Jurassic Shark 3: Seavenge (2023) Movie Script

Good afternoon.
I'm reporting live from
the Katzman Cove Marina,
site of where the
stolen painting is
believed to be transported
from by three convicts.
Most, if not all, have
reportedly been killed.
Did you see that?
I saw it too.
The painting!
While the painting has
not yet been recovered,
some of the thieves have,
or at least parts of them.
Yes, parts.
It is believed that
a man-eating shark
has been roaming these waters
and may have attacked the group
as they traversed the
cove to go and hide
the painting on Cat Island.
What the hell?
OK, Stan, this will be part
two of our location piece.
Just split the segments
up with a commercial
when you edit them together.
You got it.
The ocean.
Behind me it looks
inviting, serene, and safe.
But is it?
We have received several reports
of a shark prowling the shores,
and while this isn't
uncommon, these reports
claim that the shark is
in fact monstrous, ranging
from 50 to 60 feet
in length, larger
than any known great white.
Does the sudden
appearance have anything
to do with the increased
drilling at the newly renovated
rig just offshore?
The EPA is still trying
to get accurate reports
on just how far
they are drilling
and at what cost to the
environment this will have.
Is the rig hiding a secret,
and is there any connection
to the mysterious monster
supposedly prowling the depths?
It ain't you.
I knew it couldn't be true
because we can't
You don't understand my
moves, so don't expect me
because we can't--
To your right,
Bree, to your right.
No, no, no, your other right.
I'm doing my best.
Well, your best
isn't good enough.
You have to be perfect.
I'm trying.
You most certainly
are sometimes.
Let's just take five.
Yeah, that's great.
All right.
We'll be there tomorrow.
That was Top Model Tomorrow.
You have a video shoot in
the morning on a yacht.
That's amazing.
That show's going to
be seen by millions.
You can thank me later.
So where's that photographer?
Yo, Ansel Adams, you ready?
Because she had a
lot of in a thong.
Angel on my side telling
me I don't want it,
the devil on the other
telling me to hop on it.
I hop on it, now I
feel I'm sacrificing--
Good evening, this
is News 6 at 5.
Today's top story is the hunt
for the missing million dollar
painting stolen
in a tragic heist
by unknown and
presumably dead thieves.
The painting, a one of a kind
rendition of Chinese Grauman
Theater by noted
artist Yuri Otonatu,
was stolen last
week, even though it
was under close
scrutiny at the time.
In the painting, we see the
famous theater and displays
and marquee advertising for
the initial release of the film
King Kong, a favorite
of the artist.
After tracing the painting
to a local marina,
authorities believe the
bandits were attempting
to shuttle the stolen
goods across the channel
to a small island two hours off
the coast called Cat Island.
The trail, we are
told, has gone cold,
with no sign of the
thieves or the painting.
Authorities now believe
there is a connection
between the tragic oil rig
explosion, the recent shark
sightings, and the thieves.
What that connection is
exactly is forthcoming.
We will be airing a special
later tonight highlighting
eyewitness accounts.
Now for the weather.
Oh, Jesus.
This is not looking good.
I think we have
ourselves a big problem.
What's the problem, Clark?
Yeah, the painting's
missing, but none of that
can be traced back to us.
Not yet anyways.
I knew these guys were
going to bungle this job.
All they had to do was
meet us on Cat Island,
give us the painting,
they get their cut,
and then we get our cut.
It was simple.
I'm hungry.
Let's go down to the
pier and get some pizza.
We've been hiding
for three days.
Oh, you keep thinking
with that stomach, Gerald,
and you're going to end
up like our friends.
I hope not, but I am hungry.
Boy, what do you think happened?
No, lie to me.
Of course honestly.
I don't think they
made it to Cat Island.
We waited there for two
days thinking they'd show,
and they didn't
contact us afterwards.
Maybe they double crossed us.
I don't think so.
We knew their every move.
That leaves only
one other option.
Get some pizza.
If I didn't promise your mother
I'd look after you, I swear.
