Just a Stranger (2019) Movie Script

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
When was your last confession?
Grade six.
Early '90s, Father.
Sorry, Father, what's the...
-What's the next step?
-Your sins.
Confess your sins.
Start with mortal, then venial.
Sorry again, Father.
What counts as mortal
and what counts as venial sins?
Just confess your sins.
I'll tell you which is which.
I've been cheating on my husband
with a man half my age.
Why didn't your phone ring, Kim?
It did.
But I think I turned it off.
Then I fell asleep again.
I told you, "Let's drink just a bit."
Let's go. Our tour bus is leaving
without us.
Where's Mae? Still in the bathroom?
She isn't here.
Gosh, Mae, why are you not dressed yet?
My body is still in pain.
Have you taken medicine yet?
It hasn't kicked in yet.
Oh, what about your tickets.
You want to see the Pena Palace, right?
That's a lot of walking. Go ahead.
Your tour bus might leave without you.
Hi, dear! How's Madrid?
Dad, I'm in Lisbon.
Oh, yeah, I forgot.
I can't keep up with your trips anymore.
Read my texts to keep up.
You know I'm not into gadgets.
Is it fun there?
It'd be more fun if you were here.
Someday, dear. We'll find time.
Okay. Soon?
We'll see.
-I'm sorry.
I saw you from over there,
and I thought you'd passed out.
You were checking me out?
What? No, no, no, no!
I mean... Well, not on purpose.
I just... I accidentally--
So, if I didn't look like
I was about to pass out,
you'd just ignore me
and gaze at something else?
I'm okay, though. Thank you.
It's Jericho, by the way.
Can I help you, Jericho?
I just...
I just wanted to ask...
Are you Pinoy?
How did you know?
Well, sometimes, you just know.
Not physically. Don't get me wrong.
But, sometimes, Pinoy people give off
a certain non-verbal gesture
that gives away that they are Pinoy.
Oh, sorry. Your English too.
-Seems like you're nervous.
I don't want to bother anyone.
Hey, boy, relax.
Just relax.
I'm sorry to ask,
but what are you doing in Portugal?
Tourist. What about you?
My dad is an ambassador
for the Philippines here.
We've been here
for almost more than a year.
So, if you want to see a tourist spot
or destination, I'm your guy.
What's the fee?
Thanks for the offer. I'm okay.
Okay, have a good time, Big Sister.
Wow, really? "Big Sister"?
Well, I didn't get your name.
It's Mae.
Enjoy Portugal, Mae. Bye, ma'am.
I'm here at Torre Beach.
I'm bored at the house.
I'll see you tonight for dinner.
I wanna see your pictures.
Okay. Bye.
Looking for something?
I'm just checking if I left something.
Not interested?
It's a free guided tour.
Will you do me no harm?
And why would I want to be jailed here?
Well, you do have diplomatic immunity.
Well, you have point.
But, still, Dad is the first
to represent the Philippines here,
so, by extension, I am, too.
Of course, I wouldn't want
to give the motherland a bad name.
Why do you want to give me a tour?
You're Pinoy.
Thought I was your type.
You're like an aunt to me.
Fuck you!
I just wanna show you
how beautiful Lisbon is.
I promise,
I'll get you back home safe and sound.
How about that?
I have to be back by dinner.
So let's go!
Lisbon is one of the oldest cities
in the world.
I think it's older
than Rome, London, and Paris.
As in, older by centuries.
Yeah, I've read it on Wikipedia.
That one, what's that?
Arco da Rua Augusta.
It was made
to commemorate the city's reconstruction
after it was struck
by the great Lisbon earthquake.
Why are you laughing again?
We were just here yesterday.
I thought you were gonna show me
something new.
Okay, fine.
-Carmo Convent?
-Santa Justa Lift.
-Yesterday also.
Okay, this one. Museum of Art
Architecture and Technology.
The day before yesterday.
Come here.
Beautiful, isn't it? Actually, I like it
here more than in America.
You grew up in America?
Dad was an ambassador there
before Portugal.
Actually, I should've stayed
in Washington to finish my degree,
but I got expelled.
-'Cause I wasn't attending class.
I can't understand AB Political Economy.
Anyway, haven't you come here
to Rossio Square yet?
We went, but not long enough.
You know,
my friends love the mall, palaces.
You? Don't you like palaces?
Well, I'm amazed.
But I don't know. I mean, for me,
if it has no tourists,
it's not fun at all.
I don't like that.
I don't like. That's just me.
I think I know where to take you.
They call this Rua Nova Do Carvalho.
But now they call it Pink Street.
Usually, paid tours here in Lisbon
bring you to the museums,
castles, things like that, but,
if you really wanna see
or rather experience life,
this is the best place to be.
So why is the street pink?
Okay. This used to be
a red light district.
I think, back in 2011, the government
decided to rehabilitate the place.
That's why they removed
seedy establishments like brothels,
like that,
and they colored the street pink.
And look at it now.
Proof that there is salvation
even for the sinful.
Are you tired?
What are you, a senior citizen?
Hey, boy! You're only 15.
Of course, you're still strong.
Seriously? You look at me as being 15?
The truth?
You know,
you've been making fun of my age.
Now that I'm annoying you,
you can't take it?
You're so weird.
I think you're the only person I know who
gets offended when thought to be younger.
'Cause, when they see you as younger,
they think you can't take control.
You're indeed young.
Excuse me. I'm already 19.
-And I'll be 20 in seven months.
-You're only 19.
A 19-year-old boy can do more.
Like what, play Mobile Legends?
That's all?
Let's go to your place.
I'll show you what I can still do.
I'm serious.
How much?
