Just One Time (2021) Movie Script

- Give me some warning!
- It's not 9 o'clock yet.
I don't get this civil servant spirit,
you're so young.
I don't get this urge
to work outside hours.
That screen will turn you stupid.
Give me the phone.
21st century, Sandra. Wake up.
Social Care Centre, hello?
- See? They hung up.
- They'll call again.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Do you work here?
- Yes.
- I have an appointment, I'm...
- Yes, Correa? Pablo Correa?
Give me a hand.
Come with me, please.
Go in, please.
- The place is very modern.
- Yes, we just moved.
Wait here, please.
It won't be long.
Remember to call your dad.
Tell him I'll take you on Friday.
- But I'm meeting Carlos.
- Then cancel it, honey.
You're with him this weekend.
Mom, I don't want to go to
that shitty town in the boonies.
Talk to him. Go on.
- 'Bye, see you at home.
- 'Bye. Okay.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Have you called yet?
- Who?
- To get it cleaned.
- Clean what?
- That graffiti.
- It must be recent.
- Haven't you seen it?
- I went to the bathroom.
- You see what happens in a moment.
- Do I have anyone?
- Yes, go up.
- Good morning, forgive the delay.
- Hi there.
- I'm Laura.
- I'm Pablo.
Come with me, please.
Excuse me a second.
You should sit there. Thanks.
Here, get some more if you like.
Thanks a lot.
Why are you here?
You tell me.
Why do you think you're here?
Before we start, could you
explain this therapy to me?
- How many sessions...?
- You make the process,
- I just accompany you.
- Ah.
Thanks a lot.
Are you used to this lack of control?
- What lack of control?
- You said so in your statement.
Have you spoken to Eva?
She said I'm the only one
obliged to stay here.
But I don't know
if she's coming or not.
I get that this must be normal
and I respect that.
But when it all happened,
I thought they'd call the next day.
Now it's two months.
The system isn't perfect.
But therapy two months later
isn't very productive,
don't you think?
It's better than nothing.
We'll try to find
alternatives to violence.
My father-in-law reported it,
Eva had nothing to do with it.
This therapy won't hurt you.
Sure, sure.
You're the main thing here, Pablo.
You think that's funny?
It's sad to think that
I'm important because of
something like this.
Why don't you tell me
what happened that night?
I'm not like that.
I guess everyone says that,
but in my case it's true.
- I've never...
- Was it the first time?
Had you taken drugs?
No, nothing for years.
I'd had two beers.
- That doesn't justify it.
- No. Nothing does, right?
If I'd had two bottles of wine,
would that justify it?
I just wanted to be clear
that you did what you did
in full awareness.
Do you have children?
- We're not talking about me.
- I only have nieces and nephews.
And kids drive you nuts sometimes.
Eva isn't a child.
- Yes, but what was going on...
- What was going on?
How long does it last?
- What?
- This.
- An hour.
- An hour?
We'll go wherever you want.
Sure. I'm the main thing, right?
Tell me about other women.
The first, for example.
Marina was different.
We were younger.
Do you keep in touch?
No, no. When you love someone
like I loved Marina,
you can't be friends later.
That's a drastic statement,
don't you think?
Are you friends
with all your exes?
Yes? Can you?
We're not 15 years old.
You must have some ex.
Some people stay friends
once they've broken up.
It doesn't mean
they didn't love each other.
Some people don't know what love is...
and they can do a lot of harm.
Tell me about Marina.
Why did the relationship end?
Who left whom?
- She did.
- Why?
I don't know,
I never dared to ask her.
What happened?
We were going to the mountains
for the weekend and she didn't come.
That was it.
I lost 15 kilos.
I started getting anxiety attacks...
and I stopped being a tough guy.
Aren't you a tough guy now?
Have you had anxiety before?
I know how someone
who has it feels.
You know?
No, it's not the same.
I mean to feel it physically.
It's not the same.
A few months ago
I saw her on the street.
She was with a guy,
a normal guy.
I always said to her:
"You want a traditional life".
Is a traditional life bad to you?
No, no, not at all.
Everyone does what they can.
What happened when you met?
She looked at me...
and looked down.
I looked down too.
She passed close by,
almost touching me...
and walked off.
Strange, isn't it?
Someone you shared your life with,
one day looks down and leaves.
In your statement you mention
"the fateful night".
"That fateful night".
I was surprised that you spoke of it
as if it were one of your novels.
Professional bias, I guess.
Do you want us to talk
about what happened?
We don't have to do it now,
don't worry.
- How many times do I have to come?
- Don't worry about that.
It's hot in here.
Do you and Eva
talk about what happened?
Do you regret it?
