Just Say Yes (2021) Movie Script

I didn't know I had an STD.
My balls were a bit itchy.
That can be anything.
Bridezilla, it's a private conversation.
Can you sit elsewhere?
I'll call you later,
I have to sort something here.
Are you alright?
Are you on drugs, are you a junkie?
What's up?
You don't want to know.
I don't often meet a woman
in a ruined wedding dress
so I'm curious.
OK, if you really want to know.
I am Lotte.
A real sucker for romance.
I hope I will get married too one day
and preferably to this guy, Alex.
My prince on a white horse.
Are you going to be in the studio
with your brother, Johnny Romero?
We got to know each other at work.
He's on camera, I'm behind it.
-Start the movie. Now.
-You should
-And when he messes up, I fix it.
-What is this?
We make the perfect match.
If I may say so.
How unprofessional.
Babe, his brother passed away.
You know that, right?
We've been together five years
and he could propose at any time.
I'm sure of it.
-How do I want the proposal to go?
-Get out.
Just give me the fine and let me go.
-Come with me.
-Go with you?
Come with me.
It doesn't have to be grand.
Just something small.
Nothing special.
Darling Lotte.
Will you marry me?
Well, it wasn't quite like that for me.
Alex thinks marriage is outdated.
Bourgeois, he calls it.
Maybe it's my fault,
I made it too easy for him.
I have accepted it now.
You know,
it's not essential for me anymore.
Why are you here?
Will you marry me?
Either way, I was happy about it.
I'm getting married.
Who cares? Mind your own business.
I've already arranged everything.
I just need to try on the dress.
There's only one dress I want to wear.
-My grandma's dress.
-Wow, Lot, what a sight.
They should have buried her in it.
-If only your grandma could've seen this.
-You wearing her wedding dress.
-Maybe she's watching from above.
-Fortunately, I still have my friends.
Are you OK?
What does it matter?
Dirk doesn't touch me anymore.
A sweet, caring, desperate housewife.
Married to
Dirk. Clean up your mess.
You're not a child anymore, are you?
-Who is of no use at all.
Who puts gum in their hair?
-She is on her own at home.
-Come here. Goof.
Dirk, when will you tidy up that Lego?
Why do I have to do it?
He can do that himself.
Guusje says marriage isn't everything.
Will there be lots of single men?
I don't know. Not really, I guess.
Screw that. I won't sit at the table
with all the pathetic people.
Whoa. Stop. Wait a second.
Who is this chick?
She looks fucking amazing.
That is Pam.
I'm kind of single.
Can't you get her number for me?
Get it yourself.
Are you a hater? Why not give it to me?
Pam is the happiest single I know.
Miss, this photo is perfect for Tinder.
Yes, you're right.
She began teaching
after an affair with the principle.
-But she actually hates children.
-Girl power.
God, how slim was grandma?
Sweetheart, it'll be fine.
You still have three weeks.
Where is Estelle?
Hi everyone,
we're at the opening of Goldie Estelle.
-It's already very busy.
-My sister Estelle.
The ugly duckling of the family
until she had an extreme makeover.
With help from Dr. Bernhard.
Online, she is known as BeautyBeast.
She has more than two million followers.
Good morning everyone,
welcome back to vlog 723.
-She spends her life on social media.
-Jesus, this lighting.
-Just be normal.
You're in shot. I'm working.
And I mean her whole life.
Rest in peace, grandma.
Behind me, as you can see,
everyone wants a glimpse
-Did not.
-I saw it first.
Here. You let go.
Kim. Estelle's best friend.
They're inseparable.
She sticks
to my sister like a fly to shit.
Kim, you're in shot.
Darling, this bag is a nine anyway,
and look at her nose.
-She is obviously a four.
-You can't say that, Kim.
-No, she is a three.
We used to support each other.
But unfortunately,
I can no longer count on Estelle.
That's great.
And I need three transgender people.
John knows that. Yes.
No, I'll get it to your inbox.
Well, it can be washed.
-Good luck.
-Wait, how are we going to fix this?
-Hug? Well, how about paying for this?
Well, you know what? Here.
-Call this number and we'll fix it.
-Wait, I'm not done.
-I'm in a hurry.
-Yes, I'm also Hello.
this is Paradise Chinese restaurant.
What a jerk.
Oh, sis. Sorry,
but you really can't go out like that.
-Shall we go shopping?
-I have a meeting.
-Some people work.
-Sorry about yesterday.
-I completely forgot.
-What a surprise.
I have something for you.
To make it up to you.
Mom said the dress doesn't fit.
Dr. Bernard will suck the fat away.
-Shall I book you an appointment?
-Lot, do you have a minute?
-Yes of course, John.
-Hi, John.
Oh, no.
Oh, no. That is my boss.