That renegade shark got
them and the painting
sank to the bottom
of the channel.
This is the map here.
This is the marina.
Here's Cat Island.
This is the route they took.
And with the debris
that was found,
they went down
right about there.
How deep do you think that is?
Well, there's a channel and
the ocean tides can build up,
but my guess, it's no
deeper than 20 feet,
at least where we
have to search.
All right.
We'll get somebody to dive
in there once we find it.
Without too much trouble, sure.
And it might be more
shallow than I think.
It'd be like finding a
needle in a haystack.
Not exactly.
What is that?
This is a small
underwater camera that's
attached to this monitor.
We'll find it.
It monitors everything.
Hey, that'd be great
to use for fishing.
Oh, we're going to
go fishing tomorrow
morning, but not for fish.
We're going to find
ourselves that painting.
Can we get something
to eat first, please?
What's this?
Your assignment for tomorrow.
No, no.
Not going to happen.
I'm not spending
all day on a boat
with some bimbo model
for that limp dick show
Top Model Tomorrow.
Yes, you are.
The boss already
assigned me to the marina
for the shark and
oil rig disaster.
Can't do it.
Well, he thinks you're
so good at what you do,
you can do all three.
You're kidding, right?
You're at least going along?
I'm going to stay in
the studio to cover
anything you find and
follow your little Top Model
What a crock.
I get seasick.
Nice try.
There's got to be a better way
to earn a living than this.
You sure have a
lot of stuff there.
We only need two outfit changes.
I know.
This is just in case.
In case of what?
Well, spit it out, Bree.
I'm afraid of the ocean.
Can't we just stay
up on the dock?
Don't worry, nothing's
going to happen to you.
I will make sure of that.
I'm not going to get
attacked by a shark?
Why would you say such a thing?
It's been all over the
news, some monster shark
crawling the beaches.
The news just exaggerates
to boost ratings.
Sharks have lived in
these waters forever.
That's where they
live, you know.
I just don't want to
get attacked by a shark.
Sharks don't instinctively
attack humans.
They mistake them for
something else like a seal.
Besides, we'll be on a yacht.
What shark can swallow that?
Yeah, you're right.
I know I am.
Now, come on.
Good luck today.
We have to be live by noon.
Other than that, I
can cut into your feet
any time you think we
have something newsworthy.
Yeah, my drowning.
I just love your
positive attitude.
Surf's up.
Come on, you idiot!
Move it!
I'm coming, I'm coming.
Come on!
I'm coming.
Move your--
Jesus Christ.
--stupid ass, will you?
We've got a long
day ahead of us.
Dock 7, row 6.
Skip SE5, right over there.
A yacht.
I should have known this
was going to be a cluster F.
What the hell?
You better slow down.
The last thing we need is to
get pulled over by the cops.
We need to get there, get a
boat, and find this painting.
Time isn't on our side.
I know it's wrapped up
pretty good, but eventually
that seawater is going
to deteriorate it
and then it's going to
cut into our profits.
OK, step on it then.
Hey, anyone here know
how to drive a boat?
We'll worry about that
when we get there.
This isn't a yacht.
You two must be here for
the Top Model Tomorrow show.
Which one of you is the model?
She is, of course.
Yeah, I was joking.
Look, I'm sorry about the boat,
but that's all the station
was going to spring for.
But don't worry.
We'll make it work.
I'm Stan.
This is Bree, your model,
and I'm Destiny, her manager.
You don't plan on bringing all
that crap on board, do you?
I need it for the shoot.
Well, you can leave
it on the dock
and we can come back and
pick it up if you need it.
What if someone steals it?
We can only be so lucky.
It was another joke.
You don't have much of a
sense of humor, do you, lady?
Maybe your jokes just
aren't that funny.
Fair enough.
OK, here's what
we're going to do.
We're going to shoot
some stuff on the boat,
then we're going
to transmit live,
then we're going to take
the boat out into the ocean
and do some more B-roll footage.
What's wrong now?
