Juveniles (2018) Movie Script

Do me a favor.
Hold this for me.
And don't lose it.
LUCAS: Memory is a motherfucker.
The good ones fade away.
The bad ones...
Lot's been going around here.
LUCAS: ...play over and over forever.
Now, Russell and Ben have decided
to settle things man to man.
- No one interferes.
- LUCAS: It's how we evolved.
OLIVER: No one talks
about it afterwards.
None of it.
LUCAS: If you forget
something dangerous,
history repeats itself.
OLIVER: Go to it.
LUCAS: Over and over forever.
Are you following this,
little man?
Your daddy hits hard.
He's smart.
Don't let emotions
eat him up.
OLIVER: Don't ever fight for show.
If you got to fight,
you fight to end it.
OLIVER: Fuck. Come on.
Get him.
- OLIVER: Oh, shit.
- SIDNEY: Russell.
SIDNEY: Russell.
OLIVER: Are you following
this, little man?
Hold this for me.
SIDNEY: My god, please.
Hold this for me.
CURTIS: What's your story, Corie?
You live here?
Is that your bedroom
right there?
CORIE: Yeah, over here.
CURTIS: Lucky Charms?
CORIE: Yeah.
We got to go.
Button your shirt.
You got any coffee?
My mom's shit
is in the top shelf.
Don't touch anything else.
LUCAS: You ready to go?
LUCAS: Trent!
Hold on. We can go.
Just a serious question.
Jacket, no jacket?
Jacket, no jacket?
I can take the jacket off if doesn't
look good, that's all I'm saying.
Keep the jacket on.
Fuck, man.
I don't see you'll with my...
Can you get this fixed?
Why is this...
MS. TAYLOR: Abandon hope,
all who enter here.
In the deeper levels
he encountered both
wrath and sullenness.
Wrath he discovered
is the anger
that is expressed.
And sullenness,
the anger that is repressed.
Who can tell me
who he first found when he
reached the gates themselves?
It was a group of people
defined by what?
- Amber?
[FARTS] Oh, shit.
My bad.
First people he found were the
ones who wasted their lives.
- Close enough.
Lucas, stay a minute.
Bye. See you later.
You've been missing
a lot of school lately.
Did you hear back
from any colleges yet?
It takes time.
You know,
just keep your grades up.
How far
do you live from school?
I'm in the hills.
Oh. That's fancy.
Not those hills.
You know the big farm
off the highway?
The one that
looks like a city.
I live 20 miles up
from there by the ranch.
No one gives
a shit about anymore.
The pit?
- Is that what...
- Yeah.
- I'm opening up a study hour after sixth period.
- I have work.
Your work counts here, too.
TRENT: So, we about to buy
some weed yesterday, right?
Andy is wearing the same fucking
hoodie he wears everyday,
forgets the money he owes.
- You guys got anything?
- TRENT: Again.
TRENT: So, Elliot pulls out his gun
and he's like,
business is business.
You know my family don't fuck around.
The normal Elliot shit.
And then boom.
Smack... Smacks him in the mouth
with the barrel of his gun.
His lip turned into a...
I know don't know, what do you call this?
Why you still doing
business with them?
Why? Because I smoke.
I just smoked a J in the bathroom.
I'm feeling amazing.
LUCAS: You don't
get involved with them.
TRENT: These fries tastes like Jesus.
ANDY: Trying to get to a dollar.
I just want to get tips.
Yo, yo, what's good?
TRENT: God damn,
don't ever smile at me again.
- LUCAS: What's up, buddy? How you doing?
- Hey. Lucas.
You got two bucks
I can borrow?
- You still owe me five.
- Yeah, you do owe him five dollars.
I know, man. Come on, dude.
- I'm hungry.
- We're all fucking hungry.
We're all hungry and I'm high
which means I'm even more hungry.
What did you do
with the money I gave you?
ANDY: Lucas,
you think you can get me
a job at the farm?
It's not a good time.
Come on, man.
You got Trent a job.
We barely hang on.
Trust me. Dude.
You don't want to work there.
Place is like hell.
Either way he's fucked.
He owes.
LUCAS: I'll see what I can do.
AMBER: Seriously, those two again.
Your sister is so stupid.
What the fuck
is my sister doing?
TRENT: What the fuck is he saying?
AMBER: You don't fuck with that family.
TRENT: Whatever you're going
to do, I got your back,
just, good luck.
Okay, let's do it. Come on.
You're out there causing all
sorts of trouble, jailbait.
What the fuck's going on?
