Justice Chowdhary (2000) Movie Script

Hello, sir.
- Hello.
I am late,
because I got stuck in traffic.
Here, take it.
Not an issue.
- Manohar Deshmukh.
He runs a sandwich kiosk
outside the Super Cinema.
But actually, he is
Justice Chowdhary's informer.
Last time,
Justice Chowdhary informed
the authorities about
our drugs worth, ten crore.
He is the one who gave him
the information.
This bag contains one million
and the man's photograph.
Fine. Consider your job done.
What is your name?
Manohar Deshmukh, sir.
Come with me to the police station.
But what have I done?
- You bldy scoundrel!
Do not talk too much! Understood?
Let me go, sir. I am innocent, sir.
The worst criminals talk
in front of Kadam.
I'll get in, sir. Huh.
You idiot!
If the politician has extended his
balcony, just do what you have to!
Demolish the balcony! Understood?
And I am here.
I will manage the rest!
Go! Go! Okay.
- What is it?
She is my wife.
- So, what can I do?
I want a divorce.
This is a police station. We don't
grant divorce here.
The court can grant you a divorce,
- Hmm.
Your wife is very beautiful!
Why do you wish to divorce her?
Tell me?
She is dissolute. She is
promiscuous, Inspector, sir.
She is having an affair
with our neighbours.
No, Inspector, no. He is
falsely accusing me.
Please, ask him.
Does he have
proof to support his accusation?
What proof do you have?
- Sir,
the greatest proof is that,
I have a one-year-old son...
Inspector sir, he is lying again.
Actually, he is a truck driver.
He stays outside
for seven days a week.
So, he keeps suspecting me.
Inspector, sir, please,
look into my eyes.
Look at me carefully. Do I look
dissolute to you?
No... You are...
Hey, aren't you ashamed?
You are unnecessarily accusing
such a good and decent woman?
I will lock you up in jail.
Look, sir, how she has wrapped you
around her finger?
No, no, she did not come after me.
I have fallen for her!
- Just step aside.
Look, here.
- Hmm?
I have a thought.
This man, Gande Lal,
is not fit for you.
You need a solid man.
And I can be that man.
I will handle you. You, please
give him a divorce.
- I hope you will look after me?
You are such a good man, brother!
Not your brother! Not your brother,
I will become your friend.
You will become my friend!
I think I have understood you well.
So, brother, may I leave, now?
You have left my heart aflutter!
I better leave now.
- Bye.
I have explained everything to her.
Now, both of you better leave.
Go separately.
I will explain the rest later.
Okay? Go!
- Bye.
Hey, Singh.
- Yes, sir?
What do you think of
this woman's character?
She has a loose character.
Sir, she is not fit for you.
She is not loose.
She is very loose!
May I recite a couplet?
- Sure, sir.
This woman hides sin in her heart.
This woman hides sin in her heart.
And her neighbour is
the father of that child!
Wow! Wow! Awesome! Awesome!
Inspector, sir.
- What is it?
I have come from Indira Nagar.
- So?
Your men have arrested
a boy from our slum.
I have come here to make
the bail payment.
What is his name?
- Manohar Singh.
Manohar Singh?
There is no boy by that name
in our police station.
There is no one, right?
- No, sir.
He is not here, brother.
- Then who took him?
Brother! Wake up, brother!
Wake up, brother!
No. How did this happen, brother?
Just to get an extra star
on their shoulder strap,
policemen these days, kill any
innocent man in an encounter.
Listen to me, daughter. You must go
to Justice Chowdhary right away.
In this case, he is the only person
who can get you justice.
Greetings, Chowdhary.
Mr. Chowdhary, Mr. Ghanshyam
wanted to see you.
What is it?
His brother is being tried
for a murder case.
The court will give
the final verdict tomorrow.
The other party has
already spoken to the judge.
He may not get the death sentence,
but there is a chance he will
get life imprisonment.
So, what can I do?
My brother is innocent,
Mr. Chowdhary.
Raghu Shetty has framed my brother.
You are the only one
who can save him.
Mr. Chowdhary, he has brought
one million rupees.
Keep your money.
When the court acquits
your brother of all charges,
then donate this money
to an old age home.
Of course, sir.
I hope my brother
will come out safe?
Relax and go home.
- Thank you, sir.
Mr. Chowdhary, if you give the word,
should I conduct an inquiry?
What inquiry?
Whether or not his brother
is truly innocent?
A mother's milk and
a desperate man's tears,
are never adulterated.
Ghanshyam's brother is innocent.
I am here to meet Justice Chowdhary.
Who are you? What is the matter?
Whatever it is, I will speak to him
Tell me. I am Justice Chowdhary.
I have heard,
your court specialises in giving
justice to the poor and helpless?
You have heard right.
Then I am very sure,
you will be fair to me.
Police atrocity,
has snatched my brother from me.
Mr. Chowdhary.
I think, she is
Manohar Deshmukh's sister.
You are right.
The Manohar Deshmukh, whom
Inspector Kadam arrested and killed,
he was my brother.
When the protector of the law
becomes a murderer,
how can one expect justice
in the court of law?
And that is why I have come to you.
What sort of justice do you want?
Should we chop off
his hands and legs?
He will beg at a traffic signal
for the rest of his life.
This will not soothe
the pain in my heart.
I want to see him dead.
Who are you?
Mr. Chowdhary...
I am very ashamed.
Please, forgive me.
I... I unknowingly made a mistake.
I... I swear on my children, I...
I will never do
something like this again.
I... I fall at your feet. I...
All the doors to forgiveness
are closed for you, Kadam.
Because Justice Chowdhary's court,
has announced the verdict
for your death.
This court follows the ritual of,
asking a person for his last wish
before he dies.
But you are the wolf,
to whom this ritual
is not applicable.
Hey, what sort of justice is this?
Who are you, Chowdhary?
This is not justice!
You are sitting with a revolver
and there are so many men here!
And I am an unarmed man!
Hey! Fight me like a man,
if you have it in you?
You are a coward! You are a loser!
