Just Say Goodbye (2017) Movie Script

Son of a bitch.
I'm home, Mom!
Bye, Mom.
Never here.
She was never here, do you understand me?
She doesn't exist.
Never here.
I want all of 'em, you understand me?
All of 'em!
Got any more hanging around?
It's just you and me now, alright?
She did this to us and
don't you ever forget that.
She did this to us!
And I don't ever wanna hear
you say her name to me again!
Do you understand me?
Do you understand me?
I said, do you understand me?
You're a good boy, okay, I'm sorry.
You're a good boy, we're
gonna be okay, alright?
Don't be scared, we'll be
fine, we're gonna be okay.
You're a good boy.
The first time I spoke to Jesse Peterson
was in the second grade,
it was parent career week.
Okay, okay.
When parent week was over, I
noticed everyone had at least
one parent come to speak,
except for Jesse Peterson.
I asked him why neither of his
parents came, and that little
shit ignored me at first,
but I pressed for an answer.
It's just what I do.
And when he finally gave in, he said,
"because my dad can't walk
real good and my mom is dead."
That was the first of hundreds
of conversations between us,
and most came easy, as
some a little harder,
and one would change my life forever.
- Mornin', Phyllis.
- It's Mom, Sarah, Mom, okay?
Okay, Mom.
Grab some
breakfast before you go
screeching out of here.
I can't, I'm already running late.
Well, at least
grab a breakfast bar, then.
- Okay.
- You start packing yet?
Are you working on breaking a record?
What do you mean?
How many times in one week
can you ask that question?
I refuse to wait for
you to finish packing
when you're already supposed
to be heading for the airport.
You taught to take care
of myself, Mom, and we have
over a year and it takes,
what, 20 minutes to pack?
Ah, but it takes more
than 20 minutes to pack
the right things, the
right things take thought!
Oh, so you can impress
and oversized rodent.
just a little side-trip.
I'm going down there on business.
I think the
business part is the side-trip.
Well, in any case,
it's not just any oversized rodent, Sarah.
It's the big M.M.!
Okay, Mom, you're officially a dork.
Oh, if I'm a dork,
then you're a half-dork.
Oh, thank you.
I just don't want you
running late meeting your dad
in New York after you
drop me at the airport.
I gotta go, and stop
worrying, I won't be late.
Well, since I'm off
today, you can take the car.
I can't drive Jesse yet.
Plus, I think he enjoys our
morning rides to school.
- Love you!
- Uh-huh, you too!
- Hey.
Sorry I'm a little late.
Why should today be any different?
I'm not always late!
Okay, so like 90% of the
time, but not always.
You know it rained last night?
- I know.
So, why water the plants?
Just don't want them to get thirsty.
So, my mom's a dork and you're a whack.
- Opinion.
- Fact.
Let's go!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I'll race ya.
- Oh, yeah?
So, now she's adding a
stop in the Everglades, too.
- Sounds like you're jealous.
- What?
Of what, seeing alligators
in their natural habitat?
Of, you know, not having three sturdy rows
of fence between us, or maybe, I just have
this weird obsession with
keeping all my limbs intact.
I guess Phyllis doesn't have
the same obsession I do.
That's Mom to you.
- See you at lunch.
- Yeah.
Sorry, Peterson, I didn't see you there.
Such an asshole, Chase.
Hey, sorry I'm so late.
I had to take that makeup
quiz in Mr. McCormack's class.
Jesus, what happened to your head?
Walked into a locker.
Walked into it?
You're full of shit.
What's your theory then,
you obviously have one?
Well, my guess is Chase,
or one of his minions,
had something to do with it.
Nice guess, Sherlock.
Chase it was.
You know, you really need
to teach that kid a lesson.
And you need to stop saving
half your lunch for your dad.
You think I wanna weigh more
than you do all my life?
Anything else?
It seems like you got a
whole list for me today.
Oh, my god.
Do you think your dad should
stop wasting his money on booze
so his son could eat a proper
meal every once in a while?
You call this a proper meal?
Don't worry about it, okay?
I'm just tryin' to maintain my figure.
Of what, a bamboo stick?
I'm actually hopeful that the
kibbles stay unrefrigerated
long enough that he dies
from food poisoning one day.
Don't belittle a man's dream, Sarah.
I'll see you after school?
- Yeah.
- As always.
Yowch, Peterson, that's
quite a bruise you got there.
What happened?
- Drop dead, Chase.
"Drop dead, Chase."
Man, Peterson, can't you
ever speak for yourself?
I can speak-
Can't you just leave us alone?
Don't you and your little spoiled
cheering section have some
credit card bills to rack up?
I'm just showin' you guys my new wheels.
It's nice, huh, Jesse?
It's a shame you'll never get your hands
on one of these, though.
And I'm just wondering who
your parents had to pay off
so you could get a driver's license.
Can we just go now?
You need to lighten up, Sarah.
I'm so sick of that jerk.
Yeah, thanks for comin' to my rescue.
What's that supposed to mean?
I just think I can speak up for myself
every once in a while, I have a mouth.
It might not eat much, but
I'm pretty sure it can talk.
You never speak up for yourself.
'Cause I never have the
chance to when you're around.
Well, you know, I'm
sorry you feel that way.
I thought I was helping.
You know, if you speak up for
yourself, then why don't you
say something when Chase beats
the shit out of you, then?
You know I've tried.
"Chase, Chase Gibbons?
"No, you must be mistaken, Mr. Peterson.
"Chase would never do such a thing."
It must be nice having complete immunity
when your parents are
the town Rockefellers.
And the thing is, that
crocks me up the most,
they know he's a piece of shit,
so they disgust me just
as much as he does.
