Jurassic Island (2022) Movie Script

I think we lost him.
Get them off me!
Get them off me!
Head to the inaudible
But what if they beat us there?
Come on.
Come on.
Hi, you've
reached Edward and Lindsey.
Sorry, we can't get to
the phone right now.
But please leave a message,
and I'll call you back.
Hey, dad.
It is Eva.
It's 1300 hours, Thursday 12th.
I got home early so I
tried to surprise you.
But it looks like
you're not here.
Could you give me a
call when you get this?
So how was South Africa?
Oh, I spent three years trying
to convince the community
that Glossopteris was a
conifer and not a fern.
They insisted it wasn't,
and I lost all my funding.
Cass, I'm sorry.
What is a Glossopteris?
Glossopteris is an extinct
genus of fossilized plants.
They were once a dominant
life form on the planet,
and their existence helps
to prove that Gondwana
was a supercontinent.
Botswana was a continent?
Oh, it is lucky you're pretty.
You've heard of the concept
of supercontinents, right?
That originally the
planet was made up
of two giant islands that's
gradually split over time.
Gondwana is the
name for what's now
South America, Africa,
India, Australia, New
Zealand, and Antarctica.
They were originally
melded together as one.
Now we know Glossopteris
used to inhabit Gondwana,
and we've since
found it fossilized
in all of those
territories individually.
So that proves that they
were once all joined up?
See, he gets it?
And how are you doing over?
How was the tour?
Intense, like most of them.
But I like to think
we're bringing stability
to the region.
Look at you, out
saving the world.
Hmm, I wouldn't quite
put it like that.
And how's your dad?
He hasn't been by
the lab for a while.
I don't know.
I haven't heard from him yet.
Well, it's good
to have you back.
To having Ava back.
Morning, stud.
How did you sleep?
What's up?
This letter was
dated six weeks ago.
When was the last time
you heard from him?
Um, must have been
about two months ago.
I called dad from
inaudible on a day off.
I tried calling him yesterday...
no answer.
Maybe they left you a note.
Is your dad like a spy?
He's an archaeologist.
That's all research.
Well, looks like he was
looking for something.
Well, he was.
He was looking for the
island my granddad went
to when he was younger, became
kind of obsessed with it.
That's why we moved to England.
Hi, pumpkin.
Hope you're well.
I know we are...
well, we haven't
spoken for a while.
Obviously, I was
away before you left,
so we didn't get a chance
to say goodbye properly.
But I'm thinking
about every day,
and I can't wait to see you.
But, to the point, great news...
Lindsey found something,
part of a map...
well, more a sea chart, really.
But it's an exact match
to grandad's island.
And we think we figured
out where it is.
This is it.
I think this is the big one.
So we're setting out first
thing in the morning.
And we should be no
more than two weeks,
so we'll be back long
before you finish your tour.
I'll tell you all about
it when I see you.
Love you, pumpkin.
See you soon.
Well, at least we
know where he is.
And what's grandad's island?
Oh, it's the island my granddad
went to before he died.
He was an archaeologist, too.
That's where dad got the bug.
He used to help him at work.
But when I was like
five, my grandad
went to some uncharted
island, and we never
heard from him again.
I think eight of them went.
Only one made it back,
some guy named Fitz...
totally lost his marbles.
He's in a home now, but we
never heard from granddad again.
And dad never gave
up looking for him.
I wonder what
happened to them all?
You and me both.
OK, thanks, ? marek.? I
just spoke to my dad's team
in Warsaw.
They haven't heard
from him in weeks.
I'm sure he's fine.
It's a remote island.
There's probably
no signal, right?
He should have been
back weeks ago.
What if he's in trouble?
There's no system
to any of this.
This man is so disorganized.
I mean, look at this mess.
It's a wonder he can find a ring
binder, let alone an island.
Amber, I think I
found something.
It's a two day
sail from the port.
All the kit is packed.
The five of us leave
it at first sunlight.
Wait, this is it, Luke.
Glad I could help.
Hey, I can get a boat.
I can go after him.
What do you mean?
