Just Add Romance (2019) Movie Script

I got some fresh coriander
with your name on it.
Ooh, be still my heart.
It's coriander, Carley,
not roses.
I'd rather have the herbs.
You're gonna go nuts
for the basil.
Here you go.
Whatever you're making,
save me some.
You got it.
Best pretzel in New York City.
You got it.
Can't be the best
and not know it.
Hey, it never hurts
to be reminded.
Thanks, Tony!
You're late!
So are you.
Not as late as you.
How can you be chivalrous and
competitive at the same time?
What can I say?
I'm a complicated guy.
Mint in your bouillabaisse?
I don't have your loyalty
to the recipe.
I cook by instinct.
Oh, like your Duck a L'Orange
that turned into Duck
a la Carley?
Better than the tedium in an
orange sauce that you advocate.
Not every dish has to end
in a battle of wits.
How about a truce
until the next course?
You take eyeballing ingredients
to a whole new level.
It puts the art in cooking.
And too much oil.
No one ever measured their way
to a Michelin star.
Make sure your broth doesn't
get too thick.
Uh oh.
You might have to improvise.
Bouillabaisse is not
your best look.
I guess the truce is over.
Hey, we made bouillabaisse
Those shallots, they should
be paper thin.
I'm sorry, Carley,
we're packed tonight.
I don't have much time.
You needed to tell me something?
I'm up for an apprenticeship
with Francine Durant in Paris.
Well, that's wonderful,
You could learn a lot from her.
Yeah, I'm really excited.
You know, we're old friends,
I could drop a word for-
Oh, no, no, I want
to do this on my own.
As you wish.
Cast a long shadow.
Perhaps I could just give you
one word of advice?
Yes, Chef.
Francine runs a very
tight kitchen.
Don't get too adventurous.
Let's just see if she chooses me
and then you can start
with the lecturing, Dad.
Fair enough.
Alright, everyone.
Today we are making
Coquille St. Jacques.
Congrats on Paris.
Oh, thanks.
Yeah, Francine Durant
is like my culinary idol.
Uh, excuse me, where is Jason?
I'm afraid he won't be returning
to class.
I don't get it.
Why would he just leave?
Yeah, he didn't even
say goodbye.
I wonder what happened.
I'm headed for the airport now.
You really don't have
to do this.
Always come through for you,
We'll see you when
you get to Chicago.
Alright. Bye.
A little bit more basil
in the pesto.
And just make sure
that the batter
doesn't overwhelm the shrimp.
The Tortellini Primavera
is really good tonight.
It's the same every night,
same recipe,
same ingredients.
That's the deal with a chain.
Familiar matters
as much as taste.
I've been general manager
of this place forever
and we've never had
a better chef.
Thank you.
I understand your frustration.
Sometimes I just wanna go wild
and make an unconventional,
unpredictable, outside
of the box primavera.
I'll take it up with management.
Did you see Kitchen Showdown
last night?
It's the best cooking contest
on the air.
The winner gets to open
their own restaurant.
They're coming to Chicago
and looking for the best
local chefs.
I know.
I have tasted your cooking.
I'm confident you have a shot.
Oh, get more of
that Sicilian olive oil.
It is remarkably rich.
And remarkably expensive.
It is the attention to detail
that makes the dish.
Were you that discerning
with your burgers and fries
at the diner?
Diners are great.
Especially my dad's.
I have been over a hot grill
but taught me a lot.
I worked for a lot of chefs
and they all had one thing
in common.
The best ingredients
money can buy.
I should bring in my accountant
and do a taste test.
Kent would use canned vegetables
and paper plates if he could.
You should go on
Kitchen Showdown,
get your own restaurant
and take me with you.
I'm not kidding.
I would be competing with some
of the top chefs in this city.
I do not have enough experience.
Bail us both out before Kent
goes the paper plate route.
Hey, you could get a job in
any kitchen you wanted to.
I'd rather do my slicing and
dicing for a chef I believe in.
Send in an application.
What could it hurt?
Do, do, woo, do-do
La, la-la-la-la
Do, do, woo, do-do
La, la-la-la-la
When you showed up,
my world was steady
Now, you givin' a little
twist to the story,
I'm not worryin'
about the endin'
Cause it's everything in
between that has meaning
That feeling,
It's a dangerous thrill
That feeling,
When you're out of control.
This is why I am so glad
we are neighbours.
I couldn't watch TV without it.
So, Kitchen Showdown
is coming to Chicago,
and I applied.
If I could win that contest
and get my own restaurant
that would shave years off
of my game plan.
What's a game plan?
A plan for something you want
to happen.
When Carley and I were in
high school we both knew
what we wanted to be.
That's right.
Your mom was gonna be
an architect
and I wanted to be a chef.
So far we're doing pretty good.
I have a game plan.
I want a dog.
That's not exactly
the same thing.
Well, I wanna get a dog anyway.
It's all she talks about.
It's part of her game plan.
I think it's working.
I'm about to give in.
Welcome to Kitchen Showdown:
New York Edition.
We go all over the country
looking for the best chefs.
The winner in each city
will be given the backing
to open a restaurant.
It's a big prize
and the competition
can get pretty intense.
I think you're gonna win.
All you have to do
is make this popcorn.
You're my favourite food critic.
Oh, uh, yeah.
See you then.
I take it that wasn't the show.
It was my dad.
He's coming into town
and he wants to have lunch.
How long since you've seen him?
Six months.
Hey, how old do I have to be
before I stop needing
his approval?
Give it another hundred years.
But you love him, right?
With all my heart.
Then you should be happy.
She makes a good point.
She does.
Let's go watch the show.
So how's your mother?
She likes living in Vancouver.
She and Henry
just bought a boat.
Um... what brings you
to Chicago?
I'm doing some consulting
work for a company
that wants to re-brand
their restaurants.
They're headquartered here,
so you're going to be
seeing more of me.
You remember that
game we used to play?
The one I had to pick the secret
ingredient out in the dressing?
Like it was yesterday.
Every memory that I have
of you and me
from when I was a kid
is in a kitchen.
