Jurassic World Dominion (2022) Movie Script

(wind whistling)

(wind howling)
(seagulls screeching)
(crewmen shouting indistinctly)
(man shouting)
Bring it in!
(indistinct shouting)
(screaming, frantic chatter)
(screaming, sobbing)
Dinosaurs are in our world.
And with every confrontation,
we learn more
about this frightening
new reality.
- (dinosaur bellows)
- (panicked chatter, screaming)
- GEMMA: How did we get here?
- (dinosaur squawks)
- (people gasping)
- MAN: Oh, my God.
It's been three decades
since the deadly events
at Jurassic Park,
and we've yet to find a way
for these animals
to live safely among us.
After the devastating eruption
of Isla Nublar's
long-dormant volcano,
those who survived were
transported to the mainland.
Many of the larger predators
were captured,
but the remaining creatures
scattered here
in Big Rock National Park.
While most remained in the wild,
those who made their way
to civilization
struggled to adapt
to unfamiliar conditions.
Local authorities have warned
the animals are unpredictable
and, when hungry,
extremely violent.
As the dinosaurs spread
across borders,
-a global black market has
risen. -MAN: They're not ours.
Go on, you sad, pathetic loser!
GEMMA: To combat the growing
threat of illegal poachers,
the U.S. Congress awarded
sole collection rights
to the global giant
Biosyn Genetics.
At Biosyn, we're dedicated
to the idea
that dinosaurs can teach us
more about ourselves.
GEMMA: CEO Lewis Dodgson
has created a sanctuary
in Italy's Dolomite Mountains,
where he hopes to study
the dinosaurs'
ancient immune systems
for unique
pharmaceutical properties.
While Biosyn believes
we can handle
genetic power responsibly,
the public remains skeptical.
Some note that these
government contracts have led
to massive spikes
in Biosyn's profits.
And rumors persist
of a human clone
who mysteriously disappeared,
leading to a worldwide search.
Some believe she's
genetically identical
to Charlotte Lockwood,
deceased daughter
of Jurassic Park cofounder
Benjamin Lockwood.
Now that we've brought these
animals back from extinction...
Are we responsible for them?
Or should they be left
to fend for themselves?
As we adapt to
an ever-changing world,
we must find answers
to these questions...
for their safety
as well as for our own.

(distant howling)

(dinosaurs bellowing,
ZIA: We are inside
the illegal breeding facility.
The juveniles are kept in cages
to keep costs down.
It's medieval.
(dinosaur whimpering)
Why do you think
he's separated from the rest?
I don't think
he's gonna make it.
(dinosaur whimpers)
No. What are you doing?
We can report this.
The DFW takes days
to investigate.
We can save this one now.
(pained moaning)
It's okay. It's okay, buddy.
- (grunts)
- Okay. Here we go.
Nope. No!
- CLAIRE: Lift.
- (pained moaning)
- Support the head.
- Yeah.
Okay. Yeah.
- (alarm blaring)
- (indistinct shouting)
Okay, come on.
Come on, let's go.

- (engine revs)
- (pained whimper)
- Hold on.
- To what?
(tires squealing)
(dinosaur moans)
Claire, we're gonna get shot!
- (engine revs)
- (grunts)
(dinosaurs squealing, bellowing)
- No. Claire, no! No, Claire!
- Oh, no!
(dinosaurs squealing)
Oh, shit.
Everybody good?
- (dinosaur whimpers)
- BOTH: No!
(dinosaur moans softly)
Okay. Okay, so I think
we get this one to the DFW,
and then we hit them again.
Yeah. Yeah, you saw
that breeding ground, right?
We're done.
I got a call last week.
It's a real job.
Something I could do
to effectively change things.
- I got to take it.
- They need us.
Are you saving these dinosaurs
because they need us,
or are you saying them
to absolve yourself?
- (scoffs)
- ZIA: Claire.
I mean, this is crazy. We...
You're doing the right thing.
But this... this isn't the way
to go about it anymore.
Honestly, you need someone
who's good at being shot at.
Aren't-aren't you and Owen
still, like, a weird thing?
It's not that weird.
- He didn't mean weird. No.
- Mm-mm.
Uh, he meant, like, surprising.
(dinosaurs bellowing)

Let's bring 'em home! Hyah!
(dinosaurs bellowing)

(whistles) Hyah!
(huffs, bellows)
Okay. Come here.
Okay. (grunts)
(huffing, bellowing)
(huffing, bellowing stop)
(dinosaur grunts softly,
We're gonna get you
someplace safe.
(dinosaur purrs)
There you go. There you go.

- (dinosaur squeals)
- (horse neighs)
(bird squawking)
- (animal squawks loudly)
- (gasps)

(machinery whirring, rattling)
(workers shouting indistinctly)
(dinosaur groaning)

(bellows loudly)
(indistinct whispering)
(horn blares)

(horn blaring)
(bellows softly)

Where you been?
What are you burning?
Oh, nothing.
Just some old blankets.
You sure you didn't
go past the bridge?
That's the look you give me
when you think I'm lying.
- Well, are you?
- No.
Maisie, you're literally
looking everywhere but here.
I said I didn't
go past the bridge.
- Can we start over?
- I know, Claire.
There are people out there
who'll do anything to find me.
I'm not angry.
So that means
you don't have to be angry.
I'm not angry.
I can take care of myself.
It's okay for us
to depend on each other.
That's what people do.
How would I know what people do?
The only people I've spoken to
in the past four years
are you both.
Besides, I'm not even
a real person anyway.
I was made from someone else.
I'm not me.

You're the only you
who ever was.
(chuckles) No.
Was that, like, really corny?
It was so corny.
Can we keep that between us?
Can't promise that.
(vehicle approaching)
(door opens)
- Hey, kid.
- Hi.
Sorry I'm late.
Bop, bop.
You smell like horses.
Oh, you like that, do you?
- I do, yeah.
- Aw.
I'm gonna... make dinner.
- Everything okay?
- (sighs)
(door closes)
She went into town again.
(sighs) This kid.
Did you talk to her?
I tried.
(Claire sighs)
I'll talk to her.
(gruff breathing)

(sniffs, chitters)
(other dinosaur chirps)
(chitters, squawks)
(squealing, panting)