"I regretted it straight away,
and since then
the regret has increased.
At the time
I regretted it so much that,
however much it
may be rubbed in my face,
it won't make me regret it more".
George Saunders.
Do you know him?
That quote opens
your latest novel, doesn't it?
- Yes. Have you read it?
- Yes.
Well, a novel as such...
They call it a "novel" because
fiction outsells non-fiction here,
but it's really a mix...
It's partly real experiences,
Emmanuel Carrre style.
Do you know him?
I knew that quote
would open my novel
before I wrote it.
It's pure Saunders,
cold and warm at the same time.
Do you quote when you speak?
Sometimes I read passages
I can remember easily
and put them in my conversations.
I look more cultured.
Do you care what
others think of you?
I make my living by writing.
Look, I'm not an easy person,
of course,
and I have a lot of flaws,
like everyone.
For example?
- Do you want a list?
- Yes, if you have that many.
I find it hard to participate
in housework.
I can't stand it when people
make noise when they chew.
I'm sensitive to attacks.
I'm obsessive,
especially when I'm working.
I forget everything:
the world, to eat,
even Eva.
How does it affect your relationship?
Not much, I hope.
She in this game,
she knows what writers are like.
Very well.
We'll stop for today, alright?
At reception they'll give you
a time for next week.
See you later.
Nice to meet you.
Is the session an hour,
or an hour and a half?
They said there were two kinds of
visits, I can't recall which was mine.
I reserved you one hour,
but we can extend it if necessary.
I don't think it will be.
Why did you want to see me?
It's important that you meet me.
- And because you met Pablo.
- Yes.
Then I suppose you'll understand
that this is senseless.
Look, the other day,
after the complaint,
I had to go to the courthouse
and the policeman treated me as if...
I had to apologize for something,
as if I was guilty of something,
you know?
He looked bitter,
like he was sick of...
putting up with this stuff
from all these women.
At that point I got upset
because I thought:
"If I was really in this situation,
if I was an abused woman,
I'd feel like shit".
I hope the social worker
was kinder.
Yes, it was like she wanted
my husband to have
beaten me every day.
"You have to say it, Eva,
to do it for all these women".
As if I was an NGO
who had the mission
of saving all the abused women
in the world.
It was like I was in a movie.
It's normal to feel that way.
I'm a bit sick of
everyone treating me like...
what I had to do or feel
was already written.
It wouldn't console me
to think that I'm reacting
like a statistic.
- I didn't mean that.
- But you said it, that's the issue.
You said: "It's normal
to feel that way".
You meant that
it's not an original reaction,
that other women have come here
that you think are like me
and who didn't want to stay.
That's why it's normal,
because we all do it, no?
But I'm not like all those women,
so it's impossible to react like them.
And if those women feel better
knowing that there are
other women like them or...
that they belong to
this collective of abused women,
maybe it's good that
their husbands beat them up.
The program is compulsory
for him, not for you.
Do I look like a woman
who lets herself get beaten up?
What do those women look like?
- You know very well.
- Yes. I do, of course.
I'm specialized in the field
and I've studied it in depth,
but despite the years
I've devoted myself to this,
I couldn't hint that a woman who
"lets herself get beaten up",
as you say,
is a specific type.
Judges have been here.
Judges, lawyers, businesswomen,
women with major careers,
college professors, doctors...
Yes, yes, yes. Yes.
But most of the cases
you see on TV aren't judges or...
What are they?
Weak women who let
themselves be stepped on,
they look ugly and fat
and afraid to be alone.
Or ignorant or... fucking stupid.
And poor as well.
Because if you've got money,
you just leave.
That night you sent
a very alarming message.
Carol is my best friend,
she has been forever.
And I sent it to her because...
- Never mind, I screwed up.
- No, tell, me, why?
Because we're friends.
Do you recall what you said exactly?
No, but I was over the top.
It's in the report.
And I bet it's out of context.
"He's furious. Call me in
half an hour and if I don't answer,
come over, please".
Why did you want her
to go to your house?
Because I was scared,
I won't deny that.
But that doesn't mean
he's an abuser.
I told you, I'm over the top.
"He's furious. Come over, please".
See how the tone is overblown?
you know what?
I have a problem with conflict.
When I fight with someone,
I lose my cool.
"Call me in half an hour.
If I don't answer, come to my house".
You met Pablo,
who, by the way,
gave me this for you.
Thank you.
What's Pablo like?
He's intelligent, generous,
a good person.
Does he have no flaws?
Yes, of course.
For example?
I don't know, he's a loner.
Is that a flaw?
No, I am too.
I'm independent.
But he's a writer.
And that's a flaw?
