Jurassic Park III (2001) Movie Script

[Airplane approaching]
MAN: Better hurry.
MAN: Here you go, my friend.
Make sure you get us as close as you can!
I'll give you something extra|if you make it a good trip.
I'm going to get you close,|but not too close.
You don't want to be eaten.
-Ready, amigo?|-Ready!
One, two, three!
Eric, heave!
[Uplifting instrumental music]
This is great.
ERIC: See anything yet?
No, not yet.
[Loud splash]
[Talking in island dialect]
-What was that?|-I don't know.
[Distant growl]
BEN: Hold on!
ERIC: What's happening?|BEN: Just hold on!
Make it stop!
What happened to them?
BEN: I don't know. Oh, my God.
ERIC: We're going to crash!|BEN: No, we're not.
I'm going to take this loose!
-Let go of the rope!|-We're gonna crash!
BEN: Move your hands!
Come onl
Here we go!
It's going be okay, bud.
Charlie, those are herbivores.|They wouldn't fight each other.
But these are carnivores,|and they really like fighting each other.
They use their teeth and their claws|to rip each other's throats out.
Alan, he's three. Let's wait till he's five.
Right. Sorry, Charlie.
WOMAN: Ellie?|ELLIE: Yeah?
It's Tom. He says he has to talk to you|about the last chapter.
Tell him I won't lose the Horner quote.|My editor thinks he's a paleontologist.
ELLIE: Hey, Mark!
Hey, babe, look who's here.
This is Alan.
Nice to meet you, Alan.
Daddy, this is a herbivore|and that's the dinosaur man.
Dinosaur man?
Jack, say my name. Is my name Alan?
Is my name Alan?
[Ellie laughs]
ALAN: He used to know me.
ELLIE: It's sad, huh?|MARK: Here you go.
Thanks. Mark's been working|for the State Department now.
What do they do, Mark?
International relations,|mostly treaty law, things like that.
[Baby crying]
ELLIE: Call of the wild one.|MARK: I'll go.
You guys catch up.
Thanks, babe.
He's a great guy.
-So, what are you working on now?|-Raptors, mostly.
My favourite.
Do you remember the sounds they made?
I try not to.
All our theories about Raptor intelligence...
...what they were capable of,|we weren't even close.
-Tell me.|-We did cranial scans of a fossil skull...
...and found what looks to be|a very sophisticated resonating chamber.
Wait a second. So we were right.
-They'd the ability to vocalise.|-It's the key to their social intelligence.
Which explains|why they could work as a team.
They'd coordinate attacks so their prey|wouldn't know what was going on.
-They could talk to each other.|-To a degree we never imagined.
Ellie, they were smart.
They were smarter|than dolphins or whales.
They were smarter than primates.
I just wanted to say, if you ever need help,|sometimes you forget to ask.
So you can call me. Anything, anytime.
[Car starts]
You're still the best.
I mean that.
The last of my breed.
ALAN: ltis through the study of the|anterior chamberin multiple specimens...
...that we can determine the correlation|between the upperpalate and the larynx.
This lets us theorise, theorise, mind you...
...that the Raptor was capable|ofsophisticated vocalizations...
...which would have been|a tremendous evolutionary advantage.
Raptors were fierce, intelligent...
...and socially sophisticated.
They were able to huntin numbers|and coordinate their efforts.
Were it not for the cataclysmic events|which overtook them...
...it's entirely possible|that Raptors rather than humans...
...would have become|the dominantspecies on this planet.
I hope this has been ofinterest.
It certainly excites us as paleontologists.
There is much more to discover.
Thatis why we continue to need,|and ask for, yoursupport.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, Dr. Grant.
Now, does anyone have a question?
Fine. Does anyone have a question|that does not relate to Jurassic Park?
Or the incidentin San Diego...
...which I did not witness?
Yes, sir?
STUDENT: Your theory on Raptors is good,|butisn't all this conjecture kind of moot?
Once the U.N. and Costa Rica and everyone|decide how to handle thatsecond island...
...scientists willjust go in|and look for themselves.
Dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago.
Whatis left of them is fossilised...
...in the rocks. And itis in the rock...
...that real scientists make real discoveries.
What John Hammond and lngen|did at Jurassic Park...