I'm not a red boy.
Are you gonna pay me?
-Are you a--
-Oh, my gosh, it's a joke.
You're so slow.
We can't go to my place.
My friends are there.
Well, then you guys can take turns on me.
I can go all night.
Or we could just check in.
Somewhere we can be alone.
I'm sorry. I promised to bring you home
before dinner.
My friends Kim and Vian must be panicking
by now.
Wait. I'll just message them.
So what's your excuse?
I'll tell them
I met with my friends from elementary.
That's how gullible your friends are?
Why not introduce me
as some random Pinoy that you met.
And that we were together the whole night?
Yeah, right.
You're sexy.
I know.
How about me?
Why are you so sensitive?
Is it that hard for you
to reciprocate a compliment?
I just had sex with a stranger
in a foreign land
at the expense of dinner with my friends.
Take a hint.
You know, you're just like Febbie.
You're fond of doing that to my head.
You guys think it's cute, but it's not.
I hate it.
My girlfriend.
So you're cheating.
Well, technically,
we haven't seen each other
for more than a year.
Yeah, but that doesn't mean
you can just...
Never mind.
Look. I'm sorry.
I should have told you that I have
a girlfriend before this thing happened.
It's okay.
It's not just you who's in a relationship.
So we're both cheaters?
Seems so.
no one should know this,
Do you regret it?
-Well, it sounds like you are.
No, it's just that...
It's just that I don't want any trouble.
I don't want anyone to get hurt.
I mean,
this is just a one-time thing, right?
We're gonna pay for this.
Let's eat.
Come on.
I'll just bring that to Kim and Vian.
Okay, just one.
That's why you're sexy.
You know what?
The view here at night is so nice,
especially when the lights are on
in the houses and the streets.
You'd just be staring at them.
So what are you implying?
We'll wait here until night?
Well, obviously,
having me as company is not enough
to convince you to stay here.
So all I'm saying is,
the view here is so wonderful at night.
So annoying!
No, but, really,
I can't. My friends will hate me.
thank you for everything or...
How is it?
So are we through
seeing each other after this?
My dad's duty here
is coming to an end soon.
And that means
I'll be going back
to the Philippines soon.
We are going to forget each other
after a few days,
and we'll be strangers again in no time.
"Forget each other."
What are you, senile?
Look. I really have to go.
Let's go.
You can go ahead.
I'll wait till night. I'll just be here.
You know, that'll come later,
and you've seen it several times.
Sometimes, things are so beautiful,
you only have to experience it once.
I have to go.
You know what? Why don't you just invite
your girlfriend here in Lisbon?
So you won't get bored.
She's busy with school.
You, why don't you invite
your boyfriend here?
-So you won't look for men to do the--
-The what?
May I see the pictures?
Hey, let's eat.
I'm okay.
How was your it with your elementary
school friends? You just got home now?
We had a wonderful conversation,
so I slept in their guest room.
So how was the Pena Palace?
Gosh, the architecture is stunning.
Kim was not amazed.
She said it's just like a resort
in Bulacan.
That's true.
But I like the inside.
I like the rooftop too.
We spent lots of time taking pictures,
and the tourists were looking at us.
Because no matter what...
That's the first time I ever cheated
on my husband, Father.
How old is the man again?
Anyway, it doesn't matter.
What you are doing is adultery.
And what was said in Exodus,
Chapter 20, verse 14?
"Thou shall not commit adultery."
That is a mortal sin, ma'am.
why do you say "ma'am" to me?
I'm only 26.
Actually, this is the first time
I hear a confession.
You are the very first.
always remember that God loves you,
sin and all.
And I'm sure
the reason you decided to confess is
because you are repentant of what you did
and you don't have plans
to cheat on your husband again.
Are you okay...
Lady? Big Sister?
We met again.
That's the thing, Father.
If you experience a rare coincidence,
you feel like
there are higher cosmic forces
that guide or manipulate you,
that intentionally push you into
a situation you've been avoiding.
The only goal I have here, Charlene...
...is to give him a sense
of responsibility.
My God,
it's so hot here in the Philippines.
Oh! Your skin is already used
to the weather in Lisbon, Col. Rufi.
But what if your son is a jerk?
I can't fire him because, technically,
he doesn't work here.
He has no need of credits for school.
If you need to scold him, do it.
Report him to me if he's unruly.
Actually, Judy and I don't know what to do
with him anymore.
He seems...
Seems dispassionate.
Hey, children!
Get away from there!
Jek. Jek-Jek, come here.
-Come here. Kiss your godmother's hand.
-Never mind. It makes me feel old.
-Hi, Ninang!
He only reached my navel before.
Yeah, I wish he would man up as he grows.
Jek-Jek, are you ready for your first day?
Charlene, go ahead inside.
I'll just talk to him.
We'll just talk. We'll follow afterwards.
Straighten yourself up here.
You asshole.
You didn't behave in Tokyo.
You didn't behave in Washington.
You didn't behave in Lisbon.
Straighten up here. If not...
Yes, Dad.
Warren, bro.
Head Tourism Operations Assistant.
With me are Dorian, Nat, Liz.
Okay. Guys, teach Jek-Jek.
Yes, ma'am.
Can you just call me Jericho?
Can you?
Okay, have fun.
Yes, ma'am.
All right.
Okay, so it's 10:00 a.m. now.
At 3:00 p.m., our guests will stop
over here... The VIPs,
who are with Gov.
This rail station is a part of
the Ferrocarril de Manila-Dagupan.
That is the first railway system
in the Philippines,
made in 1892.
So it's a bit historic, isn't it?
Excuse me. Where is the bathroom here?
-There's one outside.
