Kaala Sona (1975) Movie Script

Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Sir, you had ordered
some magazines.
Keep them.
Sir, any other work for me?
Don't talk of work early morning.
I have just got up.
Yes. - Oh, darling, out of bed?
You cant remember me. Suji.
Yes. Rakesh, I know so
many girlfriends you have.
But I am your favorite.
Who said to you.
Because I love you so much.
Darling, all girls tell me that.
And you know why?
Because I am loaded
and still a bachelor.
Bye, sweetheart.
Hi, Rakesh. Dolly here.
Where are you?
- In your swimming pool.
I heard, you are up.
Darling, will you do me a favour?
- Order me.
Jump in the pool, and
don't ever come up again.
Can you promise me that?
Good morning, uncle.
- Good morning.
Going out? - Yes. Had some work?
Yes, I wanted you to
sign some cheques.
Give me, I'll do it.
There is a board
meeting at 4 pm today.
Cancel it.
It's a matter of business, son.
It will be profitable for you.
I have made enough profits.
And even amassed huge wealth.
In fact, my money has
become a burden on my life.
I am fed up.
Do you need me for
anything else?
I have a registered
letter for you.
Read it.
- It was personal, so I didn't open it.
Personal? It's just you. Have
I ever kept secrets from you?
Open and read it. - Alright.
Young master, you don't know
me, but I know you very well.
I am ill for two months and there
are no chances of my survival now.
I am writing this letter to you
because I've been guarding
a terrible secret.
And you must know this secret.
Your servant, Ramdas.
Do you know how
your father died?
Yes. He fell off the
horse while hunting.
No, a bandit killed him.
No. - Some years ago, your
father had come to buy land.
He was going to stay
here for 10-15 days.
One night...
'Who are you?'
'I have heard you have
come to buy land here.'
'You have heard right.'
'And I've struck a deal with
those who own the land.'
'The deal was struck.'
'But now, none of them are
ready to sell their land.'
'Why? - Because they fear me.'
'Who are you after all?'
'Poppy Singh.
- Poppy Singh? The bandit?'
'You think I am scared of you!
- One who doesn't fear me, dies.'
'But I won't kill you.'
Presuming me dead, they escaped.
I regained consciousness
after some time
and filed a report
with the police.
I was in hospital
for three months.
Over there, I came to know
Poppy Singh had died
in a police encounter.
But that murderer is still alive.
- How do you know?
Three months ago, I saw him
in the mountains of Bhimgarh.
Are you sure he was Poppy Singh?
I can never forget
that murderous face.
Seeing him, I immediately
informed the police,
but they didn't believe me.
Then I wrote to you.
But master, Poppy Singh...
Poppy Singh is my father's
killer, he should be punished.
- I want you to re-open this case.
I understand your feelings.
But 15 years ago, Poppy Singh was
killed right before my eyes.
I was with that police party
which followed them and surrounded
them on a high mountain top.
Shots were fired, we even
lost some of our men,
but all the bandits were killed.
Some bandits fell in the
river below and drowned.
One of them was Poppy Singh.
- But he could have survived.
It is possible, but
in the last 15 years,
the police never saw him nor
heard anything about him.
A dying man never lies, sir.
We have closed this case.
Sir, can you give me this photo?
- Why?
Because unlike you, I have no
restrictions of law on me.
Wherever Poppy Singh
is, I will find him.
And will present proof of
his being alive before you.
If you can do that,
then believe me,
Poppy Singh's case will
surely be re-opened.
Here you go. All the best.
Rakesh, heed me. Don't go.
What the police could not
do, how will you do?
Why are you unnecessarily
risking your life?
I have been living a
luxurious life until today
because you did not tell me the
truth about father's death.
Father's killer is alive, and
the law cannot punish him.
Now I have only one
mission in life,
to avenge my father's murder.
Who are you? Where
are you going?
I am a traveller, I
have lost my way.
I have heard there is a
village behind this mountain.
There is, but you
cannot reach there.
Why? - Because I don't
like your face.
And I don't like your moustache.
Come here.
Who are you?
Where have you come from?
The road coming from
the mountain valley.
Didnt anyone stop you?
They tried to stop me but they
are no more in this world.
It was a long journey.
I am very tired.
Have something
that will help me relax? - I do.
Then give it to me. - Yes, sir.
Your clothes became dirty.
I'll dust them off.
Why did you guys beat me?
If you care for your
life, leave immediately.
Look, guys, I have no enmity with you.
I don't even know you.
It is enough for you to know that
this place belongs to our gang.
No one dares to come here ever.
You are perhaps
new to this area.
Who are you? Where
have you come from?
And why have you come?
I have just one answer
to all your questions.
What? - No... No... No...
I'd asked for something from you.
- Yes, you had.
Even you are one of them?
Know why I spared you?
To clear this mess. Take
these out of here.
Get me some a soft drink.
- Yes, sure.
Wow! That was great.
After a long time,
I have seen a brave man
among these chickens.
You are really brave.
That was good.
Let's drink to that.
He drank out of this. Shall
I get you another bottle?
Listen, can I get a room
here for a few days?
Mr Brave, you are only going
to live for a few moments,
and you are talking
of a few days!
Those who you have beaten
will not let you live even
until tomorrow morning.
Yes, sir, he is right.
You leave immediately.
No one will help you here.
One who does will be killed.
Is there no police here?
There is, but the closest police
station is 30 miles away.
There is no law here,
except gunfire.
Only guns are fired here.
Is there no place in this
area where I can live?
There is only one place. Thakur
Ranjit's Singh's mansion.
The lion has become
old, yet he is a lion.
How far is the mansion from here?
- 25 miles.
Across the Indian border.