- (snarling)
- (screeching)
(wolf whimpering in distance)
- (thud)
- (echoing grunt)
All right.
Cut away from yourself.
- Stone-cold.
- Right?
I would not mess with her.
(chuckles) No way.
(Claire sighs)
Listen, kiddo,
we should probably talk
about you going into town.
I don't think you understand
how bad it is
being trapped here.
You're not trapped here.
We just don't trust people.
No, you just don't trust me.
And then you expect me
to trust you.
- Why can't I have any freedom?
- Because you can't.
(knife drops to ground)
That went great.
What is happening?
- She's 14.
- Yeah.
You remember what that was like.
I do.
We can't keep her here forever.
If we don't figure this out,
she's gonna go a lot farther
than the bridge.
If they find her, we're never
gonna see her again.
We got to protect her.
That's our job.
That's what we're gonna do.
Protect her how?
By locking her inside?
She's got questions.
You know,
questions we can't answer.
She wants to know who she is.
Who Charlotte Lockwood was.
(distant bellowing)
Tracked Grady to his house.
You were right...
the raptor's got a juvenile.
But listen,
there's something else.
I found that girl
you've been after.
(chickens clucking)
Here you go.
(animal chittering)
(chittering continues)
(wings fluttering)
(rapid panting)
(thudding against walls)
Thanks for coming.
Wasn't sure who to call.
Fish and Wildlife
didn't even want to see it
if it wasn't a dinosaur.
Yeah, well,
they get all the attention.
You guys want to vary
the sampling plots
a hundred yards each?
- These your students?
- Yeah.
We've been looking
into the impact
of industrial farming
on the environment,
so this is right up our alley.
They hit 60 fields
in the county.
Have you seen anything
like this before?
No. Not like this.
They've been leaving degraded
fields all across the Midwest.
First, these big companies
try to kill off all the insects.
Now this.
Is that your land?
That's the Bennetts' corn.
The locusts didn't eat that.
You plant the same seed
as the Bennetts?
We are independent.
They use Biosyn seed.
Yeah, I bet they do.
You say you caught a live one?
(bird calling)
(indistinct chatter)
Okay. Let her down slow.
- Got it?
- Yeah. Easy.
Why do we dig?
'Cause paleontology is science,
and science is about the truth,
and there is truth
in these rocks.
You're gonna want to see this.
(indistinct chatter)
(bird screeching)
Ellie Sattler.
Alan Grant.
You look the same.
- Oh.
- (Ellie chuckles)
And this place... it's so...
...so, uh, you.
I'm sorry, I...
If I'd known you were coming,
I would've...
Can I get you something?
A beer or...
Um, well, maybe not
at 10:00 a.m.
But iced tea or...
Tea. Yeah.
Tea. I can do that.
Saw a lot of tourists
on the way in.
Well, the funding's dried up,
somebody's got to pay
for all this.
Right. Thank you.
I read your articles
about soil science
and regenerative farming.
- It was great.
- Thanks.
Gave me grounds for some hope,
for a change.
How are your kids?
Amazing. Grown.
It's shocking.
They're both in college.
Can you believe that?
And Mark?
It's over.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
It's okay.
I'm back to me.
My work.
- You know, it's...
- That's great.
It's good. It is.
I'm alone at last.
Exciting times.
Yeah, I'm living
the Alan Grant life.
- It's just...
- Can be lonely.
...so free.
Ellie... (sighs)
You didn't come out all this way
just to catch up, now, did you?
Well, it's a locust.
Mandibles, wings, thorax, but...
God, the size of it is massive.
- (cage clinks)
- (wings fluttering)
It has genes that have been
extinct since the Cretaceous,
and swarms of them
are decimating crops
from Iowa to Texas.
Terrifying, right?
Started as a few hundred.
There could be millions
by the end of the summer.
If they keep going,
there will be no grain
to feed chickens, cattle.
The entire food chain
would collapse.
Well, it's clearly designed,
but why would anyone do that?
None of the crops they're eating
are Biosyn seed.
You're saying Biosyn made this.
I mean, it would not shock me
that they want to control
the world's food supply.
Not before a few million starve.
Yeah, what is that saying?
Uh, we're three meals away
from anarchy?
If we don't stop them, you can
pick your last three meals.
So why are you
bringing it to me?
I need concrete evidence
Biosyn's responsible
for all this.
I need to go to their sanctuary
and get DNA
from another locust there.
But I need a witness.
You command respect.
People believe you.
You know why I'm here?
It's quiet.
I'm done with all that.
Are you? Okay. (scoffs)
Well, I'm sorry, Alan.
Nobody gets that luxury anymore.
Not even you.
And you know what?
You're the one I trust.
(locust chittering)
(Alan chuckles)
This Biosyn sanctuary is what,
a hundred miles from anywhere?
How do you even get in there?
I got an invite.
From their in-house philosopher.
Seems there's a lot of money
in being a chaotician
these days.
And he just happened to invite
you out of the blue, huh?
He said there were things
I'd want to see.
You coming or what?
(indistinct shouting)
(indistinct chatter)
SHIRA: Every animal captured
on the mainland
comes through here
before shipping out
to Biosyn's sanctuary
in the Dolomites.
We give them medical attention
and make sure
they leave healthy.
So much security.
Those are just the ones you see.
A lot of shady types out there
want these guys.
Your plane's just fueling up.
Biosyn's a tough invite.
You guys must know somebody.
- Do you mind if I...?
- Of course.
You see me?
Follow me.
We rescued these guys
from an illegal breeding farm
in Nevada a few weeks ago.
Shut the whole place down.
Anonymous tip.
Good girl.
Yes. Yes.
You never get used to it.
- Take care.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Okay.

(birds squawking)

- (raptor squawks)
- (gasps)
(chitters, squawks)
(chitters, squawks)
You look just like Blue.
- (raptor chirps)
- This?
You want to try it?
(breath trembling)
- (squeals)
- (Maisie gasps)
(birds squawking)
Maisie, don't move.
Hey, girl.
(Blue screeches)
Staying out of trouble?
She had a baby.
That's impossible.
Back up.
She won't hurt us, right?
Oh, you're damn right she will.
Just breathe.
If you don't,
she'll think you're scared.
- I am scared.
- (screeches)
OWEN: Nah. She doesn't
need to know that.
(screeches, squawks)
Her nest has got to be nearby.
- Maisie, get inside.
- I'm coming with you.
What did I just say?
We got to move.
WOMAN (over radio):
Not yet. We need the girl.
Hey, what's up?
Maisie? Maisie.
Mm-mm. Mm-mm.
Where are you going?
You can't keep me here.
You're not my mother.
She's leaving the house.
- (shrieking in distance)
- (men shouting indistinctly)
- Tie it down!
- Come on, let's go.
(indistinct chatter, grunting)
- (grunts)
- Let's get out of here!
Who are you?
(raptor chitters)

- They found her.
- What?
- Who are they?
- Poachers.
I've seen 'em around.
Leader's a real shit heel.
He must have recognized me,
followed me here.
- Where is she?
- Go get the truck.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
- (Blue snarling)
- (gasps)
- (screeches)
- Owen.
Hey. No.
(Blue snarling)
They took her kid, too.
(shrieks, snarls)
I am gonna get her back.
I promise you that.
(snarls, hisses)
- (gasps)
- (Blue snarls)
Come on.
I know who to call.

(indistinct chatter nearby)
WOMAN (screaming, gasping):
No! Please, please! No, no!
This year, man. What's next?
Historically, uh, darkness,
blood, rain of fire.
I think frogs.
We're not gonna be around
for much longer anyway.
These locusts in Nebraska
are about to wrap it up.
They're eating the corn, wheat.
Basically all of our food
and our food's food.
So we can say goodbye to this.
(goofy babbling ringtone plays)
- Hello?
- CLAIRE: Franklin, it's me.
- You at work?
- Okay.
You're kind of a subject
of interest around here,
so I can't really
be talking to you.
Come on, I'm in trouble.
I really need your help, please.
Yeah, and I could lose my job,
and you know I'm not qualified
to do anything else.
We're outside.
Let me talk to him.
That him?
That's him.
Name's Rainn Delacourt.
Real piece of work.
What'd he take?
Something we care about
very much.
Oh, shit.
I told you somebody
would come looking for her.
You can't just take
a person, Claire.
- I had no choice.
- Not in the eyes of the law.
This guy is not the law.
Tell us how to find him.
Where'd you guys call me from?
We have a man on the inside
of Delacourt's operation.
There's an exchange in Malta
sometime tomorrow...
cash for cargo.
Was she with him?
There's no mention, but we have
people on the ground already.
One of 'em you know.
A lot of us got recruited
by the CIA
after the park went down.
Barry's French intelligence now.
I need to talk to him.
You can't just call him.
He's deep cover.
Look, once we make
the bust in Malta,
our guys will see if Delacourt
knows where she is.
Our guys.
Not you.
Promise me you won't go in there
with your vest
and mess everything up.
Why would I do that?
Look, you guys
are both crazy, but...
you seem like
you're good parents
or whatever you're trying to be.
She's lucky to have you.
Don't get killed, okay?