...is create genetically engineered|theme park monsters.
Nothing more and nothing less.
Are you saying|you wouldn't want to visit lsla Sorna...
...and study them if you had the chance?
No force on Earth or Heaven...
...could get me on thatisland.
What we got here, Nashy?
Einhorn 20-millimetre,|gas-operated semi-automatic.
[Cell phone ringing]
High explosive--
-It's Paul Kirby. Just checking--|-Yes, sir.
We're good to go here.
Matter of fact, I can lock things down|just as soon as you drop me that payment.
Well, that's right...
...two of the very best men|I could possibly find.
No, I haven't worked|with them personally...
...but believe me, sir, both of these men|come very highly recommended.
PAUL: Are you all right?|UDESKY: Nothing to worry about, sir.
It's gonna be a walk in the park.
GIRL: Billy, I don't think|I'm doing this right.
Let's try the toothbrush.
You've got to go slowly.
Just take a little bit at a time.
I can never tell what's rock|and what's bone.
Technically, it's all rock.
The calcium in the bones|is replaced during fossilization.
But you can feel the difference. See?
Rough, smooth.
Dr. Grant.
Mr. Brennan.
So, how did it go?
Well, it's not too late|to change your major, Billy.
BILLY: That good, huh?|ALAN: Worse.
We'll to have to pack up in four weeks.
BILLY: Three.
I had to rent some equipment.
Come here. I got to show you something.
BILLY: You like computers, right?|ALAN: I like the abacus, Billy.
BILLY: Meet the future of paleontology.
It's a rapid prototyper.
I enter the scanned data|from the Raptor skull.
The computer breaks it down|into thousands of slices.
And this thing sculpts it,|one layer at a time.
It's done.
I give you the resonating chamber|of a Velociraptor.
Listen to this.
[Screeching howl]
This is brilliant, Billy. Really, it is.
Sad to say, it's just a little bit late.
Dr. Grant? Paul Kirby, Kirby Enterprises.
My card. How you doing, Billy?
ALAN: What can I do for you, Mr. Kirby?
First thing, I'm a great admirer of yours.
And I have a proposition|I'd like to discuss with you.
Would you have dinner|with my wife and me this evening?
-It'll be our treat.|-That'd be great but...
...l'm tired, I've been travelling.|Maybe some other time.
Believe me, this will be worth your while.
-We'd love to.|-Oh, terrific! That's the spirit. Good.
PAUL: This evening then.
[Country music plays on jukebox]
PAUL: Billy, thank you for coming.|Dr. Grant, how are you?
Amanda, this is Billy and Dr. Grant.
BILLY: Mrs. Kirby, how are you?
What are you boys drinking?
-Ice Pick, Catfish.|-Two, please, Cat.
-We've admired your work for years.|-Really. Truly inspiring.
Amanda and I just love the outdoors.
We've been on nearly every adventure tour|they can come up with:
The Nile, Galapagos, K2.
We even have two seats reserved|on the first commercial flight to the moon.
For our wedding anniversary this year,|we wanted to do something really special.
-Something--|-Once in a lifetime.
I've chartered an airplane|to fly us over lsla Sorna.
PAUL: And we'd like you to be our guide.
CAT: There you go, guys.
That's a very kind offer, Mr. Kirby,|but I'm a very, very busy man.
I can recommend a couple of guys|who are really highly qualified--
No, no. You're the best.
You've seen these animals in the flesh.|There's no one who comes close to you.
You wouldn't be able to fly low enough|to see anything of any real interest.
That's the interesting part,|because we have permission to fly low.
BILLY: How low?
I'm no aviation expert, but a heck|of a lot lower than anybody else.
From what I understand,|it's pretty much whatever we want.
That's hard to believe.
Through my business dealings,|import-export, emerging markets...
...l've made a lot of friends in high places.
In this case, the Costa Rican government.
AMANDA: Dr. Grant, you have no idea...
...how important it is that you come along.|It would make all the difference.
Mrs. Kirby, l--
And, of course, we'd love to make|a contribution to your research here.
...l could write all kinds of numbers|on this cheque, Dr. Grant.
Tell me...
...what's it gonna take?
Even with what I pay you,|couldn't you afford a better bag?
No way.
This one's lucky.