Well, to be truthful,
I didn't know what to do
when you came for a visit.
You seemed to like it.
I loved it.
Yes, you did.
Until your rebellious teens.
I was trying to define myself.
Oh, was that it?
As I recall you put anchovies
in a frittata
and I call that rebelling.
Oh, the things a girl won't do
to get her father's attention.
So, what's going on
in your life?
Well, I um... I just applied
to be a contestant
on Kitchen Showdown.
Have you ever watched it?
I um, I really don't have
the time.
Is that code for
"I don't approve"?
Carley, you cook to give
joy and pleasure,
not for the notoriety.
It's just a shortcut to getting
my own restaurant.
It's ginger.
That's what gives this dressing
its kick.
I also detect a dash of lime.
Let's make a habit of this.
I really hope to get back
more often.
I would love that.
Me too.
Wow, those are impressive
looking omelettes, dad.
Well, sometimes I like to dabble
in the fancier fare.
You are the best cook I know.
Your mother has a crush on me.
Yeah, I've noticed.
Thanks Mom.
So how are things down
at the restaurant?
Well, you know, my staff
is great.
My boss isn't easy.
Yeah, well, someday
you'll be your own boss.
So do you guys know that show,
Kitchen Showdown?
Oh yeah, I watch it
all the time.
Yeah, when we sold the diner
your father discovered the TV.
Well, they're coming to Chicago.
Oh! You gotta get on.
I applied, and it's-
it's a long shot,
but if they're interested
they show up
at my restaurant unannounced
and try the food.
So far, nothing.
No, no, no.
Maybe they've been there
and you just didn't know it.
I don't know, it's a long shot
and my boss, Kent,
he's hard enough
to please without me asking
for extra time off.
I think this is something
you really want.
To prove you've got the goods,
which I already know,
but maybe you don't.
You know, you came back to take
care of the diner
when I broke my arm,
and that's something I still
carry with me to this day.
Maybe this is your chance
to make up for lost time.
But it's a long shot.
Well, sometimes those
are the best kind.
Hey Carley, how's it tasting?
I don't think that has
enough kick.
Every day feels like
an audition.
I don't even know if the show is
sending anyone to check me out.
Not even my lucky apron
is calming me down.
What makes it so lucky?
My dad gave it to me before
I started culinary school.
"Cook from the heart.
Love, Dad."
It's a little show of faith.
At least that's what I like
to think it meant.
I'm sure it did.
Do you think the guy in the grey
suit could be from the show?
He's my dentist.
How about the red vest?
He doesn't look like
the TV type.
Ooh, green dress, striped tie.
They just arrived.
Let me see what I can find out.
The green dress mentioned
Kitchen Showdown
and they ordered some
very good wine.
I knew it!
Now I have to go cook for them.
You'll be fine,
assuming you don't pass out
before the main course.
A waiter told the Maitre'd that
someone from Kitchen Showdown
was at the restaurant
last night?
Oh, I... I didn't know
they were here.
Where does this leave me?
Well, Jason can lay out
all the menus
and I can pinch hit
while he's gone.
Oh, mmm-mmm.
Lots of people watch the show.
The publicity could be good
for business.
Yeah, it doesn't mean
I'll get picked.
Oh, but you're hoping awfully
hard that you do.
I guess, yeah.
Alright, if you do get on,
mention this restaurant
every chance you get.
Of course.
I can't wait to tell my dad.
He's gonna be over the moon.
Well, well, well.
I finally caved.
Her name is Daisy.
She's very friendly.
And she's very cute.
Excuse me.
Is this Carley Benson?
Hi. It's my pleasure
to inform you
that you've been selected
to appear
on Kitchen Showdown.
I can't believe it!
This is such great news!
I guess I can stop holding
my breath now.
Thank you so much.
We start production on Monday
and you'll receive an email
with all of the information.
Good luck.
I'm gonna be on the show!
I am so happy for you!
Okay, you'll meet
the other contestants
and then we'll do
a quick orientation.
Are you ready, Carley?
Okay. Let me introduce you
to the other contestants.
This is Winston, Suzanne,
Tina, and Peter.
This is Carley.
I thought there was supposed
to be six chefs in the contest.
Oh, here he is now.
This is Jason.
You're late.
It has been a long time.
What are the odds we'd end up
on the same show together?
Pretty slim.
You think?
Oh, uh, sorry.
We were in culinary
school together.
And then you disappeared.
Well, now here I am.
Oh, and you all know
Beverly Chadwick.
She is the host of our show and
she's also one of the judges.
You are six of the best chefs
in Chicago.
It's a competition, but let's
keep it fun and respectful.
It's a six-day shoot and
you'll have very long hours,
but the prize of your own
restaurant is well worth it.
And if you have any questions
just come to me.
Win or lose, try to make
the most of this experience.
Guess we're gonna be spending
a lot of time together.
Until one of us gets cut.
I wish you the best.
And I wish you the same.
Try saying that with
a straight face.
You're not buying the smile?
I really wanna win this thing.
It's so funny you should
say that. I do too.
Lights, camera,
cook your heart out.
Yeah, it is a bit daunting.
Yeah. A dream kitchen, though.
All the measuring cups
you could ever need.
All the counter space
you'll need
for your random ingredients.
Okay, we're gonna start
shooting your intros.
It's a way for the audience
to get to know you.
I have a rather large resume.
Well, the intros are short
and sweet.
It's more about
your personalities.
I don't do sweet.
Tina, why did you become a chef?
I'm from New Orleans
and food is a way of life.
So uh, what did you do
after culinary school?
I went to work in
my dad's diner.
Yeah, it's a long story.
So what about you?
Um, I got a job working
for Francine Durant in Paris.
Why did you choose this career?
I grew up near the best
restaurant in London,
so I suppose it was fate.
So what brought you to Chicago?
I got a job as head chef
at Cafe Pierre.
And also my best friend
lives here
so I figured it felt
like a good move.
I'm the oldest of three sisters.
My parents both worked
so I became the cook.
By the time I grew up
I was hooked.
