Jurassic World (2015) Movie Script

Boys, let's do this!
Honey, what are you doing?
What is this?
Here. Let's go.
Come on, honey.
Your flight's in two hours.
Dane County Airport is 36 minutes away,
60 with traffic.
How many minutes to get your
little butt in the van?
How many of those?
- Feed the monster under your bed?
- Yes.
Call me every day,
and text me pics,
so I don't forget what you look like.
I'm only gonna be gone a week.
You're not going off
to war here. Please.
Come on.
I will see you later.
I love you.
Bye, okay?
Are you in, buddy?
I know it hurts, sweetheart.
Are you gonna be okay?
Everything right on there?
I'm so jealous.
You're gonna have so much fun.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Okay, great.
All right, um,
let's give these to your brother, okay?
You hold these, please.
Can you hold these? Zach.
Honey, I need you to
take care of these.
- Hey.
- All right.
Listen to your mother.
Take care of your brother.
Answer your phone.
I'm serious.
It's the green button.
When you see my name,
push it, okay?
And remember,
something chases you, run.
Come on.
All right. You're funny.
Okay, let's go. Come on.
Bye, guys.
I miss you already.
So much for our
last family breakfast.
Why do you have to
say things like that?
Did you call your sister?
Straight to voicemail.
It'll be fine.
She handles 20,000 people a day, right?
She can handle two more.
How big is the island?
But how many pounds?
That doesn't make sense.
When they first opened,
they had eight species.
Now they have 14 herbivores
and six carnivores.
That's 50 tons of food a week.
Welcome to Isla Nublar,
home of Jurassic World.
We hope you have a safe and
enjoyable stay with us.
Where's Aunt Claire?
Those of you in the front of the train
should be able to
see our main gates.
Please obey all park rules.
Proper attire, including shoes and shirts,
must be worn at all times.
Your aunt arranged to greet you at 1:00.
Can he slow down?
Come on!
Your aunt's got you VIP access,
so you can get in all the
rides without waiting in line.
Let's go.
Dude, she said we had to wait.
I don't wanna wait anymore.
Hal Osterly, vice president.
Jim Drucker, bad hair.
Erica Brand, deserves better.
Hal, Jim, Erica.
Hal, Jim, Erica.
And I am Claire.
Three minutes late.
Welcome to Jurassic World.
While year over year,
revenue continues to climb,
operating costs
are higher than ever.
Our shareholders have been patient,
but let's be honest,
no one is impressed
by a dinosaur anymore.
Twenty years ago, de-extinction
was right up there with magic.
These days, kids
look at a Stegosaurus
like an elephant
from the city zoo.
That doesn't mean asset
development is falling behind.
Our DNA excavators discover
new species every year.
But consumers want them bigger,
louder, more teeth.
The good news?
Our advances in gene splicing have
opened up a whole new frontier.
We've learned more from
genetics in the past decade
than a century of
digging up bones.
when you say you want to
sponsor an attraction,
what do you have in mind?
We want to be thrilled.
Don't we all?
The Indominus rex.
Our first genetically
modified hybrid.
How did you get two different
kinds of dinosaurs to, you know...
Indominus wasn't bred.
She was designed.
She will be 50 feet
long when fully grown.
Bigger than the T. rex.
Every time we've unveiled a new asset,
attendance has spiked.
Global news coverage,
celebrity visitors.
Eyes of the world.
When will she be ready?
She already is.
Come on!
Come on.
Dude, chill.
to the Innovation Center,
where technology
meets prehistory.
The Triceratops can go
horn-to-tooth with the apex predators.
Literally meaning
"three-horned face" in Greek,
Triceratops is
half as tall as T. rex
...as one-hundred
trillion tons of TNT.
...turn its head back
to look over its shoulder
to better aim the swing
of its dangerous tail.
Cytosine, guanine,
adenine, and thymine.
The same four things in
everything that ever lived.
Hey, don't wander off,
all right?
Mom's not paying
me for babysitting.
Gray, is that you?
Aunt Claire!
Okay, yeah. No, I'm gonna have to go.
My nephews are here.
My gosh, you're so sweet.
Whoa, Zach.
Last time I saw you,
you were like...
That must've been what?
- Three, four years ago?
- Seven.
Seven years,
but, you know, close.
So, I see you already
got your wristbands.
And this is for food.
And Zara here is going to
take great care of you
until I'm done
working tonight, okay?
You're not coming with us?
I really wish that I could,
but tomorrow I can take you
into the control room,
show you behind the
scenes and all of that.
That's gonna be cool, right?
Okay, so I will see
you tonight at 6:00.
No, don't forget you have the...
Right, of course.
I will see you tonight at 8:00.
What time do you go to sleep?
Or do you go to sleep at different times?
Okay, so, have fun,
and take very good
care of them, okay?
