Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Three (2024) Movie Script

[dramatic music playing]
It's working. Keep it up!
[lasers trilling]
It's growing a shell!
Worse. Armor.
It's adapting again.
[Kara screaming in effort]
[fire crackling]
[Kara, voice trembling] No.
[gasps] What have I done?
[Monitor groans]
[energy warbling]
[energy whirring]
[dramatic music playing]
[Anti-Monitor] Now...
[energy warbling]
[warbling stops]
Not yet, Shayera.
But she's here somewhere.
I'm still registering
no life signs, but ours.
We've been at this for weeks.
-I'm not giving up.
-[Hawkgirl] Neither am I.
I'm just saying that
sifting through
5.9 sextillion metric tons
of shattered planet is...
-[radar trilling]
I've got her!
On my way.
Hawkgirl to Satellite,
I found her!
Over here.
-[Lois] Is she...
If she is, I've wasted
a lot of time out here.
She's not dead. She can't be.
I don't think it's possible.
Clark, your heat vision.
[Wonder Woman gasps]
I can't believe it.
We've been searching for you
for eight months.
Diana, thank God
you're all right!
Thank the gods?
For this "gift"?
A billion people
have died all around me.
No one should have
to endure this.
-[Diana sobs]
-Diana, I'm sorry.
[Diana crying]
What happened? Where are we?
Buckle in. It's a long story.
[Earth-2 Superman] Diana,
welcome to The Bleed.
It's an unstable dimension
that exists
outside the Multiverse.
Truly, neither here nor there.
The Fields of Asphodel.
Yeah, it's kind of a limbo.
It's a lifeboat. One that's
sprung a lot of leaks.
Here. We found
this the second week.
Not a scratch on it.
It gave us hope.
And hope, well,
that's something
we desperately need these days.
I don't understand.
What's happened here?
[Superman] The Bleed doesn't
obey the rules of physics,
which allows it to exist
extra dimensionally,
and thankfully, hidden
from the Anti-Monitor.
The thing
that's trying to kill us.
-[people speaking indistinctly]
-Unfortunately, it also throws
a ton of other laws
out the window as well.
It's not exactly stable.
Space and time collide here.
Each Earth's past and present
are constantly in flux.
[Superman] There aren't really
enough resources to go around.
Many Earths
are totally inaccessible.
Natural disasters are so common
it's big news when
one's not happening.
This seems unsustainable.
What do we do next?
That is the question.
Good to have you back,
Wonder Woman.
Welcome home, Diana.
[man over intercom] Aquaman?
Aquaman can you hear us?
You'll have to excuse me.
[man] We're being overrun!
We're providing water
to every Earth that needs it.
-[man] We don't have enough...
-You'll have to ration.
Our world can only give so much
before ecological disaster.
Look, there may come a time
when we can once again
be able to supply you
with what you need.
But it is not this time.
[man] How are we supposed
to hold out? Millions will die.
I understand
the issues at stake.
Please be considerate.
There are many people that
need this just as much as you.
[Mr. Terrific] We missed you,
You were right, Michael.
Again. This netherverse
of The Bleed saved us.
I suppose it's
a perfect example
of be careful
what you wish for.
You said this would take
incalculable power.
-How did you...?
-I didn't.
The Monitor had billions
of years' worth of cosmic
energy stored inside his cells.
-When he died, he released that
energy to the Towers and he...
-[Wonder Woman] Died?
How? I thought he was like me.
[Doctor Light] Immortal?
Well, turns out
"Can't die" isn't quite
the same as
"Can't get totally obliterated
by Supergirl."
Dr. Hoshi!
Whoops. So who knew
she was here?
She hardly says a thing.
[suspenseful music playing]
[indistinct chattering]
-[Superman] Ah, Miss Lane.
-Come on, Clark.
At this point, everybody knows.
Welcome back, Diana.
It's good to see you, Dinah.
You're every bit
the Black Canary
your mother was.
You're Dinah Drake's daughter?
-Oliver Queen.
-[chuckles] I know.
[growling in distance]
A good story. That's why
I followed these guys.
It could be literally anything.
[dinosaurs roaring]
[people screaming]
"Dinosaurs Stampede
In Downtown Metropolis."
This is Perry White's
ultimate dream headline.
[man screaming]
I'll take care
of the Pterodactyls.
-Will you be all right?
-Pretty sure they're
Pteranodons. I'll be fine.
-[dinosaurs roaring]
-[people screaming]
[man yells]
[screams and thuds]
-[man screams]
-[dinosaur roars]
-[man screams]
-[Black Canary grunts]
[dinosaur roars]
[electrical buzzing]
[dinosaur grunts, thuds]
I'm not totally sure
we should even save
these uptown fat cats.
They've kind of
got this coming to them.
Is "fat cats"
an Earth-1 expression?
And aren't you a millionaire?
Oh, no. I'm a billionaire.
[dinosaur snarling]
[Black Canary screaming
in high pitched tone]
Wow. Not bad.