I still can't get a job
since Chase spread rumors
around town that I stole
from his dad's stores.
I can't wait till I'm gone.
I'm sorry.
- No, no, it's my mouth.
I know it rivals the
Grand Canyon sometimes.
So, when are you leaving
for New York, exactly?
Not soon enough.
Ah, you're actually excited
to go on a trip with your dad?
Oh, not the trip
so much as the end of school.
If I had to take this course
load for another month,
I swear I'd welcome a lobotomy.
Plus, he's taking me on a
trip that doesn't include
tents and mosquitoes.
You know Pops is springing
for a motel room this time?
- Oh.
- Yeah, I know.
It might not be plush carpets
and room service, but,
I'll take the basics of a bed any day.
Why do you sit on the floor
so much when you draw?
I don't know, I think I
just like this vintage point.
Yeah, but why?
I guess, um, it's kinda
like being a little kid again.
Everything was so mysterious
when I was three feet tall.
I remember going to places
like the bank, the post office,
wishing that I could see what
was going on over the counter.
It was so mysterious.
But then when I got taller, I
realized that there are no big
mysteries and everything in
life's just a big bore now.
You're 16.
I mean, you make it sound
like life's over already.
- Isn't it?
- I don't think so.
Trust me, it is.
For me, at least.
What's that supposed to mean?
Okay, let's go.
- It's not even close yet.
Yeah, well, I wanna
be home before it is.
You know what?
I'm just gonna take off.
You are a serious wimp,
when it comes to these thunderstorms.
It's just...
- What, God bowling?
And lightning's just God
taking pictures of the Earth?
Uh, no, actually, lightning
is a huge discharge
of electricity of about
54,000 degrees fahrenheit.
And kills 100 people every
year and injures another 500.
So, don't call me a wimp,
and tell me it's nothing to be afraid of.
Okay, fair enough, you're
still the only person I know
who checks a doppler radar
before taking a shower, weirdo.
How many people do you really know?
Ouch. Hey, do you wanna
hit the pond tomorrow?
I kinda wanna draw the sunrise there.
- What time?
- 6:30?
It's Saturday.
Oh, that's right, my fault.
Here, I'll give mother nature a call,
and see what she can do about
pushing the sunrise back a
couple hours 'cause my buddy
Sarah needs her beauty sleep.
- Okay, 6:30.
- Okay, I'll met you there.
Please don't be late.
- Ah, don't worry.
- Come on, Dad, get up.
- I'm fine!
I'm just lucky this is empty.
This would've been a real tragedy.
Just let me
help you up, alright?
I said I'm fine, leave me alone.
Yeah, you're fine, just perfect.
It's just this leg, that's all.
Yeah, that's all.
Don't take that tone with
me, alright, you understand me?
Where's my food?
Seriously, where do you think it is?
I'm not kiddin' around, Jesse, okay?
When I ask you goddamn question,
your job is to give me the answer.
You got it?
I said, you got it?
Yeah, I got you.
Okay, good.
You're gonna kill
yourself one of these days,
you know?
- Yup.
I'm hopin' sooner than later.
Since when do you care?
I don't know, I just don't...
Well, don't worry about me, alright?
'Cause I ain't worth the worry.
No one's worth the worry.
Shit'll happen either way,
so no sense wasting your time on worry.
I mean, don't you think?
I suppose.
You suppose.
Well, why don't you go on and
suppose back in your room,
so I can eat my meal in fuckin' peace?
Did you ever bother worrying about Mom?
I spent half my adult life
worrying about your mother.
Look where it got me.
7:14, that's better than I thought.
Oh, you're so funny!
I'm glad someone thinks so.
I'm gonna go in.
The water was great when I was
here last weekend with Beth.
A little chillier in the morning.
It's nice, though, come on in.
Did you forget who you're talkin' to?
Come on, you don't have to
swim, just put your feet in.
- No, thanks.
- Who's the wimp now?
It's kind of a title
I'm used to, so, whatever.
Well hey, if it isn't our
good friend Peterson.
Ah, your girlfriend here, too?
It's Sarah and she's not my girlfriend.
That's 'cause you're an idiot.
Come on.
Oh, come on, Sarah!
Don't leave, I was only joking!
- Are you done yet?
- Almost.
- Do you wanna just go?
- Only if you do.
Yeah, it's bad enough I
have to see these creeps
during the week.
- Agreed.
Hey, Jesse, learn to swim yet?
Ignore him, just hurry up.
How about a quick lesson?
- Hey.
- Let me go.
Oh my god, leave him alone.
Grab his leg.
Grab his leg, Dan!
- Let go, man.
- Come on, stop it.
- It's just a bit of water.
He's gonna break my back, man!
- Leave him alone!
Stop it!
Stop it, you're drowning him!
Come on, come on, what
the hell are you guys...
- Let him go.
- Get up, Jesse.
Jesus, he's some kinda
freak or somethin'.
Some friend you got there, Sarah.
You son of a bitch.
What the hell was that?
You're right.
- About what?
- Water's kinda nice.
I don't understand what I just saw.
What do you think you just saw?
I don't know, it looked
a lot like you were letting
yourself drown, I mean,
why didn't you fight them?
We all have to go sometime.
It was comforting to think that, finally,
he could go to jail for
how he's been treating me.
Oh my god, will you cut the shit?
You had me seriously scared here.
You don't need to worry about it, okay?
- But I'm, I...
Sarah, just, just let it go, okay?
You know, I was gonna
buy you a new shirt
for your birthday, looks like good timing.
My birthday's more than a week out.
Not sure if you know
this, but generally,
people buy birthday
presents ahead of time?
No, no, I don't want you
spending your hard-earned
Martin twins babysitting money on me.