It is a classic extraction.
This is what I do, Luke.
And this is the island your
granddad disappeared from,
Yeah, that is why I have to go.
I can't... I can't
lose both of them.
Not after mom.
I'm going, Luke.
Then I'm going with you.
Maybe I could be your bodyguard,
protect you from the locals.
You guys really
like plants, huh?
They predate the human race.
They're responsible for
the air that we breathe.
And they form the bedrock
of every living ecosystem.
Imagine you had your feet stuck
in cement your entire life.
How would you hunt,
evade predators, mate?
I can assure you, I'd
have no trouble mating.
You know, this looks
like an ? arborealis.?
It is.
Wow, you actually been listening
to me all of these years?
Maybe she learnt by osmosis.
Plants do that.
It's a plant-based joke.
Yeah, my granddad bought
one back from a dig once.
I remembered it because
it looks like a tongue.
You know, that is
actually why we're here.
You're here about your granddad?
You know the island?
Dad found it.
He's found it.
He found a map.
And then dad went with
Lindsey to the island,
but no one's heard from them.
And they haven't been
back for like a month.
So we are going after
them, me and Luke.
OK, and you're here to...
Ask you to come with us.
You said you lost your funding
for the South Africa project,
Yeah, but we haven't...
Well, I have got you a new
one, funded by yours truly.
It's an uncharted island.
It will be an
archaeologist's dream.
Um, I'm a paleobotanist.
It will be a
paleobotanist dream.
I'll have to ask Tommy.
Well, bring him with us.
We'll need the whole team.
When are you leaving?
We'll pick you up en
route to the docks.
If we discover a new species,
I'm taking all the credit.
Maybe you should stay here.
I don't want to swamp him.
I won't be long.
It's been some time
since he's had a visitor.
He'll be glad of the company,
but please don't be upset
when he doesn't talk to you.
Of course.
Someone's here to
see you Arthur.
Isn't that nice?
Hey, Fitz.
I don't know if you
remember me, but I'm
Carl's granddaughter, Ava.
Do you remember Carl?
You used to work together.
I'm sorry that dad and I
haven't been to visit more.
After we lost granddad,
it was really hard.
My dad threw himself into work.
He got a job offer
at Warsaw University
and spent most of his time
digging around Europe.
I wanted to talk to
you about that trip,
the one with granddad.
About the island...
dad's found it.
And he's there now, but
we haven't heard from him.
And he should have
been back ages ago.
I'm scared.
I'm scared that
something's gone wrong.
And after we lost
granddad, and then mom,
if he doesn't come
home, Fitz, I don't
know what I'm going to do.
We are going after him tomorrow.
And I found...
I found this.
No, no, no, no.
No, you can't.
It is madness.
You can't do this.
What have you been
saying to him?
I'm sorry.
The island knows only death.
Do not go near it, I beg of you.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Don't worry.
How'd it go?
He couldn't remember anything.
Didn't even know I
was there, poor thing.
Plan still goes ahead?
Plan still goes ahead.
We're shut.
What do you mean you're shut?
The sign on the door
to literally says open.
Yeah, well, we just shut.
I need a boat.
Good for you.
You do not understand.
Sure, I do.
You need a boat.
Look, I have a map to an island.
I'm going to level with you, OK?
I've got to deflated rips,
rope burn on both hands,
and I'm pretty sure the kid
I hired to clean the boat
house stealing from me.
So unless that map is drawn on
the back of a very large check,
the answer is no.
Well, how about you point me
in the direction of someone who
might be more accommodating?
10,000 pound.
I will take you
wherever you want to go.
I'll give you 100.
It's phenomenal,
simply phenomenal.
You can keep it, if you like.
Look, there's an insect
fossilized on the leaf.
Hey, Cassie, do you know
what this can tell us
about this ecosystem?
You know, we've got tons
of those knocking around
back home.
If you want, when we get back,
you can take a look around,
take anything you want.
Why has Cassie waited
till now to introduce us?
Africa will seem
like a bad dream
before long, right, Tommy?
You know, this looks
a bit inaudible..