(plane rattling)
(Alan clears throat)
Think we're almost there.
(indistinct chatter)
Dr. Sattler, Dr. Grant.
- Ramsay Cole, communications.
- Oh, hey.
Uh, I have to warn you,
everyone's so excited
to have you.
You guys are absolute legends
around here.
Mm, you must be confusing us
with somebody else.
You know, it's great
that you guys are still
so close with Dr. Malcolm.
I mean, sometimes you meet your
heroes and they disappoint you,
but he's exactly the way
you'd want him to be.
I mean,
such motility of thought.
- It's incredible.
- Yeah.
How much time
have you spent with him?
(chuckles) Uh, well,
I know that was sarcastic,
but honestly, not enough.
Oh, please, after you.
- Oh.
- And watch your head.

RAMSAY: So, Biosyn bought this
land for the amber deposits
back in the '90s,
but we've managed to turn it
into a safe haven
for about 20 displaced species.
First generation came
from Sorna.
Most of the Nublar dinosaurs
are here, too.
Took Fish and Wildlife
three years to catch the T. rex.
- The...
- The T. rex is here?
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Arrived just before you guys.

Aerial deterrent system active.
Restricted airspace
protects the airborne life.
Keeps the pterosaurs
below 500 feet.
Is that Dreadnoughtus?
(gasps) What?
(low bellowing)
Beautiful, right?
The name means "fear nothing."
Well, I guess you know that.
What do they graze on?
Hawthorn and fern.
All indigenous... nothing stocked
except for the deer population.
It's a great mezzanine species
for the apex predator.
- Oh...
- Apex predator?
At least for now.
(birds chirping)
(grunts softly)
Uh, you don't let people
in there, right?
Uh, no, our-our research...
Our research outposts
are connected
completely underground.
If we have to, we can just
herd the animals remotely
using a neuro-implant
that sends electrical signals
directly to the brain.
Like shocks?
Uh, n-no, li-like signals.
Doesn't it strike you
as a little bit, uh...
- Cruel?
- Cruel.
Do you know how much voltage
was in the electric fences
at Jurassic Park?

WOMAN (over P.A.): Please join
Dr. Ian Malcolm at noon
in the lecture hall for
"The Ethics of Genetic Power."
God, everyone's so young.
Oh, well, it is part
of our ethos
to attract the best
and brightest.
Respected, renowned
Dr. Sattler, Dr. Grant.
Hi. I'm... Wow, this is big.
- I'm-I'm Lewis.
- Dodgson. Yeah.
- Hi.
- You're Lewis Dodgson?
I am. How do you do?
We didn't expect
to actually see you here.
Oh, well, I wouldn't be
anywhere else.
- Would you?
- (chuckles) No.
I mean, the people you see here
are changing the world.
Would you mind if we, um...
- Uh...
- Oh.
Just to...
It would mean a lot. If...
- (Alan groans)
- Do you want to, um...
- Oh, great. Thank you so much.
- Oh, uh...
(camera clicking)
Th-That's good.
That's good. Thanks.
So, you are going to see
some remarkable things today.
We are unlocking
the true power of the genome.
We're this close. Believe me.
You'll make a fortune with that.
No, it's not about money.
No, we've already identified
dozens of applications
for paleo-DNA.
We're talking about cancer,
Alzheimer's, autoimmune.
We will be saving lives, but...
- I bet.
- (shushes, chuckles)
Um, anyway, I wish I could
take you around myself,
but, uh, it's, uh...
So, you're in more-than-capable
hands with Ramsay.
He's basically a... a young me,
only smarter and, uh, taller...
- (Ramsay chuckles)
- Do you have food?
- Like, one of my bars?
- Pardon? Um...
No, never mind.
Uh, uh, I'll find something.
So, uh, I want to do
more of this,
um, later on if we, um...
Oh, we booked you a private pod
- for the trip out, so...
- Right.
It's beautiful. You'll love it.
Through the caverns
and everything.
Uh, you better hurry.
Malcolm's on.
He's a bit of a contrarian,
but I like him.
He keeps us on our toes.
Thank you for being here.
Okay, um, follow me, please.
Human beings have no more right
to safety or liberty
than any other creature
on this planet.
We not only lack dominion
over nature,
we're subordinate to it.
And now here we are
with the opportunity to
rewrite life at our fingertips.
And just like nuclear power,
nobody knew what to expect
with genetic engineering,
but they pressed the button
and hoped for the best...
just like you are doing now.
Yep. You.
You control the future
of our survival on planet Earth.
According to you,
the solution is genetic power.
But that same power could
devastate the food supply,
create new diseases,
alter the climate even further.
Unforeseen consequences occur.
And every time,
every single time...
...we all act surprised?
Because deep down,
I don't think that any of us
actually believe
that these dangers are real.
(door opens)
In order to instigate
revolutionary change,
we must transform
human consciousness.
- Mayam?
- Mm-hmm.
- OTHERS: Dr. Malcolm?
- Very good.
There-there you go.
Hey, I don't want to be rude
to my friends. Thank you.
Catch me on my way out.
Thanks, everybody.
Look at you,
and look at me, and look at you.
Wow, this is so trippy.
You look like you're doing well.
Well, I got five kids, you know,
whom I adore
more than life itself, so...
uh, expenses add up.
You, Alan? Are you... are you...
You have any family or...?
So, uh, I need to talk to you.
Yeah, I need to talk
to you, too.
- Privately.
- Do you two talk a lot?
- Uh, he slid into my DMs.
- He did what?
- It's urgent, Ian.
- What did you do?
"Seven minutes to midnight"
Uh, the Doomsday Clock
might be about out of time,
but as they say,
it's always darkest
just before eternal nothingness.
ELLIE: Locusts,
altered with Cretaceous-era DNA.
Yeah, that's not my field.
Yeah, but if these things
continue to multiply,
we're talking about cascading
system-wide effects, Ian.
Gosh, that's a drag.
What is the matter with you?
Why? Is there something special
you want me to do?
Yeah, how about give a damn?
You know far too much
not to care.
Hey, I-I gave my opinion
robustly for years.
As expected,
the sum of our human endeavors
has led to our annihilation,
and the only play now
is to take the time
that we have left and, uh,
you know, just like
we always do, squander it.
Honestly, Ian, that's bullshit.
Can I offer you guys some joe?
Uh, Tyler, please,
two cappuccinos.
I don't want a cappuccino.
Uh, well, I could do, like,
a cortado or, like, macchiato.
Trust me, it's real tough,
that jet lag.
It's gonna perk you right up.
(milk steamer whirring loudly)
(hushed): The locusts are part
of a larger project
called Hexapod Allies.
You're right about their intent.
I started hearing rumors
six weeks ago.
I read your piece on decadence
and put two and two together.
I was not raising my voice.
You're beginning to.
It's crescendoing, isn't it?
They're proliferating wildly.
They're lasting three, four
times longer than they should.
And all my models
are pointing toward a global
ecological collapse, Ian.
Downstairs, sublevel six.
That's where they keep
the locusts.
Look for a lab marked L4.
But wait, how are we ever
gonna get down there?
- (whirring stops)
- Hey, this looks so silky.
May I touch this blouse,
by any chance?
- Sure.
- You know what it is?
- Don't tell... Don't tell me.
- You won't know it.
This is sustainable bamboo.
- It is sustainable bamboo.
- That's why I said it.
- How did you know that?
- I just know it.
- Yeah, it's amazing.
- TYLER: I've got cumin.
- It's very amazing.
- I've got cinnamon.
I've got allspice,
which is not very popular.
- I've got five-spice.
- Doctor.
TYLER: Um, if you're into
that kind of feel.
- Um, and let's talk milks.
- Yeah.
Okay. Soy milk, yes?
(Ellie gasps)
- TYLER: No.
- What just happened?
We're in.

