Kaagaz 2 (2024) Movie Script

"My land, my country."
"The place where I was born."
"We won't let any harm befall on it."
"We won't let its head be bowed."
"Be it any problem."
"We will tackle it."
"Be it any problem."
We will check what everybody has written,
that what they will
be when they will grow up.
We will first check this.
Astronaut is fine, son.
But write the correct spelling.
Or else you will reach some other planet.
This is Satya.
Soldier. Nice.
What is this?
Soldier with a small r.
It's the same dream, mom.
Attention, cadets.
Get ready for the induction parade.
So you followed me here.
- Uday Raj.
- Sorry.
Uday Singh.
What do I do?
You are my childhood hero.
Robin has to follow Batman.
Not Batman. Say copycat.
At times copy is better than the original.
Gentlemen cadets.
Welcome to this great institution.
You might have walked in here as boys.
But let me promise you.
Once you are raised
in military way of life,
you will walk out of here
as real men.
Men of honor.
Gentlemen cadets.
Like a last hope.
We are like dozen.
URS, go up.
You are down. Focus.
Come on. Fast.
Go up. Yes.
Very good.
Uday Raj Singh. Straight back.
Don't you have any strength? Push.
It is a promise that you make
to your soul.
And you fulfill it with the last drop
of blood in your body.
Come on. Get in.
Come on. Fast.
Come on, Mandy.
Show gusto.
URS, don't crawl like a mouse.
Do today what you plan to do tomorrow.
So do it.
A soldier is not a soldier
only at the border.
A soldier is not a soldier
just because of this uniform.
You're not here for fun.
You've rested enough.
Energy. Come on.
Move fast. You,just do it.
In this institution we make you a soldier.
From your body as well as your heart.
But for the next year and a half,
no family,
no parties
and no girlfriends.
When you spend your days
and nights in somebody's thoughts,
when separation from
somebody gives you heartache,
how do you know whether you
are taking a risk or you are in love?
When somebody's memory fills
the room with the smell of perfume,
when chandeliers shimmer in void eyes.
Like sparrows chirping
early morning at home.
His face is so cute like a prayer of love.
You meet for the first time
and you feel you have met him before.
Like a money plant blooming
in a crafted bottle.
You should know that you
are either taking a risk or in love.
"Sweet and lovely"
"Your eyes are sharp"
You are lost in your own movie.
At least I am the hero in that.
Forget this heroine.
Watch your heroine.
I will just come.
"With your breaths..."
You have become a mobile tower.
Is the network working? Is there signal?
- Yes, sir.
- Hold on to it.
You might drop each other.
Just do it.
You like to form a team.
Now make a team.
Cadets, come on. Just do it.
Over smart or foolish?
The water is too cold.
Uday Raj Singh.
Come up.
Yes, sir.
You were hiding behind.
Now come in front.
I cannot do, sir.
Sir, height problem.
Height problem. No problem.
We won't jump from here.
We will jump from a higher diving board.
Hurry up. Come fast.
Why are you walking in slow motion?
Jump, URS.
I just cannot do it, sir.
Hey! You are upset.
I think I have come to the wrong place.
Coming here was a big mistake.
Here, rules are like infinity loops.
Your entire life is bound into
a time-table.
I am feeling suffocated here.
But wasn't this always a part of the game?
We all have to go
through this grind, Uday.
It's an honor.
Why did you come here?
My grandfather was in the army.
So was my great-grandfather.
And my dad.
My uncle is in the navy.
My reason is my family.
Mine too.
But a broken one.
Leave alone my grandfather,
my dad also never stayed with me.
He left us when I was 5 years old.
loves me.
But she loves not only me...
but also that irritating Abhijeet.
Uday, I know everything.
You don't know.
That I suffered from
severe inferiority complex,
because dad left us.
Only one thought torments me all the time.
Why didn't he consider
me worthy of his love?
he broke a child's confidence completely.
I have lived my entire life
with the hashtag of a coward.
I came here to prove that
I am not a coward.
So stay here.
Stay strong.
Prove everyone wrong.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, cadet. Come on.
Aren't you hungry?
Or is the food bland?
My entire life has become
bland after coming here.
Are you missing your
mom or your girlfriend?
Tomorrow is Tanisha's birthday.
Leave alone meet her,
I won't even be able to wish her.
You will hug her and wish her.
Let's unite both of you.
Tomorrow we will bunk.
"I don't have anybody besides you."
"I don't have anybody besides you."
"I don't have anybody besides you."
"O beloved."
"My heart is soaring in the air."
"Something is the matter."
"On the path I always feel."
"That you are with me."
"I am unable to forget your face."
"I don't have anybody besides you."
"I don't have anybody besides you."
"I don't have anybody besides you."
"O beloved."
"I don't have anybody besides you."
"I don't have anybody besides you."
"I don't have anybody besides you."
"O beloved."
- Cadet URS.
- Yes, sir.
- Did you watch 'Sholay?'
- Yes, sir.
- Do you know Gabbar?
- Yes, sir.
Who else do you know?
Basanti, sir.
I love you.
"It's my first love."
"My breaths have slowed down."
"I don't like anything."
"When I don't meet you."
"I also feel fervent."
"Whenever I think about you."
"Share with me what's in your heart."
"Don't ever feel coy."
"Where are you? Make me yours."
"I don't have anybody besides you."
"I don't have anybody besides you."
"I don't have anybody besides you."
"O beloved."
Drive safely.
- How did you touch me?
- Take the money.
Move off.
- Will you raise you hand?
- What?
Leave me.
Who is he?
Stop it! Stop it!
Listen! Don't get into this.
- I am not a coward.
- What is your problem?
He is mad.
Let him come.
Bash him.
Thrash him.
Trying to be hero?
Press him hard.
Come on.
Pin him down.
Punj Company cadet Satyen Negi,
and cadet Uday Raj Singh.
Both of you went out of
the academy without permission,
and got into a scuffle with civilians.
You fought with them.
Do you realize how
serious your offense is?
Yes, sir.
Do you realize that?
Yes, sir.
Your acts are prejudicial
to the academy's reputation.
- And this will not go unpardoned.
- But sir, we were...
If anything unlawful was happening,
it was your duty to inform the police.
You had no right to get involved,
in a physical fight with civilians.
And the woman for whom you
fought didn't even file an FIR.
- But sir, it doesn't mean...
- As a punishment,
you are being relegated
to the junior course.
Both of you will lose one term.
- Is that clear?
- Yes, sir.
Is that clear?
Sir, I don't want to
continue at the academy.
Sir, I want to leave IMA.
Cadet Uday Raj Singh,
are you even listening,
to what you are saying?
Yes, sir.
