Kaagaz (2021) Movie Script

"It could mean nothing,
but everything too."
"Such is the uniqueness of paper."
"Floating like boats in the monsoon."
"Burning in the flame in the winter."
"Soaring in the skies as a kite."
"The entire world has
turned bitter enemies over me."
What happened?
Did you see a nightmare?
Not a nightmare.
It was some...a kind of premonition.
I saw that...you were
kicking in the middle of the city.
And in that bard suit, you
looked just like Rajesh Khanna(star).
Stop dreaming and get real.
And the reality is
that I'm Bharat Lal...
...and quite happy with who I am.
'The majority of the
population in our country...'
'...are those whom
we call The Common Man.'
'And today I'm going to narrate the
unique story of one such commoner...'
'...who lived in Amilo village,
of Azamgarh district in Uttar Pradesh.
'And without the
struggles in his life,
...he might have continued
to remain a common man.'
I leave no dearth in your service...
...while your vessel
wreaks havoc in my shop.
But he's finally landed in the hangar.
And this time I'll fix him for good.
- Motiya, Ramphal.
- Yes, brother.
Practise '...Mere Mehboob'.
It's top on the radio's
playlist due to public demand.
So practice that.
From the top.
And, you are coming with me, my love.
I have a different
song for you on my mind.
"My beloved's arrived..."
"O Spring..."
Motiya, he's not going to kill him.
Just let him go
somewhere far from here.
That's his nature.
Well, I admit that you're
my Lord Ganesh' personal vessel.
But, don't let me catch
you lurking in my shop again.
When you gnaw my gear, I lose work.
And when you gnaw my uniform,
I lose my reputation.
I am letting you go today.
But if I ever catch
you again in my shop...
...then, you'll see a different
side of me which you won't like.
Greetings, sir.
Out taking care of our mouse troubles.
Stop it.
Beloved's left.
- Greetings.
- Bless you.
- So, how are you?
- Fine.
Any new bookings?
Yes. On the 27th of this month.
At Mr. Radheshyam's place. The guy who's
got a little snack shop at the corner.
It's his son's wedding.
So be there on the 27th.
We've already booked on the 27th.
Isn't that right, Ramphal.
Yes. Ganga aunty.
We're already booked.
I've said this before.
Why don't you hire more men?
So you can take more work.
The more work you take,
the more bucks you make.
It's not just the men, sir.
We'll need more instruments, uniforms.
More space to practice.
You can't fit an elephant on a bus.
Ever thought about
expanding the place.
And how do you assume I do that?
You don't think money
will rain down from Heaven.
My pocket's completely empty.
Then borrow from the bank.
No, never.
He's right.
Come, Rukmani.
Rukmani, I was only advising Bharat
Lal to borrow money from the bank...
...so he can expand his shop.
I don't want to borrow any money.
Borrowing money is
like adopting a dog.
They are supposed
to be our protectors...
...but, needs to be fed regularly.
And in case you miss
to feed him a single day...
...he'll pounce on you instead.
I'm already having mouse troubles...
...and, I don't need a dog.
Fine. Do whatever you like.
Just be happy.
Okay, okay, okay.
See you.
You know I was thinking...
Everyone borrows money from the bank,
so why can't you?
And who's going to pay them back.
We'll pay them back
with the extra income.
And what if we don't make more money?
It's not like they
will force your hand.
We're not in exactly
in dire straights.
And you're scared even
before taking a risk.
Rukmini, you're my precious gem.
I don't need to borrow any money.
Mr. Srivastav.
I heard that the sterilization
camps will soon get lifted.
- The Emergency is coming to an end.
- Yeah...
Bharat Lal, did they sever
your connection as well?
No, my parts are absolutely intact.
Go on.
I am thinking of expanding my shop...
...and looking to borrow money for it.
Of course. Of course.
I'll get your loan approved.
But what about security?
Well, ...I know Bahadur,
who looks after the entire market...
...for a nominal fee.
That's not what I meant.
The bank needs collateral
for granting you loan.
Do you have any land or property?
Well, the place where
I stay is rented...
...and I've my old shop.
No-no...your shop comes under
the Red Tape Property regulations.
...and you don't have documents
that prove ownership.
Think of something else.
I have an ancestral
property in Khalilabad.
In joint possession
with my aunt and uncle.
Then get a copy of
the property documents...
...attested by the Record Keeper,
and bring that document to me.
And you will get a loan against that.
Okay. See you then.
See you.
See you.
I'll see you in a week.
- Be back soon.
- I will...I will...
And, don't be sad if I don't return.
Take care and enjoy your life.
"Let's go..."
"Let's go..."
"My home's calling me."
"Calling me..."
"My home's calling me."
"To the dancing peacocks..."
"...and beautiful scenes everywhere."
"The place with beautiful
fragrance in the air..."
"...and the beautiful streams."
"Lamps burning at doorsteps."
"And life's filled with happiness."
"Let's go..."
"The message has come for me."
"Let's go..."
"My home's calling me."
"To the dancing peacocks..."
"...and beautiful scenes everywhere."
Do you expect me to open the door?
I am going.
Coming. Coming.
Bharat. After all these years.
- Greetings, uncle.
- Bless you, son.
Come in.
- You're still alive.
- Of course, I am.
Are you going to tell me who's
at the door, or is it a secret?
It's me, aunty.
Yes, but which 'me'?
Come, sit.
I am guess you plan to stay overnight.
I don't see brother
Hari and Devi around.
What are you snooping around for?
The baby is crying again.
Go and pacify him.
They went to the city.
And the kids.
Them too.
Your sister-in-law has
sent these sweetmeats for you.
Who is this baby?
Meet your nephew, Sushil.
Harilal's son.
What a cute kid, Sushil?
I will take you home with me someday.
And, what about your musical band?
It's doing great, thanks to you.
I am looking to expand my business,
and want to borrow money for the same.
The bank officials asked me to get a copy
of any property documents that I may have.
So here I am.
Bharat Lal.
Finally, my number's up.
Bharat Lal.
Bhure Singh, you?
Sit on the floor.
We used to study together in school.
This is a government office.
What is your business here?
Nothing much.
I want a copy of my
ancestral property papers...
...and my uncle said I
should meet the Record Keeper.
And since you're the officer-in-charge,
you will find my paper.
- What is your father's name?
- Kanhaiya Lal.
Sorry. That's Late Kanhaiya Lal.
And, the teacher would
always send him out of class.
For at least one period.
Bharat Lal son of Kanhaiya Lal.
Village; Salarpur, Post; Khalilabad,
District; Azamgarh.
Remember what the
teacher always said...
You're dead.
That's not what the teacher said.
It says here on paper. You're dead.
Your papers say that I am dead.
And what about this living
man in front of you.
I don't care.
Official documents never lie.
See for yourself.
30th July 1976... Sit back down.
Bharat Lal passed away.
And on his uncle's request, his share of
the land was given to Devi Lal, and...
Hari Lal. My brother.
Yes, your share's been given to them.
No, this is wrong.
This is completely wrong.
How can it be wrong?
It's all here on official documents.
Who's more honest,
that piece of paper or me?