Sublevel six. Restricted.
HENRY: Lewis,
you're not listening to me.
The locusts' prehistoric DNA
has made them
stronger than they should be.
They're multiplying like crazy,
and they're not dying.
What part of this
don't you understand?
Oh, I do understand.
This is gonna be
a global famine.
Hey, hey, we can't
anticipate everything.
We need to eradicate
the ones we released.
- What?
- All of them.
- No. No. Henry.
- Like... like, yesterday.
We don't want to cause a panic.
We want control.
There is no such thing.
When we're afraid,
what do we do?
What have we done before?
We follow through.
That's what we do.
We found the girl.
She's en route.
- Cost me a fortune.
- What?
- Wait, you found her?
- Yeah, found them both.
Her and the little raptor.
Blue reproduced all on her own.
Just like you said.
You're so smart, Henry.
(chuckles softly)
That's why this works.
You understand the value
of these creatures.
You always have. I do, too.
And we don't stop
because a, what,
little side project went south?
Hey. If they trace
the locusts back to us,
they come for the dinosaurs.
All your work gone.
Billions of dollars
in assets gone.
Diamonds with no one
to mine them.
You really think
she's the solution?
Everything involving the girl
goes through me, right?
Is she all right?
She better be.
She's the most valuable
intellectual property
on the planet.
(cell phone ringing)
I said I'd call you.
They land yet?
(over phone):
Second plane is incoming.
Who said anything
about a second plane?
We flew them separately.
I'm not taking any chances.
And we'll need payment
before delivery.
I didn't like
what happened last time.
Okay. Okay, just...
call me when it's done.

You said I was going
someplace safe.
You are.
(raptor squealing)
Walk to the car.
- No.
- It's not a choice.
(raptor squealing)
50 grand to fly
one little raptor.
Not bad.
What's with the girl?
- Not your problem.
- (zips bag)
- Pleasure doing business.
- (scoffs)
We're ready. Let's go.
- Hi, Claire.
- Mm.
I thought you would've chosen
a quieter line of work.
I tried.
My cousin and I opened a caf.
I lasted three weeks.
The way the world is headed,
it's hard to look away.
Delacourt was hired
by Soyona Santos,
a broker in
the underground dinosaur trade.
We don't have intel
on his cargo,
but once they make the exchange,
we'll see what they know
about your girl.
You can listen in,
but promise me
you will not make contact.
Ouais, c'est a.
There is a big
underground market
for dinosaurs now...
Europe, Middle East,
northern Africa.
It all comes through here.
(dog grumbling)
(indistinct shouting
in distance)
Don't look at anyone.
Don't talk to anyone.
Just try to blend in.
- (clanking)
- (dinosaur roars)
(dinosaurs squealing, snarling)
(excited crowd chatter)
- (snarling)
- (indistinct shouting)
(squeaky squawking)
(indistinct chatter)
(indistinct shouting)
(dinosaur whimpering)
(indistinct shouting)
(indistinct chatter)
(dinosaur grumbles)
- (growls)
- (gasps)
Hey, still flying
for Santos, huh?
- You must need money.
- What's it to you?
I've got cargo.
Thousand kilos of dinosaur
to Palermo.
I give you 2,000.
2,000? How much is there?
You lost?
You're American.
That make us friends?
Listen, I just got here, and...
Oh, no, that was not
an invitation. Here.
Souvenir. Go back to the hotel.
You know, throw some bath salts
in the bath.
This place... not your vibe.
- Look...
- Claire.
Claire, I know this must
feel exotic,
but if you mess with
the wrong person down here,
you disappear.
You feel me?
- Good luck, okay?
- Wait.
- Wait.
- What is this?
- I need your help.
- I don't know you.
- I'm looking for someone.
- Don't do that.
She is all alone. Please.
- That your daughter?
- Yes.
Sorry. I can't get involved.
(dinosaur snarling)

(ship horn blasting)
Think I got him.
Target on the move.
That's our undercover agent
with him.
Claire, he's headed underground.
- See him?
- Yeah, I've got him.
All right, let's go.
AGENT (over radio):
Team four,
need you to sweep
spreading south.
(indistinct chatter, laughing)
AGENT: All units,
take up bull's-eye position.
This is Bravo One.
Primary target in sight.
No sign of the girl.
Alpha team, stand clear.
My people say the raptor
arrived in good condition.
You boys didn't cock this up.
Color me amazed.
I do have another job for you.
Short hop. Money's double.
What's the cargo?
(dinosaurs snarling)
Trained to kill.
Kill who?
Whoever they're told.
Laser marks the target,
they attach to the scent,
don't stop till it's dead.
Those idiots making hybrids
had it all wrong.
You can't engineer loyalty.
You have to nurture it.
50,000 to fly them to Riyadh.
In or out?
She's not here.
Where are we going?
Almost there.
That's the drop. Let's go.
- Weapons down!
- Eyes on 'em!
- Hands in the air!
- Contact made!
Delacourt, on the floor now!
Get on the ground!
Delacourt! Stay with him!
Get that truck out of here!
(indistinct shouting)
AGENT (over radio):
We lost Delacourt!
(frantic chatter)
This is Bravo One.
Truck is approaching
the underpass.
(dinosaurs snarling)
(dinosaurs snarling, chittering)
(whimpers, grunts)
- (whimpers)
- (roars)
(excited chatter)
(screaming, whimpering)
- (heavy footfalls thumping)
- Come on!
(spectator whooping)
The girl, where is she?
- Where did they take her?
- Get it off!
- Where is she?
- I don't know!
We handed her off to Santos.
I don't know where
they took her after that.
- (bones crunching)
- (men exclaiming)
Claire, it's Santos.
- The woman in white.
- I'll find her.
- (dinosaurs snarling)
- Bravo team, watch your six.
- (electrical buzzing)
- WYATT: Hey, hey!
- Hey!
- Hold it!
Let them out.
You heard me.
- (device beeps)
- (whirring, buzzing)
(dinosaurs snarling)
- (buzzing)
- (vicious snarling)
- (gas hissing)
- (dinosaur squealing)
OWEN (over earbud):
Claire, do you have her?
(electrical crackling)
We had some trouble.
- What kind?
- The parents.
Grady and Dearing...
they're here.
Can you take care of it?
Not for free.
Well, do it.
(indistinct shouting)
- (woman speaking Maltese)
- (crying): Mama.
- (device buzzes)
- (dinosaur snarls)
Okay, okay, listen.
No, no, no.
(electrical crackling)
(grunting, panting)
(fierce grunting)
- (electrical crackling)
- (groans)
You don't use it on people.
Where's my daughter?
She wasn't yours to begin with.
(electrical crackling)
Tell me.
They're taking her to Biosyn.
You missed her.
She's gone.
- (exhales sharply)
- (dinosaur snarls)
(growls, snarls)
- (electrical crackling)
- (pained whimpering)
(hisses, snarls)
- (banging at door)
- (whimpering)
(bell tolling)
(shrieking, snarling)
- (gasps)
- Take my hand. Come on.
- (vicious snarling)
- (grunting)
- (Claire yelps)
- (dinosaur squeals)
(shuddering breaths)
- (Claire whimpering, yelling)
- (people shouting)
Hold on tight.
- (engine revs)
- What?
(tires squealing)
Do you remember how we used to
get the raptors in the truck?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- You're up.
- No.
At the last minute, dive-roll.
- I don't dive-roll.
- You'll be fine.
- (snarling)
- I never got the timing right.
Any minute. Any minute now.
- Now?
- No.
- Yeah. Yeah!
- (door closes)
- (dinosaur shrieking)
- (banging)
I'm flying us out of here.
Tell me where
you want to be dropped.
You ever flown to Biosyn?
CLAIRE (over earbud):
Owen, they took her to Biosyn!
There's an airfield on the
north side of the island. -Go.
You're under arrest.
Stay where you are.
(engine revving)
- (horn honking)
- (woman screaming)
(horn honks)
Heads up!
(horn honks)
(pained whimper)
- (snarling)
- (horn honks)
(horn blasting)
(tires squealing)
- (gasps)
- (snarling)
(people screaming)
(indistinct shouting)
(tires squealing)
(horn honks)
(indistinct shouting)
(shrieks, whimpers)

