Justice League: Throne of Atlantis (2015) Movie Script

Is that your son?
- Yes, sir.
- Big fan of the Justice League.
Yeah. He used to play with a toy
submarine I gave him, but not anymore.
His dad can't compete with
heroes like Superman around.
Well, not all heroes wear capes.
- Yes, sir.
- Take us.
Investigating an SOS beacon in the middle
of the Atlantic. That's pretty heroic.
- What is it? What's wrong?
- Sonar has inbound, sir.
Impossible, it's open ocean for miles.
Computer has 15...
No, 22 separate inbound.
Evasive maneuvers. Now.
Captain, the inbound,
they've changed course.
Sir, 37... Now 55
inbound still on target.
We have to return fire.
At what? We don't know
what's chasing us.
Coming in hot. Impact in T-minus 15.
- They look like...
- Like what?
- T-minus 10.
- Like people.
Brace for impact.
We've lost propulsion.
Engine room, report.
Taking water, captain.
Engine room. Engine room.
SOS. This is the S.S. California
with an emergency SOS.
We are under attack.
I only hope someone hears th...
This is Colonel Trevor,
government liaison to the Justice League.
No, we changed it last week.
"Justice League" tested better.
Oh, crap.
Victor, wait up.
No. Not now.
It's time Victor. Time to wake up.
No, please, just a little longer.
Dr. Charles.
Please, Vic, it's Sarah.
Right. Sarah. I forgot.
I came by to see how you were
doing after the operation.
Fine. The environmental
upgrades you and my dad made...
to my systems will make me
more useful in the field.
And you're okay with us replacing
your remaining human lung?
At this point, I'm more
machine than man anyway.
As long as I have my brain
and heart intact, I'll be all right.
Okay, well,
I guess I'll check you later?
Yeah, do that.
Way to go, Stone.
Incoming call from Silas Stone.
Figured I'd find you here.
You're always here.
Naval sub went dark and sank
to the ocean floor mid-Pacific.
Pulling it up now.
Sounds like they're being slaughtered.
The Navy wants their missiles back
and I want to know what happened.
I'll boom down there
and check it out myself.
- You want help?
- If it was done manually...
I won't be able to track anything
besides point of access.
Maybe security cameras
could give me a visual.
- I meant, you could call the League.
- I know what you meant.
Until we have answers,
no need to escalate this any higher.
Have it your way.
Let me know what you find.
Sir. The others?
They don't really come in. At all.
Despite what you would like the
world to think, Colonel Trevor,
there is no Justice League.
It's a beautiful view, isn't it?
It is. I forget to enjoy it sometimes.
This must have been what the
view from Olympus was like.
We're not like the gods,
but we're not like them, either.
We're not like anyone.
Do you ever feel alone?
Diana, of course I do.
But I've learned a way to
deal with it. I can show you.
You know, buddy, life sucks.
Never believed it before,
but I believe it now.
I buried my dad this week.
I'm all alone.
- Look at this.
- Who is that?
Talking to himself again.
He's been staring at the aquarium.
Hey, another one over here.
Okay. But I'm cutting you
off after this one, Arthur.
Now, where were we?
Yo, leave him alone.
We're talking.
Arthur, I know you miss your dad, but...
I was gonna eat that.
Then you're gonna have
to go through me first.
Works for me, tough guy.
Wait. Hold on. Hold on.
Okay, let's go.
After all these years...
I found him.
He's exactly what we've been looking for,
David. We must confront him. Tonight.
Maybe we shouldn't out him
here just yet, doctor.
We can approach him in the morning.
Thanks, guys.
I needed to blow off some steam.
Always kind of wondered about that.
What the hell are you?
I wish I knew, pal. I wish I knew.
Here you go, buddy.
I gotta thank Sarah for those upgrades.
No way I'm doing this if I
hadn't replaced that lung.
Reminder set.
Scan for discrepancies.
Structure compromised.
Yeah, I can see that. But by what?
- Is that a handprint?
- Affirmative.
Accessing security footage.
