Just Add Love (2022) Movie Script

Mm, no.
My breakthrough
healthy brownie recipe.
My new cookbook comes
out in 16 weeks.
Hi, you hungry?
We've eaten.
April, good morning.
Oh, is this from
the focus group?
Yes, it didn't wow anyone.
Oh, well, you know, it actually,
it looks like they
didn't make it properly.
So what did they say?
Dense, bland,
tastes like sawdust.
Healthy never tasted so bad-
All right, that's enough.
Unfortunately, half of
the recipes came back
with negative feedback.
What about the other half?
Well, all of the
recipes need to work.
Right, well, I can revise them.
I'll, um, I'll simplify them.
It's not that, it's the recipes.
Look, your brownie
recipe on social media,
it made you an instant success,
and up and coming chef, but-
Maybe things
happened too quickly.
The last thing we,
our publishing house,
and you want to do is
release a debut cookbook
that's not even ready.
It'd be better to
wait, refine, you know?
Well, these are healthy recipes.
Well, it doesn't matter
if no one wants to eat them.
We'll postpone for now.
Well, wait, you, you're
canceling the book?
No, postpone, until you
have time to rethink things.
What happens if you don't
like what I make next?
Well, then the healthy
brownie recipe is
your one hit wonder.
There's no shame in that.
Um, no, I...
No, I'll, um, I'll start over.
I'll throw these out completely.
If you're not happy,
then I'm not happy,
and I know I could make way
better recipes than these.
The book is supposed to
go to press in eight weeks
and we need something
at four, and even then,
we don't know if it'd
be ready in time.
And it'd have to impress
the first focus group.
We did three groups on this
one, all of them a waste.
April, I love your
drive and your willingness
to rework the recipes, but
rushing it is not the way.
But, I mean, the book
has already been announced.
You know, people following
me online are expecting it.
Publishing schedules,
they change all the time.
No, I'll,
I will have something for the
deadline, something wonderful.
Like what, we have a lot to
do to plan for each cookbook.
We have marketing, store
placement, design, style.
Um, Italian, um, you know,
but not your Americanized
version of spaghetti and pizza,
real Italian home cooking
that the American
chef can make at home.
Okay, what about
the health factor?
You know, the substitution,
low cal thing,
that's very important
for your potential brand.
Absolutely, there's lots
that I can incorporate,
Real Italian, how do
you intend to do that?
Well, I have family
in Italy, actually.
All right then, four weeks.
After that, we
have to fill the gap
in the publishing schedule.
Absolutely, no, I,
I'll be ready, thank you.
We need to start looking
for backups to take her spot.
So they didn't like your recipe.
Don't take it so personally.
It's my career,
Mom, it's important.
Is this a real brownie,
or one of those fake ones?
Healthy, not fake,
and you liked it before.
That was before
I knew it had beans
and strange grains I've
never heard of before.
It's all in your head.
April's right.
Can't complain
when you don't cook.
You want to eat, you cook.
I'll cook, just
please, stop bickering.
Can you make that
casserole I like?
Souffl, and yes, I can.
So what are you gonna do
about your book, sweetie?
Start over, I have to.
But I don't have much time.
I was, um, I was
thinking I might
actually go visit
Uncle Derek in Italy.
Derek, why?
He was always
everyone's favorite uncle.
Well, that's because
he never married,
he never had kids of his own.
No, it's because I'm thinking
I might try an Italian angle.
It might be the only way
to save my publishing deal
at this point, and Italian's
known for the fine cuisine,
so it's perfect.
That's France.
No, Italy is too, Dad.
But the word cuisine
comes from France.
I read it in a book.
Don't shush me.
It was honestly the first
thing that came to my mind.
I was desperate.
Well, okay, then,
I'll call Derek.
Thanks, Mom.
Uncle Derek, hi.
April, hi.
Oh, it's so good to see you.
Wow, you too.
What's up with the sign?
Oh, no, I thought maybe
I wouldn't recognize you,
you know, but you
look exactly the same.
It hasn't been that long.
It has, come, this
way, let me take this.
Thank you.
This place is amazing.
Oh, yeah, it's an
investment property,
but it didn't flip the
way I thought it would,
so I'm staying in
it until I sell it.
Wow, this is beautiful.
Thanks, yeah, yeah, I
keep it ready to show.
Yeah, Mom mentioned that you
did something in real estate,
but I had no idea that
you flipped houses.
Well, I've dabbled in
some commercial properties,
but, yeah, the vacation
homes are more my focus now.
Why Italy?
Oh, I did one of those
study abroad things
in college years
ago and it stuck
with me how much I
loved this place,
so when I needed
a little change,
it was the perfect solution.
Anyway, your room's
just over here.
Thought you might like to
overlook the pool and the yard.
Oh, wow.
Yeah, just down the
road there is the beach,
if that's your thing.
Oh my gosh, this is perfect.
Thank you again so
much for having me.
I really do appreciate it.
No, please, and, you know,
your mother really
didn't explain much
your reason for the trip.
Oh, what did she say?
Uh, something about a cookbook.
Yep, well, I just, you know,
I figured Italy would
be a great inspiration
for my recipes, so.
Oh, yeah, no, I'm
sure it will be.
I think I'm a little
out of the loop.
I didn't know that you were
a hotshot chef back home.
Oh, no, no, no,
I'm definitely not.
I'm more like a
trending up and comer,
but I'm just, I'm still
figuring it all out, really.
Well, uh, rest up, and if
you're up a little bit later,
we can go grab a bite to eat.
That sounds great.
Oh, the nap didn't work.
I guess not, I honestly
didn't mean to fall asleep.
You're supposed to stay
awake as long as possible
to beat jet lag, right?
I literally have no idea.
I have yet to figure
out for myself how
to avoid that when I travel.
Oh, do you get to travel
to lots of other places?
No, mostly just
between here and home.
You've been gone a long time.
Do you ever think that you
might move back to the US?
Yeah, I'm sure I will
at some point, I mean,
but right now, this is
my work and my life.
It's good for me.
So, um, how's your Italian?
Do you think you could
translate this for me?
I'm having a little
trouble here.
Wait a minute, I thought
all chefs knew Italian.
Oh, only "al dente,"
and I don't think
that's gonna help me in
this situation.
Okay, come on.
So, uh, your "pollo,"
that's chicken.