Do you have any family here?
Just a goddaughter
that I borrow sometimes.
And the occasional visit
from my father.
Uh... Mmm.
I was going to be a lawyer
and then I fell in love
with cooking.
So I cast off my tie
and put on an apron.
It's a much better fit.
Well, I guess one of us is next.
You nervous?
Does it show?
Only when you speak.
What made you become a chef?
Well, my folks owned a diner
so I guess it's in the genes.
Growing up my mom used
to take a picture
of every dish I'd make and put
it in a photo album.
I apprenticed with
a lot of top chefs
but nobody loved feeding people
as much as my dad.
Why did you decide on cooking?
Well, I spent half my childhood
in the kitchen.
While other kids were playing
house I was playing restaurant.
Strange she didn't mention
her father.
Maybe she...
fears the comparison.
It's a lot to live up to.
It just always felt right to me.
Like it was what I was supposed
to be doing.
I guess that went okay.
Diner to head chef.
Pretty impressive.
Alright, everyone.
Your call time is 8:00am
and then you'll meet
the other judges,
and then we'll start shooting
the first show.
Alright, have a good night.
You know, culinary school
seems like ages ago.
But I still remember
your Duck a la Carley.
And I still remember you wearing
your bouillabaisse.
Wow, it's weird to be competing
again after all this time.
I wasn't competing.
And my duck was not defying,
it was creative and original.
And a little too salty.
Well, your duck was completely
by the book.
But you remember it.
No, I don't, and
that's my point.
Memorable requires risk.
And too much salt.
Those two are gonna
be fun to watch.
How'd it go?
Uh, good, I think.
Tomorrow we meet the judges.
I'm kinda nervous they're
just gonna see me
as Kenneth Benson's daughter.
You got there on your own merit.
Everywhere I go in the culinary
world I'm followed by
his five-star reputation
and judged accordingly.
It's kinda how I judge myself.
You're passionate and gifted.
You'll make your own mark.
Thank you, for almost making me
believe that.
Now I have to go make
my daughter believe
she can play the piano.
I think Winston's the one
to beat.
What's the deal with Carley?
Carley's very talented
but she ignores the recipe
and just wings it.
She is incredibly stubborn
when it comes to doing things
her own... way.
Jason doesn't think freedom or
creativity matter all that much.
I also said you were
incredibly talented.
Morning, everyone.
What did I miss?
Just Jason's assessment
of my cooking.
Hey, guys.
Uh, they need you in the studio.
It's time to meet the judges.
Come on.
I'm pleased to introduce
my fellow judges.
The legendary chef, Rafael Nola.
The best of you
are here to learn.
I will be fair and
brutally honest.
And the woman backing the
winner in opening a restaurant,
Nora Blasio.
You know, before I was a
restauranteur I was a chef,
so I know how it feels to be
in your shoes right now.
One of you will be eliminated
after the first round.
Try to focus on the cooking,
not the result.
Get yourselves prepared, we're
gonna shoot the opening segment.
Nice to meet you.
Hi, Winston.
Good morning.
Carley Benson, you're
Kenneth's daughter, yes?
That's right.
You may not remember this but we
met when you were a little girl.
No, I do.
I remember, yeah.
Please give your father
my regards.
I will.
Small world.
Oh, we met once.
I was nine.
He's hardly a close friend.
You know, I actually used
to be a sous chef
in one of Nora's restaurants.
We all have some connection
with the judges.
We always like to honour the
cuisine of the city we're in,
and you can't get more iconic
than Chicago.
Your first assignment is to make
a dish that got its start here.
Good luck.
Okay, you have 30 minutes to do
all of your shopping.
What if they don't have
the seafood I need?
Well, then you'll have
to improvise.
That's part of the contest.
Okay, ready?
Alright, get set, go shopping!
How much more time?
22 minutes.
I love this place.
It's my favourite market
in the city.
My sous chef normally does
my shopping.
Who has the best shrimp?
Try Matty's, it's right around
the corner.
Following me?
I could ask you
the same question.
This is a cooking show
not a foot race.
Actually, it's both.
That's right.
Me too.
Are you two together?
Absolutely not.
Could you give us a minute?
Absolutely not together
but you need a minute?
What're you making?
Deep dish pizza.
Me too.
Well, we can't make
the same thing.
Well, what do you suggest?
Well, I'm really good
at winging it,
so I guess I can use all
the same ingredients
and make pizza puffs
a la Chicago.
You figure out what you want?
Yes, my own restaurant.
Me too.
I'll come back when you work
this out.
That's okay, we'll take two pounds
of pepperoni,
spicy for me, mild for him.
I need to get this in the oven.
How do you work like that?
You mean without all of
my ingredients alphabetized?
I need more onion.
Filed under "O",
where it belongs.
Thank you.
I wouldn't want you blaming
a missing onion when I win.
Less talking, more cooking.
That's how you chop an onion?
That's how you knead dough?
They can't help themselves.
The deep-dish pizza...
was right on point.
The crust and the sauce.
The Shrimp De Jonghe
was well executed.
The sauce can be tricky.
The pizza puffs, Chicago staple.
But the prosciutto just gave it
this wonderful twist.
I'm afraid we all had a problem
with your thinly sliced
beef sandwich.
The meat was overcooked and
the sauce was rather bland.
The first showdown is over.
it's time to leave the kitchen.
At least I got to take
a shot, huh?
See ya.
Try and get some rest.
Tomorrow we shoot
the next round.
Here's the upside of being
the first one cut.
It'll make a great story
when I open up
my incredibly popular
restaurant someday.
Well, I will be the first
in line.
Just don't order
the thinly sliced beef.
All the jokes are to cover up
how much he cares.
That's very insightful.
Don't sound so surprised.
You really know how
to take a compliment.
You two bicker like
an old married couple.
He is right, and you know,
if one of you two
wins this contest
it's not gonna be pretty.
Your next assignment is a bit mo
Each of you will make a dish
that represents your heritage.
The kind of food
you grew up with.
And you'll be serving it
to your families
who are coming to visit.
