Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016) Movie Script

This is Angela Chen reporting live
from the site of a massive battle
between the Justice League and a
group of what can only be described
as super-villains calling
themselves the Legion of Doom.
Reports state that earlier,
the Legion launched a surprise attack
on the League at the unveiling
of their new headquarters,
dubbed by many on social media
as "The Hall of Justice."
Is this any way to treat
your guests, Superman?
Seeing as how you crashed the party,
I'd consider us even.
What happened,
Did Mama kick you
out of the basement?
Grundy smash!
Grundy sleep now.
Robin, report.
How's crowd control?
Well at hand, Father. As predicted,
they respond like contemptible sheep.
Surrender, Cheetah.
This doesn't have
to end in violence.
You're smarter
than this, Luthor.
Your kind attracts their kind.
I'm simply an innocent industrialist
caught in the middle.
I'll bet.
You'll pay for this.
Knowing you, it's insured.
Beep, beep.
Not in the face.
Whatever you say.
Playtime's over, Toymaster.
TOYMASTER: But I enjoy
a good game.
And I always win.
Good work, team.
Too bad Shazam and Lantern
had to miss the fun.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah. Slackers.
FLASH: We got a runner.
Come on, Wizard,
don't make me hit you again.
Uh, Wiz?
Azarath calls,
the child must answer.
The hour of his rising
is at hand.
Oh, boy.
I've got this.
Hmm. What the hell
did he hit me with?
Himself, apparently.
He's not using any tech.
It's magic.
SUPERMAN: Get them to safety.
I'll keep him distracted.
Robin, get all civilians
inside, do you read me?
I have a more efficient way
to keep them safe, Father.
Robin, I gave you a task.
Yes, as a human cattle prod.
I'm being under-utilized.
BATMAN: What's your location?
ROBIN: Where I need to be.
In the driver's seat.
Between the missile
and fuel cell detonations,
I'd estimate at least
a three kiloton hit.
Target locked.
Damian, stand down.
Too late now.
WONDER WOMAN: Stand down!
The lasso compels you
to obey my command!
What happened?
He doesn't know.
I thought that would knock
the fight out of him.
What? We got him, didn't we?
What we have is an empty shell
with no answers.
If you had followed orders and done
what you're told, we'd know more.
SUPERMAN: Come on,
cut him some slack.
At least, he was trying to...
Not that I disagree.
You buried me in a worthless
position to keep me out of the way.
And I solved
the entire problem.
This isn't about you.
It's about teamwork.
All I see is a lot
of ineffectual grandstanding.
Which is why I prefer
to work alone.
(SCOFFS) And my dad
thinks I'm difficult.
Have you ever considered
boarding school?
I could've driven myself.
After the stunt you pulled?
You're lucky to be allowed within
10 feet of a steering wheel.
So, this is my punishment?
Enduring a bunch
of school children?
This is not punishment.
Hopefully, you'll learn
to be a part of a team.
And they're not children.
They're teenagers.
Don't tell me Damian Wayne is
afraid of a little socializing.
I'm not afraid of anything.
Teammates are a liability.
Then what am I to you?
An unavoidable irritation.
You were having
a nightmare last night.
I was just wondering
if everything's...
Look, I appreciate your concern, I guess.
But they're dreams.
Just dreams.
You know you're naked, right?
I overslept. Was rushing.
Forgot to put on my uniform. Okay?
So I sleep in the nude. So what?
Animals are naked.
I'm the entire animal kingdom crammed
into a single magnificent specimen.
You're something crammed
into something.
What did that thing just say?
It was just laughing at you.
Yeah, well, butt out, bug.
Yow! Keep that thing
on a leash, man!
I told you, don't annoy it.
STARFIRE: Jaime's right.
That scarab is not a pet.
It may be fused
to Jaime's spine,
but it's not exactly
under his control.
It's like you and your pants.
That's why Jaime's here.
That's why we're all here.
To help each other
control our gifts.
Help one another
become our best selves.
Where else are we gonna go?