-Thank you. Thank you.
-Excuse me. Where's the restroom?
-There's one outside.
Thank you.
-Excuse me
-CR is outside.
Thank you.
It's nice to see you.
I thank you for seeing me.
I have told everybody the project.
Ms. Cha is calling you.
She wants to see you.
Look at this.
I have been sending emails,
but they bounce back, Jek-Jek.
What do I do?
The email address might be incorrect.
No, that is correct.
Wait a second. I'll check.
Renewable energy is the future.
-In 50 years, there'll be no more oil.
-Fifty years? We'll both be dead by then.
What about your children
and your grandchildren?
Here, the land is not a problem
for your province.
You can see in NLEX.
But can you imagine one big solar fire?
Yeah, but what about our agriculture?
Looking for something?
This is where you work.
No, my dad's just putting me
through some informal internship
while I'm not in school
What's up with you?
I just went with Phil.
He has business meetings in the area.
So his name is Phil.
He's trying to earn a favor from
the Governor so he can get huge land here.
Wait. That wasn't there
when we were in Lisbon.
Your ring.
I've had this 13 years already.
-But you didn't wear it in Lisbon.
-I was wearing it.
Come on, Mae. I saw and touch
every inch of your body that night.
Shut up!
We both agreed that no one should know.
Can you put this in the trash?
If you really are married,
why did you go with me
when we were in Lisbon?
I was only after the free guided tour.
-Oh my God, Jericho.
Are you really that naive?
Things like that happen, especially
between two unhappy attractive people.
Don't analyze it anymore.
As you could see when we were in Lisbon,
and you were in a relationship.
I just didn't expect that--
Never mind. You have a free day this week?
Why? Are you inviting me out?
If you want.
Phil and I have an appointment in Manila.
-What about another day?
-Not happening again.
Whatever is in your mind,
whatever you fantasize about,
that's enough.
What happened in Lisbon
was a one-time thing.
I just want to make friends.
Yeah, right.
Just like how you wanted to show me
the beauty of Lisbon?
-Here you are.
-Are we leaving?
-Yes, I've been looking for you.
Please put that in trash.
Boy, can you please put this
in the trash also?
-Let's go.
Mae, we're late for the event.
Get up.
Who's going there, Daddy?
The usual worthless sort.
Some Mindanao politicians and businessmen.
Are you having an FMS attack again?
Take your painkiller before you go.
Go. Get dressed.
We'll go home early
so you can get some rest.
Who's that?
That's Phil Pimentel.
Of Pimentel Sonic Power.
You know, we can all agree
to disagree about the politics,
but the fact is Mindanao is now getting
international attention.
You know Mr. Mortiz, I have friends
from Taiwan who are seriously looking
at Mindanao as a place
to put up their new businesses.
Didn't the Marawi crisis
scare off foreign investors?
Of course, it did.
I hope that will not happen again.
Well, it's a shame because Mindanao
has vast natural resources.
So, to those who are from Luzon,
is it okay with you
if martial law is extended there?
Let's not go there. I mean,
let's try to keep this a fun night.
Why, Mr. Pimentel?
Didn't you think my question was fun?
I haven't had the pleasure
of being introduced.
You are?
Hilda. Hilda Sarsuelo.
And who's your husband?
Why don't you ask me first
what my enterprise is?
And it is?
La Olacade.
We put sardines, squid, tuna in cans,
even the flesh of our enemies.
And for the special ones, we may even
and wrap it up and put a bow on top.
Hilda once chaired
the SOCCSKSARGEN Business Council.
She's one of the most
powerful businesswomen in Mindanao.
Ah, Christy! Thank you so much.
But to answer your other question,
I don't have a husband.
I'm actually more interested
in making money than harboring men.
You, Mrs. Pimentel, what do you think?
About what? Sorry.
Well, about the business climate
in southern Philippines,
or the whole Philippines in general, lass.
Well, Mae has actually been suggesting
that we look at Mindanao
for our next solar plant.
Wow, that's a fantastic idea.
If I have leads, I'll contact Mae.
Do you have a card?
Well I... I have a card.
You can contact us both.
Well, I may just have what you want.
About two decades after the Spanish king
Alphonso XII issued a decree
for the establishment
of railway system in Luzon,
the first ever railroad in the Philippines
was inaugurated in 1892.
It was founded as Ferrocarril de Manila
Jek-Jek is a fast-learner, isn't he?
He's been here only one week, but he seems
to have been a tour guide longer.
Look at these high schoolers.
They're not listening!
He's hot. Lucky is her GF! Damn, so hot!
-Hey! Mrs. Cha is calling us.
-What about Jek-Jek?
Gosh, he can do it by himself.
Imagine, 797 kilometers of tracks
connecting La Union
all the way to Albay in the Bicol region.
But these days, I think the only one
functioning is the Tutuban to Calamba.
Why did the coverage of PNR
become shorter?
mismanagement, and damage
from a lot of calamities.
Do you guys wanna know one cool thing
about this Portugalization?
Yes, sir.
It became a stopover for Filipino
and American prisoners of war
during the Bataan Death March in 1962.
Excuse me.
-It's 1942.
1942. Yes. Sorry, ma'am.
Another fun fact.
Jos Rizal himself
got off the station in 1892
to meet up with some
La Liga Filipina recruits.
Okay, look behind you.
Just imagine,
Jos Rizal walking in the same building
as you guys are in right now.
The very next day,
Jos Rizal rode from the station
to allegedly go to Bacolor
to meet up with some woman
that he was courting.
Who among you can tell me the name
of the woman he was courting?
-Segunda Katigbak?
No. Yes?
-Josephine Bracken?
