Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) Movie Script

Isla Nublar
193 miles west of Costa Rica
Anything in here would
be dead by now.
There she is.
The Indominus Rex.
- Specimen collected, sent to the surface.
- Roger that.
- Air One, clear for takeoff. Begin tracking.
- Copy that.
- Go, go.
- Tracking on.
Land One, the asset is secure.
We got what we came for.
Coming back for you.
Close the doors.
Marine One, I gotta close the gate.
Get outta there.
Understood. We're heading out.
Marine One, I need to close the gate.
Confirm position.
- Can you hear me, are you out?
- Marine One?
Guys, what is that?
Marine One, I am
closing the gates.
Seriously guys, I'm kind
of exposed out here.
Marine One, confirm you're out.
Marine One!
Confirm position. Can you hear me?
Marine One, where are you?
I can't reach them!
What is going on?
I can't hear you.
Throw him the ladder!
Don't go!
We're gonna stall! Cut it now!
- Do it, John!
- We're gonna die here!
I said cut it!
DNA sample secure. Tell the
boss we're coming back home.
Three years after the
fall of Jurassic World,
the debate over Isla
Nublar rages on.
The island's long dormant
volcano, reclassified as active,
has shown considerable
unrest in recent months.
Theologists now predict
an extinction level event
will kill off the last living
dinosaurs on the planet.
Since the disaster that
shocked the world in 2015,
the Masrani Corporation has
paid out more than $800 million
in damages to settle class action
lawsuits brought by survivors.
Activist groups have
mobilized around the globe,
in what has become the flashpoint
animal rights issue of our time.
With an eruption
expected at any moment,
the US Senate has convened
a special committee,
to answer a grave
moral question:
Do dinosaurs deserve
the same protections
given to other
endangered species,
or should they be left to die?
I think...
that we should allow our...
magnificent, glorious dinosaurs,
to be taken out by the volcano.
- Silence, please.
- As deeply sad as that would be.
We altered the course
of natural history.
This is the correction.
Are you suggesting
the Almighty is
taking matters in His own hands?
Senator, with all due
respect, God's not...
part of the equation. No.
What I mean is that, in the
last century, we amassed
a landmark technological power.
And we've consistently proven ourselves
incapable of handling that power.
80 years ago, who could've
predicted nuclear proliferation?
But then, there it was.
And now, we've got genetic power.
How long is it gonna take for
that to spread around the globe
and, what's gonna
be done with it?
It ain't gonna stop with the
de-extinction of the dinosaurs.
I'm not sure I know what
you're talking about.
I'm talking about...
man-made, cataclysmic,
What kind of change?
Change is like death.
You don't know what it looks like
until you're standing at the gates.
As a matter of fact, I do have the
dinosaurs' best interests in mind.
- I'm a paleo-veterinarian.
- Is that a real thing?
- That's a real thing.
- You've seen one?
No! I hadn't seen one with my own eyes.
you know not
everyone can afford to spend
their life savings... Claire?
Hello, hello, um...
Congresswoman Delgado. I'm Claire,
the lead organizer in here.
Of course, but if I can just
get a moment of your time?
Great. Thank you.
So, our mission here at the
Dinosaur Protection Group is
to secure pivotal
funding for a...
That was like 40 seconds.
You're getting better.
You gotta stop letting
your mom shop for you.
You don't need to insult me
everytime someone pisses you off.
Dude. I'm a doctor.
Not a telemarketer.
What is your job again?
You plug in cords, right?
It's actually more
important than it sounds.
Can I ask you a question?
Do you have kids?
Okay. So your kids.
An entire generation has
grown up in a world
where dinosaurs are
living and breathing.
But soon you're gonna have
to watch them go extinct.
Or not.
If people like you
make a difference.
- Claire, it's on.
- Hey, hey. Turn it up.
...take preventative action to protect
the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar.
After thorough deliberations,
the committee has resolved not to
recommend any legislative action
regarding the de-extinct
creatures on Isla Nublar.
This is an act of God, and
while of course, we feel great
sympathy for these animals,
we cannot condone
government involvement,
on what amounts to a
privately-owned venture.
They're all gonna die
and no one cares.
We do.
Give me one second.
Let's get back to work.
Okay everyone. Come on.
- Hello?
- May I speak with Ms. Dearing?
- Yes, this is Claire Dearing.