-Slow down, big fella. Let's...
-[Pterodactyl screeching]
[Superman groaning]
-[Pterodactyls screeching]
-[people screaming]
[dinosaur roaring]
[Wonder Woman grunts]
Run! Quickly!
[dinosaur roaring]
[Wonder Woman groans]
[woman screaming]
[dinosaur roars]
[woman screaming]
[dinosaur growling]
-[dinosaur roars]
-[metal clanking]
Here's a noseful of
Metropolis, just for you!
Lois, no, I've got this!
Really? 'Cause it sort of looks
like... [gasps]
Oh! You do got this.
You knew you could
talk to that thing?
Well, I hoped.
[dinosaur screeching
and roaring]
[people screaming]
[Pterodactyls screeching]
-[Superman grunting]
-[Earth-2 Superman]
Hang on, Superman!
[laser whooshing]
[people yelling]
-[dinosaur roars]
-[Wonder Woman grunts]
[metallic thudding]
[Wonder Woman] Whoa! [grunts]
-Whoa, girl! Easy now.
-[Dinosaur growling quietly]
[dinosaur growling softly]
[people screaming]
[both screaming]
[electrical buzzing]
[dinosaur thuds, screeches]
Well, that's the last of them.
Uh, hey, how about
we go for coffee?
Don't pat yourself on the back
too hard, Robin Hood.
I don't think
it's quite over yet.
[high-pitched scream]
Great Scott!
This is what I get
for asking for action.
Wait! Listen.
[distant aircraft
propellers whirring]
[engine revs]
[machine gun shooting]
[tires screeching]
You best watch
where you're standing, ma'am.
A road's a dangerous place.
Yeah. The dinosaurs
are kind of a hazard.
I'm actually more interested
in your story.
I'm Lois Lane from The Planet.
Not much of a story, Miss Lane.
We're just a motley collection
of grunts lost in time,
trying to keep that pack
of ugly lizards
from hurting anyone.
I've covered a lot of
strange stories over
the last eight months--
[machine gun shooting]
Sorry. That's our cue.
-[tires screeching]
-[Lois] Wait, Who are you?
Nobody important, ma'am.
We're just a bunch of losers.
[engine revving]
[machine gun shooting]
-[dinosaurs roaring]
-[tires screeching]
[Joker cackles]
My favorite dinosaur
was the one
with the huge vocabulary.
[Two-Face] Which one?
The Thesaurus.
[laughing maniacally]
[Lex laughs,
inhales sharply] Nice.
It's funny
because you walk right into it.
How many deaths?
None. Can you believe it?
A total filler episode. Ugh!
[Ivy] Le--
Supreme Leader...
[clears throat]
We have our own
chronal anomaly.
Mount Vesuvius
just phased into Central City.
And it's erupting.
Well, what do you
expect me to do about it?
Ooh! I'll make popcorn!
If those civilians
are too stupid to flee
in the face of that,
they don't deserve to live.
That's Darwinism
in its purest form.
I don't expect you
to do anything.
But you should know
the frequency
of these anomalies
is increasing geometrically.
I think you mean exponentially.
We have to face the fact
that we can't continue
in this freakish
Bleed indefinitely.
It's a death sentence
for all life on every Earth.
Oh, the poor plants.
Just thinking about all
that withering wisteria
makes you green in the face,
don't it, Ivy?
[pretending to choke]
Come now, let's not bicker
and argue in the face
of universal annihilation.
It should surprise
none of you that I have
an ace up my sleeve.
It's a card that,
if played correctly,
could save us all.
Oh, do you mean us all?
Or us all?
Do you really care?
Open it.
Zap him.
-[electrical buzzing]
-[prisoner cries in agony]
Once more.
Better safe than sorry, right?
-[electrical buzzing]
-[prisoner cries in agony]
No shenanigans.
I like to think
you'd know better by now.
[prisoner moans and whimpers]
Atta boy.
Now you've been enjoying
our hospitality for some time.
One square meal a day,
nice cot, firm mattress.
-[prisoner whimpers]
-Constant companionship.
You're probably wondering
what you can do to repay me.
Well, you have a friend
I'd like to talk to.
I need you to call him for me.
[Psycho Pirate whimpers]
It's a long-distance call.
[Psycho Pirate whimpers]
Commissioner Montoya
just assumed
they were coming here.
She might have been wrong.
She's not.
The Gotham City Armory is their
surest bet to get
the modern weaponry they need.
Maybe they made another stop
on the way here.
You think they made
a coffee run?
The time anomaly appeared
on the south end
of Robinson Park.
Where would they stop? Think!
[Robin] Police headquarters.
They could raid the lock-up,
evidence lockers.
If they did, they'd get
their hands on every
confiscated weapon of--
Here they come.
Great. An army
of vicious Nazi killers
armed with the Rogue's
deadliest weapons.
[soldier gasps and grunts]
[electrical buzzing]
[soldier grunts]
-[both grunting]
[soldier grunts]
[Huntress] Argh!
