Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen, Part One (2023) Movie Script

[Clark grunting]
[creature snarling]
[Clark panting]
Where am I?
And what am I wearing?
[Yang] Ruby, you got it?
Got it!
Uh... Why does it
look like that?
[Clark] What are those things?
[effort grunting]
Are you okay? Anything hurt?
[Yang] Shoot! Since when can
Grimm shoot laser beams?
Be right back, new kid!
I don't think
I'm in Kansas anymore.
[Grimm screeching]
Welp, that didn't work.
[Clark] I'll take care of it!
Huh? Uh...
[Clark grunting]
[Ruby] Uh... Are you all right?
I'm usually much stronger
than this.
They're headed for Beacon!
[Grimms screeching]
It's our school.
Or... it was?
Uh... What's your semblance?
You know, like,
your... special power?
I know what it is
where I'm from.
Here... only one way
to find out.
[heroic music playing]
[Clark grunting]
[impact grunts]
[straining] Huh?
Something's messed
with my powers!
[Ruby] Don't worry, I got you!
By the way, I'm Ruby!
And that's my sister, Yang!
[impact grunts]
I'm fine.
Got any special tricks to
beating monsters on your world?
-"Your world"?
-[Clark grunts]
[Ruby grunting]
Uh... Thanks for that.
[sighs] That was nothing.
I should be able
to do more with my...
What did you call it?
It looks like Earth's sun.
Except it feels... different.
Earth is... your world?
Because you're from
a different world.
Because that's a thing.
Well that would explain...
a few things.
-[Yang] What's your name, kid?
[chuckles] Just call me...
-Yeah... no.
[Ruby] Do you have
a, uh, regular name?
Uh... Yeah. Just...
Just call me Clark.
Where am I?
[Ruby] This... is Remnant.
[Yang] So...
how did you get here, Clark?
I don't remember anything.
Just images...
I was fighting something
with my friends... as an adult?
Are you sure you
didn't hit your head?
Something is wrong.
These Grimm... You said
they don't shoot lasers?
Not usually.
But they also
don't usually absorb
all the dust we shoot at them.
[sighs] It's my fault.
I messed up your world
by being here.
I have to fix it.
[Ruby] Whenever anything
gets... weird,
you can bet there's one person
who knows what's going on.
[liquid pouring]
Sorry, Mom. What did you say?
I was asking how your studies
have been.
I worry about you.
What you and your friends
are doing...
You are all just children.
But I'm not a child, Mom.
I haven't been one for a while.
That's exactly what worries me.
I'm glad you're on break
from Beacon.
But you and your friends...
you're against so much danger.
I'll always come back
to you, Mom.
[footsteps approaching]
What's going on?
Chieftain Ghira
has us on high alert
since Sienna Khan's death.
Sienna? But... That...
I was once
a member of the White Fang.
[Rolf] The guards
down at the docks
were doing the rounds
and found
a suspicious character.
Has she said anything?
[Diana] She...
has some questions.
[Blake] Impressive.
How's this for an answer?
I don't want to cause harm.
I just asked to be taken
to their leader.
Are you a Faunus?
-You know...
Faunus. Humans with,
like, a tail or wings or...
Who are you?
I am Diana,
Princess of the Amazons...
Can you help me?
[Blake] A princess.
From another world.
And no memory of
how you got here?
I see flashes.
In them, I'm an adult
but I don't feel like that.
I feel like I'm 16.
[Blake] That doesn't
make any sense.
[scoffs] No kidding.
What I do know is...
the longer I'm away
from my world,
the more people will get hurt.
I have to return.
Maybe my team can help you.
Let me call Yang.
Blake, the CCT at Atlas
has been down for a while,
don't you remember?
I don't.
In that case, we go to Beacon.
I don't know what any of those
words mean.
The CCT is our Cross
Continental Transmit System,
it's how the kingdoms
of our world communicate.
But if that's not working,
then Ozpin is our
next best option.
Why isn't the CCT fixed yet?
What are they doing,
having a party?
[Weiss] I can't believe
you're having a party.
Father, you're acting
like it doesn't matter
that the communication system
is down!
[sighs] Weiss, you can handle
being away from your friends
for a few months.
You know something is wrong
but, as usual,
you won't sacrifice the dust
needed to help people!
It's not my job to fix the CCT.
-If not us, then who?
-Uh, what was I saying before?
Did you see
the size of that suit?
-[Weiss grunts]
-[digital beeping]
Someone's disappointed
this isn't a costume party.
[Bruce] "Nero fiddled
while Rome burned."
[Weiss] Uh...
[Bruce] I saw your outburst
with your dad.
Can't say I blame you.
The rich are the same
in every universe,
chronically ignorant
to the plights of others.
I'm not one for parties,
I usually try to find some
secret room to hole up in.
-You ever tried it?
-[Weiss] Mm... a dust lab
wouldn't be at the top
of my preferred hiding places.
Dust? Huh.
Like specific dust,
or just... general dust?
