Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One (2024) Movie Script

(water splashing)
(male voice softly) The Flash.
The Flash.
It's the beginning.
He said,
"Before the beginning."
Huh? Who's there?
My lab.
Something happened.
(groans softly) And I'm so hungry.
-Uh, let's see, I'll have the--
-(Iris) The sausage and peas,
french fries, white toast,
apple pie, and coffee.
You ordered a while ago,
and I wasn't about to forget
that culinary curiosity.
That's what the name badge says.
-Here you go-- (gasps)
-Oh, Iris!
(liquid sloshing)
(gasps) Huh? What?
What just happened?
What was supposed to happen here.
We met.
I've been working too hard.
Hey, you should sit down.
-Is this okay?
I don't want to get you fired.
Doesn't matter. Today is my last day.
I've just been picking up shifts here
till my ship came in.
Where are you going?
I landed my dream job.
-GBS News.
-You're a reporter?
News writer. For now.
-But maybe someday. Who knows?
-(rain pattering)
Oh, you'll make it. I'm sure of it.
I'm Barry Allen, by the way.
Look, this may sound crazy,
but would you like to go out for lunch?
Barry Allen. (chuckles)
You're already out to lunch.
We could split this.
(both laugh)
Get up.
Get up.
(man 1) Get up!
-(woman) You need to get up.
-(man 1) Come on, Flash, get up.
-(woman) Please.
-(man 1) We need you.
-(woman) You can do it.
-(man 2) Get up, Flash.
Get up!
-You got this!
-Please don't do this.
-You weren't programmed to harm.
-(woman) Please, get up.
(man 2) Flash, get up. Get up, Flash.
The Flash. I'm the Flash.
Looks like that last blast
rattled your cage a bit.
You'd better sit this one out.
-I can handle this.
-(siren wails)
Whatever he is.
He's an android. I remember now.
-How do you know its--
-I don't know.
(sighs) Okay, fine.
I'll take care of Amazo.
No. No, don't.
(dramatic music playing)
(electronic warbling)
-(The Flash grunting)
I'm not weak. You're just heavy.
Oh, you mean you're weak?
(groans) That android,
he somehow drained my power.
-Like Parasite.
-Yeah, me too.
But I think you got
the worst of it. Oh, no!
Help me over there. (groans)
-I'll just... (groans)
-I hope it's not your birthday, pal,
'cause you couldn't blow out a candle.
-I'll draw him away.
-Flash, no.
He drained the energy out of me.
-If he gets yours...
-Don't worry.
I'll keep my distance.
(tires screeching)
-(metal clangs)
-You all right?
-I got some speed left,
but not enough
for a tornado or anything.
-You better get out of here.
-I'm not leaving you here.
(The Flash and Superman coughing)
Come on. That won't
slow him down for long.
Whoa, I know you.
-Robin Hood.
-Not Robin Hood.
Hm, you're dressed like him.
Robin Hood doesn't have a car.
(engine revs)
(Green Arrow)
He needs medical attention.
STARLABS, maybe.
Yeah, I think they're a little bit
too alien dissection-y.
Where else?
(weakly) I have a friend.
(engine roaring)
-(birds chirping)
-(doorbell rings)
(Green Arrow) Are you sure
this is a good idea?
Well, it is Halloween.
(door opens)
It's for you, sir.
-Trick or treat?
-Bruce Wayne?
I thought this address
was familiar, but...
Hello, Ollie.
And you're Barry Allen.
A forensic scientist from Central City.
Wow. How did you--
We have a friend of yours.
He gave us your address.
Bring him inside.
-(Iris) Earth to Barry!
The flowers.
What kind of flowers
should we have at the reception?
We had irises on every table. Will have.
I mean, it would look nice
if we have irises on every table.
You were time tripping again.
Quality time is my love language.
And here you were in another era.
No, I wasn't...
Yeah. I was.
Just before the Justice League formed.
You know, there are
other ways to help people
without risking your life all the time.
Why don't you help him?
-Uh, hey, mister.
Here. Why don't you get yourself
something to eat?
The worlds are ending.
Really? Which ones?
All of them.
(Iris gasps)
(knocking at door)
Uh, I'm coming.
Oh, Bruce. (scoffs)
I hardly recognized you.
I'm so used to seeing you
with all the stuff on.
Come in.
Hey, sport. What's your name?
I'm Barry.
Uh, can I get you guys
anything to drink?
Some grape soda,
or Iris left something
called "Kombucha."
-Maybe it's tea?
-No, thanks.
-I'm good.
You know, my nephew
Wally's about your age.
He's playing video games
down in the basement.
Introduce yourself.
Can I?
He just lost both his parents.
Circus accident outside Gotham.
Not really an accident.
Oh, I heard about that.
Poor kid.
You have connections with
the Central City Orphanage.
Yeah, I volunteer there. Why?
I can't put him in the system in Gotham.