Don't forget this
is a government office...
...and we only believe what's
written on legal documents.
I see...
So that register has more
importance than humans beings.
A piece of paper is
more valued than my word.
Why are you screaming?
I am not screaming...
...I just lost my cool
in a state of shock.
I am right in front of you.
Hey you, hit me.
I am not denying that.
Then make the correction in the paper.
And be sent to jail along with you
for tampering with legal documents.
But why me?
- For forgery.
- Why?
For trying to usurp
a dead man's property.
- It has legal repercussions.
- Fantastic.
You mean to say I am trying
to usurp my own property.
It's like the pot
calling the kettle black.
Who are you calling black?
It's a popular saying.
I know one too.
A rude man doesn't
understand politeness.
And you're a classic example of that.
- Constable, take him away.
- Come on.
- Don't touch me.
- Take him away.
Throw him out.
His words mean nothing.
He used to pee in his pants.
Outing my secrets.
You're not even fit to be a watchman.
Let alone a record keeper.
Go bring your uncle.
I'll go get my uncle.
Blaming my uncle for this.
How dare you insult the officer?
- Beat him.
- My cycle...
Get out.
That no good Bharat
is coming this way.
I think he knows.
No need to worry, mother.
If he tries to be a wise guy...
...we will teach him a lesson.
What happened?
Why come back here again?
Did you leave something behind?
That bloody record keeper Bhurelal...
...claims that you had
me declared officially dead.
Rascal. He wants to
create a rift in our family.
He's telling the truth.
- Listen...
- Yeah...
- Tell him.
- Of course.
Look here Bharat Lal,
you're my elder brother's only son.
Whereas I have three.
So you got your entire lion share...
...whereas my sons got peanuts.
Later, when your father
fell sick and passed away...
...your mother took you with her.
Back to her home.
Which is why we officially
declared you dead.
And distributed your share
of the property amongst my children.
Nothing more, son.
Nothing more.
And let me make one thing very clear.
We are no longer your relatives, nor
do we have any business left with you.
Now get lost.
Why are you still
listening to the radio?
Get back inside.
What he's trying to say is...
...there's nothing wrong in
killing a man who is officially dead.
Come on.
This way.
Get lost or we'll show you.
Get lost.
Get lost.
Get lost.
And don't you come back here.
You spoiled our family's reputation.
I will show you.
Get lost.
What happened?
Ram's name is true.
Ram's name is true.
Rukmini. I am dead.
Brother Bharat, who died?
I did.
Bless you.
What's wrong, Bharat Lal?
- Tell me in detail.
- What to say, sir.
Son, I wish you had
brought some snacks as well.
Just to make the
story more interesting.
- I'll get it.
- Yes.
- Chaman..
- Yeah...
Serve this tea to all
those who didn't laugh.
What am I hearing, brother?
I wasn't there with you, or else
I would've moved heaven and earth.
But how did it happen
in the first place?
It's nothing.
- I went to borrow money in order to...
- Brother.
I heard you've been
officially declared dead.
Yes, I am.
On papers...
Not to worry, brother Bharat.
Go see Inu baba...
...and offer him liquor.
He'll gently kiss you on the head...
...and all your
problems will disappear.
Gendwa Baba has no powers.
He's an imposter.
Gendwa is an imposter.
You know there's a
shrine on the outskirts.
Go to his shrine...
...and you'll find
a saint sitting there.
He smacks you thrice on the head.
And fortune shines on him.
That's true, brother.
That's how he cured his piles.
Why you...
Isn't that the truth?
Are you trying to tease me?
Wasn't your piles cured.
- I am the one whose dead.
- Trying to be a wise guy, huh.
Rampal, I am only dead on papers.
These are fake flowers.
Oh, God...
Get lost.
Curse you bloody...
Make way.
Where are you going?
I'm going out...
I am tired of answering
their questions.
Just serve tea to
whoever shows up now.
Priest, you know how I died.
- Yes.
- So tell them as well...
Will you look at that?
He just died recently,
and now he's walking away.
Drive carefully.
A dead man should have patience.
Useless kids.
You're absolutely right.
You should watch films too.
- I have. I have.
- Chander.
A cup of tea, and put it on my tab.
What's wrong?
Why did you get up?
Am I an untouchable?
No, you're a ghost.
Brother Bharat,
please settle the account.
You see...I don't want my money
also going to the grave with you.
- How many spoons of sugar?
- Two. What's wrong?
Add one more.
Not sugar. Poison.
You think it's funny, huh...
What's wrong?
Ghost uncle.
Uncle, will you play the
ghost in the RamLeela?
Ghost uncle.
How dare you...
I'll beat you.
Take that.
Get lost.
How dare you deflate the tire?
I won't spare any of you.
Get lost. Get lost.
Get lost.
Run away.
Run away.
Stop staring like an owl.
Get some rest.
What rest?
I can't get it out of my head.
Even the neighbourhood kids
tease me now calling me 'Ghost uncle'.
Even deflated my cycle's tire.
Can I say something?
The thought scares me too...
...when I wonder whether I am
sleeping with a man or a ghost.
I see...you think its funny.
I'll show you whether
I am a ghost or not.
Today is Tuesday.
Oh, God. Forgive me. Forgive me.
'Bharat Lal was tired of becoming
the butt of all jokes in his village.'
And finally decided to meet the
village-chief to seek his help.
Someone call the dancer.
Ladies and Gentlemen...
...we thank Shukla Gas Agency, for giving
our band a chance to sing in this program.
I do... I do...
And now presenting...red
beauty like the flower of fire.
"My handsome beloved..."
"...strong as a mountain."
"I cannot control myself around him."
"Peeking from the
windows and parapets..."
"...trying to cast a spell on him."
"My beloved's so fearless..."
"...even his competition fears him."
"Women just lay their
heart in his way."
"Keep him close, keep him safe..."
"...or someone might swoop him away."
"Red like the flower of fire."
"My beloved rules every heart."
"Red like the flower of fire."
"My beloved rules every heart."
"Don't let him out of the house until
I haven't warded every evil eye."
"O beloved, every man-stealer
out there, wants to make you theirs.
"O beloved, every man-stealer
out there, wants to make you theirs.
"O beloved, every man-stealer
out there, wants to make you theirs.
"O beloved, every man-stealer
out there, wants to make you theirs.
"Beloved sturdy like a glass..."
"...and talks first class."
"...and talks first class."
"Beloved sturdy like a glass..."
"...and talks first class."
"Every word he says...is
coated with sugar."
"...is coated with sugar."
"Beloved's so romantic..."
"...he looks like a poet in a suit."
"Beloved's so romantic..."
"...he looks like a poet in a suit."
"Don't let him out of the house until
I haven't warded every evil eye."
"O beloved, every man-stealer
out there, wants to make you theirs.
"O beloved, every man-stealer
out there, wants to make you theirs.
"O beloved, every man-stealer
out there, wants to make you theirs.
Watch where you're shooting?
I've just started this gas agency...
- ...so don't start a fire on the first day.
- Hello, sir.
- Bharat Lal.
- Yes.
- How are you?
- Not well I am afraid.