Say thanks to uncle for
paying the penalty amount.
Just one phone call
and he arranged for 5 lakhs.
Had my mom been there,
she would have court-martialled me.
For the first time papa
and I are not feeling happy,
after helping you.
This is IMA.
You can make your life here.
I know.
But bro, don't get too sentimental.
God forbid if you get shot,
nobody will even remember you.
Come with me.
You know what this is, don't you?
Table for lost soldiers.
Those who couldn't return.
But even today the table
is set and food is served for them.
So that it's ready if they ever come.
And you are saying nobody will remember.
MNCs give salary package of crores.
But they don't do so
much for their employees.
They don't care if their staff dies.
The next day they post it on LinkedIn.
But look at this.
This is Indian Army.
I know.
But maybe I am not worthy of this honor.
I love you, Tanu.
I love you too.
What happened?
Is everything fine?
I have quit IMA.
Maybe you should tell your mom right away.
Don't delay it.
- Let me check her mood.
- It will be bad.
She will snap at you and rebuke you too.
After all, you have done such a thing.
You can do anything.
Your husband said you are useless.
You believed him.
And you ran away like a coward.
I feel irritated with such people.
A small problem and you run away.
Hi, mom.
What happened?
I got hurt during training.
So I got sick leave.
- Sick leave.
- Yes.
Shalu, bring water for him.
Sick leave for how many days?
Mom, I want to...
Check whose call it is.
How are you, my fashionable gal?
I am waiting for my
bank loan to be passed.
My South X store's interior
has also been stalled.
I have spoken to the branch manager.
The amount will be transferred
in your account tomorrow.
Okay. I will talk to you later.
Uday has just come home.
Oh! You are a mother right now.
Let me talk to him.
He is tired.
I will tell him to call you later.
What would have happened
if you had greeted him?
You were saying something.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Did you tell aunt?
I didn't get a chance yesterday.
I am thinking of flattering
her today and telling her.
Uday, tell her today at all cost.
Yes. I will.
- Okay. Bye.
- I will call you after that. Bye.
Passion is always in fashion.
By Radhika Chauhan.
- Nice title, mom.
- Thank you.
And beautiful picture.
Abhijeet clicked it.
He is superb with camera.
My mom is so beautiful, after all.
If a novice also clicks a photo,
it will be superb.
I understand everything.
The release is next month.
You are on leave till then, right?
I don't know.
What difference does it make?
If I am not there,
your Abhijeet will be there.
Oh God!
What have you brought?
Why is he calling?
Hello, Radhika.
Raj here.
How are you?
Did you have some work?
Straight to the point.
But you are right.
After all,
I am calling after so many years.
Radhika, can you please
give me Uday's contact number?
I want to talk to him.
- Do you have some work?
- No. Nothing special.
I am not well, Radhika.
I am missing him.
I want to hear his voice.
Speak with Uday.
It's a pleasant surprise.
Have you come to Noida, Uday?
Uday? Hello?
Uday, this is your dad.
Your dad...
Uday, can you please come to meet me?
Please come to Sheetlapur, son.
If possible.
Hello. Can you hear me?
I can hear you.
But our connection is weak.
Hello, Uday.
Come on, mom.
Why did you give me the phone?
Why is he sounding sick?
Forget it.
He called after so many years.
He must be pretending to be sick.
So that you go to meet him.
There is no need to go.
Just forget about it.
Do you want coffee?
I will get it.
Madam, it's a letter.
Did you see?
See what?
- You were trained in the Indian Army.
- Hello.
Show off!
They don't teach affectionately to aim.
You didn't receive training.
You have quit it.
When you are aimless,
how will you teach others how to aim?
It's a letter from IMA.
And a receipt of 5 lakhs.
When were you going to tell me?
Or were you not going to tell me?
From where did you get 5 lakhs?
Or did you dupe somebody for that?
I didn't dupe anybody, mom.
Satty's papa helped me.
I was going to tell you.
- But...
- When? When were you going to tell me?
You have hurt me so much, Uday.
I never expected this from you.
Be careful, Tanu.
If he can break his mom's trust,
and behave like that,
I really don't know
how he will behave with you.
Come on, mom.
What has this got to do with Tanu?
It's my life, my career.
didn't understand IMA. I quit it.
So what?
Don't make a TV serial
out of this trivial matter.
Calm down, son. Calm down.
She is your mother.
I mean, Radhika.
It happens. He is young.
Many boys run away from IMA.
And Uday is a little timid.
Talk to him lovingly.
Shut up.
We don't need to learn from outsiders,
that how my mom should talk to me.
So please keep your advice to yourself.
- Uday.
- Aunt, sorry.
He was afraid.
So he didn't tell you. Sorry.
It's Mr. Singh's call. Answer it.
I am on my way.
Can you drop me to Sheetlapur?
To my dad's place.
The whole world is right. And I am wrong.
Uday, tell me the truth.
Do you want to go to uncle's place?
Trust me, Tanu.
I wanted to go somewhere
where nobody knows me.
That's why I thought
of going to dad's place.
Nobody knows me there either.
Let me go and see the
man who left his small son,
and responsibilities and ran away.
Nice place.
Here. You have come to your
dad's place for the first time.
Don't go empty-handed.
Are you serious?
I am Nandan.
I had seen you when you were very small.
She is aunt Leela.
- Hello.
- Hello.
We manage the entire household.
Come. Come in.
- Aunt.
- Come, son.
- Bring him in.
- Come.
I will inform master.
I understand.
Some people don't like hugging.
I don't mind hugging.
But not strangers.
How was the journey?
I heard you have joined IMA.
I am very happy about it.
How many days' leave have you got?
Mr. Raj Narayan Singh,
if your cross examination is over,
can I use your washroom?
Of course.
I will show you the guestroom.
This is the guestroom.
How is it?
Washroom is on the left.
If you need anything, let me know.
And AC is...
- Here.
- No, thanks.
Your father didn't know
your likes and dislikes.
So I prepared whatever I deemed fit.
He must have got used
to eating everything in IMA.
Wow! Where did the sweetmeats come from?
He got it.
I didn't get it.
My friend got it.
She forced me to take it.
You can eat it if you want.
I had no intention of offering you sweets.
I will definitely eat sweetmeats.
I have a good reason
for eating sweets today.
You also eat it.
Your speech will become sweet.
How can speech be sweet
when there is bitterness in the relation?
Excuse me.
Give me.
Have it.
Have it.
He has met his father after so many years.
He will obviously have some grievances.
So...how does it feel?
After all, you are at your dad's place.
My dad is a brilliant actor.
Sometimes it feels like
he is really very caring.
It's a father's love. You are his son.
His one and only son.
If he really loved me,
where was he for so many years?