And you can reach there
safely only with me.
It will cost you one bottle.
I drink all day and night.
I am a drunkard.
Sir, you also drink.
The night is long
but life is short.
I think before we reach Thakur's
mansion, Bahadur will kill me.
Who is Bahadur?
- A fiend, a robber, a murderer.
Is he a bandit?
Bandit? A bandit
loots and leaves.
But Bahadur's men neither spare
anyone's wealth, nor honour.
The men I met at the tavern,
were they Bahadur's men?
No. Oh God, what have I said!
Where is Bahadur's hideout?
- I only know the tavern.
I don't know any Bahadur.
I'm a dead man!
I ask where Bahadur's
hideout is.
My liquor is over,
and so is my job.
Over there is Thakur's mansion.
Go straight. Goodbye.
If you survive, we will meet again.
Stop! Wherever you have
come from, go back.
Or I will shoot you.
What? - Are you leaving or not?
I cannot hear a thing.
I am deaf.
Who are you? Where
have you come from?
Who are you?
You shouted so loudly, I'd
have really gone deaf.
You were deaf until now.
- I was. To save my life.
Now tell me who you are.
Tell me!
I'm Thakur Ranjit
Singh's daughter.
Strange coincidence. I had come
to ask for work from Thakur,
but seeing you, I feel
I should ask for you.
What did you say?
- You are beautiful too.
And also dangerous.
I've been looking for a girl
like you for past many years.
That is why I am
still a bachelor.
Brazen man!
- Hey ma'am, won't you take your gun back?
Father, had you called
someone for a job?
No, dear.
You? - Hello, sir.
My name is Rakesh.
- Who has sent you?
No one.
- Then why have you come here?
I have come looking for a job.
I am alone in the world.
I just need two square meals a
day, and a roof over my head.
I heard great things about you.
- Look for a job elsewhere.
I don't need any help.
Maybe not, but a tired man
has come to our door.
At least offer him some water.
You don't need to
interfere in this matter.
Why not?
You father and daughter may have
forgotten your manners in fear,
but I won't forget
my family tradition.
Woman! - Sir, please.
Ma'am, please don't bother
yourself because of me.
Thank you for your sympathy.
You are here again!
What do you want?
Has any strange rider come here?
No. Leave! We don't want
you goons around here.
Hey old woman!
- Hey! Mind your tongue! And leave!
I was just waiting for an
excuse for quite some time.
Leave her!
- Leave me, you rascal!
What happened, Durga?
Remember, this is
our second meeting.
If you come before me again,
I won't spare you. Scram!
I am sorry, sir, I was leaving.
But when that goon
touched your daughter,
I could not hold back.
We are not ungrateful, son. I
won't let you go anywhere.
You stay here. Durga,
show him the outhouse.
Will I get some water
to wash myself?
The river is flowing close by.
The river is flowing close
by, draw water from there.
Be careful, the gun is loaded.
Don't worry, I don't
know how to use a gun.
What do you mean?
- I just wanted to see you.
You look good from behind.
Now tell me how I look up front.
You look good from all angles.
But first tell me who you are
and where you have come from.
First return my gun... Come on!
Strange area this is.
Whichever girl I meet,
doesn't talk without a gun.
Then you must have met
Durga, my sister.
So she is your sister.
What is your name?
- My name is Bella.
But you didn't tell
me who you are.
You can say I am your slave.
- What?
I have got a job at your place.
Really? Then it
will be real fun!
You catch butterflies with
me every morning. Okay?
- Yes. I love colourful butterflies.
They are not to be found
around our house.
So I go there in that field
to catch butterflies.
I caught 50 of them today. Look.
My name is Rakesh.
Rakesh, will you teach
me to use a gun?
What is your intention?
Some dangerous people come
by in this area sometimes.
But your sister knows
how to use a gun.
She just roams
around with a gun.
But she has never fired
at anyone until today.
Will you? - Of course!
Just teach me to use a gun, then
I'll kill any goon who comes here.
Press the gun to your
shoulder and aim.
You got it? - Yes.
Not like that, place
it on your shoulder.
Why do you scold me?
This gun is very heavy.
When you cannot even hold a
gun, how will you shoot?
Now hold it properly. Come on!
Close one eye.
Dumbo! Not at me,
look into the lens.
The noise will be very loud!
You will not learn!
My shoulder!
That is why I told you to keep
it pressed to your shoulder.
I had asked you to be careful.
- Why did you leave my hand?
Then who would close your ears?
- My shoulders hurt.
Stop your antics. - Oh no.
Get up. - Oh God!
You aimed at the floor
and hit the tree.
Hold the gun, I'll remove
the branch and be back.
You stay here.
Drop your gun.
Now tell me who your chief
is and where he lives.
What chief? I don't
have any chief.
Shut up! You are a
member of that gang,
who have taken lives of
scores of our people.
I don't know what
nonsense you are talking.
But if you want to ask anything,
why don't you face me like a man?
Great! Do you have the
courage to confront me?
Try me.
Wait! He is my prey.
Now your life is in my hands. But
I don't want to take your life.
Because I have no
enmity with you.
What is your name? - Shera.
And these men?
- They are my men.
Are you all from this region?
- Yes.
Have you seen this
person before?
How do you have the picture
of this murderous fiend?
You also know him!
First you tell me about
your connection with him.
He is my father's killer.
I have come very far
looking for him,
to avenge my father's murder.
Why are you silent?
I want to apologise
to you first,
because I thought you were
a member of his gang.
What is your enmity with him?
He is the monster who has
turned this valley into hell.
I can never forget
that devil's face.
From today, we share
the same goal, Shera.
Let's be friends.