Oh! Hey, what's up, Lucas?
Go catch up
with your girlfriend.
- Go.
- CORIE: Don't treat me like a fucking kid.
What's up with
you and my sister, huh?
Nothing, we're just talking.
She's 14.
You touch her and I'll have you
arrested for statutory rape.
[LAUGHS] I'm sorry.
- LUCAS: Is that funny?
- Did you hear that?
Let me let you in
on a secret.
Sucking ain't fucking.
BOY: Fight!
You fucked up now, Lucas!
BOY: Hey, fucking security.
Hey, it's all good, bro.
BOY: It's all good.
We'll settle this back home.
LUCAS: We go to school,
and town,
where there are things like security
guards and the occasional cop.
LUCAS: Then, it's a long drive home
to another world.
We got one road in and out.
The mailman drops our shit
in a crate by the highway.
See, we can't afford
to pay taxes.
Our votes don't matter.
So, the outside world
doesn't give a shit about us.
People die,
no one cares.
I ain't see a cop here
since I was a kid.
That might've just
been my imagination.
- Hey, go inside, baby.
- Who is that?
[LOUDLY] Just get inside.
You know my sons?
What do you want?
You owe.
This is my home.
You want to talk business,
you call me, then we'll
meet, somewhere else.
JUNIOR: Yeah, we tried that.
You're selling our shit,
but you're not paying.
Listen, bitch,
you'll get yours.
Now, go, go.
You don't have it right now?
- WYATT: No.
- You ain't got shit in this ghetto half stack?
you didn't hear me?
I said no.
Heard you won
a fight last week.
Straight up.
First round knockout.
Get inside
and take everything.
- No, no.
- BEN: Make her watch.
You know this
is what happens
if you didn't pay.
I can feel the weight
Yeah, I can feel the weight
Of the world
I can feel the pressure
I know the pain and the hurt
I've been climbing up All
these mountains for so long
And I've been building up
All these kingdoms
For so long
I will not run
When destiny calls
I'm dipping my hand in gold
It's good to be king
It's good to be king
Ay. Ay, ay...
My mama used
to name our plants.
We had a Walter
and a Charlie and a Sprout.
Sprout didn't make it.
Where are you going
to hang yours?
I don't know.
Well, you should
name it first.
I think even plants know you love
them when you give them a good name.
Your daddy named you.
Before we knew
we were having a girl.
That is why
you got a boys name.
- Hey, Lukey.
- Hey, ma.
- More Elkhorns?
- [HAPPILY] More Elkhorns.
Mom, why are you
spending money on plants?
They were on sale.
They're just like the ones that my
mommy used to hang when I was a kid.
- LUCAS: We can't afford anything.
- Ain't that sweet.
Oh, come on.
SIDNEY: They didn't cost nothing.
Well, nothing costs nothing.
Take them back.
I think they look nice
and I think they make
the place look nice.
Fine. I don't care.
They'll take them back.
I don't care. I'll get
those ten dollars back.
- LUCAS: Mom, stop.
- I'll take them back tomorrow
- after work.
- Stop, stop.
I'll get all the money
back, it's fine.
- SIDNEY: Give me that one...
- Stop.
- Stop, it's okay.
- No. Listen, I understand that I...
I'll hang the plants.
Give me the plant.
Come on.
- I'll hang the plant.
- Well, use the plant I got for you.
Fucking hang...
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to swear.
I love those.
They remind me of my childhood.
I don't know.
What can I say?
LUCAS: Yeah.
SIDNEY: Oh, no. Charolette.
CHAROLETTE: Hey, sexy.
You ready to go?
I don't even know
what time it is.
- I'm sorry. I haven't even showered yet, let me just...
- CHAROLETTE: Chop, chop.
I won't take a minute.
Hey, Lucas.
So, when are you going to set
me up with one of your friends?
Going into town tonight?
You two be okay?
LUCAS: Yeah.
LUCAS: Corie, do the dishes.
I'm not going
to ask you again.
What is this?
Whatever shit you got
going on with Elliot
it's going to end.
He's nice.
- You're just jealous.
Yeah, of what?
He's more popular than you.
He's on the football team.
He gets more girls.
He's a drug dealer.
Did you know he pulled the
gun on Trent last week?
Guns are cool.
Trent probably deserved it.
Easy with that.
Those dad's?
I don't know.
You know the story
behind this glass?
LUCAS: When dad used to
come home from work everyday
in that beat up truck.,
me and mom would
hear him and run to the door.