Error. Files corrupted.
Locate missiles.
Scanning. Not found.
That's not good.
What the hell?
Servos damaged. Suggest retreat.
Hostiles in pursuit.
Boom us out of here.
Hey dad, I'm home.
Oh, right.
You contacted everyone?
Yeah, Billy. You came.
Sure, I prefer ditching
school for the day.
This chair is nicer than my bed.
Hey guys, sorry I'm...
Not late?
Where is everybody?
The human Internet router's
having trouble getting the word out.
Let's do it the old fashioned way.
I'll bet you like Cuban food.
I know this sick place.
In Cuba.
I'm gonna disembowel you, Barry.
Took you long enough.
Yeah, yeah, what's the what?
I was just about to seal the deal.
Cyborg's got something.
All hands on deck.
Race you to headquarters?
We have a headquarters?
- Clark?
- Yeah?
This actually works.
- I know it.
- To hide in plain sight as one of them.
Not hide as much as be one of them.
The difference eludes me.
We can just blend in. Together.
Smallville? Is that you?
Oh, Lois. Hi.
I'm... I'm sorry, sorry. This is...
- Lois Lane.
- Diana Prince.
Ooh. That's some grip.
I work with Clark. Closely.
We share a by-line sometimes.
Diana is a diplomat.
Oh. So this is an interview?
No. It's a date.
Oh. Right. Nice manners, farm boy.
Girl like this you take somewhere posh.
It's a wonder women
go out with you at all.
And Diana, love your glasses.
Thanks. They're new.
Dude, are they on a date?
- Look, it's Cyborg.
- What are they doing here?
I love you, Shazam.
- Nice to meet you, gotta go.
- He's huge.
- We'll need this to go.
- Shazam.
- What, the Bat's too good for us now?
- It's Batman. He doesn't answer hails.
Yeah. If I have to be here, so does he.
Hal, don't do anything...
Scarecrow don't pay me
enough to deal with this shit.
You got that right.
There he is.
Hi, Spooky. You don't write,
you don't call.
I'm busy.
Well, clear your schedule.
Because you and I are...
I hate that guy.
- The League needs you.
- This is about the missiles?
Lucky guess.
Relax, I got this.
Hey there, hench-dudes.
I'll be handling your arrest today.
Get us out of here.
Ready? Because we're done here.
Are we? Who's the supplier for the
aerosol component of the fear toxin?
- Who's... Who's the what, now?
- Who is the Scarecrow targeting in city hall?
No? What about something simple,
like where's the Scarecrow?
Bro, I caught them for you.
You're welcome. I didn't know...
I didn't need them caught, I needed
them scared. I needed information.
Next time you want to help,
do me a favor, don't.
No energy signatures.
This was all done by hand.
Who could do that?
Besides us?
I count four dozen unique
handprints moving in sync.
Four squadrons.
This was a choreographed onslaught.
You think Darkseid's army has returned?
No. Doesn't fit.
Walk us through your assault.
Kind of cool. Like watching
a 3D movie with no glasses.
Freeze. Observations?
They avoided his gaze. Kept to the shadows.
Used their element. These were warriors.
Ooh! That looked like
it hurt all over again.
Who has the force to knock a quarter
ton of metal to the ground underwater?
That's a barrel roll. These guys
are skilled in 360-degree combat.
Agreed. Note the sound sensitivity.
Makes sense. Sound travels four
point three times faster underwater.
Kiss ass.
Whatever, Mr. Barrel-Roll.
So that's what you look like.
Gills? As in mermaids?
As in Atlantis.
Where is this?
These carvings, I recognize them from
the tales of Atlantis I read as a girl.
It sunk into the ocean, but its people were
saved by the magic of the king's trident...
which turned them irreversibly
into creatures of the sea.
That's a fairy tale.
I believe you.
Of course he does.
So where is it?
The location has been lost to time.
What does a mythical mystical
undersea world need with missiles?
And I so dare you to say
that five times fast.
Obviously, they plan to attack us.
Any way you look at this, it's bad.