I don't know what is
behind the mountain,
but I have seen the
members of his gang
going to the temple
several times.
But on reaching the temple,
wonder where they disappear.
Didn't you try to find out?
No. I didn't muster the courage
for fear of the Goddess' wrath.
What do you mean?
I don't know why the Goddess is
displeased with us for a few days.
Whoever goes near that
temple, never returns.
I don't belong to this place. Maybe
the Goddess is not angry with me.
You stay here, I'll
go and take a look.
Wait! Even I'll come with you.
Let's go.
a Goddess doesn't fire guns. The
news of Her fury is just a rumour.
Those looters have commandeered the temple.
Let's go for now.
But we'll have to come here again.
Let's go.
This flower?
You couldn't reach
it, so I helped you.
By throwing this knife? - Yes.
Where were you? - Over here.
Over here? Oh my God!
From so far?
You have such a good aim!
You're lying. I don't believe you.
Not at all.
Do one thing. Hold this
apple between your teeth.
If I cut it, will you
believe me then?
No! What if my nose gets cut?
My aim never fails. If you
are afraid, forget it.
Don't move.
Work faster. The wire should
be in place by evening.
Or Shera will skin you.
- What difference does it make?
I'll lose some fat.
Come on, hurry.
- Fool! Look where you are going.
I don't have eyes on my back.
Who are you guys?
Who are they?
- They are employees like me.
I have appointed them.
- With whose permission?
Your father's.
Shera, you are a part of the
gang working near the bridge?
They are my men, I am their chief.
- Chief?
Listen! Where are you going?
- To look for my knife.
I found it.
Give it to me. - No, I won't.
Hey! Where are you going?
- Get lost!
Hey! Hey, girl!
You are hiding here?
- You twisted my arm so badly.
Why did you run away with my knife?
- So that you run after me.
What for?
- Don't you understand even that much?
When a boy runs after a girl,
she knows he likes her.
What happens after that?
- They both fall in love.
What is your name? - Bela.
And who are you?
- I'm Mr Thakur's daughter.
Oh my God! - What happened?
If Rakesh comes to know I have been
talking to you, he'll shoot me.
Then you slice him. Your aim
with the knife is excellent.
What nonsense! He is my boss.
Where are you going?
- I'm going to work.
I won't let you go.
Why? - My wish!
I want to catch butterflies
with you near the river bank.
You can't force me!
- Yes, I can.
Or I will complain
about you to Rakesh.
What will you say?
I will say you threatened
me with your knife.
You teased me, you
even held my hand.
Why are you lying? When
did I hold your hand?
Then hold it now. - Nonsense!
Okay, then I'll
complain about you now.
Please don't.
Now tell me what you want.
Please listen to me.
I plead with you.
Please listen to me.
I plead with you.
I cannot hold myself back,
take me in your arms.
Please listen to me.
I plead with you.
I cannot hold myself back,
take me in your arms.
Please listen to me.
I plead with you.
Don't mess with me.
Go away. Just go away.
O Shera!
Where are you going? Come here.
Let me go.
Hold my hand just once, my love.
Hold my hand just once, my love.
And then take me in your arms.
I don't want to
carry a heavy pot.
Stop following me, crazy girl
Please listen to me.
I plead with you.
I cannot hold myself back,
take me in your arms
Go away. Just go away.
Let me go, I'll be
grateful to you.
I came here, it was a
mistake, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!
Let me go, I'll be
grateful to you.
I came here, it was a
mistake, I'm sorry.
I have sat down now,
I won't get up.
I will move only if you love me.
Please listen to me.
I plead with you.
Don't mess with me.
Go away. Just go away.
Please listen to me. - No.
I plead with you. - No.
I cannot hold myself back. - No.
Take me in your arms.
Please listen to me.
I plead with you.
Don't mess with me.
Go away. Just go away.
Take me in your arms.
Go away.
Take me in your arms.
Durga, I'll come with you.
- What for?
To protect you. It is not safe
for you to go alone so far.
I can protect myself.
Don't take Durga's words to heart.
She is very stubborn.
I have told her several times
it is not safe to go alone.
But she doesn't
listen to anybody.
Doesn't she listen
even to Mr Thakur?
He doesn't tell her anything.
Since we lost Chandan, Durga and her
father have changed completely.
Who is Chandan? - My only son.
He was only four years old
when he drowned in the river.
Ranjit lost his leg
trying to save him.
We have no one to help us now.
Don't worry, I am there.
You consider me your son.
I will try to protect
you from all troubles.
God bless you, dear.
Tell Jaggu he will get the next
instalment after four days.
There is danger at
the check post.
The police are
carrying out a search.
Be careful.
Where is uncle?
- How are you, dear?
How is Mr Thakur?
- I am fine, and so is he.
But you are searching
even me today.
No, dear. We have orders from
our seniors to search everyone.
They are all apples, and
the cartons are open.
May I go now? - Sure, dear.
Hajam Singh!
You'll get the next
instalment after 4 days.
I'll get that anyway, darling.
But when will you
reciprocate my love?
Let me see how long
you can escape Jagga.
Thakur, we need some
lambs, our meat is over.
How long will your
bullying continue?
Until you run out of sheep.
Darn them! They have made
our lives miserable.
Why don't we also leave
like everyone else?
Go and get two lambs.
Who are you?
Your death!
Oh! I didn't know Thakur
had appointed goons.
You know now.
Not a single lamb
will go out of here.
Boss, what do we do now?
Ask them to keep back the lambs
from where they brought them.
If you stop them from taking
the lambs, I'll shoot you.
Leave with the lambs.
That means, you are not Mr
Thakur's daughter, but his enemy.
Don't interfere in our
personal matters.
