Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2011) Movie Script

The rings, please?
Oh, God!
- No!
- Oh, my God!
You haven't made it
until you've played New York
and you've sold out the Garden.
He came from such a small town,
it gives us hope.
Madison Square Garden represents
the pinnacle of success.
Justin leans over and looks at me
and he said,
"I don't care how hard I have to work,
"or what we need to do,
I'm selling this place out in a year"
I love Justin Bieber!
I think about him, like, 99 % of my life.
- His voice, his personality.
- His hair, his looks, everything.
No one used to know him a year ago,
and now everyone knows him.
He was born March 1st, 1994,
at 12:56 a.m. on a Tuesday.
One day, I tweeted him 100 times.
He is so much cooler than my brother!
So much!
Justin Bieber,
make sure you don't have
no more girlfriends,
'cause I'm your girlfriend.
He's just, like, a regular kid
who had a dream
and it just, like, came true.
I was young.
I wanted to make sure
that I gave him everything,
that I would be the best
that I could be for him.
It was hard work,
but it was worth it.
My parents helped a lot.
We're small-town people.
Even Toronto's too big for us.
His dad and I split
when he was about 10 months old.
I had a place of my own
and I lived with Justin.
Just me and Justin.
I knew he needed stability in his life.
And God really gave me
a lot of strength.
We were pretty excited.
He was such a little sweetheart.
Justin and my dad were so close.
They just really bonded.
He was always with Justin, every day.
If he wasn't with him,
he'd be talking to him.
They were great like that.
I remember there's been days
when Justin would run away from school
because a teacher said something.
And instead of running home,
he ran over here, to Grandpa.
- Hi, Justin.
- Hi.
What are you going out to do?
Shovel what?
And you're going to do the job, are you?
It was definitely challenging
to be a teenagen
and have to stay home
while all your friends are going out.
Justin! You're on my team...
I just knew that that's what I had to do.
If he didn't have sports,
I don't know what he would have done.
He would have drove us crazy.
He drove us crazy, anyway.
Okay, go for it, Justin.
Okay, once again, that's it.
Everybody's gonna be a hitter,
wait and see.
My son, Ryan, and Justin
have been friends since grade four.
He was a soccer coach for three, four
years, and Justin was always over here.
He would not release the ball.
He's the same with hockey,
he wouldn't pass the puck.
In soccer, he wouldn't pass the ball.
Me and him always used to sit
beside each other.
There's me, that's him, on the left.
Pass the ball. And when he did,
it worked out. It was great.
I had to stress to him
that making the goal
was as important as scoring the goal.
What is it?
Okay, now what do you do with it?
He never had any lessons or anything.
I just never thought of it
being anything other than for fun.
I would have friends oven
and they would bring their guitars
and jam out at the house.
Justin, as a two-year-old,
he would wander up to the stairs,
right in front of the drum kit,
and just stare at Dan, the drummer
in the band at the time.
So how do you
usually count in your head?
One, two, three, four, five. One, two...
And he would just be mesmerized.
And he'd grab a pair of drumsticks
and he'd start hitting the stairs.
And everybody noticed
that his timing was amazing.
"Where does this talent come from?
Does he play drums?
"Man, you'd better get that kid a kit."
There was a little plastic, miniature kit
and he got to bang on that
for two years.
And then he outgrew that kit.
Pattie's friends were musical
and they encouraged Justin.
And their church would have music in it.
They would be, you know, showing him
how to do a chord on the guitar
And then the boys at the church said
Justin had a musical talent.
And they had a benefit
down at one of the local hotels.
When we were preparing him
for his show,
he had to learn four jazz standards.
Come on up here, Justin.
Play a couple of songs
for the people here this evening.
And for an 8-year-old to play jazz,
it was quite difficult,
but he was up for it.
They made enough money that night
to buy Justin a big set of Pearl drums.
He'd go into the furnace room
and he would bang those drums
like you wouldn't believe.
And the worst part of it was,
he was good.
I love, like, pretty much everything
about him.
He's cute, he's awesome,
and we just love him so much.
Yeah, that's what I was just about
to say.
- We'll all be his wife, sooner or later.
- Yeah.
I'll be his first wife.
I'm his first wife, okay?
He's basically, like, giving back to us
because we love him so much.
- We do love him so much.
- Yeah, more than you could imagine.
I can't help it, I'm obsessed.
I love him. He's so cute.
I mean, I don't want him that way.
But he's just so cute.
He's really hot. He's adorable!
I remember my first concert
I went to with my mom, and so...
And it was your birthday present, yes.
We've been waiting for months for this.
- And what was your first concert?
- Michael Jackson, Thriller
When I was her age.
So I'm hoping she'll remember this one
for a long, long time.
- JB!
- JB!
Two, and three.
- Thank you, sweetheart.
- Thank you.
On three. One, two, three.
I like this.
What do you think? You like it?
- I love it.
- I like it, too.
Put that hood under it, obviously.
It was his first show
and I went to his house to get him.
We were gonna go.
And he came up in this church suit.
Just like an Easter Sunday suit.
I was like, "Man, you don't have
to dress like that anymore."