Terrible idea: I saw an Atlantis show on
the what's-it channel with this professor.
Maybe he can help us.
We're at S.T.A.R. labs.
The greatest minds on the
planet are right next door.
Jeez, I said terrible idea.
Maybe it's not. Dr. Stephen Shin.
I'm scrubbing through his research.
He's got some pretty out-there
theories about Atlantis.
Superman and I will
go question Dr. Shin.
When did we vote him team leader?
What should the rest of us to do?
Find Atlantis.
Now that the plans have
been set in motion, Manta...
there is no turning back.
You were right to strike first
and strike quickly, my liege.
My mother will not see it as such.
She has yet to grasp the dangers of
the surface as you have, Prince Orm.
Soon she'll have no choice.
She's been waiting for you.
Someday, Mera, I will be on the
throne and you will guard my body.
Let's hope I fall in battle
before that day arrives.
Perhaps you will.
Your transparent aggression towards the
surface world has left Atlantis exposed, Orm.
Do you deny it?
That ship would have discovered us.
Our magic continues to protect us.
We are myth.
They doubt our very existence.
So we hide?
Mother, every day the surface
dwellers grow stronger.
They have guardians with
powers that walk among them.
Guardians directly responsible for
the death of my father, your king.
The volcano that killed your father
was not the fault of the surfacers...
but the one who attacked them.
Death by collateral damage in a
surface war does not comfort me.
They kill our race.
They poison our oceans.
They will destroy this planet
and take Atlantis with it.
We must protect our people and attack.
As long as I am queen, you will
preserve the peace. At all costs.
Do I make myself clear?
Yes, mother.
- Damn her.
- Patience, my liege.
He has always been a problem
child coddled by his father...
unsuitable for the throne.
Our only hope for peaceful existence
with the surface dwellers...
is with the one who is of both worlds.
What of my other son?
Have you seen Arthur?
Yes, my queen.
- And?
- My queen, he is not yet ready...
for the weight of the crown.
He will learn at my side, Mera.
Bring him to me at once.
Dad, watch. I can get to the top.
Not too far, Arthur. Don't fall in.
I can do it. I'm a better
swimmer than you are.
Arthur, no!
I told you to be careful.
I saw her, Dad. I saw my mother.
She was watching me in the water.
- She kissed me.
- It was just the sea...
- playing tricks on you, son.
- No, it was her. I saw her.
She left, Arthur,
and she's not coming back.
It's just you and me now, son,
and I'm not going anywhere.
These photos of Arthur
Curry are proof positive
- of everything I've been working towards.
- I'm very pleased for you, doctor.
The world will have to believe me now.
They'll know what I know.
- Call me after you've made contact.
- I will.
Congratulations, David.
I could not have found him without you.
Thank you, sir.
Manta to Drift One, report.
Payload ready, sir.
Excellent. I will handle the rest.
Take your men to Mercy Reef. Give Dr. Shin
and the half-breed my warmest regards.
Hello? Mr. Curry? Hello?
You have to go away.
Go away or kill me.
I must talk to you, Mr. Curry.
Come back later. I'm really hung right now.
And not in the good way.
I have information you need to know.
It's about your father.
Thank you for seeing me, Arthur.
I have answers for you. I know what you seek.
Slow down. Slow down.
I had a rough night. Who are you?
I am Dr. Stephen Shin,
theoretical marine biologist.
Your father, Thomas, contacted me.
My father's dead.
I know. He was looking for
answers and I have them.
You, my boy, are the key
to all of my research.
Okay, I'm gonna let you in because I
just can't talk through a door anymore.
What the hell?
Look out!
Stand down while you can.
Arthur Curry is under my protection
by order of Queen Atlanna.
Relinquish him to us, Mera.
Or what?
Or we'll take him over
your smoldering corpse.
You are welcome to try.
Follow my lead.
I am an investigative reporter,
you know.
Journalism's dead.
Someone got here first.
- Looks like it's been ransacked.
- That's not all.
Someone destroyed Shin's life's work.
Then where's Shin?