Don't tell me you're
afraid of the water too.
Well, she's just worried about--
It's just all those stories
that your channel reports
about the monster shark.
Is it all true?
Oh, yeah.
As a matter of fact, it could be
lurking underwater right here!
That was another joke, right?
Look, don't worry.
We're going to be
safe in the boat, OK?
We have a lot of work to do.
Now, there's a changing
room at the end of the pier.
I'm going to start
getting set up, OK?
OK, come on.
This guy is so rude.
I know you're out there, you
blood hungry son of a bitch.
You and me have a
score to settle.
I hate the water!
Jesus, ladies, this
isn't water ballet.
What's wrong with this?
contrasts perfectly
with the blue ocean water.
Yeah, I made it myself.
And you call yourself a manager.
Look, whatever.
Come on, get in the boat.
Miss America, you
stand right here.
You, stay out of the way.
OK, well, what do I do?
OK, you're going to look
directly into the camera lens
and answer every question that
the studio personnel ask you.
You can formulate a
complete sentence, right?
No, don't answer that.
Good afternoon, viewers, and
welcome to a special segment
of Top Model Tomorrow,
where we find young women
vying for the top spot in
today's fashion and modeling
Live right now at
the marina we have up
and coming model Bree Juare.
Bree, tell us why you want to
be in the modeling profession.
Say something, dammit.
We're live now?
Well, it's wonderful to be on
your show and I'm so excited.
What was the question again?
Bree, why do you want
to be a top model?
Oh, that's easy.
For starters, I'm
very attractive.
Anyone would agree with that.
Plus my boyfriend thinks that
I should choose a profession
where I keep my clothes on.
Did you know a
female's shelf life
on is
only three years?
That's interesting, Bree.
Tell us about your manager.
She's amazing.
She's like my second mother.
She takes such good care of me.
I mean, she only does
take 60% of my earnings.
I mean, that's so
generous of her.
What is your vision
on world peace?
I think everyone should get
a piece once in a while.
No, no, no, not
that peace, Bree.
Peace, getting along.
Ah, yes.
World peace.
World peace is important so that
way the world can be peaceful.
Bree, tell us what else
we have to look forward
to when we see you today?
Well, in a few minutes we're
going to do a live fashion
shoot right on this
boat, and then we're
going to go out to the water
and take some more fun footage.
I just hope--
Well, what do you hope, Bree?
I just hope that we don't
get attacked by that monster
shark like the bank robbers.
Painting thieves.
I think you'll be
perfectly safe.
Well, I hope.
See you later.
We'll check in with you later.
Good luck.
Good luck.
I think we may have
found ourselves a boat.
Hey, you two, let's go.
Come on.
Let's take a look for a
moment at the recent events
plaguing our seaside community.
First we have the oil rig
that was recently destroyed
last week by unknown causes.
Then we have reports of a
mysterious, monstrous shark
prowling the waters.
Could the two
somehow be related?
Calls to the headquarters to
the firm that owned and operated
the rig have gone unanswered.
However, we have a guest
in the studio today
who may shed some light
on our shark mystery.
Welcome to the
studio, Mr. Lennings.
As difficult as it
must be, could you
tell us a little bit about
your run-in with the shark?
Well, I don't know
anything about that oil rig
other than that it blocked
the view of the ocean we once
had from the marina I managed.
As far as the shark attack,
take a look at my legs!
Zoom in.
Go ahead.
I don't have any!
That's because a gigantic shark
bit them off in one fell swoop!
I'm lucky I didn't
bleed to death.
What kind of shark was it?
A great white, mako?
I know my sharks, and it
wasn't anything known to man.
Where do you think it came from?
I don't know.
Maybe that rig with
all their drilling,
they woke something up.
All I know is nobody
is safe in the water
until that thing is killed!
If it isn't a known shark,
what do you think it could be?
Oh, it is a shark all right.
As far as what
species, who knows.
Maybe it's the devil incarnate.
You guys need anything?
We're busy doing a
video shoot here.