What even is this?
[soldier grunts]
[Robin grunts]
[both grunting]
[thudding, grunting]
-[electrical buzzing]
-[soldier crying of agony]
-[Robin grunts]
-[all grunting]
Don't freak out, Bats.
They're still alive.
More or less.
[people screaming]
[speaking German]
-[gas hissing]
-[Batman groans]
[Batman groans]
[grunting and groaning]
It's... It's you, isn't it?
[Barbarian Bat] Barry?
Go back
to the beginning, Bruce.
To before the beginning.
You must. It's the only way.
No, don't!
[Batman panting, grunting]
Earth-2 to Satellite.
Emergency trans-mat.
I have an injured Batman.
He was exposed
to Scarecrow's fear toxin.
[Batman panting]
Satellite, what the hell
is wrong with you?
We have a medical emergency!
[Mr. Terrific over intercom]
Sorry, Earth-2,
we have a developing
situation here.
Prepare Batman
for emergency trans-mat.
[Huntress] He'll be okay.
Will any of us?
[Batgirl] Wow.
Then what happened?
[Kara] We were together
from then on.
The other Legionaries
got to see another side of him.
The Brainy I knew.
[chuckling] Well, that was
one hell of a first date,
that's for sure.
I know what
you're trying to do.
I'm trying not to eat
these doughnuts,
because holy
empty calories, right?
I know, Babs.
I'm a complete wreck and you're
trying to make things normal.
To make me feel like it's not
the end of the universe.
It probably is.
And it's my fault.
And there's
nothing I can do about it.
It is not. When are you gonna
get that through your head?
-Even if the Monitor
was still here...
-[alarm blaring]
...there's no guarantee that--
Okay. It's that time again.
Reading quantum energy spikes
so high they're off the charts.
I've got Earths calling in,
like all of them.
They wanna know
what's going on.
Probably less important here,
but someone is materializing
on the trans-mat platform
without proper authorization.
-What the hell
is going on here, Michael?
-[Mr. Terrific] Luthor!
The top science minds
on Earth-10 tell me The Bleed
is tearing itself apart.
Aren't you the top science mind
on Earth-10?
Yes. Which is why I came.
The Monitor's technology
is a bit beyond most of you.
Despite appearances, The Bleed
is mostly holding together.
Wrong. It's buckling here.
The fabric of The Bleed.
Which Earth is that?
Earth... Earth-146.
-Hello, my love.
We can see it now.
Forming in the sky above us.
It's massive.
I'll show you.
[Mera] I will send telemetry
to that last moment.
I pray it helps you.
It's releasing
some kind of energy.
Like the waves.
It's antimatter.
Oh, god.
It's not over yet.
Arthur, contact
all patrol ships.
All metas with space
Get them positioned between--
It's too late, Michael. They'll
never get there in time.
And even if they could...
Send me home.
Arthur. No. Don't do it.
They're my people. My family.
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music continues]
[Kara gasps]
[digital beeping]
Barry! Ugh.
Ah, Mr. Wayne.
Good to see you up
and on your feet again.
Don't take it too hard.
Unfortunately, you have
the one doctor in The Bleed
who can see in the dark.
Dr. Elizabeth Chapel.
Doctor Midnight?
Mm, retired.
Right now we need doctors
more than we need capes.
I'm on the Satellite.
From my nail growth,
I'd estimate eight days.
Ten. Nice trick.
How's your head?
You came in with enough
fear toxin to kill an elephant.
Something's wrong here.
You're not just
physically exhausted.
You're traumatized, grieving.
There's considerably
more plasma orbiting the sun.
What happened?
The Anti-Monitor found us.
Somehow ripped
its way into The Bleed.
Just long enough
to destroy Earth-146.
Arthur's world. Did he...?
[Dr. Beth Chapel] He's gone.
Two days later,
it happened again.
Yesterday, Earth-2112.
A flash of antimatter,
then everything,
and everyone, dead.
The Flash. I knew he was dead
before I already knew
because I... I saw him die.
Back on Warworld,
I saw Flash die.
Mr. Wayne, the toxin.
You were hallucinating.
I know what I saw.
I need to talk to a doctor.
Oh. You want a second opinion?
He's not that kind of doctor.
[Doctor Fate] What is it
you seek from Doctor Fate,
You're the last doctor
in the Multiverse
who makes house calls, Nelson.
Dad, I mean, Bruce,
you should be resting.
Between the fear toxin
and the bullets...
All of you, listen.
When I was on Warworld
a dying old man appeared
from nowhere to give
me a message.
I didn't know it until now,
but it was The Flash.
Why would he be old?
How would Barry
even have gotten to Warworld?
We all wish we could find
Barry and Iris.
But even if you did see him,
why does it matter?
Because I think he traveled
back in time from this crisis.
Not just to warn us.
But to help.
Tell us something significant.
Bruce, we were
trapped in a world
of automatons and illusions.
How can you know
if what you saw was real?
I called a specialist.