Social services there is not optimum.
I see.
Bruce, have you thought this out?
Yes. That's what I do.
Right. Look.
I may be way out of line here,
but he seems comfortable with you.
You have means. Plenty of room.
-Have you considered maybe--
Fostering him? It's too dangerous.
You know what my life is like.
Bruce, he's a tightrope walker
or something.
He'll probably be safer with you.
My mission demands 100% commitment.
Doesn't leave much time
left over for a kid.
Well, you should make time.
It'd be good for him.
Good for the mission.
But most of all, it'd be good for you.
I didn't come here for a lecture.
Now, are you going to help me or not?
(EKG beeping)
(machine whirring)
(The Flash) Is he going to die?
I'm not convinced he can die.
His cells are starting to bank energy.
I think he'll be fine.
So, you're the Batman?
Is it the Batman or just Batman?
When was the last time he was conscious?
He passed out right after
giving us your address.
Thanks for understanding.
I was kind of afraid you'd be angry.
What makes you think I'm not?
So, how long did it take?
Figuring out my secret identity?
(on video) Oh, shit.
(mumbling and groaning)
(electronic beeping)
Yeah, well, I would have
figured out yours, too.
-(keyboard clacking)
-Clearly, proximity to the android
allows him to absorb
and store supernormal energy.
Some of yours, most of his.
Destroying him may be a challenge.
You think it'll come to that?
We'll have to destroy Amazo?
The android.
I mean, it didn't seem like
he knew he was doing anything wrong.
In fact, he looked sad when that old guy
gave him a talking-to.
(electronic beeping)
(Bruce) Dr. Anthony Ivo,
multiple PhDs, Nairobi University.
Metropolis Institute of Technology.
Quantum Energy Mechanics.
AI, robotics.
(Green Arrow) I know this guy.
Real eccentric. Brilliant, obviously.
I tried to hire him,
but Luthor poached him away.
LexCorp reported him missing
three weeks ago.
I wonder what he's got.
Oh, this twitch.
It's often a symptom
of nerve cell degeneration.
Yeah, or carpal tunnel syndrome.
Whatever. The point is,
there is a super powerful
giant robot out there.
And what are we going to do about it?
Based on its abilities, I suspect that
this pointless attack in Metropolis
-was just subterfuge.
-Distracting us from what?
(Bruce) I don't know.
But whatever that is,
we'll have to wait until morning.
(birds chirping)
I brewed a particularly
strong blend, sir.
Just what I needed, Alfred.
Apparently, I'm going to need
about ten million of these.
This should help you
more than the coffee.
Bruce, I'm sorry about all of this.
-I didn't know where else to go.
It's not like he's going to kill us
to keep his identity secret.
You're not, right?
Look, we should know
each other's identities
if we're going to be
a team anyway, right?
-Well, for months,
Flash has been nagging me to form
some kind of... (chuckles)
...secret superhero club.
I saw it worked great on...
Well, on a parallel Earth.
Even ignoring that last part,
it is a terrible idea. I'm a loner.
It is a terrible idea.
Nevertheless, it's exactly
what we're going to do.
The four of us are forming
some kind of super team?
No. Not just the four of us.
-(camera shutters clicking)
-(electronic music playing)
(sirens blaring)
-(tires screeching)
-(siren blaring)
(car engine revs)
(Green Lantern) You're kidding, right?
I'm already on a team.
It's called the Green Lantern Corps.
I'll pass.
What a jerk! That guy is the worst.
We have enough.
(man) You must believe.
You must bear witness.
-(electricity crackles)
(car honks)
(tires screeching)
Oops. My bad.
(woman groans)
(gasps, screams)
Hey! It's okay. I--
Toto, I have a feeling
we're not in Central City anymore.
Except, I am in Central City.
(grunts) I did it again.
No. I didn't.
That homeless guy,
he did something to me.
He sent me here.
No tanks. No Nazis.
Well, maybe Nazis.
I dub thee Earth-3.
Okay, this looks more familiar.
Speedster. Bank robbery.
Maybe I can help this world's Flash.
Well, who do we have here?
A regular Zippy Rodriguez.
Pretty sure you mean Speedy Gonzales.
And where I come from,
we look down on stealing,
crime and supervillains.
Okay, then you sure aren't
from around here, mate.
Because that's not stealing.
That's just how things get done now
the Syndicate's become the government.
Whatever. If you don't mind,
I need to get this back.
Now, hold up, mate!
Crikey, it's like running
with cement in my shoes.
You're using up half my Speed Force.
Funny, I feel faster than usual.
(chuckles) Yeah, that's 'cause I killed
every other speedster on this planet.
How do you not know that?
-What now?
-Offed 'em.
With a little help
from the rest of the Crime Syndicate.
Crime Syndicate?
Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's just for old times' sake.
What we really are is
the worldwide absolute government.
Sounds pretty cool, eh?