I mean, we're a bunch of freaks, right?
Come on, Jaime, we're all family.
Like the Three Amigos.
We're getting a visitor.
Try not to behead anyone.
- Nightwing.
- Starfire.
It's been awhile.
I know.
You're looking good.
This is Damian.
The new Robin.
Welcome, Damian.
I'll be in my room.
- Would you like to...
- I think I can manage.
That is one creepy mocoso.
No, more like sad.
Yeah, I was thinking a movie might be nice.
Just you and me.
No men in tights.
That sounds nice.
By the way, I bought
some new glasses.
You might not recognize me.
I'm sure I'll be able
to pick you out
no matter what you're wearing.
See you soon.
If this is a prank,
you're screwing with the wrong guy.
BLUE BEETLE: He hasn't stopped
for an hour and a half.
Damian, it's time
to let others have their turn.
I'm not finished.
Gee, how'd that happen?
What the hell?
Hmph, I heard your tech
was fast.
I wanted to see how fast.
Don't mess with us,
little man.
All right.
I can see we are getting off
on the wrong foot.
Damian, this is a team effort.
We need to be willing
to accommodate others.
Nightwing said
you were a princess.
Exiled, no doubt.
Technically, it was a coup.
And like it or not,
I am the leader of this group.
As I see it, you're an alien
with nowhere else to go.
Everyone needs a home, Damian.
You included.
Thank you for chiming in,
witch girl.
We are only here to help you
realize your potential.
You've been here long enough.
When do you think
you'll realize yours?
Dude, you need
to show some respect.
- Argh!
Oh, no.
Ready when you are.
No, stop this.
Who's fighting me,
you or the bug?
You'd better hope it's me.
ROBIN: That's the difference
between you and me.
You wear a weapon.
I am a weapon.
I tried to stop it.
Dios mio. Is he dead?
He's still alive. Barely.
This is going to be
an awkward call to Batman.
RAVEN: Everyone get back.
By the powers of Azarath,
I beseech you.
Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos.
We need to get her
back to her room.
BEAST BOY: I've got her.
What... What happened?
Raven healed you.
We have to tend to her.
CYBORG: I knew you'd be here
working all night.
Thought you might be hungry.
BATMAN: No, thanks.
Suit yourself.
Where does all that food go
if you don't have a stomach?
You don't wanna know.
What are you up to?
I've been combing through footage
from every camera on the grid.
There's something odd.
Dark spots.
They're hard to make out.
Activate quadrant
pixel enhancement.
What is that? A shadow?
No, the sun direction
is wrong.
And look here,
it's disconnected from the surface.
It's mimicking a shadow.
It has intelligence.
It's wandering,
like it's looking for something.
Or someone.
There's where Weather Wizard
ran into it.
More like stepped in it.
You don't think
it was after him.
I don't.
Don't get me wrong,
I love catching up on popular culture
but the harsh language
was entirely unnecessary,
and the female lead seemed to only
be present in order to be rescued
by the leading man.
But all in all,
I found myself reasonably diverted.
Trigon lives.
- Are you all right?
Sorry, it's just...
I've got a lot on my mind
right now.
You can always share
your burdens with me, Clark.
Ugh, stay away from me.
What is wrong with you?
(MUFFLED) That is
very dangerous.
You could put out an eye
with that thing.
Didn't your mother tell you
never to play with knives?
RAVEN: By the powers
of Azarath,
I beseech you.
Mother spirit
of the nether realm,
protect my
brothers and sister.
And give me strength to face the
dark force I fear is coming.
I suppose I should thank you
for healing me.
Um, you're welcome.
It was strange
having you in my head.
I felt you prying
into my entire life.
It was not appreciated.
I'm an empath, and if it
makes you feel any better,
I didn't see it
as much as felt it.
And I've been trying
to shake it off ever since.
Then you know I'm not meant to
be here at this stupid school.
I was groomed
for a higher calling.
My grandfather's...
I know all about
your grandfather.
I felt him. He was a demon.
