Just Pass (2024) Movie Script

Sir, the thing is...
- Just a minute.
- Tell me, Sir.
The Chief Minister
wants to talk to your boss.
Give him the phone.
Sir, a call from the CM's office.
Let me talk.
I'm handing the phone to Sir.
Namaskara (Greetings), Sir.
Mr. Hanumanthe Gowda?
- Yes, Sir?
I heard Mr. Dalavayi isn't being given
permission to open his college. Why's that?
Sir, he claims to admit only those students
who've passed with bare minimum marks.
That madman also said that those with higher
marks won't be admitted to his college.
Permitting a man like him to run a college
will only ruin our government's reputation.
So, I...
What do you even know about him?
Grant the permission
to run his college.
Okay, Sir.
I shall do it right away.
Mr. Mission Manja?
- Yes?
Why did you say that
you won't join a college?
I don't ever want to
step into a college.
With my 35% marks, who in their
right mind would give me a seat?
My uncle has a poultry farm.
He's offered me a job.
He's ready to pay me 1,000 rupees
a day, just to clear the feathers.
I'll just chill clearing them feathers.
Look, luck has finally
turned in our favour.
Some guy named Dalavayi.
A national award winner
and a retired principal.
He's opening a college only
for those with 35% marks.
It comes with a hostel, dudes!
Check if it's only for boys
or if it's a co-ed college.
Let me check.
You're the one looking to go surfing
when there's a Tsunami coming.
It's a co-ed college.
- Really? Dude!
Forward that message to the
'Last Benchers' Whatsapp group.
I'll do it right away!
Time is the only foe that
can stand against time
But hear me out, for now
it begins, our good time
Time is the only foe that
can stand against time
But hear me out, for now
it begins, our good time
'Just pass' students like us
Let's form our own club
Let's shout out loud,
that we're the leaders
Together, let us all have fun
Time is the only foe that
can stand against time
But hear me out, for now
it begins, our good time
Time is the only foe that
can stand against time
But hear me out, for now
it begins, our good time
The one who studies all year
and scores a rank, is no doubt great
With the exams just a week away, the one
who touches the books, is no less great
The marks sheet is only a
paper, for it can't limit our dreams
Tomorrow is ours and failure has
no place amidst the power of youth
Don't give a damn! Just go have fun
Check out the poems scribbled across the
last benches, to find how talented we are
For in the end in our lives,
success is our constant companion
Why has our education been
caged between four walls?
For our ambition is to spread
our wings and fly high in the sky
Don't give a damn!
Just go have fun
Time is the only foe that
can stand against time
But hear me out, for now
it begins, our good time
Time is the only foe that
can stand against time
But hear me out, for now
it begins, our good time
'Just pass' students like us
Let's form our own club
Let's shout out loud,
that we're the leaders
Together, let us all have fun
My God! The queue's
longer than a goods' train.
I'm glad I came down
early in the morning.
My my! Check out the birds
of a feather flocking together.
Give it to me.
- There you go.
Why is your name Mission Manja?
Sir, I studied in a Missionary school.
My home's on the Missionary road.
I was born in the Missionary hospital.
Everybody called me 'Mission Manja'.
My father went on to name me the same.
Your admission is done. You can leave.
- Thank you, Sir.
- Dude, I got a seat!
Who's next? Keep coming!
Next student, please!
Keep moving.
Excuse me! Don't you
know that we provide
admission only to the
'Just passed' candidates?
Sir, I've only got 3% more marks.
Please adjust.
Forget 3%.
Even if you've scored 0.5%
more, no admission. Now leave!
I'll pay you 3,000 rupees.
- How dare you!
You think you can bribe me?!
Watch yourself! One whack on
the top and your bottoms will drop!
Keep walking!
Get lost!
Quit staring and walking away.
Slow down.
There's a table ahead.
Don't worry. I'm still
1.5 feet away from it.
Bend down and check it out.
I was helping you out and
you're asking me to bend over.
Give me your application.
What's your name?
- Kannappa.
Was your father's
name, Bedara Kannappa?
Correct. Good guess!
Fine. Carry on.
Watch your stick.
Don't end up poking someone.
Kanna, check out the gang.
- Are they here?
Make way people!
Come on guys!
Wait! Why are you pushing us?!
The college looks so good, right?
- Hi.
Hey. My name's Prakruthi.
This is Malathi,
Suvarna and Akshara.
I'm Grantha.
This is Arjuna, Krishna and...
Hey girls!
- Here comes trouble.
My name's Mission Manja.
I'm from this gang.
What kinda friends are you?
- We're a gang too.
We're like a Wi-Fi
connection with password.
Logging in isn't easy.
- Doesn't matter.
Our gang has hackers
who can breach the security.
- Huh?!
Get your admissions, first.
Continue with your combined study later.
Let's go.
- Please join us, girls.
There's nothing to cross check.
I'm all about the rules.
How could I ever break them, Sir?
There was a guy with 38% marks.
He offered me a
bribe of 3000 rupees.
I kicked him out, Sir.
Has the hostel
arrangements been made?
Well, it's done.
Carry on.
He must be drinking castor oil
instead of coffee in the morning.
Always grumpy.
My name is Hitler Bhatta (Chef).
From today, what
you are going to eat.
What you won't be eating.
What time you need to
wake up and go to bed.
The ones who'll be
deciding this.. is Me.
Everything will
go as per my venue.
It's not a venue, Bhattre (Chef).
- Huh?
It's called a Menu.
It will go as per the menu.
On Mondays, it'll be Bottle gourd sambar.
On Tuesdays, it'll be Radish sambar.
On Wednesdays, it'll be Pumpkin saaru.
On Thursdays...
- Guntur chicken. I knew it.
Nope. Thursdays are Saint
Raghavendra Swamy's day.
All of you will be fasting.
- What?!
Have no doubt about it.
Fasting it is!
On Fridays, it'll be
fresh Greens saaru.
On Saturdays, it'll be Massoppu saaru.
On Sundays, it'll be Brinjal
fritters and Lentils saaru. Got it?
Come on, Bhattre.
Only Lentils on Sundays?
How about we do this?
Kaal soup, fried leg piece and a chilled
beer in your hands. Does that work?
Sir, works perfectly! Superb!
Stop it!
Don't expect such things here!
Everybody take your luggage
and head to your respective rooms!
Take your bag.
- Let's go.
Finally we're done.
Why is that man such a torture?!
A hearty welcome to you.
Kindly step into the room
with your right leg first.
Don't you have any common sense?
How dare you step
into girls' room like this?
Common sense is pretty common to us.
- Yeah, right.
If we inform the principal,
we'll find out more.
Excuse me?
We're not here to check you out.
We came to check if we
both have the same things.
Check what?!
Well, we're here to check if we have
the same mattress, pillow and sheets.
But you clearly have two extra things.
- Extra what?!
We don't need it.
Take it and leave.
Keep it. We'll ask
for it when we need it.
Let's go, guys!
- Get lost!
My dear students.
I heartily welcome all of you.
Do you know why our college takes in
only those students with passing marks?
When you compare the Hare that
runs with the Tortoise that crawls slowly,
it is my strong belief that the
Tortoise knows its way in life.
"We're students with
the bare minimum marks"
"We can't achieve great things in life"
I want you to get rid of these thoughts.
The most painful and dreadful
fact is that education today,
has become a massive business.
You pay millions of rupees in
fee. You study and score ranks.
What happens next?
Fly away to another country.
Until the wings strengthen,
you depend on your nest.
Once the wings
are strong enough?
The bond with the nest feels
inferior to the pride of flying in the sky.
A farmer who feeds the nation.
A soldier who guards the nation.
Traders and labourers.
All of them support the
economy of the nation.
The 90% of those who built the
foundation of this nation were like you.
'Just Pass' students.
Remember where your roots lie.
Ride the chariots with
your head held high.
What's the point of achieving
things in an alien land?
What is success even, when there's no
near and dear one around to celebrate it?
Enough sir!
Quit talking our ears off.
Oy! Who's blabbering over there?
Stand and listen quietly.
Sir is talking. Listen quietly.
- Shut it man!
Mr. Venkatesh, it's okay.
Let them be. You calm down.
Okay, Sir.
That's it for today.
Classes will begin
tomorrow, okay?
Wish you all the best.
- Namaste, Sir.
Namaste, Sir.
Let's go, Sir.
- They're such brats.
Didn't we do the
same in their age?
Being a brat is necessary.
It hones their creativity.
