Just for the Hell of It (1968) Movie Script

J' There's a group of wild animals
J' Turned loose from the zoo
J' A lion and a tiger
J' And an elephant, too
J' They're crashing through the jungle
J' And they're crashing through the town
J' And they'll huff and they'll puff
J' And they'll blow your house down
J' Destruction
J' Destruction
J' Get it off the street
J' Or you're likely to meet
J' Destruction
J' If you value such possessions
J' As your children and your wife
J' If you value such possessions
J' As your very own life
J' Beware of those wild animals
J' They're smashing up the town
J' And they'll huff and they'll puff
J' And they'll blow your house down
J' Destruction
J' Destruction
J' You better not expect them
To come and to help
J' Destruction J'
Man, that was some blast last night.
Robert's old lady was about to pass
when we smashed that mirror.
I don't know why those fossils
blow their mind
over some stupid furniture.
- They can buy some more, right?
- Right.
Hey, Bitsy, when's the next party?
The group's ready for... action.
It's always ready for action.
Let's get some action right now, huh?
You know how, Dexter, don't you?
Hey, Dexter, me too?
Uh, no, Lum, it's, uh...
You're not making this scene.
You'll be the hero
at the next smash-up, eh, right?
- Right.
- Ugh.
He's a good guy, but a real drag.
Lummox is okay.
You see him smash up
that piano at Turner's place?
He really digs breaking up stuff.
I think he's cute.
You think anything in pants is cute.
Let's get out of here
and into some real action, huh?
You're uptight, Dexter, baby?
Let's go make a lovin', huh?
Private or...
No, just with me and thee.
And the bottle of speed.
Where'd they go, Cransy?
They went fishing, Lum.
Oh, fishing!
Yeah, fishing's fun.
Wow, look at that.
Ain't they hot?
You got a problem, bunkie?
Let's get married.
Are you nuts or something? Go away.
I said, you're my girl!
I said, "Go away!"
You don't act nice!
- I said, you're my...
- Leave me alone!
You just don't make the scene, man.
"Make it?" He isn't even in it.
Let's get out of here
before we'll have to bust the joint up.
He's terrible.
Nobody even noticed my
new Supergirl uplift.
Cool it, man.
I know him.
I'll kill that dirty mother...
Look, man.
He's not a bad guy.
He's just a little square.
Remember that trouble I got in
with Max gang a while back?
They would've busted my head in
if he hadnt jumped in there and helped me.
I owe him one.
I don't give a...
Nobody makes Denny Fortune
look like an idiot.
I'm getting him.
Yeah, knock off the beef, huh?
Let's go get into some action, come on.
- Yeah, good idea.
- Come on.
J' We're the coming generation
J' And we're telling this to you
J' The coming generation
J' Will come in from the zoo
J' They're a bunch of smelly, hairy apes
J' With nowhere to go but down
J' And they'll huff and they'll puff
J' And they'll blow your house down
Stupid hooligans! You animals!
J' Destruction
J' Destruction
J' If you give them any sorrow
J' You won't live till tomorrow
J' Destruction J'
Oh, you...
Guys, guys, slow down, now. Slow down.
Slow down, okay?
Hey, hey, what do you want with my hat?
Hey! Hold it. Hold it! Come back here!
There's a fire.
You damned kids!
Where's my... Where's my hamburger?
Relax, if you don't like it,
you can go someplace else.
It's coming up.
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
What would you like to have?
Just some coffee with a
little bit of cream.
- Make it dark though, okay?
- Okay.
- I'll have the same, thank you.
- Okay.
Hello, Doug.
Got a cigarette?
How do you know my name?
Some friends of mine told me.
They wanna talk to you.
About what?
I don't know. Why don't you ask 'em?
Sorry about that.
I apologize, Jeanne.
- I'll get you another cup.
- That's all right, really.
What do they want with you, Doug?
Who knows?
I'll be back in a minute.
You, uh, you want to speak to me
about something?
How are you, Doug?
It's been a while.
How've you been, Dexter?
Can't complain.
It's a cute chick.
- Don't tell me you're...
- No, not yet.
What do you want, Dexter?
Look, man.
Got a little friction here.
He's got it in his mind that you
laid an insult on him.
He wants to fight you.
Now, I told him about
our scuffle a while back.
And I owe you one.
So, I just wanted to warn you.
He's mean.
He the one that was playing tough guy
in front of the... club the other day?
Yeah, man, he's young.
He's just goofing off, you know.
You always do all his talking for him,
or is he a ventriloquist?
Don't wise off to me.
I'm trying to keep you from getting
your head busted in.
Well, thanks for the warning,
but I'm not gonna worry about it.
This is for the drink your friend ruined.
Easy, junior.
Let's get this straight.
You got a beef with me?
Let's get it on right now.
Hey, stop that.
Get out of here. Stop that!
