Justice League: War (2014) Movie Script

New insight on the rash of terrifying
abductions plaguing Gotham City.
Warning; This footage may be too mature
for younger audiences.
Is this the mysterious Batman
who's been spotted in Gotham?
Uh, stop it, Max. Too scary.
I'm the Batman, Charlie.
I've come to suck your blood.
Hey, come on. Stop the bus, damn it.
Going somewhere, buddy?
All right. You wanna dance? Let's dance.
Your move, precious.
No, no. Don't. Crap.
Going UP-
- You saved me.
- Sure did.
- The name is--
- What's the catch?
- What?
- What's it gonna cost me?
You're welcome, lady.
And how am I supposed
to get down from here now?
Now, where did my creepy crawly get to?
High-tech armor, huh?
You're gonna have to do better than that.
Okay, that was better.
What were you doing at the docks?
I want answers.
You're real?
Turn it off.
- I had him.
- Clearly.
Now, turn off the damn light
before they see us.
Before who sees us?
This is Gotham P.D.
Put your hands in the air.
- Put your hands in the air.
- They don't like us much.
The world's afraid of us.
- You say that like it's a good thing.
-It's necessary.
Take your glow stick and go home.
Gotham's mine.
- No, see, this entire space sector is my beat.
- Uh-huh.
I'm serious. I'm Green Lantern, damn it.
- What the hell did you do?
- Cool.
So, what's it doing in Gotham?
Witnesses spotted this thing
trying to plant some kind of bomb downtown.
When the cops confronted it,
it spewed fire from its mouth.
Yeah, I noticed,
but fire is no problem for me.
As I was saying,
Green Lantern can do anything.
Except shut up, apparently.
Wow, someone forgot
to take their Tru Blood tonight.
- I'm not a vampire.
- Seriously?
I thought with the darkness and the vanishing,
and the, what, super strength?
- Can you fly?
- In a plane.
Wait, you're not just some guy
in a bat costume, are you?
Are you freaking kidding me?
What, nobody asked you to prom...
...so now you dress as a bat
and prowl around your parents' basement?
What's this do?
No buttons.
I assume it works off concentration.
How did you do that?
You weren't concentrating.
- You won't do that again.
- Unless I want to.
That's it. Let's rumba, spooky.
Hold fast. We need more info.
- Bull crap. That's a bomb and he just armed it.
- Lantern, wait.
For Darkseid.
- Darkseid? What's that, a band?
- Some kind of death cry.
t wanted to take us with it.
All to protect this.
I'm on it. Ring, scan and identify.
Initiating scan.
- Unable to identify.
- That's impossible.
The ring knows what the Guardians know
and the Guardians know everything.
t doesn't scan like a bomb.
More like an alien computer.
Alien? Like the guy in Metropolis?
- You've met him?
- No.
But I've researched him.
- His power levels are--
- Not gonna be a problem for me.
We'll see.
In the meantime,
we need to know more about this thing.
Nothing on the markings or the design, Sarah?
No, Dr. Stone.
Dozens of tests and we're still unable
to learn a single thing.
We know less now than when
the Flash brought it to us days ago.
Maybe we'll catch a break
with the metal scan.
You've been working around the clock
on this, Silas.
Perhaps if you got some rest.
I'll rest when we know what this device is...
...and why that creature needed it planted
in Central City.
Now, what do we know?
It's broadcasting some kind of signal.
And we've tracked similar signals emitting
from Coast City, Gotham and Metropolis.
Then it's talking to someone.
I should take this.
Hi, Dr. Stone.
I figured I'd see if you had information...
-...regarding the device I left with you.
- Slow down, son. I can barely understand you.
Yeah, I get that sometimes.
We lost the creature.
It seemed engineered to fall apart.
- I see. Any further data on the device?
- Nothing yet.
- I should know more in a few hours.
- All right, I'll check back with you then.
Flash, I can't help but suspect
I'm speaking to a fellow scientist.
I'll catch up with you later, Dr. Stone.
Burritos are here.
- Can't even do that quickly.
- Where's my extra salsa?
- Finally.
- About time.
Way to take the "fast" out of fast food, Barry.
