Kaashi in Search of Ganga (2018) Movie Script

Sir, I wonder why he does that?
He's always rubbing that
spoon against the wall.
It's good.
Keeps himself engaged.
Doesn't create any nonsense.
"OM, we worship the Three-Eyed one"
"whose scent nourishes and
strengthens the spiritual core"
"From the bondage,
freed from the captivity"
"Liberated from the
cycles of life and death'
All Hail.
All Hail.
All Hail Mahadev.
You reside on the banks of Ganga.
With his eyes on every danger.
You reside on the banks of Ganga.
With his eyes on every danger.
O lord with unkempt hair.
One wielding his trident.
One who is with you at every step.
Glory be to Lord Mahadev.
Prays Kaashi.
Glory be to Goddess Ganga.
Prays Kaashi.
Glory be to Lord Mahadev.
Prays Kaashi.
Glory be to Goddess Ganga.
Prays Kaashi
Our Lord is benevolent.
He doesn't let anything wrong happen.
But if he is provoked.
He can slash open the oceans.
Sing Shankar's praises on
the top of your voice
So he doesn't open his third eye.
Glory be to lord Mahadev.
Prays Kaashi.
Glory be to Goddess Ganga.
Prays Kaashi.
This is Kaashi's holi.
This is Kaashi's holi.
This is Kaashi's holi.
This is Kaashi's holi.
Praise Shankar, glory be to him.
The one who created this world.
Spirits and ghosts dance around
When Holi is celebrated in Kaashi.
I will rub red colour on your rosy cheeks.
And drench you with colours
from head to toe.
I'll get high and get
everyone else high too.
I'm going to smear colours
which won't come off.
This is Kaashi's holi.
This is Kaashi's holi.
He laced my drinks with intoxicants.
And got me high too.
I am feeling ecstatic.
What is this state I'm in.
The festival of colours is here
Time to get drenched in
colours of love by your beloved.
The festival of colours is here
Time to get drenched in
colours of love by beloved.
Holi is here.
Holi is here.
Don't mind, it's holi.
The festival of colours is here.
and your beloved's drenching
you in colours.
Your beloved, yes your beloved.
With colours red, yellow and blue,
your beloved's smearing colour on you.
Your beloved, yes your beloved.
This is too much, Kaashi.
I'll chop your hands some day.
You perverts don't have the
balls to chop off my hands.
You and your friends should wear bangles.
You won't stop provoking me.
Next time you will pay.
If you misbehave with anyone
again I swear to Mahadev,
I'll turn you to ashes.
-Come madam.
-Come madam.
I'll turn you to ashes.
-You want to say something?
-No, nothing.
Thank you.
Why are so impolite?
If the girl is thanking you,
then you should say 'weklum'
-Not 'weklum' that is welcome.
-He should say something.
-Tell me something?
Is your friend always so uptight?
Ma'am this is Benares.
Even the crows here are colourful.
Long live Balwant Pandey.
Long live Balwant Pandey.
Long live Balwant Pandey.
Long live Balwant Pandey.
Long live Balwant Pandey.
Who is he?
Long live Balwant Pandey.
He is a multimillionaire.
He is trying his hands in politics.
His name is Balwant Pandey.
You have no idea Madam.
During demonetisation he
dumped loads of Cash into Ganga.
I believe he even smuggles
diamonds by hiding them in fish.
What are you whispering to her?
Don't believe everything he says.
He has lost his mind watching movies.
Kaashi, I'm from 'Nayi Khabar' newspaper.
-I want to publish your interview.
-My Interview? Why?
I feel that you are the person who
can help me explore the soul of Banares.
I don't have time for an interview madam.
I mean I've got a lot of chores at home
and I'm already running late.
Maybe some other time.
Dear Rampyari, why don't you
start without having me break my back?
What chores do you have at home.
-Go with her.
-Hop on.
-Go with her.
-I said Hop on Rangeela.
-See you madam.
Why don't you talk to her?
She wants to take your interview.
See you soon.
Hi Kaashi!
You and here?
Hold this kid.
-Hey kid.
-Do it properly.
Don't laze away.
Your work is very difficult, isn't it?
Burning a human being.
Not a human being, a dead body.
Once the soul dissipates there is
no meaning to the body.
Kaashi I want to mention
you in my article.
About me or a 'Dom'?
About you.
There are many 'Doms' here.
But there is only one Kaashi!
Tell me about your family?
Come in.
Come in.
This is my father.
What took you so long today?
Today there was a lot of work.
Welcome back.
And this is my mother.
Where is the monkey of the house?
She's inside.
Hey Ganga.
Yes brother.
There she is.
This is my dear sister Ganga.
-And she is Devina madam.
-I see.
She is a renowned journalist from Lucknow.
She is going to write about
Benares in the newspaper.
Will you have some tea madam?
-I'll make tea.
-Forget about it.
Anyone who tastes your tea
will not wake up.
Never mind, Kaashi.
I'll have tea some other time.
Okay madam.
You have a very nice family Kaashi.
No madam this is a zoo house
And Ganga is the monkey of this zoo.
Kaashi, can I click a
picture of all of you?
Yes, why not.
Hold on a minute let me at least
wear my new shirt.
Get me that new shirt.
Let it be father,
why do you want new clothes?
Even I should make my hair.
Doing your hair won't
turn you into Sri Devi.
Come on.
You'll look exactly how
God has meant you to look.
Everyone quickly.
Come Ganga let's click a picture.
We aren't making a movie.
-Carry on madam.
-Kaashi smile.
Okay Kaashi I'll leave now.
Okay madam.
When will you take me around Banares?
Whenever you say.
Tomorrow morning at ten on the Ghat.
Hey hero,
Don't look around.
I am talking to you.
-Yes brother you look really good today.
You are only taking madam on a tour.
Why do you need to put on all this makeup?
You are always negative.
Want me to put oil and look like a joker.
There is no need to get angry.
Go on now madam must
be waiting for you son.
Sohail Khan is disappointed
with the response for Tube light.
What are you reading in the newspaper?
-Today's breaking news is coming to us.
-Who the hell...
Hey handsome.
What's up brother?
You look really handsome today.
All the cats in Banaras on one side
and you bloody cats on the other side.
Whenever I set out for something good,
you'll cross my path.
What's the matter?
Why have you transformed from
black and white movie star to a rock star.
Are you going somewhere?
I'll tag along too.
No I have to go alone.
My friend, turning down
your friend for a girl.
I'll slap you really hard.
-Get down quickly.
-I won't.
-Get down now.
-I swear on mother I won't.
I swore on my mother.
If anything happens to my mother,
how will you face my father?
No need to be so dramatic you jinxers.
Come on.
Do you guys want to hop on too?
-Yes, why not.
-Go mind your own business.
Get lost.
Good for nothing.
Let's have Paan first and then move ahead.
Get two Paans.
But I swore on my mother.
How do I get off the bike?
I'll punch you so hard all the
screws in your brains will get fixed.