Who owns this rig?
The news station
rented it for the day.
You see, we need to
head out to the channel
there to look for something.
We were hoping you'd be
neighborly and give us a lift.
Yeah, I don't think so, pal.
I got enough deadweight
on this boat.
Oh, yes, you can.
We tried to be
nice, but then you
had to go and get
all snotty with us.
What's this all about?
Me, Boyd, and Clark are
looking for a painting--
You idiot!
You just give our names away!
You guys are the painting
thieves everyone's
looking for, right?
Clever guess.
Look, just take the keys and go.
No, no can do.
We need a driver and a couple
of hostages in case things
heat up.
Don't hurt us, please.
What the hell is this?
My grandmother wouldn't even
wear this terrible shit.
What the hell was that?
I thought I saw
something swim by.
The shark!
I knew it!
Get me out of here!
You're not going
anywhere, missy!
You, get over here.
I'll tell you when to stop.
What about the shark?
Enough about the shark.
We're safe enough here.
Just, everybody, be cool.
You, no funny business.
We're in business.
Stop right here.
If you insist.
Doesn't work too good.
Maybe it isn't
waterproof after all.
It's just a fish or something.
Wait a minute.
I thought I saw something.
Swing it to the right.
Oh, jackpot.
There it is.
There's the painting
in the blue tarp.
You sure are a
pretty little thing.
I wouldn't mind being stranded
on a desert island with you.
Leave her alone.
Oh, no!
Help him!
Why did you do that?
He came at me!
Help, help!
We need to get the
hell out of here!
We're not going anywhere!
The painting's right beneath us!
We're not going anywhere.
What the hell is
she going on about?
The man you just shot had
the keys in his pocket!
I didn't know, I swear.
And he came at me!
Fucking great.
Now what?
We're stuck here.
Look around, there's only water.
Does anyone have a phone?
You made us leave all
our bags at the dock,
and our phones were in there.
Fucking great.
At least we won't drift
away from the painting.
What are we going to do?
Give me a second to think.
Remember, in 10 seconds
you ruined all our plans.
What are you thinking?
Nothing at all.
Keep it that way.
Tell us again about
your frightening escape
from the doomed oil rig.
My buddy and I had been
on the rig for months.
I think they dug too deep
and discovered something.
That's where I saw a large
prehistoric shark destroy
our rig.
No one stood a chance.
What makes you believe
it was prehistoric?
The secret operatives said so.
They knew what it was.
Tell us about the operatives.
Who were they?
They worked for the oil
company doing the drilling.
We think they were sent here
to clean up all the witnesses.
Another survivor and I
made it to Smash Up Island.
There they captured
us and intended
on killing us to silence
us so that we wouldn't
say what we saw or knew.
The shark got them,
though, and we escaped.
Where the hell did his feed go?
Where is he?
Boyd, see if you
can hotwire this
while I keep an eye
on the painting.
I don't know anything
about hot wiring a boat!
I do.
You want this idiot
to fry the engine out?
Hey, hey, watch for your
calling an idiot, all right?
Hey, you two, how long are
you supposed to be out here?
Till this evening.
Just trying to figure
out how much time we've
got before somebody
comes looking for us.
We still have to
get our painting.
I know.
What the hell?
Out there!
The shark!
It's coming for us!
Jesus, that was close.
Did you see the
size of that thing?
That wasn't no normal shark!
What's important is that
it will be back for us!
That thing has a vendetta
against us for some reason!
Gerald, get back to hotwiring.
And you, stop crying up there!
We're safe enough!
Until it capsizes us.
Maybe so.
Just hope you could swim faster.
We're running out of time!
And options.
If I want anything
out of you, I'd ask.
Get back to work.
Maybe the Coast Guard will come
by soon and we'll be rescued.
That's just what
they don't want.
That's the smartest thing
you've said all day!
Pipe down!
I don't see it anywhere.
It's out there somewhere.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Our investigative team
discovered crucial information
in regards to the
oil rig disaster
earlier this afternoon.