That'd be them now. They tend to notice
when I'm late with the money.
Uh, we got Power Ring, Owlman,
Superwoman and Ultraman.
I'm Johnny Quick, by the way.
I'd introduce you,
but... (chuckling)
You'll be too busy being dead.
-(The Flash exclaims)
-How would you like to die, speedster?
Old age.
(The Flash straining)
(camera shutter clicking)
Not only are we thrilled
that this fine city would welcome
our newly formed team of heroes,
but that it would give us
the opportunity to renovate
its beloved Metropolis Terminal Station
as our headquarters.
-Our new home.
-(camera shutters clicking)
-Why here?
-I picked it up for a song.
And this courtyard offers easy egress.
Martian Manhunter, Vixen,
Green Arrow, Flash,
Batman and myself
could not be more thrilled or humbled
at your trust and confidence in us.
But I'd be remiss if I didn't mention
that this is all truly due
to the efforts of Central City's
Scarlet Speedster,
-The Flash.
-(cheers and applause)
Oh, uh, yeah, thank you, Superman.
And I suppose you'd like
to perhaps reveal
the name of this exciting
first-ever super team... right now.
Right, Flash?
The name. (sputters)
Yeah, of the team, yes.
Yes. It is the Justice Syn...
The Justice League.
Oh, crap.
(both gasping)
(people screaming)
(Amazo) Warning. There's a shard of wood
headed for the Green Arrow's head.
On it.
Wait. Who's talking to me?
(Amazo) I've absorbed ample energy
to allow communication
at excessive speeds.
Okay, skipping over
the inherent weirdness here,
why are you doing this?
A projectile endangers Batman.
Please clarify your inquiry.
(The Flash) Why do you show
concern for our safety
while you're in the middle
of an attack on us?
Faulty interpretation.
Attack is contrary to primary function.
What is your primary function?
Primary function
designated by Professor Ivo
is to prolong and improve human life.
Draining Superman will not
prolong or improve his life.
New mission parameters indicate
that Superman is not human.
You're endangering all of these lives.
You didn't do that last time.
You were careful.
What happened?
What is Ivo telling you now?
Mission parameters have been
amended by new best friend.
(electricity crackling)
(all grunting)
Your "new best friend," I presume.
Ah, thank you, Justice League.
Prioritize integration
of Superman's energy.
(Amazo) Sensors indicate
Superman's vital signs are precarious.
This is inconsistent
with my programming.
I believe you'll find my orders
are compliant with new code I provided.
Now, do it!
(Batman grunts)
(gas hissing)
(electronic beeping)
(Batman grunts)
Luthor's battle suit
complicates this situation.
(electronic beeping)
(boosters powering up)
What are you doing?
You're calling in an airstrike?
It's our best option.
Turning downtown Metropolis
into a war zone
cannot be the best option.
We have to act now,
while Flash still retains
some of his speed.
He can clear before--
You start dropping bombs?
It's too dangerous. The civilians...
Will be cleared out.
We have to destroy that AI
before it gets too powerful.
Don't confuse weakness with compassion.
You're the one who's confusing
brutality for strength.
Confused. That's what Amazo is.
What he needs is... Wait right here.
Where am I?
You're in the Hall of Crime, idiot.
And we do the questioning here.
Who the hell are you
and where do you come from?
I'm... called the Flash.
I'm a crime fighter.
I'm not from your world.
I'm from a parallel Earth.
What a load of crap.
Whoever he is, he's a speedster.
As soon as he showed up,
my access to the Speed Force
cut in half.
I'm already bored.
Superwoman, can we move on
to the part I still like?
(Superwoman) By all means.
Oh. Lasso of Truth. Fine.
(chuckles) "Lasso of Truth?" Not quite.
This is my Lasso of Submission.
-(electricity crackling)
-That's better.
Tell me if you're lying.
(groans) No. No, it's true.
-(The Flash screams)
It's true!
-(sighs) He's telling the truth.
-(The Flash groaning)
Would you shut that thing off?
Ultra hearing.
(sighs in relief)
-What a load of crap.
-Perhaps not.
Our nemesis, Alexander Luthor,
theorized about such worlds.
Oh, Luthor. Of course
you'd have one of him here too.
So he must be some kind of hero?
He thought so.
He stood in our way.
None of this makes any sense.
You rule this planet.
How can you be
the government and criminals?
-(all laughing)
-(Superwoman) Ha!
Look at you.
You own everyone and everything.
But I've never seen a more
miserable group in my life.
(Ultraman sighs) You're right.
We're bored.
But you've given us
a precious gift. A challenge.
A new world to conquer. Armies to crush.
Superbeings to slaughter.
Billions of people to enslave.
A reason to fight.
To live.
-Bring us there.
-(The Flash straining)
Uh, hey, hey, hey.
Hold up. I don't think he can.
His problem, we share
the same Speed Force. It slows us both.