No, but...
he often needs to be alone,
very often.
Does that affect you?
He has worse flaws.
For example,
he never empties the dishwasher.
It sounds silly, but...
How does it affect you
that he's a loner?
need silence to create, and solitude.
And he lives with me.
So, sometimes,
he asks me to leave the house
so he can work.
Does he do that often?
No, I said sometimes. Seldom.
And how does that affect you?
I work for a publisher.
I know them and what they need.
When did he last throw you
out of the house?
Please, he doesn't throw me out.
- How would you describe it?
- He asks me to go, it's not so bad.
Do you recall when it was?
I don't know, when...
he started working on the novel
he's writing now.
How was it?
It's not that important,
it's not serious.
I was watching TV,
he came out of the office
and asked me, please,
to leave him by himself.
He felt bad because he was blocked
and apologised over and over.
If it was so normal for him
to ask you to leave sometimes...
This time because
it was 10 at night.
- He threw you out at 10 at night?
- No, he asked me to leave him alone.
And did you?
I respect his profession
and want him to respect mine.
- What did you do?
- What did I do?
When you left the house,
where did you go?
Carol's place.
So, instead of sending
this message to Carol...
My cousin had just sent...
a photo to the chat group,
the family one,
and I send it there by mistake.
If it wasn't for that WhatsApp
I don't know where we'd be today.
Fortunately, after reading it,
your father went to your house.
Fortunately? What do you mean?
If he hadn't turned up,
things may have gone further.
When my dad arrived, it was all fine.
Pablo was much calmer.
That's not what the report says.
Because when my dad arrived...
- Shit. Sorry, I have to go.
- We haven't finished.
It's work, I have to go.
Thanks a lot.
- See you on Thursday.
- Thanks.
- Excuse me!
- I'm in a hurry.
- Shall I make an appointment?
- No, it's alright. Thanks.
Is everything alright?
Yes. I'm going out for a smoke.
What did you say to my wife?
What shit did you put in her head?
Where is my wife?
Hold it! Hold it, asshole!
- Are you alright?
- Yes.
- Fuck!
- My God!
- Are you alright?
- Yes.
- Have you seen him before?
- No.
It's like I said.
I don't know, I see dozens of men
and women every week.
Okay, I'll come by. Thanks.
- What?
- They want me to go report it.
- Then go on, go.
- I'm wasting the time.
- Laura, you were attacked.
- I've got a lot of work.
Good morning.
Good morning
She's expecting you.
Excuse me!
Can I ask you a favour?
- Would you mind signing it?
- Hey...
It's a gift for my sister,
she loves reading.
Yes. I don't want to be late.
Thanks a lot.
It's to Tuti.
TO T...
I call her Tuti.
Thank you.
This must be a tough job.
In what sense?
I wrote about this. My first novel,
the one Eva gave you
is about this subject.
We published it five years ago
and the critics
attacked it a little,
but I won several awards.
Some said that I won it
because of the subject matter,
but I'm happy, actually.
Why did you choose it?
The need... to understand.
Those poor women
who are murdered.
It was a tough process.
I had to interview victims,
friends, relatives.
I had to understand why
these women let themselves
be humiliated by these bastards.
I'd like you to read it
and give me your point of view
I'm happy. It was an honest
and well researched novel.
It's fiction, it's not a study
or a thesis.
- Sure.
- You know?
I can't stand authors who need
to put their worldview
in their novels.
"Sorry, why do I care?".
You know?
I write out of a vital need
to feel loved,
to feel... alive.
As Orwell would say:
"To exact revenge on those
who hurt me in my childhood".
Writing for revenge.
That's interesting.
Yes, it's a powerful motive.
You clearly like you work.
Not everyone is lucky enough
to be good at what they like.
I'm going to propose
something that you'll like.
Wait, we're going in.
- Don't forget to lock up.
- Okay.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Come in.
- Leave your things there.
- Okay.
And sit here.
There it is.
You have to construct a story,
as dramatic as possible.
I normally get paid for this.
Tell me the relationship between
these characters, what they feel
and what led them to this situation.
Tell me what's happening now
and the ending. You have 5 minutes.
Say the first thing that
comes to mind, no reflection.
I see two men, one old
and one young. Father and son.
They're dressed up for
the funeral of the mother.
The father seems to be smiling
because he doesn't care
that the mother is dead.
Not the son, he's devastated,
he looks angry at the father.
Because the father is smiling
and he knows he's not so sad.
Why is he smiling?
The father doesn't care
that the mother is dead.
The son, no,
he can't even cry.
He has so much hate,
he can't even cry.
Why does he hate him so much?
Because knows that his mother
killed herself because of him.