And believe me,
I know my demons.
He was a great man.
We were going to make
the world stronger, better.
We were going
to rule it together.
I know all about
that game, too.
Now, I don't mean to be rude, but would
you mind getting the hell away from me?
You know, when you were in my head,
I could see things about you, too.
- Like what?
- It looked like a man.
But something more.
Who... What was that thing?
It was nothing, a nightmare.
It was real, I could tell.
It's none of your business.
Who are you to judge my life?
You have other things
to fix here.
Just stay away from me, okay?
BEAST BOY: Steady...
Ah. Argh!
Can you please do that
anywhere else?
ROBIN: Jaime?
Perhaps it was a mistake to challenge
you this morning without knowing
the full capacity
of your alien attachment.
I promise you,
it won't happen again.
Did he just say he's sorry?
Aw, see. He likes you.
Trigon lives.
Atomic Skull.
We had quite a tumble
last year.
Still, I sensed you,
being a good guy and all, playing nice.
You won't have to this time.
I've gotten
a lot, lot, stronger.
You don't look so good.
Okay, okay.
He's barely alive, Clark,
what's wrong with you?
He's not himself.
What is that?
BATMAN: Kryptonite.
Guess he doesn't
tell you everything.
The rising is coming.
You cannot stop it.
Superman, someone
is controlling you.
You have your part to play.
Both of you.
The girl will be taken.
Diana, wait!
- We cannot let him...
- I've alerted Trevor.
With any luck,
military satellites are tracking him now.
And what will we do?
Wait for him to... (SCOFFS)
Pull the moon
from the sky?
No, we'll get...
He hasn't said anything about doing
something like that, has he?
No, but...
We're both targets and for all we know,
so is the rest of the League.
Get back to that island
of yours
and lock yourself in the darkest,
deepest tomb you can find.
I'll call.
But Clark and I are...
You can't expect me to hide.
Was worth a shot.
What are you doing in my room?
We have rules, Damian.
You never trespass
another person's space.
You have nothing on her.
No background, no history.
On who?
You're the leader
of this group.
You should know everything
about her.
It's called "vetting."
She's 14.
No mother, no father.
She grew up in a hostile realm,
not unlike my own planet.
And she escaped, like I did.
We didn't know anything about
Raven when we took her in
except that she needed a home.
A place to grow.
I was taught that knowledge was power
and you knew nothing about her.
How much do you have to know
when people are in need?
Garfield was 11 when his genetics
kicked in and gave him green skin
and powers.
We still don't know the purpose
of Jaime's alien armor
or all of its abilities.
We just knew they needed help.
You have to have
a little faith sometimes.
Faith is belief
based on an absence of data.
It invites disaster.
STARFIRE: You have no idea
how frustrating it is.
He reminds me of my sister.
I told you he was tough.
Never had a childhood.
Doesn't know how to act with kids
or anyone else for that matter.
It's affecting everybody.
Well, you can't expect him
to be great at bonding.
Spent most of his life
training to kill.
Then moves in
with the big bad bat,
which I can tell you from personal
experience, is not exactly fun.
So you've told me. (SIGHS)
Speaking of fun,
the old room looks great.
You know, Kori,
you and I could just...
- (GASPS) Fun.
- What?
That's it,
that's what we need.
What who needs?
Oh, you're so smart.
Thanks, Dick.
But Kori, I don't...
I wondered
when you'd get back.
They lost Superman.
Fifty-five miles
off the coast.
Flash is checking the area,
he just disappeared.
Where the hell is he going?
You have my feed
from the Batmobile?
That's messed up.
The entity was strong enough
to possess a Kryptonian.
It can't stay in the host
if the host is damaged.
If I'd poisoned Superman with a
bigger dose, I might have saved him.
Scour the net, narrow your search
results to Superman sightings
and to recent
supernatural events.
Yes. Subsection:
Aah! Dude, did you have
to bring the sword?
Preparedness is a prerequisite
for victory.
STARFIRE: The gear stays
in the car, Damian.