- I like Bigger in the white jacket.
- Okay.
Purple. It just sort of looked cool.
They're gonna do a five-minute
on-the-fly thing with you.
They'll ask you questions while
you're standing and whatnot today.
Ryan's like the coolest
older brother ever.
Ryan's also like his jester
When Justin's down,
I'm like, "Ryan, go make him laugh."
Come on! Come on!
And Justin's cracking up.
Allison's the stern one.
I'm going to shave my head.
No, you are not!
Put that razor down right now!
- Say, "l love you, Justin."
- I love you, Justin. Put the razor back.
She's the one that handles business.
Carin works wardrobe with Ryan,
and she's like Justin 's big sister.
This is Justin's guitar.
It's a lefty. Justin's a southpaw.
Dan Kanter is Justin's musical director.
Super cool dude.
This is Scrappy.
Scrappy is the hardest working man
on the Justin Bieber tour,
maybe next to Justin.
Justin is a pleasure to work with,
most of the time.
I kind of look at him like a little brother.
That's twice!
You don't give me twice for that!
Kenny is technically
Justin 's security guard,
but Kenny's Justin's everything.
Kenny's with him 24/7.
He lives on the bus with him.
He has a definite trust with Kenny,
he feels like he can tell him anything.
It'll take two seconds.
I just want to drive it a little bit.
It's an uncle-nephew relationship.
In my phone,
I have him programmed in as "Nephew".
Kenny. What are you doing?
Scooter's kind of in the road family,
definitely Dad.
Justin, Justin, that's not funny.
- Turn it off. Not funny.
- It is funny.
You know, I think 90 % of my job
is helping him become a good man.
It's a family.
So, we're supporting each other
and making sure the kid's okay.
Deeper. No, not like that.
There you go.
I'm a 54-year-old childless woman,
and they call me Mama.
Yo, I need a razor. Do you have one?
A razor? Really?
Here's something really cool
about vocal cords.
They can take my heart out of my chest
and put it in your body
and make that work.
Hey, don't cut your face, okay?
But they cannot replace
the human voice.
This entire tour hinges
on those two little strips of fiber
that sit in his neck.
While you're changing, do it, okay?
One of the hardest things, I think,
for a kid on the road to understand
is that he's a working man.
All right, I'm about to change my pants,
so you're gonna have to go.
Come on, come on, come on.
Don't waste it. Let's get you dressed.
Come on, let's go, it's walk time.
- Yo, all right.
- Yo, yo, it's walk time.
- This is Mama Jan.
- Hi, Mama.
- She's my vocal coach. This is my dad.
- My pleasure.
- Pleasure is mine.
- I think I saw you this afternoon.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Nice to meet you, sir.
Nice to meet you.
You ready to kill this, or what?
How's your voice?
Good. How is it?
It's getting there.
All right, we're going into focus mode.
Here we go.
I know you're prepared!
And you've been waiting
for this moment!
Everything you're feeling right now
is normal!
These people came to see you!
I'm here because you're here!
Let's rock! Let's rock!
All right, let's bring it in!
We're gonna say a prayer!
Thank you for the production crew,
all the staff, the players...
On the road, with a group of people,
it becomes
a very functional dysfunctional family,
all centered around one goal.
One more thing. I got to say something.
It's Jeremy's first show.
We got the grandparents.
We got a lot of stuff.
This one tonight
is a proud Canadian boy coming home
and representing for his nation.
Ducks, ducks, ducks, ducks!
Quack, quack, quack, quack! Zoom!
Sing it.
Make some noise
for Boyz II Men, everybody.
Sing it!
I can't hear you. Everybody!
All right.
Come on, sing it!
Sing it!
All right, Boyz II Men, sing it!
All right. One more time.
Your grandma's house is right here,
ain't it?
Yeah, this is it. Great.
Hey! Hi, Grandpa.
Look at my bed. This used to be huge.
Yeah, once upon a time,
it used to be huge for you.
- Good night.
- Good night, sweetheart.
What's up?
- I got my phone working.
- Nice.
Hey, buddy.
It went from, like,
hanging out every day almost
to only seeing each other
a couple of times a month, if that.
Who had the best shooting percentage
in that game?
I did. No backboard, please.
Now that we don't see each other
really anymore,
we just kind of, like, cherish the time
that we have together.
- You want to see something...
- Excuse me, sweetheart.
You can't go out
till you clean your room, okay?
- Can you go clean your room, please?
- Yes, I will.
- I've got to get your stuff on the bus.
- I will.
- All right, one second. One second.
- Thank you.
These are some animals
that my grandpa has collected.
And this is a wolf. This is a fox.
- They're roadkills, honey.
- And we...
Me and him were playing, like,
mini-sticks one day,
and I knocked off the leg, you know.
It wasn't very nice.
And then we tried to, like, tape it there.
And at one time, it just fell over,
and I blamed it on Chaz.
No, actually, we blamed it on Nolan.
And he wasn't even here.
That was fun.
All right, let's go.
I'm waiting for him to clean his room.
Seat belts, everyone.
Put your hands in the air!
Let's go to my old stomping grounds.
This is where we used to shoot ball
and work our abs.