What I don't understand
is why he called me here.
Don't think so much. Go to sleep.
- Okay.
- Bye.
The news is not very encouraging.
Why? Did Sensex fall again?
Raj Narayan, I am serious.
We will have to transplant
the bone marrow soon,
to control your cancer.
Doctor, you took my sample.
What happened of that report?
Negative. It didn't match.
Wow! I am matchless.
Look. I had told you before.
If we don't find a donor,
we can try your son.
Children's bone marrow matches,
with their parents very rarely.
But right now we don't
have any option and time.
No, doctor.
Not Uday.
He has just joined the IMA.
So not him.
What does the doctor have
to say about Sarita's condition?
He said that her condition
is bad due to emotional trauma.
The treatment can take some time.
And the medicines will be costly.
Don't worry.
I have spoken to DV medicals.
You will get cost to cost medicines.
You are doing so much for us.
I am not doing anything for you.
I am doing this for myself.
The stronger you are,
the more powerful I will be.
Do you wish to say anything else?
I wanted to say that nowadays they are,
hovering around us like vultures.
Mr. Rastogi,
vultures will obviously
behave like vultures.
Don't worry about them.
We will break his bones.
He is a senior citizen.
We have to frighten him, not harm him.
Who do you want to meet?
- He knows me.
- Okay.
Needlessly guarding.
- Whom you want to meet?
- Move away.
You cannot barge in like that.
Listen to me.
Who are you?
I am Ashish Deo Ranjan.
- So?
- My father said
that you are his former friend.
So to greet you.
Uncle is also here.
Dhijaru uncle.
Greetings, uncle.
Are you Deo Ranjan's son?
Who else will barge in like that, uncle?
I was also studying law like you.
But I quit.
When I don't respect something,
what's the use of studying it?
Am I right?
I have come with a humble request.
If you are fighting the case
for publicity, you can go ahead.
But why do you want
to drag my father in this?
Son, a fight is always
between two stubborn people.
One is an egoistic oppressor.
And the other obstinate
person's principles,
and resolution are strong.
We fall in the latter category.
In a bank advertisement Mr. Bachchan says.
Be wise.
Try to understand.
Hasn't your son joined the military?
Will he protect his
motherland or his father?
Nandan, I have told you so many times.
To play Hanuman Chalisa
at home in the morning.
To keep negative forces at bay.
Yes, sir.
Son, will you eat sweet offerings?
Uncle, I have been distributing
sweetmeats since morning.
I will send it for you soon.
He is a new goon.
Sir, coffee.
Raj Narayan.
You like to fight.
Sir. Sir, stop.
You want to fight the case.
Come out.
Is this the offering
that Deo Ranjan has sent?
Tell your leader that this game of...
To play this game of threat
with somebody else. Okay?
- You go inside.
- Okay.
What are you doing?
Move back.
How dare they pelt stones
at my house and resort to vandalism?
- I won't spare them.
- Let me call the cops.
You wait.
Sit here.
Mr. Raj Narayan Singh, sit here.
Don't move.
Both of you too.
- Run! Run!
- Let's flee!
Don't run. Out with it.
Where are you running? Stop!
- Hello, Mr. Attorney.
- Hello.
Sir, I hope nobody has been hurt.
No. It's nothing like that.
Mr. Attorney, what do you think?
Who could be responsible for this?
Whoever they were,
I think they were in a hurry.
They didn't introduce
themselves before the attack.
He is my son. Uday Raj Singh.
Uday Singh.
Uday, carefully.
There are glasses on the ground.
This must be normal for you, right?
I mean...your master must be doing feats,
that lead to stones being pelted.
Uday, sir isn't the
way you think about him.
Yes. You know him better.
You must have played
with him in your childhood.
Uday, that's not all.
Do you know?
Your grandfather raised me too.
He provided me education
and he did everything for me.
And your papa also always
considered me as his younger brother.
That's why
I want to cross my limits
and say something to you.
He has blood cancer.
It's a rare type.
He needs bone marrow for his treatment.
- The doctor says...
- And you need my bone marrow.
Didn't you people call
me here as a scapegoat?
Hear me out.
Mr. Raj Narayan.
You are so selfish.
You didn't remember
your son for so many years.
You remembered your son now,
because you need his bone marrow.
You need blood,
so you remembered your blood tie.
Otherwise you had forgotten
us for so many years.
You don't even have the
courage to say it yourself.
You want bone marrow?
I will give you bone marrow.
But for that you will
have to give me 5 lakhs.
My fees.
Are you running away?
That's your job, not mine.
I am not running away.
I am leaving from here.
I didn't run away, Uday.
So why were you hiding
here for so many years?
I never ran away or hid myself.
I am not a coward or a deserter.
I very well know what you are.
What do you know about me?
I don't want to know anything about you.
I didn't come here for all this.
I don't want to be a Spiderman
or get trapped in this spider's web.
The politician, his attacks, your disease.
These are your problems.
Or the comeuppance of your deeds.
Uday, how are you talking to him?
He is your father.
You should control yourself.
You are in the military.
I am not.
I have quit IMA.
What do you mean?
What do you mean by you have quit IMA?
Call me when you need the bone marrow.
I will come for home delivery.
Thank you.
You can see the liveliness outside,
Sheetlapur's Arya Rastogi's house.
It's a joyous occasion.
Everybody is singing and dancing.
Come. Let's take you inside.
And find out the answers
of many questions.
The daughter of a middle-class
family from Sheetlapur,
has fulfilled her dream today.
Sweet balls. Sweet balls. Sweet balls.
Here. Eat sweet balls.
Eat sweet balls.
- Here. Sweet balls.
- Thank you.
Here, dear.
When did you buy sweet balls?
Bengal Sweet House has sent it.
He said, "Your daughter
has made entire Sheetlapur proud."
"It's a gift on my behalf."
I also said, "No, Mr. Girish. No."
There is no price of sweet balls.
But I will pay for these sweet balls.
Only then I will accept it.
Here. You also eat.
Call Arya.
Here, dear.
Arya. Arya, come quickly.
"My daughter is different
from everybody else."
- "Always keep her happy, Lord."
- Ms. Arya has come.
Ms. Arya, how does it feel
to top such a difficult exam?
- Tell us, Ms. Arya.
- It feels great. It feels amazing.
I am very happy for my parents.
Along with me,
they have also worked very hard for this.
Arya, heartiest congratulations.
You have topped UPSA.
What is your future dream?
"My daughter is everything for me."
- "Your papa exists because of you."
- Thank you, dear.
Thank you very much.
Thank you?
When children prosper,
then their parents' upbringing,
gets the merit certificate.
Thanks to you, papa and mama.
Both of you are the best.