Are you challenging Mr. Chowdhary?
No, Chotan!
Let him go.
Don't be afraid.
I will not shoot you.
You challenged my manhood.
And therefore, I have come,
alone and unarmed.
Sir, yesterday
Justice Chowdhary's men,
kidnapped Inspector Kadam.
I have a feeling,
Justice Chowdhary has something
to do with this murder.
Why don't we arrest him?
Hey, Singh!
You don't understand things, buddy.
You don't know how the law works.
We cannot arrest anyone
without proof or witness.
Besides, Justice Chowdhary
is doing our work.
The things we can't do
in uniform, he does it free of cost.
And he doesn't sip government
sponsored tea either!
Besides, Kadam was a dog, scoundrel
and a corrupt fellow.
That scoundrel was a black stain
on our department.
Wow! I remember a wonderful
couplet that suits Kadam.
Should I recite the couplet?
- Sure, sir.
Let it go, buddy. It is useless to
recite a couplet for Kadam.
Hey, buddy!
This is also a couplet!
- Wow! Wow!
Hey, why don't you go
and do your work?
Inspector Kadam was
a professional killer.
He would kill anyone for money.
But Justice Chowdhary chew him
like a soft betel nut,
and no one even
came to know about it.
But Inspector Kadam's death
is a huge challenge for us.
Because everyone in
the underworld knows that,
Inspector Kadam was
the pet dog of the Thukral company.
So, what if one dog is dead, uncle?
There are plenty of corrupt police
officers in the department.
What do we do with
this Justice Chowdhary?
He obstructs our work at every step.
When a new girl joins a brothel,
then she becomes
the talk of the town.
And this Justice Chowdhary
is a new player,
in the world of crime.
And therefore, everyone
is talking about him.
Just wait till our elder brother
comes back from Dubai.
Then see, how the tables turn.
'Where were you all this while?'
'I went to buy a book for you.'
'Book? For me?'
'Okay, not bad.'
'Come on, let's go home.'
You must have read of
Kadam's death in the newspaper?
When sorrow becomes
a part of your life
You should embrace it with a smile.
Manohar will not come back again.
But you have to live your life.
Get a grip on yourself.
Please, take this madam.
Keep this money.
And if you ever need my help,
come to me without any hesitation.
I will always be grateful to you,
for what you have done for me.
But I cannot accept this money.
Look, I know that you are
a self-respecting girl.
But money is an essential need
for a person.
Keep it. You will need it.
- No.
Do not force her, Chotan.
In my eyes, this girl is
great and wealthy.
Do you know why?
Because she has the greatest
treasure on this earth.
And that is, self-respect.
I appreciate such people,
who want to take
responsibility for their life,
I have a Bachelor's degree. If you
wish to help me, please,
help me get a job, somewhere.
These days it is hard to get
a job without recommendation.
And that is why I am
asking for your help.
Don't worry.
You will get a job.
"She sports
a pair of tight jeans'
"She pairs her jeans
with a white t-shirt."
"Look around this girl."
"This girl is a dynamite!"
"I walk around with
a pair of tight jeans'
"I pair my jeans
with a white t-shirt."
"These clothes are very tight"
"I am a dynamite!"
"She neglects her studies and
is obsessed with fashion."
"She behaves like a don."
"The way she walks,"
"she looks like a boy
and not a girl"
"She behaves like a don."
"The way she walks
she looks like a boy and not a girl"
"I walk around with
a pair of tight jeans"
"I pair my jeans
with a white t-shirt."
"These clothes are very tight"
"I am a dynamite!"
"Don't look at this face"
"Don't spy on me"
"Beware! Don't come close to me."
"Don't look at this face"
"Don't spy on me"
"Beware! Don't come close to me."
"She pairs her jeans
with a white t-shirt."
"She pairs her jeans
with a white t-shirt."
"Look around this girl."
"This girl is a dynamite!"
"I walk around with
a pair of tight jeans"
"I pair my jeans
with a white t-shirt."
"These clothes are very tight"
"I am a dynamite!"
"Yes, she is a dynamite!"
Yeah? Who? Rahul sir.
Yeah, yeah.
One second, Rahul sir.
Rahul sir has called.
Hello. Happy birthday.
I hope you are having
a good time with friends?
Hey, you will have to excuse me.
I have a meeting with a minister.
I will definitely come
in the evening.
Oh, yes, of course, I will come.
'Happy Birthday Rahul.'
Brother, I am very happy,
you have come.
I didn't think you would come.
Hey, how could you
have thought that?
Can I possible not come
on your birthday?
Come on, cut the cake.
There you go!
Happy birthday,
to my,
lovely, brother.
Have some, mother.
Mother, brother is feeding you
with love. Why don't you eat?
These hands are stained
with the blood of so many people,
how can I eat cake
offered by those hands?
Huh, no problem.
I will feed you later.
But mother, today both of us will
eat food prepared by your hands.
No, Rahul.
I will not eat.
Because of your birthday,
I got a glimpse of mother
and I am satisfied.
Not every son is fated to,
eat food prepared by his mother.
But, brother?
Brother, I am glad you have
come back from Dubai.
Because things have gone
out of hand.
We had to stop dealing in drugs
because of Justice Chowdhary.
We have lost millions.
Dad, our ladies
beer bar business,
has closed down because Justice
Chowdhary put pressure on the MLA.
We had asked the builder Bipin Shah
for one crore, protection money.
But he went to Chowdhary
with the matter.
And that Chowdhary... That bldy...
He called me and threatened that
if we ask Bipin for money,
then he will chop off
our hands and legs.
My name is Aajgar Thukral.
I don't bite... I just swallow.
We will deal with
Justice Chowdhary later,
first, let's go and
meet that builder.
What did you say his name is?
That bldy...
- Bipin Shah.
First of all, we must
meet Bipin Shah.
Hey, are you Bipin Shah?
Yes, I am Bipin Shah?
What is the matter, Inspector, sir?
The businessman, you had
given out a contract to kill,
that goon is in our custody.
This is a lie, Inspector, sir.