Do you get that?
Had Durga not stopped us today,
none of those goons
would have survived.
Why did Durga do this?
- Even I didn't understand.
Shera, I secretly
followed those goons.
They were going towards the
temple with the lambs.
This was great! The
meat is so soft.
That is why I ate to my fill. Who
knows when we'll get to eat next?
Why? - Thakur has
appointed goons.
We were saved because of Durga today.
- What rubbish!
This time we went unprepared.
Next time we'll go prepared.
Where is this smoke coming from?
- Oh yes.
Give me my money.
You could me a little
more nice to me, darling.
How long will you torment me?
Your job is to take the
goods and pay money.
How could you dare to touch
a girl from our gang?
I'll never repeat
the mistake again.
If you do, I'll bury you alive.
Get lost!
This won't happen again. Money?
How much is it? - Rs 20000.
I realised today why you
defended those goons that day.
Because you are one of them.
- No.
Shut up! You sell opium.
How shameful it is that Thakur
Ranjit Singh's daughter is
engaged in such a
despicable trade!
Know how bad opium is?
It rots a man to death.
It renders one's body useless.
Do you know how many lives
you are playing with?
Why do you do this dirty business?
For money?
No. - Then why?
Have you joined hands with their chief?
- No... no.
Then why?
- I cannot tell you, I am helpless.
I said, I cannot tell you!
You will have to tell me or I
will hand you over to the police.
No, Rakesh, if you tell the police,
Chandan's life will be put to risk.
Yes, Chandan.
One day, Chandan was strolling
near the river with father.
Chandan! Chandan!
What a sweet child! Is
he your son, Mr Thakur?
Yes. But who are you?
I have heard you are very
much respected in this area.
Everyone accepts your orders.
- You have heard right.
Come here. - I need your help.
I want to send some goods
to the city every month
through you, or
through your men.
Through me? Why don't
you send them yourself?
Because if I send through you, the
police will never suspect anything.
What do you want to send?
- Black gold.
What is that? - Opium.
You think I would help you
in this illegal business!
I will hand you over to the police.
Let go of my son.
Let him go.
Just think, Thakur, the man who
destroyed the entire region
why did he spare you?
Because I need you.
You are the leader
of those bandits!
Yes. And hereafter, you will
have to do whatever I say.
Never! Leave him!
Leave him! - Take him away!
Grandpa! - Chandan!
Grandpa! - Chandan!
- I told you decently. You did not heed me.
Now this child
will stay with me.
If you want this child to live, you
will have to do whatever I say.
Will you? - No.
No! Chandan! - Grandpa!
Father survived, but he
became an invalid for life.
And he made me promise not to tell
mom about Chandan's kidnapping.
Or she would cry
herself to death.
Till today, mom thinks Chandan
drowned in the river.
Because of Chandan, I and father
have to do those goons' bidding.
Forgive me for raising
my hand on you, Durga.
You did right, Rakesh.
Telling you has unburdened me.
Who do you give money to?
- Bahadur.
I promise you, Durga,
you won't have to do this
dirty job for long now.
But what can you do?
I will release your brother
from their custody.
And finish off their gang.
Can you tell me their
Chief's hideout?
No, but I have heard he lives
somewhere across the mountain.
Sir, why did you bother?
Durga told me that she
has told you everything.
There was a secret between us.
That is why I could not
talk to you openly.
You know our helplessness now.
my only request to you
is not to do anything
which would put
Chandan's life at risk.
Don't worry, sir.
Bringing Chandan back
home safe is my duty.
May God protect you.
Apart from the temple,
this is the only other way
we can cross the mountain.
But there is such a deep gorge in between.
Where is the way?
We will make the way.
We will make a ropeway
and cross this gorge.
Rs 20000!
Rs 20000.
If we keep selling
opium at this rate,
soon I will rule over
the whole world.
Shera, once this bridge is ready,
the enemy won't be able to escape.
I like him very much. - Who?
Why? Who did you think?
- What do you mean?
I thought that you
thought something else.
Tell me the truth.
What is the matter?
What? It's nothing. - Nothing?
Then why are you wearing this
lovely dress, these flowers?
Just like that. I felt like it.
I just wanted to be like you.
That means even you are
in love with someone.
Bela! - I am in love.
I wear flowers in my hair,
so that he looks at me.
Who is he? - Shera.
What nonsense? Are you mad?
He's our employee. Moreover, we
don't even know anything about him.
Whatever, but I
like him very much.
Bela, I don't approve of
your friendship with him.
You won't talk to him ever again.
Rakesh, open the door.
Durga, you? At such a late hour?
- Come with me.
Bela has gone with
Shera to the jungle.
With Shera?
Yes. Bela is very naive.
She doesn't know what's
right and wrong.
I know Shera very well.
He is a very decent guy.
Then why did he go with
Bela at such a late hour?
I'll have to question him.
Dumbo! That is what love is.
Now tell me, do you love me?
- Yes, I love you.
Then just elope with me. - What!
Yes. This place is no good. Our
lives are always in danger.
We will live far away
from here in the city.
We will have a home there,
we will make a family.
We will catch butterflies
for our children.
Children without marriage?
- We will have them after marriage.
We will elope and get married.
No, I won't elope with
you like thieves.
Then speak to my father.
- I will, but when the time comes.
I have to fulfil a promise.
Only Rakesh knows about that.
That means you trust
Rakesh more than me.
He is like my mentor, Bela.
No wonder! Like
master, like pupil!
Both don't know a
thing about love.
And your mentor is even
more naive than you.
He still hasn't realised how
much my sister loves him.
What! Your sister loves him!
- Yes.
And she thinks I don't know.
They will make such
a lovely pair.