And all three of us are toppers.
Fine. She has become IAS.
But I will be the collector of this house.
Yes, madam.
You also prepare yourself,
to travel in a government car.
Because when IAS officer
Arya Rastogi will travel by car,
people will salute her.
And give way to her.
- Right?
- Amazing!
If you are done building
castle in the air,
shall we get ready to go to Vaishnodevi?
We have to leave tomorrow.
And you have still not
removed the bag of warm clothes.
- Oh yes!
- Yes.
What is this, papa?
The collector might
also have to do this job.
Come on. Remove it.
Come on.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
- One, two.
- Thank you.
One, two.
Sorry, madam.
No. Come on. Come.
That's why I say to do yoga.
"My daughter is different
from everybody else."
- "Always keep her happy, Lord."
- Is it this one?
- Yes. That's the one. Fan.
- "My daughter is everything for me."
- "Your papa exists because of you."
- Careful, dear.
Dear, remove the mattress first.
What happened, dear?
Get up. Get up.
Get up.
How did you fall down?
- What happened?
- Sarita.
Get up, dear. Carefully.
Very good.
What happened?
I don't know.
She was removing the luggage.
- She slipped from the stool.
- Did you get hurt?
Are you fine?
- Are you fine?
- I am fine.
- Very good.
- Remove it later.
- Come.
- Shall I hold you?
- I am fine.
- Carefully.
- Arya.
- Arya.
- Arya, what happened?
- Arya.
- Arya.
- Arya, open your eyes.
Arya, open your eyes.
- Water.
- Bring water.
- I will bring water.
- Arya.
- Listen.
- Open your eyes.
Keep doing this.
It will provide her warmth.
- Call an ambulance.
- Ambulance.
- Fine. I will bring it.
- Arya.
- But the ambulance won't come immediately.
- Go quickly.
Fine. I will do something.
Arya, get up. Get up.
Mr. Chaudhary.
Mr. Sodhi.
Mr. Sodhi. Mr. Sodhi, open the door.
- Coming. Coming.
- Surender.
Mr. Sodhi.
What happened, uncle?
Arya fell down.
We will have to take her to the hospital.
- Arya fell down.
- Yes.
I will wear my shirt and come.
Please move aside.
Move aside.
Arya, open your eyes.
Arya, nothing will happen.
Nothing will happen.
Please drive faster.
Yes, aunt.
Please give way.
Please drive faster.
We've reached.
As you can see, there is a surge of love,
for Deo Ranjan among people.
Long live Deo Ranjan!
Along with Deo Rajan his son...
It is clear that Deo Rajan
is a popular leader.
Move back. Don't come ahead.
Long live!
What happened? Why did you stop?
Why is there a traffic jam?
Uncle, I think it's a rally.
- Reverse it. Reverse it.
- Yes.
Reverse it. Back.
There is a traffic jam behind too.
Take it forward, son.
- Sarita.
- Yes.
- Take care.
- Yes.
I will clear the way.
- Hurry up.
- Give me...
Your name will bring great happiness.
You will be happy as a couple.
What happened, uncle? What happened?
I have to take my
daughter to the hospital.
- Uncle, go ahead and say it.
- Yes.
Look. Uncle seems very disturbed.
- Yes?
- Please help me.
Please help me clear the way.
- Go and see.
- Yes. I will go and see.
Thank you.
Brother, please move aside.
The car needs to pass.
- Brother.
- Yes.
Will you move your rickshaw?
What can I do? The road is blocked.
Tell me. How do I move?
Stop the rally!
Give us way to go.
My daughter. My daughter.
Please stop the rally for some time.
Keep moving.
- Keep moving.
- Sir. Sir.
- Sir. Sir.
- Tell me.
- My daughter has got hurt on her head.
- Yes.
- I have to take her to the hospital.
- Where is your car?
- There.
- Ratiram. Ratiram.
- Yes, sir.
- What are you doing?
- Clear the way for his car to pass.
- Come.
I told you to bring betel leaf.
You didn't bring it.
- Yes, sir.
- Come on.
Sir, it's absolutely fine.
Arya, just a little while.
How much further ahead?
- Sarita.
- Listen.
Her body is turning cold.
Please do something quickly.
- Sarita, I will resolve it.
- Move aside.
Move aside.
- Come on.
- Why are you not doing anything?
I am doing it, uncle. I can't barge in.
Brother, move.
Long live!
Brother, move.
Long live!
Deo Ranjanji.
Sir, sir...
Let me talk to him. Move off.
It's got cleared. Come on. Move.
Come. Come.
Come on.
Move ahead.
- Let's go.
- Move ahead.
Hurry up.
- Please hurry up.
- Keep moving.
- We are almost there.
- Keep moving.
- Arya, nothing will happen.
- Move ahead.
Keep moving. Keep moving.
Glory to Lord Shiva! Glory to Lord Shiva!
Glory to Lord Shiva! Glory to Lord Shiva!
There is a lot of internal bleeding.
Had you brought her 15 minutes ago,
we might have been able to save her.
We are sorry.
15 minutes ago.
But we left immediately. Right, Sarita?
Doctor, we left immediately.
Check her face.
Sarita, my daughter.
It feels great. It feels amazing.
I am very happy for my parents.
I am sure all my dreams will come true.
Arya, you have topped UPSA.
What is your future dream?
My dream is that if it's ever possible,
I want to go in space and see the world.
I want to see the world
from space and understand that,
at close quarters the
world is full of problems.
How does it look so pretty
and tranquil from a distance?
Uday, 15 minutes.
If Arya had reached the
hospital 15 minutes earlier,
she would have been alive today.
Look, on the same street,
it's a normal life today.
And that day this street
had become a quagmire for Arya.
She couldn't come out of it.
Uday, I didn't file the case
for compensation or to punish somebody.
But I filed the case
so that nobody else suffers,
and dies on the road like that.
Uday, I never fought with anybody.
I never raised my voice.
But after losing Arya I decided that,
I will raise my voice and
I will fight with the system too.
I will fight till my last breath.
Sir, several lawyers have refused me.
They are saying it's not a strong case.
Will you really fight the case?
Mr. Rastogi, do you know Geetu?
- Arya...
- Arya's best friend.
She is Ritika.
Geetu's cousin.
She told me about your case.
When I heard about your case,
I felt it's very important
to fight this case.
If this case is not fought,
justice will fail.
We will fight the case in High Court.
But remember one thing.
It's not going to be an easy case.
Negotiation, bribe, penalty, deceit.
Everything will be used against us.
After all, K.P.
Deo Ranjan is a powerful leader.
It works on those who
wish to gain something.
Or who are afraid to lose.
In my case, it's neither.
