Kaal (2005) Movie Script

Go ahead! Go ahead!
Stop. No, go close!
Oh, God!
Go back. Run! Run! Run!
Oh, God!
"Despite being wounded,
the tiger managed to kill
the foreigners.
We often call tigers "man-eaters"
and put all the blame on them,
but aren't they justified
in protecting themselves?
By flouting the rules
of the preserve,
such tourists not only lose
their lives,
but reduce even more
the already diminishing number
of tigers in our country.
Save the tiger,
or the day when future
will only get to see the tiger
in books won't be far away.
Orbit Park."
London head office!
-Mr. Krish Thapar?
-You've been assigned a new project.
You'll be receiving the details soon.
-Kindly get back to us.
Thank you very much.
Our vacation is over.
There's something more exciting.
Krish, there's a courier,
from National Geographic,
The head office has been
researching for over a year.
Their goal is to save
the tiger and its habitat.
According to the National Geographic
tiger poaching is at an all time high.
The incident with the tiger experts
from the British office two months ago
remains unsolved.
But the report clearly states
that the foreigners foolishly
confronted the tiger.
We always tend to believe
what they write and what we read.
Riya, the people who died were experienced
researchers, not amateurs.
After that incident, there have been
similar ones in two months.
Two more specialists and several tourists
have died mysteriously.
Basheer Khan, main suspect
behind tiger poaching.
Three years posted at Ranthambore forest,
then at Kanha forest,
and now, Orbit Park.
Ever since he has been appointed,
the tiger killings have increased.
Once the forest preserve shuts down,
illegal activities become easier.
What do you think?
I don't know.
But I'm sure these deaths
are not just tiger-related.
There could be more to it.
Whenever there's an incident
with a tourist or a researcher,
people use it to create terror.
What's the plan?
We must go to Orbit
and find the truth.
We can only be sure when we go there.
-We'll go to Orbit, then.
-We'll leave tomorrow morning.
But, Krish, the rain.
The forest preserve will shut down
in two to three days.
I don't think it's advisable to go there
in this weather.
I'm sure two to three days
will be enough.
Besides, you are with me,
my ace photographer.
Riya, if our research is successful,
we'll be solving a big mystery.
The thrill of a first date
and the first drive is something else!
Hey, gorgeous!
I waited two years for this day.
I always knew
you were made just for me.
Cut the crap.
Cut the crap!
Hey, guys.
Why aren't you talking?
How's my new cruiser truck?
You want more?
-Indian roads!
-Stop cribbing.
-Ranjit Singh farm house.
-Rocking, man.
These truck drivers!
I feel like killing them!
-Ishika, he's talking to you.
-Yeah, right!
-Recoil operated.
-Do I care?
Single action, semi-automatic.
That's nothing.
I have a double automatic.
It's a toy. A toy!
It's not funny. One pull of a trigger
and there lies the prey.
-You won't improve, will you?
-One shot.
One kill.
I feel like killing you.
-Have you got the car blessed?
-Black car!
-It's a new car, isn't it?
-Cut the crap!
-It's inauspicious!
Cut the crap.
Dev, please.
I beg you. Slow down!
I tell you,
it's very inauspicious.
Black nitron. GSR.
-As long as I'm around, you can't hunt.
-You guys are impossible.
I'll pull the trigger
and you will be the prey.
-Watch out!
-You guys want to stop somewhere?
What are you doing, man?
-100 kilometers.
-Black Friday!
-He's mad!
-How many times have I told you, Dev?
-Everything is black.
-Barrel length.
-Stop it!
-Look here for a minute.
-Five inches.
-It's inauspicious.
-What, me?
-Hey, Ishika.
-One shot, two kill.
-It's not funny.
Cut the crap!
Dev, black cat, watch out!
Dev! Dev, I told you so many times!
Slow down, slow down!
You have killed a black cat.
Do you know what that means?
It's very inauspicious.
It's unlucky!
-I swear. Very unlucky.
-Just shut up, Vishal. Just shut up!
Jaan, just cool down. Relax!
Enough of your superstitions.
-Give me a break here!
-Dev, today is a Friday.
The cat was black, the car is black.
It's all black!
Hey, hey!
My hair's also black. My eyes are black,
and even my tongue!
What do you want me to do?
It's cool, just calm down!
Hey, guys, why are you fighting?
There's no dead cat.
-It escaped. Relax.
-Thank God!
All right? Happy?
Can we go now?
You know, guys, that's the difference
between our cars and the imported ones.
They are so sturdy, solid.
Even if you drive at 200 km/h,
they never wobble, you know?
Come on, guys! Of course
it's the Indian roads, man.
Any car will wobble, right?
But ours is different.
It doesn't heat up after some wobbling
or the engine starts making noises.
