K-Pax (2001) Movie Script

A dollar for a homeless vet.|Come on, little man.
Come on, little man.|I fought the war|with your daddy.
Y'all ain't paid me|for this leg yet.|Thank you, sugar.
Jackie Chan!|Jackie Chan!
Shanghai Noon.
I take traveler's checks.|Arigato to you too.|Thank you, sugar.
Here you go.|Thanks.
You kids!
Here.|Hold it right there!
- What happened?|- Step away from her.
Oh, man,|he ain't done nothing.
Those kids.|Who took your bag?|This man?
No, it was a couple of punks.|They came and they just ran off.
Four-eight, this is Romano.|Robbery and assault victim...
with facial wound|at East 42nd entrance.
Sir, I'd like you|to just stand right there.
Certainly.|Are you traveling somewhere?
I have arrived.|My travels are over|for the time being.
Where's your luggage?
I don't require luggage.|Do you have a ticket?
Train ticket?|Ticket stub?
I didn't arrive by train.
Would you remove your sunglasses|for me, please?
Oh, I'd rather not.|I'd forgotten,|but I mean, wow,
Your planet|is really bright.
I see.|East 42, we have an E.D.P.
I have to ask you|to come with us, sir.
Of course.
Did you see this fella|come out of a gate?
He didn't come from no gate.|Brother came from nowhere.
You know what I'm saying?
Yeah, Freddy,|I know what you're saying.
I don't wanna go outside,|because there's things|that can kill you--
Thank you.
If you breathe|all those chemicals out there,
not to mention the cosmic rays|and the West Nile virus,
and that other one--|the new airborne pigeon disease|nobody wants to talk about.
The new pigeon disease.|I've heard of that.
Another thing that's been|bothering me is the food.
The cafeteria serves|lukewarm food,|full of germs.
You really need to do something|about that, Dr. Powel l.
Heat is the only thing|that kills germs. Heat.
Point taken.|We'll look into that|right away.
In the meantime,|I want you to start taking|Your medication again.
It'll help you sleep.|And you need the sleep, Ernie.
Sleep is good.
Is our time up?
Only for today, Ernie.
Two calls:|Your wife, bring home|a bottle of wine.
Yeah.|And Dr. Chakraborty.
A transfer from Bellevue|he wants you to take a look at.
Great. Who is it this time?|Jesus Christ or Joan of Arc?
Dr. Chakraborty didn't say.
He arrived at Bellevue|a month ago,
suspicion of|hallucinogenic intoxication.
But, uh, he was found|negative for substances|of any kind.
His EKG, his blood value|are all normal.
There's no sign of concussion,|no brain tumor,
no temporal lobe, epilepsy,|no indication of organic|abnormality whatsoever.
However, after one month,
his amnesia and his delusion|have persisted.
He claims to be not human.
A visitor|from another planet.
They administered Thorazine|on this guy for three weeks...
at 300 milligrams a day,|and he was unresponsive?
How can you be unresponsive|to 300 milligrams of Thorazine?|It's impossible.
That's why|they sent him to you.
No I.D.,|no missing persons report|matching his description.
What's this?
He had it on him.
Well, let's hope|extraterrestrials|qualify for Medicaid.
He's here, Doctor.
Thank you, Joyce.
Medical record 2-8-7.|Calls himself Prot.
This one's as gentle|as a pussycat, Doc.
Come in.|Have a seat.
"Have a seat."|Curious expression.
Well, let me introduce|myself. I'm--
Dr. Mark Powell,|Chief of Clinical Psychiatry...
of the Manhattan|Psychiatric Institute.
Good. You know|where you are.
Well, now, uh...|Prot, is it?
"Prote."|I see, "Prote."
Well, Prot,|we're here to--|May I?
Red delicious.|You call this variety.
It's my favorite.
I'd like to begin|by asking you...
if you know|why you're here.
Of course.|You think I'm crazy.
We prefer the term "ill.''|Do you think you are ill?
A little homesick, perhaps.
Really.|Where is home?
Capital "K,'' hyphen,|capitals "P-A-X.''
K-PAX is a planet.
But don't worry,|I'm not going to|leap out of your chest.
I'm not worried.
Its just that I'm only|familiar with nine planets.
Well, actually, there are ten,|but that doesn't matter.
I'm not from|Your solar system.
K-PAX is about 1 ,000|of your light-years|away from here...
in what you would call|Your constellation Lyra.
That's quite a ways.
I'm curious.|How did you get to Earth?
It's a matter of harnessing|the energy of light.
I know that sounds|crazy to you.
You beings are eons away|from discovering light travel.
You travel|at the speed of light?
Oh, no. We can travel|many times that speed.|Various multiples of "C.''
Otherwise, the trip here|would have taken about|1 ,000 years now, wouldn't it?
What if, um,|I were to tell you...
that according to a man|who lived on our planet|named Einstein,
that nothing can travel|faster than the speed|of light?
I would say that you misread|Einstein, Dr. Powell.|May I call you Mark?
You see, Mark,|what Einstein actually said...
was that nothing can accelerate|to the speed of light,
because its mass|would become infinite.
Einstein said nothing about|entities already traveling|at the speed of light or faster,
- at tachyon speeds.|- Tachyon?
I detect a note|of skepticism, Dr. Powell.
Oh, not at all.|It's just that you--
You speak English|so well.
I'm amazed.|Well, English isn't that|difficult a language to learn.
You should try speaking--
I'm--|I'm confused.
Maybe you can explain|it to me. Uh...
how is it that|being a visitor from space,
that you-you look|so much like me...
or anyone else from Earth?
Why is a soap bubble round?
Why is a soap bubble round?
You know, for an educated|person, Mark, you repeat|things quite a bit.
Are you aware of that?
A soap bubble is round...
because it is the most|energy-efficient configuration.
Similarly, on your planet,|I look like you.
On K-PAX,|I look like a K-PAXian.
why did you want to|come to our planet?
Well, I've been here|many times before.
But what brought me|here first? I don't know.
Pure curiosity, I guess.
I'd never been to|a Class BA-3 planet before.
Class BA-3?
Early stage of evolution.
Future uncertain.
And if I give all my possessions|to feed the poor--
Howie. Go on.|Talk to him.
Go on.
You're really from...|up there?
I am from K-PAX.
What sort of place is it?
K-PAX is bigger|than your planet.
But we are circled|by seven purple moons.