The big boss. I don't want any trouble.
Don't overreact.
-I have to go.
-Take it easy.
-Alright, Lot?
-Yes, Estelle.
Let's get straight to the point,
the low viewing figures.
Why do you think I call them low?
Ah, Lotte.
Fritz, the editor in chief.
His breath stinks.
-And thinks he runs the place.
-You made it.
Sorry, some idiot spilled coffee on me.
Hey, nice shirt.
-What are you doing here?
-You know each other?
Lovely. This is Chris.
Chris has come to save our channel.
So be nice to him.
Chris knows exactly what does well.
That's what I always say, isn't it?
Stupid, talentless, hopeless, you name it.
Well, it's a bit more nuanced than that.
Sorry, guys. Hey, honey.
Ingrid, pack your bags and leave. OK?
-Grow some balls, man.
-Ingrid throws Beau out every month.
-Loser, are you OK?
Are you OK?
Yes. OK, the ideas.
In one sentence please, OK? Make me happy.
OK? Lotte.
I can't give you one sentence,
I've prepared a whole presentation.
But it's very good.
-She never listens.
-Do you think you can show us today?
Yes, sorry.
I was thinking about a program
in which we help people
to lose weight in a loving way.
-Greedy people.
Exactly. That's just what I had in mind.
A program about fat people.
The struggle of the fat loser.
The Fatties.
We're not making fun of people.
-I agree with Linda on that.
We have to help people,
not hurt vulnerable people.
Yes, fantastic idea.
Alex, figure this out. OK?
People, everyone
-Get to work.
-What are you doing?
The Fatties?
Babe, I'm trying to help you.
They don't understand you like I do.
-It's my idea. I've worked really hard.
-I know.
Does it matter who came up with it?
We are a team.
You and me.
You're right. Sorry.
It's OK.
See you later.
Only two weeks to go
and I barely fit in my trousers.
Let alone in that dress.
I'm not really fat, I know that.
But I want to get married
in grandma's dress.
How badly do you want this?
You only get married once.
Ladies, lift your butt.
Two more.
One more.
Star jump. Well done.
Yes, 100 calories burned.
OK, let's go ladies.
You all want a really tight body
on that sex tape, don't you?
Sex tape? I wish.
We are drier than the Sahara.
How long has it been?
Seven months, two weeks,
ten days and 23 seconds.
24 seconds, 25.
I would say it's vibrator time, Guus.
-Ordered today, so party tomorrow.
Do you have one, Lot?
Yes, I got one from Pam.
-You can have it if you want.
It's still in the box.
Use the code BeautyBeast at Secret Circle
for free delivery.
BeautyBeast, Secret Circle.
My God,
I've really been living under a rock.
Instead of bending down, lean forward.
A bit further. Yes, exactly.
A bit further. Yes, that's it.
OK, in three
Tomorrow there's a chance
of an inland shower.
That's about here.
What is this?
Chris' idea.
It will be 18 degrees by the sea,
so unfortunately we can't go to the beach.
But this is the weather.
-What's the point of that bimbo?
-Mandy is joining our team.
-A breath of fresh air.
-I hired Willemijn.
I sent her home.
She was at the Meteo Consult
for ten years.
But very boring.
-Of course, Fritz thought that was great.
-I talk to him as little as possible.
Bad breath.
-Don't touch my stuff.
-It's good. You must do something with it.
-Really. With a few adjustments.
Unsuspecting women get a dream proposal.
I can already picture it.
I pitched it to Fritz,
but he didn't like it.
-Hey Lex, I'm coming.
-Are you going to John?
-Is that a good idea?
-What's to lose?
Speaking of highlights,
your private life is going well.
You have a new relationship?
-Tell us.
Well, OK, she's called Ingrid.
-She's called Ingrid?
-Yes. Nice name.
-Ingrid from Utrecht?
-Here we go.
Yes, she lives in Utrecht.
-Stop the broadcast.
-No. Keep running.
-Hey, hey.
-Lot, do you have a moment?
-Now is not a good time. Can it wait?
No, it can't. I want to do it now.
-Sorry, babe, it's moving too fast for me.
-I can't even think straight.
-Don't worry. It'll be fine.
Dreamers, what's going on?
Stop recording, now.
You've mapped out my whole life.
-I can't take it.
-What are you doing with that?
This is gold.
-Fritz, you can't do this.
-You have to watch out.
-Guys, cut it out.
-It's not the sex.
-The sex with Ingrid was gone.
Then it's another Ingrid,
because it's great for us.
I've been trying to tell you
for a few days.
-You and me.
-You and me, what?
It's over, Lot.
-It's over.
Boom. Yes.
Lieke, wasn't it?
We made a small mistake up here.
You are still live.
Look at that face. That's so funny.