But at least you know there's
no smoke coming,
that never happens.
And bumps? That's the last thing
you can expect, right?
You bet! I mean,
this car never chokes...
Dev, I told you something
was wrong, inauspicious.
C'mon, Ishk. What's inauspicious?
Your black cat is safe and sound.
What's inauspicious? Me?
I think I'm jinxed.
Holy shit!
Dev, what happened?
Nothing, nothing,
we're just unlucky.
Give it everything you got!
Very good, very good.
Push harder. Okay.
Are you guys pushing too
or it'll be just me?
I'm pushing too.
Vishal, are you going to push
or do you want me to push you?
Push harder!
What are you doing?
-Okay. I'm tired.
-Sajid, you push, I'll just come.
Sajid, push well, man.
Okay, I'll help you.
Gopal Pure Vegetarian Dhaba!
Bad day!
The car's broken down.
Any mechanic around?
Yes, sir, there's paratha, there's
potatoes and cabbage curry.
There's also glucose biscuits
and, of course, the two of us.
And, sir, the business is quite slow.
No one uses this road these days.
I don't know what made us
leave in a bad moment.
-The trip has begun on a wrong note.
-It's okay, darling.
It's not a big deal, just depressing,
my new car and... Anyway.
This is nothing! You know my car,
the brand new one.
It broke down standing in the showroom.
This is nothing!
Anyway, you just take care of the car
while I get down to the food business.
It's hot!
Baby, you are hot! You eat something
while I make a call.
Hey, give me 15 to 20 parathas.
With butter.
And ask them what they want.
Come on!
There's no signal.
The new car broke down.
Looks like something's
-Poor Dev, he's upset.
-Totally ruined my mood.
-I'm very upset.
-Why are you upset?
-I'm really, truly upset.
-Come on, guys.
I've made arrangements
for us to leave. Come on, let's go.
-At least let us to eat.
-Come on, now!
Come on.
Come on, guys.
-What did you say your name was?
Hail Lord of Death.
Hey, you, bearded man.
Play some music, man.
You've got some hip-hop?
Why are you playing
these ghost songs?
Why don't you lower the volume?
Stop bugging us.
What was it that you
were chanting earlier?
-I have never heard that one.
-Mrityunjay chant, to ward off death.
People chant the Gayatri,
they think of Ganpati.
This Mrityunjay thing?
Oh, God!
Did you see that, ma'am?
An accident with the truck.
And it's just broken skulls
and fried brains.
Only pieces left.
A dog's death.
That's why I chant "Hail Lord of Death."
At any rate,
in weather like this you have to leave
everything to your fate and judgment.
That's nothing, sir. If we stop,
we need to get our brakes in order.
Sir, do you have a ghoda?
-A gun?
Yes. I own a farmhouse,
so sometimes small--
You hunt game?
So? What's the big deal?
Just drive quietly.
Why did you stop the car?
What are you going to kill?
Boar, rabbit, or just a jungle cat?
Just mind your own bloody business.
Dev, just a minute.
What are you trying to say?
Do you want to make a big kill, sir?
No one goes
on the Ranjitgadh road anymore.
And there's an electricity problem there.
Come with me. It's close by,
a huge jungle. Orbit.
-I'll get you a big kill.
-Just cut the crap, man.
Just take the car on the road
to the farmhouse.
-And stop this crap about hunting.
-Dev, just wait.
This sounds damn interesting.
It will be an adventure.
We keep going to the farmhouse
all the time. Let's try something new!
No, man! What's this Orbit nonsense?
Are you nuts?
Sajid, where will we stay?
There are no hotels, nothing.
-How will we manage?
-All that can be organized, madam.
-Leave the jugaad to me.
-Jugaad? Who's that?
Just take a left from here.
Sajid, behave yourself!
Stop getting carried away.
His plan is crap! Stop the car!
Listen, just take the right.
Dev, we have come here for a holiday.
It will be a new place.
-It sounds like fun!
I know you want to go there
because you want to hunt.
And I will not allow that.
I hate it, you know that.
All right! You have a problem
with hunting.
So here. I won't even think
about going on a hunt, okay?
But, Dev, it sounds very exciting!
Let's go.
It'll only be one or two nights.
Vishal! Ishika!
Come on, if he is saying he won't
do it, then he won't.
Vishal! Have you lost it?
He's a dumbass.
-l am going to kill him one day.
-If he's insisting so much, it's okay.
-It might be fun.
-But, love.
Besides, you are with me.
I don't care where we go.
-How far is it from here?
-Half an hour, ma'am.
Ishika, you are such a sweetheart!
If you weren't Dev's girlfriend,
I would have proposed a long time ago.
It's a joke!
It better be.
So we're on, then!
It's going to be very cold, sir.