It appears a large
bore S7 drill was
used to puncture the bedrock
beneath the rig to drill deeper
than anyone has before.
Drilling regulations permit
only a size S2 drill.
Could the illegal size drill
have fractured the foundation,
causing the rig to collapse?
Could the drill have
hit an ice pocket
and released a sea demon
frozen in time into our oceans?
An initial investigation by
authorities provides no clues.
Another question
that goes unanswered
is where did all the bodies go?
Records show that 78
people worked on the rig
on a daily basis.
To this day, not one
body has been recovered.
Did the tide wash
them out to sea,
are they still trapped
in the wreckage,
or did the so-called sea
monster devour them like flies
as they fell into the water?
These questions and
more will hopefully
be answered in
the next few days.
This is impossible.
Can't be repaired.
I'm not sure if the
engine would start
even if I could repair it.
I told you he wouldn't
be able to get it going.
This is coming from the asshole
who put us in this situation.
Wait, let's just worry
about the painting.
Maybe we have to paddle
this stinking thing out
to Cat Island!
Well, how can we recover it?
One of us is going to dive in.
Simple enough.
Are you out of your mind?
We won't last a minute
down there with that shark!
The hell with the painting!
Let's worry about our lives!
Gerald, you're going in.
The hell I am.
You're the best swimmer here.
You go, Boyd.
You got us into this mess.
Give me that.
Come on, Clark.
I'm not up to it.
You don't have a choice.
He'll die if you
send him down there.
Maybe you'd like to
take his place then.
Sharks are attracted to sound.
What's that, Miss America?
Sharks are attracted to sound.
If we splash the water,
hit the side of the boat,
hopefully it'll distract
the shark long enough
for him to get down and back.
No, I don't like the idea much.
Look, it's directly below us.
You dive down, grab
it, pull it up.
It's only 18 feet
to the bottom here.
You can do it.
You think so, Clark?
Yeah, just take a deep breath.
You'll be fine.
We'll be up here distracting it.
Good, Gerald.
All right, let's start
hitting the boat.
The water.
Let's distract this mother!
It's now or never.
Keep it up.
Keep it up.
It's working.
The shark is circling the boat.
Not good.
What's it doing?
We're drifting.
It snapped the anchor line.
He didn't stand a chance.
So much for that plan.
It's still out there
Why won't it go away?
It has to at some point.
And don't worry.
Once we're overdue
to return, they'll
send a search party out for us.
We should be easy to spot.
We don't even know where we are.
We could have drifted miles
from where they even search.
Well, we can't give up hope.
We have to believe that they'll
search for us and find us.
What about the shark?
Well, maybe it has a
short attention span
and will swim off.
If we make it out of this--
When we get out of this.
When we make it out
of this, I don't even
care about being top model.
I just want to live.
I want some more of that.
Well, you don't get any more.
What about them?
Well, I think
we're safe for now.
Why doesn't it
just finish us off?
It's toying with us.
It knows it's got us
where it wants us.
Predators do that, you know.
They relish in the torture.
Instant kill is too easy.
Speaking of an easy kill,
what we do about these two?
I've been thinking about that.
They would make good shark
food if it came to it.
I agree.
Either way, we
can't let them go.
They know our names,
our faces, our plan.
When the time comes,
we'll deal with them.
And the painting?
At least we know
where the location is.
We'll come back once we
get out of this shit.
OK, Clark.
Stan, answer your damn phone!
I know you're out there.
You certainly are a
pretty little thing.
What do you want?
Don't be afraid.
You and I, we're going
to be real good friends.
Let go of her!
Back off, lady!
Her and I were having some fun!
Help me!
Grab my arm!
What the hell are you doing?
It got me!
It's coming!
Help me!
What the hell are you doing?
She interrupted us!
We were having fun!
Who cares?
We were going to
kill them anyway!
I'll show you fun.
You having fun?
Having fun yet?
You want to have
some fucking fun?
Come on!
Let me go!