Yeah. No, I'm here.
It's those two juvenile
Triceratops. They're going at it again.
Should I tranq them, or are you
coming over to
take care of this?
Go ahead and tranq them.
They're running.
What's the live count?
- Any incidents?
- Yes.
Six kids in the Lost and Found,
28 down with heatstroke...
Where did you get that?
This? I got it on eBay.
Yeah, it's pretty amazing.
I got it for $150,
but the mint condition one goes for $300...
Didn't occur to you maybe
that's in poor taste?
The shirt?
Yeah, no, it did.
I understand people died. It was terrible,
but that first park was legit.
I have a lot of respect for it.
They didn't need
these genetic hybrids.
They just needed dinosaurs,
real dinosaurs.
Okay, please don't wear it again.
That's kind of enough.
Yeah, I wasn't gonna.
- Did you close the deal?
- Looks like it.
Verizon Wireless
presents the Indominus rex.
That is so terrible.
Why not just go
the distance, Claire,
and just let these corporations
name the dinosaurs?
They've got all the ballparks.
Why stop there?
Why are the West Plains closed?
Another Pachy roaming
outside his zone.
But he's fully sedated
and ready for relocation.
or Tostito-don.
Security said the invisible
fences were a no-fail.
That is the second
time this month.
Well, the Pachys short out
their implants when they butt heads.
How much longer until
they get it out of there?
He just got five
milligrams of carfentanil.
Yes, he's very stoned.
So why don't we show a little sympathy?
I mean, you do understand these
are actual animals, right?
Clean up your workspace.
It's chaotic.
I like to think of
it as a living system.
Just enough stability to keep it
from collapsing into anarchy.
Inbound chopper,
Jurassic 1. ETA, 5 minutes.
Mr. Masrani.
You are flying.
I got my license.
Two more.
Well, two more days.
- how's my park doing?
- Great.
We're up 2.5% over last year.
A bit lower than our
initial projection.
No, no, no, how's it doing?
Are the guests having fun?
Are the animals enjoying life?
Well, guest satisfaction
is steady in the low 90s.
We don't have a way to measure the animals'
emotional experience.
Sure you do.
You can see in their eyes.
Of course.
Okay. Now show me
my new dinosaur.
Got it.
Got it.
You look tense, Claire.
Maybe you should just
focus on the controls.
The key to a happy
life is to accept
you are never
actually in control.
You should spend a day at the beach.
Get some sun.
Right, so...
Marketing thought we could
offset some of the costs by...
Enough about cost.
John Hammond entrusted me
with his dying wish,
and not once did
he mention profits.
"Spare no expense,"
he used to say.
I appreciate that,
but the reality of operating
a theme park requires...
Don't forget why we
built this place, Claire.
Jurassic World exists to remind
us how very small we are.
How new. You can't
put a price on that.
Now, please, we're flying.
Is he okay?
Are you okay?
He's just being dramatic.
Are you still building?
We planned to open in May,
but Asset Containment insisted
we build the walls up higher.
It's bigger than expected.
It's a good sign.
We hit a few
speed bumps early on.
It began to anticipate where
the food would come from.
One of the handlers
nearly lost an arm.
The others threatened to quit if I
couldn't guarantee their safety.
She's intelligent then?
For a dinosaur.
And that?
It tried to break the glass.
I like her spirit.
It's white. You never
told me it was white.
Think it will scare the kids?
The kids?
This will give the
parents nightmares.
Is that good?
It's fantastic.
Can she see us?
They say it can
sense thermal radiation.
Like snakes.
I thought there
were two of them.
There was a sibling in case this
one didn't survive infancy.
Where's the sibling?
She ate it.
So, the paddock is
quite safe, then?
We have the best structural
engineers in the world.
Yeah, so did Hammond.
There's an American
Navy man here.
Part of a research program one
of my companies is running.
Owen Grady.
I know who he is.
His animals often try to escape.
They are smart.
He has to be smarter.
He only thinks he's smarter.
I want you to bring him in.
Let him inspect the paddock.
Maybe he sees
something we can't.
Eyes on me.
Watch it.
Charlie. Hey!
Don't give me that shit!
Lock it up!
And we're moving!
That's good. That is damn good.
Very good!
See, Charlie,
that's what you get!
Echo, there you go!
This one's for you.
Eyes up!
You finally did it, man.
I was starting to think
I hired the wrong guys,
but, damn, you got them
eating out of your palm.
You came on a good day.
It's not usually a happy ending.
Is that why you're not
sending in your reports?
We've been busy.
Not too busy to
cash your paychecks.
What do you need, buddy?
A field test.
Hey. I've just seen they
can respond to commands.
We need to take the research
and get it on its feet.
These are wild animals, Hoskins.
Trust me, you don't
want them in the field.