So, all we have to do
is kill one of you,
and the other one is fast enough.
-Oh, hey. Look, mate.
I don't know how to do it,
so just don't kill him yet.
-(man) No.
(The Flash groaning)
He lives.
What the hell?
It's that beggar who never shuts up
about the end of the world.
Guess you're in a hurry to die.
Kill him.
I have tried. Can't.
(grunts) What's this?
The end.
Hold still.
John, you're in a tuxedo.
Uh, very observant. You know,
I sometimes forget you're a detective.
Wally, slow down.
That's got to last the whole reception.
It's my wedding day.
You're my best man.
You really have a gift
for being in the moment.
I remember.
Yeah, Clark and Bruce
are on another planet.
J'onn too.
Uh, I gotta talk to Iris.
It's bad luck to see the bride
before the ceremony.
(breathes deeply)
(door opens)
Oh, Lois. Hi.
That's right.
You're Iris' maid of honor.
(chuckles) I see
John got you here on time.
There's another bet I lost.
I got to see Iris.
-Barry. It's bad lu--
-Luck. I know.
Not this time.
(Iris) We've never done life
the normal way.
Why start now?
(mellow music playing)
(exclaims graciously)
Finally, you say the right thing.
Now, what's up?
(Barry) I need to tell you something.
I need to tell you about the Flash.
You mean Jay Garrick?
Look, when I came back
from Earth-3 with all its Speed Force,
my whole life flashed before my eyes.
And I've been bouncing back and forth
between moments in my life.
I never know where I am,
but I know something's about to happen.
What's going to happen?
I only half remember it, but...
But it always happens
the day we get married.
Something major.
You found me.
Ivo. You're Anthony Ivo.
Yes. We must go.
Luthor has control of my android.
Your android. Amazo.
He is a threat to you,
and Superman, and all like you.
You have to take me to him. Quickly.
(Ivo groans)
Your file says you're 39.
You have Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome.
Accelerated ageing.
You must be a doctor.
Well, PhD, not a medical...
Look, I can't speed you there.
-In your condition--
-My condition is what started this.
I'd been working on
quantum energy absorption technology
for LexCorp for years,
when I discovered I was dying.
This hyper-aging disease
killing me, eating me alive.
Lex encouraged me to fight,
to use my intellect to prolong my life
and share that miracle with others.
(machine whirring)
(electricity buzzing)
Lex had access
to extraterrestrial technology,
created the Parasite creature.
And he reasoned
if we could syphon energy
off newly appearing metahumans,
we could use it to supercharge
the immune systems of regular people.
-(electronic beeping)
-(electricity buzzing)
I was already designing
an AI PTO to be a perfect battery.
It's virtually indestructible.
Didn't you, I don't know,
think twice before making
an indestructible android?
I printed my own engrams
on the AI's neural network.
He would never knowingly hurt others.
He only wants to help.
Lex has reprogrammed him somehow.
Well, for someone who wants to help,
he's doing an awful lot of hurting.
(people gasping, groaning)
(Ultraman straining)
(metal creaking)
(Ultraman straining)
What am I doing?
I got to get out there and help.
This world...
already dead.
You're a regular Sadie Sunbeam,
aren't you?
I saw you in my world.
I walk all worlds
that are doomed to die.
My punishment.
For what? What did you do?
So long... I don't remember.
But I know you share my guilt.
-(electronic beeping)
-There's one behind you, four o'clock.
Friend, the energy in these beings
runs dangerously low.
(Lex) Don't you worry
your pretty little head about it.
My word is sacrosanct, remember?
Our superpowered friends
are just about dead.
-We can't keep this up much longer.
-We won't have to.
-(electronic beeping)
-My contingency plan is ready.
Okay, but let's hold off
on going to DEFCON 1.
(electronic beeping)
(electronic beeping)
You can't imagine
I didn't anticipate that.
Batman, is it?
I knew every move you'd make
before I finished breakfast.
Intelligence is my superpower.
Which is still a better power
than "bow and arrow."
I'm surprised that someone
with your mental acumen
wouldn't see the obvious necessity
of depowering these meta-freaks.
Or did you?
No matter. Drain them.
Drain the very last iota
of power from them.
Friend, this action seems inconsistent
-with my primary function.
-(Superman groans)
Priority override. Do it.
(all groaning)
(straining) What is
your primary function?
The preservation
and extension of human life
by siphoning off the surplus
power of metahumans
and its redistribution to ailing humans.
(Lex) Power to the people.
In this case, your powers
to deserving people. Me.
But you two have become
an irritation as well.
Priority override.
Maximum energy release directed at...
(Ivo) No.
(groans wearily)
You must not. This action is wrong.
I am pleased to see you
up and about, Professor. But surprised.
The Friend said you were too ill
to leave the infirmary,
that you required the energy
we are collecting to extend your life.
(coughs) He is not your friend.
He gives faulty data.