First decide about our pair.
- I have decided.
What? - Shall I tell you?
It is very late.
Go home and sleep.
What do you think?
About Shera.
I told you, he is very decent.
What happened? Why are
you so disturbed?
Me? No.
Do you think I believed
what Bela said about you?
We are not strangers anymore.
But even after knowing me for so
many days, you never asked me
who I am, where I
have come from.
Do you know,
I am a very rich man?
I can do whatever I
want in the world.
There is only one reason
why I am working for you.
Our first meeting.
When you were running
after that wild horse
to tame him,
I knew then that you
would tame me too.
Do you know, Durga? Many
women came in my life.
But I never really
felt close to anyone.
Like I feel close to you.
- Rakesh.
Hands up! Don't move!
Jabru, what should
we do with them?
Tie up their hands and legs
and make our horses
drag them to Bahadur.
We are unarmed, and in
your custody right now.
We will have to do
whatever you say.
But at least let us
wear our clothes.
Guru, we have a hit a jackpot
early morning today.
We got so many arms for free.
What do we do with them?
What they were going
to do with us.
Tie them up and let them drag
behind their own horses.
Guru, should I blacken his face?
Pick up the guns.
Why didn't you tell
me all this before?
I wanted to bring them
alive before you.
Shut up! If the chief
comes to know about this,
he'll kill me too
along with you.
That means Thakur
has found a man
who could pose a threat to us.
You called me!
- Yes, son, today is 'Dussehra'.
I'd forgotten.
Bless you.
we should be celebrating today.
Times change, son.
On this day, we used to host
a big feast in the past.
We used to celebrate all night.
People used to come from far
off places to meet Thakur.
But now...
- Have patience. Times change.
Even if there aren't many guests
today, but we all are here.
And who can stop us
from celebrating?
Dance away in merriment.
Happiness isn't far away.
A new day will dawn soon.
Make merry! Dance!
Sing! Come on!
Dance away in merriment.
Happiness isn't far away.
A new day will dawn soon.
Make merry! Dance!
Sing! Come on!
These hands wearing bangles,
these feet wearing anklets
The bangles on your hands,
the anklets on your feet,
the dot on your forehead...
These lovely earrings...
It was so lonely before,
let us celebrate today.
Dance away in merriment.
Happiness isn't far away.
A new day will dawn soon.
Make merry! Dance!
Sing! Come on!
Come, let me embrace you.
Come, let me embrace you.
I'll teach you to live.
I'll teach you to love.
Let us celebrate the
union of hearts today.
Dance away in merriment.
Happiness isn't far away.
A new day will dawn soon.
Make merry! Dance!
Sing! Come on!
Dance away in merriment.
Happiness isn't far away.
A new day will dawn soon.
Make merry! Dance!
Sing! Come on!
Make merry! Dance!
Sing! Come on!
This is the first warning, Thakur.
Hereafter, if you hire goons,
you will meet the same fate.
Do you also want water?
Rakesh. Rakesh.
You have recovered!
I am very happy!
Perhaps your love
saved me, Durga.
Death could not dare
to snatch me from you.
God answered my prayers.
Bless me, ma'am, so
that I recover soon
and bring back your Chandan.
- Chandan.
I told you Chandan is no more.
- No ma'am, your Chandan is alive.
Chandan is alive! What did you say?
Chandan is alive!
Why don't you speak? What
are you hiding from me?
Thakur, forgive me,
it just slipped out.
But where is Chandan, father?
Rakesh has just recovered.
Let him get some rest.
Listen to me.
Did I make a mistake?
- No, Rakesh, it was better.
Mom had to know some day.
You cannot understand how a
mother feels on losing her child.
Damn those bandits who have
snatched my child from me.
Wonder how he is, in
what state he is in.
Calm down, dear. Have patience.
I don't want to hear anything.
Bring me back my son,
bring back my Chandan.
It's time to visit our guests.
- For what?
To beat them up.
What are you doing?
I was checking if I can
fire in this state or not.
Nothing doing. Until you don't
recover completely, you must rest.
On whose orders? - Mine.
Here, have soup. - As you order.
Bela told me that while
I was unconscious,
you didn't move from my
side even for a minute.
So Shera, have you come to
your senses yet or not?
Give me some water.
Give him water. But
not more than a sip.
Or they will die and not
be of any use to us.
Tomorrow morning, take
them across the mountain
and put them to work.
Rakesh, you won't
go there alone.
Even I will come with you.
No, Durga, it very important
that you stay here.
So that Bahadur does not
suspect anything amiss.
Then I will come with you.
No one will go with me.
Going there is very risky,
and you are all alone.
Bela, turn around. - No.
Durga, your love is with me.
Your mother's blessings
are also with me.
That's why, despite being
shot, nothing happened to me.
But I had also prayed for you.
Was it of no use?
Prayers are never useless.
It will help now, in
bringing back Shera&Chandan.
Move... Move!
Hurry up!
Come on!
Be quick!
Hey drunkard, here's your meal.
You didn't bring liquor!
Get lost! - Why do you push?
Here. Wait, I'll give everybody.
Wait, here.
Here, have it!
Take this.
There are 25 men.
Then where is my food?
Chameli, listen! - What is it?
Had you counted the rotis right?
Yes, but you are drunk,
so you counted wrong.
Go count again.
Yes, that's right.
I'll count again.
I'll check.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7... Hey, it's you!
I am the brave lion.
Lions don't eat rotis.
Here, my friend, you
eat half a roti.
Hey! Where are you going?
Get back to work.
The sun unbearable harsh today.
My throat is parched. Just
give me a drop of water.
Why just one drop? You will get
as much water as you want.
