Just the Way You Are (2015) Movie Script

The one, the only...
Hey, it's our song!
It's Billy Joel!
Turn it up!
Only if you sing for me.
Don't go changin'
To try and
please me...
I love this.
You never let me
down before...
Okay, eyes closed,
sing loud, no peeking.
They're closed. Okay.
I don't imagine
you're too familiar
And I don't see you
I would not leave you
in times of trouble.
We never could have
come this far.
I took the good times,
I'll take the bad times.
I take you just
the way you are.
Eyes closed.
No peeking!
Let me get your door.
Watch your head.
What are you up to,
Mr. Wreitz?
Not yet.
The site of your future home,
Mrs. Wreitz.
I can't believe it!
I love you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
I've got more to show you.
One second.
I've got the plans.
Didn't think I'd just show
you an empty field, did you?
Dining room to the south...
Master bedroom.
Baby room number one.
Baby room number two.
It's brilliant.
Welcome to the story
of our life.
They have to be perfect.
Jennie, do you think
anyone's gonna care
if the asparagus aren't all
pointing in the right direction?
Well, I'll know.
Here, give me the cake please.
No, you go enjoy yourself.
Any sign of your father?
Sorry, I didn't see him.
Okay, let's um...
have a good time.
Prince, hi baby.
Hi, bud.
Hi, Prince.
Okay, go eat your dinner, boy.
You girls did such a wonderful
job decorating.
Collie's sign fell down again.
Thanks, Kate.
Collie, really?
My shoes?
Those are four inches!
I didn't think you'd mind.
I do, you might break an ankle.
Mom, it's fine-
Put something else on
from your own closet.
Something sensible, okay?
Be careful coming down there,
don't hurt yourself.
I told her she'd get caught.
Like you're not gonna notice.
You notice everything.
I know.
Kate, there are people asking
when we're gonna cut the cake.
I know.
Well, we might have to cut
it without him.
But this is his party, too.
I know.
I'm totally going to regret
this in the morning,
but who cares?
Also, I tend to regret
everything I do
so take it with a grain of salt.
Oh, I do.
Do you think everyone's
having fun?
Come on, most of these people
are family.
And, as a dating consultant,
you have the rest.
Most of the rest, you fixed up.
These people love you.
Yeah, we do good work
at Perfect Pairs.
No, you do great work
at Perfect Pairs.
Yeah, I'm supposed to be
a relationship expert, sis,
and I'm spending my
anniversary alone.
Sorry everyone, I know, I know.
There he is!
Hey, man.
Babe, I'm so sorry.
You know how it is.
Um, my apologies everyone,
I had a couple who
couldn't decide
between brick and siding.
I hope I didn't completely
screw up.
No, I'll keep you around
for another 15 years.
Thank you.
I got you something.
I'm sorry I didn't have time
to wrap it.
Why does that not surprise me?
Oh, Jennie, it's beautiful.
Thank you, I love it.
Let me help you.
Thank you.
I have something for you, too.
Right down center stage, huh?
Gonna make me work for it.
Oh, I love this box.
Thank you so much.
Oh, stop.
What a ham.
Open it.
It's about time you had a watch
that reflected your talent.
That is fantastic.
Thank you so much.
Time for a toast.
To Jennie and Ian.
Happy 15th anniversary.
Happy anniversary!
Yes, I'll feed you in a second.
I love you.
Oh man, my 10 am got moved up.
I gotta fast track.
So do I, I've got
a staff meeting.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, did I plug in the laptop?
No, yeah, I got it last night.
Oh, um Kate has her spring
musical try-out at 3:00.
I'm going, I'm going.
Can you do the carpool
though, please?
No, Ian, you can't keep
bailing on carpool.
I don't bail.
You drive right by the school,
I go the opposite direction.
I'm always running late.
If I do carpool, will you
do breakfast?
Yeah, not like a protein
bar, you gotta... real food!
How about cereal?
What's wrong with a protein bar?
So what really happened
to you last night?
Carly is openly campaigning
for partnership at the firm.
The office politics are
killing me.
Plus, we've got a huge job
coming down the pipeline
and everyone's at their worst.
She hasn't even been there
for five years.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Tell Monroe, he loves her.
Which one?
Whatever looks good on you.
Um, I mean... that one.
Making partner would change
my life.
I know, and I understand how
important work is to both of us.
Kate, honey, we're gonna
be late.
I'm almost ready, mom!
But we need you here
at home, too.
I mean, the girls miss you,
I do, too.
I know.
I mean, you almost missed your
anniversary party last night, Ian,
what does that say about us?
I know, it's a complicated time-
I'm on breakfast duty.
Um, dad, this one's almost
raw inside.
Well, then make some toast,
I'm doing my best.
Bad scientist at work.
Kate, TV off.
Okay, mom.
Chloe, no texting.
Dad was just texting his office.
I get paid to text,
there's a difference.
Woah, woah, woah,
do you have specialist
fingers or something?
It's called 14 years
of motherhood.
By the way, Mother's Day
is in a couple weeks.
What do you want to do?
I love Mother's Day!
What do you want to do?
Oh, uh... one second, sweetie.
Let me just reply to this.
Um, we'll figure something
out, okay?
Did you finish your
Latin homework?
Did you wash my new
jeans and top?
No, you look great, you don't
have to change.
No way, I wore this outfit
And yes, of course I finished.
Vestis virum facit.
Clothes make the man.
Point taken, Chloe.
Uh, hey dad?
Do you think you could help me
go over my lines
from "Bye, Bye, Birdie"?
No, but you know what?
I can come to your school
and meet you there
a half hour before
the audition, okay?
I promise, baby girl.
I'll be there.
Okay, sounds good.
Thanks, I'm so nervous.
Uh, Ian,
do you think you're
gonna be able to make that?
Uh, it'll be a little tight
but I'm putting a reminder
in my phone.
As long as this new program
Uh, you know that you have
stuff all over your shirt.
Okay, you know how important
this audition is to her,
though, right?
I mean, she's been practicing
for weeks!
Texting's taking too long.
Chris, listen to me.
I need it today.
I need it done today.
One second.
Yes, of course I got
the message.
I just replied to you.