- Good morning.
I'm calling for Mr. Benjamin Lockwood's
estate. Would you mind holding for a second?
Yes, of course. I'll hold.
Lockwood Estate
Ms. Dearing, you're early.
- Would you like to step in?
- Thank you.
I will inform Mr. Mills
that you've arrived.
John Alfred Hammond.
The father of Jurassic Park.
But of course, you know that.
Hello, Claire, I'm, I'm Eli.
I work for Ben Lockwood. We
actually met once, 7-8 years ago,
- and you don't remember...
- Of course, I remember.
- Haven't you run his foundations since...
- Since college. Yeah.
- You remember?
- Yes!
Wow, cool. He wanted
someone young, and,
idealistic to expand his fortune.
And I used to be both.
Follow me.
Let me give you a
bit of history.
This is where it all began.
Before the islands, Sorna,
Jurassic Park, all of it.
Hammond and Lockwood built
custom lab in a sub-basement
extracted the first
DNA from amber,
right beneath our feet.
My goodness! What they
did here was a miracle.
- I still believe that.
- So do I, Claire.
So do I, and I still believe
it matters, what happens
to those animals.
There is something Mr. Lockwood would
very much like you to do, Claire.
You can call it a favor
for an old friend.
We have, a piece of land.
A sanctuary. Protected
by natural barriers,
fully self-sustaining. A new home
where the dinosaurs will be secure...
- And free.
- You're gonna get them out?
- You're gonna save them?
- No, Ms. Dearing.
I'm going to save us.
We could both use a touch
of redemption, couldn't we?
- Lovely to see you again.
- And you, Mr. Lockwood.
This was all John
Hammond's dream.
To let these creatures
live in peace.
So, we have created sanctuary.
No fences, no
cages, no tourists.
Just as Mother Nature intended.
John said it best.
"These creatures don't
need our protection."
"They need our absence."
When we were young,
we both shared this
passion, John and I.
What fools we were.
Trying to run before
we'd learn to walk.
As all young men do, I suppose.
But, we learned.
Unfortunately in the
end, it drove us apart.
Life, teaches us some
very hard lessons...
Doesn't it, Claire?
Sir Benjamin.
My bloody medicines.
- Would you excuse me, Claire?
- Of course, sir.
Eli here willl help
you with the details.
We will save them.
With a gift...
For our children.
Thank you.
Does he have children? I thought I saw...
there was a little girl.
Yeah, he has a grandchild.
His daughter died
in a car accident.
- That's awful.
- Yeah, I know. But they're very close.
Really close.
So, what do you need from me?
There was a tracking system
in place at the park.
- Radio frequency ID chips in each dinosaur.
- I remember.
Right, so if we could
access that system,
our ability to locate and capture those
animals safely, will increase ten-fold.
We need your handprint
to access the system.
But what I really
need, Claire...
...is you.
Moving endangered species
isn't exactly legal.
But it's the right thing to do. No one
knows this park as well as you do
and we need that expertise.
- How many can you save?
- Eleven species. For sure,
I mean, more, if we can. But
time is against us I'm afraid.
There is one animal,
in particular
that poses a real
challenge for us.
- Blue.
- I didn't know she had a name. But Blue,
is potentially the second most intelligent
piece of life on this planet.
And she's the last of her kind.
She must be preserved.
She can pick up your scent a mile off.
You will never capture her.
We thought you might know
someone who could help.
Maybe you can convince him.
Hey, Owen.
Oh, boy.
Back for more, huh?
Can I buy you a beer?
You mean bring 'em, or we
gonna like, go somewhere?
I can't believe you
think that you left me!
Replay that conversation in
your head, all right? You said,
"You wanna go live in
your van like a bum?"
"Go ahead, Owen."
And I said, "Okay!"
- So how is that you leaving me?
- Because I left.
- I left you.
- You left, because...
- I told you to.
- And then, I left.
Because you didn't wanna live in
a van on the side of the road.
No, no, no. Because you wouldn't
let me drive the damn van,
- for 5 minutes.
- I'm chivalrous. What can I do?
- You are so stubborn.
- Well. Look at you now.
- You're saving the world.
- Well, I'm trying, at least.
You can't just run away
from everything, Owen.
So, you're what?
Dating an accountant now?
An insurance actuary?
Your skin looks nice.