Couple of years ago,|some buddies and I went hang gliding...
...off these cliffs in New Zealand.
And this big updraft came and swept me|right against the side. Wham!
That does sound lucky.
It was this strap alone that saved my life.
Got hooked on a rock as I was falling.
Reverse Darwinism.|Survival of the most idiotic.
Alan, I want to thank you|for bringing me along.
The bones will still be there|when we get back.
That's the great thing about bones.|They never run away.
And truth is, you got me into this.
And I have no intention|of being on my own with these people.
ALAN: Don't get too excited.
Chances are, we won't see a thing.
Your turn to be nice.
Wake me when we get there.
So how do you know the Kirbys?
Through our church.
[Engine sputtering]
BILLY: Alan.
Wake up. We're almost there.
MAN ON RADIO: Unidentified aircraft|approaching lsla Sorna...
...this is San Juan Approach.|You're flying in restricted airspace.
Immediately turn to coordinates two--
[Turns radio off]
[Uplifting instrumental music]
My God, I had forgotten.
We did it, honey. We're here.
UDESKY:|Cooper! if you see anything, yell up!
No, I thought I'd keep it to myself.
Everyone, if you look out the left|of the plane...
...you can see|a whole herd of Brachiosaurus.
In fact, you can see at the front|of the group the alpha male grazing there.
Udesky? Nash? How about up front?|You guys see anything?
UDESKY: Nothing yet, Mr. Kirby.
Mrs. Kirby, look!
Out here, you'll see a group of....
Mr. Kirby, we have a landing strip.|You want me to put her down?
No! I told you,|I want to circle first, see the whole island.
What do you mean? You can't land!
Hold on. I can explain--
You cannot land on this island!
AMANDA: It will be fine.|PAUL: Don't worry, please.
ALAN: Are you crazy?|PAUL: Sit down!
Will you please sit down?
...tell me we didn't land.
AMANDA: [Over megaphone] Ericl
I think they're looking for someone.
PAUL: Dr. Grant, are you all right?
PAUL: I'm sorry we had to be so rough.|ALAN: Who hit me? Who hit me?
That would be Cooper.
What are they doing?
PAUL: Setting up a perimeter|to make the place safe.
Trust me, on this island,|there's no such thing as safe!
We have to get back on that plane!
Tell your wife to stop making that noise!|That is a very, very bad idea!
PAUL: Honey, Dr. Grant said|that's a bad idea!
He says it's a bad idea!
What's a bad idea?
[Loud growl]
What was that?
That's a Tyrannosaurus.
[Distant gunfire]
I don't think so. It sounds bigger.
We have to leave! We have to leave now!
NASH: Get on the plane!
Get on the plane!
-What about the other guy?|-Cooper's a professional.
He can handle himself.
[Loud growling]
[Rifle firing]
Get on the plane!
PAUL: It's all right.
[Dramatic instrumental music]
-Paul, we can't--|-It's all right.
We'll circle the island.
Give me a hand, Udesky!
What are you doing?
That's Cooper!
Come on, get out of the way!
You know I can't stop this plane.
Oh, my God!
UDESKY: Fuel cut-off!|NASH: We're going down!
[Slow instrumental music]
You okay?
UDESKY: We're okay up here.
Everyone, juststay put.
San Juan Approach. Mayday, maydayl
Who has the satellite phone?
PAUL: I do. I got it right here.
UDESKY: We're not getting anything.|The radio's gone.
We haven't landed yet.
WOMAN: All circuits are busy.|NASH: Damn it! Oh, man.
What was that?
[Amanda screams]
ALAN: Keep still! Keep still!
PAUL: Relax. What is it? What?
UDESKY: What is it?|NASH: Hold it!
Hang on, everyonel
[Fast-paced, dramatic instrumental music]
[Nash screaming]
NASH: Help me!
[Footsteps pounding]
ALAN: Mrs. Kirby, come back!
ALAN: Follow me! This way!
In here!
[Loud panting]
I think we lost him.
[Insects buzzing]
It's okay, it's dead.
Nobody move a muscle.
[Snarling and roaring]
No, no! Please, don't! Stop, please.
It's time you did some explaining,|Mr. Kirby.
PAUL: We called everyone.|We did everything we could.
No one would help us. The Costa Rican|government said this is a no-fly zone.