He'd hear them shouting
from his bedroom
and swore that one day
he'd get her away,
far away from there.
He grew up, got strong
and one day the beating
was so bad that...
the boy jumped on the father.
He was 16...
and was left unconscious...
on the kitchen floor for hours
and the mother didn't go to his aid.
How does the scene end?
It's a normal funeral.
The father doesn't say
that the mother killed herself,
and I do, I tell everyone.
"Dad doesn't like it and,
when we're burying Mom,
he squeezes my arm.
He squeezes hard, it hurts.
People think he's consoling me
and he's putting out
a cigarette on my wrist.
And... no one sees it."
The end.
It ends like that?
You ended in the first person.
I like the change of narrator, it's...
...more exciting, isn't it?
Did your father hit your mother?
Excuse me?
You seemed very sincere.
You told me to make up a story.
It's made up.
Many abusers are the sons
of fathers who were tool.
No. Mine was unintentional.
Look, you understand me.
It was an accident, an accident.
Serious, but an accident.
Years ago, this wasn't
even reported.
Luckily things have changed.
Exactly. That's why I wrote
a novel on the subject,
because until recently in this country
hitting a woman wasn't frowned upon.
Many men see it that way today.
Many women too,
that's the rough part.
Is this all you do?
I mean, do you only deal
with these issues?
Yes, I specialise in
sexist violence, yes.
Good, then you'll have realized
that my wife and I don't fit...
the profile of the people here.
If you researched it,
you know there is no set profile.
But you know I'm not an abuser.
You pushed your wife, she fell
on the floor and broke her arm.
I didn't break my wife's arm.
- But you pushed her.
- Yes, and it was an accident.
And it was the worst thing ever.
But it was just the one time.
Very well.
We'll continue next week.
The key.
Sandra, for God's sake!
What? Do you know how excited my sister
will be when I give it to her?
- He wasn't uncomfortable?
- No, quite the contrary.
He's a charming man.
I'll say he signed it
for me in a bookshop.
Laura, be nice,
that never goes astray.
Sandra, really...
- Who's that on the bike?
- Are you into him?
My daughter on time.
I don't believe it.
Give me a kiss, you pain.
- How are you, honey?
- Great. You?
Like you, putting up
with your mother.
- Nothing to say to me?
- I'm a minor.
Mum, Carlos said he'd love
to have lunch with us one day.
- Really? Are you guys serious?
- It's been three months.
- Three months, sure!
- Three months.
Can I sleep at his place tonight?
- Don't push it, honey.
- But you always say he's nice.
Yes, but you can't sleep
at each other's places every night.
Every night?
It's been four days.
An eternity.
I'll pack up and we'll go for lunch.
- So...?
- What?
- The exam?
- Good.
I'm glad you're back.
You don't know Pablo.
You read the report, but...
not everything is in it.
If there's any information
you think may be useful...
He had a reason
to do what he did,
I feel dishonest because...
shit, my father reported him.
And Pablo doesn't even have
parking fines. And now...
an abuse charge because of me.
Because of you?
My dad got all crazy
and went to the police station.
- They've never liked him.
- Why not?
Look, you're very kind,
really, but I don't know
what I'm doing here.
It helps me to have your version.
- Pablo isn't a violent person.
- You've never seen him like that?
- No.
- Are you sure?
My psychologist took notes.
I don't need to.
You remember everything?
Why was he so angry?
Really, Pablo and I are fine
If not for the damn WhatsApp...
Why did you want Carol
to go to your house?
Because it was a huge argument
and we both lost our cool.
Pablo broke your arm.
And my mother broke my nose
when I was little.
Nobody said she was abusive,
they knew it was an accident.
Was what Pablo did an accident?
Do you think...
I'm justifying it because
I think I deserve to be hit?
If I took this glass, for example,
and threw it in your face,
what would you do?
Definitely not hit you.
How do you know?
Because I don't react violently.
- Are you sure?
- Totally.
And if I slapped you?
I'd move away
and throw you out.
You wouldn't hit me?
- Have you ever hit anyone?
- Have you?
We're not here to talk about me.
Didn't you defend yourself
when he pushed you?
I hit him.
But not physically, understand?
What did you do?
Whatever you did,
violence is never justified.
Pablo and I are fine.
We're over it.
Now we have to forget it.
And this whole process is shit,
because Pablo is devastated
and I feel awful.
- Come with me a moment, please.
- No.
It'll take 5 minutes.
I thought they only did
this drawing stuff with kids.
It's not an exam,
say what you like.
I'm not much good at this.
I don't know...
They're lovers.
What else?
He's jealous and he's in love.
She's married and he isn't.
Who's the man looking at?