Probably dead.
How do you figure?
You don't destroy someone's work
and then let them live to re-create it.
Good point.
Don't touch anything.
Who is this?
Whoever he is, he's got gills too.
Cyborg, run your facial-recognition
program off this picture.
Roger that.
- Name's Arthur Curry.
- I've got a water-logged letter...
from a Thomas Curry. But it's illegible.
Cyborg, can you extrapolate this text?
You got it. Coming at you now.
Thomas Curry begging Dr. Shin
for help with his son, Arthur.
- Why Shin?
- Shin suspects Curry's son...
is half-Atlantean.
Invoke the emergency protocols.
We must tend to our wounded first.
Do you see? Do you see what the
surface dwellers are capable of?
This is terrorism.
No, this is an act of war.
- Yes.
- I agree with him.
Our people swim in a cloud
of fear of the surfacers.
This attack tells us what we already know.
The surface world wants us dead.
My father distrusted the humans.
He saw them as inferior to us.
He made plans to cleanse the surface.
And I say we break the seal
on the Atlantean war plans.
- Yes.
- No.
War would cause senseless
ruin on both sides.
However, I hear the fear
behind my son's words.
Perhaps it is time for our
worlds to come together.
- Heresy.
- But my queen, our traditions?
Have Manta arrange a meeting
between myself and this Justice League.
I will broker a peace
with them in person.
As you wish, Mother.
Take heart, my people.
This violence was an isolated incident.
It is addressed.
Our magical safeguards remain intact.
Do not fear. All is well.
Good. You're awake.
What's this? Who are you?
I'm Mera, sent by your mother,
Queen Atlanna, to bring you back to Atlantis.
Lady, the only so-called mother I know,
ditched me and my dad
when I was just a baby.
It's far more complicated
than that, Arthur Curry.
When she was very young, your mother
met and fell in love with your father.
That union resulted in your birth,
our queen's first born.
But she was royalty
and promised to our king.
She could neither wed your father,
nor raise a halfling child.
Heartbroken, she returned
to lead her people.
But she never stopped
loving you or your father.
Now she needs your help.
She believes you are our future...
and can forestall war
and bridge the two worlds.
I... I never knew any of this.
Follow me.
Your mother kept this hidden
in these ancient ruins.
What is it?
This was our king's royal garb.
Now it is yours.
You find it yet?
Not yet. This is a little
harder than it looks.
Well, I hope so.
It doesn't look that hard.
I'm digitally cross-referencing
every existing mention of Atlantis.
Dude, you've gone full-workaholic on me.
I mean, you're just like your old man.
Don't ever say that, Billy.
Hey, thanks for that field data. I'm still
working on a patch to quiet the servos.
Sarah, I can't talk right now.
Justice League business.
Whoo! I felt the electricity over here.
Ask her out.
I don't think so.
Seriously, you're bionic, not dead.
- Zoom in here.
- I'll tell you, Flashman...
I've seen my share of
weirdo crapola in this job.
But Atlantis? Come on.
But you're good with the intergalactic cops,
aliens and the cybernetic human?
- Expand that.
- What can I say?
Magic gives me the heebie-jeebies.
Dispatch a team to a lighthouse in
Mercy Reef, coordinates attached.
Find Arthur Curry. Fast.
- On it.
- Beats looking for fairyland.
You look perfect.
She'll love you.
All right, this is nuts.
All my life, I've felt like there
was something wrong with me...
and now, some mermaid comes out of
the sea and tells me my mother is alive...
and I'm the future of some
fairyland I've never seen?
I've been lost for so long,
but now... I need some air.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
Everything suddenly makes sense now.
Thank you, Mera. But I'm no king.
Found him.
Arthur Curry? I'm the Flash.
We've been looking for you.
You're injured.
Hey, I've had worse.
I could bandage it.
Sure. I mean, only if you want to.
Those guys were Atlanteans?
Trenchers. Predatory creatures that scavenged
the ocean's floor before Atlantis sunk.
Sent here to kill Arthur.
