Jurassic Shark (2012) Movie Script

Megalodon, which means "big tooth"
is an extinct species of shark
that lived approximately
1.5 to 28 million years ago.
Regarded as one of the largest and most
powerful predators in vertebrate history.
Megalodon probably had a profound impact
on the structure of marine communities.
Fossil remains of Megalodon suggest that
this giant shark reached a length of 16 meters.
Are you sure we're allowed to be here?
What do you mean?
It's quiet, no one here to bother us.
Yeah, that's what bothers me.
This is the perfect piece of
beach in the middle of summer.
Where is everybody else?
Who cares, let's just enjoy it.
Mr. Chairman, sir, Lincoln Grant here.
Oh, well, have you some
good news for me, Dr. Grant?
Yes sir, I do.
Stage two is about to begin.
You wanted to be informed.
Fine, now I received a
memo from one of your people
regarding some previously
undiscovered pocket
in the earth's crust.
What is that all about?
It's just an overexcited scientist
trying to make a name for herself.
We discovered an ice pocket
above an oil bearing zone.
No, she seemed to think
there was some safety and
environmental concerns?
The ice started to melt
the moment we broke the seal.
We're draining all the
water into the lake.
There's nothing to worry
about, it's just water.
I've invested a lot of money
into this wildcat well of yours, Doctor.
Well then, you may be
pleased to hear, Mr. Chairman,
that the oil reservoir we're looking at
is three times the size
we first surveyed.
Three times, hey?
That's right.
Now, you are satisfied
that all safety and environmental
protocols will be met.
Yes sir, I am.
Well then, I don't see any
need to delay any further.
You may proceed, Dr. Grant.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
So, what's the deal
with this place anyways?
Some kind of secret retreat
or something?
I used to paddle past
here all the time as a kid.
I always thought it would
be a cool spot to hang out.
Looks like a total dive now though.
Yeah, this company
used to own this island,
like an oil drilling company
or something.
If they're drilling for
oil, why's it so quiet?
They're not drilling anymore, you spaz.
I heard they abandoned the place.
So, what's up with this place now?
If they're not drilling anymore
they should totally open this
up to the public or something.
I don't know.
Once they stopped the drilling
folks just left the island to itself.
Oh, that's like totally depressing.
I know, you wanna go for a swim?
Like in a pool or something?
No you spaz, in the lake.
I don't think so.
What're you like scared or something?
Are ya?
Are ya?
You sure?
Okay, maybe a little.
You're gonna think it's stupid.
Don't worry, I already
know you're stupid.
Thanks, you're such a cow.
I'm kidding, seriously, why?
You gotta like promise
you won't tell anyone.
All right.
I said, all right.
So, I don't like swimming in lakes,
because I'm afraid of sharks.
You serious?
That's like totally stupid, you know?
Oh God, you're such a bitch.
You know there's no sharks
in fresh water, right?
I told you you'd think it was stupid.
You watch too many movies, you know?
Dr. Grant, Dr. Grant!
What is it?
We can't proceed with the second stage.
We've already had this discussion.
All safety protocols have been met.
What protocols?
We've never dug this deep before.
I mean, the early samples show...
The early samples were inconclusive.
As were the samples
from site B, now calm.
Well, I just need another day
to confirm the readings
from the underground cavern we found.
You've already had a week.
The cavern was just full of ice.
It's just a bubble in
the crust, who cares?
I disagree.
When it melted God knows what
was released into the lake.
What kind of bacteria or worse.
Now, you're just being overly dramatic.
Look, the samples we got
are 80 million years old.
I just need some more time
to make sure we didn't
release some deadly toxin,
or bacteria into the water.
I'll go to the board.
Go ahead, I've already
spoken to the Chairman.
Ooh, trumped!
It's too deep.
You're drilling too deep.
You worry too much.
Besides, stage two began 20 minutes ago.
What could possibly go wrong?
Oh no, we drilled too deep!