It all started with
Ava's dad, really.
When we were kids, he used to
bury his fossils in Ava's sand
pit and make us bury them out.
She hated it.
She just wanted to
play desert soldiers.
She used to cut the
hair off her Barbies
and make them fight, because
Ed wouldn't buy her GI Joes.
But I loved it.
I applied to do a
systematics at Imperial
and was given Tommy
as my advisor.
He offered me a grant to
change courses to botany.
Turns out, he was the
country's leading botanist,
so that was that.
Brightest student I've ever had.
It's the first year
they offered the course,
so I'm your first
and only student.
Plus, you had to
bribe me with money.
It doesn't make it not true.
There's a distress signal.
Looks like it's coming
from your island.
Hope you're not planning
on using that on me.
I don't know if you
heard... it's now Michael.
Yeah, I heard that
there's a distress signal.
I'm sure they're fine.
They're probably
just broken down
and they've been waiting for
someone to come and get them.
I'm sure.
Ava, I promise everything's
going to be fine.
Now there, if you can
stand me together, right?
Wake up.
We're here.
Guys, you're going
to want to see this.
I think I found the beacon.
Where's the boat?
I think this is the boat.
Well, now we know
why they didn't
inaudible, thought, right?
Maybe a storm came in while
they were exploring the island,
and that washed the
boat up on the rocks,
and that set off the beacon.
Your dad's a smart man.
There's a camp on this map.
I bet you anything
they made it here,
and then headed straight there.
This is ? melepomani.? I
thought it'd gone extinct.
? melepomani? is
endemic to Ecuador.
What is it doing flourishing
this high at the equator?
I guess that's science speak
for what's with all red plants?
I was wondering that myself.
Good grief.
It's a dinosaur.
Now there's something
you don't see every day.
It's a inaudible.
You can tell by the
shape of its front horn.
It's longer, and it's
got their short beak.
We need to set up camp.
Start taking samples.
Get your dictaphone out.
Hey, no one's doing
anything or going anywhere
until we've found Ava's parents.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm losing my as well.
Until we know that Ed
and Lindsey are safe,
we're going to stick
together, and we're
going to track them down, OK?
Does that include me?
Yes, that includes
you, Captain Birdseye.
You're part of the team now.
And no one wander off.
We don't know what
else is in these woods.
So you and Cassie...
do you have to take advantage
of that student-teacher
relationship, if you
know what I mean?
No, I don't know what you mean.
You know, have you two ever...
Just so you know,
when someone says,
I don't know what
you mean, it's not
that they don't understand
what you've said.
It's that they can't comprehend
why you're saying it.
All right.
Calm down, guy.
You're a man of the
species, aren't you?
No, no, no, no.
Don't do that.
Don't do that.
What do you expect me to do?
Let the sucker
fill up on my blood
and then infect me with whatever
jungle virus it's carrying.
No, I was going to
remove it for you safely.
Leeches don't carry diseases.
But if you pull it off
like you've just done,
you can tear their
entire body away
from its teeth, which
can rot inside you
and cause all sorts
of other problems.
Well, now it can't be
a problem for anyone.
Firstly, while
very heroic of you,
that doesn't solve the problem
of his teeth currently stuck
in your leg.
And secondly, we're surrounded
by a middle of an ecosystem we
know nothing about, surrounded
by plants and animals
we know nothing about.
And killing them
isn't going to help
us garner any useful
or helpful information.
Yeah, well, why don't
you go and garner
some new and helpful
information by yourself,
and leave me to it, Tom, yeah?
At least let me clean
the wound for you.
What have you been feeding
on that has black blood?
Where are we?
First signs, man.
Come and look at this.
They're made by a
theropod, big one.
Maybe an allosaurus.
Looks bigger.
Could be a shoebill.
inaudible Rex.
Like a... like a giant stork.
I saw one the size of a
house in Africa one time.
Ba-caw... like, huge.
Unfortunately for
us, I think it's
one of his distant relatives.
Could be.
Just perfect.
My dad's backpack.
Was it always look like that?