Hey, guys, someone took mine by mistake.
Tickets. Let's see your tickets.
My dad's got the tickets.
You mean, your granddad?
Uh, yeah. What did I say?
- And one for your grandson?
- What?
Big man, you all right?
What's the play, Vic?
Here's what we're gonna do.
Gun, dice right yo-yo.
Scat, right Y option on hart.
Admiral. Admiral, check brown ox.
Thirty buffalo. River.
Red, 98, hut, hut.
Next stop, the nationals.
Ha, ha. Vic Stone is the bomb.
These freaks cost America
over $100 million in property damage.
Who's gonna pay for that?
Us regular people, that's who.
Diana, wait.
- It's Wonder Woman.
- It's her.
- Someone do something.
- Oh, great.
I am Diana of Paradise Island.
Tell me who you speak of,
and by Zeus, they will taste my steel.
You've gathered to protest me?
You, what is your problem with me?
You want the truth?
You swing that sword with a smile
and you scare normal people.
And you dress like a whore.
This is not your truth.
The Lasso compels you.
Now tell us your truth.
I cross-dress in a Wonder Woman outfit.
It makes me feel powerful.
Embrace your truth, my friend.
My outfit makes me feel powerful too.
We better get going.
Yes, off to see this president you speak of.
Dad, it's just me.
Hey, I know how busy you are. I just really
thought you'd keep your promise this time.
By the way, we won tonight.
Talk to you later. I love you.
- Played a hell of a game today, Victory.
- We're grabbing a slice. You down?
No, I gotta go see my dad.
Hey, you were in my dad's seat.
Didn't look like he was using it.
You see a kid run through here?
- Thanks for that.
- Yeah, don't sweat it.
Awesome game today.
Superstar QB Victory Stone
brings in the win single-handedly.
Ah. No, not quite.
What do you mean? You threw
that last touchdown pass, like, 43 yards.
Doesn't matter if there's not someone
on the other end to make the catch.
Must be nice
to trust someone else that much.
Hey, I should go. Nice meeting you, Victory.
- Tell your dad he's got some great seats.
- Yeah, I will.
Hey, where's my...?
- Son of a...
- Yes.
Victory. Victory.
Superman's close.
- I've been tracking his flight path.
- Pfft.
On what? Your own satellite?
- I was kidding. You have a satellite?
- Here he comes.
First one to the building is...
Ugh, I really hate that guy.
Wait here. I got this.
No offense. You'd just get in the way.
Here's the plan.
Green Lantern kicks Superman's ass.
TMZ's got the video.
So, what can you do?
I can still see you.
The creature that attacked me
had one of those boxes you have.
A friend of yours, I assume?
He blew up. So I'll ask you.
- What are these boxes for?
- Ugh.
- Talk while you still can.
- Unh.
Trying to.
Round two, flyboy.
Lantern, no!
Chains? You're funny.
We won't stop him. He's pissed off.
We have to talk to him.
Talk to him?
Lantern, focus. You stop concentrating
and that shield breaks apart.
Shut up.
- This guy is gonna kill us.
- No, he won't.
You bruise but you don't kill, do you, Clark?
You've made your point, heh...
...Bruce Wayne.
Who the hell is Bruce Wayne?
We think it's alien.
Well, it's not Kryptonian.
Worth a shot.
Hey, hey, what happened?
We're done fighting?
Alien is relative, by the way.
It's a big universe.
Let's move.
Man, what is it with you and sewers?
Someone is strategically placing
these boxes.
We have to find out who and why
before it's too late.
Desaad, what do you have
to report from our agents on Earth?
Sire, the powerful one
has found a Mother Box.
The one they mistakenly call Superman.
These defenders have sprung up
like antibodies to protect their planet.
We are in danger
of losing the element of surprise, my lord.
I humbly ask
that you move up your timetable.
Let the invasion begin.
- We're maxed at power ceiling.
- Cycle the pulses.
Dr. Stone, your son is here.
- I don't have time right now. Do it again.
- Make time.
Victor, I'm in the middle
of some very important work.
- You mean, more important than me.
- That's not what I said.
There were scouts there today, Dad.