Hello, Mr. Rastogi.
I am Sunil Kukreti.
Minister K.P. Deo Ranjan's lawyer.
Along with cash withdraw the case too.
You didn't understand?
Mr. Ranjan has checked
the court's roaster.
The case will be heard
in Justice Biswas's court.
Both of them know each other very well.
Nowadays people say 'see
you in court' for trivial matters,
and thus they have turned
the court into a courtyard.
I hope this case won't be like that.
Let it be. Please continue.
My Lord, I am Ravi Prasad.
I am representing the state government.
The petitioner doesn't
have any evidence in this case.
So it's futile to take
the case to High Court.
My Lord, it's the case of
violation of the fundamental right.
In such important cases,
like Gunwant Kaur case,
Honorable Supreme Court has held,
that Honorable High Court
can record statements if required.
So I request the court
to summon all respondents and,
concerned state authorities
related to the case,
to the court to record their statement.
Who do you wish to call?
My Lord, I request you
to order the state's principal,
home secretary,
the district magistrate of Sheetlapur,
the SPCT of Sheetlapur
and the officer in-charge,
inspector Anurag Chaudhary
to be present in the court,
for the next hearing.
Mr. Narayan,
they hold very responsible posts.
I hope you won't waste their time.
Are you sure you need them?
Yes, My Lord. The court will need them.
Fine. I will grant you the permission.
Thank you.
Remember what I said.
If the respondent feels necessary,
he can call the doctor who
conducted Arya Rastogi's postmortem,
Surendra Nigam to the court.
As material witness.
Absolutely, My Lord.
Thank you.
My Lord, sorry for the late suggestion.
But please order Jana
Seva party's state president,
K.P. Deo Ranjan to
be present in the court.
My Lord, my client has submitted
the affidavit in the court.
Yes. I read it.
Sir, due to some health issues,
it will be difficult
for him to come to the court.
Mr. Kukreti, can your client walk?
I hope he doesn't have any speech problem.
If your client can walk
and talk and hold rallies,
I don't think he should
have any health issues,
in coming to the court.
Let him come, Mr. Kukreti.
Under this pretext we
will find out his wellbeing.
Yes, My Lord.
Your father has summoned
not only Deo Ranjan,
but all senior officials to the court.
I thought Arya will get justice.
But suddenly, he contracted this disease.
I told him to quit the case.
And to concentrate on his health.
But he said,
"Along with fighting this case,"
"I will fight with God for my ailment."
"I just want to live long
enough to give justice to Arya."
Uday, if he had quit this case,
I would have died in the grief,
that I couldn't do anything for Arya.
I still feel that Arya
will come happily from somewhere.
So easily we say that
so-and-so person died.
So-and-so person passed away.
But we cannot even think
like that for our own child.
I know what our children mean to us.
That's why I understand
your father's situation.
Uday, he didn't call you for bone marrow.
Maybe he wanted to
meet you once before dying.
That's why.
Tomorrow is the case's important hearing.
I don't have the right, Uday.
But I would like to say something.
Your father wants to
win the case for a father.
But whether his son wants
to be a part of the fight or not,
that's solely up to you.
I will leave.
Ritika, where are you?
We are waiting for you.
Sir, I have got a great
offer from a law firm in Mumbai.
So I really have to leave immediately.
- I am so sorry.
- Okay. I understand.
Good luck to you.
Deo Ranjan has got Ritika another job,
in order to make me weak.
So I don't have an assistant now.
Tell Deo Ranjan
that you have got a new assistant.
That too, 100% home made.
Key, please.
What's the guarantee that you
won't quit this job midway like IMA?
I have to take 5 lakhs from you.
It's my safety deposit.
Please come.
You are not as smart as you think you are.
Whose son am I?
Your father's.
Shall I ask you something?
Go ahead.
Why are you fighting this high
pressure case when you are unwell?
I mean...you didn't even
know Arya Rastogi and Mr. Sushil.
Uday, there were countless
people present that day.
Had they cleared the way for
even a minute for Arya's car to pass,
she might have survived.
But nobody came forward to help her.
Because everybody thought that,
they don't share any relation with her.
After her death if I
also stop fighting the case,
thinking that I don't
share any relation with her,
nobody will do anything
for anybody in the world.
The whole world is functioning,
because somebody comes
forward to fight other's battle.
The day the chain breaks,
the world will collapse.
- I will park the car and come.
- Okay.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
Principal secretary Mr. Kamlesh Upadhya,
my friend Mr. Ravi Prasad told me that,
you had given written orders that,
common people shouldn't
face any problem due to the rally.
Yes. It is on paper.
Please tell the court what you
did to ensure whether your on-paper,
order has been implemented
properly or not.
Because by itself a paper
cannot even become a boat.
Your Honor,
our state is a very large state.
It's a highly populated state.
I have to manage every district.
How can I pay attention
to every minor incident?
It wasn't a minor incident, Mr. Upadhya.
This is an act of blatant
human right violation.
A capable daughter lost her life.
As a senior officer the
fundamental and human rights of,
each individual in your
state are your responsibilities.
And that's also on paper.
And for your information,
I read that also.
Your Honor, the next day
we called a meeting of directors.
And gave orders that traffic
rules shouldn't be violated.
Were the papers that
you signed implemented?
Madam DM, your responsibility doesn't end,
by just signing the paper.
If your orders were not followed,
was an inquiry done?
Was anybody penalized?
Your Honor, the news of the
rally was published in all newspapers.
The police had published a notice too.
The information of blocked
routes and alternate routes,
was published in the newspaper.
By alternate route you mean the street,
where Jal Nigam has
dug pits as deep as wells.
On another street shopkeepers have seized,
half the lane in the name of parking.
People cannot even walk on that street.
How can a car traverse there?
- That leaves...
- Lakhimpur Mod.
Resident welfare people have blocked it.
I see. So you know.
So SP, the rally had choked
the road that is Sheetlapur's lifeline.
An accident victim needed
immediate medical attention.
If police had offered little assistance,
the path could have been cleared.
If police cannot help a common man,
what's the use of being an SP, Mr.
Feroz Alam?
So you mean to say that
police did whatever they could do,
to save Arya Rastogi that day?
Yes, sir.
You may leave.
Next witness, please.
Inspector Anurag Chaudhary.
Why didn't you take
any action to clear the way,
for the car in which Arya
Rastogi was taken to the hospital?
I took action, sir.
Your Honor,
as soon as Arya Rastogi's father told us,
about her situation,
I sent constable Ratiram immediately,
to clear the way for the car.
In that traffic?
When no vehicle could move even an inch?
Constable Ratiram is a superhero.
Sorry, sir.
My Lord.
As per the rule,
our state has designated declared places,
for rallies or protests.