My son is 10.
He's going to love being on TV.
You okay?
Oh, yeah. I'm just wondering
if my dad's coming.
His opinion matters...
to me.
Carley... We're about
to head for the market.
I keep changing my mind
about what I'm gonna make.
Whatever I pick my dad's
already done it and better.
Oh, hey, he won't see it
that way.
I bet he's proud of you.
Becoming a chef like him?
I don't know.
I hope so.
You're trying too hard.
Just make something you had
when you were a kid.
Go for the memory.
Not the gold.
Of course.
See ya.
See ya.
Chicken Kiev.
Hey, there's my mom and dad.
Is your dad here?
Uh, I don't know.
That's my brother, Reggie,
and my grandma.
Hey, isn't that your dad?
It's so good to see you again.
Rafael, it's been too long.
Hello, Kenneth.
Oh, Beverly.
You look lovely.
It's the lighting.
One of the perks of being
on camera.
Not a chance.
Hey. You got this.
Stop being so nice to me.
We're in competition.
Try to relax.
I don't seem relaxed to you?
What's this called again?
Beef Wellington, named after
the Duke of Wellington,
who was vaguely related
to your great-grandfather.
It looks really good.
Your technique has improved
Carley was 11 when she attempted
to make a Chicken Kiev
for my birthday.
And as I recall she used two
pounds of butter in the centre.
You've come a long way.
I'm really glad you like it.
You know, in the diner we call
this the 'Monday Night Special'.
Yeah, except it didn't have the
bacon or the porcini mushrooms.
Boy, I-I don't know how
it gets better than this.
You know what?
I should take a picture.
Oh, no, mom,
they're filming this.
I think we're covered.
No, no.
This one's just for us.
This is a meal to remember.
You know, when Jason turned
15 I got him a suit
and we went to the best
restaurant in the city
just so he could know
how good food could be.
And look at him now.
That was the night I knew
I wanted to be a chef.
I like the Beef Wellington.
The texture of the puff
pastry shell?
Though not entirely traditional,
your Chicken Kiev
was quite good.
Suzanne, your savoury ham and
cheese crepes were delicious.
Tina, we were very torn
about this decision,
but the flavours in your Gumbo
did not have sufficient
time to marry.
The second showdown is over.
It's time to leave the kitchen.
Well, I learned a lot and I had
a great experience, thanks.
I'm not gonna lie.
This one hurts.
I know.
But you were short on time,
not talent.
It's just my grandmother
was here.
I know.
I've seen the way she looks
at you.
You can do no wrong in her eyes.
Do not let this shake
your confidence.
Uh, me and my brother,
we're talking about getting
a food truck.
Maybe I could have a restaurant
on wheels.
I think that's a really
great idea.
Thank you, Carley.
I really mean that.
Okay, you guys can go home.
Make sure you get some rest.
Tomorrow will be a long day.
It can't be any more challenging
than today.
I need a warm bath
and a glass of wine.
Do you wanna get a coffee?
This evening?
Who drinks coffee at night when
there's so much on the line?
I mean, if I drink coffee after
8:00 pm it's impossible for me
to sleep and I don't know
if you've noticed
but my engine runs pretty high
so it's-
Well, a beverage is optional,
you and your engine
can have decaf.
Today was so intense.
I was a nervous wreck.
In culinary school
you were so polished.
The designer clothes,
the famous father.
I find the nerves
kind of refreshing.
You were only there for a month.
That's hardly long enough
for you to know my life story.
I'm just saying
you surprised me.
I washed dishes and worked
as a prep chef just like you.
And just so you know,
my ignoring the recipe
is not arrogance.
I never said it was.
Things aren't always
as they seem.
In my dad's kitchen everyone
would always say "Yes Chef"
and I didn't wanna be a yes man.
I wanted to stand out,
so I started to rebel,
and after a while bending
the recipes became like a...
badge of honour.
It was my way, not his.
I needed to do something
on my own.
I- I didn't mean to pry.
So, how about you
and your vanishing act?
Why did you so mysteriously
disappear from school?
It wasn't mysterious.
It was to me.
Oh, so you thought of me.
Not much.
But I'd still like to know.
Well, my dad broke his arm
and the doctor said
he couldn't work
for three months.
I couldn't let him shut down
the diner for that long
so I went back home
and manned the grill.
Family is really important
to me.
That's not what I was expecting.
Good for you.
You know I guess I tend to be
a little more traditional
in the kitchen.
I guess I tend to follow
classic recipes
in lieu of a fancy
culinary degree.
You don't need a degree.
You're really good.
So we're both second
generation cooks.
And so different in the kitchen.
Well, you know what they say
about opposites.
They both want their
own restaurant?
I know one thing we have
in common.
We both love blueberry pie.
I love blueberry pie.
It's my favourite pie.
We should um, go
for coffee more often.
They sent us home to pack a bag.
The next challenge is at
a resort on Lake Michigan
and uh, the contestants
are gonna be cooking
comfort food for the guests.
How cool is that?
I know.
And I saw photos
of the resort online.
It's right on the lake.
Mmm. Try and have some fun.
I'm not gonna be on the lake
I'm gonna be in the kitchen.
Take this just in case.
As you wish.
You should wear that dress
and those shoes.
To cook in?
Do as your stylist says.
Thank you.
Diving in
While the currents fast
Gotta leave the past,
it's in the past
Yeah, I won't look back
Strike a match
Watch the flames
go higher
We can burn
much brighter
If we don't look back.
When do we see the kitchen?
This is gonna be
a fun adventure.
Too many variables in
an unfamiliar kitchen.
I don't want anything
to throw me off my game.
I can understand that.
I wish there was time
to go hiking.
I have allergies.
Nature isn't my thing.
Being a chef, taking
that as far as I can,
that's what I'm all about.
Everything else I can take
or leave.
Oh yeah, I'm the same way.
I wonder if I have time
for a run.
It's beautiful here.
Seen one lake, seen them all.
I really like this assignment.
I can return to my diner roots.
Comfort is a warm blanket.