They offered me a full ride, all of them.
I told you I'll pay for college. You don't need
to be sniffing after a scholarship.
That's not the point.
They think I can hold my own
with the best of the best.
WhY don't you?
Open your eyes, son.
Look at the world we live in today.
We are witnessing the birth
of a new race of super-humans.
Beings who can fly,
tear through buildings and outrun racecars.
They will make what you can do obsolete.
In that world, throwing a football is a joke.
You're never gonna come
to one of my games, are you?
- Dr. Stone, something's happening.
- We can talk about this later.
So why are you two here?
Metropolis is my turf.
There have been reports
of mysterious kidnappings across the country.
We had them here too.
Figured that was life in the big city.
Think the disappearances
and these things are connected?
They're connected.
- So these monsters, they're--
- They're soldiers. Expendable soldiers at that.
Planting these devices at all costs,
that's military tactics.
We might be staring down the barrel
of a full-scale invasion.
You're paranoid.
Let's just crack it open and see what happens.
- Hey.
- Without any idea what's inside...
...that's idiotic.
Heh, I'll show you idiotic.
- Aah, I didn't touch it.
- It's activated itself.
- t's transmitting.
- Silas, look at these readings.
I am not letting you walk away
from me again, Dad.
We're having this out.
- Can we trace the power source?
- I'm trying to lock in on the signal now.
This thing is more important to you
than your own son.
Victor, stop!
It's gonna blow.
You're welcome.
Still think I'm paranoid?
Ah, maybe a little less now.
We need to get out of here now.
- Which way?
- We have to get him into the Red Room.
- Sarah, unh.
- Aah!
I'm not leaving you, Victor.
Don't you dare leave me.
I don't believe it.
His vitals are there, Silas. He's alive.
- Dad.
- Yes, Victor. I'm here.
- It hurts so bad.
-it's going to hurt-.
It's not gonna be easy, but...
Whatever that energy is,
it's eating him from the inside out.
He's going into cardiac arrest.
It's racing up his spinal cord.
Then we can't wait.
- But, Silas, the risk.
- What choice do I have, Morrow?
This room contains technology recovered
from across the globe.
I've studied and logged nearly everything.
I've taken apart and rebuilt most of it.
t can save my son's life. It has to.
He's in pain. You have to do something.
The pain will subside as soon as
the promethium finishes replacing the tissue.
Promethium skin grafts?
His body could reject them completely.
It won't. I've injected the nanites.
Activate them.
- They're untested. We recovered them from--
- Do it!
Out of the way, you freaking bimbo.
Cool, you're Wonder Woman.
- My name is Diana.
- Mine's Hannah Grace.
Thank you for speaking with me, Hannah.
- You're not afraid of me?
- No. I wanna be you when I get big.
I would welcome your sisterhood, Hannah.
- What are you eating?
-lce cream.
Is it good?
It's the greatest food in the world,
if you ask me.
I will try some ice cream
and another for my friend Hannah.
Whatever you say, lady.
Just don't, you know, take my arm with it.
Uh, here.
Ice cream is wonderful!
Told you so.
You should be very proud
of this achievement.
Um, thanks.
I lost him.
I promised his mother I'd protect him.
But I failed.
What's going on?
Steve. Have you ever had ice cream?
This cook is truly blessed.
- You need to come back to the White House.
- You sound like my mother.
- The president only has a few minutes to meet.
- I grew weary of waiting for him, so I left.
- This is Hannah.
- Very pleased to meet you.
Could you excuse us, Hannah?
You can't walk out like that, Diana.
You're a political envoy.
- I am a warrior.
- With responsibilities.
Besides, I happen to know where they make
the best homemade ice cream in D.C.
If you're interested.
Oh! I could compel you to disclose
this secret.
Or I could just take you there.
Leave them to me.
Upload initiated. Completed.
Recaiibrating memory.
What's happening?
Stay calm, son.
It's gonna be all right.
- Hey, Dr. Stone, I--
- We're in trouble.
Offensive mode activated.
I came as quick as I could.
Offensive mode. White noise cannon enabled.
- Lantern, plug that hole.
- Yeah, yeah, I got this.