And you got your "pesce,"
that's your fish.
Pasta, that's-
Got it, thanks.
And I would go
with this one here,
first timer recommendation.
Okay, that's what I'll get.
So what are your
plans while you're here?
I mean, I can take you
around and do the tour
of all the must-sees.
Oh, no, I'm sure you're busy.
I'm just gonna explore, you
know, try the local cuisine.
Actually, I was hoping I
could cook up some stuff
in your kitchen
if you don't mind.
Oh, no, not at all.
Oh, have you looked into these
culinary tours they have?
They've got a bunch of
them here regionally,
in fact, throughout
the whole country.
No, what is that,
exactly, like a guide
that takes you to restaurants?
Yes, but also,
you know, to farms
and vineyards and
sources for the food,
you know, and they try to
target all the best ones.
It usually ends up being
what the tourists like,
but they're really,
really popular.
Okay, "experience the best foods
and where they come
from in beautiful Italy.
This three day tour
includes unique tastes
from charming eateries
and a perspective
of delectable food sources
you don't want to miss."
All right, why not?
Excuse me, are you guys
here for the culinary tour?
Yeah, that's what
we're here for.
Okay, great.
I am Roberto, your tour guide
for today's culinary experience.
Okay, you have any
questions, you ask me, no?
Have a breakfast, most
important meal of the day.
Today, we visit the source of
the most important ingredient
in Italiano cooking.
Which is?
Of course.
Olive oil, we use it,
but do we appreciate it?
I say no.
Who do we have with us today?
Stephanie and Ryan?
Tyson and Joy?
And April.
That's me.
All Americanos.
Come on, we eat in the van.
Where is everyone from?
April, what about you?
New York.
Ah, of course.
The olive is the
best fruit, yeah.
I say fruit, that
it grows on a tree.
We eat them plain, in a salad,
in a pizza, in a
pasta, even in a drink,
and for everything else,
there is olive oil.
Come, we explore more.
With over 500 types
of olive trees,
Italia is the second
largest producer
of the olive in the world.
Right now, the
olive is small, see?
But in the fall, when
it is time to harvest,
it will be big and
ready to enjoy.
What kind of weather
can they stand?
Excellent question, olive
tree needs lots of heat,
lots of sun.
Cold weather can harm the tree.
What about diseases?
Why do you ask, you want
to plant an olive
tree in your home?
Just kidding, as you say.
Okay, the biggest
threat of disease
and, as you say, pests,
is to the flavor.
Come, we do some tasting.
Now that you have
seen the trees,
who wants to sample a
true Italiana olive oil?
There are many
flavors to choose from
that they make right
here in the factory,
all from the orchard
you're just in, come, try.
Try them all.
Mm, this is amazing.
Here, I take a photo for you.
Oh, no, that's okay.
Come, let me, come.
Now you have something to
remember your vacation.
Oh, I'm actually
here for work, so.
What works brings you to Italia?
Cooking, actually, yeah.
I post my recipes online.
And this is work?
Hey, Roberto, do you
mind taking a photo for us?
You bet.
Okay, here.
Oh, trade.
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, say, "Olive."
- Olive.
- Olive.
April Meyer, "Try my
healthy brownie recipe."
Is this you?
You looked up my profile.
We have internet.
But a healthy brownie, though?
Yeah, it's really good.
So it says in all the comments.
It looks like
you are quite the online
cooking celebrity, no?
Well, I am honored
to have you on my tour.
So you come to learn
to cook Italiana?
No, I know how to cook Italian
food, I'm just here to, um-
You try to make it
healthy, like your brownie?
Ah, I think it's
smart, you know,
the Americanos can learn a
lot from great Italiano chefs.
But healthy food, I
myself am not a fan.
I like food that tastes good.
But don't sweat it,
I won't tell anybody
you are here to learn.
"Not a fan," "don't sweat it"?
If anybody is hungry,
we have snacks inside.
Ooh, yes, I'm starving.
Roberto, where are you from?
From this little village outside
of where we started the tour.
Right, and you're
originally from there?
Are you even Italian?
Of course.
I mean, "Don't sweat it,"
that's such an American thing
to say, and your accent,
it's a little, I don't know.
Okay, hey, okay, fine.
I'm an American.
I knew it.
Is your name even Roberto?
Yeah, Robert Cowley,
but I go by Rob.
Wow, okay, well,
why are you lying?
I'm not lying, I'm
just doing my job, okay?
I have no credibility
doing this as an American.
I mean, it's kind of a bait
and switch, don't you think?
Come learn the beautiful
flavors of Italy
from a born and bred American.
It works for the tourists.
I mean, you were just
giving me a hard time
about learning from
great Italian chefs,
and you're not even
Italian yourself.
Well, I am a chef.
Oh, yeah, where do you cook?
At a restaurant.
Which one?
I'm working on that.
Well, not all of us
can have instant success
because we posted
something on social media.
Well, I mean, it was-
Hey, my wife was wondering
where the bathroom is.
Yeah, it's just through
the gift shop in the back.
Okay, cool, thanks.
Wait, what happened
to your accent?
It's a good question.
All right, right this way,
everybody come inside.
Mm, the carbs.
I know.
Babe, how many of
these can we buy?
All right, now, we all know
the French have their bread.
Does anybody want
to take a guess
at what makes the
Italian bread so amazing?
The herbs?
Close, the olive oil,
see how this is all brought
back together today?
Now, the herbs are key, too.
They actually rest
in the olive oil,
marinating in that
sauce to bring
about that amazing
flavor in the bread.
Now, our gracious
host, Octavio here,
is gonna show us how to
make a mean Focaccia.
Let's all head to the kitchen.
The whole Italian
accent thing, I'm,
I'm really sorry, I feel bad.
Well, it's-
You know, I shouldn't have
ruined it for the others.
Well, it's all right.
Let's just hope they don't
stiff me on tips now.
If it wasn't for
all the American things
you were saying, I probably
wouldn't have picked up on it.
Oh, yeah?
And the accent was a
little iffy.
Well, you're the first
one to say something.
Should I be proud of that?
Maybe, let's hope the others
aren't as clever as you are.
Guess it's hard to hide
who you really are.
Or, I mean, for what it's worth,
I prefer Rob more than Roberto.
Why is that, 'cause you feel
I'm more relatable
as an American?
Maybe, but more like
it's the real you.
