Just One Kiss (2022) Movie Script

This program is rated G
and is suitable for
general audiences.
It had to be you
It had to be you
I wandered around
And finally found
The somebody who
Could make me be true
Could make me
Be blue
And even be glad
Just to be sad
Thinkin' of you
Some others I've seen
They might never be mean
Might never be cross
Or try to be boss
But they wouldn't do
For nobody else
Gave me a thrill
With all your faults
I love you still
It had to be you
Wonderful you
Yes! It had to be you-u-u-u
- Watch it, buddy. She's taken.
- Understood.
[pianist plays flourish
and an outro]
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
[Mia] So Keats' love letter
to Fanny Brawne
is a classic example of
idealistic love in literature.
For instance--
"I cannot exist without you.
I am forgetful of everything,
but seeing you again.
My life seems to stop there.
I see no further.
You have absorb'd me."
So that seems a little needy,
if we're being honest, right?
I mean, someone puts that note
on your door
and you're taking out
a restraining order, am I right?
- Mm-hmm?
- It's escapism.
The realities of that era
were rough.
That's true.
Life expectancy was short.
Keats died of tuberculosis
when he was 25.
That's so young!
How tragic.
Yes. But we relate
to the tragedy in literature
because, you know,
for so many of us,
when it comes to love,
the journey from aspiration
to fulfillment
is a very...
bumpy road.
Professor Rivera needs a date.
- Or a drink!
- All right.
So that's it for this week.
Next week is
"Ode On A Grecian Urn."
Please read
and be prepared to discuss.
- Hey!
- Hey.
You, ahem, need
to pull yourself together.
What was that out there?
Really? What class?
Cynicism 101?
Mia, they're 19 years old.
They're gonna have decades
of heartbreak ahead of them.
You don't have to burst
their bubble just yet.
I'm teaching my students
about reality.
I think you're letting
your personal life
cloud your judgment.
I am not. Stop it.
Don't you have papers
to grade or something?
Nope. Done.
Super-speedy when it comes
to the Peloponnesian War.
Come on, Mia! You used to see
the beauty in all of this.
"Shall I compare thee
to a summer's day?"
Oh, stop, please.
Hey! Penny Serenade is playing
at the Vogue tonight.
It's our favorite.
You're coming with me.
No, I can't.
I've got the "appointment."
That's done at 3:00.
You'll have plenty of time.
Derek's meeting
a new gallery owner.
I don't want to sit there
like a sad-sack,
And you have to stop
being such a shut-in.
I'm not a shut-in.
Okay, fine,
a marginal hermit, then.
You need a big, fat dose
of romance, girl!
- [Mia harrumphs]
- Cary Grant. Irene Dunne.
Who better to bring you
out of that funk?
I'm not in a funk!
All hermits say that.
I'll meet you
after the lawyer's office.
Oh. Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come here.
You're doing the right thing.
- You are.
- I know.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
I'll have
the soda and popcorn ready.
- Okay.
- Okay.
And the wine?
Yeah, I'll get some wine.
I'll put it in a soda cup.
- Goodbye!
- Bye.
You can wait
right over here with your...
With her husband.
Have a seat, Mrs. Malone.
It's actually "Rivera" now.
Thank you.
I'll let Mr. Underwood
know you're here.
Don't call me that.
This is ridiculous.
I don't want a divorce.
We're a family.
We belong together.
Think about Rosie.
I am doing this for Rosie.
Come on.
We can still find a place.
These short-term rentals
are a fortune.
And why are we
in the short-term rentals
again, Casey?
I'm 90 days sober,
you know.
I know.
I know. I'm proud of you.
I know how hard
you've been working.
Come on, Mia.
Look me in the eyes--
look me in the eyes--
and you tell me
that it was all bad.
Of course, it wasn't all bad.
It was, uh...
when it was good,
it was great.
Sweetheart, I--
We lost our house... Casey.
W-We-- We can't count on you anymore.
I'm sorry to interrupt,
but Mr. Underwood is ready.
So am I.
[scoffs] Really?
One kiss?
That's all it takes to know?
From Cary Grant?
[Cary Grant, as Roger]
Oh, now, darling,
you're not going to be
one of those wives...
Yeah, I mean,
Cary Grant's Cary Grant,
but kisses can be misleading.
Maybe you just haven't
been kissed properly.
Now, do you mind?
We're trying to watch a movie.
You see that young man?
[chuckles proudly]
That's my son, Anthony.
Isn't he gorgeous?
He's very handsome.
Oh, and that one,
with a napkin for the skirt?
Yeah, that's his date.
I feel for her.
I mean, clearly,
nobody raised her right.
See, I taught my daughter
about self-respect.
Thank you.
Which is
why she's single again,
after 12 years.
Come on!
You're smart, you're beautiful,
you should know better.
Second time.
Oh! Look who can count.
That's her.
That's my Mia.
She's the one giving your son
the hard time.
She's been
in a bit of a mood lately.
- Who's her date?
- Oh, no, no, no.
He's not a date. That's Nick.
He's her best friend.
She just filed for divorce--
- Oh.
- ...After 12 years.
- [inhales dramatically]
- The ex-husband
went through all their money
on booze
and bad judgment.
I mean, not a bad guy--
I tried to warn her about him.
Who listens to their mother?
Ah! They just don't know
how to pick 'em anymore.
I just want Anthony
to find someone.
Yeah. Settle down
with somebody nice.
- Yeah. Down-to-earth!
- Reliable.
- So I can have some peace!
- So I can have some peace!
Sofia Romano.
- Marlene Schwartz-
- Rivera.
Now, that's a mouthful.
[ladies chuckling]
You know, my-my son
is a singer.
He's got a voice like butter.
Eh, good thing
there's no high-cholesterol
in my family.
- Ah!
- My daughter
is a professor
at a university.
Very smart.
But with a personality.
Oh, yeah? Well, my Anthony's
got so much compassion in him.
[Sofia] Are you thinkin'
what I'm thinking?
Well, if your Anthony's
this mensch you say he is,
we might be
on the same page.
- Like a set-up?
- A set-up. But...
they can't know
that we're behind it.
They've got to find each other
on their own,
think it's their idea.
I can't agree more!
Let's get to work.
I agree.
[Cary Grant, as Roger]
After the deductions,
we got 10,000.
[Irene Dunne, as Julie] 10,000?
Oh, I love this moment.
[Cary Grant, as Roger] Uh-huh.
I still got a couple of thousand
in bills to pay around here.
[Irene Dunne, as Julie]
Well, then,
- you've really only got 8,000.
- [dryly] Lucky girl.
[Cary Grant, as Roger] Yes,
but did you ever see...
I'll say.
...that much money
in your life.
Rosie! Come on, hurry.
You're gonna miss the bus,
And I want to get a run in,
before class.
What is this?
It's a waffle!
It's a delicious
homemade waffle.
Come on!
My cooking's not that bad.
It's not that good, either.
Okay. You have to take the bus
home from school today
because Daddy has to work
and I need to look
at some apartments.
Why we can't just find
a place with Daddy?
Honey, I told you.
It's complicated.
Only because
you're making it complicated.
He wants us together.
Sweetheart, I'm not
having this conversation
with you again, okay?
One day, hopefully,
you're gonna understand.
I'll never understand.
- [waffle thuds]
- I'm not hungry.
Okay. Fine.
Look both ways.
This is ridiculous.
Sofia, it is never
gonna work.
Tony is very superstitious.