- Dermatologist?
- Owen?
- Does he check you for moles?
- Stop.
- This is not why we're here, okay?
- Yeah, I know why we're here.
Lockwood's little
flunkie called me.
Rescue op.
Save the dinosaurs from an
island that's about to explode.
- What could go wrong?
- I'm going.
- Don't!
- I don't have a choice.
- What, of course you have a choice.
- So what, I should just...
Build my own cabin, play
pool and drink beer all day
while these dinosaurs
go extinct?
Yeah. I like pool.
Blue is alive.
- Jesus, Claire.
- You raised her, Owen. You...
You spent years of your
life working with her.
You're just gonna let her die?
Well, yeah.
Come on. You're a
better man than...
you think you are.
You should write for
fortune cookies.
Forget it. I...
There's a chartered flight
leaving tomorrow morning.
You're on the manifest. I just
thought I should let you know.
Back up! Back off.
Take it easy. Echo.
Jeez. There's plenty of food.
You guys been eating sugar or something?
You're hyper today.
Okay, okay, back off.
Thank you, Blue.
Did you get that?
You're more likely to die riding
a horse than in a plane.
No, I would not because I wouldn't
get on a horse. My chances are zero.
- Planes are the safest way to travel.
- You call this a plane?
My cousin had a drone
bigger than this.
Franklin, later!
Get in the plane.
Didn't think you were
gonna ever show up.
- This is Zia Rodriguez.
- Zia.
- Hey, how you doing?
- I'm good. How are you?
- Good.
- Franklin Webb.
Systems analyst.
Nervous flyer?
Would you ride a thousand pound
horse with big wheels on the sides?
I rode a motorcycle through the
jungle with a pack of raptors.
We're not compatible.
Come out.
You silly sausage!
You'll be the death of me.
You know one day, my
heart might really stop.
Then what would you do?
- Go live in the forest with the lions?
- There are no lions in the forest.
Your grandfather's
been asking for you.
So you go see your grandfather and
you go straight to your bath.
- I don't want a bath.
- What?!
Queen's English, girl. Bath.
- Bath. Bath.
- Bath. Bath.
Not bath. You're
not a wild animal.
- Hi, Grandpa.
- Ah, there you are.
Come over and sit by me.
- I've missed you.
- I went by all the way through the
Cretaceous, to the
Jurassic in one day.
My. What did you see?
Nothing but herbivores. There
was one T-Rex, though.
Casualties, of course.
Ours included.
She jumped out of her skin.
You have your mother's
wicked sense of humor.
Do I look like her?
Oh, yes.
You could be her mirror image.
Did my mother ever
visit the park?
A long time ago.
She would have saved
them too, you know.
She would have saved them all.
Ken Wheatley. Welcome back.
What kind of operation
you've got going on here?
Mr. Lockwood takes his humanitarian
efforts very seriously.
Where's the raptor wrangler?
Animal behaviourist. Owen Grady.
Hey, Owen. Ken Wheatley.
And you're our,
great white hunter?
Yes, I'm the expedition's
Oh, God! It's hot!
It's about to get a
whole lot hotter.
Bug spray?
Bug spray?
The T-Rex should be
dead by now, right?
Yeah, well it's impossible
to know the max life span
of a clone in a completely
different environment.
Take a caveman that
would've lived 20 years.
Feed him prime meals, give him
healthcare, he's gonna live...
Five times as long.
So, she'd be dead by now.
Bad memories?
Some are good.
What was that?
Is it the T-Rex?
I have to see this.
Hey, Miss?
Miss! This area's not secured.
Look at that.
Never thought I'd see
one in real life.
She's beautiful.
Shall we?
Okay! Let's go.
Okay, I'm good.
Viewing system...
Come on, tiger. You
know what you're doing?
After you, tiger.
Are we sure these biometric
chips are still transmitting?
Battery would be dead by now.
The dinosaur is the battery. They're
powered by body heat and movement.
How much longer until...
I'm in.
There's a large concentration
on the East Dock.
That's our boat. We've already
captured a bunch of them.
Without the tracking system?
The big herbivores were easy to find.
Can you isolate that raptor?
- I need a species code.
- D-9.
There she is.
- I'm gonna need to borrow your truck.
- I'm coming with you.
We don't know what kind of
condition she might be in.
Miss, things could
get hairy out there.
