Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013) Movie Script

You're supposed to stop
for people who need help.
Uh-uh, not so fast, Barry Allen.
Forget about them.
You can't change other people.
Just a waste of energy.
- But...
- Barry...
...when I was a little girl,
Grandma taught me a prayer:
Accept the things you cannot change.
Have the courage
to change the things you can...
...and have the wisdom
to know the difference.
I don't totally get that.
Heh, you will.
Now, all we need is a phone.
There's a gas station.
- Race you.
- Barry!
And we may never know
exactly what happened...
...a break-in gone wrong,
a disturbed mind.
But we do know that this was a crime
and a tragedy.
And as we commit Nora
to the care of our Lord...
...we know her son, Barry, will need
all our prayers and help to see him...
...through this terrible loss.
Happy birthday, Mom.
I'm so sorry.
- I should've been there.
- What?
If I just ran a little faster,
I'd have been there.
Barry, you were just a boy.
There was nothing you could've done.
We don't know that.
If I'd been there,
maybe I could've stopped it.
I could've saved her.
Come on, stop doing this to yourself.
What was that saying your mother had?
About accepting the things
you can't change?
Well, this is something I can change.
A break-in at the Flash Museum.
- See you later?
- You better.
Well, Flash.
Once again, it looks like you're the bottom
and I'm the top.
Mirror Master and Heat Wave.
Going to a lot of trouble
to steal my old junk, aren't you?
Exhibit's closed, Top.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa!
Captains Boomerang and Cold.
The gang's all here.
And I thought you forgot about us
as soon as you sent us off to prison.
So this little reunion is about revenge?
Not really.
Offing you is just a bonus part of the job.
Job? Who hired you?
No offense, heh, none of you clowns
are smart enough to pull this off.
You're quite right, of course, Flash.
I knew using these morons
would put you off your guard.
- Hey.
- They're motivated by greed.
They lack the commitment,
the absolute focus...
- To kill me.
- Erase you.
I'm gonna bring this shrine to your ego
down on your head.
Along with 10 square blocks
of Central City and everyone around.
What? What are you talking about?
We didn't bring any bombs.
Oh, but I did.
- What is this?
- Something I attached to your belts...
...as I made my entrance.
I wouldn't unbuckle if I were you.
You'll just set them off.
It's me you want, Thawne.
You don't have to kill
thousands of innocents to bring me down.
No. No, I don't.
But I choose to, knowing it will
make your last moments pure agony.
Good bye.
You can't escape, Flash.
The adhesive will never completely liquefy,
regardless of speed.
I'm counting on that. Unh.
Now you got not choice, Thawne.
Disarm the bombs
or you blow up with us.
Very well.
If it means shattering
your golden throne in history...
...linking your name forever
to this city's darkest hour...
...then my life is a small price to pay.
I agree.
Your lives aren't worth much.
But Flash's life is.
- You called them.
- You've got your posse, I've got mine.
Clearly, you should never do this stuff
without me.
You end up with crap all over yourself.
Focus, GL. Bombs. Batman?
It's future tech.
Difficult to disarm without
setting them off, even for me.
I could try to vaporize the bombs.
Yes, but you'd be vaporizing
the Rogues as well.
Diana's right. What's plan B?
How do we shut off these charges?
You can't. We'll all be dead, shortly.
The truth hurts, doesn't it?
We're out of options.
Each of you take one of the Rogues
as far from Central City as you can.
We'll attempt to disarm the devices
once sufficiently isolated.
I'm not going to just leave you here.
Lantern, we're running out of time.
Hal, go.
- I'd suck it in if I were you.
- Uh?
- Aren't you gonna do something?
- I am.
I've got a million microbes
eating the bomb's wiring.
Waiting is the worst part.
You may have minimized
the destruction...
...but the final bomb will still turn
this monument to your ego...
...into your own tomb.
What are you doing?
You can't escape.
You can't reach the bomb to disarm it.
You're going to die.
You may have my powers, Thawne...
...but you have almost zero imagination
about using them.
Looks like 25th-century technology
is pretty delicate.