He got it from my mother.
We all got it from her.
Oh! Here he comes.
- Whoa, whoa.
- Whoa.
You see?
- Hey.
- Hey-hey-hey.
Oh, it's so good--
[cat meows]
Okay. I am putting my trust
in you and this, uh, mishegas,
but I've got my doubts.
Yeah, you've had
a lot of those lately.
But listen. Listen, trust me.
I know what I'm walking about.
Here we go.
Mia's going towards him...
there's the target.
Okay, you say "target,"
I say "beautiful boy
with a voice like an angel."
You sure you're ready
to let him go?
Uh, yes. Okay.
two, one--
no traffic.
Go, baby, go!
- See you later.
- Okay.
I'm so sorry.
That cat ran
right in front of me.
- Are you all right?
- Seriously?
You plowed into me because
a black cat crossed your path?
It's a family thing.
Let me help you up.
No, I'm fine, thank you.
You've done enough.
You're a health hazard.
Hey. Have we met before?
No. I think
I would remember you.
Stop. I'm flattered.
Hey, I-I feel terrible
about this.
Let me, uh,
make it up to you.
Coffee? Cupcake? Cocktail?
Uh, I'm fine,
but actually, you know what,
you might need some help.
Oh, it's just that grown men
are usually not afraid
of kitty cats.
I don't like to take chances
when it comes to luck.
You know,
Ralph Waldo Emerson says
"Shallow men believe in luck.
Strong men
believe in cause and effect."
Wow. 30 seconds in,
and you're already
calling me shallow?
I'm merely quoting Emerson.
Well, let me prove you
and Emerson wrong.
Does this usually
work for you?
Just turn on the charm,
and then women
are putty in your hands?
I have my moments.
- Well, I'm immune.
- To charm?
To men like you.
Have a nice day!
Oh, and, um, watch out
for the kitty cats.
Watch out for that ladder!
No! Ah--!
He likes her!
And she hates him!
- It's perfect!
- It's perfect!
See, Mia is renting
a mailbox here, so...
I'll just stick this inside!
And my nonna used to say
you can
tell a lot about a person
by the lines on their hand.
- Is that right?
- Mm-hmm.
May I?
Oh! Interesting.
What do you see?
Well, see, this...
is your life line--
nice and long, good for you--
and this...
is your love line.
Oh? And what does
my love line say?
Well, let's see.
It says...
you're gonna meet someone...
charming, handsome...
and he's gonna
sweep you off your feet.
I think you might be right...
...because my husband
just walked in the door.
Thanks for the drink.
I'm guessing the movie
didn't have a happy ending.
Francesca's sweet
and everything,
but I'm afraid she's not
gonna be my leading lady.
But what can you do, Jack?
You win some,
you lose some.
You're a good guy.
Stop the chase.
Find a nice girl.
You sound like my mother.
Come on.
Settling down isn't so bad.
And it's been years
since Katie.
But this is so much more fun.
[realtor] And it's got
marble countertops,
stainless-steel appliances,
and a gas stove.
Look at this natural light.
It's gorgeous!
Yeah, this light
is amazing.
It's so much better
than my last place.
That other place
was like a coffin!
This, the energy is sublime.
They're asking
two months' security deposit,
plus first and last month's
rent upfront.
Do they want my first-born, too?
Bite your tongue!
They're not gettin' my Rosie.
It's got two large bedrooms.
And it's in Brooklyn!
What else could you ask for?
Aw, come on!
Look at this.
You can see the Brooklyn Bridge
right from here.
Wow. Yeah.
This view is spectacular.
That's why
it's gonna go fast.
I wouldn't sit on it.
I would go for it, honey.
[sighs dreamily]
Okay. I'm gonna take it.
- Yes!
- Excellent choice.
Mazel tov!
- Wow.
- Love it?
Gosh, where am I gonna
put my stuff?
- Anywhere! It's yours!
- I know, it's enormous.
Let's go take a look.
- When do we move in?
- Gotta get that.
[ladies chuckling]
Ah! You are
completely ridiculous.
I haven't eaten since Thursday.
How'd you think it'd go?
Way to go, everyone.
Very good job.
Way to go, men.
Don't forget to tip them well.
It looks like you two
have a lot of junk.
Oh. Those don't look
like moving clothes.
Honey, the only thing
I'm moving is
- a martini closer to my mouth.
- Mm-mm!
[all laughing]
But we did bring you
an orchid.
Oh, thank you, I love it.
Its name is "Lenny."
Please don't kill it.
Yeah, I'll try.
I'll take care of it, Derek.
- Not necessary, Rosie-
- Posie.
If her cooking
is any indication,
we thought it'd be best
to buy her something
a little low-maintenance.
You know her well.
Mom, this is Isabella.
I met her upstairs.
She's across the hall from us.
Oh, great! Hi.
It's so nice to finally have
someone my own age
in the building.
Everyone here is so old.
Uh, it's nice to meet you, Isabella.
Is it okay if I show her
the rec room in the basement?
- There's a pool table.
- Oh, sure.
Just come right back up, okay?
We got a lot of unpacking to do.
Okay. Ciao.
What is she, Sophia Loren?
Don't know. I'm just glad
Rosie found someone her own age.
Maybe she's not
gonna hate me too much
for moving her to Brooklyn.
Oh, please.
She'll be a hipster by Friday
and all will be forgiven.
[sighs] We can all hope.
Martini glasses?
Yes, let's do that. Ahem!
Have you forgotten
about last night?
Completely forgotten.
- No clue.
- Oh, my gosh.
No, lift with your knees.
You lift with your knees.
This is what the pros are for.
Come here.
- [Nick] You lift with your back.
- [Mia] Here, pillows.
[Nick] Okay, good.
Thank you.
[Mia] Okay.
- [crash]
- Oh, my gosh!
I'm so sorry. I--
- You.
- Look.
If you wanted to see me again,
all you had to do was ask.
That is so not what this is.
So, you're the new neighbor.
How's that for lucky geography?
- What are the odds?
- Slim to none.
So it must be fate.
Or maybe it's my Karma.
[laughs] Hey.
Was that your daughter I saw
playing with my niece earlier?
Oh, Isabella's your niece?
My sister
travels for business a lot,
so Bella stays with me
when she's gone.
looks like we're gonna be
seeing a lot of each other.
Lucky for me.
Anything you need...
I'm right across the hall.
Gonna be hard to forget that.
Any time.
Day or night.
Don't hesitate to knock.
And I won't either.
Or don't.
Oh? Okay.
[Mia chuckles]
Recycling's on the other side
of the hall.
Oh, he'll win her over,
you'll see...
my precious little angel.
She can't stand
your precious little angel.
Oh, well, it's a good thing
that he likes a challenge.
Oh. So, you're saying
he's in it for the conquest?
Well, if she's as good
as you say she is--
She's better.
He's needs to step up his game.
If anyone can conquer
her cold, dead heart,
it's my Anthony.
I hope he's worth it.
Oh, he is.
He is.
Wow! Ow!
What are you doing?
Life is a show, Bella.
Can't have a student over
without my favorite accessory.
Of course you can.
No! No-no-no-no!
No hats on the bed.
It's bad luck.
Now she's definitely
not gonna like you.
The lady across the hall.
Who says I want her to?
Do I look new here?
Hey! Mind
your own business, kid.
Beat it.
I've got a lesson.
[practicing scales]
Is Rosie home?
Uh, she's changing.
Can you tell her
to text me when she's done?