Will you cut it out?
I'm not gonna be spending
much money anyway,
because we're going to your favorite shop.
La Boutique de la Thrift Store.
Here's a nice one.
And not only is it brand
new and with a brand name,
but it costs all of 4.99!
Ding, ding, ding!
You know I wouldn't be
caught dead in a clothing brand
that, number one, rapes people on prices,
number two, advertises with,
of all things, half-nude models
and three, it doesn't have a pocket.
Oh, my god, buddy.
You are killing me with
this pocket fetish.
Why do you always have to
wear shirts with pockets?
Long story.
A long story about why you
must wear shirts with pockets?
I mean, how long could
it possibly be, really?
No one knows, and if they
did, it would just cement
my rep as a pussy.
- You're not a pussy.
- Whatever.
- Come on.
Oh, my god, is this, is this her?
Is this your mom?
I thought your dad trashed all the photos?
He didn't know about this one.
She was really pretty, Jesse.
How'd you find it?
The week before she killed herself,
she came into my room one night,
just like every other night, but,
she was different this time.
You know, it's already
past your bedtime.
So let's get those PJs on, okay?
Five more minutes?
You said that 10 minutes ago.
And it worked.
Let's go.
I'm gonna tell you
something serious, okay?
If something ever happens to me,
I want you to always
remember how much I love you.
I want you to keep this as
a reminder of how I will
always be here for you,
close to your heart.
Alright, get ready for bed, sweetie.
By the next morning,
I had already forgotten about the photo.
I was only six, so...
But when my dad went
nuts, it was literally the
only thing I could think about, so...
Now you know.
Why didn't you tell me all this before?
I mean, now I feel like an ass
for making fun of your
shirts all the time.
Don't you feel like
you shouldn't have to
defend everything you do
in life to people, Sarah?
- But we're friends.
- Even to friends.
Yeah, I guess, sometimes.
- That is perfect.
- Yes!
I knew I'd fine one.
- Yeah.
- There you go, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Hi, there.
- Hey.
Hey, my treat.
- Hi.
Did you find everything okay?
- Yes.
- Good.
Hey, about Saturday.
I thought we agreed we
were done talking about that?
Yeah, well, even the secret
you were keeping about the
photo, I just, I want you to
be cool telling me things.
You know, don't be afraid to
talk to me or tell me off,
if you need to.
I mean, you're my friend, Jesse.
My best friend.
You know I haven't seen you
do homework in over two weeks.
What's up?
Just haven't been getting any.
No, I mean like, um...
I just haven't been getting
much, so I've been able to
finish it in class.
You're so full of shit, you
always do your homework here.
What, are you my mother now?
Well, I guess somebody has to be.
- See you tomorrow.
- Hey.
Something's seriously up, Jesse.
You just said you'd talk
to me, for Christ sake.
I haven't been doin' my
homework, 'cause I'm not gonna be
around to see my next report card, anyway.
What do you mean, are you moving?
Oh, my god, are you running away?
In a way, I guess.
In a way, you guess?
Okay, look, Sarah, I need to go, okay?
I'm checking out, Sarah.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Listen to me.
I mentioned it to you the
other day at the pond, I made
a promise to myself that
after spending the last break
with my dad, I wouldn't spend
a whole summer with him again.
Well, then don't, come
with me to New York.
I can't do that, I don't have any money.
We'll pay for it, I'll talk to my dad.
You know how much he likes you, and plus,
it will be a hell of a lot more
fun with you there, anyway.
You're not understanding, Sarah.
It's not just about
spending summer with my dad.
I'm tired of getting pissed
on every day of my life.
Well, Jesse, that is just
high school bullshit, okay?
You know, once you graduate,
things get better, I promise.
You know, no more Chase, no more dad...
You know, Sarah, I'm actually
sorry that I said anything.
It's like I said before.
There are some things even
friends shouldn't know.
I didn't think this day would ever come.
- What?
- You, eating an entire meal.
I'm gonna be
dead in less than two weeks.
I don't wanna leave a scrawny corpse.
Will you cut that bullshit out?
It's not bullshit, Sarah.
I've never been more serious in my life.
And you were right, by the way,
about telling your friends,
talkin' to 'em.
Since I confessed to you
last night, I feel like
the weight of the world's just
been lifted off my shoulders.
Yeah, and thrown onto mine, thanks.
Listen, you're the one pushing
for all my innermost thoughts.
And now you have them,
you can't backtrack now
and pick and choose which
ones you wanna hear.
Yeah, well I never dreamed
I'd hear you utter anything
as idiotic as suicide.
See something you like?
Did you know that nearly 5,000 teens
commit suicide a year?
Lindsay Stevens did a report on it
last week in health class.
- Jesus.
Don't take it as some burden, Sarah.
I'm actually almost happy now.
Now I don't have to live with
the awful feeling that I had
trying to hide my plan from you.
Whether you knew it or not,
it was going to happen.
Don't tell anyone.
If you tell anyone, I swear,
I'm just gonna do it sooner.
You're kidding me, right?
You kill yourself, and you go to hell.
You know that, right?
What, so now you're turning to religion?
So, what about your dad?
This? I mean, he's probably
gonna kill me tonight.
But I figure that it's
worth risking an early exit
to have a full stomach for once.
Hey, um, can you come to my
house after school today?
- I guess.
- Great.
I wanna show you something.
You have such a thing for these plants.
I helped my mom plant 'em
the year before she died.
She told me if you took
real good care of them,
they'll come back to us year after year.
The only reason I'm still here is 'cause
I just wanna see 'em bloom one more time.
Should be ready to bloom
in the next few days.
- Wonderful.
- What's that?
