Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen, Part Two (2023) Movie Script

(Ruby) Hi there. My name is Ruby Rose
and I'm a huntress.
Alongside my teammates
Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna,
and my sister Yang Xiao Long,
together we make Team RWBY.
We work together to fight Grimm
and to keep our world, Remnant, safe.
What are Grimm?
Oh, they're just soulless creatures
that want only one thing:
Humanity's destruction.
(chuckles nervously)
No big deal, right?
One day, out of nowhere,
the Justice League
showed up in Remnant.
We found Superman,
Wonder Woman and Batman.
While our friends Team JNPR
found Vixen, Cyborg,
Green Lantern and The Flash.
They couldn't remember
who they were or how they got here,
only that they were fighting
some big mech thingy,
and that they weren't
from here in the first place.
Also, apparently, they weren't
normally teenagers.
So there's that too.
Honestly, something wasn't quite right
about our world either.
It seemed normal,
but things felt so out of place.
We felt fragmented,
like we weren't
supposed to be here.
We decided to team up
and try to figure out what was going on.
Together, we discovered that Kilg%re,
one of the Justice League's villains,
was possessing The Flash
and had trapped us in
a digital version of Remnant.
A classic superhero story, right?
However, Batman and Weiss realized
that Kilg%re hadn't just trapped us,
but he'd accidentally
trapped himself, too.
Uh, Vixen did say
he wasn't that big of a threat.
Green Lantern was able to kick him
out of the simulation
and return us all back
to our own worlds.
(breathing heavily)
(Yang) Ruby?
(Ruby) But one thing
was clear...
he wasn't alone.
(footsteps approaching)
(Superman) Are we back?
-(door opens)
-Oh, thank God!
You guys okay?
What happened?
The last thing anyone knew
you were fighting Kilg%re
in Central City and then collapsed.
Green Arrow and I lugged you guys back
before we got the alert.
It's getting worse.
We really needed you guys.
I've never seen monsters like this.
Wait, Canary, slow down.
(groans) I had the weirdest dream.
(Cyborg) It wasn't a dream.
We were in Kilg%re's digital world.
Kilg%re's what now?
(Flash) Then he got away.
We need to stop him.
(groans weakly)
(grunts) Here you go.
We've got bigger things to worry about.
Hold on, you said monsters.
Never seen monsters like what?
(Black Canary) A bunch
of the reserve members
have been on rotation
watching you guys,
hoping you'd get better.
That's why I'm here.
(exhales) We're too late.
where is everyone else?
(people screaming and shouting)
-(gasps) Grimm.
-Yeah, not pretty.
No, that's what they're called. Grimm.
As in, "the Brothers."
There are so many of them.
How did this happen so quickly?
(chuckles) Really?
But that guy is a joke.
He just wants to kill us.
He's not some evil mastermind.
He's working with someone stronger.
Someone smarter.
What do we do?
(breathing shakily)
(Grimm snarling)
(Killer Croc)
And they call me ugly.
(Killer Croc yells)
Are you gonna kill me?
No, idiot, I'm helping.
Go! Now!
You gotta be kidding me.
-(kid gasps)
Get them to safety!
(Yang) Come on! We've gotta hide!
Are you guys okay?
(Ruby yelling)
(Yang gasps)
(Ruby exclaims)
(Yang) Ruby!
(scythe loads)
-(Vixen) Hey.
Was this what you thought
you'd be when you grew up?
(roars ferociously)
Or were you a young bat pup,
donning the cowl
before your voice cracked?
(Batman scoffs)
(Batman) How's Gotham Square?
Riddler, Catwoman, and I secured it.
Nice of them to help.
Killer Croc, too.
Can't work with the Grimm,
so they'll work with us.
Mmm-hmm. They're real amiable
when they can't save their own asses.
Any word from Flash and Lantern?
No. No contact with Remnant yet.
(footsteps thudding)
You know, it's bad all over,
but why does it feel like
they have it out for us?
Cyborg, get here!
We need backup!
-(Cyborg) I got you, Batman!
Here we go!
(Vixen chuckles) What's that do?
Beam it up to the mother ship?
I got the idea
from Kilg%re's digital world.
-That should hold it while we--
Needs work.
It's a problem with the coding,
I can't seem to figure...
(Goliath) Justice League!
Did that thing just talk?
(Goliath) Not. Escape. Me. Again!
How are you doing this?
(Kilg%re chuckles)
(groans) Got a plan?
Yes. Distract him.
The body he's in is cracking.