Mm, rosemary,
Maybe I can try a
different flour.
Ooh, smells good.
Oh, hey, I'm
testing the recipes.
Oh, you need a sampler,
'cause I am great at that.
I do, actually.
Wow, that is amazing.
Oh, yeah, that's the one
I bought on tour today.
It's not the healthiest.
Here, try mine.
Okay, thank you.
And how was the tour?
You know, it
was actually pretty good.
Yeah, anything interesting?
Well, the olive tree
farm was pretty cool,
but, you know, olive oil
has a lot of calories,
so I'm trying to find
a way to cut them out.
Is that why you chose to go
with the straight
vinegar instead?
Yeah, what do you
think, did it work?
I think it may
be a little strong.
Okay, well, what
about the bread?
It's interesting, what's in it?
Well, I put some wheat flour,
and then I saw you
had some brown rice,
so I ground that up and
put that in there, too,
and then, you know,
a little bit of this,
a little bit of that, so.
Culinary secrets.
It's a little dense.
Yeah, maybe that's it.
You know what, most healthy
things are, it's just,
I gotta find a way to
make it a little more-
Yeah, yeah.
Have you had dinner, 'cause
I can cook you up something.
No, no, I couldn't ask that.
But you're letting me stay here.
I mean, it's the last I can do.
No, I had a late
lunch, but a rain check?
Yeah, I'm gonna.
Hmm, mm-mm, that's not good.
Okay, who knows what
makes bad fish bad?
Oh, I don't eat fish.
Okay, what makes good fish good?
Very good, and Italy
is a coastal country
with the best fish, come
here, I'm gonna show you.
Ooh, um, can I
have one of those?
You know, it seems to me that
half this tour is getting us
to shell out money
at selected shops.
Do I look like I'm forcing
them to buy anything?
Well, you know the fish is
gonna stink up the van the rest
of the day, right?
I got a cooler in the back.
Come on, it's not my first tour.
Why do you do
these tours, anyways?
Why not?
Well, I'm just
saying, you're a chef,
you know, most
chefs I know cook.
Yeah, well, I
found transitioning
to running a kitchen is
a little more difficult
than I thought.
And I really want to
be the creative force
behind the foods I make someday.
So until then?
Until then, culinary
tours pay the bills.
Plus, it really puts me in
touch with some great chefs.
Oh, do you mind if I?
No, not at all.
Can I take one of those?
Everything okay?
Yeah, opportunity.
All right, everybody,
we've got reservations
just down the road here.
Joy, I'm not sure if they
have a children's menu,
but they serve more
than just fish.
Ha ha.
Hey, so.
Wow, that looks authentic.
Thank you, one sec, before
we eat, I'm just gonna.
And I have a fish stew, as well.
Really good, boy, wow.
There you go.
I'll fix you a plate.
You know, I just,
I don't know why the fish
stew didn't turn out.
Well, honestly,
with a name like that,
did it stand a chance?
I'm sorry.
It's okay, it does sound
kind of gross, doesn't it?
Well, I think really,
it was probably just
the green stuff.
Yeah, well, was it the kale
or the Brussels
sprouts that ruined it?
Oh, that's what those were?
I'm gonna guess both.
You know, I was
gonna add potatoes,
but that's too much starch,
so this was healthier.
Well, you know what?
The baked fish was excellent.
Thanks, I mean,
it's kind of hard
to mess that up.
So who are you trying
to show you can cook?
My publishers, yeah, they,
they didn't like my
first round of recipes,
them along with three
focus groups of people, so.
Oh, honey, I'm sorry.
No, it's okay, I just,
I have to start over.
It's just really hard to make
things healthy all the time.
Yeah, I thought
nowadays healthy meant,
you know, less processed
and more real ingredients.
No, it does, it's just,
I kind of got pigeonholed
into this brand my publishers
are trying to create
for me that's all about cutting
calories and fats, and just-
While still tasting good.
Exactly, which is clearly
the hard part for me.
Well, again, I think, for me,
the baked fish is a home run.
Yeah? Thanks.
At least I got one thing
right, right?
And hey, I'm actually gonna
make one of my breakfast bars
for tomorrow morning,
do you want me to
leave one out for you?
- Uh, sure, yeah.
- Okay, great.
Your ideas are good.
Sylvia says you are a great
cook, and so does Giovanna.
I tasted your food, it's good.
But how does it look if I hire
an Americano to be my
chef in Italy, hmm?
It says you want the best food,
no matter where it comes from.
Good excuse, but my
customers are Italiano, no?
They might be upset.
Well, I'll be
back in the kitchen,
too busy cooking for
anyone to ever notice.
People talk, Roberto.
So let them talk, as long
as the food is excellent,
which it will be, then
nothing else matters.
I mean, ultimately, that's
all they'll be talking about.
I think no.
But I wish you luck.
Please, just give me a chance.
You won't regret it, I promise.
We can even try it for
a week, just to start.
Last day.
Yeah, but I left the fish
in our kitchen out last night
and it smelled
rotten this morning.
It was so bad.
It was so, so-
Hey, guys.
Good morning, how are you?
Is everything all right?
What are you eating?
Oh, it's a breakfast bar,
it's one of my recipes.
- Oh.
- Do you,
do you want to try?
Yeah, thanks.
What do you think?
I think you're
missing something.
Oh, what?
Hmm, butter, let me
show you how to use it.
I know how to use butter.
Oh, no, thanks, I
already ate breakfast.
That's not what
that was, come on.
It's the last day of your
tour, you gotta try it.
Well, what is it?
An Italian pastry.
Oh, thanks, I know that much.
Filled with peach
and fig filling.
All right.
So, what do you think?
You're right, it's pretty good.
You happy?
Yeah, I am, it's my recipe.
Really, why is something
you made being sold here?
Is this your bakery
or something?
No, I used to work here.
I used to tinker around
with some of the staples
and I came up with this
variation of the filling.
Well, it's very unique.
Not healthy, by any means.
I'm just saying it's, you
can taste the butter in it.
Why you always gotta go
with the healthy thing?
'Cause being
healthy is important.
Well, yeah, sure, I get that.
It is important to be healthy.
It's also important
to enjoy life.
Why do you have to be
so obsessed with that?
All right, everybody, this is
Giovanna, the baking goddess.
She's creating some
serious magic over here.