Hop, skip and jump and get it quick.
Want it with tobacco or plain?
Today is a special day, make it tobacco.
-And give this to me.
-Take it.
Make a special paan today.
With all the fancy assortments.
What's special today Rangeela?
I've won the lottery.
Stop asking questions like
the police and make paan.
I was getting the paan and
he made me a fool.
You are bad luck.
Hello Madam.
Oh my god, Kaashi.
Looking too cool.
Thank you madam.
Please, don't call me madam.
I am your friend now.
You can call me Devina.
Okay madam.
That's better.
So from where do we start?
In Banaras we start all our endeavours
from 'Ganga Ghaat'.
Oh shit!
My Saree is ruined and you are laughing.
What do I do now?
What's there to worry about it?
Ganga washes the sins of all
people this is just pigeon shit.
Ganga is in front, clean up.
Watch your step Madam.
Give me a little smile every day.
And a new lease of life.
The bond that binds us
without any conditions.
That relationship you bring.
That relationship that you bring.
You must bring that relationship.
You must bring that relationship.
The day that I don't dream about you.
my sleep is upset.
You fill life in me
I feel alive again
The path that leads to you
You must bring that path to me.
You must bring that relationship.
You must bring that relationship.
You must bring that relationship.
I am like colourless still water.
But you create ripples of life in me,
Beneath your feet lay paradise.
If you are willing to bless me.
One that doesn't separate me from you.
Time floes quickly, doesn't it Kaashi?
Yesterday we were strangers
Today in the whole of Kaashi
this Kaashi is mine.
What happened?
Why are you quiet?
No, it's nothing.
Will you have dinner with me tonight?
Maybe some other time.
No today, come on.
Let it be, Mum and Dad
must be waiting for me at home.
I will never invite you to dinner again.
I knew you'll come.
When you wanted to stay,
why were you talking nonsense?
What's this?
I am learning your vernacular.
That's nice.
How about some wine?
I don't have any of those.
I've never had this.
Will I get too high?
It'll be less.
The effect will be slow.
Try it.
Can I ask something?
Go on.
Girls don't look nice consuming alcohol.
What can I do?
This is my companion for loneliness.
What about your family?
No one.
My dad and brother passed
when I was a kid.
My mother, passed away a month back.
I'm all alone now.
You're not alone now.
I'm your friend.
To live one needs a life
partner not a friend.
Will you be my life partner?
I was just joking, stupid.
I got shit scared.
Tell me, did you never go to school?
No father didn't have enough
money to educate both children.
Only one could study,
So we decided Ganga.
I anyway wanted to carry
my forefather's work forward.
You love Ganga a lot, don't you?
Ganga is the reason I live.
Talking to you, the food will get burnt.
I'll be right back.
Ahh! Kaashi!
-What happened?
-My hands burnt.
I don't know why I put
my hands into the oven.
-One minute.
-But I
You must bring that relationship.
You must bring that relationship.
You must bring that relationship.
You must bring that relationship.
When my fingers touch you
They are overjoyed.
They feel at peace when
they hold your hands.
What brings us closer.
You must bring that distance.
You must bring that relationship.
Hey, I was just thinking about you.
By the way, what brings you
to this part in the morning.
I was passing by so
I thought I'll drop in.
Do you see, how sweetly
he talks to the girl?
While talking to me he is always rude.
Bloody turncoat.
Who speaks like that in front of a guest?
You have no manners.
Don't pay attention to him.
-He's lost it in his old age.
No worries.
Actually I came by to drop a
present for Ganga.
-Hey Ganga.
-Coming brother.
Don't run or you'll fall down
stumbling on the utensil.
-Devina you didn't need to do this.
-Come on.
Don't be jealous because
she has brought me a gift.
Wait a minute.
This is so nice, I'm going to
wear this to college today.
Kaashi I have an important meeting.
I got to go.
You'll wear.
-Behave nicely with me.
Otherwise I won't give you,
I'll burn it down.
You are a professional
at this brother Babina.
What a long drag.
Makes my heart skip a beat.
You need to have a big set of lungs.
-Take Pappu.
Hail the glorious lord.
Come to take a drag if you wish.
Stay in your place otherwise.
Glory to Mahadev.
I'll take a puff on this
side of the shore.
And release it on the other.
Take a long drag Lallu,
Doesn't matter how hard you try
You won't be able to set the
stage on fire like Babina.
-Look there!
-Burns bodies all day and earns 500.
I make more than that by
selling only ten packets.
If I am lucky then I make even more.
The fact is that his life is not worth it.
-Crazy guy.
He's cleaning Rampyari
like it is his wife.
That's not the only female in his life,
there is someone else too.
That female journalist.
Day and night they are together.
No matter what you say Babina.
The scoundrel is an
expert at defeating you
The day I defeat him
He won't want to live or die.
He'll be like a fish out of water.
'Oh goddess Ganga'
Rangeela, Rangeela,
have you seen Kaashi anywhere?
-I see Kaashi everyday.
-Have you seen him today?
No, not right now. Must be by the Ghaat.
What happened? Anything urgent?
"You wash all our sins Goddess Ganga"
"Goddess Ganga"
"Goddess Ganga"
"We worship you, Bhagirathi!"
"Goddess Ganga"
"Goddess Ganga"
Wow Chuman uncle, your tea is fantastic.
Kaashi, I've been looking
for you everywhere.
What happened?
And why are you so scared?
I'm coming from your house.
-Ganga has not home from college.
She's never so late.
Let's go.
-What happened Kashi?
-Nothing uncle.
-Where are you going?
-I'll be back.
Her mobile is also switched off.
She never had a mobile phone.
She had one but your
parents hid that from you.
Be careful.
Ganga's not back yet.
No son.
Can't understand where she must have gone.
-Mother, didn't she
say anything while going?
-No son.
She didn't tell me anything.
Why didn't you tell me
she had a mobile phone?
You guys lie to me too.
If something goes wrong with her than
you guys will be responsible.
Let's go to her college and find out.
Let's go.
Fantastic you guys.
I'll be back.
"Glory to be Lord Shiva"
"Glory be to Lord Bhole"
"Glory to be Lord Shiva"
"Glory be to Lord Bhole"
Stop! Where do you think you're going?
We're finding Ganga.
Brother this is Kashi, you'll
find Ganga everywhere.
Not the river Ganga, my sister.
-She studies here and
hasn't returned since morning.
the college closes at four, and it
is ten of the night now.
-She might have got locked in by mistake.
How will she get locked inside by mistake!
-Please leave.
-Please check once.
You look like decent folks
so I'm keeping this.
Don't tell anyone else
or I'll lose my job.
-Come let's check.
-Let's go.
Come, come.
How is this light still on?
I switched it off.
Let us check.
All the girls do it.
If you want good grades you have to.
You, watchman?
Have you no shame professor?
I didn't do anything.
I don't know anything.
This girl is responsible for everything.
Get out.
What's the problem?
Sir, my sister went to college,
But she hasn't returned yet.