(eagle screeches)
(Batman screams)
(Batman groans)
(breathing heavily) The...
The stinger... (groans) Poison.
(Goliath) He's changing them...
To fight you...
What a time to shine.
-(Cyborg) Batman!
-(Vixen growls) Huh?
We have to get him
to the Hall of Justice.
-(Batman groans)
-He's fading fast.
(Kilg%re laughs menacingly)
I feel amazing!
How about we head down
Rockaway Pass tomorrow?
Aren't Grimm blocking the road?
It wouldn't take long
to go around.
Or we smash right through!
Take out the Grimm and reach
the next stop on patrol even faster.
Ruby, you can't
keep doing this.
(device beeps)
Today it was a King Taijitu.
Yesterday, it was a pack of Sulphurfish.
-And before that--
Right, how could
I forget Ravagers.
Ruby, since we got back,
you've been very driven...
Confident even.
But lately you're just
throwing yourself into danger.
Don't you care
about the future?
As long as we save Remnant,
what else is there?
The fight for Remnant
is bigger than Rockaway Pass.
When Salem gets here,
we need to save our strength
so we can save Remnant.
What's left of it anyway.
(Yang) Exactly.
Vacuo is the last hope.
We can't have a repeat of Atlas.
(door opens)
-(door creaking)
(robotic voice) Were you successful?
(Kilg%re) Should've used the poison
on the rest of the Justice League.
(robotic voice) Poison won't work
on the others. They have powers.
Their time will come.
We needed to take out Batman first,
before he ruins our plan.
(Kilg%re) Sure, whatever.
(robotic voice) Not whatever.
He's your world's
greatest detective.
We had to incapacitate him
so he won't figure out our plan.
I won't allow us to fail. Again.
(Kilg%re) So then why
are we doing this offline?
I'm an AI, remember?
I'm stronger
in the digital realm,
and you don't even have a body.
Just because the first
digital world didn't work
doesn't mean
we couldn't try again.
(robotic voice) Do you understand
the definition of insanity?
(Kilg%re) Obviously! Ugh!
You treat me like a child.
(robotic voice) I'm simply saying,
the sooner
we fix this program,
the sooner we enter phase three.
(Kilg%re) And the sooner
we destroy the Justice League.
(Kilg%re) Do you see anything?
Flash? Did you see something?
No. Nothing.
Canary, cross off this section.
(sighs) This is ridiculous.
I should be out fighting,
not knocking on
every universe's front door.
We need to find Team RWBY.
Why? If they haven't been able
to eradicate Grimm on their world,
what makes you think
they'll do any better here?
-We're wasting time.
-I know you don't want to be here,
but we need all the help we can get.
Last time I fought Kilg%re,
I almost killed my own teammates.
Hey. Superman didn't ask you
to look for Remnant as punishment.
Next section.
Where's Superman?
He and Diana took point
on Metropolis clean up.
What's going on?
It's Bats...
And you let Kilg%re get away?
He knows how to counteract the poison.
Look, we had to get Bats
to the infirmary
before the poison killed him.
Kilg%re may not be our smartest villain,
but he is a survivor.
So, we have to jump
on every clue before it gets cold.
That's not the priority right now.
It should be.
(sighs) Canary's right.
We can't keep knocking on doors,
waiting for one to open.
What if we're going about it wrong?
What if it's not like knocking on doors
but calling long distance?
Lantern and I will work out
on how to phone Remnant.
Flash, see if you can figure out
the chemical breakdown of this poison.
-Kick ass?
Long as you and Vixen track down
Wondy and Supes while you're at it.
(device trilling)
(Klein) Miss Schnee?
Oh, Klein! I didn't think you'd pick up.
It's so good to see you.
How are things in the city?
Same as ever.
People don't like
taking help from Schnees,
as you can imagine.
Your father's reputation...
(Weiss) I don't want to talk about him.
(stutters) Miss Schnee...
(Weiss) He watched it all fall
from a prison cell.
But he abandoned everyone
long before that.
Atlas, our home, it fell apart.
And he didn't care.
(Klein) Do you really mean Atlas?
Or do you mean your family? You.
He only cared about himself.
That is what he did.
If you'll need time away, that's fine.
But make sure you're not pushing away
those who love you.
You are not him.
You are not Atlas.
You are more.
I... I've got to call you back, Klein.
Thank you for answering.
Anytime, Miss Schnee.
"11, 9, 12, 7..."
(monitor beeping)
(Kilg%re's laughter echoing)
(Flash) You're not coming back, are you?