A stranger,
someone passing by
who looked at the woman,
or he thought they did.
She's angry with him because
she doesn't like him like that
and... she feels guilty
she doesn't know
whether to leave her husband.
She doesn't want to leave her lover.
Does it end this way?
It's the husband.
The man he sees,
the one he's jealous of.
And so...
they fight...
she gets in the middle
and hits them both in a rage.
You have to make up an ending.
Then, she feels terrible,
she apologises to her husband
and they go home.
And the lover?
- I don't know! He dies.
- He dies?
He gets up, crosses the street
and a car kills him. Maybe?
Nothing else?
Look carefully at the picture.
Don't you see anything else?
- No.
- Are you sure?
Look in the corner.
I didn't see it. What does it mean?
Do people see it straight away?
What's the conclusion?
There is no conclusion.
It must mean something, right?
- Ready.
- Are you going?
I'm going.
How is it with her?
Good. Good, good.
She's a bit nervous, isn't she?
- Yes, a little.
- Right?
You ready?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Here, they gave me this for you.
How are you?
Great. How are the tests?
Cool. I'm a bit tired,
but okay.
- But it's alright?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Who gave you this?
- What is it?
- Where were you given it?
- The school gate, as I came out.
Who gave it to you?
A guy.
Today you sleep at
your dad's place, okay?
I have to stay all night to work.
There is a lot of work, yes.
But I can stay at home,
I'm not 10 years old.
- I could go to Carlos' place.
- You're staying with your dad.
- Why? Because you say so?
- Exactly.
- Go on, you always have fun.
- In that town?
- In that town, yes.
- Come on, let's call him.
- Come on.
- He'll pick you up.
Hello? Sara?
It's Laura Fuentes from the SCC.
Sorry to call so late.
I wanted to see how you were.
I haven't seen you here for a while.
Have you seen... your husband?
Sure. Yes, if they caught him
with drugs and priors...
Well, yes, I'm so glad.
You know where we are.
Good night. Big kiss.
Yes, I called.
They sent a patrol car.
No, they spoke to him and left.
But he's back again.
He's been at it all night.
No, I understand, but...
what do I do?
No, I can't do any more
to protect myself.
I've slept here for two days
because we have protection,
but I can't be in this situation
my whole life, understand?
And what do they need?
Until he kills his wife or me,
they won't do anything, right?
Don't tell me to calm down!
Can you get out, please?
Let's talk. Get out.
- Laura.
- Get out.
Will you leave us alone?
- Laura.
- He's been here all night.
- Okay, but leave it.
- What do you want? Let's talk.
- Die, you bitch!
- Leave us alone!
- Laura, leave it, please.
- Go fuck yourself!
Leave it!
Does it hurt?
No, don't worry, it's nothing.
I'm sorry. I don't know
what came over me.
It's alright, Laura, everyone
loses their cool sometimes.
Here, put some ice on it
and then this cream, okay?
Why don't you take a break?
No, I can't today.
Morning, honey. How are you?
Did you sleep well?
Don't exaggerate, Luca.
No, this'll be over soon,
I promise.
We both have to be patient, okay?
No, I don't know when.
I don't know.
Listen, I have a visitor
and I'll leave my mobile on
for whatever, okay?
No, I'm not saying
that something's going to happen.
If you have to stay a month,
then you will.
What do you want me to do?
I'm doing what I can.
I have to go.
I'll call you later. Ciao.
- Sorry, I didn't hear you.
- Don't worry.
How are you?
Fine. How are you?
- Where's Pablo?
- He's coming.
Good, we'll wait for him.
Are you alright?
- Yes.
- Really?
You sounded anxious,
that's why I let you come.
But I said it's not advisable
to come to the aggressor's therapy.
Yes, I know, and I'm grateful.
I think it'll be good
for us to be together.
- I just got thrown off the bike.
- What happened?
Some asshole in a red car.
He was staring at me...
Was it an Opel Corsa?
I don't know.
It was some asshole.
- Are you alright?
- Yes, I'm fine. Yes.
Did they see it downstairs?
I don't know.
I'm sorry...
- Mind if I go down and...?
- Yes, go down.
- We should go.
- No.
- We'll come another day.
- You stay, I'll go down, okay?
I'll be right back.
Take a seat.
What's wrong, Eva?
I met up with a man...
and he caught me.
I said I was having dinner
with Carol, but...
I didn't tell Carol
I'd used her as an alibi
because I didn't want anyone
to know I was on a date.
She was going to the theater
with her boyfriend, but he couldn't.
She called to invite me, but I didn't
answer and she called our home...
and Pablo answered.
Fucking hell!
When I got back,
I told him about dinner with Carol.