We were waiting for him.
And she'd have this glass
filled with...
cinnamon whiskey.
He loved it. [CHUCKLES]
And we'd just sit
on the couch
and tell us about his day.
I wish he was here.
Do your homework.
- Ugh.
CORIE: Shut the fuck up!
CORIE: Disgusting.
I'm in the next room!
That was fun.
AMBER: Lucas?
LUCAS: Motherfucker!
Boy. Chill out, man.
- Corie, get inside.
- I got the whole family here, huh?
What did you do to our house?
[SCREAMS] Corie, get inside!
Listen to your brother, baby.
It's got nothing
to do with you.
Come on, it ain't so easy,
when you haven't done it before, is it?
Come on, boy!
Do it!
I mean, how many guns
you got in there, Lucas?
Cause I got
a whole bunch of toys.
Own, baby.
Get in your fucking
shit ass trailer.
ELLIOT: You're fucking trailer trash.
Hey, Mom.
Hey, Mom.
AMBER: I thought you were a tramp.
CORIE: Fuck you.
LUCAS: We may not
have much around here,
but at least we have a code.
LUCAS: When two of us
get to having a disagreement,
we meet and hash it out.
We don't need cops,
or lawyers, shit like that.
We finish what we start.
No one else
ever needs to know.
What the fuck you want?
I want to see your pops.
You packing?
Dad, someone here to see you.
What do you want, Lucas?
I'm having
a disagreement with your son.
- ELLIOT: What?
- Get out here.
What the fuck
are you doing here, Lucas?
You threatened my family.
I want to sort this shit
out before anyone gets hurt.
It's a little late for that.
Man to man.
So, you want to go
to the ranch
and settle this?
Or you two could quit eye fucking
each other and get a room.
Get inside, Junior.
Whatever. [SNIFFS]
- Oh, shit...
- shut up.
BEN: Get back to what
you were doing.
How you doing for money?
I'm fine.
You know, there's always
some work here if you want it.
We could do with someone with
a good head on their shoulders.
I'm good.
When you see Elliot next,
you can talk to him
and you can work out
your little play date.
BEN: He's gone.
You've heard of the three strike
rule, haven't you, Andy?
I'll get you your money back.
I promise.
We have been so lenient.
Haven't we, son?
[ANDY SOBBING] I'm sorry.
BEN: We told you
what would happen
if you didn't pay us
what you owed.
It's all right. It's okay.
I need to take a piss.
CORIE: Fucking bitch.
CORIE: Come on, let's go.
Come on! Let's go!
CORIE: You want to go?
I'm going to fuck you up.
Let's go!
Come on here, you bitch.
- Mom home yet?
- Nope.
Watch out.
Watch out.
Nice catch.
You smell like a pig's ass.
Fuck off.
I thought you were quitting.
I work on the farm.
They give us free food.
Fuck those assholes,
I'm not eating it.
It's more for me.
Quit the construction site?
So, you're working
for the assholes
that stole all our jobs and then
you're building houses for them.
Paid for that candy bar.
So, you and Elliot, huh?
How do you know about that?
He's saying
he's going to kill you.
How's that good?
He's talking shit
means he's scared.
You gonna win?
I'm going to rip
his fucking throat out.
And all this bullshit is over.
You know why
we're doing this, right?
I've got to do everything I
can to keep you and mom safe.
You got to help me, too.
Close your eyes.
Just do it.
Dad's ring.
Don't lose it.
- Will you do it?
- Okay.
Got it.
Yeah, it looks good.
Really good.
Can I show you something?
Well, you got to promise
not to tell anyone.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
CORIE: College boy!
Just look at this place.
CORIE: I knew you'd get in.
Oh, it ain't like this shit,
I want to tell you that much.
LUCAS: We're all going to go here.
You, me, mom.
I'm gonna get that degree.
Get a job.
And then we're just gone.
LUCAS: We just got to
make it through this year.
All right, round up, children.
Lucas and Elliot have been
having some problems.
I found that
under your fucking pillow.
You might be glad
it's under there one day.
They're here today to hash
this shit out man to man,
so, we all don't
end up killing each other.
- Jesus, mom!
- You think I don't know what's going on?
I know what you're doing.
You're not going
anywhere today.
And no matter what happens,
nobody interferes.
SIDNEY: Listen to me.
You think you can just
go out and have your fun,
- be a man and who cares what happens.
- I can't fucking talk to you right now!
You leave people behind.
You ready to fight?
- How about you?
- No. You step one foot outside this house
- don't even think about...