No, I got it new for
him on his last dig.
At least we know they
made it off the boat.
Your man here reckons
there's a T-rex knocking
about these woods.
I'll be frank with you, that's
not what I signed up for.
So if you want me to stick
around, I'm going to...
I'm going to need
something extra.
Are you listening to me?
Hey, chill out.
Chill out?
Chill out?
Doc, tell Romeo here
what you just told me.
We found tracks in the ground.
I think it's a Tyrannosaur.
It's heading that
way to the coast.
But it's still fresh.
Still want me to chill out?
Now, I ain't doing
this for nothing.
So unless you're
about to offer me
a considerable amount of money,
I'm heading back to my boat
right now, and you
can all swim home.
Take this.
Video evidence of
the triceratops.
It's worth a fortune.
And I don't know...
you could write a book or
do canoe tours or something.
You're lucky to be here.
It's a privilege to
see these animals.
Are you OK?
Something in the
back of my head.
Do you suffer from migraines?
Could it be the
humidity of the place?
Get off me.
Get off me.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Let's just leave this stupid
place and find a stupid camp.
You OK?
They made it to the camp.
Come on.
Let's go.
Ava, shhh.
Sweetheart, the man just
said shut your trap.
I heard what the man said.
Think about doing it.
Dozy bitch.
Oh, God.
Oh, all right.
All right.
All right.
Three weeks ago, I
was pointing a gun
at a 13-year-old boy
who had been coerced
by a bunch of religious
maniacs to point
an RPG at a truck full
of American soldiers.
You see, I knew those
soldiers, and they
were the biggest bunch
of heinous assholes
that you could imagine.
So in that moment,
I had to decide
whether I was willing
to take a child's life
or save six men who I had
seemed to ungodly things
to a bunch of
innocent civilians.
So please, do not
think that because you
have a twig and berries
between your leg
that, somehow,
you're more robust,
level headed, and a better
decision maker than me.
You work for me.
As long as you do as
I say, go where I go,
and get us home safely,
I will make sure
that you are well looked after.
Until then, keep your trap shut
unless I tell you otherwise.
OK, sweetheart?
They're not here.
There's a good chance
they're not far from here.
They probably just started
another dig or something.
You know, I was
really hoping that you
were going to be right,
and we would just
find them on the beach
relaxing somewhere.
But I cannot shake the feeling
that something's wrong,
Hey, we came here
to find your dad.
We're not leaving without him.
We found the camp, didn't we?
We just need to press on, OK?
Thank you.
You're not going to
break my arm, are you?
Get on your feet, guys.
We're moving.
Are you OK?
I feel inaudible.
You really gave it
to him back there.
Guys like him all
bark and no bite.
Isn't that right, Cass?
Where the hell did they go?
Michael, don't make me use this.
Sweet Mary and Joseph.
What happened?
He attacked me.
His eyes went black.
I'm going to kill him.
He wasn't himself.
You're not going to
get that privilege.
He attacked me, and I
had to defend myself.
How are you doing?
I don't get what came over
him, what made him do that.
I've been thinking.
There's a fungus called
Ophiocordyceps unilateralis.
It affects jungle
ants in Brazil.
It enters the ant's
bloodstream as a single cells,
then multiplies, like cancer.
It disconnects the
ant's motor skills
from his hind brain function.
I think Michael
suffered from some form
of insidious infection,
something that turned off
his prefrontal cortex,
turned off his control,
rendered him at the whims
of his most primal desires...
fighting, mating, and killing.
What are you saying?
He wanted to come here.
There are extinct lifeforms
on this island anyone
would kill to see.
Look, all these ecosystems
have defense mechanisms, ways
of keeping external forces out.
Guess we just never
encountered these ones before.
That's not your fault.
Thank you.
I just can't get his
face out of my head.
His eyes...
I am sorry for what happened,
for bringing to this island.
But tomorrow, we're going
to get you back on that boat
and get you home, OK?
But how, without Michael?
I can drive the boat.
What about you dad?
We just need to get you home.
That's all that
matters right now.