I see...
- Come on, let's pee.
- But I don't want to.
Just a little... You will feel better.
"My beloveds fragrance..."
What do you want?
And make it quick.
I have no words to
describe my problems.
My life is in complete turmoil.
"Everyone listens to my beloved."
Spoken according to your size.
You see, tomorrow I'll make an official
document with my signature on it...
...claiming that Bharat
Lal is still alive.
"Angry now, then gets romantic."
Okay, thank you very much.
Where are you going?
Come and dance with that female.
Otherwise, people will say
that Bharat Lal is really dead.
"O beloved, every man-stealer
out there, wants to make you theirs.
"O beloved, every man-stealer
out there, wants to make you theirs.
"O beloved, every man-stealer
out there, wants to make you theirs.
I had too much of it last night.
You're absolutely right, sir.
I never saw you eat bread
dipped in alcohol before.
Don't talk nonsense, stupid.
It's not the liquor...
I was talking about gas.
Sir, I think you're nothing short of a
cylinder yourself when it comes to gas.
God was indicating you to open
a gas agency for a long time.
You are funny.
Hello, sir.
- Who is that?
- Bharat Lal.
Bharat Lal?
Oh yes, Bharat Lal.
What brings you here
at this early hour?
Give me that certificate you promised
stating that I am still alive.
Who me?
That's not possible.
But last night you said you'll do it.
You assured me.
Answer me this...
If Lord Shiva kills someone, can
Lord Brahma bring him back to life?
When the Record keeper has
declared you are dead...
...then what does that make me?
How can I bring you back to life? No.
But what about your word?
Well, I make so many promises in a day,
it's hard to remember which ones I made.
And anyway, I was drunk.
In our country, the Record keeper is
more important than the Governor.
If he says you're a camel...
...then it will take you a lifetime
to prove that you're not a camel.
'After being turned
down by the village chief...'
'...a disappointed Bharat Lal turned
to what we call 'The system' for help.'
And thus began the
relay of applications.
"...Mr. Collector."
"I want to bring
to your notice that..."
The Record keeper has killed me.
That's no way to write a letter.
Allow me.
"I would like to bring
to your kind notice..."
I Bharat Lal, son of Kanhaiya Lal
have been declared dead...
"Thanking you."
Bharat Lal?
"...applicant, Bharat Lal."
Here you go.
Just sign here.
- Will this do the job.
- Of course.
And if this doesn't work, then
we'll write another one to his father.
- The senior officer.
- I see...
You mean the District Collector.
And, what if he doesn't reply either?
Then we'll write to
the even higher authority.
- You mean DM, CM, PM...
- Yes, all of the above.
Fine. I'll write them all for you.
Move. Move.
Where is your mother?
What happened?
Come here.
I finally received a reply.
The Prime Minister has assured me that the
Record Keeper will take necessary action.
- You're so naive.
- And you're my wife.
Let me go.
Always making fun.
Another letter, another reply.
First, you wrote to
the Collector.
And he told you to
meet with the Record Keeper.
Then you wrote to
the District Collector.
And even he said to
meet with the Record Keeper.
Then to the
Governor, Minister, Chief Minister.
You wrote to all of them. And they all
said to meet with the Record Keeper.
And now the Prime Minister.
I am sure he wrote the same reply.
Meaning another paper in this bunch.
How long did it take
to send him this reply?
When did you last take up any work?
How long have I been pregnant?
Seven... Eight.
That's what I was saying. Seven...
You know what?
You've no idea how hungry
a woman feels when she is pregnant.
Do you have any clue how
I've been arranging for these meals?
Sometimes I work as a
daily wager making pickles.
Sometimes I borrow it.
But you don't know.
I do, Rukmani.
Don't be scared. She has a nice heart.
What are you doing?
If you yell at me like this...
...she will feel that
you're a cruel mother.
Listen, just be on time...
...and we will fix her together.
And you have a brother,
he's on the terrace drying up.
- What happened?
- Hear.
"The midwife's happy and galore..."
"...because its a daughter."
Play aloud.
Are all her parts okay?
She's hale and healthy.
But she is crying a lot.
She is crying but
she's absolutely fine.
Because her father is dead on paper.
So the daughter is mourning.
What will she write as the
name of her father. Late Bharat Lal.
What will she write
her father's name in school.
Who will get her married?
Come here, my dear.
Come on.
I am Bharat Lal. Your father.
You are so delicate.
You can't even squat a fly.
The Lord works
in such mysterious ways.
He sent you in this cruel world,
as my responsibility.
Lord...your faith is unmatched.
Since he's made you
my responsibility...
...then even I swear that I shall
give you the respect, the honour,
and the privilege that you deserve.
A piece of paper has no power
to take your father away from you.
'In the battle between truth and lies,
truth always triumphs.'
'But the sad truth
about our country is...'
'...success only comes to
those who have proper papers.'
'That's the importance
of paper in our system.'
'And challenging this
power is not an ordinary task...'
'...nor the job of an ordinary man.'
But Bharat Lal confronted the paper,
the system, and me.
I had found a new target...
...and I thought I'll lure him in.
Here you go. Take this offering.
It's from Paltan Baba.
Pay obeisance and have it
Never heard of it.
His original name was Paltan Yadav.
Even he was declared dead on papers,
like you.
I see...
He got tired of fighting the case...
...and lost all attachment
with this world.
Actually, he had no money left.
And turned into a saint instead.
Now, whenever he comes
down for a hearing...
...this is how he pays his fee.
Sugar Lumps.
So he had a hearing today.
I would've introduced you
two today if you had arrived earlier.
Let me show you another sample.
I see...
Come with me.
- How are you Pitamah?
- Fine, sir.
- Are you dead or alive?
- Dead.
- Are the bullets real or fake?
- They are real, but not for using them.
Have you heard about Bhisam Singh?
Yes, ...he was a popular dacoit.
Committed countless murders...
That's him.
- Him?
- Yes.
When the government gave a
chance to the dacoits to surrender...
...he was the first
to lay his weapons.
And swore never to
resort to violence again.
Years later when he was released from
jail and returned to his village...
...and thought he'll
work in his field.
Only to find out that his
brothers have usurped his land...
...and declared him dead on papers.
He could have killed each one of them.
But no, he had taken an oath.
He had turned into a good man.
And like a good citizen,
he decided to fight a legal battle.
He's been regularly coming here
for 22 years only to prove he's alive.
But to no avail.
And even he's proved alive now...
...he doesn't have too long.
Do you understand?
- What did you say the name was?
- Pitamah.
- Not him, yours.
- Bharat Lal, Band Master.
Bharat Lal.
These are just two examples.
There are many more.
Take my advice, what's done is done.
Forgive and forget.
How can I forget it?
How can I admit that I am alive?
Do you see this compound?
It's filled with people.
From peons to clerks,
you'll have to grease every palm.
Only then will your job get done.
Do you have that kind of money?
I don't,
but I'll come up with something.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- Sure.
- Yes.
Fine...then let's open
an account right now.
Kevat Bank.
So, 125 rupees for
the form and stamp paper...
...and 100 rupees to get
the job done at lightning speed.