Concentrate. Your constructs are fading.
Your mind is scattered.
Worry about yourself.
You're the one without powers.
We need to take a step back and regroup.
There's too many of them to barrel through.
Tell that to Superman. Unh.
Come on.
That's it. Smile for me.
Mayday, mayday, the capital is under attack.
And there goes our big gun.
Aw, come on.
Can't a guy get any privacy?
- Football. Told you so.
- Well, we had to be certain.
- I was so worried about you, Billy.
- You don't have to be. For real.
- I like yourjersey.
- Oh, yeah? I stole it.
You did not. You're funny.
We worry every time you disappear.
You know, like a family would.
Foster family.
This time was the worst.
You've heard the reports, right?
There's an invasion of monsters.
They're grabbing people off the streets.
And you morons believe that?
Come and get some, ugly. Shazam!
They're being overcautious, hon.
We'll be fine.
I need eyes up, pronto.
We're under siege.
Repeat, the president is under siege.
Mr. President, it's nice to finally meet you.
- I am Diana, but you may call me--
- Wonder Woman, thank goodness.
We've lost an engine!
Aah, Julian.
Oh, oh.
Are we okay? What's going on?
By the gods.
You're strong.
I know.
Can't feel my hand.
Can't feel anything.
What's happened to me?
You mind is now a quantum computer, son.
There's buzzing in my ears.
Make it stop, please.
I can't. At least you're alive.
Ugh, you call this living?
This half man, half machine.
This is what it took
for you to finally care about me?
You had to make me
just another one of your experiments.
Don't you hear the buzzing?
You know what,
I think I am needed downtown...
...and you two clearly need to talk,
so I'll just, uh...
Unassimilated data detected.
Commencing Parademon indoctrination.
Download initiated.
Translating command.
Locate inhabitable worlds.
Harvest organic material.
Process organic material.
Repurpose organic material.
For Darkseid.
Download complete.
Excuse me, but this is the hole
these wigglers crawled out of, right?
Vic Stone?
What the hell happened to you?
That wasn't so hard.
- Looks like you could use a hand.
- Flash, my boy. Great to see you.
Oh, yeah, and that's Batman.
- Batman's real?
- Yeah, he's over there.
Wait, what?
It is a real honor to meet you, sir, Batman.
Sir, Batman, sir. Ahem.
Don't bother. The guy's a total tool.
I followed your efforts in Central City, Flash.
You do tight, efficient work.
Hey, Barry, you, uh,
got a little something on your nose.
Get ready. Here they come.
For Darkseid.
Greetings, warriors.
Oh, it's good to be back in the heat of war.
Yeah, you better run.
No, they're assembling, waiting for whoever's
behind this to launch the attack.
All right, now what?
I don't know.
Defense mode activated.
- Damn it.
- You're done.
No, I'm not with them.
Hold on, I can vouch for that.
He was at S.T.A.R. Labs.
Hey there. What's up? Shazam.
I'm with him.
He's not with me.
And who the hell are you supposed to be?
Mr. Roboto?
Who I am doesn't matter. What I know does.
- Which is?
- I've talked to their technology.
I know their plan.
They're terraforming the Earth.
It's about to get ugly.
- That fits.
- How do you figure?
Well, for one thing, the water's on fire.
- What are they doing with them?
- Can't be sure, but I know this.
They're not killing anyone.
- They're harvesting them.
- This isn't an isolated incident either.
It's happening across the world.
We're too late. He's here.
- I'm guessing that's the bad guy.
- Lucky guess.
Hmm, he doesn't look that tough.
I am entropy. I am death.
I am Darkseid.
Stand back and peep the light show.
Green Lantern's got this.
That all you got? Not all I got.
I'm not through with you.
Is that your boyfriend?
- No.
- Cool. Watch this.
Hey, Blackheart the Deatheater, or Whatever
your "World of Warcraft" name is, suck on this.
- Now what?
- Now you die.
Wait, no!
- We're gonna have to move fast.
- Not a problem for me.
- They're splitting up. They can do that?
- They're locked on us.
Come on, Barry.
You're moving fast, so think fast.
Ooh, never had to catch my breath before.