First shot of the day.
Let's see how I am.
- Cut.
- You can edit that, right?
Yeah, edit that out.
I'm going to shoot this ball into that net,
all right?
That's how you do it.
Put your hands in the air! Go!
Hey, Ryan!
Hey, buddy!
Hey, buddy. How you doing, man?
How's work?
I'm just gonna come in to work with you.
Hey, yo, Sean! Sean, what's up, man?
He was in town,
and he stopped by the school.
As a matter of fact,
he did autograph his locker,
but our cleaning staff is very diligent
and they thought it was graffiti
and they washed it off.
Sing it!
I can't hear you!
I think we got to turn up the music
for all you people!
You want to say grace?
Thank you, Lord, for this pizza,
this cheese,
pineapple, bacon, pepperoni.
- And thank you to Hawaiian people...
- People.
- ...for making our pizza.
- For making... Yeah.
Thank you. Thank you, Lord. No.
Thank you that we have great friends.
We are able to hang out together
and have a good time.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- Are you Justin Bieber?
- Yes, I am. Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
I used to sit right here.
I used to sit on those steps
and I used to play here, too.
- So keep playing.
- Thank you. Thank you.
And always follow your dreams, okay?
- Okay.
- All right.
Thank you very much. Have a good day.
He was about 12 years old
when he wanted to go
and play in front of the Avon Theater.
Those apartments
across the road there,
their windows would be all closed
in the summertime.
But the minute they heard him sing,
they would just all open up
and just let his voice right in.
- He is amazing.
- Yeah. This kid is about to be famous.
His voice carried all over this area.
All right, take it away.
Hey, everybody.
I was like, "You're only 12 years old.
You've never had any singing lessons.
"So if you don't make it, it's okay."
He asked me to come
to his Stratford Idol Competition.
So I went and saw that.
I was definitely worried
that he could beat me.
He was singing all styles of music.
R&B, he was rapping some,
and he would have little dances
made up for them, break dancing and...
That natural instinct was in Justin,
to respond to little mistakes like that.
He made it
an entertainment opportunity.
I was like,
"Whoa, where'd this come from, man?"
Our next Stratford Star winner.
Even though he got second,
he still got the attention he needed.
People recognize my face
from the videos,
just knowing that I'm the girl
who beat Justin Bieber.
We have family that live in
different provinces that wanted to come.
At this time, he was playing around
on YouTube and he'd seen some stuff.
So he said, "Why don't we just put it up
on there and send her the link?"
The next thing you know,
we had hits from strangers
just requesting other songs.
I was like, "This is fun.
"They want you to post another video.
Let's do this one."
And I was like,
"You got 100,000 subscribers.
"Where'd that come from?"
He's like, "People like my stuff."
I'd just come back
from a night out with friends.
Went online
and I saw this little 12-year-old
singing Aretha Franklin, Respect,
and thought, "That's pretty good."
And there was another one.
There were about six videos.
So I click on another one.
Click on another one.
And then I clicked on him
singing Ne-Yo, So Sick.
That's when I got the buzz.
I actually canceled all my meetings
the next day,
and said, i'm gonna find this kid today.
I kind of became obsessed with him-
I remember getting a message
on YouTube.
I had a call from my friend saying,
"There's this guy named Scooter Braun
"trying to reach you."
He got a hold of Justin's great-aunt,
got a hold of the school board.
He contacted the Avon Theater.
I was like, "Who is this guy?"
I just went to a computer phone
and called him
from an unknown number
just to say, "Please, stop calling."
"Hi, it's Pattie Mallette.
You were calling about my son, Justin?"
You know, she thought she was gonna
have a phone call to get rid of me.
And we ended up talking
for about two to three hours.
He said, "Come to Atlanta for a week,
no strings attached,
"and I'll just introduce you
to a bunch of people,
"let you know I'm for real.
"And if you don't like it,
you don't want to sign with us,
"you get a free vacation out of it,
and, you know, back to life as usual."
So, I pick Justin up from the airport,
and I had a purple Mercedes with rims.
Justin saw it, his eyes got real big
and he's like, "Sweet car."
I told Justin,
"Do you want to meet Jermaine Dupri?"
And he goes,
"The guy who does Grillz with Nelly?"
We pull up to the studio
and we all get out,
and as we're about to walk in
this Range Rover pulls up,
and Usher gets out.
And Justin,
he really, really looked up to Usher
I'm like, "Justin, don't say a word."
Justin just freaks out. "Oh, my God,
is that Usher? Is that Usher?"
He's, like, losing his mind.
And he goes running right up to Usher
and he goes,
"Man, I'm one of your biggest fans.
Can I sing one of your songs to you?"
And I look at this kid like,
"l just picked you up.
I just told you not to do this."
Usher looks at him and he thought
he was, like, my little cousin.
He goes, "it's cold outside, buddy.
Don't worry about it."
He pushes him aside,
and Usher goes into the studio
and he starts his session.
And I look at Justin, I was like,
"l just told you not to sing for anybody."
And he goes,
"You said not to sing for Jermaine.
"You didn't say anything about Usher."
At the time, Scooter didn't have
a whole lot of experience.