Pay attention here,
I need that now!
I need it-listen, this thing's
gotta be finished today.
It will not work if I get
it tomorrow.
If you're so nervous
about the play,
why did you sign up to audition?
I wouldn't be caught dead
up there.
I mean, all those people
judging me?
You wouldn't understand.
Zach Riley is in the next lane.
Wow, he's grown
since elementary.
He can't see me.
He'll see you in class.
But not in your minivan.
His dad has a BMW.
Thanks, Kate.
Ladies and gentlemen, the
one, the only... you need an ally.
Is he gone?
Yep, you're safe.
Protocol 53.
Don't look for perfection.
We're slaves to those things.
I hate it.
My car needs an oil change,
Ian forgot tickets
to the ballet.
You know, sometimes I think
I text more than I talk
to people.
Sorry about the ballet.
Yeah, me too.
It was sold out, Swan Lake.
My good friend, Claire Ashby,
is coming in this morning.
Great, I'll take good care
of her.
That's why I wanted her
to see you and only you.
Thanks, Angela.
Protocol 52.
Be your authentic self.
Hi, I'm here to see
Jennie Wreitz.
Oh, I got it.
Hi, Claire?
Jennie Wreitz.
Follow me.
I'll make this fun for you,
I promise.
Protocol 61.
Listen twice as much
as you talk.
Yeah, my dating life has
been kinda blah lately,
if you know what I mean,
so Angela suggested
that I come into Perfect Pairs
to, you know, try it out,
but I was not expecting
all of this.
Well, the orange papers are
the most important,
common interests, hobbies,
hopes and aspirations.
We put them all into
our database-
Woah, that's way
too complicated.
Just bring on the men already,
I can ease you into this,
Would you like a drink?
Yeah, a margarita would
be great.
Okay, simplify forms,
serve cocktails...
I like your style.
Now, I know your intake said
you teach ballroom dancing...
I love dancing.
You'd think that would be
a great place to meet men.
Yeah, you'd think, but it's
just older men and teenage boys
who step on my toes
all the time.
Are you married?
I just celebrated my 15
year anniversary last night.
Wow, congratulations.
Happy anniversary.
You must be an expert
on marriage by now.
You think chivalry is dead?
You know, the old fashioned
Opening doors, spending
time with the family,
being considerate?
Yeah, well, you know,
while I think that chivalry can
get lost in the rush of life,
I like to believe that
it still exists.
Good, because that's what
I want.
And good teeth.
Those are good goals.
Kate Wreitz?
Right here.
Where's dad?
Oh, I'm sure he'll be here soon.
What if I forget my lines?
It's an audition, they don't
expect you to memorize it.
Let's go.
The monologue, and then we're
gonna do the dance sequence
and then you're
gonna sing a little.
No, you'll be great!
Let's go.
Okay, sweetheart, what do you
have prepared today?
Um, I'm going to be reading
for Ursula,
and I've prepared
an original song.
Hi, welcome home.
I am folding the laundry, I
have a veggie pizza in the oven
for you Jennie, plain
cheese for Chloe
and pepperoni for our star!
Both tasks have a projected
completion time of 20 minutes.
Table set, dinner served,
laundry will be completed.
Wow, should I take
this personally?
Ding, ding, ding!
Hey, what's wrong?
They made me sing, Donna.
They made everybody sing.
Even for the speaking roles.
I'm sure it wasn't that bad.
I choked.
It was awful.
No, honey...
Is she okay?
Yeah, give her some time.
Donna, you don't have to use
paper plates.
Oh, I know, I just thought
it'd be easier.
No, I like my kids to eat a
real meal off of real plates
sitting at the table,
not watching TV,
having a real conversation,
talking to one another, asking
how our day was, you know?
Like a real family.
That is because you are
a dinosaur, sis.
Yes, and proud of it.
Hey, Chloe, no text zone!
Ear buds out.
Can you set the table, please?
Cloth napkins, top drawer,
real plates.
She thinks we live
in Downton Abbey.
I love that show.
How was your date with um...
Oh, just another guy
with Peter Pan syndrome.
Except I was the one
that wanted to fly away.
You know, you should really
come down to the office
and let me help you.
We've talked about this, Jen.
It's hard enough having
a perfect sister,
I don't need you meddling
in my dating life.
It's like you have a PhD
in folding.
It's all those summers
working at the Gap, you know,
some things you
just never forget.
I did.
You can't excel at everything,
your mother excluded.
I'm just here for
the conversation.
It gets lonely in my little
Well, we love having you,
in spite of your folding.
Oh, um... yeah.
I'll take this in.
I know.
I know I messed up.
Yeah, you missed
your daughter's audition.
Monroe called an emergency
We're bidding on a huge
project, it's-
I sent three texts
and four voice messages.
I shut off my phone.
I got busy.
You should have seen her
face in that theater.
All she wanted was her dad.
She's in her room.
Your dad messed up.
It's okay, dad.
No, it's not.
How did it go?
They made me sing the telephone
song from Birdie.
I bet you were great.
I felt like a jerk singing
into a telephone.
Then they made us dance.
You know, honey.
When I was about your age
I auditioned for Oliver
and I spent about
two weeks working on
me Cockney accent, I did.
Please sir, may I have
some more?
The worst thing was
I couldn't stop it,
and I was humiliated.
But I have heard you sing,
young lady,
and I know you are brilliant.
You gotta stop selling
yourself short.
It's just...
I wish you were there.
I should have been.
I'm sorry.
Prince, come on, baby.
Needless to say, this project
is an extraordinary opportunity
for Monroe and Robinson design.
The continued re-building
after the hurricane.
It is a big job.
We're going to be up against the
top firms in LA and New York,
so we've decided to hold a
competition within the office
for project leader.
This position will be
a requirement
for the partnership opening.
I am determined we should
get this commission.
Budgets and timelines
will be tight.
Concept proposals are due
within the week.
Alright, let's get on with it.
Have you started Claire
on the protocols yet?
She's a little resistant.
Well, stick to the manual.
Nothing beats the protocols.
Absolutely, I agree.
Listen, I've been doing a lot of
market research
and it seems like a good time
to expand.
I'm looking at two new locations
for Perfect Pairs.