Bullshit, bullshit,|bullshit, bullshit,
bullshit, bullshit,|bullshit.
Go on.
Well, K-PAX is most lovely|when K-MON and K-RIL|are in conjunction.
Those are our two suns.|What you would call|Agape and Satori.
You finish|Your homework, Abby?|Yeah.
I lost another tooth.
Oh, yeah? Let me see.|Hey! Maybe the tooth fairy|will come tonight, huh?
There's no such thing|as the tooth fairy, Dad.
Theres just you and Mom.
I fed them already.|I couldn't wait.|How was your day?
Oh, 6:15 was late.|Didn't leave the station|til 6.:30.
Should have caught|the nearest beam of light.
You should have caught what?
Oh, nothing.|How was your day?|Good.
Sent the deposit in|for the house on the cape for|the last two weeks of August.
Which works out perfectly,|'cause Abby doesn't get out|of camp till the 1 5th.
Sent the deposit in?
Yeah.|Come on, Rache.
That wasn't definite.|We were just talking.|I said maybe.
Maybe sometime in August|we'll clear it.
Maybe. Maybe we should start|paying you for your time.|You got a family rate?
Oh, look.|They published my letter.
I spoke with Natalie about going|into the after-school program|next year,
in case|I go back to teaching.
And this morning my head|fell off, but I was able to sew|it back on with dental floss.
Waxed, of course.|Dental floss?
Sorry.|I wasn't l listening.
Yeah, I know.|Let's just eat.
Train was late.|I'm tired.
And to top it off,|the city is dumping|patients on us.
I know.
You stink.
Have a nice day, Sal.
I've been to 64pLanets|within our galaxy.
Earth is the only one|with your species, Homo sapiens,|that I've visited so far.
And when did you arrive|on Earth?
Four years and nine months ago.
So that makes you how old?
In Earth terms, 337 years old.
I aged about seven getting here,|traveling at six multiples|of "C."
But really, Marko,|it only seemed like an instant.
Marko? Time may warp|at super light speed.
I'd say|access one psychosis NOS.
That's glib to|call him a psychotic.|That's a wastebasket diagnosis.
Oh, yeah?|He believes he traveled|here from another planet.
What's your diagnosis,|jet lag?
Well, how come he didn't|respond to the Haldol?
Haldol can make you|more psychotic.
It's rare,|but it does happen.
Look. I'm not saying|that medication can't be|a useful tool...
to help somebody like this,|but you can't--
He maybe a good subject|for the "Betazine" protocol.|The drug's on clinical trial.
You want to experiment on him|before we have a diagnosis?
Do you have some other idea?
He's not a danger to anyone.|How about getting|to know him first?
In the meantime,|we have ten new transfers|to take care of.
You know, maybe what's|wrong with him...
is that he is.|Is what?
From the planet K-PAX.
Your produce alone|has been worth the trip.
Could you tell me...
a bit about your boyhood|on K-PAX?
Where were you born?
You were, uh,|born, right?
K-PAXians have babies?
Oh, yes, much like on Earth,|but unlike you humans,
the reproductive process|is quite unpleasant for us.
Could you compare|the effect to something|that I might understand?
Like a toothache?|It's more like having|your nuts in a vlse,
except we feel it all over.
And to make matters worse,|the sensation is associated...
with something like your nausea,|accompanied by a very bad smell.
The moment of climax is like|being kicked in the stomach,
and then falling into a pool|of mod droppings.
Mod droppings?
A mod is a being,|much like your skunk,|only far more potent.
Uh, if it's such|a terrible experience,
uh, how do you reproduce?
As carefully as possible.
What are you doing?
Well, you just reminded me|of something I want to|include in my report.
Your report.|Yes, it's our custom...
to compile descriptions|of the various places|and people we encounter...
throughout the galaxy.
Morning, Betty.|Good morning, Prot.
Morning, Navarro.|Hey, what's up, man?
Mr. Friedman.|Morning, Maria.
- I'm Vanessa.|- Just chill.
Morning, Bess.
Morning, Bess.
She doesn't talk to anybody.|Afraid smoke will come out of|her mouth when she talks.
Been here since|she was a little girl.|Burned her house down.
Shouldn't play with matches.|Very dangerous.
It was an electrical flare.|Why do you make up stories|like that?
Ernie has a very powerful|imagination.
Phil listen!
Come on, Doris.|You gotta come out of|Your room sometime.
Look what I brought|just for you.
Pooh, pooh, pooh, pooh,|pooh, pooh, pooh, pooh.
Do that again,|you go up to three.
Her Royal Highness never,|ever comes out of her room.|Not even to eat.
No wonder she's here.|I'm sick and tired|of this shit.
Everyday, coming up here|and shooting food at me.|I hate this.
The service here|is atrocious!
Good morning, Mrs. Archer.|Doris.
I wasn't expecting|any gentleman callers...
until this afternoon.
Excuse me.
You have a place|set for two.
Oh, yes. Um...|I'm expecting someone.
How long|have you been waiting?
Eleven years.
For some around here|might...
call that crazy,|but I prefer to call it...
Romantic.|Like a, uh...
waltz in the moonlight,|or a...
candlelit dinner...
or a sunset.|Oh, we have those.
On K-PAX, we have two suns.
They rlse together|only once every 200 years.
And that is quite a sight.
He most definitely|has a sensitivity|to white light,
but I think|it's his range that|You'll find interesting.
What am I looking at?
He can detect light|at a wavelength of up to|300 to 400 angstroms.
Of course,|Prot's explanation is that...
due to his planet's|peculiar quality of light|caused by its two suns,
K-PAXians are used to|light conditions much like|our twilight most of the time.
W-Wait a minute.|Chuck, I didn't think...
human beings could see|ultraviolet light.
We can't.
Good morning, Joyce.
That's a lovely configuration|You're wearing today.|Thank you.
Macy's.|Come in.
This is so much better.
It's a lot like home.
Well, uh, Prot,
I was hoping you'd tell me|more about home.
Well, what would you|like to know?
Well, uh, do you, um,
do you have a family|on K-PAX?
It doesn't work on K-PAX|the same way it works|here, Mark.
On K-PAX, we don't|have families in the way|that you think of them.
In fact, a family would be|a non sequitur on our planet,|as it would on most others.
In other words, um,
You, uh, you never knew|Your parents.
On K-PAX, children are not|raised by their biological|parents, Mark, but by everyone.
They circulate among us,|learning from one|and then another.
Do you have a child?|No.
