K.G.F: Chapter 1 (2018) Movie Script

I had heard of demons...
For the first time I saw one!
No one should write or read about him!
There should be no trace of him
in the annals of history!
I am enforcing the Army
and signing a Death Warrant
of the biggest criminal in India!
This is ridiculous...
How can somebody write
something so careless??
That too a Senior Journalist,
if he writes like this,
I am unable to believe it!
They wanted to publish this book too!
But the Government...
has banned this book then after seizing it,
they burnt all the copies...
From the Police Source
Now I have received
this one copy!
Call him for an interview...
Sir, I know that he is a
Senior Journalist!
But, in this book...
I am unable to see a single truth!
I have an interview to take in Delhi...
And I am getting late for the flight!
If the Government itself,
in banning and seizing this book
has shown interest means
there must be some truth in it, is it not?
I may be the owner of this TV Channel,
But you are the face of it...
And you have to take your own decision!
But since 50 years
I have been observing Anand...
To even write a single word,
he thinks a hundred times...
He has written a whole book!
I will give you half an hour's time!
After that, you can find someone
else to do the job!
- Sir...
Arrange the Interview in the Archives room!
Send everybody outside...
- Hello everybody
Nobody should know about this...
- Please clear the room!
Leave... Leave...
I don't want a live recording...
All right sir!
We are journalists,
the smallest of things...
We hook, find and pull out!
In this book that you have written,
such a big thing...
It will give rise to a deluge of questions...
These things directly implicate big people...
Thinking, coming to Bangalore,
I will get a good job...
Staying here with these people,
doing some odd jobs...
Still not benefited for me...
I cannot go to back to my village,
without money...
I still can't repay the loan!
Sir will you like soup,
Hey! Get lost!
Goddess Devi Maa!
Show me a path and give me courage.
Madam, for rape,
only men are to blame...
Shut up Mr. Sharma...
Oh God! What's this!
This woman is behaving like Goddess Durga!
To Deepa madam, in the Archives room,
who will serve tea man?
It's based on a true story.
You have written!
For this imagination of yours,
what records do have?
Will people read all this?
Will they believe all this?
Give me that book!
Now, will they read it?
Do you know what El Dorado means?
You Mean - The Lost City of Gold?
Since thousands of years,
knowing that there is a Golden Kingdom,
many kings...
In a mad bid to seek that,
have lost many armies!
Not a single soul was able to salvage it!
If anyone had got it,
he would have become the
greatest king of them all!
Isn't that so?
I have written this book about
someone like that!
This is not an imagination,
to show that it is real,
in this world there is only one record!
What is buried in the sands...
The Symbolic Heroic Stone!
Symbolic Heroic Stone??
To wash clothes,
the stone that is next to the pond,
Not that stone!
In the stone,
if his picture has been etched,
then he must have achieved something big!
That Symbolic Heroic Stone of yours
however deep it may be buried,
I want to see it!
I want to see it...
The stone...
If it exists!
Get an excavation team ready!
Let it cost any amount!
Let's dig it out...
Where shall we send them sir?
Where is your Symbolic Heroic Stone??
Where is it?
El Dorado!
18km away from KGF town
you will get Baagnur...
From there, on the Baindoor road,
after 12 Km if you take left,
after 4 Km you will get a hill on the left...
Near that hill, there is a Desert Palm tree...
surrounding the tree, within 35 feet if you did,
you will find the Symbolic Heroic Stone...
Is what he has said sir!
Arrange a team,
leave today itself
dig that and take it out...
Sir, are you serious?
In 3 days, it's my wedding sir!
Just because the old man inside told,
can we set off?
The man inside is Anand Ingalagi...
So I am damn serious!
From 1950 to 1980,
All the papers are here...
A good many more papers, I have asked for,
but in all these papers, about KGF,
there is not a single article!
That's fine, leave these papers...
Leave this book!
Let's hear it from you!
From your mouth, let's hear it...
Who is that person?
Was he a hero...
Or was he a villain??
What happened in that place?
The gold found in KGF has enormous value!
But behind the hands that took it out,
There lies a huge history!
In the world, wherever gold is found,
it's found by chance!
In 1951
at a distance of 18 Km from KGF,
while farmers were digging a well,
they found a strange stone...
To investigate that,
government officers came,
with them Sooryavardhan was present!
It was destiny's act...
That night
two incidents occurred!
That place was discovered...
And he too was born!
Like how stones and boulders are found,
it's not that easy to find gold!
But Sooryavardhan...
found all boulders to be infested with gold!
He did not let even an atom of dust
to fly away from there.
You have given birth to a son like an emperor...
My dear...
He doesn't have a father man...
The mother is suffering a lot!
Do you want a father??
Sooryavardhan took that land
for Limestone Mining
for 99 years on lease!
To safeguard the secret...
He brought people by force
And started Mining.
To save your mother's life...
This much money is not sufficient my dear!
Marriage at 14...
A baby at 15...
A life full of sorrows...
At 25 years,
death had came searching for her!
But, to leave behind for her son...
She had only one asset!
Her last words...
Everyone thinks that if they money,
They can live a very peaceful life...
without money,
one can't even die peacefully...
This no one thinks about!
Give me your word...
I don't know how you will survive,
but when you die...
You must be dominant
As a immensely wealthy man...
You should die!
I will become a very wealthy man,
She only showed him the goal,
But the path to reach it,
he had to choose it himself!
Give me money!
Money! Money!
I don't have...
You don't have money?
Here take money...
This is not enough for me...
I need more!
Not enough?
For trifles, you must beg...
For more, you have to thrash!
It's only if you have power,
will you have money...
Where will I find it??
For that dream,
he reached the city of friction,
Scoundrel, get up...
This is my place!
Bombay, for the gold black market...
was the main place!
For this region,
two 2 gold smugglers...
Dubai's Inayath Khalil
and Bombay's Shetty...
Between them endless war was on!
In this war another person entered!
Even though his slipper size was small,
That path where he laid his
footsteps was big!
Tell me your name!
Raja Krishnappa Beria
In Bombay, if you do big tasks,
you will earn a big name!
then even small names will be remembered.
Polish... Polish...
Everyone salutes him!
He is the king of Bombay!
That bloody Shinde,
is troubling Shetty brother a lot!
We have to crack his head!
Are you crazy?
Who will dare hit an Inspector?
Will you hit him?
Will anyone in Bombay hit him?
Or will these kids hit him?
Will any of you hit the inspector,
Is anybody like that here?
I found a man! Bugger!
Hey! Aslam Boss said it in jest
and you have seriously come to hit him!
Hey! Come man!
Let anyone call me a savage...
Let them repeatedly call me thus...
- Hey... Child!
What happened?
Let's go... Come man!
He doesn't know my name!
He doesn't know who I am!
Who is that boy?
I want him!
Not a boy...
My name is Rocky,
you will remember it, right?
Sir, he is my boy sir...
I had made him sit in Andheri!
In jest I asked him to hit the police...
But he!
Don't worry about it man...
From the police, I have set him free!
Where had you gone man?
Had gone to earn my name!
Why did you hit the policemen?
If you hit someone,
the police will search for you!
If you hit the police itself,
A Don like you will search!
