Justice League: Doom (2012) Movie Script

This is Batman. I've found them.
Tell Cyborg he was right about how
they've been breaking into these places.
Copy that.
Hold your position. Help is on the wa--
That's what I call a safecracker.
How many times do I have to tell you?
We don't want industrial diamonds.
- But, boss--
- Listen to the King, Ten.
Quality over quantity.
Jack, we're on a timetable.
What are you doing out there?
Keeping watch.
Peekaboo, I see you.
Pick a card, any card.
Cute. I can do this all day.
Can you?
Forget it, Jack.
Everybody, take what you can and get out.
Right. Soon as I kill Batman.
No way Batman came here alone.
What, I'm supposed to be worried
about Robin?
You might wanna give up now.
Crap. It's the Justice League.
That's three you owe me.
- We keeping score?
- Not literally.
Because if we are, it's 8 to 7, my favor.
- Batman, are you okay?
- I'll live.
So will Ace, apparently.
He's still a little embarrassed
from last time.
He sucker punched me.
I've got Queen.
That leaves Jack. Haven't seen him
since he sicced Ace on me.
Couldn't have gone far. You search
the vaults. I'll take the rest of the building.
Don't bother. I just looked.
- Everywhere?
- The whole complex...
...except for the last vault room.
Shall we?
- After you.
- Heh, like you've got a choice.
- Found him.
- You fast enough to go in...
...and knock him out
before he glances in your direction?
We could wait
until his eye laser runs out of power.
Flank him. I'll make sure he stays inside
until you get there.
That will work too.
All right, now come the warning shots.
Give up? Please say no.
You'll never catch me, Lantern.
Lots of women say that.
Say good night, Ace.
Surrender peacefully.
You will not be harmed.
Really don't think so, martian.
Come on in. I'll kill you where you stand.
Trying to make me look away?
It's not gonna work.
I'm pretty sure it is, Jack.
I am unharmed.
Intangibility. Works every time.
- What?
- King escaped me.
He was headed in that direction.
Don't think so, Your Highness.
Handheld plasma generator. Nice work.
Hey, guys. You missed one,
but I got him for you.
What were you doing here?
I thought you were helping.
I am helping.
Batman thought your robbery spree was
being done with extra-dimensional tech.
You were right by the way.
I asked him to consult
because his father did work in the field.
Since Dad passed,
I'm the world's ranking expert...
...in multi-dimensional interface.
The Royal Flush Gang knows more
about this tech than you?
Somebody does, but not these mooks.
Flying playing cards is one thing,
but this?
Agreed, this isn't even their standard MO.
Anything on the hard drive?
A lot. I'm still sorting it all out.
Wake up, King.
Got some questions for you.
- I want a lawyer.
- You're getting ahead of yourself.
First, you want a doctor,
then you want a lawyer.
Diana, would you be so kind?
You sure know how to take the fun
out of an interrogation.
Who gave you the technology
that allows you to walk through walls?
I do not know.
The lasso compels you to tell the truth.
I do not know.
- I know you don't like to do it, J'onn....
- Not unnecessarily.
I've read the minds of his entire group.
None of them knows the origin
of the device.
Then we haven't found
the end of the thread.
We've found all we're going to tonight.
I'll take these guys to booking. The rest
of you can sleep on what we've learned.
- I don't need to sleep, I need to follow up--
- Your injuries are severe.
If you wish, a session with my healing ray
could save you days of recovery time.
I'm fine, Diana.
Well, I'm tired.
Unless something comes up, we'll
reconvene at the meeting on Thursday.
I think we could search the hard drive
on the device for--
I've got 16 petabytes of data
to sort through.
I'll call you as soon
as I've got something. Honest.
Authorized vehicle operator recognized.
Security systems disarmed.
Late night playing cards, Master Bruce?
Something like that. How did you know?
I believe tradition calls
for hiding these up one's sleeves.
Was that sarcasm, Alfred?
Mild teasing, at best.
I'm being uncharacteristically gentle
with you...
...mainly because you're bleeding
all over my nice clean floor.
Not going to let me go to work.
That is correct, Master Bruce.
- Not until you've had medical attention--
- Fine.
--food, and a minimum
of eight hours bed rest.
Let's just get this over with.