- Why don't you fucking stop me?
What are you going to do?
You want to keep us safe?
Take that shit out of the
trash and learn how to use it.
You're just like your daddy.
Let's get to it.
SIDNEY: If you walk out
that door, you keep walking!
Get the fuck out of my house!
We'll be just fine
without you.
God damn, pussy fight.
- Fucking get him!
- Get in there!
- Maybe you should've.
- Come on.
- Watch the left!
- Come on, let's go.
JUNIOR: Hey, Elliot, deck his face.
- You got this, baby.
- Turn around.
Come on.
[YELLING] Come on.
AMBER: Come on and finish it.
I got one bullet
for your mom.
I got one too for that
little bitch sister of yours.
I got one more for you.
JUNIOR: Elliot, use your elbows, man.
Get him off you, man.
AMBER: Get him off you.
- Stay focused.
- AMBER: Get up...
TRENT: No, no.
AMBER: Come on. Get up.
- TRENT: Get off of him, man.
- AMBER: Get off him.
- Fuck this...
- Shut the fuck up.
TRENT: He can handle it. Stop.
CORIE: Stop!
JUNIOR: Elliot!
TRENT: Hold it.
Come on,
fucking kill him.
CORIE: No, stop.
CORIE: Lucas, stop.
Fucking get a room.
TRENT: Lights out, baby.
Hey, you're fucking
killing him, Lucas.
JUNIOR: Elliot, come on.
Champion finds a way.
JUNIOR: Find a fucking way.
JUNIOR: I swear to god, get up.
AMBER: Come on, baby, come on.
- BOY: Dude, bite his nose off or something.
- Elliot!
It ain't so easy when you
haven't done it before, is it?
JUNIOR: You got to get up, man.
JUNIOR: Elliot, wake up.
ELLIOT: I'm sorry.
- Pull the trigger man.
ELLIOT: It's all you got to do.
Step up, be a man.
Come on. Come on.
ELLIOT: Come on, boy.
Do it!
LUCAS: Tomorrow
we'll still be here.
We're going to have
our differences, sure.
But this shit is settled.
Go tell my mum
everything's okay.
LUCAS: Never to be
talked about again.
JUNIOR: All right.
BEN: What the fuck?
BEN: Get in the fucking car, Junior.
Get in the fucking car.
Fucking get up and you
get in the fucking car.
Get up!
Get up!
He won.
He kicked his fucking ass.
You should've been there.
It never ends well,
you know.
LUCAS: Seasons pass,
we don't talk about
what comes before.
We bottle it up
and let it fade away
like ghosts.
We keep our heads down,
keep working, stay together.
Maybe, in time
it could all be different.
AMBER: What time
do you get off tonight?
LUCAS: Late.
I thought
maybe I could come by,
and say hi.
I got to watch
the miles, you know.
Cash is up again.
I'll see you after?
All right, sure.
LUCAS: Did you bring
your lunch today?
AMBER: I'm not hungry.
Anyway, I'm on a diet.
I'm getting fat.
It's on me. Okay?
Spend it on food.
Not scratchers or
smokes or whatever you buy.
Hey, Luc, you got
a couple bucks I can borrow?
We are in the middle
of something.
Do you have a couple of
bucks that I can borrow?
What happened to your pay?
I got to give a couple
of bucks to my pops
and my uncle
out of town and shit.
Whatever. It's not like
they pay shit anyway, right?
I just want to get something to eat.
I'll take it out of my next week's check,
if you want.
MS. TAYLOR: Lucas.
Can I speak with you?
- Yeah.
- Wait, bro, I need something to eat
before we go to work.
I'm going to pass out again. Remember?
We'll get something
on the way.
TRENT: You're not hearing me.
Can you wait?
I've got something
I've been getting, okay?
Like every
fucking day, right?
It's like food,
my usual shit. And...
I was buying some stuff and
I kept buying like more stuff
I'm just...
I owe.
Okay. I owe Elliot,
which means I fucking own Ben.
- I told you...
- I fucking lied, man.
I told you not to get
involved with them.
Listen to me, I need this fucking
money, bro. I'm sorry.
TRENT: I promise I will pay you back.
- TRENT: I will fucking pay...
- LUCAS: Get your fucking hands off me.
- TRENT: You think you're high and mighty.
- Fucking stop...
- That was an accident.
- Fuck.
[GASPS] Come with me.
- Lucas, I...
- Stay!
Okay, um...
I made sense of some of the
financial aid forms for you.