It's going to be fun!
And there will be a lot of food too.
Hail Lord of Death.
This is where the forest preserve begins.
Don't make a sound, sir.
1,300 square kilometers.
An animal world.
There are dense mountains
and deep ravines.
They say this preserve has India's
largest number of tigers.
The fear of the tiger is kept alive
through its paw prints.
You can't see any sign of life around you,
but the animals are watching all the time.
What's alive today
can become food tomorrow.
There's no sound of vehicles
or cell phones here.
This place has other sounds.
Do you hear those screams?
It's the monkeys.
They are the first ones to know
where the tiger is hunting.
Sir, walking on the ground here
is forbidden.
No one dares to walk
where there are tiger paw prints.
This is nothing!
At our farmhouse I have
seen double marks! Double marks!
Shut up, Vishal.
Tigers don't attack humans, do they?
Madam, if some strangers
got into your house,
wouldn't you try to throw them out?
This is their home, you are the stranger.
So if you make a mistake...
-What do you say, Sajid?
-Come on, now.
The jungle lives only by one rule.
As long as you are alive, you shine.
The day you become the prey, the light
of your existence is extinguished.
What is there to talk, sir?
It's rained quite heavily.
Just listen to me and go back.
But we've made such a long trip.
Sir, please listen to me.
Go home.
-Or you will be in trouble.
-How can you say that?
At least give us an entry for a day.
We have come all the way from Delhi.
People come here from London and America,
they spend dollars and pounds.
What's so special about you
coming from Delhi? Stop arguing.
Dev, just leave.
Let me handle this. Go on.
Bagga, just explain to them.
-Here. Take this. All done?
-That was so unnecessary, sir.
Before you enter the forest preserve,
please read the rules.
-They will be useful.
-Bagga, come on.
Make it quick, Bagga.
Let's go!
-Come on, Sajid.
-Come on.
It's been such a long journey, Krish.
And now the car has broken down.
This is all we need.
It's so beautiful.
I think it's romantic.
Yeah, sure!
It all looks beautiful.
But only up to the tree line.
There's another world beyond that,
isn't it?
A world that's not ours.
Beautiful and just as dangerous.
Krish, look here.
How much longer?
Stop the car, stop the car!
Back up.
-What's this road?
-Sir, this is the core area.
There's no access.
-Only forest officials can go in.
Just for census or other special work.
It's dangerous.
But the most poaching takes place
in the core area, right?
Hey! Are you okay?
There's a stream down there.
I'll get some water.
Krish, there's a river.
Let's go.
-You wait here.
-We are coming too.
You rear ended me!
You damn fool, you rear ended me!
-Your car was in the middle of the road.
-And you're blind?
-It was in the middle!
-You son of a bitch!
-It's not my fault.
-Of course it is!
-No, it's not.
-Yes, it is. Why did you crash?
Your car was in the way.
-It's my father's road!
-You'll say this jungle is your father's.
-Yes, it belongs to my father!
-So it's all yours?
Okay! What are you doing?
-Stop it, Bagga. Stop.
-Don't try to play it cool.
-You don't know who I am!
-Who are you?
-Stop it. Listen, man.
-Get off me!
Who do you think you are?
How dare you touch me?
I'll kill you. I'll kill you!
What are you looking at?
I'll kill you!
-Cool down, man.
-Krish, Krish.
-Are you guys all right?
-Dev, are you okay?
-What's happening, Krish?
-Hey, you okay?
Sorry, I was trying to explain
that the car had slipped on a stone
and the driver
couldn't control it. I'm sorry.
Why was your car
in the middle of the road?
We were on our way to the Dhikala
guesthouse, the car broke down.
-We've been here for over an hour.
-Is there no help? I mean, phones?
There's no network here.
Madam, there are no phones
in the forest range.
And even if you found one, the rain
would have rendered it useless.
Anyone hurt?
You need any medication?
Thanks, we're all right.
It doesn't matter if it was
because of the accident or to help you,
we were destined to meet either way,
right, Dev?
We are going to the same place,
so we can give you a ride if you want.
-I don't think we have a choice.
-Neither do we.
By the way, I'm God. Dev.
Krish. My wife, Riya.
-Hi. Vishal!
Listen. Just get the car to the guesthouse
after it's fixed.
Guys, you all carry on.
I'll catch up. Nature's call.
Stop the car.
Back up.
What happened?
Why are you backing up?
Please don't get down, sir.
It's just an illusion.
There's no paw print.
The headlight on my car is broken.
We must leave before it gets dark.
I have to make arrangements
for your stay.
As for your crazy driver, he must
have gone down to get some water.
-There's a stream there.
-Come on, Krish.
-Let's leave before it gets too late.
-Yes, let's leave.