It's late now.
And we wonder where she is.
That's the problem with girls these days.
She must be out with one of
her friends having fun.
That is a rotten thing to say.
-What's the matter, Shyam Sundar?
What happened?
Listen to his problem sir.
Stand aside.
I'll take over.
What will you do?
Sit down!
What is your name?
Full name?
Kaashi Chaudhary.
I'll hit you so hard here
you'll shit your pants at home.
You've got too much attitude.
Look inspector I'm a journalist.
And you can't talk to anyone like this.
It is your duty to help citizens.
Look, another smarty, meet her.
Madam if you are a journalist
What article are you publishing
with this Dom so late?
That's none of your business inspector.
Miss English.
Take this paper and pen,
And jot down your complaint.
But in Hindi.
Yes, tell me?
Madam my sister came to college yesterday,
but she didn't come back home.
Which department?
That I don't know clearly.
What is her name?
Ganga Chaudhary.
Okay. One minute.
Kindly check the records,
Which department does
Ganga Chaudhary belong to?
I wonder what's wrong
with girls these days.
They are really spoiled.
Are you sure?
We just checked the
records right in front of you.
There is no student named
Ganga Chaudary in our college.
How is that possible madam?
-She studies in this college.
There is some confusion.
Let alone Ganga Chaudhary we don't have
anyone named Ganga enrolled in our college.
Madam, she used to leave
home everyday to come to college.
It is your duty to make sure whether
she would go to college or elsewhere.
What are you saying?
What nonsense is this.
There is definitely something
illegal going on here.
I will see you.
How is this possible?
Ganga studies in this very college.
On so many occasions I dropped her here.
There is something wrong.
I will get to the its root.
Tell me one thing,
Did she go anywhere else except college?
I don't understand.
Someone's playing games with us.
Who could be playing with us?
Do you have an old enemy?
Hey Pappu, throw that away quickly.
Yes throw it.
Where is my sister?
Why are you laughing?
What did you say?
I didn't understand.
Your sister?
Where is Ganga?
You were studying to be a crackpot,
But now I think you've completed
your diploma in being a mental.
Keep your dialogues to yourself.
And tell me.
I know where she is but I won't say.
Do whatever you want.
"Glory to lord"
"Says Kaashi"
"Glory to lord"
"Says Kaashi"
No Kaashi!
"Glory...Glory to Lord"
"Glory...Glory to Lord"
"Glory...Glory to Lord"
Stop Kaashi!
"Says Kaashi" - Kaashi.
-Run away.
"Lord Mahadev" - Run quickly.
"Lord Mahadev" - Run, run.
"Lord Mahadev"
"Lord Mahadev"
"Glory to the lord."
"Says Kaashi"
"Glory to the lord"
"Says Kaashi"
"Glory to the lord".
"Says Kaashi"
"Glory to the lord".
"Says Kaashi" - Kaashi.
Kaashi wait.
Please Kaashi he'll die.
I'll find out in my own way.
I swear on Mahadev, I will not spare him.
That's fine.
But yesterday if Madam had not intervened
That madman would've burnt you alive.
I can fight a man, not a madman,
You're right on point.
It's hard to predict when
he'll go bat shit crazy.
Who is that.
Why is madam coming here?
-Don't know.
-Why, are you shitting your pants?
Not shitting my pants.
It is not scary when a girl walks away
but when she comes close that is scary.
I want to talk to you about something.
Yes, you.
What happened, madam?
Have you lost interest in Kaashi,
that you come looking for
Babina in his neighbourhood?
Shut up.
Can I talk to you for two minutes?
Yes, come on.
What is the matter?
Changed sides.
You don't think of us as friends at all.
Thanks to madam we know what happened.
Look buddy I know these are tough times.
But what good will come
of losing your temper.
Destiny will play out how our lord wants.
And look at your face.
Kaashi, I want to talk to you alone.
Yes sure.
He is very stressed.
I spoke to Babina,
He does not know about Ganga.
He is a godamn liar.
This time he isn't lying.
I paid him to tell the truth.
Can't make out who is
lying or telling the truth.
Kaashi I went to Ganga's college.
Her friend Shruti might
be able to help us.
We will go and meet her tomorrow morning.
We've reached. Where is your room?
I'd seen you two in college.
Since then I've been
trying to make contact.
You're Ganga's friend, right?
Hmm, yes.
-Ganga and I are in the same class.
-See, I told you Ganga studies in that college.
Where is Ganga?
That I don't know,
But she has been very
upset for the past few days.
Why, upset?
There is a boy in our class,
Come to me.
And I'll get the moon for you.
And conquer the skies for you.
And wander like the clouds and
follow you everywhere.
And I'll love you unconditionally.
And I'll love you unconditionally.
And I'll love you more than ever.
I love you.
When you smile why do I feel happy.
When you cry I feel like
I'm going to cry too.
Like the bright rays of the sun.
Come in my life like the dawn.
And I'll love you unconditionally.
You know he's a big flirt.
Don't fall for him. He doesn't love you.
Shruti, stop with your dark fairy tales.
This is why your scores
in Literature are poor.
I know Abhimnayu loves me a lot.
And I'll love you unconditionally.
And I'll love you unconditionally.
And I'll love you unconditionally.
More than ever.
And I'll love you unconditionally.
Who is that girl?
You want to humiliate me in society?
I'm contesting in the elections next year.
It is not right to be friends with a girl
who comes from the Dom family.
The opposition will create a huge ruckus.
Don't you understand?
But Dad she is a really nice girl.
Every girl seems nice at this age.
I am not stopping you from having fun.
But at least have fun with
the people who are of our stature.
If you meet Ganga again you'll regret it.
and so will Ganga.
-But papa please meet--
-Shut up
Even after Balwant uncle's warning
Ganga and Abhimanyu kept meeting.
What are you doing?
-My heart would have failed.
-Why do you worry?
Won't let you die so until I am alive.
Now hop on quickly let's go for a ride.
No, I have a class now.
Then let's go to Sharma sir
to get a printout of the notes.
Get lost.
Hey! Who will attend class?
If I am late, you go.
Sometimes in Daffodil restaurant,
Sometimes in some friend's house.
And sometimes in uncle's farmhouse itself.
But one day...
What happened?
Tell Shruti.
Ganga, why aren't you drinking your tea?
Why do you look so serious today?
Shruti, I've made a huge mistake.
What happened Ganga?
-I'm pregnant.
Are you sure?
Yes. I've checked again and again.
The result was always positive.
Control yourself, Kaashi.
All this was happening and
I was lost in my own world.
I will kill that boy.
What happened next?
I don't know.
I haven't met Ganga after that.
It's getting late Devina ji, I have to go.
Okay thanks.
If I need help I'll get in touch with you.
I swear to Mahadev.
If anything happens to Ganga...
[Sanskrit chants]
-Hey Hey Hey.
What's the matter?
You want to break the gate.
You work here?
No, I am their son-in-law.
And I love wearing uniforms.
Is anyone at home?