Fucking next time I
will end your ass!
Stop it!
Oh, god!
Next time I'll fucking end you!
Land nowhere in sight.
You're a smart one, pushing us
out to the sea in this current.
Eat lead for breakfast!
I hate this shark!
Good morning, everyone.
Our top story this hour is
the Top Model contestant,
her manager, and our own
cameraman reported missing
and thought to be lost at sea.
A boat malfunction is
thought to be the cause,
and, as we reported
yesterday live,
the Top Model Tomorrow
show went on location
to the sand and surf
for a special show.
After the live
feed at noon, they
were both headed out to
sea for another segment.
Contact since then has been
lost, with recovery operations
A search and rescue
team headed by the Navy
commenced an hour ago.
We will keep you updated
as we receive information.
Do you guys hear that?
Hear what?
The sun must be frying
your brain, girlie.
I don't hear anything.
Sounds like a helicopter.
Maybe a search party.
You're imagining things.
Yeah, must be.
Over there, land!
Do you think it's Cat Island?
I can't tell.
It has to be.
There's nothing
else around here.
Either way, we have
to get off this water
and onto some dry land.
What do we do?
We'll paddle.
Here you go.
Up front.
The current seems
to be in our favor.
Stop wasting your energy
and stop jabbering.
Just paddle!
I knew we'd make
it through this!
Good riddance.
Keep paddling.
We don't have time to mourn.
I wouldn't anyway.
And then there were two.
It's just you and I now.
Yeah, until you
decide to kill me.
No, you've got a pretty
good arm over there.
And when we get to the island?
That's if we get to the island.
If we get to the island?
We'll just go our separate ways.
Look, I don't want to
harm you or anybody.
Didn't seem that way, did it?
Life doesn't always
turn out how you plan.
It's funny like that.
You'll see.
You think I always wanted
to be a petty crook?
Then why did you?
It is what it is.
I'll own it.
It's my own doing.
Look, you're young.
You've got your whole
life ahead of you.
Mine's over.
Don't tell me I'm
imagining that.
You don't hear that?
It looks like a copter.
Maybe it's a Navy chopper.
We'll be saved.
Hey, over here!
25 years in the big house.
Yeah, wonderful.
Over here.
Over here.
They've seen us.
We're saved.
It's not looking good.
I think we have
ourselves a big problem.
What's the problem, Clark?
Yeah, the painting's missing.
But none of that can
be traced back to us.
Not yet anyways.
I knew these guys were
going to fumble up this job.
All they had to do was
meet us on Cat Island,
give us the painting,
they get their cut,
and then we get our cut.
It was simple.
You sure are pretty.
I wouldn't mind being stranded
on a desert island with you.
Leave her alone.
Oh, no, help him!
Why did you do that?
He came at me!
Help, help!
We need to get the
hell out of here!
We're not going anywhere!
The painting's right beneath us!
We're not going anywhere.
What the hell is
she going on about?
The man you just shot had
the keys in his pocket!
I didn't know, I swear.
And he came at me!
Fucking great.
You certainly are a
pretty little thing.
What do you want?
Don't be afraid.
You and I, we're going
to be real good friends.
Let go of her!
Back off, lady!
Her and I were having some fun!
Help me!
Grab my arm!
What the hell are you doing?
It got me!
It's coming!
Help me!
What the hell are you doing?
She interrupted us!
We were having fun!
Who cares?
We were going to
kill them anyway.
I'll show you fun.
You having fun?
Having fun yet?
You want to have
some fucking fun?
Come on!
Pull me out!
The fucking next time
I will end your ass!
Oh, stop!
Clark, stop it!
Oh, god!
Next time I'll fucking end you!
What happened?
You hit your head.
You've been out
cold for a while.
I guess I fell asleep too.
No more rescue copters?
Not going to be one
for a while, if that.
You think we should keep
paddling out to the island?
We should, but I think
we've drifted farther away.
Where do you think it is?
Not far.
Probably beneath us.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
It won't give up.