But I have only 190 rupees.
Doesn't matter. These will do.
You know what, I'll fill up
your form in Hindi instead of English.
That will be cheaper.
Yes, give me a cheaper option.
Since you've taken my refuge,
I'll definitely do something.
- Greetings.
- Okay.
- Are you from Ayodhya.
- You can say that.
See you, I am leaving for now.
I've spoken with Sadhu sir,
so see you later.
And, I'll ask Rukmani
to send some food for you too.
Reserve some space for me too.
I have a place for you in my heart.
- Here you go.
- Gupta.
Here's your money in full.
That settles the past account.
And don't ever serve
me vegetarian food again.
- I won't.
- Now send some mutton curry for me.
Okay, sir.
Chotu. Bring some mutton
curry for Sadhuram.
He's found a scapegoat.
You're unbelievable.
Found a scapegoat.
Someone's looking really happy.
Look at this.
Benarasi Sari. What's the occasion?
I met with a lawyer today.
Sadhuram Kevat LLB.
He's an expert on cases like mine.
And promised he will solve my troubles.
- Really?
- Yes.
Listen, what day is it today?
Not Tuesday, is it?
- No. It's on Monday.
- Then how about it?
Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit.
"You and I are a
match made in heaven..."
"...let's together fly to the moon."
"You and I are a
match made in heaven..."
"...let's together fly to the moon."
"We'll stare into each other's eyes..."
"...and talk about sweet nothings."
"We'll stare into each other's eyes..."
"...and talk about sweet nothings."
"If you come closer, then so will I."
"And feel your
breath...mingle with mine."
"The feelings in my
heart...I'll convey it to you."
"Honestly...I won't hide anything."
"I'll forsake the world
and lose myself in you."
"Never come back."
"Never again."
"...let's fly faster to the moon."
"Because my heart's
already racing ahead of me."
Just tell me your demands
and get this over with.
Stop bothering me. I won't do it
Just do as I say.
And don't worry.
"When I'll look at you..."
"...I won't take my eyes off you."
"And spend every day together."
"I'll take you amongst
beautiful flowers."
"And show you the world of fragrances."
"We'll hold hands
and never stop working.
"Never come back."
"Never again."
"I feel overwhelmed..."
"I feel overwhelmed..."
"I feel overwhelmed..."
"I feel overwhelmed
hearing what you said."
"And now even I am prepared."
'Caught in this never-ending
quagmire of courts...'
'...Bharat Lal had
lost everything he had.'
'Along with Rukmani's dreams
of Bharat Lal forming a bigger band.'
Sorry, no luck this time.
You won't find any more
tasty dresses to chew on.
Here you go, Bharat Lal. Count it.
No need.
Wait a minute.
Thakur sir, can I keep this?
He's been my companion
through thick and thin.
Of course, you can keep it.
And anyway, I am going to
give all this away in the junk.
Come on. Hurry up, man.
Get going.
What's wrong?
Why are you sad?
Did Sadhuram ask for money again?
All the money's gone
within a couple of months.
Stop fighting this battle.
Sadhuram has said he's trying.
He's thought of something.
And you want me to quit this battle.
I can't see you in pain like this.
You are alive and in front of me.
And I am happy.
Forget all this.
And think of a way to make a living.
I'll do something.
When LLB wasn't much help...
He decided to make
the new MLA aware of his struggles.
'Bharat Lal's vote had contributed
in Asharfi Devi's victory.'
This isn't our victory alone,
but yours too.
It's this country's men.
And for our countrymen.
Asharfi Devi. She is a black sheep...
...in the herd of Politicians.
Her father was a well-known Land Lord...
...maybe that's why
she was called Asharfi.
She always listens to her conscience,
rather than sycophants.
Even though she was
an independent candidate...
...she won the elections
and the heart of the people.
We are very grateful...
- Glory to...
- Asharfi Devi.
Asharfi Devi...
Who is that on the road?
Come on.
- Glory to...
- Asharfi Devi.
- Pablo, give me the camera.
- Yeah, Sonia.
- Glory to...
- Asharfi Devi.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.
- I am very sorry, ma'am.
- I know.
I read it in the morning.
I don't know how it happened.
- Hello. How are you?
- How this picture got published.
Please be seated
and I'll be right back.
These reporters cannot
be trusted any longer.
I haven't the slightest clue
why this man wants to be alive.
You are my PR.
If you don't know then who will.
I don't know how this
picture got published.
Very sorry.
Well, at least the rally
did some good for someone.
I've informed the editor in Lucknow.
But who is this rebellious gentleman?
Find out his name.
Wait a second.
Wait a second. Excuse me.
Where can I find Mr. Bharat Lal?
- Take the next left.
- That way.
Hello. Is Mr. Bharat Lal at home?
And who are you?
I am Sonia, and I am a reporter.
I wrote this article.
Yes, ...he's getting
a shave at the barbershop.
Okay. Take a picture.
No, don't.
I don't want any pictures taken.
Kallu, don't forget to rub
alum on his face after the shave.
Why? Do we have a booking for a wedding?
A beautiful girl is
asking around for you...
With your picture in the newspaper...
Look, there she is.
Hello, Mr. Bharat Lal.
I am Sonia. We wanted to talk..
Don't you have a holiday today?
Go and celebrate.
Bharat Lal listen...
I told you let's not
do the interview on Holi.
Be quiet. Catch him.
Bharat Lal listen.
Is he Bharat Lal or Natwarlal.
Pablo, this is no time to joke.
We only want 5 minutes of your time.
Listen to me.
Bharat Lal...
Why are you after me?
Mr. Bharat Lal, I am a reporter.
And we've been running because of you.
I don't want to give an interview...
No pictures either.
I want people to know about your story.
That's exactly why I don't
want to give an interview.
I've already become a
laughing stock in the village.
And post this interview I will become
a laughing stock all over the country.
And I want to help you.
Why do you want to help me?
Well because I don't just
understand your pain and sorrow...
...but I can feel them as well.
She is right.
Trust us, Mr. Bharat Lal.
We won't print a single
word without your permission.
I feel you're a good man...and woman.
I trust you.
But I have a small request.
It should be an article and not a joke.
So you're the one who unleashed
this ghost of the monarchy.
Ma'am, this is your constituency.
You should do something.
Of course.
- We must make this man come alive again.
- Of course.
We must do it.
Will the newspaper do any good?
Let's forget about good and bad...
- ...and come with me right now.
- Where?
For the funeral.
Remember that gentleman
I introduced you to.
I just heard that he passed away.
I am going there.
You should come along too.
After all,
you two belonged to the same category.
Passed away?
Come on.
Bharat Lal.
Death came to him instantly.
But since he was
declared dead on papers...
...he would die a new death every day.
Isn't that unbelievable.
Until he was against the Law,
he was a criminal, and also alive.
And when he sought the help of the Law,
he ended up dead.
'Until he was against the Law,
he was a criminal, and also alive.'
'Until he was against the Law,
he was a criminal, and also alive.'
'Until he was against the Law,
he was a criminal, and also alive.'
"Even the alive gets buried."
"Even the alive gets buried."