I've notified S.T.A.R. Labs to ready a
cozy little cell for you, professor.
I understand the food's not great there,
Enjoy your petty little victories, Flash.
But no matter how fast you run,
you can't save everyone.
Not the ones that matter to you.
Best to keep your mouth shut
if you don't want bugs in your teeth.
Thawne's a classic sociopath.
They have a knack for knowing
just what will get under your skin.
Yeah. They do.
You Okay?
Don't worry about me, Bats. I'm fine.
Nothing I can't run off.
Look who's just joined
the land of the living.
I don't mean to interrupt your beauty
sleep, Lord knows you need it...
...but the Elongated Kid murderer
isn't gonna catch himself.
- Elongated Man was murdered?
- Elongated Kid.
Director Singh wants us pulling
all-nighters until we close this case.
Hey, what's going on?
We interrupt our programming
to bring breaking news.
We're live outside the Cold Museum.
Citizen Cold
is battling Captain Boomerang.
Reportedly, the confrontation began
inside the museum moments ago.
Cold is on the loose already?
Do we really have to learn
this stuff on TV?
Doesn't anyone call the cops anymore?
Looks like a power struggle
in the Rogues.
- Who are the Rogues?
- The Rogues.
Flash's worst enemies?
Bent on Flash's destruction
so they can take over Central City?
Okay, we'll continue
this hilarious leg-pulling later.
After the Flash has taken care
of Citizen Cold.
Barry, are you all right?
Oh, that was a nasty spill,
even for you.
Let me see your head.
I'm fine. Mom.
It's you. You're here.
Heh, well, of course I'm here.
You promised me
you'd take me to dinner on my birthday.
It's my birthday.
The end of the world can't stop that.
You forgot. Heh, it's okay, Barry.
It's easy for a busy young man
to forget his old mom.
Huh? Oh.
I could never forget you.
Oh, heh. Oh, my.
Barry, what's gotten into you?
Are you all right?
People have been acting so strangely with
this terrible war hanging over their heads.
War? What? No, Mom, I'm fine.
But everything else has changed,
and I have to find out why.
It probably has something
to do with me being...
- Gay?
- What? No.
It's okay. I love you no matter what.
Mom, it's not that. It's something else.
Brace yourself for a shock.
- I'm the Flash.
- Oh.
What's the Flash?
You know, the Flash.
Fastest man alive?
Fights crime?
Very famous superhero?
A superhero?
Heh, you mean like Batman?
Where's the Joker? Unh.
Where, Yo-Yo?
Tell me where the Joker's funhouse
is this time.
While you can still talk.
Oh, it's on the tip of my tongue. Ow.
Let me help you get it off.
Judge Dent was kidnapped last night.
Where did the Joker take him?
Even if I did know,
it wouldn't do you any good, Bats.
- He's probably already dead.
- Then so are you.
Cyborg? I surrender.
To you.
- Batman.
- You should have let her hit the pavement.
- You shouldn't have thrown her.
- She slipped.
- Aren't you wondering how I found you?
- Thermal vision.
Cybernetic hearing.
And total access to every camera
on the grid.
Must be a nice perk for being
in the president's back pocket.
I've told you it's not like that.
As national security advisor,
I can help more people.
Like that murdering psychopath?
Maybe you should go help people
in some other town.
We're trying to help all the people...
...while there's still a world left.
We need you.
Hologram party. Ingenious.
Saves a fortune on snacks.
Enchantress, Pied Piper, Citizen Cold,
Shade, Sandman, The Shazam Kids.
It's Batman. Seriously, Batman.
- He's older than I thought.
- But I'm not hard of hearing.
You know why we're here, Batman.
Over 100 million people died...
...when Atlantis sank
Western Europe into the ocean.
Another 32 million slaughtered...
...when the Amazons
invaded the United Kingdom...
...and renamed it New Themyscira.
We have to take down Aquaman
and Wonder Woman...
...before their war destroys
what's left of the world.
- We can do it.
- That's exactly what Captain Atom said...
...before he flew over there and vanished.
He went in without a plan or backup.
That's where you come in.
If we want to win this thing, we need
the best tactician on the planet.