Schnees deal in general dust.
Can't allow ourselves to limit
the natural energy sources
we can use.
Of course.
Because dust
is an energy source.
I thought I knew
all the upper class families.
At least the ones
that have access to labs.
I'm from a little further out.
Mistral? Vacuo?
Long way from home.
Bruce. Bruce Wayne.
Ever been to Mistral?
Hey, you can hide out
back in the cargo hold.
I'm not sure.
[Bruce] What do you remember?
We are friends. Family.
Mm, Bruce Wayne, you said?
Someone stole my lab key!
[Weiss groans]
I did tell you I liked to hide
in secret rooms at parties.
Weiss. Wait! I need your help.
I don't help common thieves.
Something is wrong
and I think
I may know what it is.
Your memories. You're having
a hard time connecting to them.
They're like soup
in your brain, right?
[indistinct chatter]
We'll find them, sir.
[Weiss] Here's your thief!
Weiss, listen!
I'm not from Vacuo!
Or Mistral!
Or from Remnant at all!
I have to get to a lab
to figure out
-what brought me here
so I can go back!
-[man grunts]
[impact grunts]
-[crowd gasps]
[cracking knuckles]
[plays piano]
[vibrato intensifying]
-[effort grunts]
-[glass cracking]
[all exclaiming]
Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's new.
[woman gasps]
A Faunus!
[Bruce grunts] Whoa!
Oh, come on!
How does Clark do this?
-[crowd exclaims]
He must work
for the White Fang.
But a terrorist organization
will not scare the Schnees.
Take him away.
White Fang?
Weiss, you know I'm right!
You know we're out of place!
[intense music playing]
[Ruby panting]
How are you not tired?
[panting] We ran the whole way!
Yeah. I guess
it's my semblance?
As long as
I'm not in the shade.
You said it's the...
The physical...
something of my something?
Physical manifestation
of your aura.
Auras. Right.
Basically, your soul.
Got it. I think.
Does this place feel sort of...
empty to you guys?
We didn't run into anyone
on the way here.
You're right,
but Ozpin
will have the answers.
He always does.
[elevator dings]
[Blake] Yang?
[Yang] Blake!
You got pulled
into this weirdness, too?
Guess we all had the same idea.
-Wonder Woman?
Yeah, we just call him Clark.
This is my friend, Diana.
Diana, this is Ruby and Yang.
[Diana] And this is Blake.
Do we know if the others
are here?
You're the first familiar face
that I've seen.
Well, [scoffs] mostly familiar.
We weren't teenagers
before this, right?
Well, uh, what do you remember?
Just... [exclaims] flashes.
We were fighting something.
Something... mechanical.
And big.
That's all I remember since
waking up in Menagerie.
Wait. You were in Menagerie?
Isn't that, like, a long trip?
When did you guys
get to Beacon?
It felt like we set out
this morning.
So, here I am.
A criminal hiding
in plain view.
All with the help of
a little black...
This is... This is all wrong.
[eerie music playing]
[both gasp]
It fell.
Guys... this isn't right.
That could explain
why we're teens.
Maybe... Did we do this?
[elevator dings]
Do you know what's going on?
The Grimm are acting
really weird!
They shoot lasers!
You shouldn't be here.
[Ruby] Professor Ozpin?
Is that you?
Neither should you.
[Clark] Uh, is changing into
a small boy his semblance?
[all three gasp]
[Blake] No, I...
I don't think so.
Ozpin died.
Then reincarnated as Oscar.
Tell us what's going on?
Where are our friends?
Whoo... She is...
[clears throat] very strong.
Just an observation.
[Diana gasps]
But you were just...
[Ozpin] You five
should be in training.
There's been a report of Grimm
on the edge of town.
Come with me.
[Blake] That was weird.
[Diana] Should we follow him?
[Ruby] We need to get things
back to normal
as soon as possible.
[Diana] Hmm.
Oh. Ah.
[Jessica] Uh...
[Glynda] Miss Cruz?
So, our aura-soul thing
controls our
semblance-power thing. Right?
Correct. More or less.
What if we can't connect
to our semblance?
It may take some time,
but you'll get there.
Now, who can tell me about
the different kinds of dust?
[exhales] There are a bunch
of different colors.
They're in all the weapons.
Yes. But, what color dust
coordinates with
which energy source?
Red, fire. Yellow, electricity.
et cetera, et cetera.
Something smells different.
And how did you know all that?
[chuckles] You'd know
the answers, too,
if you paid attention.
Hmm... I don't know.
[sighs] Why are we
learning kids' stuff?
-Beats me.
-This is weird, right?
It feels like something's off.
definitely sideways.
The tech here feels weird.
You've adjusted quickly.
Just a little while ago
you were freaking out.
What, you haven't learned
how to adapt
-thanks to childhood trauma?
-[Nora snickers]
[clears throat] Well,
it seems you all have
more important things
to talk about
than your lessons.
In that case...
[Barry laughs boisterously]
[Barry continues laughing]
[Nora grunting]
[Victor] Sorry, Nora!