Tonight we are to enjoy
some mandatory fun.
This is an opportunity for us to
become more familiar with each other.
How much more
familiar can we get?
We've already seen
Garfield lick himself.
- As a dog?
- I wish.
Just call me "Eagle Eyes."
Here, have some.
That tastes like pure sugar.
Boy, were you up in those
mountains a long time.
It was a joke,
I'm not criticizing.
I knew it was a joke.
And if you knew me,
you wouldn't waste your time trying.
I guess neither of
our lives are very funny.
But I'll tell you something about
yourself that not even you know.
You may be insufferable,
but in your heart,
you are a kind and generous soul.
Oh, looks like we found
something the bug can't do.
Please, please, no autographs.
I'm a busy man.
Free popcorn to anyone
who can slay the beast.
I can do it.
You know how to dance?
I'm a quick study.
Hmm, all right.
Hope you're a good loser.
- COMPUTER: Dance!
Mira. Look at them go.
WOMAN: Raven...
They're waiting for you.
BOY: On the hill,
beyond the tent.
(HOARSELY) Sister...
He wants you.
We've missed you, sister.
It can't be him, it's a trick.
TRIGON: It is me, child.
Never leave unfinished
what you start.
- You fled.
- I left.
I had you.
Yet, here I am.
If you were really here,
I'd smell your stink.
You're still trapped.
All you can send
are these losers.
I will be there.
It's our destiny to be together,
Raven, always.
We're family.
You can make that happen.
You can bring me.
I will fight you every step.
- You're an abomination.
- Watch your talk, ungrateful girl.
Look at yourself.
- Weak, lonely.
Aligning with chattel.
It is beneath my contempt
and I will not have it.
You will be a part of
this, child.
You will know
the glory of Trigon.
Mother of Azarath,
give me strength.
You cannot last.
You're temporal agents.
We will last long enough.
He wants you.
He will have you.
Awesome, dude.
Yes, quite impressive.
You were
very good too, Garfield.
Yeah, okay.
Raven! Titans, go!
They're demonic emissaries.
My father sent them.
Your father?
Damn it.
Please tell me they're undead.
Yes, but you can't stop them
like that.
They're like batteries.
Then let's run them down.
Whoo, yeah, we kicked
demon boot-ay.
Yeah, baby.
Up top.
Hit me.
Robin said I didn't know
enough about you.
I think he was right.
You told me
you didn't have a father.
What I said is that
he's gone.
That's not the same as dead.
He's dead to me.
So, why is he
trying to kill you?
He's not trying to kill me.
It's much worse.
Safe to say we're not in
Kansas anymore.
It's no star field
I recognize.
Where are we?
Somewhere my father
can't see us.
All right, let's hear it.
There's so much.
I guess it starts with my mom.
She was young, rebellious
and gullible.
Of course she wound up
in a cult.
they decided to do the
classic bride of Satan rite.
And guess who got
to be the lucky bride?
I doubt anyone
expected it to work,
but the ancient ceremony turned
out to be the real thing.
So, Mom,
with her great powers
of judgment,
didn't hesitate to hook up with the
guy who emerged from the smoke.
BEAST BOY: Whoa, whoa,
whoa, wait.
So, your mom
did it with Satan?
His name is Trigon,
but basically, yes.
But they totally did it.
That was inappropriate.
Go on.
It gets weirder.
Mom fled the cult and was on
the run with nowhere to go,
when she gets saved by these
people from another dimension.
The people of Azarath.
A realm of beauty,
peace and tranquility
where, needless to say,
I did not fit in.
And I must have inherited
my mom's terrible judgment
because I thought if I found out
more about the monster who made me,
I'd be able to
make sense of myself.
Poor Mother, poor Azarath.
I became its Trojan horse.
He took me to his
hellish universe.
I could hardly bear
the horrors I saw there.
Why did Trigon want you?
He wanted Earth.
He's a conqueror of worlds.
But he needs a powerful conduit
to open Earth to his control.