Do you have a wife waiting|back for you on K-PAX?
Mark. Mark. Mark.
You are not really listening|to what I'm saying to you,|are you?
We do not have marriage|on K-PAX.
There are no wives.|There are no husbands.
There are no families.
I see. So, um,
what about...|societal structure?
Government.|No, there's|no need for one.
- You have no laws?|- No laws. No lawyers.
How do you know|right from wrong?
Every being|in the universe knows|right from wrong, Mark.
But what if--
if someone did do|something wrong--
committed murder or rape--
how would you punish them?
Let me tell you|something, Mark.
You humans, most of you,
subscribe to this policy|of "an eye for an eye,
a life for a life,"|which is known|throughout the universe...
for its stupidity.
Even your Buddha and your Christ|had quite a different vision,
but nobody's paid much attention|to them, not even the Buddhists|or the Christians.
You humans,
sometimes it's hard to imagine|how you've made it this far.
Josh, be careful.
Okay, kids. Let's go.|The hot dogs are ready.
Hey. Where were you|just now?
Come on.|Okay.
Hey, kids, come on.|Wash up.
Josh. Now come on,|quit teasing the dog.
Josh, let's go.|Settle down now.
- Here we are.|- Oh, park that right here.
Boy,|that looks terrific.|That looks great.
Steve, how was, uh,|how was your trip|up from Princeton?
Steve, how was, uh,|how was your trip|up from Princeton?
Not too bad.|We even stopped by|to see Michael.
Oh, that was|nice of you, Sis.
Quite a detour|for you guys.
Well, it was his birthday.
I know it was his birthday.
I sent him a card|and a nice, uh,
a nice, big check|as usual.
It wouldn't kill you|to pick up the phone|every once in a while...
and talk to your own son.
Thank you, Abby.|You wanna pass|the potato salad, please?
There you go.
By the way, I put him|through Dartmouth. He knows|how to pick up a phone too.
I'm thinking of inviting him|for Christmas.|Oh, great.
He spends Christmas|with his mother.
He won't come here.|How do you know? When was|the last time you asked him?
Am I on the couch here,|or what?
You want a beer?|Please and thank you.
You want some more?|Can I have corn, darling?
Steve, I, uh,
I have a rather unusual|favor to ask you.
What can I do you for,|Dr. "P''?|Well, I have a patient.
Sit down. I have|this patient, who, uh,
seems to know quite|a bit about your field.
A patient|who's an astronomer?
So, tell me about|this patient of yours.
Well, he, uh, he claims|to come from a planet|he calls K-PAX.
What kind of name|is that?|K-PAX?
He says it's a thousand|light-years away, near|the constellation Lyra.
Uh-huh. Bighead?|Green? About this high?
Yeah, I think|I know the guy.
No, he's, uh,|he's very convincing.
I mean, of course,|he's, uh, he's human.
Its just that he's, um,
well, he's-he's the most|convincing delusional|I've ever come across.
If I can prove to him|that this K-PAX is just|a figment of his imagination,
then maybe I can find out|who he really is.
Well, sure.|I can give you...
a whole list of questions|to ask your fella.|Wonderful.
All his books and papers|and everything...
are spread all over the desk|like always, but he's|just sitting there.
Someone change|his medication?
I gave him his usual,|Anafronil, 250 milligrams.
Hmm. Well, something's|wrong with him.
An obsessive-compulsive|doesn't just sit there|looking out the window.
Good morning,|Dr. Powell.
Good morning.|But are you looking|for something?
The bluebird?
The bluebird of happiness.
Prot told me to find|the bluebird of happiness.
Prot told you.
It's a task.
The first of three.
I don't know what|the other two are yet.
He'll tell me.
If I complete all three,
I'll be cured.
There.|Maintain your breathing.
That's it.|Now you see?
There are none of|these ammonia particles|that you're so worried about.
In the first place,|I would be able to see them.|Good morning, Sal.
And I don't.|Good morning, Dr. Stinky.
Ringed monkey, 7:00.
Take a bath.|Take a bath.
Ernie, could you excuse us|for a moment, please?|Mm-hmm.
Good to, uh,|see you outside, Ernie.
Thank you.|Oh, Ernie, you stink.
Prot, it's one thing|to take an interest|in your fellow patients.
It's quite another|to make them think|that you can cure them.
You seem overly upset,|Mark.
To borrow a phrase from Navarro,|You need to chill.
For your information,|all beings have the capacity|to cure themselves, Mark.
This is something|we've known on K-PAX|for millions of years.
Listen to me.|On this planet,|I'm a doctor, you're a patient.
Doctor. Patient.|Curious human distinction.
It's not your job|to cure Howie.
Or Ernie or Maria|or anyone else.|It's mine.
Then why haven't|You cured them yet?
Oh, by the way,|here are the answers|to the questions you asked me.
I hope they meet|Your satisfaction.
I don't know what to say, Mark.
I mean, this is--|this is pretty wild stuff.
Gibberish, huh?|Well, not exactly.
I mean, see,
Your patient indicates|his planet, K-PAX,
orbitingan eclipsing|binary star system--|Agape and Satori.
Yeah.|Near the Constellation Lyra.
He could have|looked that up, right?
That's the funny thing, Mark.|Not really.
I mean, except for my boss,|Duncan Flynn,
one of the foremost|astrophysicists in the world...
and maybe two or three|of his colleagues,
nobody knows much about|the possibility of planets|in this star system yet.
It hasn't even been reported|in any journals.
Tell me, honestly,
did Duncan put you|up to this?
You know--|You know, like a joke?
No. It's no joke, Steve.
Uh, tell me,
do you know of any missing|astrophysicists?
Can't say I do.
But there's one or two|around here who'd sure like|to meet this fella of yours.
Thanks a lot, Steve.|I sure appreciate it.
But unlike you humans,|the reproductive process...
is an unpleasant one for us.|Start again.
What way is it unpleasant?
It's a pain--
Good. Not too fast.|Okay.
So, this is|Your neighborhood, huh?
Hello, gentlemen.|Sure appreciate you|meeting with us.
Thank you, Dr. Powell.|We'd like to get to the bottom|of this just as much as you.
Thank you, Doctor.|Great. Let me introduce|You to Prot.
It's a pleasure|to meet you, Prot.|I'm Dr. Becker.
This is Dr. Flynn.
Drs. Patel and Hessler.
Doctor. Doctor.|Doctor. Doctor.