Everyone's at home but they
are playing Hide and Seek.
That is why there is a lock here.
I don't need your sarcasm.
No one's at home, everyone has gone out.
They're wealthy people they don't
tell this poor man where they go.
-When did they go?
-One week back.
No Kaashi.
Kaashi wait.
He has a pistol Kaashi.
Are you okay?
Yes. And you?
Yes, I'm okay.
The scoundrels got away.
Wonder who they were.
They must be Balwant's men.
Once I get my hands on them,
I'll cut them to pieces.
Any news son?
Where has our child disappeared?
Don't cry mother.
Ganga may disappear from
prying eyes, but not from Kaashi's.
I will find her.
I kept treading down all the way.
I accepted every pain that came my way.
I kept treading down all the way.
I accepted all the pain I got.
My path has faded.
So has my destination.
My heart's searching for you.
My heart's searching for you.
My heart's searching for you.
My heart's searching for you.
My heart's searching for you.
My heart's searching for you.
My heart's searching for you.
My heart's searching for you.
Thank you.
I spoke to Shruti after
you went home last night.
She hid quite a few things
because you looked mad.
Like what?
Abhimanyu's dad, Balwant
would never approve of the relationship.
That is why they both
opted for a court marriage.
I'm going to Lucknow for some office work,
I'll be back late.
You go to court and find out.
If that indeed happened
it could be easy to find Ganga.
Sir, I need some information
on newly wed couples.
-You guys can go, come tomorrow.
-Thank you sir.
Sir, I need some information
about married couples.
You look old,
What is the age of the girl?
Twenty years. My sister, Ganga.
I wanted to know
whether she got married.
Please go, go.
-Go, Go.
-Please listen to me sir.
My sister has been missing
this is very important.
What am I supposed to do?
I haven't taken her.
I can't reveal confidential information.
You please go, get out.
Listen sir,
My sister is missing,
I can give up my life for her,
I can also kill for her.
Will you give me an answer or
should I create a scene?
I won't say. Get lost.
What was the name again?
Ganga Chaudhary.
Here it is.
Ganga Chaudhary,
They had come five days back to
give a marriage application.
But, they aren't married.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Where are you going brother?
You've come back again.
-Where are you going?
-To meet your boss.
Brother please don't create a
ruckus otherwise I'll lose my job.
Who is he?
He is a madman boss,
says he wants to meet you.
Sir, your son and my sister
study in the same college.
Both love each other.
What is your name?
Look Kaashi.
My son has my blood flowing through
his veins not the water from Ganga.
Only Mine.
He will never fall in love
with a Dome's sister.
Domes aren't human?
Until someone like us don't
provide woods for pyre
Your type won't see either heaven or hell.
-Your tongue is razor sharp.
-Look sir I don't want an argument.
My sister is missing since
the past few days.
She and Abhimanyu went to
the court to register their application.
Abhimanyu will definitely know about her.
My son has gone to Mussoorie for vacation.
He'll be back in a week.
Once he comes back
I'll ask him about the whole matter.
I'm dying every second sir,
I won't be able to wait a week.
I want an answer now.
Bloody dome.
Now I understand your agenda.
Your sister must have gone with
her guy friends to have a good time.
And you want to put that on my son's head.
Hey Balwant!
Don't act over smart.
-I'll dismantle your organs.
-Get out.
I'm going now.
To prepare two funeral pyres.
If Ganga is harmed in the slightest way
I'll perform your final
rites with my own hands.
-Get lost.
-Shut up.
Yes it's me.
Did you find anything Kaashi?
She had given an application
to register for marriage.
Along with Abhimanyu.
We have to find Abhimanyu
as soon as possible.
I'd gone to his house.
His dad is a big jerk.
-Was being very vulgar.
-And Abhimanyu?
He said he's gone on a
vacation to Mussoorie.
Kaashi, Ganga has to be with him.
We have to go to Mussoorie.
Yes, alright.
Don't let me so loose
that I get totally spolied.
You pan your eyes on me.
And I fly away with somebody else.
Get it?
Tell me!
Intoxicating night.
Intoxicating voice.
Let me take a few puffs with you tonight.
Intoxicating night.
Intoxicating voice.
Let me take a few puffs with you tonight.
You keep hopping from one club to another.
and falls on down on the floor.
I am a kite and you are its string.
Oh yes she is tripping out.
She's high on love looking for her beloved.
She's high on love looking for her beloved.
Drag a puff and enjoy the ecstasy.
Blow away your problems with the smoke.
Drag a puff and enjoy the ecstasy.
Blow away your problems with the smoke.
Drag a puff and enjoy the ecstasy.
Blow away your problems with the smoke.
I know this is wrong
but still let me do it.
I'm already spoiled so it doesn't matter.
Your arms is the place
where I forget ny attitude.
You were spoiled and you spoilt me too.
You are the kite and I'm the string.
Oh yeah she is tripping out.
She's high on love and
looking for her beloved.
She's high on love and
looking for her beloved.
Drag a puff and enjoy the ecstasy.
Blow away your problems with the smoke.
Drag a puff and enjoy the ecstasy.
Blow away your problems with the smoke.
Drag a puff and enjoy the ecstasy.
Blow away your problems with the smoke.
How can I help you?
Actually we are looking for our
friend, Abhimanyu, Abhimanyu Pandey.
Can you tell me whether
he is staying in this hotel?
Sorry ma'am.
I can't leak customer's information.
Look I am a journalist and
Abhimanyu is our friend.
-It's his birthday tomorrow,
we've come to surprise him.
Since this is the reason,
Let me check the records.
-Abhimanyu Pandey?
Ma'am he is in room no. 605.
There is also a madam with him.
Where is Ganga?
Ganga who?
Who are you brother?
What is this nonsense?
Where is Ganga?
I don't know of any Ganga.
Tell me where is Ganga?
I don't know of any Ganga.
What is all this?
You're cheating on my sister.
What cheating?
Wait Kaashi.
-Where is my sister?
-I don't know brother.
I don't fear the game of life and death.
You decide, life or death?
I really don't know anyone named Ganga.
-Kaashi. No.
-I don't know.
-Please let him go.
[Sanskrit chants]
Kaashi, Mussoorie police is after us.
I know.
I don't fear anybody.
I did the right thing.
Let me go to Banares and
tell my parents everything,
After that I accept whatever fate
Mahadev has in store for me.
Tell me Inspector.
Okay, alright.
Who was it?
I think Varanasi police has
found some information about Ganga.
They've asked to meet.
All hail Godesses Bhagirathi.
All hail Godesses Ganga.
-Can't recognize her face at all.
This is the same dress I gifted Ganga.
-You'll wear this?
Treat me nicely otherwise I won't give.
I'll burn it out there.
Life sometimes come to an abrupt end.
But the memories never do cease to exist.
Why did you leave us at this point in life?
Look what has happened to
me because of you.
Life is but a burden.
My heart's seaching for you.
My heart's seaching for you.
My heart's seaching for you.