-It's really not funny.
-Ten million views.
What do you mean, not funny? I'm dying.
-Maybe it's a little funny.
-A little?
-Believe me, it gets way worse.
-How can it get worse?
It was his house,
so I had to pack up my things.
The drinks. And the snacks.
Fortunately, I didn't have to do it alone.
Are you doing anything with this?
Well, otherwise I want them.
We bought them together in Paris.
I love my Barbie.
-Get rid of it.
-What are you doing?
-You're too old to play with dolls.
-Let go, Lot.
-Cry it out and start over.
Start over? I'm 33.
I don't feel like dating again.
It's nice to meet new people.
Yeah? How many happy singles
are there of our age?
Hello, I love it. Yes.
-And no bullshit.
-That's all, right?
-Can we have a drink now?
What do you want to do with this?
Can it go on the fire?
No, it's your grandma's.
-Then there's no hope at all.
-There isn't. He dumped you.
On TV.
I'll put it back in the closet.
If Alex is really that cool,
then the dress will come back to you.
He's not worth it. Look what he let go.
Where did I end up?
At my sister's. Estelle.
-Don't you have to work tomorrow?
-I called in sick.
For the rest of my life.
I know what you need to do.
Eat more ice cream.
You are a lifesaver.
It tastes like plastic.
Non-GMO, biodynamic
and lactose free, sweetie.
-Are you going out?
I'll be a few hours,
so please don't take your own life.
Just the two of us.
Hey, Lexie.
Having a nice party?
Me too.
Us too.
-Sorry, did I scare you?
I just wanted to grab a beer.
Would you like a beer too?
No, thank you.
OK. How are you?
Take all the time you need, OK?
-The tea party is over, tiger.
-Ah, I
Well, you get it, don't you?
Come on.
Get upstairs.
Are you serious? I work for that man.
I can't help it
when you have such a nice boss, can I?
-We went to the opera.
-Sounds like a whining cat, right?
Tastes can change.
My sister with my fucking boss?
Could it be any worse?
I better go back to work.
It was a week full of surprises.
Guys, come over here.
At the back too. Come on.
What do you think?
A sensation, here.
-You should be dumped every day.
-Pay attention.
I have news about Fatties.
It's definitely going ahead.
We have a yes.
And this applause is for this man here.
So, give him another round of applause.
Thank you, make me proud.
Guys, make me proud
and keep up this energy. Get to work.
Can I speak to you for a moment? You too.
-Of course.
-Yes, come on.
Do you see these worry lines here?
Do you see them? I got them from you two.
You work on the same floor,
so don't cause any problems.
Fritz, don't worry.
We are professional enough, right?
The boss said that you're doing Fatties,
not you.
What? It's my idea.
You report to Chris as of now.
Or do you have a problem with that?
-No, of course not.
-Very good.
Well, let's get started. Go.
Yes. Fatties.
-Get those views.
Yes, they look good like this
and when we start filming,
just let the engines run
and whatever you do,
don't look into the camera.
-When you're in shot, make sure you
-Where the fuck is Beau? Everyone's ready.
-No idea.
Beau is in the Veluwe.
That's handy. We're live in five minutes
and I don't have a presenter.
-Just your size.
-I'm not going to wear this.
-You have to.
-Wear it yourself.
-This isn't my size, is it?
I won't go on TV.
We are at the clubhouse of the first
female motorcycle club in Petten.
This is a special moment.
Good luck.
How does this work again?
Brake, clutch. Let's go.
Stop. How does this thing work?
Look out!
Are you OK?
This was Region Fun from
This was Region Fun from Petten.
Back to you in the studio, Wendy.
Is it bikini weather?
You were fantastic. You are a natural.
Don't worry about the mess.
I'll sort it out with Fritz.
-Did you get it?
Nice, man.
This was Region Fun from Petten.
Back to you in the studio, Wendy.
Is it bikini weather?
At sea
Put it in the kitchen, babe. Look.
Oh, my God, what a sweetheart. Hey.
-Who is that?
-Who are you? What's your name?
-That is Binky.
It's so special.
John sponsors the animal shelter.
This baby had been there for ages,
nobody wanted him.
-Nobody wanted you? How can that be?
-He's getting a great new home.
-You look better.
-Yes, I really feel a bit better now.
Yes, right? And forget about that video
of you and Alex.
Everyone has forgotten about it.
Don't worry.
Yes, it's the most watched video
in the last ten years.
Well, that's pretty good, right?
-Hey, I have to go.
-OK, babe.
-I'll see you
-Tomorrow, tiger.
Wild, that man, attractive.
Nice. Caring. Where do you find
a man like that nowadays?
Where is that beast?
-Soon he'll piss on everything.
-You see? You hate dogs.