Food should be elegant
and sophisticated.
And maybe taste good?
You sound just like my son.
Well, he's a good kid.
He's the light of my life.
Zoe wants to see us
in the lobby.
Right now.
Hey, guys.
So Beverly got caught up in
meetings and missed her flight.
She gets in tonight so we'll
start shooting in the morning.
What will we do
in the meanwhile?
You get the rest of the day off.
That's great.
I think I'll take a nap.
I'm uh, going for a run.
I'm going for a hike.
Do you mind if I join?
Yeah, okay.
Let's go this way.
I bet the view is beautiful.
Oh, I think we should follow
the trail.
This isn't the kitchen.
Let's take the uncharted path.
I go hiking every chance I get.
When you spend all of
your time in a kitchen
the great outdoors
feels like paradise.
That's why I go running
every morning in the park.
Another thing we have in common.
We also wanna make
our fathers proud.
And we both have the same
dream, opening a restaurant.
Do you ever picture Chez Carley?
What it would be like?
I think about it all the time.
I want it to feel like home.
Personal and inviting, the food
an extension of that invitation.
Candles, fresh cut flowers
on every table.
How about Chez Jason?
Well, it's got the candles.
Plush seating.
Friendly staff because
they're well paid.
You work in a diner long enough
and you realize how important
that is.
Organized kitchen, of course.
And the best food
you've ever had.
The thing is, our dreams
are about to collide.
Well, it could be Chez Winston.
See? Wasn't this worth it?
Both trails lead
to the same place.
Do you wanna get dinner?
Oh, it might feel a little bit
like a date.
You still have to eat.
That's true.
Just a couple of pals stranded
in paradise trying to kill time.
Where are you going?
Oh, uh, to eat dinner
with Jason.
We're just grabbing a bite.
So you don't mind if I join you?
No, that'd be great.
I already ate.
Have fun.
But not too much fun,
he's still the competition!
You look very pretty, for a pal
who's just killing some time.
Well, my stylist made me
pack this dress
and she's very insistent.
She's seven, but still.
She has very good taste.
Thank you.
I remember our first day
of culinary school.
So do I.
We made the chocolate souffl.
Mine died in the oven.
I was very aware of you and,
to be completely honest,
I had a bit of a crush on you.
Why didn't you ever ask me out?
I was about to.
And then you left.
And now here we are.
Which is where, exactly?
Let's find out.
I'm having a really good time.
So am I.
Though I'm not sure that's
such a good thing
given our circumstances.
Well, our circumstances are
we're going for a walk.
No harm in that.
I guess our timing's off a bit.
A couple years.
What would you have said?
If I asked you out?
I would have said yes.
I would have taken you
out for dinner.
Kinda like we did tonight?
And then I would have walked
you home, kind of like this.
And then what?
I would have kissed
you goodnight.
Like this.
You act like you've ever seen
a mixer before.
I find it more comforting
than the stares.
Everybody knows what happened.
Good point.
I don't know what to do.
Well, just focus on the cooking
and the fascinating mixer.
I knew they had dinner
last night.
Might work to our advantage
if they get distracted
by one another.
That's a bit cynical, isn't it?
But I question their priorities.
It's certainly getting them
a lot of attention.
This is not the kind
of attention
that we want to be getting.
It was just a kiss.
We didn't break any rules.
A romance between
competing chefs.
This has never happened before.
I think it's kind of sweet.
Until one of them loses
out to the other.
It won't affect the judging but
it'll be a bit more dramatic.
I think that we should
keep our distance.
Just until the competition
is done.
Otherwise it's just-
it's too complicated.
Yeah, I... I get it.
I hope we're not
interrupting anything.
No, nothing...
nothing at all.
It's time to go shopping.
We're going to the local market.
It's very well stocked.
Make sure you capture enough
footage of our cute couple.
Where's the olive oil?
I hope they have pearl onions.
I can't find the cheese
that I want.
What're you making?
Shepherd's Pie.
All of these are too strong,
they'll overpower it.
Try this Gruyere.
It's pretty mild.
You don't need it?
I got enough.
What're you making?
Macaroni and cheese.
I made it a million times
in the diner.
And hey, to return the favour
I'd like to offer some
unsolicited advice.
Since you know the dish
so well, get creative.
No rules, no recipe,
just follow your instincts
and see where it leads you.
I don't know how that came
off, but it was meant well.
That's how it was taken.
This episode is getting
really good.
The oven is overheating.
My lasagne is curling
around the edges.
It says 350.
My chicken pot pie looks okay.
Maybe it's the wine
in your bolognese sauce.
And maybe it's the oven.
The final decision is up
to the judges
but it helps if the hotel guests
enjoy your dish.
He's trying the mac and cheese.
This looks really good.
He looks happy, right?
He's going for a second scoop.
She keeps staring at
the Shepherd's Pie. Why?
Why the hesitation?
Who doesn't like
a biscuit crust?
The guests were very pleased
and their feedback will be taken
into consideration.
Now it's time to give you
our decision.
Your diner background
served you well.
The mac and cheese
was exceptional.
And the biscuit-topped
Shepherd's Pie was comforting
yet sophisticated.
Your dish, the chicken pot pie,
succeeded on every level.
I was impressed.
The lasagna bolognese was a
bit highbrow for the assignment.
I think that's open
to interpretation.
That was not the only problem.
It was overcooked.
Due to a faulty oven.
No one else had any complaints.
Perhaps my dish
was more ambitious.
Which brings us back to
your questionable choice.
The third showdown is over.
It's time to leave the kitchen.
I'm afraid so.
Thank you.
Pack your bags.
We're headed back to Chicago
for the next round.
I'm really sorry, Winston.
I appreciate the sentiment,
but what's done is done.
It's not just about pride,
you know.
I want my son to think
highly of me,
not see me defeated
on television.
I'm the son of a cook
and I admire his ability
in the kitchen
but I love him
because he's my father.
And that love is forever.
You know, if you weren't so
talented and still a contender
I think we could
have been friends.
We already are.
You just riding up and down
hoping to run into me?