-No. Yes?
-Leonor Rivera?
Come on guys. Nobody knows?
Okay, whoever can tell me the name
will get a prize from me.
Go. Look it up. Look it up.
Yes, ma'am.
-Rosario Joven?
Good guess.
What's my prize, handsome?
Yes, ma'am...
Coconut juice later outside.
Take care.
Hope you guys enjoyed.
Bye! Bye!
Okay, ma'am. Take care.
Where's Phil?
Wait, wait, wait.
Let's go at the back.
It's a bit tight here.
You move later.
Okay, look. I'm staying at
Moonlight Condotel in Angeles.
-Room 1108. Just for a week.
-Hey, Warren. Where's Jek-Jek?
-Hello. Hi, ma'am, sir.
I think he's inside. Wait. I'll check.
I gotta go.
So you feel like he's tired of you?
I'm not ashamed, Father.
I know he didn't marry me
because he loves me.
Being married to a beautiful young life
surely must have boosted
his confidence back in the day.
You are his wife.
Having sex every night
to a beautiful woman
was a big plus for him, for sure.
I understood all of that.
May I ask, Father?
Why is it that,
when his business got successful,
he didn't seem to need me anymore?
Huge profits were enhancing
his self-confidence.
He had features on TV, in magazines,
being invited as a keynote speaker
at graduations.
He started yearning for things
beyond the physical.
Did you tell him about...
About a guy?
Not anymore.
'Cause I felt, Father,
it was enough that he had a general idea
I wasn't happy with my marriage anymore.
What did you tell your parents?
Well, I told them I was going to the mall
to watch a movie.
What time will your movie end?
Well, I can just say
I got the last full show.
When we were in Lisbon,
what did you tell your parents?
I told them
I was taking care of an old, ageing
Portuguese woman.
Look, if you think I'm ashamed of my age,
you're messing with the wrong woman.
The truth, what did you tell them?
What was your alibi then?
Okay, fine. We were in Lisbon then.
They were at the port that time.
So the tiger decided
to go to the beach to hunt for fun.
-I'm not like that.
-Oh, really?
-I'm not like that.
What's that?
That stinks.
Did you fart?
No, I didn't.
It stinks.
Sorry, we had lentil soup
in the house earlier.
-It was so good.
-So stinky.
That was what I tasted on your tongue.
-Come on, I brushed my teeth earlier.
I'm good here.
I'll just wait for a wheeler.
Are you safe here?
Of course.
I'll give them a flying kick if they want.
So when are we seeing each other again?
I'll just call you.
May I kind of have a favor from you?
Don't call or text me. I will call you.
As if I'm applying for a job, huh?
No, no, no.
It's just my parents.
You see, they sometimes
will always go through my phone.
It sucks.
So how do you watch porn?
Oh, my! Jek-Jek, you're such a kid.
Don't call me Jek-Jek.
What about you?
How do you intend to hide this from Phil?
He's not even looking.
Okay. Go home.
Bye, Jek-Jek.
You're annoying.
Take care.
San Fernando City is not only the capital
of the province of Pampanga.
It's also the regional center
of central Luzon.
It was named after
King Ferdinand VI of Spain.
Patron Saint Ferdinand III.
The Metropolitan Cathedral
used to be called
the Cathedral
of Our Lady of the Assumption.
It is now the seat
of the archdiocese of San Fernando.
Okay, you can take pictures here
before we go inside.
-How are you?
Well, I'm getting some rest. You?
My first guided tour outside the museum.
It's nerve-racking.
You can do it.
You know, if you don't know,
tell them you don't know.
I'm sure they'll understand.
Of course, I don't like that.
As their tour guide,
I wanna know everything about the place.
Google it.
I can't. I ran out of data.
Can I ask you to search?
Parts of a parol of San Fernando.
The San Fernando giant lantern
has four key elements.
This is called tambor.
This star shape is siku-siku.
This one is palimbun.
And lastly, we have the puntetas.
Sir, sir, how does it light?
Big Brother Ronnie will show us.
This is called rotor,
the heart of the lantern.
-This is how it looks.
-Wow, beautiful!
Beautiful, isn't it?
Big Brother, have a safe drive.
How was the tour?
It was okay.
I was able to answer their questions.
Glad you're enjoying it.
-I guess.
Jek-Jek is working so hard.
It's a shame that he isn't being paid.
It's okay, my friend.
He needs the experience
more than the money.
Charlene tells me
that people find you very charismatic.
Oh, really?
You'll be 21 in a few years.
You can run for councilor in San Fernando.
Not interested.
But you seem to be natural.
Not everyone has
a charismatic power, Jek-Jek.
At least, if you're going into politics,
you won't have to finish college.
Know what?
My parents are stressing me out.
Politics? They want me to go in politics.
I don't know the first thing about it.
I don't even know what a councilor does.
They make laws. Policies.
Yeah, I know, but what do I know about it?
I have no insight on it.
I mean, just because
I'm winnable or charismatic,
it doesn't mean that you can put me
in a world where I know nothing.
You know, sometimes, my dad,
I think he doesn't use his brain.
Then Mom will make
the situation even worse.
You, did your parents do the same
when you were young?
I don't wanna talk about the dead.
Look. If you really hate the idea so much,
then why not say no?
They were already like that
when I was younger.
And you know what's so irritating
about my mom?
Every time we're in the restaurant,
she'll ask me
"Jek-Jek, my son,
what do you want for a drink, OJ or soda?"
Of course, I'll say, "Mommy, I want soda."
Why not just say, "Oh, no, Jek-Jek,
soda is bad for you. Just take OJ
'cause it's good for your body."