How many doctors|are there on this planet?
Here, Prot.|Have a seat.
"Have a seat.''|Oh, shit!
Feel at home?
We found your notes|quite interesting, Prot,
and we'd like to ask you|some questions,|if that's all right.
Be my guest.|Good.|Then Ill jump right in.
Make sure you can swim.
Yes, well,
let's start with this idea|of light travel, shall we?
What can you tell us|about that?
Absolutely nothing.
If I told you,|you'd blow yourselves up.
Or worse,|someone else.
You'd be surprised|how much energy|is in a beam of light.
Hmm. Well, then,
maybe you could show us|how this light travel works.
You mean a demonstration.
That would be... fine.
Adios. Aloha.
Well, when are you gonna--|I'm already back.
See, where I come from, Prot,|that's called "the fastest gun|in the West'' routine.
Well, I don't come from|where you come from,|Dr. Becker.
Prot, you've indicated in your|notes that your planet K-PAX...
orbits around the twin stars|of Agape and Satori,|near the constellation Lyra.
Well, frankly,|we're a bit mystified...
as to how you gained knowledge|there's such a planetary system|around these stars.
Professor, where I come from,|that's common knowledge.
This was taken|from the Hubble.
We've computer enhanced it,|based on Dr. Patel's readings...
from telescopes|in Chile and Hawaii.
It's the clearest picture|we have of where you come from.
What we'd like is if you could|diagram on the light pad...
the orbital pattern|that your planet takes|through this system.
Mm-hmm.|My pleasure.
I think that's right.
Steven,|could you input that?
Already on it.
Wh-What's going on?
I take it my calculations|help explain the "protabations"|You've been seeing...
in the rotation pattern|of your binary star,
but have been unable to explain|until... this moment.
How could you know this?
How could you--
Every K-PAXian knows this.
Just as every child|on Earth knows...
that your planet|revolves around your sun.
It's common knowledge.|Isn't it?
What, um,|what happened in there?
I mean, you--
He could be a savant.
There-There are savants|who have painted flawless|copies of Rembrandt,
who couldn't--|who couldn't remember|their own names.
You don't|believe him, Steve.
I don't know|what I believe, Mark,|but I know what I saw.
I moved. I moved.|It's your move.
One and two. Your move.
You just wait|till next game.|Bluebird.
Bluebird! Bluebird!
Bluebird! Bluebird!|Bluebird!
Howie!|Bluebird! Bluebird!
Bluebird! Bluebird!|Bluebird!
Howie.|Bluebird. Bluebird.|Bluebird.
Okay. Okay.|Bluebird!
Where's the bluebird?
Look, bluebird!|Bluebird! Bluebird!
Oh, my God.
Bluebird! Bluebird!|Howie!|Howie, get back here!
Bluebird! Bluebird!|Bluebird!
Do bluebirds bite, Sal?
Nah, they don't bite,|stinkhead.
Hey, Bess, its a bluebird.
- Shit!|- Disturbance on two.
- It's the bluebird!|- Bluebird! Bluebird!
Bluebird! Bluebird!
Bluebird! Bluebird!
It's mass hysteria.
Betty!|Betty, what the hell|is going on here?
- Come here! Come here!|- Dr. Powell, come and see!
You see it?|Do you see it?
Lookit! Lookit!|Lookit!
Whats going on here,|Dr. Powell?|What on Earth is out there?
-Just a bluejay.|- A bluejay?
A bluejay.
Off the chair.|Everybody, get off the chairs.
Mrs. Archer...|come out of her room.
Its a bluebird?
Come on over here.
I know who you are.
You're the bluebird.
Good night, Bess.
And how are we today?|Oh, just fine.
That's good, Maria.|My man.
Excuse me.|Mm-hmm.
About that|light travel thing.
I was wondering if maybe|You could show me|how to do that.
I put up with|the stinkin this place|for ten years.
I wanna get out,|if you know what I mean.
I used to be the doorman|at The Plaza.
F-Fifteen years.
That's when I started|to notice it.
Notice what?|The smell.
They all stank.
I-I tried to tell 'em,|but, uh,
they put me here.
And, um, and-and--
And this-this place|smells worse than all.
Except foryou.|Y-You don't smell,
so I figured maybe|You could help me.
You should smell|the york blossoms|on my planet...
in a gentle breeze.
Pretty much|like your sugarplums.
I would-- I would|like to smell that.
I would like to go there,|to-to your, um,
I'm afraid I can only take|one person back with me|when I go.
Uh, I had my weekly session|with Sal today.
He says you're|taking him to K-PAX.
In fact, I've heard|from most of the patients|on ward two,
they all tell me|that they're going to K-PAX.
I wonder if thats a wise thing|to be promising patients|in a psychiatric facility.
No, no, no, Mark.|I made it clear to each|and every one of them,
I can only take one person|back with me when I return.
Return?|Mark,|don't get me wrong.
I mean, you've been|very hospitable.
But my time here is almost up,|and I can't wait to get back.|Back?
To K-PAX?|Yes, of course.|Where else?
You're planning|to return to K-PAX.
You're repeating yourself|again, Mark. Yes, I have|one trip to take up north,
and then I am planning|on returning to K-PAX.
Joyce gave me these strawberries|this morning from her garden|in Hoboken.
They're delicious.|You'll have to|forgive me, but, um,
but this is|a bit confusing.
- When are you planning on--|- I'm departing on July 27.
Why? Why, uh,|why July 27?
Safety reasons.
You see, I can go anywhere|on Earth without fear|of bumping into someone...
traveling at super light speed,|but beings are coming and going|all the time from K-PAX.
It has to be coordinated.
You're telling me...
You're beaming back|to K-PAX on July 27.
At 5:51 a.m.,|Eastern time.
Hey, hey, hey, honey.
Mark,|You were just dreaming.
You were just dreaming.
Mark, whats going on?|Daddy's okay.
Go back to bed, honey.|Where is Daddy going?
Daddy's all right.|He has a tummy ache.|He's all right.
Daddy!|Get in bed!
And when did you arrive|on Earth?
Four years and nine months ago.|What's going on?
Shh! Listen.
And when did you arrive|on Earth?
Four years and nine months ago.
Your years.
Four years, nine months|and three days ago.
That'll be five years|to the date on July 27.|That's when he's leaving.
What?|To go back to K-PAX.
Mark, what is the matter|with you?
Rachel--|Mark, it is 2:00|in the morning.
What is-- What is|this patient doing to you?
