Jurassic Park (1993) Movie Script

Everybody, heads up. Keep it clear, now.
Keep it clear.
Stand back.
Slow it down.
- Pushing team, move in there.
- Move in.
- On your ready.
- I want tasers on full charge.
Steady! Go on. Step back in.
Ready. Move it.
And push!
Well, locked. Loading team, step away.
Jophery, raise the gate.
Block the opening! Don't let her get out!
Somebody help him!
Work her back!
Shoot her!
Shoot her!
- I heard that Hammond's not even here.
- He sends his apologies.
There's a $20 million lawsuit
for that worker's death...
...and you're telling me
that Hammond can't see me?
He had to leave early,
his daughter's getting a divorce.
I understand, but we need to deal
with the situation now.
- The insurance company...
- You okay?
The underwriters feel that the accident's
raised safety questions about the park.
That makes the investors very anxious.
I had to promise to conduct
a thorough, on-site inspection.
Hammond hates inspections.
They slow everything down.
They'll pull the funding.
That'll slow him down even more.
Watch your head.
If two experts sign off on the island,
the insurance guys'll back off.
I've already got Ian Malcolm,
but they think he's too trendy.
- They want Alan Grant.
- Grant?
You'll never get him out of Montana.
Why not?
Why not?
Because Grant's like me.
He's a digger.
Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler,
we're ready to try again.
I hate computers.
The feeling's mutual.
Take a look.
Did it work?
- How long does this take?
- Should bring an immediate return.
You shoot the radar into the ground,
and the bone bounces the image back.
Bounces it back...
This new program is incredible.
A few more years' development,
and we won't even have to dig anymore.
Where's the fun in that?
It's a little distorted,
but I don't think it's the computer.
Post-mortem contraction
of the posterior neck ligaments.
Yes. Good shape, too.
It's 5, 6 feet high. I'm guessing 9 feet long.
- Look...
- What'd you do?
He touched it.
- Dr. Grant's not machine compatible.
- Hell, they've got it in for me.
And look at the half-moon shaped bones
in the wrist.
It's no wonder these guys learned
how to fly.
No, seriously.
Maybe dinosaurs have more in common
with present-day birds than with reptiles.
Look at the pubic bone, turned backward,
like a bird's.
Look at the vertebrae,
full of air sacs and hollows, like a bird's.
And even the word "raptor"
means "bird of prey. "
That doesn't look very scary.
More like a 6-foot turkey.
A turkey?
- Imagine yourself in the Cretaceous period.
- Here we go.
You'd get yourfirst look at this
He moves like a bird,
lightly bobbing his head.
You keep still because maybe
his visual acuity is based on movement...
...like T. Rex and he'll lose you
if you don't move.
But no, not Velociraptor.
You stare at him
and he just stares right back.
And that's when the attack comes.
Not from the front, but from the side.
From the other two Raptors
you didn't even know were there.
Because Velociraptor's a pack hunter.
He uses co-ordinated attack patterns...
...and he is out in force today.
And he slashes at you with this...
...a 6-inch retractable claw,
like a razor, on the middle toe.
He doesn't bother to bite your jugular
like a lion. No.
He slashes at you...
...here or here...
Or maybe across the belly,
spilling your intestines.
The point is, you are alive
when they start to eat you.
So, you know, try to show a little respect.
Alan, if you wanted to scare the kid,
you could've pulled a gun on him.
Yeah, I know. Kids.
You want to have one of those?
I don't want that kid,
but a breed of child could be intriguing.
I mean, what's so wrong with kids?
They're noisy, they're messy,
they're expensive.
Cheap, cheap.
They smell.
- They don't smell!
- Some smell.
- Give me a break!
- Babies smell.
- Cover the site!
- Cover up the dig!
- Tell them to shut down!
- Cut the machine!
Cover it all up. Pull it over.
Just cut it, will you? Shut it down!
What the hell do you think
you're doing in here?
We were saving that.
For today, I guarantee it.
- Who in God's name do you think you are?
- John Hammond.
And I'm delighted to meet you finally
in person, Dr. Grant.
So, I can see that my $50,000 a year
has been well spent.
Who's the jerk?
- This is our paleobotanist. Dr....
- Sattler.
Ellie, this is Mr. Hammond.
I'm sorry about the dramatic entrance,
Dr. Sattler, but...
- Did I say "jerk"?
... we're in a hurry.
Will you have a drink?
We won't let it get warm. Sit down.
- Let me have this.
- I'll just get a glass or two. I can do it.
- There's samples all over here.
- I know my way around the kitchen.
Now, I'll get right to the point.
I like you. Both of you.
I can tell instantly about people. It's a gift.
I own an island off the coast of Costa Rica.
I've leased it from the government
and during the last five years...
...I've been setting up a biological preserve.
Really spectacular. Spared no expense.
Make the one I've got down in Kenya
look like a petting zoo.
And there's no doubt our attractions
will drive kids out of their minds.
- And what are those?
- Small versions of adults, honey.
And not just kids, everyone.
We're opening next year, if the lawyers
don't kill me first. Do you like lawyers?
- I don't really know any.
- Don't really know any.
I do, and there's a particular one right now,
who represents my investors.