Batman! Bruce!
What can be done?
We're trying to figure out
what type of poison the Grimm used.
-(Weiss) Poison?
It's really you.
It wasn't a simulation. You're real.
(chuckles) Good to
see you again, Team RWBY.
So weird.
You're all adults.
Are Jaune and his team with you?
No, it's just us.
They're all out patrolling
different sectors.
Look, I know we just
saw you three days ago,
-but it seems like--
-Three days ago?
It's been weeks.
How is that possible?
Time dilation.
Must be longer there than here.
We've had some experience
with that ourselves.
What happened to Bruce?
(Cyborg) Our world
has been infested by Grimm.
One of them attacked Batman
with some kind of poison
and then just left.
(Blake) It specifically attacked him?
That's not normal for Grimm.
So Kilg%re learned how to alter Grimm?
He said his partner is "changing them."
I wish we reconnected
under better circumstances.
But our teammate
and world hang in the balance.
Whoever is working with Kilg%re,
what they're doing will destroy us.
(Batman groans weakly)
(Batman) With your help,
we can discover
who Kilg%re's working with.
(groans) And stop them.
(Yang) I thought your family's
old labs were abandoned.
They are, but they have the computers
with the type
of processing power Cyborg needs.
(Blake) Who could Kilg%re
be working with?
We need more information.
We go to their world,
figure out who Kilg%re's working with,
eradicate the Grimm, save Batman,
and be back in time
for our own apocalypse.
I guess that's as good a plan
as we ever have.
What was that, like, two minutes?
(Wonder Woman) Try two seconds.
Ugh. This hurts my head.
(Cyborg) Okay, Weiss, you're going to--
-(alarm blaring)
-(Weiss gasps)
-(Weiss) Aah!
This can't be good.
Turn them off!
Uh, was this part of the plan?
Blake, Yang, and I will keep
the AK-200s back. Weiss...
Get us out of here. Got it.
Okay. What do I need to do?
We don't have a lot of time.
(Green Lantern) Cyborg
plugged into the computer
and is looking for you.
Pay attention to the screen
and let me know
when you see a green light.
(Weiss) There!
(loud thud)
Any time, Weiss!
(Weiss) Jessica?
Let's go!
Lantern, close it!
(Superman chuckles)
Here, it's Superman.
(Yang) The name makes
more sense now.
You didn't happen to bring
an antidote with you?
(groans softly)
(Weiss) I'm sorry.
We don't even know
what the antidote would be.
We have to figure out
who's changing the Grimm.
And how?
(exhales) Who in your world can do that?
Dr. Merlot.
-Uh, Blake?
Where... What...
Ears... Uh.
We're different here.
My aura...
I don't feel it.
(Superman) You're not
in Kansas anymore, Ruby Rose.
The training rooms
might help you adjust to this world.
I bet there's a whole bunch
of new things we can do here.
But we've had years of training
with our semblances and weapons
to fight Grimm.
With them gone, you want us
to fight with, what, our good looks?
I think we can scrounge up a few tools
that might help you out.
(alarm blaring)
A massive Grimm attack!
-(Ruby) What is that?
-They made a new Grimm.
(Vixen) Hall of Justice?
Come in, Hall of justice.
(Flash) We're here, Vixen.
(Vixen) Canary and I are
headed to Central City,
just got reports
of more Grimm attacks there.
But Batman should know
about Gotham--
No. He needs sleep.
Let's check in with everyone else.
(Vixen) Fire is taking care of Brazil,
Titans are dealing with San Francisco,
Arrow's got Star City.
This is more than the last few attacks.
The Grimm have, I don't know, evolved.
How so?
(Vixen) They're sort of
powered to fight us.
Whatever Grimm attacks Canary
knows to evade her cry
and grows tentacles to silence her.
They can shift to our weaknesses.
We need to figure out
who could do all of this and fast.
We'll split up and meet you.
(Vixen) Hurry.
I don't know how much more
Canary and I can take on.
(line disconnects)
Cyborg and Green Lantern,
you take Gotham.
Wonder Woman, you and I
will head to Central City.
(Flash) And me.
(Superman) I need you
to stay with Batman.
-(Batman) That's my city.
(Superman) And you aren't
in any position
to help your city unless you get better.
I won't get better
until I get an antidote.
(Weiss) So let me do it.
Flash can go and fight.
And I'll bring back the poison
to help with the antidote.
I'll go with you.
Yang and I will go to Central City.
Wherever that is.