- [knocking]
- Uh, she doesn't have a phone.
Audrey, hey. Come on in.
Oh. Why?
Yeah, Mom.
Why don't I have a phone?
Dad said it's okay.
Because we've talked about this
and you're gonna get one
in middle school.
That's when I got mine.
So my uncle is taking me
to the arcade in, like, an hour.
Do you want to go?
Just you two
and your uncle?
- Mm-hmm.
- Please, Mom. Can I go?
You told me to embrace the move.
This is me embracing it.
Yeah, but I really don't want
you going alone with that guy.
With a stranger...
your uncle...
so I'm gonna go with you.
[forced chuckle]
[Mia] Hey.
I need more tokens.
Really? I just gave you 30.
They run out quickly.
- Please?
- Your mom's paying me back.
Thank you, Mommy!
Oh. "Mommy"? She hasn't
called me that in years.
She must not hate me
too much today.
Yeah, they can be
like that, huh?
I get to be the cool uncle,
the good cop,
and then Mom comes back
and all bets are off.
- [woman] Hey, Tony!
- Hey!
One of your girlfriends?
Just a friend.
You got a lot of friends.
Got a problem
with a healthy social life?
being the key word.
You don't like me much, do you?
I don't--
I don't really know you.
Why don't you tell me
your best three qualities?
I only get to pick three?
[woman] Hey, Tony!
Hey, Jackie!
Oh, my god.
What? She's one of my students!
A student?
Are you a teacher?
'Cause you don't seem the type.
Voice lessons.
That's who you see coming in
and out of my apartment,
despite what I'm sure
you must've thought of me.
Who says
I think of you at all?
Here's an idea, though.
How are you at bowling?
Uh, if it were
an Olympic sport,
I'd have the gold.
Care to put your money
where your mouth is?
If I had any money,
I'd say yes.
How about bragging rights?
That... I'm a pro at.
I can imagine.
Get ready to lose!
Last ball.
Feeling confident?
Wouldn't want it
to be a gutter ball.
That'd be
an embarrassing way to lose.
I'm not worried.
I've been saving
the big guns for last.
- Oh! Yes!
- [groaning]
- Oh! It hurts!
- Okay!
So I'm not a mathematician,
but I do believe--
can you check this out?
I think 136 beats 126.
[Tony] Okay, okay.
I don't want to rub it in,
I'm just--
No! You should.
That's what this is for.
Brag away.
No, no, no.
Some of us are secure enough
that we don't have to brag.
No! You've earned this.
If you don't,
I'll do it for you.
[roars] Ladies and gentlemen!
She has beat me!
Ms. Mia Rivera,
with the bowling shoes,
with an all-time high score
of 136!
Okay, you can--
You're done,
you're done, you're done.
That's not
an all-time high score.
Not even close.
- Whoo!
- Shh! Stop it.
You're making a scene.
Somebody has to.
You should be really proud.
You did that in those shoes.
Get outta here.
So Bella tells me
you're a teacher, too.
I'm a professor, yeah,
at the university.
Oh, "professor." I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to disrespect you
by calling you a mere teacher.
What subject?
Uh, this semester,
it's romantic literature,
with a focus on the classics.
Ah. You know, literature
and music aren't that different.
It's always romance and flowers
or heartbreak and angst.
It's the soundtrack
of our lives.
I love the classics.
That's why I sing the standards.
I used to think I was born
in the wrong era.
When I was a kid,
my mom would say,
"Quiet down, Frankie's singing,"
and we would listen.
And that music
was the music that spoke to me.
You should come
to my show tonight.
Are you asking me on a date?
Of course not.
I wouldn't dare.
Bring your friends.
I'll comp you.
It'll be a free night out,
and you'll get to see
that I'm not the person
you think I am.
- Hmm.
- Bella tells me
you don't leave
the apartment much.
She what?
Come on,
don't be such a hermit.
I am not a hermit!
- Mom--
- [adults] No!
Okay. Fine.
You can count us in.
Great. It's a date.
There's gonna be three of us.
It's a comp.
It's a start,
and I'll take it.
This was just delivered.
- Hmm?
- Who's Larry Underwood?
Oh, that's just
business stuff, hon'.
You can just leave it
right there.
Mom, no. Ew.
What is with the schmatte?
I don't know what to wear!
I haven't been
to a supper club since...
your Dad and I were dating.
You know Nick and Derek--
they're just gonna have
the perfect outfits
for something like this.
You are
a beautiful young woman.
Show an ankle, at least!
So what are you and your dad
doing tonight?
- Dinner and a movie.
- PG-13?
Mom! I'll be with Dad.
He's not gonna take me to some
horror film or something.
Don't you trust him?
[grumbles] Ah, I know,
I'm sure it'll be fun
and age-appropriate.
Okay, what about this one?
Ah! Now, this is more like it!
What, is it too much?
I just have not
worn this in years.
[Rosie] Yes.
Yeah. Maybe you should go back
to the pilgrim outfit
from the first Thanksgiving.
Wait. Mom, is this a date?
No! No.
Hon', it's just Nick and Derek
and I going to see
the new neighbor perform.
Okay. Because I don't
have to go to Dad's.
We could stay home,
the three of us, and--
No. No.
You need this time
with your dad.
Listen, at least
you finally look like a lady
who's definitely gonna get
a second date,
although it--
technically, I know--
it's not supposed to be a date.
Let your mother live her life.
Okay, okay.
I'll let myself out.
Love is in the air.
Ha! Absolutely.
And I took care
of everything else.
Are you sure
this is gonna work?
Ah! One of these days,
you are gonna learn
not to doubt me.
Well, we are not there yet.
Trust me!
The emcee always gives Tony
his special requests.
Oh! Let's go get a seat!
[piano plays, lively and light]
I must say,
I love the vibe here.
It's kitschy,
it's Goodfellas-ish,
- don't you think?
- Yeah.
So, what time
does hottie neighbor go on?
He has a name, Derek.
I know, but that's what
we call him in our house.
We do.
We call him "hottie neighbor."
You should give him
a try, Mia.
No way! No.
He's one of these
"women in every port"
kinda guys.
Trust me.
The charm is always a cover.
Do not punish him
for the sins of Casey.
I'm not.
I just know his type.
[woman] Ladies and gentlemen,
how is everyone this evening?
Oh, yeah. Oh, yes.
We are well.
Welcome to the Manhattan
Supper Club.
We have a special show
for you tonight.
Our headliner is in the house.
Please welcome...
Mr. Tony Romano!
- Hey!
- [applauding and cheering]
[Tony] Thank you.
Thank you!
Thank you for that warm welcome.
As you know,
tonight is the third Saturday
of the month,
which is...
Request night!
Request night.
I've got a stack
of requests here...
But first, let's go out
to the crowd for a moment.
Shall we?
Good evening... pretty lady.
Oh, good evening.
What's your favorite song?
Why don't you guess what it is,
and I'll tell you
if you're right?
Ooh! Not gonna to make this
easy on me, huh?
That's a lot of pressure,
but I do love a challenge.
Let's see.
I... yeah. You know what?
Let me just take
a shot in the dark,
based on my own favorite song.
Let's, let's, uh...
let's see how I do.
This song is for
the lovely lady
in the lovely red dress,
who does not want to give me
even one, small inch.
[pianist plays intro
to "Somebody to Watch Over Me"]
There's a somebody
I'm longing to see
I hope that she
Turns out to be
Someone to watch
Over me
This is your favorite song.