Yeah, something like that.
I know this wasn't a vacation
but I had a really good time.
Not just the uh, setting,
but the company.
Yeah, I'm really gonna
miss this place.
Me too.
We really need to work
on our timing.
Thank you.
You're back!
I am.
I gather you had a good time?
It was wonderful.
It was magical.
That sounds intriguing.
I got pretty close to one
of the chefs.
Did you wear the outfit
I picked out?
I did.
I told you.
Yeah, it was a hit.
I should have you dress me
more often.
Hey, Dad.
Um, I was here for some meetings
and wanted to see you
but, well, now I have to leave.
Oh, I was with Kitchen Showdown,
they took us out of town.
I'm so sorry I missed you.
Well, maybe next time.
Is everything okay?
Oh, sure.
I'm-well, I just miss you,
that's all.
I miss you, too.
More than I let on.
I'll try and get back soon.
I've been trying to reach you.
Yeah, I'm-I'm sorry, I was out
of town with the show.
It's been over a week.
Frankly, I thought you'd be
eliminated by now.
Is he still in the contest?
Well, so did I.
Look, I will check in
with you every day.
I have to go.
I have a restaurant to run.
You made it to the final three.
Do you have a minute?
It's about Carley and Jason
and their relationship.
It's an interesting twist.
I'm just afraid they'll get more
attention from the judges.
Well, don't worry.
The next round of the
competition is blind.
The judges won't know
who made what dish.
So just concentrate
on your cooking.
You'll be creating a dish
that is typical
of classic French cuisine.
Since the contest is blind
you will each get a sous chef.
You'll be picking names
out of a hat.
Here you go.
Okay, everybody.
Let's get cooking.
So uh, me and my brother
are gonna do it.
We're getting a food truck.
Tina, that's great!
We're gonna call it
"The Big Easy"
and we're gonna bring
New Orleans to the mid-west.
Your grandmother
is gonna love that.
Oh yeah.
Hey, how are things going here?
Looks like it's getting
pretty intense.
Yeah, I'm trying to focus
on the cooking,
not the competition.
Zoe did say that you
and Jason have become
more than just competitors.
Well, whatever we are,
it's on hold until
after the competition.
Okay, understood.
You're using pancetta?
And cognac.
I'm gonna make the judges
a Beef Bourguignon
they're never gonna forget.
I like it.
How's things going?
A lot of pressure but
I'm hanging in there.
You're doing something right.
I really want this.
You could win it.
It's just the three of you now.
Yeah, I just-I worry how
that would play out with Carley.
Oh, so the rumour is true.
It's more than just a rumour.
I really like her.
It's quite a dilemma.
The restaurant or the girl.
I like Carley and Jason,
I really do.
But neither of them is ready
to have their own restaurant.
Apparently, the judges
don't share your opinion.
Although they did have
the profound misjudgement
to eliminate me.
This flirtation they're having
illustrates my point.
They don't understand
what's at stake.
Forget about them
and pay more attention
to your congealing sauce.
I always enjoy
the blind contest.
It adds a layer of mystery
to the judging.
It's easy to get sidetracked by
the personalities of the chefs,
their story.
We'll begin with the Cassoulet.
The proportions
are exactly right.
Subtle and yet compelling.
This belongs on the menu.
I gather you're the Cassoulet.
That would be me.
Now, the Beef Bourguignon.
It's very good.
It takes a moment to adjust
to the contrasting flavours.
Pancetta can be a bit
but not in this case.
I don't agree.
There's no respect for
the classic French dish.
The chef has taken
too many liberties.
I'm fine.
This is so incredibly stressful.
Our last dish is the Coq Au Vin.
There's no surprises but
the execution shows real skill.
This is a traditional
Coq Au Vin,
very much in keeping
with the assignment.
The sauce is everything
in a Coq Au Vin.
I find it too creamy.
You can take a break while
the judges deliberate.
Try and relax.
I'll be back shortly.
Well, I don't know how
we're supposed to relax.
I've never felt so unrelaxed
in my life.
I know what you mean.
What do you have to be
unrelaxed about?
You're safe in this round.
Not necessarily.
Hey, your dish was a home run.
You should worry about winning,
and you're worried
about each other.
The judges are ready.
Welcome back.
We still don't know
who made which dish,
but we are ready to give
you our decision.
The Cassoulet was exceptional,
we all agreed on that, right?
The Coq Au Vin was
authentically French,
but I had a problem with
the consistency of the sauce.
The Beef Bourguignon
had too many components.
There's a fine line between
creative and over the top.
Please, stand next to your dish.
Oh, you made the Cassoulet.
Well done.
The Coq Au Vin, and
the Beef Bourguignon.
The voting was very close.
The fourth showdown is over.
It's time to leave the kitchen.
Thank you for the opportunity.
Now it's head to head.
One of you is about to get
your own restaurant.
And the other one goes home.
How do you feel?
Uh, scared, happy,
everything in between.
Uh, what she said.
Go home, get some rest.
Tomorrow we shoot the show
that's gonna change
one of your lives.
If the viewers will feel
exactly like me.
They'll root for them both.
Only one can win.
I hate cliff-hangers.
Everyone should have
a happy ending.
It's a cooking contest,
not a romance novel.
Still opening doors for me, huh?
What can I say,
old habits die hard.
Competitive and chivalrous.
So, tomorrow's the big day.
Suddenly "good luck"
seems so conflicted.
Maybe I'll call you later?
Just to see how you're doing?
Maybe you shouldn't.
I mean, you can call me.
You don't have to.
It's up to you.
You sound like how I feel.
Well, goodnight.
Hey, Kent.
We need to talk in person.
I'd like you to come
to the restaurant.
Okay, I'll see you soon.
Look who's here.
Yeah, well uh, Kent wanted
to see me.
Hey, what's going on
with the show?
Only two of us left.
That's what I'm talking about.
Hello, Jason.
A word?
This contest has put things
in perspective for me-
And it's almost over.
And then what?
I mean, if you win you'll be
opening your own restaurant.
Well, there's a 50/50 chance
I'll lose.