[Doctor Fate speaking Latin]
[Doctor Fate grunting]
Are you all right, Doctor?
[Doctor Fate] Yes. It was
a very significant event.
And quite real.
Your instincts are correct.
It was Barry.
He was trying to give you
the answer to... all this.
Before the beginning.
[Doctor Fate] The answer lies
before the beginning.
Before the Multiverse
even existed.
[Robin] Then it's hopeless.
Time travel is impossible now.
-There's no way to find out
how this all started
-Or how to fix it.
-But there must be some way.
-[John Stewart chuckles]
-What is it, John?
Well, there was this guy.
He said a lot of crazy stuff.
He was a sorcerer.
No offence. Anyway,
when the Shadows attacked,
it turned out everything
he said was true.
He magicked the hell
out of those things.
Go on.
He said he'd been tortured
in hell basically,
since before
this universe even began.
He said his name
was John Constantine.
Does that name mean
anything to you?
[Doctor Fate] I'm not sure,
but I've just felt the helmet
of Nabu grow cold.
Where is he now?
He took off after
we entered The Bleed.
Said he intended
to crawl into a hole,
couldn't bear to watch
everything come
to an end again.
He could be anywhere,
on any Earth.
Needle in a haystack.
Are you forgetting something?
Does the "World's Greatest
Detective" ring a bell?
We'll track this guy
down in no time.
Tell me everything you remember
about this Constantine.
Everything he did,
everything he said.
He said...
Well, he said he needed
a bloody drink.
-[indistinct chattering]
-[piano music playing]
[Constantine sighs]
[groans] Sorry, mate.
Spot me for another
shot of the coffin varnish, eh?
Paint your tonsils on someone
else's nickel, rummy.
It's not charity.
I'm gonna entertain you
with what we call
close-up magic.
[lively piano music playing]
Hmm, that's not bad, actually.
[grunts and sighs]
-[coin splashes]
-[crowd exclaims]
[Constantine] Ugh.
-[crowd exclaims]
How did you...?
[Batman] The saloon combined
the strongest levels
of eldritch energy
with the highest
alcohol content.
-Hey, fellas, here's a--
-Better end
that sentence carefully.
[mug thuds on counter]
Look what we got here, boys.
Looks like the circus
come to town.
Gentlemen, we're just here
to talk with that man.
We don't want any trouble.
Most of us.
Lady, we're sick
and tired of pirates,
pilgrims and cavemen
wandering in here.
This is our world.
And we aim to keep it that way.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Doctor Fate] Let's all
settle down.
Drinks are on me.
Show off!
-That's all I can take.
-[glass breaking]
Get 'em boys!
[man grunting, groaning]
[all grunting]
[coin jingles]
[Sidewinder groans]
What in hell is going on here?
I step out for five minutes
and you turn my saloon
into a rodeo?
Bat Lash?
-Do I know you, ma'am?
-[rifle cocks]
Think I'd remember meeting you.
I... met, uh,
a descendant of yours
on another world.
He died in my arms.
Lucky fella.
A few months ago, I'da thought
that was a telltale.
-Now? Plum normal.
-[Constantine glugging]
-Clear the bar.
-Well, I don't see why I--
Everybody out!
Closed for business!
-[indistinct chattering]
-[Constantine glugging]
Ugh, whoa! Getting rough!
[cackles] Someone's up
for a trade.
Do you have some kind
of special spell
to sober him up?
Uh, agh!
Ah, Nabu.
I haven't seen you
in an eternity. [cackles]
[Doctor Fate] I've never
seen him before.
But he's impossibly old.
Older than
the Multiverse itself.
[Wonder Woman] How is that
even possible?
I only just remember my name.
Memory's like Swiss cheese,
it's mostly, uh, holes.
In my experience, there are
ways to get people to remember.
Many ways.
Looks like I've gone
deep Barney.
[people screaming]
-[man grunts]
-[woman screams, grunts]
[Original Black Canary
screaming in high-pitched tone]
[man grunting]
[sighs] It's nuts out here.
Jay, report.
Earthquakes are not
letting up, Dinah.
It's the worst one yet.
[boy chuckles] Mom!
[Hourman grunts in effort]
[Original Black Canary sighs]
I'm getting reports
from all over.
The whole world is shaking.
[Garrick] What's
causing all this?
Best guess? That!
Oh, shit.
Earth-2 to Satellite. Come in.
-[alarm blaring]
-[Mr. Terrific] We are aware
of your situation, Dinah.
Our defenses have
already been deployed.
[sinister music playing]
-What can we do?
-I love you.
[over intercom]
And I'm proud of you.
[energy whooshing]
[somber music playing]
[Black Canary sobs] Mom.
[Mr. Terrific] Chronal energy
is dropping to nominal.
The fissure is sealed.
That is terrific. Any guess on
when the next one arrives?
Wrong W.
Not "when" but "why"?
Why was that thing
suddenly able to locate us
in all this
limitless Multiverse?
[The Question]
Excellent question.