But he was so confident in Justin,
we started making plans to go forward.
I kept flying him back and forth.
We were doing all these meetings.
And everyone started saying no.
Every label said,
"There's no platform for him."
"You need Nickelodeon or Disney.
You need the machine."
Do you guys read the stats
that kids are spending
more time on the Internet
than they are watching TV?
And the place where they're watching
most of their videos is You Tube.
It was the most frustrating thing
in the entire world.
I started thinking,
who would be the perfect person?
You're gonna sing with me or what?
Okay, then. All right.
- Your friends will believe you now.
- Yeah.
I said, "This is like a no-brainer."
So now Usher is shocked.
And he looks at me and he goes,
"Who is this kid?"
And Justin kind of has
a smile on his face.
"You don't remember me?
You blew me off
"outside of Jermaine Dupri's studio."
And Usher was like, "Okay."
I said, "l really feel like
you have something incredible.
"But I think that
we should take it to L.A. Reid."
Justin was excited 'cause he knew
this was the guy who had signed
Pink, Avril Lavigne, Outkast, Usher
and so many others.
And he said, "Yeah, at the Grammys,
"I've heard people thank him
many times."
My first impression was,
"Wow, the Macaulay Culkin of music."
That was the first thing
I thought in my head.
He came in and he soaked up
all the air in the room.
And he sang really well.
But it wasn't even that.
It was the face.
It was the hair. He was brave-
When it was all said and done,
I was beyond convinced
that Usher had
absolutely delivered a gift.
He was in grade eight,
it was about halfway through the year
He came and he said,
"Mrs. Booker, I'm talking with Usher."
And I said, "Great
But I really don't know who Usher is."
We're going to pull Justin.
Justin didn't know this.
But, Justin, you were in the studio.
Come on over here. He's a good-looking
14-year-old young man.
- Have a seat right next to your mom.
- Hey, honey.
And he sounds even better
than he looks.
- He does.
- What a voice.
Pattie, tell us a bit about
what's happening now in Justin's life.
This is hot off the presses.
We just signed with a music label
and we're moving in
about a week to the US.
So it's a big step, and he's got
a long journey and great plans.
Congratulations, Justin and Pattie.
They were excited to go.
We were a little leery at them going,
but we were excited for them to go, too.
I mean, once they walked through
that gate at the airport, it's...
That's the end of it. They're gone.
There are moments
that you come across all your life.
There's always that moment
when you have to let go.
And that was one of them.
I moved him down to Atlanta
on my own dime.
ATL, shawty!
It was summertime.
He wasn't going to school.
He didn't have any friends.
I called the label and said,
"Let's make some moves."
And they were mad at me.
"What do you mean, you spent money?
We're not ready."
If it was up to them, we'd have come out
with Justin when he was 28 years old.
I can grow facial hair really easily.
I was coming in to help them
get acclimated to being in Atlanta.
Look, I grew a mustache.
I remember he used to ask me,
"When am I gonna get in the studio?
We're just sitting around."
Justin was looking at me,
"When are we gonna do something?"
I was like, "That's it. I'm with the kid."
That's when they called me in.
In addition to singing, Justin also plays
drums, guitar keyboards and trumpet.
He's currently being managed by
Usher and Scooter Braun.
I met Justin in December 2008.
Scooter and Usher both know me and
they decided that it was a good thing
to bring Justin in to work with me
ahead of time, prior to the recording,
just to get some basics underneath him.
Tonight he'll be singing an original tune
entitled Common Denominator.
Here 's Justin Bieber.
I'm not five years old.
They started a bit too early.
Can you start it oven please?
So, we started.
We started cutting records in Atlanta.
We started working with different
people and trying different things.
I didn't mean to stop you like that,
but this is only a tease.
Ladies and gentlemen,
introducing to you,
Island Def Jam recording artist,
Justin Bieber's
getting ready to go down.
Just so you know, we're in the studio
right now working on it.
Get ready because it's gonna be big.
- Ain't that right, Justin?
- That's right.
That's right. So, look out, we're coming.
Doing it once again, now.
Check it. We gonna do it like,
when I say, "Justin", y'all say "Bieber!"
- Justin!
- Bieber!
- Justin!
- Bieber!
When I say, "One", y'all say, Time!
- One!
- Time!
- One!
- Time!
I said, "That song, One Time,
that should be the first single.
"'Cause I think it's up-tempo,
it'll get the kids excited."
June 2009,
Justin was playing at a water park in
Poughkeepsie, New York, for 40 people.
It was raining at the water park,
by the way. Pouring rain.
Antonio was dancing-
Marvin was dancing-
Tay was deejaying.
Dan was playing guitar.
And me and Ryan.
I mean, it went naturally.
But naturally doesn't mean easy.
There's work that goes into that.
And you have to do the footwork.
"In radio, we don't play a young kid.
"Fifteen years old,
he's got a young voice.
"That's not our thing."
Everybody, come on.
They didn't understand it.
Hand-to-hand combat is what we did.
We put Justin in a van and on airplanes.
And that kid, planes, trains
and automobiles.
- Q102, live in the studio, Justin Bieber
- What's up, guys?
