Just Like a Woman (2012) Movie Script

Give them some time.
You cannot rush things.
Your time is not God's time.
The Lord works in very
mysterious ways.
You can get up now.
I've left some
herbs now this evening.
Yes. You are to boil those herbs.
She has to drink it
right before she goes to be
with her husband, okay?
This is
very important... okay?
$150, God willing, you'll
be a grandmother soon, Nishalla.
Oh, no.
Oh, it's just kids.
Let's get inside.
(woman shouting)
Okay, okay,
it's clean.
If that was my
Do it for me.
(music playing)
Stop it.
Bye! (woman) Bye.
(music playing)
(phone ringing)
Just a second please.
(Frank) What can I do for you?
Line two.
What line?
Okay, I got it.
(phone ringing)
(man) And up, around and
chest two, three and four.
And hips two, three
and four around and...
and four.
And hips two, three
and four, good.
And one and four.
Now hips, one...
four, shimmy and one.
four shimmy again.
One, four, shimmy, good.
One and four, now one.
All right, not bad
you guys, not bad.
What do you
think I'm gonna say?
What do you think
I'm gonna say?
Brains... what am
I gonna say about brains.
Stop using them.
Dance with your body,
with your soul, okay?
Efficiency has no place in dance
especially belly dance, okay.
Enjoy yourselves,
enjoy your hips.
I need much more hips
out of all of you, okay?
All right, just work
on it for a second.
I just need to talk to Marilyn
for a second, if you don't mind.
Did you talk to
Harvey yet?
Look, you're the only one I have
here that has any chance
of getting in that
dance company in Santa Fe.
Now I told
them about you.
Are you gonna audition?
Look, I can't talk to
Harvey... you know, he...
Why not, he's not
doing anything right now.
Well, exactly.
I know what
he'll say.
I just wanna spare myself
the disappointment of not...
and you need this
for yourself, all right?
Promise me you'll talk to him? Yes.
You might just get this.
(TV chatter)
Baby, don't eat that,
your cholesterol.
Well, shame on me.
Maybe if you
were here sooner
I wouldn't have to have
chips for dinner.
Well, it's Tuesday,
I have my class.
Belly dancing.
How could I forget?
What's that
supposed to mean?
Nothing, hey...
I think it's great
that you believe
you can still be
a dancer at your age.
I wish I had that positive
So did you
find anything?
Why would you even
ask me that?
Because I have
a right to know.
You think I'm
not trying?
You think I'm purposefully
not trying to find a job?
You think...
I like this?
Sitting at home watching...
shit TV
and getting fat?
Harvey, I'm sorry.
Hey, sweet bird.
I'm sorry.
I'm an asshole,
I'm sorry... I'm sorry
to make you think
that I thought
you weren't trying.
You wanna start over...
How was your day?
It was okay.
How was your class?
Class was great.
Actually, I wanna...
Did you get
paid today?
Why did...
I'm gonna...
I'm gonna need
a little cash.
What for?
I'm just gonna go out and
blow off some steam.
Well, baby,
I just got home.
Come on.
I wanna make
What if something
opens up.
I want people
to know I'm alive.
So this is like a job search? Yeah.
You know, this is how
people make connections.
Where are you gonna make these
connections, Harvey, some bar?
Where's your purse?
Where's your goddamn purse,
Where it always is.
Don't wait up.
(door closing)
Never do.
When we're lying in bed
what do you think about?
You're lying.
I'm not.
Don't you think...
what am I doing
with her?
She cannot even
give me a child?
I never think
that way.
We could adopt.
Leila is going to
be very happy.
You want to know
what I'm thinking
when we lie in bed
I wish my mother
would disappear.
You mean die?
That's horrible, Mourad.
I know.
She's your mother.
I'm the one that
should disappear.
(Marilyn) Hi, Frank. Good morning.
(phone ringing)
Who put my stuff in
the trash bag?
It's not funny.
I did it,
I packed your stuff.
Well, because business
isn't good.
It's the recession.
And you don't give
me any notice?
What... I don't
get an explanation?
You're firing me as if I was
some fuckin' loser?
This is your
chance to...
a chance to move on.