I just saw a bond.
A real bond.
Between man and beast.
You're in my way.
Come on.
We're the same.
We're dogs of war.
We know that the military
needs to reduce casualties.
Some people think that
robots are the future.
Look, nature gave
us the most effective
killing machines 75
million years ago.
And now we know
they can take orders.
We finally make progress and
that's the first thing he says?
Make a weapon?
Come on, gents.
It's grown-up time.
Drones can't search tunnels and caves.
And they're hackable.
The minute a real
war breaks out,
all that fancy
tech is gonna go dark.
But that tech's not gonna eat
them if they forget to feed it.
Look at these creatures.
They've got millions of years
of instinct in their cells,
instinct that we can program.
Their loyalty cannot be bought.
These guys are gonna run
straight into the enemy's
teeth and eat them,
belt buckle and all.
What if they decide
they wanna be in control?
Well, then we remind them who is.
We terminate the rogues.
Promote only loyal bloodlines.
What? What's so funny?
I don't know.
You come here
and you don't learn
anything about these animals
except what you want to know.
You made them,
and now you think you own them.
We do own them.
Extinct animals have no rights.
They're not extinct
anymore, Hoskins.
Exactly. We're
sitting on a goldmine.
And Masrani is using it
to stock a petting zoo.
He just wants to teach people
some humility. He doesn't make weapons.
You think that the
eighth richest man in the world
is only into oil, telecom,
and family fun parks?
He's so diversified,
he doesn't even know what he owns.
How long has InGen
been practicing this pitch?
Since the day we hired you out of the Navy.
You knew the end game.
These animals can replace
thousands of boots on the ground.
How many lives would that save?
War is part of nature.
Look around, Owen.
Every living thing in this jungle
is trying to murder the other.
Mother Nature's way of
testing her creations.
Refining the pecking order.
War is a struggle.
Struggle breeds greatness.
Without that,
we end up with places like this,
charge seven bucks a soda.
Do you hear yourself
when you talk?
This is gonna happen.
With or without you boys.
Progress always wins, man.
Maybe progress
should lose for once.
Pig loose!
Pig loose!
Owen, no!
No, hold your fire!
Hold your fire.
Do not fire.
Put 12 amps in these animals,
they're never gonna trust me again.
Blue, stand down.
Stand down.
Hey! What did I just say?
Delta, I see you.
Back up!
Stay right there.
Close the gate.
Are you crazy?
Just trust me.
Close the gate!
I'm okay.
You're the new guy, right?
You ever wonder why
there was a job opening?
Don't ever turn
your back to the cage.
Lift me up.
I can't see!
I'm not Dad. And you're not five.
I can still ride the Triceratops.
I'm 47-and-a-half inches.
This place is for little kids.
Yeah, I know.
Wanna go on the spinning dinosaur eggs?
Cover up your dork pouch.
Because it's my wedding.
No, Alec's not
having a bachelor party.
Because all his
friends are animals.
Go. Run. Go!
The next T. rex
feeding will begin in 10 minutes.
T. rex! Come on, man!
Come on! Okay.
Let's go!
Parents be aware,
this show may be
disturbing for smaller children.
Hey, Mom.
You were supposed to
call me when you landed.
Are you having fun?
Yeah, I guess.
Aunt Claire gave us passes,
so we don't have to wait in line.
Wait, she's not with you?
Hey, Karen!
Hi, Claire. How's it going?
Yeah, everything's great.
The boys are having fun.
Yeah, everyone's good.
Really? Because I
just hung up with Zach,
and he said that you
weren't even with them.
Yeah, look. Today turned out
to be a really bad day for me.
They're in great hands.
They're with my assistant.
She's British,
so they invented nannies.
Wait, are you crying?
This was supposed to be
a family weekend, Claire.
You haven't seen
the boys in forever.
And I know how Zach will treat
Gray if they're by themselves.
And he can just be so mean.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Tomorrow, I'm gonna spend
the entire day with them.
I'm going to take off work,
and I will not leave their side.
I promise.
Well, a promise tomorrow is worth
a lot less than trying today.
Ew! You're using
Mom's lines now?
My God.
I am using Mom's lines.
I'm sorry, but you know,
I have to tell you, they work.
You'll see when you have kids.
Yeah, "if."
"When." It's worth it.
Bye, Mom.
What do they want now?
Mr. Grady?
I need you to come
take a look at something.
Why are you calling
me Mr. Grady?
If you're not too busy.
I'm pretty busy.
We have an attraction.
That's not what you said
the last time I saw you.
I'm talking about
the dinosaurs, Mr. Grady.
A new species we've made.
You just went and
made a new dinosaur?
Yeah, it's kind
of what we do here.
The exhibit opens to the
public in three weeks.
Mr. Masrani wanted me
to consult with you.
You wanna consult
here or in my bungalow?