Mari, use your power!
Oh! Do you mean my semblance
or my dust?
I'm still not sure
what the difference is.
[groaning] My necklace
is gone, remember?
Hey, Jessica, how you doing?
[Jessica grunting]
Come on... Come on!
She's been better.
Here, use my machine!
[Mari] I don't want to use
your machine,
I want to use my necklace
to summon eagle's flight!
He's fine.
[Barry grunts] He's in pain!
Could really use Superman
right about now.
[Clark] Come on, guys.
Voted for Homecoming King yet?
[Jessica chuckles]
[Nora] Uh...
Remember, students, that
there are Grimm in the forest.
This is really freaking me out.
It's like he's not really here.
Any idea what happened to him?
My mom said
some weird stuff, too.
I didn't think anything
of it, but--
What is going on?
[Jaune] Wha--
Hey! Where did Ozpin go?
Or, wait, was it Oscar?
No, that's wrong, right?
Oscar isn't old enough
to look like Ozpin. I think.
How old is he?
In normal years or possessed-
by-an-ancient-immortal years?
-Is that like dog years?
-[Ren sighs]
That must be them.
[laughing] Yes!
I'm so happy to see you two.
Ugh. I hated being a teen
the first time around.
-[Clark] How long
have you been here?
Three days? No. This morning?
It's hard to tell. You?
I feel like it's only been
since this morning.
I just want to get back home.
And back to normal.
We've made some friends
who should be able to help.
Justice League,
meet Ruby, Yang, and Blake.
And these are our friends.
Jaune, Nora and Ren.
-Oh. So, we don't
have to kill them?
I'd like to see you try.
I would not! Nobody
needs to do any killing.
So, you guys
aren't from here either?
Well, from what Diana and I
have pieced together,
we were fighting
some large mech...
with no memory of anything
until showing up here.
[chuckles] Well,
that's a dead end then, right?
Flash and I have been
trying to remember
so we can figure out
how to send ourselves back.
The tech here hasn't been
particularly helpful. Brainiac?
Maybe Vandal Savage,
if it's a time travel thing?
What about that one guy...
um... Kilg%re?
That the lunatic who wants to
take over the world?
You said it before,
Kilg%re is a delusional
electrical wire
short of a full panel.
But is the question:
who did this?
Or is it: why are we
someplace called Remnant?
If this really is Remnant.
We'll find out.
But we aren't all together yet.
Where's Batman?
[wings flapping]
[cracking bones]
[effort grunts]
[dramatic music playing]
[electrical buzzing]
[straining] Okay.
Too much too fast. Noted.
-[Weiss] So...
I take it the bat costume
was yours?
You believe me.
I did some digging around,
and I think
you're onto something.
About your memories fraying?
How do you know that?
A hunch.
If I can get a look at
what makes up your world
and your dust,
I might be able to figure out
what's going on.
That's what I was trying to do
at the party.
[Weiss] Ah, yes.
Stealing the keys to the lab.
There are easier ways
to break in, you know.
Hmm. Or out.
[electricity crackling]
[power down]
I was waiting for you.
I had a feeling
you'd want answers, too.
The lab is this way.
[Diana] Where could he be?
Sorry, I can't believe
you have a teammate
named Bat Man.
Now is that better or worse
than a teammate named Superman?
-[Barry] Right?
-[Diana] Focus.
He could be anywhere.
And Remnant is a big place.
Yang and I found Clark.
Diana woke up on
Menagerie near Blake.
And the rest, well--
They were in the dorms
next to ours.
We only noticed when
we heard Jessica crying.
[Jessica groaning]
I wasn't crying!
Hey, it's okay.
You were a little though.
I was trying to find my ring!
Yeah, and my necklace
is gone, too.
-So, we've all been dropped
near members of your teams...
-[Blake] Huh?
Has anyone heard from Weiss?
[Ruby] I tried calling her,
but there was no answer--
[Yang] Communication
isn't working.
Do you think that's connected?
[Clark] What runs
the communication system?
[Ruby] Dust.
It runs everything.
The Grimm we saw in the forest
was absorbing it.
-Do you think it could
be using dust for its energy?
-[Barry exclaims]
Batman would know.
Where would Weiss be?
Well, if Blake was in Menagerie
and Yang and I were
in the woods by Beacon,
then Weiss might be in Atlas.
[Jessica] You probably
don't need me, right?
Jessica, what's going on?
I've been trying to tap into
my semblance thing
this whole time,
but I need my ring.
It's got to be
on this world somewhere.
-[sighs] Jessica,
we don't have time to--
-[Ruby] Ring?
A bright green
with a weird design?
I've seen it.
It's in Ozpin's office.
-Why don't we--
-[Pyrrha] Jaune?
Jaune? Jaune?
[Ren] Jaune?
[Clark] There are 12 of us.
We don't all need
to go looking for Bruce.
Okay, so Lantern
can go get her ring back
while we look for Batman.