That's great!
I'll have a lot of people
to train.
And I'd like you to do it.
In fact, I'm offering you a full
partnership on this, Jennie.
You've paid your dues,
it's time.
Wow, I don't know what to say.
Just say yes.
There will be some traveling
and occasional weekend.
Yeah, I mean, the kids
are old enough,
I think I can make that work.
Great, I'm going to have
my attorney draw up
partnership paperwork.
Please tell me you said no.
I thought you'd say "wow,
Jennie, this is fantastic!
Let's celebrate!"
The timing is terrible.
I've gotta be focused
on work right now.
Can't it wait?
Ian, when that head hunter
asked me to go to Total Match
four years ago, I said no.
I don't want to keep
postponing my professional life.
We had an agreement, okay?
I help launch your career, I
stay at home with the kids.
The girls are old enough now.
What happened to
"we can have it all"?
I think we do have it all.
Well maybe your all
isn't my all.
I think there's something
else bothering you.
The fact that you don't know
how important this is to me
is a huge part of it.
It's like you don't even
know me anymore.
Come on, Jen.
We know each other so well we
can read each other like books.
Yes, really.
You want to know
what comes next?
All the questions.
Does he really know me?
Does he really love me?
All these things that you
ask your clients every day,
am I right?
Okay, game on.
Bring it.
When was the last time we
held hands at the movies?
Better question: When was at the
last time we went to a movie?
We don't do things
together anymore,
just the two of us.
We're like two ships passing
in the night.
I miss the romance.
The intimacy.
I just miss how close
we used to be.
We live busy lives.
We sleep together every night.
No. You don't get it.
When we were first together
we were inseparable.
What happened to all of that?
Let's talk about it tomorrow,
Come on, babe.
Let's get some sleep.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna sleep in
the guest bedroom.
Oh, Jen, don't be silly.
I'm taking the first step
to saving our marriage.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Well, I'm not gonna be one
of those couples
who waits until the last minute
only to realize they're
at the end of the line.
End of the line?
Come on, we're not talking
about divorce, here.
No, I-but this is serious, okay?
I know it's serious,
but how does sleeping
in separate bedrooms help?
The goal is to fall in love
all over again.
Okay, well how do we work
on a relationship
if we're living down the hall
from each other?
Step one: Absence makes
the heart grow fonder.
We need to re-learn each
other from scratch.
Tabula Rosa.
Blank slate.
Tabula Rosa?
Come on.
Let's not, let's not do this.
No. We are.
I am.
Okay, well if anybody's sleeping
in the guest bedroom
it will be me.
No, it's me.
It'll be me.
This was my idea.
It's a terrible one,
but I'll do it.
Stop it.
Come on, stop. Please?
Jennie, come on.
Jennie, Jennie, Jennie.
Ladies and gentlemen, the
one, the only... Come on, Jennie.
Absence does not make
the heart grow fonder.
That is a myth.
Jennie, let me.
I'm fine.
Well, I need my pillow.
It's my favourite and I can't
sleep without it.
You know that.
Chivalry is not dead.
What does that even mean?
It means we're going to be
considerate, okay?
We're not gonna take each
other for granted.
We're gonna practice chivalry.
Okay, I'm lost.
We need to talk
about this some more.
It means, like, things
we used to do for each other.
It's opening doors, it's
always saying "thank you".
It's cleaning up after we cook.
Well, I have my marching orders,
what are yours?
I just want to loosen up
around the house.
I want to have fun.
And I want to say "dear"
after every sentence
without having
to think about it.
No, go!
Okay, I thought about it a
little bit, but I was trying.
Spare me.
Chivalry is not dead, Prince.
Remember that.
I hear ya, buddy.
Before we match you
with men in our database,
I want to go over some of
our dating guidelines.
You said this would be fun.
This sounds like homework.
No, it'll just take a minute.
Protocol number one:
Talking points.
You want to start with
your date's profile
and work from that.
Can't I just meet him in person?
See if we click?
You know, follow your intuition?
Intuition is good, but
computer algorithms are better.
Protocol number two:
Off limit topics of conversation
on a first date.
Religion, money, politics.
Then what are we supposed
to talk about?
I'm sorry, there's
just so many rules,
it takes the fun out of dating.
Yeah, yeah.
But we need you to follow them.
We've done statistical
studies about how men-
Honey, honey, honey, honey.
I am trying to meet a man,
not a part of a sociology
Maybe we can try a less
structured approach?
This is so much better!
How can you be
creative in that office
with the windows that don't even
open, you know?
You are such a free spirit!
Is there any other way to be?
He was awfully cute.
I always look at a guy's
shoes first.
Don't be fooled by those
fancy Italian loafers.
You know, a guy's shoes are
like a window into his soul.
Same difference.
I like that.
So what attracted you
to your husband?
His shoes.
We met at a baseball game
and he was wearing these
great, beat-up old sneakers
with red laces.
He wore those things everywhere.
They were the real Ian,
you know?
Grounded, sweet, considerate.
He even wore those
to our wedding.
Like, with his tux on.
I couldn't walk a mile
in those things.
It sounds like you have.
Fifteen miles.
I'll have a camomile tea,
And I'll take a
tiger chai, please.
You see that guy over there?
Way too plugged in.
I can barely work my own DVR.
Okay, so no tech geeks.
See, this is good,
it's giving me a better sense
of what you like.
Oh, the six o'clock?
Way too grunge.
And I will not date anyone
who is prettier than me.
Oh, now, you see?
That is so sweet.
Too bad he'll never leave home.
Okay, we have a rule
at the office.
Never talk about a guy's mother
unless you want to stay single
for the rest of your life.
Ooh, Mother's Day is coming up,
what does your family
have planned for you?
Oh, you know,
dinner with the kids,
I get some flowers.
Just the usual, no big deal.
Mother's Day should always
be a big deal.
Tell your husband he needs
to step up his game.
Ooh, I've got an idea.
What about a blind date?
For me.
Oh, Claire, don't worry.
We're gonna find you someone
through Perfect Pairs.
I just don't want to close off
my options.
You know, you never know.
Camomile and tiger chai.
Yeah, but a blind date is
not a controlled encounter.