There's nothing here. If it gets dark,
we will be in trouble.
Come on, Bagga. Start the car.
Pandey. D.S. Pandey.
World's best guide of forest.
-Myself, sir.
Orbit Park.
Land of tigers, isn't it?
Have you seen a tiger?
Has there been a sighting?
We have just arrived in the forest.
We haven't seen
the preserve yet. Tiger!
I will take you tomorrow.
I guarantee you'll see a tiger.
You must be saying that
to every tourist.
-How long have you been here?
-Two years.
So you have been fooling
the tourists for two years?
It kills.
Pandey, there was an incident
two months ago.
Would you tell us more about it?
Oh, the one with the foreigners?
They deserved to die, sir.
They think the forest is like a garden.
They were in the core area.
Route 5.
It's been marked as
the territory of the man-eater.
Now they walked up to the tiger.
They had to be eaten, right?
But they say there have been more
accidents in the two months since then.
Well, if you aren't careful in the jungle,
anything can happen.
But this man-eater...
-The locals here say strange things.
-As I said,
it's a jungle area,
there are villages, mountains.
Anything can happen here.
You guys should enjoy yourselves.
-I want to see it.
-You want to see it?
Sure, why not? Tomorrow
I'll take you down route 5.
But, sir, remember it's the core area!
Pandey, tell us a story
involving a tiger or a leopard.
Madam, Orbit has become
famous for no reason.
I have so many stories that a special park
can be opened in my name.
Daya Shankar Pandey
International Park!
He speaks such nonsense.
I feel want to kill--
-Did you say anything?
Madam, when you live in a forest,
you encounter death at close quarters
every now and then.
Nobody move!
Nobody move!
Sir, did you hear that roar?
Did you hear it?
What's he talking about?
Where are you going, sir?
Where are you going?
Don't cross that fence.
It's dangerous beyond that!
Silence, silence!
-He's gone.
He's gone towards the stream,
the tiger!
He has killed about two hours ago.
Now he's going to drink water.
-Do tigers come here?
-Don't worry, madam.
You know what?
Can you see that fence?
Tigers cannot come past that.
In any case, it's Pandey's territory.
Now there can't be two tigers
in one territory, can there?
It kills.
It's like the previous one.
Usually it kills once a week,
twice at most.
Sir, it looks like a tiger's kill.
It is a tiger's kill,
but it hasn't eaten him.
It went for the neck...
until the head was severed
from the body.
The rain wiped out the paw prints.
I don't understand.
The forest has become dangerous
in the last two months.
Accidents have increased.
When a tiger turns into a man-eater,
it's difficult to control it.
And under what conditions does
a tiger turn into a man-eater?
Normally when it grows old
or when its teeth become weak,
or at times due to the climate,
when food becomes scarce,
it turns to humans.
The bodies of the two foreigners
that were buried vanished after two days.
You seem to know a lot about this area.
Is it the same tiger?
Can't say.
Maybe, maybe not.
Yesterday the driver vanished
in front of my eyes.
I'm sure even he became prey.
The forest preserve is closed
for tourists at this time.
You should leave now.
Mr. Khan, if we can be
of any help to you...
First help yourselves.
Leave before it gets too dangerous.
What do you mean?
It's in English
and on the reverse in Hindi too.
Rule number one: Don't walk.
And the driver was on foot.
When fate plots against you,
you don't get a second chance.
Tourists flout the rules
and the poor animal is blamed.
Dev, I'm worried about Sajid.
He left this morning.
He's gone towards the core area.
Must have gone hunting, the idiot!
Why didn't you stop him?
He took the forest ranger's jeep.
Where will we look for Sajid?
The core area is so large!
Bagga, be careful!
This is the wrong road!
It's nothing, sir. Don't worry.
Sir, you will have to push.
Dev! Krish! Stop being foolish.
Getting down here is suicide.
Nothing will happen.
Come on, Krish, push!
This is the tiger hunting ground.
Anything can happen here.
Vishal, why don't you get off?
Are you scared?
If you have the guts,
why don't you get off and push?
Dev, that's enough.
Just come in now.
Krish, this is the sign of a kill.
Tigers can come anytime.
-Dev, careful.
-This is all we needed.
Who are you?
Kaali Pratap Singh.
Just give me your gun.
It's mine.
It's my jungle.
First mistake: It's the core area.
Second mistake:
You are carrying a gun.
Third mistake:
You are on foot without a guide.
I hate tourists that break the law.
We have come here for research.
Research? A lot of them
have come here for that.
How did it feel?
To see death up close?
Many times Death just touches you
and passes by and you don't even know it.
It gives you one more chance.
These... These tigers?
Tiger does not eat the prey
lying in front of it.
It plays with its kill.
First, it keeps watch.