Any party or organization
can hold it at only those places.
And not on the street.
It's the police's job to prevent
it from happening on the street.
You must know that, inspector.
What you are saying are bookish talks.
You people were saying
that you had followed,
the rules written on paper.
I am talking about those rules.
So you tell me.
How could they control the crowd?
Should they have become a superhero?
It would have been enough
if they had acted like policemen.
Sorry, sir.
Inspector Chaudhary,
this is a good demo of,
how well-versed you are with rules.
Don't you know that your mobile phone,
should be switched off in the courtroom?
Go and stand in a corner
unless the court is adjourned.
Switch off your phone
and please stand there.
Deo Ranjan,
I hope you are as healthy as you look.
Mr. K. P. Deo Ranjan,
due to your political rally,
Arya Rastogi passed away.
When did you find out about it?
She is no more because
she got hurt at home.
I found out after a few days.
After how many days?
After 6-7 days.
Your statement was published
in the newspaper on the third day.
Expressing your apology.
Objection, My Lord.
Mr. Ranjan is a busy man.
I mean, personality.
He has a lot of work.
He has to meet so many people.
Everybody's memory space is limited, sir.
Sir, the truth is that
if an ambulance had been taking,
Arya Rastogi to the hospital that day,
Mr. Ranjan would have
personally cleared the way.
My Lord, everybody must have read,
the forward message on Whatsapp.
In India it's guaranteed that
you will get a pizza in 30 minutes,
but not an ambulance.
Do you know why?
My Lord, in our country
there is only one ambulance,
for thousands of people.
Only one.
That's why when there is
an emergency to go to the hospital,
nobody thinks about calling an ambulance.
But people think about
their neighbor who owns a car.
So it's better that
we don't speak about this.
So Mr. K.P. Deo Ranjan,
you don't have the right,
to block the road.
You were supposed to
hold the rally at Lal Maidan.
Yes. Absolutely.
But should I have become
Jatayu to go there?
We had to traverse the road.
But while watching the
telecast on news channel,
it seemed like you were
getting photographs clicked,
and giving speeches on the road.
It was a rally.
It was not a secret raid
that nobody knew anything.
The police and the
administration were informed.
All papers were done as per your law.
As per the law of the land.
Your Honor,
I cannot keep an eye on everybody,
when there is a throng
of thousands of people.
My party is a national political party.
If I start thinking that
my rallies could create problems,
I won't be able to raise my voice,
on any topic pertaining
to the nation's interest.
Rallies, protests and meetings.
That's my job.
It's my right to free speech.
What about the right to free movement?
And Arya Rastogi's right to live?
What about those thousands of people,
whom you halt on the street?
Your priority was rally, not people.
Power is your profession, Mr. Deo Ranjan.
Police and administration fold
their hands and stand before you.
You could have done a lot.
Not only you, that day the state,
the protector of the life of,
every citizen of this democracy
also turned a blind eye.
Everybody put their responsibility
on a piece of paper.
Paperwork 100%.
Groundwork 0%.
I am sorry.
Mr. Deo Ranjan, you can carry on please.
Dr. Nigam, you had performed
Arya Rastogi's postmortem.
What does the report say?
Internal bleeding.
Acute subdural hematoma.
Was that the cause of Arya's death?
Okay, Dr. Nigam.
If Arya had been brought
to the hospital 15 minutes early,
could she have been saved?
I am a doctor. I am not God.
Had she been brought 15-20 minutes early,
her surgery might have been possible.
But even after surgery would
her result have been 100% positive?
No doctor can say that with 100% surety.
My Lord, Dr.
Nigam has clarified everything.
Dr. Nigam, can we say that
if Arya Rastogi had received,
timely treatment,
she would have definitely survived?
Or maybe not.
Mr. Narayan,
can you prove that if Arya Rastogi,
had reached the hospital 15 minutes early,
she could have been saved?
My Lord, what Dr.
Nigar said is true to a certain extent.
- But...
- Mr. Narayan.
Move aside please.
Somebody please call the ambulance.
Somebody get the car.
Well, we are lucky.
Uday's sample has matched.
We can proceed now.
Can we, Uday?
Of course, doctor.
We will run some tests before
extracting the bone marrow.
And the transplant will be next week.
Just do it, doctor.
What? Do you even
know what you are saying?
It has so many side effects.
It could affect your entire life.
Mom, there have been
other side effects in my life.
Why do you get so hyper? Chill.
Hey brave man!
Why do you talk like a child
artist when you are the hero?
We were planning to send you to IMA again.
Show your bravery there.
Mom, I will hang up.
The doctor has said not
to take any unnecessary stress.
Tanu, you?
How is uncle?
He is stable.
And you?
Uday, you have taken
an important decision.
Are you sure about it?
For the first time in my
life I am sure about my decision.
I have found my dad after a long time.
I don't want to lose him again.
Nothing will happen to him.
You are going for a major battle.
Without any training.
Actually, it's now that I have realized,
that you don't need any
training to fulfill a son's duty.
As it is,
my soldier's training is still going on.
It's just that it's not IMA campus.
Shaurya Chakra is confirmed.
"It's rare to find a moth."
"That isn't afraid of the light."
"We haven't forgotten our oath."
"We march ahead bravely."
Doctor, pass it on to me.
"We forge ahead with strength."
"Without fearing any difficulties."
"We will rise above our weaknesses."
The transplant is successful.
But he needs a lot of care.
Good morning.
Wake up, buddy.
Come on, soldier. Get up.
I have woken up and my eyes are also open.
Uday has risen.
I had told you.
The day the copycat
is better than the original,
I will come to salute you.
What, Satty?
Raj Narayan Singh deserves to be saluted.
He is a real soldier.
He is a real hero.
24 carat hero.
When are you returning, junior hero?
All complaint files have been closed.
You know you are eligible
for applying again.
You can be gentleman
cadet Uday Singh once again.
As such, I like being
called Uday Raj Singh now.
Uday Raj Singh reporting sir.
Thanks for coming.
Is your packing done?
Where is your suitcase?
Do you want to search it?
Be serious. We have to leave in an hour.
Sorry, mom.
I won't be able to come.
You will have to go alone.
Will you be here all your life?
Haven't you planned what
you want to do next in your life?
Dad needs me.
Take care, son.
I will take care of dad too.
I don't understand whether
I should worry as a mother,
or be proud of my upbringing.
Take care.
I love you.
"You and me, me and you."
"Do we share a relation?
Or is it some kind of magic."
"The further away I was from you,
the closer you are to me."
"There are many relations in the world."
"But you are the most special person."
"The further away I was from you,
the closer you are to me."
"You have brought a new dawn in my life."
