Justice League vs. the Fatal Five (2019) Movie Script

I need counter measures.
They've blown through
our outer defenses.
You better fall back
to our position.
I can feel them.
They're here
for the Time Ship.
Reckless, but logical.
However I should be able to jury-rig
a booby trap into the sphere.
If they do get past us,
they'll be frozen in time
as soon as they power up.
How much time do you need?
More than we have.
We can hold them.
- Don't worry.
- I'm fine.
You're overdue for an
injection and your concern...
I'm fine. And stay out of my
head, please, Saturn Girl.
We've got more pressing...
Kill them.
I didn't finish!
Thomas, no!
Look out!
You all right, son?
You really kept your cool
in a dangerous situation.
But next time,
it's okay to run.
What exactly are you?
Legion flight ring,
I forgot all about you.
How can I forget?
That's... Not great.
Slipping away.
Can't forget.
Have to remember.
Have to...
Ah, finally.
Hi, I need quatroclozapine
right away.
- What?
- Quatroclozapine.
This is an emergency.
You have to give it to me.
Okay. I don't know
what that is.
I don't know what
you're supposed to be,
but you need to calm down.
It's the most common mental
stabilizer in the galaxy. Come on.
My last dose is wearing off,
and you know how fast that stuff...
Oh, this is the past.
You're scared of the costume.
Got it, got it.
I can fix that.
What the hell?
Wait, no, no, no!
I just need my...
Not this. Not this.
Geez, this one is poison.
This isn't it.
Okay, take it easy.
Everything's gonna be
just fine.
Is that what you think?
Because it's not.
Everything is terrible,
and worst thing about it is,
I can't remember why.
I can't remember.
Okay, buddy.
Let's get you to a nice...
Freeze! Hands on your head!
I'm... I'm sorry.
I didn't...
Where do you think
you're going?
Twenty-one bridges.
Count 'em.
I have to find the Limelight.
Let me go.
Lime... Light...
No, no!
Please, no! Please, no!
Every day, in every way,
I'm getting better and better.
What a load of crap.
It's still a struggle
just to get out of bed.
My brain is like
a hamster wheel.
I feel fuzzy.
Like I'm full of cotton
and I can't breathe right.
I get to the door and I
imagine all these awful things
that could be on the other
side, and I'm paralyzed.
It wasn't your fault.
What wasn't?
What you experienced
was a terrible trauma.
It's going to take time
to heal.
It's been three years. I just
need some kind of trick...
Pills... Something.
Did you try using the mantra?
Not really working for me.
At all.
Then you should create
your own mantra.
One that works just for you.
How about... I give up?
Everything is terrifying,
and I'm not going to
do this job.
Let's talk about this new job.
It seems like it's
exacerbating your anxiety.
Well, it is sort of stressful.
A security position, right?
Maybe this isn't
the right job for you.
I didn't choose it.
It kinda chose me.
Speaking of, that's work.
We're out of time
anyway, right?
Jessica Cruz.
Power Ring now running
at 18 percent.
Recharge is strongly advised.
Yeah, I'll get right on that.
Jessica, why are you
ignoring our calls?
Call J'onn.
J'onn is off-world,
fighting Dominators on Rann.
We need you to step up.
It's a fight just to get out
of my apartment.
I keep telling you,
this is all one big mistake.
This thing probably
won't even work for me.
Doesn't look like
a mistake to me.
You've got what it takes,
So stop screening our calls.
Jessica Cruz.
You have the ability
to overcome great fear.
You're a ring.
You don't know dick.
President Kennedy.
You've got two minutes
to show yourself,
and prove once and for all,
that your "assassination"
was nothing
more than a hoax!
Or Gotham's number one
news team gets canceled.
And if you think you can
take me out first,
then everyone goes.
Simple as that.
Where the hell
is that weather girl?
Right here, Mr. Bloodsport.
What took you so long?
It's freakin' hot!
Well, there's a tropical high
pressure system moving in...
Shut up.
What're you lookin' at?
I see you!
Who the hell are you?
I'm Miss Martian, jackass.
You just stopped the show
forever, little girl.
Killed it. Team supreme.
You gave away our presence,
let him get to you,
failed to take him out,
and almost got
the hostages killed.
Okay, maybe this was
a teachable moment.