(people screaming)

We made a lot of enemies today.
We got to go.
- He'll be here.
- Uh-huh.
Out of time, out of time.
There he is.
- Pull over.
- That's not how planes work.
Open the back.

Come on!
Hold on tight!
Oh, sh... (grunting)

Still got it.
Kayla Watts.
You're welcome.
You don't look like
you fly for Biosyn.
I'm gonna take that
the way you meant it
and not the way it sounded.
I fly from whoever got a bag,
but we'll call this one a favor.
Those don't work. They broke.
I'll take y'all to Biosyn,
but I can't promise
it won't be dangerous.
You're willing to risk your
life for people you never met?
You want to ask questions,
or you want a ride?
We'll take the ride.
(dinosaur bellowing)
(birds chirping)
So, this is our habitat
development lab.
A lot of exciting discoveries
as of late.
We've brought back
numerous species
in their purest form,
and I mean complete,
untouched genomes.
Like Moros intrepidus.
- What?
- Yeah.
(Ellie gasps)
What about splicing DNA?
You know, creating new species?
Uh, no, Dr. Sattler,
we don't do that here.
We like to think
we're more evolved.
- (bones crunch)
- (clears throat softly)
Okay, it looks like
we still have
some time left before your ride.
Uh, would you guys like to tour
the facilities yourselves?
Oh, uh, I mean...
uh, we could.
- Yeah, why not?
- RAMSAY: Great.
I'll meet you guys at
the hyperloop, station three,
in about 30 minutes.
Elevators are down this hall.
Not-not those.
Those lead you down
to the sublevels.
You need special clearance
to get down there.
- Oh, okay.
- 30 minutes.
Take this.
- Okay?
- Yep.
I'm really sorry
that it had to happen this way.
Yep, that's what kidnappers say.
Claire should never
have hidden you away.
You're way too important,
(raptor squawks)
You took her, too.
We needed her
to help us understand you.
Hey, Beta.
You okay?
Did you say "Beta"?
Is that her name?
I gave it to her.
Beta's pretty special.
You know, when we made Blue,
we used monitor lizard DNA
to fill in the gaps
in her genome.
Monitor lizards can reproduce
without a mate,
so Beta and Blue
are genetically identical,
and that's what they have
in common with you and...
What do you know
about Charlotte?
She died.
A long time ago.
It broke my grandpa's heart.
So he made me.
No, Maisie, actually, he didn't.
Charlotte made you.
I'm so excited for everyone to
see what we've been doing here.
There's new technology
being made, new science,
like, every day almost.
And it's great to be...
it's great to be
in the center...
center of that.
HENRY: Charlotte lived
on Site B with all of us.
Till the storm.
She loved dinosaurs.
HENRY (on video):
Charlotte, be careful.
Yeah, I will.
She grew up around scientists.
Then, eventually...
...she became one herself.
A butterfly flew into
my office this morning.
They say tiny things
have huge impacts,
and I agree wholeheartedly.
She was brilliant.
In ways that I'll never be.
In the metaphysics of identity,
can a replica
truly be the original?
And if it's possible,
what makes it so?
I've lost my pen.
Is that me?
Yeah. (chuckles)
Just like Blue,
Charlotte was able
to have a child all by herself.
She created you
with her own DNA.
So I do have a mother.
Your grandfather didn't want
anyone to know the truth.
He was protecting her and you.
And we're the same?
You were.
When you were a baby,
Charlotte started
to show symptoms
of a genetic disorder.
That's how she died.
She didn't know she had it
until after you were born.
Do I have it, too?
She changed your DNA.
She altered every cell
in your body
to eradicate this disease.
No one on earth has ever
known how to do that.
She fixed me.
Charlotte's discovery
is a part of you now.
Your DNA could change the world.
And I have to know
how she did it,
but I just can't
replicate her work.
If I could just study you
and Beta, whose DNA
was never changed, I could...
...fix a terrible mistake
that I've made.
What kind of mistake?
Sublevel six. Restricted.
Thanks for coming.
ALAN (hushed):
Which lab did Malcolm say?
This is it.
(electronic chiming)

ELLIE: Okay, get in,
get the sample and get out.
And move slow.
They can swarm at
the slightest disturbance.
(electronic chiming)

Two weeks.
Fully mature.
This one.
(takes deep breath)
Ready? Easy.
Go get it.
Is that necessary?
(stammers) What did you think
was gonna happen?
I have to take a sample.
We need concrete evidence.
This is it.
Alan, you said
there was no time.
Can you get it?
Of course I can get it.
- Easy. -(sighs)
- (locust chittering)
Watch its legs.
(Alan groaning)
Here we go.
(locusts chittering)
They're cell signaling
between them.
This is not good, Ellie.
Almost got it.
(chittering continues)
How does she remain
an asset, Henry,
if you're incriminating
both of us
by showing her classified things
on the computer?
HENRY (over computer):
Charlotte Lockwood believed
the methods we used
at Jurassic Park
could cure disease.
She was right.
Having filled the gaps
in Maisie's genome
with altered DNA,
she used a pathogen to deliver
the repaired sequence
to every cell.
If I can repurpose what she did,
I could change the locusts' DNA,
eradicating them
in a single generation.
Maisie and the baby raptor
will provide the missing data.
(Beta squawks)
(Beta chittering)
Hey, do you want
to get out of here?
- (Beta squeals)
- LEWIS: What the...?
- Got it.
- (alarm blaring)
(locusts chittering)
- (Ellie yelps)
- ALAN: Go!
(frantic shouting)
- They're everywhere!
- (electronic chiming)
Help me! Oh, God!
(Ellie screaming, whimpering)
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Asset containment breach.
Please remain at your stations.
Asset containment breach.
Please remain at your stations.
(Ellie screaming in distance)
-Oh, my God! Oh, God, I can't
see! -ALAN: Where's the key?
(electronic chiming)
(gasping, whimpering)
You okay?
(Maisie clearing throat)
You're Dr. Ellie Sattler
and Alan Grant.
You were at Jurassic Park.
What-what are you doing here?
What? What...
what are you doing here?
I'm Maisie Lockwood.
Hey, we don't, uh...
we're not...
we don't work for Biosyn.
I can tell.
We got to get out of here.
Yeah, we should go.