Hey, go and check
who is giving the workers
water without permission.
Who are you? - A human being.
How did you end up in
the land of devils?
Whoever you are, wherever you
have come from, go back.
Showing sympathy to
anyone here is a crime.
And there is only one punishment
for that crime, death.
Who drank water without permission?
Come out! Or I will skin you all!
Come out!
Call back those guards immediately,
or I will blow off your brains.
Stop! Don't beat the workers.
Who are you?
Yes, you made a grave
mistake that day
that you presumed me
dead and left me there.
But today, it is my
turn to take revenge.
For the first time today, someone
has beaten up that rascal Bahadur.
Looks like our days
are going to change.
Who was that man?
Whoever he was,
he will pay with his life for
what little good he did.
Drunkard! Don't worry, I
won't tell anybody. Get up.
Even if you do, what
difference does it make?
Since Bahadur has brought me
here, I have been ruined.
I used to drink all day,
but over here, I just get a
quarter, that too, secretly.
Don't worry. Bahadur's
days are numbered.
Do you know, a brave man
confronted Bahadur today?
Had the guards not caught him,
he'd have finished Bahadur off.
No one except my friend could
have dared to do that.
Your friend? Who is he?
- You don't know!
He is a giant amongst men.
Like God comes down on earth
to kill evil monsters,
my friend has come to free all
of us from these slavers.
Welcome, Rakesh!
How did you know my name?
This entire area is mine.
I always know what's
going on around here.
I was waiting for this
meeting for many days.
Because you have
killed many of my men.
But you don't look so dangerous.
Appearances can be deceiving.
Even a small ant can kill an elephant.
- True!
Man has a weapon with which he
can destroy the biggest power.
You are absolutely right. I
knew you were a smart man
when you survived even
after getting shot.
But I will believe all that
after I see it for myself.
Hukum Singh!
He's Hukum Singh.
No one has been able to survive
a physical fight with him.
So? Shall we have a
bout of strength?
I am ready. You order your man.
What say?
Today, I have realised
that brains trump brawn.
You know very well how
to welcome a smart man.
Go, make arrangements.
I regret, Rakesh,
that a brave young man like
you will be killed by horses.
As long as I breathe,
I will not lose hope.
If I am destined to live,
nobody in the world can
kill me, not even you.
It will only take
one signal from me.
And your head will be
crushed under horse hoofs.
Then why don't you signal?
No... No... No...
Catch him! And tie him up!
You were right, Rakesh.
Your luck saved you.
But will you survive again?
To know that, you will
have to shoot again.
No, I don't want you to die
so easily, and so soon.
Raka, take the rascal
away and lock him up.
Don't give him food or water, so
that he dies a terrible death.
Is he dead?
No, sir, these mountain
men are very strong.
Look, such a strong rope
broke with his weight.
Don't talk nonsense.
Hang him at such a place in the
fields, where even his back breaks.
Take him away!
Stupid! What Choli?
Call me Chameli.
That's what I meant.
Give me food, my stomach has
been grumbling since so long.
Move. Look what I
have brought for you.
Potato paratha.
Great! This paratha
is soft like you.
What happened?
- An ant has entered my blouse.
Ant in your blouse? - Yes.
Wait, I'll remove it.
Who are you?
- My name is Chameli.
Even I am a victim of that .
I cook for the .
- Why have you come here?
To help you. The drunkard
told me everything about you.
Tell me something.
Thakur's son... - Chandan?
I look after him.
But it is impossible to get
him out of Bahadur's clutches
Wait... Wait!
Wait... Wait!
Tell me how my child is. - Who?
How is my Chandan? Please tell
me where he is, how he is.
Why are you suddenly asking about
Chandan after such a long time?
I thought my child is dead.
But I know the truth now.
- Truth? From whom?
Answer me! Who told
you about Chandan?
I will not tell. - You won't!
If you dare to touch
mother again, I'll shoot.
How could you dare
to threaten me?
There was only Rakesh
who could help you.
And he must have died of
hunger and thirst long ago.
They killed Rakesh! They
will even kill Chandan now.
Everyone is high on opium.
How many times have I told
you not to smoke so much?
You will die because
of this addiction.
Drunkard, it's you! You
are a very lucky man.
You are the chief's trusted man.
You can go across.
Whenever they take me,
they blindfold me.
At least you get to see a girl
after they remove the blindfold.
And look at us. We have not
seen a girl for six months.
Why do you lament for a girl?
I have a girl.
Where is she? - In my pocket.
Get her out.
- I'll bring her out.
There she comes.
Careful, the girl
is very delicate.
Once, O my love...
Give your consent and go.
Once, O my love...
Give your consent and go.
Speak lies.
Appease my heart.
Then don't come if
you don't want to.
Once, O my love...
Give your consent and go.
Speak lies.
Appease my heart.
Then don't come if
you don't want to.
Once, O my love...
Your false words
seem like a romantic poetry.
Your false words
seem like a romantic poetry.
What can I do, what can you do?
Tell me, love.
Once, O my love...
Give your consent and go.
Speak lies.
Appease my heart.
Then don't come if
you don't want to.
Once, O my love...
If I get you once,
I can show you such joy.
If I get you once,
I can show you such joy.
That you will not
forget all your life.
I swear by God.
Once, O my love...
Give your consent and go.
Speak lies.
Appease my heart.
Then don't come if
you don't want to.
Once, O my love...
Give your consent and go.
Speak lies.
Appease my heart.
Then don't come if
you don't want to.
Once, O my love...
Once, O my love...
Don't stand and
stare, get water!
The fire is lit there,
where are you going?
To get water. - Go.
Chameli, don't go ahead. There's
a fire, you'll get burned.
You say that man is your friend.