Let's be honest.
You and I were never a good fit.
So I've hired another chef.
You're firing me?
You can't do that.
I'm sorry it had to end
this way.
But I think it's for the best.
Usually baking really
helps me relax.
Is it working?
Not at all.
I only have one day until I find
out if my dream is coming true.
I can't think about that
or else I won't sleep.
I can't even imagine
the pressure.
Hey, it's almost your bed time.
One more cookie.
They're so good.
You promised to show us
the pictures from your trip.
You're right, I did.
Okay, let's see.
This is me and my friend, Jason.
He looks nice.
He is.
He's the other chef.
Tomorrow it's him or me.
And you like him.
I do.
Even if you win he could still
be your friend.
I really hope so.
Okay, no.
Now it's time to go home to bed.
Goodnight, Emma.
I hope you get everything
you want.
Thank you.
I was just about to call you.
I just wanted to say goodnight
and good luck.
That sounds so stupid.
How're you doing?
I've been better.
Do you wanna go for a walk
or something?
It might take some of
the pressure off tomorrow.
We'd have to walk
a hundred miles.
Well, how about we start with a
few blocks and see how it goes?
Alright, 99 more miles
and I should be good.
Yeah, I needed to get out
of my head for a while, too.
Oh, sorry.
Yeah, go ahead.
Hey, Hannah.
I just quit in protest.
I can't let you do that.
Kent had no right
to fire you like that,
with no warning?
I don't know what to say.
I just wanted you to know how
much you mean to your staff.
I feel the same way.
Well, that's it.
Have a good night.
Who's Hannah.
My sous chef.
She just quit her job.
Why would she do that?
Well, she thought it was unfair
that I got fired.
You got fired from
the restaurant?
I wasn't happy there.
Besides, I might have my own
restaurant tomorrow.
Just when it seemed things
couldn't get
any more complicated.
Maybe we shouldn't talk
about the contest.
It seems unavoidable.
How about the unavoidable
subject of you and me?
You and me?
I like the sound of that.
No matter what happens
we'll be okay.
I wish you the best tomorrow.
Maybe second best.
I wish you the same.
I thought you went back
to New York.
Well, I decided to stay
a little longer.
Yeah, come on in.
Just breathe.
So uh, how's the show going?
Uh, well, we're down
to two chefs
so I'm, you know, I'm
a little bit rattled,
but I guess that's
pretty obvious.
Um... so what're you-
what're you doing here?
Well, I uh, I thought
we could talk.
Oh, you wanna-right now-okay.
I'm retiring, Carley.
I gave my notice
to the restaurant.
Why-uh, why didn't you tell me?
Just waiting for the right time.
The uh... the right words.
I hung up my spatula and took
a good look at my life
and I want to see more
of my daughter.
That's why I took the job
in Chicago.
Wow, that's uh,
that's a lot to take in.
I- I miss you.
I want you to be in my life.
I... I
Um, I'm just feeling a little...
I don't know how I'm feeling.
I guess overwhelmed?
Because of the contest.
Uh, yeah.
Carley, I am very proud of you.
I hope you know that.
I'm-I'm sorry I haven't said
that enough.
Actually, that was a-a first.
Whether you win or lose
I'd feel the same way.
I still wanna win.
No, it's just... see, this whole
time I thought it was about
proving myself to you
but I guess I'm the one
that needed the proof.
Who knew?
So who's the other chef?
His name's Jason.
The one from the diner.
We've gotten pretty close.
Oh, I see.
But you know, I mean,
having a restaurant,
it's what I've been working
so hard for.
I look at the choices I made
in my life and the times
I put career before family
and what it cost me
and I think well, maybe...
maybe it doesn't have to be
one or the other.
Maybe you can have it all.
I guess the question is how.
Yes, well, you know what?
I think you'll figure
that one out.
I've got a lot of faith in you.
And you should, too.
I'm really happy you're here.
Oh, me too, honey.
Me too.
You're late.
Thank you.
The last show's always
the hardest.
You nervous?
Afraid so.
Does it show?
Well, the finale will air
in two months,
right before the
restaurant opens.
It'll be a great send-off.
I'll give you two a minute
before we start shooting.
If you name an emotion,
I'm feeling it.
Me too.
Everybody's watching us.
Yeah, watching us and filming.
Okay, everybody.
Let's get this show on the road.
This is the final showdown
and there is a lot on the line.
No pressure.
For your final assignment you'll
be making your best dish.
Choose something that reflects
your passion and your expertise.
Our former contestants will be
assisting you in the kitchen.
You'll each choose a wooden
spoon numbered one and two
to see who picks first.
After you.
Boys against girls, awesome.
It's only awesome if you're
on the winning side.
Now, this last round
is pretty intense,
but performing under pressure
is a vital part of running
a restaurant.
We wish you both
the best of luck.
I don't know why each of
you requires two assistants.
They always bring back the other
contestants to add to the drama.
Yeah. Just what we need,
more drama.
Figure out what you're making.
That's half the battle.
I hate to think of it
as a battle.
Don't let your fondness for
Carley get the better of you.
It's a cooking show,
not a dating show.
Concentrate on your cooking.
Hey, she and Jason
can still be friends.
They can do whatever they want,
after she wins.
Okay, can we talk about
something else
'cause this is not helping.
What're you gonna make?
I don't know.
I need to talk to Carley.
Maybe you should keep
your distance.
I wish it were that simple.
This is harder than I thought
it was going to be.
I really wanna win.
That makes two of us.
Actually, it makes six of us.
Our sous chefs are
pretty invested.
What do you suppose
they're doing in there?
Are they kissing or competing?
The Romeo and Juliet
of the kitchen.
It's a nice story, but look out
for that ending.
What do you think
you're gonna make?
I haven't decided yet.
It seems that the choice is
as important as the execution.
How about you?
Chicken Cordon Bleu.
Trust your talent.
Believe in yourself.
Be bold.
That's really kind of you
to say that,
especially under
the circumstances.
Thank you.
I hate to interrupt...