-Well, we could--
Hold on. I'm not following
someone into battle
who's never been
on Remnant before.
Me neither.
You can't just
barge into our world
like you know
what you're doing.
Sorry. They do this.
Blondie has a point.
Their world, their rules.
Even if their rules involve
figuring out
this semblance thing.
Hey, all right, even those
of us that are from here
can have a hard time with it.
There's another thing
we haven't talked about.
The Grimm in the forest.
We've fought monsters before.
I don't know what you have
on your world, but Grimm...
they're soulless creatures
with only one purpose:
to destroy humanity.
I've never seen anything
like them before.
We need to figure out
how to get back, now.
I think we all need to--
We aren't going without Bruce.
-Why are you calling the shots?
-No wait--
I need to get my ring.
We should be able to--
We should split up.
One group goes with Jessica
to get her ring back,
one group looks for Bruce,
the rest of us are going to
check out these weird Grimm.
They might shed some light
on what's going on.
Or at least, how to get back.
That's exactly
what I was trying to say.
I'll head to the forest.
I'll take Diana to Atlas.
[Blake] Uh, me, too.
[chuckles awkwardly]
I'll go with Ruby
to track down Grimm.
All right, sticking with you,
Blue Boy.
[Nora] I'll go, too.
If there's Grimm to smash,
I want to smash them!
Cyborg, want to stay behind
with Lantern?
Hack into their computers?
Eh, I already tried that.
No luck.
Just some weird numbers
over and over again.
I volunteer for the creepy
monster mission
-in the woods with Nora!
Me, too.
Um... I... [sighs heavily]
I don't want to go alone.
I'll go with you.
Ah, why not?
Always love following you
into certain death, Supes.
[Clark chuckles softly]
Good luck, everyone.
[Weiss] So,
your home is called Gotham?
And on your world,
you're an adult?
I don't...
The evidence suggests
that was the case.
But I feel like I'm a teenager.
It's weird.
I didn't have the chance
to be a teen before.
I don't like it.
So, uh, where's this lab?
[Weiss] Just around here.
-[Grimms growling]
-They don't look very friendly.
The lab. It should be
right there.
-I'll distract them, you--
[Weiss] Are you really
telling me how to fight Grimm?
[Bruce] They're illusions.
[Weiss] This isn't your world.
The lab's behind them, hidden.
Someone doesn't want us
getting in there.
Well, have I got news for them.
[Grimms growling]
[intense music playing]
[Weiss] Figure out
how to shut them down!
Weiss! Stop using the dust!
-They're feeding off of it!
[effort grunts]
I thought you said
they were illusions!
They're good illusions!
Deadly illusions. Got it.
[Bruce panting]
Any luck with the door?
There's an electrical current
preventing anyone
from getting in.
I found a weakness,
but I need something small
enough to cut through.
[growls loudly]
[exhales in relief]
[Weiss clears throat]
You know, it's a shame
you're not from Remnant.
It feels like you belong.
[Mari exclaims]
I feel ridiculous.
[chuckles] What? You don't like
being back in high school?
[Mari] I don't like having
an actual tail.
Oh, come on. It suits you!
Well, you're not the one
who keeps sitting on it.
Can I help you with something?
I've noticed you're
really great with weapons.
And since we aren't around
a lot of electronics out here,
I was thinking...
I might not be a lot of help.
Could you show me
a couple tricks?
[Ren] We're all
a little busy here.
Ren, I can answer for myself.
No, Nora, [stammers]
I know, but--
And I thought
this was going to be
a boring monster hunt.
[Barry grunts]
Ooh! Sorry about that.
-Hey, man, I'm not trying to--
-Not trying to what?
You know, this is the most
you've said to me
this whole time.
I don't say much to anyone!
Look I already work
with a strong, silent type
that looks down on everyone.
And you're no Batman.
Okay, everyone, calm down.
And you're not my dad.
Well, you're acting like a kid.
No, I'm not.
I'm trying to figure out
how to avoid certain doom.
That's not what kids do.
That's what we do.
We have to protect everyone.
And take care of each other.
And who are you, pipsqueak?
-[Nora] Hey!
-[Mari] Cyborg!
I... [stammers]
Yeah. That sucked. I know.
I just hate
not feeling... useful.
I'm gonna... scout.
Clear my head.
You okay?
I've been doing this leader
thing for a while now and...
And sometimes it's...
Sometimes it's just so...
[Barry and Mari grunting]
[Barry laughing]
I know what you mean.
Like, everything you do
is the end of the world.
And nothing can stop it.
Just so you know,
that doesn't go away.
Even when you're a grown-up.
Ah, I'm sorry, it's...
It's hard to take you seriously
when you're Yang's age.
[Victor] Uh...
Hey, we have a problem!
[metal clanking]
[Jessica] Hmm.
Find anything?
She said it was on the desk,
but I've looked over
the whole thing. Twice.
Oh, this would be
so much easier
if I actually had my ring.
I could just scan the desk.