Let's go stop some monsters.
(Superman) Ruby, what do you say
we take on the new Grimm?
(Ruby) Eh, can't be harder
than a wyvern.
(thunder rumbling)
(distant alarm blaring)
So this is where Batman's from.
I get it now.
(Cyborg) Do we think the Loch Ness Grimm
moved on to bluer waters?
(Green Lantern)
Uh, let's wait and see. Just in case.
We should figure out
what our powers are here.
What makes you so sure
you have powers?
Well, you all have powers.
(Cyborg scoffs) You should
talk to Bats about that.
(Green Lantern) What are you
looking for?
Any trace of the Grimm
that poisoned Bats, or that sea monster.
Good idea.
Let's split up.
Doing okay?
Oh, yeah. I always wanted
to die by black sludge.
(Vixen) Yang?
Good to see you!
Can't stop now.
We're in a bit of a bind.
You must be from Team RWBY.
Always happy to meet
another kickass blonde.
Bring any party favors?
Just a couple.
This is my kind of party.
(Superman) What's it doing?
Huh. Beats me.
Let's get 'em.
-Ruby-- Ruby, wait!
-(Ruby grunts)
(Ruby yelling)
How did you know?
When you had semblances,
they were like your powers, right?
(chuckles) You're pretty smart,
Ruby Rose.
(birds squawking)
Is it always this quiet?
(Blake grunting)
(Green Lantern) Blake!
(Green Lantern straining)
Let's take this monster down.
(Kilg%re) Is that really you, Flash?
Or is it me?
(Flash grunts)
(electrical buzzing)
(laughs maliciously)
Where is he?
Where is he? I know he's here.
-I know you're here, Kilg%re!
-(thunder rumbling)
(grunts, gasps)
Why don't their new powers
work on you?
Huh. Kilg%re and his pal
must not have expected me.
-(Wonder Woman) Yang!
(grunts) Huh?
-Hmm. (grunts)
-(thunder rumbling)
Any, uh, bright ideas?
(Weather Wizard) Looks like
you so-called heroes
could use a little help.
Uh, are these heroes
on your world?
Not even close.
What are you doing?
We'd like to keep living, thanks.
But if you don't want our help...
Wanna do something about
that murder raincloud, Weather Wizard?
Weather wizard?
Who's the other one?
Sunshine Sorcerer?
It's Mirror Master.
Yeah, you'll learn
not to question Flash's villain roster.
(thunder rumbling)
(Wonder Woman) We need
to take down The Tempest.
I should go help them.
(Batman) They've got it.
You said it was from
one of your enemies?
Mr. Freeze?
Great. Good talk.
Blake was right.
Seeing Gotham,
I'm starting to understand.
Where we grow up,
it makes us who we are,
for better or for worse.
But what happens
when that place is gone?
Do you still carry that place with you,
even if it doesn't exist anymore?
Who are you
if your home is no longer real?
I don't know why I expected you
to have the answer.
You clearly-- (gasps)
What's wrong with this thing?
(Batman) It's been in storage too long.
It must not be charged.
(Weiss growls)
(Batman) What are you doing?
So, that's a no
on powers in this world.
(Weiss sighs)
Just great.
(Blake panting)
-(Blake) Hmm.
Ugh! Any idea how to kill this thing?
That's how it worked last time.
It's regenerating.
I think its consciousness
is stored in another location.
So whenever the body is killed,
it's like it reboots.
(Blake) Its consciousness can be stored?
So Kilg%re could be working
with anyone from Remnant.
(Cyborg) I've been trying
to hack into the programming,
but I don't think
I can do that remotely.
Mmm... I assist?
I distract.
(Blake) Hey, you big ugly snake!
Over here!
What are you planning to do?
I have to make the plug myself.
(Green Lantern) Cyborg?
The programming,
it's trying to change me.
(distorted voice, screaming)
(Weiss grunts)
(Weiss) I've seen that before.
(Batman) Weiss?
-(Green Lantern) Cyborg?
-(Superman) Justice League!
Calling the Justice League!
(groans in pain)
We need your help.
This Grimm,
it has a heart of kryptonite.
I... I--
-(Ruby) Clark!
Use your heat vision!
(Wonder Woman) We'll be there
as soon as we can get rid
of this weather Grimm.
-(Superman) Anyone seen Flash?
(Superman) Flash!
Where is he?
Where is Kilg%re?
(Ruby exclaims)
(car alarm blaring)
(Superman groaning)
Open to suggestions!