Do something
You are really sweet.
I think you're really talented. Don't.
Just pay me what
you owe me.
Well, I'll... I can write
you a recommendation letter.
And say that I'm good at
answering the phone
and stacking boxes?
Do you think
you're good people?
Is this how you behave?
who's been in
the company for seven years?
Aside from everything else,
this is fucking illegal.
Well, then you
can take me to court.
(phone ringing)
Harvey, call me.
(music playing)
Everything is
all right?
I got fired.
I'm sorry.
You'll find
something else.
With a 20%
unemployment rate?
Know her?
She's Samia Gamal.
She was the best dancer
in Egypt.
They didn't even
give me a reason.
Do you have a bag?
How much?
Take it.
(distant horns honking)
(woman grunting)
(Peter) What's going on? (sniffling)
Honey, talk to me.
Well, I got fired...
Do you need a place
to stay?
Is there
something I can do?
No, Harvey's... Harvey's
cheating on me.
Oh, that shit.
I just saw him, Peter,
with another woman in our bed.
I'm so sorry.
I feel so sick...
No, it's not your fault... and stupid.
Is there anything
I can do?
I think I'm gonna go.
I think I'm gonna
go to Santa Fe.
Can you sign me up?
I don't know
how I'm gonna...
I haven't got any
money or...
Don't worry
about that.
dancing in bars and
restaurants along the way.
Peter, I can't dance
in a restaurant.
Yes, you can.
I did it
for years.
Besides, it'll give you a chance
to work in front of an audience.
That's what you
need anyway.
Look, I know of a really good
place along the way to Santa Fe.
It's a, uh... they're
friends of mine.
and then I'll text you
with their information, okay?
It's gonna be
all right.
I promise.
You look ridiculous.
I know I
look ridiculous.
Well, I was doing
a facial.
You shouldn't bother
people when they're doing fac...
don't smoke, it's bad
for you.
Oh, uh, the green one.
Yes, yes.
I'm calling my parents.
I'm calling
my parents.
Right now. Mona, Mona,
what's going on here?
Ma, please, enough.
things are different.
You don't need to
have children.
I'm coming, I'm coming!
I love her.
Eh, love.
I'm coming,
I'm coming!
(water running)
I'm here.
wake up, Ma.
Call 911.
Ma, Ma!
Is she dead?
Call an ambulance,
Yes, I need
an ambulance.
Yes, uh...
It's my
(ambulance door closes)
(man) Where are you going, missus?
Bus station?
Which one?
I don't know.
North, south?
Um... the closer one?
All right.
(cell phone ringing)
Hey, Marilyn, how you doing? I'm Okay.
Good, listen, I've got a gig
for you, it's tonight.
You do? Yeah, it's in
Belleville, Illinois.
The name is...
it's the Casbah Restaurant.
Wait, let me
get a pen.
The Casbah, C-a-s-b-a-h.
It's on Lebanon Avenue,
155 North.
All right, good luck.
Love you, goodbye.
Good, you guys.
What are
you doing here?
Are you by yourself?
No, I'm...
the matter?
Why are you crying.
I left...
I left.
Me too.
Good for you.
Where you headed?
I don't even know
where we are right now.
And you?
Santa Fe.
There's a dance company,
they're having auditions and...
I had to do something.
Will you
come with me?
Hey, I need to dial this
Moroccan restaurant
in Belleville.
Will you
dial it for me?
It's under Tarek.
What's that...
T-a-r-e-k, Tarek.
Here, it's ringing.
Yes, can I
speak to Tarek?
Tarek, this is Marilyn,
I'm a friend of Peter.
Yeah, he told me you're looking
for a dancer for tonight?
You need two?
Yeah, there's
two of us.
Dinner and a room plus
a hundred each... great.
All right, we'll
be there.
Thank you.
Can you
find Belleville?
It's somewhere
out there.
Will you
do it with me?
I don't dance
in restaurants.
You think I do?
First time for
everything, right?
I get it, but... I need
the money.
I'm guessing
you do too.
Think about it... you'd be
doing me a favor.
This fucking car
is a gas guzzler.
Think about it?
Did you find
(dishes clanking)
Okay, listen.