Says that they insist on outside opinions.
What kind of opinions?
Well, your kind,
not to put too fine a point on it.
Let's face it, in your particularfields,
you're the top minds.
And if I could just persuade you...
...to sign off on the park,
give it your endorsement...
...maybe even pen a wee testimonial,
I could get back on schedule.
- Why would they care what we think?
- What kind of park is this?
It's right up your alley.
Why don't you come down,
just the pair of you, for the weekend?
I'd love to have an opinion
of a paleobotanist as well.
I've got a jet standing by at Choteau.
I'm sorry. This isn't possible.
We just dug up a new skeleton...
I'd compensate you
by fully funding your dig...
- This is a very unusual time.
- The timing is...
...for a further three years.
Where's the plane?
- Okay.
- Three years.
You shouldn't use my name.
Dodgson. We've got Dodgson here.
See, nobody cares. Nice hat.
What're you trying to look like,
a secret agent?
- Well?
- $750,000.
On delivery, $50,000 more
for each viable embryo.
That's $1.5 million
if you get all 15 species off the island.
I'll get them all.
Remember, viable embryos.
They're no use to us if they don't survive.
How am I supposed to transport them?
The bottom screws open.
That's great. Oh, my God.
It's cooled and compartmentalised inside.
- You guys. That's great.
- Customs can even check it if they want to.
- Let me see.
- Go on.
- There's enough coolant for 36 hours.
- No menthol?
The embryos have to be back here
in San Jos by then.
That's up to your guy on the boat.
Make sure he gets it right.
- How are you planning to beat security?
- I've got an 18-minute window.
catches up on 10 years of research.
Don't get cheap on me, Dodgson.
That was Hammond's mistake.
So you two dig up dinosaurs?
- Well...
- We try to.
You'll have to get used to Dr. Malcolm.
He suffers from a deplorable excess
of personality, for a mathematician.
Chaotician. Chaotician, actually.
John doesn't subscribe to chaos...
...particularly what it says
about his science project.
Ian, you've never been able to
sufficiently explain your concerns...
Because of the behaviour
of the system in phase space?
A load, if I may say so,
of fashionable number crunching...
Dr. Sattler, Dr. Grant,
you've heard of Chaos Theory?
No? Non-linear equations?
Strange attractors?
I refuse to believe that you aren't familiar
with the concept of attraction.
I bring scientists. You bring a rock star.
There it is.
Bad wind shears. We have to drop
pretty fast. Hold on, this will be thrilling.
But you need that piece over here,
and that piece...
We'll have landed
by the time you get it right.
The full 50 miles of perimeterfence
are in place?
And the concrete moats,
and the motion-sensor tracking systems.
Donald, dear boy, relax.
Try and enjoy yourself.
Let's get this straight.
This is not a weekend excursion.
This is a serious investigation
of the stability of the island.
Your investors, whom I represent,
are deeply concerned.
if they're not convinced, I'm not convinced.
I'll shut you down, John.
In 48 hours,
I'll be accepting your apologies.
All right, slow down. Slow. Stop.
This shouldn't be here.
Alan, this species of veriforman
has been extinct, since...
...the Cretaceous Period.
I mean, this thing...
Look at that.
It's a dinosaur.
You did it. Crazy son of a bitch, you did it.
We could tear up the rule book
on cold-bloodedness. It doesn't apply.
They're wrong.
This is a warm-blooded creature.
- This thing doesn't live in a swamp.
- This thing's got a 25, 27-foot neck?
- The Brachiosaurus? 30.
- 30 feet.
We're gonna make a fortune
with this place.
How fast are they?
Well, we clocked the T. Rex
at 32 miles an hour.
T. Rex?
You said you've got a T. Rex?
Say again.
We have a T. Rex.
Put your head between your knees.
Dr. Grant...
...my dear Dr. Sattler...
...welcome to Jurassic Park.
They're moving in herds.
They do move in herds.
How did you do this?
I'll show you.
The most advanced amusement park
in the entire world...
...incorporating all the latest technologies.
And I'm not talking just about rides.
Everybody has rides.
No, we've made living
biological attractions so astounding...
...that they'll capture the imagination
of the entire planet.
So, what are you thinking?
- That we're out of a job.
- Don't you mean "extinct"?
Why don't you all sit down?
Donald, sit down.
Here he comes. Well, here I come.
Say hello.
Hello, John.
Yes, I've got lines.
Well, fine, I guess.
But, how did I get here?
Well, let me show you.
First, I'll need a drop of blood.
Your blood.
That hurt.
Relax, John.
It's all part of the miracle of cloning.
Hello, John.
Cloned from what? Loy extraction
hasn't recreated an intact DNA strand.
Not without massive sequence gaps.
Paleo DNA, from what source?
Where do you get 100 million-year-old
dinosaur blood?
What? What?
Well, Mr. DNA, where did you come from?
From your blood.
Just one drop of your blood
contains billions of strands of DNA...
...the building blocks of life.
A DNA strand like me
is a blueprint for building a living thing.
And sometimes animals that went extinct
millions of years ago, like dinosaurs...
...left their blueprints behind for us to find.
Wejust had to know where to look.