You gotta try it, but
don't eat too much
because we got a whole lot
more to eat and see today.
No culinary tour is
complete without pizza
as it's truly meant to be,
none of those American
imitations, right?
Now, Davide here-
Is gonna tell us all about
what makes pizza Italian.
Si, well, for me, it all
starts with the sauce, hmm?
Not out of a can.
Okay, now, you can make
the pizza with the sauce.
You can make the pizza
without the sauce.
You can have a red sauce,
Alfredo sauce, you pick,
but for me, my favorite,
tomato, huh, simple, no?
This is made fresh one hour ago
with tomatoes that were picked
yesterday, huh?
Welcome, my friends, to Italy.
You okay?
Okay, now, remember,
don't put the cheese
on until after your
pizza is cooked mostly.
Nice job, that looks good.
You happy, I'm using olive oil.
Yeah, I'm actually
surprised you haven't used
so many veggies that
you can't see the dough.
Well, I was gonna chop up
spinach and put in the dough,
but I didn't want to
offend Davide, so.
That's a good idea.
Hey, um, I'm sorry
about what I said earlier,
you know, the whole
healthy thing.
Oh, no, it's okay,
you were being honest.
I won't hold it against you.
You know, the,
the reason why I focus
on healthy so much is
because I had this
faux brownie recipe
that was a big hit.
Faux, like, as in fake?
I use healthy substitutes.
That's what I don't understand.
What's wrong with real?
No, there's nothing
wrong with it, it's just,
well, it's just, it's kind
of what I'm known for now.
What's with the diary?
It's not a diary,
it's, um, it's for notes
for the recipes.
For your followers?
Actually, it's for a cookbook.
I've got a deadline coming up,
so I'm just trying to come
up with some fresh ideas.
A cookbook?
That's great.
Thank you.
You know, it's gonna
take more than olive oil,
fish, and pizza to have
true Italian inspiration.
I know, I know,
I'm gonna, you know,
keep exploring
the local cuisine,
see if I can come up
with fresh recipes.
You know, I could
show you some things,
some things that you
really shouldn't miss.
Well, I thought this tour
was everything I needed.
It is for the average tourist,
but not for a breakthrough chef.
Well, I mean,
don't you have your job?
Yeah, I've got a
tour here and there,
but I could fit it in.
Well, that's really nice of you.
And why would you want
to help me, though?
I had your breakfast bar.
And it's nice to be able
to talk to another chef.
Well, it's up to you.
Well, yeah, um,
I'd like that.
You know, I really
should take you
to see some of the
sites around here,
but I figured you could use
something a little more peaceful
and close by today.
No, this is great.
Do you come up here often?
You know, yeah, I
really prefer the view
from up here rather
than, you know,
right down there by the beach.
Oh, really,
do you not like the
ocean or something?
No, I don't.
And don't say
anything to your mom.
She teased me
mercilessly growing up.
I heard, so what is it,
is it sharks, jellyfish?
Yes, all of the above.
Well, you're missing out.
Ah, well.
So how is your
mom doing, anyway?
She's great, why do you ask?
Um, I just got
the sense that she
and your dad, you know,
don't really get along.
Oh, yeah, they definitely
bicker a lot, so.
Sometimes I just feel like
they stir stuff up out
of nothing, it's weird.
Hmm, that must have
been hard to see.
Yeah, but I know that they
love each other, you know,
they just have a really
argumentative way of showing it.
That's the not the reason
why you never, you know-
Why I never got married?
No, no, no, yeah.
I know the family
has their theories,
but I can assure you your mother
and her marriage did
not scare me off.
Of course.
No, no, I'm in the
loved and lost category.
What happened?
Oh, no, nothing
tragic, yeah, no.
I just, uh, I just
kind of missed out
on my chance years ago, yeah.
Things were great,
and I got scared.
I let her go.
And when I finally figured out
that that was stupid,
um, it was too late.
She had moved on.
Is that one of the reasons
why you came out here, or?
Yes, partly, but don't
say anything to the family.
I really like
hearing the rumors.
Well, she must have
been really special.
Yeah, she was, you know,
but she's happily married now
with the kids and the house
and career, et
cetera, et cetera.
And no one since then has?
No, no.
I mean, I admit I'm
okay with just missing
what could have been.
I have my work,
it keeps me busy,
and, you know, I
prefer it that way.
Oh, have you had any,
you know, potential buyers,
any interest in the house?
Oh, yeah, some, yeah, we'll see.
You know, I could
actually bake cookies,
the house smells good
when people come in,
and then I promise I will
just put regular cookie
ingredients in, nothing weird.
Thank you, yes, I'll
let you know, yeah.
Oh, so tell me a little bit
about the culinary tour thing.
Did that work out for you?
Yeah, it was great, actually.
The guy had offered
to take me around
and see other must-sees
in the area, so.
Oh, that was very nice of him.
Yeah, it was, actually.
April, William here.
So how's that new and improved
cookbook coming along?
Hi, um, yeah, it's going great.
Glad to hear it, so you
on track for the deadline?
Yes, yes, I will be.
Actually, um, since I have you,
I just wanted to run something
by you, see what you thought.
Instead of me focusing
on the low calorie
and low fat type of healthy,
I was just wondering
if I, if I switched
to just natural foods.
What's the difference?
Well, it would be
playing up beautiful,
flavorful foods,
nothing processed, with real ingredients,
and even if it means being a
little bit less diet friendly.
Hmm, I don't know.
It's okay, it
was just a thought.
You know what, I'll
run it by marketing
and I'll get back
to you, all right?
Okay, sure.
Okay, but keep at it, though.
I will.
Good morning.
Buongiorno, Roberto.
Are you hungry?
I'm starved, where are we going?
Oh, you'll see.
Well, what is this place?
Oh, it's a stop I make on
some of my other culinary tours.
Aw, that is a lot of geese.
I know, right?
Yeah, they have a lot of
their own animals here.
They make jams and jellies and
different kinds of cheeses,
- stuff like that.
- Oh, yeah?
Oh, do you mind if I take this?
Oh, no, not at all.
Is everything all right?
Yeah, yeah.
Are you sure?
Yeah, it's just a job
interview that I didn't get.
Oh, I'm sorry, what was the job?
A chef in my neighborhood
restaurant, so it's...
Anyway, do you want to eat?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Wow, this is a lot of food
for one charcuterie board.