AH the hits-
Is this being played
anywhere else in the country right now?
Justin, what are you going to
sing for us right now?
I'm gonna sing One Time acoustically.
You guys have heard of the track?
One Time. It's an acoustic version.
He went to every single one.
If you weren't playing his record,
he still went.
And he'd play his guitar for you acoustic
and he'd sing, on the spot, any request.
And he won people over.
- Wow.
- That was nice, man.
- Justin Bieber, do not forget us, bro!
- I won't.
There's not a deejay that can say
they have not met Justin Bieber.
Waking up early, going to radio stations,
meeting with...
You know, it's just adults.
Everything is just adults.
I'm so excited to go to Hartford.
He started twittering.
"I'm gonna be at this radio station.
I'm gonna be at this radio station."
First 20 kids, then 40 kids,
then 100 kids.
Then a couple of hundred kids started
lining up outside of these radio stations
to just get a glimpse of him.
And they started to play his record.
Justin, Justin, Justin!
Chaos at Roosevelt Field Mall today.
The crowd was so huge
local police are on hand
trying to control this crowd.
I think at that point no one realized how
powerful social networking was or is.
Oh, my God!
Who caused this? Justin Bieber?
That kid with the hair and that can sing?
He caused this whole huge thing?
Justin's fans are the most
loyal group of girls on the planet.
They all feel a certain ownership
over him
because they feel like they found him
before Scooter found him,
before the record labels found him.
He belongs to them.
They're there for him.
God, I've never seen fans like this.
What is it you guys love so much
about Justin Bieber?
I like his songs.
I like his songs.
I like how he looks.
- His eyes. They're so cute.
- Just...
And his little smile and his laugh.
His laugh is so cute.
- His laugh?
- We're obsessed with that.
- What's it like?
- He's like... That's so cute.
I like the way how he smiles.
His hair, I love his hair.
Flip, like, every five minutes.
Yeah, I love his hair.
The hair, it's perfect.
I could rock his hairdo, but I want to see
him rock some of these one time
so he could step his game up.
So, Justin,
get you some pigtails, man,
you know what I'm talking about,
with accessories on the ends
so the girls can play with your hair, man.
That's another tool you'll be able to use.
- Do not eat that.
- I put them there! See?
- That's disgusting!
- You are a gross monkey.
That is the grossest thing
I've ever seen.
I put them there.
It doesn't matter
who put them in the garbage.
They were still in the garbage.
So, we got the stuff,
we gotta get it out of here now
'cause the cops are going to
sneak him out.
In our business, what happened
with Justin Bieber
has never happened before.
Truly a phenomenon.
Even groups like NSYNC
and the Backstreet Boys took years.
But already over a million copies have
been ordered in the United States alone.
I was honestly blown away by his talent.
It's called My World 2.0 and it's
the number one album in the country.
You guys know Justin Bieber?
Justin is now in that
rarefied atmosphere-
All these giant artists
who sell out arenas
every two or three years
when they go on tour,
well, Justin's one of them now.
He's become a member of that club.
I mean, look at him.
He's like a dreamy Christmas elf
On his first record,
in his first year and a half,
I don't believe
that's ever happened before.
I want to marry Justin Bieber.
We will be husband and wife.
Bieber Fever. It is a pandemic-
Thousands of screaming teens!
Around the world, girls are losing it.
In Sydney, scenes that weren't
that far off Beatlemania.
...Justin and Justin...
Justin Bieber's visit to town
is actually good news.
Police have called off the event
because of safety concerns.
Bieber is in town.
It's a hysteria
that I've never witnessed before.
This is what happened with
The Beatles and The Monkees.
The ultimate in our business
is becoming an arena headliner,
being able to sell out
Madison Square Garden.
Madison Square Garden represents
the pinnacle of success for an artist.
The Rolling Stones. U2.
Michael Jackson. This is the big time.
And for this kid
to play Madison Square Garden
and he's the headliner?
Give me a break. Come on.
This just doesn't happen.
Come on! Say, yeah!
JB, you are. Yeah, man.
- All right! Hey! Hey!
- Hey!
Stop the movie! You, down there!
- Texting? Texting!
- Stop texting.
Sleeping? Making out back there? Hey!
- Enough!
- Enough is enough.
- Cut that!
- Cut it.
- Bring it back.
- Let's go!
Do you guys have tickets to the show?
- You don't have any tickets?
- We don't.
- Are you big fans?
- This girl is obsessed.
- This is all she does, is Justin Bieber.
- Really?
- What's your favorite song?
- Sing it.
Yeah, sing.
We usually have 10, 20 tickets left.
And we go out, we talk to kids,
talk to families and hear their stories.
It's like me and the guy
from Extreme Home Makeover
have the best jobs in the world.
'Cause we get paid
to just make other people happy.
You guys going to the concert?
You guys have tickets to the show?
Everybody's got tickets?
We give them free tickets,
and they're usually in the first 10 rows.
The best price.
Nobody can beat my prices.
I'm the corny one.
I call it, like, "We got to give back."
Section 108, Row 8.
You're choking me!
Thank you.
If it wasn't for these kids out there
camping out and doing what they do,
we don't have jobs.