Do what I tell you!
Stop it!
Stop it!
- Get him!
- Get him, get him. Come on.
Get him, Denny!
Come on, Denny, hit him!
Come on, Denny.
Yeah, come on!
- Come on, Denny, get up.
- Get up!
Come on, get up!
Get up!
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Get up!
See you around, Dexter.
Hey! You wrecked my place!
He's calling the police!
He's calling the police!
The guy never had a chance.
He let them fight, didn't
even call the police.
They wrecked his joint
and burned his hand so bad
it looked like burnt hamburger.
We have an idea who's
involved in this, sir.
Dexter Jaffian.
Yeah, bring him in, Sanders.
He's as good as any I know.
These groups wandering around today,
looking for trouble...
Dropping out of school,
letting their hair grow,
joining some damn-fool movement, getting
in trouble somewhere along the line.
We get them in here
for assault and battery all the time.
They get into trouble all along the line so
you might as well go out and pick them up.
They're restless, they're
looking for trouble.
They're like a plague of rats.
I'm disgusted.
Hey, slob, I'm talking to you. Answer me.
Where were you yesterday afternoon?
Sorry, man.
Hmm, geez, I'm bushed.
Then, now...
Where was I yesterday afternoon?
Hmm, where was I?
I must've been somewhere.
I mean, everybody's got to be somewhere.
Cut the comedy, answer the question.
Forgive me, fuzzy wuzzy...
But didn't hear the question.
Okay, Dexter, let's take it from the top.
Look, kid, we got all day.
All week if necessary.
No difference to me.
Now, where were you yesterday?
What was that? Speak up.
What are you saying? Talk louder.
I said...
"You've got bad breath, fuzz!
"Bad breath!"
No touching.
Now let's talk straight.
I told you a hundred times
where I was yesterday.
I was at my girl's, sacking up.
Call her, ask her,
and quit bugging me...
You can't hold me here and you know it.
So, knock it off,
and go play cops and robbers
with someone else.
And when you call my girl,
be polite,
and don't breathe on her.
J' They're as slimy as a rattle snake
J' And angry as a cat
J' With the temper of a weasel
J' And a mother rat
J' If you're standing
face to face with them
J' Don't ever turn around
J' They'll huff and they'll puff
J' And they'll blow your house down
J' Destruction
J' Destruction
J' They're a wild wrecking crew
with nothing to do
J' But destruction J'
No, no, no.
Stop it! Stop it! Come on!
Let me go!
Leave me alone!
No, no, no!
They have the greatest sound system in it.
- Oh, they're so great.
- They're so great.
Gee, am I ever lucky
meeting the four of you!
Come on, why are you lucky?
Well, besides being the four
prettiest girls in school...
You can do me a real big favor.
Why should we do you a favor?
We don't even know you.
A group of us guys are throwing a party
for Rocky Reese.
Oh! Rocky Reese!
Oh, my God.
One problem, we're short four girls.
How would you girls like to come?
What? It'll be so cool.
- All right.
- Great.
Gee, I don't know,
mom's expecting me home, Nancy.
Come on Betsy, Rocky Reese!
I won't miss meeting him for anything.
Oh plug it to me, baby.
What you doing?
So you've come to see Rocky Reese, huh?
But he'll be a little late,
so why don't you just
make yourselves at home?
Get the gals something to drink.
Everybody! Hey! Hey!
Everybody wait! Wait a minute now. Wait!
We have some newcomers today, you know?
Who wants to introduce them to our society?
You've gone and had your fun.
Now it's our turn.
Oh. my God!
Oh. my God!
Hey, wait, wait, wait!
Here they come.
What? Sorry...
Rocky Reese can't make the party.
Now you girls... Listen!
Listen to me!
Now you girls listen to me.
We're gonna take you for a little ride,
way out in the country.
When you get back,
you can tell your friends what you want,
but if you tell them about us,
the next party we have
will be your last.
Also, also...
We have some great pictures
and we'd be glad to mail
them to your folks.
Now get them out of here!
Get out!
Good, Danny.
Come on, pitch the ball.
Come on, hit it, Danny.
Got one.
Cransy, can I play, huh?
Don't ask me, ask them.
Hey, can I play ball?
No, you can't.
I want to play.
Well, go play with guys your own size.
I want to play ball.
Let me play.
Come on, guys, let's get him.
Let go of me!
Let me go.
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let go of me!
What the hell you think you're doing?
Aren't you men enough to pick
on someone your own size?
Oh, man!
You just don't know when to keep
your nose out of it, do you?
Man here wants to take us on, I guess.
- Leave him alone.
- Back it up, I said. Back it up!
- Back it up.
- All right, all right.
- Come on!
- Leave him alone!
All right, what's going on here?
I saw the whole thing,
Officer, it was terrible.
Bullying those little boys, terrible.