I made chicken soup.
You can eat while you brood...
...and I'll put in your stitches myself.
It will be delightful, I'm sure.
All right.
By the way, the part about
the stitches? That would be sarcasm.
This is Mirror Master. I'm in.
Then get to work.
This is the most vulnerable moment
of the entire plan.
You sure this thing will work?
For the amount of money
I paid LexCorp, it had better.
I couldn't see anything
while I was in the mirror.
Maybe I should snoop around
and see if I can find out who he really is.
The information I sent you to steal
is far more valuable...
...than Batman's secret identity.
Besides, I already know it.
- You know who Batma--?
- Download complete.
It's not broken.
You've arrived.
Star Sapphire.
If this is an elaborate ambush,
you won't fare any better than the alligator.
I suspect we'd do a bit better.
It's Bane, isn't it?
I'm Metallo. Big fan of your work.
The scary guy's Ma'alefa'ak...
...and the lady with the claws
is Cheetah.
- What's that supposed to be?
- An invitation.
Welcome to the Hall of Doom.
I'm Vandal Savage.
I'm pleased to see you all here.
For $10 million,
I'm inclined to accept any invitation.
Makes me wonder, though.
What if we'd just kept the money
and not shown up?
You'd live the rest
of your very short lives...
...in fear of the moment
when I would inevitably find you.
Tough talk.
None of us are that easy to kill.
Everybody dies, child.
That's not what I've heard about you.
You five and Mirror Master are here
because you each have...
...a personal vendetta
against a member of the Justice League.
You wish to see them dead.
While I have no personal enmity
towards them...
...I have a vision for this world,
and they would stand in my way.
Their deaths would serve my goals.
In short, we need each other.
I don't speak for the others,
but I'm perfectly capable...
...of killing Wonder Woman by myself.
History says otherwise.
You've all tried and failed to kill members
of the league on multiple occasions.
Savage has foolproof plans
for how we can destroy them.
And I will pay you $100 million,
plus expenses...
...for each Justice Leaguer
you take off the table.
Wait a minute. You just committed
over a half a billion dollars...
...just to get the JLA out of the way
of another plan?
As Ma'alefa'ak implied earlier,
I'm very old.
Fifty thousand years has been
sufficient time to amass a fortune...
...that dwarfs any other
in human history.
Even so, to spend that much money
just to clear the decks...
...the payoff must be huge.
Inconceivably so.
Any who would like to continue working
with me are welcome to share in the riches.
After you've destroyed
the Justice League.
I don't see any of us looking for the exit.
Then it's settled.
Welcome to the Legion of Doom.
Master Bruce.
What is it, Alfred?
I have some unpleasant news.
How could this have happened?
Where are my parents' caskets?
I don't know, sir.
We found it like this
just a few minutes ago.
I called the house right away.
Whoever did this is going to pay.
Perhaps I can help you with that.
When I said I didn't know
who was responsible for this...
...I may have been lying.
Come on, John.
We actually surprised you?
It's been a busy week.
I'd forgotten it was my birthday.
Also, I'd never mentioned it
to any of you.
Your stalker knows all.
She really likes you, you know.
I didn't know how old you were,
so I just put a lot.
You're supposed to wait for us
to sing "Happy Birthday."
Ugh, I hope you at least made a wish.
I didn't order that.
It's from the lady.
Do you know her?
I do not.
Thank you for the drink, but I'm on duty.
I figured. It's a soda.
- Got a light?
- I don't smoke.
You seem very familiar.
You don't need a line, John.
I'm obviously interested in you.
I can't place your face.
That's unusual for me.
Really look.
Use your martian vision.
How do you--?
What do you want, Cheetah?
To hurt you, Diana. What else?
Hey, can we wrap this up?
We're blocking traffic,
and it's obvious what happened here.
Is it?
Come on, Allen,
don't do this to me again.
- The facts don't fit the scenario.
- You guys hear the news?
You mean the part where I blow
my date tonight and therefore die alone...
...because Allen turned my hit-and-run
into a homicide?
I'm serious. Mirror Master's robbing
the new maglev train from Keystone City.
Bag and tag everything, and be thorough.
This is a murder, not an accident.
- Where you going?
- Train station.
For what? It's a robbery in progress,
not a crime scene.