He's telling me|that five years ago|on July 27...
something terrible|happened to him.
Some horrible trauma.|I gotta get to him|before that date.
- Mom, what's happening?|- Unbelievable.
Nothing. Come on.|Come on. Let's all|go back to bed.
Ah, I've got it!
Come on. Let's eat.
- Is the spaceman here yet?|- Shh. Don't call him that.
Spaceman. Spaceman.|No, no. No, no.
Whoo!|Everybody, come here.
Listen, everybody, look.|He's going to be here|any minute.
I want you guys to just|calm down. Be yourselves.|Act natural.
Okay. Spaceman.
Why, is he going to zap us|with his laser gun?
I mean it. I do.|Here.
Oh, Mom.
I can't believe|I agreed to this.
I tried everything else.|Rachel, look.
I want him to spend|Fourth of July with us...
to see if a normal family|environment might bring|something out of him.
Since when did we become|a normal family?
Please.|Look. They're here.
I just feel uncomfortable.|Well, don't.
Joyce's son, he's on|the high school wrestling team,
and Betty's husband's|an ex-cop.
Hey, Joyce.|Hey, buddy.
Glad you could make it.
Wow.|This is my husband, Dominic.
He looks like Data.|That's right,|embarrass him.
Welcome, Prot.
This is my wife Rachel.
How do you do?|Rachel.
Thank you so much|for inviting me today.
Thanks for coming.
- Watch out. Watch out.|- No.
Shasta, no.|Shasta, no.|Shasta!
Come here, good dog.|I know. I know.
Damn dog's|never liked anyone.|Shh.
Oh. Okay. Kids.
Girls. Girls.|Come here.
She says she doesn't|like it when you hide|her favorite tennis shoe.
And she doesn't hear so well|in her left side, so--
so don't sneak up|on her anymore.
No way.
Let's get some lunch, okay?|Let's have lunch.
Let's go eat.
It's good, Rachel.
Okay, you guys, come on.
Careful, careful,|Gabby.
All right. Come on.|Somebody else|want some?
There we go.
So, Prot, Mark tells me|You don't eat meat.
That's very healthy.|Speak for yourself.
You got it?
Yes, I want burgers,|thank you.|It's good.
Everything looks so good.|Pass me one of those hamburgers.
Come on.
Give me a push.
There's a photograph|on the piano of a young man|with all the others.
That's Michael.
That's Mark's son|from his first marriage.
How many marriages|has he had?
Just the two...|so far.
"So far?|No, I mean,
he's not out to set|a world record or anything.
But the young man|in the photograph,|he's not here today.
No, um,|he doesn't live with us.
You know,|he's away at college and--
and the truth is,|he and Mark don't|talk to each other.
I don't know why|I'm telling you this.
Probably because|I'm a locked-up lunatic,|so what harm could it do.
Maybe that's it.
Dr. Powell's been trying|to teach me the importance...
You beings place on|Your biological connections.|Hmm.
You think he means it?
You don't?
Do you know|what a family is?
You worry.
They don't|tell you that, you know.
You don't have a family.
We don't have families|on K-PAX.
Well, you don't know|what you're missing.
I'll get you|some more lemonade.
All right.|Incoming.
That's beautiful.|Thank you.
Fourth ofJuly.
Thank you for inviting me|here today, Mark.
You're most welcome, Prot.
Come push me on the swing!
I'll show you|a trick.
This is called...
Go to the Table|and Have a Beer.
But first you have to|hold on very tight.
This is fun!
Come on, let's go!|Come on! Come on!
Watch out.|Watch out.
Let's go in the water!
No, don't.|Come on!
No, don't go.|Don't go.|Let's go!
Hey! Let go!|Don't go in the water!|Don't! No, don't!
Mom! No!|No, you stay! No!
Natalie? Natalie!
Mark! Mark!
Hey, this guy's|as strong as an ox!|Betty, quick!
Turn off the goddamn water!
Stay there, Josh.|I'll turn it off!|I got it.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.|No, no, no, it's okay, Betty.|Where are his glasses?
I got it.|Are you all right?
You're okay.
Is that apple pie I smell?
Sweetheart,|You all right?|Yeah.
He was pushing my daughter|on a swing, like he had done|a hundred times before.
Not like he was|some alien from K-PAX.
I saw him.|He was connecting|with something.
Some kind|of normal life.|That's not enough.
He's a violent patient,|Mark.
He's not violent.
Something violent|happened to him.|Something in his past.
When he was going after Natalie,|he wasn't trying to harm her,|he was trying to protect her.
From the sprinklers?|I'm not sure from what.
I need more than a hunch|to go on, otherwise I|have to send him upstairs.
We need to regress him--|take him back into the past,
find out what happened|and have him confront it.
Regress him? Do you have any|idea how risky it is to regress|a patient like this one?
It's his only chance.
Claudia,|we have to push him.|There's no time.
He told me|that he's going back|to K-PAX on July 27.
That's in three weeks.
I think that he could|become violent on that day.|Hurt himself, somebody else.
You know what|the problem is, Mark.
You're too close|to this patient.
Everybody else|can see it but you.
I am transferring him|to the fourth floor,|and that's final.
I know I'm too close to him.|All right, fine.|I admit it.
Why choose this one|to save, Mark?
I don't know. Maybe--|Maybe because I feel...
he chose me.
Has anyone seen Prot?
He went up north|for a few days.
You know.
He had a few countries|left to visit before he|could finish his report.
Don't worry, Dr. Powell.|He'll be back.
How do you know, Ernie?
Because he took his glasses|with him, darling.
When he returns to K-PAX,|he won't need them.
Patients do not escape|from this institution.|They don't escape.
There has been|no evidence of escape,
but obviously,|I've notified the police,|social services.
I'm gonna have a great time|explaining this|to the state board.
I got psychotics|on the fourth floor|packing up their sneakers...
because they all think|they're going off to K-PAX.
Claudia--|Find him.
Well, what about|city shelters?
Have you--|Have you checked?
No, I'm not telling you|how to do your job.
Uh-- Thank--|Thank you.
Dr. Powell,|I presume.
Where the hell|have you been?
Newfoundland,|Greenland, Iceland,|uh, Labrador--
All right, cut the crap.|We've been looking for you|for three days.
I believe I mentioned|my taking a trip up north,|Mark, in this very garden.
"Taking a trip?|You're a patient here.