I have not paid for
any contract murder.
We have brought him with us
to identify you. Bring him here.
Mr. Thukral!
Where do you think you will run?
Forgive me, Mr. Thukral. Forgive me.
I am ready to pay the one crore
that your brother has asked for.
Hey, you?
Did you not go to Justice Chowdhary
with the matter?
Now call that transgender
and tell him,
Thukral is standing in front of you
as your death.
If he has the courage, he should
come here and rescue you.
Yes, I will do that.
Give me an offer.
I am ready to pay you.
Did you all hear that? Now,
he is willing to pay one crore.
He made a mistake.
Leave him. Let him go.
The man peed in his pants
the minute he saw Thukral.
I am sorry, Bipin. I am sorry.
Though by killing you, I lost
one crore rupees,
but thanks to your murder
I will benefit by ten crore rupees.
Ten crore rupees.
The police will neither find
witnesses nor proof, in this case.
So they will not be able to
arrest me.
on the basis of suspicion,
the name of Thukral company,
will be splashed all over
the television and print media!
Let's go.
You have only five minutes.
Say whatever you want to.
Chowdhary I am here to tell you,
both of us are in the same business.
It doesn't make sense
to fight amongst ourselves.
If you want, we can sit
and deliberate on this.
We can divide our business zones.
And we can also conclude that,
after today,
we will not create obstacles
in each other's paths.
I have come here to extend
a hand of friendship.
I have understood what you
are trying to say, Aajgar Thukral.
You want to add to your strength
by making friends with me.
But, this is not possible.
Fire and explosives,
can never be friends.
And if they shake hands, it will
cause an explosion and disaster.
Chowdhary, don't forget that
my name is Aajgar Thukral.
One who doesn't bite his enemy.
But swallows him!
But Justice Chowdhary,
doesn't swallow his enemy,
he pets him.
He plays with him.
Because if there is no opposition
in politics and underworld,
there is no fun.
And as far as enmity is concerned,
you don't even have the locus
for me to treat you as my enemy.
It's true,
you have served some politicians
and become a small-time
don in Ghatkopar.
But to me, your standard,
is like that of this betel leaf.
I can chew it any time
I want to and spit it out.
Hello, Mr. Chowdhary.
Chotan came to me. He said
you wished to see me?
I have good news for you.
I have arranged a job for you.
Thank you.
Very strange.
I gave you good news, but I don't
detect any joy on your face?
I have got nothing but sorrow
since my childhood,
so, somewhere deep down, I have lost
the ability to be happy.
My parents died when I was still,
a child.
I had one brother... He also...
Your sorrow is such that
no one can do anything for you.
Try to be happy.
Life will become bearable.
This is your appointment letter.
- Huh.
Appointment letter?
Without appearing for an interview?
If I recommend a person, they don't
have to appear for an interview.
If you wish, you can join
tomorrow itself.
Thank you, Mr. Chowdhary.
Thank you very much.
Hey, Sarita! Surprised
to see me?
Wonder how I came here?
Hey, I came out of jail today.
So, I came to meet you, first.
Now, do you believe
that Babu Sanki loves you?
I came to know in jail that
someone killed your brother?
I felt very sad to hear it.
I felt very bad.
And now you must be all alone?
And me...
I have been alone
ever since I was born.
May I say something?
Let's get married.
I have told you several times
not to come after me.
I don't like to talk to a goon
like you. Understood?
Now, listen to me carefully.
You will have to marry me.
Because if Babu Sanki sets his eyes
on something once,
that thing belongs to him.
Now, you slapped me.
But it is not the decent thing
to slap you back.
Because, I am your lover.
And lovers don't hit their
sweethearts. What say, friends?
Way to go brother.
- I have loved you for ages.
Hey, then sing along with me. Why
are you all standing so far?
"I have loved you for ages."
"Whether you like it or not"
"Whether you like it or not"
Hey, listen to me.
You better be ready tomorrow.
I will come with your bridal outfit.
I will take you to the Siddhivinayak
temple to get married.
Wait for me. Got it?
"Whether you like it or not"
Hey, listen to what
I am telling you.
That place is good for
a ladies beer bar.
First, try and explain to
Shetty politely,
but if he doesn't understand,
then get the document signed
at gunpoint.
Understood? I will manage the rest.
When did you come out of jail?
- Just today, brother.
So what do you want to do next?
Now I want to stop these
small time activities.
Now, I have decided to
work with you.
It is not that easy to join
the Thukral Company. Got it?
Babu, Jagdish is right.
First, show us what you can do.
And then I will take you into
the Thukral Company.
Mr. Thukral what is a greater
crime than murder?
Tell me who should I finish,
I'll just go and kill him.
I will tell you when the time comes.
Brother, can you lend me
twenty thousand rupees?
Vicky give him
twenty thousand rupees.
But brother, at least ask him,
what will he do with
twenty thousand rupees?
He will spend it on some
dancer at a beer bar.
What else?
No, sir. I am getting married
I want to take my bride shopping.
Wish you all the best
for your marriage, Babu.
Thank you, sir.
- Enjoy yourself.
See you.
Daddy, why did you give
twenty thousand rupees to this goon?
You won't understand.
You won't understand.
Such boys come in very
handy, in our business.
I have just filled bullets into
an empty revolver.
Later on, I will use it
when required.
"That intoxicating look
in your eyes"
Hey. "Your fragrant body"
"Whether you say yes or no"
Hey, Sarita! Look, Babu Sanki is
here. Where are you?
Give me a betel leaf, Chotan.
There you go, Mr. Chowdhury.
Just explain to him
what this betel leaf means.
Mr. Chowdhary likes to have betel
with catechu and lime.
Do you know why?
Because if you eat betel
with catechu and lime,
the mouth becomes red.
And Mr. Chowdhary turns
the faces of roadside Romeos,
like you, red without the betel.
Mr. Chowdhary, it's below your
dignity to touch this lowlife scum.
I will tell him,
what happens when he looks
at a decent girl with bad intent.
No, Chotan.