No matter what I choose,
I always have to follow their order.
You know, it's irritating that
they treat me like a girl.
Hey, don't be sexist.
One other thing,
dry yourself. The floor gets wet.
I know, but put yourself in my situation.
Can you throw that to me?
You know that you are a man,
mature enough.
You've already hit puberty.
You can even make a baby,
but they still baby you.
-Fuck them!
Fuck you.
Fuck all of us.
Stop it.
Stop, you're wet.
You want this, huh?
Stop it. Stop
-Jek, stop it.
-Come here.
Stop it.
Let's go!
So where's Phil?
He's in Mindanao, looking for land.
You didn't go with him?
He didn't want me to go.
What if he comes back?
What do you mean?
How will this work?
What will happen to us?
I don't know.
Is this the first time
you cheated on Phil?
I mean, before me, were there...
What was your response?
I had no response.
But what is the answer?
There's no other.
He's the only one.
The truth?
I confessed here, Father.
Shall I not confess the truth?
Maybe the reason...
The reason I didn't tell him that time
is because I don't wanna show him that...
That he's special to me.
Even though in reality he is?
I wasn't sure yet then.
Maybe he was just horny.
When did you last see each other?
A week after that, Father,
when my husband was still out of town.
I rented a townhouse close to him.
What happened?
I was throwing up.
The FMS.
The what?
Don't you mean PMS?
I'm sorry, Jek-Jek.
I bothered you.
Don't you take medicine for that?
I've taken some,
but it hasn't kicked in yet.
Do I stink?
Sorry, I've not taken a shower yet.
Hey, don't worry about that.
Get some rest.
Gonna smell you.
Jek-Jek, Jek-Jek, no. That hurts.
Jek-Jek, you're nice guy.
You smell good.
Smells good.
You can leave me here.
Use your free day.
I'm no fun today.
I can't do it.
I came here for you.
Not for...
Not for anything else.
-Four pieces.
-Four hundred.
Big Sister, I'll just get two.
My money isn't enough.
-Here's your change.
-Thank you.
Come back again.
So sorry, it took time.
-What's that?
-Never had this when you were in Lisbon?
Cozido portuguesa.
Portuguese stew.
I'm okay. I can do this.
Are you sure?
I'll just pee.
Okay. Just don't lock the door, so,
if you need me, I'll be just here outside.
You're OA.
Fibromyalgia Syndrome, AKA FMS,
is a long-term condition
that causes pain all over the body.
People with FMS may also
have increased sensitivity to pain.
You have that?
Fatigue or extreme tiredness,
muscle stiffness, headaches,
and stomach pain,
problems with mental processes.
Hey, you have a mental illness!
Ouch, ouch.
She's getting crazy.
Do I look hot?
You look like a good boy.
How about now?
You're so silly!
I told you, I can't.
You don't have to do anything.
You're like a cat.
She's been asking me,
"Where is the best place to surf here?"
I think I told her thrice,
"Ma'am, this is San Fernando, Pampanga,
not San Fernando, La Union."
-She just want your attention.
-I don't know.
Well, then she succeeded.
Not only in getting my attention,
but also in pissing me off.
Fuck, I have to go.
Are you really setting an alarm
to go home?
I might forget.
-You still want this, or I keep it?
-No more.
Do you have work tomorrow?
Yeah, but I plan to escape
during lunch break.
And I can drop by here before home.
No one's picking you up anymore
at the museum?
Not anymore.
It's either they now trust me,
or they found something
more important than me.
Would you like me to bring you up
so you can get some rest?
Can we just see each after I get well?
I don't want this feeling,
like you're my caregiver.
I'm like a worthless old woman.
Aren't you really old?
Who will take care of you?
That's when I knew
he really cared about me, Father.
He wasn't only after sex.
What do you want aside from that?
Right, right.
Can I ask you something?
If you told your close friends
about your FMS attack
that particular week
you were staying in that townhouse,
don't you think they'd come
to support you?
I didn't want to bother them.
What about your husband?
Don't you think he'd help you?
Maybe out of duty or out of pity, yes,
but not because he loves me.
Is it not because
you want to test something
-that you only asked lover boy to come?
-I didn't force Jek...
I didn't force him to come
and take care of me.
It was just a coincidence
that I was in that situation.
It was his choice, Father.
Good afternoon.
Are you okay now?
When I woke up,
no more pain at all.
Thank you for your daily massages.
I think you have a healing power.
It seem like bad news to you.
You don't need me anymore.
You know,
if you want to cook, vacuum for me,
you're still welcome.
If your FMS faded today,
that means
you are not so sensitive to pain,
which means...
We can again?
-We can now.
-Stop it. Yes.
No. I have not showered yet.
I don't care.
I need to tell you something,
but I hope you won't be upset.
What? Your parents want you to go home?
No, not that, not that.
Febbie came back here
to the Philippines yesterday.
That Febbie.
She'll stay in San Fernando
starting tomorrow for her thesis.
How long?
One month.
So I can't see you, Mae.
Are you upset?
I don't want them to know when--
I understand.
I understand.
-I can't call you frequently.
-Yeah, I get it.
I get it.
-You're not upset?
-Not at all.
You promise?
My FMS has calmed down right on time.
So you'll have more time for her.
this is your first time seeing each other
after a long time, right?
-What did you get her?
What kind of a boyfriend are you?
This one. She loves interior design.
How much is this?
How much is it?
I'll look for another.
No, get it. I'll pay.
I promise I'll pay you the next time
we see each other.
Okay, let's go.
Sir, when you turn this,
make it slower so they can see the effect
of the light 'cause it's like--
Like that?
Jek-Jek, my son.