100 million years ago,
there were mosquitoesjust like today.
Andjust like today,
they fed on the blood of animals.
Even dinosaurs.
Sometimes, after biting a dinosaur...
...mosquitoes would land on the branch
of a tree and get stuck in the sap.
After a long time, the tree sap
would get hard and become fossilised...
...just like a dinosaur bone,
preserving the mosquito inside.
This fossilised tree sap,
which we call amber...
...waited for millions of years
with the mosquito inside...
...until Jurassic Park scientists came along.
Using sophisticated techniques,
they extract the preserved blood...
...from the mosquito,
and bingo: dino DNA!
A full DNA strand contains
three billion genetic codes.
If we looked at screens like these
once a second for eight hours a day...
...it'd take two years
to look at the entire DNA strand.
It's that long.
Since it's so old, it's full of holes.
Now that's where our geneticists
take over.
Thinking machine super-computers
and gene sequencers...
...break down the strand in minutes.
And virtual-reality displays...
...show our geneticists the gaps
in the DNA sequence.
We used the complete DNA of a frog...
...to fill in the holes and complete the code.
Whew! And now,
we can make a baby dinosaur.
This score is only temporary.
It all has very dramatic music, of course.
A march or something.
It hasn't been written yet.
And then, the tour moves on.
Well, look here.
Those hard-working cowpokes...
This is overwhelming, John.
Are these characters autoerotica?
No, we have no animatronics here.
Those people are the real miracle workers
of Jurassic Park.
...in unfertilised emu or ostrich eggs.
Wait a minute.
How do you interrupt the cellular mitosis?
- Can't we see the unfertilised eggs?
- Shortly.
Now a whole team of genetic engineers
goes to work on...
- Can't you stop these things?
- I'm sorry. It's kind of a ride.
One, two, three.
You can't do that.
- What?
- Can they do that?
A reminder: the boat for the mainland
will be leaving at 19:00.
All personnel be at the dock
no later than 18:45. No exceptions.
- G'day, Henry.
- Good day, sir.
It's turning the eggs.
Perfect timing. I'd hoped they'd hatch
before I had to go to the boat.
Henry, why didn't you tell me?
I insist on being here when they're born.
Come on.
Come on, little one.
Very good. Push.
- Very good.
- God.
Push. Come on.
Come on. Come on, then.
There you are. There.
They imprint on the first creature
they come in contact with.
Helps them to trust me.
I've been present for the birth
of every creature on this island.
Surely not the ones
that have bred in the wild.
Actually they can't breed in the wild.
Population control is one
of our security precautions.
There's no unauthorised breeding
in Jurassic Park.
How do you know they can't breed?
Because all the animals
in Jurassic Park are female.
We've engineered them that way.
There you are.
Oh, my God. Look at that.
Blood temperature seems like
about high 80s, maybe.
- 91.
- 91.
Homeothermic? It holds that temperature?
But, again, how do you know
they're all female?
What, does somebody go out in the park
and pull up the dinosaurs' skirts?
We control their chromosomes.
It's really not that difficult.
All vertebrate embryos
are inherently female.
They just require an extra hormone
given at the right developmental stage...
...to make them male.
- We simply deny them that.
- Deny them that?
John, the kind of control
you're attempting is not possible.
If there's one thing the history
of evolution has taught us...
...it's that life will not be contained.
Life breaks free. Expands to new places...
...and it crashes through barriers,
painfully, maybe even dangerously...
...but there it is.
There it is.
You're implying that a group composed
entirely of female animals will breed.
No, I'm simply saying that life finds a way.
What species is this?
It's a Velociraptor.
You bred Raptors?
Dr. Grant! As I was saying, we laid on
lunch for you before you go into the park.
- Our gourmet chef, Alejandro...
- What are they doing?
Feeding them.
Alejandro's prepared a delightful menu
for us. Chilean sea bass.
Shall we?
They should all be destroyed.
Robert Muldoon.
My game warden from Kenya.
Bit of an alarmist, but knows more
about Raptors than anyone.
What's their growth rate?
They're lethal at eight months,
and I do mean lethal.
I've hunted most things that can hunt you,
but how these things move...
- Fast for a biped?
- Cheetah speed.
if they ever got out in the open.
And they're astonishing jumpers.
Yes. That's why we're taking
extreme precautions.
Do they show intelligence?
They show extreme intelligence.
Even problem-solving intelligence.
Especially the big one.
We bred eight originally,
but when she came in...
...she took over the pride
and killed all but two of the others.
That one, when she looks at you,
you can see she's working things out.
That's why we have to feed them like this.
She had them all attacking the fences
when the feeders came.
The fences are electrified, right?
That's right, but they never attack
the same place twice.
They were testing the fences
for weaknesses systematically.
They remember.
Yes. Well, who's hungry?
More adventurous guests, of course,
can opt for ourjungle river cruise...
...or for a close-up look at our majestic...
None of these attractions are ready yet,
but the park will open...
...with the basic tour you are about to take,
and then other rides will come on-line...
...six or twelve months after that.
Absolutely spectacular designs.
- Spared no expense.
- And we can charge anything we want.
$2,000 a day, $10,000 a day,
and people will pay it.