There is no need to hurt him.
If you wish to live,
then leave this city and
go away, right now.
Otherwise, Justice Chowdhary
forgives only once,
the second time you will not
get forgiveness, but death.
Let him go.
Let's go.
Rahul, catch.
Come on. It's enough now.
No, Rahul, I don't want to swim.
- Hey, come on.
No, Rahul. No.
- Come on.
Rahul, no.
- Yeah!
You... Naughty...
- Huh.
Are you scared? Huh? Why?
Inspector, it seems there's nothing
like law and order in this city.
The goons rule this place.
It has become difficult to start
any new business.
Come to the point, please.
What is your problem?
Recently, I have started
a new hotel.
Bipin Thukral called me.
He has asked me to pay him
fifty lakhs as protection money.
And he has threatened me,
that if I don't give him this
money, he will kill me.
What is the problem?
Give him the money
and save your life.
That's it. Very simple.
You are saying this
as a police officer?
Look, the police cannot do
anything in this case.
At the most, I can give you
two gunmen.
That's it.
But I can give you some advice,
if you are interested?
Go straight to Justice Chowdhary
from here.
Give him my regards and tell him,
sir, I am in great trouble.
And he will help you. No problem.
Maybe you are right.
- Hail the Goddess.
Hail the Goddess.
- God bless.
Thank you.
Why is Justice Chowdhary
not in our department?
You needn't worry.
Aajgar Thukral's brother
cannot harm you.
Justice Chowdhary is the lion king
of the jungle of crime.
When someone comes under
the lion's protection,
the wolves dare not
look at him again.
Thank you so much, Mr. Chowdhary.
Please, go.
- I have understood, Mr. Chowdhary.
What is it Chowdhary? Why have you
called me here?
Huh. Son?
I could have sent you his dead body.
But he is alive because I don't
want to misuse my power.
Take your son home
and explain to him,
that after today, he will not harass
Sampath Jain for money.
Otherwise, I will shave his beard
and drape a sari on him,
and will force him to live like
a transgender
for the rest of his life.
Wow! What a piece?
She is a ball of fire!
Hey, drunk, speak softly.
Do you know, who she is?
She is Justice Chowdhary's mistress.
If someone hears you, our matter
will go to Justice Chowdhary.
Hey, no, no, Mr. Dayal.
Consider your work done.
You needn't thank me.
This is my job.
Okay, bye.
These are Miss Sarita's
property papers.
You told me, so I got them.
Okay, keep them with you.
My mother won't have a problem.
I am sure, the minute she sees you,
she will be ready to make
you, her daughter-in-law.
But Anjali...
There is a problem. My brother...
He is a strict man.
It is hard to impress him easily.
What do you mean?
Won't you marry me, if he disagrees?
- Yes.
I cannot marry you.
- Huh?
Because, brother is like my father.
He has made all my life decisions
ever since I was a child.
Get this straight.
I have always taken
my life decisions.
I don't care if your brother
rejects me.
Because I love you.
And I will marry you.
And this is my final decision.
I liked it! I liked it!
This passion... This madness
and this attitude.
I am smitten.
- You naughty.
I love you, darling.
I love you very much.
- Me too.
And let us seal this with a kiss.
Not now. Let's go.
Mr. Chowdhary, you?
Please come, sit down.
No. You look very disturbed.
Ah, nothing.
Take this.
What is this?
Your property papers.
There were with the bank
as mortgage.
The loan that Manohar took from
the bank, for this house.
I have paid off that loan.
But Mr. Chowdhary?
I know what you will say.
I have not come here to do
you any favour.
Treat this as a loan.
You can keep money
from your salary aside,
you can pay me back.
I will never be able to
repay your favours.
But I would like to make
a request to you, Mr. Chowdhary.
Please, don't come to
my house after today.
Hey, what nonsense are you talking?
Mr. Chowdhary doesn't come here
with an ulterior motive.
Distrusting him is like insulting
God. Do you understand?
Chotan please go out.
Look, I promise you, I will never
come here again.
But you must tell me why did you
say such a thing?
people of the slum think,
I am your mistress.
Look, I don't care for my image.
But, you are akin to God for me.
I don't want to be the cause
of your humiliation.
A girl's reputation is
as delicate as glass.
Even if a tiny pebble of bad
reputation falls on it,
then it shatters to pieces.
I will look for a good boy
and arrange your marriage.
This is not an easy task,
Mr. Chowdhary.
I am being perceived as
the mistress of Justice Chowdhary.
Who will marry me, now?
And even if you forcibly
arrange my wedding,
my husband to be,
will never respect me.
He will always treat me
as your ex-mistress.
Will you marry me.
Will you marry me?
Brother, you got married?
What a pleasant surprise, brother.
- Thank you.
Many congratulations
to the both of you.
Mother, a girl,
who doesn't have a family
or a dear one,
this world is as good as hell
for her, mother.
Sarita is a lonely
and helpless girl.
So, I have married her.
So that she can live with dignity.
I know mother,
that you will not bless me.
But I hope you can bless your wife?
Bless you.
I am glad, dear, that you have
come into his life.
Maybe, because of you, his life
will change for the better.
He thinks,
his mother doesn't love him.
You tell me, dear.
Can a mother ever hate her son?
I hate his profession, dear.
Now that you are here,
you reason with him.
He doesn't listen to anything I say.
Mother, please. No lecture
on a day like this!
Today is brother's wedding day.
We must have a party.
We must have a blast!
What say, brother?
Huh... Isn't it?
"He left his
handkerchief while leaving!"
"He did not leave his address
but left me thinking about him."
"He left his
handkerchief while leaving!"
"He did not leave his address
but left me thinking about him."
"My mother-in-law's boy!"
"My mother-in-law's boy left me
in a very bad state."
"My mother-in-law's boy left me
in a very bad state."
"He left his
handkerchief while leaving!"
"He did not leave his address
but left me thinking about him."
"My eyes are full of passion"
"My lips drip with
the intoxication of alcohol."