I could try plugging into this one, too.
No, you almost turned into a Grimm!
We need more firepower.
(Ruby grunting)
(all grunt)
You called?
Is this doing anything?
(Ruby) It's weakening it!
-Flash, stop before you...
(Black Canary screams)
All right. What do we do now?
Whoever is working with Kilg%re
can make and reprogram Grimm.
Could it be Salem?
It's kind of her thing.
Kilg%re said "he."
Oh. I've seen this stinger before.
It looks like Tyrian's tail.
Tyrian Callows.
Salem's unhinged lackey?
(scoffs) I hate that guy.
But he has used poison before.
But Tyrian didn't build his tail.
There's also Dr. Merlot.
(Yang) That's what I thought at first.
He was experimenting on Grimm,
like some sort of god.
But he's dead, isn't he?
Death may not matter.
(Kilg%re) Your specifications
for the Grimm seemed to work.
How come this body modification
is taking so long?
(robotic voice) Because Grimm
in this world
are not hard to program.
But our project, however,
it's not as simple.
(Yang) So, what you're saying
is anyone could be--
Then Kilg%re isn't just working
with someone experimenting on Grimm,
but they can also build a machine
that transfers consciousness.
And who do we know
that's smart enough to build that?
But he... Cyborg...
You said Kilg%re
talked about his partner.
What did he say?
I'll do one better. I'll show you.
(Kilg%re) He's changing them...
To fight you...
What a time to shine.
(Blake) Wait a minute.
It's a hidden message.
(Kilg%re) The Justice League
managed to transport in
their precious team RWBY.
Fire fists, shadow bending,
Nothing we can't handle.
That why you called off the attacks?
Because you're afraid?
(robotic voice) Strategy, Kilg%re.
Right, I forgot.
You're a master at strategy.
How exactly did you plan
for Team RWBY to show up?
(robotic voice) I didn't think
they'd manage
to create a portal between worlds!
(Kilg%re) I did.
(robotic voice) Ha. Yes.
When you managed to get yourself
lost in Remnant's cyberspace.
Well, I didn't hear you complaining
when you used the same method
to escape here when you died!
If it weren't for me,
you'd still be stuck under Atlas!
(robotic voice) You needed
guidance in killing the Justice League!
And how's that going? Hmm?
(robotic voice) I was not the one who
failed to succeed in the digital world.
I've told you to fix my voice modulator.
(Yang) "What a time to shine."
(Ruby) Arthur Watts.
Who is Arthur Watts?
He's a genius.
A brilliant scientist, until he realized
that no one would listen to his ideas.
So, he faked his own death
in order to join Salem
and remake the world.
And then--
He's the reason
my home was destroyed.
(Watts) Patience, Kilg%re.
No matter the obstacles,
we are stronger
now that I am here in this universe.
We will destroy the Justice League.
Now fix the chamber.
The final piece of my plan
is about to fall into place.
And it will be masterful.
But why did he build a machine
to transfer consciousness?
(groans softly)
And how did he get here?
And why would Kilg%re basically tell us
who he's working with?
I can't imagine
that he enjoys working with Watts.
Watts may not have had a choice.
We don't know what happened
to him after Atlas.
There's a chance he could have died.
And what, he just happened
to have a backup plan?
I mean, who else would have such a crazy
"in case of death" plan?
He had total control
of the Atlas network.
Which is probably how he trapped us
in the digital world the first time.
He could have stored his consciousness
on there at any point.
We have to get back out there.
I agree.
Are you kidding?
We're banged up, exhausted,
and in a completely different world.
We need rest.
You know what it's like,
when the Grimm won't stop.
We can't let Watts
gain the upper hand.
-We have to stop him!
-(Superman) All right.
I've been in contact
with the reserve members
of the Justice League.
They're taking over for the night.
The rest of us,
let's take some time, get our bearings.
We're just letting others take over
when we're already on the trail?
We aren't any good to anyone
if we don't take care of ourselves.
We'll reconvene first thing tomorrow.
You brought us here
so we could take down Watts.
And you will.
And look, Kilg%re and Watts
are probably also recharging.
So, let's take the night to rest.
(Ruby growls)
(door closes)
(Flash) Where are you, Kilg%re?
(Kilg%re) Flash.
-(footsteps approaching)
Right. Sorry.
I wasn't exactly in control last time.
Right. I saw you earlier,
running through Central City.
Looked to me like you were fighting
some other kind of monster.
Flash, what Kilg%re did to you...
I've got to check on Batman.