- And there's the merchandise...
- Donald.
This park was not built to cater
only for the super rich.
Everyone in the world has the right
to enjoy these animals.
Sure. They will.
We'll have a coupon day or something.
The lack of humility before nature
that's being displayed here staggers me.
I think things are a little different
than you and I had feared.
I know. They're a lot worse.
Now, wait a second,
we haven't even seen the park yet...
Donald, let him talk. There's no reason,
I want to hear every viewpoint.
Don't you see the danger, John,
inherent in what you're doing here?
Genetic power's the most awesome force
the planet's ever seen...
...but you wield it like a kid
that's found his dad's gun.
- It's hardly appropriate to start hurling...
- Lf I may.
I'll tell you the problem
with the scientific power you're using here.
It didn't require any discipline to attain it.
You read what others had done
and you took the next step.
You didn't earn the knowledge
for yourselves...
...so you don't take
any responsibility for it.
You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to
accomplish something as fast as you could.
Before you even knew what you had,
you patented it, and packaged it...
...and slapped it on a plastic lunch box,
and now you're selling it.
I don't think you're giving us
our due credit.
Our scientists have done things
which nobody has ever done before.
But your scientists were so preoccupied
with whether they could...
...they didn't stop to think if they should.
Condors are on the verge of extinction.
If I created condors on this island,
you wouldn't have anything to say.
This isn't some species
that was obliterated...
...by deforestation or the building of a dam.
Dinosaurs had their shot
and nature selected them for extinction.
I don't understand this Luddite attitude.
Especially from a scientist.
How can we stand in the light of discovery
and not act?
What's so great about discovery?
It's a violent, penetrative act...
...that scars what it explores.
What you call discovery...
...I call the rape of the natural world.
The question is, how can you know
anything about an extinct eco-system?
How could you ever assume
that you can control it?
You have poisonous plants in this building.
You picked them because they look good.
But these are aggressive living things
that have no idea what century they're in...
...and they'll defend themselves.
Violently, if necessary.
Dr. Grant. If there's one person who
could appreciate what I am trying to do...
The world has just changed so radically
and we're all running to catch up.
I don't want to jump to any conclusions,
but dinosaurs and man...
...two species separated
by 65 million years of evolution...
...have just been suddenly
thrown back into the mix together.
How can we possibly have
the slightest idea what to expect?
I don't believe it.
You're meant to come here
and defend me against these characters...
...and the only one I've got on my side
is the blood-sucking lawyer.
Thank you.
They're here.
You four are gonna have a spot
of company out in the park.
Spend a little time
with our target audience.
- Wait! Careful with me.
- We missed you.
- We loved the presents. They were great.
- Did you enjoy the helicopter?
Yeah, it went down
and we all went right up.
Now, kids, come away.
Not too close to the cars.
Aren't they lovely?
Aren't they glorious, though.
These will be your transports
for the afternoon.
- No drivers?
- No, drivers. They're electric.
They run on this track
in the middle of the roadway here.
Totally non-polluting. Top of the line.
Spared no expense.
It's an interactive CD-ROM!
You touch the screen
and it talks about whatever you want.
Lex, you're all right in there.
Dr. Sattler, come with me.
Dr. Grant, come in the second car.
I'm gonna ride with, Dr. Sattler.
I read your book.
That's great.
Do you really think dinosaurs turned
into birds and that's where they went?
A few species may have evolved
along those lines.
They sure don't look like birds to me.
I heard that there was this meteor...
...hit the earth someplace down in Mexico
and made this big crater.
...Tim, which car were you planning on?
Whichever one you are.
I heard about this thing in Omni
about this meteor making all this heat.
It made diamond dust
and that changed the weather.
They died because of the weather.
My teacher tells me about this book
by a guy named Bakker. He says...
She said I should ride with you
'cause it'd be good for you.
The boat is now loading.
Everyone must be on the dock
for the 19:00 departure.
National Weather Service
is tracking a tropical storm...
...about 75 miles west of us.
Why didn't I build in Orlando?
I'll keep an eye on it.
Maybe it'll swing south like the last one.
Start the tour program.
Hold onto your butts.
And why did they put the fibreglass thing?
You want tojoin the future, right?
God help us when the hands of engineers...
During your tour,
the appropriate information will be...
...automatically selected
and displayed for you.
Simply touch the area of the screen
displaying the appropriate icon.
Are we gonna hit that?
Welcome to Jurassic Park.
What have they got in there, King Kong?
The voice you're now hearing
is Richard Kiley.
We spared no expense.
If you look to the right...
...you'll see a herd of the first dinosaurs
on our tour, called Dilophosaurus.
- Dilophosaurus!
- Shit!
One of the earliest carnivores...
...we now know Dilophosaurus
is actually poisonous...
...spitting its venom at its prey,
causing blindness and paralysis...
...allowing the carnivore
to eat at its leisure.
This makes Dilophosaurus a beautiful
but deadly addition...
...to Jurassic Park.
Vehicle headlights are on
and not responding.
Those shouldn't be running off
of car batteries.
Item 151 on today's glitch list.
We have all the problems
of a major theme park and a zoo...