'Too much of humbleness is
the trait of a wicked person.'
That's worse.
- Yeah?
Your name?
- Sir!
Focus on teaching
well. That'll do.
What a terrible opening line!
Namaskara, Sir.
Don't take me for granted.
Focus on ringing the bell.
As you say, Sir.
Sir here had plans
of ringing other stuff.
Crazy girls and boys!
My job here is only
to cook for all of you.
To bring it here, serve each
other and eating is your job.
I have a rule.
Girls should serve the boys.
Boys should serve the girls.
Bhattre, what about you?
- Huh?
I'll help myself.
Self service.
Bhattre, I liked your rules.
Where's the bucket?
I'll serve others.
My my! I loved your
enthusiasm and energy.
If you end up serving on the oven
instead of the plates, I'll be done for.
Somebody hold him down.
Make him sit.
- Sit down, dude.
Mr. Grantha?
- Yeah?
Come on. Serve others.
He needs a gang to lift him up.
Shut your mouth.
- Come on now.
Take the bucket.
- Okay.
Watch and serve well.
Half a serving will do for her.
She needs a full serving.
She needs...
- My my!
What is this style of yours?
When one sweeps,
there should be no dirt.
When one serves, there
should be no hunger.
You should serve the others with love.
- How do I?
Let me show you.
- Bhattre, just a minute!
I'll serve with love,
just like you said.
When the bucket's empty,
you can come and take it.
Get the sambar man.
- I will.
This sambar looks like rasam.
- Some for you.
Serve them properly.
Mr. Arjuna!
I asked you to end her hunger.
Not the space on her plate.
Serve those ahead too.
Bhattre, my love
ended up overflowing.
Don't let it flow
out of the plate.
Serve the food. That will do.
Savings account interest.
Let me explain it in simple words.
If you deposit 5,000
rupees in a bank...
The bank pays you
4% interest every year.
If calculated on a daily
basis, it pays 0.011% interest.
How many rupees does that make?
Who'll answer this?
- Erm.. Sir.
How much would that be?
If it's 0.1...
What are you murmuring?
Speak up.
Sir, I didn't get it.
Come here.
When I'm teaching up here,
where's your interest at?
It was right here.
- Yet you didn't get it, huh?
Get out!
- Sir!
Did the rest of you understand?
- Sir?
I didn't get it either.
- Why hesitate?
I'll teach you until you understand.
- Okay.
If the daily interest is 0.011%...
That would be 5.50 rupees per day.
That would make it an
interest of 165 rupees a month.
Got it?
- Yes, sir.
Did you get it man?
- Got it, Sir.
- Yeah?
I've been watching you since then.
You've been reading it from 9 P.M.
to 11 P.M. without lifting your head.
What interesting subject are you reading?
- Vedic Mathematics.
It'll help me with
accountancy subjects.
Who knows if it's for accountancy
or for a hot aunty you can see?
Enough reading. Put
the book down and sleep.
Why does it seem like
he can see everything?
Quit staring. Turn
the lights off and sleep.
He ruined my mood.
What are you staring
at from the window?
It's late already. Go to sleep.
Or else, finish your assignment.
Akshara, it's 12 and yet
their room lights are still on.
What are they doing in there?
Let them be and stop spying.
It's late. Go to bed.
- Nope!
I have to find out today.
- What is it?
Shall we go and check it out?
You want to clear your doubt, is it?
- Yep.
I'll come till the back door.
You can do as you please from there.
Thank you so much.
Let's go.
Where are you going?
Even we're unnecessarily curious.
We wish to find out
what's happening there.
Let's quietly go and find out.
- What is it?
They'll be wearing clothes, right?
I'm scared of horror movies.
Shush! Let's go.
Let's go!
Come on.
- Bye.
My plan went down the drain.
These girls are players indeed.
Shit, Bhatta is up!
Everybody run!
This is why one shouldn't drink
a lot of water before going to bed.
I'll have to keep waking
up every now and then.
'What do you want, man?!'
'What do you want, man?!'
Oh no! Lord Hanumantha!
Save me!
What the hell was that?!
Damn! What a sight to bear!
Grantha! What's wrong?!
Wake up! What happened?!
Lift him up!
What happened to you?
What happened?
- Speak up.
What happened? Tell us.
You got me here promising
to show me a white Idly...
You showed me a black Idly and
made me lose my consciousness!
Calculation of interest
and total purchase price.
Let's say you wish
to buy a product.
You have 6,000 rupees with you.
The product's value is 24,000 rupees.
All you have in hand is 6,000 rupees.
What will you do for the
remaining 18,000 rupees?
You'll borrow a loan.
The lending company will charge
5% loan on the 18,000 rupees.
So, how much interest
money will you pay every year?
Any guesses?
Who'll answer?
Mission Manja!
- Apply the formula?
Go on.
All I know is about poultry farms
and he wants me to apply a formula.
Why are you stuttering
when I'm asking you?
Sir... Sir, Arjun would
do a better job at this.
Go on and answer.
- Tell me.
It's okay, Sir.
I'll stand by the door.
Shut up!
Who else can answer?
Why laugh like dimwits?
That is all you know.
- Yeah?
A few days ago you
gave me something, right?
Please give it to me again.
What was that?
Kobbari Kadubu?
- Yes. That.
Sure. I'll make it and get it again.
- Okay.
Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.
Your saree is very nice, Smitha.
- Thank you ma'am.
Madam, the bell rang.
Won't you go to your class?
Oh! Thank you, Sir.
Every time I see this beautiful
paper, I feel like evaluating it.
What is it, Sir?
- Hope you're doing well.
Tell me what it is.
- Erm.. Well.. Nothing.
The bell already rang.
Won't you go to your class?
Oh yes.
Thank you for reminding me.
She has such a pretty face.
I think she likes me.
What is it?
- Red ink pen.
To evaluate the paper?
Stop being over smart.
Mind your own business.
Namaskara, Sir.
- Namaste.
Venkatesh, heading for your class?
- Yes.
Which class?
- A section.
B section.
- Okay.
Apart from the what's in
the textbook, I want you to
teach the values of the
society, education and life.
Yes sir. I will do that.
- Good.
- Sir?
Had your lunch?
- Yes, Sir.
Then feed those plants too, my son?
- Sir?
Water the plants!
- Sure, Sir.
She looks beautiful even from afar.
- What is it?
Namaskara, Sir.
- Do you greet or sell greetings?
Water the damn plants!
Like you won't water
if given a chance.
Why the heck did you scream?
What's wrong with you?
- I can't find the scripture, Arjuna.
- Yes.
Why are you tensed about that?
Kannappa's right here.
A touch of the betel leaf and he'll
find where it is along with visuals.
- Yes?
Your scripture has reached the
hands of the damsels in the other room.
What are they doing with it?
They're immersed in reading it.
- What?! They're reading it?
Kanna, can't you make it stop?
Ay! What a sadist you are!
It's wisdom, my man.
It should flow like a
river and spread like wind.
I can't believe this fatty
book has only one topic in it.
That's why his nerves have
weakened and he needs glasses to see.
As if none of you've read
a book like this before.
Ms. Soda glasses, one peek into your phone's
browsing history will reveal your life history.
Thank you, Grantha.
I loved your research.
Enough with all this mischief
at this hour. Go to bed.
Come on. Let's go.
- Bye.
Want to read some?
- I'll give you a whack!
Can't believe your face is the
first thing I saw with my glasses on!
This woman?! Make way!
My towel's slipping away!
She's coming here!
She's here!
- Hi.
Here's your scripture.
I got the book photocopied.
Please don't feel bad.
Also, the lines you underlined
in red ink, were awesome!
Let me know after you
read the whole thing.
There's a sequel
too. I'll lend it to you.
What more do these
eyes have to experience?!
Good morning students!
Why's no one here?
Namaskara, Sir.
- To hell with it.
Why don't I see any
A section students?
Where did they go?
- I just came in.
Isn't nobody there?
I've no clue where they are.
Is Madam alone in the office?
- Madam's on leave today, Sir.
On leave? But why?
Apparently, she's
meeting a potential groom.
Why doesn't that woman realise
that a bird in hand is any day better?
Don't I look like a man to her?
Don't these students
see me as a lecturer?
This guy got upset.
- I don't get what's happening.
Sir, I don't know what
others think of you.
But to me, you look
like a macho man!
I swear on my mother.
You look like a man.
What the hell! Sir!
Why are you beating
me for calling you a man?