Weiss is with him.
I know what you're doing.
Yang, you seem like a nice kid, but--
Lived a lot of life for a kid.
What happened?
Doesn't matter.
What matters is after.
I felt like my entire identity
was taken from me.
I was a mess.
How did you get over it?
It's not something
you get over.
So what? This was just
a really awkward pep talk?
This anger you feel,
it doesn't just affect you.
It affects everyone who loves you.
Have you told your sister
you're worried about her?
I thought you didn't remember.
Oh, I don't, but Kilg%re did.
It was humiliating.
I felt...
(Yang) Powerless?
I keep having these moments
where I think I hear him.
I've been mapping my brain,
in case he's left anything behind.
But there's nothing.
I've looked and looked,
meanwhile, I see his face everywhere,
but there's nothing I can do.
He could do this
to someone else one day.
I can't let that happen.
(buzzer sounds)
(automated voice) Simulation 15 ended.
Resetting for round 16.
This doesn't seem like
a restful way to regroup.
(sighs) I needed to train.
Mind if I join you?
(automated voice) Round 16 begins.
(gasps and strains)
Been a while since we last talked.
You seem to have gone
through something serious.
(Ruby) Yeah. You could say that.
(bullets ricocheting)
(bomb beeping)
(Ruby panting)
(beeping intensifies)
Not bad. (chuckles)
(sighs) Well, for someone
called Superman.
(chuckles) Thanks.
So, what's going on?
Did you know I lost my mom
when I was a kid?
I don't know exactly
what happened to her.
I don't really remember her.
I just have stories.
And I keep trying to live up
to those stories,
but I realize they don't matter anymore.
Heroes fall.
And I just want to get as much done
as I possibly can before I do.
My parents,
my biological parents, died young.
I think about them sometimes.
About what they were never able to do
and how there's so much I want to do.
I decided a long time ago
not to dwell on my fears of the future.
I make my parents proud by fighting
for the things they died for.
And not trying to join them too soon.
(monitor beeping)
(Batman groans) Since when
are you a biochemist?
I'm not.
Cyborg told me to wait
for the antidote to synthesize.
(Batman) Any luck?
(Weiss) Not yet.
He amped up the processing speed,
but it still needs time
to analyze the poison.
(Batman grunts)
What did you think of Gotham?
(Weiss) I can understand
why you were trying to run away from it,
back in the digital world.
I wasn't running from it.
(sighs) Back when I was a teen,
the first time, I wanted answers.
The problem was,
I didn't like the ones I got.
(grunts) This isn't what
I expected my life to be.
My parents thought...
Well, I had to let go of their
expectations to become...
(grunts softly)
To become who I am supposed to be.
How did you do that?
(computer beeps)
Oh, it's ready.
-What happened? What's wrong?
(Batman straining) I don't understand.
(monitor beeping rapidly)
Cyborg and I, we distilled the venom.
This should work.
(Weiss) Bruce!
(computer trilling)
You're going to blow a circuit
if you keep going like this.
Even Flash decided
to take a break. For once.
I'm trying to figure out why
the holotrap didn't work on the Grimm.
I don't know,
maybe it's something in the code.
Have you tried analyzing this?
Give me a boost?
(electricity crackling)
-(powering up)
The Hall of Justice's computers--
(Kilg%re) Yes, I know.
They're very impressive, I remember.
That's why I had to break in
to talk to you.
I've made a mistake.
(Watts) Kilg%re!
Where are you?
Did it work?
What I wouldn't give for reliable help.
(Flash) No. Absolutely not.
You know this is a trap, right?
There's always that chance.
But we might be his only chance
of outwitting him.
Kilg%re isn't exactly the most loyal AI.
He might have just realized
he's on the losing side.
I know Kilg%re.
There is no way
he would come to us for help.
Even if he has no faith in Watts.
He gave Cyborg the secret message
that told us about Watts.
You take Kilg%re for granted,
like he's an idiot.
But none of you know
just how much he hates us.
How much he wants to be seen
as an actual threat.
-He'll do anything--
-(Superman) Flash.
You're not there anymore.
(Green Lantern) Kilg%re...
He wants to kill
the Justice League, right?
He's been pretty open about that.
But Watts is a mystery.
You said he joined
with this Salem person.
He wanted people
to understand his genius.
She did and used it
to bring down kingdoms.
So if he transferred his consciousness
here when he died then--
With Kilg%re's mystery transmitter--
-(door opens)
-(Weiss) Watts could remake this world.
