gay.
- I figured.
- I was being sarcastic.
I'm not thinking about
dating you, you make me wish
I was gay, you bitch.
- Hey.
You fucking idiot.
And now the car is stalled out.
- You were just bullshitting
about that date anyway,
weren't you?
- Yeah, but I would've given
you a copy of my demo reel
and you could've beat off
with that for a long time.
So you're lost on that one.
Shut up for a minute.
(dinosaur roars)
It doesn't seem to see us or
hear us if we're not moving.
(phone rings)
Calm the fuck down.
Don't even think about it,
don't even think about it.
Rally, don't even think about it.
Rally, don't even think about it.
(dinosaur roars)
This is Cameron.
- Cameron, where are you?
- Oh, hey, Whitt, you know,
we're out here tracking this
Brother Arkaty business,
crossing the T's, you know.
- Listen, I'm thinking
about putting Abbie Hanno
in the field with you.
Sounds like this cult angle
has enough for everybody.
- Don't you dare send that bitch
out here, this is my story.
Mine and--
(dinosaur roars)
Mine, I got this.
- [Whitt] She's an up and comer, Cameron.
- More like down under your
desk two lunch hours a week.
- Come on Cameron.
- Don't even think it.
(dinosaur roars)
Fucking photogs.
I'm gonna have to shoot this myself
and I just got my nails done.
(car engine starts)
(dinosaur roars)
This is Cameron McCartin
reporting to you live near
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania,
where the FBI has informed
us that the Brother Arkady's
doomsday cult may have just
reached its own doomsday.
Although this reporter
can tell you firsthand
from experience that the
nightmare has only just,
damn it.
Damn it, Rally, you don't
even know how to die
at the right time.
(dinosaur roars)
Hey cult dude, wanna come out
and tell the world your story?
Can't sacrifice me though, not a virgin.
Bet you are surprised.
Sucks to be you.
- Oh shit, I don't have
time for this shit.
Oh, hang in there.
- (indistinct)
- I'm gonna call 911 as
soon as I file this story.
- Oh, look out.
- Just hang in there sir,
an ambulance will be here,
(dinosaur roars)
(upbeat music)
- That was the last footage
from respected journalist
Cameron McCartin filming herself
after the death of her videographer.
The FBI and state law
enforcement are saying today
that they have not yet
identified the creature
nor found it in the several
hundred acres of woods
bordered by state forest on one side
and the compound of cult
leader, Brother Arkady
on the other.
We'll be doing live reports on the scene
as the news develops.
This is Abbie Hanno reporting.
- Hmm,
I wonder.
(dinosaur roars)
- [Narrator] Since the dawn of time,
the world has fought a
battle against good and evil
for you cannot have one without the other.
Evil in its essence, has taken
on many forms and shapes,
moved in circles, dark and light,
but never has a move
with such a primal force
as it has today.
Rejoice in our suffering knowing that
suffering produces endurance.
Endurance produces character.
Character produces hope.
And that hope does not put us to shame
because God's love has
been poured into our hearts
through the Holy Spirit
who has given to us.
And the Lord went before them
by day in a killer of a cloud
to lead them away, and by
night in a pillar of fire
to give them light to go by day and night.
- Oh dear God,
please help me to continue even
though my faith is wavering.
(car honks)
- Dude, you're lucky the
electric fence is off,
you're not supposed to be here.
- Help me.
- Let's get you inside.
It's against policy, but
who's gonna find out.
What happened to you?
Car accident.
I was chased by a dinosaur
on the way to a seminar convention.
- You are one of those wacky
televangelists, are you?
I don't have any money right now.
- They don't have it right.
I faced the creature twice.
It is a dinosaur, but
that's not all it is.
- It's hard to mistake a
dinosaur for something else.
- I sense something evil.
There was something more there,
and I saw the cult leader, Arkady.
- Arkady?
He's dancing with the
devil right now, taken out.
- I believe they were an
anti-government group disguised
as a devil worshiping group.
There was something darker, more sinister.
- First things first, we
gotta get you patched up.
(dinosaur roars)
- So how far on the ground is this place?
- Far enough to make your
ears pop, leave it at that.
- Your boss is that guy Bobby Dugain,
who made that one video
game and who made a million?
- My boss is Bobby Dugain,
the dude that made the video game,
Penny Raid Apocalypse, and made a billion.
That's how he bought all this.
- What is this?
- You ever hear of the Montauk project?
In the forties, the US
government started looking into
all kinds of things,
teleportation, mind control rays,
cloaking devices, time travel.
It was decommissioned in the 80s
and just laying around various places,
and Bobby snatched it all
up and brought it here.
- How did he find it all?
- eBay mostly, come on.
And since communism fell,
everything over there is for sale also.
And Bobby found a Krasikov tube
that the Russians hadn't gotten to work,
and me and my lab partner,
were hired to build a
Navicof filter for it.