I'm not a man! What are
you going to do about it?!
Okay, Sir.
I won't tell anyone.
Why did I think of him
as a man all this while?!
It was that moron's idea.
Good morning, Sir!
Sit down.
Tell me the truth.
Yesterday, where
were all of you?
Where were you?
Sir, there was a ritual
at my friend's place.
They recited the
story of Lord Shani.
He had no one for help.
So he asked me to come over.
A guru like you taught me that a
friend in need is a friend in deed.
So, I went to help
him out with the event.
Sit down.
And you?
Sir, I'm the friend
who had the deed.
Sit down.
What's your excuse?
- Well...
It was a personal issue.
Sit down.
What about you?
I had a personal issue too, Sir.
Sit down.
What about you, Akshara?
I too had a personal issue.
- Oh.
All three of you?
At the same time?
Sit down.
Arjun, what about you?
I also had a personal
issue to deal with.
Okay. Sit down.
What about you?
Wait. Sit down.
What was your excuse?
I also had a personal
issue to deal with.
What kind of a personal
issue did you have?
Sir, when Akshara mentioned that it was a
personal issue, you asked her to sit down.
When Prakruthi said the
same, you asked her to sit too.
You didn't say a
word to Malathi.
But why are you asking me
to justify when I said the same?
You're right.
What is this?
Move! Quickly!
What is he showing?
- Shush!
What exactly is happening here?
You think you can all lie to me?
Come on now.
To the Principal's chamber.
Sir, please.
- Just come now.
Sir, please.
- Sorry, Sir.
Please don't do this, Sir.
God knows what's
going to happen now.
Good morning, Sir.
- Yeah.
Everybody bunked class
and partied yesterday.
I asked for the truth and
everybody has a lie to tell.
Look at everybody jumping
the hostel compound at night.
Please warn them sternly.
- Let's go.
Venkatesh, you may go.
Sir, please scold
them in front of me.
I will. You carry on.
Sir, at least scold the boys.
I'll scold both the boys and girls.
You carry on.
Enjoy your life.
But stop using lies as excuses.
If possible, stop lying.
All of you told me that the classic 'Daari
Tappida Maga' movie has re-released.
How dare you cook up a story?
I'm very hurt.
I didn't expect this from you.
Go on.
Take this, moron!
Oh no!
He's bleeding, dude!
- Sorry, Sir.
The five of you have ruined my
peace both inside and outside the class.
If you wish to attend my class
from tomorrow, I need you to
write an apology letter and
get it signed by the Principal.
Until then, don't you dare
show me your faces. Get lost!
Man, we screwed up!
Don't you dare bowl next.
What is it?! Continue playing!
A glimpse of you and my soul flew away
I helplessly kept looking at you, only
to find myself springing back to life
Even though there's distance
between us, you seem to haunt me
For the emotions I'm experiencing,
are beyond languages of the mortals
Talk to me now, like you
would talk to no one else
You've turned my lessons into songs
I yearn to sing them with you
Let this be between us
How do I tell anyone about this?
How do I trust anyone
else like I trust you?
Doesn't the sun
rise only once a day?
Why does it feel like a new
dawn every time I see you?
Don't the flowers only
bloom in a garden?
But why do your cheeks
seem to blossom like flowers?
No matter what tomorrow holds
Let this be between us
How do I tell anyone about this?
How do I trust anyone
else like I trust you?
Don't we dream only in our sleep?
Then why am I day
dreaming hundreds of dreams?
Don't words roll out from our lips?
Then why is my heart
shouting your name out loud?
No matter what tomorrow holds
Let this be between us
Sir is right here.
Oh yes. Your
grandfather called me.
I've told him that I'm sending you.
Sir, can you permit them
to come along with me?
Sure. Why not?
Their 50th wedding anniversary, right?
What a beautiful moment.
Youngsters like you
should witness such events.
Thank you, Sir.
Dude, the Principal's here.
- I can see. Just come.
Where are you guys off to?
- We came to meet you.
Is this about getting my
signature on the apology letter?
Yes, Sir.
- What is all this?
You're supposed to hit the
ball within the playground.
Why score it on someone's
face to make it bleed?
It was a mistake. Sorry, Sir.
Sir, can we leave then?
Will only the four
of you go so far?
No. It's my responsibility
to send you safely, right?
Do this instead.
Take these people with you.
Be with them for two days.
- Sure, Sir.
Venkatesh is pissed with you.
By the time you return,
he would've calmed down.
- Hope that's fine, girl.
Can they come along?
- Sure, Sir.
I've gotten my jeep
serviced just yesterday.
Be careful.
- Okay.
Take it.
Thank you, Sir.
We came by to ask for
permission to sit in class.
You just handed us the
notebooks, we shall read them.
Good for you if
you read the books.
Carry on.
The clouds are running
Here they come
Together, they're soaring in this journey
This world is a temple of beauty
Let's travel, wander and
roam through this journey
For the moon's our next destination
The clouds are running
Here they come
Let's go, man. What's wrong?
Dude, I'll speak to my girl and
return in two minutes. You carry on.
Good going. Bring him inside.
- I will.
Manja, if we weren't going to
Grandma's house, we could've swam too.
What offer are you
talking about Mission?
The restroom?
- Over there.
We'll go to the
wash room and come.
Sit down.
- Do you like to swim?
Ay! Loafer!
- Muah!
Hey beauties!
Check out how white they are!
Why the heck did you beat me?
My girl can't live without me.
Do you know who she is to me?!
She's my classmate!
Hurry up everyone!
Wait a minute, woman!
My legs have gone
numb. Don't rush me.
Master, young madam's here.
- Really/
Good to know.
Linganna, how are you?
- I'm good.
There you are.
- Hi Ajji (Grandmother)
How are you my girl?
- I'm good.
I hope you had a pleasant journey.
- Yes, we did.
Linga, show the kids their rooms.
Let them freshen up.
Sure, Master.
Come on everybody.
Please go in.
- Let's go.
If you go upstairs and turn left, the
room with the open door's waiting for you.
Is that so?
- Carry on.
Thanks Linganna.
Let's look for the room
with the door open.
- Master?
Make the necessary food
arrangements for the girls here, okay?
Make sure you get the
boys over to our usual spot.
This place is awesome.
- It's a lot more beautiful out there.
- Yeah?
Bring your friends over to my room.
Let's decide which saree
and matching blouse
I should wear for the
function tomorrow, okay?
Not bad, Akshara. Your
Ajji's so cool even now.
I wonder how she was
in her younger days?
My sweet Ajji.
Get them over. I'll be waiting.
- Okay, Ajji.
Shall we go?
- Okay.
I can't drink any more guys.
I'm drunk as hell.
I shall head home.
Yo, white haired Taatha (Grandfather).
You got us all sloshed, and
are now refusing to join the team.
Taatha, I don't care.
You have to drink
another peg with us. Got it?
Isn't that right, guys?
I can't.
- Come on now.
Have the last peg.
Ay Mission!
- Yeah?
Taatha seems to have bid adieu.
Poor Taatha.
I finished the drink myself.
Ajji, why are you crying
in such a joyous moment?
We live in a time when your very own
children treat their parents like trash.
My granddaughter has got all of
you here and given us immense love.
The joy has brought
me these tears, my son.
All of you remember this...
When your parents grow old, it's
okay if you give them one meal lesser.
Please don't forget them
give them love, okay?
May god bless you
all with a great life.
Taatha, was yours a love-marriage
or an arranged marriage?
A love marriage.
- What?!
Love marriage in those times?
- Yep.
You're great, Taatha.
Tell us how it all began.
While most love stories begins
with the meeting of eyes...
Ours began with the lips.
- What?! With the lips?!
Ay! Why bring it up now?
Bring the children over for lunch.
Come on. It's okay.
The kids are curious to know.
You go on and set the table.
Linga, go ahead and help her.
Go with her.
- Let's go, Linga.
I was hoping to hear the story.
Tell us, Taatha.
I was a single child to my parents.
So, they were very careful
while bringing me up.
Our farm had a well.
But I wasn't allowed to swim
in it. That was his condition.
You know what I did one day?
Without telling my parents,
I jumped into the well.
Then, I found out that I
couldn't move my limbs.
Water began
to enter my mouth.
I kept shouting but to no avail.
Luckily for me, my Tara was
going to school by the well.
- What else?
She jumped into the water and single
handedly dragged me to the ground.
I'd gobbled a lot of water
and was unconscious.
Then, Tara was
wondering what to do.