(Wonder Woman gasps)
I'm fine.
The antidote.
He would have recovered faster
if we had Dust.
Now, what's this about Watts
wanting to remake the world?
He couldn't do it with Salem,
she was too powerful.
And he doesn't need her
to remake the world here.
He's using Kilg%re instead.
My guess?
Kilg%re's not happy about it.
We need to stop Watts.
Think that'll stop the Grimm?
Only one way to find out.
You've been saying that
more and more these days.
Because you keep doubting me!
I never doubt you, I'm--
This thing you've been doing
isn't confidence.
It's a death wish.
I need my sister.
I'm not going anywhere, Yang.
(Yang) You promise?
So, what's the plan of attack?
We join Kilg%re and stop Watts.
Even though Kilg%re is definitely lying?
(computer beeps)
I think we go in fully expecting that.
Weiss made me realize
Dust is the key to this.
If this program works,
I may have a plan.
But we need something
to distract Watts.
Leave him to us.
He may be a genius,
but this isn't his world.
These aren't his rules.
He thinks he makes up the rules.
But he never learns.
We'll need some help.
We may have an idea.
We'll need more than that.
(Flash) Oh, great.
Grimm Gorilla Grodd.
You're sure about this, Cyborg?
(Cyborg) Best shot we have, Supes.
We need to end this.
Justice League!
Team RWBY!
(Cyborg) We're here like you wanted.
Now, how do we stop Watts?
(Kilg%re scoffs)
(Watts) Stop me?
(Ruby) I... I thought
he just transferred his consciousness.
(Yang) If he's able to
replace his whole body--
(Blake) He's capable of more
than we thought.
He'll kill even more
with that kind of power.
Aw, missed me?
Not even death can hold me back.
I knew Atlas might go pear-shaped,
so just in case, I made arrangements
to store my consciousness with Kilg%re.
And now, I get to kill
you annoying brats!
There's no way you can stop--
Now, Rogues!
You... What are you...
Can it, Kilg%re.
(Killer Croc grunts)
You made it
so we had to work with the heroes.
It's embarrassing!
(Mirror Master) But you
attacked our world, too.
So we want what they want.
A world left standing
at the end of all this.
To rob. (laughs maniacally)
(Kilg%re) Watts? Watts!
Doesn't your new and improved
body have X-ray powers or something?
(Watts) There!
We can see. Let's-- (groans)
Not so fast.
(Weiss) Fancy seeing you here, Watts.
What? Get tired
of licking Salem's boots?
Kilg%re! Something's wrong.
Their semblances... Their weapons...
It's time you're brought
to justice, Kilg%re.
-Like the new Grimm ability?
How they shift into
your greatest weakness?
-(Superman grunts)
-I thought of that.
(Green Lantern grunts)
Whatever the Grimm creations
can do, I can do!
You weren't able to do that before.
Things change.
Cyborg is harnessing a Dust algorithm.
We're in his holotrap.
(laughing maniacally)
You never learn, do you?
Well, then. If we're in a holotrap...
Kilg%re! Come face us!
(Kilg%re) You come
into my territory and expect to win?
(Watts) Fools.
You've made it even easier for us.
(all screaming)
Amity Colosseum.
This can't be good.
(buzzer sounds)
(Watts) The first digital world
was not entirely up to par.
Call it "user error."
This time, I will achieve
exactly what I set out to do.
Forget Remnant.
Here, I can remake
the world in my image!
(Wonder Woman laughs, distorted)
You mean our image.
What's going on with her?
Kilg%re! He's taken over Wonder Woman.
(Kilg%re laughs maniacally)
(Kilg%re) You thought
you were so powerful.
But who's laughing now?
(all scream and grunt)
(Watts) You're outmatched.
(both grunting)
(Ruby yelling)
(pants) I'm... I'm okay.
I just... I just gotta catch my breath.
(Yang) I'm getting you out.
I don't care.
I know you're worried.
I know.
You promised!
You can't protect me
from everything.
(Weiss) Blake!
(Ruby) Yang, you have to trust me.
I'm not gonna leave you.
I'm not Mom.
And I'm not Raven.
(Kilg%re chuckles)
(Ruby) We make our own futures.
Everything all right?
I'm not trying to
join anyone too soon.
You sure you're okay?
Let's go.
Watts! They're going after my code.
I'm sorry, Diana.
You didn't happen to get the code
while he was in there, did you?
(Wonder Woman sighs)
That's all right.
Cyborg will get it.
Are you sure?