Yeah, but it could be
so much fun.
The thrill of not knowing
anything about each other.
Yeah, but it's just a random
fix-up by friends.
Uh, two please.
Every guy that you meet
through us
is based on computer analysis,
vetted by staff,
then reviewed by me.
My parents met on a blind date.
They've been married forever.
And, you know,
what could it hurt?
It forces you to be
in the moment,
shake things up a little bit,
Hey, Donna, I know
this is last minute
but do you think you could
handle the kids for me tonight?
Dear Mr. Wreitz.
Your name recently came up
on my Perfect Pairs list
of candidates.
I looked at your picture
in your profile.
You need to put more green
space between the units, Carly.
I can see you've put
an enormous amount of
thought into this.
Thank you, sir.
I knew you'd spark to it.
Well done, Ian.
But there is something lacking.
You need to make it
more personal.
Otherwise, it's generic.
Ian, revised plans
on my desk ASAP.
Keep pushing yourselves,
there's a deadline.
That does not inspire
confidence, Ian.
I wouldn't start gloating yet,
Um, excuse me, I know this
is going to sound crazy,
but earlier today I received
an email from Perfect Pairs.
They asked me if I'd be open
to a blind date
and said to meet here at
7:00 and that the woman
would be wearing her heart
on her sleeve.
It's you.
There you go.
You must be Ian Wreitz.
I'm Jennie Maclntyre.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you,
Miss Maclntyre.
You know what?
I feel a little silly.
I haven't been on a blind
date in 100 years.
Yeah, just um... think
of it as our courtship.
Ground rules.
We're meeting for
the first time,
so no discussion of our lives
at home
or the children
per the protocol.
We're just two people
seeing if there's any chemistry
between us.
Everything is fresh, of course.
The chef's signature
would be my recommendation.
Le pigeon ferme.
Caramelized pigeon breast
dusted in Moroccan spices.
It's a new flavour
not to be missed.
Was he serious about that?
Okay, well, there you go.
There you go.
I'm sorry, what were you saying?
Oh. Your profile said that
you're an architect.
My first husband was
an architect.
Your first husband?
We're going to be awfully
serious with this, are we?
Nice watch.
Thank you.
My first wife got it for me.
She had excellent taste,
don't you think?
Um, so, do you have
any children?
We're not allowed to talk
about the kids.
Sorry, no kids. I forgot.
And no talking about
religion or politics
or money, either.
It's going to be
a very long dinner.
Hey. You're a lifesaver.
Thank you.
Yeah, everything's great.
The girls practically took
care of themselves, so.
I was going to fold some laundry
but there wasn't any
so then I decided to clean
out your refrigerator,
but the weird thing
is that somebody
had already alphabetized
the condiments.
You're terrible.
Go home.
I am.
Oh, also, I mixed up your
ketchup and mustard mostly
just because I can, so
you'll probably be up all night,
but I've gotta go
'cause there's a new
Ryan Gosling movie on
and I can't wait!
Oh yeah, I love you.
Thank you.
Okay, kiddo.
Time for bed.
Would you give that thing
a rest?
Who are you even texting,
Zach Riley.
Well, your father and I
would like to get
reacquainted with him.
It's not like we're dating, mom.
Oh, I know.
But why don't you invite him
over for dinner on Sunday?
Do you believe in soul-mates?
Where did that come from?
Well, we're reading Romeo
and Juliet in English class.
Besides, you're supposed to
be an expert on all this stuff,
I mean, you're always
giving dating advice
whether other people
ask for it or not.
No, I don't.
The refrigerator repair man?
He's engaged because of you.
The waiter from that restaurant
on Sunday?
Kate and I wanted to crawl
under the table.
Protocol number 19:
No such thing as a soul mate.
Okay, I'm not asking for
an infomercial, mom.
I'm asking for what you think.
Like with dad.
How did you know?
Uh, he made me laugh, you know?
He made me feel good about
myself and he just...
he did unexpected things for me.
He was always surprising me
yeah, made me feel like
he really understood me.
Yeah, from the moment we
first met,
I just, I felt like I had
known him forever.
Isn't that what a soulmate is?
Can I come in?
Yeah, sure.
Was that... was
that you singing?
Did you write that?
That was beautiful.
It's nothing.
What are you talking about,
It reminded me of Taylor Swift.
I got a call back
for Birdie next week.
Ursula Merkel.
It's a singing role.
That's fantastic!
She's the best friend, right?
The excitable, comic side-kick.
What are they thinking?
They're thinking that
you're talented, honey.
The only thing you're
missing is confidence,
and you can fake that.
Hey, trust me.
Ask me how I got my first
job someday.
But I can't sing in front of
a theater full of people.
Well, then just imagine
you're up there all alone.
Hey, don't let your fears get in
the way of your dreams.
It's the one thing all these
Victorians have in common.
The front porch.
It's about hearth and home.
It's where the families
I grew up in an
apartment building.
I would have given anything
for a front porch.
It's unusable square-footage.
And it exponentially
increases cost.
You gotta think
about it like this:
It's about adding to the
family's quality of life.
Not if they can't afford it.
Hey, sweetie, how's it going?
Uh, good.
You've been glued to that
phone the past couple of days.
It's Zach.
I can't tell if he's serious
about me.
Well, let me ask you a question.
Do you two spend much time
together in person?
We mostly just text or email.
That's what I thought.
Mom, I'm not one
of your clients.
Okay, here's what I would suggest.
I want you to go 72
hours without texting him.
No, mom.
I couldn't.
No, look.
If you want to talk to him,
you have to find him.
And if he wants to talk to you
he has to make an effort.
And then you two see if you
really like each other.
You can do this.
Trust me on this one.
You guys are really going on
blind dates?
It was one date.
I'm so embarrassed for you.
Sometimes, when a couple has
been together for a long time,
they just... they need some
air to breathe.
This is so lame.
I mean, didn't you guys talk
about these things
before you got married?
Of course we did, honey.
Life changes.
Yeah, and then they have
to be talked about again.
There are too many secrets
in this family.
We just felt that this was
a private matter
between your mom and me.
Girls, there is absolutely
nothing to worry about.