So, uh, what is it you wanted to show me?
Looks like your dad could use
a woman's touch around here.
Yeah, in more ways than one.
- What if your dad shows?
- I told you.
The guy never comes home before last call.
God forbid he'd ever have
to interact with his son.
Oh, great.
Did you want me to hold
your hand for the occasion?
Relax, it's not about the gun.
Oh, well, that's a relief.
Do I really have to look at that?
Oh, I thought you were the tough one?
So, is that your plan?
You know, just blow your
head off and call it a life?
That's the general idea.
How can you be so goddamn
nonchalant about this?
I mean, isn't a gun a little bit messy?
Can't you just use pills or something?
I mean, Jesus, what the hell am I saying?
Ah, no, pills are never a guarantee.
Mess it up once and you're
just another pathetic loser
who's stuck in the local ward,
sucking down happy pills
the rest of your life.
Anyway, this is what I wanted to show you.
Oh, my god, he kept a photo after all.
Man, look at your dad.
Didn't even recognize him.
They actually look happy.
I know.
How'd you find the key?
Saw my dad get the box
in the middle of the night
when I was getting a
blanket out of the closet.
When he pulled the box out,
I actually saw something
I thought I'd never see.
I knew he couldn't be
such a heartless asshole
if my mom fell in love with him.
You know, what the
hell happened to them?
Why do you think she did it?
I don't know, I tried asking
him a couple years ago and,
"She was fuckin' crazy, that's why."
I mean, if they were so
unhappy, I don't know why
they didn't just get a
divorce like normal people do.
Oh, yeah, my parents are
perfectly happy after divorcing.
So, what else does he
keep in here, do you know?
- That's it.
- Are you sure?
I mean, it looks like
there's another compartment.
See, the bottom doesn't go deep enough.
- Open it.
- No way.
- Please.
- I don't think that's...
So, is it a suicide note?
Read it to me.
No, I think maybe I
should just put this back.
- Just read it.
- It doesn't seem right.
What's wrong?
Let me read it.
"I'm so sorry, sorry that I'm leaving you
"with the burden of raising
a child on your own.
"Sorry that I'm just not strong enough
"to go on while that kid exists.
"I know I should just move
on, but god knows I've tried,
"but it's been six years
and every time I see him,
"I feel like I'm...
"I feel like I'm being punched in the gut.
"What kind of mother does that make me
"when I can't even pick
up my own son from school?
"I ask that you forgive me,
I know it'll be incredibly
"difficult, but please do it
for your sake and for Jesse's.
"He'll need you now more than ever.
"You may not believe it
but I really do love you.
"That's why this decision
has been more agony
"than you could ever imagine.
"But I hope that without
my mental burdens,
"your life will become easier to bear.
"Be well, love forever, Olivia."
My fault.
She's dead because of me.
- Jesse, that's crazy.
It was nothing you did.
She probably had postpartum
depression or something.
- For six years?
- It was nothing you did.
She's dead because I was born.
Hey, cut it out, Jesse.
Did you ask to be born?
Then it was nothing you did.
Hey, where's my food?
I ate it.
What do you mean, you ate it?
Well, first I stuck my fork into a
hot, juicy heap of spaghetti,
then I put it up to my lips,
over the gums,
and then I said, "watch
out, tummy, here it comes."
It was my food, my food!
You understand me, you little shit?
No, it wasn't your fuckin'
food, it was my food!
And I'm sick of you stealing
it, do you understand?
You're done here, you
understand me, you little shit?
You're done here.
You got two weeks to get
your shit outta here!
I'll be long gone before
then, don't you worry.
You think this is easy, don't you?
You think this is easy.
Well, you're in for a real
rude awakenin', 'cause when it
happens, don't expect to
come runnin' back here,
'cause all the locks will be changed.
Don't you worry about me, Dad.
No one's worth worrying over, remember?
Just like your fuckin' mother.
Get over your little
death wish yet, Peterson?
Fantastic, and you?
You're a lucky son
of a bitch, you know that?
Why's that?
'Cause you don't
deserve the attention
that Sarah's been giving you.
I mean, I'd say I deserve
at least more than you do.
You're not even worthy
of handling my garbage,
you worthless piece of shit.
Did you hear me?
It really pisses me off when
you stare at me like that.
What are you, some kind of faggot?
I said, don't touch me, fag!
Jesus, Jesse, what
the hell happened here?
He tried groping me, Mr. Lewis!
No, I didn't!
I swear it, I told you he was queer.
That's enough of that, Mr. Gibbons.
Go to the Principal's office.
I'll meet you there after
I take Jesse to the nurse.
And don't you guys have class to get to?
Dad, I swear I didn't touch him.
I know.
Hey, Dad.
You want any eggs?
Who is it?
- Just me.
- It's open.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How's your head?
- Lovely, and yours?
I'm being serious.
About as good as 13
stitches in your head
can feel, I guess.
- Oh, 13.
Yeah, it's my lucky number.
Well, uh, speaking of numbers.
Want you to call this one.
I am not calling a suicide hotline.
- Call.
- I told you, I'm not calling.
I said, call, goddamn it!
I'm not leaving here until you do.
If I make this call, will
you stop bugging me about it?
- Yes.
- Swear.
Yes, I swear.
You swore, right?
- Yes.
Hello, is this the suicide hotline?
Excuse me?
I said, is this the suicide hotline?
I'm sorry, but I
think you have the wrong number.
Oh, my god, I can't get anything right!
What happened?
Wrong number.
- Oh, my, god!
- Ow, ow, stop!
Easy on the cripple, ow.
Call that poor lady back right now.
I don't know who I called.
I just dialed a random number.
Well, I don't know,
hit the redial button.