"My heart beats so fast"
"My eyes are full of passion"
"My lips drip with
the intoxication of alcohol."
"My heart beats so fast"
"Days and months have gone by"
"So many years have passed"
"My mother-in-law's boy!"
"My mother-in-law's boy left me
in a very bad state."
"My mother-in-law's boy left me
in a very bad state."
"He left his
handkerchief while leaving!"
"He did not leave his address
but left me thinking about him."
"I have so many desires. I can't
keep my heart in check."
"I cannot control myself and
my heart burns with desire."
"I have so many desires. I can't
keep my heart in check."
"I cannot control myself and
my heart burns with desire."
"I am eighteen years old."
"I don't have a grip on my heart."
"My mother-in-law's boy!"
"My mother-in-law's boy left me
in a very bad state."
"My mother-in-law's boy left me
in a very bad state."
"He left his
handkerchief while leaving!"
"He did not leave his address
but left me thinking about him."
"My mother-in-law's boy!"
"My mother-in-law's boy left me
in a very bad state."
"My mother-in-law's boy left me
in a very bad state."
"He left his
handkerchief while leaving!"
"He did not leave his address
but left me thinking about him."
Welcome. Welcome, Mr. Dogra.
Your excellency.
Thank you.
- Please, come.
What is this?
Is it your birthday today?
No, Mr. Dogra, it is not my birthday.
It is your birthday,
and we want to celebrate.
Actually, brother was aware that
it is your birthday today.
So we thought of
giving you a surprise.
And you are my guest.
And a guest is like God.
- Thank you, very much. Thank you.
I like it. I like it.
- Brother, cut the cake.
I love the smell of blood.
I love the smell of blood.
Wow! Wow! Mr. Thukral. Wow!
I haven't seen a dangerous man
like Mr. Dogra in my life.
A man who cuts his hand
and smells his own blood.
Awesome, Mr. Thukral.
If the two of you shake hands,
we will rule the entire Mumbai.
And as far as Justice Chowdhary
is concerned.
Like this... Like this, like this...
We will blow him up like this!
I hate noise.
Did you want to
celebrate my birthday?
Let's celebrate. Say,
happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you, dear, Dogra.
Welcome, Mr. Dogra.
Welcome to our show.
We welcome you to
the IBC business world.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
You have come to India
from America,
and you want to start your
business in India?
What is the reason for this?
India is such a country,
which has a consumer market.
Today the entire world has realised,
that India is the...
The most...
I want to turn Mumbai into
an arms distribution centre.
We will distribute arms to
the entire country from here.
Mr. Dogra, it is not so easy
to do this from Mumbai.
Justice Chowdhary creates
obstacles for us at every turn.
If you wish to succeed
in the world of crime.
You must learn to break
through each obstacle.
But Justice Chowdhary.
And try to ensure,
that in this business of arms,
he becomes a twenty-five
per cent partner.
And if he refuses,
then let me know.
Then I will tell you how to
break through an obstacle.
Because Dogra is that cobra,
who if stings,
a man will die instantly.
It spells, the end.
I am aware, Mr. Chowdhury.
That you did not shoot
at the television,
but in the heart of DD Dogra.
I am sure there is more to it
then the eye sees.
Though you are not
related to me by blood,
I treat you as my
younger brother, Chotan.
So, I will tell you
everything today.
- Yes, mother.'
'Have you put my medicines
in the bag?'
'Yes, mother, I have packed
everything properly.'
I don't see Rahul?'
'I am right here, mother.'
'You take an hour to get
ready, just like a girl.'
'Now tell me, did you get
the car properly checked?'
'Mother, the car is just fine.'
'There is no problem now.
- Okay.'
'Brother, Rahul.'
'Don't let mother eat
anything on the way.'
'It would have been so nice,
had you come along with me?'
'But these days, you don't
listen to a word I say.'
'You know, I am unwell.'
'So I feel scared.'
'If something happens on
the way, you all will get stressed.'
'Okay, so, I will see you then.'
'Travel safely.'
'See you, mother.
- Bless you, dear.'
'Take care of daughter-in-law.
- Bye, father.'
'Hey, where are you going, mother?'
'Son, I am going
to Shirdi with Rahul.'
'We will be back
by tomorrow evening.'
'Why this programme
to travel, all of a sudden?'
'Had you told me earlier, I would
have accompanied you?'
'Son, last night Sai Baba
came to me in my dream.'
'So I decided to go
all of a sudden.'
'Okay you go and come.'
'We will plan to go, next week.'
'Sure son, bless you.'
'Hey, Rahul. Don't drive too fast.'
'Sure, brother.
- Come on, mother.'
'How are you feeling?'
'I am okay, son.'
'But I think my blood pressure
has gone up since morning.'
'I have called Dr Gupta.'
'He is coming to see you.
- Okay.'
'Come on, dear.'
'Tell me, is there some place
in your life for me?'
'You talk of place, madam.'
'My life is dedicated to you.'
'These are mere words.'
'You spend the entire day in court.'
'And you watch television
after coming home.'
'People are right,'
'when they say, a husband and
wife love each other'
'a little less after marriage.'
'Hey, madam...'
'People are wrong.'
'Post marriage, love in
a marriage increases.'
'Look at me, I have stopped
attending parties post-marriage.'
'For whom? For your sake, right?'
'That is true.
- Period.'
'Hey, one minute, someone has
brought something for you.'
'This is the gift.'
'This is DD Dogra speaking.'
'Your court is about to hear
my brother's case.'
'Make sure he gets an acquittal.'
'You must have received ten lakh
rupees with this audio cassette?'
'I will pay you another ten lakhs
after Shankar walks free.'
'And listen to me carefully,
Raj Pratap.'
'Your family's safety is linked to
my brother's acquittal.'
'So think twice before you
give your verdict tomorrow.'
'I hope you have understood?'
'The proof and witnesses that the
police have presented to the court,'
'they prove that
the accused Shankar Dogra,'
'besides theft and murders,'
'was also involved in
illegal drugs trafficking.'