What the F?
Relax, we used to get
earthquakes all the time
in this area.
And that huge explosion?
Probably just some bored
hillbillies or something.
You are like a total psycho.
We should get the hell outta here.
You need to relax, you know.
Come on out for a swim.
You have totally lost
your mind, you know.
You see, nothing to worry about.
Stop it!
What're you gonna do about it?
Ugh, you.
Oh my God.
Oh, you're so gonna get it.
Tiffany, Tiffany!
Tiff, Tiff?
Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany!
Haul ass boys!
Move, move, move!
Oh man, oh man, the cops.
Take it easy man, we're good.
She killed that cop man.
She put the gun in his mouth
and blew his brains out.
Yeah, yeah, help me with this.
She's crazy.
Hey, don't let her hear you say that.
Look, you're my only brother.
Now help me with this.
62 million, can you believe it, Doug?
A cool 62 million.
Shut up, just help me with the gate.
What're you gonna do with your share?
Jack, the gate.
Idiot, you damaged that painting,
and I'll take it out of your hide.
Sorry, Barb.
Look Barb, don't worry
about my little brother.
He's slow, but he's dependable.
He better be.
Now, get it on the boat.
Don't talk to me that way.
I just saved your miserable life.
Now, help me get this
thing on the damn boat.
Barb, we gotta go.
No motor, I don't want them to hear us.
We did it, we're free, we got away.
Cops never expected a water getaway.
Was there any doubt?
What direction boss?
There's an island a
couple of miles ahead.
We'll hide out there.
There it is!
Sit down, you dolt!
You'll tip us!
Steer toward that land.
What was that?
Did you see that?
I saw it too.
There's something in the water.
The painting, where is it?
I think it went into the water.
What was that?
I don't know, but holy shit it was big.
Everyone, just shut up!
I think it's gone, it's gone.
Something just brushed past my leg.
Something's got me!
Grab, grab my hand!
Grab it, grab it!
Grab it, grab it!
We're totally here.
Oh, my God!
Look at this place!
Woo, woo!
Oh my God, it's gonna be amazing.
Let's go, let's go.
Can we get a little help here, please?
Mike, could you?
I bet ya they didn't
even read my proposal.
They just saw a chance to
spend a day at the beach.
I thought you wrote a terrific proposal.
A major oil company illegally
drilling out on Elber Island,
and the prop liked it too.
Nice throw, and here I thought
you did everything like a girl.
I do do everything like a girl.
This isn't a holiday, ladies.
Can we get a little help here, please?
Oh, chill out Jill.
We're just checking out the scenery.
This isn't a day at the beach.
Well okay, this is a day at the beach,
but you know what I mean.
I need this for my journalism class.
If I can expose the illegal drilling,
I'm a shoe-in for that
internship at C-News.
Ah, you need this, we don't.
It's two days on a private island
with nothing but the sun and a beach
before spring break ends.
So, why did I even bring you?
Oh um, because my
car got us to the boat.
And my credit card paid for the boat.
Oh besides, you might just enjoy
yourself out there as well.
What're you talking about?
Uh, you don't see it?
See what?
I uh, I got everything,
so, we ready to go?
Yeah, let's load up.
Yeah, let's just go.
What the hell was that thing man?
It looked like a shark.
A big ass shark.
No way, sharks live in
the ocean, that's a lake.
Yeah, there's some freshwater sharks.
That's crazy man.
That's enough.
One of you need to go back
out there and fetch it.
Fetch it?
Barb, with all due respect,
did you see what just happened there?
A flippin' shark ate Jack.
Ain't no way I'm going back in there.
Whoever retrieves the painting
gets half of Jack's
take added to their own.
Jerry, no.
Don't worry about it man.
What if that shark's still out there?
I'm sure it's long gone.
Besides, it just ate.
It's about 300 feet out.
If I calculated it right,
parallel with that strip of land.
So, my share and half of Jack's.