My heart's seaching for you.
We were like the two shores of the river.
Always together but always apart.
There prevailed a huge
distance between us.
I am completly broken a
prisoner to my own confinemetns.
My whole life feels buried
in the ruins of a crematoium.
Nothing to be achieved.
My heart's searching for you.
My heart's searching for you.
My heart's searching for you.
My heart's searching for you.
Why did you kill Abhimanyu Pandey?
Why did you kill Abhimnayu?
He pretended to love my sister,
then cheated on her,
and probably killed her.
Do you have any proof?
Are you a weather forecaster?
You'll do anything
based on your prediction.
I can do anything for my sister.
Shut your trap.
What you sow shall you reap.
The sister for whom you killed
that innocent man is also dead.
Case closed.
Even God knows how to give tit for tat.
Now you'll suffer in jail for the
rest of your life you scoundrel.
Deewan ji take his statement.
If he disobeys then beat him Red.
We did so much for her...
but she left us.
Now rounds of police and the court.
There will be no rounds.
I want to stay here.
Ganga is dead.
My parents have lived their life.
You get married to someone else.
My life has no meaning.
There is meaning Kaashi.
-We've made a mistake.
What mistake?
If Abhimanyu was in Mussorrorie
for the past few days,
How did Ganga's body show up in Banaras?
What does this mean?
This means only one thing
someone else murdered Ganga.
And the murderer is in the city.
But who?
I've told my co-worker of the Banaras
Crime Bureau to find out everything
whoever it is I'm not going to spare them
You just find out.
Bare in mind Kaashi,
If you are locked up we won't
be able to get justice for Ganga.
So under no circumstances
agree to what you've done.
I've already said yes.
Say no. Police FIR is
not admissible in court.
Madam, your time is up. Go now.
Balwant pandey ji I never back
down from my commitment.
You stay committed, keep
sending the money from time to time.
-and see my gameplay.
-I want to see Kashi hanged.
You'll get whatever your heart craves.
He will be hanged.
First let the case get
shifted to Banaras court.
Sit down.
Start the court proceedings.
-Your honour.
This criminal in front of us.
Is a dangerous and moraless killer.
Yes Bhatyara, Bhatyara.
You are one of the renowned
lawyers in the city.
Thank you sir.
Let thank you go listen to what I say.
At least don't eat paan in the courtroom.
Even I eat paan.
God forbid a day should come
when I eat Paan
And the judgement delivered
is not to your liking.
Forgive me your honour, forgive me.
Don't worry Pandey ji.
Forgive me your highness,
I am a creature of habit.
Mend your ways.
Let's start.
Your honour,
This criminal, is a dangerous
and immoral killer.
For no reason, in the light of the day,
He killed my client's son.
And in this murder this
madam here was his accomplice.
-Miss Devina Khanna.
-Your highness.
This allegation is false and baseless.
First of all this is not a case of murder.
Abhimanyu death was an accident.
Kaashi had only gone
there to inquire about Ganga.
But a guilty's conscience
needs no accuser.
Abhimanyu was guilt ridden
so he jumped off the terrace.
My lord the truth will be
before everyone's eyes now.
Your honour,
With your permission, I'd like to
ask the accused a few questions.
Permission granted.
Kaashiji, tell me one thing,
Did your sister Ganga
run away with anyone?
Hey lawyer.
Why are you getting mad?
What I mean is, did your sister Ganga,
Go out with anyone.
Yes that is why I went out to find her.
But you didn't find her.
-And you killed Abhimnayu.
-Objection sir.
He is accusing my client of his fantasies.
Objection overruled.
-Sinha sahab let him finish his statement.
-Thank you sir.
Kaashi tell me one more thing.
Did you go to Abhimanyu's house?
Did you threaten his father?
Don't look left and right.
Give me the right answer.
Your honour,
I would now like to call Abhimanyu's dad
Mr Balwant Pandey to the witness box.
Permission granted.
Balwant Pandeyji,
Did, Kaashi come to your house?
What did he say?
He threatened saying,
If he doesn't find Ganga,
he would kill me and Abhimanyu..
Note this down your honour.
If he doesn't find Ganga,
He would kill him and Abhimanyu.
And he didn't find Ganga so
he murdered Abhimanyu.
I would like to ask a few
questions to Mr Balwant.
Permission granted.
Thank you.
Do you know Balwant,
He would've killed your son,
But your son died before that.
What your son did to Ganga,
For that he deserves
the capital punishment.
Stay in your limits Mr Lawyer.
Don't talk about my limits.
If the truth doesn't come out
your entire lineage will be destroyed.
You vile man.
-I will kill you.
-Mr Balwant.
-I will kill you.
-Mr Balwant.
Mr Balwant, Mr Sinha.
-I will kill you.
-This is contempt of court.
What did you say?
Please repeat once again.
Sorry Your highness..
For the language I used in front of court,
I am extremely sorry.
But I wanted to prove that a few of my
sharp words could create such an impact.
That even a renowned man like
Balwant Pandey would lose his cool.
And he threatens to kill me.
Then Your highness.,
Then when his sister is kidnapped in
rage if illiterate Kaashi says that
We shouldn't take him seriously.
-That's all.
-Your highness..
Can I present a few witness?
Permission granted.
Kaashi admitted himself your highness.
-He murdered Abhimanyu.
-Objection sir.
The baton of police is enough to change
the truth to lies and lies to truth.
But the ink of the law
works only by the truth.
The ink by which the pen of the law works
will make sure Kashi is hanged to death.
Your highness., permission to
bring forth a few more witnesses.
Sir he had come to our
hotel on 26th October.
This madam accompanied him.
How long did they stay?
Around one hour.
And during that time
Abhimanyu sir was murdered.
Point to be noted sir.
Sahab I saw with my own eyes
he was running after Abhimanyu sir.
And kept hitting him.
This madam here tried stopping him.
But he didn't stop at all.
He threw the sir from
room no. 605 off the roof.
Sir, in front of me first he
hit Abhimnayu in the room.
He kept yelling,
"Where is Ganga?" "Where is my sister?"
But sir, Abhimanyu did
not really know Ganga.
Abhimanyu kept saying no but
he did not listen he took him to the roof.
And he threw him off the roof.
I and Devina tried hard to
stop him but he did not.
Son Maninder, tell me one thing.
When Kaashi went to the roof,
where were you?
Reception desk.
When Kaashi and Abhimanyu were fighting,
where were you?
On the reception sir.
And according to them,
When Kaashi threw Abhimanyu
off the terrace, where were you?
Reception desk sir.
Do you think you are
Sanjay from Mahabharat?
That your divine vision allows you to
see everything from the reception desk.
You tell me,
Did you see Kaashi throw
Abhimanyu off the terrace?
-Sir this guy was in a fit of rage.
I was afraid of his madness.
I got scared and ran away
least he kills me.
And this madam?
This madam, was running after
him trying to stop him.
When did you first see Kaashi?
When he first entered our room.
What were you doing at that time?