The U.S. Embassy,|that's our U.S. Embassy...
...told us we should accept the inevitable.|Can you believe that?
BILLY: You let a 12-year-old|go parasailing alone?
PAUL: No!|AMANDA: He was with a friend.
PAUL: Ben Hildebrand.
Paul and I divorced over a year ago.
All right, why me?
He said we needed someone|who'd been on the island before.
Yes, but I did not tell you|to kidnap somebody.
I have never been on this island.
Sure you have. You wrote that book.
That was lsla Nublar.|This is lsla Sorna, Site B.
You mean there are two islands|with dinosaurs?
PAUL: Stay out of this.|ALAN: How long have they been missing?
-Eight weeks.|-Almost eight weeks now.
Billy. We'll go back to the plane,|salvage what we can.
Then we make for the coast.
Dr. Grant, we're not leaving this island|without our son.
Then you can go and look for him.
Oryou can stick with us,|as long as you don't hold us up.
Either way...
...you probably won't get off|this island alive.
So? What do we do?
We search for your son...
...in the direction that they're going.
PAUL: Excellent.
PAUL: Sorry.
It's nothing you haven't seen before, Paul.
AMANDA: How much weight|did you say you lost?
About 25 pounds. I've been swimming.
Swimming? You hate to swim.|You don't even know how to swim.
I know. I learned.
-You look good.|-So do you.
[Camera shutter clicks]
ALAN: How would you classify it, Billy?|BILLY: Well...
...it's a super-predator.
A Suchomimus.
-That snout.|-No, think bigger.
-Baryonyx?|-Not with that sail.
Spinosaurus aegypticus.
-I don't remember that on lngen's list.|-Because it wasn't on their list.
And it makes you wonder|what else they were up to.
So, Mr. Kirby, tell me.|When you climbed K2...
...did you base camp|at 25,000 or 30,000 feet?
You were about 1,000 feet above it,|actually.
No, that's a common mistake.
There's no such thing|as Kirby Enterprises, is there?
It's Kirby Paint and Tile Plus.|The "Plus" stands for bathroom fixtures.
We're in the Westgate Shopping Centre,|Enid, Oklahoma--
BILLY: I don't suppose that cheque|you wrote us is any good.
PAUL: I will pay you the money I owe you.|ALAN: This is good.
Here we are, in the worst place|in the world, and we're not being paid!
PAUL: Wait, fellas. Hold on!
I'll make this up to you.
If you ever do a bathroom or a kitchen....
PAUL: You're not a mercenary, are you?|UDESKY: I never said I was.
That's true. What are you?
I'm like a booking agent. One of the guys|got sick and couldn't come.
UDESKY: Excuse me. Here.
-So you run a hardware store?|-Paint and tile, yeah.
-You never can tell about people, can you?|-Ain't that the truth?
AMANDA: Eric!|ALAN: Quiet.
PAUL: Would you stop that?
Dr. Grant says|this is very dangerous territory.
Maybe we should split up.
-We could cover twice as much.|-Dr. Grant says that's a bad idea.
Dr. Grant says this--
Why hire an expert|if we don't use his advice?
Except Dr. Grant isn't looking for Eric.
-He's looking for the coast.|-Go ahead and scream.
When that "Tricycloplots" attacks you,|don't come crying to me.
-Don't worry about that.|-What? What did you say?
PAUL: What did you say?|AMANDA: Never mind! Paul, just drop it!
If we split up, I'm going with you guys.
ALAN: Mrs. Kirby! Mrs. Kirby!|AMANDA: Eric!
Mrs. Kirby, the chances are remote|they're still in the vicinity.
Young adult.
UDESKY: Hey, guys!
That's my camera.
The battery's dead.
I've got an idea.
Let me have the camera.
ERIC: Where were you on that one, Ma?
BEN: Okay, dive. Dive.
Come on, Ma.
AMANDA: Eric.|ERIC: Ma, you were supposed to catch itl
I shot this the morning they disappeared.
PAUL: I want that. Let me take that.
Come on, give me that. Come on, baby.
ERIC: See anything yet?
BEN: No, notyetl
ERIC: What was that?
BEN: Unclip us.
BEN: There's a big clipl|ERIC: I can'tsee. I can't do itl
BEN: I'm going to unhook you, all right?