Then it chooses its prey.
Then makes it run, tires it.
And when the prey is breathless,
it leaps on it.
And attacks the neck. Slowly.
Stop it.
You are on foot here.
The jungle is Kaali's home.
You guys leave now. I might not be able
to save you next time.
Do you know the road? Or would you
like me to come with you?
No, we are fine.
We don't need you.
One, two, three, four, five.
What are you counting?
What are you staring at?
Some people come here to hunt
and become the hunted.
Go carefully.
If you live, we'll meet again.
Stop the car. Stop!
That's Khan's jeep. Sajid must be
somewhere here. Sajid!
-Sajid! Sajid!
Hunting. The mad fool!
-Sajid! Sajid!
Never seen or heard
of this kind of killing.
The feeling that something strange was
afoot increased with each passing moment.
Perhaps I was somewhere close
to the truth.
If this wasn't the act of any tiger
or animal...
then who could it be?
I warned you earlier,
but you didn't listen.
This is a jungle, not a hill station.
The weather is going to get worse.
Leave, before you become four
instead of five.
But Sajid's death...
What can you do?
What had to happen, happened.
This is the only way to reach the gate.
There are reports of landslides.
The road can shut anytime.
The other route has a river on its way.
It can get flooded.
-You'll never be able to get out then.
-All right.
We will leave soon.
All the best.
Have a safe journey.
Mr. Khan, thank you.
You have very little time.
Please take me away from here, Dev.
We are getting out of here.
Right now. Okay?
Vishal, come on, pack your things.
Get ready to leave.
Vishal. Vishal!
-Dev, Sajid.
Dev, Sajid.
-Dev, Sajid.
He was a fool.
I warned him his habit
would get him in trouble.
We have to leave. Come on.
How did you get the gun?
Well, we were going to the farmhouse,
so I kept it.
It could come in handy.
And it did. So?
You were angry with Sajid
because he had a gun.
He used to keep it for poaching
and I keep it for safety.
A weapon is a weapon.
The driver, Pandey, Sajid...
Who's next, Dev?
What? What do you mean?
Yesterday, you had a problem
with the driver.
He vanished.
Last night you felt like killing Pandey.
And you hated Sajid's passion
for hunting anyway.
What are you trying to say?
That I did all this? Me?
I killed everyone? Is that
what you're trying to say?
Have I lost it? Have I gone mad?
You are losing it, Krish.
And if you say one more word,
I'll kill you.
I saw you going towards Pandey
last night.
-You damn...
-Dev! Krish! Stop it!
-Are you insane? What are you doing?
-Just stop it, okay?
Listen, no one is sadder
about Sajid's death than me.
He was a crazy guy, but he
was my closest friend. Understand?
Yes, Sajid was very close to us.
Dev would never
even think of killing him.
Please stop fighting.
I can't breathe.
Dev, please get me out of here.
I want to go home.
Krish, you know
that this is the work of a tiger.
An animal can't do this.
Krish, research, passion, profession
all this is fine up to a point.
We know there are some strange things
happening in the jungle,
but we never thought
it would happen to one of us.
We have to leave
before it gets too late.
Didn't you hear
what Khan said before he left?
If you want to live, leave.
If you want to die, then stay.
Come on, Vishal.
Come on, Krish.
I know our project is incomplete...
but we must leave right now.
It's dangerous to spend even one more day
in this jungle.
Let's leave, please.
Everything will be all right.
-Vishal! Vishal!
-Come on! Hurry up!
-Vishal? Vishal!
There's nobody there, Vishal!
Vishal, where are you going?
Take me along.
-Hurry up!
-Sajid isn't there, Vishal.
-Let me go, Dev!
-There's nobody there, Vishal!
Sajid, hurry up!
Why don't you stop the jeep?
Sajid! Sajid! Come.
Landslide. Khan was right.
Sir, if we'd been here earlier,
we would've been buried under it.
-We'll have to take route B.
-Dev, I doubt this is the right way.
To me, all the roads look the same.
"The path you chose to tread on,
though reluctantly perhaps,
it still leads you closer to her!
Even if fate shows you the signs.
You can neither see or dream
what's ahead in your life.
You've just finished living
the few moments that were loaned to you.
She will take you away, no doubt.
Just look at your palm.
The line that chained you to life
no longer exists.
Come, embrace me.
I am your end."
It's a poem, sir.
Didn't you read it in school?
I told you we'd meet again
if you survived, didn't I?
You are alive,
and we have met again.
When an animal is killed in the jungle,
no man knows about it.
But when a human is killed,
all the animals know about it.
What happened to your friend was sad.
Earlier I mentioned that some people
come here to hunt,
and become the hunted.
Which road leads to the gate?
The jungle is bad. It's hungry.