I was taking a shower.
And what was Abhimanyu doing?
-He was also showering.
-He was also showering?
Did you have two bathrooms
in your hotel room?
No, the one.
You two were taking shower in the
same bathroom at the same time?
Save water initiative.
Your honour, what sort of
questions is my able friend asking?
Are we discussing a case on
Government policy and initiatives here?
Mishra ji, Mishra ji.
These questions are an insult to
the sanctity of the court.
-And an insult to the female fraternitiy.
-You are not a judge.
I'm here for that.
-Mr Sinha please continue.
-Thank you sir.
Then it is obvious that you did
not see Kaashi from the bathroom.
When you came out of the bathroom
you must have seen Kaashi?
Now tell me when you came out of the
bathroom what were you wearing?
Did you go to the terrace
wearing only a towel?
When, you went to the
terrace what had you worn?
Only Kurta.
-Did you not wear anything inside?
-What sort of questions are these?
Mr Sinha was sort of question is this.
Sir, this question is related to this
case, please give me two minutes.
Go on, ask her what she had worn.
What had you worn on the inside?
-Churidar, pyjama.
-Churidar, pyjama!
You came out of the bathroom in a towel.
Removed the towel,
wore a kurta then wore a pyjama.
For so long Your highness Kaashi
waited for this women on the terrace.
That you come there and
watch him push Abhimanyu.
And then come to court as Nagendar
witness and testify against him.
So Kaashi can be adjudged a criminal.
Silence in the court.
Order, order.
Sir, my friend is wasting
precious time of the court.
And this why I want to say,
The allegations laid on Kashi are
baseless and lies.
Mishra ji, you want to say something?
I want to show you the CCTV
footage of Hotel Highland.
Sure, let's watch.
Your honour,
This CCTV footage proves,
Abhimanyu was being chased and hit
by Kaashi all the way to the terrace.
-And killed by throwing him off the terrace.
It's true you can see Kaashi and Devina
in this footage.
This a case to prove murder.
Now the Hindu ceremony of Kaashi and Devina
showing their faces to each other.
Silence please.
And sir this footage doesn't show
Kaashi killing Abhimanyu by
throwing him off the terrace.
Please tell the court in simple
terms what you want to say.
Sir at that moment Devina, Priya
and Kaashi were on the terrace.
How can my lawyer friend say so surely
that Kaashi has killed Abhimanyu.
And 2nd thing Your highness.,
the CCTV footage does show Kaashi chasing Abhimanyu.
This footage fails to show Kaashi
throwing Abhimanyu off the terrace.
To murder him.
Only on the basis of doubt
everyone is adjudging Kaashi a criminal.
No one denies the fact that
Abhimanyu is murdered.
But everything else presented is a lie.
The next date of the court
will be after two days.
Till then the court is adjourned.
You keep chewing paan Mishraji
Mr Sinha will win the case.
Before taking the case you were acting like
a lion but today you turned into a cat.
How will we win this case?
Patience Mr Balwant pandey.
The game has just begun.
Why are you stressing out?
There is something called good graft.
Eye for an eye.
I want to see Kashi hanged.
Balwant Pandeyji,
money has a lot of power.
Spend as much money as you want,
Burn as much money as you want,
Buy the whole system,
show the power of money.
Start the court proceedings,
Your honour,
For the past two days I have been
trying to know everything about Kaashi.
And the facts that I've
assembled during my investigation,
is going to surprise the court.
Your highness.,
The people in Kaashi's locality,
his neighbours,
told us that the Ganga who he
was searching everywhere,
the Ganga for whom he killed Abhimanyu,
she isn't Ganga at all.
[indistinct voices]
Order, order.
Silence in the court.
-What are you saying Mishraji?
-Your honour.
In reality, no girl lived with Kaashi.
-Kaashi had no sister named Ganga.
-Objection, my lord.
My clever lawyer friend is
trying to spin a new story.
Your highness, if you give me permission,
to prove my point, I'd like
to present my witness.
Sir this man is crazy.
Keeps talking to himself.
He started hitting me all of a sudden
accusing me of teasing his sister.
If he doesn't have a sister,
how can I tease her?
To summarise sir Kaashi has gone crazy.
He talks the whole day as if he
is talking to someone
but there is no one standing next to him.
Sir this man has gone crazy.
I think he has fallen in the ghost circle.
Because of him I'm wearing
Baba Guru Ghantal's locket.
Ganga Chaudhary was never
admitted to our college.
But Abhimanyu was a
talented student of our college.
Sir all these witnesses have been bought,
their stories have been fabricated.
I want to present my witnesses too.
Yes, permission granted.
Your highnessthis is nonsense.
Ganga has tied me rakhi every year.
Their stories have been
fabricated by this lawyer.
These guys will lie for
Mariijuana worth five bucks.
Your highnessGanga was a dear to all of us.
All of these guys are liars,
Especially that Munna and Babina.
Your highnessI used to
drop Ganga to college.
All of them, have sold their
soul to the devil for some money.
Sir, Ganga was my classmate,
She was involved in an
affair with Abhimanyu,
And she had got pregnant,
this had caused her a lot stress,
The day she revealed this to me,
was the day I last saw her.
Sir I've met Ganga,
So no one can claim Ganga
doesn't exist at all.
Food for thought here is,
If Ganga did not exist,
Who does the body that
police found belong to?
[indistinct chatter]
Silence, silence.
It is now my humble request
to you sir that you don't allow
Abhimanyu's murder tale to be
led astray in another direction.
Your honour.
The court isn't being led astray
-but is discovering the truth behind a psychotic criminal.
-But Msihraji,
If Ganga does not exist
whose body is that?
-The madam is right.
-Your highness..
To uncover more information about this
I'd like to call Inspector Ghanshyam.
Inspector Ghanshyam?
How did you come to know
this was Ganga's dead body?
Kaashi and Devina verified.
Her face was badly burnt,
But these two recognized her
by the clothes she had worn.
Pay attention Your highness..
You can go.
Your honour, I'd like to ask
Devinaji a few questions?
If you give me permission.
Hmm. Permission granted.
Devina ji,
How did you, recognize Ganga's dead body?
Ganga had worn the dress I gifted her.
The dress Ganga wore was gifted by you?
I have a gift Your highness.,
even I have a gift.
Is this the same dress you gifted Ganga?
Your highness.,
On Vmart you can find these
dresses for 550 bucks.
Only in Banaras we have 200
pieces of this dress sold.
How can you be so sure,
that the dress the dead body wore,
was a gift from you?
Guess your highness this was
a wild guess by Devinaji.
Our law does not accept guesses,
The law recognizes facts.
But I'm sure that dead body
belonged to Ganga.
Clothes can be replicated a dime a dozen,
But every human has a different shape
and size which is unique.
[indistinct chatter]
Sir, I've met Ganga on numerous occasions.
I can never be wrong in identifying her.
Your highness.,
Now I'd like Ganga herself to
walk into the court,
And make everything crystal clear
and reveal the truth herself.