...and the computers
aren't even on theirfeet yet.
Our lives are in your hands
and you have butterfingers?
I am totally unappreciated in my time.
You can run this park from this room
with minimal staff for up to three days.
You think that kind of automation is easy?
Or cheap?
You know anyone
who can network eight machines...
...and de-bug two million lines of code
on my salary? If so, I want to see them.
Sorry about yourfinancial problems,
I really am. But they are your problems.
You're absolutely right.
Everything's my problem.
I will not be drawn into another
financial debate with you. I really will not.
There's been hardly any debate at all.
I don't blame people for their mistakes.
But I do ask that they pay for them.
Thanks, Dad.
The headlights.
I'll de-bug the tour program
when they get back, okay?
It'll eat a lot of compute cycles.
We'll lose part of the system.
There's a small amount of memory,
you can't use it for everything.
- Are you gonna compile for a half an hour...
- Quiet, all of you!
They're approaching
the Tyrannosaur paddock.
God creates dinosaurs.
God destroys dinosaurs.
God creates man. Man destroys God.
Man creates dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs eat man.
Woman inherits the earth.
We'll try to tempt the Rex now.
Keep watching the fence.
What's going to happen to the goat?
He's going to eat the goat?
What's the matter, kid?
You never had lamb chops?
I happen to be a vegetarian.
T. Rex doesn't want to be fed.
He wants to hunt.
Can't just suppress 65 million years
of gut instinct.
Eventually you do plan to have dinosaurs
on your dinosaur tour, right?
Hello. Yes?
I really hate that man.
The Tyrannosaur doesn't obey
any set patterns or park schedules.
The essence of chaos.
I'm still not clear on chaos.
It simply deals with unpredictability
in complex systems.
The shorthand is the Butterfly Effect.
A butterfly can flap its wings in Peking...
...and in Central Park
you get rain instead of sunshine.
- Was I going too fast?
- I missed it.
I did a fly-by.
Give me that glass of water.
We'll conduct an experiment.
The car should be still. But that's okay.
It's just an example.
Put your hand flat like a hieroglyphic.
A drop of waterfalls on your hand.
Which way will the drop roll off?
Which finger?
Thumb, I'd say.
Freeze your hand. Don't move.
I'll do the same thing,
start with the same place again.
Which way, now?
Let's say back the same way.
It changed. Why?
Because tiny variations...
...the orientation of the hairs
on your hands...
Alan, look at this.
...the amount of blood distending
your vessels, imperfections in the skin...
- "Imperfections in the skin"?
- Just microscopic.
...never repeat and vastly effect
the outcome. That's...
- Unpredictability.
There. Look at this. See? I'm right again.
Nobody could predict that Dr. Grant
would jump out of a moving vehicle.
And there's another example.
See, here I am now by myself,
talking to myself. That's Chaos Theory.
Stop the program.
I told you how many times we needed
locking mechanisms on the vehicle doors.
Stopping park vehicles
and rebooting program.
We're on. Will notify for resume.
I'll switch it over to TelePrompTer.
- What about the circuit integrities?
- Screen says faulty sensor.
- I'll call security.
- We're at full go on that and it looks good.
Like I said, there's this other book
by a guy named Bakker...
...and he says dinosaurs died
from diseases.
- Where are we going?
- He didn't say they turned into birds.
Anyone else think
we shouldn't be out here?
And his book was a lot fatter than yours.
Like this.
- Really?
- Yours was fully illustrated.
You okay?
Look at this. Wait. Watch.
Come on. Watch this.
Everybody stay here.
- Okay?
- Of course.
Don't be scared. Come on, it's okay.
Muldoon tranquillised herfor me.
She's sick.
Oh, my God.
She was always my favourite
when I was a kid...
...and now I see
she's the most beautiful thing I ever saw.
It's okay.
Microvesicles. That's interesting.
Thanks. What are her symptoms?
Imbalance, disorientation,
laboured breathing.
It seems to happen every six weeks or so.
Six weeks.
- These are dilated.
- They are?
- Take a look.
- I'll be damned.
That's pharmacological.
From local plant life.
Is this West Indian lilac?
Yes. We know they're toxic,
but the animals don't eat them.
- Are you sure?
- Pretty sure.
There's only one way to be positive.
I'd have to see the dinosaur's droppings.
Dino droppings? Droppings?
Yeah, I got that.
That storm centre hasn't dissipated
or changed course.
We're gonna have to cut the tour short.
We'll pick it up again tomorrow.
- Are you sure we have to?
- It's not worth taking the chance.
- Sustained winds at 45 knots.
- Tell them when they get back in the cars.
Ladies and gentlemen last shuttle leaving
for the dock leaves in five minutes.
Drop what you're doing and leave now.
That is one big pile of shit.
You're right.
There's no trace of lilac berries.
That's so odd, though.
All right,
she's suffering from Melia toxicity...
...every six weeks.
Let's see, rats.
She's tenacious.
You have no idea.
You will remember to wash your hands
before you eat anything?
Doctors, if you please,
I have to insist that we get moving.
I'd like to stay with Dr. Harding
and finish up with the Trike.
Sure. I'm in a gas-powered jeep.