"The country's filled
with dishonest people."
"The country's filled
with dishonest people."
"Once you're declared
on official documents."
"The honest have tears in
their eyes watching this plight..."
"The country's filled
with dishonest people."
- Come...
- Who?
Your uncle.
Come on.
Give that to me.
Here's a cholcate.
Uncle. That's chocolate.
I see...and here's your toy.
Sushil, we're going
to play 'kidnap' today.
How do you play that?
Raise your hand.
But you must wear a different
dress to play this game.
Are you going to wear one too?
Of course?
I am going to wear it.
Your aunt will wear it.
Straighten your arms.
- Bharat, what's inside the bag?
- Nothing, just an idol of Lord Ganesh.
Uncle, I am not Lord Ganesh.
I know, son.
But in this case, you got to lie.
Where's your mother?
What junk is in that?
It's not junk. It's a treasure.
Caught you, uncle.
Yes, you caught me.
- Who is that?
- He is Sushil.
- Brother Hari's son.
- I see...
- Go and play, son.
- Okay.
What is all this?
Come here.
I've kidnapped Sushil.
Are you out of your mind?
Think about me, and the kids.
All I can think about is that
I don't want to die like that Bhisam.
I am done using the right means.
Do you want to become a criminal now?
I will become a criminal.
In that film Bindiya and Bandook...
...what did she do after
all the atrocities she faced?
She took up a gun.
And since I was wronged too,
I kidnapped Sushil.
When the Law has already given me
the death sentence without any crime...
...then let's try to come
alive through committing a crime.
"The government and
administration are quiet."
"And turned me into a monster."
"Resorting lies and deceit."
"The country's filled
with dishonest people."
"My brother is benevolent.
And sister-in-law is so innocent."
Hello, guys.
Brother Hari,
a cricket has fallen into the syrup.
Throw it out.
But it's 5 kilos.
You dumb man, throw the cricket.
Not the syrup.
These things are normal
in a confectionary shop.
You can't mourn for everyone.
- Hello.
- Greetings, brother Hari.
It's me, Bharat.
Listen, your son Sushil.
I've kidnapped him.
And if you want him back safe and sound
then go file a report with the Police.
And if you try to find me or come after
me then you will never see Sushil again.
Hello, Bharat.
Hey Goonga, where is Devi bhaiya?
Bring him home immediately.
What's wrong? What happened?
That Bharat has lost his marbles.
What happened?
- What happened, brother-in-law?
- Sister-in-law..
Why are you making a racket?
- Hariya...
- Brother.
I don't understand a word he's saying.
That Bharat...
...he abducted my Sushil.
Oh no...
Do something.
Stop crying.
- Quiet.
- Listen...
All of you go down to the Police
station and file a report against him.
He was saying the same thing, father.
"Go and file a report or else
you will never see Sushil again."
- Go on.
- Come on.
Come on, hurry up.
Look at her.
The shock has driven her crazy.
It's not me,
but you guys who have lost your mind.
My nephew has made a very cunning move.
He wants us to file
a report against him...
...so that his name is on official
documents and he's alive again.
Mother. You're a genius.
Son, when it comes to cunningness,
your mother can win with her hands down.
No need to go anywhere.
Go back to your work.
And watch Bharat Lal's charade.
I think the Police
are here to arrest me.
I'll get something for the Police.
The messenger of God's coming.
Lord. Continue showering
your grace on me.
Please answer my prayers today.
Bharat Lal.
Bharat Lal.
Where did they go?
I don't know.
Move. Let me sit.
You dropped my marbles.
Pick it up then.
Now let me.
Give me the ball.
What was he saying?
He's killed Sushil, and left
evidence in the well in the fields.
Yes, brother.
Be quiet. Quiet.
Bharat's definitely behind all this.
- He can't even kill a rat.
- You're right, mother.
Did Sushil grow wings?
Uncle. Brother Devi.
Brother Arun.
You arrived at the right time.
Come here.
Tell me whether this
human blood or chicken.
Or a rooster?
How does the gender matter?
This is my chicken's blood.
Brother Bharat came to
my shop carrying this shirt.
Brother Arun.
Dip this shirt in your fowl's blood.
It's a part of a ritual.
If my prayers get answered...
...then it will be proven that
even I have human blood in my body.
I told you Bharat is behind all this.
Now wait and see...
...he'll bring Sushil back home again.
Uncle, I had a lot of fun.
We'll play this game again.
No, son. We won't play this game again.
Next time we will play something else.
Okay. I'll come over...
Good you're here.
Here's your Sushil.
- Father, I'll teach you this kidnap-game too.
- Come with me.
What kind of a father and uncle are you?
You didn't even file an FIR.
Bloody no good.
Always up to no good.
Where do you think you're going?
I'll break your leg.
Beat him.
Beat him.
Catch him.
He's running...
I think he's lost his mind.
What are you doing?
Oh, God.
- Oh, God.
- Hey...what are you doing?
- Oh...
- Get up.
Stand up straight.
What is this?
Who beat you up.
Those monsters Hari Lal,
Devi Lal, and Goonga, my brothers.
- All three of them.
- Tell me how did the fight begin?
Sir, what will you
do if I abduct your child?
I will throw you in jail to rot.
And see this register...
I will charge you with dozens of felony.
That's why...
That is exactly why I abducted Sushil...
...so that they can file a report.
Do you want to file a report against
your brother or get yourself arrested?
And I am feeling so guilty,
that i want to surrender.
Look mister,
this is not how one gets arrested.
It involves certain legal procedures.
- What is that?
- Procedure.
Are you trying to bribe me?
I'll be surprised
if you don't take it...
...and make me wonder that we've
officers like you in our country.
See that pot.
Keep under it.
Did you?
Now leave, and come back next week.
Will I have to water the plants again?
We'll see when you come back again.
Now go.
Walk straight.
How dramatic...
What on earth are you doing?
I prayed to
god that you get arrested.
The Lord is very benevolent.
Please get me arrested today.
Then all my sorrows will be alleviated.
Sir. Inspector sir.
- I am here.
- Yes.
What do you want?
I came to see you a couple of days ago,
and was writhing on the ground.
A dozen people showed up that day.
What was your purpose to come here?
Remember I wanted to surrender
in order to out of guilt.
If you're really feeling guilty...
...then why don't you go
jump in some river instead.
How can a dead man commit suicide?
- I see...
- You know what, just arrest me.
We only arrest living people,
not the dead.
- Please arrest me.
- Let's go.
My wife has prayed for me...please...
What happened?
Did your brothers strike
a deal with them instead?
You abducted your own nephew.
What abduction?
I spent a fortune and
still couldn't get arrested.
Oh, Bharat Lal, I understand your pain.
But your antics will
also put your family in trouble.
What trouble?
How can things get any worse?
A corrupt man made a mistake.
So why doesn't he rectify it?
It's pretty simple, Bharat Lal.
Rectifying the mistake
means admitting he made one.
The problem with our system
is not rectifying the mistake...
...but admitting to
it in the first place.
You've hit the nail on the head.
Now give me a solution as well.
You know what...
Used 'late' with your name.
Late Bharat Lal.