Silence, silence in the court.
What, what is wrong with you Mishra ji?
I'm right on the money Your highness..
On the count of three,
Ganga will enter this courtroom
from that door.
Your magic trick failed Mishra ji.
-Where is Ganga?
-This is exactly what I wanted.
I wanted my trick to fail.
Didn't you notice that you,
Kaashi and Devina
and everyone in this court
were staring at that door
-That Ganga will appear.
-That is because you asked us to.
-I asked.
But Ganga didn't come because
not everyone here believes
that the dead body found
belonged to Ganga.
That is why all of us were
staring at that door.
that maybe Ganga will appear.
Even Kashi and Devina even
after they identified her body.
Your honour,
The fact is there is no Ganga
Because she does not exist,
where will her dead
body come into existence from?
Enough is enough.
Please free us from the
madness that is this case.
And please find Kaashi guilty
and sentence me to a punishment.
Don't teach what I have to do.
The hearings till now have been inconclusive
for the court to reach a conclusion.
In the next hearing the court asks
the parents of Kaashi to be present
So the court can reach a conclusion.
Till then, court is adjourned.
Kaashi they are playing mind games.
They want the strictest
punishment for you.
That doesn't matter,
You please find out the name of
Ganga's murderer.
After that these handcuffs, the lock-up
or the court together won't be able to stop me.
Everything will be over soon.
But you have to control
your emotions Kaashi.
Mr Sinha,
In the last hearing the court ordered
Kaashi's parents to be present.
-Are they present?
-Sir, they are on the way.
Order, order. Silence, please.
What is happening in my court!
Will somebody explain?
Your highness., I'm coming
from Kaashi's house
Uncle and aunty are not at home,
I couldn't find them anywhere.
They're missing.
Sir, I fear this a pre-planned
move to kidnap Kaashi's parents.
And I'm pretty sure the brains behind
this operation is Balwant Pandey.
And for that I request the court to
arrest Mr Balwant Pandey.
-I am extremely sorry sir.
Kashi's parents are not at home,
they could've run away.
Your honour this statement
is a bit offensive.
If my parents are hurt,
I swear to Mahadev,
I'll turn the entire city of Kaashi
into a crematorium.
Kaashi, Kaashi, Kaashi.
I'm present here to decide
what is wrong and right.
Your honour,
Now let me call on the most
important witness of this case.
Permission granted.
Chuman uncle?
Please come.
What is your name?
My name is Chuman.
Myself and Kaashi's dad were
the closest of friends.
Were close friends?
What does this mean?
It means Kaashi's dad
has long passed away.
Why are you lying uncle?
Kaashi, Kaashi, Calm down.
Silence, silence in the court.
A plague was rampant in the city.
Which consumed Kaashi's entire family.
I'm sorry they are no more.
Hey Ganga, catch me.
Catch me if you can.
Even after his family passed
away he could see them.
We never told anything
about this to Kaashi.
He's lying Your highness..
You sold your soul too.
Sir, all the witnesses
have been manipulated.
The court will decide that, Mr Sinha.
You sit down.
In light of the recent testimonies,
The court orders,
Before the next hearing,
Kaashi's mental faculties
should be tested.
And for now, the court is adjourned.
-You've come to prove I'm crazy.
I've come to make sure
you are perfectly alright.
-I can't trust anyone sir.
-But you will have to trust me.
You know quite well you
have no other alternative.
I'm not crazy.
I'm poor.
And that is why they are using wealth
to buy off everyone and prove I'm crazy.
I know.
That is why I've come to help you.
Just answer a few of my questions.
-And truth will be revealed to everyone.
-Even you'll be bought by them.
I can't be bought Kaashi.
It's my job.
-Let's get started.
-Yes sir.
Tell the court doctor,
What does your report say?
Your highness, I spoke to Kaashi
alone and in confidence.
What I found out was shocking,
With your permission,
I'd like to ask him a few questions.
-Permission granted.
-Thank you sir.
Kaashi, tell me who cooks
your food at home?
I make my own food.
My stomach doesn't agree
with my Mother's food,
She makes spicy food,
What about your sister,
Even she can cook food?
She is busy with her college and tuitions.
Your dad's profession?
He taunts me all day, every day.
Does your dad not work
at the crematorium now?
I can't let my dad work in his old age.
I'm poor not unfit.
Okay tell me one thing.
How is your relationship with your sister?
She was my life,
I couldn't...
Get a grip.
Tell me one more thing,
Your sister would tie you rakhi.
First she would.
Then I stopped her myself.
We had a big fight on Rakshabandhan,
I swore on my mother,
I would never allow her to tie Rakhi
I could never break that promise.
When you come home,
who opens the door for you?
It is open
who is poor enough to steal
from a Domes house, your highness?
When you reach home,
Who serves you a glass of Water?
Your sister Ganga or your mother.
We don't drink water from a female.
Point to be noted, your honour.
All these people in Kaashi's life,
His parents,
Sister Ganga,
these people don't exist in reality.
Silence ladies and gentlemen.
Let him complete,
They don't exist?
All the questions I've asked Kaashi,
Led me to believe that the people he sees,
Don't play any active role in his life.
For e.g he prepares his own food,
He drinks water himself.
No one opens the door for him
when he reaches home,
However when you talk about
his passive tasks, all these characters are involved.
In fights, arguments.
Kaashi has created a world full
of fantasy around him.
Fantasy characters,
who he grew up with,
and in all probabilities,
will grow older too.
Your highness these are
Kaashi's hallucinations.
Balwant bribed even you.
I am not going to leave you.
-Objection my lord.
His testimony is wrong.
I think he is a mental patient
not a psychiatrist.
Objection overruled.
Sit down, you sit down.
Mr Balwant, you sit down too.
-You please continue.
-Your honour.
This is a serious case of Schizophrenia.
Called paranoid psychosis.
In extreme cases of this disease
the patient can get extremely violent,
if someone interferes in
the slightest way in their fantasy world.
He can do anything to anyone,
And this is probably why
he killled Abhimanyu.
Your honour,
How many more witnesses
does the court require?
We are done now please pass
the judgment, your honour.
-He is a pyschopath and his sentence is death.
Objection, my lord.
It is still not proved that Kaashi
has killed Abhimanyu.
-Objection overruled.
-How much did Balwant pay you?
I can't be bought, it's my job.
Kaashi, do you want to say
anything in your defence?
Yes I killed Abhimanyu and threw him
off the terrace because he cheated on my sister.
But I did commit one mistake.
Abhimanyu didn't kill my sister
it was Balwant who did.
Brother Kaashi, Ganga had come to
meet Balwant the other day.
He called her, I was standing outside.
I could hear violent screams from inside.
Then I saw Balwant sir
pushing her off the balcony.
Then he hid the body,
It also looked like he raped her.
Balwant is a disgusting man.
Brother Kaashi, don't tell this to anyone.
If Balwant finds out I told you,
He'll kill me as well.
You kill my son and then blame me?