That's right.
Fine, but if I don't make it back,
my share goes to Rich.
Won't be gnawing on Jack forever.
You really are a heartless bitch.
Look, there he is!
Oh shit, look!
Shark, Jerry, shark!
He's gonna make it, he's gonna make it!
It's gone.
I can't believe it.
He was almost ashore.
He should've made it.
Ooh, ooh, oh yeah, work it.
Okay, don't waste the batteries.
Oh, how much further?
What, oh, we should be
seeing it anytime soon.
There it is.
How much longer?
Five, 10 minutes, tops.
Thank God, then nothing
but surf, sand, and sun.
Ah, paradise.
You guys really aren't gonna help us.
You and big strong Mike
can manage on your own.
Besides, we don't know anything
about what you're doing,
so we'd just get in the way.
Whoa, whoa, watch where you're steering.
Did we hit something?
I don't see anything.
It came from over there.
Oh my God!
Go, go, go, go, go go go!
Guys, what is that thing?
It looked like a shark.
No no, it didn't look
like a shark to me.
Oh my God, there it is!
Oh my God, there it is!
Go, go, go, go.
Faster, faster!
Anybody see anything?
Guys, maybe he gave up.
Oh, I hope so.
Tia, Kristen, Mike!
Oh my God, oh my God!
Oh my God.
Oh my God, what happened?
I don't know.
After that thing hit the boat we just,
we started swimming and then...
Oh my God, what happened to you?
It's nothing, it's nothing.
Did either of you see Mike?
Did he make it to shore?
I don't know.
God, Mike, Mike!
Mike, Mike!
Mike, Mike, Mike!
Mike, over here!
What is it?
The camera.
Mike had the camera.
Oh my God!
What the hell?
What the hell, is that Mike?
Let's just go.
No no, no no!
Keep it together.
But Mike, but Mike.
I know, I know!
Hey, hey, hey, over here!
Remember what I said.
Play it cool.
Get away from the water.
There's something in the water.
Are you guys okay?
Are you hurt?
We're okay, but, but Mike.
That thing in the
water killed our friend.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It killed two of our friends as well.
Do you have a boat?
That thing capsized
it down by the rocks.
It must be on the bottom by now.
Who are you and how did you get here?
Oh, I'm sorry.
My name's Barb and
this is Rich and Doug.
I'm Kristen, this is Tia and Jill.
Well, what was that thing?
It looked like a shark.
I have never seen a shark
that big or ugly before.
Come on, let's get you three warmed up.
This is all Jill's idea.
She wanted to come and
check out the refinery.
Bug up her ass about big oil.
Some big oil company
decided to build a
research center out here.
You mean, there are
others on this island?
There's a lab complex
just on the other side.
It's where they did
their illegal research,
but it's deserted.
I was hoping to find a
working radio still there.
Ours got smashed and there's
no cell service here.
Do you have a radio?
Illegal research?
Illegal research has been going on here.
Stop it, Jill!
Mike is dead because of your vendetta.
You're blaming me?
How dare you.
Stop it ladies.
This is not the time, Jill.
Let her go.
She just needs a moment.
What happened to your boat?
That thing trashed it.
That thing is a megalodon.
It's a shark, a monster shark.
Forgive him.
He just lost his brother
this morning to that thing.
How did you guys get to be here?
Hey, get that camera off me!
Hey, I was just, this is important.
We should document what's going on here.
Fair enough, but my friend
doesn't like his picture taken.
Why are you here?
I already told you.
No, you didn't.
We're tourists.
We were out for a sail when
that thing sank our boat.
Someone's gonna find us, right?
People know we're here.
Somebody's gonna realize we're missing,
and, and they'll send
somebody out to find us.
That's if the monster
doesn't get them first.
Rich, that's enough.
You're scaring the girls.
You saw that thing.
No one's gonna be able
to get near this island
without being eaten.
Jerry would've known what to do
if you hadn't sent him
back into the water.