How would he know that?
- Is he stalking you?
- I--
Has he gone from
hottie neighbor to creepy guy?
- Shh!
- ...Some speed
Follow my lead
Oh, how I need
Someone to watch
Over me
[crowd applauds]
Wow. Wow.
Doesn't he have
a voice like an angel?
He's not bad.
He's good!
"Very good."
Very good. Yes.
Very good.
Very nice.
Thank you for the tickets.
Nick and Derek
had such a good time.
And you?
It was fun.
I also enjoyed it.
Well, I'm glad you came.
O-kay! What are you doing?
What-- hey.
I just... I thought...
You thought?
You should probably do
a little less of that.
[chuckles and stops]
I'm so sorry if I gave you
the wrong impression.
Look, Mia, despite what
you think of me,
I like you,
and I want
to get to know you better.
'Kay. Well,
my life is very complicated.
Oh, whose isn't?
Welcome to humanity.
And you're dangerous.
I promise...
I'm a good guy.
Would you tell me
if you weren't?
[resigned sigh]
Okay. Let's start as friends.
Hey, you need a cup of flour?
I need an egg?
We just knock on
each other's doors.
Okay? Friends?
- [pats his arm]
- Frien-- Friends.
- Mm.
- Goodnight, friend.
'Night, friend.
[Tony sighs]
- Goodnight!
- Goodnight.
[Mia sighs]
You know your son
and I know my daughter...
and nothing gets her
out of the house
like a nice slice
of Lindsay's Cheesecake.
That's a woman
after my own heart.
And I taught my Anthony
"never pass up a freebie."
They are due
for a run-in.
Puts them on the same page.
And the same cheesecake!
[both giggling]
Morning. Hi.
Did you have fun?
The best! We saw
that new White Lightning movie
and then shared
a tornado sundae.
It was huge.
Not a vegetable in sight, huh?
No, it wasn't
that much ice cream.
You should come with us
next time.
Save our stomachs, right?
Um, honey, why don't you
go unpack, okay?
I am going to walk Daddy out.
Love you, Daddy.
All right, peanut!
I'll see you next week,
after I get back
from Cleveland, okay?
You can't keep
saying things like that.
Like what?
Like, "Come with us next time."
You can't get her hopes up.
Well, maybe it's not her hopes
I'm banking on, Mia.
I've changed.
What do I do
to prove myself to you?
[voice wavers]
Come on! It's...
It's just the same conversation,
a different day,
and I can't--
I can't do it anymore.
Casey, you have to stop--
- [footsteps]
[abruptly] Morning.
- Morning.
- Yup.
All right.
[deep breath]
I guess I'll see you
Thursday, then.
I have to leave for Derek's
art show by 7,
so you have to be here on time.
I'll be here.
Don't worry.
- Oh! Oh--
- Oh!
Oh, my-- Oh...
Nice save!
We have to stop
meeting like this.
- Yeah. We do.
- [laughing]
This was almost
our biggest catastrophe yet.
It's, uh, messy,
but salvageable.
I'll take the messy one.
I'll go get you
one that's intact,
even though you've run into me
now the last two times!
You know,
I'm gonna let you do that.
Oh, hey. I was meaning
to ask you, um...
if you're okay.
That seemed rough
this morning.
Oh, yeah, you know,
it's difficult--
but, yeah, we're okay. Thanks.
Well, if you ever need to talk.
That's not me hitting on you.
That's me being a friend.
I can be a really good one.
Well, thanks, friend.
Speaking of friendship,
you know,
my mom taught me
that friends
don't let friends
eat cheesecake alone.
Because that's just sad.
You know
I have a daughter, right?
Yeah, and where
is she right now?
She's at a slumber party.
Case rested, Your Honor!
Besides, I think
you haven't seen
the best part of the building
yet, have you?
If you say your apartment,
I swear--
I wouldn't dream of it!
I'm gonna go get you
a clean cheesecake,
then you're coming with me.
This was not
on the apartment tour.
Because they lock it.
But... I have a key,
because I'm friends
with the super.
I like to I come up here
when I want to think,
which, despite
what you may think,
I do think,
from time to time.
I wish
I could stop thinking.
That's where music
comes in handy.
You can't worry or be sad,
when you're singing.
[Mia chuckles softly]
My dad, when he got sick,
I'd sing to him every night,
and, um...
my mom said that really
helped him get through it.
It helped all of us, really.
Music is...
like a magical elixir.
Well, you're really
very talented.
You ever thought about putting
out an album or something?
Um... I've recorded some songs, but...
...what I do
isn't exactly mainstream.
And performing
is what I love.
I love being the soundtrack
to other people's love lives.
Not your own?
My goals
were not "big enough"
for my last girlfriend,
so that was the end of that.
Mm. Okay.
So, now,
if you don't let them in,
then you can't be disappointed.
It's easier if the relationship
has an expiration date?
Oh! You have me
all figured out?
I think that you are sharing
your gifts, Tony.
As a teacher,
as a performer,
as a son,
and I think that's
a perfectly admirable goal.
What got you interested
in literature?
Nazim Hikmet.
Nazim Hikmet.
He's a Turkish poet.
He's, you know, not exactly
a household name, but...
I read this poem that he wrote,
from prison,
called, "On Living."
I read it in college
and it just...
really spoke to me.
He just-- he believed
that one must have
an intense commitment to life,
no matter what's thrown at you.
That's a good sentiment.
And easier said than done.
And what happened
between you and your ex,
if you don't mind my asking?
I don't mind.
it was his drinking.
He, um, well, I would
find out he was drinking
when he was supposedly sober.
And he lost a job because of it
and we had to sell
our apartment.
That must've been hard.
Yeah. I think
it was harder on Rosie.
I mean...
she still thinks
that there's a chance.
Is there?
You gonna finish that?
You really did a number on it.
[Mia laughs]
Well, it's the taste
that counts, right?
[Tony laughs]
And you're right--
no one should eat
cheesecake alone.
Thanks for taking me up here.
And for your friendship.
Any time.
My roof key
is your roof key.
And your cheesecake
is my cheesecake.
[both laughing]
[horn toots]
Yeah, I got someone at five,
but I can get you in at 6:30?
Yeah. Great. Perfect.
Yeah, okay. I'll see you then.
We'll get you ready
for that audition, okay?
Okay. See you then. Bye.
It's Katherine now.
No one's called me Katie
in ages.
So, what's it been?
Five years? Six?
Yeah. Something like that.
So, how've you been, Tony?
Great. I've, uh, I've been
performing a bunch,
getting some buzz.
Things are fantastic.
I'm so glad.
It was always your dream
and you're making it happen.
- Yeah.
- Okay, bud. There's Mommy.
Hi, my angel.
Hi, angel.
Mark, this is Tony.
How you doing?
This is my husband, Mark,
and this is Lee.
Named after your grandfather.
How'd you know that?
Uh, this is Tony.
- Tony?
- Tony.
Oh! Tony...
He's beautiful, Katie.
Sorry, Katherine.
Guess... kids were
in your future, after all.
Yeah. You know...
life takes you
in strange directions and...
you never know.
Certainly does.
Anyway, hon', we should run.
We've got my thing.
Mark's a lawyer.
He's having a launch party
for his new firm tonight.
It was great seeing you.
All right, Music Man.
Well, good luck with
your little singing and dancing.
We'll see you around.
Come on, buddy.
Mark, was that really necessary?