Not blaming you but telling the truth.
Till I don't kill you I won't be
able to sleep in peace.
Order, order.
You'll kill me?
You crazy man.
You dare.
It's good your sister is dead.
If she was alive I'd kill her and
make an example out of her.
Hey Balwant!
Police! Stop hm!
-Stop him!
Order, order.
He got a pistol.
Kaashi, order!
-Kaashi, don't shoot him.
-Kaashi don't take the law in your hands.
He'll die.
[Bum bum bhole]
Says Kaashi.
-What happened?
-Hey, I'll be back.
Have your breakfast.
-Sir where are you going?
-Don't worry, I've got permission.
Work is done?
Kaashi, hey Kaashi!
Wonderful, you look like Radhe
from Tere Naam
They turned a good man into a freak.
What's the word he used in English?
Psycho killer.
You should be happy, big movie
stars don't get this title.
Any news on my parents?
Your parents were visiting temple to
pray for you, they're home now.
Can I ask you one question?
If I say no will you not ask!
-Tell me one thing,
You've met mum, Ganga and daddy?
Of course I've met them.
-I'm doubting things.
-Hey Kaashi.
Don't let the mental asylum
turn you mental.
Tell me,
How does mum look?
-What sort of question are you asking.
-Tell me,
How does mum look?
Mum is old, her hair in the
front are white and is fair.
-You are right.
But her two front teeth are
missing, you know that right?
-Teeth fall as you grow older--
-But have you seen them or not?
Of course I have seen them.
Mum has all her teeth, Rangeela.
Hey brother, your sister Ganga
who you're trying to find is here.
Have a look.
You've beaten me black and blue.
You're getting it wrong this is
not Ganga this is Devina.
I'm not mistaken this is
your sister Ganga.
She had come to me to apply for
her and Abhimanyu's wedding.
And told me her name is Ganga.
I've never been so happy.
It is funny.
For the first time
I'm celebrating my loss.
Sir, if we feel like winners after a
loss it does call for a celebration.
-What are you thinking?
-Come here.
Let's celebrate our victory.
-Cheers to our victory.
-Yay! Cheers!
I feel like a loser even after we've won.
Why sister?
-I don't know I feel bad for him.
-Look, Devina,
In a war it is always the
pawn who is sacrificed.
-Kaashi wasn't a pawn.
-Then what was he?
Didi, are you in love with him?
Devina, don't be an emotional fool
and fall in love.
You've escaped charges very narrowly.
A little sloppiness on your part
will sink all of our boats.
I was never emotionally attached
like this to anyone before.
I never realised when I got so
attached to Kaashi.
But what will you do now?
Kaashi is locked behind bars forever.
I'll get him out and get him treated
by the world's best doctors.
It's too late sis.
You can't do anything--have you thought
What will happen when
Kaashi learns of the truth?
I'll tell him myself.
He'll forgive me.
Someone's come to meet you.
How are you Kaashi?
How am I?
The same,
A crazy freak.
You knew it all along.
I'm sorry Kaashi!
I tried everything to save you.
I loved you.
This is what I get in return?
I was leading a good life.
You destroyed my life.
I'd come to Banaras with a purpose,
and then I saw you.
My interview. Why?
Because with you I can
explore the soul of Banaras.
This is my father.
There was a lot of work today.
I understood that very day
what problem you had.
I decided you were the perfect
man for my mission.
And like a psychoanalyst I
got control over you.
I saw you loved Ganga deeply.
You love Ganga a lot, don't you?
She is my whole life.
I turned your brain against you
and took away the one thing
that you valued the most.
The girl Shruti that you met,
as Ganga's friend,
is my sister.
But sister, what do I have to do?
You have to be Ganga's friend
and narrate a story.
The story will be mine.
And she narrated a fake love
story of Ganga and Abhimnayu.
And you believed it.
I went to Lucknow on purpose
and sent you to the court.
Yes madam.
I want to register a
marriage application.
Name of the man?
-Abhimanyu Pandey.
-Hmm and yours?
Ganga Chaudhary.
Ganga Chaudhary.
To strengthen your belief on my story
I even had shots fired on us outside Balwant's home.
And I even met Rangeela.
Rangeela, Kaashi's mental health
is deteriorating by the day.
He now thinks Ganga has disappeared.
We have to take care off him.
Otherwise generally in this
condition a man gets very violent.
This is why Kaashi belted
Babina and his friends so hard.
Oh God.
What should we do in
this situation, Madam ji?
You and your friends do as I say.
Otherwise Kaashi will be in real trouble.
I'm in touch with the doctor at all time.
Madam ji, all of us will do as you say.
the dead body we found of Ganga?
That was staged too,
What's this for?
I need an unidentified
dead body, of a girl.
Unidentified dead body?
You have to dress the dead body
in the clothes I give you.
And leave the dead body at a random place.
Madam this is risky work,
I'll need more money.
This is 10,000,
Remaining after the work is done.
And yes, I'll send the clothes over.
The clothes that I bought for Ganga,
I handed over to Babina.
Chuman chacha,
Babina's friends,
Were all telling the truth Kaashi.
You turned an innocent man,
into a killer.
I wanted revenge from Balwant.
What revenge?
Balwant, was my dad's business partner.
I was around eight years at the time.
To take over our property he killed
my dad and brother as well.
Me, Shruti and mother escaped.
After 15 years,
I avenged the death of
my brother and father.
So what the guard said was also a lie?
Yes Kaashi.
The guard told you what
I wanted you to know.
Just as fate would have it
Balwant and his son died the same way,
My dad and brother died.
When you were arguing
in court with Balwant
It was me.
You did great.
I fell in love with you
and you murdered my trust.
The world will lose its
believe in love madam.
No, Kaashi.
I do love you.
I won't let anything happen to you.
-I loved you then like I do now--
-One more lie.
-I don't want your love.
Who do you want to kill now huh?
Kaashi I'm not lying.
-What do you think?
Your crocodile tears won't move me.
Stop this drama.
I'm not lying.
No, no don't cry, no.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
I've burnt bodies my whole life,
It has never mattered to me
when anyone has cried before
Your tears makes a difference,
Do you know why?
Because I love you.
-I love you a lot.
-Sorry Kaashi.
Sorry Kaashi.
-I love you a lot.
-Please forgive me.
And I also know you love me.
Never knew life would play
such a crude game with the both of us.
Mummy, Daddy and Ganga.
You took away everyone.
Even then I want to live with you.
I swear on Mahadev I
want to live with you.
But Mahadev doesn't agree.
No, no.
-And what Mahadev wills always happens.
-No, No.
No no Kaashi.
And whatever Mahadev wills
cannot be escaped.
Don't know what he does
always banging that spoon.
Ask mum how much time for dinner?
And listen we've promised Ganga
so we have to take her.
And please tell Dad to not stress me out.
I'm very tired.
My head's spinning
will you massage it?
A little on this side.
We'll go to the market with Ganga.
Buy as many as you want when we go.