It will be getting dark soon,
And we should all get some rest
before we do anything tomorrow.
Meaning to ask you,
why have you come here?
I used to come to a lake
like this with my dad,
before I lost him...
Ava was there for me then.
Don't want to lose
her dad, as well, so...
Here I am.
Well, you're here now.
Anyway, we should
probably get back soon.
When I was younger, dad used
to take Cassie and me camping.
We would go to little
streams like this.
And one year, we
went to ? snowden?
and built a massive dam.
And we went back
the following year.
And then a new
stream had formed.
It went down the
mountain inaudible
formed a lake at the bottom.
And there was a lamb that
was drinking from it.
It's funny how a small action
can change so many things.
Are you sure you
want to leave today?
You don't want to stay?
Cassie could have
died yesterday.
Michael did dying die.
We need to leave before
anything else happens.
What about your dad?
I was looking through
the things yesterday,
and I think I know where
they're going next.
Luke, I've made my decision.
We're leaving.
Ava, I have to ask.
That story you told
Michael to scare him
about the child soldier...
I'm sorry.
I didn't...
You're up early.
Just been compiling
a few specimens
I'm trying to build up
as much of a portfolio
as I can before I
head back to the boat.
What have you done
with the leech?
What do you mean?
It's not in the jar.
the inaudible..
He can smell inaudible.
Something was carrying
that infection.
I've just figured out what was.
The head's still in.
Cassie, give me the knife.
Cassie, give me the knife.
Give it to me.
Give it to me now.
I can't believe
Michael was right.
We really need to...
Tommy, inaudible.
Come on.
Do you know him?
Yeah, he's part of my
dad's research team.
Jacob, I'm sorry.
Do you know where my dad is?
Where Lindsey is?
Do you know what
happened to them?
Luke, could you take Cassie
behind the trees over there
for me?
I don't want you to see this.
Oh, that's not good.
Predatory species never stray
too far from their nest.
We need to go now.
Just give me a sec.
I said go.
We're in the middle
of their nest.
We need to leave now.
I said go.
Give me a sec.
Reading my dad's journal, it
looks like most of his team
got infected.
I think that's what happened
to Jacob and Michael.
Tommy thought that it could
be something fungal, something
that you breathed in.
It's the leeches.
That's how it's spreading.
The one we had on the jar?
It got out, and it got Tommy.
Oh, Cass.
It changed him, like
Michael, like that guy.
I saw it.
His eyes went black.
He lost all control, and
he tried to attack me.
What happened?
The raptor... it got him.
I ran.
Tommy... is he dead?
I don't know.
We have to go back.
We have to go back for
Tommy, in case he's alive,
get him to the boat, to the
mainland, to a hospital.
Maybe they can cure him.
I think he's beyond
saving, Luke.
Our priority is getting
Cassie back to the boat.
And what about Tommy?
Tommy would go back
to for Cass, and I'd
like to think he'd
do the same for me.
Oh, God.
We left all the
research at camp.
All the more reason to go back.
Look, I'll go back for Tommy.
And while I'm there,
I'll grab the kit.
I don't care about the research.
I care about you.
The whole reason your dad came
here, your granddad came here,
was to document this place.
If we can't bring them back, let
me bring their research back,
at least.
There are two routes back
to the coast on this map.
Take this one.
It will take you out of
the woods, away from here,
and away from that nest.
If you haven't caught up with us
by the time we get to the boat,
I'm coming back for you.
I'll be there.
Now, go on.
Get out of here.
Go on.
How are you holding up?
I just want to get
off this island.
Well, Luke should be back soon.
Hopefully, we can bring
Tommy home safely, get him
to a hospital, figure out
what this infection is
and get rid of it.
We both know Tommy isn't
making it back, Ava.
I'm sorry, Cass.
We're not soldiers, Ava.
We're scientists.
Tommy should be back
in his lab working
on getting his thesis published.
Now he's lying dead
in those woods.
Oh, and now your
boyfriend's wandered off,
and God knows when
he'll be back.
We should never have come here.
I had no idea what
was on this island.