You want to be part of
the Justice League,
there are better teachers
than me.
I'm not doing this
with a teenager.
Point taken.
Don't push it.
You know the
last time I spent this long
on something
with no results?
It's never happened before.
Frustrated, Mr. Terrific?
Are you kidding?
I'm in heaven.
I love a challenge,
and I finally have
a real puzzle here.
One I can attack with logic
and scientific method.
Hmm. Have you tried using
Nth metal to cut it?
I had Hawkgirl try to bash the hell out
of it with that big-ass mace of hers
just before she went back
to Thanagar.
- Nothing.
- Seriously?
Hey, if it ain't real fun,
it ain't real science.
Aren't you just dying to know
what's in there?
Weird. It's not lead.
My X-ray vision should be able
to see right through this.
It's not really here.
Out of phase with us.
Just out of sync
with our time.
Not bad, Supe.
You are your father's son.
My dad was a farmer.
I meant the other one.
High-speed particle
bombardment. Test 1A.
It's a ship.
Great Rao!
Superman. We've come
to the right place.
We're wasting time here.
Come on, buddy.
Stay with me.
I will find him!
You monsters can't hide
the truth forever!
This isn't finished.
This isn't finished!
We'll take him
from here, Batman.
You really have a knack for
finding top-shelf lunatics.
Any luck with
our mystery guest?
I still haven't found a match
for the name Thomas Kallor.
Or for his fingerprints,
as if he doesn't exist.
He's paranoid schizophrenic,
but his delusions
are completely entrenched.
Real space cadet stuff.
His meds keep him calm,
but nothing seems to snap him
out of his delusional condition.
Tell you one thing, though.
He's been here ten months,
and so far,
he's a model patient.
They're a lot better,
now that I know not to chew them.
Beat it, punk.
Thomas, what have I told you?
Lots of these guys, they're
just looking for an excuse.
Stay clear.
I know, I know.
Are you eating for two again?
How about I rip just
one of your lungs out?
It's okay.
That's why we're here.
You think you're two people,
I think I'm really here in the
past, but I'm from the present.
I love presents.
Oh, boy.
Five... Five!
Five, five, five!
Hey. Take it easy, kid.
No, not easy! Hard!
Time travel is really hard and
I'm really here in the past!
And so are they!
Gotta stop 'em.
I gotta stop 'em!
Your model patient is
about to start a riot.
No, no, no!
They want the Limelight.
I can't let them get
to Limelight.
The Fatal Five are coming!
They want the Limelight!!
Okay, then.
Here's something I meant to
give you back at the studio.
You're welcome.
I told you to wait in the car.
It's hot in the car.
I didn't know
you had powers, Thomas.
I thought those cops
were exaggerating.
Have to find the bridges.
21 bridges.
I tried to tell you. I'm on
a very important mission.
My Empress.
My love.
An ocean of stars
between us, and still...
I felt you.
Where the hell
have you been?
I've been doing hard time
in this craphole for a year!
Unforeseen complications,
but we are coming.
We need only find the key.
Come to me, my love.
Free me.
Validus and I have waited
so long.
I came as soon as I heard.
Are you all right?
Been a while since I bled.
No, some kind of axe.
Atomic. Had to be sharpened to
less than a nanometer to cut him.
My T-Spheres have been
collecting residue from the axe.
Based on
the residual tachyons,
this substance comes from
approximately 1,000 years
in the future.
Who are they?
I don't know,
but I think I know where
they're headed.
It's just a building, Megan.
Don't be intimidated.
I'm not. I've been here
lots of times.
Just not...
Not as an actual
Justice League member.
Potential initiate.
Bats has made it very clear
that I'm on thin ice.
Thomas Kallor.
Ten months ago, I found him
naked, raving.
He was taken to Arkham.
paranoid schizophrenic.
Partial amnesia, apparently.
He seems to be able to control
the mass of objects.
He could've leveled Arkham,
he's that strong.
He also claims he's from
the 31st century.
Okay, not so delusional.
He did have a strong reaction
to your little scuffle, Clark.
Yes, it's healing slowly, and
I'm in a fair amount of pain.
Thanks for asking.
You said you knew
where he was going.
He said that "they"
were after something
or someone called Limelight.
Limelight... Green Lantern?
Which one?