"Don't ever go away from me."
"Stay with me like fragrance."
"The season has just changed."
"You are the color of the season."
"The further away I was from you,
the closer you are to me."
"Let bygones be bygones."
"Let's assuage the heartache."
"Come and embrace me."
"What I had imagined didn't happen."
"All my prayers were answered."
"We have reunited."
"The rest of the journey
has become blissful."
"Of whatever life is left."
"I won't have any worry if I were to die."
"Now you are in my life."
"You and me, me and you."
"Do we share a relation?
Or is it some kind of magic."
"The further away I was from you,
the closer you are to me."
You understand the real
flavor only when you savor it.
Whether it's mango or relations.
Remember that.
I have savored it.
Son, you should accept
Radhika and Abhijeet's relation.
I don't know whether you know this or not.
But Abhijeet had helped
Radhika tremendously,
in establishing her business.
Abhijeet is a good man.
I don't trust mom's choice.
I like your sense of humor.
Wonder on whom I have taken after.
Jokes apart,
you will start your own life with Tanisha.
But what about Radhika?
She also needs a life partner.
You were with her.
Why did you leave her?
Getting separated wasn't my decision.
It was your mother's decision.
But yes.
It was my fault.
I was in a relationship with someone.
Who was she?
Or is she still in your life?
Her name was Anu.
We met regarding a case.
I was with her for some time.
Didn't you try to reconnect with mom?
Radhika is a very strong
and self respecting woman.
I had broken her trust
and her self-respect.
Due to this guilt I
could never go back to her.
But she never allowed herself to shatter.
I know.
I also know that you had the
pay the biggest price of my mistake.
When we were kids, Satty and I,
together started learning
how to ride a cycle.
He learnt it faster than
me and with fewer injuries.
Do you know why?
Because Satty's papa
used to run alongside him,
holding his wobbly cycle.
And I...
Without you I wobbled and
fell down at every step of the way.
If you had been with me,
I might have been in IMA.
I am sorry.
I am sorry, Uday.
This is not only Arya
Rastogi and her family's fight.
It's our fight too.
We need your support.
If you and your family have
ever got stuck in any traffic,
or suffered in any way due
to rallies that block the road,
then join us in our campaign.
Please sign on freetomove.com
And be a part of a new history.
- India!
- Hail!
"Come, my friends."
"Let's awaken hearts that are sleeping."
"Let's make some noise."
"Listen. Let's make things happen today."
"Let's make some noise."
"We have to tie the
sky and bring it down."
"If we are determined to get the moon,
we will get it for sure."
"Come, my friends."
This fight isn't only against Deo Ranjan.
It's against the system
where rules written on paper,
and human rights are not valued.
"Let's make some noise."
Arya has been murdered. It's a murder.
Arya should get justice.
Justice for Arya.
Justice for Arya.
All over the country people's fury,
over Arya Rastogi's case is escalating.
What used to be expressed
in hushed tones in the past,
is now being uttered openly.
For how long will a common
man suffer on the road?
"Shoot the arrow and hit the fish's eye."
"Remove the sword from
the scabbard and strike."
"Take a deep breath and aim."
"If we are determined to get the moon,
we will get it for sure."
"Come, my friends."
"Let's awaken hearts that are sleeping."
"Let's make some noise."
"Listen. Let's make things happen today."
"Let's make some noise."
The entire country is following this case.
Its verdict will be declared very soon.
We have to see whether
India's common people,
will get justice through Arya Rastogi.
Or will the powerful people
of the system escape once again?
"We will have to do something."
"Listen, my friends."
"Climb the hill,"
- "regardless of how high it is."
- See the zest of our supporters.
- "Break the quagmire today."
- All this is fine.
But tell them to clear the way.
I am getting late for the court.
Mr. Kukreti, where is Mr. Deo Ranjan?
I hope he is fine.
My Lord, he must be about to come.
From his bungalow.
I mean, he left from home long ago.
"Let's awaken hearts that are sleeping."
This is not done.
It's an insult of the court's time.
What do you mean you
didn't send the supporters?
Somebody must have made the payment.
So many people wouldn't
have come otherwise.
Wait, papa. I will show them.
Make the way to go.
- "Listen. Let's make things happen today."
- Move back...
- "Let's make some noise."
- Let us go.
What are you doing?
You know they are not your supporters.
I know they are not your supporters.
But the media people don't know.
If you hit any one of them,
it will become today's breaking news.
Ashish Deo Ranjan vented
out his fury on his supporters.
Will your papa like that? Tell me.
- Deo Ranjan!
- Long live!
- Deo Ranjan!
- Long live!
- Deo Ranjan!
- Long live!
You have to pay a heavy price
for your own policy. Right, sir?
- Deo Ranjan!
- Long live!
- Deo Ranjan!
- Long live!
Today is a very important
day for Arya Rastogi's case.
Today the court will declare its verdict.
This is a landmark judgment.
It will open the floodgates for many.
We cannot wait any further.
Mr. Narayan, please continue.
- My Lord, with your permission...
- Move aside.Move aside.
Please come. Please come.
- Your Honor.
- Mr. Deo Ranjan.
There is only one thing common,
between the court and politics.
Time is very precious for both.
I apologize to you, Your Honor.
And to everybody else.
But I was stuck in a traffic jam.
Let it be. Please sit.
Mr. Narayan, please continue.
My Lord, with your
permission I want to present,
three more individuals
related to this case.
Objection, My Lord.
Suddenly? Without any prior notice?
How can he present anybody in the court?
My Lord, these are the
three people who have directly,
approached the court
as co-aggrieved parties.
In these cases High Court
has some special powers,
to allow such people to be
presented for the court's hearing.
So I request you to allow me
to present these three people please.
- But...
- Mr. Ravi Prasad.
When lakhs of people
are raising their voice,
what will you gain by
suppressing three people's voice?
They have followed proper legal procedure.
Mr. Narayan, please go ahead.
Thank you, My Lord.
Your Honor, my name is Abir Gosavi.
I live in Kolkata.
I had come to Sheetlapur for some work.
Those days my son was seriously unwell.
It was very important for
me to return to Kolkata by evening.
But for several hours
I was stuck in the traffic,
caused by the rally.
And I missed my flight.
I didn't get any flight
for Kolkata till next morning.
my son passed away.
Your Honor, I am Asif Kazi.
That day I had a job interview.
The job was in Muscat.
And the salary was 2 lakhs.
But Your Honor, that day due to the rally,
there was such a major traffic jam,
that it dashed all my
hopes of better prospects.
I was late for the interview, Your Honor.
And today, I am unable
to even meet my family's needs.
I am Itishri Bansal.
That day was my 12th grade's last exam.