I never would have brought
you here if I knew.
You've always prided
yourself on your ability
to make others do what you want,
and look where it's got you.
Look where it's got us.
Cass, listen...
I don't want to hear it, Ava.
You can't undo this.
Let's just get going.
I don't want to spend a
second longer on this island
than I have to.
Hold on.
I think I see someone.
I don't know.
I don't know, but it
could be Dad or Lindsey.
inaudible OK.
Now take this.
Take it.
Take it.
I'll take this.
inaudible, OK?
You got this.
Lindsey, it's me.
It's Ava.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Lindsey, where's dad?
What's wrong with her?
I don't think she's infected.
Her eyes are fine.
At least not with whatever
Michael and Jacob had.
I think she's in shock.
We need to go.
Come on.
Lindsey, we need to go now.
Lindsey, either you can stay
here with that or come with us.
Come on.
Cass, look.
Is she OK?
She hasn't said a word.
Got Tommy's research.
At least we got something
out of this trip.
Lindsey, what's wrong?
What's up with her?
I don't know.
She's gone mad, Luke.
That's what's up with her.
No, I have to go after her.
We need to stick together.
I can't leave her, Luke.
How is this any
different than Tommy?
This is my stepmom.
What I mean is, we all
need to go together.
Isn't that right, Cass?
I'm not going back
into those woods.
Take Cass back to
the boat for me.
Cass, I love you.
You know that, right?
Take care of her for me.
I'll meet you back at the boat.
I'll meet you back at the boat.
Sorry, Cass.
I didn't mean to put you
on the spot like that.
If she wants to chase after that
crazy woman, she's welcome to.
Lindsey, what's wrong?
Yeah, Lindsey, it's me.
What's that?
I don't know.
But it's moving fast
and against the wind.
My dad... I need to know.
We should be able to
cut through these trees.
It'll take longer, but we'll
be under cover the whole time.
I think it's Ed.
Lindsey, talk to me.
I need to know, even
the worst of it.
My dad... is he...
We set up camp,
and everything was
fine for the first few days.
We were doing really
good work, cataloging
and recording everything.
But then, whatever it
was on this island...
it got him, just like
it had the others.
Ed... he was different.
He changed.
He got angry.
He attacked me.
But it wasn't him.
He wasn't himself.
He didn't mean it.
I know.
What happened to your boat?
'cause when we got here, it
was completely destroyed.
Some of the men tried to flee.
They were going
to leave us here.
But then, something in the sea...
it got them.
It was in the sea.
I don't know what it
was, but it was big.
Your dad thought it was
something semi-amphibious.
Our boat is moored
on that same beach.
It's our only means
of getting home.
Look, Ava, I know I haven't
always been there for you.
After your mum died, I know
I could never replace her.
I just wanted to be
someone you could always
come to, someone who you
knew really cared about you.
I tried to be someone
you could look up to.
And I know it hasn't
been easy with your dad
and I being away so much.
I know you really miss him.
I just didn't want you to think
I was trying to steal him away
from you.
I never did think That Dad
was always married to his job.
It was not your fault.
I know.
I just wanted you
to understand it.
I really loved your dad.
And I love you, too,
very, very much.
Lindsey, why are
you saying this?
Pray for your dad.
Lindsey, I'm sorry.
Cassie, get the knife!
Cassie, help!
Where's Luke?
He didn't make it.
Oh, my God.
Come here.
Hold on to me.
Cassie said...
Where is she?
She didn't make it.
Oh, you have got
to be kidding me.
At least the boat still here.
God, inaudible everything.
Not bad everything.
I think I figured
it out, you know...
this island.
You remember what
Cassie was saying
about these prehistoric
supercontinents that
all separated and
split off into the sea.
I think that's how
this place came to be.
I don't care how it came can be.
I just hope we never have
to come here ever again.
Let's get off this island.
I can't leave.
I'm sorry, Ava.
We... we can take
you to a hospital.
We can get you care.
I can feel it, Ava.
I can feel it behind my eyes.
I can feel it changing me.
I can't leave this island.
You can.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!