Because I don't know anybody
else's parents who are dating.
We are learning to appreciate
each other again and,
and fall in love.
So does this mean you're
going to get married again, too?
We're working through it.
It's going to be okay.
Yeah, we hope so.
Because if any of our friends
hear about this,
we'll have to change schools.
Your work looks amazing.
Thank you.
These people lost everything
in the blink of an eye.
I want to help.
I want to give them
their homes back.
I'm really proud of you.
You're gonna help a lot of
people with this project,
and I've never seen you
so invested in something
in a really long time.
I have a beautiful wife.
It's Angela.
I know, he who cast
the first stone...
Yeah, I'm on my way.
Mmmhmm, I received
the contract, yep.
No, they were very generous.
Yeah, I understand we have
to move quickly,
I'll be in in just a bit,
we can discuss.
I haven't been taking this
seriously enough, Jennie.
I'm sorry.
I want to go on another
blind date.
You really mean it?
Yeah, of course.
It can't be worse than
the other night, can it?
So look.
I went through all 150
of your dating protocols
and I cherry-picked
the ones that I like.
Ian, you can't do that.
Fifty percent of them are bunk.
We discuss the 50 percent
that do work on our blind date.
You can meet me at 5:00 pm.
I have a surprise for you.
A surprise?
Can you give me a hint?
Well, you can tell
Miss Maclntyre
that she can think about it
over her lunch.
Bye, dear.
Batting a thousand
for your love.
Come on, babe!
Time to suit up!
We've only got the cage
for an hour.
I can't believe you did this!
I was worried you weren't
going to show up.
I got Donna to watch the kids
and take them bowling.
This is the best!
How many years have we been
talking about going back here?
You went to a lot of trouble.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, great.
I'm going to have helmet
hair for the rest of the night.
Nah, you look cute!
That's one of the first things
I remember about you.
How pretty you were out in
the field with your helmet hair.
It seems like yesterday.
You know, I never thought
you were going to have
a beer with me after the game.
Yeah, well, you were a geeky
architecture student.
Hey, hey, hey.
As I recall, we won that game.
Oh, what, you want to settle
the score right now,
big guy?
Let's see it, slugger.
Yeah, give me the fastest
shot you got.
Here it comes.
Okay, no comments from
the peanut gallery.
I might be a little bit rusty.
I didn't say a word.
Might I make a small suggestion?
I am in the zone.
No distractions.
We're talking home run.
Right now, right here.
Okay, alright.
As the coach can I give
just the tiniest bit
of constructive criticism?
I... No, I know,
it's my knuckles.
I'm not aligning my knuckles.
Knuckles are the least of
your worries, babe.
Look at your shoulders.
They're all hunched up.
They're up around your ears.
Okay, back straight,
shoulders down, bat up.
No, no.
This is called chicken wings.
Come on.
These are not chicken
wings, look,
that is a buffed,
toned lady arm,
honed by years of carrying
children and groceries.
I stand corrected.
However, you've still got
chicken arms.
See that right there?
See what I'm talking about?
It feels good.
When was the last time
you had a massage?
I can't even remember.
Okay, you hit this one out of
the park,
I owe you a massage.
A good one.
Okay, back straight, arms up,
elbows in.
Watch the ball, okay?
I'm ready, give me
your best shot.
Home run!
Great job, honey!
I'm going to be
so sore tomorrow.
Well, we're gonna have to give
you that massage, slugger.
Mother's Day is right around
the corner.
Why couldn't we do stuff
like this all the time?
Well, I guess we traded in
our baseball gloves
for a mortgage and kids.
Well, I miss the old days.
We did everything together.
We're both ambitious people.
Big dreams.
Hard to fit it all in.
Oh, oh, oh, turn up here!
Turn, turn, turn!
Right at the end of
the road, turn right.
You know where we are, right?
All willpower stops at the
Taco Kingdom's chimichangas.
The hot sauce queen returns.
Oh, I'm hungry just thinking
about it.
Oh, I smell it.
It smells good.
So tell me what you dream
about these days.
What I dream about?
You mean besides being
a world class architect?
What? You already are, whether
you're a partner or not.
Well, just being the best
husband and father I can be.
That is sweet.
Oh, goodness.
It smells good.
Um, I will have the zucchini
taco, please.
Spicy chorizo and chakari...
Chicaron, right?
Thank you.
Oh, this reminds me of college
when we used to take
the ferry back and forth to
Bainbridge Island just for fun.
We always had fun,
it didn't matter what.
Yeah, we did.
Dun dun dun dun, mmm hmm...
What is that?
Oh, I love that,
that was our song!
It's been a long time.
So what about you?
What do you dream about
these days?
What secret desires?
You know, the girls, um,
the girls going to college
and you and I taking a really,
really long vacation
to somewhere that doesn't rain.
So what's the rest of
your bucket list?
Well, my first wife promised
me a trip to the Cascade Lakes
before she passed away.
She did?
That's nice.
Wait, what is the mode
of transportation?
Well, honey, there's only
one way to get to the lakes
and that's by helicopter.
Ah, yeah, no, not happening.
I don't travel via tin can.
You have a death wish.
What are you doing here?
I'm on a blind date.
With my husband, thanks to you.
This is Ian.
Hey, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
And you must be Malcolm.
You're even cuter
than your profile.
It's nice to finally meet you
in person.
Malcolm and I have talked
by phone.
My associate is his case worker
and he and Claire
are on their first date.
And thanks again for fixing
us up.
Well, you guys are
in good hands.
My wife is exceptional
at her job.
It's so funny to run
into you down here.
Yeah, my dance studio is
just down the road over there.
Hey, you guys should join us
when you're done.
Malcolm and I are going to go
over there and salsa.
Try to salsa.
This accountant knows
a little ballroom,
not so much Latin.
Those hips say otherwise.
Doesn't that sound fun, honey?
Do you-It does, I'm sorry.
Um, Carly.
Office politics.
Forgive me.
Hey Carly, what's up?
Ian and I used to dance
all the time.
You never mentioned that,
you should totally come.
I know, that would be so fun.
Yeah, it's probably not
going to happen tonight, though.
But maybe another time, yeah.
You guys enjoy your evening.