You don't leave here without|a discharge. And don't give me|this beam-of-light shit,
because I don't buy it.
What would you say|if I were to tell you...
that I don't believe|You took any trip at all...
to Iceland or Greenland|or anywhere?
That I don't believe|You're from K-PAX?
I believe you're|as human as I am.
I would say you're in need|of a Thorazine drip, Doctor.
Well, there--|there is one way...
You could convince me|beyond any doubt.
Of course,|I would need your consent.
It's called hypnosis.
I just don't see the point.|Let me tell you|what your alternative is.
A trip to a place|where they'll stick a needle|in your ass every morning,
which may or may not leave you|with a stupid grin|on your face...
for the rest of your days|here on Earth.
Is that what you'd like?
I want to help you.
What we're going|to be doing, Prot,|is a bit like daydreaming.
I'm gonna count|from one to five.
On the count of three,|Your eyes will close,
and you will find yourself|in a very nice, deep,
comfortable, relaxed|state of hypnosis.
One. Your eyes are starting|to get very heavy now.
Two. I want you|to use your imagination...
and imagine small lead weights|on your eyelids...
that are just making them|so... heavy.
Pulse rate is 40 B.P.M.|Three.
Keep your eyes closed.|I'd be concerned|if he were human.
Let yourself go way,|way down deep.
Four. Let a wave of relaxation|move through your body now...
as you go down|even deeper.
And five,
going way, way down deep.
You are in a relaxed|state of hypnosis now.
How do you feel?
I want you|to go back in time.
I want you to recall|the first experience|that you can remember.
What do you see?
What was that?
What do you see?
I see...
with a blue lining.
Whose casket is it?
It's the father|of a friend of mine.
What's your friend's name?
I'm not telling.
Do you know how|Your friend's father died?
He had an accident at|the place that he worked at.
He was killed|in an accident?
He-- He was hurt|and then died later?
Where did he work?|The place where|they kill cows.
Where is this place?
The pulse rate just shot up|ten B.P.M.s.
Do you know--|Do you know|where this place is?
I-I want you to relax.
I want to move forward|in time now.
Where are you?
It's nighttime.
We're in his house.
At the other boy's house?|Yeah.
I want him|to come outside.
To look at the stars.
That's where I come from,|You know.
Is your name Prot?
How did you know that?
Where are you from, Prot?
I'm from the planet K-PAX.
It's in|the constellation Lyra.
Do you know|all the constellations?
Yeah. Most of 'em.
And does your friend|know them too?|Yes, he does.
When his dad got sick|and had to stay home,|they got a telescope,
and his dad taught him about|all the constellations.
But he's not interested|in those right now.
Why not?
Something happened.
That's why he called me.
He calls me when|something bad happens.
Like when his father died?
That's right.
How do you know to come?|How does the boy call you?
I don't know. I just come.|I just-- I just know.
How do you get to Earth?
I wanna go outside.|Can I go outside?
Uh, read-- read|his body language, Mark.
I-I don't think he wants|to talk anymore today.
All right. Prot?
I want you|to just relax now.
Think about the stars.
That's right.|I' m gonna count backwards now|from five to one,
and you'll find yourself|wide-awake and refreshed.
Five. You're starting|to come out of it now.
Four.|You're feeling more alert.
Three.|Even more alert.
Two.|You're becoming awake now.
And one.
So when do we begin?
It's already over.
Oh, the old "fastest gun|in the West'' routine, huh?
Let's find the locations|of all the slaughter houses|operating in the United States.
I mean, how many|can there be?
I don't know.
We eliminate, uh, the ones|in or near big cities...
and we concentrate|on small towns, rural areas,
You know, places where|You can see the stars.
Joyce, we only have|six days.
Shall I bring the crystal|or leave it here?
I suppose I won't|really need it on K-PAX.
I don't even know|what they drink.
Dream on, sister.|He can only take|one of us with him.
Why the hell would he take|a stinker like you?|He's taking me.
How dare you!|I do not stink.
Nah, forget it, ho.|I'm the one goin'.
Yeah?|Which one of you?
Okay.|Who would like to begin?
Ernie.|Uh, I-I was-- I was wondering|if it was possible...
for us to have Cream of Wheat|instead of oatmeal.
Not again.|Howie.
I have a suggestion,|because there's really,|really not much time.
I would like to propose|an essay contest...
to decide once and for all|who will go with Prot.
I've spoken with him,|and he's agreed to read|them all by July 27.
So if anyone would|like to be considered,
please state your reasons|in a clear, legible hand...
and return them to me.
Would I get to take|my bible to K-PAX?
Of course you would.
We can finish|the essays later.
Now, I want you|to go back in time again,
but not so far back|as last time.
Is your friend there?
Is he with you now?
What's his name?|I'm not tellin'.
Prot, I would like to know|Your friend's name.
Well, I ain't|gonna tell ya.
Well, we have to|call him something.
How about Pete?
Well, that's not his name,|but whatever thrills you.
What year is it?|It's 1 985.
How old are you?|One hundred|and seventy-five.
How old is Pete?|Seventeen.
Tell me about Pete.
What happened?
Is there a problem?
Is that why|he called you?
He's got a girlfriend.
And the problem|is with the girlfriend?|She's pregnant.
He can see it all coming|right down the road.|You get married,
have a bunch of kids,|wind up in the same job|that killed your dad.
He blames her for this?|Oh, no, no, no.
He doesn't blame her.|No, he just--
He--|How did he put it?
He hates the chains that people|shackle themselves with.
I mean, we don't have|all that crap on K-PAX.
All right, Prot.|I want you to listen|to me carefully.
I want to move forward|in time again.
Oh, say, two weeks.
If you would like|to open your eyes|or move around, you may.
Would you like to?|I know that.
Prot, when--|It's, uh,
according to|Your Earth calendar.
And your friend Pete|called you?
Not for anything|in particular.
He just... sometimes|wants to talk things over...
with someone|every now and then.
Tell me about Pete now.
He's a knocker.|A "knocker''?
A knocker is the guy|that knocks the cow|inside of the head...
so it won't struggle|while they slit its throat.
I know.|It's barbaric, isn't it?
Does he still live|in the same town?
Oh, just outside of town.
He's got a little place,|but he's fixed it up nice.
It's got some... trees|and a couple of acres...
and a river.
It reminds me of K-PAX,|except for the river.
Tell me, did he ever marry|that pregnant girl?
Wow, what a memory.
Yeah, they got married,|but she's no longer pregnant.|Why, that was six years ago.