I'll drop her off at the centre
before I make the boat.
Great. Then I'll catch up with you later.
You sure?
Yeah, I want to stay
with her a little longer.
Okay, then.
There's nothing I can do.
The captain says we have to go, we go.
You've got to give me time.
I did a test run, it took me 20 minutes.
I think I can push it to 18 but...
...you've got to give me
at least 15 minutes.
No promises.
Visitor vehicles are returning
to the garage.
So much for ourfirst tour.
Two no-shows and one sick Triceratops.
It could've been worse.
A lot worse.
Anybody want a soda or something?
I'm going up to the machine.
I thought maybe
I'd get somebody something.
I've had only sweets
and I'm gonna get something salty.
I finished de-bugging the phones.
I was going to, so I did.
So I de-bugged the phones.
And I thought maybe...
...I should tell you the system
will be compiling...
...for 18 to 20 minutes,
so some of the minor systems...
...they might go on and off for a while,
but it's nothing to worry about.
- Do you have any kids?
- Me? Hell, yeah. Three. I love kids.
Anything at all can and does happen.
Same with wives, for that matter.
- You're married?
- Occasionally.
I'm always on the lookout
for a future ex-Mrs. Malcolm.
Five, four...
- That's odd.
- What?
Door security systems are shutting down.
Nedry said a few systems
would go off-line, didn't he?
By the way, Dr. Sattler...
...she's not, like, available, is she?
- Why?
- I'm sorry. You two are...
- Yeah.
- What'd I touch?
- You didn't touch anything. We stopped.
What the hell?
- What now?
- Fences are failing all over the park.
Find Nedry. Check the vending machines.
Just look at this work station.
- What a complete slob.
- The Raptorfences aren't out, are they?
No, no. They're still on.
Why the hell would he turn
the other ones off?
Access main program.
Access main security.
Access main program grid.
You didn't say the magic word.
Please! Goddamn it.
I hate this hacker crap.
Phone Nedry's people in Cambridge.
Phones are out, too.
Where did the vehicles stop?
Their radio's out, too.
- Gennaro said to stay put.
- Kids okay?
I didn't ask. Why wouldn't they be?
- Kids get scared.
- What's scary?
- It's just a little hiccup in the power.
- I'm not scared.
- I didn't say you were scared.
- I know.
Hey, where did you find those?
- In the box, under my seat.
- Are they heavy?
- Yeah.
- Then they're expensive. Put them back.
Don't scare me.
Cool. Night vision.
Did you feel that?
Maybe it's the power
trying to come back on.
What is that?
Where's the goat?
He left us.
- Where does he think he's going?
- When you gotta go, you gotta go.
Dr. Grant.
I hate being right all the time.
Keep absolutely still.
Its vision is based on movement.
Turn the light off.
Turn the light off!
- Hurry! Turn it off!
- I'm sorry!
You're the one who turned it...
Ian, freeze!
Get the kids!
- Get rid of the flare!
- Get the kids!
Get rid of the flare!
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord be...
Dr. Grant!
I'm stuck. The seat's got my feet.
I'll get you next. You're okay.
You're all right.
Tim. Tim!
Don't move.
He can't see us if we don't move.
Lex! Lex, you're choking me.
Grab the wire.
"Keycheck space minus 0.
Keychecks off, safety space minus 0."
He's turning the safety systems off.
Doesn't want anybody to see.
Look at this next entry.
It's the kicker. "White rabbit object. "
It did it all. With the keychecks off,
the computer didn't file the keystrokes.
The way to find them is to check
the computer's lines of code one by one.
- How many lines of code are there?
- About two million.
- Two million?
- Yeah.
Robert, I wonder if perhaps you would
be good enough to take a gas jeep...
...and bring back my grandchildren.
I'm going with him.
I can't get Jurassic Park back on-line
without Dennis Nedry.
Damn it!
There's the road!
Winch this sucker off the thing
and then I tie it to the that thing there.
I'll pull down this thing here,
and pull it back up again.
My glasses. I can afford more glasses!
You've got time. You can do it.
Do it. Come on, Dennis.
Yeah, that's nice. I've got to go.
Nice boy.
Nice boy.
Nice dinosaur.
Thought you were one of your big brothers.
You're not so bad.
What do you want? A little food?
Look at me. I just fell down a hill.
I'm soaking wet. I don't have any food.
I have nothing on me.
Go on. Play fetch?
Look, stick.
Look at stick.
Stick, stupid.
Fetch the stick, boy. Look at the stick.
You like the stick? Go on and get it.
No wonder you're extinct.
I'm gonna run you over
when I come back down.
Now, Lex. Listen.
Lex, I'm right here.
I'll look after you.
I have to help your brother.
Stay right here and wait for me.
He left us.
But that's not what I'm going to do.
Stay here.
You hear me? I'm coming up.
I hate climbing. I hate trees, way too high.
You okay?
I threw up.
That's okay.
Just give me your hand.
Tim, I won't tell anyone you threw up.
Just give me your hand.
Here, I've got you.
- That's good. Over the rail.
- Don't pull me too hard.
Stand on the door. Hang on to me.
- That's not too bad, right, Timmy?
- Yes, it is.