That's enough.
Rich, what happened to
Jerry was an accident.
Both him and Jack are accidents.
My camera, please.
I promise I won't film you guys.
I just want footage of that shark thing.
It's gonna be dark soon.
I suggest we spend the night here.
Build a fire, and explore
the island in the morning.
See if we can find that research
center, signal for help.
And we should keep the fire
going in case someone sees it.
Good plan.
Oh, this is really happening, right?
We should get moving
before it gets too hot.
The research center's on
the west side of the island.
About a five hour walk.
We could go by the beach.
No, I'm not going near the water.
I agree with the lady.
I say we cut across the land.
It might be quicker,
but I don't know what
animals live on this island.
It might be more dangerous.
More dangerous than the shark?
I thought this island was abandoned.
Why do I keep hearing
machinery all the time?
I don't know.
Let's just go.
What're we gonna do about them?
Don't worry, I've got a plan.
Still have your radio?
Yeah, and I turned it off like you said.
What about Rich?
He doesn't have one.
He doesn't know we have one.
What about the rendezvous?
How long's the buyer gonna wait?
The pickup wasn't until tonight.
We have that long to get the goods
and get off this God forsaken island.
Amen to that.
What about the camera?
I palmed the tape.
When I took it from you.
I'm sorry about Mike.
He had a thing for you, you know.
He what?
Why do you think he
gave up his vacation?
To carry around equipment for you?
I thought he was coming because of you.
Me, no.
Aren't you missing something?
You seriously can't be this clueless.
You're crazy.
How long have you known?
Since the second grade.
How much farther?
It should be just over that rise.
Listen, if anything was to happen to me.
Don't start with that.
We're gonna be fine.
Tell that to Mike.
I'm sorry, that was uncalled for.
No, you're right.
I guess I knew.
I just sort of tune you out.
I don't have time for
a boyfriend right now.
If not now, then when?
If anything was to happen.
Nothing is gonna happen.
But if it does
promise me you'll look after Tia, okay?
She's the only sister I have.
Oh, thank God.
Hello, we need help!
Oh Tia, wait for us.
She's like a two year old.
What is this place?
Hello, hello!
Hello, is anybody here?
I knew this place
was here up to no good.
Now is not the time to piss off
the only people who can
get us off this island.
Fair enough.
Now what?
See if anybody's here.
Try and find a radio.
What if they recognize us from the news?
We kept our masks on, so there's no way.
We just stick to the plan.
We should split up.
You and Rich, try and find a radio.
Got it, come on.
Tia, like I said, a two year old.
Oh my God!
No no, no no, no no, no.
Wait, that man's still alive.
We've got you, we've got you now.
Help me, help me.
It's okay.
I need water.
I'll go get you some water.
No no, no no.
Stay away from the water.
What is that thing?
Too deep, we, we drilled too deep.
Unleashed a predator we haven't seen
in two hundred million years.
How's that possible?
This is getting tiresome, who cares.
Excuse me, but rude much.
What the hell.
Oh my God.
I knew something seemed
off about your story.
Whatever, help him up.
Here, come here.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
We need a boat or a plane.
Something to get off this island with.
There's nothing.
The shark destroyed them all.
What do you mean it destroyed them all?
It cut off any means of escape.
It's not gonna let us leave the island.
Bullshit, it's just a fish.
No, it's not.
That's enough.
You two, help him, come with us.
Where are we going?
When your shark tipped us into the water
we lost something very valuable.
Now you're gonna help us get it back.
Wait, we're not going in the water.
I wasn't thinking of you.
Since this is all your
fault, I hope you can swim.
No, no, you can't.
Then you might as well shoot me.
I go in that water, I'm dead anyway.
Hmm, how about to save a life?
No, no.
She's just a kid.
And now you get to decide
if she sees her next birthday.
Okay, okay, okay, I'll do it.
Wise choice.