These are powerful sedatives.
One too many, and she could
have respiratory failure.
Also, I'm not as soft and witless
as your comment implies.
Let's go, Beefcake.
Oh, Owen...
Be careful. Okay?
If I don't make it back...
You're the one who made me come.
I'll be all right.
We're not gonna get any closer
if we're riding this thing.
- You should stop here.
- Pull up!
Move out. Look alive.
Stay alive.
- We got your back, brother.
- Yeah.
Claire, I'm gonna have
to track for a moment.
I'll need you to be my
eyes if she runs. Copy?
Copy that.
Wheatley, I'm on a fresh sign.
Wait for my signal.
There you are.
Hey, Girl. You miss me?
Easy. Hey! Hey.
I brought you something.
There you go.
That's right.
You know me.
Eyes on me.
You know me.
That's right.
That's right.
Hold your....
I told you to wait
for my signal!
Back your men off, right now.
No, don't shoot her!
Wheatley, you son of a bitch!
Owen! What are you doing?
You shoot me...
And that animal dies.
I think we have the drop
on you, sweetheart.
She's losing blood.
And if I don't treat her...
She'll never make
it back to camp.
How ' bout this then...
If that animal
dies, I shoot you.
You're gonna take care of her.
Let's move out!
Get to the car, let's go!
Let's get out of here.
No, no!
Wait, are they protecting us?
What's going on?
I don't think so.
Why am I here?
Hey, Mills. We gathered the dinos.
Mission accomplished.
And just in the nick of time.
Wheatley what the hell is going on there?
We're a day behind schedule already.
I want that money in the bank by
the time I get back, alright?
Okay, listen to me.
No more delays, okay?
If we don't get... not
now, Maisie, thank you.
- Mr. Mills, are the dinosaurs...
- I said not now!
I'm sorry, honey. This
is an important call.
If you would go up to the library, I'll
meet you up there in a few minutes.
- Okay.
- Okay?
I'll tell you all about it.
I promise.
You get, those
animals, here, now.
I want that bonus.
We got the blue one.
- Bring her to me first.
- All right.
Hello? Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Is anybody there?
Can anybody copy?
I'm trying everything.
It's jammed.
"It's a tough job, son. Build your
people skills." Yeah, thanks, Dad.
That's it.
Proximity alert.
Something's coming.
Where does that tunnel lead?
Well, it connects to
the rest of the...
It's the T-Rex. It's the T-Rex.
Claire, it's the T-Rex.
It's the T-Rex.
Will you stop? It's
not the T-Rex.
- Probably.
- Probably?
Lava! Lava!
Deep breaths, Franklin...
- See? Not a T-Rex!
- This is bigger!
Claire, what do we do?
What do we do?
It's stuck! Chair!
Come on! Let's go.
Come on, Franklin!
We made it! Yeah!
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, Claire!
Yes, let's go!
Go! Go.
Get in!
We didn't die. We just
fell from a cliff.
We're alive! We're alive.
Franklin, move!
No, no, no!
Claire, we're gonna
sink, water's leaking!
We need to get out!
Franklin, watch out!
I wanna go home!
Owen. Owen!
Move. Move!
No, no, no...
Where is he going?
Okay, don't panic. Don't panic.
- We're not gonna make it, Claire.
- We are. We are.
Take a deep breath.
- Where's Zia?
- It was a double-cross. They took her.
She must be with Blue. Hey,
can you still track 'em?
Not anymore.
It was a lie.
It was a lie. Bastards!
It was all a lie!
Not all of it.
Move! Move!
Anything of value, I want out of here.
Let's go.
What are you doing?
Well just put it up and we'll tow it on.
Let's go!
Hey! Hey, hey, hey.
Wait up. Wait up. Stop that truck.
Stop it.
Hey, sweetheart. Hey, girl.
Hey, girl.
You're gonna feel that
when you wake up.
Hey, put your weapon down!
- They have Zia. They're loading out.
- They already have the dinosaurs.
Why do they need us?
They needed the tracking
system to capture Blue.
There she is. She
don't look good.
We need to get on that boat.
- The rock's good. We're safe on the rock.
- Just get up, Franklin.
All right, boat's good.
I'm on it.
Get on the boat! Get
on the boat now!
Get to that truck!
- Franklin!
- Hey, get that truck going.