(footsteps approaching)
Okay, in and out...
we find your girl and go.
Tower, this is N-141.
Request to land for
a freight delivery. Over.
WOMAN: Uh, N-141, negative.
We've been advised
you're carrying
unauthorized passengers. Over.
Copy that, tower.
Be advised
shipment is perishable.
We need immediate clearance.
- It's an emergency. Over.
- There isn't... No.
Uh, negative.
Return to point of origin.
Uh, you seem to be breaking up.
Are-are you hearing me
on your side?
(Kayla speaking indistinctly
through static)
Nice try, Kayla.
They will down your bird.
Who is this? Is this Denise?
You do not want me to start
spilling secrets, Denise.
You remember Dubrovnik.
She's... Different Denise.
In accounts.
Talked to Santos.
It's the girl's parents.
Sh-Shut off the ADS.
You sure?
(alarm blaring)
What's that?
Uh, that's the, uh...
that's the aerial
deterrent system.
Keeps the airborne life away.
Why is it blinking?
Because dead-ass Denise in
the tower just turned it off.
We got to get out of
this airspace right now.
- (roaring)
- (Claire gasps)
(rhythmic whooshing)
- That's another plane, right?
- Not exactly.
(whooshing, roaring)
Is that a...
Late Cretaceous.
Should've stayed there.
(roaring continues)
Okay. Okay.
It's cool. We're good.
It's gone.
(Claire screams)
This plane is going down.
If you're going to eject,
you need to do it now.
I only got one chair,
and she's in it.
- You don't have parachutes?
- I wasn't expecting company.
We got to get you
off this plane.
Parachute is gonna open
If it doesn't,
you pull this lever.
Do you understand me?
- Claire!
- (gasps)
If it doesn't open
you're gonna pull this lever
here behind you, okay?
- 10,000 feet!
- Hey.
You're the one who's got to go
to get to her.
You're her mom.
You're her only shot.
I'll see you again.
- I love you.
- (gasping)
(parachute whooshes)
(parachute whooshes)
What's the plan?
Whatever happens.
That's the plan.

- MAISIE: Three.
- ALAN: That's it.
Alan, we need the code.
Let's try this thing.
- Yeah.
- (electronic chiming)
- ELLIE (gasps): Get down.
- (door opens)
- Thank God it's you.
- I don't know...
- (chuckles, stammers)
- This place is such a maze.
- We were so confused.
- It's good you're here.
But I thought
we were straight-up lost,
then you said station three,
and I was like...
- We thought you said...
- Do you have the sample?
- What?
- What are you talking about?
The DNA sample... do you have it?
Biosyn's responsible
for the locust epidemic.
Dodgson's covering it up.
You were right.
I'm-I'm here to help you.
Do you have it?
- Uh...
- (softly): Yeah.
This pod will take you
straight to the airfield.
We have a plane ready to fly.
Ian told you
about Hexapod Allies?
No. I told him.
- Okay, you guys got to go.
- ALAN: Wait.
(sighs) Maisie.
Maisie Lockwood.
(electronic chiming)
(birds chirping)
(animals chittering)
(grunts softly)
- (loud chittering)
- (gasps)
(rapid thumping)
(chittering echoes)
(dinosaur screeches)
(chittering echoes)
(chittering continues)

(chitters softly)
(breath trembling)

That was my baby.
(ice crackling)
Where'd you learn to fly?
Uh, Air Force.
Legacy on my mama's side.
Yeah. I'm Navy.
And so, how'd you end up
doing this?
I was a legit contract pilot
for a grip,
but didn't exactly pay enough
to be out here
and send the money home,
so I hit up a few contacts for
the more lucrative shady shit.
(ice crunches)
Honestly, I might be done
with this line of work.
Is that why you're helping us?
(ice crackling)
I was there when they handed
your girl off to Biosyn.
I could've said something,
but I didn't.
And when I saw her picture...
It isn't enough to do nothing.
(Kayla gasps)
Thank you.
(dinosaur squawks)

(electrical crackling)
(squawks, grumbles)

What an asshole.

(hisses, roars)
- (electrical crackling)
- (whimpers)
(breathing deeply)
You good?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I'm not shook at all. You?
Nah. Nah, no.
The ejection seat beacon.
- We'll find her.
- Okay. Okay.
You really love her, huh?
I get it.
I like redheads, too.
What? God.
(indistinct chatter)
(Ellie screaming over monitor)
Who is that?
It's Grant and Sattler.
- Is this live?
- 12 minutes ago.
We were tracking
the escaped asset.
Our guys missed it.
- They stole a DNA sample.
- (Ellie shouting)
- How'd they get in there?
- They used an access key.
Yankee White clearance.
One of our cameras
saw Ian Malcolm
put something
in Sattler's pocket.
(exhales) All right.
I want to see him.
And get Ramsay up here,
too, will you?
Where are they now?
On the way to the airfield.
They caught the hyperloop
right on schedule.
How are you?
- You all right?
- (chuckles softly)
Not really, no.
I, uh, knew your mom.
You did?
Yeah, a few years
after Hammond died,
she came to my university
to lecture, and...
we became good friends.
What was she like?
Light-years ahead
of everybody else.
(Ellie chuckles)
And she had a conscience.
While they were out
building theme parks,
well, she was
determined to prove
that genetic power
could save lives.
And I was her experiment.
She wanted a child
more than anything.
But she wanted you to have
what she couldn't.
A full life.
I didn't know her long.
But I know
she loved you very much.
What's happening?
ALAN: This must be
the old amber mines.
They must have made access doors
when they built these tunnels.

I heard the alarm.
Everything all right?
Yeah, no, no.
Nothing we can't, uh, handle.
- Listen...
- You rang?
Oh, good. Dr. Malcolm.
You are... fired.
It was such a cushy gig.
You can, uh, give
your access key to security,
if you still have it.
One of the hyperloop pods just
shut down in the amber mines.
Wow. This day.
Uh, which... which pod are we...
Are there, um...
dinosaurs in the mines?
There are dinosaurs everywhere.
I mean, you know, technically,
birds are dinosaurs.
Ge-Genetically speaking...
Okay, Lewis, Grant and Sattler
are in this pod.
We need to send
a security team out there ASAP.
Okay. Absolutely, Ramsay.
Thank you.
Uh, let's all just stay
in our lanes, though.
We can take care of it.
Thank you, Doctor.
That's it, huh?
Nothing else to see here?
Uh, I'm not sure I admire
your tone right now.
- You need to leave.
- IAN: Yeah, I do.
But first, I owe
all these folks an apology.
I think that by lending
my cachet to this joint
I might have made it seem as if
Biosyn wasn't
rotten to the core.
That's enough, Ian.
See, here's how they get you.
They give you so many promotions
in a short period of time
that it bludgeons your capacity
for critical thinking.
Oh, my God. -So then there are
doors that you don't open,
things that you ignore.
But mainly, he's exploiting
your enchantment with these.
Is there an actual concern
here, or are you just...
You're racing toward
the extinction of our species,
and you don't care.
You know exactly what you're
doing, but you won't stop.
You can't.
You know, I thought
you might be different,
but you're just like
everyone else.
You see what you want to see.
You imagine unchecked avarice,
so that's what you find.
You envision what,
an evil, unbound Prometheus?
So that's what I am to you?
Prometheus got gored.
So will you,
you rapacious rat bastard.
Ramsay, would you help
Dr. Malcolm gather his things?
His room, and then
to the airfield. That's it.
(device beeping)
(animals chittering
and chirping)
(beeping continues)

(gasps quietly)
Oh, God.
(heavy footfalls thumping)
Largest known
terrestrial carnivore.
You put two apex predators
in one valley,
pretty soon there's only
gonna be one.
(both roaring)

ELLIE (gasps):
Did you feel that?
That's an air current.
There must be
an opening up ahead.
How old is this mine,
do you think?
Just breathe.
Nobody panic.
Just watch out for bats.
- Who said anything about bats?
- I hate bats.
Well, there's probably no bats,
no falling rocks.
Just the possibility
of toxic gas,
dehydration, hypothermia.
Just possibilities,
nothing for certain.
(sighs) Oh, I should've
left you where you were.
- Why did I bring you into this?
- What?
You were happy
in your element. -What?
- Ellie.
- What?
I wasn't happy.
You weren't?
- MAISIE: Do you guys have kids?
- What?
No, I-I do.
But not with him?
No, just old friends.
(clears throat)
Just old friends.