Mirror Master's there.
It'll be a crime scene soon enough.
Who's the officer in charge?
Special Agent Porter.
My office reached out to you.
An unknown number of heavily armed
militiamen have taken over the mine.
A salt mine? For what?
They call themselves
the Identity Brotherhood.
They plan to use the salt mine as their base
during the second American revolution...
...which is, they claim, imminent.
They've killed a dozen people,
wounded three of my men.
- Why not go in hard and take them down?
- I'd like to.
But they have at least six hostages,
workers, trapped down there with them.
We hoped you might be able
to take a more subtle approach...
...than the responses we have available.
Got it.
This is Green Lantern. I'm coming in.
If you harm any of those hostages,
you'll answer to me.
Back in five.
- Flash.
- Mirror Master's in here.
- One at a time.
- We're shipping old cash to the reserve.
- Old cash?
- It's being taken out of circulation.
It'll be destroyed
and replaced with new bills.
Unless Mirror Master steals it first,
which ain't gonna happen on my watch.
Yeah. I just untied you, remember?
You're lucky he let you live.
Stay here and I'll take a crack at him.
Took you long enough to get here.
I brought you something.
I thought this was a robbery.
It looks more like you're doing
the feds' work for them.
Hologram. Figures.
Which one of us is real?
I don't care.
What did you do with their bodies?
When we fought before, I broke the bat.
Today, I break the man.
Come on, I'm not gonna kill you yet.
What's in the box?
Dead grandma.
- What kind of sick--?
- Relax.
I got a little ahead of myself.
You can hardly blame me
trying to keep up with the likes of you.
She's still alive.
Don't move.
You really wanna hear all this first.
I call this my hostage box.
At the end of the countdown,
already in progress...
...the box will activate
and instantly kill the old woman...
...unless you use your super-speed
to get her out.
- It's a trap.
- Most probably...
...but you can't take that chance,
or pass up the challenge.
Are you fast enough, Flash?
Careful. It's bolted through your wrist.
- What?
- It's a bomb with a three-mile blast radius.
If you try to remove the bomb,
it explodes.
If you do nothing in 60 seconds,
it explodes.
Before you heroically leave the train
to protect the passengers...
...there's one last thing.
Once you start running,
if you decelerate--
It explodes.
You've got 12 seconds
to decide what to do.
I don't much care which way you go
because I'm not really here.
Why are you here, Ma'alefa'ak?
To buy you a drink.
It's laced with a chemical
that has an odd effect on martian biology.
You couldn't taste it over the soda.
It's a poison.
Oh, it won't kill you.
Your body will filter it out in a few hours.
Unfortunately, you'll sweat the poison
out of your pores.
It's magnesium, by the way.
- John.
- That guy just fell down.
What's the matter,
can't hold your liquor?
- Stay back.
- Oh, man.
He's the freaking Martian Manhunter.
Listen, you must get everyone
away from me.
You're all in grave danger.
- Let's get out of here.
- Let's get out of here.
Hold on, John.
Stop, drop and roll, partner.
Hang in there, we'll get this--
He doesn't smoke.
I think that guy's gonna jump.
- Does anybody know him?
- I don't know.
- Can you see him?
- Working on it, Lois.
I think that guy works for our paper.
The bond issue should easily cover
the budget shortfall...
...into the third quarter
of our next fiscal year.
We all know the federal money
was a one-time thing...
- ...to help boost the economy.
- Hello?
It's me.
You know Henry Ackerdson?
Used to be White House beat,
got downsized.
- He was a good reporter. A real shame.
- It's about to be a bigger shame.
He's going to jump off of the top
of the Daily Planet.
I'm on my way.
That's far enough, Lantern.
You make a move, any move, and that drill's
coming down on their heads.
You're not in a position to make a deal.
Step away from the control panel...
...and you won't get hurt.
There's no other way out of this.
The shut-off is controlled
from one of the other consoles.
I'll tell you which one if you let me go.
That bracelet trick always impresses me,
but at least I got you once.
You drugged me.
Catch me if you can.
It's not possible.
- Wonder Woman.
- Look, it's Wonder Woman.
- It's Wonder Woman.
- No way.
- Wonder Woman.
- What's she doing here?
- Wonder Woman.