- Oh, great!
- They're real close.
- Give her a hug!
- Thank you.
Thank you so much. You don't even
know how much I appreciate this.
I just happen to have some tickets
in my pocket.
- We can't get in.
- What if I gave you tickets?
Oh, my God,
do you want me to drop dead?
Here. Row 7. You're really close.
This is so awesome!
Oh, my God, Pattie.
You're in the second row.
Do you cry when you see him?
We cried when we saw you.
It's actually the most gratifying thing
about the job.
Little things go a very, very long way.
The moment we forget that,
I think it's oven
The fact Justin can do that for families
is crazy.
This is the best thing
that happened in my life!
Oh, my God.
Do you want to be
the One Less Lonely Girl?
- Yes!
- Okay, come on.
The One Less Lonely Girl has become
a tradition of our show,
where we randomly pull a girl
out of the audience.
Come with me.
Every show, we pick a new girl
and bring her onstage.
Justin serenades hen
gives her some flowers
and makes her feel special.
Was he as cute as you thought
he was gonna be in person?
So hot.
I love him so much!
One, two, three, four, five and six
and seven and eight.
Let's try it again.
- Everything looks cooler.
- Everything is cooler.
This is like in Super Mario Brothers
when you became Big Mario.
- Are you too young or you know that?
- No, I know that.
It's when you eat the mushroom
and it goes...
So coming up, Madison Square Garden,
the biggest show of Justin's career.
We've made some changes
for the Garden show.
Much bigger screen.
We have some extra screens coming in.
We finally have some explosions,
so I can't wait to see what that's like.
Big boy!
- I'm ready. This is gonna be sick.
- Yeah.
- I like your mic.
- Thank you.
- Is this yours?
- Yeah.
- Your hair's so big.
- I know.
Jaden's here because he's coming
to perform Never Say Never
at Madison Square Garden.
It's going to be
his first performance, ever.
When your dad is Will Smith
and your mom is Jada Pinkett-Smith,
I think you have some performance
and stuff in your blood.
Jaden's watching tonight.
- I don't understand. Why?
- Why is he watching?
'Cause he wants to see everything
so he can learn it.
- You think he should do it tonight?
- Of course.
You doing it tonight.
Get it out of the way.
- Your parents will have a heart attack.
- Why?
Everyone wants to come up
for his first performance.
We got to tell them.
But in a way, you know what,
"We're just feeling it. We're doing it."
"They made me."
- "They made me."
- "They made me do it."
"They made me do it. I didn't wanna."
- You want to do it tonight?
- Yeah.
My parents
are taking a helicopter out here.
- Are they really?
- Yeah, they weren't going to miss this.
I can't believe it.
They're probably in the air right now.
I just told them not to come,
but that didn't work out.
Coming in right now.
Justin is in a bus and he's not moving.
I think he's dehydrated
from being in the sun all day yesterday.
Did Mama Jan go there and look at him?
She's, like, going in there now.
What do you think is going on
in terms of keeping your voice
where you should and not wasting it?
I guess, like, I was at home
for a few days, so I was talking.
But I wasn't screaming.
Hey, Ryan!
That's how we do it!
You have so much demand
on your voice already.
Eighty-six shows
is a whole lot of stuff to have to do,
on anybody's voice.
We're not talking about just you.
You really have to be more cautious
when you do have downtime.
Do the best job you can do, okay?
Have a good show.
I'm gonna rock this show.
Justin 's 16.
He's just fighting to be a normal kid.
I remember being at the VMAs
and Madonna came out
to give a speech
about Michael Jackson.
And she said
we took away his childhood.
And Justin looks right at me.
He goes, "Don't let that happen to me."
Being a 16-year-old, there's a certain
amount of fear and nervousness
with all the stuff that he's dealing with.
He says he's not nervous,
but when he's nervous
he goes through dance steps.
He does popping and everything.
All right.
Let me just have a minute alone, guys.
There's not really a whole lot of
training schools for how to handle this.
Sometimes he'll get a little whiny
about having a normal life,
and I'll say, "You know what?
You gave up normal.
"This is your new normal."
All right, let's roll.
I have a lot in common with Justin.
We are really lucky to have gotten
this opportunity so young
and to relate to younger fans.
But also, the thing is
we both worked really hard.
Doing tours, even when you're tired
or when you feel sick,
and always having
that smile on your face,
it wasn't always easy.
Hello, everybody!
How you guys doing tonight?
Give it up for Miley Cyrus, everybody!
- What?
- You tell me on a scale of one to 10.
Minus three?
It was not a four.
Justin needs rest.
That's really our best friend at this point.
My voice sounded good
on a couple of them.
Hear how your voice sounds now?
He's giving it everything he's got.
But doing 86 shows for any vocalist
is a lot to ask.
- Justin! Justin! Justin!
- Justin! Justin! Justin!
How is everyone doing?
Does anyone have any questions
or anything they wanna ask?
I'm feeling all right.
Probably like a four out of 10.
Your hair's all back now.
You know. You know.
Yesterday, he had an Afro.
It was, like, this big.