We will.
You too.
Just leave it with me,
I will deal with this.
No, it's mine, I will fix it.
We've come full circle,
we're back where we started.
Wow, look at that brick work
and masonry trim.
I wonder if it's a granite
or a local stone.
Oh, hold on a second.
Pull over, pull over.
Oh, that is brilliant.
Look at that, babe.
Isn't that beautiful?
I think this could do it.
I think this could work.
Babe, I'm sorry.
I've gotta make a phone call.
Last one, I promise.
Carly, I have a solution...
That front porch concept is
a little left field, retro.
Well, you said to make it
personal, sir.
Think outside the box.
A risky proposition
in the wrong hands.
Well, we need someone who's
willing to turn that status quo
upside down.
I'm sorry, sir.
Are you paying me a compliment?
Yes, that someone is you.
Ian, we have decided to go
with your design.
Which, by the way, is brilliant.
That's fantastic.
Thank you so much.
The national attention
will be unparalleled.
But there has been a change
in plans.
One of the big firms has
fallen out of contention,
so the New Orleans
redevelopment board is willing
to come up to Seattle.
They'll meet you, they'll
hear about your presentation
on our turf.
They'll be here on Friday,
so get ready for a busy weekend
of wining and dining.
Mother's Day weekend.
Thankfully our wives understand
the sacrifices we make.
One more thing, Ian.
If we land this project-
When we land the project.
We'll need you on site in
New Orleans during construction.
During the planning phase?
From when the ground
is first broken
until the first family moves in.
That project window is
three to five years.
If you'd rather reconsider...
No, no.
Absolutely not.
It's my concept.
I want to lead this ship, sir.
You're gonna love New Orleans.
Thank you, sir.
Well done.
Thank you.
Honey, it's past 1:00 am.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
Deadline crush.
Got it.
Um, okay.
I'll let you get back to it.
Okay. Thank you.
Hey, um... everything's fine,
Mambo step back!
And left!
And right!
Good, and left!
And right!
Keep on going, guys.
I gotta take this call.
Good morning, Jennie!
It was so good to see you
and Malcolm the other day.
You too.
Things are going really
well with us.
You have found me someone
who just...
gets me.
Thank you.
You know, Claire, I would
love to see you perform one day.
Why don't you come tonight?
I do this Wednesday night
anything goes performance piece.
Informal, fun, just a bunch
of like-minded people
who have this compulsive need
to dance.
7:00 pm, tonight.
I can text you the address.
Malcolm will be here,
why don't you bring Ian?
You know what?
Ian is up to his ears
in a project.
That's too bad.
Well, maybe it can just be us?
We'll go grab a drink,
get that margarita.
Take a night off, already.
Have some fun!
Hang with a friend?
Yeah, you know what?
You're right.
I- I could use a night out.
You're good.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You made it!
That was so great.
You are so talented.
So are you!
No, no, she makes me look good.
No, I just have a really
great partner here.
No, no, she's the one.
I'm lucky to have hitched
a ride.
No, don't listen to him.
Yeah, my CPA doesn't
move his hips like that.
You have to be completely
honest with your partner.
When you're standing that close,
your arms wrapped
around each other,
there can be no secrets.
Yes ma'am.
No secrets.
And if you do it right it
looks completely flawless.
It's like-
It's like being in sync.
Both partners working
for the same thing.
Not to trip over each other,
Ah, here we go.
Let's get set up for
the Viennese Waltz.
Hey, where are you going?
Oh, I'm just gonna watch.
Oh, no, no, no.
Malcolm, Malcolm, a little
public service here.
No, no, no.
Your waltz partner.
I would be honored.
And no arguing, Mrs Wreitz,
you're on my turf,
these are my protocols.
Oh, look at you.
Squeeze here, tilt your head.
You're a natural at this.
Alright everybody,
here it comes.
Five, six, seven, and go!
Feel the music!
This feels amazing!
I love this!
You are a natural at this,
This was just dropped off
at reception.
Thank you.
Find your way home.
Come play with me.
Your bucket list
and my greatest fear.
We made it in one piece!
My legs are shaking.
Look at this!
I told you there was
a lake here.
I love you for this.
For this, my bucket list.
I love you.
This is fantastic.
No, Ian, don't you dare!
Oh, and I love you for this!
Hallelujah, no cell phone
I am freed from the chains
of cellular service.
Oh, why couldn't we do
this every week?
Take a helicopter
to a glacier lake?
Well, a version of it.
A day, just you and me.
Something special.
Just no helicopters.
Okay, deal, no helicopters.
Look at that.
Do you ever think about
starting over?
Kind of like a new city, new
community, a clean slate?
Maybe 15 years ago.
Kids are resilient, you know.
Probably more resilient
than we are.
I mean, do you think you
could actually do that?
Yeah, why would you want
to move, though?
Our lives, our family,
our kids, it's all here.
Just thinking,
just brainstorming.
Do we ever really have
to leave here?
Of course,
we would probably eventually
run out of protein bars.
What's that smell?
It's everywhere.
It reminds me of when
I was a kid.
Oh, there.
I wonder what they're called.
Oh, lilies of the valley.
Have you ever smelled
anything so incredible?
I thought you were a roses girl.
I am, but lilies of the valley
are rare.
They only bloom once a year,
a couple weeks in May,
and then they're gone.
It's a Mother's Day flower.
Yeah, I guess it is.
Oh, aren't they lovely?
You're lovely.
And we can't leave
without a keepsake.
Chivalry is not dead.
There is no flexibility, Ian.
We're going to need you 24/7.
The clients are coming up
to Seattle
to hear your presentation.
Well, can't Carly handle it?
She doesn't have your
life experience.
Oh, and I've arranged
for you to meet
with a relocation specialist.
Her contact info should be
in your inbox by now.
We don't have the commission
yet, sir.
We will.
You will.
There are great things
waiting for you out there, Ian.
An opportunity like this,
it doesn't come by often.
Any progress on those contracts?
Jennie, what's wrong?
I'm supposed to be an expert
on dating and marriage
and I feel like a fraud.
It's just that Ian and I
have been having problems and I-
Something done,
or something said?
The enemy of intimacy.