Just the name will be enough
for anyone to understand your problem.
Fantastic, madam.
Late Bharat Lal.
The son of India who is dead.
Taking Asharfi Devi's advice,
Bharat Lal...
...turned his naming ceremony
into a big event.
And on the same day...
...he found some more dead
persons like himself as bonus.
You haven't left yet.
We're all dead.
After that Bharat Lal gathered
around people who were dead on papers...
...and started a political party.
I, Late Bharat Lal.
Am grateful to Asharfi Devi...
...without whom we could've
never taken such a big step.
Whether you call it a joke,
or believe the official papers...
...a lot of people
sitting here are dead.
Ghost no. 1; Khudhiram.
From Gandhinagar.
Ghost no. 2; Basheshar.
Ghost no. 3; Ahmed Miya,
From Baliya.
And, Ghost no. 4; Mahesh.
He's in a state of shock and
can't even explain where he's from.
And Ghost no.
5; Sita Devi from Rani Sarai.
I am a little confused whether
ghosts and spirits have gender too
It's a little difficult to take each and
every name, and I don't remember them all.
I have a complete list.
So, with the blessings
of madam Asharfi Devi...
...the dead have decided
to together form an organization.
Madam, we need you to uncover this.
The name of our party
is behind this curtain.
- Glory to...
- All India Association of Dead People.
- Glory to...
- All India Association of Dead People.
Is that your brother?
- Glory to...
- All India Association of Dead People.
Now madam will hoist the flag.
An ordinary bandmaster has
made Asharfi Devi dance to his tunes.
He must be special.
No wonder you came seeking my refuge.
Your brother will gain nothing.
There are a lot of them.
Even I've done this before.
I am an MLA.
I won't let an ordinary bard ruin
this game I've been playing for decades.
Don't worry.
You're our benefactor, sir.
Our organization has received
a wonderful response.
And dead people from all
over the country are coming over...
...and joining our organization.
- Glory to...
- All India Association of Dead People..
Madam Speaker.
I want to divert this gathering
attention to a very critical problem...
...which has gripped our state.
And it's called the Living Dead.
Madam, those who are
alive don't get justice...
...and you want justice for the dead.
Jaganpal's laughter
broke Sonia's heart...
...but she decide...
...to let people all over the
world know Bharat Lal's story.
Hail Sri Ram.
Om Namah Shivay.
Bharat Lal, here you go.
- Me.
- You're a famous personality.
Your picture's always in the papers.
Maybe someday my picture
will come on the papers too.
And anyway,
you've been very lucky for me.
Since the day I took up your case,
more cases have been pouring in.
That's why I opened this shop.
After closing down mine.
- Unbelievable.
- Come.
- Shall I cut it?
- Sure.
Great. Nice.
Thank you. Thank you.
Well Sadhuram,
now you're a famous lawyer.
So even your fee...
Well, there will be
a change in the fee...
From today whenever
I come over to your house...
...I will need a cup of
tea and a packet of biscuit.
- Can you manage that?
- Of course.
You took a big load off my back.
- How?
- I have no work.
Since I've been declared dead,
no one hires me either.
Sometimes I can't even
afford a proper meal.
Rukmani is living a life of a widow.
- Bharat Lal.
- Yes.
The government is
giving pension to widows.
Why don't you send sister-in-law too?
She will get pension.
And, even if they don't give pension,
it will be a slap on their face.
The slap will be better.
"The government's declared him dead..."
"...but my husband's still alive."
"The government's declared him dead..."
"...but my husband's still alive."
"...my husband's still alive."
"...my husband's still alive."
"...my husband's still alive."
"...my husband's still alive."
"...but my husband's still alive."
"The government's declared him dead..."
"...but my husband's still alive."
My heart's racing.
What will I say to them.
You are Bharat Lal's wife, don't worry.
Okay. Come on.
- Come with me.
- I'll stay outside.
- Are you coming?
- Yes.
So your husband Bharat Lal is dead.
Yes. It's been 10 years.
But you're dressed like a married woman.
And this nuptial necklace.
My husband's officially dead.
- How is that possible?
- But its true, sir.
Have you lost your mind?
Look here...she's posing
as a widow for the money.
This is embarrassing.
I am not posing as one.
The government has made me this.
So what if I still
dress like a married woman.
Call me a widow and give me my pension.
Look, madam, this cannot be right.
Because a woman who doesn't
dress like a widow cannot be a widow.
Then declare my husband is alive.
That's not my job either.
It's the government's job.
Sir...you're our benefactor.
But you claim this is not your job.
Then where will else do we go?
Whom do we approach?
Who will give us justice?
We're tired. Please show us a way.
We are starving.
Look...it will be lunch break soon.
I can offer you this food.
What did he say?
Who are you?
I am her husband.
You're her husband.
You're the guy who died 10 years ago.
Come, mister.
I'll offer you some food too.
You don't have to make such excuses.
Just say that you're hungry.
We'll feed you.
Or go sit outside some temple.
We're not beggars!
We're not beggars!
What happened?
There is no need to cry.
This is how they treat everyone
in government offices.
Wait. Rukmani. Don't cry.
This is how they treat
in government offices.
I've been enduring this for 10 years.
Did I ever get angry,
or be heartbroken. Or cry.
This was your first time.
In the Government office...
Rukmani couldn't tolerate her insult...
...and went to her uncle
and aunty to convey her sorrows.
Who had raised her.
And always took care of her happiness.
Sonia has written my story.
- I am leaving.
- Come. I'll drop you.
Take a picture of me with uncle.
Yes uncle...
Son, I cannot bear your plight.
Don't mind, but I've brought some money.
So you can restart your business again.
Is this why you went to see him?
No, son. She didn't say anything.
Uncle. Your Love and
respect is admirable.
But my self-respect is invaluable.
It's not about the money or my business.
Some people have wronged me.
And I must show them
what they did was wrong.
A fight to gain my
respect and honor back.
Not money.
And what about me?
Don't you care about me?
Vijay. If you tear that book,
I will thrash you.
Rukmani, even the foreigners
know about my problem.
This news is spreading far and wide.
And you want me to quit now.
How can you quit now?
Because you've grown addicted
to seeing your picture in the papers.
It's all you think about all day.
You've lost your mind.
Then why come back to this madman.
Go stay with them.
What is this, son?
Try to understand, Rukmani.
She won't understand.
She's the one who coaxed me
to take a loan in the first place.
Business was doing well.
But she sent me against
my will to take a loan.
Just like there's a
woman behind every conflict...
you're the cause behind my plight.
That's all I had to hear.
I am going to stay with my uncle,
And taking the kids too
What is all this?
'With time, the rift grew
between Bharat Lal and Rukmani.'
'On one side,
lives were falling apart...'
- '...and on the other,
...new lives were beginning.'
You two are married now.
Smile more.
Congratulations. Congratulations.
- Hello, Mr. Sadhuram.
- Welcome. Welcome.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you
- Where is Bharat Lal?
- He's preparing to make a big explosion.
There's never a dull day around him.
He's contesting the elections,
and against Rajiv Gandhi.
- Glory to...