That's not funny.
A little funny.
We'd like you to evaluate the
paddock for vulnerabilities.
Why me?
I guess Mr. Masrani thinks,
since you're able to control the Raptors...
It's all about control with you.
I don't control the Raptors.
It's a relationship.
It's based on mutual respect.
That's why you and I
never had a second date.
Excuse me?
I never wanted a second date.
Who prints out an
itinerary for a night out?
I'm an organized person.
What kind of a diet
doesn't allow tequila?
All of them, actually.
And what kind of a man shows
up to a date in board shorts?
It's Central America.
It's hot. Okay. Okay.
Can we just focus
on the asset, please?
The asset?
Look, I get it.
You're in charge out here.
You gotta make a lot
of tough decisions.
It's probably easier
to pretend these animals
are just numbers
on a spreadsheet.
But they're not.
They're alive.
I'm fully aware they're alive.
You might have made them in a test tube,
but they don't know that.
They're thinking, "I gotta eat.
"I gotta hunt. I gotta..."
You can relate to at
least one of those things.
I'll be in the car.
You might want to
change your shirt.
They're very sensitive to smell.
The Mosasaurus
was thought to have hunted
near the surface of the water
where it preyed on anything
it could sink its teeth into,
including turtles, large fish,
even smaller Mosasaurs.
Okay, folks, let's see if she's still
hungry after already eating today.
She's a little shy, so be nice and
give her a hand when she comes out.
Zach, Zach!
The Mosasaurus!
My God!
That was awesome!
Hold on tight.
We're gonna give you an even
closer look at our Mosasaurus.
It had 88 teeth!
Wanna see something else cool?
We've been pre-booking tickets for months.
The park needs a new
attraction every few years
in order to reinvigorate
the public's interest.
Kind of like the space program.
Corporate felt genetic modification
would up the wow factor.
They're dinosaurs.
Wow enough.
Not according to
our focus groups.
The Indominus rex
makes us relevant again.
The Indominus rex?
We needed something scary
and easy to pronounce.
You should hear
a four-year-old
try to say
You should hear
you try to say it.
So what's this thing made of?
The base genome is a T. rex.
The rest is classified.
You made a new dinosaur,
but you don't even know what it is?
The lab delivers
us finished assets,
and we show them to the public.
Can we drop a steer, please?
How long has the
animal been in here?
All its life.
Never seen anything
outside of these walls?
We can't exactly walk it.
And you feed it with that?
Is there a problem?
Animals raised in isolation aren't
always the most functional.
Your Raptors are
born in captivity.
With siblings.
They learn social skills.
And I imprint on
them when they're born.
There's trust.
The only positive relationship this
animal has is with that crane.
At least she
knows that means food.
So, she needs a friend.
We should schedule play-dates?
That sort of thing?
Probably not a good idea.
Where is it?
Is it in the basement?
Is there a downstairs?
Maybe it's in the rec room.
It was just here.
We were just here.
That doesn't make any sense.
These doors haven't
been opened in weeks.
Were those claw
marks always there?
Do you think it...
She has an implant in her back.
I can track it
from the control room.
We have an asset
out of containment.
Put ACU on alert.
This is not a drill.
Even though I didn't
meet him until I was 13,
I definitely consider Carl to be
more of a dad than my real dad.
- Yeah, hello?
- Lowery.
Get me coordinates
on the Indominus.
Okay, yeah.
I'm doing it right now.
That wall is 40 feet high.
Do you really think
she could have climbed out?
It depends.
On what?
What kind of dinosaur
they cooked up in that lab.
Wait, what the hell?
It's in the cage.
No, that's impossible.
I was just there.
Claire, I'm telling you,
she's in the cage.
Wait a sec.
There are people in there.
Get them out of there now.
Paddock 11, this is Control.
You need to evacuate the containment area.
Paddock 11.
Paddock 11, do you copy?
Yeah, what's the problem?
It's in the cage!
It's in there with you!
Close the door.
We can't lock him in there with that thing.
Close it now!
Somebody talk to me!
What is happening?
Everyone remain calm.
The implant will shock it if it gets
too close to a perimeter fence.
Okay. It's moving
really fast.
This is Control.
Put out a park-wide alert.
Hang up that damn phone, please.
Sorry, I'm getting new information.
Everything's fine.
Let Asset Containment
capture it quietly.
The very existence of this park
is predicated on our ability
to handle incidents like this.
It was an eventuality, okay?
You should put
that in the brochure.
one of these things will eat somebody."
That paddock is four miles
from the closest attraction.
ACU can handle this.
No one else is gonna get...
To all units.
This is a non-lethal operation. Understood?
How fast can they run?
Fifty when they're hungry.
You ever open them up,
see what they can do?
That got me.
It got me.
What do you think?