You can't just turn your back on this.
Not when we've got a chance to stop
this war and save the world.
War's over, soldier.
You just don't know it yet.
Everybody lost.
- Can I help you, sir?
- Sir? Doris, it's me.
No, I don't need help.
Everything's fine now.
- How is my little angel?
- Awesome.
Daddy took me out to lunch
and we had chicken wings...
...and I told him about the invasion drill
we had at school today.
Bruce? Alfred?
What happened to you, Bruce?
You were the James Bond
of superheroes.
What turned you into the Unabomber?
Who are you?
I said who the hell are you?
Bruce, wait. You have to remember.
It's me. It's Barry.
Barry Allen. Bruce?
- Bruce?
- Bruce.
Bruce is dead. I watched him die.
My God.
He's the one who died
that night in the alley.
Bruce died and you lived.
You're his father.
You're Thomas Wayne.
Pilgrim to Mayflower, do you copy?
Where the hell are you?
I'm at the rendezvous point.
There's no sign of the package
or any other members of the resistance.
And I'm up to my neck in Amazons.
You're an American.
But you're going to tell me
a little more about yourself.
- Who are you?
- No. Ugh.
He's resisting the Lasso of Truth.
How is that possible, Queen Diana?
It's not.
Who are you, and what are you doing
in New Themyscira?
My name is Colonel Steve Trevor
of the United States Special Forces.
- I'm here to retrieve Lois Lane.
- Who is Lois Lane?
Lois Lane is a Pulitzer Prize
winning journalist...
...who's been embedded
in New Themyscira for three months...
...gathering intel
on your Amazons for Cyborg.
She's, unh... She's also one of the most
beautiful women I've ever met.
Until now, you mean.
Our information was correct.
Cyborg is amassing the outside
world's super-humans...
...in an attempt
to interfere with our war.
He will fail.
Now, find me this Lois Lane.
Yes, my queen.
May I deal with the prisoner for you?
The queen of the Amazons
is a servant to her people.
Nothing is beneath her.
I told you, everything changed.
You have nine more fingers.
I suggest you tell me
how you found out about me.
In my world,
I'm a hero named the Flash.
Bruce took me here, showed me...
I used to be a doctor.
Mention my dead son again and I will
break out my surgical instruments.
My ring. Let me show you
that I'm telling the truth.
My uniform is in that ring.
I'll humor you.
See? I told...
Not what you were expecting?
- No. Thawne.
- Who?
The man this uniform belongs to.
My opposite, the Reverse-Flash.
Eobard Thawne.
- What kind of name is Eobard?
- The 25th-century kind.
He replicated the accident that allowed me
to tap into the Speed Force...
...became a criminal,
Professor Zoom.
Speed Force?
The Speed Force allows both of us to bend
the laws of physics using super speed.
He can travel through time.
You're suggesting that he changed
something in the past...
That changed everything. It's crazy.
My mom's alive. You're Batman.
And Diana and Arthur
are about to start World War Ill.
But why give me this?
He hates you.
So much he'll destroy everything
to kill you.
But his psychosis requires
that you know he's responsible.
Could anyone, even Thawne,
be that deranged?
You'd be amazed the monsters
this world can create.
We have to stop this, Dr. Wayne.
Catch Thawne,
find out what he changed...
...and change it back before Aquaman
and Wonder Woman...
...kill everyone on the planet.
Not saying I believe you,
but in your reality...
- ...is my son...?
- Bruce is alive.
He's Batman.
If I were to help you,
what exactly would we need?
Just what's over there
and unbelievably bad weather.
Welcome to Gotham.
I thought you were supposed to be smart.
I am smart, captain. Very smart.
having the greatest intellect on earth...
...doesn't always help one
do the impossible.
You better be able to pinpoint
that son of a bitch.
Aquaman's doomsday device
should be easy for me to find...
...simply by locating the power source.
A weapon capable
of wiping out continents...
...would require an astonishing
amount of energy.
Based on my analysis
of the shockwave...
...our course should take us
right over the origin point.
And there's nothing. Not a blip.
I'm taking a big risk
coming this close to his waters.