I've forgotten her name.
I didn't tell you|her name.
Can you tell me now?
Did they have|a son or a daughter?
It's her birthday|next week.
Chak, what's happened?|Howie tried to kill Ernie.
What?|He's fine.
Ernie?|I feel wonderful,|Dr. Powell.
For heaven's sake.|What happened?|Absolutely wonderful.
My good friend Howie,|he just about|strangled me to death.
Son of a bitch,|I love him.
Ernie, I don't understand.
You should've seen it.
I was asleep.|You know, the way I like--|my hands tied and everything.
He wrapped something|around my neck--|a handkerchief or something--
and then tightened it.
There wasn't a damn thing|I could do about it.
Well, when I|stopped breathing,
he lifted me onto the gurney,|rushed me up here,
and they brought me back|as quick as they could.
And when I woke up,
You know what I realized,|Dr. Powell?
Dying's something|You have no control over.
Why waste your life|being afraid of it?
I'll sleep on my stomach|from now on.
I'll eat fish|with bones in it.
I'll swallow the biggest|pill you can find.|Bring it on.
I feel good.
That's terrific, Ernie.
See you at our session|tomorrow?|Yes.
I cured him, didn't I?
Prot says one more task|and I'll be cured too.
And then it's...|bon voyage.
Tell me your name, damn it.
I'm gonna give you|a specific date,
and I want you to remember|where you were and what|You were doing on that day.
Do you understand?
Perfectly well,|my dear sir.
The date|is July 27, 1 996.
I'm on K-PAX.
- Are you sure?|- Quite sure, governor.
- Are you sure?|- Quite sure, governor.
I'm harvesting croppins|for a meal.
Croppins are a fungi,|like, uh, your truffles.
Big truffles.|Delicious.|Do you like tru--
Wait a minute.
There it is.|What? Is it Pete?
I sense something is wrong.|He needs me.
I'm now on Earth.
I'm with him.
And where are you?|What are you doing?
By a river...
in the back|of his house.
It's dark.
He's taking off|his clothes.
Why is he doing that?
What is he doing?
He's trying|to kill himself.
Why does he want|to kill himself?
Because something terrible|has happened.
Has he done something?|Has he done something|he shouldn't have?
He doesn't want|to talk about it.
Prot, I'm trying to help him.|I can't help him unless he|tells me what happened.
He knows that.
Well, then,|why won't he tell me?
Because then|You would know...
what even he|doesn't want to know.
Then you have to|help him, Prot.
You have to help him|tell me what happened.
He doesn't want|to talk about it.|Are you fucking deaf?
Time is running out|for him.
Time is running out|for everyone.
He jumps in.
He's floating.
Pulse is up to 1 40.|Respiration's at 30.
For God's sake, man,|bring him back.
All right.|Listen to me.
Listen to me.
You can save him.|You're his friend.
I am his friend.|That's why I won't try.
Save him!|No.
I can't.
The cur--|The current is too strong.
There's no chance.
I... cannot.|Listen to me.
You've helped|a lot of patients here.
You've helped Mrs. Archer.|You've helped Howie and Ernie.
I'm gonna ask you|to help cure Pete now.
Let's call it a task.
- I want you|to let me speak to him.
If he's listening,|I want him to know|that he can trust me.
I want him to know that if|it was Sara or Rebecca|that he did something--
Get in there.|No, no, no, wait!|Wait, wait, wait, wait!
No. No, stay back.|Oh, my God!|Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!|Oh--
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
It's okay.
It's all right.
That's okay.
It's all right now.
I'm gonna count backwards now|from five to one,
and as I count,|You'll become more|and more alert.
On the count of one|I'll snap my fingers,
and you'll wake up|feeling refreshed.
Five. You're starting|to come out of it.
Four. You're becoming|more alert.
Three.|Even more alert.
Two. You're starting|to wake up now.
And one.
Are you okay?|Yes.
Feeling fine.
Thank you.
Is this--|Is this area code 5-0-5?|Where arey ou?
New Mexico, sir.|New Mexico?
There are a dozen Salvation Army|shelters in New Mexico.
Albuquerque,|Las Cruces, Roswell.
Wait a minute.|There's one in Santa Rosa.|Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa.
Santa Rosa.
That's pretty damn close|to Santa Rosa.
What's the biggest|local newspaper|for that region?
Guadalupe County Observer,|covering Guadalupe County.
All right.|Bring that up.
Go toJuIy27, 1996.
"'Swap meet, livestock sale. '"
Wait.|Go to the 28th.
There it is!
"Robert Porter. Drowned!''
His name...
is Robert Porter.
Robert Porter.|Ah, here it is.
Yeah, I do remember|this case.
It was about the biggest|thing ever happened|around these parts.
He was a quiet type.
As I recall, he was|a real smart fella.|Kind of brainy.
Strong as a horse, though,|and worked as a knocker.
Lived about 20 miles|outside of town with|his-his wife and child.
His wife's name|was Sarah.
That's right.
Damn shame|what happened.
You got time|to take a ride?
Well,|it's been empty.
Yeah, nobody comes around|here much anymore...
since all that happened.
Ain't no livin' next of kin|to give the place to anyway.
I had detectives come|down from Albuquerque...
to try and piece|this one together.
Well, accordin' to|the official story,
Porter, he was at work|when this, uh, this drifter,
Darryl Walker,|come by the house.
Two-time parolee|lookin' for trouble.|You know what I'm sayin'?
Started out|as a robbery.
The wife and the daughter|were out back.
From what we can gather|from forensics and all,
this Walker, he, uh--|he forced the two women|into the house.
Raped the wife,
killed 'em both.
Porter, he must've come home|and found Walker still here.
Snapped a grown man's neck|like it was a twig.
Can't say I wouldn't have|done the same myself.
Uh, the river's|this way.
They found|the clothes there.
That's probably|where he jumped in.
And this river can be|pretty treacherous.
Even in July|it's got a hell of a current.
Still, I suppose it might|have been a mistake,|officially,
to declare it a drowning|when the body was never found.
if that boy you got|back there in New York|is really Robert Porter,
I'd just as soon|not know about it.
Know what I mean?
I'm sorry.|I'm sorry.
Never do that again.|I won't.
What happened?
I found what|I was looking for.
You sure?|Yeah.
Wish I hadn't.