You dance
with the customer.
You have good time
in the club of mine.
Okay... Come on, come on.
(man shouting)
(music begins)
(clapping in unison)
$120 in tips
plus $100 each?
To think I spent seven years
doing a fucked up job
when I could've
been dancing every night?
You guys did
fantastic job.
But there's one thing that
my customer doesn't like
blonde woman to dance,
so black wig... cool?
Dye it black?
What's up?
Here's a hundred
for you.
Go have some drink and leave me
with your friend here.
She's not interested.
How about you?
Listen to me, Mister.
We had a deal,
we kept our end of it.
Leave us alone or I'm
calling the cops.
What the fuck you
think you're talking about.
Do you think I'd be
afraid of cop?
This is my
fucking house.
Easy, or I fuck you up!
(door slams)
Marilyn, Marilyn,
don't call the cops.
We need to
get out of here.
Get your stuff.
(cell phone ringing)
(birds chirping)
My mother never prepared
her medication herself.
Who did then?
My wife.
Did she prepare
it that evening?
I guess, yes.
Like every evening.
(man) The autopsy
reports were conclusive.
Your mother died of
an overdose of digoxin...
her heart medication?
Did your mother have any
reason to increase her dosage?
Where is your
wife, Mr. Suni?
I don't know,
she's gone.
Just after my
mother died.
Did she tell you
where she was going?
Do you have any reason
to believe
that she increased
the dosage on purpose?
No, no-no, she's
not a killer, no.
Did she have anything
against your mother?
There was a lot
of tense between them.
We... we couldn't
have children.
Did your mother
beat her?
Did your mother
beat her?
What kind of question
is this?
What do you mean?
I don't understand
your question.
It's a question.
Do your mother
beat your wife?
Yes or no, did your mother
beat your wife?
You beat your wife?
Do you beat
your wife?
(woman) Can you please excuse us?
I'd like to
see you outside.
Hey, what
time is it?
Why are you pushing
him so hard?
What? Why are you pushing him so hard?
It's gonna seem
prejudicial in court.
Well, it's our word
against his.
It doesn't help us.
I don't like him.
Mr. Suni?
Do you have any clue of
your wife's whereabouts?
Could she be with
her family?
She has nobody here,
I'm worried.
She never been
out of Chicago before.
Not even out of her
Five years, she's never
been out of the neighborhood?
Is that normal?
C'est la vie.
Are you finished
with me?
We'll be in touch.
(percussive music playing)
(music stops)
I should have started
ten years ago.
Samia Gamal, she
danced until she was 55.
And did you know that she was
married to a Texan billionaire?
In the '50s,
in Egypt.
Their marriage
didn't last long.
They divorced.
I don't know if
I'm gonna get in.
You will.
Your choreography should be
special and different.
(cell phone ringing)
You can't swim?
Why'd you do it?
I don't know.
You gonna file for
a divorce?
I don't know.
Mourad never stand up
for me in front of his mother.
I see my Mother-in-law,
three maybe four times a year?
I can't believe
you actually live with her.
He was so
kind to me.
He never hurt me.
I would've killed
myself without him.
Were you in love with him
when you married him?
I didn't
know him then.
What difference
does it make?
I was crazy about Harvey,
look where it got me.
He was
cheating on me.
Are you gonna
divorce him?
I don't know.
I don't know how
to forgive him.
(cell phone ringing)
We got another gig
for tonight.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.

Oh! (man) Ladies, on stage!
At this time, in this place
I want y'all to give
it up for two...
belly dancers.
For the one and only
Miss Mona and Miss Marilyn!
(music plays)
(man shouting)
Come on, girl!
All right, girl.
Let me
help you out here.
All right.
(cheering and applause)
Yeah, go, girl!
Give it up for
Mona and Marilyn!
Give it up, Mona
and Marilyn!
(cheering and whistling)
All right.
Well, little darling.
That's quite a dance
y'all got going on.
You do any, uh,
private dancing?
Just thought I'd ask,
you know.
What is with
this newspaper?
What the fuck is
wrong with you?
Well, you see I like to look
at them guys eyes.
The all got...
different eyes.