What do you want??
The world...
In 1978,
due to the crisis between Iran and Afghanistan,
The enmity between United States
and Soviet Union had amplified!
The outcome impacted the whole world!
Along with oil, coffee, steel and cotton prices...
Gold prices touched the skies!
By then, Sooryavardhan
had reached a stature that one one could touch!
To firmly establish this empire,
he had selected 5 partners as his 5 pillars!
After Barghav departed, his son Kamal
was taking the raw material that came from KGF,
from that in the factory he was extracting gold!
The gold that was extracted there
would be brought to Bangalore
and the responsibility of distributing it everywhere
was overseen by Rajendra Desai.
The western region was in his control!
Guru Pandyan...
The political strength that he had
was supported by Sooryavardhan
and entering national politics
He kept the government in his hands!
Sooryavardhan's biggest strength was
his brother Adheera!
With his shrewdness,
for this fort that was built
Sooryavardhan's son Garuda
too became a part!
Because of both of them, now KGF
was so well protected that no one
could point a finger at it!
But one day he got a stroke and fell bedridden...
Everyone working under Sooryavardhan,
who was in the jaws of death,
started desiring KGF!
For the first time in KGF,
shouts of mutiny were heard!
Due to the rise in gold prices,
greed had increased in Inayath Khalil
He thought it to be the right time to enter Bombay!
With Shetty's competitor, Dilawar
Inayath Khalil joined hands with him
and to Bombay's Nagpade port,
He sent his gold.
But before that came,
Dilawar tried to take control of Bombay!
It is Dilwar's order...
We have to wipe off Shetty gang totally...
We must not leave anyone!
Did you put our boys in the prison?
Whose boys they are? Do you know that?
1st time after Independence
Bombay was on high alert
Dilwar was just about to take control of Bombay,
But he had a huge problem...
Don... But Rocky?
Stop Salim brother!
We have not found him yet,
Once we find him, we will let you know...
You wait for now!
Did you find him??
We have not yet found him...
Tell me... Tell me where is Rocky!
But we have put all the rest in prison!
What's the use...??
First, catch him! Go...
Search for him man!
Search everywhere...
They have caught Rocky Boss...
We found him, come!
Kill him!
My father told me about him!
My son...
Don't challenge the typhoon!
Hey! Go man!
Tell my father!
Your son...
Has hung the typhoon itself!
What is it Aslam?
Your faces are so glum?
Is anyone dead or what?
Hey kiddo,
go and get a Biryani Rice...
Why are you looking at me like that?
Go my boy!
They have caught Rocky!
They have found Rocky...
Get the stuff and come!
Come on...
Inayath Khaleel's boats will reach our port.
Bombay will be lost to us!
Today's my birthday...
As a present,
his heart...
And his eyes, I want both!
What all do all of you want, tell me!
Kill him!
Cancel the Kushka,
bring a proper Biriyani,
With that get more onions.
Now go...
Kill him! Kill him!
The smell of blood has made
all the Piranha fish to come together!
Since the past 15 years,
the work that you were not able to do,
your son has accomplished it in a single day!
But those fish did not know,
that blood
was that of the shark that would hunt them!
Happy Birthday To You...
- Kill him!
Happy Birthday To You...
Where is he??
They have hung him...
Happy Birthday To You...
- Not him... Where is my son??
Your son...
He is in front of him!
Happy Birthday To You...
Happy Birthday...
Hey! You don't hang the typhoon!
What are you watching??
Kill him!
Happy Birthday To You...
- We run from the typhoon!
'Bombay is mine' those who used to
roam the roads saying so...
He has brought them all together!
All of them, in the very same roads...
He will chase and kill them!
My blood also seems to be red guys!
When I was a kid itself,
I came to Bombay!
It was like falling into a furnace!
On these very roads.
When I asked for two meals a day,
they hit me up.
To sleep, when I asked for three feet of space...
They beat me!
But Bombay did not know then...
What was fallen in the furnace,
was iron!
Banging it several times
and hitting it over and again
it has now become a knife!
A knife knows only one thing...
Does Bombay belong to your father??
No man...
It's your father's!
And your father...
I am he!
Kill him!
Kill him!
Why man?
You are scared seeing how I hit them?
To them, I just said cheers and sipped!
For you, I will have Bottoms-Up...
and lick the pickle!
Come on, come on man!
Come! Come!
Come on...
Stop him man!
He is coming... Stop him man!
He is coming...
He is coming!
He is coming...
Where is the butcher's knife?
If Bombay faces the ocean on one side!
- Hey... Stop! Stop! Stop!
On the other side is Rocky!
Even the waves,
to come and touch the shore here...
Go back... Go back...
Go! Go! Go! Go back!
- They have to seek his permission!
Turn it! Turn it! Turn it!
Go! Go! Go!
Tell me...
The right guy to dig a pit for the elephant...
In Bombay we have found!
Inayath Khaleel's ship is going back Boss...
What Boss?
Was Bombay saved??
An order to stop!
Ruling over life!
Ruling over death!
He is the life of Mumbai...
The very life man!
Don't dare stare at his eyes!
Lightning will strike...
Run away!
Fire and storm,
Whenever they unite!
A dynamite like him is born!
Oh! God!
Look here!
If he comes to rule,
He is the emperor!
If you oppose him...
He is the very devil!
Oh God!
Please stop him!
The hidden one is acquired!
The one who revolts is captured!
In the streets of Mumbai,
With fright they will say 'Salute'!
Salute Rocky Don!
Ra... Ra... Rocky!
Salute Rocky Don!
Salute Rocky Don!
Salute Rocky Don!
This locality is yours Don!!
You are everyone's boss!
From Africa, the gold that was coming directly
through the coast guards
was getting unloaded at the Bombay port!
From there under police security,
in grey coloured marked truck,
Rocky used to get the material...
The sealed boxes, in his absence,
were never opened!
He used to check it and to all other places...
he himself distributed it, through the Goods Train!
Without Rocky's orders,
in Bombay, no decisions were being taken!
The one who held your finger and made you walk...
The one who taught you your first words...
Her words are sacred!
One who has grown with fire!
Persistently moving ahead!
A warrior who has taken an oath!
Where can you find an army to stop him?
Is it possible to control a surging wave?
He is filled with character!
His hand is like iron!
He sells fear,
cares nothing for life!
Move away.
There's danger!
The hidden one is acquired!
- It can't be done!
The one who revolts is captured!
In the streets of Mumbai,
With fright they will say 'Salute'!
What is it man??
The clothes for wash,
we had come to give brother...
I too came for washing only!
Pour it!
Salute Rocky Don!
Ra... Ra... Rocky!
Salute Rocky Don!
Salute Rocky Don!
Salute Rocky Don!
This locality is yours Don!!
You are everyone's boss!
Henceforth Inayath Khaleel's men
won't ever bother us...
Everything is fine...
Let it be!
Because of Rocky!
That shooter of yours...
Is accomplishing so much...
Is it for Shetty
or is it for Bombay??
We are all with you Shetty Don...
But... It is because Rocky is with us
that we all are so bold!
Rocky's name, not only in Bombay
but in the entire South Coast...
It is being heard!
Rocky brother,
What Rocky brother?