We are done here. Come with me.
Why can't things just go back to normal?
Yeah, I don't see that happening.
Atlantis thirsts for a new perspective.
Someone who understands the surface world
and will lead us into the next century.
The queen needs a beacon, Arthur.
Maybe it's you.
I am the sole survivor of my planet.
If I had the chance to save my world...
and meet one of own race,
even for a moment, that would be enough.
- Is it done?
- No.
Your half-brother lives. Even now,
he heads towards Atlantis under protection.
The pact with the trenchers
was your idea.
They will return hungry for meat.
This is all falling apart.
Manta, what of my meeting
with the surface guardians?
- They're on their way, my liege.
- Excellent.
It is a mistake.
It flies in the face of
everything my father ever wanted.
What would you have me do, Orm?
Sound the drums of war solely
to honor your father's memory?
Don't bother. You didn't
honor him when he was alive.
Both cruel and untrue.
I am not the only one with
your royal blood in my veins.
Then you know.
Of your betrayal? Or of the
illegitimate heir to the throne?
I deny nothing, Orm.
Your brother, Arthur, can bridge the
peace between Atlantis and the surface.
We can flourish together in peace.
Your judgment is compromised.
You refuse to attack the surface
because you have a son there.
A bastard elder son.
You speak to me of betrayal?
You, who spilled Atlantean blood
and blamed it on the surface world?
I have eyes everywhere, Orm,
and you will pay for your treachery.
I'm afraid after that revelation,
my Queen, I can't allow you to leave.
Get out of my way.
This coup is over.
I am queen and war is not in my plans.
But it is in mine.
Shazam, Flash and I will
keep an eye out topside.
Cyborg, stay in communication.
So tell me, what's she like?
It's time you found out
for yourself, Arthur.
Welcome to Atlantis.
From now on, your life is here.
By the gods.
That's one for the books.
It's beautiful.
This is your birthright, Arthur.
Batman, we're here.
Error. Unknown interference.
I can't get a signal,
in or out of this place.
Where is everyone?
Something's wrong.
Tell me, why is the royal city deserted?
Our brave men and women
have gone to prepare for war.
Not possible.
The queen would never allow this.
Our queen is dead.
Killed by a surface dweller.
I failed you, my queen.
Whoever did this will pay.
Welcome, bastard.
Is Atlantis everything
you dreamed of, brother?
Or in your dream,
were you on the throne?
You killed her.
I did.
I ran the sword through her
myself as she mewled for peace.
You can count
yourself fortunate, bastard.
At least our mother won't be the impediment
to your life that she was to mine.
I'll tear you apart!
- Stop!
- Feel my power, surface dweller.
Only royalty can wield
the magic of the trident.
Offer them to the horrors
of the dark trench.
This is war.
We will cleanse the surface. Soon they
shall know that our time has come.
I will bring our world
crashing down upon theirs!
Batman? Still nothing from Cyborg.
But you should see this.
- What's wrong? What's going on?
- I know. Get it on screen.
The mother of all tidal waves
headed for the eastern seaboard.
Is that Metropolis?
Secondary confirmation?
ETA to impact?
- Twenty minutes.
- How are the three of us...
going to evacuate entire cities?
We can't.
People are going to die.
Only royalty can wield
the magic of the trident.
Come on.
I'll take it from here, Arthur.
Arthur. You're alive.
We both are.
Oh, and, funny story:
I talk to fish now.
And they actually listen.
So I'm gonna stop my evil half-brother
from destroying the surface world.
Do you...? You wanna come?
It would be my honor.
I'm still foggy on how you escaped.
Orm said only royalty could control the
magic of the trident. Guess I qualify.
Re-establishing contact.
Batman, this is Cyborg, do you read me?
Are you okay?
Fine. But I'm going to shove that
magic shrimp fork down Orm's throat.
We need to get up top.
A tidal wave is about to hit Metropolis.
This is General Sam Lane
of the United States Army.
I order you to stand down.
I am King Orm of Atlantis, general.
And you are in no
position to issue orders.