- All India Association of Dead People.
- Glory to...
- All India Association of Dead People.
- Glory to...
- All India Association of Dead People.
Vote on Skull.
Vote for Bharat Lal.
Vote on Skull.
Vote for Bharat Lal.
Vote on Skull.
Vote for Bharat Lal.
- Glory to...
- All India Association of Dead People.
- Glory to...
- All India Association of Dead People.
- Glory to...
- All India Association of Dead People.
What kind of a election symbol is skull?
Why? What's wrong with it?
We all have it.
You do too.
It will come out when the time comes.
Let's go.
Bharat Lal did contest the election,
but not for winning.
Only to lose.
He also distributed sweets for his loss.
Because his plan was he
would appeal to Allahabad court...
...that if he's dead,
then this election should be annulled,
because how can a
dead man's nomination...
...be accepted for the election.
And if they don't annul the election,
then he should be declared alive.
Bharat Lal, the elections are over.
What now?
Mr. Sadhuram,
Bharat Lal's definitely alive.
Sir, since you believe
that then why don't you...
...give it in writing
yourself that I am alive.
See your honor,
I told you this man is crazy.
This man likes to create
hurdles for the government...
...just to make it on the headlines.
Even his wife has said that he's crazy.
Every wife says that.
I am sure your honor's
wife says that too.
But his wife didn't leave him.
What a stupid conversation.
Stop dragging my wife in this.
I am still unmarried.
Actually I didn't want to.
Couldn't find one.
And Bharat Lal...
The elections you want
to get annulled was not a game.
The former Prime Minister
was a part of it.
Do you know the efforts
it takes to conduct an election?
And the time.
Their time and the court's time...
...cannot be wasted,
the court won't allow it.
The court's only losing time...
...whereas I am losing out on my life.
What about that?
For the past 12 years
I've been waiting to be alive again.
The case of whether you're dead or
alive is being heard in another court...
...and the decision is still pending.
Sadhuram. Let's dismiss this case.
You can dismiss this case or whatever.
But make me alive.
How can I prove you alive.
The Record Keeper has
declared you dead on paper.
You're talking about papers,
and I am talking about humans.
You're the court.
Will you believe papers,
or a living man?
What is more important,
papers or humans.
Do humans have a heart or do paper?
Do humans have blood or do paper?
Do papers have wife
and kids or do humans?
When India was a golden bird,
these courts existed back then too...
...so were these lawyers, and papers.
But the plight of humans
was never like this.
Can't you see?
A living man is standing before you.
Yelling...his head is about to explode.
Are you blind?
I knew that the Law was blind,
but so are judges.
I think you're an ignorant man.
Do you know the consequences?
This is contempt...
You can do anything you
want for contempt of court.
Hang me, kill me, throw me to the lions.
But stop hanging me in
the middle like a pendulum.
He's staring at me like a stupid pigeon.
I can see you're waiting to explode.
Adjourn the court.
Let's adjourn the court.
Adjourn the court.
Come on.
Hail Sri Ram.
Bharat Lal, what have you done?
You can get in trouble.
I haven't done anything.
It was all intentional.
Now he will get me arrested,
and my name will come on the register.
I see...you're a master.
I am learning from the master.
Don't you think you should
get the man arrested?
- Did you get the fritters?
- Yes, sir.
From Radheshyam's shop.
- Radheshyam?
- Yes, sir.
Mr. Tyagi, I am a judge.
Don't you think I can
judge where they are from.
It's very spicy.
What he said was also pricking,
but it was true.
Actually, our system has become a
weapon of torture for the common man.
And it can be reformed...
...only when madmen like Bharat
Lal will cross all boundaries.
I won't take any action against him.
And even the court
can't lay a hand on him.
Even after insulting the judge,
he wasn't arrested.
Bharat Lal's luck was indeed his bad luck.
Uncle...did you win a jackpot?
No, dear.
First the elections,
then the rally...
It's been so long,
and yet no news of son-in-law.
Is everything alright?
What is he saying?
Should I go take a look?
He will be fine.
He won't give up easily.
This is the silence before the storm.
We're coming too.
Sit down.
Be quiet.
Rukmani was right.
The storm had arrived.
With Ashrafi Devi's
recommendation Bharat Lal got a
...visiting gallery
pass for the parliament...
...and did what shook
even the parliament.
Be quiet.
Please maintain silence.
The nation is watching us.
Long live...all India Association
For Dead People.
Long live...all India Association
For Dead People.
Long live...all India Association
For Dead People.
Long live...all India Association
For Dead People.
Make me alive again.
I've been declared dead.
Make me alive again.
I want justice.
Who is that idiot?
He's a mad man.
Don't you read the newspaper?
- He makes a scene every day.
- He's up to something no good every day.
I am not a terrorist.
I am a citizen of this country.
Vande Mataram.
East or West, India is the best.
Even I grew up singing
the national anthem!
And listen...
I only threw pamphlets.
I want justice.
Make me alive again.
I've been declared dead.
Make me alive again.
Where else will I go?
If you don't give me justice,
then who will.
Long live...all India Association
For Dead People.
What is happening, sir?
That could've been
a bomb as well.
Paper Bomb.
Leave me.
If I have wronged,
then punish me. Hang me.
Take good care of
that dead man coming.
When Bhagat Singh threw
pamphlets he was sent to jail.
Send me to jail as well.
Hang me.
- Send me to jail as well.
- How dare you throw pamphlets?
So you want to be a freedom fighter.
Stand straight.
Show me what else are you hiding.
What are you hiding in your pants.
Take his pants off.
Take it off.
Check what else is he hiding?
- Take his pants off.
- Not my clothes.
Hit him.
Take it off.
So you want to be a freedom fighter.
Hit him.
Throw pamphlets will you?
Mad man.
Ghost uncle.
You've lost your mind.
So you want to be a freedom fighter.
He's a lunatic. A mad man.
Call the dog catchers.
He has really lost his mind.
He is crazy.
This has become a routine.
He's crazy.
It was easy for Lord
Ram...to slay Ravan.
He had 10 heads,
but they were all visible.
But this system has many heads,
mouths, and eyes.
And each wants to devour
the privileges and rights of a poor man.
How do we fight with this system?
Bharat Lal's morale was completely down.
Now he needed his wife and children together.
Listen, come home with the kids.
I will do as you say.
I will quit this battle.
You know what was my biggest mistake.
- Marrying me?
- No...
Leaving you alone.
Bharat. Tea.
And what will be a Bigger mistake?
Coming back and shattering your courage.
In all these years, this battle
has become the foundation of your life.
Your goal.
You must win this battle for all of us.
I won't weaken you now, by coming along.
You were mad.
...you still are,
...and always will be.
When you win,
I will be the first to garland you.
And what if l lose
I've heard a saying.
Even if a man loses, he should lose doing
what he loves the most.
She is an ideal mother.
Invitation to Bharat
Lal's funeral ceremony.
"Lekhpak Swaha."
"Nyaypalika Swaha."
"System Swaha."
"Vidhansabha Swaha."
Don't drop me, okay.
I've never lain on a pyre before.
It scares me.
Come here.