I know they can be
kind of...
Kind of confusing.
There's a couple of places
where you have to sign.
I marked those.
There, and then...
you just got to look through it and
make sure everything is accurate.
I got into
a pretty nice college too.
I made some bad mistakes and
it all just slipped away.
Just like that.
Now, I'm stuck here.
Your friends
don't know
what's good for you.
What do you mean
people aren't paying?
Times are tough, I guess.
When I was your age,
I had twice the responsibility
and my daddy didn't
give me a fucking dime!
[ELLIOT SCOFFS] I'll give you
16 dimes and a shotgun show.
People pay you
out of fear
and respect.
You don't have any.
What the fuck
am I supposed to do then?
- [YELLING] Earn your keep.
- [YELLING] How?
What do I always say to you?
[SCOFFS] Right.
"A champion finds a way."
What did you fucking say?
A champion finds a way.
Don't you fucking mouth off.
What do I tell you?
A champion finds a way.
Say it again.
- A champion finds a way.
A champion finds a way.
- Again.
- A champion finds a way.
- A champion finds a way.
- Come on. Say it again.
- A champion finds a way.
- Again.
- A champion finds a way.
- Again, you motherfucker.
- A champion finds a way.
- Again.
A champion finds a way.
Hit me again.
A champion finds a way.
Hit me again.
A champion finds a way.
A champion finds a way!
Get the fuck off me!
A champion finds a way!
There, there, that's my boy.
That's my boy.
All right, all right.
BEN: All right.
Get the fuck out of here.
Don't play with your food.
- LUCAS: How do you like it?
- SIDNEY: All right, kids,
- LUCAS: That's what you get.
- SIDNEY: I'm heading into town.
- What is this?
[SIGHS] Oh, hey, Amber.
- You want something to eat?
- [SIDNEY LAUGHS] No, thanks, honey.
I'll just grab something
on the way out.
You'll clean this up, right?
SIDNEY: Okay, well,
y'all have a good night.
Hey, finish that
and put it in the sink.
Put that in the sink too.
I'm bored.
Come here, baby.
- Jesus Christ, babe.
- Come here.
Hey, I got to study.
LUCAS: Fuck.
Are you fucking kidding me?
What the fuck?
Are fucking
into me or what?
Of course, I am.
But I have to study.
Hey, stop. I got
to fucking do this, okay?
Are you going to marry me?
Are you going to marry me?
We haven't
even graduated yet.
Just answer
the fucking question.
- Baby, why you...
- Are you going to marry me, Lucas?
This is fucking stupid.
It's not fucking stupid.
Shut the...
- LUCAS: Please, stop.
- Fuck you.
You fucking ignore me...
You know what.
You're probably
just planning to go to college
and find some rich fucking bitch
and fuck her
and leave me behind.
That's what you're planning
on doing, isn't it, huh?
- Like fucking, Miss Taylor. That teacher.
- LUCAS: Stop!
- You fucking stop.
- LUCAS: Look at me and stop.
Crazy bitch.
We'll talk
about this tomorrow.
No, we will talk
about it now. Fuck you!
Take her out.
You going to hit me, Lucas?
Just stop!
You're acting fucking crazy!
- LUCAS: God!
I can't get
a fucking break in this house.
Oh, that's not crazy baby.
This is fucking crazy.
And this, and this,
you know what?
- This is fucking crazy, Lucas.
- Stop!
This is fucking crazy.
- Stop!
- AMBER: I fucking hate you.
- CORIE: Get her ass out.
- Get the fuck out!
AMBER: You fucking little cunt!
- AMBER: Baby, come on. No.
- LUCAS: Go home!
Lucas, open this door
right now!
- [SEDUCTIVELY] Come on, baby.
Come on, just let me
back in, okay, baby?
You know I'm going
to be real good a quiet.
[ANGRILY] You better
open up this door, bro.
You better open up this door or I'm
going to break it down and fuck you up.
You do not
want to fuck with me!
AMBER: You ungrateful piece of shit.
Do you know
how many guys want this?
- She's crazy.
- AMBER: Fucking trailer trash.
It's okay.
Jesus fucking Christ.
[CORIE GRUNTS] Fucking bitch.
CORIE: Fucking cunt.
AMBER: Shut the fuck up,
you little tiny bitch.
AMBER: You want to fuck with me?
You tiny little...
Knock that shit off.
- Corie, inside.
- AMBER: What the fuck are you doing?
- Lucas!
- LUCAS: Go home.
Lucas, stop it,
what is wrong with you?