- How close are we?
- See for yourself.
That's a lot of death.
Even for me.
I suggest if you want to prevent further
tragedies of this magnitude...
Battle stations!
A bit too late for that, I think.
Surface-dwellers, my lord.
Not Amazons.
Meddlers, Orm. They're in my way.
Well, at least I know I was right.
No survivors.
This is crazy. You ought to be in Arkham.
Maybe so, but I need to recreate
the conditions of the accident...
...that turned me into the Flash.
Strap me in.
You know, they say that lightning
doesn't strike the same place twice.
They say a lot of things.
Now why don't we pull the switch
and find out?
Come on.
Come on, I'm here.
I'm right here!
Oh, my God.
I wish you had better news for me, Cyborg.
This cloud of war grows ever darker,
and I fear we've run out of options.
I just need a little more time,
Mr. President.
Victor, there is no more time.
Lex Luthor is dead.
His mission failed.
But at least we know the estimated
location of Aquaman's WMD.
Sir, let my team take
out the Atlantean device.
Cyborg, you did your best recruiting
meta-humans to help us end this conflict...
...but our top analysts say without
the Batman, you have no team.
It's time to send in
the real heroes, son.
The military?
The Atlantean tech will see them coming
from half a world away.
Let our boys worry about that.
Thank you for everything
you've done for this country, Victor.
But as of now, you're relieved of duty.
Aah? Oh.
War, war, war!
Lie down.
You have third-degree burns.
You're lucky to be alive.
Somehow I remember things
from this timeline.
How Aquaman destroyed
most of Europe.
Maybe that lightning jogged
your memory.
But I can remember my world as well.
A world where Aquaman would die
before harming innocent people.
My memories are changing, realigning
with this new history Thawne's created.
Soon I'll forget my timeline
and everyone in it.
My wife, your son.
- We're getting that world back.
- Huh. How?
We try again.
Try again.
But, sire, the device is too dangerous.
Our attack on New Themyscira
destroyed an entire continent...
...but still left the Amazon's
new homeland untouched.
More unholy magic from those witches.
Next time we will level their island.
Please, my emperor.
We tried to use only a fraction
of the power...
...and now it is even less stable.
I fear we could sweep clean the ocean floor
as well as the surface world.
I see.
Then we will take the witches' island
by force.
Inch by bloody inch if necessary.
They will pay
for what they did to Queen Mera.
I told you never to speak her name.
Yes, my liege.
Prepare the armadas
for surface invasion.
The Amazons' judgment is at hand.
Because of you, I'll be responsible
for the deaths of millions.
The odds against recreating exact
variables in the original accident are...
Then just try to douse the flames
a little faster this time, okay?
Told you I was fast.
This is Lois Lane of The Daily Planet.
My battery is about to die
and I will likely be joining it soon.
Earlier today the Amazons captured
some of Aquaman's advance scouts.
Wonder Woman's lasso made them
spill their guts, literally.
Aquaman is leading his army through
the English Channel tomorrow.
The Amazons are worried
that if he gets his secret weapon...
...past their shield,
they'll be vulnerable.
They remain defiant in the face of...
Final thoughts:
If there is an afterlife...
...a cushy anchor job
would not be out of line.
Amazons, be ready for...
Who are you? What are you?
Don't worry, hot legs.
We're on your side.
Yes, fear not, good lady.
Though our appearance
is somewhat frightful, we're...
The resistance, I know.
Grifter, Godiva, Mrs. Hyde,
Canterbury Cricket.
And some kind of demon from hell.
To my share of chaos I make my claim
and Etrigan is my name.
Oh, great, he rhymes.
That's not going to get old fast.
Heh, Lois Lane's famous mouth.
I can't believe you didn't get
an arrow shot through it.
I would have, if it weren't for whichever
one of you can run at super-speed.
So who do I thank?
I don't know what you think just happened,
but there ain't no Speedster on this team.
Now, let's get out of here
while we still can.
Never seen anything like it.
Your burns are healing.
You should be dead.
Your bedside manner sucks.
If I didn't have the Speed Force
helping me heal, I'd find another doctor.