And you're half human.
His way in.
But my magic was stronger
than he realized.
Before he could use me, I was able
to trap him inside a crystal.
It should've held him.
Perhaps if I had
stayed there,
it would have.
But I wanted a home.
Why didn't you go back
to Azarath?
This is Azarath.
Don't worry, I'm not staying.
I've got to keep moving
to keep Trigon off my path.
Where will you go?
It's better you not know.
He's going to try to use you
but don't worry,
I put a protective spell
on you, just in case.
And I thought I had
a bad burrito.
Guess I should've gotten
your permission or whatever.
But I couldn't stand for him
to corrupt you.
You're the only friends
I've ever really had.
Miss you.
Leave now and you'll
always be running.
You have no idea
what he's like, Damian.
You've never met
a monster like Trigon.
You beat him once.
I was lucky.
Now you'll be four times
as lucky.
If we can't save
one of our own,
who can we save?
I thought you hated us.
I'm not wishing you
dead anymore.
Robin's right,
we are your best hope.
Down, boy.
We heard about the attack.
Was she at the center?
Her father is an inter-dimensional demon.
He was after her.
She's coming with us.
No, we can handle this.
If she's part of this,
we need to know.
We can protect her.
I'm sorry, Raven. We've had two magic
attacks and Superman is still missing.
- STARFIRE: What's the matter?
He knows they're here,
he wants them here.
If they stay,
everything will be lost.
This is our job, Father,
you have to leave.
BOTH: Father?
She's coming with us.
She stays here.
Maybe we should all
take a breath.
Too late, they're here.
Great Hera!
Argh! We're being compromised.
- Father!
- Get back.
- What the hell?
- It's a nerve toxin.
For Bane.
(DISTORTED VOICE) The Kryptonian has
unearthed the infernal shrine, Raven.
The who did the what?
An ancient shrine
built by Satanists.
It has magical properties.
You are the shrine's
final piece.
She stays here.
You dare challenge us?
I will break her, Raven.
I stop my hand for an instant
and this one dies, too.
I'll go. As the daughter of
your Lord Trigon,
I order you to release
these feeble humans.
Get him inside.
Your father awaits.
Don't touch me.
TRIGON: There had better be
no trickery this time, girl,
if you want any mercy
shown your friends.
No tricks.
Look, I'm begging you,
leave this world alone.
And thwart destiny?
We were meant to be together.
And we shall.
Think he's back online.
Holy crap!
- Did that sound demonic to anyone else?
- A little.
The things it made me see.
Cyborg, how do we save Raven?
I don't think you can.
Oh, no. How bad is he?
He's been out for 24 hours.
He sacrificed himself,
risked death to give us
a fighting chance at life.
Which is more than I can say
for the rest of the League.
Damian, this isn't
the time to squabble.
We have to get Raven back.
We don't even know
where she is.
She's in the Middle East,
60 miles north of Kahndaq City.
- How do you...
- I put a tracer on her.
- When?
- About 30 seconds after we met.
Same time I put one
on each of you.
Cyborg, you have the ability to
manifest boom tubes, do you not?
Yeah, I can boom us there.
But you guys barely held your own
against Flash and Wonder Woman,
and that's without Superman
being on deck.
ROBIN: He shouldn't
be a problem.
Yeah, right, like you got
a way to take out Superman.
Oh, my God, I think he does.
You heard the plan.
Titans, go!
You mind removing that?
You okayed this?
Good call.
It's okay, it's healing.
I've got Flash, the rest of
you get Raven off that thing.
Barry, if you can hear me
in there,
How long will it take you
to heal?
Ah, oh, my God,
an hour?
Also, seriously?
You've got 10 minutes.
Your power is no match for
that of Trigon, Kryptonian.
She doesn't belong
to you, devil.
Let me go, you alien filth.
You sicken me.
I never cared.
I never loved you.
Who are you?
I am corruption incarnate,
you piece of... (GROANING)
The lasso commands you answer.
I... I...
I am Diana of Themyscira.