Yeah, you know, in Italy,
it's actually called "salumi."
Oh, I didn't know that.
There's a lot of
great cheeses here.
Do you have a favorite?
You're gonna laugh.
No, I won't.
Mozzarella, I know, it's the
most basic and bland cheese.
Yeah, well, it's
also an Italian staple.
You really shouldn't
be ashamed about that.
But you've tried
the others, right?
Oh, yeah, of course, I just-
Of course.
I'm... I don't know,
I really love the
simplicity of Mozzarella.
Yeah, I mean, in the right
combinations, it's perfect.
But in the name of research
and your culinary quest,
you've gotta try everything.
I never turn down cheese,
so don't worry about that.
Wow, that is amazing.
It's so good.
Hold on, before we
eat, I'm going to...
Yes, this just screams
delicious, oh my goodness.
What do you think it is
that makes it taste so good?
The flavors and the-
Go further.
The sweetness of
the honey paired
with the spiciness of
the meats and cheese,
it's, well, it's a lot of
flavor for one slab of wood.
Yeah, yeah, it is.
Hold on.
Here, what do you think?
"The combination of
bold flavors brings
out the best experience
for your palette,
#salumirules," I like it.
Posting it right now.
You know, I figure
if I keep this up,
I can appease my publishers
so they won't give
me a hard time about,
you know, nutrition and
fat content and all that.
Are they really that picky?
Yeah, they're just,
they're convinced I don't
know what I'm doing.
I'm sorry.
No, it's fine, I just, I
have to prove them wrong.
Shall we?
Where do we begin?
So what is it you
like about cooking?
Other than the food?
Well, I, I love how it
brings people together.
You mean like for special
occasions and stuff?
Yeah, but, you know, also
just for the every day.
You know, like when
I was growing up,
my parents, they
fought all the time.
They still do, to be
honest, but, I don't know,
when we sat down and we had
a good meal, there was peace.
That's nice.
Yeah, what about you?
Cooking was kind of always
a source of contention.
Oh, what?
Hey, what do you think
about these leftovers?
Should we test your
culinary skills?
Well, what about
your culinary skills?
Oh, is that a challenge?
Challenge accepted.
So this is your uncle's place?
Oh, yeah, um, but it's
his investment property.
He's trying to sell it.
It's amazing, I'd buy
it if I could afford it.
Yeah, me too.
So what are you making?
Oh, I'm using
the cheese and meat
from the charcuterie
board and making a pasta.
Oh, very nice.
And what about you?
Flatbread, not to be
confused with pizza.
Very original.
Oh, come on,
you're making pasta.
Yeah, you're right.
Is this your recipe book?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Huh, it's cool.
Wow, some of these ingredients
don't normally go together.
Let me guess, the healthy ones.
Well, not all,
but it looks like they might
take away from the flavor.
Oh, thanks.
Well, do you like any of these?
Um, yeah, I mean,
there's a couple I like.
Well, why not just
make whatever you want?
I wish it were that simple.
Hey, oh, um, this is Rob.
I was telling you about
him from the culinary tour.
Yeah, hi, Rob, I'm Derek.
Nice to meet you,
Derek, sorry to intrude.
No, no, happy to have you.
Boy, it smells good,
something's cooking, huh?
Oh, two things are
cooking, actually,
and you have to try both of them
and tell us which
one you like better.
I can do that.
Oh, is that how it's gonna be?
It is.
All right.
Okay, I'm gonna start
with the flatbread.
Mm, mm, mm, really good.
Okay, okay, well, try mine.
Okay, no nepotism.
Okay, being as impartial
as is humanly possible,
I gotta say both
take first place.
Oh, come on.
Oh, you're so competitive.
Hey, see for yourself.
All right.
It is not an easy decision.
Okay, you ready?
That's amazing.
It's really good, the meat,
it's a really good choice.
Oh, thank you.
And, well, this is delicious.
Oh, I'm glad you like it.
I do.
Okay, are y'all finished?
That's coming back to Uncle D.
One of my favorite things
out here is the produce.
Yeah, when I first
came out, I stayed
at this little
bed and breakfast,
and I ordered lunch and I saw
the owner go out the back door
and around the side
of the house, and
she picked the most
incredible tomato
that I've ever seen.
Most incredible tomato, eh?
I'm not kidding, I mean,
she brought it back in,
sliced it up, and made
the best bruschetta.
It was right then
that I realized
I was at the right
place for cooking.
You notice people have
their own gardens here?
I mean, Davide made it
sound like picking food
fresh off the vine was
a regular daily thing.
Well, yeah, yeah,
I mean, why not?
The growing conditions
here are just amazing.
You know, when I think of Italy,
this is exactly what I imagine.
So do you have a green thumb?
No, not really, never
really focused on it.
Well, when did you move here?
To Italy?
A couple of years ago.
From where?
New York, same as you.
Why didn't you say anything?
Oh, well, I couldn't,
I was being Roberto.
Well, why Italy?
Oh, man, well, the short answer,
same as you, to
better my cooking.
And the long answer?
The long answer?
It took me a while to decide
what it was I wanted to do.
I kind of wandered around a lot,
bounced around from different
careers for a few years.
My parents weren't
too happy about that.
But nothing really
clicked, you know?
Not until I discovered cooking.
Well, what made you decide to,
you know, pursue a
career as a chef?
All right, I know this
is gonna sound cliche.
My grandmother.
Yes, she was an amazing cook,
and we used to make stuff
in the kitchen all the time,
and yeah, I really enjoyed it.
And when I told my father
that's what I wanted
to do for a career,
he told me it was, well,
a waste of my potential.
Yeah, I mean, to be fair,
I wasted a lot of
opportunities back then,
so I can't really blame him.
So, uh, at the time, we got
in a big argument, and I left.
I told myself I'd never
come back until I made it.
I know it sounds childish,
but it's kind of a
matter of pride now.
No, I get it, so,
so you won't move back
until you get a job here?
Yeah, but not just any
job, a job as a chef.
Right, but you could
still move back to the US
and just not go home.
Yeah, I suppose, but for now,
I think I'd like to
just keep a distance.
More than you wanted to know?
No, I like learning about you.
You want to go pick some
ingredients for dinner?
Oh, yes.
A couple of incredible tomatoes
or something like that?
I think it's a great idea,
there's some right over here.