The poor man is locked in the
cell thirsty and hungry.
I had forgotten about him.
Everyone is busy dousing the fire.
This is our chance to help him.
Come on, let's go.
Rakesh... Rakesh...
Rakesh is behind all this.
He freed himself
first, then Chandan.
He must have lit the fire.
You fools were busy dousing the
fire while he escaped with the kid.
I feel like shooting
you all dead!
You are right. - Durga.
Such careless men
should be shot dead.
You, and Thakur's daughter?
She was trying to
escape with Chandan.
I caught them both and
have brought them to you.
Strange! You loved this girl.
Fools love a woman.
But you lived in Thakur's
home for so long.
To save myself from law, I took
shelter there for some time.
But my real aim
was to reach you.
Why? - To join your gang.
Because over here, the police
or law cannot trace me.
But I had sentenced
you to death.
You even got a chance to escape.
Why didn't you run away?
Because I wanted to
gain your confidence
and prove my loyalty. So that
you can trust me completely.
It takes me long to trust
someone completely.
Still, since you brought back
Chandan, I'll let you join my gang.
How did you dare to come here?
Know what is the punishment for it?
But your staying alive is
very necessary for me.
So you will be sent back.
No, her going back
is dangerous for us.
She can inform the police.
- Yes, you are right.
But then, who will we
send our drugs through?
Her younger sister, Bela...
- You rascal!
You lived with us for so
many days, we trusted you,
and you... You deceived us!
Shut up!
Bahadur, put her to work
with the other women.
Take her away!
And Chameli, lock
him up in the room.
And you come with me.
Let's see what
move you make now.
Very good.
Chief, someone burned
down the whole field.
You rascals! Where were you
when the fields were burning?
Where was Bahadur?
Go and find out who
torched the fields.
Or I will shoot you all dead.
Chief, if you don't mind,
let me do this job.
Okay... Go.
Listen, the chief
has sent me here.
I know you all are responsible
for burning down this field.
But I just want to know
who gave you this advice.
I ask, who gave you this advice!
- I did.
Kill me. It is better to die
than to live like this.
I burned down this field.
- He is lying, I burned it.
No, I did... I did!
- I did... I did!
No, I did... - I did... I did!
I did... I did!
I did... I did!
I did... I did!
I will count to three.
If the real culprit
doesn't show up,
I will kill all of you.
One... Two... - Wait!
I gave them this advice.
Only I am responsible for
burning down the field.
I mistook you.
I didn't know you were one
of the of the chief.
Move... Move!
I was sure that other than you,
no one can instigate the
illiterate workers.
Rakesh, you have passed my test.
He is a police officer,
who, two years ago,
had come to nab me.
But got nabbed himself.
I kept you confined.
Punished you most severely.
You are my slave for
the last two years.
I've allowed you to live.
Yet you dared to
rebel against me!
A police officer tries to fulfil
his duty till his last breath.
But you have very few
breaths left now.
I stopped fearing death the day
I joined the police force.
I will die, someone else
will come in my place.
But remember, the biggest of
criminals also get captured.
And you are not only a criminal,
you are a fiend, an
enemy of humanity.
You are growing a poison like
opium and destroying the world.
But remember, you
will never succeed.
You will meet the same
fate that a mad dog does.
You have spoken enough. Your
throat must be parched.
Do you know what is in this?
Your life will come to an end.
Here, drink this.
Well done! You proved that you
are not working for police.
That means, you doubted me.
- Yes.
But now I trust you completely.
Take this body away, and
show it to every worker.
So that hereafter, no one dares
to burn down the fields.
You come with me.
Come on! I will tell
you that secret today
which no one knows other
than Bahadur and me.
This is the wealth I
have amassed till today.
My opium, black gold.
Which is in demand in every
country of the world.
In every country!
This is worth at least
12.5 million rupees.
This is my wealth,
and my power too.
The big powers of the world want
to capture the world with bombs.
Want to make it their slave.
But they are all fools.
They are all crazy.
With my opium, my black gold, I
can put the whole world to sleep.
I can gain control over them
and make them my slaves.
And then one day, the whole
world will be under my control.
That is my desire! Understand?
- I am trying to understand.
I think, to fulfil your desire
will take 12.5 million years.
There is another way to
do it in two months.
How... How?
Today, you perhaps make
20-25 thousand a month.
But I can tell you a scheme with
which you can make
2-2.5 million a month.
What are you trying to say?
I want to say that your region
is outside the Indian border.
And there lies only one mountain
between you and two
foreign countries.
And from this
mountain your opium
can reach every
corner of the world.
I came here thinking that.
I tried hard. I lost
many of my men too.
And finally came
to the conclusion
that it is impossible
to cross this mountain.
But I can make it possible by
making a way through mountain.
- By making a tunnel through it.
Tunnel? Can you
really make a tunnel?
Yes, but I want many men
and lots of dynamite.
You'll get it. You'll
get whatever you want.
Until today, my opium was
like an uncut diamond.
Your tunnel will turn it
to the priceless Kohinoor!
What will I get?
- What do you want?
How much money do you want?
Half of whatever money you make.
Is your life dear to you or not?
You cannot kill me.
Because you need me.
Without me, you will not be
able to carry out this plan.
Like you, even I have only
one ambition in life.
To own loads of wealth.
And I have only one
principle in life,
to take advantage
of opportunity.
You mean, take
advantage of my poppy?
You are right.
Alright, I agree.
We'll divide it.
That poor guy died
because of Rakesh.
Shera, I told you several
times not to trust Rakesh.
He betrayed us and
joined the chief.
And now, one by one, we will all be killed.
- No.
I'll kill him tonight.
Attack on a friend?