Today, how many people did you kill?
After the day ends,
I will count and tell you! You go!
Greetings Don!
Greetings Don!
Greetings Don!
In Bombay, everybody salutes you...
Other than Rocky...
Rocky likes your chair a lot!
If he feels he has the same right to it...
Then it will become very difficult!
It's only till the nest is built...
That the silk worm's life span extends!
After that...
They are just put in hot water!
Hey Pathan!
Yes Boss!
In this Bombay city...
Even if our address does not have a pincode,
we get the post!
Do you know why?
That's because our name is so famous!
Yes Boss!
Can everybody become like you Boss?
Some people hit ten people
and think that they have become a 'Don'!
In Bangalore, you have to finish a task for me...
If you do that...
The whole of Bombay...
Will be yours!
The post arrives,
not by looking at the address on the letter!
It is due to the landmark that is on the address!
For this landmark, forget the pincode...
You won't even need a stamp!
A golden bank...
They are using to cash trifling coins!
Hey Pathan!
Yes Boss!
I am not someone who hit ten people
and became a 'Don',
All the ten people I hit were Dons!
Yes Boss!
Shetty saluting someone else...
I saw it for the first time!
Looks like he decides what happens in Bombay!
That Shetty won't leave us,
he will do something or the other to us...
So what are we?
Are we wearing bangles or what??
You shut up man!
Don't you worry about Shetty!
All the boys are with you...
You used to ask always...
'I want Bombay'!
Now the time has come!
Now you...
You will be the King of Bombay!
How deep is the ocean?
Without knowing the depth,
you can't rule over it...
Let's dive and find that out!
To further my dreams of nearing El Dorado
I got a twist...
Stop the car near a bar!
It's election time today sir...
The bar will not even be open!
Why are you running like this...
What happened??
Rajendra Desai's daughter sir!
In some hotel...
Just because they didn't serve drinks,
she has blocked the road...
And is partying right here sir!
Everyone who is looking at her is being hit!
Don't go there sir... Come away sir...
Help me... Help me!
Sir help me!
The one who is coming...
Is he a sharp shooter?
I don't even know how his marksmanship is!
Then how did you trust him?
When a hit is ordered
A lot of procedures are followed...
Sir, sir... Come sir!
Don't try to save him sir!
They are not good people... Come away sir!
Eyes should not falter...
The hand should not tremble...
The breathe should be held...
We should check the position we are standing in!
In which direction the air flows...
We should keep in mind!
Will directly point on the forehead...
And will pull the trigger...
Sharp shooters are meant...
Only for the Olympics!
It's a lot of risk that we are working in...
Even if we don't,
it's a huge risk, is it not?
Smoke... Have a smoke!
Let your sorrows be gone!
Say throughout the day...
Praise be to Lord Krishna!
Praise be to Lord Ram!
Smoke... Have a smoke!
- Why??
Smoke... Have a smoke!
- I love you!
How dare you!
How fair are you!
What are you looking at?
Come hit him guys...
Where was I...
I am already dead, my dear!
Hey guys!
Go! Go hit him...
What happened guys?
You won't attack me?
Guys! Go!
Hey guys! Go hit him!
Now come on man...
What are you looking at?
You damn rogue...
You are wasting liquor!
You are wasting liquor!
Do you know the value of liquor?!
Only drunkards know the value of liquor!
you wasted liquor!
I will kill!
Damn you!
Looks like you have come
for the first time to Bangalore!
You don't know about me...
After getting to know, don't run and hide!
My father will find you wherever you are
and drag you to this very road and hit you up!
We don't have a habit of running away
but we do have a habit of chasing!
In my journey
I have seen a good lot of smart guys...
A lady who kills...
I am seeing for first time!
I have deeply falling in love with you...
Shut up! Rocky!
Shut up!
Who did you say your father was?
Rajendra Desai!
He has taken care of you in a very rich way!
I will take care of you in much better way!
Don't worry!
Leaving you, I will not go anywhere!
I will coming soon!
Henceforth her father is my father-in-law
and I am your brother-in-law!
Your sister...
Take good care of her!
Do take good care of her!
This is the address you told sir...
Finish your work and go away sir!
Once again don't come back to Bangalore sir!
Are you Rocky?
What happened?
Bangalore is very big... It seems!
Searching for him is difficult...
I believe!
It must be someone new...
Single-handedly he has hit up all our boys!
Being drunk...
With my Reena itself!
Airport, railway station, bus-stand, highways...
Everything should be shut down!
That dog!
For no reason should be able to escape!
Must have been him, taunted Reena...
I know this!
Don't bring him here again...
Plus Kamal, having difficult times these days...
He will get caught by him somewhere!
Do you know who teased?
Do you know who that girl is?
Rajendra Desai's daughter
Son of...
I had returned without asking about her name!
What a sweet name!
Why do you think we have called you here?!
Right from when I came
we are dilly-dallying outside the garden!
Shall we come into the story?
What is the task, tell me sir!
You have to kill a mammoth!
What is our plan
that will be explained to you by Daya!
In a few days...
A huge function is to occur!
Before he reaches the function...
On the road! He should be killed!
To reach the place where that
function is happening...
There are only two roads!
The way I see it,
He will enter from the main road only!
It's a big road...
Even people will be less there...
There won't be any traffic congestion!
Which is the other road?
Those are small roads!
Buildings all over,
bus stop, market...
No place to even move around!
What I feel is...
There is no chance of him
taking that road!
This function...
Where does it take place!
In the DYSS new party office!
High Court Judges
and Central Ministers
everyone will be there!
The security is now in the
hands of the centre!
The Chief Minister's name...
Will be announced!
Bring the lime man!
The Chief Minister's name...
Will be announced!
Touching him is also impossible!
The one who is coming...
Do you have his photo!
His photo is not needed!
If he comes the whole of
Bangalore will come to know!
He will surely be caught!
After we catch him!
Henceforth you are my responsibility
I will take good care of you...
You have told this to my father...
Your are taking very good care of me!
Who are you??
He has taken this very lightly sir!
Andrews Sir..
What is happening here??
Who is going to come here??
He still has not realised...
What is happening here??
Who is coming here...
If he was aware!
In this universe...
No one would have come!
Let him do his work...
Just keep him far away from Kamal,
that's all!
Two days ago,
forty five boys have come to write an exam
and are staying in Bell Hotel!
Matching his personality
A lot of people are there, it seems...
Since all the boys are in the hospital,
there is no one to identify him!
There is one person!
Don't leave anybody out of the hotel,
Every room should be checked!
Get that door opened!
What do you want??
What's the matter??
- No
Get that opened...
Is it him?
What about him??
Hey! Who are you??
Hey! Who are you??
Who have you come from??
What work do you have??
Tell me!
To see me...
Even you weren't able to be away
from me darling!
There is no chance you will believe this!
Just now I was thinking of you...
In the bathroom...
I was having a bath!
I'm going to kill you!
I am already dead, my dearest!
Now I like you all the more!
You block the road to have a drink...
To hit me up you come with boys...
To the place where I am!
You even threaten my life!
Hey! Open the door!
Now you are right next to me darling!
My darling!
I am like an express train...
You are like the track!