[exhales heavily]
She always said
she didn't want kids,
and I still almost put a ring
on her finger.
She just didn't want
to have kids with me.
Don't you put this on you.
This is about Katie.
Please, sir. "Katherine."
Sorry. "Katherine."
She wasn't good enough
for you,
and the irony is,
she made it seem like
it was the other way around.
That's the worst part!
I felt that way
our entire relationship,
and I still stayed.
So you learn from it
and move on.
Don't let her be the reason
you miss out on something great.
I don't know, man.
I think, um...
some people
are meant to be in love
and others are just meant
to sing about it.
- [cork pops]
- On me, my friend.
[pouring spirits]
[zips boot]
Okay. Rosie!
Your dad's gonna be here
in five minutes.
I'm ready.
And I promise I'll keep it
to one scoop of ice cream tonight.
Hey, it's your stomach.
You're not gonna give me
a bunch of rules before I leave?
No. You know the drill.
[phone rings]
Hey, Casey.
You running late?
I'm sorry.
I can't take Rosie tonight.
I have to work.
You're telling me this now?
Five minutes before
you're supposed to pick her up,
when you know I have plans?
It couldn't be helped, Mia.
I'm the new guy here.
I'm trying to prove myself.
I get that, but...
can you just-- just let me know
a little sooner next time?
I'll do my very best.
[Mia sighs]
Uh... okay.
Change of plans.
Daddy has to work late,
so I-I'm just gonna
cancel the art show.
This wouldn't happen
if we moved back in with him.
Rosie, can we not do this
right now, please?
Look around you.
We have this beautiful new home.
It's a fresh start
for both of us.
I didn't need a fresh start.
- [sighs tensely]
- Isabella invited me
across the hall
to watch a movie tonight,
but I was going to Dad's.
Maybe I can still
go over there.
Yeah, I can ask Tony,
if you want.
I want.
All right.
Let's go. Thank you.
Hello, friend!
Hi, friend.
Um, I've got a really big
"friend" favor to ask you.
Uh, tonight's
Derek's art show--
And you want me
to be your date?
I'm sorry, I already have plans
with Bella.
Raincheck, though?
Mm. No, sorry.
Casey has to work late
and I cannot leave Rosie alone,
and this is so important
to Derek.
Say no more.
We're doing popcorn,
movie, candy--
the whole nine yards.
Come on in.
All right. Have fun!
Hey, how's it going?
This won't happen when
my parents get back together.
[Bella] At least we can hang.
Thank you so much.
I owe you big-time.
You really do,
and I'm gonna call in
that raincheck soon enough,
so you keep your phone on.
- Okay.
- Not "silent"-- on!
Ladies... I've got an idea.
[Mia] Do you remember
how mad you were
when he quit his job
to paint?
"Mad" is a little generous.
Yeah, I had to talk you off
quite a few ledges.
But look at him now!
It was a growth moment for me.
I mean, what's the point
of doing something
if it makes you miserable?
And insurance
made him insufferable.
Look. He made all this.
Mm. There's a lot to be said
for passion, isn't there?
I wish I knew
where mine was hiding.
I can tell you.
Casey destroyed it.
Now he's punishing me.
He canceled last minute,
even though, believe me,
I know he knew hours before
he had to work late.
- Aw, shoot.
- I had to get Tony
to watch Rosie tonight.
Wait a second.
Hottie neighbor?
- Yes. That is his full name.
- Okay...
I just sold those two.
Looks like our anniversary trip
to Aruba is on!
Pina coladas, please!
Here's something fun--
the neighbor's
watching Rosie tonight.
Stop it! I love it.
Mia, I'm telling you,
if you want to rekindle
that passion,
I'd check to see if maybe
it's hiding across the hall.
Yeah, I'm gonna check to see
these paintings over here.
Honey, you can't afford them.
Oh! Burn. Burn!
Parker and Robbie. Oh, my gosh.
Parker, Parker, Parker!
[knocking on door]
Ah. Ma'am, you're just in time.
Please. Come in.
We've reserved a special seat
just for you.
Follow me.
Can I take your coat?
Um... where's Rosie?
"Rosie"? I ha--
we don't have anybody
by that name here.
All I've got backstage
are the rest of The Rat Pack.
Oh, so Sammy and Dean-o?
Eh, some lesser-known members.
Ahem-ahem, ahem!
Ladies and...
We are here tonight
to celebrate New York City--
that magical town that has
brought us all here together
on this magical night!
[whispers loudly]
Cue music!
Get in here.
- Get in here!
- ["New York, New York" plays]
Start spreadin' the news
I'm leavin' today
I want to be
A part of it
New York, New York
If I can
Make it there
I'll make it
It's up to you
New York
New York
These little-town blues
They're all melting away
Dance for it.
Dance for it.
If I can
Make it there
I'll make it
It's up to you
New York
New Yo-o-o-o-rk
New Yo-o-o-rk
Big finish!
Goodnight, Brooklyn!
Oh! Yay!
Bravo! Fantastic!
You guys are amazing.
All right,
go get out of costume, okay?
Worth every penny
you're not paying me?
Even more!
Ah, then maybe you should take
me out for drinks tomorrow.
Hey, I know a great place?
Thanks, Tony.
- Thank you. Well done.
- Thanks, Tony.
You're welcome. Goodnight.
[intro for "New York, New York"
[blows air]
All I know is,
since I met her,
the Francescas of this world
don't seem
all that intriguing anymore.
I like this Mia.
I do, too.
Except her ex-husband, Casey,
he's always around.
And he's such a suit.
How am I supposed
to compete with that?
You don't have to compete
with anyone, Anthony.
All you have to do is sing.
Yeah. Battle scars, you know?
You always told me Katie--
I'm sorry, "Katherine"--
was no good for me.
Did I listen?
No, you did not.
No, I did not.
I know that there's love
out there for you,
and maybe it's Mia,
maybe it's someone else.
But when it comes your way,
you need to be open to it.
I don't know
about anything anymore.
Except the stage.
When I'm up there, singing,
nothing else matters.
Ah. I know.
And believe you me,
you just follow your heart,
and everything's gonna work out.
I know!
[wistful sigh]
[Tony] And then
I climbed in the window,
and my dad
was waiting there for me,
with a flashlight.
He had this terrified look
on his face.
Oh, my dad had
one of those faces, too.
I had a Mexican dad
and a Jewish mother,
so, growing up,
I got all the spicy
and all the guilt.
Jack! Jack. Mia.
This is
my very best friend, Jack.
We were in a band together,
once upon a time.
- Oh!
- And I retired
at the ripe old age of 25,
when I inherited this place.
- Oh.
- Also...
I didn't have his talent.
Oh, I'm sure that's not true.
It's really nice
to meet you, Jack.
- Likewise. Enjoy.
- Thanks, man.
Tony Romano!
- Hello?
- Hi!
Don't worry, you don't know me.
I'm Gabrielle.
I've been to your show
a bunch of times.
Oh, thank you.
So last year,
I was going through
kind of a bad break-up--
like, really bad,
um, catastrophic, even.
Oh. I'm sorry to hear that.
My ex, Jeff--
I mean-- Oof!
I mean, he was not good.
This one time, he was on a date
with me and another girl
at the same time!
Oof. That sounds--
What a...
- Anyway--
- Oh. Sure.
Yeah, your show was the thing
that got me out of the house.
There's just something
about your music
that makes you feel hopeful.
You know,
I could not agree more.
Well, hey, if I keep singing,
will you keep coming back?