LUCAS: We'll talk about it tomorrow.
- AMBER: Lucas...
- We'll talk about it tomorrow.
I love you, baby.
Jesus Christ, Corie.
AMBER: I love you, baby.
TRENT: Damn.
Thanks for the help, asshole.
TRENT: All right.
Collection day.
Fuck, good to see you, man.
Look, I've got
the money, all right?
TRENT: Two fucking
days and it's here.
You got to pay
what you owe, Trent.
That's the rule.
Or you can come back to our
house for a conversation.
It's on its way, man.
It's on its way.
Where's my fucking money?
Where's my money?
BEN: Hey, bitch,
you fucking hear me.
Where is it?
Where the fuck is my money?
LUCAS: Hey, how much does he owe?
What the fuck
do you want, college boy?
- How much?
- How much you got?
LUCAS: He's square, right?
Shit, I don't know.
- He's square.
- JUNIOR: Yeah.
He's square.
You are lucky
your boyfriend came.
You say hi
to your mom from me.
It's been a while.
JUNIOR: Come on.
Come on. We've got
six more stops to make.
- You okay?
- TRENT: Hey, I'll pay you back.
Get in the house.
LUCAS: Get in the house.
What the hell is wrong?
Lucas, she's doing it again.
- What happened?
LUCAS: She can't breathe.
It's okay. It's okay.
You're okay.
Why'd you get like this?
Promise me you will never talk
to those people again, okay?
Oh, God.
Come here. It's okay.
SIDNEY: Don't you ever
cross that man.
He's no good.
He'll come for all of us.
LUCAS: What are you
talking about, mom?
LUCAS: Corie, stay inside
till I get back.
CORIE: I'm supposed
to be somewhere.
LUCAS: Don't argue with me.
CORIE: I'm not your fucking dog.
Shit. You're getting tall.
Can I talk to you?
This is my friend.
- TRENT: What's up, man?
- How you doing?
I've been solid.
LUCAS: All right.
- TRENT: You sure?
- Yeah.
OLIVER: How you doing?
Well, I'm all right.
You know why our hands
evolved from monkeys?
LUCAS: To use tools.
No, everybody
thinks that. Tools,
beating hands
with sticks and making shit.
If that hand had tools,
well, it'd be thinner.
They'd move better.
But our hands are like this
because they did one thing.
Our fingers curl
and out thumb backs it up.
Our hands evolved
because the strong survive.
LUCAS: Is that a 50 CAL?
That's what that is.
LUCAS: Where the hell
did you get it then?
Well, I know a guy.
You want a beer?
LUCAS: No, I'm fine.
- Sure?
- Mmm-hmm.
Don't mind if I do.
Went hunting two days ago,
shot that buck right there from 100 yards,
right between the eyes.
Clean kill.
No pain.
With the 50?
With the 50?
With the fucking 50?
No, not with the fucking 50.
If I shot that buck with the 50,
his brains would be out of his asshole.
What happened that day?
What day?
Oh, shit. [SIGHS]
Hey, Lucas, you know, we...
We don't talk about that.
Why did my dad
get into it with Ben?
They were drunk.
They had themselves a little
dance, that's about it.
You know, alcohol
reduces the physiological
stress response.
That's why I don't drink...
LUCAS: It's not his fault he
doesn't want to talk about it.
It's how we keep the peace.
But it's been the same
bullshit my whole life.
No answers.
No closure.
The past is just gone.
Shut the fuck up!
My mum is a fucking wreck.
She won't fucking say
one word to me.
She was a wreck
before the fight.
I remember.
Corie's getting mixed up
with them too.
You keep her
away from them.
Well, I can't
protect my family
if I don't now
what really happened.
Oh, fuck.
All right.
If I tell you this...
...you can't ever act on it.
What's done is done.
And you deserve to know,
I agree. I've...
I wanted
to tell you for years.
But if you ever
act on this
there won't be
no turning back.
Oh, I don't know why she left.
But, fuck her. Two kids?
She leaves behind two kids.
Come on, Ben here ain't
exactly a picnic to be around.
No woman in her right mind
is going to do that.
We are going
to find someone for you.
I am a matchmaker.
I love setting people up.
And I know you.
I see you acting all
tough and mean
all the time, but,
I know deep down,
you're a little old softy.
Don't get any
big ideas there, bubba.
Come on, let your girl have
a little fun for once, huh?
Oh, hell.
She gets to have all the fun she wants.
Ain't that right, baby?