Mom, Dad, what's up?
We have a surprise for you.
I missed you.
Hey, guys, Febbie, my girlfriend.
She just arrived from the US.
Hi, welcome home!
Mom, Dad,
why did you bring her here right away?
I told Charlene.
Besides, Febbie is excited to see you.
Well, apparently,
my mom still goes through my stuff.
You can't blame her.
Not since she found weed on you in DC.
Jeki, I love it!
Thank you.
I'm sorry I didn't get you anything.
That's okay.
Come here.
Well, you...
Where did you...
We never kissed that way before.
Was it nice?
How did you learn it?
Fine, but it was freezing.
I'm sure.
Ma'am, let's take a picture.
Okay. You first.
Ready. Just a little picture.
Ready. One, two...
One, two, three.
Let's go.
Remember, we were always here before.
Take this, best friend.
There it is, yay!
Hey, Mae, can we drink all those?
Yeah, we can.
This is the last, promise. Come on.
That's the sake drinks I had earlier.
I am nauseous already.
Can't take it anymore.
Why don't you take water in between shots.
Drink water, here.
You are either too happy or too lonely.
Which of the two is it?
Are you and Phil fighting?
How would we fight?
We don't even see each other, right?
Right, Dyablita?
That's her name.
Dyablita, say hi!
Kim and Vian brought you home.
You can thank them later.
And your new doll.
Are you having your FMS?
We have a dinner with the Governor.
Get dressed.
Phil, I have talked to
a plantation owner in Bacolor.
The land size is exactly what you require.
So get it.
You could have at least acted interested
in what Governor Roy was saying.
You knew I had hangover,
and you still brought me along.
You knew you have FMS.
Why do you have to drink heavily?
-Are you single?
-I deserve to have fun.
Who is Jek-Jek?
You mentioned him many times
in your sleep this morning.
And Kim said,
when you were in the car,
that's also the name you were calling.
It's the doll.
The doll that I won
at the amusement center.
Yeah, right.
Who is Jek-Jek?
That's too hard.
Phil, what?
What are we doing?
Why are we even still together?
We obviously don't love each other.
Why are we enduring this?
That's how marriages are.
I'm seeing another man.
A younger guy.
Younger than me?
Younger than the both of us.
So you're into younger men now?
Well, you're into older women.
Women your age.
I know about Hilda.
I know you went to Mindanao for her.
She took your breath away
the moment you met her.
Well, Hilda is... Is feisty.
And her business wisdom is impressive.
Yeah, you like her.
Let's talk about this...
Do you only...
Only like him or something much more?
Something deeper.
Or you feel like you're in a...
trapped marriage,
and that's why you're drinking heavily?
Listen to me.
We all know you married me for my money.
But I don't care because you also know
that I married you for reasons
other than love.
Do you know what's different about us,
though we are both unfaithful?
I use my money when I do what I do.
That's why I find it unfair
that you'd use my hard-earned money
when you're not there yet
to sustain a relationship with the boy.
So if you want to continue seeing him,
I feel you should surrender that is...
technically mine.
My credit cards,
my debit cards,
my passbooks,
and even my car.
I will not fund your betrayal.
So you abandoned living in luxury
or a convenient life,
for a 19-year-old
who has not proven himself yet
and has another girlfriend?
Because I love him.
Just because a temptation
is right in front of you,
you don't have to grab it
whether somebody sees you or not.
See, when Eve was tempted by the serpent
in the garden of Eden--
Perhaps Eve wanted to be smarter,
so she bit from the fruit.
Will Adam make her his assistant? My God!
Remember the second commandment.
You knew it was wrong,
and you continued. See what happened.
What do you know?
You priests are forbidden to have partners
and now you're giving me a lecture!
And why are you here?
To repent, right?
-You seemed to be justifying.
-I know that it's wrong, Father.
But I need to repent
because I did love him.
Big Sister, can I ask something?
Where is this alley?
Oh, that is on the other side.
-On the other barangay.
Don't show off you phone.
It's not safe here.
Thank you.
I think that's the son
of the former consul.
I know he's gonna run for councilor.
My God.
He's our boss' opponent
from the other party.
Gosh, this is far. I've been going
back and forth, looking for your place.
At least you know now.
I'll just turn the fan up.
There we go.
What the fuck is this?
That's Dyablita.
She's cute.
So Febbie is in Bicol?
Yeah, for two weeks.
Did she like the book?
-Which one?
-The one we bought.
Oh, yeah, she loved it.
Mae, why are some women like that?
Febbie wants me to be with her in Bicol.
I said I didn't want to go
because, number one,
she'll be so busy interviewing people
for her thesis,
she'll have no time for me.
I can do nothing.
And number two,
I have work at the museum.
I told her, "Febbie,
I don't wanna go with you."
Then she got pissed with me.
She said I wasn't excited to see her.
If I were her, I'd be pissed too.
You should have explained
why you don't want to go.
Then promise her you'll make up.
when she comes back from Bicol,
invite her to Baguio,
go hiking in Batangas.
Is that how it is?
Not unless...
Come on!
I know you're saying something.
-Not unless...
It's nothing. I forgot it.
I know you missed me.
Just a bit.
What about this? Did you miss this?
There's a lot of that anywhere.
Look, Dyablita likes it so much.
-Uhm. Dyablita.
-Do it in the bathroom.
So in the bathroom. Are you sure?
Sorry that I asked you to come here
in my new place.
This is where I lived when I was still
a working student.
Who was the president at that time?
-Ouch, that hurts!
Not there.
So why do you stay here now?
The rent is cheaper.
You don't have money, right?
No more.
So how am I now?
I never had the courage to ask you.