Ah! Deal! Selfie?
For my blog.
Absolu-- No prob--
- [laughing]
- You got it. All right.
Do not let this one get away.
Babe! I just met Tony Romano!
I swear, I did not
put her up to that.
[laughs] You sure you didn't
slip her a 20 or something?
[Mia laughs]
I gotta say, though...
moments like that
make it all worthwhile.
You know,
that picture for her blog
is just to make
Jeff jealous, right?
Hashtag "JealousJeff."
Ooh! Nice.
Well, I had a really nice time
with you tonight, Tony.
Thank you
for giving me a chance.
Yeah. You know, you're not
who I thought you were.
Is that a good thing?
You know, I think
it just might be.
I thought
I heard something out here.
Uh... Casey.
What are you doing here?
Rosie was supposed
to stay with you tonight.
Yeah, yeah. Seems like
you weren't expecting me.
I have to go to Miami tomorrow,
last minute,
so I dropped Rosie off early.
I'll be in in a minute.
Just give me a second, okay?
Y-- Sure. Gladly.
I'm sorry about that.
Look. Look, dating is tricky.
You walk into
the middle of someone's life,
you can't expect them
not to have one.
I really did have
a good time with you tonight.
Goodnight, Mia.
Goodnight, Tony.
Hey. Who's he?
You sure you got
enough balloons there?
Hey! We have a very important
birthday to celebrate,
so we're taking
our show on the road.
You want to come?
The more the merrier,
and this party
could use some more merry.
Can we, please, Mom?
We can have breakfast after.
Anything to stop you
from cooking.
Hey! Um...
Okay. Sure.
I could do for a celebration.
I can't wait
for you to meet Uncle Harry.
Ladies first.
Who's Uncle Harry?
[quiet background chatter]
Don't tell me
he's still sleeping.
Uh, no, he knows
exactly what we are up to
and he's just avoiding it
as long as possible.
That sounds like Uncle Harry.
But all will be forgiven!
I'm going to take Rosie
over to meet Natalie.
She has the best stories.
She even used to date Elvis.
Oh! Well, who among us
has not, right?
Sheila, this is my friend,
and, today,
my music supervisor, Mia.
Oh, hi, Mia.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
I'm the social director here.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
I'm going to check on
the microphone.
- I'll be right back.
- Sure.
He is a peach.
Oh, he comes every weekend
to see his uncle
and sing to the residents.
Boy, do they ever
look forward to that.
Every weekend?
Yeah. They love him.
Everybody loves Tony.
But he's never
brought a date before.
You must be pretty special.
Oh, I-I'm not a date.
I'm just a friend.
Oh, trust me.
He thinks it's a date.
Oh, I think he's coming.
Okay, everybody!
Okay, guys, on "one"
we're gonna say "Surprise!"
two, one!
[everyone] Surprise!
Don't do that to a guy my age!
The ticker ain't
what it used to be.
Happy birthday, Uncle Harry!
Oh, we're so thrilled
to be celebrating you today--
the man, the legend--
the man who once punched
a black bear in the face.
Yeah, but he didn't bother me
anymore, that's for sure.
Yeah, no one messes
with Uncle Harry.
And now... I'm gonna sing
your favorite song.
Lady Gaga?
Aw, can't get enough Gaga.
- [laughing]
- Cue music!
[stereo plays]
You make me feel so young
Oh, yeah, that's the one.
I love that song.
You make me feel like
Spring has sprung
And every time
I see you grin
- I'm such a happy...
- That's my nephew.
The moment that you speak
I want to run and play
I want to go
and bounce the moon
Just like a toy balloon
- Everybody, dance!
- Okay!
Look at her.
Come on, let's dance!
- You and I...
- Me?
We are just like
a couple of tots
Running around the meadow
Pickin' up
All those forget-me-nots
And you make me young
You make me feel
there are songs to be sung
Lots of bells to be rung
And a wonderful fling
to be flung
And even when
I'm old and gray
I'm gonna feel
The way I do today
You make me
feel so young
Happy birthday, Uncle Harry!
- [all cheering]
- Thanks.
[Sheila] Happy Birthday.
Life is just a dream
Float down the stream
And watch the stars
The truth is just delight
In the eyes of a child
Fly through the stars
On a balloon
Ride on a rainbow
Over the moon
See the whole world
In the back of a spoon
When you follow
your dreams
Over the moon
I always wake up
at the best part.
[Rosie] Mom, what are you doing?
I'm trying something new.
Buckwheat pancakes.
Nick gave me the recipe.
Whatever happened
to just plain old cereal?
Well, this is more... fun.
Maybe for you.
[both laughing]
Yeah. Oh!
So, um...
yesterday was fun, right?
I think Uncle Harry
had a good time.
You seemed to have
a great time.
Yeah. We all did.
Yeah, but...
I just wish things could
go back to the way they were.
Daddy and I love you
so much, okay?
That's never, ever
gonna change.
But sometimes...
things just don't work out,
no matter how hard you try.
But you seem happier now
than before.
I am.
And that's because
I'm working really hard at it,
for the both of us.
You know,
my Bubbie used to say
that smiling
is good for the soul,
and I think we could both use
some more smiles.
[phone rings]
Good evening.
[Tony] Full moon tonight.
Do you turn into a werewolf?
Should I lock my doors?
Uh, not yet,
so I think you're in the clear.
But it's really quite a show.
You wanna meet at our spot?
I don't have a key.
It's okay. I know a guy.
And I've got something for you.
I'll meet you in five.
You doing okay?
Do you got any new hair or--
- All clear. All clear so far.
- ...or fangs?
- Okay.
- I got you something.
- What is this?
- A little gift.
I was walking by
a bookstore today
and I thought of you.
When Katie dumped me,
it knocked me down pretty hard.
When someone tells you
enough times,
"you're not good enough,"
you start to believe them.
Couldn't get on a stage
for months.
Wow. What changed?
I was waiting
for the subway one day
and these three kids
started singing
one of my favorite songs--
beautiful harmonies--
and it just... [snaps]
...woke me up.
What was the song?
Fly me to the moon
And let me play
Among the stars
Let me see
What spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars
- You've heard of it?
- [laughs] Yeah.
Sometimes, you just need to be
re-ignited by your passion
in order to wake up.
[sighs deeply]
Thank you.
This is exactly what I needed.
And you are enough, Tony.
Don't ever let anyone
ever tell you otherwise.
In other words
Hold my hand
In other words
Baby, kiss me
Fill my heart with song
and let me sing for--
[pages rustle]
Not tonight.
[Mia] So how many of you
are familiar with
"Hope is the Thing
With Feathers"
by Emily Dickinson?
Okay. Quite a number of you.
Well, today, I want to focus
on the thematic power
of hope in poetry.
"Hope is the thing
with feathers--
it perches in the soul,
it sings the tune
without the words,
it never stops...
at all."
What's she saying?
Hope is miraculous
and it never asks
for anything in return.
I mean, it costs us nothing
to have hope.
Right? Yeah, what else?
Like a bird,
we must let hope fly free.
Yes. Yes!
And the imagery
that Dickinson uses
is just so powerful.
I mean, you can feel it
as you're reading this.
Yep. She's definitely
seeing someone.
Oh, for sure!
[Jack] Hey, Tony.
Fill my heart with song
And let me sing
Someone is in a good mood.
When words fail,
music speaks.
Oh, and poetry, too.
To what do I owe
this delightful mood?