Right then, a movie
scene struck her mind.
She put her lips on to mine and
helped me throw out the water.
I then gained my
lost consciousness.
You're a player, Taatha.
So this is your lip-lock history.
Hear him out boys.
Aren't you guys done yet?
Come and have lunch.
Okay. We're coming.
Come on. Let's go
and have our lunch.
Linga, serve everyone.
- Sure.
Namaskara, Sir. [IN UNISON]
- Namaskara everyone.
Namaskara everyone.
College isn't all
about academics.
We need other
activities too, right?
Only then can all
of us remain active.
Therefore, for all of you,
we're conducting Talents' Day.
This is a good opportunity
to display your talent.
Another thing you
need to remember.
To witness your performances,
'Special stars' will be coming down.
Is it a hero or a heroine?
I'm waiting to witness the same.
All the best.
Did you all take a good look?
- Kudos Ramu!
That was superb.
Man, you're so talented.
Yet you're hiding your talent like one
hides a Jockey underwear in their pants.
- One should show it, buddy!
Arjuna, this isn't the time to joke.
- Fine. You continue.
Girls, why don't you do
it once and show me?
Ready? Kannappa, Music!
- Yes.
First, to the right.
Very good.
It was almost perfect.
You do need a little practice.
Why don't you go aside and practice?
I'll teach the boys by then.
Move over there.
Boys, step forward.
Kannappa, play the boys' song.
Did you guys take a look?
Do it now.
Why don't you show us the
talent you're hiding in your pants?
Ramu, don't separate
the boys and girls.
Put them together
for a romantic song.
It'll become a super hit.
We're ready for that.
Then you join Grantha.
- Yes.
Why don't you join Krishna?
- Okay.
You dance with Manja.
- Okay.
You join Arjuna.
No. I won't dance with him.
Akshara, keep your
personal issues outside.
We need to practice and
perform. Just get on with it.
Don't be stubborn.
We're getting late.
Go on.
- Yeah?
Duet song, please.
- Yes.
The first move is...
Smart boys!
You did it well.
- Enough, dude.
Ramu? Why don't we dance too?
Let me go!
Move away!
Move aside.
- Come on now.
Not bad guys. You danced
even before I could teach?
Wait and watch, Master.
The song isn't over yet.
Kanna, play the music.
Arjuna, there's two
days left to practice.
But why are you refusing to
practice if Akshara comes by?
How will this work, dude?
Speak up. What are we
supposed to understand?
Speak up man!
Tell us!
Last night...
- What?
I'd been to Akshara's room.
- Really?!
Tell us what happened.
Tell us!
Not really...
Arjun, what are you doing here?
Ay! I'm not here to talk to you.
Just stay away.
Are you drunk?
I needed a little liquid courage
to propose my love to you.
I.. love you.. Akshara.
Please Arjun. I don't like this.
Please Akshara.
Accept my proposal.
Please Arjun! Didn't I already
tell you that I don't like this?
But why don't you?
Who the hell are you to ask me?
Didn't you get it the first time?
I'm asking you why?
Why don't you like me?
Arjun, don't come over at midnight
and cause nuisance like this.
Leave from here.
- One whack from me and...
Ay! If you dare hit her, I'll
slap you until my slipper breaks.
Why are you torturing me when
I told you that I don't like you?
Have some manners and leave.
So you can settle down with a loaded guy?
- Disgusting!
Don't I know girls like you?
Arjun! What the hell are you saying?
Don't generalise every girl you see.
What do you know
about her situation?
My my! What tricky
situation is she in?
She's a poor girl.
Her father abandoned her
mother when she was 6 months old.
Her mother who loved her father couldn't
bear the shock and committed suicide.
She grew up with her grandparents.
That bitter incident has
strongly remained in her head.
That is why, she doesn't believe
in love, marriage or relationships.
So please understand her.
Don't ever bother her again.
Just because you meet with an
accident, will you stop riding a bike?
Just because her parents' love failed,
will every other love out there fail?
Haven't her grandparents loved each
other and stayed married for 50 years?
Can't see she their love that won?
Akshara, don't hold a past
incident and hate my love.
Accept it.
Please calm down.
- Don't cry.
So she finally hit you?
- Ay! Shut up.
He's already refusing to practice.
You don't make it worse.
Be there until the program ends.
After that, it's your
wish. Do as you please.
Fine. I'll do this for you guys.
Sir is here.
Namaste, Sir.
- Namaskara, madam.
Hope you're all doing well.
- Yes.
Didn't I tell you all?
- Yes, Sir.
On this Talents' Day, to witness your
performances, Superstars will be coming down.
Yes, Sir.
There are no bigger
Superstars than our own parents.
Got it?
- Yes, Sir.
It's your good fortune and it's
a good day since they're here.
You'll have to bring joy to these Superstars
with your talents and performances.
- Okay.
Wish you all the best. Good luck.
- Thank you, Sir.
Madam, please sit.
Everybody settle down.
Is everyone prepared?
- Yes, sir.
Dude, it'll be another half an
hour until our performances begin.
I'll go to the green
room and be back soon.
Sure. But come back soon.
Red Saree.
She looks beautiful.
Namaskara to everyone.
Hearty welcome to every parent,
student and teachers present here today.
Today, we're conducting KV degree
college's first year Talents' Day.
So, our students will be entertaining
you, dressed up in various forms.
The first performer
of the day will be here.
Put your hands
together for Kannappa.
All the best, Kannappa!
He's over there.
Sir, over there!
Over here.
Please come.
Oh no! Ramu!
Ramu! Wake up!
What happened?
I've no clue. By the time I saw
him, he was lying down like this.
Ramu! Ay Ramu!
Manja! Our Ramu...
Maadeva, come here.
Did you find out anything?
Isn't the window at least 20 feet away?
It's over 30 feet man.
Did you find anything?
- Yeah, man.
He fell from that height.
Wasn't he get scared?
Man, just shut your mouth please.
The body seems so big,
but the legs seem so short?
Please stop blabbering.
Yes sir. The investigation is on.
Come here.
What was he like with you guys?
During the practice
sessions, he was very happy.
We don't know what
went wrong so suddenly.
Okay. Let's go.
Everybody make way.
- Make way people.
Move aside. Let us do our job.
Step back everyone.
Principal Sir?
- Yes?
He seemed to have interacted happily
with everyone during the practice sessions.
To find out that he's committed suicide
out of the blue, it does raise suspicion.
I'm smelling something fishy too, Sir.
Man, just keep quiet now.
What a moron he is.
Well, the investigation
has to take place.
We can't arrive at
any conclusions now.
We need your co-operation.
Please co-operate with us.
- Sure, Sir.
Clear the crowd.
Move the body now.
Ramu used to get multiple
calls from a number, right?
The caller's location
has been traced.
- Yes, Sir.
Stop the car.
Is this it?
- The maps say so.
Call the number.
Sir, it's that girl.
She's the one.
- Just follow me quietly.
Listen girl? Who are you?
Give me that.
Why were you often calling Ramu?
Why were you calling him repeatedly?
Speak up. What does it
mean if you freeze like this?
Why were you
calling him repeatedly?
- Yeah?
I found out why
she isn't talking.
Why's that?
- If you ask me, I think she can't speak.
Are you deaf by any chance?
- Sorry, Sir.
Why do you do
this? Pipe down man.
Say what you want, but
you can't ruin my promotion.
Why were you calling
Ramu repeatedly? Speak up.
Doesn't your tongue work?
- Didn't I tell you? She can't speak.
Why were you calling him?
Say something!
Get that lady
constable to come in.
I found out the truth.
What happened, Sir?
Sir, Ramu and I
liked each other a lot.
We would speak to each
other for hours everyday.
He would share everything
about his college and hostel.
I would share everything too.
We were doing good, Sir.
Ramu, looks like you're
getting another call.
My mother's calling. It's okay.
I'll call her later.
You talk now.
Who wants to get
served.. an Idly?
Good Morning, Ramu.
What are you doing?
I'm having my breakfast.
What did you have?
- I had dosae.
Wow. What a co-incidence.
I'm having a dosae too.
Oh, really?
What's new with you?
- Yeah?
Everybody's eating Dosae,
while I've been served Idly?
Kannappa, I'm eating Idly too.
Just because my girl told me that
she ate Dosae, I claimed the same.
You're ruining everything.
A train of lies, huh?
Go on. Continue.
Have some water.
Hello Amma? Didn't I tell you
that I was having breakfast?