Kill the humans. For Atlantis.
For Atlantis. For Atlantis.
- Fire.
- For Atlantis. For Atlantis.
My turn.
Half-breed trash.
I won't let you ruin my plans.
Look out.
John Henry, run!
Well, I'll be damned.
Run, Jimmy!
Your skills do you honor,
Atlanteans, but you face an Amazon.
I would not want to be on her bad side.
All this was my doing.
With Orm's mommy issues
and sense of entitlement...
coaxing him into war was child's play.
Frankly, he irks the shit out of me.
Once we've sunk the surface world...
I'll slit his throat and claim the
treasures of Atlantis...
Stop this madness, Orm.
King Orm, traitor.
This is genocide.
Billions will die. For what?
So that Atlantis can feel safe again?
Victory is the only way
to ensure our safety.
Seize her.
Make her watch my triumph.
Hey, fish head.
It seems we both
call down the lightning.
Let us see who's magic is stronger.
These are your guardians? Children?
This will be easier than I ever dreamed.
I admire your determination.
But the trident is mine
to command, Wench.
Lantern, I need information.
We're not going to win by
hitting him as hard as we can.
Bro, do not turn this
into a learning moment.
He killed his own mother.
Does that help?
Face me, Orm.
- Cyborg.
- Error. Error. Insufficient energy.
Come on, Victor.
Error. Error. Error.
I'm here.
Lantern said Orm confessed
to killing his mother.
Yeah, to us. He lied to his people.
But you saw it.
And you know what that means?
You killed her.
I did. I ran the sword through her
myself as she mewled for peace.
You can count
yourself fortunate, bastard.
At least our mother won't be the impediment
to your life that she was to mine.
You killed her.
- I did.
- What is this?
I ran the sword through her
myself as she mewled for peace.
You can count
yourself fortunate, bastard.
Orm killed our Queen? We are betrayed.
No. Wait. This deception
is their surface magic.
Liar! I was there when Orm boasted
of the murder of our queen.
It was as you see.
I am your king. I did this for you.
Is this the king you want, Atlanteans?
A coward who lies to you?
You need a light to guide you in
the darkness, people of Atlantis.
My people.
What are you doing?
Becoming a beacon.
I was born of two worlds.
Atlantean by birth.
Human by instinct.
Join me and we will bridge
those worlds in peace.
How is that?
Let me check.
Run system diagnostic.
All systems operational.
Seems okay.
I mean, how does it feel?
Feels good.
Vic, we gotta go!
- Whoa. Am I interrupting?
- Yeah, you are.
But we can pick it up tonight.
Over dinner?
I'd like that.
That's what I'm talking about.
- Victory. Victory. Victory.
- Not cool, man. Not cool.
He looks happy.
He has found his place.
Are you free later?
If I can find my glasses.
We're standing in the middle of Atlantis.
I am totally geeking out.
Man, we have a weird job.
We need to consider
solidifying this team.
Like weekly meetings?
Yay, we're a book club now.
Batman's right.
New threats are springing up daily.
Agreed. Someone should be watching.
It's funny you say that. I've been
working on plans for a watchtower.
You can count on me. Hal?
Yeah, all right. I don't wanna miss
whatever weird crapola comes next.
We should invite Arthur.
I'm in.
He needs a codename.
Yeah? Well, online,
they're calling him "Aquaman."
Hate that.
Aquaman it is.
You won't be too busy as king?
I have seen the pressures of the crown.
I'll make it work.
I should keep a foothold in both worlds.
Besides, it'll help repair relations
if I'm seen helping out.
Well said.
You are a gifted leader indeed.
My liege, trenchers have been
spotted at the edge of the city.
Finally. I've been itching
all day for some action.
Hey, let me know when
the next meeting is.
I gotta do some king-of-the-sea stuff.
Perhaps you should stay behind me.
I'm the one with the trident.
Perhaps you should stay behind me.
You cannot keep me here.
I am of royal blood.
You will let me speak to my brother!
I am Lex Luthor.
I have a proposition for you.