-What makes you think that?
-Who will take him for walks?
And who gets to clean up the shit again?
The literal shit this time.
Estelle goes completely crazy.
She's doing a fundraiser for sad animals.
And with the money we collect,
the shelters can continue their campaign.
Find new owners.
It's a brilliant idea,
devised by my fantastic fiance.
-We have to do what we can for them.
Yes, Lotte, Chris, you'll do this.
And everyone will help.
I'm counting on you.
We're counting on you.
Well, let's get started.
What the fuck?
Oh, Estelle.
-How did you make him so crazy about you?
-It was love at first sight.
-I already knew. Selfie?
-Oh, yeah.
-The last one is good.
-It's nice.
-Now I can share it.
-A toast to the future husband and wife.
-Chin chin.
-To love, right?
-I said he was nice.
A question for you.
Would you like to organize it for me?
Yes, of course, honey.
Together with Lotte.
For me.
Of course, yes.
Your wedding was really well arranged,
so I want a few ideas from that.
-What is it?
Wow. Gosh, Estelle,
that's not very sensitive.
Isn't it a compliment
that I like the ideas so much?
Yes. You are just very
You produce things, right?
Yes. Then I'll collect grandma's dress
from Alex.
It can still be worn.
Surely, you don't think
she'll wear that old rag?
-Save that for your own wedding.
-It's just more your style, Lot.
Kim knows Victor Wolff.
Yes, personally.
I've passed on all your measurements.
This will be the wedding of the year.
Oh, my God.
-I just can't believe it.
-It's going to be so great.
Who's crying now, Barbie?
Is something wrong?
No. Nothing.
Well, then it's settled. Wonderful.
-I am very happy for you.
-Honey, thank you.
I'm going to get stuck in.
Honestly, I would have strangled them,
those bitches.
-But she's my sister.
-Maybe it's your sister.
I don't care about her.
And Kim? I would knock her out.
Oh, no.
Believe me,
this will make your day better.
Give it here, amateur.
I'll be honest with you, that's crazy.
She runs off with your boss
and steals your wedding.
I told you it would get worse.
A one night stand I could have understood.
But getting married is going too far.
It's typical Estelle.
She does what she wants.
Crazy chick, man.
From then on, it was the big Estelle show.
Everyone could enjoy
her new social status.
It's all about her big wedding to John.
Hashtag ring. Hashtag dress.
Hashtag beauty day.
Hashtag blablabla. Hashtag.
Hi everyone, welcome to my new vlog.
Today I am at John's workplace, myfianc.
He is the director of Four TV.
I get an exclusive look behind the scenes
of Region
Binky, stop. Binky, sit.
Who's taken my sandwich? That's so weird.
-You don't eat someone else's sandwich.
-It wasn't me. I am vegan.
I've always seen it in you, haven't I?
Yes, you are a success.
People can identify with you.
This is a boost for all losers
in the Netherlands. Do you get it?
but I'd like to talk to you about that.
What? Oh, you want a raise?
That's fine, we can arrange it.
We'll kick someone out.
No, I won't be presenting anymore.
I thought so. We all do what's right
for the channel, including you.
Anything else?
Ask someone else to embarrass themselves
for the whole country.
Ask Mandy or Charlotte.
Call security.
Brush your teeth
in that dirty mouth for once.
With that dirty
No, stop. I'm afraid of the dentist.
Should we all suffer for that?
Because you are afraid of the dentist?
What are you doing?
The fucking vase full of powder fell over.
Help me clean up the mess.
-Oh, my God, that's his wife.
Oh, my God.
Are you going to help
or are you just going to watch?
-Why don't you tell him?
-Are you crazy?
Yes, I vacuumed up your ex-wife,
she's here in the bin.
-You're here.
I've freshened the place up.
The cleaners are cutting corners.
-You are great.
-It's so dusty here.
-It's nice that you're presenting.
-Great, but we really must go.
We have to start the tour.
I also have to go.
See you later, Lot.
Good news?
Want a bite?
Is that my sandwich?
That's your sandwich?
A little more pesto next time. It's good.
Never mind. Whatever you say,
I won't be on TV anymore.
I think Region Fun can be a great success.
Without me.
If Alex sees you shine,
he'll want you back.
Sure, Chris.
If you keep presenting,
I'll make sure Alex is begging for you
in front of your desk this afternoon.
-From now on, bring your own sandwich.
-But your sandwiches are so good.
From studio 21, the show
where you can't ignore the candidates.
-The Fatties.
-Welcome back to the Fatties.
Live from studio 21 in Hilversum,
we arrive at the first weight check
of our lovely candidate.
Give her a round of applause, Sharon.
Sharon, step forward,
you yummy piece of bacon.
The question is,
do you think you have achieved your goal?