He also mentioned 21 bridges.
There's more than one city
in the U.S. with that many,
but only one with a resident
Green Lantern.
Portland, Oregon.
She's here somewhere.
Flush her out.
We interrupt
with some breaking news.
We're getting reports of
gunfire and multiple explosions
near a food cart park
The chaos appears to be the work of
at least three costumed assailants
armed with
high-tech weaponry
- and body armor.
- I can do this.
The attack began just...
What the hell?
That's what insurance is for.
You're coming with us.
If you resist,
my colleague here is called
The Persuader for a reason.
Leave her alone.
Seems like this era hasn't been
treating you too well, Star Boy.
Who are you?
What the hell is going on?
Star Boy, he just said it.
And you shouldn't have
used your ring.
When lambs are lost
in the mountain, they cry.
Sometimes come the mother,
sometime the wolf.
Who are the wolves?
- The Five.
- I counted three.
Looks like three.
But it's five. I remember.
Stay put, girl.
There's nowhere to run.
Well, well.
Ye old Justice League.
Where's your friend?
Still licking his wounds?
I don't know
who you are but...
Ah, yes.
The 21st century
I am Mano,
this is Tharok, and this is...
Dead man walking?
Take her.
Help Persuader.
I'll take care of the others.
I heard you were grabby.
Will power, indeterminate.
Consciousness at nine percent.
Mano. Superman's back.
He's got the girl.
Everyone, regroup.
He's under there.
I can't get near him.
Feeling better?
Look, I don't mean
to be pushy,
but your friends did some
serious damage back there.
So, how do you know them,
and where are they now?
Look, space boy,
I'm the good cop.
Be happy it's me talking to
you and not Batman 'cause he...
Mind if I join you?
It's Star Boy, right?
It's Thomas, really.
Stressful situations like that always
leave me totally starving. You too?
I'm so not eating my pudding.
Do you want it?
Mmm. Pudding.
Arkham had pudding
every Thursday.
Everyone loved it.
Especially the clown.
Lot of people
are afraid of clowns.
That's called coulrophobia.
You know what? He's all yours.
I'm getting a mochaccino.
- I'm Jessica, by the way.
- I know.
How do you know me?
Everyone knows Limelight.
I always remembered that,
even in Arkham.
I forgot the Five,
but I remembered you.
You're the key. The key!
What else do you remember?
I remember waking up
in the past,
but now in the present,
quatroclozapine wearing off,
and then...
Television. And pills.
Pills, television, then...
Then, the Five!
They came for you. Ha...
Had to stop them because...
Oh, it's so hard.
I can't think.
I can't remember.
You can't just force your mind to
do something it doesn't want to.
I know.
How would you like to
come back with us?
Oh. Thursday is
bingo night at Arkham.
That's okay.
It is at the Watchtower, too.
What the hell are we
supposed to do now?
We stick to the plan.
Oh, right, right.
The perfect plan.
Going just like clockwork,
isn't it?
Except we were stuck in that time
trap and that boy's still on us.
How do we know he isn't telling the
Justice League our plan right now?
It changes nothing.
We will retrieve the key.
Then we will free them.
We're going to a lot of trouble
to free your girlfriend.
Who you can't even touch.
How does that work anyway?
Do you keep it in the sack?
No! No, please!
On second thought,
can you still do that trick?
What trick?
Where you
make the bombs.
Yeah. Sure.
When the prey
goes to ground,
smoke them out.
I intercepted a transmission
I can't identify.
- The cyborg?
- That'd be my guess.
The Watchtower.
I have the play set for this.
It's an antique. I keep it
in my room at the clubhouse.
What clubhouse?
I told you,
I'm a superhero.
We need to know what he knows.
He doesn't even know
what he knows.
Nothing he says
ever makes sense.
You'll have to take us
inside his head.
You, me and Jessica.
Listen, two brains
are company,
three is a crowd,
and four is a party
I don't even wanna go to.
She's a calming influence.
We need her.
So, I'm starting to
get nervous now.
I hate the dentist.
It's okay. I'm right here.
Think about home.
Yes, Thomas.
Show us your home.
Flying cars.
I guess the movies
got some things right.
Where's Thomas?
He's here.
There's something stopping us
from connecting to his ego.
He's scared.
His med kit.