It's okay.
I've got you now.
Just like in the movies.
You can get off my back now,
Boy Bony-ass.
- You all right?
Nothing is right.
Everyone, run!
Well, this sucks.
Great Hera.
He'll bring hell on Earth.
How do we stop him?
- There's only one way.
- You're going to put him back in the crystal.
In the unlikely event
that I can make it there.
He's heading for the city.
CYBORG: Superman,
Raven has a plan.
The Titans need my help.
I'm going to hell.
Oh, I don't feel so good.
The crystal can only
be touched by me.
He may have escaped it,
but he can't destroy it.
I just hope he left a trail
of breadcrumbs.
RAVEN: Home, sweet home.
Can't you just
transport us inside?
No, it's shielded.
Maybe this
will slow you down.
(GASPS) Dude, what the hell?
Gar, you still with us?
(STRUGGLING) Little help!
- If we cannot stop this creature...
- I know.
HOARSE VOICE: Welcome home,
It's the freak show again.
Get inside!
Damian, my blood.
It's a trick. I saw you die.
No trick. It's me.
I assure you.
I exist.
Lord Trigon is my sustenance.
- He's a devil.
- No.
He's a god of necessity.
How do you think I attained
my power?
Where do you think
the Lazarus Pits came from?
It's all his doing,
and he can make things
whole again for a price.
He can give us the world
we wanted.
You and I. A perfect world.
She's the only one
who stands in the way.
Prove your love, Grandson.
Take care of this for me.
Before my pact
with Trigon expires.
I... I would do anything
to bring you back,
but, Grandfather, I don't...
You hesitate.
Are you afraid to do the one act
that will restore me to life?
I'm not afraid of anything.
You dare disobey me?
Have you forgotten
your heritage?
You are an al Ghul.
No, I'm a Titan.
TRIGON: Stupid girl.
You think your allies can
stop me now that I'm here?
The Justice League, defenders of
this realm, less than insects to me.
I will strip bare the flesh
from their bones.
And your pathetic friends,
I will make them suffer endlessly,
and you will have to watch.
Soon, your souls will belong
to Trigon,
as will your world.
Your friends
have made you soft.
Ungrateful child.
You could have been immortal,
like me. (GRUNTS)
TRIGON: Give up.
You're too weak
to stop me, Raven.
You always have been.
Just like your mother.
RAVEN: No, my only weakness
was loving you,
hoping I'd be loved in return.
But all you were capable
of giving is pain,
so I ran away
and found friends,
friends I would give
my life for,
friends who give me love
and the strength to do this.
(SHOUTING) Damian, save me!
Grant me the strength
of mighty Azarath
to contain the demon Trigon within
this sacred shard, now and forever.
Is it over?
It'll never be over.
Trigon will spend every single
minute trying to get out of here,
so he needs to be watched
every single minute.
Dude, thanks for helping out.
It was nice to have
a big gun around.
Yeah, you ought to dump those
stuck-up jerks and sign up with us.
It was nice not to be
the kid for once,
but when you've been
in the majors...
You know what I'm saying.
Time to go home.
I'll take you back.
this is my home.
I have to watch him.
It's not your home.
Home is the place where...
When you have to go there,
they have to take you in.
Robert Frost.
You are full of surprises, Damian.
You're coming with us.
sifted through all the data
and found no signs of the
corruptors for the 10 days
since our encounter
with Trigon.
In other words,
great work, Titans.
WONDER WOMAN: Your determination
and teamwork saved the world,
and us. You should be
very proud of them, Kori.
As are we.
Hey, guys, it's pizza night.
Boom tube delivery.
Less than 30...
Carry on, Titans.
Okay, that was awkward.
Enough talk. Let's eat.
CYBORG: Hey, isn't that...
He always said
we should be together.
That's gotta be torture
for him.
Well, you can take the girl
out of hell...
TRIGON: Raven, release me.
You're too weak to keep me in here,
you filthy witch!
I'll get out!
I'll kill everyone you love.