Due to the rally there
was a major traffic jam.
The traffic was not moving even an inch.
I called my brother
to drop me on his bike.
But he also got stuck in the traffic.
I reached the exam center one hour late.
I missed the exam.
My entire year was ruined.
My Lord.
With your permission I
would like to say another thing.
This is the case of
depriving a common man,
of his fundamental right.
So My Lord, why don't we
consider Sushil Rastogi's voice,
as the voice of the
common man and hear him out?
Say it from here.
- From here.
- Okay.
Your Honor.
My name is Sushil Rastogi.
I am a clerk in the water department.
My other identity is that
I am a common man of this country.
My daughter Arya Rastogi,
used to weave dreams like countless
other children of our country.
But before she could fulfill her dreams,
she was murdered.
Objection, My Lord.
We extend our deepest sympathy to Mr.
Rastogi's family.
But he doesn't have the
right to level such allegations.
I don't have the right.
You are right.
I don't have the right.
To express my point.
To express my problems.
To live.
To reach the hospital
on time to save a life.
I don't have the right.
In such a big country,
if we speak about numbers and percentage,
the percentage of people who
die like Arya Rastogi is very less.
When people die due to lack of oxygen,
they are silenced by saying,
"What's the big deal?"
"Majority of people die in accidents."
Dr. Nigam said that
if Arya Rastogi had reached
the hospital, on time,
there wasn't 100% guarantee,
that she would have survived.
there isn't any 100%
guarantee that our ministers,
who hold rallies,
protests and marches in the name of,
serving the country will really
change our country for the better.
Sir, I want to know
who has given them the right,
to stop other's way to
pave the way for themselves.
It's not the first time that
a common man's path has been blocked.
Our path is blocked at times due
to politics, at times due to corruption,
at times due to paperwork and at times,
just to remind us that
we are common people.
But sir, that's not my agenda.
I am not a social worker or a minister.
I am a father
who has lost his daughter.
Sir, last year
965000 students appeared for UPSA exam.
635 were selected.
Out of 635 students Arya
Rastogi who belonged to,
a poor family living
in Sheetlapur was the topper.
She would have become
an IAS officer very soon.
And then, these people,
these officials, these administrators,
would have saluted her
and paved the way for her.
Is it that only ministers,
actors, senior officials,
have the right to live in this country?
Will a common man ever get the right,
to live a dignified life in this country?
Your Honor.
Today you will have to give
us our rights as well as justice.
Mr. Rastogi,
the court understands your pain.
Thank you.
My Lord.
Due to unwarranted nationwide
shut down and strikes,
the country incurs losses in billions.
But somebody benefits from it.
Block the roads. Shut the train service.
The bigger the shut down,
the bigger the minister.
But it's time to raise our
voice against this politics of rallies.
Strikes, shut downs,
rallies that block streets,
protests should be banned.
The law must be given its teeth.
As far as Dr.
Nigam's percentage is concerned,
I would say that as per Dr.
Nigam's calculation,
if Arya Rastogi had
even 1% chance of survival,
then by blocking the road that day, Mr.
K.P. Deo Ranjan changed,
her 1% chance of survival
to 100% surety of death.
As per the law,
the right to proper medical treatment,
is the fundamental right.
Whatever be the result.
My Lord, this right was
snatched from Arya Rastogi.
That's all, My Lord.
On the basis of relevant materials,
and concerned authorities' statements,
the court has come to the conclusion that,
paperwork was meant for
protection of people's rights.
But in today's world it's
being misused tremendously.
Like we saw and understood in this case.
Put your responsibility on paper.
And if anything goes wrong, simply say...
Look. We had written it on paper.
To implement what's written in the paper,
is our responsibility.
It has been proved that Sheetlapur's
district administration,
was inefficient and unsuccessful that day.
In this case it's criminal negligence.
Because of which a girl lost her life.
Article 21 of the constitution of India,
guarantees the right to life to everyone.
In such cases right to road
access is also called right to life.
It's truly unfortunate that
Arya Rastogi didn't get that right.
Any political party or
organization cannot block the road,
for common people and disrupt their life.
In the future if any rally,
protest or march causes damage,
to common people,
then that party will
have to pay the compensation.
In this case K.P.
Deo Ranjan is responsible.
So the court orders K.P.
Deo Ranjan to give a compensation,
of one crore to Arya Rastogi's
family within one month.
And the police are ordered
to file an FIR against K.P. Deo Ranjan,
within one week under
necessary IPC sections.
The DM of Sheetlapur will have
to file an affidavit in the court,
within 15 days to state
why a departmental inquiry,
shouldn't be undertaken against her.
An FIR should be filed
against SP Feroz Alam,
and inspector Anurag Chaudhary as well.
And the state government
will have to give a compensation,
of 2 crores to Arya Rastogi's family.
What happened with Arya,
shouldn't happen with anybody else.
For that laws should be changed.
A committee should be formed for that.
The change has started from Arya's family.
"My land, my country."
"The place where I was born."
"It's rare to find a moth."
"That isn't afraid of the light."
Coffee time.
You have this talent too.
You have not seen anything.
I am not only an expert attorney,
but also an expert cook.
I will cook for you if I ever get time.
You took another case.
You are going to fight another battle now.
How do you do that?
Mr. Unstoppable Narayan Singh.
"We won't let any harm befall on it."
- It's easy, my son.
- "We won't let its head be bowed."
Everybody has weaknesses.
Everybody thinks of giving up.
But these weaknesses and failures,
are lessons that life teaches us.
If we don't move ahead
despite learning the lessons,
we will be bad students.
And I don't think you are a bad student.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
"It's rare to find a moth."
"That isn't afraid of the light."
"We are willing to lay down
our life for our motherland."
"It's rare to find a moth."
"That isn't afraid of the light."
"We are willing to lay down
our life for our motherland."
"I salute those who are
fighting for their rights."
"I salute those who are
fighting for their rights."
"But who gave you the
right to snatch my right?"
"But who gave you the
right to snatch my right?"
"Why do you snatch my right
in the name of paperwork?"
"Paper is supposed to be your protector."
"Paper is supposed to be my protector."
"My right."
"Paper is supposed to be your right."
"Paper is supposed to be my right."
"Paper is supposed to be your right."
"I am also a victim of the system."
"I am also oppressed."
"I am also with you
in rallies and marches."
"But why are you making
my miserable life more miserable?"
"My paths are difficult."
"Why are you blocking the streets?"
"The street brings food and water for me."
"But who gave you the
right to snatch my right?"
"My right."
"Paper is supposed to be your right."
"Paper is supposed to be my right."
"Paper is supposed to be your right."
"Paper is supposed to be your protector."
"Paper is supposed to be my protector."