The vocal rest really is the most
important thing for Justin right now
because his voice is fatigued.
The bigger part is he's 16 years old
and doesn't know when to shut up.
All right, let's take a look.
- Hi, girls.
- What are you guys doing?
We're waiting for Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber's sick.
He's seeing a specialist.
- Are you crying?
- Yeah.
No, don't cry. Don't worry about it.
I was able to see that his vocal cords
are swollen.
There's a lot of mucus, a lot of junk
and debris all over his throat.
Here's perfect timing. Come here.
This is our agent.
- He just walked up.
- How do you do?
- This is the doctor.
- I'm glad you're here.
His throat's really infected, so
he really needs to take some time off.
When Justin has days off is usually
when he comes back his hoarsest.
- Yeah, he's got to learn.
- He screams and yells.
We want him to be
a healthy 16-year-old,
but if he's taking on this career
as a commitment,
it comes with obligations.
And there's a professionalism
that comes along with it at any age,
where you have to
make certain sacrifices.
And that's why I think
he has to cancel tomorrow's event.
Syracuse is out of the question. No way.
We're telling you we'd like to
postpone till the first, correct.
It's the best thing we can do. I know
you don't want to cancel on anybody.
- I don't.
- I know,
but this is where we are. We have to
do this. Otherwise, you could...
If I say, "Justin, it's your choice, we can
do Syracuse tomorrow," you'll say "Yes,"
'cause you want to do every show.
But you'll destroy your vocal cords
- and we can't risk that.
- I would not let you do that.
I already have stepped in,
but I would not let you do that.
There's gonna be a lot of kids
that are going to be let down.
Can I tell you something?
Hear me clearly on this
that you do this now
and move one or two,
or we're going to be shutting down
five, six, maybe seven later.
Do you want to cancel seven shows
or move one or two now?
- Move one.
- Okay, we're gonna move one now.
And, that's the option you have tonight.
You may not have this option
if you don't make smart decisions
about this in a week or two.
That's where we are.
We've never canceled a show.
We've done over 120 shows
in the last two years.
We did 14 shows with a broken foot.
Sang through strep throat.
We're three days
from the biggest show of our tour.
The timing could not be worse.
- Can you give me an E?
- How about McDonald's tonight?
- No. Give me an E.
- Chicken nuggets?
Fried stuff, the doctor said
you're not supposed to have.
Those are fried.
But he also said, "No one's perfect."
And he said, if you do it,
"You're a kid and you can do it."
I'll tell you what,
I'm only trying to help you here.
Is this what you want to do?
You still in the game?
Or you ready to can it
and go home to Canada?
Nope? You're still
in the game then, right?
People don't often understand if
a singer says, "My voice is going down."
They understand if
a football player tears a muscle,
but the same thing, really,
can happen to a singer's throat.
This is the strictest vocal rest
he is going to know.
And now, the protocol has to be
carried out by all of us,
and it's not just about the next 36 hours,
this is ongoing for the rest of this tour.
- Why don't you go talk to him?
- I'm happy to.
You and I'll talk about your regiment.
This is fine. You can do this all day.
I love you for doing that, okay.
You just can't talk on it.
Hello, sweetheart. Don't talk.
How's my baby?
Do you not feel good?
Okay, I got Justin on board
and we're leaving right now.
It's been a rough week.
We're on our way straight to the doctor,
and we got to see if
the swelling in his throat went down.
I think we're all a little bit on edge
to make sure he's healthy enough.
God, I pray that you will just
help Justin's headache go away.
And I pray for complete healing.
New York City.
Okay, let's see what's going on.
Say "Ah".
It's still red in the throat.
- I hate this.
- I know.
High voice, falsetto.
JB, do you want more water?
There you go.
So, he's got swelling
on both vocal cords,
that's what indicates to me
he has some reflux.
The vocal strain is partly because
he's trying to sing through the redness
and thickness of the reflux.
And then, on top of that, add the
infection that he had over the weekend,
which is really what
threw him over the edge.
I'd like him to try the vapors today
and see what difference that makes.
So, this just proves to the world
he's human.
All right. Can we leave now?
- I'm pretty much done.
- All right.
- As long as you have enough medicine.
- We have enough.
You know,
I grew up worshiping this place.
And to think that
a 12-year-old kid I found on YouTube
is going to be in the Garden tomorrow.
It's gonna be... Yeah, I'm excited.
What do you want to be
when you grow up?
It was actually
a year and three days ago
that Justin and I were
in a sound pit just like this.
It was the first time
he had ever been in the Garden,
and we got invited to meet Taylor Swift
at her sold-out show,
the first time
she'd ever sold out the Garden.
And I remember the kids were
waving their hands side-to-side
all around these stands.
This is really what I want to do. I want
to be doing this the rest of my life.
Justin looked at me and said,
"I can do this."
And I said, "I believe you can."
He goes, "No, I can do it in a year"
He kind of believed it, but
at the same time, he was like, "Maybe.
"MSG's really hard to sell out.
It's a really iconic venue."
He looked at me and was like, "I can do
this. I don't care how hard I gotta work."
Scooter usually tells me to
believe in my dreams and just go for it.
But we wanted that Garden.