He lied to me as well.
Told me you could extend life.
I believed him.
I wanted to extend my own life.
But you cannot give life, only take.
Priority override! Destroy them all!
Your programming compels you!
Oh, crap!
-(metal clang)
-(alarm blaring)
I cannot disobey an order
from a designated user.
But... there is one order
that takes priority.
I am dying, Amazo.
Your sensors will confirm this.
Extend my life.
Release the meta-energy to me.
(sensors humming)
(electricity buzzing)
What is happening?
Transferring meta-energy to creator.
Professor Ivo, are you unwell?
He's dead.
That is an unacceptable outcome.
Everything functioned
within expected parameters.
Of course, Luthor had
no interest in preserving life.
Only stealing your power.
He was a great man.
He died a hero.
Enough of this.
Absorb their remaining energy
and destroy anyone
who attempts to stop you.
What are odds against
contracting Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome?
Less than one in four million.
Now, what are odds
that a genius like Ivo,
who had the skill to create you,
would contract that syndrome?
The likelihood is far greater
that you infected Professor Ivo
with the disease
to motivate him to create this unit.
(static crackles)
(Lex grunts)
-(static crackles)
-(alarm blaring)
(metal clanging)
You are not a friend.
Your actions shortened
Professor Ivo's life.
That is counter to our primary function.
Amazo, don't do this.
Professor Ivo wouldn't want you to.
He valued all human life.
Even this guy's.
His final actions indicate
that he valued metahuman life as well.
Justice League,
I return to you everything I have taken.
I feel my strength returning.
It is over.
That it is.
Especially for him.
I was built on a lie.
I was unable to carry out
my primary function.
You prolonged our lives.
You saved us.
I only saved you from me.
(powering down)
(siren wailing in distance)
(The Flash) I'm glad
this worked and everything,
but I'm kind of sorry this whole
Justice League thing was just a ruse.
(Batman) It doesn't have to be.
I tried to anticipate
every possible outcome.
How does that make me
any different than Luthor?
There's strength
in different points of view.
In teamwork.
The Justice League, then?
The Justice League.
After all, I already
bought the building.
(Iris) Barry! Wake up!
(groans softly)
-(joints crack)
(grunts) Okay.
(Iris) Get a move on.
Breakfast is ready.
Ah, you made breakfast.
Since when do you make breakfast?
Since it's our special day.
It's our anniversary?
(chuckles) Not exactly.
Look what I made.
Ugh. No offense.
(Iris) Sausage and peas, french fries,
white toast, apple pie and coffee.
I thought you were crazy.
Oh, I think I was too.
And today is the anniversary
of that day?
How many years?
Oh... who knows?
But it was the best day of my life.
Aw. Mine too, honey.
How everything turned out.
No regrets?
(Iris kisses) Mm.
None whatsoever.
I love our life together.
Now, eat that disgusting slop
before it gets cold.
And then we better get to work.
What's going to happen?
Well, I only half remember it, but...
it always happens
the day we get married.
-Something major.
-Well, what do we do about it?
(sighs) I'm not sure,
but it's all going to be fine.
We're gonna spend our lives together,
grow old together. I promise.
You can't promise that, Barry.
I can.
(Vixen sighs deeply)
You're probably wondering
how I got roped into this, aren't you?
(chuckles) Well...
Not a lot of people know this,
but my father pastored
the smallest church
in M'Changa province, Zambesi.
No church jet, or church bus,
or church walls, for that matter.
Just the most precious
resource of all. People.
I never saw my father happier
than when he was uniting people
together like this.
And I've never seen two people
more united
than Iris West and Barry Allen.
-(loud thud)
(crowd gasping)
(woman exclaims)
-This is the thing.
-Yeah, I figured.
Barry Allen of Earth-1. You are needed.
(Vixen roars)
Look, it's okay, everybody.
She's with me.
-This is--
-I am Harbinger.
Your world is in terrible danger.
Come with me.
And I get that.
But would waiting an hour or two
really make that big a difference?
I've been sent to gather
Earth's greatest champions.
You're collecting all the heroes.
Is that right?
We've got Green Arrow,
Vixen, Green Lantern right here.
We can save you, like, five trips.
What do you say?
Flash. (sighs)
Working for the Nazis
didn't do you any favors.
We have not met.
I hail from an Earth
almost completely covered by water,
thanks to you surface dwellers.
(Robin) Bruce!
Look at you. We're almost the same age.
Do I know you?
Uh, it's Dick. Dick Grayson. Robin.
The Flying Graysons. Tony Zucco.
Yes. Uh, on my Earth, you took me in
after my parents' murder.
Trained me. I became your partner.
I... That seems terribly irresponsible.
Maybe, but you, uh...
He became my family.
We helped a lot of people.
(sighs) I'm sorry.
This must be so weird to you.
And I apologize for this,
but there's someone here
who really wants to meet you.