It's like a tree house.
Your dad ever build you one?
- No.
- Yeah, me, too.
The thing about climbing is,
you never look down.
This is impossible.
- How am I going to do this? It's about...
- I'm going to help you with yourfooting.
Tim, go.
Go, Tim, go!
Faster, Tim!
Tim, jump!
Go, Tim.
We're back in the car again.
At least you're out of the tree.
Where's the other car?
Dr. Grant!
- I think this was Gennaro.
- I think this was, too.
- I think it's ahead of us.
- It could be anywhere.
With fences down,
it can wander in and out of any paddock.
He's put a tourniquet on. Lan.
Remind me to thank John
for a lovely weekend.
Can we chance moving him?
Please chance it.
Ellie, come on!
The other car!
Dr. Grant?
They're not here.
Anybody hear that?
It's an impact tremor, is what it is.
I'm fairly alarmed here.
Come on. We've got to get out of here.
Let's go.
Must go faster.
Here it comes! Stand on it! Fifth gear!
- Get off the stick! Bloody move!
- Look out!
Think they'll have that on the tour?
Are you hearing this?
Come on, Tim. Hurry up.
Let's get up this tree.
Come on, Tim, it's okay.
Listen. Try up here.
I hate trees.
- They don't bother me.
- Yeah? Well, you weren't in the last one.
Look at the Brontosauruses.
I mean, Brachiosaurus.
They're singing.
Don't let the monsters come here.
They're not monsters, they're animals.
These are herbivores.
They only eat vegetables.
For you, I think they'd make an exception.
I hate the other kind.
The other kind just do what they do.
What's that?
What are you and Ellie going to do,
if you don't dig up bones anymore?
I don't know.
I guess we'll just have to evolve, too.
What do you call a blind dinosaur?
- What do you call a blind dinosaur?
- "Do-you-think-he-saurus. "
What do you call a blind dinosaur's dog?
You got me.
A "Do-you-think-he-saurus' Rex. "
- Alan?
- Yeah?
What if the dinosaurs come back
while we're all asleep?
- I'll stay awake.
- All night?
All night.
They were all melting.
Malcolm's okay for now.
I gave him a shot of morphine.
They'll all be fine.
Who better to get the children through
Jurassic Park than a dinosaur expert?
You know, the first...
...attraction I ever built
when I came down from Scotland...
...was a flea circus, Petticoat Lane.
Really quite wonderful.
I had a wee trapeze and a...
...and a seesaw.
They all move motorised, of course.
People said they saw the fleas.
"I can see the fleas.
"Can't you see the fleas?"
Clown fleas, high-wire fleas,
and fleas on parade.
With this place...
...I wanted to show them something
that wasn't an illusion.
Something that was real.
Something that they could...
...see and touch.
An aim not devoid of merit.
But you can't think through this one, John.
You have to feel it.
You're absolutely right.
Hiring Nedry was a mistake,
that's obvious.
We're overdependent on automation,
I can see that now.
Next time, everything's correctable.
Creation is an act of sheer will.
Next time, it'll be flawless.
It's still the flea circus. It's all an illusion.
When we have control...
You've never had control!
That's the illusion.
I was overwhelmed
by the power of this place.
I made a mistake, too.
I didn't have enough respect
for that power, and it's out now.
The only thing that matters now
are the people we love.
Alan, Lex, and Tim.
John, they're out there,
where people are dying.
It's good.
Spared no expense.
- Go away!
- It's okay. It's a Brachiosaurus.
It's a "Veggie-saurus", Lex.
"Veggie-saurus. "
Come on. Come on, girl.
Come on, baby.
I'm not letting go.
- It looks like it has a cold.
- Yeah. Maybe.
- Can I touch it?
- Sure.
Just think of it as kind of a big cow.
I like cows.
Come on, girl. Come on up here, girl.
God bless you.
Great. Now she'll never try anything new.
She'll sit in her room, never come out,
play on her computer.
- I'm a hacker.
- That's what I said. You're a nerd.
I am not a computer nerd.
I prefer to be called a hacker.
You know what this is?
It's a dinosaur egg.
The dinosaurs are breeding.
But my grandpa said
all the dinosaurs were girls.
- Amphibian DNA.
- What's that?
The film said they used frog DNA
to fill in the gene-sequence gaps.
They mutated the dinosaur genetic code.
And blended it with that of frogs.
Some West African frogs have been known
to change sex from male to female...
...in a single sex environment.
Malcolm was right.
Life found a way.
That's crazy. You're out of your mind.
He's absolutely out of his mind.
Wait. What exactly would this mean?
We're talking about a calculated risk,
which is the only option left to us.
We'll neverfind the command Nedry used.
He's covered his tracks far too well.
I think it's obvious now
that he's not coming back.
- So, shutting down the entire system...
- Get somebody else. I won't do it.
Shutting down the system is the only way
to wipe out everything he did.
Now, as I understand it,
all the systems will then come back...
...on their original start-up mode. Correct?
Theoretically, yes.
We've never shut down before.
- It may not come back on.
- Would we get the phones back?
Yes, again, in theory.
What about the lysine contingency?
We could put that into effect.
- What's that?