Which leads to another.
Did someone inside The Bleed
leak the information?
Are you suggesting that
someone actually wanted
to contact the Anti-Monitor?
To sell us out?
[Lex] I don't even
have to turn around
to feel Miss Lane's
eyeballs glaring at me.
Lex, if I'm not mistaken,
you arrived here just moments
before Earth-146 was destroyed.
Not your hologram,
you came here. Physically.
Are you seriously
accusing me of somehow
contacting the Anti-Monitor
revealing the location
of The Bleed?
Good. I was afraid
you were losing
your journalistic instincts.
Yes, of course I did.
[energy trilling]
I've seen some weird stuff,
but this? Magic?
We're seriously doing a seance?
Shouldn't we at least be in,
uh, I don't know, Stonehenge?
[Doctor Fate] Time is
of the essence. And it's not
"magic" as you understand it.
We are combining our energy
to help Batman investigate
Constantine's damaged memories.
And perhaps find his connection
to the Multiverse
and this crisis.
[speaking Latin]
[sinister music playing]
-[Batman yelps in surprise]
[dog whimpering]
Oh, hello, Bats.
Fancy meeting you here.
What am I seeing?
[Constantine] I wish this was
just a nightmare, Bats.
But this was real.
I'd forgotten.
Earth had been invaded.
The old planet
had been ripped to shreds.
Bastard named Darkseid.
Never heard of him.
Right. I think... I think I had
something to do with that.
You know what you have
to do, mate?
Clear the board
and start again.
Now you just
leave that to John.
A simple little guidance spell
from yours truly...
And Bob's your uncle.
You'll run off to right when
and where you'll need to be.
To save us all.
Off with you now.
I haven't got all day.
You sent him
to rewrite history!
-What gave you the right?
-A bit reckless. Yeah.
[Lois] Billions
of people have died!
Reduced to antimatter.
And believe me, no one feels
worse about that than I do.
But am I actually responsible?
-For what?
-Murder! On a massive scale.
They would have died anyway.
Michael, Anti-Monitor aside,
what is our estimated time
of survival here in The Bleed?
Well between the exponential
population explosion,
due to the time-displaced
limited resources,
and unreliable physical rules--
Not too freaking long.
That doesn't change
the fact that you sold us out.
You made some kind of deal
with that monster.
I faced the hard truth
that we're all doomed if we
don't destroy this creature.
An impossibility
without more data.
So I simply
contacted the Anti-Monitor,
and told him I was willing
to make a deal with him.
Let me guess.
That you'd give him
the location of the other
Earths if he spared Earth-10?
The details of this supposed
deal are unimportant.
We had to see him.
Find its weakness. Find its...
My world was
in just as much danger.
But now we know
more about this monster.
Now we have a chance.
What do you have in mind?
Oh, don't worry. I have a plan.
Plan? You are going to pay
for your crimes with your life.
This will have to wait.
Our friend is back.
[Batman] Constantine,
where is this?
[Constantine] Welcome
to Apokolips, Bats.
Home of Darkseid.
Evil personified.
A lot like hell it is,
but not so nice.
I ought to know.
[energy warbling]
[Batman] I see. The only way
to stop Darkseid
was to eliminate him
before the invasion.
[guard gasps and thuds]
[Batman] But how can I be
seeing this?
I was in your memories.
Not Barry's.
They're mine as well.
It's coming back to me.
[guards choking, thudding]
[Constantine] I sent a part
of myself along with him
like a hitchhiker.
I wish I could remember why.
[Batman] It may have
something to do with this.
These creatures are dead,
but Barry barely touched them.
Ah, that's right.
There's one spell. A bad one.
That'd require me to slice
off a piece of my soul.
-[Superman] We failed.
Every shield
shattered in seconds.
I did this.
They were all
as good as dead as soon
as I killed the Monitor.
On the upside,
it was a post-apocalyptic Earth
inhabited by mutant
humanoid animals.
We were lucky.
It was all
a waste of time, Lex.
All the effort, the resources,
this was never going to work.
I know. I never thought
it would.
But every sensor,
every radio telescope dish
on every possible Earth was
trained on the Anti-Monitor.
Now, we see it. Michael?
Gravity. It's all within
5% of your predictions.
What he said about my world,
it's true.
A battlefield of monsters.
Compared to the other Earths,
it was a nightmare.
It was also your home.
This was all what?
Some kind of fact-finding
mission? We already knew
it was a monster.
But now, Captain,
we know exactly
what kind of monster it is.
How big, how tough,
and what it'll take to kill it.
What's your plan?
The Anti-Monitor is made
of the same dark antimatter
as the shadow demons.
So like them, he's susceptible
to light attacks.
We threw every possible
light-based attack at him.
Everything in The Bleed.
Not quite everything.
[Doctor Light] It's no use.
I crunched the numbers.
Not even our sun generates
enough energy
to kill that thing.
Ah, but it's not one sun.
It's hundreds of suns.