I run a casino.
Haven't been a doctor in 20 years.
Here. You need a suit,
and I'm not about to loan you one of mine.
What? It's friction-proof, isn't it?
I had to at least make some
last-minute alterations.
Very snazzy.
I suggest you take it for a test run...
...and make sure you can break
that time barrier.
Once we know that...
So I'm finally on the other end
of that trick.
Come on, Barry. Faster.
If you would just slip these
over your shoes, Mr. Jordan.
Sure. Cleaning bill here must be murder.
What's your name?
I'm afraid we don't have time
for introductions, Captain Jordan.
- Pity.
- I was warned about you.
But the president wanted the best pilot,
so you're stuck with me.
Why don't you show me
what you've got hidden away here...
...and I'll show you what
I can do with it?
Holy crap.
I was hoping this would shut you up.
Crashed in the California desert
eight years ago.
Our scientists have been
piecing it back together since then.
Its handling capabilities are,
well, beyond anything that we have.
May be a little tricky to get the hang of.
Ooh, and who's this handsome devil?
- Pilot.
- Died on impact?
Kicked off just as my men found him.
Report said he muttered
something in English:
"Beware my power."
Then a glowing ring floated off his finger
and shot into space.
His ring flew away?
You're about to fly
a dead alien's spaceship...
...and that's the part
you have trouble believing?
You understand, Jordan,
this mission is no cake walk. In fact...
In fact, in all likelihood,
it's a one-way trip.
And if I'm afraid, if I want to back out,
no hard feelings, something like that?
Something like that.
General Lane, all my life,
I felt like something...
...really special was waiting for me.
Something nobody else
on earth could do.
I think I just found it.
So the last thing I am is afraid.
This thing is unbelievably slow,
just like me.
You move pretty fast to my eyes.
Not fast enough to break the time barrier,
which I need to do.
The only thing I can figure is that another
speedster is co-opting the Speed Force...
...keeping me from accessing
enough energy to time-travel.
But there is no other speedster.
Not in the real world. My world.
So it has to be Zoom.
He's the only one
who could've done this.
He's deliberately preventing me
from changing things back.
Then nothing can be done.
Even if we knew the trigger point, there's
no one to go back in time and fix it.
Superman could.
I already told you, there's no meta-human
that fits that description in this reality.
I'm not so sure.
In my new memories of this timeline,
I saw something.
- A meteor. It hit a city.
- Metropolis.
Thirty years ago.
The same day Superman's rocket
crashed in my reality.
So this never happened in your world?
- It must be a paradise.
- It's not.
But at least there was hope.
What makes you think
your space baby survived?
He's a tough cookie.
- Where's your contact?
- Don't worry. He's always on time.
I have to admit, I didn't expect your call.
- Vic? You look different.
- Have we met?
No, he's new. Super-speed.
Goes by the Flash.
You still need a strategist
for your little army?
Someone to put together a team...
...to shut down Aquaman
and Wonder Woman?
- I... Yes.
- I'll do it.
But my way, and I pick the team.
Starting with the Flash.
Then we want to find the alien
who crash-landed here in Metropolis.
Alien? What are you talking about?
The meteor.
It's not what your pals
at the Pentagon said it was.
Classified information.
We need it and you can get it.
Why aren't you telling him
about me and the timeline?
- I'm not lying.
- You're misleading him.
He has a right to know
what our real plan is.
Don't preach to me.
I got enough misplaced morality...
...to handle with the big metal
Boy Scout on our hands.
He wants to stop the war.
So do we.
That's all he needs to know.
There's something there,
but it's above even my clearance.
I don't hack into government systems,
You do now.
If you want me
on your little suicide squad.
I'm cycling the motion sensors
and security cameras...
...but the loop won't go unnoticed
for long.
Early morning skeleton crew.
Well, do your thing.
I'm trusting
that this is absolutely necessary.
That's why we're here.
Listen, I don't know
what changed your mind or why...
...but with you on board,
we can save the world from this war.
Thank you.
Focus on the mission at hand, Stone.
Sir, are you okay?
Is that Clark?
This is the most powerful being
on the planet?