- Dude, she's so hot.
- Is it really her?
- Is that Wonder Woman?
Why is she looking at us like that?
- Hey, is that--?
- There he is!
Mr. Ackerdson?
May I call you Henry?
Call me whatever you want.
It doesn't matter.
Nothing does.
I'm going to have
to disagree with you, sir.
Everything matters.
Everybody matters.
Don't come any closer. I'll do it.
I'm staying right here.
I want you to get out of here
as quickly as you can.
Follow the light,
it's a safe path back to the surface.
- They've still got Carol.
- Carol?
From Bookkeeping.
They took her hostage first.
I'll get her out. Go.
Help me.
Don't hurt her.
It'll do you no good.
All your partners are captured, or worse.
- All of them?
- All of them.
You've got no options.
I've got one.
I don't understand.
Why didn't I disarm him?
Why didn't I--?
Oh, no.
I'm so sorry.
She sort of looks like me, doesn't she?
Yes. Her name was Carol too.
She's beautiful, of course,
and she has dark hair like mine.
And the stench of your failure
hanging over her.
I didn't mean--
You didn't mean
to get all those people killed?
You didn't mean to betray me,
drive me into becoming this?
What didn't you mean, Hal?
I don't know. I'm--
Afraid that you don't deserve
to have so much power?
That nobody does?
I don't deserve this.
Then I hope you have the decency
to do what's right...
...and suffer for your many sins.
You don't understand.
I've been a newspaperman for 40 years.
I started as a copyboy when I was 16.
Always thought I'd be doing it
until the day I died.
Heh, guess I got that part right.
There are other jobs.
Newspapers are dying.
I spent my life fighting for the little guy,
fighting for truth and justice.
It isn't relevant anymore.
That's what some people say.
But I've fought for the same things,
even when they don't seem fashionable.
It's a never-ending battle,
but we can't quit.
I'm not the man you think I am.
I'm too weak to fight anymore.
You're stronger than you know,
Mr. Ackerdson.
Kryptonite bullet.
Kryptonite heart.
Hello, Bruce.
Sorry I couldn't be there for this...
...but I have a rather large check
to pick up.
Payment for dealing with you.
Oh, you were concerned
about where I put your parents.
Don't be.
They're very close.
Rest in peace.
It was easier than I thought.
To victory.
To victory.
To the Legion of Doom.
To the Legion of Doom.
Wait. A further toast.
I've been trying to kill Batman
for nearly 10 years.
Well, this time,
I did better than kill him...
...I humiliated him.
Hear, hear.
Each of us finally got the better
of our opposite numbers...
...and it's all thanks
to the genius of one man...
...Vandal Savage.
- Yes, he's the man.
- Ha, ha, to the man.
- And his checks clear.
- I love my money.
Our business is completed.
You are, of course, free to go.
You hinted at a larger scheme and said
there would be a place for us in it...
...should we so choose.
I did.
And the offer remains open to you all.
But I fear you may lack the vision
to go along with me.
The next stage of my plans
might be considered...
What are you gonna do,
destroy the world?
Nothing so crude.
Half. Two-thirds at the most.
It's not a joke.
It's the next step in a plan
to transform the planet in a manner...
...that will render your $100-million payday
both trivial and meaningless.
What possible profit could there be
in destroying the world?
The first thing you have to understand
is that I am old.
Older than the human race.
I know that you believe this to be true.
It is true.
Eighty thousand years ago...
...I was living in
what is now the island of Sumatra.
One night,
the sky lit up with streaks of fire.
But my primitive mind thought the stars
were falling from the sky.
One meteor fell to Earth in my valley.
My compatriots ran...
...but it was very cold
and the glowing stone was warm.
I slept there...
...bathed in the meteor's
strange radiations.
And when I awoke the next morning,
I was forever changed.
The radiation mutated me, evolving me.
I was instantly aware
of my increased intelligence.
It was only with the passage of time
that I discovered the rest of my gift.
So far as I know, I cannot die.
Is that a fact?
Go ahead.
- Why'd you do that?
- Don't you realize what he's planning?
In his new world,
our money doesn't matter.
You are correct.
Money won't matter.
It's trivial in the long run.
Let me tell you about the long run.
I've lived thousands of lives.