Each Earth has arrived
with its own sun in tow.
Their respective suns
are phasing
at the same point in The Bleed.
Fifty-two suns should
generate enough light
to kill the creature.
But how would we
weaponize that?
Hmm, if only we had some kind
of living solar battery
who could absorb, contain
and deliver that energy.
You son of a bitch.
Can't you bury
your sick obsession
with killing Superman,
even when, literally,
all existence is on the line?
Lois, he's not wrong.
Clark, don't you find it
a bit coincidental
that the only way
to save us all,
involves destroying you?
[Lex] I call it
a happy accident.
We've run a thousand scenarios.
This is the first one
with a chance.
[Superman] And don't know
for certain that it'll kill me.
I'm pretty thick-skinned.
Superman, even if
you survived the process
of absorbing the energy
from multiple stars,
unleashing it instantaneously
on the Anti-Monitor,
you would not survive.
Look, you can't make
an omelette without
cracking a few eggs.
In this case, one egg.
What do you say, Superman?
One life to save
untold billions?
I call that a bargain.
[deep breathing]
Blimey, I remember! The spell,
my damnation. Everything!
Yes. He's a fixed point
in time, nearly indestructible.
His entire life,
protection spells
and defense technology,
Darkseid was engineered to be
one of the immutable
pillars of the Multiverse.
He must exist.
But as an infant...
I'd say. It took some doing,
but I learned
the only time in his life
when he'd be vulnerable.
-The first year.
-Barry won't do it.
It's not in him.
[Barry sighs]
[Darkseid breathing deeply]
Don't you think I knew that?
The spell. Darkest of magic.
He's walking death.
[Batman] Rappaccini's daughter.
He doesn't even know.
He's a living poison.
Spot on! He's typhoid, Barry.
Radiates it.
He doesn't have to do anything
to the little monster.
He's already done it.
Just being here.
Kara, stop!
-You can't do this.
-You can't catch me, Kal!
When he made me the Harbinger,
Monitor supercharged my powers.
This isn't the answer.
It's exactly the answer.
I killed the Monitor, not you.
None of this is your fault.
The Anti-Monitor
manipulated you. Tricked you.
I let myself be tricked.
This falls to me.
Let me go! Adam, I swear--
Superman, it's too late.
We need you. Now.
He's back.
[distant rumbling]
[action music playing]
[heroic music playing]
[menacing music playing]
[Mr. Terrific] Alpha Team,
concentrate your firepower
on the center
of the Anti-Monitor shielding.
We've got to give
Supergirl a shot
at the creature itself,
not its armor.
[weapons blasting]
Let's do this.
It's no good.
We're not getting through.
Great plan, Lex.
[Lex] Attention, Satellite.
Deactivate Cosmic Towers
What the hell?
Those Towers are the only
thing keeping us in The Bleed.
I repeat, deactivate
Towers immediately.
It's not him.
It's the Anti-Monitor
talking through him.
[energy crackling]
Please, Clark. Quickly.
Michael, do what he says.
Turn off The Towers.
- [Superman
over intercom] Fast!
[powering down]
[Constantine groans]
[suspenseful music playing]
We're home.
The Anti-Monitor,
it's charging up.
It's targeting Earth-16.
[lasers firing]
[Mr. Terrific]
There's nothing we can do.
[energy warbling]
[dramatic music playing]
I don't believe it.
It's really you, J'onn.
Indeed, Superman.
And fortunately,
you did believe it.
We saw Warworld explode.
There is no self-destruct
option for Warworld.
What you saw
was an entire planet
transported via Zeta beam.
But how? The amount
of Zeta energy
that would require--
I had help.
A friend arrived
at just the right time.
But our work here
is far from over.
You're far from over my ass.
You can say that again, J'onn.
The Anti-Monitor has recovered,
and is changing course
right towards you.
He took a little damage,
but not much.
Even with
planet-sized artillery
we can't get
through that armor.
[indistinct warbling]
Kara is on her way.
We don't have much time.
Even now,
Kara does not have the power
to breach his shields
and destroy the creature.
Michael, I'm getting
four incoming energy signatures
-heading for Earth-18.
-Ignore it.
We've got
bigger problems right now.
J'onn, isn't Warworld
powered by the hatred
and fear of its captives?
Any unified emotion.
Fear was simply
Mongul's preference.
Maybe... Maybe there's a way.
[crickets chirping]
[Spider Guild Lantern]
It's him. It is Jon Stewart.
Who the hell are you?
We are a few of your recruits.
When Oa fell
and the Corps was destroyed,
the power rings you sent out
found us. Chose us.
[Green Lantern Aya]
Or reminded us
who we truly were.
The Green Lantern Corps
was reborn.
Others soon joined us.
We are here to help you.
Now all will truly be well.
It would be an honor for me
to share my lantern battery
with the legendary
John Stewart.
Greatest of the Green Lanterns.
Charles Halstead,
known as the Psycho Pirate,
you are needed.
It's not going to hold.
It will. Just put your heart
and mind to it.