- Are you okay?
- Am I dead?
Not yet, kid.
Come on! Give me your hand.
Hold on!
Mr. Mills? Your
visitor's waiting.
Mr. Eversoll.
It's a pleasure to meet you in person
after all this time. How are you?
Excuse me, where
are the dinosaurs?
The dinosaurs... are en route.
Oh, so am I supposed
to sell these ones?
You don't need to worry, okay?
They will be here soon.
I don't really work
with amateurs,
so I'm gonna contact my
buyers and call this off.
They will be here tomorrow and your
buyers won't be disappointed. Trust me.
Whatever their interest. Agricultural,
industrial, sport-hunting.
We will have something to suit them.
Eleven species.
Each with unique,
bio-pharmaceutical properties.
I estimate $4 million
per species.
$4 million is a slow
Tuesday where I'm from.
You're wasting my time.
You ready to make $100
million on a Tuesday? Huh?
All of this is in the past.
Now, I wanna talk to
you about the future.
I'll give you ten minutes.
The whole point of selling
the Isla Nublar dinosaurs
is to finance our
future operations here.
It's, uh... seed money.
Call it an overture to
something much more ambitious.
Yeah. And more
lucrative, I guess.
Right. We've reactivated
the old facilities,
updated the technology and imported the
best geneticists from around the world.
This operation has been
many years in the planning.
Genetic power is an
uncharted frontier.
The potential for growth is
more than you can fathom.
This way, please.
If the entire run of our sorry
history has taught us one
irrevocable lesson,
it's that man is
inevitably drawn to war.
And is willing to use any
means necessary to win it.
You're gonna weaponize them?
We've been using animals
in combat for centuries.
Horses, elephants.
The Soviets used disease-bearing rats
against the Germans in Stalingrad.
- Yes, yes.
- Our geneticists,
have created a direct descendant,
of Henry Wu's masterpiece.
The animal that took
down Jurassic World.
Indominus Rex.
Her DNA, retrieved
from the island,
way before its destruction,
forms the architecture
of a completely new creature.
Every bone and muscle designed
for hunting and killing.
And thanks to Owen Grady's research,
it follows human command.
We call it, the Indoraptor.
Grandpa? Grandpa?
- Grandpa.
- Maisie.
What are you doing up?
There was a man here today, with Mr.
It was probably just some business
about the Century, is all.
I heard them talking.
They're going to sell the dinosaurs.
They're bringing them here.
I'm sure you misunderstood.
- I know what I heard, Grandpa.
- Maisie...
it's way past your bedtime.
Let's talk about
this in the morning.
- But...
- Maisie.
I'll find out tomorrow.
Go to bed.
- Good night.
- Good night, my heart.
Hold on. Just a little longer.
Oh, my God, you guys are alive!
Look what they've done to her.
- Who are these assholes?
- Animal traffickers.
Look how they're treating them. They're
not gonna take them to a sanctuary,
- they're gonna sell them.
- Not Blue.
- They need her for something else.
- Like what?
I don't know, but she's...
She's hemorrhaging and I don't have
instruments to keep her alive.
Claire, come here.
Put your hand here.
Steady pressure.
Hey, hey.
I can't take the bullet out without
a transfusion from another animal.
Which one of you guys
know how to find a vein?
I did a blood drive
with Red Cross.
Great! Okay.
Franklin, you take
over for Claire.
- No, no, no, no, no...
- Franklin! Now!
Steady pressure.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
Is it in my mouth? Did
it get in my mouth?
- Sure?
- You're good.
All of the animals
should be sedated.
Look for any type of () their blood
type should be close enough.
Look for carnivores, with two or
three fingers. No more than three.
I think there is one on board.
You've got to be kidding me.
She's tranqed.
Okay, okay. I got it, come on.
Are you okay?
I'm okay!
Come on.
- You're gonna have to do it.
- I can't
The skin is too thick, I'd have to use
both hands to put pressure on the vein.
- You gotta do it.
- I, I can't, I can't reach...
You're gonna have
to climb up there.
Oh, I'm not...
I'm not gonna climb up there.
You'll be okay. It's
like riding a bull.
Riding a bull? I didn't grow up in
a rodeo or wherever you came from.
She's asleep now. I can't say that she's
gonna be asleep a minute from now.
- So, get up.
- Okay, fine.