We don't have one of
those, that's a real relic.
You know, we could bury
this at a construction site,
they could dig it up and
they'd put it in a museum.
I swear to god.
- How could you do that?
You're being such a jerk!
I don't deserve to live.
This is such bullshit!
You think you can just tell
your best friend you're gonna
kill yourself and then sit
back and make jokes about it?
You're killing me, don't you get that?
I know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, seriously.
But I'm really not worth
getting this upset over.
Can't we just enjoy the last days
we have together without all the drama?
I have made up my mind, nothing,
literally nothing you say
or do is gonna change my mind.
- Oh, my god.
You're being such a
selfish son of a bitch.
Do you think that your
death only affects you?
Of course I know it'll hurt.
Then how could you do this to me, Jesse?
May I help you?
- Mrs. Gibbons?
- Yes?
Can I speak to Chase for a minute?
- May I ask who's calling?
- Oh, yeah, sorry.
I'm Sarah Morin, I go
to school with Chase.
Mm, Chase already has a girlfriend.
Not sure if you're aware.
Oh, yeah, I know.
This is about a project we're working on.
- What?
There's a girl here to see you.
- Who is it? I'm busy.
- Sarah something or other.
Holy shit.
I thought my hearing was
going, I only know one Sarah.
Hi, Chase.
- Do you wanna come in?
- Actually, no.
I was just wondering if we could, um,
speak out here for a minute?
You're not gonna hit me, are you?
For what?
For hitting your gay girlfriend today?
I thought for sure one of
us was gonna get suspended.
Convinced themselves it was
all this big misunderstanding.
What a joke.
- He's not gay, Chase.
Has he ever tried kissing you?
What does that
have to do with anything?
I knew it, he's gay.
Stop saying that.
I mean, even if he was, what
difference would it make?
It's not like we live in
the dark ages or something,
you moron.
- Oh, right.
We live in the age of tolerance.
I need your help.
You just called me a moron
and now you need my help?
Would you just be serious
for like one minute, please?
I think Jesse might be
planning something stupid.
He hasn't been himself lately.
Seems like the same pathetic
loser I've always known.
Could you just lay off
of him for a little while?
I mean, and don't laugh,
but it would be even better
if maybe you guys could kind
of make friends with him.
Are you kidding me?
Am I on some prank TV show?
You hit your head today, too?
- Chase, I'm totally serious.
I don't know what you
see in that kid, Sarah.
He's a complete weirdo.
He doesn't like to talk to
anyone, except for you of course.
He's not a weirdo, he's just shy.
And he has a tough home life, that's all.
Why do you hate him so much?
You really don't know?
Enlighten me.
Because he stole you from me.
What the hell
are you talking about?
Don't laugh, Sarah.
You may not remember it, but I do.
We were best friends in grade school.
I made you laugh every day.
Till the day you started
talkin' to Peterson.
After that, I didn't even exist anymore.
Yeah, because you were a complete jerk.
No, I wasn't a jerk until
you started ignoring me.
Oh, my god, Chase.
We were, what, six or seven years old?
- Go out with me, Sarah.
- What?
Go out with me and I'll make sure
Peterson is treated just
like one of the guys.
I can't go out with you.
Can't or won't?
Well, for one thing, as your
mother so kindly reminded me,
you already have a girlfriend.
Who, Kate?
She's just a temporary distraction.
And that is why I would never
ever go out with you, Chase,
because I would never ever
wanna be described as someone's
temporary distraction.
I mean, I knew this was a big mistake.
The only mistake
you're making is leaving,
without saying yes to my offer!
- Queer coming through.
- Faggot.
I was wrong, life can get worse.
Listen, I need you to do something for me.
I know you probably don't
wanna talk about it, but...
Promise me you'll have
me buried with this.
You're right, I don't
wanna talk about it.
Please, come on, Sarah.
Hey, what you got there, Peterson?
And that, Sarah, is why I hate him.
Give it back, asshole.
Must be pretty important.
- Whoops, sorry about that.
- Chase!
Fucking asshole.
- Oh, my god.
- Fight!
- Relax, come on!
- Get off!
- Come on!
- Fuck you, fuck you!
So, no comments whatsoever
about my performance today?
Oh, yeah.
Pretty impressive.
That's it?
"Pretty impressive?"
I guess I always thought of
myself as the tough one, so,
maybe I'm a little jealous.
A little jealous 'cause I
beat up Chase and you didn't?
It was a little weird seeing you go nuts
on someone like that.
I mean, if I knew it'd only
get me two weeks suspension,
I would've done it years ago.
Okay, maybe not, but I will tell you this.
I felt fucking great.
I poured years of abuse into every punch.
I'm kinda disappointed I'm gonna miss
my last day of high school, though.
In a weird way, I was actually
kinda lookin' forward to it.
I need to talk to you about something.
But you have to promise not to laugh,
because I'm being completely serious.
Yeah, okay.
Promise me.
Okay, I promise.
What if I sleep with you?
If I sleep with you,
will you change your mind?
I'll sleep with you right now,
if you promise me you won't kill yourself.
Sarah, that's crazy.
That's crazy.
You promised you wouldn't laugh.
Promise me.
No, I can't.
Why not?
I would do it, if I thought
you loved me that way,
but you don't, you said
it like a million times
that I'm like a brother to you.
Well, maybe I was just joking,
or maybe I haven't given
the thought a real chance.
Sarah, you do love me like
a brother, you're just tryin'
to convince yourself
otherwise so you can save me.
Don't tell me how I feel,
I know how I feel, maybe you
just need to get laid to
realize life is worth living.
Oh, my god,
will you listen to yourself?
Like you know.