Want to take one home?
Hey, don't joke.
When I was your age,
I rescued a wolf pup.
It was, like, two months old.
It could barely walk.
It used to sleep by my bed.
Watch over me.
My wife, she came at
me with a steak knife.
It took a chunk out of her arm.
Did you put him down?
Hell, no.
We had an unshakeable
bond, you know?
Just like you and...
What's his name?
Delta. And she's a girl.
Can I...
Code 19!
That's the new one!
They said we lost two guys!
What's a Code 19?
That's Indominus!
Asset out of containment.
These people, they never learn.
They're gonna learn all kinds of
things about their new asset now.
Hey. Yeah, it's me.
We might have an opportunity here.
You guys been here before?
If Mom and Dad get divorced,
will one of us be with Mom
and the other with Dad?
What? Why would
you say that?
Because they are.
No, they're not getting...
They're not getting divorced.
Look. You haven't been around long enough.
They've always been that way.
They get mail from
two different lawyers.
That doesn't mean anything.
I googled.
They're divorce lawyers.
All right, whatever.
You know what?
It doesn't matter, okay?
I'm gonna be gone
in two years anyway.
I mean, all my friends'
parents are divorced.
Hey, knock it off.
You're gonna cry?
Look. You're gonna get
two of everything, right?
You're gonna get two birthdays,
two Thanksgivings, two...
I don't want two of everything.
Yeah, well, it's not up to you.
All right? There's a point
you have to grow up.
I need to see a badge.
Sir, I need to see a badge.
What the hell happened out there?
There are thermal cameras
all over that paddock.
She did not just disappear!
It must have been some kind
of a technical malfunction.
Were you not watching?
She marked up that
wall as a distraction.
She wanted us to
think she escaped!
Hold on. We are talking
about an animal here.
A highly intelligent animal.
400 meters to the beacon.
You're going after
her with non-lethals.
We have $26 million invested in that asset.
We can't just kill it.
Those men are gonna die.
300 meters to the beacon.
You need to call this
mission off right now.
They're right on top of it.
Call it off right now.
You are not in control here!
Blood's not clotted yet.
It's close.
What is that?
That's her tracking implant.
She clawed it out.
How would it know to do that?
She remembered
where they put it in.
It can camouflage!
Evacuate the island.
We'd never reopen.
You made a genetic hybrid,
raised it in captivity.
She is seeing all of
this for the first time.
She does not even
know what she is.
She will kill
everything that moves.
Do you think the animal is
contemplating its own existence?
She is learning where she
fits in the food chain,
and I'm not sure you want
her to figure that out.
Now, Asset Containment
can use live ammunition
in an emergency situation.
You have an M134 in your armory.
Put it on a chopper
and smoke this thing!
We have families here.
I'm not gonna turn this place
into some kind of a war zone.
You already have.
Mr. Grady, if you're not gonna help,
there's no reason for you to be in here.
I would have a word with
your people in the lab.
That thing out there,
that's no dinosaur.
I'm going to close everything
north of the resort.
This is a Phase One, real world.
Bring everyone in.
This is a Phase One, real world.
I repeat, this is a Phase One.
Bring everyone back in.
Did you know
the soft tissue is preserved because
the iron in the dinosaur's blood
generates free radicals,
and those are highly reactive.
So, the proteins and the cell
membranes get all mixed up,
and act as a
natural preservative.
DNA can survive for
millennia that way.
See, now, even if the amber mines dry up,
they'll still have bones...
Shut up.
What do you think's gonna happen
from you just staring at them?
Thanks, man.
You're welcome.
Enjoy the ride.
Pregnant women and those
who suffer from motion sickness
should consult with a doctor
before riding this ride.
Enjoy the ride.
Sorry, folks. The ride is closed.
Everyone needs to proceed to the
monorail and exit towards the...
Come on, guys, I just work here.
Due to technical difficulties,
all our exhibits are now closed.
You know that I'm not at liberty
to reveal the asset's
genetic makeup.
Modified animals are
known to be unpredictable.
It's killed people, Henry.
That's unfortunate.
What purpose could we have for
a dinosaur that can camouflage?
Cuttlefish genes were added
to help her withstand
an accelerated growth rate.
Cuttlefish have chromatophores that
allow the skin to change color.
It hid from thermal technology.
How is that possible?
Tree frogs can modulate
their infrared output.
We used strands from their DNA to
adapt her to a tropical climate.
But I never imagined...
Who authorized you to do this?
You did.
"Scarier." Um...
"Cooler" I believe is the word
that you used in your memo.
You cannot have an animal with
exaggerated predator features
without the corresponding
behavioral traits.
What you're doing here...
What you have done...
The Board will
shut down this park,
seize your work,
everything you've built.
And Hammond won't be there
to protect you this time.
All of this exists
because of me.