Clearly, this is what
allows him to maintain
his mental stability
in his time.
Too bad we can't
take it with us.
Girlfriend. Hmm. Pretty.
We don't know
that's his girlfriend.
Could be his cousin.
Thomas. Where are you?
We need to talk to you.
Welcome to the Legion Museum.
Chronicling the post-scarcity
utopia ushered in by
The Legion of Superheroes.
Young people from
across the stars
dedicated to defending the principles
and ideals of the United Planets.
Star Boy.
They're teenagers,
all of them.
It's like your
worst nightmare.
To understand their heritage,
we begin eons ago.
The Justice League,
champions of Earth
in the 21st century.
Today, their exploits
and ideology
are the guiding principles
of the Legion.
Hey, look. There I am
in the back.
Looks like I made it!
Where are you, Bats?
Nothing like me.
in the Justice League ranks
were the members of the
legendary Green Lantern Corps,
now lost to the ages.
What's that supposed to...
Holy crap.
Forget about this.
Ask him about Mano,
Tharok and The Persuader.
I think he heard you.
Thomas! What's wrong?
Are we
supposed to be helping?
We can't.
This is only a memory.
He said there were five.
Looks like we found
the missing two.
I told you I was a superhero.
How dare you impair
the Eye of Ekron?
Come on, we gotta go.
You're not very smart,
if you think I won't
be back, Brain Boy.
You have nothing.
Nothing that can hold me!
She's right.
Not even the prison on
Takron-Galtos is strong enough.
She's half right.
There's nothing strong enough
to hold them in this time.
What're you doing?
Increasing the mass,
making the steel stronger.
What about your meds?
Did you take them?
I will.
Thomas, look at me.
Look at me.
You miss only a couple of doses,
and it won't work anymore.
You'll get worse.
You'll never be able to
think straight again.
You won't be in the Legion.
That true?
I forgot!
I tried to find my medicine.
It wasn't here.
It doesn't exist.
We're losing the connection.
Thomas, please.
Never forget, never forget!
Never forget!
Stupid! Stupid!
Can you do anything?
We're in the middle
of his mind.
It's not like pressing pause.
Batman! Wake up!
We just got a message
from the Fatal Five.
Do not take
this threat lightly.
Metropolis will be but the first
of your cities to be flattened.
Then the others, one by one,
and in a synchronization of
destruction you never dreamed possible.
Or simply hand over
the Lantern.
We promise no harm
will come to her.
We only need her assistance.
Decide quickly.
The cost of hesitation
is the blood of innocents.
That's where the message ends.
There's no way
to trace the signal.
So what's our play?
We don't negotiate
with terrorists.
Even the 31st century kind.
- Agreed.
- Hey.
I'm picking up that energy
frequency I found earlier.
Multiple signals.
My guess is
they connect to Tharok.
These are receiving
They're bombs!
I've got this! Go!
I should do something.
You're the one they're after.
Stay here.
Both of you.
But I'm a superhero.
I am. You saw.
Are you all right?
No, I'm not all right.
Nothing about this
is all right,
and you'd understand that if you
weren't even more messed up than I am!
I'm sorry.
It's just that...
I don't know what to do.
I know what I'd like to do,
get the hell out of here.
The scary guy should
let you help.
You're Limelight.
You're the bravest.
Just stop!
I'm not the bravest.
Most days, I'm scared
to put this ring on,
scared to get out of bed...
What? What is it?
I'm on a frequency
generated by your ring.
Only a Lantern can hear it.
Can you give me a minute?
Uh, sure.
Tharok. What do you want?
You're a smart girl.
You know we're not bluffing.
How many need to die,
Jessica Cruz?
You have the power
to stop this.
Follow this signal.
Come alone.
I'm here.
That was quick.
Maybe I should be called
The Persuader.
You've made
a brave choice, girl.
Yeah. Real brave.
I just surrendered.
You bought life
for your city.
You care about your people,
as I care about mine.
What do you want?
We're going on
a little road trip.
See some friends.
And if I don't go along?
No! Stop it! I'll do it.
I'll take you wherever
you want!
Of Course.
Who else but the fabled
Green Lantern Corps
could hope to hold the two
mightiest beings in the galaxy?
It won't work.
They'll stop you.
I hope they try.
They're nothing but a legend
in our time.