That was really good.
Why do you always
sound so surprised?
What I am surprised
about is how people
have been responding
to what we've been cooking
since I've been here.
You blowing up the internet?
No, just tiny ripples, maybe.
Wow, that's amazing.
Your publisher's
gotta be loving this.
Oh, I hope so, I mean,
I don't know if they care
about this as much as the
focus groups, but we'll see.
Hey, you two.
Rob, good to see
you, guess what?
I've got a property
investment company coming
to look at the house
again tomorrow.
Oh, that's great.
Yeah, yeah, these guys
have seen it before,
but I guess they're
serious about turning it
into a rental investment now.
So they're gonna come by
and then we're gonna go
to lunch and talk business.
Oh, well, if it's
about the house,
why don't you just
have lunch here?
Yeah, we could
whip something up.
Yeah, we could do that.
Oh, that'd be perfect.
All right, well, I guess
we'd better go shopping.
I don't know, do you
think fish is the way to go?
I don't know, I mean,
it's elegant, right?
Yeah, I guess it is.
Two of those one?
Unless, of course,
they don't like fish.
Oh, yeah, we should
definitely have a backup.
Like a chicken or goat?
Those little cute ones
we saw at the farm?
Well, not those goats.
So what are you thinking?
Um, I'll start on the
chicken, you start on the fish.
All right, you want to
just meet in the middle?
All right.
And hey.
Thank you for doing this.
I'm happy to.
Oh, could you
bring me the arugula?
- Of course.
- Put it on top of this.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Looks very nice.
I know.
All right, you
ready for the tomatoes?
I am ready.
Thank you.
Hey, you want to try this?
More salt.
Okay, that's my cue.
Good luck.
Hey, we should, uh, we
should get out of here.
All right, let's go.
Thank you so much
again for your help.
Oh, are you kidding
me, I was happy to.
You know how long
it's been since
I've had an actual
occasion to cook for?
And you were great
back there, by the way.
Yeah, like, no limitations,
just straight cooking.
Yeah, that was fun, wasn't it?
Yeah, I don't know why
you've been so unsure
about your cooking.
Well, I'm not unsure
about my cooking.
I'm just, well, I'm
unsure about this brand
that my publishers have
been trying to push on me,
and I understand why, it's just.
Yeah, I just, I didn't mean
to get stuck into
this diet category.
You know, it's like I
make one healthy thing
that's yummy and low calorie,
and then I have to
keep it up, even if...
If what?
It was a fluke.
Hmm, well, all right.
If you had a different niche
to cook for, what would it be?
No niche.
Just cooking, you know, whatever
I want, whenever I want.
You know, you can do
that, nobody's stopping you.
In theory, yes, but, I
mean, wouldn't it be crazy
to just give up on the
opportunity for a cookbook?
I don't know.
But I think you'll
figure it out.
I don't know about that.
So, um, I'll see you tomorrow?
Oh, definitely, yeah.
Thank you again for
your help, you know,
I know my uncle's
super grateful, too.
Oh, it's my pleasure.
Will you tell your uncle, uh,
good luck, and thanks?
Yeah, I will.
Good night.
Have a good night.
You too.
Hey, how was the meeting?
Oh, really good, yeah.
I think, uh, I think
they're gonna make an offer.
Of course, I've
said that before,
and nothing's come
of it, but boy,
having the meeting
here was a great idea,
and the food, fantastic.
Well, good.
In fact, I hope you don't mind
if we have the
leftovers for dinner?
No, not at all.
You know, I had this
friend back home.
We used to work at this
little cafe together,
and she refused
to eat leftovers.
She said it ruined the food.
Well, so what did she do
if she actually had
anything left over?
She just threw it away.
Well, well, I am not that picky.
Will you pass the fish?
So your mom called today.
Oh, yeah, what did she want?
Oh, she was, uh,
checking up on you.
It's not what she actually
said, but I know my sister.
Well, what did you tell her?
I told her you're doing great.
You're working, exploring.
She said I should try to set
you up while you're out here.
Oh, great.
I'll admit, I don't
have a lot of people
in your age group.
Oh, no, please
don't worry about it.
Why, you got a lot
of guys back home?
No, no, nothing
like that, I just,
I've been super busy
with work lately,
so I just haven't the time.
No, I know how that goes, yeah.
Well, maybe while you're here,
it's all the more reason to
take a break now and then
and see what you
might be missing.
So, um, what's
with the shovel, hmm?
We are going on a hunt.
With shovels, it's a little
blunt, don't you think?
Well, not that kind of hunt.
Think of it more
like a treasure hunt.
You're not gonna tell me
any more than that, are you?
No, might as well
sit back and relax
'cause we've got a
little ways to go still.
All right.
All right, any ideas yet?
Hmm, since these
are pretty small,
I assume you're not planning
to bury me out here.
Think of what's like
gold for a chef.
Is this about olive oil again?
No, not liquid gold.
We're looking for truffles.
My philosophy is, if
you don't want to buy them
because they're crazy
expensive, you find your own.
I love that, okay,
yeah, how do we do this?
Okay, it's hit or miss, really,
but you want to look for
typical mushroom conditions,
so it's like moist soil, usually
around the base of a tree.
Okay, are they visible
from the surface,
or do we have to dig?
We're gonna have to dig.
Treasure hunt, okay, I love it.
All right, let's try here.
All right, you want to join?
Yeah, just anywhere?
Yeah, just try right in there.
All right, woo.
Oh, nice.
Here we go, let's try here.
Oh, why here?
Well, you see how the
dirt's kind of disturbed?
Oh, somebody already
found truffles here
and dug them up.
Yeah, or something,
like rodents or critters or something.
Oh, okay.
You know, I never would
have done this at home.
You know, you can.
Yeah, I just, I never
would have thought about it.
Did you learn how
to do this here?
Mm-hmm, yeah.
Well, what else did you learn?
I learned how to make real
Italian pasta from scratch.
Yeah, the guy who taught
me was super patient.
It took me forever,
but I finally got it.
I love homemade pasta.
Oh, me too.
What else did you learn?
I saw a different way
for running a kitchen.
It's almost therapeutic here.
I mean, usually kitchens are
such high stress
environments, that's weird.
Well, and they still can be.
You know Giovanna from the
bakery where I used to work?
She, our holidays used
to be so busy there.