RUSSELL: Ben, on the other hand,
doesn't know
the meaning of the word.
That's why no one likes you.
Ain't that right? [CHUCKLES]
Stop being an asshole.
Oh, shit,
you hear that, Oliver?
- I'm the asshole?
- Uh-huh.
OLIVER: We were
all friends growing up.
SIDNEY: We're going
to find you someone.
wasn't like he is now.
He and your folks
though, they had
issues going way back.
Wrong ideas.
And you know
how it gets around here.
SIDNEY: We're going to find you someone.
We're going to go into town...
OLIVER: Sometimes people just...
- SIDNEY: We're going to get a real good girl...
- OLIVER: Snap.
Just someone to knock some sense
in that mean head of yours.
Whoa, easy there, tiger.
you got the wrong idea there.
I don't think I do.
Oh, let's talk
about this later.
No, let's talk
about it now.
- OLIVER: Hey.
- SIDNEY: Get off of me.
- OLIVER: Stop, that's enough.
- Hey!
OLIVER: That was a bad night.
And then some...
Some other stuff happened.
But that was about it.
LUCAS: What happened?
MAN: Fucking watch.
- MAN: Watch!
BEN: You fucking wanted this.
You wanted to know.
Now, you know.
The next day,
people started shooting.
People died.
The whole town
turned into a war zone.
Your daddy,
he called Ben out and said,
"No one else
needs to get hurt."
He said, they should
settle things man to man.
You were there for that part.
OLIVER: I mean,
your mum wanted to let it go.
She was the one
that wanted to keep it quiet.
Didn't want you or Corie
to ever know about it.
Your dad was the one who insisted
on you being there that day.
He wanted you to understand
what it was he was doing.
You got to be
man enough to let this go.
Lucas, your...
- Hey, where we going?
- LUCAS: We're going to Ben's.
LUCAS: If you don't want to come with
me, man, you don't have to.
TRENT: No, I got you.
Let's get it.
TRENT: What the fuck?
Drop punches.
All right, look, hang on.
Let me help you.
All right, jailbait.
- Come here. Alright. So...
- CORIE: Okay.
- Just like that.
- TRENT: How do these two keep ending up together?
Whatever shit you got
going on with Elliot
- it's got to end.
- He's nice.
This hand, you're just
throwing it out there, okay?
LUCAS: What's up with
you and my sister, huh?
You fucking some dumb bitch with
your sister in the next room?
- You think she doesn't tell me about that?
Can you show me
how to throw a real punch?
When you grow up
a little bit.
See, this is how you win fights.
You just keep...
You got something set up
and you just find a way to win the fight.
You know, a champion finds a way.
ELLIOT: Oh, yes.
Again. Yes.
Again. Ah!
The boy's lit up.
You see this. Look at this.
You cut him open.
ELLIOT: What are you doing?
- Just smoking.
- Are you fucking high?
Dude, you're supposed
to be on watch.
What are you doing
getting stoned right now?
Quit looking at me.
Back to back.
Oh, shit.
- What are you doing here?
- Hey.
- What are you fucking doing here?
- You need to home, man.
get in the fucking truck.
ELLIOT: Why don't you
get back home?
get in the fucking truck.
- Hey, hey.
- LUCAS: What do you want?
Look, she's
a grown ass woman, okay?
She can do whatever she wants.
Hey, are you deaf, huh?
- She said, "go home." Get the fuck...
Get to fucking walking.
Get to fucking
walking, Corie. Go.
CORIE: Lucas!
- Lucas?
- ELLIOT: Come on.
Hey, Corie, he's fine.
Corie, look at me. Hey.
- Lucas?
- Your brother's fine, okay?
He's gone for a little nap.
He's fine. Let's go.
Come on.
Hey, Elliot.
CORIE: Lucas.
LUCAS: Corie!
No, no.
Corie, everything's
going to be okay.
Trent, get the truck!
[WEEPILY] No, no!
I'm so sorry.
Fill this bag with as much of my
mom's shit as you can in two minutes.
Put it in the truck
and start the engine.
LUCAS: We got to go.
[WEEPING] I'm not leaving
until we bury her.
Oh god.
Listen to me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Ben is going to come here
and he's going to kill us.
I told you
it would come to this!
We have to leave now.
You're all I have left.
AMBER: Turn out the lights.
You all be quiet for a second.
TRENT: What'd you see?
AMBER: I don't know.
But something's not right.
LUCAS: There are no crickets out.
Is it?
LUCAS: Motherfuckers.
MAN: Come on now, why don't
you turn those lights back on?