-I hope so.
-Yes, and I doubt it.
Stand there, Sharon.
Very exciting,
let's have a look at the weight.
Oh, 162 kilograms.
That is very disappointing.
But that does mean it's time
for the Fatties alarm.
And for you at home
-It'll be canceled within a month.
-He still has to grow into it.
Do you believe that?
That offer of yours?
That offer of winning Alex back.
Was it serious?
You really want him back?
On one condition.
You do exactly what I say. Deal?
-You're too late.
-And where's the crew?
-Not coming.
Forget the whole thing,
we'll do it differently.
-What then?
-Give me.
-What are you doing?
-Is this your mother's?
No. It's mine. I bought it
from a vintage shop in Amsterdam.
Vintage, nice.
-What are you doing?
-You're not 80, are you?
You look like my history teacher.
I never want to see that thing again.
-I don't know if this is such a good idea.
-Do you trust me?
There's only one way this can work.
We change your look.
We just adapt what you've already got.
Wow. Now shopping.
And you let that go?
We make him jealous.
A man always wants what he can't have.
-Hey, Lotte.
You look good today.
Sorry, I have to go. I have a date.
You keep presenting.
PRESENWe'll put Region Fun on the map.
Alex failed.
As a city girl,
I did something I've never done before.
That is milking a cow.
-But my cows are over there.
-That's a bull there.
-No, that's a cow.
-There was an udder.
-Yes. How many udders?
One, a very b
Bleed, bitch. Bleed.
No pain, no gain, here at Fatties.
And cut.
No. You guys are awful.
-I am totally
-I got you.
The fundraiser.
Let's get it right
and raise as much money as possible.
-So they can no longer ignore you.
Found in an old chicken coop,
totally neglected.
Help the sweet animals.
Donate now to the account number below.
If we raise at least 50,000 euros
before Saturday,
I will report in a chicken suit.
-In a what?
-Roll the adverts.
-What the fuck?
-That's right.
Don't worry. We won't raise that.
Fantastic, everyone.
Chris, can you come here?
-You go to make-up.
Brilliant idea.
Welcome back
to Support the Animal Shelter.
We are almost at the end of the show
and I am curious
what the counter's at now.
-59,000 euros.
Children, have you collected some money?
Look, how sweet of you.
If we reach 60,000 in this show,
then I will do the chicken dance.
Hey. Go and dance.
Cue music!
OK, let's go.
can I get your attention for a moment?
I am incredibly proud
of what you have accomplished today.
But we couldn't have done it
without this fantastic,
beautiful, intelligent, creative woman.
A round of applause for Estelle.
And we have raised the incredible amount
of over 75,000 euros.
Yes, thanks to you. Truly.
Grab a drink,
enjoy the party and love each other.
Great achievement, Lot. Good job.
You should be up there on the podium.
How was your date?
-Not that exciting.
-Are you busy on Wednesday?
I could use some help with the Fatties.
-I'm actually very busy.
-It can also be outside of working hours.
We'll have a glass of wine.
It'll be cozy.
-OK, time for a real dance.
-I thought you'd never ask.
Well, I saw you doing the bird dance
this afternoon.
Be right back.
All good.
I can see you're doing great. You made it.
You make your money, fame, TV and all.
You turned it around from zero to hero.
Yes, if you look at it that way,
everything went better than imagined.
But seriously,
how did you end up in this dress?
You look like the bride from Chucky.
-Give me the juice.
-Yes, I'm getting to it.
-Hurry up.
-Do you have something better to do?
That's what I thought.
But Eric.
Alex. Doesn't he regret not making a move?
Didn't he call you? Nothing?
I called him.
A woman who takes the initiative?
Isn't that asking for trouble? Come on.
-Do you want me to continue?
-Yes, please go on.
Chris had many good ideas,
but this was not one of them.
I still don't know
how I ended up doing this.
He called it teasing.
Are you still at work?
Yes, I am just refining Fatties
for the recordings.
-What are you doing?
-I'm sitting on the sofa.
-In my lingerie.
-Then I'd rather be with you right now.
Fuck. Wait a second.
I'm getting a call. I'll ring you back.
You can look after Julia tomorrow, right?
No, I have to work.
Hello, I have to read chakras,
go to the nail salon and hairdresser's.
OK? Great that you want to do it, Lot.
Thank you.
Where was I?
-Hi, babe.
-We have to work on that.
Just keep going and
Did you miss me?
Lotte, are you enjoying it?
Fuck my life.
I was not the only one
trying to get attention.
Hey, handsome.
I think you've been a naughty boy.
Yes, very naughty.
-Where's Goof?
-At a friend's house.
We have the whole empire to ourselves.
-It's all your fault.
-My fault?
I told you to tidy up the fucking Lego.