[Jaune exclaims]
This piece of jewelry
is really important
to you, huh?
[Jessica angrily] Oh, it's not
just a piece of jewelry.
It's... It's my strength,
it's the thing
that keeps me together,
and without it... Without it...
Hey, hey! I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
Do you think that's why
you haven't been able
to access your semblance?
[Jessica grunting]
[Jaune] I've been there.
How'd you access it?
A friend believed in me.
That's all?
[Jaune] Try it out.
[sighs] Fine.
[Jaune] Doing floor time. Cool.
It's also okay
if it doesn't happen.
What? You said
you believed in me!
I do, Jessica,
but you're putting
a lot of pressure on yourself.
You're no less of a person
if you can't.
-[Jaune] [distorted] Jessica?
[Jaune] Did it work?
[Jessica panting]
My ring?
I can hear you.
Did I go anywhere?
[in normal voice]
No, you're still on the floor.
-What's going on?
I don't know. I...
It's a white room. No windows.
No doors. And I can't get out.
I... I don't like
being trapped.
What? What is that?
It feels different.
It's my semblance.
I help enhance...
whatever yours is.
Try again.
Ugh, I can't.
I have the ring,
but it's not working!
Talk to me about it.
What does it feel like
when it works?
[Jessica exhales]
I used to...
I used to not want it.
I didn't feel like
I deserved it.
It's a symbol of power
on my world,
but it's also supposed to be
a symbol of belonging.
And I always wanted to belong,
so badly,
to fit into my skin.
And yet here I was,
forever different
than my friends.
Because the ring
brought experiences
that they could never imagine,
that they'll never
have to live through, but...
But I never want them
to live through.
But at least, with the ring,
I always felt like
I had control.
I could construct
whatever I wanted,
whatever I could imagine,
even if everything
was out of my hands.
And somehow in the in-between,
everything got all quiet.
I could find myself.
Oh, you changed the room!
[Jessica panting]
What are you doing here?
This was Ozpin's office,
but now it's that white space!
Or we were never
in Ozpin's office.
Or on Remnant at all.
[Jaune] This is where
we've been all along.
Your ring, it...
It sounds like it gets
to the truth of things.
The truth of you.
I bet... I bet that's what
your semblance does, too.
With or without the ring.
We aren't in your world!
Or mine!
This is all an illusion!
Ugh! There's no door!
I can't get out!
Unless that's an illusion, too.
And if this guy's
an illusion...
[Jessica] What are you doing?
[Jaune] Hold on!
Jessica, is it--
[Jaune straining]
Stop... Stop...
-Stop... Stop...
-[effort grunting]
Okay... [coughing] that
definitely felt like real pain.
We have to tell the others.
If we are in an illusion,
then we were all
brought here by someone
that can transfer
our consciousness.
And whoever brought us here...
must be controlling this place.
[Yang giggling]
So... How's it going?
Just swell.
It's different than home.
There, I don't have to
imagine gauntlets to fly,
or a lasso for strength.
Those are powers
you have on your world?
And they just... happen?
[Diana] They come
from different places.
Mine are a gift from the gods.
Superman's come from the sun,
more or less.
Each of us learned how to
save the world on our own.
At least you guys
learned together.
Who's flying the ship?
I set the proximity alert
for when we get near Atlas.
What about Grimm? Can they fly?
Some can. The alert
will sound for them, too.
Grimm are attracted
to negative emotions,
and something tells me we might
have a lot of those right now.
You have to stay focused.
All the time.
Hmm. Just about.
[Yang] Everything okay?
It's nice here. With you guys.
I like my team.
I really do. But...
they don't understand.
That happens with teams.
Yang and I didn't exactly
get along at first.
But now...
No. I grew up like a warrior.
On an island
with other warriors.
We trained together,
fought together.
Like us.
But my teammates, they...
They didn't grow up like I did.
They don't always understand
what being a warrior means.
[Blake] They sound lucky.
They've never had to worry
they were going to die
just from going to school.
To train like your life
or, worse, your friends' lives
depend on it.
To have to live
with the fact that
there's a real chance
you're going to lose them.
They had a childhood.
-[loud thud]
-[all grunting]
[alarm blaring]
What was that?
[Blake] Grimm!
Let's see what they're after.
Yang, open the hatch!
Are you really doing
what I think you're doing?
You heard Diana,
we're warriors!
[vibrato intensifying]
Whoa. Okay! Easy. Easy.
All right.
It's absorbing the dust!
[Blake grunting]
Pitch the ship!
Trust me!
[breathing deeply]
[Blake grunting]
[Grimm screeching]
[Blake] Nice job!
We're still in the school?
[panting] Jaune... Trapped!
We're trapped!
[Pyrrha] Jaune?
Ugh! Who could be
doing this to us?
-[Pyrrha] Jaune?
-[Jaune] Shh.
[Pyrrha] Is that you?
[Jaune] Do you hear her?
Jaune, someone
is controlling this space.
Whatever you're hearing...
It's not real.