Oh, no, Superman.
Finally, the Kryptonian is ours.
Master will be pleased.
They flew off with him. I saw it.
They took Superman.
- I'll get him.
- Lantern.
- Out of my way, Batman.
- Your arm is broken, you idiot.
I can handle this. Get out of my way.
- You're gonna die.
- Then I die.
What are you trying to prove?
I'm not trying to prove anything,
you phenomenal douche bag.
Don't act like you know me. You don't.
- We're just somewhat alike.
- We are nothing alike.
We're fighting alongside an alien,
an Amazon...
...a human lightning bolt, a cyborg
and a speedster.
As far as I can tell, Hal,
you and I are the only normal people here.
- I never told you my name.
- Saw it on your flight suit.
You're pretty south of normal, spooky.
You know that, right?
My name is Bruce Wayne.
When I was 10,
my parents were murdered in front of my eyes.
I've spent my life training to fight the same
sort of criminals that took them from me.
But this, this is different.
This isn't about me.
Uh, you're telling me this why?
This is bigger than I am
and it's bigger than you are.
Get out of your own way.
Focus on what's important here.
Everyone else. Regroup with the others.
- And do what exactly?
- You're loud.
They'll listen to you
if you got something to say.
Try to at least sound smart.
Keep them alive.
Keep Darkseid busy till I get back.
"Get back"? From where?
We won't win without our big gun.
Where the hell are you going?
I'm going to get Superman.
Bruce Wayne, huh?
Moron's crazier than I am.
You guys okay? Good. Listen up.
We need to, uh...
We need to play offense
instead of all coming up to bat.
- Um, what?
- I apologize, but I don't know your games.
I think what Lantern is saying
is that it's time for some teamwork.
So let's pull it together.
Yeah, baby, clap it up.
What's the plan, then?
Well, he blast those beams out of his eyes,
It's settled, then. We blind him.
That's as good a plan as any.
Yeah, we follow and we stay out of sight.
I'll turn on the fireworks to get his attention.
Princess, you get in striking distance
and stab that son of a bitch in the eyes.
Like poor damned Oedipus.
Yeah, what the hot Greek chick said.
And the invasion of monsters
raining from the sky, what about them?
I might be able to send them back
where they came from.
Good enough for me.
Here we go, team.
We got this.
"We got this"? That's your big battle cry?
Don't worry about it, smart ass.
Stick to the plan.
This is awesome. Like that Parker game
in overtime where you ran the ball the last--
- Who are you and how do you know me?
- What? I'm a fan.
Everyone around here knows Victory Stone.
- I'm not that guy anymore.
- Sure you are.
I'm not. I'm a Terminator. An android.
Some kind of cyborg.
Now I'm gonna have to worry...
...about operating systems
and computer viruses.
You won't get to do any of that stuff
if this guy eats the world.
Don't you get it?
I don't have a place anywhere anymore.
Looks to me like your place is with us.
The Parademon hives on Earth...
...were ill-equipped to process your flesh,
my prize.
But here in my personal laboratory...
...I can splice your Kryptonian genetic code
to create a new form...
...a super-Parademon
in the service of Darkseid.
And once we have our champion...
...we will seize the other supers
and break them as well.
All hail Darkseid.
- Okay, remember, I'll distract--
- Darkseid.
What the. . .?
Get him out of there.
His showboating is gonna ruin the entire plan.
Oh, great, now I'm Batman.
What's the big deal? I had him.
Dude, you had squat. We had a plan.
Heads up, guys.
- You are a warrior, not a child. Act like it.
- Yes, ma'am.
Now, follow me to victory!
She digs me.
True, the metamorphosis is painful.
But soon you will never feel anything
ever again.
What? I didn't send for you.
Let him go.
I am impressed by your resourcefulness,
But once the transformative process
is set in motion...
...nothing can stop it.
Your friend is gone.
With the help of the Kryptonian,
I'll see to it that your world...
...will be just another
that has fallen to Darkseid.
And what if you never see it?
You wouldn't.
Wouldn't you?
Welcome, my children. Protect your--
Hey, Darkseid, eat this.