Then Bobby bought a
cronovisor from the Vatican
and who knows how that went down.
- The Vatican?
- I know, I know.
It sounds like I've been
eating shrooms and watching
Dr. Who, but come on, look at this place.
- I thought you worked in game development
and that's what this all looks like,
or a call center.
- This isn't the matrix,
this is real life, come on.
- He's right, this is no game.
- Brennan, I'd like you
to meet Sebastian Foy.
My lab partner, Sebastian,
this is Brennan.
I found him clinging to the fence.
- He's lucky it wasn't turned on,
it's electrified, you know.
He shouldn't be here, Emile.
- I know, I know.
But I have to make something right.
He has a strange tale to tell.
I think we can help him and others.
- We promised ourselves
we would only try it once,
that's it.
There was a pinky swear involved.
- Try what?
- Dude, we built a time machine.
- A time machine?
That defies all logic.
- We know it works.
We each tried it once.
We haven't told Bobby Dugain.
- We found out that it's
incredibly dangerous
and we don't really know
what his motives really are.
He claims altruism that he
just wants to go back in time
and collect fresh water and fossil fuels
and bring them back to the present
to solve numerous crises, but--
- But we think he wants to
corner the Atari market.
- You see, Dugain believes
in the gottle metric.
That's what the Navicof
filter on the krasnikov tube
would prevent, a break
in the laws of causality.
- You can't change the future
because the past has already happened.
So you can take clean water and oil
because it's already missing.
- But we found out that it's not true,
the Navikov filter doesn't work.
We used ourselves as test subjects
and each took a single
trip in the krasnikov tube.
- We thought if we just went back
and did something small,
you know nothing big,
like going back and
killing Hitler as a baby.
- Or give Willie Lincoln antibiotics or,
or stop Aaron Burr from going to the duel.
- Or stopping Oswald.
- Or James Earl Ray or Sirhan Sirhan.
- I get it, something small, a test.
So what did you do?
- Dude, you know I'm a huge
Washington Redskins fan, right?
- Yeah.
- Well picture this.
November 18th, 1985,
the Washington Redskins are
playing the New York Giants.
Joe Theisman throws
eight touchdown passes,
greatest night in Washington
Redskin's history,
and then the Redskins go on
and win two more Super Bowls.
- I'm sorry Emile, I'm
not a huge football fan,
but I don't remember anything like that.
- Craig, because what
happened was Joe Theisman
went back to pass and
Lawrence Taylor broke his leg,
horrific injury.
Those Super Bowls never happened.
- That's not what
happened, I remember that.
- You remember things a certain way,
we remember how it really happened.
- How do you remember
this, but nobody else does?
- We are at the epicenter,
it all ripples out from here.
- We're like the rock
that fell into the pond.
Tell him what you did.
- Oh, he knows enough to understand.
- Tell him what you did.
- April 24th, 1976,
John Lennon and Paul McCartney showed up
and jammed together on
Saturday Night Live.
They liked it so much that
the Beatles got back together
and played great music
until George died in 2001.
Oh, huge Beatles fan, goes without saying.
I got tickets for that show that night.
Lennon and McCartney never showed up.
Then in December, 1980,
someone shot John Lennon
and the Beatles never
got back together again.
- How?
- We don't know, something small.
You know the story like
when somebody goes back
and steps on a butterfly
and it changes everything
and you come back and everybody's speaking
Esperanto or whatever.
I think we're too close
to the present time,
the seventies and eighties.
We need to go back farther,
like thousands of years.
But we know that's what Bobby wants to do.
We might as well test this
theory, we might as well go back.
We can't keep telling him
that the time machine's not working.
This guy's smart, he invented a video game
with zombie sorority girls.
Brennan told me something
about the presence of evil.
So I started thinking,
what if it wasn't science that
brought the dinosaur back?
What if it was dark magic?
You, I want you to go back
and exercise the dinosaur,
that way, the dinosaur doesn't
come back from the dead
and the cult never grows.
- No.
- You killed the fricking
Beatles, you owe me.
- Wait,
why don't you send me
back a couple of days,
I exercise the demon when
the dinosaur first comes out?
- What if we send you
back and you can't find it
and it all starts happening?
- Then you send me back again.
- And have you bumped into yourself?
- Come on, everybody knows
that's bad cosmic shit.
Come on, Brennan.
- It's a million years or nothing.
- Sebastian, I won't do
it to renew my faith,
but I will do it to help all those people.
Come on, take me to this tube thing.
- Well, we're in the
Krasnikov tube right now.
You better hold on, this is
gonna hurt like a mother.
(computer chimes)
(ominous music)
(dinosaur roars)
- I am not here to hurt you.
Easy does it.
(creature roars)
Easy does it.
(creature roars)
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Stay down.
(uplifting music)
(creature roars)
I sure hope that wasn't
the guy that invented fire.
(dinosaur roars)
I thought, I thought I
would sense it again.