Oh my God, she stinks. Jesus!
Good job.
You're making this
look totally normal.
You're gonna have to jam it in here.
It's really thick skin.
One, two...
It's working.
Who left this open?
I got it.
The bars!
I can get through here. Come on.
Jump! Owen!
Did you see that?
Please tell me you
have the blood.
This is Delta. She is one of
the four little therapods.
One of the survivors
from the second group.
Now, watch this.
If I show any sign of
weakness, whatsoever...
You see that?
Day 176. Blue is showing
unprecedented levels of compliance.
Here I am with Blue.
She's a therapod
from a new group.
If I show signs of weakness...
I'm okay.
She's pretty extraordinary.
displaying levels of
interest, concern,
cognitive bonding...
See that?
Tilting her head, she's
playing for us...
Increased eye movement,
she's curious.
She's showing empathy.
Okay, I'm gonna make an incision
on her leg to remove the bullet.
It's a lot of muscle tissue.
She's gonna be okay.
Blue is the key.
You have Blue...
You'll get these raptors
to do anything.
You're sure she'll live?
If it dies, we have
blood samples.
No, that's not good enough. The
raptor is a behavioural specimen.
- We need her in good health.
- I didn't shoot the damn thing.
What do you want me to do, huh?
You don't have the faintest
comprehension of what I'm doing here.
Do you understand the complexity of
creating an entirely new lifeform?
No, but I understand the
complexity of paying for it. Okay?
All your money will have been wasted if
I don't get Blue here in good health.
To get the next iteration
under control,
it needs to form a familial bond
with a closely related genetic link.
- English, Henry.
- It needs a mother!
Blue's DNA will be part of the
next Indoraptor's make up.
So it will be genetically coded
to recognize her authority
and assume her traits.
Empathy. Obedience. Everything the
prototype you have now is missing.
- Okay, so how long is this gonna take?
- It's not a sprint, Mr. Mills.
- It's a marathon.
- Marathon sounds expensive.
Besides, time is running out
and so is my patience, Henry.
You have to understand. This
is all uncharted territory.
A wolf, genetically, is barely
distinguishable from a bulldog.
But within that gray area....
is heart.
Spare me the poetry, Henry. Can you do it?
Can you do it?
Yes, I can do it.
Well then, do it!
Thank you.
God, you brainy asshole.
Hey, hey! Maisie!
What is that? What is it?
Keep her in there, and
keep the door locked.
- You want to keep her locked in?
- That's exactly what I want.
Sir Benjamin needs
to see her now.
I believe it's important.
We're here.
She got a heartbeat?
Yeah. Do you?
We need blood samples.
I'm not here to help you
reset the food chain,
so take your own damn samples.
What a nasty woman.
- What the hell is going on?
- I was...
I needed an extra pair of hands.
He volunteered.
- You deck crew?
- Aye-aye.
We're logging out. Follow me.
Does that mean we're leaving the ship?
Right now?
That means what that means.
Now get moving. Come on, follow me!
- Shit!
- Oh, no.
He's not gonna make it.
- We have to help him.
- Stay here. I'll get him.
There's no time. Let's go.
Roll out!
Where are they taking them?
We're about to find out.
Lockwood's Estate?
He must have one big-ass garage.
Did you really think you
could get away with it?
In my own house.
You entrusted me.
To guide your fortune
into the future.
- I have done that.
- Damn you!
Pick up that phone.
I want you to call the police.
It'll be easier if the
story comes from you.
As you say, sir.
You know, I've been thinking...
John Hammond was right.
It was an unholy
thing that you did.
I'm not the only guilty
one here, am I, sir?
We hit that town and we call
the cavalry to shut this down.
Hello. You should've
stayed on the island.
Better odds.
Hi, Claire.
I just wanted to
come and apologize.
I didn't want to bring
you into any of this,
but it was the only way
that we can get the raptor.
And we needed it.
Come on.
So, what?
This is it?
I mean, you're a smart guy who started a
foundation to cure cancer. But instead, you...
- Sell endangered species?
- I saved these animals.
You betrayed a dying
man for money.
Claire, I admire your idealism, but
we both exploited these animals.
At least, I have the
integrity to admit it.
- I never, ever did anything remotely illegal.
- You authorized the creation of the Indominus Rex.
You exploited a living
thing, in a cage, for money.
How is that different?