Hey Doc, you might wanna
lose the bloody lab coat.
It would be like barbecue
sauce to the critter.
It's about 300 feet out.
Can't miss it.
All right, now that he's feasting,
we'll send somebody else out.
Who's next?
Idiots, they've gone into the woods.
After them!
Where to?
Over to the building.
Maybe we can find a radio or
something and call for help.
Oh my God, they're shooting at us!
Run, run!
Do not shoot them.
We need them alive.
That wasn't me.
What, Rich, can you hear me?
Do not shoot them.
We need them alive.
Forget it, we need to sacrifice
the girls for the shark.
Dead or alive.
Rich, what the hell man.
I'm sorry.
A good swing.
Geez, wait long enough?
Sorry, can we go?
Yeah, wait the gun.
Go, go, go, go!
Are you crazy?
We need them alive.
They're gonna feed the shark
while we get the goods.
It's never gonna let us off the island.
Get a grip.
I'm sorry about your brother,
but it's just a fish.
Doug, Doug, are you there?
What's happening?
Get it together or she's
gonna skin you alive.
Yeah, I'm here.
They ran off, but I think
I know where they're going.
We're gonna cut them off.
Are you with me?
I'm with you.
Are you with me?
I'm with you.
Good, I don't wanna have to kill you.
I don't wanna be left
alone with the ice queen.
No, no, no, I can't guys.
No, come on.
We can still find a
radio or a boat, come on.
What's that?
No, no, no, no!
Don't do that again.
Here are the lovely ladies.
All ready to be helpful.
We'll have to wait until morning.
We can't see anything out on the water.
What about the rendezvous?
There'll be another,
but it won't matter if we
don't get the package back.
Now, are you ladies gonna
give anymore trouble?
You're chum, bitch.
Tie them up and then
let's all get some sleep.
Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day.
It's my turn now.
You get some sleep.
Yes, ma'am.
I know you're awake.
I heard the change in your breathing.
From one girl to another, thank you.
I wouldn't be too quick with the thanks.
You know what I mean.
You're welcome.
So, what did you steal?
A painting.
Anything I would know?
What's so funny?
It's a Copley.
Art's never really been my strong suit.
To me painting means with a roller.
John Singleton Copley.
He was an American painter from Boston.
He died about 200 years ago.
So it must be worth a lot of money.
Maybe not to you, but
to the right collector.
So how did you steal it?
Slight of hand really.
That and a distraction.
Keep a cop busy at the
bank next to a museum.
While they evacuated for safety
we were posing as security
helping to secure the museum.
So when the cops made
their move on the bank
we were already securing
the priceless artwork.
Hmm, whoa, but then it didn't turn out
the way you'd hoped.
No, we got pulled over
by a fuckin' traffic cop
for running a stop sign.
By then, our timetable was blown.
We barely made it to our
getaway boat and now this.
You never did say what was so funny.
The painting, it's Copley's
Watson and the Shark.
A depiction of the first
recorded shark attack.
I know how to get your painting.
I don't think you have
a lot to bargain with.
See, that's where you're wrong.
I know something you don't.
And what might that be?
I know you're more worried
about missing your rendezvous
than you're letting on,
and sooner or later
someone's gonna realize
that they haven't heard
from research center
and come looking,
and I know how to scare off sharks.
Even big ass ugly ones like that.
And what might that be?
Dynamite will keep it away.
Yeah, that'd be great if we had any.
I'll tell you where you can find some.
On the condition that you let us go.
If you can keep that
shark away you have a deal.
I'd shake your hand, but I'm
a little tied up right now.
First light's in three hours.
You really need to work on
your negotiating skills.
Once you told me that there
was dynamite on this island,
how hard did you think it was
for me to figure out where?
I told you there was dynamite
so you'll let us go, right?
You're a funny girl.
I like that.
Now, get her up.
What, what's going on?
Frying pan, fire.