{##And I think it's gonna be|a long, long time###
{## Till I touch down brings me|round again to find###
{##I'm not the man|they think I am at home###
{## Oh, no, no, no###
{##I'm a rocket man###
If you wouldn't mind|putting mine on top.
{##Burnin' out his fuse|up here alone###
{##And I think it's gonna be|a long, long time######
Have a seat.
You all packed?|Ready to go?
Quite ready.|I travel light.
That's a joke,|Mark.
You humans.|There's just no|sense of humor.
I doubt, uh,|Freud ever tried this,
but before|someone goes away,
we usually like to send them off|with a little toast.
Scotch okay, or would you prefer|something more fruity?
I will try|the scotch.
here's to a...
safe journey.
Tell you the truth,
K-PAX sounds like|a beautiful place.
I'd like to see it sometime.|Think there's a chance of that?
I think you should see|more of your world.
As a matter of fact,|I think you should see|more of your own family.
Invite your son|for Christmas.
I may just do that, Prot.
You know what I've learned|about your planet?
There's enough life on Earth|to fill 50 planets--
plants, animals, people,|fungi, viruses--
all jostling|to find their place,
bouncing off each other,|feeding off each other,
You don't have that kind|of connection on K-PAX?
Nobody wants,|nobody needs.
On K-PAX, when I'm gone,|nobody misses me.
There would be|no reason to.
And yet I sense|that when I leave here,
I will be missed.
Strange feeling.
You don't have|to leave, Prot.
I'm sure there must be some way|that I can help you...
to stay as one of us.
I will miss you,|Dr. Powell.
And I have to finish|my report, but...
I seem to have misplaced|my pencil.
Take mine.
A much more efficient|writing tool.
Adios, my friend.
I wanna show you|something.
That is Robert Porter.
Prot, that's you.
You and Robert Porter|are the same person.
That's patently absurd.|I'm not even human.
Can't you at least|admit the possibility?
I will admit the possibility|that I am Robert Porter...
if you will admit|the possibility...
that I am from K-PAX.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I have a beam of light|to catch.
Oh, Mark.
Now that you've found Robert,
please take good care of him.
{## That nobody can deny###
{## That nobody can deny###
# That nobody can deny #
# For he's a-- ##|I can't stand it.
I-- I can't|stand this!
I demand to know...
which one of us|is goin' with you.
Well, I can|tell you this.
There's extra points for|the one who goes to sleep first.
Out of my way!
Oh, my gosh.
You never gave me|my last task.
What's my last task?
To stay here.
And be prepared...
for anything.
You look tired, Doc.|Why don't you get|a few hours of rest?
He's not goin'|anywhere.|Uh--
We got seven hours.|I'll see you in four, hmm?
Get some rest.
You're gonna eat.
You need some food|and you need to sleep.
Chow Fun.
Oh, the place on Broadway|with the ugly lanterns|in the window?
The mean walter|always shouted at us.
Their fortune cookies never|had any fortunes in 'em.
We never needed any.
I knew my fortune|that night.
He was sitting|right in front of me.
Hope he still is.
Hey.|What's up, man?
Look, 20 says|he goes.|You're on.
Oh, damn it!
Two minutes.|You know where Dr. Powell is?
I'll buzz him.
One minute.
Here comes Dr. Powell!
He's moving.
Repeat:|He's moving!
What the hell?
Wait for me, you--
Son of a bitch.
Oh, God.
Oh, man.|Oh, God.
Call a code blue.|Help me.|Let's get him.
Who's that?|Beats me.|How'd he get in here?
That's not Prot.|He's definitely|not Prot.
Certainly not.|Prot's gone.
Where's Bess?
Where's Bess? Bess?
He chose Bess.
Good-bye, Bess.
Good for you,|homegirl.
Bess went to K-PAX.
Patient 287, Robert Porter.
How I wish I could say that|Robert sat up one fine day...
and said, "'I'm hungry.|Got any fruit?'"
Like most catatonics,
he probably hears|every word we say...
but refuses|or is unable to respond.
Nevertheless,|I keep him up to date.
Let's see.|I told you about Howie.
He got that job|at the public library.
And Ernie, he's determined|to be a crisis counselor.
The only one we're, uh,|really concerned about is Bess.
You know, we've checked|halfway houses, shelters,
churches, bus stops.
Uh, we don't understand.|It's like...
people don't just disappear.
July 27th ?
You wouldn't happen to know|anything about that, would you?
Well, maybe|it'll come to you.
Whenever you're ready,|I'll be waiting.
I want to tell you|something, Mark,
something you|do not yet know,
but we K-PAXians have been|around long enough|to have discovered.
The universe will expand,
then it will collapse|back on itself,
and then it will|expand again.
It will repeat|this process forever.
What you don't know is that|when the universe expands again,
everything will be|as it is now.
What ever mistakes you make|this time around, you will|live through on your next pass.
Every mistake you make...
you will live through...
again and again, forever.
So my advice to you is to|get it right this time around,
because this time...
is all you have.
You're lookin' great,|Michael.|Think so?
Thanks.|How you doin'?
Good. How was your--|How was your trip?
Was it--|Was it good?
{##Maybe this is forever###
{##Forever fades away###
{##Like a rocket ascending###
{##Into space###
{## Could you not be sad###
{## Could you not breakdown###
{##After all###
{##I won't let go###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{## There's beauty in release###
{## There's no one left|to please###
{##But you and me###
{##I don't blame you|for quitting###
{##I know you really tried###
{## Only you could hang on###
{## Through the night###
{## 'Cause I don't|wanna be lonely###
{##I don't wanna be scared###
{##And all our friends###
{##Are waiting there###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{## There's beauty in release###
{## There's no one left|to please###
{##But you and me###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I could|have held on###
{##Feel like I could|have let go###
{##Feel like I could|have helped you###
{##Feel like I could|have changed you###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I could|have held you###
{##Feel like I could|have let you###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I was a stranger###
{##Feel like I was an angel###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I was a hero###
{##Feel like I was a zero###|{##Safe and sound###
{##Feel like I could|have killed you###
{##Feel like I could|have healed you###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I could|have touched you###
{##Feel like I could|have saved you###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I should|have known you###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I could|have changed you###
{##Feel like I could|have moved you###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{## Until you're safe and sound###
{##Feel like I should|have told you###
{##Feel like I could|have known you###
{##Feel like I could|have loved you###
{##Feel like I couId|attractyou###
{##Feel like I could|have saved you###
{##Feel like I really|loved you###
{##Feel like|I really loved you######