[muffled explosion]
-How many people?
-All of them.
I've never done anything
on that scale. I... I can't.
Nevertheless, it must be done.
You do it!
Only you have
the power to connect
emotions in this manner.
-[Psycho Pirate moans]
-[J'onn J'onzz] It must be you.
[Psycho Pirate whimpers]
Here she comes.
We've got to do this now.
It's okay.
I should have died
with Krypton.
Every moment then...
With you, Monitor,
with Brainy,
has been bonus time.
[sobs] Thank you. I love you.
-[Psycho Pirate whimpers]
Oh, god...
[Psycho Pirate screams]
[dramatic music playing]
[shield trilling]
[energy warbling]
Hey, Johnny-boy.
I sure hope you've got
an ace in the hole.
[energy whirring]
Well done, Charles.
[Psycho Pirate chuckling]
[laughing deliriously]
[door closes]
[somber music playing]
[melancholic music playing]
[Superman sniffles, sobs]
[screaming loudly]
[sniffles and grunts]
I'm so sorry, Clark.
To die so that others may live
is a magnificent act.
A hero's death.
Bloody tragic this is.
Pity we don't have
more time to mourn.
He's right, Clark.
As terrible as Kara's loss is,
all of those worlds, there's
something much worse coming.
[Doctor Fate] Our detective
has solved
the great riddle
he's trained for all his life.
What is the Multiverse?
We've all wondered that.
Why so many parallel worlds?
Now we know.
It was a mistake.
This man is
from an Earth that existed
before our Multiverse.
One decimated by Darkseid.
A ruthless
intergalactic conqueror.
So significant
was this creature,
he was a fixed point in time.
In an attempt
to save his world,
Constantine tried
to destroy Darkseid.
His unknowing weapon,
was Barry.
[Doctor Fate]
Darkseid must exist.
So Constantine's attempt
to erase a fixed point in time
didn't change the universe.
It shattered it.
[Batman] Two universes.
One with Darkseid, one without.
But it didn't stop there.
Every critical decision
created a new possible reality.
[Doctor Fate]
The Multiverse is expanding
geometrically moment by moment.
Infinite Earths.
[Doctor Fate] Unfortunately,
the universe wasn't designed
to support infinite
variations of itself.
The Multiverse is a cancer,
and it's growing.
Ultimately, reality itself
must collapse.
An antibody.
You're saying the Anti-Monitor
is like an immunoglobulin.
A natural defense
protein for the universe?
Quite right, doctor.
But there's never just one.
Just one of them
was almost too much.
We beat this one, but...
But at such a high cost.
There must be
something we can do.
-Something we're not seeing.
-[Lex] Like what, Michael?
Do you think
ten thousand intergalactic
doomsday machines
have an Achilles heel?
I hope it's kryptonite
because I have
a storage unit full of it.
So what do we do?
Just lie down and wait
to be erased from reality?
How can we even fight that?
We would need a miracle.
Kara. She told me that
the Legion had a machine.
A machine that
actually made miracles.
Whatever you could
think of, it could do.
Oh, I can think
of a lot of things. [chuckles]
Oh, shut up. Fat lot of good
this Miracle Machine
does us in the 31st century
that no longer exists.
She said it was so dangerous,
they hid it in a...
a pocket dimension.
Whatever that is.
[J'onn J'onzz] Ingenious.
She hid it
in between realities.
Where even I can't reach it.
But you are not the only
traveler here, Strange.
There are others
with the power.
What about that fool,
Psycho Pirate?
At this point, he's useless.
He's not our only teleporter.
Nightshade can do it.
[Nightshade] What?
No. Uh, I can teleport
across the street
or back to my apartment,
not... whatever this is.
He's right.
It's the same power.
-[dramatic music playing]
-Where are we?
-We're in between
vibrational planes.
We're nowhere.
Look! [echoing]
[J'onn J'onzz]
The Miracle Machine.
[Nightshade whispering]
Looks like it's been here
a million years.
[J'onn J'onzz]
Much longer than that.
Time passes very differently
in each reality.
I know. So, what's it for?
The Controller's
original purpose
for it is lost to the ages.
But I suspect that it was made
for this very crisis.
How do we get it back?
I can't move anything this big.
You just did.
[Doctor Fate]
The package is here.
J'onn's looking at it now.
No, he doesn't know
what it means.
Sorry. Talking to myself.
Ooh, I wish
for infinity more wishes!
It isn't Aladdin's lamp,
you moron!
This is a scientific device.
Not magic.
Who cares what it is?
Let's use it to destroy
that armada
of Anti-Monitors. Now!
Even worse!
If the Multiverse keeps
dividing, everything ends.
All thanks to this idiot.
[Constantine] She's not wrong.
I've had a long time
to think about how to fix this.
A long time.
But no one's gonna like it.
They've reached one
of the isolated Earths.
[digital chirping]
Earth-508 is gone.
And the Armada is approaching
the remaining worlds quickly.
Including this one.