Okay, lady, who started all this?
Oh, yes, uh...
He started it.
Can you tell it to the judge?
All right, yes.
They were playing ball
and he started a fight.
Or was it them?
No, no, it was he that started the fight.
That's not true, Officer.
They were bullying those poor little boys
and Doug only tried helping them.
And then they grab Doug.
That's a downright lie, young woman,
I know what I saw.
All right, let's go, we're
all going for a ride.
- But just a minute, Officer, just a minute
- That's enough, miss.
- Ma'am, we'd like you to come with us.
- Yes, indeed.
- But Officer...
- What is this world coming to?
I can't believe this happened, Doug.
How could they let those goons off
and blame the whole thing on you?
They actually believe
that senile old woman.
Just forget it, Jeanne.
Maybe Cransy's right.
I ought to keep my nose to myself.
No, you shouldn't.
No one should.
That's the whole trouble nowadays.
Everybody just turns his back
when anything happens.
Oh, this whole thing makes me sick.
It cost you $300,
and they get off with a warning.
What's the matter with the law, Doug?
Who knows?
They do what they can.
Let's just drop it, huh?
Who... Who is this?
Who was that?
I don't know.
Just the man's voice saying
that you and I are in trouble
for squealing against the
group to the police.
Oh, Doug, I'm frightened.
I want to talk to you, Dexter.
What's on your mind, man?
It's about a phone call Jeanne got.
Know anything about it?
Not me, man.
Someone trying to make time with your girl?
Cut it, Dexter.
Let's talk straight.
Anything happens to Jeanne,
I'm holding you personally responsible.
Get that?
Look, man,
I paid you back what I owed you,
now you're on your own.
Don't threatened me, man.
I'm not threatening you,
I'm telling you.
Personally responsible.
I'll kill you.
Hey, what do you want?
Hold her leg.
Hold her leg.
J' There's a group of wild animals
J' Turned loose from the zoo
J' A lion and a tiger
J' And an elephant, too
J' They're passing through the jungle
J' And they're passing through the door
J' And they'll huff and puff
J' And they'll blow your house down
J' Destruction J'
J' Destruction
J' Get it off the street
J' Or you're likely to meet
J' Destruction J'
Just looking, man.
Hello, police department?
This is Jeanne Blake at 435 North Oakling.
I'd like to report a...
Well, you see,
I got a phone call the other night
and this voice threatened
me and my boyfriend and...
Well, no, I don't know who called.
But I tell you I'm frightened.
Doug was to be here two hours ago.
What do you mean
there's nothing you can do?
You're the police.
No, I don't want to change my phone number.
What good will that do?
Well, if you can't help me, who can?
Well, why don't you drink a hot glass
of milk and take a tranquilizer!
I'm sorry I troubled you!
Everybody will be here in an hour.
You all know what to do?
just as long as I get
Doug, that's what I want.
Listen, man.
When you wanna get to someone you do
it to the thing they care about most.
Now, with Doug, it's this chick Jeanne.
You rip her up bad enough,
he'll get the picture.
So then what does he do?
Who cares.
If he still wants to play...
- . -we play...
Call Doug on the phone,
get him over to your apartment.
I want you to keep him there until I call.
- Get it?
- Anything you say, babe.
As long as it's big, juicy and fights back.
Hello, Doug?
This is Bitsy.
You know, Dexter's girl.
Well, the man and me had a big fight
over what they're planning to do
with that chick of yours.
That's right.
See, maybe as a woman I don't cut
into other gals getting hurt.
How about 7:00?
That's right, honey.
I live at 56 Acton Avenue.
That's right.
See you then.
You're early, honey. Caught me in the bath.
Come on in.
Come on.
Be quiet.
Be quiet.
String her up.
String her up.
On next Saturday is when they plan
to get Jeanne, Doug.
That's all I know.
Thanks, Bitsy.
I better get going.
You have to go now, honey?
Just when we were getting acquainted?
Very nice.
But I do have to go.
You better put this back on.
You might catch a cold or something.
Not if you keep me hot, honey.
You don't want me to go, do you, hon?
You want me to stay right here.
You little tramp.
This has all been a stinking trick
and I fell for it.
You get me over here alone
while those mothers try and get Jeanne.
Put a coat on. We're getting out of here.
If anything happens to Jeanne,
you'll never make it with another guy.
I promise you that.
They're done for.
Why. son?
Just for the hell of it.
Just for keeps.
Come on.
You know, those guys
gonna be in a lot of trouble.
Who cares, man.
J' If you're looking for a moral
J' When you're heading for a fall
J' And the moral of the story is
J' There's no moral at all
J' For every animal you kill
J' There's two more to be found
J' They'll huff and they'll puff
J' And they'll blow your house down
J' Destruction
J' I said destruction
J' We'll see them all in hell
Hope in hell they do so well
J' Destruction J'