One, two, threel
Are you okay, buddy?|I'm gonna drop myself down now.
The camera's still on.
He's alive. I know he's alive.
We're gonna find him.
Can you fly one of those?
As long as the sail is not torn.
Well, let's take it.
If we spot a plane,|it might be a good way to get attention.
Pull it over this way.
[Fast-paced, dramatic instrumental music]
PAUL: I got it, hold on! Okay. Okay.
My God!
Okay, you're free.
Get her back, Mr. Kirby!
PAUL: Amanda!
[Insects buzzing]
Amanda, stop.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about Ben.
It's not Ben, Paul.
It's Eric. He's out there all by himself.
PAUL: I know, I know.
Our baby is out here all by himself.
PAUL: Listen to me. We'll find him.
I promise.
PAUL: Dr. Grant!
You should come look at thisl
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
[Whispers] Raptor.
PAUL: We're going to find him.
Are you listening to me?|We're going to find him.
Kid's got resources.
Remember what it was like|to try to ground him?
Where's Billy?
ALAN: What are you doing?
I was photographing the nest.
Don't do that again.
I'm sorry.
If I lose you,|it's just me and the damn tourists.
PAUL: I bet you Eric is in there.
Don't you think? I'd bet my bottom dollar!
BILLY: What do you think it is?
UDESKY: As far as I'm concerned,|it's the Four Seasons.
-Eric!|-[Whispers] Paul! Don't.
What the hell.
[No dial tone heard]
Who's got some change?|It only takes quarters.
I've got $1.10.
[Eerie instrumental music]
This is how you make dinosaurs?
This is how you play God.
[Slow instrumental music]
PAUL: This way!
It's locked!
PAUL: This way, this way!|UDESKY: Go! Go!
UDESKY: Hey, over here!
Push, push!
My God.
He's calling for help.
Come on!
[Barking continues]
Into the herd!
[Dinosaurs grunting]
[Rumbling and trumpeting]
Head for the trees!
[Udesky screams]
BILLY: Mr. Kirby!
-Billy?|-Is Alan with you?
PAUL: Oh, my God.
AMANDA: Mr. Udesky!
He's dead.
Oh, my God. No, he's not.
BILLY: No, wait. Something's not right.
PAUL: We've got to help him.
Hold on!
[Amanda screams]
BILLY: They set a trap.
They actually set a trap.
What are you saying?
What are you looking for?
ALAN: Wait!
Thanks a lot, Eric.
You know who I am?
ALAN: Yeah.
Your parents are here.|They're looking for you.
That's not good.
They don't do so well together.
You'd be surprised what people can do...
...when they have to.
You're Alan Grant.
What are you doing here?
Your parents...
...invited me along.
I read both of your books.
I liked the first one more.
Before you were on the island.
You liked dinosaurs back then.
Back then, they hadn't tried to eat me yet.
ERIC: When lngen cleared out,|they left a lot of stuff behind.
Any weapons?
No, and I just used the last|of the gas grenades.
And I appreciate that.
ERIC: Be careful with that. T-Rex.
It scares the smaller ones away...
...but it attracts one really big one|with a fin.
This is T-Rex pee?
How did you get it?
You don't want to know.
ERIC: Dessert?|ALAN: Sure.
I have to tell you, I'm astonished|you've lasted eight weeks on this island.
Is that all it's been?
You're alive and that's the important thing.
ALAN: Thanks to you,|that's one thing we have in common.
Did you read Malcolm's book?
I don't know. I mean....
It was kind of preachy.
And too much chaos. Everything is chaos.
Seemed like he was high on himself.
That's two things that we have in common.
ERIC: Compys!
BILLY: Alan!
PAUL: No matter how this turns out...
...it wasn't your fault.
Eric's always been a strong-willed kid.
Then you throw someone|like Ben Hildebrand into the mix...
Well, what?
All I'm saying is, it's not your fault.
If he'd been with you,|he'd be completely safe.
You drive five miles under the speed limit.
And I've totalled three cars in three years.
Well, not three.
The Buick wasn't really totalled.
I just said it was,|because I wanted to get the S.U.V.
I am so sorry that you have to be here.
I'm not.