She'd be barking orders at me,
"Roberto, get me
this, get me that."
But she had this system.
Her movements were so
smooth and relaxed.
If you could step back
and watch, it's like a,
like a gentle symphony.
You know, you have that
way about you, too.
You think so?
Yeah, I mean,
watching you yesterday,
you just had so much
confidence and ease,
it was really nice.
Thanks, I think it
was fun, you know?
We make a good team.
Yeah, we do.
Wait, is this?
Oh, your first
truffle, congratulations.
I found one?
Oh my gosh.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, no.
- It's so messy.
- It's okay.
Do you want to see
if there's more?
Hey, thank you again for today.
It was, it was really fun.
I honestly don't think
I ever would have
gone truffle hunting.
You're welcome.
So what have you got planned
for the rest of the day?
Oh, I don't know,
nothing really.
Well, uh, I was
wondering, would you-
- Oh.
- Oh.
What's going on?
No, no, it's okay,
I'll just, um,
I'll let you know if we can't
figure something else out.
No worries.
My uncle can't come get us.
He says he's hours away
at some work dinner thing.
Well, the mechanic can't
fix this today either.
He's gotta go back to the shop,
get some parts, and
he'll fix it tomorrow.
What, no tow truck?
Hmm, think of it more like a
doctor who makes house calls.
Yeah, your uncle's place
is pretty far from here,
but the mechanic says there's
an inn just down the road.
Sorry about that.
I'm sure we can find you a
ride if we just act for it.
No, no, I don't want
you to be stranded,
and like you said,
it's super far out.
We should just,
let's just try the inn?
All right.
He, uh, he wasn't kidding
when he said up the road.
No kidding, I'll just
try not to hyperventilate.
Hey, what did he say
back there, anyways?
Yeah, I mean, you
seemed a little upset.
Well, not upset.
Well, what did he say?
He offered us a place to stay.
Oh, that's nice.
Yeah, well, I was not
included in that invitation.
Oh, okay.
I think he was quite
smitten with you.
I think the inn
is just up ahead.
Okay, great.
How can I help you?
Do you have any vacancies?
Oh, we have one room.
Just one?
Well, it's your call.
It's not like we
have any other options.
How many beds?
One, very comfortable.
Do you have any rollout beds?
No, no, just the baby crib.
All right, I
guess we'll take it.
The room, not the crib.
All right, I'll take the
bed, you can have the floor.
I mean, sorry, that
came out wrong.
No, no, you should
absolutely have the bed.
I mean, you've been
driving all day,
so, you know, it's fine.
No, seriously, I sleep
great on the floor.
You know, we don't
have to sleep now.
You know, just-
No, you want to
get something to eat?
Yeah, let's do it, yeah.
So what is this place, anyways?
It's great, right?
It's this old
fort, and now it's-
This cute little village.
To think we would
have just driven on by,
we would have missed it.
All right, it's not so bad
that we got stranded, then.
Not at all.
Thank you.
- Grazie.
- Prego.
I'm starving.
Should have been
snacking on the truffles.
What, after all our hard work?
We could sell them
and use the money
to fund our little detour.
At least.
Hey, um,
you were gonna ask me
something earlier in the van.
What was it?
Oh, nothing, it's not important.
Actually, I was gonna ask you
if you wanted to
go out to dinner.
We are out to dinner.
I mean, like a proper
Well, if you would
have asked that,
I could have said,
"I'd like that."
So do you miss home?
Yeah, sometimes I do.
Think you'll ever
go back, you know,
even if you don't, um-
If I don't make it out here?
I don't know, I'd like to
think I wouldn't compromise,
but I know that sounds petty.
No, I get it.
Yeah, what about you?
Are your parents supportive
of what you do
with your cooking?
Yeah, they are,
actually, I mean,
my mom, she teaches me a lot.
She thinks I take things
too seriously.
Well, do you?
Yeah, I guess, but only
when it really matters,
you know, it's not like I
stress out all the time.
Yeah, you know,
that's the thing.
I'm always worried
about the stress.
They say it's the stress
that makes chefs burn
out so quickly, right?
I always wonder if
I'm gonna, you know,
I worked so hard to get there,
and then I just hate it.
Well, if that did happen
and you did end up
hating it, would you,
would you want to
take it all back?
No, I'd still want to get there,
get the whole experience of it.
Yeah, and learn from it.
Yeah, what about you?
With your whole brownie
recipe sensation,
would you take that
back, if you could?
I mean, on the one
hand, maybe I would.
You know, I wouldn't be so boxed
into this corner
that I'm in, and
'cause on the other hand, I
wouldn't have all this attention
and interest from publishers,
so I, I don't know.
You might not have
come out here, either.
That would have been terrible.
Yeah, it would have been.
We should, um-
Uh, yeah-
It's getting late.
Uh, do you mind
if I take a shower?
Oh, yeah, no,
go, go right ahead.
Oh my gosh, ugh.
No, it's, like, 2:00 am here.
Yeah, I'm still in Italy.
Okay, hey, you know what?
If this isn't an emergency,
can we do this another time?
Yeah, now's not good.
Is everything all right?
Yeah, sorry about that.
Well, what was it?
It's my dad.
He calls me to check in on me,
and remind me of all the things
I haven't accomplished yet.
He claims he still can't
get the timezone right
between New York and here.
Oh, I'm sorry.
What about your mom, does she,
she call you often?
Yeah, we talk a
couple times a month.
But she wants to come out here,
and I know if she does, he's
gonna come with her, so.
Must be hard for
her to have you so far away.
It's okay.
And, you know, my daddy,
sometimes he just calls me
for the strangest things.
Like what?
Well, like a stupid
movie that he watched,
wants to tell me about,
or what he ate for breakfast.
Little things
like that, you know?
And then I realize that I
think he just was calling
'cause he wants
to hear my voice,
make sure I'm doing okay.
Well, I'm sorry I woke you up.
No, it's okay, good night.
Good night.
Well, the mechanic called,
said the van's ready.
Let's hope he doesn't
ask for your number.
It's your uncle?
Wait, am I reading this right?
It's a reply to one of my posts.
It's the restaurant
owner back home,
that they're opening up a
new high-end restaurant.
They are interested in
having me as the chef.
You're kidding.
No, look, they, there's even
a reply from my publisher.
"Just wait until her
cookbook comes out."