Okay ladies, so here's the plan,
and if you don't follow
my plan as I describe,
Mr. Doug here will take out his gun
and blow your brains out.
Any questions?
No, good.
Our friend is out there, see him?
Rich, you're up.
He's coming in!
Good job kid, now keep a lookout.
Ladies, your turn.
What, no no, no no, no.
We're not going in that water.
Tia, I'm going in with you.
They need us alive.
They'll keep the shark at bay.
Jill, Jill, I'm not, I can't.
Tia, nothing's gonna happen to you.
I'm gonna be with you the whole time.
Oh my God.
The explosions will keep it away.
We'll go in, we'll get the painting,
and then we'll come out of the water,
and then you'll leave us alone, right?
That's right.
Nothing's going to happen to you.
I promised Kristen.
This is all cute and such,
but can we get a move on ladies?
Let's go.
Throw another one in.
Here it is.
On three.
One, two three.
Oh no you don't.
What're you doing?
There's no way.
It's stuck to the bottom.
I can't lift it.
Try harder.
Try harder?
Get rid of the shark first.
Shark's off again.
Back to work.
My God, they're gonna
kill us, aren't they?
Not if the shark kills us first.
What're we gonna do?
I'm thinking.
Rich, he's got the gun and the dynamite.
We take him out we got a chance.
Time's a wasting ladies.
You don't play with a shark.
Rich, throw in another stick.
You two get back out there.
Just give us a second.
We just need to catch our breath.
Where are you going?
We just need to catch our breath.
Rich, any sign of that shark?
I don't think so.
Shark, there it is!
Drop the gun.
I'm fine, hurts like hell though.
Drop the gun!
Put the gun down girlie.
You first.
Doug, Doug!
Oh Rich.
I need you to go over there,
and grab that gun from that girl.
What, what if she shoots me?
Then I'll shoot her.
All right Missie,
I'm gonna come over there
and relieve you of that gun.
All right Missie.
We don't want anyone else
to get hurt now, do we?
Look out!
Tia, Tia, the gun.
It doesn't matter.
You silly girls.
You wasted all your bullets
on a God damned fish?
Now, you're gonna get your
ass back in that water,
and get me my painting.
Wrong answer.
You, little bird,
are gonna get your skinny
ass back in that water,
and bring me my painting.
Or what, you'll kill us?
Lady, between you and it
you're no threat.
How dare you!
Oh my...
God, we have to kill it.
We have to kill it.
Why, if we stay on shore
that thing can't get us.
Help will come.
It may only be an animal,
but it's a smart animal,
and sooner or later
it's gonna realize it
doesn't have any more food,
and it's gonna go looking for some.
We're so close to the shorelines, oh no.
What would happen
if that thing found a
populated beach elsewhere?
How do we kill it?
The hillbilly way.
This isn't working.
I know, we need bait.
I'll go.
No, I'll go.
I promised Kristen I'd look after you.
I'm bleeding.
Even if that thing is
a hundred miles away
it'll still sniff me out.
Besides, I throw like a girl.
I throw like a girl too.
Hey you ugly fish
enough with the junk food.
You want gourmet?
I see it!
When I yell duck!
Be ready!
Tia, Tia!
Is it?
It's dead, you got it.
Oh my God!
Oh my gosh, what do we do now?
I don't know.
I'm sure help will come soon, I hope.
I can't even think about that now.
Fair enough.
What do you wanna do?
Here you go.
Thanks Lisa.
You're welcome.
I don't get it.
I swear, I don't.
What don't you get?
You're telling me that
that is your stepdaughter?
That beautiful specimen
standing right over there
is your stepdaughter.
Careful, don't make me knock you out.
Well, what I mean is
I've seen your wife.
Didn't I just say I'll knock you out?
Look, you and I both know that your wife
is a large, burly, Rubenesque woman.
Now, that does not look like
she shares any genes with that,
with your wife.
Well, it's like they say,
even big, ugly things
can have offspring.