ALAN:|There's a boat, right alongside the bank.
-Looks in good shape.|-A rescue boat?
No, no.
Just something left behind.
But it floats.
BILLY: We stick to the plan.
Head for the coast.
You're not gonna look for Dr. Grant?
The coast was Alan's idea.|If he's alive, that's where he's headed.
PAUL: I agree.
What about Eric?
Eric's a smart kid.
He probably knows|his best chance is by the coast.
He figures the big dinosaurs|are in the centre of the island.
ERIC: You know what this is?
ALAN: It's a Raptor claw.|I used to have one.
A fossil.
Mine is new.
How much of the island did you explore?
I stayed pretty close to the compound.
I figured if anyone came looking for me,|that's where they'd start.
ALAN: We need to get to the coast.|That was the plan.
ERIC: Are you sure?
The closeryou get to water,|the bigger things get.
ALAN: lf we can find our way|down into the canyon...
...we can follow that river out to the coast.
After we find your parents.
ERIC: Then what?
-One step at a time.|-Listen.
[Musical beeping]
That's my dad's satellite phone!
Wait a minute. How do you know?
[Sings]|"Kirby Paint and Tile Plus, in Westgate!"
Muml Dadl
[Eric shouting in distance]
PAUL: Eric! This way!
Mum! Dad!
[Uplifting instrumental music]
Mum, Dad! Mum, Dad!
I knew it. My God.
PAUL: I knew it.
Oh, God.
BILLY: Boy, am I glad to see you.
Hey, you got my bag.
Yeah. Lucky strap.
Want me to carry it?
We need to find a gap here.
-How did you know we were here?|-The phone.
That stupid jingle from the store.|I heard it.
PAUL: My phone?|ERIC: Your satellite phone.
-Where is it?|-I don't have it.
AMANDA: When did you use it last?|PAUL: On the plane.
I got a call on the plane and....
-What?|-I loaned it to Nash.
He must have had it when he--
[Musical beeping]
[Fast-paced, dramatic instrumental music]
Alan, you want to give me the bag back?
It's okay, I got it.
Please, give me the bag.
It's not safe.
[Unzipping sound]
ALAN: Raptor eggs.
Did you steal Raptor eggs?
Now it all makes sense.
BILLY: I swear, if I'd known|you were going to end up with them....
It was an impulse,|I thought they'd be worth a fortune.
Enough to fund the dig site|another 10 more years.
You have to believe me.
This was a stupid decision,|but I did it with the best intentions.
"With the best intentions."
Some of the worst things imaginable|have been done with the best intentions.
You know what, Billy?
As far as I'm concerned...
...you're no better than the people|that built this place.
What are you doing?|Those things are after us because of those.
Those things know we have the eggs.
If I drop them in the river,|they'll still be after us.
-What if they catch us with them?|-What if they catch us without them?
ALAN: There's a boat at the bottom,|just downriver.
We can try and make it to the coast,|atleast.
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
[Loud splash]
-You okay?|-Yeah.
[Metal rattles]
Let's do this one at a time, shall we?
[Metal creaking]
[Gravel spilling]
Okay, come on over!
One at a time!
All right, Eric.
I'm going to leave you just for a minute.|And then you'll be right behind me, okay?
I've been alone in a water truck|for eight weeks.
I think I can manage|the next two minutes without you.
Right, we're all together now.
[Metal creaking]
Okay, Eric.
PAUL: Okay.|AMANDA: Come on, honey!
Over you go.
[Suspenseful drum music]
Oh, my God.
AMANDA: What is it?|ALAN: It's a birdcage.
For what?
[Metal rattling]
PAUL: Eric!
I can't see him!
This way!
Billy? Billy!
Billy, stopl Don't, Billyl
BILLY: Eric, hold on!
Let go now!
[Fast-paced, dramatic instrumental music]
AMANDA: Eric!|PAUL: He's there.
There he is! He's across the river!
Get him out of here!
ERIC: No!|AMANDA: Go, Eric!
ERIC: What about Billy?
Hang on, Billy!
PAUL: Wait.
Get away!
[Motor starts]
There's plenty of gasoline.
Now we've just got to make our way|to the coast.
Work out some sort of a signal.
Build a fire or something.|Something they can see from the air.
ERIC: Dr. Grant?