Fix the nails.
Or you won't get paid.
you see...the dead sleep on this.
So I've never really
received any complaints.
Come, brother Bharat.
Yours is special.
The rest is petrol, and this is diesel.
I've put a pillow as well.
- Glory to...
- All India Association for Dead People
- Glory to...
- All India Association for Dead People
Let's go.
We're losing time.
- Glory to...
- All India Association for Dead People
- Glory to...
- All India Association for Dead People
- Glory to...
- All India Association for Dead People
See...the world never
wants women to progress.
Not a single woman in the procession.
You're right. That's how men are.
Glory to...
- Glory to...
- All India Association for Dead People
Sir, they are the reason
behind this trouble.
Tell them to return his land,
and finish this feud.
Or else he will make our lives hell.
Look at the wise guy.
You mean to say we return
his land and get stuck ourselves.
Why don't you return the lands
of your relatives that you've usurped.
Shut up.
I said shut up.
Stop making a mountain out of a mole.
Sir, one spark can burn down the jungle.
I can douse such sparks with my pee.
My dead brothers and sisters...
...today will be the
beginning of a new dawn.
And we dead people were forced
to resort to this funeral rally.
So that the government
can pay heed to our problems.
People are carried in
caskets after they are dead...
...but we're doing
so to be declared alive.
We're heading straight
for the record keeper's office.
And prove ourselves
alive on official papers.
Bharat Lal is putting himself
in danger by breaking the Law.
Hello, Kevat.
I've informed the CM. He's on his way.
Please wait over there.
Thank you.
No, sir.
It's a rally of madmen.
We're enough to handle them.
We'll handle them.
Sir, this is a cricket match.
Only a handful of protestors
and thousands of audience.
We'll handle them.
It's too hot. Someone give me water.
Normal or Holy water?
Anything will do.
Madam, this is the
time to reap the rewards.
Whether you cast a stone or not...
...the reward shall fall in your lap.
This is a win-win situation for you.
Please sit there.
Mr. Chaudhary, please.
I mean...let what's happening, happen.
If Bharat Lal wins,
then he will give you credit for it.
And you'll become the
Savior of a poor helpless man.
And if something happens to him...
...then you'll still be a strict,
and law-abiding politician.
Just wait and watch.
I don't agree.
But I do understand.
The farmer sows seeds so
he can reap the crops one day.
And even in politics,
we entertain scapegoats...
...only to be sacrificed
at the right time.
I'll tell you who is actually dead.
One who has the right to
give you justice, but doesn't do so.
Is a dead man.
You living men...
take a peek in your heart,
and check whether you're alive or dead?
Thank you very much
for coming in this area.
- I told you about Bharat Lal.
- Yes, you did.
But, he's spreading a state of anarchy in
the entire country over a small issue...
...and that is not good.
- Sir, I...
- Just a minute, sir.
This is not a small issue.
We've developed considerably
post our independence.
Men have reached the moon, and
our country has made it to outer space.
We have won two wars, four Olympic gold
medals, even the cricket world cup...
...and we even have nuclear power.
But Bharat Lal is
still where he started.
Bharat Lal doesn't
want to go to the moon,
or win war against Pakistan,
nor does he want nuclear power.
He just wants his identity back.
Just a small piece of paper
that proves that he's alive.
I've heard you.
That was a good speech.
But the government doesn't
act on speeches, but on a system.
- The record keeper has killed us...
- With his pen.
Sir, let's get out of
here before something happens.
How can anything happen.
This is the Tehsil office.
He's the new Record Keeper.
Their threats can't scare me.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go break that
record keeper's head.
And Bharat Lal will be blamed for it.
It was the old record keeper
Bhure Lal's mistake, not mine.
- I haven't done anything.
- Get the papers.
It's an 18-year-old case.
It must be in the record room.
Then give me the keys.
We won't let you go. Give me...
Our fight is against the system,
not them.
Kill Him.
Drag them out. They are not our comrades.
My comrades are not violent.
Get out. They are robbing the country.
- Give me the keys.
- Take it.
And go find the needle in the haystack.
- Come on.
- Come on, brother.
Let's go inside.
Police! Police!
He's in the record room.
- Catch him.
- Get him out of the record room.
Drag him out. Find them.
Up there.
Catch him. Catch him.
Catch him.
Brother, found out.
Brother, Salanpur.
"Covered under a dust..."
"...stashed away in paper..."
"...life was rotting away."
"The one I pined for..."
"...and was searching
all my life for it."
"Finally I found that life."
"The world had to bow
before your determination."
"Now the world says to you."
"May you live long..."
"May you live long..."
Please stop.
Bharat Lal, you are alive.
Bharat Lal, you are alive.
Bharat Lal, you are alive.
The PM's orders has annulled
the record keeper's orders.
Now Bharat Lal is officially alive.
- Long live...
- Bharat Lal.
- Long live...
- Bharat Lal.
- Long live...
- Bharat Lal.
Bharat Lal, son Kanhaiya Lal.
Village; Amilo, District Mubarakpur...
...is declared alive...
...through official orders.
For conspiring against him...
...and declaring
him dead unofficially...
...record keeper Bhure Singh...
...Bharat Lal's uncle-aunty...
- Glory to...
- All India Association for Dead People
- Glory to...
- All India Association for Dead People
I am alive again.
See I told you a piece of paper
cannot take your father from you.
Kaagaz (Paper)!
Sometimes as newspaper
and even as letters.
A necessity day in and day out.
A luxury that let's us come and go.
And order that decides
whether we live or die.
love letters are also of paper.
Even applications are made of paper.
Even flags made of papers
Even the body is made of paper.
Papers are witness to relations.
Be it wedding or a marriage.
Even the witness to a sin like divorce.
Papers can make or break.
Can snatch away you land and homes.
And wipe your tears too.
Papers are so important everywhere...
...like humans are made of paper.
Means nothing,
and still means everything.
That is the uniqueness of paper.
"Troubling was hovering over you.."
"...but you never gave up."
"Time was unfair with you."
"But you treaded on."
"The tide was against you..."
Forgive us, son.
- No need to apologize.
- Forgive me...
If you hadn't killed me on paper...
...I would've never
understood the value of life.
Return Bharat's land to him.
We already did.
Aunty, I don't want the land.
I got much more.
Forgive us, son.
Be happy, aunty.
I forgive you.
What a wonderful man.
- Goodbye. Come, aunty.
- I'll see you later.
Bharat Lal,
you've been proven alive on paper.
But what about us?
Yes, what about us.
Basheshar, the world is an arena.
Where truth and lies are
contending against each other.
As long as truth triumphs over lies...
...this war will continue.
- Glory to...
- All India Association for Dead People
- Glory to...
- All India Association for Dead People
"Leave a few breath in me..."
"...as I still have hope in me."
"I still have a lot to give."
"The destination is still pining."
"My heart's not given up to pray."
"I still have to face
a new challenge."
"Rise up again after
you fall and be strong."
"Gather the straws to make
a bridge and go across."
"May you live long..."
"May you live long..."
"May you live long...brother..."
"May you live long..."
"May you live long..."
"May you live long...brother..."