-I hadn't gotten around to it yet.
-Shut up.
I have a fucking rocket up my ass.
Be careful.
-Calm down.
Just calm down.
-You're wearing clothes.
-Can I come in?
The whole office has seen my lingerie.
-But you've got his attention now.
-Are you going to tell me why you're here?
-I was offered a job.
Senior producer in New York.
Oh, wow. That's a great opportunity.
-Are you going to do it?
-I'm still thinking about it.
-One moment.
Juul, come here. Listen.
Auntie Lot is going to look after you.
No, we still have to prepare something.
We agreed on this, Lot.
Sorry, isn't that what sisters are for?
-Yes, OK.
-Be kind to Julia.
She is very sensitive.
And be careful with the sofa.
Little rascal.
Watch out, little rascal.
Bang. Yes, that's what you get.
Look what I found.
No, that's not a toy. Give it here.
Give it to me. Julia.
-Julia, give it to me.
-Do you play with it?
-Collector's item?
-Yes, something like that.
Where is Ken?
I was wondering
if you'd like to grab a bite to eat.
Well, we actually just ate.
John's daughter is here, that's why we
I can stay here for a while.
In this dress.
Oh. Well then, I'm coming.
Julia? Auntie Lotte has to go out.
Nice dress.
Yes. Pink suits me, doesn't it?
Chris is staying here.
-Are you sure?
-I'm having fun. Enjoy.
Yes. You too.
Let's go, babe.
Your lipstick.
-Did you enjoy your meal?
-Yes. You?
I like being with you.
-You're a real hit, aren't you?
-Well, I'm just doing my job.
Apparently people like it.
It won't last long.
Yes, I think so too.
You're a success
and a month later they drop you.
It's ridiculous,
it all depends on ratings.
-If you believe in it, keep going.
-You think so too?
Yes, but you may need
to give the candidates a bit more space.
So they can tell their story.
I miss you, Lot.
We made a great team.
Don't you think?
-Yes, but
-We can still make a great team. Trust me.
And not just at work.
If you'd like that too, of course.
We still have something.
-Not at all.
-It's all moving a bit fast.
I understand.
I took you by surprise.
But take your time We have our whole lives
ahead of us.
I can wait.
You made an impression.
She's asking when you'll babysit again.
Whenever she wants.
I had a meeting with John.
The Fatties is being canceled.
Does Alex know?
We're looking for a new program.
Do you have a title?
-Title for what?
-For that dream proposal of yours.
-You know how Fritz feels about that.
-We can look at it together.
-I have some ideas.
-I know what your ideas are like.
The Dream Proposal.
Dream Proposal. The Love Show.
Very simple, The Marriage?
-Just Say Yes. That's it.
Just Say Yes. We've got it.
-This is really good.
-I couldn't have done it without you.
I'm going to miss you.
Will you finally present it to John?
I have something for you.
Something small. I hope you like it.
Thank you.
Lotte, hi. Do you have a minute?
-It's really important.
Can you come?
-Sorry. I'll be right back, OK?
Sometimes you only really know
what you want when you've lost it.
I know that now.
This isn't a good idea--
I see it in your eyes too. It's you.
Darling Lotte.
Will you marry me?
It went well, right?
Hey, well organized.
Really great. It looks good.
-A toast.
-A toast.
Chris, hey.
Wait a minute.
-Mission accomplished, right?
Congratulations. Colleague.
-That's what we are, right?
-I didn't expect him to--
Have fun in there.
Lot, there you are.
You already received a gift? Show me.
Doesn't look like me.
-I don't know if this is such a good idea.
-Come on. They want to congratulate us.
I can't do this. Not now.
Chris finally tells you he wants you
and then that dick Alex ruins it.
-Damn, man.
-Chris really didn't do that.
Are you blind? Even Stevie Wonder
can see that Chris wants you.
Not at all.
-Do you really think so?
-Why do you like that Peter Andre wannabe?
I don't know anymore.
-And what's up with your sister?
-She got her hen party.
I've been here before.
On a date or something.
-Tasty, yes.
-Look at you.
Guus has legs. I like.
-Can you tell I'm not wearing a bra?
-They do hang a bit.
Maybe it's just that whore print.
I like it, so I don't care.
Lotte, when is your hen party?
I can't wait.
-That's a bit complicated.
-Relationships are also complicated.
You've got your Tarzan.
Girls, it's my party, OK?
Of course, sweetie.
To you.
-We're almost there.
-This is so scary.
I know. A few more steps.
-OK. One, two, hold on.
-Are you ready?
-Yes, totally.
Watch out. One, two
-Aren't we going out?
-I organized a boat.
-We're going on the boat.
-And what a boat. Well done, Lot.
-You know I get seasick, don't you?