These things aren't just
killing the Multiverse.
They're erasing everything,
starting reality over.
We use this beauty to create
a new monoverse.
One reality. One timeline.
A new universe
with fifty-some-odd Superman?
Fifty Lex Luthors?
[Doctor Fate] No. As we enter,
the various versions of us
would be fused
into a single prime version.
A single history
that we'd all share.
None of us would remember
any of this.
No. We'll find a way to bring
back the worlds we lost.
We can't just give up
on all those people.
We can't!
There was once
an alien scientist,
whose entire world and culture
were going to end.
If he could have saved it,
he would have.
But he couldn't.
So instead of vainly
trying to save everyone,
he put all his talent
and energy and passion
into doing what he could do.
He saved his world
by saving one person.
This technology is way
beyond our understanding.
But I know dead when I see it.
In my experience
with advanced alien tech,
when it looks dead,
it may just need a recharge.
[electrical buzzing]
Okay. It does not run
on willpower.
It merely sleeps.
Green Lantern is right
about it requiring power.
But how?
[Doctor Fate] Do you
truly not know?
There is only one power
that creates
something out of nothing.
Of course. [sighs]
Should've seen
that coming a mile off.
It wants a sacrifice.
Well, I guess
we all know who's elected.
Oh, come on.
It's obviously him.
He's the reason we're
in this mess to begin with.
You break it, you buy it.
[speaking Latin]
[electricity crackling]
What the bloody hell?
Try to do the decent thing
for once in my life and--
[Doctor Fate] It's not a matter
of quality but of quantity.
We're asking the machine
to make something
virtually eternal
out of something finite.
I'm afraid
the Anti-Monitor Armada
has reached
another of the isolated Earths.
[heroic music playing]
-[Joker yelps and grunts]
-[Batman grunts]
[Joker groans]
[cackles maniacally]
I must say Batsy,
I'm flattered.
The end of the world,
and you want
to spend it with me.
I didn't know you cared.
[cackling maniacally]
-[Joker laughs maniacally]
-I care, Joker.
About Gotham, about justice.
And if it has to end,
At least I go out like this.
Being Batman.
[digital chirping]
Adam, can you move Warworld
out of harm's way?
The antimatter interference
from one Anti-Monitor
was bad enough.
But an army of them?
Our Zeta energy
is completely neutralized.
We're not going anywhere.
[Wonder Woman] This machine...
What if we offered it
something immortal?
No! Absolutely not!
I'll do it. Not Diana.
Let me do it.
You are so good.
And strong and kind and mortal.
I'm sorry, love.
This is not a job for Superman.
I have spent millennia
watching people die.
Friends, enemies,
I mourned them both.
My immortality
separated me from humanity.
Wouldn't this
give my life meaning?
Anti-Monitor Armada
nearing our location.
Now reaching Earth-2003.
[dramatic music playing]
My god!
That's The Spectre.
Used to work with my mom.
He'd terrify perps,
saying he was the wrath of God.
You're in
for a big surprise, love.
[Earth-2 Superman]
What happens to me in there?
A mystery.
Superman will be there.
And part of him, will be you.
And that's all I need to know.
See you on the other side.
[heroic music playing]
[Joker whooping
and laughing maniacally]
It's so... perfect.
I don't think a great disaster
will ever happen there.
It doesn't have to.
You can live in a human world.
Or you can choose to arrive
in an era much like your own.
I'll just have to make it
a better world the hard way.
Will you even know
I'm Superman?
Clark, if there's a Lois Lane,
she'll figure it out.
[The Question] I object to you
and what you represent.
Nevertheless. All you need do
is step through there.
And you will be part
of a new universe.
A false universe,
a false history.
I reject it on principle.
What's wrong?
I, Helena, it took
the end of the world
for me to let people in.
What if it
doesn't happen this time?
Mom taught me that love
is beyond experience.
That's why a jewel thief
can marry a vigilante.
That sounds like her.
What did... what did
your father teach you?
To always stun a perp
before questioning.
You don't want
any unpleasant surprises.
Come on, time to go.
You're welcome.
Warworld's time is at an end.
It has been an honor, Batman.
I hope we meet again.
So quiet.
It's finally quiet.
Well, we might
as well get this over with.
At least I know my way
around hell now.
Know what to expect.
You're so certain
of damnation, then?
[chuckling] I destroyed
a multi-verse.
I know the score, mate.
Read all the ancient tomes.
I'm done for.
Not all the ancient tomes.
I usually dispense justice.
Perhaps this time
I can offer...
[female giggling]
[humming, gasps]
-[Hippolyta] Diana!
-[Diana] Hmm?
Come off of there this instant.
[chuckling] Don't worry, Mama.
I'm not afraid.
[chuckles] You are
very brave, Diana.
But even princesses
are not immortal.
-Remember that.
-[sighs] Yes, Mama.
-[Diana laughs]
-[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[dramatic music continues]
[thrilling music playing]
[thrilling music continues]
[music fades out]