How many times will
you call? Quit bugging me.
- Wait! Let me join too!
Ay! Moron!
Why are you razing
us like a bulldozer?
This guy almost got smashed.
- Hurry up.
That's a great picture.
- Look at this teddy!
Send the picture
to me. It's nice.
Take a solo picture of mine.
- What?
I had to send one to my girl...
- Well well!
Go and click a great
picture of this man.
Ramu, your mother's calling.
I'll call her later.
Cut the call and take a picture.
You sure?
- Yes.
Show us.
- There you go.
Superb. Send her this picture.
- Sending right away.
Let's go now.
- Come on.
You guys go ahead. I'll come.
- Hurry up.
You guys leave. I'll bring him.
You look great, Ramu.
- Yes.
Also send a video
of your performance.
Sure. I'm heading to the
auditorium for the performance.
I'll call you later, okay?
- Bye.
Let's go.
- Hurry up.
Why did Amma call
me so many times?
Hello Amma?
Ay, my dear? Why are you crying?
Amma is no more, Anna.
Until her last breath, she
was wishing to talk to you.
But you never received the call.
I waited for you to call back.
But you never did.
She kept asking for you until
her last breath and then died.
He never spoke to me after that.
Only after his body came here,
did I find out that he died.
Stay strong.
Oh! So he died because
he spoke too much?
This guy will never learn!
It is said that our mind is
responsible for all our actions.
Ramu's guilt got the better of
him and he committed suicide.
A human life
shouldn't go to waste.
Don't put yourself on
a pedestal all the time.
Have some awareness.
Let your friend's death
be a lesson to all of you.
Good luck.
Your words are true.
Their age is a tricky one.
They get attracted
to the random things.
But when it comes to your
family. Especially your parents.
Nobody's too busy to
dedicate some time for them.
We might think that we're
too busy. But it's a delusion.
Does being away from home, take
you away from what's in your hearts?
No, right?
Give some time to your parents.
Speak to them.
Please try to understand.
I'll take your leave.
- Sure, Sir.
Hello? Amma?
Nothing important.
I felt like talking to you.
Okay, Amma.
I'm doing fine. You please take care.
Arjun, don't you
understand why Ramu died?
Instead of showering your
love on me, do it for your parents.
At the least, it'll make them happy.
I would've... if
they were around.
You at least have
your grandparents.
I have no one.
The day you slapped me in front of your
friends and declared that you don't like me...
I decided right then and there.
I don't wish to have
any love in my life.
All I do is look
at you and smile.
Tell me if that bothers you.
You won't be bothered any more.
I was told that someone
would wait for me.
This guy's a lecturer? No way.
He looks like a cowherd.
Son, come here for a minute.
Once I get off the jeep, I
can't get back in. Come here.
Oh. Must be a biggie.
Namaskara, Anna.
- Namaskara.
Wasn't there a college nearby?
Oh! Are you a veterinarian in
the hospital next to the college?
No? A compounder?
- Ay!
I knew it the moment I saw you.
Do this.
Head straight and turn right.
You'll get there.
Get where?
- To the Veterinary hospital.
What do I do there?
- Treat every animal that comes to you.
- Oh god!
Why are you slapping me
for telling the right address?
Because you deserve it!
Why are you slapping me
for telling the right address?
Ay! I'm the HOD of that college.
You definitely don't look like one.
Are you really the HOD?
Forgive me.
Since the Principal told me, I
imagined an old man like him.
You on the other hand
look young and dashing.
Even though I'm 50, people
wonder how I still look so young.
Why do you think?
- Why is that, Sir?
Because I've trained
this body. Moron!
How did that feel?
- That punch slammed.
I can see how well
you've trained yourself.
Hold this.
- Sure.
Can you drive?
I drove here by
myself. Get in, Sir.
You look like a
bottle of cheap booze.
The lecturer's here.
- Namaste.
Welcome Mr. Gajendra.
- How are you?
I'm good. How are you?
- I'm great too.
Please sit.
- Thank you.
I heard our Shankara
mistook you for someone else.
Sir, a slap on the cheek
gave me all the clarity.
You dimwit!
Who do you think he is?
He holds five university degrees.
- Really?
It's okay. How will the weighing
scale know the taste of sugar?
But I thank you for giving me an opportunity
to work with you in this college.
How can you say
that, Mr. Gajendra?
The throne can be
placed only on an elephant.
Not a donkey.
Remember that you are eligible
and capable of working here.
We're the lucky ones.
I welcome you to our college.
- Thank you.
Shankara, take him.
Show him our classes, staff room
and introduce him to everyone.
Sure, Sir. Let's go.
- I'll see you.
Let's go.
Come with me, Sir.
This is our staff room.
Smitha dear?
Have you moved here?
Oh my god!
Excuse me?
Don't you have any shame?
Why do you follow me
even though I don't like it?
Smitha dear...
You aren't getting
my tender love.
No matter how angry you get.
I won't let you go without
making my love clear to you.
Our love has been destined by God.
What's happening between them?
Namaskara, Sir.
- Let that be.
What's happening here?
Sir, there's Mathematics taking
place between Chemistry and Physics.
The final sum is unclear.
Oh no! I got my clarity!
What was that
loud sound I heard?
- He wasn't getting the sum.
So, I added one and two for him.
My name's Venkatesh.
I teach financial accounting.
Oh. Glad to meet you.
I'm Gajendra, the new HOD here.
Pleased to have you.
- Very nice.
You carry on.
- Sure.
My dear, I'll see you later?
Bell Master? Let's go.
Namaskara, Sir.
- May you die a terrible death.
I can sense
tension on your face.
Sir, please mind
your damn business.
It's just that if you're
happy, I'll be very happy too.
That moron messed it up.
This is nice, right?
- Nah. It's not nice.
Get lost then.
- Fine.
Akshara, no matter how
much you stare at him.
He won't look at you. Let this go.
She's gone mad.
- So have you.
I'll give you a whack.
Sir, please come.
This is the A section class.
Good Morning everybody.
Who's this clown
with that bell master?
Shush! Silence!
Tomorrow there'll be a test based
on the lessons covered till date.
If somebody scores less, I'll be
counting your bones and joints.
Sir, this isn't a
medical college.
This is a degree college.
Bell master, who's this?
Everybody stop laughing.
He's the new HOD,
Mr. Gajendra (Elephant God).
Then why don't I see his trunk?
Shut up!
You don't really care, right?
I'll deal with you tomorrow.
Let's go.
- Okay, Sir.
He'll show you his trunk tomorrow.
- Man, looks like he's strict.
Sir, this is the hostel.
Please get down.
My god.
- Yes?
I end up getting tired from
doing all the job myself.
If you could be a little generous
and get me an assistant.
Things would be easier here.
Give me a couple of days.
Our Principal is a gem of a man.
It hasn't even been a couple of days
and he's sent me an assistant already.
My my!
It'll be awesome to get
him to clean all the articles.
'Use a soap and clean your steel article.'
'Use a soap because
the world's expensive.'
'Use a soap and
clean your article.'
I'll make him clean everything
and sit down like an Emperor.
'The hard working man
knows the value of sweat'
Ay! Knob head!
Quit staring at my face.
I'm talking to you.
What is it, Sire?
I'm the head cook of this hotel.
You're here to work
as my assistant.
Move these bags to the store room.
By the way, what's your name?
How dare you!
- Bhattre!
How dare you slap the head cook?
I'll chop your head off the body.
Just a minute. Hold on!
Just a minute. Why are you both fighting?
- Listen to what he has to say.
He's here to work as my assistant.
- How dare you!
Sir, please come this side.
Please don't mind him.
Man, why are you
also getting confused?
I asked him to work and
he slapped me instead.
Dude, he's not an assistant.
He is the new HOD of this college.
Gajendra Sir.
The HOD?
- Yes!
I'm sorry, Sir.
- What's the point now?
I got a little confused.
Shall I make a
boneless Kabab for you?
Another word from you,
and you'll end up seedless.
Be careful with him.
- I messed up big time.
Such smartypants
everyone acts like.
Yet, you're a great man.
Why's that?
You looked like a compounder to me.
He thought you were a Bhatta.
You don't look like a lecturer at all.
- Really?
Do I look like one now?
You deserved this!
Walk away and get back to work.
- My my my!
Dude, sir's getting sloshed.
- Clearly.
Guys, this is the perfect time.
Let's seal the deal.
Let's go.
- Who the heck are you guys?!