- JUNIOR: You piece of shit.
- LUCAS: We got to find a way out of here.
What's going on?
- LUCAS: Get down.
SIDNEY: Oh, my god.
- LUCAS: Stay down.
- SIDNEY: Oh god.
How many are there?
Oh, god...
JUNIOR: Get the fuck up
and start shooting.
- SIDNEY: No, no. Stop it.
LUCAS: Fuck!
LUCAS: Are you okay?
TRENT: I'm good.
JUNIOR: Fucking bitch!
- You alright, boy?
- Yeah.
Let's go.
BEN: Got you.
JUNIOR: Who the fuck is that?
TRENT: What the fuck was that?
- BEN: Go, boy, go.
- BEN: Pull back.
- JUNIOR: Pull back!
It's Oliver.
We're clear.
They left to the north.
I watched them go, all of them.
Man, you didn't hit shit.
SIDNEY: You missed on purpose.
TRENT: Whatever. Let's man up
and go get these motherfuckers.
- AMBER: Fuck yeah.
- TRENT: I'm sick of them.
AMBER: Come on.
Let's go end this shit.
TRENT: Your fuckin' mom
was in the house, bro.
AMBER: Let's end
those motherfuckers.
TRENT: Walking around like they run
this shit. Now, we run this shit.
AMBER: Fuck, yeah.
- TRENT: Someone's fucking dying today.
- Stop.
TRENT: Stop what? Come on.
AMBER: Lucas,
what the fuck? Come on.
TRENT: Let's fucking go.
Not like this.
LUCAS: We don't have
much around here.
But at least we have a code.
When two of us get
to having a disagreement,
we meet,
and hash it out.
We don't ask for help.
We don't need cops,
lawyers, shit like that.
We finish what we start.
No one else
ever needs to know.
OLIVER: Lot's been
going on around here.
Lucas and Ben decided
to settle things man to man.
No one interferes.
Now, after today,
it don't matter how it goes,
we don't talk about it.
We don't ask about it
Don't lose it.
Lucas, you ready?
Ready, brother?
OLIVER: Go to it.
- JUNIOR: Yes!
TRENT: Focus.
SIDNEY: Lucas!
JUNIOR: He ain't got shit.
Always got to be on your toes.
AMBER: Back up.
TRENT: That's what I'm talking about.
Oh, my god.
Oh, shit.
Come on.
TRENT: Yeah!
JUNIOR: Come on.
Did your mother tell you about
our special night in the bar, huh?
TRENT: Don't let him get in your head.
She's a real sweet
fucking mover, man.
- TRENT: Stay focused.
You listen to that.
Shame your sister died before I
got a chance to fuck her, too.
JUNIOR: He's scared now.
Oh, yeah, he's scared.
- TRENT: Don't let up.
JUNIOR: Nice one.
That's the fuck
I'm talking about.
SIDNEY: You think you can
just go out and have your fun,
be a man and who cares
what happens.
SIDNEY: You leave people behind.
There's some things in life
you can never come back from.
JUNIOR: End him.
How do you like that,
Huh, how do you like it?
LUCAS: This shit gets ugly,
but it's better we settle it
here and out in the streets,
man to man,
to keep everything
from falling apart.
We don't need gangs.
We don't need cops.
We don't need armies.
It doesn't have to be
anyone else's problem.
Get through!
- AMBER: Come on!
- Damn it.
AMBER: Kill him.
That's what
I'm talking about. Yeah.
AMBER: Do it!
Do it. Take him out.
LUCAS: Fuck!
- You got this.
He's out. He's out.
OLIVER: Lucas, let him go.
It's over.
It's over.
After this, it's done.
LUCAS: It's not the air you cut off
when you choke someone like this,
it's blood.
Blood passed
from fathers to sons.
You got to be man enough
to let this go.
Step up. Be a man.
- Come on.
- LUCAS: At first it hits you so hard you don't feel it.
Then it squeezes tighter.
He's fucking out.
LUCAS: Then, you're just...
- Put the guns down!
- Put your fucking guns down. I swear to god...
We came here
to stop this shooting.
AMBER: You better
put that fucking gun down.
OLIVER: Put the guns down now.
AMBER: Shoot.
LUCAS: Put it down.
Come on. We've come here
to stop the shooting.
Come on, let's stop it!
LUCAS: Memory is a motherfucker.
Every act of violence
leaves its ghosts.
Remember them and we evolve.
Bottle them up
and they come back for us
over and over
Until we're just...