RAMSAY: Won't be long before
security knows you're gone.
IAN: Oh, a map.
That looks like an old map.
You don't have a new map?
There's an access gate
at the northeast corner
of the mine.
- If your friends make it out...
- If?
When they make it out...
- Yes, sir.
- ...that's where they'll be.
These roads are protected,
Uh, yeah. I'd drive fast.
(engine starts)
(tires squeal)
You did good.
Uh, yeah, well, actually,
it's a complete disaster,
but thanks.
Not yet.

Watch yourself.
- Ellie.
- Yeah.
- (loud rustling)
- (gasps)
What was that?
Be careful.
- (roars)
- (screams)
- Oh, my God, Alan.
- Oh, my God. Are you okay?
(Maisie screams)
(Ellie grunting)
(Maisie screaming)
Forget the hat!
- (grunts)
- Come on!
(Maisie screaming)
Go, go, go!
Go, go, go, go, go!
(vehicle approaching)
It's a car.
- Oh, my God. Ian!
- Ian, over here!
(dinosaur roaring)
- ELLIE: Please, Ian!
- ALAN: Open the gate.
- Please help us.
- (dinosaur shrieking)
Do you know the code?
I didn't know there was
gonna be a code.
I didn't know there was
gonna be a code.
- (roaring)
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
The brake! Pull the brake!
There are 10,000 possibilities.
- Push your legs against it!
- (straining)
- 1984.
- ALAN: Come on, Ian!
- Kick up against it! -Hurry!
- (roaring)
Miles Davis's birthday... 0526.
- Ian!
- Please, please.
Do something!
We're not gonna make it.
Let's-let's all try
and stay positive.

- (straining)
- (growling)
- Please.
- I know, I know, I know.
- (lock clunks)
- (gasps)
- (dinosaur shrieks)
- ELLIE: Oh, my God! Close it!
What do you know?
It actually worked.
Ian, this is Maisie.
Hi, Maisie.
We got the DNA.
We need to get out
of this valley.
- Yeah. Let's go. Let's go.
- Come on. Come on.

(beeps, clicks)
(high-pitched chittering)
Come on. Come, come on.
(high-pitched chittering)
(high-pitched chittering)
(trembling breaths)
(rustling, chittering)
- (rustling)
- (hissing, chittering)
(hissing, growling)
(muffled grunting)
- (electrical crackling)
- (dinosaur squeals)
Go on, get!
(sniffs) Yuck.
- Oh, my God.
- Hey.
Oh, my God.
I thought you were dead.
What do they even eat?
(distant roaring)
We better get inside.
(sets phone on desk)

Oh, go ahead.
(thumping on glass)

chamber compromised.
It's locked.
Gonna need something heavy,
something sharp or both.
(wings fluttering rapidly)
That... can't be right.
- Is that...?
- Oh, no.
Oh, my God.
He's burning the evidence.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
- Oh, my... Ew!
- That's bananas.
- (grunts)
- (creaking)
(shuddering breaths)
Oh, my God.
I-I-I know this may seem
precarious, but...
No, we're-we're teetering.
Should we all lean
to the left or something?
That's very constructive.
Thank you, Maisie.
Slow. Slow.
We're fine.
- See this?
- Mm-hmm.
- This is fine.
- Mm-hmm.
(all whimpering, panting)
- ELLIE: Alan?
- (Alan groans)
(crying): Alan!
How is everybody?
- (Alan groaning)
- (Maisie whimpering)
It's my parents.
- MAISIE: Help! Help!
- (pounding)
CLAIRE (sobbing):
Oh, my God.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You came to get me, actually.
- You came to get me.
- Yeah.
Of course we did, sweetheart.
- Heya, kid.
- Of course.
I remember you.
Remember you, too.

They helped me escape.
You okay?
(Alan sighs)
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
We got to go.
Gonna have to break a window
to get inside that thing.
Hope nobody's afraid of heights.
(Ellie gasps)
- (sighs)
- (heavy footfalls thumping)
(low growling)
Don't move.
What is that?
(low growling)
Biggest carnivore
the world has ever seen.
(bellowing roar)
Maisie, Maisie, look at me.
Look at me.
- Go, go, go, go.
- Come on!
- (screams)
- CLAIRE: No, no, no! No!
- Hustle.
- I'm gonna die!
- Climb. Climb, kid.
- (sobs): No!
-You're not. No, you're not.
You're okay. -(screams)
- Go, go, go, go, go, go.
- (growls)

Come on.
Oh, yeah. Come here.
(dinosaur shrieks)
- Go, go, go.
- Help me open it. Help me out.
I got ya.
Go, go, go.
Go, go, go, go, go!
(all panting)
See? Not so bad.
Come on.
(Owen grunting)
- (electrical crackling)
- (roars)

(dinosaurs bellowing)
Call an evacuation.
We need to bring
the animals inside.
The regulations are clear
that in the event
- of a level two...
- Shh!
- ...damn it!
- Oh.
(frustrated grunting)
Just... (sighs)
Just call it.
- (alarm blares)
- Attention, attention.
This is an immediate
evacuation order.
Remote herding system
is now active.
All living assets en route
to emergency containment.
(dinosaurs roaring)

(frantic chatter)
Can't get hold of anybody
since everything is, uh,
on fire.
- Dr. Sattler, get some water.
- Oh. Thanks.
Dr. Grant? Here you are.
I'm, uh... I'm Owen Grady.
Big fan. I read your book.
Well, book on tape.
Owen Grady, Owen Grady.
Yeah, I know who you are.
- You trained raptors.
- Yeah. (chuckles)
I tried. Yeah.
How you doing?
- The one here.
- (Ellie sighs)
You, uh... you were at
Jurassic World.
Jurassic World?
Not a fan. Mm-mm.
Okay, so we good to find
a way out of here?
Let's get it.
KAYLA: There's a helicopter
out in the main complex.
We turn the ADS back on,
we go home.
- ELLIE: Wait, what's an ADS?
- Aerial deterrent system.
Oh, uh...
You know,
for the pterodactyls and shit.
Keeps them away
from the helicopters.
Well, how do we turn it back on?
Okay, it looks like
all the systems
run through to the control room,
which is on the third floor.
These outposts are all
connected underground.
All right, easy, Rambo.

IAN: So you worked
in the raptor pen, huh?
- Yeah.
- Wow, and what-what happens?
Do you just tell 'em what
to do, and they, uh...
they comply or...?
Well, it's a human/animal bond
based on mutual respect.
Had a dog once.
Humped my leg so much, I...
I got a callous on my shinbone.
That's a true story.

(dinosaurs bellowing
in distance)
Oh, God.
Hey. Good.
Here's what I'm thinking.
We get started again,
you and me.
I can get money.
Yeah, money's cheap these days.
What-what's the matter?
Don't look so worried.
There's opportunity
in everything.
E-Even this.
You'll-you'll learn that.
I've been thinking, um...
Maybe you take more
of a lead now, okay?
You're ready, I think.
Here, take...
What the hell is
the matter with you?
It was you.
You told Malcolm about
the program. You-you...
You set this whole thing up?
You set me up?
I gave you every opportunity
I did not have. I...
(chuckles softly)
We have an understanding,
and you do not break that.
I would not break this.
I'm not you.