My daughter said
something similar.
You don't think that the
protocols would help?
You should try them.
I'm sorry that you're having
such a hard time.
Your office
accidentally cc'd me.
Take a look.
Were you going to tell
the girls and me,
or just have the moving van
show up at the front door?
Please, let's not jump
to conclusions.
How could you accept a job
without even talking to me?
We don't even have
the commission yet.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You don't-
you're right.
I made a mistake.
I should have talked to you.
I- I thought I could handle it
on my own.
The girls are right.
We just live in a house
of secrets.
We used to have an honest
give and take.
I don't even know what happened.
You're not in sync,
even I can see that.
You have to start
working together.
Well, it used to be effortless.
I mean, we used to make
decisions like this together,
but now it's like we're
taking two steps forward
and three steps back.
Like a dance, huh?
Yeah, that's exactly
what it's like.
You know, my client is
a dance instructor,
and the other night she was
talking about being
in harmony with your partner
and how you can't be in sync
if you're doing two
separate dances.
Like a waltz and a Foxtrot?
You're right.
Maybe that's the problem.
I have to talk to Ian.
Hey, I got your message.
Everything okay?
I hate it that you didn't
tell me about New Orleans, Ian.
I know, I've been beating
myself up about it, too.
But after I cooled down,
I realized that I've played
a big part in this mess, too.
Do you really want this?
Yeah, I do.
Then I want it for you.
We're a family, you know?
And lots of people have survived
job changes and moves,
so will we.
If we need to move
to New Orleans then...
Are you sure, babe?
Yeah, marriages are
about loving one another
and supporting one another
and growing together
no matter what.
Well, if we do this,
we make this decision
together and I want to know,
what do you want?
I want to open my own business.
Yeah, I realized that the
last couple of days showed me
that I don't like the direction
that Angela
is taking the company.
I want to build a business
where I make decisions
that are best for my clients.
I think that's fantastic.
Yeah, but it's a huge
financial risk.
We have to...
I mean, it's big start-up money-
Jennie, I know some venture
capitalists, we'll talk to them,
we'll figure it out.
Hey, you are the heart and soul
of that company.
If you think it's time to move
on and start your own company,
I 100 percent support you.
I say go for it!
We both go for it.
You're not just talking about
business, are you?
Commitment to one another,
I love you, Mr. Wreitz.
Mom would bust us big time
for this.
What do you mean, honey?
Paper plates?
Sitting on the floor?
Alright, let me tell you
girls something about your mom.
Before either of you were born
and we owned a kitchen table,
we had a lot of meals
on this floor.
Not mom.
No, it's true.
I saw it.
She was in grad school, I was
doing all the cooking.
Nobody wanted to do dishes.
Makes sense.
Why do you think your mom
is so adamant
about having family
dinner together?
What's this about?
Yeah, dad.
Well, I asked Jen what she
wanted to do for Mother's Day
two weeks ago and she
said she'd get back to me,
and of course I haven't
heard a word since, so...
Of course.
And I just figured she's
been watching out for us,
maybe it's time we did
something for her.
So I'm going to need your help.
Sure, dad.
Anything for mom.
What'd you have in mind?
I'm in.
Oh, Kate.
I need you to help me out
with something special.
Okay, what is it?
Oh my gosh!
We're gonna need your friends
to help, too.
Sure, dad!
Great, thank you so much.
Be sure to have the roses
delivered as soon as possible.
Wow, I didn't hear you come in.
Oh, I just got home.
What's up, sweetie?
It's awfully quiet in here.
Yeah, it's just kind of
a chill night.
Texting Zach?
No, I'm following orders.
No texting, no calling,
no emails.
This is just an assignment
for school.
Well then what's the verdict?
With Zach?
I mean, he's great on Twitter,
but in a room, not so much.
Sounds like he doesn't know
how to talk to girls.
Yeah, exactly.
What's with guys my age?
Oh, they-
they come around.
Trust me.
So should I give up?
Well, do you like him?
I mean, he's the only one
in my class who got an A
for his paper on
Romeo and Juliet.
That's something, right?
Yeah. Why don't you give it
a little bit more time?
You know, I actually like
this face to face thing, mom.
It's kind of retro, you know?
Okay, I think we have
everything covered.
How's the song?
It's hard and I'm nervous,
No, I heard her,
she sounds great.
I bet she does.
It's gonna be a busy couple
of days but I'm available
on my cell phone any time, okay?
We'll make sure mom doesn't
suspect a thing.
That's not gonna be easy,
I mean, she knows about
things before they even happen.
It's scary.
Yeah. It is.
See what I mean?
Hey, are you trying to sneak
off without saying goodbye?
What is up with you guys?
You've been very secretive
for the past week.
Honey, we couldn't keep
a secret from you.
Right girls?
Uh, not convincing, but okay.
Mom, control their paranoia.
She's right, mom.
Okay, love you guys! Bye!
Be brilliant today.
They're gonna love
your presentation.
Good luck.
Thank you.
I don't need any luck though,
I have a lucky watch now.
Oh, did you call Angela?
I know, I'm finding
my inner cowardice.
But I did start working
on the business plan.
Because I have an appointment
with the venture partners
next week.
And by the way, Mother's Day
is fast approaching.
Make no plans.
The board leaves
early Sunday morning
and I have the day off and
I have a surprise for you.
Oh, I made dinner plans.
No plans.
But I called people-
No plans.
That sounds like a plan.
No, okay.
I'm not.
I love you.
I love you.
The front porch.
Now there's a concept that's
fallen out of fashion.
Well, some would say
it's wasted space.
Useless square footage.
After all, what do you use
a porch for?
Our grandparents would use it
to greet the neighbours.
Sometimes invite them over
for after dinner coffee.
We decorate the front porch
for Christmas.
A front porch welcomes the
neighbor's kids for Halloween.
And if we're lucky, some day
from the front porch
we'll watch our grandkids play.
The front porch is the welcoming
of a family home.
Not just a house, but a home.
That's why I say we should
bring the front porch back,
and everything
that it represents.
It's commitment to community,
it's commitment to family.
I want to build something
that stands up to
the test of time.
I want to build something
that represents the very best
in all of us.