You're fucked up.
We're all different.
(crowd chanting "more")
Okay, ladies, back on!
On stage!
Come, come, let's go.
I didn't
want to kill her.
It was an accident, I mean,
the pills got mixed up.
How am I supposed
to know it was dangerous.
And you weren't planning
on telling me?
I was.
When, Mona?
After we get arrested?
Marilyn, Marilyn,
You gotta
go to the cops.
You gotta tell 'em
what happened.
They won't believe me.
I mean, you don't
believe me.
I'm... so scared.
I'm... so scared
to go to jail.
I don't want to spend
the rest of my life in jail.
You think I wanna spend
the rest of my life in jail?
You think I'm not
involved now?
You think this isn't
the getaway car, Mona?
We're talkin' about
a murder.
I got enough
fuckin' problems.
You're sympathetic
to her
because she was
forced to marry that guy.
Taken from her family
and humiliated because she can't
bear him children, I get that.
But you seem
to think I'm out to get her.
I think you are out
to get her.
What if it was
an accident?
Well, then why
is she running away?
Look, I just wanna enforce
the law. Enforce law, I know.
15 years ago
you got a divorce.
You left your country.
'Cause of the laws
of this country
you were able
to start a new life...
And that is sacred
to me.
And I get that.
I just also think
that you're out to get her.
(woman) George? Yep.
This gentlemen here wants
to report his wife is missing.
Thank you... come on in.
Uh, I'm sorry,
we don't have any, uh,
here, have a seat, please.
Is this your wife?
Yeah, like she said.
How... how long ago
did she go missing?
She... went to work two days ago
and she hasn't been back since.
Oh, and what's
her name?
Yeah, Marilyn what?
Did you guys get
into a fight?
No more than usual.
Do you know what
you're gonna do?
30 bucks.
Is there a bus
that goes through here?
In two hours
heading south.
(car door shuts)
It's what you made
last night, $160.
No one's gonna look for you
on an Indian reservation.
(car starts)
(cell phone ringing)
Marilyn, it's Harvey.
I'm listening.
Where the hell are you?
Jesus Christ, I'm calling
and calling and calling.
I'm freakin' out.
I saw you
with her.
I loved you,
I trusted you.
In our bed Harvey?
I fucked up, I fucked up,
okay, it was...
It was stupid,
it was a one-time thing.
It won't happen again.
I'm sorry, okay?
You hurt me.
You don't
respect me.
I can't do this any more,
it's over.
We never did
anything together.
Ten years, not
even a child.
Ten years wasted.
Sweet bird...
I'm sorry.
We can work this out.
Just come back.
We can work this out.
You can keep the house
if you can afford the rent.
Keep everything in it.
Goodbye, Harvey.
Don't say that,
don't hang up... Marilyn...
Marilyn, don't okay...
Don't, don't hang up...
(phone disconnects)
(cell phone ringing)
(ringing stops)
I'm so sorry.
Come on.
(music playing)
(Singing in foreign language)
You want children?
maybe four.
I better hurry up.
Nearly 30,
Me, I can't become
a mother.
I... tried
for five years.
Did you see
a doctor?
Not really, no.
So how do you know
it's you?
Maybe it's
your husband who can't...
Men in
my country they always can.
Yeah, my Mother-in-law
used to say that.
Maybe you should
try with somebody else.
You're crazy.
I know.
You look like you
could be a mother.
You think so?
For sure.
You'll be a mother
before I am.
If I don't spend
the rest of my life in jail.
Hi, I'm Tribal Security.
Is there
a problem?
Yes, this is an Indian
You can't be
camping here.
Oh, we didn't know,
I'm sorry.
We can
leave right away.
There's no camping allowed
on Indian reservations.
Oh, we didn't know,
I'm sorry.
There is a place
where you can camp.
It's off the reservation.
It has actual facilities
on there.
Okay, great, thanks Okay?
Hi, what's your name?
Mona, where
you from Mona?
From Chicago.
Okay, where y'all
headed to?
We just drove
down from Chicago.
We're just on a trip,
a road trip.
Okay, okay,
that's fine.
I can show you where
the campground is.
Thanks, that's
great, okay.