(Claire panting, gasping)
Oh, this is very bad.
This is the same system
we used at the park.
Great, so we can, uh,
turn on the...
the thing, and then we all
get out of here?
- Let's see. ADS...
- (typing)
What's this?
What-what's error 99?
Not enough power.
In a breakdown,
all available power is seized
by the primary system
to keep running.
We need all that power
to reactivate the ADS.
So the system's safety feature
is what's gonna kill us?
- (scoffs) Of course.
- How do we get more power?
Uh, well, we can't, but we can
redistribute what we have
if we just... just need to...
Shut down the primary system.
- Yes, exactly.
- Where is it?
- RAMSAY: Uh, next floor up.
- I'm coming with you.
We escaped down here.
Where is that?
Water treatment center.
Hydroelectric system...
sub eight.
Give me eight minutes,
I could find her.
- Wait, who's this now?
- MAISIE: Beta.
- Blue's baby.
- Velociraptor.
- What?
- A baby raptor?
And you gave her a name.
How about that?
I made a promise
we would bring her home.
You made a promise
to a dinosaur.
You're coming with us, right?
(scoffs) Maisie, I...
I'll be on channel five.
- Okay.
- We're on three.
Come back.
I always come back.
I'll have that chopper hot
in ten. Wait for my signal.
DENISE (over speaker):
Evacuation phase four complete.
All living assets
now in containment.
Come on.
(door clicks, air hisses)
Still get nightmares?
All the time.
I have a lot of regrets.
Oh, yeah?
we hold on to regret,
we stay in the past.
What matters, I guess, is...
...is what we do now.
(sizzling, crackling)
Nobody said there'd be bugs.
B4. She's in here.
Watch the sides.
They always come from the sides.
You know, at first we thought...
they disembowel their prey,
but no.
They're smart enough to go
straight for the throat.
The veins, the arteries.
Sometimes both at the same time.
ELLIE (quietly):
Oh, okay.
IAN (over radio):
We've got you.
It's right down that aisle.
It's right down that aisle
where you are. -(groaning)
Why are they skulking in-in...
You can sprint right for it.
Okay. Here it is.
Okay, so it-it'll be a yellow
button on a grid of six.
IAN: There's a green button.
Do you see a green button?
It's not that green button.
- It's four...
- which one's the button?
Four from the bottom.
- Above the...
- BOTH: Whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Fourth one up?
Third one down
or fourth one up... same thing.
Ian, be specific.
She was here.
Lights off.
I don't know how I could
possibly be more specific
other than to say that the one
you want is marked with...
- E1.
- E1. E1.
- (sighs)
- E1.
- Yeah.
- (beeps, whirs)
No. No, no, no, no.
(Beta screeching)
Damn it, she's fast.
Eyes on me.
(Beta snarls)
OWEN: I've got to hit her
on the side of her neck.
Maisie, you're gonna
hold her focus.
Grant, we're triangulating.
(Alan exclaims)
Sorry, girl.
I promised your mom
I'd get you home.
Primary system rebooting.
Wait. Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
- No, no, no.
- No, no, no.
It's rebooting.
No, it shouldn't be doing that.
- (grunting and groaning)
- (electrical crackling)
Here, take this.
- We got to stay on it.
- ELLIE: Ian, shut it down!
We're-we're gonna make it work.
We're gonna figure this out.
It's very complex.
We don't have time for complex!
Primary system compromised.
(grunts fiercely)
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Aerial deterrent system active.
Victory! Victory!
(both breathing heavily)
Damn, that felt good.

Oh, come on!
(high-pitched chittering)
- (hissing)
- (screams)
(high-pitched chittering)
What's your story?
- (both hissing)
- (yells)
(hissing continues)
(Lewis screams,
echoes and fades)
LEWIS (recorded):
At Biosyn, we're dedicated
to the idea that dinosaurs
can teach us more
about ourselves.
CLAIRE (over radio): All right,
Kayla, we're good to go.
Okay, cutie.

Oh, come here. Oh.
- You all right?
- Someday.
- Hey.
- (gun cocks)
(Claire gasps)
I remember you.
Please, you have
to listen to me.
You created
an ecological disaster.
And I can fix it.
Charlotte Lockwood changed
every cell in Maisie's body.
It saved her life.
If I can understand how
Charlotte rewrote Maisie's DNA,
I can spread change from
one locust to the entire swarm
before it's too late.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's what she would have wanted.
Thank you.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Not him.
Not him. It's always him.
Every si...
Is that a dinosaur
on your shoulder?
Yeah. Why?
KAYLA (over radio): I have air.
Meet me at the center.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
W-Wait, wait, wait. Hey, hey.
D-Do... do not land in here.
I don't have a choice, dude.
The valley isn't safe.
No, they're not
in the valley anymore!
(low bellowing)

(dinosaur roars)
(helicopter blades whirring)
(heavy footfalls thumping)
- (roaring)
- (gasping)
(both roaring)
This isn't about us.
(Henry groans, whimpers)
Oh, my God!
Get him up, get him up!
- Come on, come on!
- Come on.
(indistinct shouting)
Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.
(dinosaur roaring)
Come on!
- (gasps)
- (creaking)
Ellie, no!
Go on, Maisie! Go!
- ALAN: Ramsay, get in.
- IAN: You're in.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
Everybody hold on to somebody.
(low growling)

- (both roaring)
- (thunder crashes)
(thunder booming)

No, at every level.
Complete systemic corruption
in-in the executive ranks.
"Systemic corruption."
You get that? Write that down.
(Kayla speaks Italian)
Yeah, it's crazy.
Oh, and then...
and then we crashed
into this ice lake, right?
I mean, they literally
owe me a plane.
I need to get this sample
vetted at the lab
before I take it
to my contact at The Times.
You could, uh, come with me.
Unless you need
to get back to your dig.
- Ellie.
- Yeah?
I am coming with you.
- (hisses in pain)
- I know.
One more minute,
then we'll send you home
with your folks.

GEMMA: Today marks
the first day of testimony
from Biosyn whistleblower
Ramsay Cole.
The Senate will also hear from
Doctors Grant, Sattler
and Malcolm,
who have been vocal
in this debate
since the incident
at Jurassic Park.
You look...
- Uncomfortable.
- Trustworthy.
Yeah. Not getting used to it.
Let's finish this.
Dr. Henry Wu has found
an emergency solution
to the ecological crisis.
His use of a pathogen
to alter the locusts' DNA
has revolutionized
modern genetics.
He attributed the discovery
to another scientist,
Charlotte Lockwood,
who died nearly 13 years ago.

By UN decree, Biosyn Valley
has been designated
a global sanctuary.
The animals
will live there free,
- safe from the outside world.
- (roaring)
- Money?
- Money.
Thank you.
(chuckles softly)
(chitters, squawks)
(Blue squawking)
- (footfalls approaching)
- (squawks)
(Blue growls)
(squawks, chitters)
- (Beta squawking)
- (Blue purrs)

Life on Earth has existed for
hundreds of millions of years.
And dinosaurs were only
a part of that,
and we're an even smaller
part of that.
They really put us
in perspective.
The idea that life on Earth
existed 65 million years ago...
...it's humbling.
We act like we're alone here,
but we're not.
We're part of a fragile system
made up of all living things.
If we're going to survive,
we'll have to trust each other,
depend on each other,


(music fades)