Which is the road to the gate?
Route B is shut down due to flooding.
The bridge has collapsed,
getting out is difficult.
Difficult? What's difficult?
I know a way, a shortcut.
But I won't take you that way.
It's dangerous.
We have to get out of here.
No, sir. I'm not going to put you
in danger for that amount.
The route is very dangerous.
It goes through the core area.
Some strange incidents have occurred
in the last two months.
Cut the crap. Take us if you
want, if not...
Some very weird incidents
have happened. Village gossip.
-But I don't believe them.
-Skip the nonsense.
Lead us, quietly. If you want
more money, you will get it.
What's money, sir?
All that matters is life.
If there is life, there is the world.
-How boring! I want to kill--
-Dev, calm down.
Sir, he is from the jungle.
Maybe he's right.
Last year around the same time,
there was a camp from the college.
They lost their way
and were searching around, like you did.
They were caught in a landslide.
Three months later when the forest
preserve opened, they only found the bus.
Not even the bones are spared
in the jungle.
Another thing. It's important
to know the correct way.
It's foolish to trust the roads here.
You never know when a tree
will fall down and close the road.
Apart from the wild animals,
there are a lot of other beings
you need to be careful about.
Other beings? Meaning?
You, me. Humans!
The most dangerous of all.
Research, hunting, business
could only be a facade.
You can't trust humans.
Your friend made a tiny mistake
and paid for it in spades.
Nature makes a rule, man breaks it.
He never learns.
Hey, easy on the speed.
Bagga, are you crazy?
Bagga, careful!
What are you doing?
It's okay. You're okay?
Whatever happens
happens for the best.
We stopped at the right place.
This is the wooden bridge.
We'll wait here till the jeep is repaired.
Then we'll cross the river.
There's too much water.
They must be lying there, waiting.
Who? Who must be waiting?
The crocodiles.
I don't know why I feel
there's danger at every corner.
Crocodiles are all right,
but is there any other danger here?
Krish. You scared me.
I want to go home right now.
Riya, don't worry.
You're just scared.
Am I not with you?
That's what scares me the most.
If something happens to you...
Just a few more hours.
Then everything will be over.
Please don't be troubled.
Bagga, is the jeep repaired?
The connection is broken.
It'll take time.
-How long are we going to be stuck here?
-Just a bit longer.
It's getting colder, warm yourselves.
You may not get a chance again.
Can we get something to eat here?
Has my father set up a restaurant
in the middle of the jungle?
I want to know something.
Sit down.
The circumstances
in which Pandey and Sajid died,
-do you think a tiger--
-I told you earlier.
It's not an animal.
What do you know?
I want to know everything.
Forget it, sir.
You won't believe it.
What's this?
You keep throwing money at me.
Two months ago,
two foreigners had a accident.
They were killed by a tiger.
There was a guide with them.
People say he was mad.
Poaching and hunting were on the rise.
Lack of food was killing the animals.
If it is left to the humans,
they will turn a jungle into a city.
He couldn't bear that.
He had lived all his life in the jungle,
this was his home.
He would mislead the tourists.
A lot of people died
because of his madness.
The danger was on the rise.
Kill him. Mad man!
Kill him! Kill him!
They slashed his neck.
-Was he really mad?
-I don't think so.
Hey, cut the crap.
If your story is over--
It's not over yet, just hear it out.
Since then, the villagers say
that his spirit will kill everyone.
Just shut up. Give me a break.
He's talking nonsense.
Just trying to scare the girls.
It's crap.
Stop scaring us, please.
Krish, I don't want to hear any more.
Didn't I say you wouldn't believe it?
You're city folks.
But one day, you'll believe it.
I'll go find some food.
I'm tired, Dev.
-Please don't leave me.
-I'm right here.
Dev. Dev!
Ishk, what happened?
I'm here. I'm okay.
What's the matter, baby?
What happened?
Ishk, what happened?
-You must've had a nightmare.
-Are you all right?
Calm down.
This is Bagga's. I wonder why--
He's dead. He's been killed too.
We're all gonna die.
We're gonna die!
-Krish, is he--
-How can that be, Riya?
We were all here.
Nothing happened in our presence.
Sir, what you see
is not what happens.
And what you don't see,
you don't believe.
Bagga must have satisfied
some wild animal's hunger.
-Good, at least he was of some use.
-Shut your trap.
You're the only one that understands
what you say.
Not necessarily.
Once we cross this bridge,
there's an old guesthouse.
The gate is only
two kilometers from there.
-But is it safe with the river so high?
-We must leave before it gets dark.
That's the first time you've said
something sensible. We should leave.
I don't want the lady to be troubled
anymore. It's time to leave.
But the jeep can get stuck in the water.
Let's wait for a while.