I've been a laborer, a scientist, a priest,
an artist, a healer, a thief.
But most often a conqueror.
I'm still not seeing
how this makes up for my money.
Seventy-five thousand years ago...
...a disaster
nearly rendered humanity extinct.
I enslaved the survivors
and ruled with an iron hand.
In a few generations...
...my people were well under way
to repopulating the Earth...
...and becoming the planet's
dominant species.
I was happy then.
You're taking the world over
out of nostalgia?
I'm taking over because humanity
is prideful and belligerent...
...and once again
needs my guiding hand.
But before I take over,
I intend to soften them up.
By destroying half the world.
Those who survive
will happily follow a leader...
...who offers food, comfort and order.
That could work.
It will work.
To you, my warlords, I offer dominion over
as much of what remains of the planet...
...as each of you can hold,
second only to me.
You haven't left us much choice.
Heh, how do you propose
to kill that many people?
Even without the Justice League,
they will fight.
They'll lose.
Why are you guys
attacking Wonder Woman?
Get out of my face, tin man.
I've had enough trouble with superheroes
today to last me a lifetime.
Not as much as you're gonna have
if you don't give me a straight answer.
She was fighting the Cheetah,
then suddenly started attacking everyone.
We got the civilians out
and the park sealed off...
...but we can't get near her.
Look at her.
She's having a seizure or something.
You could be right.
Her pulse, blood pressure and respiration
are off the charts.
If she keeps going at that pace,
she's gonna drop dead.
That's not the worst outcome
I can imagine right now.
I'm gonna talk her down.
Pull your men back.
All officers,
stand down and retreat to barriers.
Repeat, stand down.
You must be the real one.
Whatever that weapon is, Cheetah,
it won't work.
It's a scanner.
Something's happening to you.
Did you just call me Cheetah?
She thinks I'm Cheetah.
Wonder Woman,
just listen for a minute.
Whatever it looks like, I'm not Cheetah.
Think about it. All those dozens
of Cheetahs you saw, how is that possible?
I don't know.
I think I do.
My sensors have detected
a cluster of nanomachines...
...attached to your brain stem.
They're broadcasting
into your visual and auditory centers...
...making you see
whatever Cheetah wants you to.
- It could be.
- It is.
She knows you'll never quit a fight.
You're supposed to keep going
until your heart gives out...
...or you have an aneurism,
or a cop gets lucky and shoots you.
I've identified the frequency.
I'm gonna broadcast inter--
I'm sorry you forced me to do this,
Let's get you some medical attention.
After you.
That's me, all right.
You wanna tell me
what the hell is going on here?
Where have you been?
When I saw the grave restored,
I assumed you'd gone after--
Later. I'm busy.
Bruce, Superman's been shot.
Surgeons bought to the scene
have been unable to operate.
Superman's invulnerable flesh
has thus far resisted all attempts to cut--
Flash, listen carefully.
Go to S.T.A.R. Labs Kyoto...
...and have them forge a piece of kryptonite
into a scalpel. Bring it--
Can't help you. I've got a bomb
bolted to my wrist. If I stop--
- It'll explode.
- Yeah. I'm starting to get tired.
I'll have to try something soon.
Keep running. I'll call back when I can.
How did you know
what was happening to Flash?
J'onn, I need your help. J'onn?
J'onn? J'onn!
It's Batman. What's happening?
I'm still burning!
Get the Batwing ready.
The Justice League is under attack.
- By whom?
- By me.
Batman to Justice League.
Wonder Woman here.
- Are you all right?
- I am now.
I'm with Cyborg.
Bring him. The plans don't account
for him. He could be the key.
Key to what?
What's going on, Batman?
Do you know something?
The Justice League
is in extreme danger.
You don't say. Listen,
I can't keep running. I think I can vibrate--
No. It won't work. You have to trust me.
You got a better idea?
Slightly. How far away are you
from an iceberg?
I'm never far from anything.
You think that'll slow it down enough?
- Just. But you make one misstep--
- Got it.
At least if it doesn't work,
nobody dies but me.
Flash. Flash, are you okay?
Not the way I would have bet
two seconds ago, but, yeah, I'm fine.
Now, everyone, listen very carefully.
We can still save
Superman and Green Lantern...