You're not Yang.
(Blake) Get out of her!
(distorted) I almost
fooled you, didn't I?
You could never.
(Superman) We got this!
The rest of you, slow Watts down.
(Grimm roars)
The programming
is about the same, it's-- (screams)
It's no different.
Stay focused, Victor!
(Weiss) You can't have her!
(Ruby) Kilg%re!
Get out!
Leave her, Kilg%re. Take me instead!
You? You've been a mess
since the last time I possessed you.
Was it too much, Flash?
Was it the thing
that finally broke you?
(Flash) No.
I am more than the memory of you.
You have no power over me.
(growls, grunts)
(screams, distorted)
Come on, you can do this!
(Kilg%re) No!
You are no match for me, Flash.
(straining) Almost there!
I... I need--
There are six variants
of Grimm that Kilg%re and Watts created.
Poison, Power Absorbing,
Silencing, DNA Splicer, Kryptonite,
and whatever fights Lantern's ring.
I need to plug into all of them
at the same time.
Cyborg, that will kill you.
Weiss said Dust counteracted the poison.
We can use it to tether me.
We have to try.
(Ruby) Superman, let go!
Kilg%re could jump into you.
And then where will we be?
That's not a bad idea.
I'm trying to hold him off!
Don't worry about me, Superman.
Trust me.
(Flash groans weakly)
Superman, I got him!
(Kilg%re chuckles)
(Blake) Lantern!
(Vixen grunting)
That's one.
(Cyborg screams in agony)
(distorted) Oh, wow.
The power.
This is a game changer.
(Kilg%re laughs maniacally)
(Cyborg straining)
(Weiss) It looks just like home.
It's not home, though.
I know.
I was already home.
(Cyborg groaning)
I need Dust!
(Vixen) Yang! Blake!
I need Dust!
(Yang) Kind of busy right now.
It's for Cyborg.
He needs it to gain access
to the code!
Take this.
(Grimms snarling and growling)
(Cyborg panting)
-(Vixen) Cyborg!
Surrounded by incompetence
in every dimension.
There should be a back door
to this program.
You won't get away this time.
You're going to answer
for what you've done.
For the wisest among us,
there's always a way out.
You think that you could
get the drop on me?
That you're smarter than me?
You can't fight vision.
Salem didn't have vision.
Schnee didn't have vision.
I was born to remake the world,
and none of you ignorant imbeciles
could ever measure up.
Then why partner with Kilg%re?
An actual idiot.
We thought it was weird at first.
But maybe you're not
as smart as we thought.
I'm the one who evaded death
by storing my consciousness
in the digital network.
I'm the one who found Kilg%re
wandering around the digital space!
I'm the one who gave him
the idea to trap you all
so that he could kill you!
But he didn't,
because he's not as smart as me.
I trapped him in that
digital world with you
so he could ensure your death!
-He completely fell for it.
-(Kilg%re) Huh.
Is that so?
You told me that I messed up
the first digital world!
That it was my fault I couldn't get out!
No, that's not what I meant.
You think you're smarter than me?
Of course I'm smarter than you,
you absolute dullard!
You can't do anything to us.
You're stuck in here as well.
We've won!
(exclaims in pain)
You know, I'm really tired
of you both thinking that.
Is it ready yet?
You think this is a prison?
This is my realm, Justice League!
Keeping me here
will only make me stronger.
And then I will kill you!
(Ruby) Is... Is this real?
(Green Lantern) God, I hope so.
You okay, GL?
I need to take a very hot shower.
-(Wonder Woman) Yes.
But did we do it?
(Cyborg) We... We did it!
(Weiss) And Watts,
he's trapped in there?
There's no way either of them
will be able to escape.
-What about Gotham?
-And the rest of the world?
Justice League Reserves, report!
(Flash) But how?
They must have been powered
by Kilg%re and Watts's energies.
With them caught in the holotrap...
They can't control Grimm anymore.
(Superman chuckles softly)
We did it.
(Ruby) We really did it!
(camera shutter clicks)
(Yang) I'm proud of you.
-Right back at you, Blondie.
And that's my body snatcher story.
(all laughing)
I'm glad you're feeling better.
I'm glad you found your home.
We really got to stop saying goodbye.
You may be right, Ruby Rose.
-Thank you for--
-(alarm buzzes)
Seems Luther got a little power hungry
now that the Grimm are gone.
(sighs) Nature's healing.
Time to go, Justice League.
You'll be all right?
I think we'll be okay.
(heroic music playing)