Help me.
Whoa, easy there, friend.
Everything's going to be fine now.
- Friend?
- That's right.
Cyborg here is your friend.
I'm your friend too.
This must be some kind of mistake.
- A rogue division of the government...
- Keep telling yourself that.
We should have left him where he was.
He'd be safer.
He needs the sun.
Don't know if you can understand me,
but what happened to you was wrong.
- Most humans aren't like them.
- They're worse.
No. People are good.
In fact, some of them risk their lives
for the greater good.
- They're called heroes.
- Heroes?
Don't worry, friend.
Everything is going to be okay.
I thought heroes never lied.
Cyborg, stand down!
You have exceeded your authority.
Return the stolen government property
or face immediate fire.
You don't understand.
They were using this man as a lab rat.
I don't think they care, Vic.
So beautiful.
I have orders from the president
of the United States.
- Maybe I can end this peacefully.
- Yeah, maybe.
Ugh. Huh?
Superman, close your eyes!
- What's wrong with him?
- He's having a seizure.
Memories collapsing in on each other.
We gotta get him out of here.
Fight it, Allen. Don't forget my son.
Hell, yeah!
Highball, this is Papa Bear.
- Cut the chatter.
- Oh, did I say that out loud?
I didn't know.
You're only 1000 miles from drop zone.
- Commence radio silence.
- Happily.
One last thing, Jordan.
On behalf of all humanity...
Oh, shut your hole already.
You're ruining this for me.
There you are, baby.
Hold still for Highball.
Beware my power, asshole.
Continue invasion preparations.
- Who the hell is this?
- He's with us.
Now shut up. What's the story?
Some kind of failed kamikaze attack
on Aquaman's weapon.
- The pilot was Hal Jordan.
- Hal's dead?
That's not all.
The president sent a coalition fleet
to New Themyscira.
The Amazons decimated it.
Troops are being ordered
to Washington D.C...
...to protect the president
and members of Congress.
Yeah, as our fearless leaders
make a mad dash for the bunkers.
What does it mean?
It means the final battle between Atlantis
and the Amazons has begun.
But we haven't even started yet.
There's nothing we can do now.
Enjoy the things you love
with the time we have left.
There's bound to be looting
in Gotham by now.
I don't want to miss that.
You're just gonna give up
and wait for the inevitable?
Is that what your heroes do here?
Look, you guys may not know me.
But all of us have powers,
skills and abilities.
Where I come from,
heroes use those powers...
...to fight to make the world a better
place, whether it's their world or not.
But Superman...
You said he was our last, best hope.
We're alive, Vic.
And where there's life, there's hope.
We'll go to London...
...fight both sides
and save the world in the process.
Okay. Then we go. Now.
I'll signal the others.
Maybe they can meet us there.
Bruce would have come.
What the hell. Let's do this.
Is the Batplane big enough
for all of us?
The what?
Bruce's Batplane was a little more stoic.
Your Batman
didn't have to ferry high rollers...
...with deep pockets
in and out of his casino.
So he wouldn't need
a fully stocked bar aboard.
Everything is top shelf.
Help yourself.
I don't drink.
I'm glad I could persuade you
to come along.
You didn't.
Ever since I told Cyborg I'd help, I've been
scanning for intel coming out of Europe.
During your little Braveheart speech...
...I heard an intercepted message
you may find interesting.
Lois Lane was an embedded
reporter turned resistance fighter.
She saw something in New Themyscira.
A super being who could move
in the blink of an eye.
If it was him, why let Lane live,
much less help her?
- And if he's as fast as you...
- Why let himself be seen?
Sire, the aircraft has
been intercepted and nullified.
Would that all our shots be so lucky.
We have more than luck, Orm.
Death to the under-dwellers! Unh.
Kill them. Kill them all.
Behold man's final mad disgrace.
He chops his nose to spite his face.
You've got to put an end to this.
You're going to destroy the only world
we've got.
You won't have it much longer,
Plan B: Take down
as many on both sides as you can.
Maybe we can kill enough of them
to call off this war.
Fight your way to the leaders.