'This court declares him
to be a traitor,'
'and according to IPC 302,'
'condemns him to be hanged.'
'My brother will destroy you.'
- No!'
- Huh!'
'I love the smell of blood.'
'I love the smell of blood.'
'Oh, I got it?'
'You are trying to say that
I should let them go and kill you?'
'There is no such thing in my book.'
'Just as you have,
in your own court,'
'gave a death verdict
to my brother?'
'Similarly, today, in my court,
I sentence,'
'your sister, your wife,'
'and your father to death.'
'No! No!'
'Look. See for yourself.'
'The live show of their death.'
'Take a look!'
I could not sell my duty
and integrity.
Because of which I lost my,
wife, sister and father.
I had to pay a huge price,
for walking on the path of truth.
After that, I had just
one objective in life.
To look for DD Dogra.
I did not find Dogra.
But I found his
younger brother one day.
'Tell me, where is your
brother, Dogra?'
'I don't... I don't know.'
'Tell me, or I'll kill you.'
'He is not in India at the moment.'
'When will he come?'
'No one knows anything about,'
'his comings and goings. He
doesn't tell anyone.'
I was tired of running
from the police and law.
I met Jehangir Khan one day.
He was an underworld don.
He extended,
the hand of friendship towards me?
He said if you wish to avenge
your family's death,
then come under my wing.
I started working for Jehangir Khan,
and today I have reached here.
I had faith,
that I will definitely,
meet Dogra one day.
Mr. Chowdhary, let me teach
that Dogra a lesson.
If within twenty-four hours,
I don't behead him and
throw his head at your feet,
then this Chotan Shukla will
never show you his face.
No, Chotan.
First, I will ensure
all three of his brothers die.
And only then will he die.
Mr. Chowdhary, someone
from Mr. Thukral's place has called.
He wants to meet you.
Fix a meeting for tomorrow evening.
You want me to,
support you in
the illegal arms business.
Okay, fine.
But I have condition.
I want to discuss business
with Dogra alone.
Fine, I will fix your meeting
with Dogra.
As far as the
percentage is concerned,
I won't settle for twenty-five
per cent. It has to be fifty-fifty.
An equal share?
I agree.
Fifty per cent? Okay.
Justice Chowdhary is supporting
us in our drugs dealing,
he must have found out,
that DD Dogra is the person,
whom the underworld refers to
as the Black Cobra.
That Black Cobra if it stings,
a person dies on the spot.
Mr. Dogra, he also knows that,
Aajgar Thukral is not just
a poisonous snake,
but is more dangerous than a lion.
He doesn't just sting,
but swallows his prey.
It was a good day. Great day.
Justice Chowdhary is a friend, now.
- Let's celebrate.
We must have a party.
- Sure. Sure.
"When I walk out
in my lovely outfit"
"When I walk out
in my lovely outfit"
"At a single sign from me"
"At a single sign from me the entire
Delhi and Agra begin to groove."
"When I walk out..."
"When I walk out
in my lovely outfit"
"When I walk out
in my lovely outfit"
"At a single sign from me the entire
Delhi and Agra begin to groove."
"When I walk out..."
"When I walk out
in my lovely outfit"
"When I walk out
in my lovely outfit"
"These pretty spots on my shirt
and the glittering skirt"
"Thousands of its lovers
beg me to love them"
"These pretty spots on my shirt
and the glittering skirt"
"Thousands of its lovers
beg me to love them"
"They have gone crazy..."
"The people of Bihar, Bengal and
Andhra, have gone crazy."
"When I walk out..."
"When I walk out
in my lovely outfit"
"At a single sign from me the entire
Delhi and Agra begin to groove."
"When I walk out
in my lovely outfit"
"When I walk out
in my lovely outfit"
"The incident happened in Mumbai
in full public view"
"I walked out in Dadar and
caused a traffic jam"
"The incident happened in Mumbai
in full public view"
"I walked out in Dadar and
caused a traffic jam"
"My veil..."
"My veil has driven the people of
Khar and Bandra, crazy."
"When I walk out... When I walk out
in my lovely outfit"
"When I walk out
in my lovely outfit"
"When I walk out
in my lovely outfit"
Mr. Chowdhary, Dogra is here.
Did you see, Dogra,
how history repeats itself?
Now watch the live show
of your brother's death.
Save me, brother.
These people will kill me, brother.
I will not kill you, now.
Because you have to bear the burden
of your second brother's death.
And after that I will close,
the file of your life for good.
We are very sad to hear
about your brother's demise.
But this proves one thing
That Justice Chowdhary is not a man.
He attacked us from behind,
like a coward.
The murder of Mr. Dogra's brother,
is also a huge challenge for
the Thukral Company.
Brother, I suggest
let's start attacking
Justice Chowdhary's men.
And let us start killing them
one by one.
The way fire can burn a log and
reduce it to ashes.
In the same way, anger can
destroy a man's brain.
To survive in the world of crime,
it is not enough to be
as brave as a lion,
one must also have an eagle eye.
I don't believe in chopping
the branches.
I uproot a tree and destroy it.
After today, Justice Chowdhary,
may die at any moment.
I love the smell of blood.
Wow! Vicky.
What a girl! And she is alone.
Yeah, buddy.
She is a really sey girl.
Come on, let us check her out.
Hi, sey!
Who are you?
Beautiful girls are
Vicky Thukral's weakness.
The way a drunk cannot control
himself at the sight of a drink,
similarly at the sight
of beautiful girls,
Vicky Thukral's heart begins
to somersault.
You rascal! Get lost!
Come on, let's go somewhere?
Hey, come on. Come along.
- Hey, you!
Leave my hand!
- Hey, Rocky, pick her up.
Real men, don't play with girls,
they engage with lions!
But the two of you
don't look like real men.
You have no clue,
who you are messing with?
Non-violence! Non-violence!
Bully-boy tactics and fights
in Kirpal Singh's jurisdiction?
What is it? What?
- Inspector, sir, it's not my fault.
This scoundrel was molesting
my girlfriend.
And that is why I thrashed him.