- That's absolutely out of the question.
The lysine contingency
prevents the spread of animals...
...if they ever get off the island.
Wu inserted a gene that creates
a faulty enzyme in protein metabolism.
The animals can't manufacture
the amino acid, lysine.
Unless they're supplied with lysine by us,
they slip into a coma and die.
People are dying.
Will you please shut down the system?
Hold on to your butts.
It's okay.
Look, see that? It's on. It worked.
What do you mean it worked?
Everything's off.
Shutdown tripped the circuit breakers.
Turn them back on, reboot a few systems:
Telephones, security doors,
half dozen others, but it worked.
- System's ready.
- Where are the breakers?
The shed at end of the compound.
Three minutes, I'll have the power back on
in the park.
Just to be safe, I want everybody
in the emergency bunker...
...until Mr. Arnold returns,
and the whole system's running again.
- I'm tired. I'm hot.
- I'm dirty.
Looking at the map,
I'd say the visitor's centre is just a mile...
...over that rise there.
What is that?
Tim, can you tell me what they are?
Are those meat-eating?
Look at the wheeling.
Uniform direction changes.
Just like a flock of birds
evading a predator.
They're flocking this way.
- I want to go now.
- Just look how it eats.
I bet you'll never look at birds
the same way again.
- Yes.
- Go now.
Okay. Keep low and follow me.
Look how much blood.
God. Something went wrong.
Something's happened.
Something's wrong.
This is just a delay.
That's all it is.
All major theme parks have delays.
When they opened Disneyland in 1956,
nothing worked.
If the Pirates of the Caribbean
breaks down, the pirates don't eat tourists.
I can't wait any more. Something's wrong.
I'm gonna go get the power back on.
You can't just stroll down the road,
you know.
Don't let's be too hasty.
I mean, he's only been gone...
- I'm going with you.
- Okay.
Now, this isn't going to be just like
switching on the kitchen light.
But I think I can follow this
and then talk you through it.
It ought to be me, really, going.
- Why?
- I'm a... And you're a...
- Look.
- Come on, let's go.
We can discuss sexism
in survival situations when I get back.
You just take me through this step by step.
I'm on Channel 2.
The shutdown must've turned off
all the fences.
Damn it, even Nedry knew better
than to mess with the Raptor pen.
Come on, this way.
I can see the shed from here.
We can make it if we run.
No. We can't.
Why not?
Because we're being hunted.
In the bushes, straight ahead.
It's all right.
Like hell it is.
Run. Towards the shed.
I've got her.
Go. Now!
Mr. Arnold?
John, I'm in.
Ahead of you is a metal staircase.
Go down it.
Okay. Going down.
After 20 or 30 feet
you come to a T-junction. Take a left.
- Have herfollow the main cable.
- I know how to read a schematic.
I guess that means the power's off.
- That's not funny.
- That was great.
Well, maybe we, we could...
Damn it. Dead end.
Wait a minute.
There should have been a right turn
back there somewhere.
Look above you.
There should be a bundle of cable and
pipes all heading in the same direction.
Follow that.
Okay. Following the piping.
I bet I could climb over to the other side
before you could even get to the top.
- What would you give me?
- Respect.
Come on, guys, it's not a race.
I see the box.
It says, "High Voltage. "
Good. Here we go.
Over the top.
Take your time.
Good. Come on.
Find yourfooting.
You can't throw the main switch by hand.
You've got to pump up the primer handle
in order to get the charge.
It's large, flat and grey.
All right, here I go. Okay?
One, two, three, four.
Okay, charged.
Under the words "Contact Position,"
there's a round green button...
...which says "Push to Close. "
Push to close.
Push it.
The red buttons turn on
the individual park systems.
Switch them on.
- Get down now!
- You're gonna have to jump.
You crazy? I'm not gonna jump.
- Do what Dr. Grant says!
- Let go. I'll count to three.
One, two, three!
I'm coming up to get you.
I've got to get Tim.
Okay. I'm gonna count to three.
He's not breathing.
I think we're back in business!
Clever girl.
No, Tim!
Good boy.
I'm gonna have to find the others.
Get you to a doctor.
- Lex, you look after Tim.
- Yeah.
Your hair is all sticking up.
Big Tim, the human piece of toast.
I'll be back soon. I promise.
Just the two Raptors, right?
You sure the third one's contained?
Yes, unless they figure out
how to open doors.
- What is it?
- It's a Velociraptor.
It's inside.
Follow me.
It's in there.
Control room.
- We can call for help?
- We've got to reboot the system first.
The door locks!
Ellie, boot up the door locks!
No, boot up the door locks!
- Get back! Boot up the door locks.
- You can't hold it by yourself!
It's a UNIX system. I know this.
It's all the files of the whole park.
It tells you everything.
I've got to find the right file.
Try to reach the gun.
I can't get it unless I move.
This is it. This might be the right file.
- You got it!
- Yes!
What works?
All security systems are enabled.
We got it!
Mr. Hammond, the phones are working.
- The children all right?
- The children are fine.
Call the mainland.
Tell 'em to send the damn helicopters.
It's gonna cut through the glass!
After careful consideration,
I've decided not to endorse your park.
So have I.