(creature roars)
- [Woman] You have 24 hours.
There' no switch to
flip, no button to push.
The super luminal tunnel
will loop back onto itself.
(computer chimes)
- The game's video calling.
- Well, we better answer it.
- Hey guys, I called
you like 10 times now.
I want an update on the time machine.
I think you've got it working.
So call me back, soon.
And if you don't call me back soon,
heads are gonna roll.
Have a nice day.
- Just in case.
(dinosaur roars)
Didn't think I'd be doing this here.
Help me to be straightforward
like the sky-seeking redwood tree.
May my soul be clear like
spring water at its origin.
May my will be like the faultless granite
again or for the very first time.
(elephants roar)
That's not it.
(dinosaur roars)
- Father Brennan.
- Who are you?
- My name is not written any book.
Those who worshiped me are dead
and those who opposed me slain.
I've returned to wipe the
world of these creatures
and populate it with new followers.
- In my time,
people say a meteor killed the dinosaurs.
- May his eye will kill the dinosaurs
and they come out from not
outer space, but inner space.
One shall remain to be
my vessel for the future.
- And bury yourself alive?
- Time means nothing in my realm.
I could sleep a million
years and wake up yesterday.
- You didn't tell me your name
because you know it's a name
I've never even heard of.
You're not Theis or
Bob or Bale or anybody.
If you were smart at all, you
wouldn't take over a dinosaur
to rule the world, you'd
take over the internet.
- You dare to laugh.
- That's it?
Well, that was easy.
Who are you?
How did you get here?
- You've looked evil in the face too long
and you forgot what was good.
Now you must reach deep into your soul
to defeat this evil before you.
Heed my warning, my friend,
I can watch over you,
but I cannot interfere.
- The worst part about the devil
is that he is not the prince of lies.
He often tells the truth, the
truth we don't want to hear.
(dinosaur roars)
I lost my faith once, but
I won't lose it again.
Be sober, be vigilant,
your adversary the devil
will walk with the bow
seeking hear may vows.
Almighty God, soul power
and king of a realm.
I cannot (indistinct)
A glorious conqueror of evil.
He who restrains the
force of the adversary,
silencing the uproar of
his rage (indistinct).
It is in awe and
humility, Lord, thank you.
To regard with favor, this
creature thing, take hold of this
demon, the old serpent,
which is the devil and satan
and all the demons of the
underworld, both large and small.
Find him and cast him
into the bottomless pit
that he may no longer seduce the nations.
As smoke is driven away,
so are they driven.
As wax melts before the fire,
so the wicked parish in the presence of--
(dinosaur roars)
If there were enough, if
there were only enough.
I'm leaving.
- Hey, take it easy, man.
- How long was I gone?
- Just a short time.
- Is it?
- It is.
It never happened.
- But our theory about
distance was wrong, something--
- No.
- Dude, you need to hear it.
- No!
- Let him figure this one out on his own.
He's got a lot to figure out.
- Father, I thought you were a priest.
Are you just visiting?
- Just passing through, it seems.
How's the rhubarb this year, Abbie?
- The soil's good here.
- I always thought so.
Seems like a good place to put down roots.
- Father, would you like
to meet our local priest?
That's him coming down the lane.
(ominous music)
- Hello, Father, may I help you?
- No, I used to preach
here a long time ago.
I just stepped out of the past to visit.
This is my flock now.
I wish you well on your
travels to the future,
Father Brennan.
- Funny, I never told you my name.
- Well, you must have,
how would I know your name
if we hadn't met before?
Oh, I remember, I saw your
picture in an old directory.
- Lying is a sin.
- You speak in riddles.
I have much to do, good day.
- Priest, do you have an
interest in paleontology?
Dinosaurs, to be exact.
- Dinosaurs are God's earliest creation.
- Let's stop this game.
We both know who one another really is.
- Possibly, but what
should we do about it?
Possibly walk away,
cross paths another time?
- Or end this now once and for all.
- As you wish.
(dinosaur roars)
- Ouch, didn't know you
were going this direction.
(dinosaur roars)
- Oh my.
(dinosaur roars)
- You have all the tools you need in here
to defeat the enemy.
In here
and in there.
- Who are you, stranger?
Who are you?
- We have met before, but you
were too young to remember.
- I don't understand.
- You had a brother, he
went off to fight a war.
He was killed disarming a bomb.
I saved many lives, but mine was lost.
- Greg, Greg?
My brother?
How can that be?
- Time is short, brother.
We are all called on to
serve at one time or another.
I served our country,
you served the souls of those you touched.
Let's not let them down.
- You, you're a--
- Yes.
I have been beside you a long time.
I will always be beside you.
Do what you are given the strength to do.
(door breaks)
(dinosaur roars)
- Come on.
Foul be is to the nightmares.
You feed on fear, on hate, on terror.
I'm not afraid of you.
(dinosaur roars)
(uplifting music)
(ominous music)
(dinosaur roars)