If I don't innovate,
somebody else will.
You are to cease all
activities here immediately.
You are acting like we are engaged
in some kind of mad science.
But we are doing what we have
done from the beginning.
Nothing in Jurassic
World is natural.
We have always filled gaps in the
genome with the DNA of other animals.
And, if their
genetic code was pure,
many of them would
look quite different.
But you didn't ask for reality.
You asked for more teeth.
I never asked for a monster!
"Monster" is a relative term.
To a canary, a cat is a monster.
We're just used
to being the cat.
Hey, there.
I'm Jimmy Fallon.
Welcome aboard the Gyrosphere,
an amazing machine
made possible by science.
Your safety is our main concern.
Which is why you're behind
our invisible barrier system,
which protects you from things
like Dilophosaurus venom.
One drop of this can paralyze you,
so watch out.
Is this real? It is?
And for added protection,
each vehicle is surrounded by
aluminum oxynitride glass.
So tough, it can stop
a. 50-caliber bullet.
The Gyroscopic technology will
keep you upright at all times...
Where are they?
...so you've got nothing to worry about.
Due to technical difficulties
all our exhibits are now closed.
Please disembark all rides
and return to the resort.
Come on, we can stay out
a couple more minutes.
But they said it was closed.
Aunt Claire gave us
special wristbands, right?
We're VIP, dude.
Come on. It'll be fun.
I need you to bring the boys
back to the hotel right away.
I don't know...
I've been looking everywhere for them.
It's just been quite a while.
Slow down. I can't hear you.
Zach and Gray, they've run off.
They what?
Hey, Claire.
Zach, thank God.
Is Gray with you?
I can't really hear you.
We're in the hamster ball.
Okay. Zach, listen to me.
I need you to...
Are there any Gyrospheres
left in the Valley?
No, they're all accounted for.
It's my job.
What? There's
one in the field.
Send a team of rangers,
bring them in.
Security, we need a search
and rescue in the Valley.
It's gonna be a while.
We've got our hands full out here.
No, there are
two guests missing!
You need to make
this your top priority!
Just do it, man.
There's a lot of guests missing.
We're doing the best we can.
Okay. Fine.
I'll do it myself.
Do you think I'm the one
you need to be worried about right now?
Back off!
What happened here?
But they told us to go back.
I'm just worried
you're not getting
the full Jurassic
World experience.
I need you.
I need your help. Okay.
My nephews, they're
out in the Valley.
Please, if anything
happens to them...
How old?
The older one, he's high school age.
The younger one, he's...
He's a few years...
You don't know how
old your nephews are?
No, no.
Bad idea, bad idea.
Great idea.
No! We're
gonna get arrested.
They'll shave our heads,
and we're gonna have to make
root beer in the toilet.
What are you talking about?
You see? I told you.
You're welcome. Up close and
personal with four dinosauruses.
We shouldn't be here.
And there's five dinosaurs.
Aren't you supposed to be
a genius or something?
One, two, three,
Go, go, go!
Hold it together, man!
Drive! Drive! Go!
We're safe in here, right?
Yeah. They're totally safe.
Come on.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
I almost got it.
Go! Go!
Gray, go!
We're gonna have to jump.
I can't.
Are you ready?
One, two... Come on!
You jumped.
Stay in the car.
I know, I know.
It's all right.
All right, girl.
Okay, okay.
You're okay.
It didn't eat them.
It's killing for sport.
Units on standby, ready for go.
Good. Hold off
on that live feed.
We've got an
evolving situation here.
Did they give you
the green light yet?
They will.
Owen, we have a situation here.
Hey, there.
I'm Jimmy Fallon.
Welcome aboard the Gyrosphere,
an amazing machine
made possible by science.
Hey, there. Your safety
is our main concern.
Now just relax
and enjoy the ride.
No, no, no.
They made it out.
My God, they jumped.
Brave kids.
Zach! Gray!
I am not one of your damn animals.
those kids are still alive,
but you and I will not be if you
continue to scream like that.
You can pick up their scent,
can't you? Track their footprints?
I was with the Navy,
not the Navajo.
So then what should we do?
What do you suggest we do?
You get back.
I'll find them.
No, we'll find them.
You'll last two
minutes in there.
Less, in those ridiculous shoes.
What is that supposed to mean?
It means I'm ready to go.
Let's get one thing straight.
I'm in charge out here.
You do everything I say,
exactly as I say it.
Excuse me?
Just relax.
It's just like taking a
stroll through the woods.
65 million years ago.
Stay here.
You still have those matches?
Here you go.
1992 Jeep Wrangler
Sahara, Sand Beige.
You remember when we fixed up
Grandpa's old Malibu, right?
Every time this thing kills,
it moves further south.
It's headed right for the park.
Why would she come here?
She can sense thermal radiation.