Never realized
sharks held grudges.
I mean, they are the
oldest living species.
They've gone through hundreds
of millions of years of change.
There's probably so much that
humans will never understand.
We can never make it
a fraction as far.
Hey, there it is.
It's trying to prevent us
from getting to the island.
How the hell does
it know our plans?
A shark can't be that smart.
What should we do?
What's a shark's weak point?
Uh, a normal shark,
it's above the eye.
If you puncture that, it'll
pierce the brain cavity.
Then that's what we need to do.
I said a normal shark.
This is not a normal shark.
We have to try.
Look for something
sharp or pointed.
Raise some hell.
Make some noise to distract it.
There it is.
Come on, you big ugly fish!
Take this!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
What the hell just happened?
I don't know.
What is that?
Another shark?
I don't know.
Something bad's about to happen.
Well, that solves one problem.
Yeah, but now we have another.
Where do you think
that came from?
Someone's nightmare.
It looked homemade,
stitched together.
I know what that is.
Go on.
That's Sharkenstein.
Sharken what?
You never heard of the
legend of Sharkenstein?
I guess I'm about to.
Legend has it a
Nazi scientist who
lived offshore was experimenting
with Frankenstein's heart
and brain and successfully
transplanted it into a shark.
It has to be it.
A tad far fetched,
wouldn't you say?
Sure, as believable as being
stalked by a prehistoric shark.
Why is it here now?
It was supposedly destroyed,
but it appears it survived.
We should get to Cat Island.
Clark, watch out.
Now's my chance.
I made it.
I made it.
You can't get me now.
This can't be good.
Like, really?
This is happening?
You will stay down.
Surprised to see me, my friend?
I'm so glad that you came along.
Maybe not.
You will come with me.
You would not believe
the day I've had.
I am not interested
in your problems.
Let me guess, you're
the mad scientist.
I am Klaus, a genius,
working to further
the interests of my fuhrer.
So the Nazi mad scientist, and
you've kept Hitler's brain.
You no doubt have heard about
the legendary accomplishments
of myself and my creation.
Not exactly.
Then let me educate you.
I knew that was coming.
I am Klaus.
Said creature is
Sharkenstein, decades
worth of experimentation.
I will use it to continue
the reign of my fuhrer.
His brain will ultimately be
transplanted into someone.
Maybe even you.
I'll pass.
Thanks, though.
You would not be
wise to doubt me.
Seems like your pet needs
some obedience lessons.
It escaped and injured me,
but we will recapture it
and my experiments
will continue.
I've had enough of sharks in
the last two days, so I'm good.
I think I'm just
going to hitch a ride.
You got a phone or something?
You will not be going anywhere.
So what's the
plan, Von Rickards?
It's Klaus.
The name is Klaus.
Keep your swastika on, pal.
I was only joking.
This is no laughing matter.
A new world order is at hand,
and you are lucky enough
to be a part of it.
No more exciting than being
on Top Model Tomorrow.
Have you ever seen that show?
Klaus does not watch
saccharine-coated TV
You should get out more.
What are you even
fiddling with here?
I'm making fine
adjustments to my stun gun
so next time we meet the
shark, it will not escape.
I will stun it with this and you
and I will bring it back here
for modifications and
further experimenting.
Probably an answer I don't
want, but what about me?
You will be safe as
long as you help me.
Then I will release you.
And how do you plan on
finding this Sharkenstein?
It will find us.
When I said help, I didn't
exactly have this in mind.
The shark knows you.
It has marked you.
Once it gets your
scent, it will be here.
Then I will jump
out and stun it.
Don't be taking
your time with that.
One last question.
What is it now?
How exactly will
it get my scent?
Glad you asked.
It won't be long now, young one.
Where is that blasted beast?
It's that girl and
her silly screaming.
Welcome back, my pet.
The damn sight must be off.
I will not be defeated!
Feets, don't fail me now.
Hell, yeah.
Look at this.
Is that all you've got?
Is it over?
Is it really over?