Why are you guys attacking me?
What did I do?
We're not attacking you, Sir.
We're requesting you.
Requesting for what?
Just in case, you
conduct a test tomorrow...
Just in case, we do fail the test.
Please don't scold
us in front of the girls.
If you feel like it, call us
aside and take us to task.
Let go of my hand!
Let go, I say!
Shame on you chimps!
You guys literally smothered
me to death to convey this?!
Prepare well from tomorrow.
- Sure, Sir.
Go to bed now.
Sir, you're drinking all alone.
Let me give you company.
I don't need your damn company.
If you still insist, sit
far away over there.
Come on, guys.
- Get going now.
This place will do.
Why have you guys
covered your nose?
We can't bear the smell, Sir.
How about beer?
- No, Sir.
- Not at all.
I'll kick you in the rear! Ay!
A mosquito seems to
be bothering me a lot.
I'll go take a leak and come.
Find the damn mosquito
and murder it for me, okay?
Sure, Sir.
- Please carry on.
Dude, Sir's gone inside.
- Hurray!
Hit it! Nobody should find out!
- Pass it guys!
He shouldn't find out.
Fill it water, Mission.
Hurry up!
Wherever I look, all I see is you
I feel relieved.
Why do you all
look drunk already?
Like I told you before, we
can't bear the smell at all.
If you lie to your Guru, you'll die
from the bite of a mosquito, you
Sir, you're already sloshed.
I think it's enough.
You can stop peeing midway.
But you should always complete
your drink no matter what.
Got it?
How will you understand
the pain my heart is enduring?
What happened, Sir?
If you listen to my story,
you'll die of heart break.
Tell us what's causing the pain.
We'll suggest the necessary
pain killer to get rid of it.
Your medicine can't
cure this disease.
Why though?
Do you know your
lecturer Smitha?
She is my heart beat.
This is the matter!
For the last four years, just to
find her, I've been on the beat.
Ever since I saw her in college...
My heart has been in the air...
Floating and beating...
Floating and beating for her.
My my!
Let me tell you a truth.
- Sure.
Before giving your heart to a woman, you
should study what's already in her heart.
Else, you'll be stuck like me,
chugging a bottle everyday.
If you could kindly
elaborate on the kind of study
along with theory and
practicals, it'll be helpful to us.
I'll kick you in your bum!
You're not meant to study that.
- Why not?
Help me get up and I'll tell you.
- Let's go.
Help him up!
Excuse me! Lend your ears to my lecture
'Just pass' isn't the
way ahead in your future
Excuse me! Lend your ears to my lecture
'Just pass' isn't the
way ahead in your future
This love is like a cauliflower
Make a mistake and
you'll end up with a puncture
Jinga Jinga Jinga Jingalale
The buzz from the
booze is right up your alley
Saaar... Jinga Jinga Jinga Jingalale
The class has begun
and thus begins a rally
Why are you torturing
us in this cold?
He won't look at you.
Please, let's go to bed?
Menaka, shall smile and walk way
Radhika, will butter
you up with her sway
If you consider this as love
Wait until every push comes to a shove
Womenfolk's beauty
has caused wars before
Read up some history
A bomb of love has
been dropped on Nagasaki
The hearts of our boys
have been wiped out clean
Jinga Jinga Jinga Jingalale
The buzz from the
booze is right up your alley
Saaar... Jinga Jinga Jinga Jingalale
The class has begun
and thus begins a rally
Excuse me! Lend your ears to my lecture
'Just pass' isn't the
way ahead in your future
Take it
Showing off his cars and
bikes, there will be a Shekhari
He will make tall claims of love
and leave your heart in a curry
If you get smitten and go behind him
Troubles will line up
in your life to the brim
Womenfolk, you gotta be more cautious
Lend your ears to my lectures
Don't y'all fall for
the illusion of love
You're here to study,
and study is all you gotta do
Jinga Jinga Jinga Jingalale
The buzz from the
booze is right up your alley
Jinga Jinga Jinga Jingalale
The class has begun
and thus begins a rally
Jinga Jinga Jinga Jingalale
The buzz from the
booze is right up your alley
Jinga Jinga Jinga Jingalale
The class has begun
and thus begins a rally
There's no fun if you don't get
to chew on bones after boozing.
If only there was piping hot Mutton
Biryani with us, it would be awesome.
I'll whack you in the face.
Stop reminding us of
Mutton Biryani when drunk.
Will you Grandpa pay for it?
I have 2000 rupees, guys!
Not bad, dude.
You're our low
budget Vijay Mama!
Why didn't you tell us before?
But how do we get
out of here now?
Arjun! Remember
the Principal's chariot?
I'm going to lap it all up.
- Let's head to our usual Dhaba.
Dude, look over there.
Akshara is here to teach
you how one should love.
Go attend the special classes.
I won't pay attention to her.
Let's keep walking.
They'll make us drink more.
Wait! We'll come with you.
- Sir?
Let's go.
Hurry up! Get in the car!
Come on, Fatso.
Let's have a feast tonight.
Anna, what's available?
There's Biryani, Kabab and...
- Hurry up, doofus!
I'm coming, Sir.
Hurry up man.
- Fine, eat all you want.
If we fall short on money, we'll leave
Mission behind to wash the plates.
What's wrong, dude?
Tell us what happened.
What's wrong, dude?
Can I have your last order, Sir?
- Why are you late, you b?!
Why are you abusing
me for no reason?
How dare you...?!
Get up, Sir.
Hold this.
Are you out of your mind?
You wasted all the food.
Why do you trouble those
who work hard for their lives?
Bugger off!
Keep walking!
- Who's this rookie?
Walk away from here.
What do you want?
Walk away man!
How dare you stare back at us?
Quit staring! Bash him up!
Take out the car man!
Get in! Let's run!
Hurry up! Start the car!
My god it hurts!
Faster! Let's go!
Get in you moron!
Sir, thanks a lot.
These guys had
become a nuisance.
You slaughtered those pigs!
You feed those who
come to you at this hour.
How can we stand and
watch if someone troubles you?
You have the heart of a mother.
Please sit.
I'll get you hot Biryani.
You guys sit too. I'll get
some hot food for you.
I need the bone marrow, Anna.
Dude, if you'd stopped the car any
later, I would've flooded the jeep.
Would've saved the Principal
some money on car wash.
Dude, we're drinking and driving.
We'll be fined 10,000 rupees.
Hide everyone.
- Run guys!
Run faster guys!
Why is our fate so screwed up?
Our department dogs get to sleep at night,
while we should be out roaming the streets.
Wait a minute. Stop the car!
Check the car.
- Let me check, Sir.
Is anybody there?
Sir's asking for you.
Speak up.
Looks like no one's around.
Why would anybody
leave their car?
No one's around.
Sir, I found out.
- Found what?
The 'No Parking'
sign's over there, right?
The 'No Parking'
sign's over there. So?
That is why they must have
parked the car over here.
Sorry, Sir.
Sir, the key's in the car.
- What?
Start the car man.
The car's in a running condition.
Move it.
It's moving, Sir.
Guys, I don't see the jeep.
Arjun! Wake up guys!
I can't find the jeep, Arjun!
You don't see it?
- No. I don't.
Where did it go?
I'm sure they took it
to the police station.
What do we do now?
Nobody in the hostel
has seen us take the jeep.
- We didn't take the jeep at all.
Why are you staring at me?
Some girls look great from afar.
Yet you look great even
when you're up close.
One glance and I can't
take my eyes off you.
Listen, don't you dare come
up with more cheesy excuses of
not being able to sleep or
wanting to see me or talk to me.
Don't use those excuses to
come by the hostel at night, got it?
I might be a 'Just-pass' student
when it comes to academics.
But when it comes to my
love, I'm a first class graduate.
Not bad!
Arjun, we need to come up with a name for
the day we fell in love with each other.
Why are the police here?
Where's the Principal?
- In the chambers.
Let's go.
The RTO's information
is correct, right?
It has been verified. The
vehicle belongs to him.
Namaskara, Principal Sir.
- Sir...
- Yeah.
Does the vehicle with the registration
number KA 09 1461 belong to you?
Yes. It's mine.
- Where is it now?
Well, I've not seen
in since morning.
I thought of coming by to
lodge a complaint after college.
I see.
- What's wrong, Sir?
Move the car to the side.
- Yes, Sir.
Turn it around and come here.
- Yes, Sir.
Sir, this looks like sugar.
Maybe they were
taking some to make tea.