Huh? And you.
The man who proved raptors
can follow orders.
You never thought about the
applications of your research, Owen?
How many millions a trained
predator might be worth?
You two...
You're the parents
of the new world.
Hey! Let him go.
- Owen?
- I think I'll break it.
Let him go.
Claire, it's....
Say the word, we
got them, Mills.
Well, as far as everybody else is
concerned, they burned up on the island.
Looks like a full house.
Roger that.
- Good evening.
- Good evening, good evening.
Welcome. Welcome.
This guy, he's Ricky Rathrow.
Darius Pharmaceuticals.
And the guy in the beard? He's
a proxy for Gregor Aldorich.
Slovenian arms dealer.
Well, he only wants carnivores.
Two of them.
Looks like Lockwood's gonna
have a very good night.
Will he be joining us?
That's very unlikely.
Grandpa, wake up.
Grandpa, wake up. Wake up!
It's over.
What a tragedy.
I suppose now he's gone,
- you'll be looking for another situation.
- No.
Maisie needs me.
I am her guardian now.
What she needs is no
longer your concern.
You don't understand
her the way I do.
I understand her value.
But I raised her.
I raised...
both of them.
- Please, Mr. Mills.
- Goodbye, Iris.
Do you remember the first
time you saw a dinosaur?
First time you see them,
it's like, a miracle.
You read about them in books.
You see the bones in museums.
But you don't really believe it.
Kind of like myths.
And then you see...
the first one alive.
This is not your fault.
- But it is.
- No.
This one's on me.
I showed them the way.
Now, listen.
You and I are gonna have plenty
of time to talk about this later.
- If there is a later.
- Yes, there is.
I got a cabin to finish.
What is that?
Well, look who just woke up.
We're getting out of here.
Welcome, ladies, gentlemen...
To this extraordinary evening.
Let's dive right in,
with lot number 1.
The ankylosaurus.
This is a herbivorous quadruped.
Late Cretaceous.
This is one of the largest
armored dinosaurs.
Known by paleontologists
as a "living tank".
- What are you doing?
- Save it.
- Are you sure about this?
- Nope.
I have $4 million dollars.
Anyone with 5?
$5 million. $5 million.
Do I hear 6?
$6 million. Thank you. Any increase on six?
Seven. $7 million.
$8 million. $9 million on the phones.
Do I hear $10 million?
$10 million. Once, twice...
Sold! To the gentleman from Indonesia.
Lot number 2, ladies
and gentlemen.
Juvenile Allosaurus.
A fierce and
aggressive predator.
Wonderful. Wonderful.
Hey, hey you! Look
at me, look at me!
You're welcome.
Hey! Wait. Please, please, wait.
That's Lockwood's granddaughter.
Hey. Hey, kid.
You wanna come
down out of there?
Do you remember me?
My name is Claire. What's yours?
- Maisie Lockwood.
- Maisie.
This is my friend, Owen.
I saw you, with the velociraptors.
And Blue.
Oh, yeah?
You like dinosaurs?
So do I. Tell you what, you
come on down from there,
I'll tell you everything you
need to know about Blue.
That sound all right?
Alright. Yeah. Come on down.
We need some help finding
your grandfather.
Can you take us to him?
You made it down here
all by yourself, huh.
Brave kid. Looks like
you could use a friend.
He's gone!
So listen, I'll tell you what.
We're just about to go and find our
friends and then get the heck outta here.
You wanna come with us?
We could use a friend, too.
And now, ladies and
gentlemen, that we are
halfway through the evening...
We'd like to offer a
special treat to our
discriminating buyers.
This evening, we will preview,
a new asset that we've
been developing.
A creature of the future,
made from pieces of the past.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please be warned.
This is the perfect blend of the
two most dangerous creatures...
that have ever walked the earth.
We call it...
The Indoraptor.
The perfect weapon
for the modern age.
Built for combat.
With tactical responses more
acute than any human soldier.
What is that thing?
They made it.
Mr. Mills, and the other man.
What man?
Designed by Mr. Henry Wu...
Its' intelligence quotient
comparable to the velociraptor.
Bio-specs include
hyper sense of smell,
trained to respond to a pulse
coded, laser-targeting system.
Enabling it to isolate and track
prey in complex environments.
Now first, your laser
sets the target.
Once locked on, the acoustic
signal triggers the attack.