Of course it's not real.
She's gone.
[Pyrrha] Really, Jaune?
-[Jessica] She?
-You can't be here.
[Jessica] Who do you think
you're hearing?
I know this isn't real.
I saw the white room.
I could really use a dose
of reality right now, Jess.
Can you take control
of this hallway?
I'm trying-- I...
[grunts in frustration] I...
[Pyrrha] Let me.
I can help. Just ask.
Fine! Pyrrha, help us!
What was that?
[Grimm roaring]
You guys have dragons?
Not normally!
And it's a Wyvern!
So... what do we do?
[Ruby] We fight!
You heard her.
[Mari grunts]
-Don't mention it.
[Clark groans]
-[Victor] I've got her!
I can take care of myself!
I'm okay.
See what's up with Barry.
Anyone see what happened
to Flash?
Wait, what happened--
Pay attention!
Flash? Flash! He's hurt!
Do Grimm carry poison?
Not this one!
What's going on with him?
I don't know!
It's like he went down
as soon as we started
attacking the dragon!
Ruby! How do we stop this thing
before it hurts anyone else?
I... The last time
I fought it I--
Something's not right.
It doesn't feel like
a normal Grimm.
Okay, plan B.
Nora and Cyborg!
You create an electrical charge
strong enough that
Nora can absorb it
and take this thing down.
We'll clear a path!
Hey, before. I didn't mean
you couldn't take care
of yourself. That's not--
-Hold my hand.
[Clark grunting]
Count of three. One... two...
Good job, you guys.
I'm sorry that I just... I--
Uh, that's not
supposed to happen.
This lab...
it has everything.
[Weiss] More than normal.
It isn't usually set up
like a command center.
[Bruce] So the Grimm
are feeding off energy
like it's their personal
power source
and they protect this place
that's not normally set up
like a command center.
But why?
There. That should show us
when the energy vampire
Grimm show up.
How'd you manage that?
The Grimm outside lent a hand.
It's strange.
Usually Grimm completely
dissolve when they're killed.
Something's changed the rules.
[sighs] With any luck,
my friends are fighting
against one of these Grimm
and we'll be able
to track them down.
What makes you think
there's anyone else
from our worlds here?
Maybe it's just you and me.
You know, if you can't
find your way back,
you could always stay
on my world.
You could belong in Remnant.
Another dead end.
[Jaune] Wow, it looks...
-[door closes]
-...just like I remember it.
I didn't realize how much
I missed this place.
How much it...
-reminds me of--
-[Pyrrha] Jaune?
Pyrrha, you can't...
You can't be here.
You're not real,
none of this is real.
I am real, Jaune. I promise.
I will explain everything,
but we've got to go.
[Jessica] Jaune,
we need to tell our teams
what we've found.
She's been helping
this whole time!
I've heard her over and over,
and then she showed us
the door when I called her!
[exclaims] But--
You can't use
your power, right?
So... what are
our other options?
Okay. Let's go.
[Pyrrha] Follow me.
There's a shortcut we can take.
Hurry! Your friends
are in danger!
You're... You're not
coming with us?
[Jessica gasps]
[robotic voice]
You cannot be allowed
to tell the Justice League.
Pyrrha? Pyrrha, no!
[intense music playing]
[Grimms screeching]
Huh? [startles]
[Clark] You sure nothing
like this happened before?
Is your memory glitching?
I think we would remember
if we'd seen a Grimm reboot,
let alone split into
a whole other Grimm!
[Nora yelling]
[Ruby] Good job, Nora!
What now, Ruby?
Right, uh... Now, uh now...
See if anything that
we've thrown at the Wyvern
has slowed it down at all!
You're not the boss of us.
We aren't kids.
You are kids!
So are you.
Ruby, I don't mean to overstep,
but I've had experiences
leading a team.
-So have I!
-Clearly not enough.
-[sighs] Ruby, I--
-I had it.
You just had to
give me a minute--
Sometimes you don't
have a minute!
It's my fault that we're here.
I think I froze.
And my team...
We're stuck here because of me.
Watch out!
[Clark] Flash. Flash!
[Ruby] Are you okay?
[grunts] I don't know
what's wrong with me.
I do know I'm not much
use to you guys.
We need to talk.
[Mari] Nora!
[groans in pain]
The Grimm are swarming!
[Clark] Ruby! Lookout!
Why aren't you working?
[Bruce] Weiss, look at this.
There's a program
that's running
on your communication system.
[Weiss] Think that's why
it's not working?
Huh? I've seen that
sequence before.
I saw it when I was trying
to track the rest of my team.
I didn't think
anything of it, but--
[Bruce] It's on every system.
It's the only program running.
Which means
if we can alter it...
We'll be able to take control
of whatever this is.
-[Weiss gasps]
-[both] Huh?
-[Grimms growling]
These guys again?
Don't use dust!
What am I supposed to do,
spit on them?
[intense music playing]
Ah! [impact grunts]
[Bruce] There are
too many of them!