...if you do exactly what I say.
How are you feeling?
You injected me with aluminum oxide?
On Batman's instruction.
It's harmless to my martian physiology...
...but ideal for neutralizing the magnesium
I was secreting.
How did he know?
We'll ask him when we see him.
Right now, you have to prep for surgery.
Hal, listen to me.
However it looks, this wasn't your fault.
Who's fault was it, then?
I was the one with the most powerful
weapon in the universe.
I was the one whose arrogance
led to this girl's death.
I know more than a little
about arrogance.
I also know about dead bodies,
and that isn't one.
She's a sophisticated android.
They all were.
The entire scenario was created
to convince you that you made a bad call.
But you didn't.
- I was afraid that--
- No.
You weren't afraid. Not really.
You were dosed with a synthesized version
of the Scarecrow's fear gas...
...because will
is the source of your strength.
And fear is the enemy of will.
I've got the antidote to the fear gas.
Don't need it.
Robots, advanced drugs,
psychological profiling.
No way Star Sapphire
came up with this on her own.
I did this to you.
To all of you.
You want me to perform surgery
on him?
You're the only one who can.
Flash is at S.T.A.R. Labs Kyoto...
...waiting for them to finish
making a kryptonite scalpel.
Nothing else can cut his skin.
But we've run out of time.
Your shapeshifting powers
are his best hope.
This can work.
I'm glad you think so.
You're going to be doing
the cutting.
Who with the what now?
What's that?
A piece of kryptonite
that you're going to use like a lens.
Narrow your blaster to minimum
and filter it through.
I really don't know if I can--
Tell me what to do.
That's good.
We're ready for you now.
I have it.
All right!
What happened?
Why don't you ask him?
It was a coordinated attack
intended to kill us...
...or, failing that, put us out of commission
for an extended period.
Obviously the first step of a larger scheme,
something that we would stop.
The attacks were strategically brilliant.
They were specifically targeted at our
physical and psychological weaknesses.
Obviously by someone
who knows us very well.
The plans were mine.
- Yours?
- Say what, now?
I've carefully studied
every Justice Leaguer, past and present...
...and created contingency plans
to neutralize you...
- ...should that become necessary.
- You've gotta be kidding me.
Neutralize, not kill.
Whoever implemented my plans
altered them.
It's still a completely unacceptable
breach of our trust.
The Justice League
are among the most powerful...
...and potentially dangerous people
on the planet.
You think one of us
would go over to the other side?
Or succumb to mind control.
Yes, it's possible.
That's why I developed plans
for containing any or all members...
...of the JLA should the need ever arise.
None of us would ever do that to you.
Then you're damned fools.
Where do you think you're going?
I'm just a visitor.
This is getting personal.
Stay. You're part of this now.
I'm not sure I have a problem
with Batman's contingency plans.
But letting somebody steal them
was pretty damned dumb.
I've had some time to think about that
and I know how it happened.
Security video from the Batcave.
He's in hologram form...
...so the motion detectors
didn't have anything to lock on to.
Mirror Master's not that careful.
And the technology, the scope of all this?
He's not working alone.
The video's from the night
we caught the Royal Flush Gang.
Whoever set them up
with that interdimensional lock pick...
...also gave Mirror Master the means
to steal encrypted files.
But the encryption
on your files is all but unbreakable.
All but.
I can find them.
As you say, my encryption is formidable,
but in the event that it ever was cracked--
You had a contingency plan.
When my files are decrypted,
they call home.
So that thing's really going
to kill half the population of Earth.
Not exactly.
The solar flare
will do most of the damage.
Solar flare?
Think of this as a pilot light.
When our ideal launch window opens
in just over an hour...
...this magnificent creation
will fly into the sun...
...trailing magnetic resonance.
- And when it hits?
- It will trigger a solar flare...
...that will propagate at light speed
along the magnetic trail we've left.
Eight and a half minutes later...
...it will utterly destroy
the sunward-facing side of the Earth.
Nearly half the world's population
will die instantly.
And thanks to the accompanying
electromagnetic pulse...
...any technology more advanced
than, say, the steam engine...
...will simply stop working.
No technology, no superheroes,
no functioning governments.
Except the one we control.
That's quite an ambitious plan.