What were you before you married Phil?
What do you think?
I don't know.
Just guess.
Flight Attendant?
You really are no good at lying, Jek-Jek.
Admit it.
-What are you thinking?
That is because...
What do you think is on my mind?
I don't know.
Let's just say
that is really what's on my mind.
Whatever you think that is.
Am I right?
It doesn't matter.
"Why not, Jek-Jek?
I really think that you should run."
You have the power to change society
and then the world!
"Oh, my God! Auntie Judy
and Uncle Rufi will be so proud."
Is that how she pretends to be bourgeois?
Yeah, really,
especially in front of my parents.
She thought I was impressed. Bitch.
Watch you language, Jek-Jek.
Why? It's true.
She really pissed me off, Mae.
My mom, my dad, Febbie.
They all pissed me off.
They force me to be their puppet.
You know, it's as easy as saying yes.
"This is not what I wanna do.
I'd rather do this."
Nope. That won't work with my dad.
I'll get a punch from him.
And my mom, oh, gee,
she'll start her drama.
She'll bring up again all she provided me
during my childhood.
What about you? Tell me more about Phil.
How did we even go to Phil?
Why not? We always talk about Febbie.
It's Phil's turn. Come on, tell me.
How did he become fucking rich?
Just Google him, Phil Pimentel.
Look. I don't wanna talk about him.
-Wanna dance?
-Are we moving?
This isn't like that bar.
Says who?
Let's go.
Let's go. Don't be KJ!
Sorry. Sorry.
I'm not going home tonight.
What about your parents?
Fuck them.
I have bad breath.
Me, too.
Hey! Stop it! You're a bully!
When you become a counsilor, you behave.
Stupid. I'd rather be a call boy
that go into politics.
What do you really want to do
in your life?
Diego Buuel.
Do you know him?
No? He has a series, Don't Tell My Mother.
Anthony Bourdain?
Not as a chef,
but travelling most of the time.
-Yeah, I know him.
So you know him?
When do you think the day will come
when we can be happy?
That sounds like this. Not hiding.
Aren't you worried
that Phil might learn about us?
Not anymore.
You, do you want me to be with you?
Why don't you break up with Febbie?
Mae, you know I can't, right?
Part of my parents' plan is, one day,
I'll marry Febbie.
Fuck you!
Fuck you, pathetic piece of shit!
You don't want people
to look at you as a child?
Well, guess what, Jek-Jek.
Part of growing up is making decisions
on your own
in spite of all the consequences.
And when those consequences come to you,
you face them
like a real man.
-You don't know what it's fucking like--
You told me a million times.
You're miserable.
They're fucking miserable.
Then why don't you fucking walk away?
I'm not gonna be a fucking sanctuary
to a troubled boy like you, Jek-Jek.
Jericho is my name.
Fuck this! I fucking hate this!
I don't like this anymore.
You know that
I want us to go at the mall together,
eat at a restaurant,
kiss passionately, no matter who sees us.
-We had a deal, okay?
Fuck that deal!
I don't deserve to be kept in the shadows
like a vice.
High and mighty for someone
who married a man for his fucking money!
Who fucking left all that money
for a spineless kid like you.
-Let go of me.
Mae, no.
-Let go.
Just tell me if you don't want me anymore.
I'll go.
I won't bother you anymore.
Didn't you understand what I've just said?
Okay, go ahead. Don't worry about me.
I'll just call you when I get home.
Don't bother.
You might get caught by your parents.
I'm not making you feel guilty.
I mean it.
Okay, bye.
everything that you said earlier hurt me.
It hurts, but it's true.
I'm sorry
if I made you feel insignificant.
But I promise I will do my best
to stand my ground next time.
I'm not as strong as you,
who can leave everything in an instant.
Mae, can you wait for me?
One week?
One month? One year?
I'll see you soon then, Jericho.
Wait, wait, Mae.
What's that?
It's a symbol of my promise.
Wheeler, sir?
I'm okay. Thank you.
You have a light?
Don't scream.
Sir, I don't have money.
Get my cell phone.
Okay, get it!
Don't resist.
If you need more capital for your online
business, Kim and I can lend you more.
This is enough, sis.
One more thing, and Peter might get pissed
you're lending his money.
Gosh, Peter won't be pissed.
He knows we're BFFs.
And what happened to you and Phil?
He has another woman?
I'm okay here.
-Excuse me.
Good afternoon, ma'am. Yes?
Are you still open?
-There's no more people around.
-It's late afternoon already.
You have visited here before, right?
Where are your co-workers?
They're on a guided tour
but will be here later.
All of them?
Are you looking for someone in particular?
When I first visited here, there was...
There was a tourist guide who explained
the train station history.
He's good, and good-looking, too.
So I was wondering if
he's available for gigs
for hosting, weddings, or pageants, or...
I'll just return on another day.
Jek-Jek is in the hospital.
He's been there for one week.
He was beaten up while walking home.
His watch was stolen,
cell phone, even his shoes.
What did he get?
Brain injury.
He was hit in the head with a 2x2 board.
-He's comatose.
-My God!
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I attempted to go to the hospital,
just so I could see him,
to know his condition.
But I didn't have the guts.
How do I introduce myself
to the people taking care of him?
If I were you,
I would introduce myself as a friend.
They know nothing.
I'm just saying, but I understand
that you're being careful.
It's torture, Father.
Wanting to be with the person you
love while he's on the verge of death,
but you can't...
'cause you're not officially allowed
to be visible in his life.
Eventually, Warren told me
that his parents decided to bring him home
so they could take care of him there.
He's in a vegetative state.
So I could monitor him,
I looked for and rented a vacant house
close to him.