Both of us together...
Can Chug along... Chug along!
Chug along!
And keep going!
Hey! Open the door!
Hey! Who are you??
Just a minute, my dear!
When your sister and brother-in-law
are in a room...
They should not been disturbed!
That much...
Don't you guys know!
What is it guys?!
Hit him!
Kill him! Hit him!
Oh! God!
You hit the driver too??
Why you say things like that!
I am here!
Come, I will drop you!
How is the Driver's attire looking on me dear?
Are you impressed?
I will also put on the Watchman's
attire if you want!
Even then, your driver has a lot of guts,
my dear!
Even after I hit so many people...
Bravely he came in front of me!
Henceforth like this...
Don't come out my dear!
I understand the urgency...
Let's get married soon!
And after you get married!
On the threshold I will not
make you kick the auspicious rice...
I will keep a beer bottle there!
You come and kick the bottle!
Stop the car!
What happened my dear?
What happened?
How dare you to talk to me like that...
You idiot!
You are not even worthy of standing
in front of me!
You have come and sat next to me!
You are not aware of what my status is...
A man like you... I will like?
How did you even imagine that?!
After hitting four people you feel
that you are a hero?
Kamal is waiting over there for you,
then show you're hero to him!
You illiterate brute!
You Bum!
One minute!
What the hell man!
Take out the car...
Take out the Damn Car!
Take it out... Man!
If I polish eight boots then I would get a bun!
The rice in a plate is spilt and
eaten by such people...
In their midst,
the bun that has fallen in the mud...
If you are struggling so much for it...
Your situation I can understand!
Selfishness is making the world go around!
It won't stop for anyone!
We have to hold and stop it ourself...
Don't worry about them!
None of them are as strong as you are,
In this entire universe there is no soldier...
Better than a mother!
Darling you were telling me something!
Take me back home!
Wait! Wait
Where this car come from in between...
Clear that vehicle...
Hey! Move the vehicle out!
My name is Anand Ingalagi...
I had called you earlier...
I am a journalist...
Whatever I ask about him...
No one even dares to speak about sir...
At least if you could...
- Come inside!
You don't worry sir
Your name will not be published in the paper!
Put my name prominently
Son of Kaalegowda...
Write it down!
Now ask me...
Before he became a Don
When he was in Bombay
He had a different name, I heard...
Raja Krishnappa Beria...
How did it become Rocky sir...
Day... mond!
Since 1925
What does that mean?
It means...
The year the Company was formed!
Why do they put it thus?
For Brands...
That is what they do!
A Brand means?
The name has a value...
That all will know about!
At a very young age,
he decided to become a Brand...
A Brand?
I will tell you about an incident, listen...
Sir, he has driven the vehicle rashly
at 100 Km speed,
he has even smashed the Check-post!
Neither are the vehicle documents there,
nor is the license...
He has called someone...
To bring the documents, I think!
When you ask his name,
he is not saying that too!
Do you have matches?
In my Station, you are smoking in front of me?
He screamed at thunder itself...
Who cares for your riches!
Whoever you might be,
you are first a slave of law!
A slave!
To even say your name,
you are acting smart!
He thundered once...
I will set you right!
You rogue!
The whole Station shook!
Driving License...
Hey... Move!
where's the cigarette?
- Where is it!
Found it!
Even though many had not seen him,
his name was known to all...
He is such a big criminal brand...
How do you accept that?
I have put a golden ring to that hand of law...
It will shake hands with me,
and will salute me too!
Police whistled and caught a Rowdy,
but people whistled and cheered for him
and he became a king!
After they accepted...
Not a slave...
Who are we to deny it?
The Chief!
The King! The King!
You have gone ahead in the story!
How far ahead have I gone?
Too far ahead...
When did I ask for a coffee...
Kindly excuse me madam!
Rocky's curiosity was piqued!
The marked trucks that were supposed
to be in the Bombay Port,
what were they doing in Bangalore
under police protection??
This inexplicable secret that he did not fathom!
He went behind it!
In Bombay,
the boxes of gold could never have gone past Rocky.
Rocky, who was only concerned with opening the seal,
never bothered to think about the
hands that sealed the boxes.
Seeing those boxes in this warehouse,
one thing was confirmed to him!
The gold was not coming from Africa!
More than worrying about why this secrecy,
the only thing that remained in his head was,
where was this Gold coming from
and whose hands were behind this!!
Breaking news!
In the State elections,
DYSS Party has...
In Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka
For the fifth consecutive time,
has recorded a win!
Under the leadership of Gurupandiyan,
this party's flag that flew high
shows no signs of coming down again!
The Election Results have come in,
the time is too short...
But only the CM's name is being
announced in this small function,
will he take the risk and surely come to
Bangalore for this, what is the guarantee?
To call him from there,
there is just one idea,
first we have to cater to his ego!
Make a statue of his father!
A statue?
Placing it in front of the party office
and announce that we are inaugurating it...
He will come without fail!
Till he is inside that fort,
No one can touch him!
Even then if he does venture out,
It will not mean that has no army!
Hey... Lay off!
If Brother is not there,
you will keep fighting amongst yourselves!
Vanaram sir!
the young master will surely go to Bangalore!
You too should leave for there!
Don't forget...
This will be our last chance!
Your Bombay shooter....
Is he ready?
I have left the whole world for you,
tell me what's on your mind.
Don't keep things from me,
tell me what's on your mind.
All I can think about is you,
My heart is utterly stuck on you,
I'm mad about you,
you're mad about me,
Follow my gaze and catch the hint.
Why do you roam the streets like a wanderer?
Come settle in my heart, my darling drifter.
Why do you roam the streets like a wanderer?
Come settle in my heart, my darling drifter.
The two of us are close, yet so far.
I cannot sleep because of you,
And you are restless because of me.
Because of my love, you won't survive,
Catch the hint now, sweetheart.
Why do you roam the streets like a wanderer?
Come settle in my heart, my darling drifter.
Why do you roam the streets like a wanderer?
Come settle in my heart, my darling drifter.
This guy...
You gave such a build-up for this guy?
By him...
You guys even got beaten up!
I don't know where you came from!
After coming to Bangalore,
where is Vidhana Soudha...
How is the weather here,
before finding out about these...
How bad I am, that you should have found out!
You made a mistake!
And now it's too late!
Don't waste a bullet!
He is not worth it!
Do you know why I called all of them?
Not to get you hit up!
To merely show you your worth!
To even aspire,
you need to be worthy!
That too a girl like me...
Still I will give you an opportunity!
To your manhood!
In front of all of them,
if you come and touch me,
I will be yours!
Go, go away man...
Get the hell out!
You need guts dude!
Get going! Get going!
Hey kid!
Go to Balepet and tell my name!
Two dozen bangles will be given to you,
in my uncle's shop!
Do you have a match box!
Those who love are high on jealousy...
It is said so...
Everyone who puts his
finger on the trigger is not a shooter!
Everyone who lays his hand
on a girl is not a man!
What is my worth...
Other than those who love me,
it won't be understood by anyone else!
Hey... Where is that Balepete Bangle seller?
In my uncle's shops
Without customers, the business had become dull,
That's why I was promoting it...