Yeah, we'll just
pack up our stuff and...
It's beautiful.
Yes, here we are.
Okay, tomorrow we're
celebrating a feast day
and it is our tradition that we
invite a newcomer to our feast.
So y'all are welcome
to come.
Aw, we'd love to,
thank you.
Okay, great
Well, I'll be back here
tomorrow to pick you up.
Don't worry
he's not a cop.
We closed.
I gotta take a piss.
No-no, don't pee here, okay?
No-no, every day
you pee...
Go pee somewhere else.
Please, enough!
Enough, sir!
Excuse me,
Mr. Mourad.
Question, sir.
Do you recognize
this woman?
Yes, she's a customer.
Mona knew her,
they were friends.
Did they hang
out together?
No, never, no-no.
Mona went
out only with me.
You know, we'd go buy
some clothes.
Or go to the movies.
That's it.
They call each
other on the phone?
No-no, no-no,
here in the shop.
Can you tell us
anything about her?
I told you everything
I know.
They were just friendly
to say hello to each other.
Yes, that's it, yes.
All right, thank you. Okay.
Good night.
(music playing)
(music stops)
What are you doing?
You don't wanna
try with another song?
I can't.
You know this one
is a bit...
I don't know.
Mona, I don't
have time, it's...
Honey, I've never danced
to this before.
I don't have any steps.
Good, just... just try
to feel the music.
But I just don't time
to improvise right now
because the audition
is in 48 hours.
I know.
Just feel the music
and let your body
decide, you know?
It's all about
Just let it go.
Are you watching that?
I don't know what
that stuff is.
Some kind of
foreign music.
You know you look for
a little peace and quiet
and you get this.
If I get this job my whole
life's gonna change, Mona.
I get to travel
all over the world.
You'll get the job.
Now you better get
some sleep.
Tomorrow's a big day.
Come on.
(woman) Hey, hey, somebody's in here!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I thought the door is,
uh, broken.
You can't shake
the door like that.
You only know how to get
on people's nerves.
I'm sorry.
You and your sand
nigger music.
What did you
just say?
Oh, another one. What
the fuck did you just say?
Don't give me any lip. You bitch.
People like you
make me sick.
Small minds!
Small minds.
You better do
something about that.
All right, all right,
I will.
What happened?
She insulted me.
Stop it!
teach her.
(car starts)
It's over, Mona.
Excuse me, you
have a cell phone?
Can I bring it
back to you?
Thank you.
(cell phone ringing)
Mona, where are you?
Mona, where are you,
the police are looking for you.
I never wanted
to kill Leila
It was
an accident.
I know, I know.
I know, I'm the one
who wanted to kill her.
Please come back,
Mona, okay?
I post
the bail for you.
You won't go in jail.
I'm not afraid to go
to jail, Mourad.
I'm selling the store.
We'll leave
And we can
adopt children.
We should have done
that before.
I'm not gonna
go back to you, Mourad
Why, why, Mona?
I don't care
about children, okay?
I don't care.
She ruin her life
with this.
Maybe I'm the one
who can't have them.
I never had the courage
to tell her.
And I didn't
stand up for you enough.
No, you did, I...
I loved you,
I loved you.
So, so, so let's try again,
okay, somewhere else?
You and me, okay?
No Mourad,
it's over.
We cannot build a new life
over your mother's death?
Anyway, I'm coming back
to Chicago.
I'm gonna turn
myself in, just...
inform the police.
No, Mona, don't do that,
don't do that, okay, let...
(phone disconnects)
(church bell ringing)
(music playing)
Okay, thank you.
Okay, O'Connor!
Your name please?
And where you
You have two
(music playing)
This certificate is
for Marilyn.
And... would you say goodbye
to her for me?
Hello, Jack.
How you doing?
Fine, how you doing?
She needs a ticket
to Chicago.
The train leaves
in three hours.
I'll get it ready.
Okay, Jack's gonna
take care of you.
Thank you
for everything.
You're welcome.
Take care of yourself.
Be safe.
You weren't gonna
say goodbye?
They'll never believe the dance
they saw today was me.
Where you going?
Then I'm going
with you.