Our emergency measures
just put all the warm
bodies in one place.
I know who you are.
Then you know why I'm here.
I've been working for two years
on an application
for those Raptors.
They can hunt and
kill that creature.
But your program was to
test their intelligence.
Yeah, it was.
And we did.
And in the process,
we learned something.
They follow orders.
You see, the
solution to your crisis
is standing right
in front of you.
Let me be as clear as I can.
No Velociraptors are going to
be set loose on this island.
You're out of your mind!
What are you going to do
with all these people?
You got 20,000 people here.
What are you going to do?
They have no place to go.
That thing is a killing machine!
And it will not stop.
I intend to personally
look into your project
to determine its viability within the
moral principles of this company.
Okay, boss.
What's your next move?
Sir, I can't get
a hold of your instructor.
Never mind.
He's likely caught up in the evacuation.
You're sure there's nobody
else who can fly a helicopter?
We don't need anyone else.
You think it's out there?
I mean, I know for a fact it is
definitely not out there, all right?
We're totally safe.
Here, go take this.
You're stronger than me.
All right. Turn it over.
It works!
I thought you failed
your driver's test.
No, only the driving part.
This one of theirs?
That road goes straight
back to the park.
How did they even get
one of these things started?
Lowery, we found her.
South of the Gyrosphere Valley,
between the old
park and the Aviary.
- Wait, are you following the dinosaur?
- Yes.
Get ACU out here.
Real guns this time.
ACU is airborne.
They took the helicopter.
Who's flying it?
Did you boys serve
in the Armed Forces?
Afghanistan, sir.
Did your general ever fly
into battle with you?
Got it! Got it.
We have eyes on the target,
south of the Aviary.
Proceed and engage.
Come on!
Look alive, boys!
Look alive!
10 o'clock!
By the birdcage!
No, no, no!
Looks like the fox
got in the henhouse.
Pull up! Pull up!
Up, up, up!
We have a breach in the Aviary.
Trees, the trees!
Go! Go!
Okay, that's it.
We're safe now.
Go, go!
Hurry up!
Open the gate!
Let us in!
Open it up!
- Come on!
- Come on!
That's a first.
Open the gate!
Open the gate!
Let us in!
Attention Aviary employees,
there has been a containment breach.
Claire, we spotted
the boys on surveillance.
They're approaching
the west gate.
I'm headed there now.
Okay. Stay right there.
I'm on my way. Stay right with them.
Get on!
Ladies and gentlemen,
due to a containment anomaly
all guests must take
shelter immediately.
Ladies and gentlemen,
due to a containment anomaly
all guests must take
shelter immediately.
Ladies and gentlemen,
due to a containment anomaly
all guests must take
shelter immediately.
All units,
take position on boardwalk.
Use liquid tranquilizers.
Do not fire live ammunition.
Claire, come on!
Stop running!
Don't just stand there!
Go! Get inside now!
- Aunt Claire!
- Go, go!
No! Hold your...
Is that Aunt Claire?
It's them! Zach!
My God! Thank God! Thank God!
What happened? What is this?
Are you okay?
Where did you go?
Why didn't you come back?
I was so worried about you.
Who's that?
We work together.
We gotta go.
Come on, come on.
Hey! You guys can't
just be walking up in...
Simon Masrani's
death was a tragedy.
The new mission is to prevent
further loss of life.
Who are these guys?
I'm glad you asked.
You're all relieved of duty.
There's a new
team on the ground.
Lowery, I'm on my
way back to you.
That's a bad idea.
The board assigned emergency ops
to iNGen's private
security division.
This guy Hoskins is in charge.
And he has this insane plan to use
the Raptors to hunt the Indominus.
What do you mean
"use the Raptors"?
Son of a bitch!
You shouldn't say "bitch."
Take the kids.
Get them someplace safe.
You got this!
Go faster!
Damn it, drive!
This does not feel safe.
Can we stay with you?
I am never leaving
you as long as you live.
No, him.
Yeah, definitely him.
Hey! Right here.
Right here.
She looks at what she wants.
Usually what she wants to eat.
The mother hen
has finally arrived.
Get the hell out of here
and stay away from my animals.
Hoskins, you wanted this to happen,
you son of a bitch!
How many more people have to die
before this mission starts
to make sense to you?
It's not a mission.
It's a field test.
This is an iNGen situation now.
Okay, there are
gonna be cruise ships
that show up
here at first light.
Everybody's gonna
get off this island.
You're gonna watch a news story
tomorrow about how you all saved lives.
No, better yet,
how your animals saved lives.
They've never been out of containment.
It's crazy.
Let's move it out!
This is happening!
With or without you.
We know that she
is in sector five.
This is a game we call hide-and-seek.
It's a scent drill.
We've done it about a thousand
times with these animals.