Sorry brother!
And then...
Who is that who said I need guts?
I love you darling!
You gave me a solid idea!
He who plans to visit a city,
finds out about it!
He who comes to rule the city!
Informs the city about who he is!
If you think you are bad...
I am your Dad!
- Kamal!
My father-in-law is here!
Everybody out...
You got saved!
They came, not to save me, you dumbo...
But to save you from me!
Who is he?
He is the one who has come to kill Garuda!
Why were you called?
And what are you doing??
I don't want people who put
my words in their ears!
I wanted those who will put
it in their minds!
That why I came to Rajendra Desai's Pub
and made Rajendra Desai to come!
What have you planned?
Garuda will come only in the second road!
On the road where there are more people...
The newly opened shops,
The customers who move around there...
In the houses nearby the people
who have just taken places for rent...
Since many days,
the damaged vehicles which have been parked there!
The empty taxis...
Every single person out there are his own men!
We can't kill him there!
I will kill him inside the
DYSS Party Office itself!
What are you saying?
In that road there will be police...
Even in the gate there will be cops...
Even Ministers will be checked there!
The young master is coming,
Everybody has to be checked!
You are planning to kill him inside??
We too will be checked!
He will also be checked...
Inside... If in my hands, I get a gun!
The gun...
You will surely get!
Having erected the statue and laid the bait!
They were waiting for Garuda!
My father has believed all of you a lot!
To maintain that, on his behalf...
I have come all the way here!
My father has built a huge kingdom itself!
I will build a kingdom much bigger than that!
The statue they had build was Sooryavardhan's...
But what was installed there...
Was Garuda's!
Let's go... Let's go...
He couldn't kill him?
Does that mean that your hero failed?
He lost!
Now what will your hero do?
Will he give up?
The wounded lion's breath...
Is far more terrifying than his roar!
What do you mean?
Page 128...
Taking a lot of trouble writing this poem,
Read it...
Have you locked the gate,
Have you called some security?
Don't allow anybody inside!
He won't kill that easily!
He will shoot and hang him in front of Vidhana Soudha!
After a lot of thought, to get one gun inside,
If we struggled so much...
To protect,
A whole army was inundated out there!
In those, half the people who lifted their guns...
All these days, I thought they were our men!
Where is that guy from Bombay?
He is inside!
We thought if we kill him,
If we kill him when we thought that,
that place would become ours!
The heaven that we live in,
We have converted it into a graveyard!
Under the impression that we can rule some world!
The entire world!
Why did he spare us?
He can kill us whenever he pleases!
But he had come to show the world what his power was!
Now he is waiting for his father to die!
There is very little time!
If Garuda does not die now,
we will all die for sure!
will you go there?
To that place?
In their midst?
Can someone dare to go to that hell?
How can you even think of that?
The blow that he has given us here,
No one will even think of going there!
The burning igneous chest...
Sweating in rampant fear!
Boiling meteors scattered in the sky!
The rest seems to have been burnt!
In a fight,
who hits first is not what is counted...
Who falls down first is what clinches the fight!
The one you have called me to kill...
Without killing him, I will not go back!
Wherever the place is,
However it is,
I will go right there and kill him!
The waves are waiting for the earth to embrace...
The sun waits with patience to set in the sky!
Thunder and lightning are overriding the hillock!
Fate too shivers!
Why all this for me, Mother?
I dont believe in God.
You believe me, dont you?
Dont ever lose this.
Get a map ready.
The map you asked for.
Once you go there, our contact will be cut.
The map in your hand contains
only half the information.
You will have to fill in the
rest once you get there.
Once you get set there,
give us a signal,
a big one
There is only one way to get there.
John has sent trucks to a town...
to catch people like fish in a net.
You have to go and get inside one of those trucks.
But before that there are trained killers
surrounding the entire town with barricades
You have to cross them.
Did you find out anything about Rocky?
Hey Kiddo!
Bring hot tea for Shetty Boss.
where has Rocky gone?
Since 25 years
I have been working for him!
I dont know about him all that well
Uncle Will you say it or should I?
But theirs is a huge forest.
That guy,
her lover.
he will not return from the place he has gone to...
Will you tell her that?
Or should I?
Here, among the sheep
Rocky was like a Ram
But in that forest,
he is just an insect!
Dont worry about him, Uncle
Hes gone!
He will never return!
Hey! No man
Im not worried about Rocky
Day before yesterday, when he visited me,
he brought sweetmeats for the kids.
The kids loved it
Just wanted to know where he bought that from!
Dont worry about him, man
You know about him...
Dont you sir?
Hey Sit down,
sit down all of you
Hey Fill them up in the trucks
Someone is walking towards you
Towards us?
Let him come
He will not be allowed to leave
He is not going out
He is barging his way in
Once he catches the track, it's fixed!
Neither does he stop, nor does he bow down
He is blessed
Wonder whos son this adamant lad is
Rocky is like fire
As the number of enemies increase
He burns brighter
You mentioned that he had gone to some forest
Please do not go there
I promise on God
The forest will catch fire
Boss, the tea is cold
Hey kiddo...
Bring a hot cup of tea for sir
Today I have to give my kids Rasgulla
Go inside...
Hey What happened
Whos it??
One guy
They must have died fighting each other
First send the trucks
They are waiting
He has left
He did not know about the road he had taken
He had no knowledge of his destination
Nor did he know about the monstrous history
Sooryavardhan had grown to heights
where none could touch him
but a day after his fall
The shouts of his heirs echoed.
You have built this kingdom with a lot of effort
He had to select someone
Tell Who should rule after you??
Your son Garuda
Or brother Adheera
Here politics and deceit was stronger than a million swords
You do not know either
Like how,
without a desire for KGF,
you were standing behind me
Like that you should stand next to Garuda
Once brother commands
No more discussions!
Till Garuda is around
I will not desire this position
That single decision,
shook the very foundation of the fortress built by him
Adheera attacked Garuda
He missed his target
Garuda attacked Adheera
He did not miss his mark
Garuda took over the reign
and began to rule the entire KGF
but he was well aware that
there were many people who desired KGF
Although he knew he had enemies next to him
He took an oath to wait till his father was alive
and then destroy his enemies
To protect his empire,
had selected three forms of security.
One was a huge wall
A huge door
And to protect these two,
a ruthless Commander-in-Chief!
201 men,
15 women
total 216 people
This years
It is the 41st batch!
Put them to work
After spilling a lot of blood Sooryavardhan had built this fort,
he had only one worry!
That no one should enter this place
and spill a drop of his blood
Sooryavardhan called this place Naraachi
Naraachi means
the Goldsmiths weighing scale on which,
he placed intelligence on one side
and fear on the other and equalized it!
The new dogs have arrived.
Take them
Brother When will they send us from here?
Since 20 years...
I have been asking the same question!
He has come
He has come
I told you I told you
He would rescue us all.
- You say the same thing about everyone who comes here
He He Will save us.
- Get going Get going
Who hit him??
I did brother
Apply tincher on his wounds and give him some food
He murders on the one hand
and on the other shows compassion
Im unable to understand my brother.
You have just returned from London.
You will understand more as time goes by
He said that these three people have to be well taken care of,
they who had come to kill Garuda...