You would betray me!
What is wrong with you?
- I've learned my lesson.
I was under a misconception
presuming you to be a friend.
But after that cop's death...
Don't be stupid, Shera!
I am a strong man. Pump
all six bullets into me.
Or if I survive, I
won't spare you.
I regret that even you
misunderstood me like others.
Poppy Singh would not have spared
that cop under any circumstances.
This coincidence has brought
me very close to him.
Now he blindly trusts me.
It won't take me long
to finish him now.
Don't fool me!
You got several opportunities
to kill Poppy Singh.
Then why did you spare him?
- I did so deliberately.
Because I have to
save Chandan first.
Then I will kill Poppy Singh, his
entire gang, and destroy the opium.
For which I need
you and your men.
Before that, you will have to prove
you are not Poppy Singh's man.
If you still don't believe me,
take this gun and kill me.
I made a mistake, Guru.
A big mistake.
You drunkard! You call
yourself Rakesh's friend.
And today, when he needs help, you
are sitting here and drinking.
My heart is very weak.
With every blast, my
heart stops beating.
I take a sip and it
starts beating again.
But how did you
get trapped here?
Run away, save your life.
Let me drink.
Shame on you!
There is no news on Durga.
I have to go and find her.
I will not let you go.
- No, mom, I will go.
I will not let you go!
Chandan went, Durga left,
now even you want to leave!
Yes, mom.
- I will not let you go!
I will not let you go!
- Open the door, mom!
Or I will bang my head
against the wall!
Oh God!
How is work going, Rakesh?
- It's going fine, chief!
Very good.
But the job is tough. - Why?
The rocks are solid. It
will take us very long.
Rakesh, the tunnel should
be ready within 10 days.
Because 10 days from now, the
opium plants will be harvested.
On that day, I organise a
big party for my workers.
I want the tunnel also to
be complete by that time.
I am more worried about
it than you, chief.
Know why? Because I want money.
And I am your partner.
Bahadur, you? - Chief, kill me.
Why? - I was your loyal
slave for so long.
And today, a stranger
took my place!
You trust him more than me.
You are a fool, Bahadur.
You don't understand.
Right now, Rakesh is
very important to me.
As soon as my job is done,
even he will meet the
same fate as the cop.
The opium plants will
be harvested soon.
And Poppy Singh will
throw a big party.
Durga, you will dance with
Chameli in the party.
So that Poppy Singh does
not suspect anything.
And after that?
Someone has arrived.
Let him come over.
Someone has left.
Let him leave.
Someone has arrived.
Let him come over.
Someone has left.
Let him leave.
You have to live merrily.
Live freely!
Someone has arrived.
Let him come over.
Someone has left.
Let him leave.
You have to live merrily.
Live freely!
Someone has arrived.
Let him come over.
You are crazy nomad, you
will drink and rejoice.
You are crazy nomad, you
will drink and rejoice.
Bring this party to life
and entertain everyone.
Someone has arrived.
Let him come over.
Someone has left.
Let him leave.
You have to live merrily.
Live freely!
Someone has arrived.
Let him come over.
Make merry, sing, who cares
what tomorrow will bring!
Make merry, sing, who cares
what tomorrow will bring!
Let it be dark, the
dreams are shiny bright.
Someone has arrived.
Let him come over.
Someone has left. Let him leave.
You have to live merrily.
Live freely!
You have to live merrily.
You have to live merrily.
You have to live merrily.
You have to live merrily.
Mom! Dad! Look who
I have brought.
Rakesh, where are you?
I am here.
You had promised the job
would be over today.
My job is over, I was
waiting for you.
But where is the other
end of this tunnel?
Come with me.
What is this?
- The other end of the tunnel.
Which means, death.
Death? Whose death?
Yours, of course. As per police
records, you are long dead.
That is you, Poppy Singh.
So you are a cop after all.
- No.
Recognise this man? Look carefully.
- No.
I have not seen him until today.
- You killed him.
15 years ago.
- Maybe. I don't remember.
Who is he? - My father.
I had come here to
avenge his murder.
But after meeting
you, I realised,
you're not just a murderer
or thug but a monster.
So it became necessary to destroy
your poison before destroying you.
All your fields
were burned down.
And the opium you had
accumulated until now is here,
and will be buried here forever.
Because in a while,
this whole tunnel will be
blown up with dynamite.
So you will kill me too!
That would have been preferable,
but I will hand you over to law.
So that the whole world comes
to know of your crimes.
You have won, Rakesh. You
finished Poppy Singh.
Look over there, Rakesh.
They will all be
killed on my order.
And you will be responsible
for their death.
The tables have been turned.
And what a game? The
game of life and death.
My life and your death.
Drop that gun now, it
is of no use to you.
Drop it!
Bahadur, what are you waiting for?
Tie him up.
Tie both of them up.
- What are you doing, Bahadur?
The tables are turned again.
The game of life and death.
I will live and you two will die.
- Bahadur.
There is an end to every
drama, every game, chief.
Even your game is up.
You always treated me as a , but
forgot, every dog has his day.
Don't say that, Bahadur.
Take whatever you want.
You are my very important man.
I was, but not anymore.
Today, whatever I want,
I can take it myself.
Plant dynamite on them.
And push them inside the tunnel.
After they are dead,
kill them all.
This money belongs to those poor
people whose house you have ruined.
Now this money will help to
establish those poor people house.
Leave my son.
Mom. Mom.
Save me from a horrible
death, Rakesh.
I know you can never forgive me.
You wanted to hand me over
to the police, didn't you?
I am ready.
Hand me over to the cops.
Hang me till death!
But get me out...
Guru, the ice is breaking.
Give me your hand!-