If he was teasing your girlfriend,
why didn't you come to the police,
why did you fight?
Why did you take the law into
your hands? Huh? Speak up?
Sir, he is Justice Chowdhary's
younger brother.
I am very sorry, son.
I hope you are not hurt?
- No.
You are Justice Chowdhary's
younger brother.
The both of you look alike.
Please, give my regards
to Justice Chowdhary.
Now, you go. Go, son. Go.
May I ask you a question?
- Tell me?
Why do you respect
my brother so much?
Now, look here.
The work we do in uniform,
he does it without
wearing the uniform.
He is doing our work.
Give him my regards.
- Okay.
Go, go, go.
- Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Wow! Justice Chowdhary
is a great man.
He is God's own man.
My regards to you, sir.
you were teasing a girl.
You indulged in bullying
under my jurisdiction.
He was Justice Chowdhary's
younger brother.
Which scoundrel's son are you?
You will pay for this slap,
because I am Aajgar Thukral's son.
If you arrest me, you will
get into a lot of trouble.
You will have to pay for it.
Hey, MP Singh.
- Yes, sir?
Tell me something? He says his
father is a dangerous man,
so, what do I do now?
Sir, let him go.
Should I let him go?
Had you not been Aajgar Thukral's
son, I would have let you go.
But you are Thukral's son.
I won't let you go.
You will have to spend sometime in
the lock-up, Aajgar Thukral's son!
Arrest him!
- Huh!
They bully people in my area!
Arrest him!
- Hey, come on.
Hey, take hi, Laddu!
- Hey!
Move it! Move it!
- Hey!
How dare the inspector,
slap my brother?
He has locked him in a cell?
He probably doesn't know that
I am a dangerous man?
I don't bite, I simply swallow!
It will hardly take any time for me
to strip him of his uniform.
Hey! Get the car.
I want to meet that inspector, now.
In my opinion, you must not go
to the police station now, brother.
Because if that crazy inspector
locks you up,
the fear we generate in the hearts
of people in this city, will end.
Vicky and Jagdish will come out
on bail in a day or two.
And we will deal with
the inspector later on.
Yeah, Dogra?
I am coming to meet you.
Come, come, Mr. Thukral.
Please, come.
Meet him.
He is Mr. David.
David Gomes.
He has murdered twenty people
in, different cities of India.
But the police could not arrest him.
Very mature thinking, Mr. Dogra.
Very mature thinking.
I have understood what
you are trying to convey.
If the enemy is strong,
we should not use a weapon, but
must use our brain to kill him.
Very good.
- You are right.
I have given him the contract
to kill Justice Chowdhary.
Good. Look, David.
No one must ever know,
that we are the ones who
have hired you. Understood?
The party that gives
a contract to David,
let alone his face, David doesn't
even remember his name.
David keeps his eye
only on his target.
Very good.
- Very good. Very good.
Take this. It contains
half a million rupees.
And I will give you the rest of
the money,
after I get news of Justice
Chowdhary's death. Am I clear?
All the best.
- Best of luck.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Greetings, we have just
received news that,
'the famous Indian
underworld kingpin,'
'Chowdhary has been shot dead.'
'Today when he was
stepping out of his home,'
'an unidentified man shot him.'
'And injured Chowdhary
was rushed to the nearest hospital,'
'where the doctor
declared him dead.'
'There is still no information on
the culprit.'
'With this, we end
today's news bulletin.'
Yes, tell me. I know
you are calling.
Mr. Dogra, I have done the job.
The police are after me.
So, I cannot come and meet you.
Send my balance money,
to the cemetery in Borivali.
Don't worry.
My brother will bring
your balance money.
When a man is about to take birth,
everyone comes to know
the news of his arrival in advance.
But no one can predict,
when death will knock at the door.
- Dogra, Justice Chowdhary speaking.
I have bad news for you. I am alive.
Isn't it?
And an even more terrible news is,
that your brother is no more.
If you wish to perform
his last rites,
then go to the cemetery
in Borivali,
and collect his remains.
My brother...
You probably think,
that your elder brother,
has lost his mind.
He is sprinkling
his blood on your remains.
I have not lost my mind.
I am not mad.
I am not merely sprinkling
blood, my brother,
it is a vow that I am taking
on your corpse.
Unless I...
Sprinkle my blood on
Justice Chowdhary's body,
I will not sit in peace.
I will not sit in peace.
I swear on this blood, my brother.
Laddu Singh.
- Yes, sir.
I will accomplish something
auspicious at 3:05 PM.
Yes, sir.
- A truck will arrive at 3:06 PM.
Yes, sir.
- Stop that truck.
MP Singh.
- Yes, sir?
Do you understand?
- Yes, sir.
I can hear the truck.
And it is 3:05 PM.
- Yes, sir.
Stop the truck. Laddu, go
and stop them.
Hey, stop, hey.
- Hey, stop.
Stop! Hey, stop!
Hey, you, open the door and,
step down. What is there
inside the truck?
What, sir? There is nothing
in the truck.
Hey, step down!
Yeah, I am coming down.
- Yes, come down.
What, sir?
- Hey, move it?
What do you mean, what?
Come on, open the latch.
- Yes, I am opening it.
I am opening it, sir.
- Come on, open the door.
What, sir?
- Hey, show it to us!
Hey, come on, open the door.
- Yeah.
3:06 PM. This is
the auspicious moment.
Take a look, sir.
- Hey, open the door!
Yeah, take a look!
- Hey!
Hey, hey!
- Quiet!
Messing with me?
XXX Punjabi Dialogue
XXX Punjabi Dialogue
Do not mess with Kirpal Singh.
I am a very non-violent inspector...
Do not mess with me!
Do not mess with me!
What happened?
- Laddu hit you not me.
Just you wait!
- Ah! Huh!
What happened, son?
Where are you from?
Where are you from, son?
Where are you from, son?
- I am from Punjab.
You are from Punjab and yet
you do illegal activities?
- Do you know, who is Daler Mehndi?
- Dance like him!
- Now you will learn!
- Where? What!