I love you more than
anything in this world.
If you did, you wouldn't
be doing this to me.
I'm not doing this to you, Sarah.
The thing is, I hate people,
every person I've ever met
has this hidden agenda,
and it disgusts me.
Not everyone.
Okay, not everyone, but
I've been around long enough
to know that 98% of
the population is fake.
I'll bet a ton of people
come to my funeral,
when most of them didn't
give me the time of day.
Sharks are a more respectable species.
At least they don't hide
their true instincts
and intensions when they want something.
So, hang out with the other 2%.
I mean, that's still a lot of people.
I don't think I have the energy
to seek those people out now.
While I'm young.
Hell, I don't even think
I belong to the 2%.
You're the only person
that I like talking to.
The only one.
If I don't go through with this,
in another year, you're gonna
be goin' off to college,
and then you're gonna
land a great job as a CEO,
or a drill sergeant.
And you'll go and marry
some fun, outgoing guy,
and I would be stuck, right here.
I would always keep in touch.
I mean, we could talk
every week, I promise.
And how long do you
think your future husband
would put up with that?
I don't know why someone as great as you
chose to hang out with someone like me,
but I'm so grateful that you did.
I just wanna say goodbye on my own terms.
I know that you might not understand it.
But I'm asking you to accept it.
I guess I should leave.
That kiss was a real dream
come true, by the way.
Thank you.
Oh, Christ, are you blind?
So, what do you want?
You are sober enough to know
what happened today, I hope.
School called this afternoon.
And what?
I wanna know what
you're gonna do about it.
What do you want me to do,
they've already been suspended.
My son's face looks like
hamburger, I don't quite think
a school suspension is
gonna cut it, sweetie.
Look here.
For years, that kid has
been bullying Jesse,
and I haven't said a goddamn thing.
As far as I'm concerned,
he got what he deserved.
So, you don't care that your own son
got his face smashed in today?
That's never been proven.
Come on, Rick, don't fool
yourself, Chase looks more
like you than that delinquent
you're living with,
and pregnancy math doesn't lie.
Pregnancy math says get
the fuck out of my house.
Where is the little hoodlum anyway?
I don't know, and I don't really care.
You know, oughta be
a little more grateful.
I never came after you for a dime.
You want a piece of this?
Don't bullshit me, Christine.
If your husband ever knew
that Chase was not his,
you'd be committing economic
suicide and you know it.
Just keep your son away from Chase.
Fine, no problem, and you tell your son
that if he ever comes near my
son again I will go over there
and give him an ass-whipping personally.
He seems like he's been
short a few of those.
You know, I don't know
what happened to you.
You had the makings of a fine
man once, I don't know why
you let her death get
to you the way you did.
First there was the
booze, then the accident.
You should've just gotten
your degree and moved on.
It's not your fault she was unbalanced.
I said, get out.
It was just a
fling, for cryin' out loud.
It wasn't the fling, you stupid bitch.
It was the pregnancy
that she couldn't handle.
You know, I guess honesty's
not always the best policy.
Although, I suppose it was
noble of you to try to...
You're lucky that you're a woman,
or I'd pound your $30,000 fuckin' face!
Last warning.
Get out!
I see your son actually
inherited insanity
from both parents.
So that's why you drink?
'Cause what you did drove her to suicide?
I drink, because every
day I see your face,
I'm reminded of her.
Your presence never lets me forget.
What the hell are you doing?
You'll just have to plant more.
This is the one good thing
I was gonna leave behind.
The one good thing, you
think this changes anything?
This literally changes nothing.
You said you wanted to wait for them
to bloom one more time.
You know, just give me
until next year, Jesse,
and I swear to god, I
won't do anything, Jesse...
I don't want another year!
I was waiting until my birthday.
They always bloom right
before my birthday.
Your birthday?
Why would you do that?
So my dad doesn't feel guilty
about not getting me a gift
for the 10th year in a row.
- Oh.
Oh, yeah, 'cause suicide will
make him feel less guilty.
That's crazy.
- This is fucking crazy!
This is an attempt to
save your pathetic life!
Stop attempting and
leave me be, for Christ sake!
What the fuck are you two doing?
It's three in the morning!
- Nothing, Dad.
- Mr. Peterson...
- Sarah.
What is it?
Sorry, Mr. Peterson.
I'll catch you after
school tomorrow, Jesse.
You comin' in or what?
Girlfriend troubles?
Somethin' like that.
Oh, hi, Miss Shannon, what's up?
What about your bike?
- What're you doing here?
I thought your suspension
applied to all school grounds?
I thought you said to
meet you after school today?
That was for your dad's benefit.
Sarah, wait.
Sarah, listen, I'm not gonna do it.
I'm sorry if I was being a big jerk,
and I'm sorry if I almost
ruined your vacation.
My vacation?
How about my life?
How do I know you're not lying?
I got a call today, from
Miss Shannon, the art teacher.
A great call.
A call about what?
She told me that she sent
in a couple of my works from
class to the head of the school
at New York Art Institute.
He showed it to the people
in admissions and apparently,
if I can put together a portfolio,
and send it in, the same great quality,
I could be a serious candidate
for an art scholarship.
Again, how do I know you're not lying?
Just go in and ask her
yourself if you don't believe me.
It just seems like an
awful sudden change of heart.
That's all.
Listen, if I can get out of this town,
and get away from my dad...
I guess, maybe there is something
for me to look forward to.
So, promise me.
What difference does it make?
It makes a difference to me.
I promise.
- Right, you wanna come over?
- Yeah.
- Come on in!
- Good morning, Mrs. Morin.
- Morning, Jesse.
Can you get her going, please?
- Of course, my pleasure.
You decent?