I gave him details.
Do you understand how pathetic...?
After half an hour
telling him about it,
he said to me:
"Is that all?".
Do you understand?
I lied to his face,
I treated him like a fool.
Meanwhile, I was having fun,
more than I'd had for a long time.
What else happened?
He trashed the house.
And then...
he went into the kitchen
and I heard him
tearing down everything.
The plates, the glasses, and...
I got really scared because...
I thought he'd come out
with a knife. I don't know.
- That's when I sent the message.
- Was that when he pushed you?
No, he came out, grabbed
his jacket and helmet to go.
He headed for the door.
I asked him to forgive me.
I grabbed him because
I didn't want him to go.
Then he pushed me.
He's very strong
and I weigh 50 kilos.
He pushed you and broke your arm.
He just wanted to go,
I shouldn't have stopped him.
It's not your fault, Eva.
- When did your father arrive?
- I felt sorry for him.
- I imagined your father coming in...
- No, Pablo. I felt sorry for him.
You felt sorry for Pablo.
- He doesn't deserve all this.
- And you deserve it?
No, it was an accident.
If it was an accident,
why are you so scared?
What will you do with this fear?
You have more information
then you're giving me, which I respect,
but then you have to accept
your responsibility.
Why don't you tell me
what really happened?
He hit me, okay?
He hit me in the stomach
with his helmet, very hard.
Did you see anything?
No, I didn't see anything and...
Well, that's it, let's start.
- Can I get some water?
- Yes, why not?
- Do you want some water?
- Are you alright?
Yes, yes.
This way.
Did she tell you how we're doing?
No, you tell me.
Really good.
All this is helping us a lot.
I'm realizing lots of things
and we're working it out.
We've been together for many years
and these things happen, right?
You pushed her,
that's not involuntary.
Yes, I'm aware that Eva
is very patient with me.
I'm not an easy guy.
I have my quirks.
I've got mine too and it's fine.
When you say quirks,
what do you mean?
Like I told you the other day.
I'm a person that needs...
space, to isolate myself,
and she gives me that freedom.
And do you give it to her?
Of course.
She has an important job
and spends hours working.
And I think that's fine.
There are evenings when
we spend hours
discussing your books, right?
- Does she read your novels?
- Of course.
Does she like them?
- I don't know, ask her.
- Yes, very much.
- Does she criticise them?
- Of course, that's her job.
She reads manuscripts all day.
Sometimes I'm too critical.
Sorry, I think it's mine.
Sandra, can you come in
for a second?
Who was it?
I don't know the number.
I'm very tired.
It's got you feeling like crap.
Eva, I want you to draw
how you felt on the day
of the attack and now, okay?
- Okay
- Sandra will go with you.
- But I can do it here.
- No, it's better if you do it outside.
- Do I draw as well?
- Not you. There's no need.
Go on.
I'll be right back.
See you soon.
Sorry for the delay,
it won't be long.
Are you alright?
Yes. Thanks.
- I can look at that.
- Are you a doctor too?
I didn't know therapists were doctors.
- They don't have to be.
- Sure, but...
What happened "that fateful night",
as you call it?
Are you always so blunt
or is it just with me?
Did Eva give you the novel?
Have you read it?
- The one about sexist violence?
- Yes.
Yes, I've started it.
And how is it?
- You told me you researched it.
- Yes.
- It doesn't seem like it.
- They're all real cases.
But you don't get under the skin
of the abuser
or the victim.
- You read the reviews, huh?
- No.
What a coincidence.
- I don't have to lie to you.
- I'm sorry you didn't like it.
It's not a matter of taste.
It's offensive.
You can't tell me that.
Never mind,
I'm no literature expert.
Exactly. If you finish it, tell me.
Tell me what happened that night.
It's in the police report.
It says you had a heated argument.
I want to know why you argued.
Maybe you should ask Eva,
don't you think?
She's here willingly,
you're obliged to be.
Whatever you tell me stays here.
What did Eva tell you?
- She told you something, right?
- Why are you so sure?
- She said she might say something.
- And that's fine with you?
It's great if it helps her,
that's why I'm here.
She told me, yes.
So you know.
Well, that's what happened.
I went haywire and...
I've never been cheated on
in my life
or been lied to so brazenly.
You think it's fine, what she did?
Well, I don't.
And I went haywire, yes.
I wanted to trash the whole house,
I went crazy.
But I didn't want to hurt her,
I was just really angry.
I was in the kitchen
tearing it all down.
I went into the living room.
she was hysterical
and came over to me.
She grabbed my arm
and I wanted to get out.
She held on so I couldn't.
I did this to get her off
and she fell onto the floor.