Now, dance and show me your moves!
- No!
You won't dance, huh?
You won't dance? Huh?
You won't dance, huh?
You won't dance? Huh?
Get in! Get inside that box
and dance! Come on!
Come on, come on...
Dance! Dance!
- Huh?
Come on, give me your hand.
- What?
Give me your hand!
- Come.
So this is today's breaking news?
Laddu Singh. Arrest him!
Non-violent inspector, Kirpal Singh.
Today's breaking news?
I am not worried about
the fact that,
the police have caught our
truckload of arms.
Because in his statement,
the driver said that,
the truck belongs to DD Dogra.
I am happy that,
the two of you are out of jail.
There is nothing to worry about.
I will personally, meet the judge
and deal with this case.
But, brother, I will not spare
that inspector Kirpal.
He stripped and thrashed me.
Don't worry.
He beat you inside the lock up,
I will strip that bull in public
and thrash him!
What are you thinking, Vicky?
The girl who is responsible
for all this.
Now I insist,
that I will marry that Anjali,
I will make her my bride
for one night!
I like your thought.
Do you know why?
Because that girl is Justice
Chowdhary's brother's girlfriend.
Wow, son. Even I
appreciate your thought.
Playing with that
girl's dignity means,
Justice Chowdhary's dignity!
Mr. Thukral. if you say, I will go
and kidnap the girl right now?
I went underground at your behest.
Otherwise, I also
have to settle a few scores,
with that Justice Chowdhary.
You will get an opportunity
to settle your scores.
But not now.
I will tell you
when to kidnap that girl.
Why are we so happy today,
my friends?
Sir, today you have intercepted
and caught a truckload
of arms and drugs,
and have made the police department
Sir, this is a matter of great joy
for all of us.
You will get a promotion.
You will become a senior inspector
from an inspector.
Sir, we must have a party
to celebrate this joy.
Hey, not just a party, we shall
have a grand party.
May I recite a couplet?
- Yes, sir. Sir... Sir...
May I recite a couplet today?
- Sure.
It will rain.
And all of us will bathe!
We dance and sing to celebrate
the joy of promotion!
Mr. Chowdhary.
The police are desperately,
looking for Dogra,
for dealing in illegal
arms and ammunitions.
Ask our men to keep a watch
on every corner of the city.
The police should not
get their hands on Dogra.
If you give the word,
Mr. Chowdhary
we will kill Dogra at
the first chance we get?
Dogra is my enemy.
The final seal of death
on his life
I will do it on my own.
Increase the patrolling across
the city. Hurry up.
For how long will
you hide like this?
Anyway, there is
a threat to your life.
They have flashed
your photograph on television.
Bus station, railway station
and at the airport,
there are policemen
in civil clothes.
And Justice Chowdhary
won't sit quiet.
He must have put his men
on your trail.
In my opinion, you should
drive to Nepal by road.
I should go to Nepal?
I should go to Nepal, by road?
That Justice Chowdhary has,
chopped off both my arms.
He killed my brothers and,
you want me to go to Nepal?
Unless I chop
that Justice Chowdhary's,
body to tiny pieces,
I will not leave this city.
The lights at home are on.
Let's go and check.
Uncle, she is the one.
I will not spare her!
No, Vicky. Not now.
We will see what to do
tomorrow morning.
We will kidnap her. Let's go.
Those days are gone, sister,
when parents would fix
their kid's alliance.
These days, boys and girls
choose their life partners.
Since Rahul and Anjali
love each other,
who am I to cause an obstruction
in the way of their happiness?
I give my consent to this alliance.
Sure, brother.
In that case, let's find
an auspicious day and time,
and arrange their marriage.
As you say.
Mr. Chowdhary will be delighted to
hear of Rahul sir's wedding, mother.
Mr. Kasi Prasad,
this will be one of the grandest
weddings of the city.
Please, have some sweets.
Please, have.
You also have some, mother.
Please, have, Rahul sir.
Hey, come on!
- Huh!
Where are you taking me?
I said, leave me!
- Stop!
Move it!
- No, leave me!
Let go of her!
- Huh!
Leave her!
- Move!
Doctor, how is he?
Nothing to worry about.
he is alright now.
We have taken out all
the bullets from his body.
But we will keep him sedated
for twenty-four hours.
Doctor, where is Chotan?
Chotan is in the other room.
How is my Rahul sir, Mr. Chowdhary?
He is fine.
There is nothing to worry about.
And you will also, recover.
Mr. Chowdhary...
Had something happened to,
Rahul sir, Mr. Chowdhary?
So, I would,
I would,
not be able to show you my face,
Mr. Chowdhary.
Mr. Chowdhary,
now, my duty,
is over... Is over, Mr. Chowdhary.
Ch... Chotan!
- Huh!
How is Rahul, son?
There is no danger
to Rahul's life, mother, but,
Chotan is no more.
I have always
misunderstood you, son.
But today... Today I have
realised that,
it is not a sin to lift arms
against criminals.
Aajgar Thukral has,
has kidnapped our
daughter-in-law to be.
Today, for the sake of
our family dignity,
your mother is asking you
to pick up arms.
Go and rescue Anjali from
the clutches of those demons, son.
And in this battle, if you die
while destroying those sinners,
I will have no regrets, son!
Leave me!
"May Lord Indra of great fame,"
"bless us."
"May the omniscient Poosha,
bless us."
Hurry up, priest.
"The one who bestows auspiciousness
and accomplishes all,"
- "to the mother of three worlds,"
"oh, Gauri,"
"I bow to thee."
No! Let me go!
Get him!
He is dead!
Now, you also, die!
Mother, he is the demon,
who killed father, sister and Kamna!
I did not choose the path of crime
to earn money, mother
But to look for this demon!
I had taken a vow in my heart
I will kill him and,
throw his body at your feet!
And after that, I shall
surrender myself, to the law.
I know what you are trying to say?
Because I have learned
this language from you.
What you want to say is that,
we should forgive you?
That we should let you live?
- Yes.
I have also started liking
the smell of blood.