Not sure if I'm decent,
but I'm fully clothed.
If that's what you mean.
I didn't think I was
gonna make it in time.
I thought you were
supposed to be gone by now.
Your mom does not look happy, by the way.
Oh shut up and just get my
bathing suit from the bathroom.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- Okay.
- See?
20 minutes to pack, piece of cake.
- Yeah, fruit cake.
- Sarah, if I miss this...
- Here, let me get it.
- I'm coming!
Told you, let me get it,
let me get it, come on.
You don't think I can
carry my own suitcase?
I'm just tryin' to be a gentleman.
Never mind, you take it.
- Oh, my god, move.
I'm joking.
It's about time.
This is why I told you...
- Save the lecture, Mom.
You don't wanna miss your flight.
You're a
doll, thank you, Jesse.
More than my pleasure, Mrs. Morin.
Oh, Jesse, just call me Phyllis, okay?
Wait, so he gets to call you Phyllis?
Well, now that you mention it,
why don't you call me Mom, too, Jesse?
- Mom, that's weird.
- Really?
Yeah, really.
Yeah, okay, sure.
Yeah, okay, what?
Yeah, okay, Mom.
Okay, this is just getting
bizarre, can we go now?
Try not to molest Mickey too much, Mom.
And take all
the fun out of this trip?
Oh, god.
- Bye.
What're you doing?
Saying goodbye to a friend
before she goes on vacation.
- You're acting mushy.
- What do you mean?
- You promised, right?
- Yes, I promised.
Okay, good.
I had this made for you.
Come over here any time you
can't take your dad, okay?
Thank you.
Mr. Wonderful will not be happy either
if you're late to New York, Sarah!
- I'll see you soon!
- See you soon.
I love you, have a wonderful time.
Good luck with your dad.
- I will, have fun.
- Please be careful driving.
- I will.
- Okay.
- Love you, goodbye!
Alright, thanks.
- Hello.
- Hi, how are you?
How's my girl?
- Good, how're you doin'?
- Good, have a good trip?
- Yeah, you know.
Smooth, no traffic.
- Hello.
- What took you so long?
I was sleeping
in, thank you very much.
Oh, I'm sorry!
I thought you were an early-riser.
I'm fine, Sarah, having fun?
You know, as much fun
as a daughter can have
being tethered to her father 24/7.
How is Mr. Wonderful anyway?
You know, actually, it's not that bad.
I'm glad I bought earplugs though,
because he still snores like crazy.
Still takes a ton of sleeping pills, too.
And this morning we're going
on a hike in Watkin's Glenn.
So, how's the portfolio coming?
- I'm gettin' there.
- Sarah!
- Yeah?
- No towels!
Okay, hey, I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later, okay?
- Sure, later.
What're you doing?
Please, stop.
- I'm teaching you a lesson.
Please, this is a new
fuckin' low, even for you.
It's not nice when people
mess with your shit, is it?
When did you find the key?
- What're you talkin' about?
Oh, don't play stupid with me, okay?
I never leave the photo on top of the gun.
Dad, please, I need to give
those to someone, please.
Get back, how else are
you supposed to learn?
How else are you...
Don't think I've forgotten, alright?
You got two weeks to get
your shit outta here.
I wouldn't spend another
fucking day with you!
- Huh?
Did you wanna put on pajamas?
- No, I'm good.
- Okay!
What time is it?
Set your
alarm for five, okay?
Dad, we're on vacation.
Early bird gets to see the sunrise.
But I just saw one
about a week ago.
Hey, Sarah.
Hi, how did you know it was me?
There's a reason my dad never
got a phone with caller ID.
You're pretty much the
only person who calls,
and the only person
who ever calls us late.
Well, I just wanted to wish
you a happy birthday tonight,
'cause I just don't know
what kinda cell service
I'm gonna have tomorrow.
Yeah, I'm here, yeah.
Thank you.
So, do you have anything
special planned for tomorrow?
Jesse, what's wrong?
He burned all my drawings.
I'm sorry, Sarah.
Oh no, no, no, don't you dare.
Don't you dare do this to me,
Jesse Peterson, you promised.
I can't talk about it anymore.
Midnight comes, then I'm done.
Did you know that
Chase is my half-brother?
Keep it on the down-low, though.
It's kind of a big small-town secret.
Kinda makes sense, right?
This whole time it's
just been a killer case
of sibling rivalry.
Jesse, what the hell
are you talking about?
Listen, I have to go.
I love you, I always have.
No, no, no, wait, wait, wait, Jesse.
Jesse, goddamn it!
Call Jesse Peterson.
Calling Jesse Peterson.
Jess, please don't do this.
Don't do this to yourself.
Don't do this to me.
Don't do this for your mom.
Please don't do this.
I'm so mad at you right now.
I can make it, I can make it.
I need you.
I'm really scared, Jesse.
You're gonna be okay.
Come on, Jesse, come on, for me.
Just do this one thing
for me, that's all I ask.
I'll go to the lake at 6AM every morning.
Come on, don't do this to me,
please don't do this to me.
Help me out, Jesse.
Help me out.
Stay alive for a little bit
longer, and I'll help you.
Come on.
I'll help you.
I can do it.
What the hell was that?
Not now, not now, not now.
No, no.
Yeah, I'm by mile marker three.
Yeah, please hurry.
Okay, thank you.
Now the crowd
is loving it, it's the bottom
of the eighth inning and so far
it's been a very tight game.
Two outs with a runner on first base.
Joey's, how can I help you?
Yeah, sure, hold on one
second, he's right here.
Rick, it's for you.
Who is it?
I don't know, it's some girl, man.
- Hello?
- Hi Mr. Peterson, it's Sarah.