-I didn't like the idea either.
Don't worry.
I have travel sickness tablets.
-Take two each.
-Two, really?
-Yes. To make sure.
OK girls, let's go.
-Thank you.
-Of course.
-Hello, Estelle.
-Hi, come aboard.
Welcome ladies, to the Loveboat XXL.
I am Captain Daan, I am your host.
Are you excited?
Great. Did you all bring some dry clothes?
It can sometimes be a wet ride.
I have a drink for you to start with.
Here you go.
-I like it.
-Thank you.
Oh, look. Look at that, Daan.
Captain Daan can take a dip in my river.
We won't go too far.
You're getting married tomorrow.
Absolutely, it'll be a quiet one.
Another one!
What was in those shots?
I don't feel so good.
Everything is spinning.
Maybe it was the cheap alcohol.
On the tacky boat.
I feel wonderful.
What was in those shots?
It wasn't the shots.
It was the tablets.
A little bit of ecstasy.
There are so many jellyfish.
Come here, jellyfish.
It's a miracle.
I love you.
-Where is Pam?
-I want to go to the hairdresser's.
-Yes girls, the taxi is booked.
-But you don't eat meat.
-You're vegan.
I really can't eat anything. I feel sick.
One Turkish pizza and then home. OK?
And we're not going home yet
-Just act normal for a moment.
-Sorry, sir.
Not just yet and we're not going home yet
-My mother's not at home
-We're going home.
-We're not going home yet
-Yes, get in.
-Come on, Stellie, get in.
You're getting married tomorrow.
She used to be a tyrant too. Have fun.
I'm having fun, but Oh, really, Guus?
Not just yet, not just yet
Lotte, I never do this.
-Just one more hour?
-Come on, Pam knows what a party is.
-And we're not going home yet
-Stel, you're getting married tomorrow.
As if you care.
What's an hour?
Just drive.
In a human life. One hour.
Are you sure this is the right way?
-Bruno says we have to go that way.
-Who is Bruno?
-We're almost there.
-Let's go to the hotel.
-I'm going to call a taxi now.
Where are we, Guus?
Loads on his mind?
He just works on his stupid motorbike.
It's been months.
Damn it. You know, I miss it so much.
I miss Dirk.
I miss us.
Lexie, don't get scared, it's me.
I had an accident with Stel's dress.
-What did you do to her dress?
-What's she doing here?
-I can explain.
-What's she doing here?
-I was going to tell you. Really.
-Us too.
-For a while.
-Who is us?
-Estelle and I.
Estelle knew about this?
-Babe, we're getting married, right?
Wow, man.
Kim really is a fucking whore, man.
And Alex is a dog.
Maybe it's better this way.
It's over.
You can't just sit here and cry.
"Look how pathetic I am."
-That makes no sense.
-That's the plan.
Don't let those bitches walk all over you.
Are you going to that wedding?
You're right.
I can take you if you want?
-With that?
-What did you think?
-If I can drive?
-Let's go, honey.
Hold tight, OK?
Where is my dress?
Wake up.
-What are you doing?
-I have to go.
"Sorry John,
I'm getting married in my nightie."
-She won't let you down.
-Can you see her?
-Why are you here?
-You had a wedding, right?
-Thank you. Have a good day.
-You too.
You're late. Do you know
where I can get a wedding dress?
My dress.
What the fuck have you done to it?
Fucking whore.
I hate you.
-Pam, do something.
Stop it.
-Stop it.
-You're crazy.
You knew about Alex and Kim
the whole time.
-I tried to tell you.
-Oh, yeah? When?
-It's not that easy.
-It's very easy.
Lot, my best friend
is sleeping with my fianc.
-Yes, but I
You don't even realize it, do you Stel?
Look at yourself.
With your fake tits. Miss Perfect.
Your whole life is one fucking Insta-lie.
Everyone has to let it happen,
even your own sister.
Wow. Everything I am
and everything I have achieved,
I have worked fucking hard for
and it's easy for you to judge,
because all your opportunities
and boys and everything came easy to you.
You run after the wrong thing,
but you're too blind to see it.
The only blind one here
is your poor husband-to-be, John.
You don't like opera
and you hate children.
Fundraiser for sad animals.
Really, Stel?
-I love him.
-You love him?
So much so that you just threw
his dead wife's ashes in the fucking bin?
-Is that true?
I put most of it back in the vase.
John, it was an accident.
I can explain everything.
I never want to see you again.
Is this what you wanted?
Walk on, man.
I've got a cold drink.
I called you.
Yes. I was busy.
I had to sort things out with John.
Thank you for the Ken.
-They are finally together.
So. Good morning.
I had such an unbelievably good weekend.
Yeah, did I tell you
I'm right back in the dating game?
Tinder and that. Guess what.