Come on, giant. I'm getting bored.
This world is mine.
One down, one to go.
His knife was on the left side, making him
right-handed. Means the power must be here.
Now, Flash, take out the other eye.
Sorry, I need this to save the world.
Thanks for your help.
Did that work?
Yeah, I think that worked.
You need to fight
whatever they're doing to you.
We need you, Clark.
The world needs Clark Kent.
Both eyeballs blown out
and he's still standing.
What else can we do?
Try and send him home.
Darkseid is transferring data to those
metal cubes. They call them Mother Boxes.
They're creating portals. Boom tubes.
I just have to speak their language.
I didn't understand a single word
you just said.
Connecting to network.
Unable to connect.
Gotta get some altitude.
Connection established.
Get him in there.
I'll crush you like a nut.
How dare you? I am Darkseid.
I don't care.
Kick his ass.
Now, kid, slam the door in his face.
- Unable to connect.
- Damn it.
Error. Error.
The computer is not responding.
Come on, you stupid machine, work.
- Network connected.
- Y es.
insufficient energy.
It's programmed, but I don't have the juice
to push it. I need a huge blast of power.
Shouldn't be a problem.
Kryptonian, you are coming with me.
Like hell I am.
initiating boom-tube closure.
Got you.
Hey, you're that kid.
- Hell of a catch, man.
- Thanks.
Don't tell them, okay?
It's none of their freaking business.
It'll be our secret.
I always said you had an arm like a cannon.
Now you totally do.
Nice job, kid.
- Where'd Shazam go?
- He took off. Said he had a hot date.
Right, who'd go out
with that immature hothead?
What about the human victims?
I can see them. Let me just get this baby
to boom for me one more time.
I got this.
He's good for clean-up at least.
- How do we keep Darkseid from returning?
- All those Mother Boxes are fried.
Then they won't be able
to get back any time soon.
It's a start.
Heads up.
We should leave
before they blame us again or...
What's your hurry, Flash?
Today marks
a momentous day in human history.
In our darkest hour, these superheroes
donned their colorful costumes...
- Costume? This is my uniform.
- Quiet.
Oh, now you wanna bark orders, after I did
the heavy lifting and pulled everyone together?
You're referring to when you botched simple
directives and Wonder Woman led the charge?
- Cyborg showed you a video?
- He e-mailed it to me.
I really hate you, Bats.
I can't believe people
are no longer afraid of us.
Or that they think we're a team.
We're not a team.
But I am pleased
to meet some folks who get me.
Yes, it was good to walk
among a pantheon again.
How do you mean?
Hades, Apollo, Hermes, Hephaestus, Zeus...
...each a god in their own right.
And me?
I have never met anyone like you, Superman.
God or mortal.
Is it by chance, by fate,
or are there bigger forces at work?
Is our modern technological age...?
- I shouldn't be up here.
- Are you kidding me?
Of course you should. We won.
Be proud. Your dad looks like he is.
--the way of all people working for
a free and peaceful planet. As we have seen...
By the way, man,
thanks for not talking about the other thing.
Don't sweat it.
And thanks for seeing me in here.
What? You're the bomb, Victory.
I know, I know, you keep reminding me.
Victory. Victory. Victory.
These super-friends
use their super-powers to protect us.
And we're not friends either.
- We let them think we're both.
- Why?
It'll keep Gotham P.D. off my back,
the Air Force off yours.
I don't know, a team?
- I've got a lot of responsibilities.
- As do I.
Well, I have a whole universe to protect,
people, so there you go.
Come on, we can do it together.
- Yeah? Can you fly into space?
- I can.
Not my point. Look, we are not friends.
We're not a team.
I don't agree, Hal.
I kind of liked being a part of something.
Yeah, you would.
Listen, this was just a one-time deal, okay?
And what if something should happen again?
Please, what could possibly happen?
That said, I am very pleased
to introduce to you...
Gee, I didn't even ask.
Do you guys have a name?
- Yes, we do.
- We do?
That's right.
You can call us the Super Seven.
- Please don't call us that.
- The Super Seven?
What, you don't like it?
The surface dwellers have killed our king.
This is an act of war and they will pay.