Do you know why he has kept them alive?
This time for the procession of the Goddess,
Rams have not been brought
You have all recently come here
but there is no time for anyone to wipe their tears
Youve learnt how to bow your heads down
There is still a lot to learn
You arrived yesterday?
You arrived yesterday?
Which movie was released?
Which movie was released?
Dont you know?
Dont you know?
Go away!
Go away!
We have been brought here
for mining
Everyday we have to work in a 12 hour shift
No one should raise their heads and look at the guards
They do not tolerate being looked at
They will shoot you
You will work 900 feet below ground
You will be a little scared on the first day
Forget the outside world
Come outside...
It's done, come for work!
Instead of working
Hey Hey Hes a newcomer
A newcomer
I will tell him
Work, work!
Do you want to die on the first day of your job?
What were you doing?
What were you doing outside?
Construction work!
The wounds on the upper part of your palms tell me
About the work you were doing outside
The sooner you learn the ways and methods of this place,
the better it will be for you
In the trucks that reached here day before yesterday,
Before Batch number 49 reaches here...
An incident happened in John's gang!
Ramana told me about it...
What happened?
Our boys always squabbled with each other...
But don't know what happened this time,
they have fought and killed each other!
Is no one alive amongst them?
Only one was alive when I came...
Did he say anything?
While breathing his last,
he said, 'One man...'
I did not understand anything!
One man?
Vanaram sir...
One man!
We are playing a game of chess
But we seem to be playing with just a pawn!
We have guards at the gate...
We have guards at the Mining...
We have guards at the watch tower...
We have guards on the walls too!
Garuda's guards!
You don't worry!
We all have ample security!
Even if the security was very tight,
Rocky has to cross Biligiri
and enter the house through
a tunnel near one of the watch towers
And kill Garuda...
We have only given Rocky the blueprints of the house
But he has to find out under which Watch tower the tunnel is!
How will he find it?
Maintenance room...
All the information in Narachi will be got right there!
No one is permitted without scrutiny!
Stand right there!
But the highest security is at that place!
Then how?
In a sea of blood there will be more bloodshed...
The blood of Ram's will flow...
People are saying that this time they will
sacrifice three men instead of Rams!
When electricity goes off here!
The guards coming rushing in... From everywhere!
I don't know how...
Even though all the guards have Walkies with them,
at times they will be suffering due to lack of signal!
Crossing many Mines Rocky had reached Narachi
and was trying to learn about it!
If 20,000 workers
were to be monitored by 400 guards,
the rules governing them had to be extreme!
Due to what happened that day,
became one among the people there!
Leave my place...
I will hold it...
Leave that to me...
Leave it!
This is my place...
The day after they find out that he is blind,
he will have to be buried!
Hey... Put the mud...
Put it... Put it,
Put it guys... Put it!
If they realise that you are unfit to work, that's it!
Rugga will enter!
He could not even shoot the guy next to him!
People put animals in cages,
but here animals have put people in cages...
Here there is neither heaven nor hell...
Nor is there good or bad...
No beliefs at all!
But Rugga was just a small replica of Garuda!
Don't get sucked in by emotions!
There is no value for them here!
That will not affect the stone-hearted!
I am just understanding the ways of the world here...
Only two people were standing firm in Narachi...
Those scoundrels will never be sensible,
They have killed the mother and son,
just because they crossed Biligere!
Don't give any of them food today!
The rest of the people lives
seemed to be have been uprooted!
Call Kencha....
let him tell a story,
the children will stop crying out of hunger!
But in a place where beliefs were dead,
a mad man...
was narrating stories that he had created...
Hey... You always repeat the same thing!
Tell us some story!
You have seen so many movies,
daily you tell us a different story...
Tell us a story!
I will tell you the story of that forest...
I will tell you the story of that hero!
The story of the hero!
In the direction of Modana under the hill
was a beautiful forest...
Soft hearted tribals lived
in the midst of lush Sandlewood!!
Hope you have a beautiful bonny boy baby!
Hey granny...
Why a baby boy?
I want a baby girl only!
Bless me again!
Fine... Fine...
May you have a girl baby!
A rain of fire fell in the forest!
The blaze of thunder...
Wherever you see!
Which shift have they given you?
Night shift!
They have given me the morning shift!
Wait, I will ask them and come!
No, don't go!
Don't know what they will do...
You please don't go!
Who will look after you now?
Lush forests have become wastelands!
May you have a boy baby, dear...
Has no one told you?
How it is in this place?
If a girl baby is born here...
We ourselves kill it!
Oh! God!
Let me have a baby boy please!
Let me have a baby boy please!
It became a graveyard of innocent lives!
Why have you kept all the ration there?
See what will happen now!
Take away the rations!
The wretched demons who suck
the hot blood of poor people...
Cruel devils who cut the body
and devour the flesh!
The breath too has sucked
the lives of the poor souls...
With self-respect I carried the body
and reached the graveyard!
The sagging gait and the bent head!
A fistfull of curses in destiny's writings...
Made them lose faith in the creator!
Made them lose their very faith!
Cutting the creator's chains...
Broadening the chest with pride
As the Lord who nips the lives of the raging demons!
The belief of those who were oppressed and depressed!
Was borne by a great mother!
In the womb, as you contain me...
In the town, as you walk...
Seems like you are majestically sitting in a chariot...
Oh! Mother!
When I felt a ghost nearing me,
and was transfixed with fright
It was your saree veil that guards me...
Oh! Mother!
To the unseen God...
I refuse to pay obeisance with folded hands...
To you, my life's breath itself
is the ritual of worship!
I can't take it anymore!
After you are born
you should become a strong man...
You should look after me...
For those who are in trouble like me...
You should look after those people...
Come fast my dear...
Come fast!
Scattered... Scared and sweating,
when the very moons
were hiding under the shield of the saree...
A fiery woman gave birth to a volcano then!
Like the rains that pour incessantly in the blazing rains!
Like he who conquered death in the house of death!
Like a rebellion in the face of riches!
Like a fatal bow facing a ten headed demon!
Beyond the inherent anger in him
Saying 'I am everything'
And questioning the very creator!
He who thundered
This is the story of one such hero!
The story of a brave-heart who went beyond destiny!
What happened to him?
I will be alive till I have
to hold your hand and make you walk...
Then I will teach you to even leave my hand
and stand strong against others!
Like the time that stood still in front of death!
Just kill him even if he takes a small step!
Like the king who defeated death itself!
Stamping the burning embers
and walking on swords that slit!
Killing the fear that raged in his heart!
Like a brave heart who punishes,
he walked on!
To vanquish the vagaries of time!
Came the timeless warrior!
Arrest the impact of the thunderbolt...
He is our King!
Oppressors he treats like dirt!
He is our King!
Like an engulfed flame...
You arrive!
Arrest the impact of the thunderbolt...
He is our King!
Oppressors he treats like dirt!
He is our King!
Like an engulfed flame...
You arrive!
Are you a gutsy warrior?
Are you a brave-heart?
Or are you a hunter?
Are you a gutsy warrior?
Are you a brave-heart?
Or are you a hunter?
What a class act!
I was sure that he will definitely come!
I... Who wandered in search of him...