No. We can't stay here.
It's river water, anything can happen.
You can't have it both ways.
I'm just saying it's dangerous
to make a move,
but we have no choice.
You guys decide what to do.
Vishal, wait!
The bridge is weak, let me drive.
We can't trust the waters.
Trust me, wait a while.
I don't trust anyone anymore.
-I want to live.
-Don't be stupid, Vishal. It's risky.
Looks like Kaali's words
have scared you. I'm leaving.
Sir, I'll come with you.
But don't say I didn't warn you.
I'm leaving.
If you want to come, join me.
Vishal, I'm telling you!
Let me drive.
Vishal, just go slow.
Careful. Slow down. Slow.
The wood is wet, the bridge is weak.
Vishal! What are you doing?
Vishal, what are you doing?
Are you nuts? Go slow.
Stop the car. Let me drive.
-Everybody, just get out of the car!
-I'll remove it.
Get off the vehicle! Ishika!
Come on, everybody, get off.
Get out of the car, come on!
-I'll take it out!
-Come on. Give me your hand.
Come on, Vish! Come on!
-Where are you guys going?
Start, start. Goddamn it!
-Vishal, what are you doing? Come on!
-Don't go. I'm telling you.
-Come on, Vishal, don't be foolish!
-Give me a hand.
-I'll save you!
Come on, Vishal, give me your hand.
No, I won't go.
You are making a mistake.
-Vishal, get out of there!
-You are making a mistake. Come back!
The bridge is weak. Come on!
Start, goddamn it!
Start! Come on!
He's going to die!
-Ishika, come here!
-Stop being foolish! Get off!
-Start! Goddamn it!
-Get out of the car!
Vishal, come on!
-Vishal! Vishal!
-No, Dev!
-Calm down, Dev!
-Let me go! Vishal!
-Vishal! Vishal... Vishal...
-Vishal, come out!
Hurry up!
Come out!
Come on, Vishal!
Dev. Ishika.
Come on, Vishal.
Come out, Vishal
Come on, Vishal!
Vishal, why didn't you take me?
Why did you leave me alone?
Vishal! Vishal!
Come on, Vishal!
Dev! I'm alive!
-Come on, Vishal!
-Dev, I'm coming!
-I won't let anyone die!
He's right!
It's going to kill all of us.
Nothing is going to happen.
I won't let anything to happen to you.
-It will kill all of us.
-He was innocent.
He acted so foolishly.
I had warned you all.
It's a violent river,
anything can happen.
Isn't it, sir?
Cold piercing water,
like a sword drawn
by some mysterious power.
Such a death!
Like you said, we should've waited.
He would probably have been saved.
But we had to leave before dark.
In this situation, I think even I
am going to be in trouble.
Shall we?
There was this honeymoon couple
from Nainital.
Their car broke down on the way,
in the dark.
And they had to walk.
In the morning,
first they found the boy's hand.
-And then the girl's head.
What then? That was
the end of the honeymoon!
I've had enough!
Just shut up or I'll kill you.
Oh, no, you cannot kill
an already lifeless poor man.
Your friend died,
and you're taking it out on me, eh?
I just wanted to tell you how risky
it is to walk, but we have no choice.
Sir, be careful.
Where there is water,
there are animals.
Did you have to say that?
What happened? What happened?
What happened?
The driver.
There's nobody there.
It's nothing.
It happens.
Death, fear, shock.
You imagine strange things.
It's just fear.
Let's go. Come.
Don't go near the well.
There are a lot of stories about it.
You want to hear them?
Keep your tall tales with you.
They're all crap.
I keep talking,
but you guys don't listen.
What did you say?
Nothing. Just don't go near the well.
I can't forget Vishal and Sajid.
Why is this happening to us?
Just sleep for a while.
Everything will be all right.
What's the matter?
Riya, today I realized how much
you mean to me.
I have never seen death
so close before.
I realized I can't live if I lose you.
We will always be together.
Now your Krish will change.
He will now concentrate on his Riya,
before all the snakes,
scorpions and tigers.
-What happened, Krish?
-Perhaps the tiger took her.
Why? This time your other beings
haven't done anything?
So... you do believe me.
Don't go near the well, sir.
I warned you earlier too.
Riya! Riya!
Don't go on foot,
don't go near the river,
don't go near the well.
You did everything that was prohibited.
I slept a short while.
I'd have helped her
if she'd only asked.
I warned her not to go to the well.
She had to die there.
What are you screaming Kaali for?
People are dying here
and you are angry with me.
There's only one thing you can't trust
in this world. Death.
You never know when, where,
and how she comes.
She must have been parched,
wanted to have some water.
If she'd only known she'd find
so much water that it'd kill her...
You cannot kill
an already lifeless, poor man.