[Bruce panting]
-[Bruce exhales]
-[Diana] So...
what'd I miss?
[Jaune] Help us!
Please! Pyrrha!
She wasn't real, Jaune.
You know that.
None of this is real.
And now...
we're gonna die.
[Jaune] Gah!
I shouldn't have trusted her.
I'm sorry.
She seemed important to you.
She is.
I'm sorry you lost her.
[Jaune] It was a long time ago.
[Jessica] Time is only
one part of grief.
Jaune, the walls.
I see them.
Jaune! [breathing heavily]
You can get us out of this.
No. No, I can't!
I can't tap into my power here.
I thought
I was over my anxiety,
I... I thought
I had dealt with it!
Hey! Sometimes
there are flare-ups.
It's normal to be afraid.
But you're more than your fear.
You are more than that ring!
[Blake] Run that by us
one more time?
And speak slowly.
Imagine that it's been a long
day and I am very tired.
[sighs] We aren't on Remnant.
Or their world.
We're... somewhere else.
Well, that explains my mom.
And Ozpin.
They're not... real.
They're like broken memories.
-[Weiss] My dad, too.
-[Weiss] We found a sequence.
[Blake] This is Diana. She's...
I didn't think
anyone else was here.
...his teammate.
But you probably
picked up on that.
You look... different.
This place is so strange.
I just want to go home.
You could still come with us.
-To Remnant.
-[chuckling] I...
I'm sorry,
what did you just say?
Diana, this is Weiss.
Hi, Weiss,
it's nice to meet you.
I've heard great things
about you.
Bruce, their world
isn't your home.
We should probably
get back to the others.
I have powers
on their world, Diana.
I never wanted powers.
I didn't think I needed them.
But on Remnant, I can help.
More than I could before.
But you do help.
You help on Earth.
You have your own kind
of powers--
Maybe with these abilities,
I can do more.
I can be like you.
A warrior.
-[computer beeping]
-[Weiss] Finally!
[Bruce] You figure out
the sequence?
[Weiss] No. But I have
figured out a way
to track down these
weird dust-eating Grimm.
I've been trying to
work around the CCT.
It's like something shut
their whole system down
just to run their sequence
and prevent us
from contacting each other.
-But I think I've finally--
[Yang] A Wyvern
and a Leviathan.
They'll be killed.
We have to go. Right now.
[Jaune grunting]
I know you can do this!
I know you can get us
out of this, Jessica!
You have to fight this.
For them!
For myself.
[heroic music playing]
In brightest day,
in blackest night,
no evil shall escape my sight!
Let those who worship
evil's might,
beware my power...
Green Lantern's light! [echoes]
[Ruby grunting]
How's everyone doing?
Finally getting the hang
of this place! [gasps]
Everyone else?
Well, could use a coffee break.
Ice cream? Caffeine IV --
Is... Is that--
[Ren] Running out of steam.
The Wyvern seem unlimited
in created Grimm.
[Victor] Is this what
Grimm are normally like?
I mean, they seem weird.
[Ren] How's Nora?
Let's finish this fight first.
Looks like you guys
could use some help.
-[Ruby gasps] Weiss!
I'm okay, Ruby.
It'll take more than
a temporal displacement
to keep me away from my team.
Is that what this is?
Where's Batman?
Let's take these guys down.
[motor revving]
[Jaune] Lantern!
We've been trying to
get to you!
None of this is real!
It's a virtual reality!
[Victor] I knew it!
So, who's doing it?
[Bruce] I may have that answer.
[Clark] Batman?
So much cooler than I thought.
It's good to see everyone.
You have powers.
Yeah. [chuckles]
Got me some wings.
As to who's doing this...
Why don't you answer, Flash?
That... That's why
you smell different.
Where is my ring?
[Barry] Whoa.
What are you talking about?
Running this world
would take a lot of energy,
even with siphoning dust.
And Flash...
you've been running slow.
Getting hurt.
Because you're running
one equation
through all the computers
on this world...
It makes sense.
Every time we would
get close to answers,
there would be
a new monster attack!
[Ruby] He created all of this.
What did you do to Barry?
[laughing maniacally]
He's in here. Safe and sound.
Been fun to run around
with you guys
instead of from you
for a change!
You all think you're so smart,
but you didn't think twice
about what was going on
with the Scarlet Speedster.
It was so easy to trip you up
and keep you guessing!
You may think Brainiac
or Vandal Savage
are smarter than me,
but I have done
what they couldn't.
I have trapped
the Justice League!
And us! Your plan
doesn't make any sense.
What kind of lame villain
are you?
That's it! You didn't do this
on your own, did you, Kilg%re?
Do you see anyone else here?
I trapped you forever
in this digital world.
I used their precious dust
to power it.
Me, and no one else!
[Bruce] Then why are you
still here?
That's why you've been running
the sequence on all systems...
[Bruce] You're trapped, too!
I gave him the idea
to power this realm
with dust from his world.
This construct was useless
without me!