A brave-heart like you!
Let's get to know each other...
You... Live as the hope of others!
But are forever mine...
In my heart...
In my memories...
It is only you!
As lightning, strike on them...
Oh! King!
As death, be upon them...
Oh! King!
Like an engulfed flame...
You arrive!
As lightning, strike on them...
Oh! King!
As death, be upon them...
Oh! King!
Like an engulfed flame...
You arrive!
Are you a gutsy warrior?
Are you a brave-heart?
Or are you a hunter?
Are you a gutsy warrior?
Are you a brave-heart?
Or are you a hunter?
A respectful welcome!
A respectful welcome!
A respectful welcome!
You are really gutsy sir,
without even anybody telling you,
you have come forward!
For this, why do you need guts man!
your article itself will not get published...
Will he allow that!
Without even being seen by anyone,
sitting somewhere and making deals
does that mean that he is such a coward?
Even if I get three kings,
the opponent must be having three aces
is how the world thinks,
but he never bothered about the people in front of him!
He was the winner with a blind man's bluff!
I will tell you another incident, listen...
Once there was an attack in a pub,
about twenty people with guns
Started firing...
The entire pub got destroyed!
Hey... Supplier...
What did you say it's name was?
M16 Automatic, sir...
So many people...
Why did they attack him sir?
That is wrong,
don't write it like that!
Sir... They will come sir!
The twenty people hadn't come to attack him,
he had come to attack those twenty people!
to make sure that no one escapes, he sat at the main door,
to check the guns the supplier brought,
directly he had come to the field,
We are so many here, each of us have a gun,
he has come alone,
why are you afraid?
Although so many of us are here,
Even if we have a gun...
he has come alone,
won't I get scared?
You must fear a little at least in life sir...
Correct man...
In life there should be fear,
the fear should be there in the heart
But the heart that fears should not be ours
it must be that of our opponents!
May I come in?
Is he such a big gangster?
The one who comes with a gang is a gangster!
He comes alone...
Again did I jump ahead...
about the internal scheming and brawls
Sooryavardhan knew,
In the coming days
bigger battles will
to the doors of KGF
was also known by him!
What Mr. Desai?
You have come this far?
To Delhi...
The sword which was getting ready in the furnace
has now come on my neck!
That's why!
Was it all for this...
Uncle went,
now even dad is going
Till you see our blood spill, wont you stop??
I don't know for how many days Boss will survive...
After he leaves, have you thought
about what will happen to all of us??
On my behalf, you all are busy thinking,
With a fish in your hand
you are trying to hunt a crocodile,
but for the crocodile your hand looks tastier
than the fish.
Just looking at hands full of blood
if you are getting so scared,
before a river of blood flows
you get out of here!
The vultures are hovering around Narachi!
Don't bother about the smaller waves...
We have more headaches to worry about!
After I depart,
bigger Tsunamis will approach!
Inayath Khalil!
He is waiting since many years!
Once if he enters...
He will never leave!
This time's election,
do you know who is going to contest?
Ramika Sen
We all pay money to get a salute...
On hearing her name itself
people stand and salute her!
If she comes to power...
These two are enough...
To spoil this kingdom!
Think about them!
How are you now?
Is he the guy who killed the girl child?
What happened to the matchbox I kept here?
Felt like someone pushed me...
Fire! Fire...
Stop man!
There must be 105 people...
First take their count!
- Lorry,
97, 98
- Lorry!
It is correct!
Today's food...
You have prepared it very well!
Take us too!
I know!
If you open your mouth, I will kill you!
I will fall at your feet!
Someone's hand is behind the incident
that happened near the maintenance room!
It felt like someone...
Felt like someone hit me with a hammer!
Even though there is so much security,
someone has barged inside
and has seen the map,
the batch that came two day's earlier,
one of them has come to kill you, I feel!
To hit me??
Drinking the gruel you give over and again,
he would have gone to eat a bun
in the maintenance room!
We can't take the risk!
Call every single one who worked In that zone!
Hello! Hello!
Junior Boss is coming near the hutments..
Who was it who entered the maintenance room?
If you come by yourself...
Then only you will die...
Everyone will die!
If you know who he is, tell us...
Your life will be spared!
The one who doesn't even know
how to hold a sword,
will they call him to kill me?
The one who crossed the maintenance
room has been killed...
Now the Junior Boss is going towards the Palace...
Your man has been caught,
They shot him!
What happened?
They killed Rocky, it seems!
I told you that day itself,
Calling that person from Bombay,
all of you...
Now who you will call and what will you do,
is left to you!
It's a baby girl!
For the sake of this child,
yesterday her father gave up his life!
Take us too with you!
Yesterday if he had not come forward,
With me, they would have killed his pregnant wife!
But, now they will target him!
He... He...
He will protect us!
For the palace of a million dreams,
I will stand guard, as a soldier...
Oh! Mother!
To the plough that plows the land carefully,
To provide a strong shoulder of support for it,
I will stand... Oh! Mother!
When a burning flame flows...
Burning the world,
The soothing rain I will become,
Listen... Oh! Mother!
At least once,
I am hoping that the story he tells
should become true!
Let us finish the work and leave!
Walk on.
Keep walking.
Walk with your heads down!
Go faster guys!
Go faster! Go faster!
Guys... Run... Run! Run!
What happened boss...
Remove your turban...
Take off your turban, I say!!
If you bring the turban
and toss it in this basket
I will let you go!
Please don't.
Go... Go! Go away.
What are you standing and looking at?
Go... Go!
They knew he was blind,
but your hero didn't do anything.
Too much risk to take!
Why is he so quiet?
Why is he so silent?
Tell me sir?
Now you are getting on my nerves!
One minute Madam...
One minute...
Sir, will he go back?
Won't he do anything?
We can't do anything.
We can't rush and create history!
Go guys!
Go to hell!
Leave it
What can be done?
Hey, Leave
Today I will kill him.
Be quite... Today I will kill him!
He has become old.
Wait man, wait!
How long will he live?
When he die's at least, he live peacefully in heaven.
Let him decide.
Leave him guy!
Whose plate he stamps
he must kill him!
Write your names on the plate.
Hey, write my name...
What's the point in standing and watching?
Let's move.
You don't bother listening to them.
Just leave!
Till now no one has touched them!
No one can even touch them.
Go, go...
Along with the old man, dig a grave for the baby too!
Don't cry baby.
Don't cry.
You can't rush and create history,
that does not mean
that you can plan history
and create a blueprint for it!
It just needs a spark!
Why did you stand up?
Keep that and leave.
That day,
The forest blazed furiously
The heat has gone over his head,
Crossing all limits, he is now steadfast!
He is the beginning of a new dawn!
Tearing the earth, he has emerged!
No More 'Shut up Rocky!'
Shout it out, that he will crush everyone,
for he is the Emperor!
Shout it out, that he will crush everyone,
for he is the Emperor!
Have you seen anyone jump so high?
He came.
Look, look, look...
This emperor is the chief!!
Look, look, look...
The speed of this emperor!!
Look, look, look...
This emperor is the chief!!
Look, look, look...
The speed of this emperor!!
Walk on.
No! He missed my plate!
Mine too he missed!