Sir, what you see is not what happens.
And what you don't see,
you don't believe.
You cannot kill
an already lifeless poor man.
Come, embrace me. I am your end.
Kaali, you brought us this far.
You helped us a lot.
Thank you very much.
That's my duty, I'm your guide.
But the journey isn't over.
I have to guide the three of you
to the end of your journey.
Kaali, just one more favor.
If you can get us some wood...
we can do the final rites for Riya.
I'll look on this side.
You look over there.
Sure, sir.
We will need a lot of wood.
There's three of you. We will need
torches in the dark.
The road on the right is our road.
I'll be right back.
Here, in the hills, they say
that if the last rites are not done,
the spirit wanders around.
Many times Death touches you,
and passes by, and you don't even know it.
The tiger does not eat the prey
lying in front of it.
It's not over yet, just hear me out.
Since then, the villagers say
that his spirit kills everyone.
Just shut up! Give me a break.
Stop scaring the girls.
Stop scaring us, please.
Krish, I don't want to hear any more.
Didn't I say you wouldn't believe
any of this? You are city folks...
My hunch was right.
Dev, now what?
There's no way out
of this situation.
We can't kill our enemy.
Because he is not alive.
The only way out is to escape alive.
Fate brought us here,
and only fate can save us.
We just have to hold on.
It might help us.
Ran away.
The story was incomplete.
I wish you'd heard it!
He was then taken
to the core area. Route 5.
They threw him to hungry tigers?
A tiger likes the sound of his own breath,
not a human's.
He likes the sound of crunching bones,
not your screams.
He wants your blood, not you.
When his sharp teeth...
...sink into your flesh,
do you know how it feels?
-Dev, the road on the right.
Kaali will be waiting for us there,
like Death.
We have to find our own way.
That way.
Come on.
A tiger tears its prey apart, sir!
This jungle is ruled by the tiger!
No one can take its place!
It's my jungle!
They are my animals!
I hate those who break the laws
of the jungle.
Get the car to the guesthouse
after it's fixed.
Tomorrow I shall take you on route 5.
Looks like Kaali's words
have scared you.
Every human being who crosses
the limit will learn a lesson.
Come on.
-Dev, my leg.
-Just a little further.
Sit, sit.
Come on, come on.
-Nothing will happen to you.
I won't let anything happen to you.
Krish, try the wireless.
Come on, Ishika.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's not that bad. Come on.
You'll be fine.
Everything will be fine.
Watch out!
Come, sir.
Let's go, Bagga.
They escaped.
But more will come.
Orbit Park, research,
man-eater tiger.
Dev was right.
Staying alive was our victory.
We helped our fate and fate
helped us.
My research was successful,
but I never thought it would be
at the cost of losing Riya.
And yes, we can never forget
Kaali Pratap Singh.
Or rather he will never
let us forget him.
The newspapers
continued to spread the same rumors.
"Man-eater tiger attacks!"
But only we know the truth.
I hope we get to hunt
like the last time.
Find out how long it'll take.
-Just find out what's taking so long.
How much longer?
There's a river down there.
Go get some water.
Listen, be careful.
Yeah, man.
I asked him to be careful.
But they don't listen to me.
My job is to warn them.
Come on, let me escort you
to the gate.
Feel the fire, my desire,
take me higher, beautiful
Youre my pleasure, only treasure you,
forever beautiful
Come, beloved,
my eyes are searching for you
Oh, my, I'm tired waiting for you
I'm yearning every moment,
being your devotee
I'll find my world if I find you
You're my passion, you're my vagrancy
Oh, my God, you're my life
Oh, God, I regret being in love
Oh, God,
I regret being in love
Oh, God, I regret being in love
Oh, God,
I regret being in love
Feel the fire, my desire,
take me higher, beautiful
You're my pleasure, only treasure you,
forever beautiful
O beloved...
O beloved...
O beloved...
O beloved...
My God, please don't let
my heart break
My God, please don't make
my love upset
My God, please don't let me
lose my love
My love is praying for all this
My God, I don't like anything anymore
My God, I've lost my senses
My God, there are prayers on my lips
My love is praying for all this
The freshness of a soul,
the simplicity of a body
Oh, my God, you're my life
Oh, God, I regret being in love
Oh, God,
I regret being in love
Oh, God, I regret being in love
Oh, God,
I regret being in love
Feel the fire, my desire,
take me higher, beautiful
You're my pleasure, only treasure you,
forever beautiful
Feel the fire, my desire,
take me higher, beautiful
You're my pleasure, only treasure you,
forever beautiful
Oh, God, I regret...
- Oh, God, I regret...
- Feel the fire
- Oh, God, I regret...
- My desire
Oh, God, I regret...
Oh, my God, I regret.