It's the only way I could get close to him
without revealing myself.
-Is this Ms. Mae?
-Is the handbag still available?
I'll order three.
How much is the delivery charge in Lucena?
Sorry, there's no more handbag. Next time.
-Help me, Phil.
Of course. Right here. All right. Get up.
Till when do you plan to rent this house?
It's expensive.
As long as needed.
I intended to tell you not to pay anymore.
But I remember what I said last time.
That I won't finance your...
Your thing with Jek-Jek.
His name is Jericho.
As I've told you,
I'll pay you,
including interest if you want.
Well, I have to go. I have a meeting.
Just call if you have problems.
Was it you?
What are you talking about?
Tell me that you weren't the one
who ordered the assault on Jericho,
that you weren't the one who ordered
the three men to mug Jericho
so it wouldn't look like foul play.
What do I get to gain by the death of Jek?
I mean Jericho.
He's not dead.
But again, what do I stand to gain?
You tell me.
Shit happens, Mae.
Sometimes randomly.
He was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
But if you want to believe
that I have something to do with it,
go and try to prove it.
I'm sorry, Father.
I just came here
'cause I have no one to talk to.
But I hope no one will know this.
-Sorry, sorry.
Don't worry. There's a thing called
"seal of confession."
We should never disclose anything
we heard from the confession.
I need to go, Father.
-What do I need to do?
-Repeat after me.
"I'm sorry for this
and the sins of my past life."
I'm sorry for this
and the sins of my past life. What else?
Pray the Lord's Prayer
and ten Hail Mary's.
That's all?
Yes. Pray with me.
In the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Give thanks to the Lord for He is good.
Say this, "For His mercy endures forever."
For His mercy endures forever.
Like I often say,
Jek-Jek was so obedient.
It is true that, during his adolescence,
he had a life crisis.
He was looking for his place
in the society.
In the world.
Rufi and I guided him.
Until one day, he found passion
for public service.
His plan was for him,
when he's at the right age,
to go into politics,
starting with becoming a councilor
here in the city of San Fernando.
Jek-Jek was the type of son
who listened to his parents.
you can't avoid disagreements
every now and then.
Every family has that.
But what Judy and I love the most
about Jek-Jek is that
he processed the wisdom we imparted to him
and eventually saw things our way.
Sometimes, I used tough love
on him so he'd behave.
Yet you'd never hear him say
anything disrespectful.
Am I right, Charlene?
They say women mature earlier that men.
I'm not saying that's a constant
in this universe,
but our situation seemed like that.
Admit it, Auntie Judy, Uncle Rufi.
Much has been said about
the beloved Jek-Jek.
But I'm here to talk about him as,
sorry for the cheesy term,
his "baby girl."
It is true we frequently fought
when we were in Washington.
I tried to push him
to take his acad seriously,
but I failed, repeatedly.
But as a boyfriend,
he was always there.
Though he wasn't attending class anymore,
he made it a point to see me.
And he even granted my wish
not to engage in pre-marital sex.
Yes, Auntie Judy, we had that agreement,
and you should be very proud
'cause he never ever violated it.
Still, I was on the verge
of breaking up with him,
or at least a cool-off
on account of his delinquency.
But do you know
what stop me from giving up on him?
This Hiyama...
He gave me this book when I arrived here.
Jek-Jek, all these years,
he still knew my secret and my trust.
Jek-Jek is not fond of giving gifts, so,
when he gave me this book...
I don't know
if I'm just being melodramatic,
but I saw a person who can change,
or is actually in the process of changing.
For the better.
That's why
it pains me
that his life
ended in the middle of his metamorphosis.
Imagine the man Jek-Jek could've become.
The man I would have married someday.
Justice for Jek-Jek.
Thank you,
Febbie, for that bittersweet eulogy.
All right, this time...
I also have something to say about...
First of all,
stop calling him Jek-Jek.
He fucking hated that name.
It made him feel like a helpless kid.
he was really smart.
He had a huge potential.
You are right.
But do you know who or what held him back?
His parents.
He fucking hated the course
you made him do in Washington.
I mean, really? AB Political Economy?
Do you know your son?
Do you really know what he wanted to be?
-He wants to be a senator.
He fucking hated politics, Febbie.
He wanted to be a traveler.
He wanted to see the world,
meet people, document their lives.
He wanted to be like
an Anthony Bourdain or...
Fucking forgot his name,
but you should know these things, Febbie,
because you're his girlfriend!
But how can you?
You basically made yourself
his parents' representative.
Anything that they fucking want,
you enforce, you amplify.
You never asked him what he wanted to be!
All of you...
All of you,
you wanted to control Jericho's life.
And he was so fed-up with you.
Did you know that?
But he was really a good person.
Though he was fed up with you,
he didn't wanna disappoint you.
That was his basis for success,
that he would not disappoint you.
Fuck you!
And now Jericho is gone,
just when he finally decided
that he'll take control of his own life.
He'll follow what's really in his heart.
Just when he finally decided
to be with...
With whoever he wanted be with.
Miss... Miss...
Okay, ma'am, start your eulogy.
We'll sprinkle holy water later.
I mean, Jericho.
That was his actual name, right?
I never really got to know him.
Perhaps in my few encounters with him
in the museum...
I guess I can say that
he was a very good tour guide.
Look. I'm sorry. I...
I'm so sorry. I... I just...
I guess I just wanted to say this.
I guess I'm just affected, and...
I could also see that
he was very nice and had
a lot of potential.
Exactly how
his parents and his girlfriend
mentioned earlier.
Rest in peace, Jericho.
Who are you?
No one.
I'm just a stranger.