But I required no payment
for my genius.
[effort grunting]
I simply asked
to use this place.
It was a perfect plan,
bring my enemies
into this world,
transform them into teens
so they would be
at their most vulnerable,
rife with hormones
and insecurities,
while I watch as this world
ripped you apart!
And he agreed,
on the condition that
I trap his enemies as well.
I digitally
transferred you all here
and watched you struggle
with all the emotions
your adult selves ignore.
Or repress.
It's been said
I am an electrical wire
short of a full panel.
But you all folded so easily.
[Kilg%re laughing]
You, especially.
A child pretending
to be a leader.
[Kilg%re laughing wickedly]
Don't listen to him, Ruby.
Leadership isn't
about your age.
It's about your heart.
You will fail.
You will freeze.
But that's what
makes you alive.
[Clark] You don't have a way
out of this world
because whoever
you worked with...
they trapped you here.
[Kilg%re groans]
-[Weiss] Clark is right.
[Kilg%re grunts]
I'd follow you into any battle.
[Bruce] That's what
you got wrong, Kilg%re.
[impact grunts]
That's what you don't get
about humans.
We're stronger together.
Whoever helped you
-tricked you into doing
what they want.
-[Mari grunts]
[groans in pain]
[Bruce] You're stuck with us.
Barry! Now!
[Kilg%re screaming]
[Barry grunting]
[Barry panting]
How did you know that
Barry was awake in there?
I didn't. Until I noticed...
Morse code?
And they call me a boy scout.
How do we get rid of him?
[Kilg%re] You can't!
[Kilg%re laughing wickedly]
He flew into the Wyvern!
Well, that was unexpected.
[Kilg%re] I will destroy you!
Vixen? Lantern?
I think these belong to you.
Glad I arrived just in time
for the final battle.
[Ruby] Let's go.
[dramatic music playing]
[Nora grunting]
[Clark grunting]
[Yang] We're outnumbered!
We could stand a chance
if we take down Kilg%re
in the dragon!
[both] Wyvern.
Yeah, well, the last time
we tried to take it down,
it replicated.
[Bruce] Because Kilg%re
was with you.
[Ruby] But now he's in it.
And with Kilg%re
controlling it,
we're banging our head
against a very angry,
very gruesome wall!
If someone could get us
close enough,
Jaune and I
could deconstruct it!
Take the Wyvern
and Kilg%re apart!
I can try to open a path, but--
There are too many Grimm.
You got a plan, kid?
[Kilg%re screaming]
I just might.
[heroic music playing]
[heroic music playing]
[Victor grunting]
[motor revving]
[Wyvern roaring]
[Barry grunting]
[Clark grunting]
[Kilg%re] Pitiful!
Think we gave them enough time?
You got this, Lantern!
She's right.
So long as my friends
believe in me.
[Kilg%re] What are you doing?
No. No!
[screaming] No!
Good work!
[Ruby] Hmm.
Yeah. That's great and all,
but where's Kilg%re?
[Victor] Gone.
His code isn't running through
the world anymore.
Things feel better now.
We didn't completely
destroy him?
[Barry scoffs] We'll track him
down on our world.
[Weiss] I thought
he was trapped with us.
Well, turns out Jess has
more power than she thought.
[chuckles softly] That's great.
But how do we get back home?
I think I might have a way.
[Diana] And then what?
Are you going to go
with them, or us?
I'm a warrior.
No matter what world I'm in.
[keyboard clacking]
[Victor] Hey, I...
I wanted to...
To say... thank you.
To the both of you.
I respect you.
[digital beeps]
[Bruce] There.
That should do it.
Go ahead, Cyborg.
[Victor] It's been an honor.
What he said.
For me, too.
You were right.
It's hard to grow up
under fire.
I forget sometimes. I guess...
I guess that's why we fight.
It's not just because of
how we grew up.
It's so no one else
has to grow up like us.
And sometimes
it's just nice to kick ass.
[Bruce] Lantern, you're up.
[Bruce] There it is.
[Yang] Home.
[Jessica] I don't know how long
I can hold it. Let's go.
I'm sure it was great
meeting all of you.
Sorry about the whole
possession thing.
So long, gang.
If you're ever
in the neighborhood,
you know where to find us!
You know you're still
a kid, right?
Even if it's at heart.
Well, Ruby Rose,
I don't think it's so bad
being a kid.
Age isn't what makes
a good leader, right?
Thanks for the reminder.
You're sure you got this?
I got it.
Thank you.
-[Jessica straining]
All right, guys.
Not much longer.
Come on, Weiss.
[breathing heavily]
[Yang] Ruby?
[Nora] Did anybody else
just have a really
weird experience?
[Jaune groans]
[Blake] It's, uh,
coming back to me.
That wasn't the training
mission, was it?
Someone created it.
Someone from our world.
[eerie music playing]
[grim music playing]
[slow piano music playing]
[dramatic orchestral
music playing]
[captivating instrumental
music playing]
[dramatic orchestral
music playing]