Bruce, this is the Huntress.
Helena Wayne.
You look like her.
Is Selina Kyle your...
Yeah. Batman and Catwoman.
A match made in Arkham.
This must be weird for you, but...
Well, Dad's been gone
for a few years now,
and it's just nice to see his face.
Excuse me.
Are you a sight for sore eyes.
Kal, this is Clark Kent from Earth-1.
You have a lot in common.
I guess we do.
You're probably relieved to see
you'll keep most of your hair.
(indistinct chatter)
Will Everett, Amazing Man.
Blue Beetle, Ted Kord.
This is Eve Eden, Nightshade.
I question the wisdom
of immediately revealing
your identity to someone you just met.
We're not even from the same Earth.
Or so they claim.
Dr. Hoshi, I know this all
must seem very strange
and disorienting to you, but--
Yeah, you got that right.
Everyone else here is dressed
and you have to kidnap me
in my bathrobe?
This fabricator can provide you
with whatever clothing you can imagine.
(scoffs) I'm a photonics expert,
not a fashion designer.
Don't worry.
The machine anticipates your needs
-and designs appropriately.
(machine beeping)
Are you kidding me?
Am I supposed to actually wear this?
There is more.
Holy crap. This is nuts.
I can see the entire light spectrum.
What did you do to me? Change me back!
As the Monitor ordered,
you now possess the powers
that belong to the criminal,
Doctor Light.
Oh. It's not that bad.
(machine powering down)
Dawnstar. Do you still not know me?
I don't understand what's happening.
I came back in time
from the 31st century on a mission.
Then you just showed up.
Do you not?
Kara! Is that really you?
It's really me.
I don't understand.
What happened to you?
It's a long story.
I'll tell you the whole thing
as soon as we--
(male voice) Hear me.
I am a Monitor.
A member of a race
ancient beyond your reckoning.
Since before your worlds began,
my kind has lived
to observe and document,
but never interfere
with every event occurring
in the known universes.
Whoa. Big job.
I have broken sacred vows
due to a peril so dire,
it threatens all realities
with utter annihilation.
Most of you are aware
that you live in a reality
that runs parallel
to many possible versions
of your universe.
Some time ago,
my people became conscious of this.
Display the wave.
(satellite) Yes, Monitor.
(Monitor) A massive antimatter wave,
so vast and destructive,
it decimates everything in its path.
Entire realities have been
erased from existence.
I've gathered you all together
in hope that we can find some way
to stop this disaster
and save your worlds.
(water splashing)
Well, got to change for work.
I don't know why you bother.
Hm, just feels right.
For old times' sake, I guess.
That thing is as slow
as molasses in January.
You'd be better off
keeping it on a hanger.
Look, I'm already ready.
Waiting on Barry,
just like the old days.
I know why you still put
that raggedy old thing on.
Because you still look damn good in it.
(both laughing)
Don't you think it's a bit absurd
to use the emergency beacon
in the middle of this?
Hell's breaking loose
all over this stupid planet.
I... I stopped five tsunamis.
Then I saw it.
Damn, it gets worse.
(sighs) Yeah.
I was kind of hoping
that magic hobo was full of shit.
This planet might suck, but it's ours.
So we do what we always do.
Fight like hell.
All right. What's the plan?
My plan? (scoffs)
My plan is I'm going to punch
that antimatter wall so hard,
it's going to shatter
into a million pieces.
Wait! This can't be the plan.
You're a strategist. Logical.
This is a stupid and useless gesture.
(Owlman) Perhaps the time comes
when the most logical course of action
is a stupid, useless gesture.
(engine roaring)
-(people screaming)
-(man exclaims)
(grunting, straining)
(keys clacking)
(keys clacking)
(Monitor) Entire realities have
been erased from existence.
End display.
I've gathered you all
in hope that, together,
we can find some way
to stop this disaster
and save your worlds.
(The Question) Excuse me, but...
I have many questions.
It would be strange indeed
if you did not.
I think that's the Phantom Stranger.
Few people ever see him.
No, he's from my world.
They call him the Question.
Because he never shuts up?
Why should we believe any of this?
You kidnap us, show us a movie
and tell us we need to obey you
in order to save the world.
All of this is profoundly suspect.
He makes a good point.
When told to give up our freedoms
because we face
an insurmountable threat,
is there not also a threat
in relinquishing our freedoms?
(Batman) And why Earth?
The universe is massive
beyond comprehension.
But most of us are from Earth.
The reason is simple.
The Earth is the first world
destroyed in every universe.
Once it falls, all else follows.
Such an antimatter wave
is theoretically possible, but--
He's given us no proof at all.
What's to stop us
from taking over this spaceship
and figuring out
how to get ourselves home?
It's true. It's all true.
Wonder Woman, hit me.
For those of you who don't know,
the Lasso of Truth compels
complete honesty.
Look, I was on one of the Earths
that was swallowed by this wave.