We looked at the route,
and I saw the first leg and they said,
"Maybe we'll save Madison Square
Garden for the second leg."
I said, "No, no, no. We're going for it."
So, we went on sale
and they call me and they're like,
"We're going to sell out
this entire tour in two days."
And I said, "What about the Garden?"
And they said, "The Garden?
That sold out an hour ago."
And I said, "What?"
They said,
"Yeah, we sold that out in 22 minutes."
Now we're less than 24 hours.
I'm nervous,
but I've seen him pull through,
so I got to believe that he can.
Justin! I love you!
- Nobody's in there.
- No one's coming out.
Is it that one?
- What's up, buddy?
- How are you, man?
- How you feeling?
- Feeling good.
What were you knuckleheads
doing out there, causing a ruckus?
You're wearing my favorite color!
I said I'd come and I was gonna be
dressed like you today.
It's nice.
Kenny put me onto this kind of T-shirt,
these kind of shirts.
I would never have worn this
if it wasn't for Kenny.
- How you doing? Good with you.
- What up, man?
- How are you?
- I'm good.
What up?
This is an honor.
It's an honor to perform with you guys.
While we're doing all this,
I want you to
keep your voice as still as you can.
We're still not out of the woods yet.
We got a big show tonight.
So, no talking.
Wow. You're on the floor.
- Oh, my God!
- You are a saint! You are a saint!
Thank you so much!
It's not that bad.
- Every show you knock that back.
- Breakfast of champions.
What does it do?
All the nutrition
that your body ever needs.
Oh, God. This smells like liquid poop.
He's not gonna like it.
It's his first time having it, man.
It's like dinosaur pee.
Wait till you hit the stage.
When you got that in your system...
When you get to
the second phase of the show...
I'm 16. I always have energy.
Okay. But you won't be 16 forever.
Group hug, fellas.
- Big moment tonight.
- Bring it in for the real thing.
You're family, the little man in our lives.
I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say
we're proud right now.
- Love you.
- Love you, too, man.
Should he kill this now in front of you
so you know he drank it?
Finish it, man. Finish it.
The last part's so bad.
Come on. It's not that bad, dude.
Ten minutes! Ten minutes!
I was once chilling in my room,
watching TM just in a regular place.
And now I'm in this big world,
living my dream and doing what I love.
It's just crazy how it all came around.
Let's go!
Bring him down.
Got to roll.
New York City.
Are you having a good time so far?
It's the My World Tour!
I thank you for this day, and thank you
for the journey leading up to this day.
Protect everyone, including Justin,
and bless everybody for your glory, God.
In Jesus' name.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Rock and roll, buddy.
Everybody get in.
I got to tell you something, right?
It's a little motto to live by.
Basically, it goes like this.
There's gonna be times in your life
when people tell you
that you can't do something.
And there's gonna be times in your life
when people say
that you can't live your dreams.
And there's gonna be times in your life
when people say
that you can't sell out
Madison Square Garden!
This is what I tell them.
Never say never
Let's go!
Get your, get your, get your hands up!
Get your, get your, get your hands up!
Yeah! Yeah!
Put your hands up! Put your hands up!
Put your hands up!
All right. You ready?
Get your, get your, get your hands up!
Get your, get your, get your hands up!
Get your, get your, get your hands up!
Give it up for little bro,
Jay Smith, everybody!
---If you came here to
fa! In love with Justin Bieber,
I want you to make some noise!
I want Justin to be able to find
his identity and worth
not from what he can do,
but from who he is.
We've done the best we can
raising him.
Hopefully, as he goes through life,
he'll remember what we've said to him
about being respectful to people,
and being a good man.
There's so many people out there
who think he's just some kid act.
That he's gonna be a teen sensation,
then he's going to go away.
I wouldn't bet against Justin,
and I sure would bet
against Justin and his team.
We like being the underdog.
We'd like to stay the underdog
as long as possible.
Kind of gives us something to work for.
As he grows,
as he goes through life's experiences,
as he loves, as he finds relationships,
all of this will become part of the story.
And, for me,
it's beautiful to watch it all over again
because I understand it firsthand.
I mean, this is something that could
definitely be a forever story.
Only if he wants it.
New York!
I love him!
Good job out there, man.
Thank you so much for coming out.
- Justin! Justin! Justin! Justin!
- Justin! Justin! Justin! Justin!
MSG is a big deal for me.
You know, performing here.
I'm really blessed to just be
in this position
and have so many great fans
who have followed me since day one.
And I want to thank everyone in here-
Let's do another song.
You want to do another song?
Who wants to be my baby?
Say what?
You came out with
what you went in with.
Okay. All right. Now, let's cool it down.
Okay, Ninja Man?
Ninja Turtle. All right.
Who wants to be my baby?
This is my classmate from college.
- We've known each other for 30 years.
- We've been hanging a long time.
The Segway sweat.
I'm in Australia. I'm here.
Look what I found just randomly.
What's up, man? It's a kangaroo.
Does he have a Bieber shirt on?
...give Justin the strength that he needs.
And, my God, help us to all understand
the responsibility that goes with
what comes after this.
Bye. I love you.