Once we have Aquaman
and Wonder Woman, this war is over.
You murdered my wife, Diana.
She tried to assassinate me, Arthur.
I was protecting myself.
Yet you wear her helmet like a trophy.
No. A warning.
I can't believe I ever loved you.
You never did.
Captain Thunder.
I'm happy to see that a real man is here
to watch the end of man's world.
Fall, damn it, fall!
I like your style, Batman.
A pity we never teamed up
when the world still existed.
Batman and Grifter, the boy idiot.
Take your team up the right flank and...
Don't worry, Batman.
I'll stop the blood flow.
You'll be as good as new.
Don't be stupid, Allen.
I may not be a very good doctor, but
even I know a dead man when I see one.
- They're gonna die.
- We're dead already.
Find the Speedster.
Flush him out.
Change all this.
I won't stand by while people are...
Hello, Barry.
- I love what you've done with the place.
- This is all your fault.
This has worked out so well.
That's why I let Lois Lane see me,
you know.
I knew it would bring you.
Not that you wouldn't have ended up here
anyway, you hero, you.
What did you do to the world?
Oh, Barry.
That's the beauty of all this.
I didn't do any of it.
You did.
Think, Barry.
Isn't there some little thing, some little
good deed you might have done?
- I saved someone.
- Yes.
I saved her. I saved morn.
- That's right.
- No. No.
It wouldn't have changed all this.
It wouldn't have changed
what happened before her murder.
Bruce's parents, Clark's landing.
Oh, but it did.
Break the sound barrier
and there's a sonic boom.
You broke the time barrier, Flash.
Time boom.
Ripples of distortion radiated out
through that point of impact...
...shifting everything just a tiny bit.
But enough.
Enough for events to happen
slightly differently.
I just wanted to save her.
Her hero. How noble. Oh, wait.
You didn't stop JFK
from getting assassinated...
...or made sure Hitler stayed
in art school.
You saved your mommy.
You missed her.
And in a supreme act of selfishness,
shattered history like a rank amateur...
...turned the world into a living hell
moments away from destruction.
And I'm the villain?
This form is not your own.
How is the enchantment broken?
With a word.
Speak the word.
The era of the land-dweller
is at an end, hero.
Your metal skull
will decorate my great hall.
You are beaten.
Then what?
You'll let the men of Atlantis
live as your slaves?
The men? No.
You are a pestilence the mother Gaia
has suffered for too long.
- But perhaps Atlantis' daughters...
- There will be no glorious victor, Diana.
No prize.
What I do now,
I do for the good of all.
As do I.
- What are you doing?
- Getting you out of here, before he...
It's too late.
Good job, Barry.
The world is about to end, thanks to you.
I hope your mother has a good view of it.
You can't let this happen, Thawne.
You'll die too.
- As you say in this era, totally worth it.
- Unh.
As long as I can siphon off the Speed
Force, you can't escape this timeline.
I'm afraid there just isn't enough
Speed Force to go around.
There is now.
You killed him.
Not necessarily.
Not if you go back in time and fix this.
The only way to save the world
is to keep this world from ever happening.
Take this.
Stop, you'll kill everyone!
Barry! Stop! You have to stop!
Who the hell?
Get away.
Mom, I'm so sorry.
- Barry.
- Ah!
Look who's just joined
the land of the living.
Gotta run, James.
You don't finish the files by Friday,
you'll be stuck here all weekend.
Well, it's not the end of the world.
I think I finally got it, Mom.
The things you were trying to teach me.
- Barry?
- Iris?
Well, heh, that's my kind of hello.
- Is everything all right?
- It is now, honey.
It is now.
Just to review,
you broke the chronal barrier...
...went back in time,
prevented your mother's murder...
...and completely changed
the Timestream.
Nearly destroying
the entire world along the way.
There's still something
I don't understand.
I remember all of it.
Not just what happened after
I woke up there, but my whole other life.
I remember every birthday cake
my mother ever baked me.
My room, everything.
Perhaps some kind of temporal
Or perhaps it was a gift.
Yes. A gift.
This is my father's handwriting.
You're one hell of a messenger.
Thank you.