Poor thing. They've spilled it here.
Dammit! This isn't sugar.
- Is it salt?
This is brown sugar!
Maadeva, check the car.
- Sure, Sir.
Is it punctured, Maadeva?
- Just shut up, dude.
Check everywhere.
- Yes, Sir.
- Yes?
Seems like it's spilling
from the Stepney wheel.
It's still stuck to it.
- Okay.
You'll have to come
to the station with me.
I need to conduct an inquiry.
Let's go.
What happened?
Having made a name
for itself internationally...
KV College's Principal,
Dalavayi has been arrested.
Mr. Dalavayi who started the college claiming
to educate only those with 35% marks...
Has been arrested
in a drugs racket case.
We're now present
at the police station.
Mr. Dalavayi will
be here any moment.
He's here.
Let's go and talk to him.
Sir, just one question for you.
Please wait everyone.
Please answer my question.
Your opinion on the allegation that you're
linked to an international drug peddler?
I won't respond to baseless rumours.
I just found out about it.
Does the jeep found
with drugs, belong to you?
Yes. It's mine.
Is it possible that someone
who has issues with you
is trying to bait and
trap you in this scandal?
Let the police investigate.
- Move along now.
I'll answer later.
Make way everyone!
Sir, will you be cancelling
the license to run KV college?
Move back.
The Principal's already in police
custody. What do you have to say?
Well, the police
investigation has begun.
The investigation
findings need to be out first.
Only then can we
discuss things further.
Let the investigation
come to an end.
Make way everyone.
- Sir, another question.
Didn't you ask us
to come urgently?
Arjun, when we went to my Grandparents'
anniversary, the jeep got punctured.
We got the tyre fixed in
Sakleshpura. Remember?
Brother, make sure
it doesn't leak again.
I need 30 minutes to fix
it. Go and have some tea.
I'll make sure it never leaks again.
Okay. Let's go.
Correct. Something
must have happened then.
Sakleshpura. Anjaneya circle.
The puncture shop
next to the tea stall.
- Yes, Sir.
Lodge a complaint.
I'll get it investigated.
Okay, Sir.
- Thank you.
Carry on.
- Thank you, Sir.
Maadeva, make sure you file a complaint.
- Okay, Sir.
Don't let the gossip mongering people
and news channels deter your spirit.
Stay cool.
We've got food for you.
- I don't want it.
I'm not hungry.
Please don't' feel bad.
Mr. Gajendra...
Mr. Venky, please take
good care of the kids.
We will, Sir.
Instead of leading a peaceful retired life, he
brought it upon himself by starting a college
for these dimwits and is now suffering
having gotten tangled in a drugs case.
Why did our Principal
do this to himself?
Venkatesh, don't make such hasty
statements without learning about him.
If he wanted, he could've been
the Chancellor of the State university.
The CM had offered it to
him. This man didn't take it.
But why, Sir?
- There's a reason.
He was born in a tiny
hamlet with 25 odd houses.
He was born a poor family
who couldn't even afford food.
His parents couldn't afford his
education and got him out of school.
They'd decided to send
him to work as a labourer.
But it was his Primary school
teacher convinced his parents
that Dalavayi was a smart child
and supported his education.
Venkatesh, impartation of
education is an unrequitable service.
Just like how poverty was
a hurdle for my education...
He wanted to ensure that
merit and cut-off percentages
don't prove to be a
hurdle to these students.
That is why he's spent his entire
lifetime earnings into this college.
Our Dalavayi Sir is such a generous man.
Come on now.
I can't listen to
everything you say.
Come to the
police station first.
- Sir?
Has a smuggling case been
registered in our police station limits?
I'll check for it, Sir.
Come with me.
Also, pay a visit to the south
station and meet the writer there.
Tell him that I asked for information
and collect everything you can find.
Order a cup of tea for me.
Hurry up.
So, Maadeva?
- Yes?
Is he planning to solve
the case with your help?
Won't be a cake walk for him.
I would've done it though.
- This one's a nutcase.
Nothing new, woman.
Everybody in the
station is jealous of me.
Because I'll get
promoted soon, right?
What's for dinner?
Dear students, we're all
here with the same intention.
The world will always
bet on a winning horse.
For students like you who scored only
35%, he built a college and a hostel.
He spent millions for all of you.
Why did he have to do this for all of you?
How are you people
even related to him?
When it was time to retire
and enjoy a relaxed life...
He chose to risk his life.
He's facing severe humiliation.
If things get any worse,
this college will be shut down.
This will only mean that all his dreams
and ambitions will be washed away.
To a selfless man like him.
To help save his dreams and
ambitions, what will you give in return?
If our college, our staff and our Principal need
to regain the lost dignity and reputation...
If thousands of students like
you need to study in this institution.
All of you have to
take a firm stand today.
Our college just bag 100% results.
Only then can we make our
Dalavayi Sir's dream come true.
When efforts become our weapon,
success will end up as our slave.
There's only three
months left for the exams.
If all of you study
hard and sincerely...
Nothing is impossible.
All of us will be with
you for 24 hours.
Please ensure you retain the
trust Dalavayi Sir has on all of you.
We've lost all our lives.
It's time we change now.
I'm ready, Sir.
We're also ready, Sir.
Don't you ever give up on your resolve
You shall win over
with your stubbornness
Don't you ever give up on your resolve
You shall win over
with your stubbornness
The sunny days and the moony nights
Shall not stand against your force
With your body, speech and mind
May you rewrite history
Study hard, study hard
Study hard without giving up
Study hard, study hard
The victory is yours, study hard
There was Buddha,
Basavanna, Bapu Gandhi
Then there was Baba Saheb
They all believed in one thing
Knowledge is everything here
It's the sole weapon to win this war
You are your own commander
Sir, a man named Riyaz
was travelling in his Omni car.
Four men asked for a
drop and he took them in.
He was then caught
with 10 kilos of Ganja.
Those four men were arrested.
But Riyaz refused any
knowledge and remained neutral.
Get Riyaz to the station.
- Okay, Sir.
Study hard, study hard
Study hard without giving up
Study hard, study hard
The victory is yours, study hard
Challenge yourself to bring
transformation from within
It's time to pay your
Guru back for his lesson
Challenge yourself to bring
transformation from within
It's time to pay your
Guru back for his lesson
You shan't feel hunger,
if you're stubborn enough
You shan't feel tired, if
you make up your mind
This chapter in life is
where you find yourself
Study hard, study hard
Study hard without giving up
Study hard, study hard
The victory is yours, study hard
How are you, Sir?
- I'm good.
How are you all?
The children and staff
are doing fine, right?
Everybody's doing well.
The students are studying
hard all day and night.
I'm very happy.
Hearing that the kids are
studying well, I'm elated.
Why do you look so dull?
It's painful to
see you like this.
It isn't enough if life
is all about happiness.
We need troubles too.
If we resolve them and win over
it, life has meaning and is fulfilling.
Isn't that true?
Let's resolve it.
Let's get through it.
Did you get me anything to eat?
- Yes, Sir.
Hand it over there.
I'll take it later and
have a peaceful meal.
- Namaskara, Sir.
Food for the plants?
- I'm watering them, Sir.
Okay. Namaste.
Not every war is
fought on the battlefield
Life is a board of chess,
it can't be a lie always
Not every war is
fought on the battlefield
Life is a board of chess,
it can't be a lie always
Only truth shall end up victorious
Only the educated
shall remain the strongest
This life is a school that
shall teach you its ways
Study hard, study hard
Study hard without giving up
Study hard, study hard
The victory is yours, study hard
The sunny days and the moony nights
Shall not stand against your force
With your body, speech and mind
May you rewrite history
Study hard, study hard
Study hard without giving up
Study hard, study hard
The victory is yours, study hard
You've been waiting since a while.
Want some tea or coffee?
- No. Thank you, Sir.
Riyaz, sir is asking for you.
Go inside.
Man, thinks a salute
will get him away.
Is he Riyaz?
What do you do?
- I have a vehicle service station.
Where's that?
- In double road, Sir.
Priyadarshini services?
I'm leasing it.
Mr. Principal, what
are you doing here?
- Namaste.
How are you?
- I'm doing good, Sir.
I've given my jeep for service.
He told me that it'll take
a while. So, I'm waiting.
Did you eat?
- I did. What about you?
I'm heading now. Should
I drop you somewhere?
No need. I'll walk.
Namaskara, Sir.
Open your mouth.
Speak the truth.
Else, I'll kill you right here.