Guess what.
There is someone who wanted to meet me.
Almost as hot as you.
Didn't show up unfortunately,
but no worries.
The next one has already messaged. Pamela.
Like fucking Anderson.
How was your weekend?
Did you also have a nice weekend?
Lotte, wait. I
I ended things. With Kim.
That's a shame,
you're perfect for each other.
You're right. I'm an asshole.
Sure. But you and me
We belong together.
Let's give it one more shot.
No. It's not OK at all.
I never want to come second again.
-But you always come first.
-First after Alex.
I can't and won't be without you.
I need you.
You know what? I'm actually very happy.
I don't have any feelings for you anymore.
Maybe you can make someone else happy
with it. Bye Lexie.
-Hi madam, can I ask you something?
I'm very curious.
Which emoji do you use the most?
I didn't want to ruin your wedding.
I was just so angry and sad.
It all burst out.
I should never have mentioned John's wife.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you about Alex and Kim.
-Why didn't you?
-I didn't know how.
I was waiting for the right time,
but it didn't come.
Then Alex proposed to you
and you were so happy.
I knew that Alex and Kim were still
I could strangle her.
Is that Chunky Monkey?
Biodynamic, non-lactose.
Plastic? Delicious.
I've lost him, Lot.
I'm so glad things are alright between us.
But somehow I also feel guilty.
I really hope it turns out well
for her and John.
But hope is not enough,
as Chris would say.
Sometimes you have to do instead of think.
Because if you do nothing,
you can be sure nothing will change.
And believe me, it's time for change.
I worked on it for a long time.
New York? Today?
And he didn't say anything?
No, but it was also quite complicated.
I don't get you.
I would never have let Chris go.
Good title.
Shit. Police, I have to hang up.
-What, idiot?
These women know nothing about it.
We trap them.
It's going to be big. Look.
The whole location, everyone joins in.
-Please step out.
-Shouldn't you catch criminals?
-Come on, get out.
-No, you're not serious.
Do you have nothing better to do?
I didn't drink, I'm in a hurry.
-Come with me.
-Come on.
-Some people have real jobs.
They don't take innocent girls
off the road. Do you know who I am?
This is good.
-It's good.
-A big yes. You have a big yes.
Darling, sweetheart.
Will you marry me?
Yes. I'd love to.
I'd love to.
-Did you organize this?
-Yes, together with John and Robin.
You're such a sweetheart.
-Go to him.
You said he was leaving today.
-What are you waiting for?
-I'll never make it.
No, not if you just stand there.
-I love you, but we have to go.
I'll wait here.
We'll wait here.
Hello, can we get past?
-Five minutes.
-Can you move forward a bit?
-Five minutes. Wait.
-I'm not going to make it.
-Go ahead.
Yes. Just wait a minute.
Chris, wait.
I didn't say yes. You're still here.
-Isn't that what you wanted?
-No, I want you.
-I don't really know.
You are annoying and stubborn
and sometimes insufferable.
-You forgot charming.
-That too.
Like I said,
it wasn't quite like that for me.
-I'm too late.
-Well, at least you tried.
Thanks for coming along, Stel.
Of course. That's what sisters are for.
You better go home. I'll come soon.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying. Whether you like it or not.
So, here we are.
How nice it would have been
if I was in Chris' arms kissing him,
the happiest woman in the world.
Unfortunately no happy ending for me,
but that would have been nice.
-Pam had a special visit at school.
-Sorry, I'm somewhat
-Captain Daan and his wife.
-Dylan's mum and dad.
-And you are Miss Pam?
Miss Pam. Dylan's dad.
I have something of yours.
But she knew exactly what to do.
Look. Thanks for coming.
-What's this?
-What's she doing with your shirt?
-It's not my shirt.
-It just looks like my shirt.
-Pam is still a happy single.
And very active in the dating game.
She poured her heart out to Dirk.
And he got the message.
Sometimes you just have to say
what you want and you get it.
It can be that simple.
Fortunately, I have my sister back
and I managed to arrange
a fairytale ending for her.
And they lived happily ever after.
I grant her that wish.
This moment, this prince.
You're so beautiful, I'm so happy for you.
-Come with me.
I'm sure my prince is out there somewhere.
Somewhere out there.
I will naturally bump into him.
Maybe it's Chris, or maybe it's not.
We'll see what happens.
My fairytale isn't finished yet.
-It's just beginning.
-Can I have this dance?
Can I or not?
What are you doing here?
The bride and groom invited me.
Chris, sorry, I was wrong
-Are you ready?
-Throw it to me.
Get ready.
-Is marriage for you?
-It's not essential for me anymore.
-Left shoulder, right? OK.
Yes? Ready? here it comes.
Subtitle translation by: Dot Roberts