No wonder you wanted us
out of the way.
- I thought you took care of him.
- He should've been burning for weeks.
Don't feel bad.
Actually, none of you managed
to finish the job.
Did you get all that?
We did.
Take them down.
Don't let them get to the missile.
I still can't believe
what you tried to do to me.
You hurt me, Jordan.
You broke my heart,
and I'll never stop trying to hurt you back.
That's new.
You didn't think it'd be that easy,
did you?
Didn't I bury you alive?
That's where you made your mistake.
I won't repeat it.
You're good, but lately,
I've had a lot of practice fighting you.
Where's the flipping
countdown command?
Missile launch aborted.
You never asked me
how my wrist was healing.
Fine, how's your--? Unh!
Surprisingly fast.
Manual launch sequence engaged.
Welcome to the dawn of a new world.
I've got work to do.
I do keep hurting you, don't I?
Savage launched the weapon.
- Superman's already in pursuit.
- On it.
Superman, where are you?
I'm approaching the missile.
I should easily be able to intercept it
before it detonates.
- Superman?
- Can't talk now.
The solar flare is coming.
How do we stop it?
I don't know, but we've got less than
eight minutes to figure something out.
Maybe longer.
- Not much blood.
- Not much back.
- You think he'll stop it?
- He'll stop it.
Not this time. Flare's on its way. We've got
seven minutes to come up with something.
Seven minutes?
Hal's gonna try to buy us more,
but that's all we can count on.
Maybe I could move
the Earth out of the way?
If we had a week, I couldn't list
all the reasons that won't work.
- You have a plan?
- No, but Savage does.
This place is going to be sun side
by the time the flare gets here.
The Legion wasn't worried either.
There must be some mechanism
to protect them from the flare.
Start talking.
I don't have time for niceties.
You don't have time
to break an immortal either.
Don't have to.
I know how they intended to survive.
The intangibility tech
he gave the Royal Flush Gang.
It must've been a test run.
Sure, just let the flare
pass right through this place.
But where's the apparatus?
It would have to be huge.
That's the beauty part.
The Hall of Doom is the apparatus.
I already downloaded the specs
when I interfaced with the control panel.
Can this building generate a signal strong
enough to make the whole Earth intangible?
If we had enough power.
Also, it would help if it were higher up.
- How high?
- Low orbit.
I can help you out with that.
Everybody knows their jobs. Go.
It's Green Lantern.
His shield just failed.
The solar flare is on its way.
What about it?
Is the displacement field ready?
- I think so, I'd like to test--
- This is the test.
I'm calling this official meeting to order.
First, some news
for those of you who haven't heard.
The world court
has just found Vandal Savage guilty...
...of crimes against humanity.
Tell them what the immortal got.
Life in prison,
without possibility of parole.
A little new business.
I want to officially welcome...
...the newest member of the Justice League
by unanimous consent, Cyborg.
Nice. Way to go.
- Good job.
- Congratulations, Victor.
Thanks, everybody.
And now, the main reason
I called this session.
In light of the breach of trust revealed to us
during the Vandal Savage matter...
...we have to decide whether Batman
should be allowed to remain in the league.
- All those in favor of--
- Wait.
Before we vote, the accused should be
allowed a few words in his defense.
Okay. Batman?
My actions don't require any defense.
In the same situation, I'd do it again.
Oh, come on.
As individuals,
and even more so as a group...
...the Justice League is too dangerous
to lack a fail-safe...
...against any possible misuse
of our power.
We use our power to protect the world.
We always have.
And what if we ever used it
for some other purpose?
If you people can't see the potential danger
of an out-of-control Justice League...
...I don't need to wait for a vote.
I don't belong here.
Got a minute?
What do you want?
You made contingency plans
to stop everybody in the League...
...just in case any of us ever went bad.
My contingencies
were intended to immobilize, not kill.
But Savage came up with the plan
to bury you.
I assume so. It wasn't one of mine.
Was that it?
With all that talk
about unchecked power...
...you're still so arrogant you didn't bother
to come up with a plan to stop yourself?
I do have a plan.
It's called the Justice League.
Just wanted to be sure.
What is it?
If the league ever did go over
to the wrong side...
...I want there to be somebody I can trust
to keep the planet safe.
Even from me.