Speak up. Open your damn mouth!
- Slower man!
Please come, Sir.
Please sit. Why did you get up?
- I'm sorry, Sir.
You could've sat for a while.
- Thank you, Sir. But it's okay.
How are you, Riyaz?
Did he open his mouth?
Despite all the lashings,
he's not telling us a thing.
Listen, one shot in your mouth
and the bullet will fly out of the back.
This is an original.
What shall I do?
Will you tell us or shall I
put a bullet through you?
I'll tell the truth, Sir.
- Go on.
Listen, take some
time if you need.
But tell us the truth.
Get us tea.
- Sir, you want me to?
Do you want me to go
instead? Just go and get it!
Okay, Sir.
- Make sure it's hot.
Do you want tea or coffee?
Have something at least now.
- Just get it, man!
Quit staring and get it.
- Just get it.
Okay, Sir.
Speak up.
Tell me.
- I will, Sir.
The Principal would drop the
jeep with us for service every month.
After he dropped the car
with us, I replaced the original
Stepney wheel with
another one filled with drugs.
I was greedy for money and was
hoping that the drugs would be safe.
So, I left it in his jeep.
Who gave you the drugs?
Khaleel, Sir.
- Khaleja who?
- Where does he live?
Here's your tea, Sir.
Stay away for a minute man!
Tell me.
KV College, has been making
the news for all the wrong reasons.
Today, we're here at their hostel to find out
how the students are preparing for the exams.
They're here now.
Let's find out how they're
preparing for the exams.
Some questions for all of you.
Your exams are beginning today.
How have you all prepared?
Our college will be first on the list of
top 3 scoring colleges in Karnataka.
File this document.
REPORTER: What's your response?
A student from our college will be the first on
the list of top 3 ranking students in Karnataka.
When I was in college, I
was also dashing like them.
Shall I get some tea, Sir?
Drink some yourself.
- Yes, sir.
Sit down all of you.
Why have you called us here?
- I'll tell you. Please sit first.
We've heard of notorious robbers
and scammers from across the world.
But it hurt me a lot to witness injustice
being meted out at hard-working students.
Sir, we don't get what
you're trying to say.
First of all, who are you?
I'm the secretary of the
current Education Minister.
I heard the Education Minister discuss
about your college with the Evaluation head.
What is it, Sir?
TV: 'Our college will be first on the list
of top 3 scoring colleges in Karnataka.'
REPORTER: What's your response?
'A student from our college will be the first on
the list of top 3 ranking students in Karnataka.'
'The 2nd and 3rd ranker
will also be from our college.'
REPORTER: It feels great to see
all of your confidence. All the best.
Don't let those children's
words get to you.
That will never happen.
Watch how your college
will top again this year.
No way.
Don't take them for granted.
Here's what you'll do.
Form a team to specifically
evaluate the papers from that college.
My college has topped
for the last 4 years.
If it goes down now, we won't get
the donation amount we've fixed.
Chances are that our
admission numbers will go down.
Sir, you gave them permission
yourself and are now worried.
You could've refused
permission earlier, right?
I didn't want to grant
the permission either.
What could I've done when
they got the CM to intervene?
The paper evaluations
will begin tomorrow.
The photographs and
details of the lecturers
who will evaluate your
papers, are with me.
Here you go.
The ones who will evaluate our
college's exam papers, are these lecturers.
Sir, Namaste.
- Tell me.
They've answered
the papers very well.
We're giving less marks
as much as possible.
We're worried that this could
cause us problems in the future.
Listen, the government and
the minister is on our side.
Just do as you're told.
Just a minute.
- Okay.
Namaste, Sir.
- Tell me.
The kids have answered
the papers very well.
If they apply for revaluation of
the papers, things might get difficult.
We'll cite lack of time
and cancel revaluation.
No need to be afraid.
Just do as told.
Okay, Sir.
This won't get resolved easily.
Hello, Reddy?
I was about to call you
and you called me instead.
Namaskara, Sir.
- What is it now?
I needed your signature.
- To hell with them.
Hold on. Where do I sign?
Is everything in order?
Give me the pen.
Sign here, Sir.
You guys have no time sense
and appear out of the blue.
Another sign here.
Are you done? Leave.
Listen to me carefully.
You don't think there's anyone else who
can apply for the tender other than you?
Take a moment at
home and think it through.
If you think you can
do it, give me a call.
TV ANCHOR: KV college bags the
first rank in this year's degree exams.
KV college students have
hunted down the ranks.
KV college which made news for the wrong
reasons is back in the news for the ranks.
KV college now has 100% results.
Dalavayi's pain has been
cured with this victory.
TV ANCHOR: KV college bags the
first rank in this year's degree exams.
Where the hell were you?
Can't you come sooner?
I was typing something.
- Yeah, right.
When did I sign
this declaration?
You signed while
you were on call, right?
It has been uploaded
on the website, already.
Is that so?
You dimwit! Get out!
Get out!
Sir, Namaskara.
- Enough with the formalities.
Subramani, come
to my chamber asap.
Quit staring and tell
me what happened.
Sir, we were evaluating the
papers as per your instructions.
- But what?
Where are you both?
- Listen!
Where are you?
Who took you both?
Please make sure you do
the paper evaluation right.
If you don't, they got us somewhere
threatening to do something to me and my child.
We're doing no such thing, dear.
We're doing our job right.
- Oh no.
You ask me to study
well for my exams.
But why are you giving low marks for
those who studied well for the exams?
Please Pappa. Don't do that.
- I won't, my dear.
- You idiot.
Do the right thing as my son.
Don't prove that you're a mixed
breed by doing the wrong thing.
Santosha, if someone did this to you.
Would you be in that position today?
Listen, our intention is to
ensure that our future isn't ruined.
We're not here to trouble you.
This was what happened.
You seem so casual while saying so.
Mr. Subramanya?
Are they telling you the truth?
- Yes, Sir.
Let me tell you another truth.
I'm suspending all of you.
There's no need to
suspend any of us, Sir.
We're resigning ourselves.
All of us have been appointed
as lecturers in KV college.
This is our resignation letter.
Do accept it.
Where are you going?
I can't work under this pressure.
I'm joining KV
college as an HOD.
Please accept my
resignation letter.
Come in. Want another signature?
Where do you want me to sign?
On your forehead? On your head?
You've ruined me, moron!
This file is not for
you to sign, Sir.
A court notice has been issued against your
college for building it on a storm water drain.
The demolition unit is
coming down tomorrow.
This is the notice.
Listen, Maadeva?
- What is it, man?
Looks like the judge will
return only after lunch.
The judge is here.
Stay quiet, man.
Regarding this incident,
the police's investigation
has proved that Mr. Dalavayi
had no role to play in it.
Mr. Dalavayi has been
given a clean chit in this case.
Khaleel and Riyaz, who
have been found guilty in
this case, will be serving
prison time for 12 years.
Thank you so much.
- It's okay.
Thank you.
- We've only done our duty. Let's go.
Everybody make way.
No comments.
My dear students, as humans,
if we understand ourselves,
it's very easy to understand this world.
We're extremely proud that
you've succeeded in that front.
Having established companies all over the world
and having employed millions of students...
The MD of Roy's Private Limited,
Ms. Christina is here with us.
We welcome her.
A joyous matter is that they're
here for Campus placements.
I wish everybody the
best of luck. God bless.
Madam, over to you.
We're students of Dalavayi's college.
We've not just been
given education here.
We've been taught
self- respect too.
Our parents who gave
birth and took care of us,
don't need our salaries and
bank statements at this hour.
They need our love,
affection and support.
In our country, we use all the facilities
and gain the knowledge to prosper.
But to go to another country and exercise it,
is according to me, a betrayal to oneself.
I mean, we want to
serve our nation first.
We are local at heart
but global by nature.
We will live to make
sure our gurus feel proud.
Together, all of us will make
their dreams come true. Thank you.
Hello, Madam?
Congratulations madam.
Sir, Namaskara.
- What is it?
Shall I get some sweets?
- What for?
Smitha madam's
wedding got fixed.
Get me poison instead.
- Your preferred brand?
Sit back there and rot.
- Sure, Sir.
Man's really upset now.
Sir? Namaskara.
I'll see you around.
Until you become a slave to
your Guru, salvation evades you.
Arjun and his team are
set to prove these words.
Arjun and friends, followed
the path of their Guru.
They're now providing free
education to 'Just pass' students,
just like their Guru Mr. Dalavayi.