When they get on target,
and they will get on target,
wait to engage.
Velociraptors are pack hunters.
They like to herd
the animal into a kill zone.
That's when we take our shot.
Get a clear shot,
wait on my command,
and give her everything you got.
We got one good target, gentlemen.
Do not shoot my Raptors.
Easy, Blue.
You don't scare me.
Are they safe?
No, they're not.
What are their names?
Well, you got Charlie.
There's Echo.
Here is Delta.
This one's called Blue.
She's the beta.
Who's the alpha?
You're looking at him, kid.
Totally safe.
All right, get in. Come on.
Get in there.
If you need me,
I'll be right up front.
Just open that window.
Put your seatbelts on.
Okay, so just...
Hold hands.
Nothing's getting
in here, right?
Do you remember that
ghost at the old house?
Remember, the one in the garage?
I protected you, right?
You made a battle axe out of
a ruler and a paper plate.
See, nothing is gonna get you
while I'm around, okay?
But you're not
always gonna be around.
Yeah, well...
We're brothers, okay?
We'll always be brothers,
and we'll always come back to one another.
No matter what.
No matter what?
No matter what.
Here we go.
Your boyfriend's a badass.
Imagine if we had these
puppies in Tora Bora.
Are you recording this thing?
They're slowing down.
They got something.
You know what?
No, no, no.
You guys are not
gonna watch this.
Keep the window closed.
Something's wrong.
They're communicating.
I know why they wouldn't
tell us what it's made of.
That thing's part Raptor.
What's taking them so long?
Light it up!
My God.
Watch your six.
Raptors got a new alpha.
To the vehicles now!
Fall back!
No! Blue!
My God.
Is everybody dead?
No, no, no.
Everyone is fine.
Don't lie to him.
He's scared.
It's okay to lie when people are scared.
I wanna go home.
Sweetheart, you will,
okay? I promise.
Tomorrow you will be home,
and your mother will
never let me see you again.
Get out of here! Go!
They're coming!
Just hold on back there.
Turn it on.
I don't know how.
Are you boys okay?
Did you see that?
I can't wait to tell Mom.
Please, no.
Do not tell your mother about that, ever.
We gotta get indoors.
Follow me.
Lowery, we're headed your way.
Call in a chopper.
Everything must
be accounted for.
I want all backup
generators online.
Where have you been?
Change of plans.
Mission took a jog to the left.
I'm taking
everything off-site.
The embryos are safe here.
They can live up to eight
weeks on the generators.
No, no. You listen.
The park's gonna be Chapter 11 by morning.
Okay? Our
little side project's
about to get a shot in the arm.
I don't want a bunch of lawyers
messing around with something
that they don't understand.
You get it?
I'm gonna take that as a yes.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we'd like to thank you for your patience.
The next ferry will be
leaving in 45 minutes.
If you require
immediate medical attention,
please report to the nearest
health service station.
Is this what you had in mind?
Okay, people. We have an
extraction point at the east dock.
They said we had to evacuate.
There's a boat.
You coming?
Someone has to stay behind.
I have a boyfriend.
I didn't know that you guys were,
like, together-together.
We are.
That's good.
You don't mention him, ever.
No, I'm at work.
No, no, no. Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
Are you gonna be okay?
Okay, bye.
Where's Hoskins?
He's sending you and the
assets to a secure location.
But our deal is still intact?
Don't worry.
You'll be well taken care of. Let's go!
Thank you for visiting Jurassic World.
We hope you
enjoyed your adventure.
Don't forget to visit the gift shop,
and remember...
It's always happy
hour at Margaritaville.
Come on, come on.
Go inside.
Control room.
That way.
They evacuated the lab.
What are you doing?
I'm afraid that's above your pay grade,
Where's Henry?
Dr. Wu,
he works for us.
That's not a real dinosaur.
No, it ain't, kid.
But somebody's gotta make sure
that this company has a future.
that one,
a fraction of the size,
deadly, intelligent,
able to hide from the most
advanced military technology.
A living weapon unlike
anything we've ever seen.
You see...
Millions of years of evolution,
what did we learn?
Nature is the gift that just...
Easy, boy.
Easy. Hey, hey.
We're on the same side,
right? Right?
I'm on your side.
No, boys.
Boys, this way. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
That's how it is?
Easy. Easy.
That's it.
24, 50.
We need more.
More what?
We need more teeth.
Okay, so you just wait here.
It's gonna be fine.
Lowery, are you still there?
Hey, where are you?
I need you to open Paddock 9.
Paddock 9?
You kidding?
Damn it, Lowery, be a man and do
something for once in your life.
Why do you have to
make it personal?
Go! Go, go!
My God, it's your parents.
It's your parents.
Come on, come on.
Are you okay?
I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
Come here.
So, what do we do now?
Probably stick together.
For survival.