To new beginnings, my friend.
That's what I like to see.
The old Tony's back, huh?
I like her, Jack.
She lets me be me.
See? Now Katie was an outlier.
She's the exception,
not the rule.
But what if Mia
wakes up one day
and decides she wants some guy
with a stable nine-to-five job?
If that's all she cares about,
she's not the one for you.
- Yup.
- Yeah.
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
Okay, okay-kay-kay-kay.
Who's got you sounding so giddy
and why do you constantly say no
to coming to karaoke night
when you can sing like that?
He kissed me.
Tony? [gasps]
Okay, no, stop, stop.
You come here right now.
Spill the tea, girl.
Okay, I'm seeing him tonight,
and... I don't know.
I feel like
maybe I can trust him.
He gets me,
and it's been so long
since I've felt this way,
and I... I don't know.
Am I an idiot?
For trusting a guy?
Yeah, probably. But then,
I never would've met Derek
if I'd stayed in my cocoon
after breaking up
with that evil-evil-evil
troll of a man
whose name we don't mention.
And look at you, you emerged
a beautiful butterfly.
Aww. Yeah. So can you.
- Hmph.
- What?
What if I get
all the way in this,
and then he's not
who I thought he was?
The past is not a prologue.
He isn't Casey!
You got to dive in feet-first
when it comes to this stuff,
or you'll never know.
- What?
- You dive head-first.
Who swims?
[exasperated sigh]
Heavy or light?
Uh, the food
or the conversation?
Food, then conversation.
Then I'm fine with either,
as long as we get
this house-special carbonara.
Then we are going way heavy.
That was my Nonna's favorite.
You know, it was
at this very restaurant,
she taught me
not to spill the salt.
Okay, so what
is that all about?
It's believed,
you spill the salt,
evil spirits
start to lurk behind you.
so you throw the salt
over your shoulder,
hits them in the face,
they go away.
Makes perfect sense.
Wow. Your Nonna sounds like
quite the character.
She believed all that stuff--
omens, superstitions,
that your dreams
are messages about the future.
Mm, God, I hope not.
I had one last night
that Casey got Rosie a cobra
for her birthday.
Let's hope
they don't all come true.
- Yeah.
- [both knock wood]
I don't like to tempt fate.
You know, I don't, um...
I don't have
the best track record
when it comes to love.
Yeah. Welcome to the club,
which I am
definitely a part of.
Oh, come on. We have to have
some good stories
of love and luck
in our past.
Tell me about your first kiss.
Oh, that was Hebrew school.
Jared Mendelbaum.
And he is in prison now.
Because of the kiss?
Uh, it was insider trading,
but the kiss was bad.
It, uh,
it scared me off another one
for a few years.
- [laughs]
- What about you?
Also an epic tragedy.
I was 15,
we were on a class trip,
and that's where I met... Gina.
Oh. Uh-oh.
We were on a train to DC,
and I leaned into the kiss,
she kissed me back,
and then Gina said,
"I'm out."
- [gasps]
- And that was it.
She walked away,
I never saw her again.
Well, I gotta say, um,
you definitely upped your game
since Gina on the train.
Maybe it doesn't take
just one kiss,
but it has to be the right kiss.
Wait a minute.
That was you.
The movie theater?
You were so mean!
You wouldn't stop talking.
Well-- [cracking up]
I mean...
all these chance encounters
have to mean something, right?
Maybe the universe
knows something we don't.
Who are we to tempt fate?
I'm willing to give it a try...
...if you are.
[Tony exhales]
Goodnight, Tony.
Bella notte.
Dream a little dream of me?
It won't be the first time.
Life is just a dream
Float down the stream
And watch the stars
The truth is just delight
In the eyes of a child
Fly through the sky
[music fades out]
On a balloon
Guess you just weren't enough.
[Mia laughs]
[laughter echoes]
Good morning.
I, uh, come bearing gifts.
The strongest espresso
you've ever had--
it'll make your hair
stand on end.
[gasps] For breakfast?
It's the Italian way.
Well, I will take that coffee.
Me too. You, uh,
haunted my dreams last night.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Can I offer you
a cannoli as penance?
Um, there's
a black-and-white movie marathon
this weekend,
at the Vogue.
A little, uh, Jimmy Stewart?
A little Barbara Stanwyck?
You want to...
you want to go with me?
Yeah, that would be nice.
[key turning in lock]
He has a key?
Yeah, we share a kid.
It just makes things easier.
Hi! Mm!
Hi, Tony.
[Tony] Hey, Rosie.
Bella and I are going
to the arcade this weekend,
if you want to come along?
Yeah. I want a rematch
at Super Shooters.
I'll give you that rematch,
but I'm still gonna beat you.
- [laughs]
- Okay, put your stuff down.
It's real neighborly of you.
Mom, can you help me
with my zipper?
[Rosie] Yeah, honey.
Of course. Um...
Just going to be a minute.
[chair scrapes floor]
Rosie's a great kid.
Look, guy.
Mia's my wife.
This is temporary.
We're on a break,
but I will be back, okay?
[crunching cannoli]
I just want you to know that.
Bye, sweetheart.
Oh. Bye.
Bye, "guy."
[Mia sighs]
[door shuts]
Where's my coffee?
He, uh, took it.
I can't sleep.
Can I snuggle?
Yeah, honey. Of course.
Get in here.
Is everything okay?
You and Daddy aren't
getting back together, are you?
No, honey.
No, we're not.
I'm sorry, I know that's not
what you wanted to hear.
You know, part of me's
always gonna love him,
...we tell people
how to treat us
by what
we're willing to tolerate.
And I just was tired
of being lied to.
Daddy says he's getting help.
He is.
He is,
and I am rooting for him,
like I have every other time.
[cries] Honey, I tried...
I really tried.
I tried with everything
that I have.
I hope that you know that.
Neither of us-- neither of us
wanted this to be the outcome.
I just love you so much.
I know.
Do you know
what I know, though?
It's gonna be okay.
Hey, neighbor.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, it is
what you think it is, buddy.
See, I told you I'd be back.
I meant it.
Have a great day.
You too.
[door opens]
How was work?
It was good.
What are you doing?
I am cooking you dinner.
Veal Parmigiana.
It's your favorite.
Just wanted to say thank you
for letting me stay here
while they get my place ready.
Well, I'm doing this
for Rosie,
you're staying on the couch.
What about dinner?
Enjoy the veal.
[sets utensils down]
So what book do you want to get
at the library?
Oh, hey, can you run on ahead?
I'll meet up with you in a sec.
[Rosie] Hi, Tony.
Hi. I'm glad I ran into you.
I just-- I know we need
to talk about that.
Yeah, uh,
I've, uh, got something
right now, so...
uh, uh, this isn't a good time.
Yeah, but before Friday.
You know, our movie night?
Yeah, about Friday,
I'm gonna have to cancel.
Uh... something... came up.
Oh. Okay. Um...
Another time?
Yeah. Yeah.
I-I gotta go.
I'll see you later, Mia.
Uh... 'kay.
[woman] Tony!
It's so good to see you!
Hey! You too!
I missed you!
I just got us breakfast!
Come on up.
[woman] Perfect.
I'm starving.
Oy vey.
Madonna mia.
Let's go see CATS.
Oh, gosh.
I'm calling,
I'm calling, I'm calling.
What are you talking about?
Let's just say
I should've followed my instinct
the first time.
Oh, my gosh.
I am so sorry, honey.