Thank you for your time.
I'd like to get those
partnership contracts
back to the attorney, Jennie.
What is it?
I'm questioning our methodology.
I don't trust this reliance
on statistics.
The research has been vetted.
It is accurate.
People are unique,
and they require handling that
reflects their uniqueness.
I didn't realize you were
questioning the validity
of how we're operating.
I think the protocols need
to be reassessed and revised.
I think they're fine the way
that they are.
I'm not looking to reinvent
the wheel.
And that's why I can't sign
the contracts.
Angela, it's been an amazing
11 years,
I'm going to miss
this place and you,
but it's time that I move on.
You're sure about this?
A spa day?
We booked you
the deluxe package.
I'll hold down the fort here.
You don't have to do
anything except show up,
enjoy it and relax.
No excuses.
They're gonna do your hair
and your make-up.
Kate and I put together your
A limo?
You'll love it, so don't
You got me a limo?
You should probably get a
facial while you're there, too.
You're looking a little stale.
You're lucky you're family.
Okay, bye!
Take this.
Thank you.
Bye, mom!
Okay, let's go. Come on.
Okay, three hours and counting.
Flowers are in a minute,
catering is in an hour,
everybody's got their
Are we pumped?
Let's go!
You have to relax,
Mrs. Wreitz.
Yeah, woah!
It's just that my feet are
really sensitive.
There's only one way to get
you type A moms to relax.
I'm relaxed.
This is me relaxing.
Yeah, okay.
Hey guys, hold up a sec.
Thank you for being on time.
I need you in the side yard,
right over there.
Can you put that in
the garage please,
be careful.
If you break it, you bought it.
This is going to be amazing.
I know, right?
Um, the spa called, Jennie
will be here very shortly.
Okay, I'm gonna go change.
Oh, hey, hey, hey.
Uh, how's Kate doing?
She's a wreck but she's
mastering her nerves.
Not too much pressure?
No, she's a good wreck.
It'll be great.
Are those straight,
do you think?
What's going on here?
No, no questions,
just follow orders.
Come in.
What happened to my living room?
That's my couch.
You look so rested.
You're glowing.
The dress is perfect.
There's a taco truck
in my backyard.
I find that strange.
What's one person's strange
is another's normal,
that's what makes
life so unique.
You should go to the bedroom.
I should?
Where's Ian and the girls?
Did the movers take them, too?
Remember, no questions.
That's a disco ball.
Not a question.
Just saying.
Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day.
You still have them.
Yeah, I pulled them out of
storage, cleaned them up.
Put some new laces in.
You look beautiful.
The girls made a perfect choice.
Yeah, they did.
Ian, what's going on
around here?
You just enjoy and relax.
How can I relax
when there's
a taco truck in our yard?
It's okay, honey.
You can answer it.
Not on Mother's Day.
It's probably about the
New Orleans project,
I'm sure it's important.
You are acting very strangely.
Did something happen
when you met with them?
I told them I can't take the job
if I have to move my family
to New Orleans.
Ian, you can't-
I can't ask you and the girls
to make that kind of sacrifice
for me, it's not fair.
It's not right.
Oh, sweetheart, you didn't
have to turn down the job.
I know how important this
project is to you
and even more how important
you are to the project.
I made the right decision.
For me and for us.
And the good news is
we got the commission.
Monroe is thrilled.
That's great.
But listen to me, okay?
You have to go back
and tell Monroe
that you're gonna manage
the project.
Ian, this is your vision.
This is a huge opportunity
for you.
Listen to me, we will move,
I am so okay with that.
We'll just-we'll...
we'll make it like
an adventure, okay?
It'll be our adventure.
We can-we can just all go
out of our comfort zone.
I am-I am so okay with this,
really, I am.
We'll move.
Why aren't you saying anything?
This is so not like you.
I am going to run the project.
But you just said that-
I'm going to run it
from Seattle.
Well, they said I was
the only architect
that had vision there.
Everybody else talked about
property values,
square footage and
cost reduction.
Then what did you talk about?
Front porches.
You talked about family.
I am so proud of you.
I'm proud of us.
And now you can start
your new business
and I can work from Seattle and
nothing has to change.
Oh, everything changes.
Everything changes.
Jennie, Ian, it's time.
Time for what?
No questions.
Come on.
Mom, dad, I want you
to meet Zach.
Pleasure to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Zach.
Sir, thank you for inviting me.
You're welcome.
Thanks for coming.
If you'll excuse us.
Well, Jennie Maclntyre,
I've been thinking
about our relationship
and I think it's time
we took this to the next level.
No more blind dates.
However, from this day forward
I will never again
stop courting you.
Now, let's make it official.
Jennie, the last 15 years
of being married to you
have been better than anything
I could have ever possibly
imagined in my life.
Would you please do me the
honour of marrying me again?
She said yes.
Ta, ta, ta, ta!!!!
For you, Mrs. Wreitz.
The only thing missing from
our first wedding was the girls.
After 15 years, them being with
us and our family complete,
what would be better than
renewing in front of them?
Hello, Jennie.
Hi, Reverend Bob.
Mom, can I walk you down
the aisle?
I would love that.
We are here today
to join Jennie and Ian Wreitz
as they renew their
wedding vows.
Ian, would you take
Jennie's hand?
Jennie and Ian,
do you reaffirm the vows you
made to each other 15 years ago?
To have and to hold each
other in sickness and in health,
till death do you part?
I do.
I do.
Then you may now seal that
promise with a kiss.
That was a good one.
It was.
My favourite flowers,
my favourite foods,
my favourite people.
You think I wasn't listening
during all those blind dates?
I forgot one thing on
the list though.
What's that?
Your favourite song.
Don't go changing
To try and please me.
You never let me
down before.
I don't imagine
You're too familiar
And I don't see
you anymore.
I would not leave you
in times of trouble,
We never could have
come this far.
I took the good
Will you dance with me?
I'd love to.
I take you just
the way you are.
Don't go tryin'
Some new fashion.
Don't change the colour
of your hair.
You always have my
Unspoken passion,
Though I might not seem
to care.
I don't want clever
I never want to work
that hard.
I just want someone
That I can talk to.
I want you just
the way you are.