This animal is relentless.
Now, modifications are
still being made.
$20 million!
Well, this is a prototype.
Not for sale.
Well, it is still a
prototype, but...
$24 million.
$25 million!
Do I hear 26?
That thing can't
leave this building.
Any advance on 26? $27 million!
What are you doing? This
animal is not for sale.
Let them have it. We have
to give them a taste.
- He's a prototype.
- This prototype is worth $28 million right now.
Relax. We'll make some more.
So will they.
Hey, buddy.
You thinking what I'm thinking?
Once, twice, sold!
To the Russian from...
Congratulations for purchasing
this magnificent animal...
Get this thing out of here!
Mills, where are you?
I want my bonus.
Holy cow. What are you?
I didn't see you on the island.
You are a tough guy.
Look at that beauty.
You're some kind of hot-rod.
With pretty teeth.
This will make a perfect
centerpiece for my necklace.
Open up...
Move ! Move!
You two, deserve each other.
Maisie, come with me.
You got your money. Walk away.
What are you gonna do, huh?
We're gonna stop this.
- All of it!
- How?
What, you're gonna go back in time
before Hammond decides to play god?
You can't put it
back in the box!
- We have to try.
- It's too late.
Maisie, come.
So, you're gonna take
care of her now? Huh?
You have no idea what she is.
What do you think drove Hammond
and Lockwood apart, huh?
Lockwood never had a grandchild.
He just wanted his
daughter back.
And he had the technology.
He created another.
He made her again.
Come on!
Get this to Mills. Be very careful.
It's extremely valuable.
You, I need blood samples
from the raptor.
Don't just stand
there like an idiot!
Get me 50 cc carfentanil and a
lobotomy kit. It's right there. Now!
Come on. Come on.
I need this raptor's blood.
Sure. Go ahead.
Where is that kit?
Okay, now listen to me.
It's better if we cooperated.
But I'm gonna get this blood,
- With or without your help.
- This blood's contaminated.
I designed this animal myself.
It's pure. Every cell of
her body was created in a
most controlled environment under
the most demanding conditions.
Yeah, but I did an intravenous
blood transfusion with a T-Rex,
so, it's a sock drawer in there.
You what?
Hold, stop! What are you doing?
Saving your life.
Don't move.
Now, step away from that cage.
Run. Run!
You see that?
That's hydrogen cyanide. If it reaches the
containment level, it will kill them all.
The ventilation system is down.
Can you bring it back up?
The server's unresponsive. I
have to reboot the whole system.
- So reboot it.
- I'm trying.
- Franklin, we don't have time.
- I know, I know, I know.
Go! Go!
You're okay. Put pressure on it.
Don't look at it. Look at me.
- You have to go find her.
- I can't leave you here.
Go, I'll be fine.
Maisie, stay down!
Follow me. I know a
way on the outside.
Come on.
Come on!
This way!
I got you.
What the hell?
Hey! You good?
- Yeah. You?
- Nope!
Hey, we have a problem downstairs.
I need you to come see this.
They're all dying.
The blast damaged the
ventilation system.
We did everything we could.
I can open the gates from here.
Claire, be careful.
We're not on an island anymore.
You press that button,
there is no going back.
We can't let them die.
I had to.
They're alive.
Like me.
Hey, girl.
It's okay. She won't hurt us.
Blue, come with me.
We'll take you to a
safe place, okay?
How many times do you
have to see the evidence?
How many times must
a point be made?
We're causing our
own extinction.
Too many red lines
have been crossed.
And our home has, in fundamental
ways, been polluted by
avarice, and
political megalomania.
Genetic power has now been unleashed. And
of course, that's gonna be catastrophic.
This change was inevitable, from the moment we
brought the first dinosaur back from extinction.
We convince ourselves that
sudden change, is something that
happens outside the normal order
of things, like a car crash.
Or that it's beyond our control, like a fatal illness.
We don't conceive of sudden,
radical, irrational change as
woven into the very
fabric of existence.
Yet, I can assure you,
it most assuredly is.
And it's happening now.
Humans and dinosaurs are now
gonna be forced to co-exist.
These creatures were
here before us.
And if we're not careful,
they're gonna be here after.
We're gonna have to adjust to new
threats that we can't imagine.
We've entered a new era.
Welcome, to Jurassic World.
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