I think we arrived
in the nick of time.
It's time to start cooking.
Jason's gifted.
I say that with envy
and admiration.
The thing is, I like the guy.
I'm not knocking his achievement
from diner to runner-up,
but Carley is the better chef.
I guess we'll find out
soon enough.
Look at these exquisite truffles
Jason is using in his sauce.
Like any great chef,
Jason knows the importance
of the best ingredients.
Alright, don't fail me now.
I want to start with Arborio
rice to make sure
that it has enough time
to absorb all the flavours
and then move on to the truffle
sauce we talked about.
Am I talking too fast?
I'm talking too fast, aren't I?
Jason is making a truffle sauce
for his dish.
He told me he was making
Chicken Cordon Bleu.
Apparently, it wasn't true.
Well, there must be
some sort of mistake.
Maybe he's trying to steal
your ideas.
I can't believe that
he would do that,
we're friends.
Unless he's been playing you.
No, Suzanne, you're wrong.
You can't have
two truffle dishes.
At least let me see
what I can find out.
Jason is using truffles
in his dish.
What is he making?
That's what we need to find out.
So uh, how're you guys doing?
What's Jason making here?
Let's not confide
in the opposition.
Tina said Winston said
Peter shouldn't tell her
what Jason is making.
I don't understand.
I don't understand why he would
change his dish.
It's brave of you to make such
a complex dish.
My dad is gonna love it.
It's a tribute to him
and all he's given me.
Keep your eye on the prize.
Don't let anything throw you.
Everything okay?
I don't know.
You tell me.
Well, I wouldn't say I'm okay
but I'm holding up.
That's not what I meant.
Okay, guys, we're about
to resume shooting.
You're wearing your game face.
It's a very pretty face even if
your intention is to beat me.
You're really gonna try to flirt
with me at a time like this?
I'm just trying to lighten
things up a bit.
Why did you change your dish
at the last minute?
Is that what this is about?
What're you making?
Lobster ravioli
in a truffle sauce.
I'm making shrimp
and truffle risotto.
Woah, do you think I'm trying
to copy your dish?
I don't know.
I thought you knew me
better than that.
Yeah, so did I.
You're running out of time.
I don't wanna drown the ravioli.
You have to start plating
your food.
I need my crunchy
scallion garnish.
Forget it, you don't have time.
Ten seconds.
It has to be right.
Got the scallion.
Hurry up.
Almost there.
One. Time's up.
One of your lives is
about to change forever.
The judges will now deliberate.
Pretty soon this
will all be over.
Are you talking about
the competition,
or you and me?
You told me to trust myself.
Um... you guys can take
a break
before we start shooting
the final segment.
What's going on?
You should go after her.
Go, go! Find out
what happens.
Okay. Come on, let's go.
I just wanna say...
okay, I have no idea
what to say.
No, I can't do this right now.
Okay, this needs to be
between Carley and I.
Come on.
Beverly sent me,
it wasn't my idea.
Tell her you couldn't find us.
Okay, cut it.
I want you to know something.
I changed my dish because you
told me to believe in myself,
and that meant my history.
Truffles in a diner?
Okay... you remember that story
my dad told?
He took me to the best
restaurant in the city
when I was 15 so I could
appreciate good food.
I made the dish he ordered
that night as a tribute to him,
and to the chef he could
have been.
My dish was a tribute to my dad.
We used to make
risotto together.
That's why I picked it.
So we're good?
Because losing you would be
harder than losing this contest.
We're great.
I am so sorry that
I doubted you.
They're ready to shoot
the judges' verdict.
Okay, this is it.
The final showdown.
You have both proven yourselves
making it this far.
Now we have to pick a winner.
Your dishes had
similar components
but both were unique
in their own way.
In the end...
I found Carley's risotto
to be the superior dish.
Both of you have surpassed
my expectations,
but Jason's ravioli,
that extraordinary sauce,
I had to give it my vote.
Thank you, chef.
Well, I hate when this happens.
Now I have to break the tie.
We need your decision, Nora.
Look, you're both very talented
and deserving
of your own restaurant, but I
keep going back and forth.
Carley's risotto is just superb,
but so is the ravioli.
I'm having a really tough time
making a choice.
We make each other better chefs.
Yes, we do.
That's what's really
important to me.
Me too.
Why can't we open a restaurant
A tie has never happened before.
I would be honoured to share
a kitchen with you.
I don't think we can allow it.
That would break precedent.
I'm on the fence.
I'm backing this restaurant
and I think it could work.
So now we have a tie about
whether or not to allow a tie.
Yeah, we do.
We're going to need a moment.
Are you sure this is
what you want?
We're in this together.
Okay, this was a
complicated decision
way outside our usual scope,
but in the end we all agree.
For the first time
in its history
Kitchen Showdown
has two winners.
He gets the restaurant
and the girl.
That's as good as winning gets.
So, what are you gonna call
your restaurant?
A packed house
for opening night.
I am not surprised.
The viewers were crazy
about Carley and Jason.
I told you.
I should be working for you.
Quitting that job was the best
thing that ever happened to me.
We're so glad you're here.
Are you nervous, excited?
How do you feel?
All of the above.
How about you?
Just grateful.
Thank you.
Let's see.
Almost there.
Now, it's perfect.
Wow, would you look
at this kitchen!
You got what you always wanted.
And so much more.
Fred, I hope you and Marie
can join me at my table.
Oh, it'd be our pleasure.
Well, now I can't let you
have all the fun, can I?
Say, you're pretty good at this.
You work in a diner
for 35 years,
you pick up a few tricks.
Thank you both so much.
This is the best night
of my life.
Are those tears of joy,
or onions?
Carley and I want to thank you
all for coming tonight.
We hope you enjoy the food as
much as we enjoyed making it.
So many of you helped us
get here.
Our families, our friends.
And of course, Kitchen Showdown.
Most of all I want to thank you.
My partner, my best friend,
and my favourite chef.
Every day with you is dessert.
Alright, we have to get back
to the kitchen.
Congratulations, you guys.
We have our own restaurant.
And each other.