I couldn't regret it more.
Had you been aggressive
with her before?
Have you ever hit anyone?
Well... no.
In school as a kid, at basketball.
There were always fights,
but that's different.
Because we were kids
and it's normal, right?
Aggression is never justified,
but this time, what happened?
Did you feel deceived?
Deceived, no,
I felt like an asshole.
She told me she was having dinner
with her friend Carol
and she was with Luis Redondo,
a writer at the publishers.
I don't know if he rings a bell.
- Yes.
- Yes?
He's the new phenomenon,
he's sold 100,000 copies.
He wrote a novel with a boy
as the protagonist.
I don't know if you've read it too.
- We're not here to discuss that.
- Never mind, the novel sucks.
He uses some boy
to write whatever.
I don't know how
she could do this to me.
If she'd gone off
with someone from the gym
or the University...
I don't know...
But not this. No.
She really hurt me.
She hurt my ego.
It was an accident.
I didn't want it to happen.
She'd never cheated on me.
I don't know.
Come in.
I'll be right back.
What is it?
Take it easy, Luca.
What happened?
What are you doing here?
That town sucks!
- You didn't go to school, honey?
- No.
- But why?
- I don't want to!
- Did you get mad at your dad?
- Yes! And at you!
I don't understand
why I have to be there!
Can I see it?
Very childish, isn't it?
How did it go?
The publisher, Eva.
They don't get it.
What did you say?
I needed time to myself.
Why didn't you say
you wanted to write a novel?
With your criticisms,
I bet you write fucking great.
- Don't talk to me like that.
- Like what?
- In that tone.
- What tone?
- Pablo, I just quit my job.
- So?
- For you.
- So?
- It'd be great if you appreciated it.
- No, what would be great
is if you hadn't cheated on me,
then we wouldn't be here.
Are you going to make me
pay for it my whole life?
You've got some balls to say that!
- Why do you say that now?
- Because you make me
feel guilty all the time.
You think I don't see that look
when you touch your arm
or when I pick up my helmet?
- Don't fuck with me, Eva.
- That's your paranoia.
- I'm not an asshole.
- Neither am I!
You do it subtly, in your own way.
How often do you want me
to apologise?
- And me to you, Pablo?
- It's not the same.
Why do I have to forgive you
but you don't have to forgive me?
It's different, mine was an accident.
You drove me crazy.
You knew what you were doing.
So it's not the same.
What did he say?
- Who else? Mr. Bestseller.
- Pablo, don't start, please.
He was there, right?
No. How could he be?
What are you doing?
Pablo, please! Pablo!
Fucking hell!
Fucking hell!
I didn't answer him.
We can't go on like this, Pablo.
We can't.
Don't cry, Eva.
Don't bust my balls.
What do I do now?
Tell me what I do now.
Is everything alright?
Yes, sorry. Sorry...
it fell, we tripped over it.
It's fine, I'll pick it up.
She can stay at Carlos' place tonight.
What do you think?
Okay. Can you get her tomorrow?
Yes, she'll be in a better mood.
We'll talk later. Big kiss.
Tonight you can stay
at Carlos' place, okay?
- Really?
- But tomorrow you go to Dad's.
Shit, when I get out of school,
he's standing at the gate.
- I'm so embarrassed.
- It's for your safety, honey.
I don't get why he's not in jail.
It's not that simple, Luca.
- Just because of some dickhead...
- That's enough.
When I'm done, I'll take you.
- It's three Metro stops, I can go alone.
- No, you can't.
- Do I have to wait here?
- You'd rather sleep in that town?
Excuse me.
- Do you want a hand?
- No, there's no need.
These things happen.
- What happened?
- Nothing, a glass fell.
But they're very tense, eh?
Watch Luca.
She's capable of running off.
Yes, don't worry.
- Everything alright?
- Yes.
I don't know if
it's what I had to do.
It's fine.
What was your purpose
when you hit Eva?
Excuse me?
The aim, the purpose.
I didn't hit her, I pushed her.
What was your purpose
when you trashed the place?
- It wasn't premeditated.
- Let him answer.
I didn't know what I was doing,
I was out of my head.
Why did you lie about
having dinner with another man?
I don't know.
Do you do things
without knowing their purpose?
It's not all a matter of purpose,
it's also a matter of consequence.
Following that logic,
what was the consequence of lying?
- I only did it the one time.
- He only hit you the one time.
If we only do things once,
do they not matter then?
He could throw you out
of the window now,
but since it was only once,
it doesn't matter.
- Please!
- What?
What? It's stupid,
what you just said.
I'm trying to follow your reasoning.
Why did you meet Luis Redondo?
- Because I needed to.