I didn't like him anyway.
I mean, I liked him a little.
He's-- He was--
Do I have to come over there
and have a word with him?
No. Guys, I'm fine.
- She says it's gonna be okay.
- Okay.
Are you sure? Because we can
bring over some wine
and a Ryan Reynolds
movie tonight--
Honey! Honey!
Nobody likes Ryan Reynolds.
You like Ryan Reynolds.
If I have to see
Just Friends again,
I'm gonna--
- Right. I'm sorry.
- No Ryan Reynolds.
Listen. We love you.
We're here for you.
Mia Mia, we love you.
Thanks, guys. Love you.
She loves us.
- Oh.
- Okay, listen.
Don't eat your feelings, okay?
Talk soon.
I've missed you so much.
I was only gone three weeks.
Three pivotal weeks.
Mommy! You're back early!
Oh! Hello, my love!
I was able to cut my trip short
so I could
be back with my family.
I have so much to tell you.
Yeah, I can see that
all over your face.
Tell me everything.
[deep breath, sigh]
[moody sax plays]
I know it's request night,
and, usually, I go through
this stack of fun, upbeat
standards we all know and love,
but when a man's heart's been
stomped on mercilessly,
he wants to sing the blues,
so tonight,
I'm sing a song that Frank wrote
about Ava Gardner
when everything
was falling apart,
"I'm A Fool to Want You."
[pianist strikes a cord]
Not now, Red.
But first,
can I get a show of hands,
for who else thought
that they had found the one
and then,
in the blink of an eye,
it was just over,
people are not reliable.
People, who need people,
aren't the luckiest people
in the world.
They're suckers!
Oh, boy.
This is not going well.
Yeah, he is very negative.
I mean, but we did try,
We tried.
We failed.
What else can we do?
I have my daughter, Valeria
at home,
but you don't have a son.
What are you talking about?
Because this all went so well?
So disappointed.
I had such a cute little outfit
picked out for the wedding.
Yeah, and I planned
the whole cocktail hour.
Listen, we have to stay
out of their love lives.
These two kids have
to figure it out for themselves.
And when you're right,
you're right.
All we have left
is a little hope
and a little prayer.
I mean, all the great songs
came from great pain,
so maybe that's where
we need to live,
to create beautiful music.
[man] Sing a song!
[snaps] Yeah, I'm gonna!
So as literature
has taught us,
over and over and over again,
falling in love
is just common sense
leaving your body.
You let your defenses down...
[chuckles bitterly]
...and you let
some idiot into your life
because why? Why?
Because he can carry a tune
and he looks good in a fedora?
Oh, boy.
Somebody got dumped.
I heard that, Bethany.
Poetry is the soundtrack
of our lives, okay?
We cannot let ourselves
be seduced by music!
I'm confused.
What does music
have to do with it?
I'm asking the questions, Erica.
Thanks. All right?
So, today, we're gonna focus
on the very prevalent theme
in poetry--
the broken heart.
'Kay? Most profound quotes
on broken hearts.
Let's go!
Lay 'em on me now.
Mineko Iwasaki--
"Stab the body and it heals,
but injure the heart
and the wound lasts a lifetime."
[laughs darkly] Yeah.
Something to look forward to.
Right? Next.
Pablo Neruda, "Deny me
bread, air, light, spring,
but never your laughter--
for I would die."
[snickers] They say
they're gonna die.
But do they? Do they?
Do they die?
[fire alarm blaring]
[Mia] Uh... okay, that's, uh...
fire alarm.
Pack up your stuff quickly
and head outside.
Just right there, please.
Watch out.
There's a fire right there.
Yeah. Watch it.
Smoke out there. Wow.
Yeah, watch out
for the smoke that's back there.
What are you doing?
You're supposed
to run out of the building
when the alarm goes off.
Yeah. That was me. The alarm.
You know
you can get fined for that?
Mm-hmm, but you needed someone
to save you from yourself
because that was
a five-alarm fire down there.
I know you liked him.
Despite every fiber of my being
telling me not to...
I just didn't listen.
Next time, I gotta listen
to that inner voice, I guess.
No! You listen to me.
I'm gonna tell you something
about yourself, Mia Rivera.
In the last couple weeks,
you were the person
you always were
before Casey broke you down.
And it all started
with Penny Serenade.
Now, don't go back
into the cocoon.
[sirens wailing]
Okay, now let's get out
of here before I get arrested.
Let's go. Come on.
Fire! Oh, my god.
[Mia] Yeah, and who did that?
Well, I don't know.
It's burning!
Hey, Rosie!
This is my mom, Valeria.
Mom, this is Rosie.
- Hi.
- Hi! Nice to meet you.
Thanks for taking care of
my girl while I was away.
There's an apartment
opening up in the building
- and we're gonna get it.
- Yeah.
It'll make it easier on everyone
when I'm traveling.
So cool.
Rosie, what are you doing
out here all alone?
My dad just went upstairs.
He forgot his phone.
I wanted to tell you
I'm really happy
that your dad moved back.
I know it was
really important to you.
What do you mean?
He's not back home.
He's not?
I mean,
only until Tuesday,
but that's only because
he's getting floors
put in his new apartment.
Good to know.
I bet it is.
Are you okay with that?
I guess so.
And where's your mom
right now?
She went to see some boring
black-and-white movie.
There's not gonna be
anything boring about it.
I'll call you later.
[Irene Dunne, as Julie] When
your arms are holding me up.
[Carey Grant, as Roger] When
you're with me, you're safe.
I hope that kiss
is all it's cracked up to be.
You wouldn't want Vivian
to be disappointed.
Not like Gina?
Not like Jared Mendelbaum.
What are you doing here, Tony?
I think we had what's known
as a "classic misunderstanding."
[scoffs] Ho. Okay.
So you're not
with the beautiful brunette?
I saw you
hugging on the street.
Do you mean with Valeria,
my sister?
I was talking about
Casey moving back in.
Casey's not moving back in!
I know that... now.
Oh, he made you think he was,
didn't he?
- Yeah.
- Oh!
[sighs irately]
That's never gonna happen...
...'cause my heart
belongs to someone else.
Uncle Harry?
And you know what?
[chair creaks]
I knew it
after just one kiss.
[actor] I love you.
[actress] I know.
You go, Vivian!
[woman] Shh! Come on!
My mom would've loved you.
Oh, man, my mom would be
so crazy about you,
if she heard you sing.
I wish
I could've known her.
Yeah. Me too.
But I think they'd be happy
we found each other now.
Not as happy as I am.
[both chuckling]
Now our work here is done.
- High-five.
- Yeah.
[movie theme swells]
[Tony] Did everyone
have a good time tonight?
[crowd cheers]
I'm gonna close the show
with a new one.
It was one of
my mother's favorites--
a lesser-known Frankie song,
but I can't sing it alone.
Mia, will you
come up here with me?
Oh, gosh.
- Come on, you!
- Okay.
[crowd applauds]
Miss you, Mom.
Miss you every day.
This one's for you!
[piano strikes up]
I know I stand in line
Until you think
you have the time
To spend
An evening with me
She has a voice
like an angel.
And if we go
Someplace to dance
Yeah, she's good.
I know
that there's a chance
- Good?
- You won't be leaving
- With me
- She's very good.
And afterwards
We drop into
a quiet little place
And have a drink or two
And then I go
And spoil it all
By saying
something stupid
Like "I love you"
I love you
[cheering and applauding]
- We did it.
- We did.