- Who?
- Sarah.
Your son's best friend?
Look, whatever Jesse's done,
I don't wanna hear about.
Oh my god, can you act
like a father for just once?
I mean, Jesse needs you, he
plans on killing himself.
I don't know what kinda game
you're tryin' to play but I...
This isn't a game!
He's planning on doing
it tonight at midnight.
He wouldn't have the balls
to do somethin' like that.
Oh my god, that's
exactly why he's doing it,
because that's how you think of him.
Mr. Peterson?
- Yeah?
Well, what the hell are you waiting for?
Go, run, do something!
Rick, are you okay?
Pete, is your car fixed yet?
No, Pam's been givin'
me a ride into work.
Well, how...
Rick, you need to settle
up over here, Rick!
Hi, um, I'd like
to report an emergency.
Son of a bitch.
Take all the time you need, Rick.
Honey, I could wait in the car,
if you wanna stay behind for a bit.
No, I'm fine, Mom, we can go.
- You know what?
I'll actually meet you in the
car, I'll just be a minute.
- Are you sure?
- Mm-hm.
I just wanted to say, I know
you were a good friend to Jesse
and you shouldn't blame yourself
for what happened to him.
Blame myself?
You knew that Jesse
was planning on killing...
Blame myself?
You only gave me 20 minutes to save...
20 minutes?
You had years and if you had
paid any attention to him,
you would've known.
- Sarah, I'm really sorry.
- You have some nerve.
- All set, honey?
- Set as I'll ever be.
Jesse was right, I did
move on with my life.
I'm sorry, I'm coming, I'm coming!
- Late for everything!
- I'm sorry.
It took about two years until
I finally made it through
a day without thinking about him.
Though the hole he left in my heart
grew a little bit smaller,
it was always there.
Oh, hi, I'm glad I caught you.
I might not see you before
I leave for Spring Break.
You're not goin' with Cath?
No, Mike is taking me out
to dinner before we leave.
Lucky, and I'm stuck
alone with Cathy, Joel,
and the pasta primavera.
- Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
Good luck.
- Yeah, alright, have fun.
I'll see you in a week.
- Sounds good.
- See ya.
It's been nice hearing someone
come down those stairs the past few days.
Are you still lookin' for a new place?
- I think I finally found one.
- Really?
- Oh, shit!
- Mom, I never hear you swear!
I forgot to tell you, someone
from the high school called
yesterday, they said someone
left a package there for you,
because they weren't sure where you lived.
- Who?
- They didn't know.
Just that it was some guy,
who said he wanted it to be a surprise.
Okay, that's weird.
Well, I guess I'll head over
there before I get my hair cut.
I'll see you later.
- Bye, honey.
- Hi, Mrs. Johnson.
You look great.
How is college experience treating you?
- Oh, exhausting, but fun.
- That's funny.
Chase Gibbons was here earlier this week.
He said the same thing.
How is chase anyway?
He looked great, he said he's marrying
his high school sweetheart
sometime next year.
- Who, Kate?
- Yeah, that's her.
"Temporary distraction."
- What's that?
- Oh, nothing.
So, I'm so curious,
about this mysterious
package you have here.
Yeah, the gentleman
didn't wanna leave his name.
He said it wouldn't be a
surprise if he did, I don't know.
Anyway, I was reluctant at
first, but, he was quite charming
so I figured what's the harm,
and he looked kinda familiar
but I couldn't quite place him.
Anyway, he wants you to open it here,
and he left his phone number
in case you didn't want it,
so I could call him and he'd
come back and pick it up.
It's right over there.
- Okay, thanks.
Dear Sarah.
I apologize for the secrecy,
but I figured you'd never come
if you heard I was the one
who left the package for you.
If you're reading this,
then I'm thrilled I've
at least gotten this far.
I know I'm the last person
you'd ever want a letter from,
but please consider me writing
this on my knees, begging.
I realize you probably detest me,
and I realize this might
not mean much to you,
but I haven't had a drink since
the day of Jesse's funeral.
I finished getting my degree,
and became a social worker two years ago.
I'm taking a chance inviting
you to my wedding in hopes that
you'll let me apologize in
person for the man I was before.
I lost my wife because
of my selfish actions,
and I was devastated.
I should've learned then, but I didn't,
and it cost me my son.
And you, a best friend.
You're my only real connection to Jesse,
and I'm hoping I've done
enough the past few years
to put me in enough of a better
light that you'd allow me
to sit down with you one day
to learn more about my son
in the years that I missed
out on truly being with him.
I ask for your forgiveness,
and hope to see you next month,
but I understand if I
never hear from you again.
If you can't bring yourself to come,
may the rest of your life be blessed.
Sincerely, Rick Peterson.
Something good, I hope.
Something great, actually.
Thanks again, Mrs. Johnson.
You're welcome.
It was really nice to see you.
- Don't be a stranger.
- I won't.
It was hard for me to accept
Rick's transformation.
It just seemed too good to be true.
But, then I imagined...
No, not imagined.
I prayed that maybe,
just maybe, a part of Jesse's soul
entered his father's body the day he died.
Goodness gracious
How did we get here
Seems like somewhere
We made a wrong turn
And I wasn't watching
And I couldn't see
All the darkness
Around you and me
Now my eyes are open
And my will is strong
And my naive heart
Has come undone
Oh, I hear a calling
Like a distant song
And my feet are ready to run
Oh, my darlin'
There is a pathway
It's not easy
But it is clear
You'll be my North Star
And I'll be your compass
And when you're lost
I'll always be near
Now my eyes are open
And my will is strong
And my naive heart
Has come undone
Oh, I hear the calling
Of a distant song
And my feet are ready to run