- What was the purpose?
To feel desired, to feel...
intelligent, pretty,
to feel like a woman.
- You don't feel like a woman?
- Don't fuck with me, Eva.
Let her speak.
No, for a while now...
- You haven't been right for months.
- Why do you say that?
He's apathetic, depressed.
Because I'm blocked,
I'm writing a novel and...
- under a lot of pressure.
- That's not her fault.
There are things I'd improve
about her and I keep quiet.
Then say them.
That's what we're here for.
I'd like her to be more positive
when she reads my novels
or my work.
I'm always positive.
We're telling the truth, right, Eva?
We came to tell the truth.
Then say it, you don't like
a fucking thing I write.
She went on and on
about Luis Redondo's manuscript.
How long did it take you
to read my last novel?
How long? A month?
You gave it to me when
we had to go to the Frankfurt Fair.
I was up to my ass,
and it's 700 pages.
- It's too long. Don't shit me!
- Excuse me, don't shout.
I have to write
200-page novels now?
With a boy as protagonist, sure!
Redondo's novel is shit!
- It's human.
-"Human", she says.
- He can talk about feelings...
- No, don't go there.
You're a cold writer, Pablo.
But that's not a bad thing.
Why are we talking about
how I write now?
It's important issue
and you brought it up.
No, sorry, I didn't bring it up.
I said what I'd improve about her.
For example, we could fuck more.
Excuse me?
How can we fuck more
if you lock yourself in the office
and won't let me in?
Don't push me, Eva.
What did you want to happen
after the attack, Pablo?
Stop attacking me, please!
It was an accident!
Tell her, Eva! It was an accident!
It wasn't on purpose,
I didn't mean to hurt her!
We fought again.
What happened?
Yes, we fought again, sure.
Tell her all about it.
We fought because she said
she'd never contact Luis Redondo again
and I caught her talking to him.
It was a work call,
we had to do corrections
for a new edition of the novel.
Did he hit you again, Eva?
He got very aggressive
and started breaking things again.
He insulted me,
he shouted at me...
that I was a slut,
useless, a retard,
and in the end...
I left the house.
I left in my pyjamas.
No keys and no phone.
And he just called her,
here, in therapy.
- Luis Redondo just called her.
- I didn't answer it.
- It doesn't matter.
- He just called you.
It doesn't matter
if he fucked her right here.
Violence is never justified.
You hit her in the stomach
with your helmet!
- Why are you doing this to me?
- Honey...
- Why are you doing this to me?
- We have...
We're here to talk things over.
I'm here because...
I want us to work things out, okay?
I can't pretend it didn't happen,
but I don't want to split up.
Fuck, I quit my job!
- You quit your job?
- Yes, for this relationship!
Do you like that she's quit
a job that makes her happy?
She quit because she was working
with the person with whom
she cheated on me. As for me,
I'm putting up with
someone who doesn't know me
judging me from the first day
I walked in the door.
Take it easy, eh?
I've been judged since I came in
and I can't take it anymore.
I can't take it anymore!
I'm not a fucking abuser!
And stop fucking me over, Eva.
Is that what you wanted?
- You're shitting me.
- Pablo, where are you going?
- Sandra, bring Luca up now.
- This is what you wanted, huh?
Sit down.
Sit down, please.
- This was trusting each other?
- I've been coming for three weeks!
- So have I, Eva!
- I want to work things out!
- Tell me what else you want.
- You hit me! What do you want...?
What do you want?
You fucked another guy, Eva!
Tell me what else...
Tell me what else!
Is that the man who ran you over?
Life of my life,
where are we now?
If you loved me,
why are you crying?
Mist that caresses...
all the dim light.
We are so close,
more alone than ever.
Maybe loving each other
is not enough.
Maybe in time...
we'll understand it all.
Like water, you slake my thirst.
We are two lost magnets.
I will feel again,
I will love again,
it will be another smell,
it won't be the same.
Life of my days,
tell me, are you suffering?
Tell me
you're looking after yourself.
Does someone heal your wound?
One last night,
I return to your hideaway...
and in this silence...
I understood it all.
Like water, you slake my thirst.
We are two magnets
who turned their backs
on each other.
If I leave one day,
forget my mistakes.
Love me,
love me.
No crying
under the skin.
I don't know if one day I'll learn.
Meanwhile, I prepare
to see you smile
far away from me.
Meanwhile, I collapse
on gunpowder about to...
Meanwhile, I collapse
on gunpowder about to...
Meanwhile, I collapse
on gunpowder about to...
Meanwhile, I collapse
on gunpowder about to...
to blow.
Life of my life,
tell me
you're looking after yourself.
Mist that caresses.