Well, that's great.
Oh, I'm being super
insensitive, I'm sorry.
You just didn't get that
job, and I'm just... sorry.
No, it's fine, congratulations.
What is it?
Well, you got the job offer
because of the posts, right?
Well, I mean, I think it's
like a interview at this point,
but I guess.
Okay, and the posts
were all about food.
What are you getting at?
You and I have been
cooking together.
It's not all you.
So what, you think my
posts are yours or something?
No, I'm not... I
mean, you know what?
Some of that stuff was,
and the rest were things
we made together,
and you know what?
This isn't coming out right.
No, no, no, no, so you think
because we cooked
together and you, what,
took me around to some tourist
foodie places that what?
I didn't say that, okay?
I mean, the posts are mine.
The content is mine,
people are interested
in what I'm cooking and
creating, you know, not-
Not me?
You know what, you're right.
Why should I be upset,
it's just a dream of mine,
and I shouldn't be upset
that it's becoming
a reality for you.
I'll see you later.
Oh, hey, you're back.
Everything okay?
Yeah, the van got fixed, so.
Oh, good, good.
Well, you look content.
Oh, yeah, well, the
buyer made an offer
on the house, full price.
Really, that's great.
Yeah, and it's all
thanks to you and Rob.
Oh, I'm sure the house
had something to do with it.
Yeah, where is he,
did he stick around?
Yeah, I know.
But, I mean,
they were my posts,
right, and it's not like
I asked him to take
me around everywhere.
Do you think he helped you?
It's not like he did everything.
Does he think that?
I don't know.
I just...
I just wish he could have just
been happy for me, you know?
Sure, yeah, I mean,
if you wanted to him to hide
how he was really feeling.
So do you, do you think
I was in the wrong, then?
Oh, no, I'm not the
one to judge that.
I mean, maybe you
don't want to admit it,
but from what I've seen,
there seems to be
something between you two.
So what do I do?
Well, if you care
for him at all,
then career, pride, mistakes,
they shouldn't get in the way.
Tom, don't miss out
on the Focaccia.
Oh, hey, there you are,
Rob was looking for you.
So I'll just be inside.
Look, I won't stay long.
I've been thinking, and
I'm sorry.
It was pretty arrogant of me
to want to take credit
for all your hard work.
No, I-
I was jealous,
and you were right about that.
You deserve this.
Rob, I don't know what to say.
You don't have to
say anything, but I am happy for you.
I'll see you around.
"I've been overwhelmed
by the amazing response
to my experiences in Italy.
The wonderful food and recipes
aren't all my creations."
I've failed
to give a lot of credit
where it's due, and that's
with the incredible Rob Cowley.
He has selflessly helped
me on this journey,
not just to discover
Italy, but myself.
I have been lucky
to get to know him
and see his culinary
passion firsthand.
He's an amazing
cook and deserves
to be a chef much
more than I do.
Any restaurant would
be lucky to have him.
All packed?
Yeah, just about.
I was thinking we
should go out for dinner,
since it's your last
night here, my treat.
Oh, you don't have to do that.
Well, it's not like
I get a lot of chances
to spoil my nieces and
nephews these days.
Well, it's not like I'm
seven years old anymore.
Exactly, so I can't cement
my role as favorite uncle
with a stuffed animal,
what do you think?
Sure, that sounds good.
So what are you gonna
do when you get home?
Probably return the advance
money to my publisher.
You're not doing it?
I wrote them an
email this morning,
telling them I don't think it
was gonna be finished in time.
I honestly don't think it's
ever gonna be finished,
you know, at least
not the way they
and I would both want, so.
Gosh, I'm sorry.
No, it's honestly not
what I wanted, anyways.
Yeah, what about the chef job?
I turned it down.
I, um,
well, I hope he gets to
achieve all of his dreams.
You know, I really think
you're gonna miss all this.
Yeah, you know, I really am.
And I'm really gonna miss you.
You know, about that,
I have been thinking,
Christmas is gonna be here
before we know it, and, um,
I kind of miss those snowy
Christmases back home, you know?
Oh, yeah, just the snow?
No, maybe a little
more than that.
It's past time
for me to move on,
just get back home,
get back to family.
We would love to have you home,
you know, not just
for the holidays.
Yeah, I'd like that, too.
I, um, I have a
confession to make.
I may have invited someone else.
You did?
Well, I was just thinking
it would be a shame
for you to leave Italy without
at least having said goodbye.
Uh, you know, that view
really is spectacular.
You probably ought
to go check it out.
I'll take care of our order.
Thank you.
Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt
your going away dinner.
I didn't think I'd
ever see you again.
Didn't think, or didn't want?
I'm really glad you're here.
I saw what you wrote.
You didn't have to say that.
Yeah, I guess I did, actually.
And you turned down the job?
You shouldn't have done that.
No, it was the right decision.
I'm just, I'm so
sorry that I hurt you,
you know, after everything
that you've done for me,
and teaching me all the
things that you learned,
taking me around, I'm
just, I'm so sorry.
It's, it's okay.
I mean, I didn't
want the tour to end
because I was afraid that
I'd never see you again.
Me too, I mean,
you made me excited about
cooking again, you know?
I just,
you reminded me of
why I fell in love
with it in the first
place, and I just,
I just really love
spending time with you.
Yeah, it was a lot of fun.
I just don't want to lose you.
Well, I mean, you don't have to.
I really hate to interrupt
this moment.
I don't suppose either
of you have checked
your social media
accounts lately?
You may want to.
It's the restaurant
from back home.
"It looks like my restaurant
may need two new chefs,
Rob Cowley and April Meyer,
when can the two of
you meet with me?"
What are you gonna do?
Well, I don't know, what,
what do you want to do?
Well, I'm not gonna
do it without you.
When do we leave?
Hello, everyone, and
welcome to an endeavor
that I am quite proud of.
I am excited to have not one,
but two cooking sensations
running the culinary vision
for my new restaurant.
Ladies and gentlemen, chefs
April Meyer and Rob Cowley.
Thank you, you ready?
All right.
- Okay.
- Wait.
- Three, two, one.
- Three, two, one.
Now seating, come on in.
Hi, Mom, thanks, Dad.
Well, are you ready
for this, Chef April?
Are you ready, Chef Roberto?
I am never gonna
live that down, am I?
No, you're not,
come on, let's go.