Perhaps I'm the one
who ended them.
Sadly, you will not
have that chance.
Most of
the Green Fascist Corps
are currently fighting some
obscure war on Rann.
Their interplanetary Gulag
is currently... Understaffed.
It doesn't matter.
The Sciencells
are impenetrable.
There's no way to...
I'm the key.
Lantern Jessica Cruz of Sector 2814.
This is
an unscheduled approach.
I have prisoners bound
for the Sciencells.
All good. Situation green.
Please proceed
to the detention compound.
Say it
just as I told you.
Sarya, Empress of Venegar.
Open it.
And now for my Empress.
Child's play.
You wanna play?
Play with this!
Situation green.
Lantern under duress.
Glad you did
your homework, kid.
You all right?
I'm not that you're...
Come on. Re-lock. Re-lock!
Stand down!
You are under arrest by
the Green Lantern Corps
for abetting
an escape attempt by...
Fart nuggets.
Get back in there,
you ugly poozer!
You bastards!
So much for the legendary
Jessica Cruz.
The central power battery.
Considerate of the Legion,
wasn't it?
To deliver me to the single most
concentrated source of power in the galaxy.
Take it. The energy is yours.
Well, that's the last
of the bombs.
That ends that.
Not quite.
We have a problem.
I'm telling you, she's gone.
She is gone.
I don't know where.
It was empty,
the whole building!
Calm down, Star Boy. Focus.
I searched. Even the closets,
they're empty.
She's not there!
They have Jessica.
What will they do now?
Their time machine,
where is it?
Some place safe.
Sorry, we're closed.
Hands up!
Take me to it, Tharok.
I've had time to think while
you left me languishing, love.
And it occurs to me that we can stop
our enemies before they even start.
All we need to do is...
Destroy their sun.
You're kidding.
She's kidding, right?
Think of all the heroes
this planet alone has spawned.
We destroy this sun,
we destroy it all.
The League, the Martians,
the Legion,
the United Planets.
We return to our time with
virtually no one to oppose us.
And how exactly
do we do this?
The Eye.
It contains all the power
of the Lanterns' battery.
It's seething with it.
It will rip
that infernal star apart.
It's them again.
No one's responding
to our call. I don't like it.
- I can stop...
- Stay here.
Get us inside.
We're open for business.
I got this one.
Ah. Batman, is it?
I think I will
disintegrate you slowly.
Bring it, Skeletor.
Wake up.
Call the others.
In brightest day,
in blackest night,
no evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship
evil's might
beware my power,
Green Lantern's light!
Take me home.
You okay?
Broke a nail.
I can't move my arm!
Pressure points.
You might not be human,
but you fall like one.
You are scary.
Where's Jessica Cruz?
You mean,
what's left of her?
I imagine the body
is quite cold by now.
There's a continuous charge
coursing through them.
It mocks Kryptonite energy,
so even the so-called
Man of Steel is helpless.
Now to finish them and all the
centuries of would-be heroes
spawned by this vile
star system.
In three more minutes,
their history stops,
ours begins.
Stop her, Validus!
Idiot! You've doomed us all!
My Empress!
I hope it's not too late.
Take me.
Why? What can you...
Star Boy.
Thomas, Superman...
Can't do this.
I can.
No! Superman!
Uh, a construct.
Something to hold it together.
It'd take a thousand Lanterns.
And it can't be
pushed back together.
It has to be pulled.
Held together.
What are you saying?
Not like this!
Stop it!
Don't you see, Limelight?
I'm the only one
who can do this.
It's Star Boy.
I'm a superhero.
Martin Luther King said,
"Only in darkness
can you see the stars."
And that's kind of true.
For all the stars,
except one.
I think none of us will be
able to look at the sun again
without thinking about
what Thomas did for us.
For all of us.
But he did even more for me.
He told me I was brave
until I believed it.
No offense to anyone here,
but Star Boy is my hero.
Don't stare.
You're going to see
a lot of strange things.
Now that you're a part
of the Justice League.
Oh, I know.
Wait, what?
We voted.
You're a full-time member,
if you still want it.
Hell, yes, I do!
And thanks.
I didn't say how I voted.
I'm so glad
you all could come.
You were so important to him.
Jessica Cruz.
It's an honor.