It happened. The threat is real.
Uh-oh. That does not look good.
It's just like he said,
coming at us like an avalanche.
(Doctor Light) It's coming for us,
all right.
Pure antimatter.
And speaking as a scientist,
we are completely and totally screwed.
(Hawkman) Then who are we to fight?
You assemble an army of warriors
and you give us no one to attack.
(Batman) This isn't that kind of fight.
We can't punch our way out of this.
You got that right.
Michael Holt,
Kimiyo Hoshi,
Ted Kord.
Genius-level scientists.
Shayera Hol,
Diana of Themyscira,
the Aquaman of Atlantis Earth,
each knowledgeable
about exoterrene technology.
This is a think tank.
(Amazing Man) "Think tank?"
There's an antimatter avalanche
headed for our worlds,
and this guy wants to brainstorm?
We need to take action.
You're quite right, Amazing Man.
That's why the rest
of you were brought here.
You each possess the skills,
strength and speed
to construct whatever defense
your best scientists devise.
What are you doing?
We need geniuses.
Your 31st-century boyfriend
would come in handy about now.
Unfortunately, the antimatter waves
somehow nullifies time travel.
Communication may work,
but we can neither
summon more allies here
nor escape into the past.
And if we're not able to devise
some kind of solution?
(Monitor) Then everything
in the Multiverse
will be completely
and utterly destroyed.
(Johnny Quick) Run!
(groans) Damn it!
Come on, we can make it.
Make the jump with me.
Not enough Speed Force.
(breathing heavily) And I'm in no shape.
All that crap you said about your world.
Was it true?
(sputters) What? Yeah.
(chuckles softly)
Lucky you.
Wakey-wakey, eggs and bakey.
(electricity crackling)
(Amazo) After all this time, Barry,
I fail to see the humor in that joke.
Oh, have I done that one before?
-(Amazo) Yes.
-Oh, well. Breakfast time.
Hope you get a charge out of this.
You've said that before too.
(machine powering up)
(whirring intensifies)
(machine powering down)
Well, what have you got for us today?
I am excited to announce
that work on the final stage
of the project is 99% complete.
I have prepared detailed instructions
for both you and Iris.
-Whoa. That's a lot of cable.
-I know.
But it must be connected now. Before--
Before I'm too weak to do it.
I know, I know.
I'm old, not senile.
At least, I don't think so.
The lapses in memory
that have plagued you
have been present your entire life
and are not indicative
of a deteriorating mental state.
Hey, don't tell me. Tell the old lady.
Well, off to save the world.
The fact remains that no shielding
would be sufficient protection
from the phenomenon.
The shields we created
in Atlantis are designed
to withstand waves.
-Not antimatter waves.
-The theory is the same.
But the power consumption.
We'd require the energy
of 1,000 exploding suns
to put fields around half our worlds!
Let's keep our tempers in check.
This is a brainstorming session,
not a debate.
It's a goddamn crisis, princess.
(The Flash whooshes)
(The Flash) Hey.
Thought you guys could do
with some coffee.
Ah. That's very thoughtful of you.
Well, gotta keep Team Brain
chugging along,
so Team Brawn can get to work, right?
(slurps) Um...
This is the best coffee
I've ever had in my life.
He's right. It's amazing.
And I didn't even like coffee.
Well, I used water from Aquaman's Earth,
coffee beans from Jarhanpur on Earth-X
and cardamom from...
I forget what Earth that was.
Harbinger took you to all those worlds?
No, I use super speed
to vibrate so quickly,
I can pass through anything.
Even through the planes
separating dimensions.
Likewise, anything would
pass through you
while vibrating at super speed.
Yeah. It's my best trick.
As a matter of fact,
when Earth-3 was wiped out,
I soaked up all its Speed Force.
I'm supercharged.
And it kind of knocked me out
of my linear time experience,
which sucks, but...
A massive vibrational generator
on each of the Earths.
Like a colossal cosmic tuning fork.
A tower.
If we could power just one of them,
the vibrations would reverberate
through all of them.
Even with a superpowered
construction team,
the task of organizing
a project on this scale--
You forget, we have Batman.
So, I was right about the coffee, huh?
-(whale song)
(The Flash groaning)
Hey, uh, Clark,
I've been meaning to ask you,
when you saw Lois at the party...
Yes. There was a Lois on my world.
She was a real firecracker.
We were married for...
We had a good run.
Old age.
I was heartbroken for a long time.
And Diana?
Sometimes losing loved ones
gives people something in common.
Someday, she'll lose me too.
We're not immortal. She is.
To lose everyone again and again...
Great Scott.
No! It can't. We had time.
We were going to finish.
Are you seeing this?
It's impossible.
A wave, any kind of wave,
cannot just accelerate!
I have borne witness
to the universe for millennia.
Nothing I have seen would explain this.
There's only one explanation.
The anomaly became aware
of our plans and adapted.