Hey, Eric, how are you doing?
I'm sorry about Billy.
You know what the last thing|I said to him was?
I said:
"You're as bad as the people|that built this place."
Which wasn't true.
Billy was just young. That's all.
I have a theory|that there are two kinds of boys.
There are those|who want to be astronomers...
...and those who want to be astronauts.
The astronomer, or the paleontologist...
...gets to study these amazing things|from a place of complete safety.
-But then you never get to go into space.|-Exactly.
It's the difference|between imagining and seeing.
To be able to touch them.
And that's all Billy wanted.
Dr. Grant.
You know something, Dr. Grant?
Billy was right.
[Satellite phone ringing musically]
[Ringing continues]
ALAN: Find it before it stops!
AMANDA: Eric, you stay on that boat.
[Ringing continues]
PAUL: It's here. It's here.
AMANDA: I got it.
Hello? Hello?
VOICE ON PHONE:|You too can own a timeshare...
...in beautiful Guadalajara.
Enjoy a meal in one|of our four-star restaurants.
Look out!
[Thunder claps]
PAUL: Turn off the power.
You've got juice for maybe one call.
Whateveryou do,|don't call the U.S. Embassy.
They won't do a damn thing.
ERIC: Hey, guys, come here! Look at this!
-Bonitos.|-Something must have spooked them!
Get the engine going, Mr. Kirby.
PAUL: Open the throttle!
Pick up.
[Telephone ringing]
ALAN: Charlie!|CHARLIE: Hello?
Charlie, take the phone to Mummy now!
ALAN: Take the phone to Mummyl
It's the dinosaur man!
CHARLIE: Okay.|ALAN: Listen to me, Charlie.
Are you taking the phone to Mum?
[Fast-paced, dramatic instrumental music]
[Singing on TV]
BARNEY: Oh, ho-hol Hi, everybodyl
BARNEY: It's great to be herel
Hi, therel How are you?
BARNEY: This is going to be great.
ELLIE: Who's on the phone?|CHARLIE: The dinosaur man.
ELLIE: He is? Alan?
ALAN: Look in the boxes! Find a weapon!
[Telephone ringing]
Where's the phone?
PAUL: There!|ALAN: Get the phone!
ALAN: Ellie, listen to me!
Are you on a cell phone? I can't hear you.
The river! Site B!
The riverl
[Charlie growling]
[Shouts] Hey!
ERIC: Dad! Dad!
ERIC: Dad!
Paul, you jerk!
You can't leave me like this!
I'm not going anywhere!
Remember when we went fishing|a couple of summers ago?
I was putting the boat in the water|and the trailer sank?
The tow truck tried to pull us out|and it got dragged in, too.
The truck driver wanted|to knock my lights out.
I miss fishing.
ALAN: Mr. Kirby?
ERIC: That lady you called. Who is she?
How do you know that she can help us?
She's the one person|I could always count on. I owe her a lot.
-I don't think I ever told her that.|-You should.
You hear that?
The ocean.
They want the eggs.
Otherwise, we'd be dead already.
ALAN: Everybody get down.|She's challenging us.
She thinks you stole the eggs.
PAUL: Get behind me.
Give me the eggs.
Do it, Mum.
[Screeching noise]
No. Call for help.
[Rumble approaching]
PAUL: That's a helicopter.
MAN: Dr. Grant?
MAN: Dr. Alan Grant?|AMANDA: Stop!
ALL: That's a very bad idea!
MAN: Second squad, move!|ERIC: Wow!
You have to thank her now.|She sent the Navy and the Marines.
God bless you, Ellie.
-Dr. Grant, is this man with you?|-What?
You made it.
I rescued your hat.
MAN: Dr. Grant, we need to go now!|ALAN: Oh, yeah.
Well, that's the important thing.
MAN: Dr. Grant!
Can I getyou to sit here|and buckle up, sir?
MAN ON RADIO: Sea Shadow|to Dust Storm, six souls on board.
Dust Storm to Sea Shadow, roger.
PILOT: What the hell is that?
ERIC: Dr. Grant, look!
Where do you think they're going?
I don't know. Maybe just looking|for new nesting grounds.
It's a whole new world for them.
I dare them to nest in Enid, Oklahoma.
Let's go home.