He missed it!
Everytime he gets the chance!
Hide & seek...
Forest & nest,
The bag of grains
It rolled & fell,
My bird flew away,
I left it to fly!
Your bird...
Catch it guys!
Hey... What happened to the electricity man?
Go and see what happened guys.
Who removed the fuse?
It's Kencha... Run, run!
Hey... Who hit him?
Where is Naga?
Who killed Muththa?
They both are not to be seen guys!
Kill him guys!
Is he here?
including you it's 23!
Is the calculation correct man?
Have you beaten everybody?
I left one man.
For the procession!
Don't ever make the mistake of forgetting this!
Come what may...
You do not fear!
Even if the world cares or not...
Forever, with you...
My prayers will remain!
Look, look, look...
This emperor is fire!!
Look, look, look...
This emperor is a gutsy warrior!!
Look, look, look...
This emperor is fire!!
Look, look, look...
This emperor is a gutsy warrior!!
Look, look, look...
This emperor is fire!!
A gutsy warrior, gutsy warrior...
This emperor is a gutsy warrior!!
They are hitting so hard today!
Someone's luck must have run out!
For the sake of the old man.
For the sake of the baby.
For their pain,
or for his own self...
Did he beat all of them.
to all there,
at least for sometime they felt relief.
In all the cinemas,
there is one person right?
If I keep seeing you,
I feel the same way!
Are you the hero?
Don't worry!!
We will bury him.
Burn it.
I am ready now!
Where is everyone?
Inform the office that no one can be seen!
By the time the village fair is over,
we want to run away somewhere
You go to some other country
By believing just one man!
we made a big mistake!
He is still alive
He has sent a signal
Once you are ready, send a big signal
In a big way!
A big signal!
Near the huts, a big fire is burning,
The 23 guards in the Mine are missing
Everyone go near the huts, right away!
The missing 23 guards must have be killed by Rocky
and to make sure their bodies are not found,
he must have burned them!
That means, we must do something
We must stop those jeeps
or else to get to know that Rocky is behind this,
they will not hesitate to burn those 20,000 people!
We must stop those jeeps!
Something must be done!
Something must be done!
Father died
The guards are coming here
If they see us burning these 23 guards?
What should we do then?
The Big Boss has died!
The Big Boss has died!
Sir, The boss has died!
Oh God
Nothing is going right at this moment
You have a lot of enemies,
leave the rest for now,
what ever we do,
we will do it after the funeral!
Tonight itself arrange for the Goddesses blessings,
by dawn tomorrow
I should not have any enemies!
On one side, Vanaram has suspected something
and has tightened the security
On the other side,
Garudas brother Virat is waiting
No one should be allowed near
the Junior Boss's room!
By dawn, crossing so much security,
even if he manages to kill Garuda
How will he escape from there?
I am setting the frequency of the Walky,
We have to inform something
Let's go...
If he does not kill him,
what will his fate be,
what will the fate of the people be?
You had called for me urgently,
Whats that?
Which you cant say over the phone?
Will you tell him?
Or should I tell him??
Whatever be the place,
whoever be the people there
The guy who went, he is my lover
Will you say it!
or should I say it!
I am getting scared!
Other than getting scared,
what have we done?
From the time these walls have been built,
I am right here!
We are living like slaves!
We will die like slaves,
is what I thought!
But now I have got courage,
I have got belief!
Hey.. Hang it on the nail
- Make way
Hang it
- Fine... Come... Come... Come!
I was wondering!
Who is he, why has he come here.
Now I understood...
He has come to change fiction into fact!
There has been a short circuit!
In the whole town of Narachi,
the power has been cut!
Near Biligere too,
the guards are stationed!
Run towards the Junior Boss's room!
In front of Junior Bosss room,
the guards are stationed!
We are escorting him from here
to the Goddesses Fair!
Where has he gone?
Has he run away?
Has he run away?
There, in the village fair,
the walky signal will get cut!
Lots of people there,
be alert
No one should even go near the Junior Boss
Tell me one thing sir...
If Rocky does not kill Garuda...
What will the fate of the people be?
She is there, right?
Our mother
Goddess Kalima!
In the Goddesses fair!
In the fair...
In the fair he will kill him!
The short circuit is near Billigere...
Someone rolled the copper wire to a stone
and threw it on the electrical cable,
the short circuit has cut the power
in the whole town of Narachi!
Within 10 seconds of the power getting shut,
the jeep lights and torch lights were on!
In that 10 seconds time,
it is impossible for anyone to pass
unnoticed by us sir
Where does this tunnel go?
In the whole of Naraachi,
only this tunnel...
Goes directly to the Bosss house!
Even if someone has short circuited it,
to cross Biligire and then come
here through the tunnel,
they need a lot of time
By then, because you alerted them,
all the guards in the palace,
came to the Junior Boss's room
and escorted him to the fair!
Where else could he have gone...
When the electricity was shut,
the guards who were here
too had come to the Junior Bosss room
You dont worry sir,
by the time boss finishes the fair and returns,
the whole palace will be secured
Bring the 3 prisioners in front guys
He short circuited and cut the electricity
not to enter the palace but to come here!
Ramana, he is still there
Ramana, I am unable to catch the signal!
Everyone go to the fair
and also inform the Barracks
and ask everybody to come...
He is still there!
He is still there Ramana
The cell where the 3 prisioners were,
One prisoner is still there
Hey! Stand right there!
- Mom... Leave me!
Your son is going out of control!
He has formed a gang and has
gone to hit them up!
Not only did he go,
but he took our children too!
High time you you advised your son!
He tortured me in school daily mom!
That's why mom,
I went to hit him!
Hey... You took a gang and went!
Go alone!
Aiyo! Lord Shiva!
Tell Kulkarni
He killed him sir
What did you say,
Tell me again
He has killed Garuda sir
Everyone came know about Garuda's death!
Like Sooryavardhan said...
The trumpets were waiting!
There is news from India
The were waiting to destroy KGF...
Madam in KGF...
Garuda died
They were also waiting to reclaim it!
Till Garuda was alive,
I will not wish to desire this place
My brother said that I did not know politics
But the fact that another person's
footsteps had fallen there...
This nobody knew!
Powerful people come from powerful places
When Andrews said he will give
Bombay like giving a candy,
for Rocky the ocean also became just a well...
Thinking the ocean was elsewhere,
he went searching for it
when he saw Garuda,
It was confirmed to Rocky that
here is man who comes from that
powerful place.
So, even though he got a chance,
he did not finish him.
He left him...
To obtain KGF, he needed an army,
That's why Rocky,
in front of everyone he killed Garuda
And injected courage to
all those who witnessed it
and made them all his soldiers!
What are you looking at?
Kill him!
If 400 people with guns were ready
to kill as ordered by Vanaram,
20,000 people had mustered
courage in their hearts
and were ready to die for Rocky!
If you draw courage from the thousand
people standing behind you...
Then you can win only one battle!
But if the fact that you are leading them...
Makes those 1000 people behind you brave,
you can win the whole world!
Go alone!
He came
This is still the first chapter...
The story
I am enforcing the Army
And signing a Death Warrant
of the biggest criminal in India.
Now it is just the beginning