It's a natural phenomenon,
not a sentient foe.
I'm afraid we won't be around
long enough to find out.
(energy crackling)
Wait, this is it.
There's nothing we can do.
We just watch the world end?
Run to her.
(people screaming)
This is Iris West for GBS News.
The antimatter wave has somehow made
a huge leap closer to our world.
Collision is imminent
and the final defense towers
remain unfinished.
If you are a believer, pray.
If you have loved ones, hold them close.
-(thunder rumbling)
Iris. (sighs)
I'm so sorry I wasn't here for you.
You were.
You were late for every dinner,
every movie.
But you were always right on time
when I needed you.
(thunder rumbling)
I love you, Barry.
No, I won't let you go.
Here. Here, let me get that.
Don't you get all sexist on me.
You do your list and I'll do mine.
Otherwise, we're never gonna finish.
Yes, boss.
-(metal screeches)
(weakly) Barry...
No. Iris. I'll get you home.
(groans softly)
I already am home...
wherever you are.
Iris, please.
You can't leave me.
(Iris) It's not for long.
We're almost finished.
Besides, we've had
the whole world all to ourselves
all these years.
We can't be greedy.
Iris. (sobs)
This is the big one, Barry.
(groaning) Don't... don't be late.
(groans softly)
(Barry crying)
(engine roaring)
Contact Robin and Huntress.
Is it as bad as it looks?
Yes. I just want to say...
Dad-- Bruce, it's okay.
I already miss Iris very much.
Yes. Me too.
But it's not for long.
Yes, Barry.
Even at this speed,
the wave moves and it is nearly here.
Will these things work?
I do not know.
Do you have enough power
to light 'em up?
After all these years,
almost enough.
You'll have to drop down
into normal time.
The towers can't operate at this speed.
Okay. You ready?
I don't wanna cut this too close.
Before we go...
Yes, Amazo?
Thank you for helping me
achieve my primary function.
To prolong human life.
Well, I guess you've done that
in a big way.
If we don't blow up.
-(electricity crackling)
-(people screaming)
-(Wonder Woman) Look!
The tower.
It's finished.
Here goes nothing.
(machine whirring)
-(whirring intensifies)
Earth-2 tower is powering up.
(powering up)
Earth-X tower coming online.
All towers are now functional.
-Will it be enough?
We'll find out.
In ten,
...eight, seven,
five, four,
three, two,
Contact with antimatter wave.
(The Flash screams)
(breathing heavily) Please... God...
(people screaming)
(cheers and applause)
(man) It's leaving!
(both exclaiming)
(satellite) The experiment
was a success, Monitor.
(male voice) You didn't believe
it could be done.
Neither do I believe in you.
(The Spectre) Yet you tried anyway.
You hoped.
Perhaps I did.
(The Spectre) Interesting.
It is said you cannot have hope
without faith.
(The Flash breathing heavily)
We did it.
You see that, Amazo?
We did it. What do you think...
(gasps softly)
(The Spectre) He knew.
In Amazo's last moment of existence,
he knew he had helped save humanity.
You're Death?
I am the Spectre, the Wrath of God.
Death is... better looking.
But you are right in thinking
that the end is close.
Wrath, huh?
Guess I'm in trouble.
You bear some responsibility
for all that has happened here.
Oh. How?
It happened before the beginning,
but you have already paid a heavy price
for being unmoored in time.
Well, I'm ready for whatever.
I just wish I could say goodbye.
The Speed Force
still claims you its own.
It will grant your farewells
before the end comes.
What does that mean?
(electricity crackling)
(water running)
(electricity crackling)
The Flash...
The Flash...
It's the beginning.
He said, "Before the beginning."
Huh? Who's there?
(thunder rumbling)
It's... it's you, isn't it?
Go back.
You must go back.
You must stop it.
Go back...
to before the beginning.
We can save you, like, five trips.
What do you say?
Yeah, too bad Batman
and Superman are AWOL,
or we'd give you them too.
I have already teleported Batman,
Superman and Wonder Woman
to the Monitor's satellite.
They await us there.
Listen, Harbinger,
I got a proposition for you.
(soft romantic music playing)
(glasses clink)
(glass clinks)
-(woman) We did it.
(man) Great job!
(both exclaiming)
Dawnstar? Are you okay?
I... I feel... weird.
-(Supergirl) Monitor!
Brainy! Brainiac 5, come in!
There's something wrong with Dawnstar.
She's vanishing.
You've got to help her!
Brainy. No!
It's not just her or me.
The whole world, Kara.
The universe, maybe. It's all vanishing.
What's happening?
How do I stop it?
I think whatever happened back there
changed history.
My world, everything I know
never happened.
A chrono-anomaly, I...
I... I never really existed.
Brainy. No!
But if you somehow remember me,
know this...
I loved you, Kara.
(Supergirl crying) No!
(somber music playing)